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Hi there, podcast listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a TV show because it's like a hipster, you have a fondness for radio and days gone by. But we're glad to see you or hear you again. Good morning. Mug Club. Every Monday through Thursday up until election, along with special streams for Redebate Town Hall. We really hope that you enjoy this program as much as we did making it. That really wasn't that much.


I hope you enjoy it more.


This is nice. Yeah, we don't do this enough. I know we should do this all the time. Remember, it's just nice to get out of the house like. No, no, no, no, no, no, we're just here, it just happens all the time. I know, I know nonstop probably because someone had to show up in full skeleton makeup. It's not fair. You guys used to do the same thing. Yeah.


One hundred and twenty years ago, it was a fashion thing. Back then it was different. People were going to stop and look at seven hundred ad called. They want you to get a new thing. Hey guys, what do you think about doing a matching cloaks. Oh that fun. Yeah. Like a clown. Yeah.


I can make patches, see how we like to make shirts on a three piece rocker. Anyone thinking we're in a gang? No, that won't help at all. We can. Crusader's had to ruin that one for the rest of us. Well, that ship sailed a while ago. Hey, no, don't panic. We're just here to get you can't you can't talk with these people. Get used to it.


New normal here, guys. Maybe for you. Exactly. Yeah, what does that mean? Here we go. All I'm saying at a certain point, what you get is it worked for you. OK, come on.


We all had to make changes at the beginning. Look, forget about it. Forget I said anything. You don't think it's because we have held following with to. Doesn't help. Oh, yes, I can't do any thrusting because I hurt my back. Don't blame the to blame the two people of color next to me, the Hodge twins, conservative twins.


How are you, gents?


We're doing great white women, by the way.


The hashtag is crowded. DNC streaming will be streaming all night. We'll be taking some of your tweets. There's a promo code crowd or DNC stream. You get twenty dollars to join the club. A lot of club is a pretty good deal. It's a pretty good deal we're redistributing. What is that? That looks like a James Cromwell character gone wrong.


That's just like they said.


Let's put let's put a guy who sunburned and pockmarked on air because he has Rivers Cuomo glasses. All right.


We also will be going through the entire lineup tonight. We were planning on doing this for the whole week.


And then we realized that, you know, we didn't want to talk about it.


It was a death wish. I mean, there was there was no way I was in ladies oh, my half Asian water bill rolling, by the way, Bill Richman, who refused to dress an eighties garbage, 80s night, best 80s costume wins.


What do they win? I mean, they win stuff. They win a while. They went in a box.


They win a lock of post rehab.


Michael Jackson's heroin, that is Tito that gained a little bit of weight. Tito, Tito to Jermaine.




And then we have a cute man in overlays to cute Maddie. She makes me sick. And we have audio Wade here. I guess the question of the day is why?


Why would you want anyone tuning into this at this point? We were planning on doing it all week because we didn't think that they would announce the VP candidate and then they announced Harris. We said, oh, OK, well, we don't need to watch anyone else because no one cares. But then I looked at tonight's lineup and it's like a who's who of nobody cares. Tammy Baldwin. Who is that? Tammy Duckworth. Can you read this one?


Because, like, who's that? Oh, Chris Coons.


Hey, that's funny. That's for the auto censor on YouTube, right? Andrew Yang, Michael Bloomberg. Do you think Andrew Yang like you think right before he walks out on stage, he's going to have to take the barrel of the gun out of his mouth?


Just say that.


Just a minute, sir. Just a minute. I think about this first, Andrew Yang. If you guys have seen the screenshots where he just responded to people on Instagram or that, I can't believe it's bodies like I know me either. It's like you endorsed him, right?


Yeah. Disappointed you're going to be disappointed. I understand and know the feeling. And then I brought him out just because they needed an Asian who didn't come across as aggressive like Adrianne's.


You come out here, you don't see him. You know, you're you seem like friendly, like, you know, you drink and you swear that I'll get the kids right along with party.


Being right is singing about her wet vagina and then interviewing the potential president of the United States is just going to, ah, Budweiser.


This thing. It's going to be rough.


I'd rather be watching Cutie's. Oh, hey, I don't know.


You know, the thing is with Bill Clinton. Yeah. Yeah. Who also spoke earlier. That's true.


The DNC talking about who it's a who's who of nobody cares the character. Also a who's who of registered sex offenders. That's the DNC right. Now, if Gavin Newsom right here and we'll talk about him later.


This is the guy who was praising Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus until he went at you know, he went the other way because there was a convention coming up. And this is a guy who obviously complained about he complained about violent protests back in the day.


I believe it was like twenty sixteen about the right wingers. We can bring that up or he's talking about right wing violence and how it's not funny. And we can't spirt no condemnation of his entire city being torn apart.


Now, everybody situates are are leaving in droves. I mean, leaving. And who would have thought that a switch from who would have thought that a sequel with Kurt Russell would be it would be like looking into a crystal ball.


Yeah. What do you guys expect for tonight? Conservative twins, by the way, is who they are.


Yeah, bunch of liars. Lying. Yeah, hypocrisy.


I mean, Jesus, what's next for these people? I mean, anything they say, man, it doesn't surprise me.


All right. Well, I want to go through a list and you tell me what you guys think, and you folks can tell me what you think we have. By the way, Andrew, it on the show. Oh, I forgot the drinking game rules. The drinking game rules. That's really important. Drinking game rules. Any time Biden stutters you have to take a break. No. If you hear any reference to. And by the way, it's not an exact verbiage.


Black lives matter, fascist fascism, racist ism, anything about the US Postal Service, really? Any failing nonbusiness and coronavirus coronavirus.


We're all dead here. So let's wait.


So are the rules that we drink every time he stutters on a single word because I've seen him stutter like nine times in a past participle out.


Yeah, I don't it doesn't it doesn't count if he's stuttering over the same vomit choke. OK, I just to if he's continually aspirating his own vomit, it counts as one stop.


OK, ok. Count as one stutter. Look, don't invite a lawyer if you don't want to get the. No, no.


I appreciate the role that's coming, you know, and that's what happened to me when I heard about Cutie's cutie's.


For those who don't know enough, what can we bring up. And Cutie's is a show about like nine year olds twerking. We're going to see. But oh, so let's go to CNN really quickly, because they're saying that this is coming up, I shouldn't be talking to you here. I hope the virus is in check and the American spirit is unleashed and that we're going to take this.


But I hope the virus is in check. This is a time capsule, his senior year. Hello, Mr. Beachum.


I hope the virus no longer exists three months from now. I hope you never change. Did he not take us today?


I believe that America will have faced its darkest moment and come out there to talk about slavery.


He said the darkest of darkness. I can see it happen. No more pain.


Look at his hotel room. I hope that we. Oh, come on. Laying it on thick right here as a human health care activist of America will be restored for all to applaud.


When I speak with Mr. Familias, English lady.


The president provides this country with real leaders. He's brought them on because they were hoping would trick people into thinking he was in the Rose County or they don't want to.


You know, one of the things I hope we all get back to work, they'll be because that my Korean cousin this time next. Oh, God, come.


Hey, that's where the white women are wishing they were there today. Yeah, that's where the white women are at.


The mushroom cuts are us to be proud.


Do you think she went into like, hey, could you make it look like I have half a bean bag on my chair? Where's this? Netcare founder Andrew Yang, founder Humanity Forward.


They don't say former presidential candidate. Oh, no, no. To this demented old circus monkey you will be watching. They'll like formers, former senator, state tattoo artist.


She's hot for a man, but he's got the right.


That's what I'm talking about, right?


This time next year, I want a president who understands what military families need. Who crazy, right? Well. Oh, come on. Is who is she? Let's let's come in again. Be careful. They have a disease and treat. I think I saw him on Deep Space nine.


I want to see the kids playing on the beach.


Just come from the beach. Get a comb my dad in the neck. But next year I want no neck action. Jow elected by the White House coronavirus.


Oh yeah. That Biden hair and baseball in his career. He'd been signed into law. This time next year he's been sneaking into people's houses, stealing gum, guns and leaving crumbs that are much too small for the houses mouths.


Oh yeah, we have that. You have the ding for the for the drinking game. We'll get a pull up.


All right. They said coronavirus drink. Are you going to be doing the thing? I don't have the tea. I think. Everything all right. OK, ok.


What I can. Right. No Colin Powell. Oh so you guys are new to this.


Oh no. Jamie Harrison. You're new to the Republican. The actually, Condoleezza Rice kind of came out and said, like, you guys are just a bunch of assholes.


You guys just said she but just.


Oh, no. Hey, look at her.


This Medusa African-American.


All right, quick predictions. What do you guys expect for tonight? I think we're just going to see a lot of not very many clear policy answers. I think we can expect to. Oh, my God. They're opening with Yang right away. What's he saying? Is he opening in prayer? No. In the future, national anthem. No Pledge of Allegiance. No water is no American flag.


