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Yeah, oh, as long as you're never working at a time or the time that nailed it, eat your heart out, CNN.


Yeah, I'm really glad to be with you. We want to get to we're going to talk about the DNC convention post post convention bump. And there isn't one.


I'm going to talk about completely justifiable officer shootings, officers shooting. Yes. People get confused. I think that's a legal term. And we'll have the courtroom.


His name is Jeremy. Jeremy. Jeremy. I don't know. I forget his last name, but he will be here to talk about leafy being banned on YouTube along with them potentially. I can't believe we're talking about leafy leafy today.


I don't know what the douchebag name, but doesn't mean that his speech should not be protected as well as an honorable mention is not here. He is important because it's a real job. So Audio Wade is oddly in third chair. How are you? I'm doing well. Are you?


I don't care about kids asking you for Tim from H.R. is in in charge of audio and then General Day is back.


Yes. A lot of people thought you were dead. I despite the reports, I am not fired or dead. I know there's always a conspiracy when you're an even greater challenge like what happened to the white guy with the blond hair.


You know how the Aryan dude, where where's that guy? Yeah. Yeah, I'm glad he's gone. Yeah. No, not here.


But you had your your your testicles working overtime cause you're a baby.


Well nine months ago they were, yes. So. Oh you're too late to the game on that one but yeah.


And then you did pretty much every time I take a recess from that particular activity. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Otherwise.


And what's the name of a little Gerald. Little Luke Moore. Little Luke. And you think he looks do you think it looks more like you. More like the submissive. In some ways he looks a lot like me in other ways her. So we've heard from both like nurses would say both.


So you and I actually think he looks he looks a lot more like you than I think we have a picture. Two adorable little baby.


Yeah, I think he looks. Yeah. The glasses receding hairline that early.


Jeez, I see you both way. I see it as a lazy Photoshop. I see whoever was working. I had already clocked out like Gerald for nine months.


And my question of the day to everyone out there is, have you noticed that the goalposts and we're going to be getting into a couple of police shootings near the goalposts have moved now completely as far as it used to be, unarmed black man to now it's just black man with a weapon that's slightly less effective than the police officers.


Right. And when do you think it's appropriate for a police officer to shoot?


Do you think that they should only be able to use lethal force if you are completely unarmed? I don't think most Americans. But you know what? I've been known to be out of touch with that a little bit right now.


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That's the only thing that allows us to survive, that allows us to create to change our minds and purchase a bulletproof vest.


Everything now. Yeah, yeah. We did have armored vehicles. Hopefully we'll we'll do the the bulletproof cars.


So you need Elon Musk.


I'm looking at you before we move on to some stories. This is this is fun. Yeah. Vitan is one of three candidates to ever not receive a post convention bounce.


It's over like the only other ones. We're McGovern and Kerry.


That's rough. So this is a bounce in what?


In the post convention post convention bounce ideas. Just as far as they're voting. You know, the only reason to have a convention is basically to get out here and have a, you know, a parade of your ideas that he didn't get out there. No, he didn't know he stayed in his bomb shelter, which is not bulletproof, because I wouldn't that would be a byproduct.


Well, patriarchy, at least he didn't do a career where he had a negative one. Negative one.


Yeah, because it's the more we hear about you, the less we like. And I don't know, that could just be because it was the year they introduced HD. Yeah.


It's like, oh, you definitely don't want to up those things are cavernous.


No, it's like Cammy Diaz for K just ended her career like this is a no no.


Bring back the lighting now. I don't want to give anybody a false sense of hope. OK, get out and vote no. And this is where I sometimes I just wish it were. I wish that I was a Democrat. I could vote twice.


So get out there either way. Yeah. You know, it's my legacy. A little piece of me stays and that's my voting.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to give you a false sense of hope, but I am more confident now. I think that Donald Trump will win. Why do I think do I think Donald Trump will get a bump post convention? I do, because it has to be a message of optimism. We've talked about this. I think they might have been watching the stream a little bit because this wasn't the focus they can't see.


But then and I hate to say it, people like I started it.


I found out about about pizza gate, you know, it's like, OK, but I did talk about this. The Democrats, they need a message of negativity. Right now. The deck is stacked against you. The economy is collapsing. Right. You can't do it yourself, so you need this transcendent political figure to save you, which is Joe Biden, who's been in government for 64 years, 60 fifth, the charm.


And then on the Republican side, it has to be, hey, we did have the best economy ever hit.


We haven't been in major wars. Hey, we actually have had the lowest crime until, of course, the rioting.


You called them protest tomato riot burning down a Walgreens.


That needs to be the message. Republicans, people need to be optimistic for Republicans to win. People need to be pessimistic for Democrats to win. And they need to be pessimistic and not believe that they're in control of their own destiny at all.


They have to believe that things are really bad. And the only way it can be fixed is Joe Biden, which to me, that is a whole reason.


It's got to be really sad to be a Democrat. Yeah, you've got to you've got to watch against this horrible narrative and then. Yes, your savior.


You want to go quickly. Yeah. This lady looks like if Kellyanne Conway were one of those little like dinosaurs, you get in the cereal packets and you put in water. This is after you put Kellyanne Conway and Water Bill into law and gets bubbly.




If you leave it too long, it's bubbling back to the way it was. I'm sure she's a nice lady. Have kids. I get so pissed off about the best thing, by the way. Anyway, bite my tongue, my lips, because you weren't here for two weeks because.


No, no, no, no, no. I was watching the show. It's all about overtime. Oh, it is. Why couldn't you just be like these guys in the officer shootings and just, you know, take off?


Huh? OK, he's going to make it permanent. What pisses you off about what pisses me off?


And we do have to get to the justified police shootings. Oh, yeah. Is that they conflate absentee ballots?


Mainly, yeah. Because because I've been I've been I have voted before by absentee ballot because I totally forgot about it.


Yeah. Very different. There's identification you have to request first. Yes. You have to do. My problem with this entire thing right here is one that the USPS does not need a single cent to be able to get this done to. If every person in America voted, that would be 75 percent of the mail they processed in one day. Yeah, not every person in America is going to vote.


They're not all registered. I have all these letters for center. Exactly. So there's no issue there. And by the way, the the issue, what they're saying, like, oh, he cut overtime. That's the issue. It's unions pissed off that he cut overtime because they would have to complete the mail once they started. He changed the whole system to make it better. And they're pissed about it. That's it. That's all that's going on, right, Geraldo?


They're heroes. They're not hero, dare you. They're honest about Ross Perot on the front lines of the forty percent successful delivery rate.


They're on the front lines of playing kickball with my black rifle espresso machine. It's forty one too much to ask for.


That's them doing their best.


That's them doing they're trying really hard.


If you have been losing money for thirteen years, straight billion, you've cost the taxpayers billions, if not trillions. If you adjust for inflation. I have absolutely no idea.


I don't know what the thought was going to be. And you can be taken out by someone with a van and an Amazon sticker.


You know, maybe you're not you're not part of the bare necessities.


No, you're not. Yeah, I'm all right. No, I agree with you.


We should do more on the USPS thing and, you know, maybe later. I understand. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, obviously, I think that there's it's self-serving here. But the USPS needs some some revamping.


It does. And that's what they're trying to do right now. And that's what did Joyce or whatever his name is, Dejoy is trying to do it. It's racist. And they're saying, anyway, we'll talk about this another time because I'm pissed about it. OK, well, apparently, I need a minute. You can change the name of the ledger.


Oh, Gerald, you said we were going to talk about it later. I knew you were going to talk about it later.