No, it says man, it's like, hmm, I don't want to be I don't want it seems like it's a little cliche to have, you know, running for national office, representing your country flag pin. Can I go with Mass? What's the last name? Yang.


Can I do that safe also maybe on the maybe the other lapel could be an image of my tiger mom beating me. I think that this would be palatable to middle America. I think it's going to go over well because the flag pins are passé for Trump or didn't vote at all.


Back in twenty sixteen. I get it. Many of us have gotten tired of our leaders seeming far more like we despair that our government will ever rise to the challenges of our time. Oh, the challenge.


The challenges of our time before the covid like to record low unemployment, low black unemployment, record high labor force participation, GDP growth, all time stock market highs like actual wage growth for middle class Americans and I think was about five thousand dollars a year. More Americans were paying less in taxes and more satisfied with their economic outlook than ever. Please, Lord Jesus, save us from this. Bring us your prophet.


Wang Yang would have been great, too, if I didn't get his name wrong.


But it's almost better coming up. Well, I. Steph Curry, Steph Curry. That's not on this line up. Look forward to it.


Looks like you know what it looks like. They bumped Pete but gave. For Steph Curry, but he did it. Yeah, so I don't think we has any clear policy answers tonight. I think we're just going to hear a lot of platitudes when we hear about how bad Donald Trump is. Please save us from our darkest hour. And that's us. That celebrity. Yeah. John Legend noted profiles. Noted Eugenicist John Legend will be on the show.


All right. Let me see. Let's see. You guys know buta GEGE.


You guys know what he got? What do you predict to judge anything?


All right, let me move on to what about Gavin Newsom now. Hey, Keisha. Lance Bottoms. That's in your right up in your wheelhouse bottoms.


Tammy Baldwin, Duckworth. Anyone have strong opinions? Duckworth Who the hell is Tammy Duckworth? Yeah, that's what I thought. She's the Asian. I don't know. I thought maybe you got like a stripper. Senator Chris Coons. I like Coons.


I see. Where know, you don't get that one. Performance by John Legend and Common.


Oh, no performance. Who's almost worse. It's common. The guy who looks like Tyra Banks, his brother, but isn't Tyra Banks his brother. That guy, I think is bold. Yeah. Yeah, he's bald. Right. He's got like light eyes. You've got Durka. He's got dark eyes.


I'm thinking of Tyra Banks, his brother, the guy who was in dodgeball, which I don't listen.


I know sounds tone deaf because as I've always said, it's like you guys have lighter eyes.


But when I see when I'm really like darker black guys, you know, little light eyes, it scares me.


You've never seen it is that, you know, the queen of the damned film, you know, we're vampires or blade, you know, what was that Aliyah when she died?


We all had to act like, oh, like we like a marvelous talent, like we have to do with Khateeb. And she was just articulating our way through her, talking about her wet vagina and cutting her asshole with her Freddy Krueger nails.


Look, I can't believe we lost Cardi B to diabetes, of all things. Who knew? To anal fissures, I think AIDS and infection.


Yeah, that's what you're talking about. The Khateeb be interviewed, our president of the United. Remember when we thought it was below the presidency when that who was name on that?


Was that that that that that was who was in the in the first break, brought back right in the in the tub with the Fruit Loops.


She had the green hair. Oh. Then she does reaction videos on YouTube. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah well she did you know, you know the novelty wore off and Barack Obama did an interview with her.


People thought it was below the presidency. Yeah. Yeah. Now we have the potential president talking with the lady. Forgive me.


Forgive my language. This is we have to talk about who's like yo yo. My pleasure. The even ezine. You want me to get a yeast infection? I gotta go interview the vice president.


The same woman who said she bragged about Drug and Robin me.


Yeah. Yeah, that's right. I drug man and rob them. Now I'm going to go interview the president. What about health care though.


OK, that's just another policy.


You want to see me get triggered? Just have someone go bird. Was it like a bird, an oil spill? What does that represent? I don't know what the hell she did when she does that. I don't know what the hell it is. That sounds like those those like when the pigeons were in the BP, like, oh yeah.


Watching down with Don.


We're supposed to care like a tick, is it. I think so. Is that. That's right. That's right.


And you just can't control. All right. Let's go out to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. You guys familiar with Seinfeld? I don't know if you could I don't know if I'd like more.


Fresh Prince fans, convention moderator. Easy way to remember three three three.


Oh, if that's the year Donald Trump will finally release his tax returns next to nothing.


Looks like a lady performer hired a lady writer.


Don't let him do a comedy panel. Let's reaffirm the all-American values that our party and Joe like abortion.


In the nine months Jim Crow, the KKK list is over to allow using a white rag on a black child.


I like you make it to the flag of the United States of America and to a public well, which Neil.


He's a cute kid. Hey, it's my cousin. I'm glad they're doing this for you.


And just if he's hurting you, remember to go get gang a flag pin there. Like, that's cute. You're patriotic. If you do this in a few years, we call you a race traitor. But for now, it's the cold novelty. Hey, look at the chicks. The soon to be the Zeze. Yeah, I'm not convulsively. You know that, right? Yeah. They dropped Dixie Chicks because I thought it was racially insensitive, came the Chicks.


And of course, I'm going to change it to the Zed's. It's like when Lady Antebellum dropped it to Lady A and then this black chick was like, that's my name now.


And they were like, we didn't know this. They're going to sue you. She's gonna see you. All right.


For a second, let's listen to I just feel bad for the one of the lesbian cut is the most talented. But, you know, everyone looks at the sisters.


So get. Lee streamy, Nice, strong. I thought you could sing a lot better than this. I think you're good. That is nice.


Is it good? I think they're talented. They just hate the country.


Gave proof through. I hate that our flag was still. What is Nick Cannon have to say now? Very little melanin they got. So unfortunately, you know, I mean, it's accurate. But they have so it's dark. Solino. Then also CNN privacy. I don't know. They can say, oh, my God, poor Wolf Blitzer, they have the right to go from the Dixie Chicks, lovely looking ladies to the guy who looks like beans from even Steven.


Actually, Reg does have an answer to what it means if you want to go. Oh, yeah. Let's go to Reggie Abandoned, our brilliant researcher in in chief.


What does that mean or do we have them?


OK, so to the best of my understanding, heart is an ornament used in the African-American community and it signifies moving away from someone quickly or interesting yourself. And it's like the skiting of tires in a car.


Oh, OK. So it's it's tied to felonies. OK.


This is one thing that really does that really does OK. So let's go to predictions here. Andrew Young, Michael Bloomberg. Just suck, suck, suck, suck. No one cares. It's a crowded industry stream for twenty dollars off and hashtag credit DNC stream for the hashtag Arigon able to see Red Orange the band pretty soon.


We were talking about this earlier today. Right. You have Cardi B who just interviewed the vice president. I do feel bad for young black women because like that, is there a big part of the role models right now as Nicki Minaj can't be? And that wasn't always the case when people were like, oh, this is black culture.


What about Diana Ross? Yeah, you go back to the Supremes, you go back to Aretha Franklin, you go you go back to The Cosby Show, you go back to like family matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cosby Show. These were by and large watched by white people.


It wasn't segmented away on its own network that Tyler Perry bought and sold to Oprah Winfrey.


That's why those shows were so important in The Cosby Show, was good for black people to see other successful black people. You got Khateeb. I mean, it's better they didn't see the green room.


Too bad Bill Cosby was a creep. Yeah, yeah. That's really unfortunate. You know, we talk about this war. You we're talking about the hidden figures maybe. Right? I mean, you got you got what movie? The Hidden Figures movie with the ladies, the mathematicians, the black women who were helping Nasso hate figures. I it Enviga. Oh, no hidden figures. And so think about it. You had all of these women who are in that vein or who were actually in that and lived it and you could have had them interviewing men instead.


Yeah, pretty. Well, you know, what's funny is like I bet you in a future like those, because those ladies were all very nice in that film, but they'll be like, why is there no Aquafina and Kaleb Khateeb? That's a darling.


You can't pick a white white girl name. I knew a girl named Nicole. Hardly. She turned me down. All right. Let's go to David. Cosigners, latest character. Oh, it's going to be fine.


Will continue that progress. Oh, boy. Does the name set up.


You have all these people Joe believes for made in the image of God. Joe learned that from his parents, the nuns and priests right here in Delaware who taught him who revoked his communion privileges.


Were they the ones who taught him to love segregation? You taught him to love segregation, oppose busing and support abortion up to after birth? I'm pretty sure that came straight down from the cardinal's political tool.


I've known Joe about thirty years and I've seen his faith in action. Joe knows that everyone in DC has known him for thirty years.


That's the problem. He's been sick and done. Taxpayers teat his entire life. He has not been employed by the private sector since he was old enough to have a boner.


Oh, oh, sorry.


Again, time and again. I've seen him stop everything and listen. Really listen to someone who needs it because he can't hear them speak again.


I've seen him change his phones for those with the larger keypad because he cares really.


Lanes, let's talk. Getting real close to him again.


I've seen him go to Iowa State Fairs and travel to caucuses across this land with his life alert bracelet just to show how much he cares.


Or we have a more just immigration policy and where we call out and confront the original sins of this nation, the sins of slavery and child.


They came down and they let it go. I'm over it once you guys as punishment, since you didn't import the ding there. There you go.


I don't make slavery. How are you going to go back to jail? Well, you see, how are they going to change?


It is is by electing the oldest white guy who supported segregation and said they're going to put you all back in jail.


I do appreciate it.


And another another succeeding old white guy. This one doesn't even have hair. He's the one who's telling us about how he's the one.


It's a receipt.


Guys, don't worry. We're going to fix this right after I finished my ninth Senate campaign. And I'm done with this and I don't give it to my son. It'll be fine.


It'll be totally fine. Yeah. And the poor guy does have I mean, this thing looks like it's made of Dem pipe cleaners, but, you know, he's got the hair plugs going on.


It's there's nothing he did up. He did a shitty job. But the point is, like, you know, he's trying.


What is your faith said? Would you go and make a decision foundation? Reverend oh, he steps up from the podium. You know, he's serious now, serious. Most people are going to get down with you blacks.


This is propaganda. This is yeah, it is God's love to me to go my family.


I came back to your regular church. Because I just lost my son and obviously that's sad, that's very tragic, but that is what he uses right now rather than discussing the policy. Does anyone know his coronavirus plan, by the way? Can we can we bring it up? I know he said he would double testicles. We have more testing than any country right now in the world. Right. We're more testing. And Donald Trump mobilized the private sector like him or hate him to to get more testing.


Right now, you can go to CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade. If you live in if you still live in the cesspool that is filth and sadness and broken dreams and hypodermic needles. That is New York City. I highly recommend you leave 14000 empty apartments to escape from L.A., escape from New York, I. Yeah.




I mean, yeah, I was just going to say that, you know, how much it takes to actually say we're going to double it. Nothing. Absolutely no commitment. Yeah, but I'll double it. OK, nice.


I want you to take your asking price. Double it. Yes. Yes. Wow. That sounds really good because that's he's got a double testing. That's two times more than now. That's two times as many.


And I know because I saw Andrew Yangs pen, I think if he becomes president, they would actually suppress the numbers. Yeah, of course.


I just it's just like he doesn't have it. Does anyone know any of his policies other than he really likes abortion and hates Donald Trump and he can't count to ten without if he's wearing mittens.


Very proud. He's a leader, Stephen. He's a he's a leader.


Yeah. He's a he's a natural born leader who's followed in the Senate his entire career. All right. Let's see what she looks good, though.


Hello. This is Mary about him. That's why I thought, you know, maybe I should be your your Jim. How are you feeling? Yeah.


Yeah, cheekbone, actually.


Well, good evening. I feel really good. Thank you for asking. My husband, on the other hand, and still having many of the lingering side effects that people talk about. But all in all, our families doing this can't breathe. Being married to you. He's got cold feet.


Boy, I think you have to go, but Americans are going to be dealing with that for a long time. Hey, Mary, I wanted to ask you. Yes.


Many of us will have a call from ready for election sometime.


Meaning a week. Yeah, a little bit of the sniffles. We will be sure to do that.


And also not remember that they are the network where Chris Cuomo was quarantined for three days and came out butt naked, appearing nude at his wife's yoga video. Look, I'm totally fine now. My teeth were chattering. I had a fever of one hundred and six.


Oh, hey, that's some double check. We got a weekend at Bernie's Joe Lewis. Hello, Joe Lewis. Hello, Joe Lewis. Look at this guy.


Look at this handsome boy. We look at Joe Lewis. Is the Hawaiian shirt.


Go overseas. Go see I go say hi to the guys who used to come on because they had so Little Joe Y and five.


Oh, hey, guys, you see the difference. This is what I was saying. When you have behaved dogs, they can be therapy dogs. These guys were terrified of the mostly because they were chasing them when they were leaning all over me.


I know. Yeah. He loves you guys. It's hard. I know that he started one of you guys right in the face of it. Yeah. He's got that giant tail that just it hits you right in the tip. Just. Oh, yeah. By Joe Lewis. OK, let's go back to America.


Keisha Bottoms and her husband with the covid John Lewis. He walked gently amongst us, not as a distant icon, but as a God fearing man who did what he could to fulfill the as yet unfulfilled promise of America.


What, what, what people often think that they what I'm sorry, time I got here, that was a crazy bitch.


What unfulfilled dream of the United States of America.


She's married and she's speaking to endorse the old white guy who played second fiddle to the black guy with no resume in the United States. She's a black. She's black, too. Only in the United States could a man with a zero qualifications, the public having zero access to his college records and a man who did crack with a convicted domestic terrorist and Bill Ayers be elected president, the United States. But still, the deck is stacked against us. Cardi B write songs about cutting her asshole with Freddy Krueger hands.


It's the American Dream. And she's today's Earth, Wind and Fire. She's your Hall and Oates for crying out loud. OK, so don't don't touch me. Hold on. OK, you set them off. Don't don't talk much about them. Hold it up. All right.


Let's hear what she has to say disgracefully.


Using this pandemic to spread pandemic, drink pandemic and interfere with building, forcing many in twenty twenty two still risk their lives.


Wait, because you forcing tons of people to become more dependent on the government. The risk is everybody else is walk around with mad. Yeah, you know, what can we actually do have that let me see. We have the clip of because they just said they just opened with, you know, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elaine, saying we need to trust the experts.


Let's go to Clipse, because if she talked about Dr. Fauci and now they're saying we don't want to send people out into harm's way like it's D-Day and they're acting like you're going to go to your local precinct and frickin Denton County and they're going to open the doors like it's just there's not nothing.


You just just you know what? You don't even need to wear a mask. I do do it because you have to. It's the law. But the fact is, you are not this is not comparable to fighting Nazis. Yeah, not OK. It's not even close. Let's go to the quick clip, see if Dr. Fauci saying, hey, can we go and vote in person?


Can people safely go out and vote in person, given that this year there is so much concern around the vote?


I think is carefully done according to the guidelines. There's no reason that I can see that not be the case.


And you can tell strength to hold him down that time.


I want to be a real boy for crying out loud as voices out. When you leave your house, you can get hit by ice cream.


You have the flu. There's so many people going out now, shopping and going to the gas. They going to going to work. They way mad, but you can't show up at a damn boten to vote with a mask.


Imagine leaving your house looking like Dr. Fauci. How many people how many people want to kick his ass? Oh, they can't see him.


He's too shy to keep showing his old ass videos. Let's go. It's over. Oh, they're going to bring out the German Shepherds.


Wait, what was that one guy? Life was extremely dangerous, it was. That's right, it was I appreciate in there reminding us about what Joe Biden furthered.


You see that guy stand from the office. He said it's worse now is the one. And its kick started trying to start a spin off show. Why do you think racism is worse now than ever? Really? You can fire hosed outside a pie shop recently. Stanley, another battle.


John was focused on ending are they really trying to show this and equate it to now they're trying to hammer John Lewis and they'll avoid like the plague that John Lewis claimed when he was walking through the the I believe I was walking to the house. I don't know who's walking on the Capitol steps. Him and Clyburn, if I'm not mistaken, said that people spat in them. Tea Partiers, you know, those protesters spat in them and called him the N-word.


Andrew Breitbart offered one hundred thousand dollars to the United Negro College Fund, I can say, because that's the name of the fund and there was no footage. And here's what matters. There was footage of John Lewis, of Clyburn walking up those steps. There were gigabytes and gigabytes.


And this is before there were gigabytes and gigabytes of crappy grainy 720 P footage where you could hear everything and see everything, every single angle, like we were promised the original DVD, or the city could watch things in 360 that never even not once did anyone say the N-word.


And the media said, well, just like me with national level. Well, why does the need to prove that someone called him the N-word? Because he said it because he made a claim. How about that? You make my way, prove it. If you make a claim of a hate crime, have some evidence of the hate crime. Listen, obviously, it's sad when someone dies, but let's not lie about John Lewis. The guy was a race baiter professionally for the rest of his life.


Yeah. Here a long time. There's a bunch of can't stand Maxine Waters man kind of heft weightiness.


We have Maxine Waters. Sometimes she kind of looks like a photo negative. Nancy Pelosi is the black version of the black version of Nancy Pelosi. Like, if I were if I were in a darkroom developing photos, I might get it wrong. Label it Pelosi.


It's like spy versus spy. Oh, yeah. And we see someone who has navigated.


Oh, why is he even relevant?


Well, they should just have her lower third but not vice president. I would graciously accepted.


We are confident about how the merger, which not only protect our nation's minorities, but it protects the need for those with disabilities and families with children. How long do we have to wait before we decide to ban assault weapons?