You're like, all right, let's go to this. Right now, of course, have been riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And I want to warn you, there will be some graphic content today.


So, again, the question of the day is, when do you think that police are justified in using lethal force? Does the perpetrator have to be aiming a gun at which I guess doesn't matter because it happened in Georgia and people like what?


He was dark, though, so he probably wouldn't have hit him in the face.


Probably not so good. Oh, OK. I guess let's just send out cops. Let's just let's just put cops against the wall in front of a firing line like Che Guevara.


How about we just do that at this point?


If you don't want them to defend themselves at all, even when a gun taser sorry is aimed at the face.


But in this case, we have to actually situations that occurred over the weekend, I thought for sure when I sent the one over the weekend of the guy with a knife, I thought, this is going to go anywhere.


Sure. Sure enough, protest. It surprises me. Now, the standard bearer for protest is very, very low.




We literally, literally had over everything child abusers, sex offenders who've been arrested for assaulting officers before assaulting officers. Now, I mean, tasers at faces and they still protest as an unjustified shooting.


So, you know, I'm out of touch. That's my white privilege talking.


But let's get to the first one here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Some of these clips will be graphic. This is the reason you've heard the story of unarmed black men shot by police that they are protesting. This is walking down from the passenger side, they've asked me on the ground and they're in the gun at him and he's reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching, and they shoot me, which will cause. Wow, I mean, I don't know why you seem surprised.


Yeah, you know, police officers have you on the other side of the car, their weapons are drawn and they're ordering you to do something that's usually a cue that you have posed a threat. Well, not I should probably not do anything. I would like to bring up that. Still, if we have it, bring up the still here.


This wasn't a guy who was just walking away from officers. Look at that tension.


That guy is basically horizontal, like like the kid. And what about Bob when I was teaching him how to die? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. That's what he's doing. That's a friend that's not a guy who is just passionate, like was just getting my registration officer. I was trying to put it in neutral because that could be a safety hazard for your theory. Why that?


Clearly, clearly there's context because all of the officers already had their guns out before the guy was walking around the car. Yes. Into his car.


So there's definitely been going into his car with a statement from the the governor that Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight.


Why does that happen? First of all, that time doesn't matter. Broad daylight doesn't matter. Was the guy posing a threat? Was the guy not complying? Could the guy have turned around and shot officers? Doesn't matter if he shot him. I don't care if it's dusk, dawn, nautical twilight, civil twilight, it could not be less relevant.


Yeah. And if all you need to know is the colors of the people involved, your reasoning like a child.


Yeah. Your action, you're not able to sort out the morality. And obviously there's some kind of crazy situation going on. Again, we have to reduce it down to the color of the people involved. The cop was white. The person was black. Yeah.


I was just reaching in to put the air conditioning on recycle because otherwise it's not efficient. Yeah.


And the governor basically said, here are all the other cases that I know that have been tragic. He tries to lump all these things together. You know what he didn't say? He didn't say one word in support of police officers who felt that their life was in danger and a man was trying to get into his car to grab something. He didn't say one word to say, let's wait for the facts. Let's make sure we get everything lined up first.


These cops are trained well.


The good thing is we actually do have some facts. Let's bring up these facts here from the county command.


Blake actually question his number one trend on Twitter right now. What you don't see is he had a warrant out for his arrest.


He was a sex offender and had already assaulted officers and resisted arrest after pulling a gun in a bar in twenty fifteen model city. My guess is that probably came up if they ran his plates or they had him pulled aside because that right away would show up. When you run someone's registration, right. When you run their plates, you say, oh, this is a surreal time offender.


Oh wait a second. He's a sex offender. He's assaulted police officers when the officers were already responding because he brandished a gun and now he's reaching into the car. Yeah, but they didn't shoot him for the priors. They shot him because he was reaching out.


They shot him because he's reaching into the car.


But you do have to take into account someone's criminal violent history with a right.


Yeah. Yeah. If they knew that. Absolutely true. Right. But like just like you said, he's doing something worthy of getting shot, the officers. And by the way, when your friends are telling you the same thing, the officers are like, stop, stop. No, no, no, no, no. Like that.


You could hear in the background of the video, take a take a hint. I think everybody's for you stopping walking. I think if you listen closely, you can hear someone go here we go again. Right. Keep walking. You can do it. He's pulling that shit again. Right. Really like this. This is not a new thing for this guy now, is it?


OK, is it sad? Of course it's sad. And someone loses their life, especially in front of their children. It's more sad for those children. That man made horrible decisions, including putting the officers in a situation where they believe their life was in jeopardy. But you know what?


This story is not nearly as sad as a story that would read officers don't go home to their children. Right. I'm sorry.


It's not sad. I know that people will say, oh, it's just not it's not that one. Life matters more than the other. It's that you have made decisions and taken actions that lead you closer to forfeiting your right to live. The closer you get to the line of forcing somebody else to protect their life, whether you mean to take it from them or not, you are no longer in the right. There is there is a scale there.


You have to go. All right. On a second sex offender, OK? You have a history of violence, OK? You're not complying, OK? You're reaching into a car, OK? They can't even what are they supposed to do at this point?


They're supposed to wait until you turn around and shoot one of the officers dead and then pull their guns.


Well, I tell you, I don't think I know what the protesters in Kenosha are supposed to do. Also, I don't forget all the way up to Sheboygan, very big in Sheboygan, thrity Sheboygan. The rioting, the looting. Very big. Yeah.


So you could twist up that along with the twist and Yamaguchi poke around. OK, and rioting and burning.


This is what they did, of course, now. They knocked an officer unconscious with a brick, could kill them easily to help him. He's got three. They're clapping, yeah. The church, the fire, the fires, kissing it, and in Minneapolis when we were there, now, are we supposed to say, oh, well, why did you shoot him?


He only had a brick, right? Exactly. That's not a deadly weapon. It's not a deadly weapon, a brick, a knife, a black jack and a taser.


I mean, what point do they have to have a gun for an officer to use his gun? And we'll get to that in a second, because the next guy who we're about to talk about actually did have a knife. And that I said Brick, like it was a verb that he was used to. Like you just got brick like a brick.


Usual things like it's an empty it's become a thing, yeah, right next to bully beat, only 20 cops getting bricked. Oh yeah. Oh, my gosh. Well, one thing about this guy, he is in serious condition, he didn't die from the shooting going back to. I read that he had died. OK, so the last report that I heard, unless something came out very early this morning, he was in serious condition in the hospital, was not dead.


But that could have changed. I mean, fathering. I was reading as well. OK, then why do you say that?


They're pretty quick and they marked it off and put them in the ambulance, took him to the hospital so they can fly it initially because he reached into a car and actively looked like he was reaching for something like, yeah, don't be stupid. And I don't know, what was he reaching for? I honestly couldn't possibly have been doing it doesn't matter.


But it just what there is. In other words, you are trying to rationalize decisions, right, as a police officer and you're taught to do that to de-escalate. You're talking maybe someone is doing this where you're supposed to give the benefit of the doubt versus where you have to take take control of protecting your own life right at that point and under watch the back of other officers.


Yeah, I cannot think of a scenario where a guy is resisting. You're pulling at his tank top, and that's not a guy who's sitting in for his insurance. It's not a guy who's reaching in for temporary license. That's not a guy who's reaching in to take it out of neutral. That is a guy with a purpose who is lunging into a car. And even maybe he was maybe like George Floyd, he was on drugs and out of his mind.


That could lead to a big back arrest. We have absolutely no idea. But if you are an officer, you at that point, can anyone think of a scenario where you go, oh, this is totally normal behavior. I'm not in danger at all. I can't. No, no, absolutely.