We have, by the way, OK, did you see that, by the way, said ban assault weapons. But it was a handgun registry.


It was a handgun registration act, something handgun act. So keep in mind that back then they weren't even trying to hide it like assault weapons was a handgun. Here to tell people now? Well, an assault weapon would be most of your handguns, for example, any of the handguns that people are carrying. And here are Americans with. Well, no, no, no. I thought you meant like, you know, the AK 47 that that guy in Austin got killed for pointing at a car point blank range.


No, back then it was, they would say, assault weapons and handguns interchangeably. Then they realized they had to get away from it.


Yeah. Weapons that hurt so bad, they did a bit.


All right, here, let me go through the mail thing really quickly. They were just talking about that. OK, so let's talk about the mail. When people are saying, keep in mind, right off, right off the bat, most of the pictures out there, hoaxes are like they're destroying mailboxes now. They're actually trying to replace mailboxes. And there were changes coming down the pike for the four USPS for a very long time.


You know why for 13 years in a row, they've lost money 13 years in a row they've lost money. Imagine pitching that on Shark Tank. What are your numbers?


Well, we lost 18 trillion, but this is like this first the first 13 years of the company, right?


I mean. Yeah, right. Yeah. You've been reinvesting in inventory now. I mean, Amazon did have, you know, new Amazon vans.


They really got together. Yeah. In fact, FedEx has next day shipping. That's fun. But we really could use some money. What kind of money do you have?


Well, I guess in a matter of speaking, it's really infinite, really, because we can just take it from taxpayers. Yeah. So how do we get watch dollar sign off right now? So we've lost all of it and haven't managed to turn a profit is you know, your guess is as good as mine, but you could always use more. So, Mr. O'Leary, more money, please. More money, please.


So. All right, let me make sure I have this right. So when people say there has been voter fraud, do we talk about mail? And I say this is someone who has had to mail in vote because I've been traveling doing comedy shows.


I think one time I might have even been in Canada doing a standup show.


Let's go through a couple of examples. New Jersey, they tried it in the primaries, one point four, something million voters between one point four, one point five. Eighty seven percent of them voted through mail. It took counties more than six months to certify the election results. Sixty five thousand ballots had to be thrown out completely for right away. Those are just the ones that we know about that's called in Michigan.


Eight hundred forty six ballots just had to be thrown out because the voters were dead.


Vote. Exactly. Great question.


What do you ask the captain of Yankees like you do the math.


They're dead. If they go.


It's common. It's common. It's common. It's the guy with the. Just specific. One size.


All that damn action for people who don't know the promo code is crowded. DNC streamed for twenty dollars off talking about Rosa Parks state employees.


Does it seem like they're stuck in the past whenever they say anything like not only in the past, like 40 years ago, we can't be stuck in the recent past because that's Barack Obama.


Yeah, sure. Look, it's the eugenicist. Yeah, exactly. So this guy called, I believe, if I'm not mistaken, he actually called Donald Trump. We have an overlay. I think he called Donald Trump a eugenicist.


And he's the guy who wanted to boycott states that put restrictions on abortions past the third trimester.


He's an actual he supports actual you eugenicist.


Yeah. Trump the most pro-life president we ever had. I know he called it a eugenicist ad that he campaigned against. Not only I mean, it's wrong on so many levels because the idea of free enterprise, but because states wanted to put limitations on abortion.


Remember when it was Georgia, that was the whole thing. He was leading the charge. There's got something else. By the way. We've seen these commercials on CNN bring up that image of the black guy who does a commercial for the testosterone New Genex.


It's a black guy doing an ad for a supplement.


That's one letter off of eugenics is like eugenics worked for me before I was black as hell. Then I have. I've had some crazy. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, let me see. Yeah. Like eugenics. He's he's like a former football player, basketball baseball player.


Look at that. He actually works up in the gym. I go to. Really. Yeah. Him he seems like a nice guy, just a big dume. He was sitting on a stationary bike like a damn precipitant eugenics.


Oh, that's horrible.


Speaking of which, you're the byproduct of of eugenics there, Joe Lewis, they breed you for having more.


I don't know why you're wearing a prison outfit, but goes it goes because they how to keep them. OK, no.


You wanna say hi to me? That's very nice dog.


He's a pretty sweet Jesus. Why does he have a shape? He's got to shake my wife, give my dog a shit.


I guess she's trying to go with a common theme. All right, time for you. Go say hi then go get out. Joe Louis, Joe Louis Community Duluth. There you go.


I want to listen to Common Do do. What you doing then. And you the. He will be a. We will be quick to praise and worship song when the glory comes, it will be ours. When the glory comes, it will be ours like his king. Do you hear? Go ahead. Go, go, go.


Come on. You got to go to Mama. I do have to ask a question because oftentimes you hear that and I kick it over.


When the glory comes, it will be ours. They took the lyrics of praise and worship like the glory will be yours. God, it's like who is glory Commins? Yeah. Yeah, they got their the whole choir singing Who is glory? John Legend. Jesus, Jesus. Oh come on man.


Unbelievable. These people said he's so religious but they're pro-choice. Oh they're wrong about everything. And also they, they believe that the quote the verse is given to Caesar, give it all to Caesar, give it all the Caesar provided you know that he has that he increases the size of the DMV and make sure you don't change mailboxes. That's somewhere in Mark. You have to say something there.


I thought I was going to say the idea of if you were to have any any time anyone who's a minority, particularly the black majority, decides to come out and do any kind of song or thing for Republicans or Trump, they're called being minstrel's. Right.


They're harkening back to the minstrel. Right. I wonder if we have any guests here who have ever been talked about like that.


And yet here we have two gentlemen of color dancing for Joe Biden.


And yet no one is going, oh, wait a minute, guys, wait a minute. And yet again, the irony, are we not seeing these gentlemen on national TV who are performing, who have made millions and millions and millions of dollars, unable them to do and spend those millions of dollars wherever they want, and yet they're here supporting a person whose vice president candidate called him a rapist.


And not only that, but he doesn't like he doesn't even know that they're there.


Huh. But why couldn't we get Cardi B? I loved her and Cutie's. Could you give me a watermelon?


I'm Joe Blood. I'm coming.


I'm coming. So, yes, you are you are the common man. The man I want to reach. No, no, I am. I'm comin. Well, you're not. We're all special, son. I don't know what what he said. You're black. You're going to vote for me, right? Y'all get back in chains.


So I'm just as smart as white kids. I do appreciate that. When they give the title for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it says actress first. Yes.


Because, you know, she's not actually living any of the things that she's talking about with regards to the policies or who she supports or any of that.


Right now, she's not even living up to the how dare they talk to Martin Luther King, a Republican. Yeah, that's a good point. I don't think they know. A lot of people don't know.


I tell them at my company things like what?


One good. Let people get pissed when you tell them that. I thought your show was mainly white. People know it is. It was a few people that you got suspicious. Like when we've transitioned, they will come to fill in the building. What, they get pissed off. You tell them that.


Yeah. Hey, well, look, these people speak for you. Haven't you heard that? That that white broad with the Jerry curls apparently speak for the black community.


So our jobs are evaporating.


Our faith and the things I wonder why. I wonder what our jobs are evaporating. Mostly, I should know almost entirely exclusively in blue states, we are doing significantly worse just just after the covid compared to our red state brethren.


You know, these people go home to like, say, like, man, I can't believe I said all that shit so hard to just sit there and say that and keep a straight face.


And what's so funny is they try to make this stick. Donald Trump obviously does really poorly in a lot of polls.


But even after all of this and they've been trying to lay the economy at Donald Trump's feet, they still trusted the American public, still trust Donald Trump with the economy more than Joe Biden.


Yeah, I wish we had a job. Boom, like February. Yeah. Hold on.


Mitt Romney's record setting S&P. Five hundred or something like that.


We all would be really glad.


Only that only helps rich people. It doesn't affect Main Street. Oh, yeah. I thought you supported unions. What do you think's going on with their pension dunnies?


Would the Dems call it trickle down economics? So what the hell kind of B.S. is it.


No, they call it trickle up. Trickle down. Now that made sense. So it's that one for you, homie. Well, yes, for now is Konerko.


Forty five weeks after the impulses that have given us slavery, we find a picture from this decade, dammit.


You know what they just said? No human is illegal. Of course not the not from Mars. I don't even know conduct is illegal. They're here illegally. Yeah.


It's not so much the human itself, just as it is the the caravan with that went through the border unprotected in the middle of the night where with sex workers under the floorboards, that's really that's if we have to put our finger on it.


Coming up, more of a problem. What we have is. Yeah, what we do have and what we do have. You claim it. All right. Again, the promo code. Is our dance easier to get 20 dollars off my club and use the hashtag credit DNC? We'll be reading some of your tweets, looking at your outfits. But Mr. Andrew Klavan, how are you, sir? I'm good.


How you doing? I love that suit. You look like you just came from Casablanca. Really?