If you can't use force here in any way, like you just can't use force at all. We've talked about this a number of times, that every time that you do something like this, like you ruin an officer's life, you didn't do anything wrong. The governor doesn't come out and support you. What does what does that do to, again, to the morale of officers? What does it do the next time that they pull? If they hesitate, the next time they could die?


Yeah, that's that's the line they want.


They could do their part. I get to do whatever I want because the police can't do anything to me.


I'm just got to do whatever it now is is being shot while black and not wanting to be arrested. Yes, exactly.


That's what it is. That's the line. It's because I don't want to get arrested. I don't want to get arrested. Oh, what? They had put their life on the line because you don't want to hear this is another scenario where there's a warrant out for his arrest.


That's one commonality that you see here, right? That people always that's why I said before Georgia was Rashad Brooks. Some of them all kind of bleed together.


I said, I bet you that this guy had a rap sheet. We said it on air. I don't have any evidence right now.


I bet you there's a rap sheet there that he was going to go away for a long time because that's where you see scenarios that people violently resist officers. And by the way, it happens all the time. If someone has a rap sheet, they do not want to go back to the clink. They're not going to willingly get into the back of the paddy wagon. That's where all of the sudden claustrophobia appears, right? Yeah. And it happens all it happens all the time.


That's when people are at the most dangerous because they have nothing to lose.


They're desperate. Right. And officers know that. They know when they're approaching a suspect that has that potential, like, OK, this is the third strike or the fourth time they're getting arrested for this. They're going away for a while. I have to be careful because they know that. They know that they have to.


But if you watch the video, the cops are obviously having to weigh the consequences of their actions. The person is not weighing the consequences of their actions and is acting wildly, violently.


Is the guy who ended up getting shot? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So it's so you can paint this as if the cops are just, again, just swinging their guns around, doing whatever they want. But really, that's the other guy.


The guy who got shot is the guy who's not thinking exactly in the headline that pissed me off on Twitter said a black man shot in the back by police officers. I'm like, oh my gosh, what happened? And I clicked on it. Right.


And then I see on CNN the lower thirty as they show the video, the video is right there. Yeah. And they're showing black man shot by police officers. No context whatsoever.


Shot in the back. That's what turned their back. Just like it's like like like it's all the only. Yeah, you can't see me wrestling. They go belly down to avoid a pin. That's not how it works. You still have a knife. It's like that. It's right there on your screen. Can't you say it looks like he's reaching into the car? Can't you provide some commentary that says know can you speak the truth?


It begins like, I can't. I can't.


All right. Here's another one in other completely justifiable officer shootings, perpetrators.


This happened, I believe, in Louisiana. Oh, yeah. This is another one. I don't know that you've seen this. I had this happen over the course of the weekend. I saw it on TMZ. And again, the story was man shot in the back by officers.


Ten times I've read both eleven and ten times. Maybe someone can tell me which one is correct.


It depends on how you go to, again, graphic warning. But this is important because I was sure that this wouldn't have legs. Well, this is going to be this is there's no clear cut, justifiable one.


And and here we are.


Oh, look, we got to we have to win.


This guy has a knife, he's walking with Mujtahid. He got a knife wound. He's got it. He had a knife. They've already teased him, from what I understand, or they tried to tease him the way they're trying to block him from getting in a convenience store.


That's where he's going this entire time. He's got a knife. The officers are trying to block him with the car. Now they're telling me on the ground to try to detain him. He's not doing he's continuing to walk to the store, trying to go under the knife as soon as he starts to try to get in there.


So do you hate everyone in that convenience store? Right, right. Right. What do you think is, again, what has happened? What could be any justifiable scenario in that case where you're you're refusing to comply? You refused to get down on the ground. Tasers aren't working and you're walking with a knife like it's a part of your daily checklist, like I am with Trader Joe's and getting to over the last resort.


The last resort was to take him down. He could have got in there, stabbed a clerk.


He was clearly going there with a purpose that was a man on a mission. And you cannot at that point, other people's lives are in danger. And what again, what are you does the man have to have a gun because the men have to have a gun? Does it have to be currently securing the Facebook or the bulletproof glass? Right. With a little little microphone, which sort of defeats the purpose.


Really bulletproof glass. And you don't want to separate one time.


Look, by the way, you can clean up the cockroaches. Also, bulletproof glass kind of pointless when there's a hole the size of your giant right where you're headed south. You have to be stabbing somebody in the face. How are you? Especially with a knife. How are officers supposed to subdue him at that point?


Like this is one of those you can't because you're going to get stabbed.


And if you if you believe the entire Black Lives Matter narrative, is this your martyr, this guy, this guy who's running in a convenience store with a knife? That's that's the guy you answer is yes.


But the officers didn't do they didn't shoot him for about, what, 150 feet, walking behind him, telling him to get on the ground, block the tasering him the minute that he started to put somebody else's life in danger, because as soon as he gets in that store and he has a knife to the throat of the clerk, it's a hostage situation. You're done. Somebody could not get to go home because they went to work that day.


And you know what? This guy was the idea of that clerk part. I have no father say no, no.


Sorry, Luke, I'm sorry. Some of that sexual frustration.


So I don't know. I don't know if that was in the white community or black community. I know it doesn't matter that people in that store should not have their life put in jeopardy because you don't like a man with a knife being shot by the police. Yeah, we've moved the goalpost from unarmed black men. And by the way, I saw this on CNN, both CNN and Young Turks, but I repeat myself.


So I saw them say there something Tucker Carlson said where he said last year it was eight unarmed black men, which is a different stat because I think we've used a stat nine, but yeah, I believe it's nine. He said eight unarmed black men were shot by police officers and they went back to the scene in Texas. Except that's not true. And they listed some number of a hundred something. No, he didn't say black men shot by officers.


He said unarmed black men, because that was a standard that you use. By the way, many of those unarmed black men were still committing acts of violence. You can still be punching someone in the face if you're unarmed. So he went from unarmed to. Well, now a knife is not enough.


Aiming a Taser at an officer's face is not enough. Right? It is. This man was armed. This man was armed. You were going to protest a man who was armed and who was not, by the way, just assaulting officers.


He was going to likely commit a violent assault against one of you.


Yeah, yeah. He was a threat to civilians. His knife was just for the hot dogs. Sometimes you kill, you know, you can't get that low. But I hear you. I'm going to go get some Chiquitos I with my boy.


Boudinot You can't cut those things with any other kid. Give me a second. Not get my quito's cut symmetrically unless I got this Rambo three shit. Right. This ain't.


No, no we don't we don't gush.


By the way. I said cut. You're famous cuts. I went into one in there like you're that guy like Steve.


I love, we love the way he talks about he talks about you. I love cutie. And I said this. You haven't signed up for sponsorship.


They're cute. Yeah. Come on. Come on.


I don't know what it would be a shame if all of a sudden I became a fan of racetrack. Oh no, I can't.


I don't make. You're doing great. Yes, I am at your mercy, OK? I have no leverage because the racetrack sucks and Seven-Eleven their bathrooms are like an episode of Lock Up Locked Up Abroad.


There we go. Oh, I forgot. Do we have that clip, by the way, in case you're wondering what could happen to an officer if they don't take measures to protect their lives larger?


Yes, I believe that we have a montage here of the officers who what happens if someone does reach for a glove reaching in glove box or someone does go into a car, let alone a knife for this last one?


I almost feel like I should just be discarded. Unfortunately, they're going to be protests, but it's very, very common that officers have to make split decisions.