I was. Oh, come on now. Isn't that has that. Oh, always Gone With the Wind was canceled tonight. I think my vice is still allowed until they find out that Don Johnson has been in a couple of more conservative films like Brawl in Cellblock ninety nine. So I'm in the clear. Andrew Klavan, what is this? This is you look like you're in the in the the townhome in Pacific Heights when Matthew Modine had Kevin had Michael Keaton twist razor blades.


Is this this a little just a little garage for you?


It's the combination of the Noah's Ark and The Poseidon Adventure. For those of your audience, the two people in your audience who know what the design of it looks like. It's my it's my loft. I'm in the loft.


Well, you know what? Next time when you come on, don't make your first references shooty Dennis Quaid film. Oh, yeah. Yeah, come on. That was a remake masterpiece.


I remember. I remember. I was watching actually. What was it. The the other. I'm not joking now but the other Poseidon, the remake, whatever it was with the ship, I think with scientific adventures over this call, I think it was just, it was just Poseidon with the boat was called Poseidon. Yeah. That's what we're talking about. And I was getting my black manager guy named Tony Camacho.


He's Dominican and we were just sitting and about halfway through, he just said this shit.


All right. I believe we can do that.


I don't know if I was just like a racial divide, but like he had no qualms about the fact that he paid for a film and didn't want to finish it. I said, oh, where's my cheap, sorry, white ass? It's like, well, don't we have to see what happens? Maybe I'll redeem the last two hours of our life lost. We'll never get back.


You got time for this shit? I got stuff to do. I got water to drink. Andrew, have you been watching the convention the previous nights?


I've been glued to the set. I mean, the laughter, the tears, the sentimental moments, reminiscence that brought our nation to get. No, I haven't. Oh, well.


And the funny thing is you're not off at all. Like, they just used John Lewis as a springboard to go back to a montage of fire hoses and German shepherds and talk about how America more racist than ever.


It's it is it just gets worse and worse. It's like a hell. You know, it's I don't even understand how anybody you know, how the black guy next year, how do you get in the building?


I think what the hell is going on, Kevin, with a team football? It was a boxing match.


Yeah, but they didn't qualify for the African-Americans are. Fifty two percent. They qualified for the twin grant. Yeah.


So really, it was just what we wanted to do, a sketch where we we wanted to recreate Demolition Man and we couldn't afford a stunt double, so we just knew we'd have two of them after I have the price that I had.


I've been dipping in, I've been dipping in, as Bill Clinton would say, into the convention from time to time. And what I see, in all honesty, what I see is a an endless series of totally immoral people telling me that they're better than I am, which I have to tell you is unlikely. It really is unlikely that like Bill Clinton, Kamala Harris is so that woman is so corrupt. I mean, here's a woman who literally slept her way into politics.


She's like held that evidence that could have gotten people out of death row, like you said when you said she is so.


And before you said corrupt, I thought you were going to go Indian. She is just so in the end, it's just it's just too much.


It's too much for the Indian.


It's like Indian music. Exactly. It's end up Indian and up Indian. Yeah.


Yeah, it's it's enough. I mean, listen, you know, you do it like, you know, you do like you have a Bobby Jindal.


We're good for twelve years. I'm just saying certain point the tokenism is all filled up.


So my point here tonight, Andrew, what do you predict we're going to be seeing from let's say.


Well, we had John Legend and Keisha Bottoms, Joe Biden.


Yeah, he's he's the one nobody's talking about guy. The guy.


I think he's going to ask the question that is on everyone's mind. Where am I?


Hi, cutie.


Still up in my looks like the best speech of the convention so far has been Joe Biden. But I would be a lot I would have a lot more respect for her if she would stop them from doing this to her husband, because it's it's funny if you're cruel and soulless like myself, but it's really not, you know, when you step back and you actually have some compassion, you're trying not to go to hell.


If I was deteriorating in front of us, you know, it's kind of going to be like that scene in the scene with a singer. A star is born. Remember, the star is born where.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I have no idea what you're talking about, but. The ship is turned upside down in the story. There we go. Stop it. What the shit is Dennis Quaid? And it's true. Nesh my comedy. Comedy's broad. No, I think I think you're right.


I mean, this is a demented old this is a demented old circus monkey at this point. Joe Biden, it really is like someone should be looking out for him. I mean, if anything, really, you just like Kamala Harris could she could be the one to she could be the one to save him and just go out and say, like, you know what I said that you were a rapist. And I still think so.


And I you know, I just I just saved you a bunch of money from having to reverse the ticket later on down the trail.


All right. I'll be back in a couple of months to collect my trophy. Bye. See you later, rapist. Hey, by the way, check out his Amazon Prime and Netflix queue. It reads like a who's who of Catch a Predator. All right. By that, she could end it. She could put him out of his misery.


Do you think there's a give her a couple of months, give her a couple of months. She wants to get closer to the Oval Office before she does a little better.


Yeah, I think you're always just I'm trying to see who's on right now. It looks like what's her name, that late night host.


It's not her mean. It's not her.


It's a second. Angie, I want you to see this because you're a talented writer. I want you to give us an opinion on, you know, none of that over and over and over again.


But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy that has a hilarious on male voting during a pandemic. OK, here's the truth.


It's a pandemic. Trump has any of any this vote because he knows he can't win fair and square while he's smoking crack or in person wearing your mask.


It is your vote and it's your right. Don't let no take no.


It's not your right to vote by mail without ID, without a process that's been set up in place with effectively. If it were a company like the USPS that's lost money for 13 years in a row, it is your right to vote. It's not your right to sit at home and watch your stupid Khateeb and potential presidential candidate interview and be like, I'm going to vote no. Well, how about do you have any idea with you that. Well, OK, well, then I guess the NRA says we'll raise stamps, though.


You rate this, it's got a little they've got a little problem with enthusiasm.


You know, it's like they figure they might be able to get people to go, like send an a map of Joe Biden, but nobody is going.


I mean, just that really no one in America is going to go like, yeah, I'll get out of this chair and walk down. Exactly.


And vote for nobody who would say it's just like Bush and he sends his next ploy is going to be every vote for Joe Biden comes with a free chair in your house.


And then it'll just be like it'll just have to whittle it away, like it'll be a lower back pillow than maybe a nice, like pashmina.


But the point is they're going to have to go to people's houses with, like, the lever, you know, here's the lever. Can you pull it? Maybe. I don't know.


But even the guy who opened it right. Give me my hand.


Even the guy who opened it, Andrew Yanqui, bring up those screens. Have you seen Andrew Yang with the screenshots of on Twitter and Instagram? When Joe Biden was the nominee, people were saying, I can't believe this is happening and this is Andrew Yank's. I understand and know the feeling.


You endorsed him and you were the number one person to speak like even even his own party.


Even people who are on the docket don't like him, like Steph Curry.


He's going to just come out and be like, listen, I know, I know, I know he's a piece of shit, but he's on a piece of shit and he's not going to like, you know, a couple of dribbles through the legs for Steph Curry.


And then Brian Stelter edited it together like it was for Joe Biden.


And is anyone pissed that these people should be pissed that Joe Biden has spoken with none of them? A of them, but he spoke with the forgive me, the wet pussy girl they actually gave the interview to. It's like, oh, I want to make sure that the person I give a scoop is really worthy of all blowjobs and barbecue ribs because she's dry as well.


And she says she says that's why she's giving medical advice to children like Kevin Jennings. What were we about to say there? Andrew Klavan? She's dry.


Well, I do like the fact that the press has been complaining for four years that Donald Trump is a threat to the First Amendment because he points out that they lie all the time. This guy literally he literally hasn't answered a question from any reporter in two months. And when they ask him questions, it's always like, where'd you get that time? You know, I like that tie. It's a very nice tie. Am I wearing a tie? Where am I?


You know.


You know, it's it's a bed time there.


And I heard it like Hunter Biden. Is Hunter Biden literally going to be at this place? Is that true? I heard that.


No, no, no. They'll be playing a game. Hunting Biden where? Just giving everyone. Oh, Winchester, they give him a double barrel shotguns and a recreation porch and they just fire into the air to see if he shoots him.


I thought he was going to fly in on his private jet that he bought with the profits from his Ukrainian deal with fifty thousand. A day you watch your mouth, that man is an energy expert. Sir, my dad is vice president. Right here. Check it out on my way.


Yeah, it'd be like me hiring you to fix my plumbing for half a mill. How do you do with copper wiring?


OK, that's a wrench, isn't it?


Yeah, I would like a wrench tonight so I can beat myself over the head with it just because I think that if I shot myself it would, it would be like it would. I need to suffer at least close to as much as I will having to watch the rest of this.


So if I just hit my head myself in the head with a wrench, it would be the equivalent.


This is the other thing. This is this is truly boring. I mean, you know, I do have some sympathy for the fact that they had to do it all in this online virtual way. But they are really dull. And, you know, the only thing that's interesting about them is recounting how corrupt they are. You know, the only thing that's interesting about watching Bill Clinton is thinking like that, the guy who stuck a cigar in a girl young enough to be his daughter.