And when they make the wrong one and they don't shoot, this can happen.


That's how fast, yeah.


Battle Creek sucks to Battle Creek, Michigan, a horrible place. Yes. Here you go. Guy gets to his car right now. They don't shoot him. Yeah. Reaching in. Boom, boom, boom, boom, starts pulling the gun, starts pulling the trigger on the officers. And one thing, too, that's important is people say, well, there's a discrepancy there. Of course they have gun. Those people don't. OK, but there also is a discrepancy, right?


There's a huge chasm in someone who is hired to enforce the law, someone who is acquiescent, someone who's beholden to the laws and someone who is proactively breaking the law.


That also is an advantage if this cop says, well, I can't just murder in cold blood, the other guy says, oh, I think I got a leg up because I can murder in cold blood. I will.


Well, in the political climate right now with police officers is that you can do whatever you want and police officers shouldn't be able to do anything back. That just emboldens people. You're telling everybody all the police officers are bad people. They're horrible right now. We should defund them. You don't have to listen to them. You can do whatever you want. And then somebody goes off and does this and they're like, what did you shoot him for?


Because you said this. You created this environment where every cop is bad looking to kill a black person. That's not the case.


They're trying to avoid that last name, by the way, where two cops we shot all of the black cops under the rug, all minority officers who make up a higher percentage of police officers in general. Exactly.


And they're all uncle towns and self-loathing here. I want to know anything about this. Look, a man with only a knife. Yeah.


You know, that last guy to the pissed off about the number of times the police shot this guy? They shot him multiple times. The last guy that shot those two officers had a bullet in his head and drove himself to the hospital.


Yeah, OK. That's why they shoot multiple time. World is not enough. You shoot until the perpetrator is down, you don't stop. That was so they can't.


Bornholmer the bullet kept going deeper in his head and it only made him stronger.


Mr. Barnes, we can't have that. We can't have super soldiers fighting our officers. Watch the world is not enough. OK, you'll get why you shoot first.


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You're smart, boy. What's going on here? And when I think of you, you're exhausted from all your fathering. It's true. He is my friend. He's been a father multiple times.


I mean, it's a given. It's true for kids. Yeah. Yeah.


But I mean, you're just like a big kid. You sleep on the Yojimbo that I get so comfortable.


I know, but you're a cutter, right? My God. It's a long, dark night.


I fell asleep in the Yojimbo. That's not a sponsor, but Yojimbo bean bag. It's like I could foam. I fell asleep in my garage, which, you know, it's just a jujitsu, Jim. Okay, double up the foam. And I just and I woke up with Joe Louis, his face in my face, because he wants to be so close to me.


He wants to inhale my breath and then wear my flesh like a skin like, oh, he's trying to steal.


Yeah. He's a good dog. He's bad. He's getting his because of Cruella De Vil. He's reversing the tables. So better understand this one.


This became a rule that you can only use what it is that the perpetrator uses. If you are home alone at night and a rapist comes in and he only has a knife, are you unjustified in shooting that rapist or should you only use a knife? Should you have it? I think it should be as unfair of a fight as humanly possible, and especially with officers, because we send them out not only to defend their own lives, but to defend our lives.


That is actually the contract that we have with officers. They are paid through our tax dollars, their sworn duty to protect our rights.


And this is something is a fundamental misunderstanding of police officers and people to understand. This is yeah, I do have a problem with militarization of police. I do have a problem with police who are infringing on our rights.


If a police officer pulls me over and asks to search my car for no reason, I say, I would say, no, no, you can't, because I do believe in constitutionally limited parameters for officers. But understanding the spirit of the law, they are sworn to protect our rights. So when someone else becomes a threat to our lives and by the way, by proxy, they're a threat to our lives.


If they start picking off officers like Dallas and Detroit or the nine hundred officer casualties that we've seen as a result of these riots, they have at that point, I think they should pull out artillery like their Jim Carrey in the mask.


OK, I don't understand.


When we started this, it's rock, paper, scissors.


Yeah, exactly. You don't exactly yell out. All right. What do you have, guys? He's only got a knife.


All right, everybody put your guns down. Let's get the knives out. Guns, knives out. Yeah, it's like.


Well, yeah, well, these people are the cops are living in complicated, scary situations and people on the outside don't want to deal with the actual details. The details get messy, the details get crazy, and they have to make decisions that we don't ever have to make or that we don't typically have to make. And so, yeah, again, from the outside people on CNN, they sit in there, they sit in their studios and they can comment, but they don't actually want to deal with situations.


You don't want a protective detail, police officers, right?


Yeah. And by the way, how many will not really all that well when they ravaged it. That's true.


Yeah, they all live. Yeah, that was fun because there was a police precinct down there. Look just like the cops.


Just leave me alone. If you cut it open, it's just snack packs. These our special little boy. He's a special little boy shelter, really, just if anything happened, he gave them his wealthy family is going to get mad because, you know, he has no business. Hosting a show about his new book, Delcourt, this is post Queer Eye Stalter Run a Google image search for young Stelter.


Just stuff that gives children nightmares.


And you know what?


First off, how many of these people are paying taxes, by the way, who don't understand the contract? We have police officers because they don't pay taxes.


I have no idea. But something else, this could be a teachable moment with kids.


You know, for example, I knew a kid whose dad died, was drinking and driving. And the conversation he had with the kids was, you know what? Dad made a mistake. And make sure you don't ever make that kind of mistake because this could happen to you. But these are not the conversations that are being had with these kids right now. Do I know? Because they're not having these conversations at the DNC? No mention, by the way, of the riots, none at the DNC, also no mention of impeachment, not once zero.


I also don't think there's any mention of Russia, but I could be wrong.


It'll come back if you will see no. One story or Cavanough, no mention of Cavanough, but no one is talking about with these children. Hey, you know what? Your dad reached into a car when he was told to get your dad, took a knife wielding it and tried to go stab someone at a convenience store who owed him some money for a carburetor on his motorcycle. His mistake?


Don't do it. Instead, it's they're out to get you. Yeah, they're out to get you. Every time you get pulled over, your life is in danger. Statistically, it's not true. And even anecdotally now, these anecdotes, this is the thing. If there if there were an example, if it if it's out there, please send it of a man going, officer, my hands are at 10 and two. Could I have a license here?


Even I'm a concealed carry permit holder. Let me reach for this in my glove. If there is a video in the last year with all of these going on, these Black Lives Matter Antifa riots, if you can find a video of a man saying, OK, I'm complying, I'm getting on the ground, officer, this is this is a miscommunication and getting shot, getting lit up like the Fourth of July, I will stand corrected. I haven't seen it.


At the very least, you go, OK, I can see this is a muddy scenario. I don't know. But in all the cases we've presented this this morning, it's entirely justifiable.


Yeah, absolutely. And go home, have dinner and don't even skip a meal, break your intermittent fast and go home and kiss your family because you get to live another day. Officers, I blame you for nothing. Not something. Not a little bit. Not two wrongs. Don't make a right. You did your job. Thank you, officers. No problem here. And this.


You get a lot of support from the police unions. They should get a lot of support from the mayor. Everybody should be supporting them right now and saying, look, we're we're standing behind our police officers because you have to if you don't, police officers are going to quit or they're going to die on the job. That those are the two things that are going to happen because people are going to get shot. They don't police themselves. I know.


Well, we live in a very imperfect system. I don't know when we thought that this was perfect, that there was never going to be a mistake made by police officers, that there was never going to be a perpetrator that posed a threat that was going to have to be put down for some reason. It's sad that it happens, but I'd rather they be shot than the police officer to be shot. It's an imperfect system. If you do what cops tell you to do, you will.


Ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine percent of the time go home.


That that. OK, I know this is crazy numbers.


Yeah. If you ignore the very best, maybe the quartering. In fact, check out like our ombudsman with Jerrold's fathering bull crap. Did we hire a math yet? Listen, all I'm saying is your attention is split.


Your attention is split. You couldn't possibly know that number because you like a human to raise a baby brain.


A little human.


Yeah, but if you listen to and if you believe the CNN version of this, the online version, the Twitter version of this, you are being turned into a stupid person.


You are. You are they are already dumbing it down for you because they think you're stupid. And if you're taking it in and again, taking the simplified version of this, you are stupid.


Yeah. Wow. I just called everyone stupid. You're being trained to be going to think if you turn your back to an officer that it's like, OK, I'm off.


Yeah, right. Yeah. It's not an invisible cloak. He can still see I'm underneath you and that's my car. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm a sex offender and committed child abuse, but. Oh, we almost had to go back turning up.


That's all you're going to do is force them to go Carolynn on your sorry ass and suplex you into oblivion, you dumb ass.


Kind of like you're just exposing yourself more, you moron.


OK, speaking of morons, people who wanted to cover this the wanted to cover it as though the proud boys descended upon Portland, committed mass acts of violence.


This is trending right now, is trending yesterday. And I want to be clear.


I am not a member of the proud boys. I do not endorse it.


I just I'm not a member of any group gang because eventually you're going to have someone in there who's an unsavory character, even though there are blacks and Latinos.


And probably I wouldn't be surprised if you searched high and low. If you find somebody who probably has some Pepé posts, I don't know, maybe somewhere down the line, had a couple of posts at Stormfront, no idea. But it's clearly not the mission of the proud boys as an organization.


So I want to be clear. I'm not one of them.


But this coverage was absolutely ridiculous. One hundred proud boys showed up in Portland.


They were violently attacked, of course, by given Black Lives Matter protesters. And then the media tried to point out the double standard.


Why why aren't they cracking down on these people? They crack down on peaceful protesters with tear gas and the proud boys can show up with Nazi flag. Well, that's actually not what happened. But here's a clip.


And there's a Nazi flag right there. I'm in your teens and actually there's an umbrella, that's all, so I don't want association with anything because none of them can fight. No, yeah, there's a lot of.


I get it. I appreciate. The trouble is, they want to go out there and defend speakers sometimes from anticipated that the fighting is just absolutely pathetic. And it has to be pathetic because you're fighting in gangs and only pussies join gangs, folks.


So proven fact what a guy is hitting with an umbrella. What are you trying to annoy people? I mean, an umbrella is not going to hurt anybody. We have that article.


Actually, I think we can bring it up from Axios that was talking about the convention that started today and it said, this is Trump, Lendio. And they said, I see a lot of American flags.


I think we had a central Florida there being. So in other words, the left has admitted that patriotism is a Republican value. It's a conservative Trumpy in its own right.


You look at all these American flags, I don't know, not too long ago when your folks, the Democrats, still wear American flag pins because it's just way back in this country.


Yeah. He didn't, you know, have candidates in the primaries who honeymooned in the USSR. You had people who maybe believe in a slightly more progressive tax, but they generally still like this country. Now you have communist jackass and Joe Biden.


Yeah, well, in math, I think the math one, particularly for the GOP tonight, will be a Trumpy in production. And in there they have a direct quote where they say, oh, I saw some American flags.


Trump, Goiânia, scary good Axios. Very.


So, of course, people were furious at the cops, didn't intervene immediately and they were labeling all of the cowboys far right activists, OK? Of course they are.


Now, let's accept this premise for a second. This is what I wanted to do. And I don't think that the problems are far right activists. Again, maybe you might have some in there who are, but that's not the mission statement of the nation.


Far right activists. Let's assume that. And of course, some people say these folks exist on the fringes. Of course, we would have to say antifa. And I guess now Black Lives Matter exist on the fringes. Right? These are just the extreme left, the extreme right, my right, your left proud voice.


Should I go stage left, stage right. I've done theater, some of the theater terms.


So I'm Colsaerts my right, your left right.


I'll go down stage that's down toward, you know, up stage.


But you know, I don't want to, I want to probably be upstage. Upstage crowd was down stage lives matter and antifa so proud boy they're far right. Let's accept this.


From what I saw they committed zero in property damage, zero and property damage. They saw them go down. Yeah. Compare that to seven hundred plus million dollars in property damage from blacklegs fires every night windows.


He's for heat from what I saw. And anyone could correct me if I'm wrong out there. You comment, let me know. Because if I'm wrong, I want you to tell me. Just be like my wife.


I never end a full time job.


Yeah, yeah. I by the way, I'll tell you what, you know what I did yesterday. What's something that I really had to my wife was like she she put her roller board from her GB's like the wooden board with a rollerball. Oh. To get her balancing. Yeah. For the third time she put it around the corner and it's the same color as her wooden floorboards. And I stepped on it and I hurt my back and I went and I said, OK, fall.


I know I don't like to go backwards. Yeah. But I had my back and ok, I said we've talked about this three times. And next time if you put that there and I hurt myself, I'm going to yell like, why do you always have to yell? I'm not yelling.


I said, I'm going to yell, I'm telling you. And I said, OK, fine, if we're gonna have a complaint, this is the role. I don't have a complete and total lack of consideration for another fine. I went and I started smoking a cigar and I swear to God, ashed it on the carpet. Oh, that is that.


She walked in to apologize, saw the ashes, walked out and I immediately knew I was wrong.


Yeah. By the way, I love it. I would have what she was doing the right thing to a child. Yeah. By the way, I love what you did. You weren't going to have to buy new carpet if that or. No, you know what I did?


I picked a cigar that I know drops off in chunks. So afterwards it didn't actually get in the carpet. And it's a rug that has like I'm not sure I trust you, but the garage anyway is the same. Oh, yeah. You know, six months ago now, the way I don't really want to look. You see this. Yeah. Oh sure. Yeah.


Shows up for sure. That's absolutely disgusting. I was sitting on my back anti-gravity chair and the action would have been first of all, I couldn't get it out because my inverted sternum is like a pull.


I'm going to zoom in.


Can you get the gist? Oh, we got we got to close up camera.


I get the look at the burn and focus burn can look at that and look at it around. Look at that. Yeah. Your life is so hard. You're disgusting. I don't need so much corrections.


I don't need your comments correcting you so much as a comment for myself. Yeah. Yeah.


Maybe just use common sense next time. So we'll go back to frat boys. Let's assume that they're far right. Zero property damage.


Can Buckeyes matter from what I saw, zero civilians targeted or harm from what I saw? Well, look at that. Certainly no targeting.


That's not why they went through. They went there for a back of the blue rally, as far as I understand.


So we have seventeen million dollars in property damage. We have no civilians targeted right here from the properties.


Again, this is the worst the far right has done. Right, right. These guys, you can't put in Richard Spencer in there because he just voted for. And I want you to remember who Richard Spencer is like, oh, he's the one white supremacist who still exists. OK, and he supports Joe Biden, a bad haircut. Yeah, but sure. Surely they, like, emptied a CVS or something, right? You would assume so.


I would assume so.


At the very least, like a Duane Reade and is they don't like out there in that city or anything. So you know what? Get your facts right. I'm on my show now. Let's contrast this.


Not attacking any civilians with Black Lives Matter. Hmm. Well, there's people, again, I warn you, graphic content here today, because I think you guys need to know the truth.


The goal of trying to drive on the road. They caught this guy, by the way. Yes. Yeah. That you should go to jail for a very long time. Yep.


Or what they should do is look the laptop. Give him the right to only instead of the right to run, he has the right to reach into a glove box, then knock this guy on. Called him a loser.


Yeah. They claimed he was trying to run people over. It's like that's not what happened. This is the guy in Dallas who we have heard on the livestream. Now, as you can see, those aren't that's not warring gangs or factions there, those are civilians who are around. Right. Again, proud boys got gone to fight. They got into fights. They showed up to fight with antifa and blacklegs, where they showed up to back the blue.


But listen, they expected obviously expect more to because really you don't you don't even need to bait the hook.


You just show up. Yeah, exactly. It's just around.


You just it's like, what do I need to do to to be the target of their ire for them to be violent exists, walk down the street, just exist to be ideological, be human and then violently attack you. Yeah, exactly. By the way, just because Black Lives Matter Antifa happened to be protesting somewhere, it doesn't mean that somebody else can't protest as well. If you're backing their right to protest, you have to back everybody's right.


They can walk down the street and not do anything wrong. It's fine.


So my point is this. Yeah, I know. We have our guest will be here with us in just a second, Jeremy from Jeremy Hambly from the courtroom.


But if the proud boys are the far in my right, your left, far right and black lives matter antifa on the left, and we see no civilians targeted, no police officers targeted, no contrasted, of course, with nine hundred, as you see.


And people get mad at me as ordinary casualties because it's the right thing, because look up the definition of casualty.


Do you pay taxes? So the casualties from Black Lives Matter are really the only people. If you're checking your closet for the the far right boogey man, they don't really need to be checking their closet. Checking under the bed are antifa and Black Lives Matter. Yeah. So if you out there are concerned about which side is more dangerous, there is one side that systematically and continually there has been a long standing history of them being dangerous to anyone who gets in their path versus a it's a cluster bomb versus a laser guided missile.


Yeah, sure it's wrong. You can't you can't just show up and start beating people up. The reason the officers and interferes because a lot of states have mutual combat laws.


I don't know if that's the case in Oregon. I don't think because I know in Washington there is. But if people are mutually engaging in combat and it's not going to the point of death or something incredibly dangerous, people have that right.


So when people say, why are you going to do anything, it's because they're white. Some of the problems are black. No, it's because they are not targeting the officers, burning down their precincts, chanting defund the police and attacking civilians. So if you want to check your closet under your bed for far right activists, you're not going to find the boys there.


You're going to find not only antifa, but all of black lives matter.


OK, we're going to go to a quick break. We will be back with the Quartering Jeremy Hamley RET for this talk.


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Well, you know, it's not me I don't drink. Tastes like listeria. It takes Blamey Listeria. So really good to have not black coffee.


No, not just coffee. The unclean coffee machine, the solid.


Our next guest, Jeremy Hambly, you know him on the YouTube as the quartering. You can follow him on Twitter at the court hearing. Jeremy, thank you for being here, sir.


It's an honor. Real glad to be here. Fan of the show. Glad to be on. Well, don't let's let's curb our expectations here.


And you spoke an excellent half Asian lawyer, Bill Richman, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah.


You know, we've actually I've engaged with him and he told me he was giving me the Crowder price. I thought that was a good thing. But now I'm curious how good it was for me.


Yeah. Yeah.


No, that's the I'm annoyed every time you call price that fee, I have to have a caller I.D. superscreen or price for people who don't.


You did a video on this I know of quite a few people have, but you kind of cover these topics quite a bit. So I wanted to have you on Leaf is someone who was really big on YouTube a while back.


And as far as I understand it, he is still banned on YouTube. Correct. Explain to people what the conflict is here.


Yeah, he is still banned and as a minor update, his second channel is banned. So the generally accepted reasoning is that he had made a series of videos about a particular content creator and some of them were kind of just click baiting her. Some of them were critiquing her directly, all as he describes himself in comedy and satire. Apparently, YouTube didn't like that. And so they banned his channel. At the time, he had zero strikes. To date, he has received zero communications from YouTube.


He received zero emails why his account was banned. Team YouTube has replied to thousands of other requests for information on their official Twitter account, and they have ignored his request, which has something like seventy thousand interactions.


To be clear, he is not a small leaf. He had like four plus million subscribers and did also the gaming. If I'm not super familiar, I know I had the email cuts.


That's about what I remember. Yeah, no, people say yeah. Yeah. As well as some sort of a weak chin. But I don't like leaf. His content wasn't exactly for me, but my interest in it is simply the naked exposure of YouTube's community guidelines strikes meaning nothing. Yeah. Had in my opinion, strikes should be things that issue. Our issue is to give corrective action. Right. If if you're going to issue all three at once.


Yeah. And you're basically just have a public execution, what is the point for other content creators to rely on the system?


Right. Yeah. What's the point to a warning if it's like I had fired a warning shot and he's dead? Well, he fired a warning shot and then nine times straight to the sternum. Well, it seems like the warning shot was kind of incidental at that point.


Joe, let me ask, what's the general reaction from, again, for people who don't know this wasn't political. This is just it's not consistent with YouTube's guidelines. And by the way, I'm sorry that those guidelines have gotten more stringent guilty.


Yeah, I apologize. I didn't intend for it to be the case. But in my case. Right, we had criticized Vox many times and not just specific people at Vox. We criticized multiple different people in multiple different channels from Vox or different series on their channel.


And obviously some individuals got upset and YouTube acknowledged that this was by and large, it was a criticism of Vox's ideas, any outlets and ad hominem.


Sometimes because it's funny. I mean, you just said weak chin.


And I said, this is a man who grew a beard to hide my own very weak chin. If I drool, it goes straight down into my chest.


ASHBURN So here's my question is the issue is obviously inconsistent application of guidelines and there's no real use to them if they if they aren't something that people understand.


What I find really upsetting is when you get big you tubers and I don't want to throw you under the bus, but people like a three year before you fill up the Franco people, who are these big YouTube, who's out there who go, well, I'm either happy about this or what do you guys think? And they don't take a stand.


Do you see that? Ultimately, I don't think it's taken. Yeah. What do you what are you beautiful bastards think? I don't know. Do you have an opinion because they're coming for you next. What do you think? What is the reaction been from from YouTube and people online in general?


Is it been largely positive because I know this person was disliked, or do these people also understand that even if they dislike somebody, it still doesn't set a good precedent for this person to be permanent?


Well, to be so just first and foremost, I think you already know some of your viewers, we do share them.


My opinion is that it's one hundred percent grade a B.S. And whether or not you liked his content is irrelevant to me. I think that most people in the know have had this kind of a take. Some of his content is difficult to defend. There were definitely terms of service breaking things and some of his videos and I've covered that. And he definitely deserved a strike or two for some of that stuff. But what's really disgusting is some of these large creators, like you've mentioned, and I go a step further because I'm on your platform and I won't suffer as much as the creator like 3H three openly celebrating it.


Yeah, right. That is the stuff that I cannot stand. It is one of the most you know, there's that saying, right. They came for whatever and then I said nothing and they said nothing and then they came for me. There was no one left right. It's there is another YouTube who is a subject of a serious amount of canceled culture.


And he put out a tweet basically like nothing of value was lost.


Not well, I won't say that freedom leave people.


Yeah, I won't say that Leafy was necessarily a victim of cancer culture, but it did spin up after he was terminated.