Talk to us about what we should do for our nation.


And he's like, that would be ill advised if you want to keep it. What people know.


God, don't be putting on John Fuentes up in your hooch.


I think that's what ash pussy. I think it's a little bit. Oh, it's the following. Oh, I hate that this is America.


I like to think of it.


The equivalent would be like, I'm trying to think the equivalent would be like if I guess maybe like if Mondale were being, you know, the equal would be if Bill Clinton were interviewed. Let's even go there like salt and pepper. Right. And like people. Oh, he's going to do with the push it broadswords.


You know, they would be in our office. And that's because it's just so disgusting that these are the role models for young girls right now. Like if it were JFK, I'm trying to think they'd be cross like maybe be like Diana Ross or Aretha Franklin, like asking about relevance.


This guy, the only interview he's given. That's right. The only interview Joe Biden's given that I know only interview can't be Carney hit it because because somebody told him.


I'm sure this is why he did it. Somebody told him that young black people are looking at this guy and saying, are you kidding me?


The older black people are going, wait, if it wasn't him, it was going to be Bernie Sanders. Like there was nobody, nobody else except Bernie Sanders. That's it. That really had to make a choice.


Yeah. And killer killer Mike is out there endorsing Bernie Sanders. And the only reason that black people couldn't get on board with like. Yeah, yeah.


Me the cracker who just stole his money and he didn't do it that way. He's got to be mad.


The guy who didn't do that, he came up there like, oh, Bernie. That's all. Mike now, he was a good white boy, both the future president. What a bitch.


Leaned over and slapped this guy.


You shouldn't be doing this material. Absolutely be doing this material. That's wrong.


Let's see. Black Lives Matter. What is Fouche? He's a big fan of that. Final question. On a scale from one to ten, how do you rate the United States post office education?


What what? Why do you not listen? I have to say this first. My post lady is one of my favorite people. She is like the nicest person. And she white. She comes she white.


No, no, she she's like everyone sees a supremacist, but go ahead.


She is just the nicest human being. The place should be shut down. Why on earth do we have a witness. Tell me one thing that we do with the post office.


Nothing. It's catalogs. It's catalogs, catalogs. You can get bills, you can pay bills online. It's over. The post office is over that.


I don't know.


Hey, hey, listen, every time I do your show, they say to me, don't forget the plug, the Andrew Klavan Show on The Daily Wire. And I always forget because I'm too busy fighting with you, but. Well, maybe you should go plug it to your post, lady.


The Times, by the time you get that plug, it'll be what next will be coming in with a bunch of like, well, I don't want to piss off a good contingency of our audience.


It consists of coupons. So I don't want them to be we want to lose the coupon or audience.


Yeah, they just drop. They're not watching.


How else are they going to get their game at thirty two cents off? It's a deal. All right. So it is the Andrew Clavon show, of course, on the daily wire. You're there. Ben Shapiro is there. Michael Knowles is there. Yes. About them.


I just just put it down. Well, I just wanted to make sure that I paint the full picture in that it's a who's who of of exclusively white.


Exactly. That's a rule. I mean, you know, it's an old rule, but, you know, we were fond of it. You know, you're in Los Angeles.


Where could you find someone of color? All right. Thank you, Mr. Clayton. We appreciate it. All right. Bye. All right. Who do we got going on here? This guy.


Oh. Oh, Joe Biden's. We have to. No, no, no. He went and found random strangers who could speak better than to be we have any more value.


Guys, I can't find a house in the next five years, so hopefully we'll save.


They say, look, everybody talked about the middle class.


The fact is that why was he answering her and then talking? Yeah, look, he talked about the middle class, who she what he said.


And one generation next, the equity in a home, you know, middle class has been mistaken, has been one of the reasons why we're on this goal.


Realize how important that is to know we can bring up the band actually here. And you have the numbers. The middle class is doing better than ever in the history of the United States. They had the average income increase in the first few years of Dumptruck, I believe was about five thousand something dollars, as opposed to one thousand dollars under eight years of Barack Obama. Regg, the bandit, I think you have that number there. I don't have it in front of me.


I pretty much just have a schedule. It's something along those lines, correct? It wasn't like a five thousand dollar average salary increase in the first two years under Donald Trump compared to eight under Barack Obama. And they're also paying an average of six hundred dollars less in taxes. Yeah, I think that's about right.


All right. Matter of fact, he gets to the point, so I love about it. I'll I'll get you the overlayed in a second. But yeah, it's a it's an exponential increase compared to what you see under Obama and people like that. So, yeah.


And then we also have you know, wait a second you guys we have it's Indian Ezra Klein. Oh yeah. Look, come on. Yeah. Someone bring up Ezra Klein in masses. Our job is to speak to Indian Ezra Klein. He's got a spray tan or someone Ezra Klein.


So I don't get in trouble here. The truth. Bring up Ezra Klein to Sumati. Otherwise I'm going to be pissed because you're gonna leave me out and hang in here, get a bigger picture.


Indian Ezra Klein pulled up and then he's African-American. That is that it's hard to tell with Kamala Harris meeting. The criteria just kind of muddied the waters with your guess is as good as my.


Yeah, I no, he's definitely African-American. Really did not come on his not his name is Dr. Vivek Murthy.


A.B., would you like to revise your answer, sir? It's cousins.


Eddie Murphy I think is a nickname is Leroy. Yeah. I think there's tension in that household. There's a bit of jealousy. He quite didn't didn't live up to the standards of what he just showed up in a leather blue jumpsuit. What about to say there, Reg Unagi?


I was going to affirm that he is indeed. Indeed.


And that's what I love about it, is that Klein, can we can we not forget that Joe Biden in answering those questions literally earlier, you're just hearing a bunch of random people with no facts spouting things that they think might be the might be facts.


And then you've got Joe Biden going, uh, and not not answering them directly. Right. Someone asks a nonsensical question that really could be answered vaguely. And he's so uncomfortable on his feet that he's like, uh huh, I think earlier this man was saying that we're in a new revolution.


That guy's like, I didn't say anything about the accent. I heard someone someone here said maybe it was the fat guy screams Yeah.


We do have a chat that says my income has increased by twenty five percent since Trump took office. I have hope for real life for the first time. Good.


Well, that's anecdotal, but I'm glad to hear a G squared. Yeah. And then, uh, Garrett says he's making more money than he ever has to talk about your raises.


It makes the other employees a challenge for me, especially to keep managers getting 77 cents on the dollar.


And I'm not making money.


Lunch money doesn't grow on trees for women.


But you know what?


What, because of systemic feminazi?


No, because of systemic racism and misogyny, there's no way that there could be a Wisconsin senator. That's a woman. Oh, wait, look at CNN.


It's like the Liberty Bell child with a prayer.


Do we want to listen to Tammy Baldwin? No, listen, I got to take a leak, so let's let's go to a break. You know, what can we put in, though? Slightly. Yes.


But in the short break, we'll go to a short break and we'll come back with more of your chat and hopefully not in. Oh, next is Tammy Duckworth. All right. We'll play a game or something. We'll figure it out. You don't need to be watching Tammy's openly gay person.


I seen on the board, do you guys have black raffle coffee here?


No, I'm sorry, we only carry good small batch coffee here. Well, it is great small batch coffee. Well, that really can't be unless it's fresh roasted. So, you know, it is fresh roasted. Oh, thank you. Know what that means. You know what this is? This is Marcel Iqua pick, which of course in the Indonesian.


Right. Let me finish. And the Indonesian language, it's resort coffee just made that up.


You know, I've been passed their digestive tract.


That's disgusting. And then it's nature's wet process. Yeah.


There's a good metal. Right. Are the investor philanthropist. They support good causes. Yeah. Tons of causes, veterans causes and first responder causes. But it doesn't matter because they make good coffee. So that's what I'm. You have any you know what? Actually, I'm I'm just going to order it, then make get freshly roasted black rival coffee.


It's good. So I've decided to hijack the show because everyone else has a tiny, tiny woman like baby, like bladder, except for everyone here to humanity or black audio weight, huge bladder. So we've got coming up Steph Curry, who is funny about this is they've been showing Steph Curry face since the very beginning because they want to keep people interested.


And every time they have a break, they're like, it's oh, sorry, Stephen. Sorry, I was. Oh, oh, you get to go. OK, so here's our take Joe Lewis place.


Hold it. Hold it. Good boy. Sit for a second.


There you go. You'll be my coach for a little bit. Joe Louis, thank you.


So the Hodge twins, for the first time in their adult life, decided to go to the bathroom.


Joe Lewis, your microphone here. Let's move back. Jay decided to just move. They decided to go.


They usually pee together, holding hands and then and then taking off and said, well, Stephen, why want you go outside? And I went outside and it's the gymnastics class from next door. There'd be stretches. So I would have been like a registered sex offender next to the cute sees.