A lot of people jumping on the. Wow. I've been you know, before he lost his platform, I hadn't said anything. But now that he's gone, I've been against his clear harassment for years. Yeah, I hate him before it was cool.


Yeah. Right, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that's and that's coming from some of the large creators. And it's difficult because as someone who supports Altec, you support as well as you have a Bichard account, which is good for you.


But you know, these creators don't see an alternative and they don't see the big picture and they don't see that what they'll say down the road or an old joke they made will come back to get them the second people want it to. And it's such.


Yeah, it's such a hypocritical position to take. So I think the overall position sorry, is that most people understand it's a bad thing. There are a few people with very poor takes, usually people that he's made fun of. Quite honestly, it's it's nakedly it's like a total obvious hypocrisy. So. Right. In general, I think people are against it.


Yeah. And I have a rope and we're going to go to a Web accident at a lot of kind of dot com slash club here.


Really quickly for people who are watching on YouTube, because sometimes we can't discuss everything on YouTube, but I'm someone who was the victim of this myself, by the way, in that, you know, the young Turks when I had like fifty thousand subscribers, the reason people say, well, why do you have such an axe to grind with them?


I don't anymore because it would be bullying. It would be like punching down. But when I was coming up, they targeted me when I was a small channel and I never wanted them to be banned. I just wanted to be able to have a debate. I wanted to be able to have my content be just as publicly available as theirs. So I have been the victim of targeted campaigns, both from people who were bullying when I was small and cancel culture.


And I don't advocate for any of those people to be banned. We've had people on the show that I disagree with who've been banned and I don't advocate for it.


So someone like an age three, age three, who I saw and I've seen Philip Frank, I've seen a few people in the past just I'm so disappointed when I see it. And they sort of are taking up arms with the NBC, ABC.


CBS is where they're trying to protect what's theirs. They have a huge platform now. They want to slam the door behind him and listen. That's fine if they want to say that.


I just don't want to see. His name is Ethan Klein. You say this is my opinion. I don't want to see him ever bitching about cancel culture ever again or complaining when something of his is taken out of context. You've lost that. Right. And anyone here in this office. Hold on. We're going to continue talking behind the paywall at my club. But for right now, people watching go to the bordering on YouTube and YouTube.


You can piss off Turkey, Dick Seiver off. You can say whatever you want.


What you were about to say something there, Jeremy.


OK, well, let me say this about Ethan Klein, and he has plenty big platform to defend himself.


This is a guy that engaged in and I don't care for either one of these people, but he engaged in an extended harassment. As when I say harassment. It's as YouTube defines it, as an extended harassment campaign against Starr made several like a couple of months ago. Yes. And and all of a sudden, you know, he didn't receive any community guidelines.


Quima Psagot demagnetize, wasn't it kind of going back and forth that they were both going after each other?


OK, so they were both going after. It was mutual.


It was mutual trolling at that point. Yes, that's fair to say, but when you know, this is a guy that's coincidentally seeking the approval of several prominent Twitter communists now since he has lost 80 percent of his sponsors due to his own self-inflicted wounds. So this is a guy that's engaged in cancer culture, has been negatively financially affected by it, but still doesn't get it. And that's just mind boggling.


Now, we're still talking about age three, age three, right? Yeah, yes. I mean, listen, it's not for me. It's one of those generational gaps.


Like, it's not quite Khateeb lap, but I watch it and I go, oh, it's a guy with who has nothing interesting to say who sits down and doesn't prepare. OK, I guess he played video games at one time and did a funny VAP sketch, so it's not really for me, but I made it very clear that people here whose lives have all been in jeopardy, I said you guys can do what you want.


But anyone here who continues to watch these people support council culture, I will respect you less.


I don't. I'm a boss. I don't enforce any kind of a boycott. But people need to understand that these folks want to take what is ours. And all I want is the ability for my people here to make a living. Where do you see this going on YouTube?


Because you've been following this for a long time and you're really in the bloodstream. And, you know, all I can do is I've come out and defended the really high, high profile names who've been banned and people go, why don't you defend that site?


Because every single person who get banned, that that's all I'd be doing going on.


Yeah, but you've kind of been following this more on a micro level. Where do you see the puck kind of going?


Do you think it gets better? Do you think it gets worse? Well, I think it's I think we all know it's going to get far worse. I think that each time you have a high priority ban, you get a mass exodus of people to Altec, which is good, selfishly, but ultimately, YouTube wants to be on TV. I think we I think that that's why you see every boring late night show host continuously pushed down our throats.


I can't watch certain independent news creators without my next 50 videos being Fox News and CNN. It's obvious to me that YouTube wants to be the new TV ad, which means that YouTube will now have to live under the standards that TV people do.


And unless you're making fun of the president every single night, including for things like his physical appearance, we do want to hear yeah, yeah, yeah.


The hair go like this is like and he's ten, ten or so or you know, I just gave you 50 for Young Turks videos.


Yeah. 54. Yeah.


No, you're right. And remember, I mean I've been on YouTube since 2006 and really uploading regularly meaning at least once a week since 2009.


And I remember everyone and Joe Rogan talking about this back on his podcast, used to still be just him in his office with a webcam saying the cool thing is there. And I used to say this, too, there will be no more gatekeepers anymore. There aren't the talent agents and the executive producers and the networks who have to polish you and make sure that you're palatable and run focus groups.


Only now there are gatekeepers. And unfortunately, the gatekeepers have become the people who establish themselves on YouTube. And a lot of ways through this this this wonder of no gatekeepers. Now they've made themselves into that.


It's interesting. I mean, it's very, very true. You take a guy like Leafy to bring it back to him. This is a guy that grossed four million dollars using a sixty dollar microphone, no production team, nothing. That was his first run on YouTube. I don't know how much he made the second time around because, I mean, back in those days, CPMs were, you know, something, it's a completely different world.


Yeah, but now I can buy a half a kit car. But yes. Yeah, perhaps if you if you've had a good day. Well, now you finally can. Perhaps. But the problem is. Just as you say, these people that used to be edgy or even pro free speech, I have now become so afraid of losing what they've built because they haven't spent any time diversifying. They don't sell merch. They don't support Altec, they don't have membership clubs like the club, for example.


And so they rely 100 percent on pleasing YouTube. And and to a certain degree, this probably being too nice, but I can at least understand why they've become huge pussies. Yes, but it's not something he.


Right. Right. Sorry, but yes, it's a great way to put a finer point on it. Yes.


Yeah. Just so sense, we're off off YouTube. You know, I generally keep it pretty clean on my channel too. But it's it's and that's really what perpetuates it too. Right. These are people that will tacitly get behind these type of Banning's by not there is there's asking people what they think and there's covering it, but then there's disavowing it. Right now, like you said with the young Turks, I have the same thing, smaller degree.


Some small channels I like constantly will live through my videos, my video. I get videos, flaggers. I don't want them to platformed. It generates free content for me, too. It's the way the ecosystem should work. But ultimately, these people rise to power and some of the things that they say about de platforming are very scary.


Yeah, well, I will say this and I don't know, leafy, but but I do think and I don't think that people should be banned. But I do think there is a difference between expressing offensive points of view and meaning points of view that might offend somebody. For example, you just said pussy. Well, that's not really concern on YouTube because Khateeb is the number one music video, right? It's the title if you say that, hey, you know what?


Forty seven percent of the covid deaths are actually attributable to nursing homes. That is now considered non authoritative. And that's actually bad.


Yeah, no, it doesn't matter to YouTube. They say that's a conspiracy along with Mashable. So my point is it's not dirty words, it's unpopular opinions. And that's what is so scary. It's not censorship. Like when we were kids or people said, if you don't like it, don't watch it. It's vulgar. It's an opinion that YouTube doesn't necessarily like.


That being said, sorry. Go ahead. What was it? I would say not mainstream opinion. Right. Basically, they go in lockstep with, you know that. Right, exactly.


And that's why you see a lot of I can't I can't name names here, but there are a lot of people and YouTube in the podcast space who will send me messages and they agree with people like myself.


I'm probably like yourself a whole lot more than they can ever let on. I give them to people in the background. There are large, ultra large creators that. I have seen in my life streams before, and I'm sure they're not there to dig up dirt on me, and I don't you know, I I understand. I understand wanting to protect or not if you've got a family and all this stuff, but it's really not that hard to be free speech and ad demand.


YouTube use the system that they've implied instead of these public executions of content creators when they get too big because that doesn't change anything.


No, it doesn't change anything. But I will say, I also understand I can understand from a platform point of view, there are some channels that exist. They don't create any content. They only exist to troll and attack other people.


And I don't know if he was that. And I'm certainly not saying that I'm supporting belief he's been at all. I think I've been pretty clear in expressing the opposite. But there are channels out there that don't create anything new. All they do is try and send a swarm of fans to make people's lives miserable, whether they dock's or not.


And I think that that also needs to be addressed as a separate problem. It behooves YouTube to treat that as a separate problem then points of view that are controversial because they're pretty easy to delineate.


Yeah, and I think that there are other tools that YouTube has both public and private censor on the private area now. I mean, I think we all know that Chateau Banning on YouTube is a thing. Sure, it absolutely is. There are things like that they can do and quite honestly. Just demagnetize the channel, if you remove the financial incentive, that's a lot, right, and at least you could make the argument that, hey, Coca-Cola doesn't want to sponsor this.


I'm not saying I want anyone to monetize, but I'm saying at least there's a guy that was doing the 3:00 a.m. Ouija board videos. I don't know, you're probably kind of a boomer, so you probably don't really see those. But they're really popular.


They're really popular. And he faked his girlfriend's death and all this stuff. Instead of banning him, they monetized him, which basically removed the incentive to make content like that. And I think that that's easier. That's more effective.


I don't think they're going to ban I hate to say it, but they're probably not doing that because of yours truly. Didn't really.


Thank you for that. Didn't work for us. Yeah. We said, oh, where do you monetize? That's going to make us come back stronger than before and YouTube.


So watch our apology. That's the last time we do that.


And, you know, listen, I hate that it was the catalyst for these changes, but I also do think there was some value in it shining a light. You know, sunlight in some ways can be the best disinfectant.


I would say Everclear, but sunlight, too. It works, too.


Yeah, both absolutely work and take advantage of that during the demagnetize period.


It was a dark time, Mr. Ford, is what I'm saying.


But yeah, no, the demonetization is something they could take. And I never argued against the idea of demonetization. I just said, hey, listen, I want it to be consistent now. Our issue was always the shadow banning. You know, if there was a period where if you searched Steven Crowder changed my mind, abortion, you'd find an old PBS video with four thousand plays. It was seven years old. We spoke with the dad.


Thank you for bringing our attention. Bring that to our attention now. It's a glitch into the system.


Oh, which reminds me, have you seen this with the Joe Biden? I thought maybe you I don't know if you can confirm whether this is real or not. It does look like it's authentic. Post convention, the Joe Biden speech where the dislikes disappeared on YouTube. I think we can bring this up to show people. Yeah. And people are saying, well, you know what?


This could just be, you know, the cash, kind of the refreshing or so you see, five point nine thousand dislikes right now. And then the person hits refresh on the browser. So four point nine thousand likes five point nine thousand dislikes. As soon as they hit refresh, that all of a sudden goes down to three point something thousand three point eight thousand dislikes.


Now I'm. Go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. No, no. I want to hear I get your opinion on that. Yeah. I've seen this happen before, also with big Hollywood movie trailers and things like that. I think there are two ways. This is my theory. One is if they are banning accounts, my question is, let's say there's like a mass dislike campaign and they're banning, like spam. Does that remove the dislikes? I don't know.


And too, I feel like I've seen this thing where they re upload the video, but the views don't change, but the likes and dislikes change.


I've seen that a few times in the wild and I'm not exactly sure in the wild I can confirm it.


Yeah, no, I've never seen that before. I've never seen, I've seen of course, like we all know. Right. YouTube is not the is not a flawless system. So sometimes it'll go from two thousand likes to 5000 because there's a glitch, you know there's sort of a delayed effect. But I've never seen the dislikes go down in the ratio change, aside from like you said a couple of times with movie trailers where everyone suspected there was foul play there as well, not just political.


Have you seen I mean, it seems like it's incredibly rare to see dislikes disappear. That's very different from a staggering. Yeah, it's very, very, very rare and the mechanisms from even people inside of YouTube that I've talked to even do that, I'm not sure unless they're banning accounts. And when your account gets banned, then your history gets banned with it. That's entirely possible. But the mechanisms to just kind of artificially scrub the likes and dislikes, I haven't heard of that.


That doesn't mean I mean, remember what Twitter said. They didn't have blacklisting. They got hacked. Right.


They had the little option on their dashboards. Yeah. Who knows?


Which is always remarkable to me that these people get hacked. It's like, why aren't you the biggest tech companies in the world? Like, you guys use a VPN? What is going on here?


Expressly being a wonderful sponsor of the show.


Yeah, I will say that I don't expect this to happen with the the Trump RNC, the convention afterward. But who knows?


We have it now. You won't need. That's true. That's a good point. He probably won't need it. And I will say this. We have reached out to you. Do I believe half Asian leader Bill Richman has reached out to YouTube for comment on that?


We have not heard back yet, but we do have to let you go. It is the bordering on YouTube. Jeremy Hambly, is there anywhere else that you want people to follow you, support you, you can just follow me on Twitter or parler.


And if you just subscribe to our YouTube channel and give it a try, that's that's all I ask. And I'm really, really thankful for you having me on and to talk about something that I'm real passionate about.


Well, joke's on you because we Snapchat your filtered dick on your head the entire time of this interview and. All right. It's not interesting, man. Thank you, Jeremy.


We appreciate it. We'll see you later. We do have to get going. I just realized here pretty soon. Wait, you're still here. But yeah, I am.


I am. Hello. How did you how did you know I was here the whole time? I loved it. Yeah. I'm not familiar with his work, but I'll definitely check it out for this. You know, he's he is like Jeremy Lin.


I don't really know a whole lot about him. Yeah.


I just know he does a bunch of different news stories kind of across the Web. It's it's a pretty good show. I know my headphones stopped working, so it's like it's like flying blind.


I'm like goose and hopefully don't go straight the middle of the ocean. So listen, everyone out there, please, you support him at the quarter and we are going to be back tomorrow. I don't know. We have as a guest tomorrow.


I think we have the truth. According to smooth management on the the black cube.


What does that to the cube of Saturn you have?


I already don't like it. I've been told to not research it. And listen, I do want to leave you. Sometimes we do that. We do. The credit closes typically on Thursdays.


We're hopefully trying to motivate you or help you. But if nothing else, I want to leave this so you at least can take something with you and be helped.


Don't wield a knife in Rush, a convenience store cops tell you not to do.


It's pretty good advice. I just I'd hate to see many of you be justifiably shot ten, twelve times.


Your guess is as good as mine like Robocop.


Only you know, you've turned your back. So don't do it. Just tell you because I love you. It's advice. We will see you tomorrow.


For today. The.