No, my bladder is about to explode. All right. Let's see what Joe Biden has to say.


You can not let that happen. What he has to say eight months ago, are they allowed to be allowed to broadcast?


This is live. Are they allowed to label it live? Right.


Yeah, that's kind of rough. There's got to be so many different inputs. You know, you're a better you're a better coach than those two twins of color who just take they're both taking dictation. And it's a white don't even have more. You have more power than just another white dog taken over.


By the way, know this is the bully lean that we talk about where he leans on you and gives you your seats. Been taken, bitch.


Oh, wow. All right, Bill, can you handle it for just a couple of minutes? I go to the bathroom. I heard you can say that, right. Come on. Come. All right. There we go.


We got the seats back. And I do have a tweet it out here. Bill, we have a tweet for you here. It says, I love that Bill Richman dressed as short round from Temple of Doom. Was that your intention?


Is spot on? Well, I'm not going to lie. When I was a shorter boy, I was sure. I know. Yes, that is exactly it. OK, so, look, I got I got to I got to go with these.


Right. If I'm not recognize this, you're around in public. It's because I'm Kim Jong un.


And so you just got to you got to go with what God gave you either. So how long can we see what's on CNN right now? Look at this. They are celebrating veterans of America, but never has a party been so consistently against the military and what they stand for.


I mean, we've got amazing people in this country who have been a part of serving and spreading democracy.


And yet here they are saying, oh, we want to celebrate our veterans, we want to celebrate our military. And they're doing anything.


But they're doing this whole time is trotting out people and saying, oh, this is a people we support. This is his faith, his faith. It's like, yeah, anything he actually stands for.


They want to play videos of people protesting the war and people at the same in the war at the same time and say these are represented by both of these people.


Right. So you see what they just said. This election is bigger than politics. I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry. What have we been watching every night? Unfortunately, we've been watching the same thing. Yeah, I think it literally actually is politics.


Oh, my gosh. I hurt my back, by the way. Looking terrible. No, no, I hurt my back.


Moving this guy around. We we have a video come out. What did you do?


And I just heard like a little snap, mash it up, make snap mash. Where are you guys talking about what I miss?


Well, we were talking about the political use of veterans to try and convince America that the DNC is actually holding some veterans, some guy like himself on a skateboard without legs.


And, you know, they just plopped him there and then made fun of him. Oh, yeah.


They said, how could you support these Republican wars, you fucking piece of shit. This is an in-person event.


We're like, well, you won't put on an 80s jacket, but he'll bring this potty mouth. Yes. Yes, I will.


Because you well, there were shoulder pads, but he'll bring his his street lingo. No, no, I'm standing on the shoulder pad so I could be a little taller.


You are standing on the shoulder pads of lesser half Asians. I'm glad you grabbed the honors.


Good Tiger Woods, man.


We have do we have from Red's the Bandit. Do we have those sources on the middle class stuff? I know that. I was. Yeah.


What was it. Yeah, we do have an overlay. There we go. OK, yeah. Yeah.


So so Trump outperformed both Bush and Obama. So you had eight years under George Bush, then about a thousand under Obama and then under Trump in a very short period of time. You had five thousand increase in income. So I was right.


I said a thousand eight years under Obama, 5000 under Trump. You know, I should trust myself more. You two did this to you should you did this to me, you two. You made me doubt myself by browbeating me for a year and a half.


You need a motivational poster half Asian bill getting uncomfortable because they don't try to cover versions of.


Nope, I'm just thinking about all the work I get to do. Oh, believe me, I'll make sure you have it cut out for you. Who is this? Right. This is another. Let's see. Let's Jubayl. Oh, Jill, I couldn't tell. What's the clown makeup? Oh, hey, hey.


You didn't see it, but my eye naturally goes to the fine print. So right before they zoomed in at the bottom, it said use of DOD footage does not should not constitute or does not constitute an endorsement of military activity.


So, guys, don't worry, they're literally crossing their fingers behind their back foot in the front because they want our military to engage in activity that is of them.


We would hate for them to be endorsed to think we're behind them.


Look, they bring out Steph Curry like, just so you know, hash tag, not all basketball players. OK, hashtag, we just we don't endorse the NBA.


Right. Just so you and you guys aren't big fans of LeBron.


You just did a video just to be a big fan of LeBron. But what really came out? Political statement. This guy's a moron.


What made you what made you what made you think he's a moron? Just that that didn't even work as far as just all the hypocrisy comes out of my borough president, he talks down to him.


It's like they win the series, didn't want to go to the White House. I'm like, man, to stop being a kid, grow up, be a man. Well, Joe Biden can teach him a lesson or two in that.


Yeah. Teach a real rapist. You said, man, I stand corrected. He can't do that. No, no. He's still in remedial manhood. Hey, hey, hey.


We're calling we're calling Biden the Benjamin Button. Mentally, he's just got to do.


That's everyone know everyone at Benjamin Button. Not now, not running for president. That's true. For one thing, that's a fine distinction we have to draw here because Donald Trump went into office looking so weird, like you can't really you can't tell the age.


You know, it's not like he's always been a blonde already for a decade or so. Oh, thank you. I don't just see George.


It's like a cross is a good sport. Oh, wow. Well, my aunt has a picture with his face on it, but that was a picture.


I'm not going to get a picture with the face of Rod Stewart.


Oh, ladies love him. Horrible. Hey, you know, she has a face.


Her face is up here. People, while gratuitous lost leg shot.


Yeah, that's just a leg. And her interview with the Basic Instinct shot with Sharon Stone.


She's just the no. Oh, this is that car to be like you got to wash your Mattos match.


Look, she's got to keep Dacian lubricated like that.


Make you stupid.


Pirker Commander. Truth I can. While away the hours went my mouth. Joe Biden. Yeah. I want you to remember when you think thinking Joe Biden. Thanks, Coach. When you jump in and take up that smoke, it's like, come on, I'm taking everything off the screen.


So they get get that all done. It's take just Tammy Duckworth is a fan of it. She knows what I'm talking about with her stupid shark necklace. Oh, thank you very much, Rod Stewart.


I appreciate, you know, when you when you think about Tammy Duckworth, this is the thing you've got to think. Look at look at her look at her bio down there in the lower spin caulked, you've got just disintegrated a veteran Purple Heart recipient, former assistant secretary of veteran affairs.


And yet in her fourth year in the Senate, Illinois still one of the most corrupt, terrible, awful states. Great in the entire union. You can't even be an amazing veteran who was injured in war who is an amazing things in war and logistics.


You can't get Illinois right. And not only that, like the funny thing is, nobody cares here at this. Like, that's where they start with everything you have listed. They're like, yeah, yeah. Can we show the mechanical leg? Yeah. Just tilt the camera back down, please. We have like do it like a glycerin bottle.


We can stand there again. Yeah. Look, it's just a bunch of check boxes.


Hey, did we check this box for you, Gray? We urge your vote, right. And say I heard one of the founders, VTE, the founder BTE, talking about how when he was asked the party to go to the Democratic Convention and said, hey, we want you guys to advertise on bet, they go, why have you got so legit?


Legit they did that.


That's how taking for granted the minority vote is because they're trotting people out, but they're not even talking about the ideals, the values.


You know, I know we're going to get in the comments. We'll let them talk. What are they talking about, guys? We already know what they're talking about. And it's nothing. There's nothing.


There's a surface level, guys. We got it. Got to change the system because this white guy, he's better than the other white guy. But we hate what also white guys are bad and can't be generalized right now.


Like I like the Terminator bitch machine had the Terminator who could actually change shape. She's not the one who's like, I'll be back bombarding you deckchair just Cardi B she is, isn't there. Got to be there's got to be an artist out there.


If he was going for like a black female who. Just isn't awful. You know what it's like, it's like, is it Nicki Minaj, class act, Nicki Minaj?


She makes Nicki Minaj like she's going to run for president. Yeah, I mean, she's totally classy compared to a Khateeb to who else do we have to make, you know?


I mean, Beyonce, I mean, she's from Texas and other singers from Destiny's Child. They're all there. They know Beyonce. They buried them. Oh, yeah, I know that because there are more attractive than her.


I mean, I don't know.


There was there was a child who I thought was. I don't know. I don't know what's going on. I don't know. I stopped following them when they rhymed down like that was down like that 19 times. Hey, Charlie's Angels song.


Can we do a quick count? I'm just curious. Maybe we can do this because I'm curious how many images that are going to show of Bo, the good son versus Hunter, the promiscuous child having widow dating son.


Yeah, yeah. Which one of those? Nobody cares about this one. All right, let's let's see, let's see what, what does this one. It's just this is nothing but free rolls tonight. Yeah. Yeah. It's not clips. Yeah. It's still says live on there.


It's like Dave Chappelle are Key and Peele tossing to sketches families who are freer because of him.


Some folks may never know that their lives are better because of Beau Biden, but that's OK. There it is right there at the bottom. Again, use of DOD footage not to support a public service. If you knew Beau, you knew he lived by the strict.


So they're going with Beau Nalgae Jackson service here. He can play two sports at once. You never had to ask if you could do something the right way.


He didn't know any other way. He just ended up didn't know he took his baldor back.


Then he followed her back. Yeah, he is just about to believe it.


He grew hair. This entire field was cleared for him to run for the Senate. He chose to finish his job as AG instead. After 9/11, he joined the National Guard. He felt it was his obligation. He did his duty to his country, deployed to Iraq. Beau Biden served his country in battle. He prosecuted his full name wasn't Beau Beau Biden. You know, his full name, Beau wasn't Sharper's. I don't know any other names, but they know.


I'm going to ask you something. I have no idea. I don't care. I have something to ask of you. Hey, when we get in a montage for Hunter, my dad. Yeah.


I want to see the black sheep of the family, but he's one rich black sheep and he's got that on us.


Oh, it's Bo spelled like French. Like Bo means like. Yeah. Handsome.


Yeah. OK, I had no idea I was going but Bo Jackson southern thing.


So he o is Bo Jackson. What was that short for people who called me. Nothing. Bo is different from Bo Bo. They are different. It just be out there. Just be. Oh well that's silly.


I have no idea what this president has made me cry to but it's never had anything to do with his or Bill Clinton.


Got you for my empathy. That's a term you can feel it. He's my president. You know, that's just that that's the sniff shot. That's the that's the vortex velocity of his nasal cavity. Suction.


God, I'm going to go walk Sonfield again. It's Paynton. God, man, she looks good.


The thing about she always look great. But yesterday was batshit crazy liberal.


She didn't know they got an actress, guys. They're just paying her. She's like, this is a gig of it. You got to take what you can get.


Just make sure you put first actress and convention moderate.


Oh, look, it's Pete, but gig. Let's see what he has to say. What what me worry.


Is it a wedding reception of service in office. In a bar. I see. I see. He remembered his hair in a can tonight he. Let's bring up that picture of him when he was doing like a Skype call on CNN or something. And he was clearly born into a country behaving like you ever see those late night commercials where your wife will never know you manage to spray paint.


That's what he uses. Look at the space between his nose and his lip.


He could grow one hell of a mustache, but no, if he has a space to grow a mustache. Yeah, there's a lot of obviously, there must be some thick stash. He did it there. It's there. It's right there. There's all these guys trying to push it out this hormonally. He didn't he can't grow a dead. I mean, he has the real estate. Yeah. He could probably grow one. Miggy Mustique.


Oh yeah, we do. We have the overlay of him. We're getting it pulled up. All right. We're going to pull up the overlay of that. By the way, I know this isn't a debate night. This is a non-event. In case you are trying to go, why aren't you showing more of it? They've said zero. Yeah, this is a fact check. Nothing, is it?


Oh, that's what it looks like.


It looks like like pee. But Gig was seated in the paddling chair and dark crystal new, but gig sucked out Hafizullah.


Did you get a heart transplant?


We also have Biden's hair plugs. Oh. Do we have a good image of that. Look at that. Yeah. Looks like an artificial Christmas tree.


I don't knock those artificial Christmas trees. I like artificial Christmas trees up. Take them off their head. All right. Let's hear what you have to say in front of his little solar powered night lights.


Imagine what we could achieve. This coalition we are building this very season gathering progressives and moderates, independents and even what I like to call future former Republicans. You're Christ.


He lost he lost their own viewers and moderates here. When Republicans join the Democrats, the modern Democrats could be out of work.


Folks want a free hand? No, they're too classy to do that.


I don't know. Struggle to call out what is good.


We have here. We have. Oh, yeah, the ratings dropped and I think we have the overlays here. The ratings are down forty eight percent from twenty sixteen oh oh.


Well I wonder why. And then what's funny though is that if we bring up the CNN tried to claim it was only twenty six percent.


And the reason is because they say, well if you add all the cable then then it's actually twenty six percent if you're comparing it to only the networks from before. No, no. Compare the networks to networks. Right. Which is what matters because those same stats, it's a forty eight percent drop from twenty sixteen.


You must have place we're going to pull up and I mean your peak is just as it is Clinton did you guys.


I didn't realize this in Breg. Maybe you could fact check it, but my understanding is that the first night of the conventions you're twenty five percent less viewers than in twenty sixteen.


No, no, no. It's forty eight percent. Forty eight percent lower.


He wasn't listening to me at all just thirty seconds ago. No you said earlier. No, it's forty eight percent. That one's wrong. That's the second night convention.


The first night they're down forty eight percent total from. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. The first night when they didn't know how bad it was going to be.


So the number you're citing, that's CNN, that's the number. If you add all the cable networks, the cable news network. And the problem is that's not usually the metric because those networks are always running whatever it is political.


All I hear is you're admitting I'm right. No, I really haven't written right here, I said CNN tries to claim it's only twenty six percent and then my lawyer, who's supposed to be on my side, said, that is right. He's a Stelter fan.


No, I don't need it. Well, let's see. Turtles Club, Klobuchar people look at the turtle books. You think. Don't you laugh because I got a question for you. Like why does he's like you. Just like me. But what bothers you? And that's the obvious.


Where is. Oh, hey, by the way, would you imagine the shock they would all be if he said to a woman like because he because he's smarter than you, they'd be like, oh, look, if every man is smarter than a woman in a mushroom cut.


And I actually do think you're probably smarter than all. I'm not going to lie.


So we do have the CNN overlay. It looks like the first night of the twenty twenty was down twenty five percent.


No, but again, they're using the number, adding up all cable. That's what matters is you need to compare ABC, NBC, CBS to ABC, NBC, CBS. They're trying to compare specifically ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and that's the point is like every other objective, I don't want to say objective, but most news outlets and using a consistent comparison, I was down forty eight percent and they're trying to do the cable comparison polling.


I want to hear what Klobuchar has to say because she's a cutup, his kindness for calling me and being a mentor. But it also goes to how much he cares about our government and what a lot of people talking about, and that even when he's seen this piece watching really his speech.


Yeah, yeah. Maybe we all want to know, did your mother watch the speech thing?


Oh, yes. That's what everyone wants to know about the potential leader of the free world.


Everyone wants to know because your mother made good impression and we it we see talk to hate each other.


Yes, it is. They just pretend. No, no. I think that's pretty much that's probably likely at all of politics. And I mean that all of them hate Corey Booker.


Did you see his fake laugh face like we're friends, like he was losing his virginity.


You know, that that happened a long time ago.


You know, these guys read a newspaper sheet, paleface, and that's the guy is going to be the guns are Beto O'Rourke, who. Yeah. Good luck with that. After you've just had the John Brown Socialist Gun Club, you have more liberals buying guns than ever before because they're afraid of their own looters and rioters and for some reason, white supremacists. And then you have more first time gun buyers than ever. And what happened? Did she did she get her hair cut by that vacuum suction haircutter in Wayne's World?


What happened was that right now she can give me the legend of Zelda linked to the past sideburn action going on here. It's like everyone here is deliberately had a crappy haircut. Yeah. Just because they want anyone to know that they can't go to a barber, they're going to take covid seriously. I think Blake has got the best haircut.


Yeah, I do appreciate most of them aren't even pretending to act like they're interested in being here. Like you look at their faces, they're like this over, especially Klobuchar.


She's like, really guys really?


Well, yeah, really, guys.


And you know what's worse than being on a Zoome call watching someone else's zoom car? Why are we watching twenty zoom calls in one night?


This is horrible. It's like June after this Bill Clinton will jerk off on Sky. He's better.


Or just like in a local library. He's like, guys, I need this is this this click now with it.


Role playing for his only fans account is like I always stop by and endorse this. You know, if I endorse this guy in the car, call is going to make me guns. Ah, I don't know. Buttoned up and Syrian buttons have a short ride off on a skateboard.


It's radical faith in this country.




He's got his Grauwe calculator's like look I spelled boobs anyway dorce Joe Biden because he's what you got but he's so handsome and their urgency in the campaign that they're running and the administration that they're going to lead. And I have to think some people say they don't know if they're going, oh this is a pretty dumb call.


Yeah. Yeah. Did you hear me say this is a pretty good call when you say that not only can I not be trusted on the margins, they can't trust people just endorsing Biden on a call. Did you see that? Got it. Yeah, it was bad.


I mean, look, they're each one of them has got a little vomit, can even try to hide it.


It's like 3:00 in the afternoon.


No, I'm I'm in I'm in Brazil. It's the same time zone. You're just going down south.


Oh, I'm in Dunnam and Donna Brazil. The USSR.


Well, OK, we buy it. All right, Bernie, you're off the hook. Don't think that this country go one for the bone marrow.


And all of us, whether you're progressive, whether you're moderates, whether you're moderates.


By the way, speaking of moderates, you would think that go ahead.


That ain't nobody in the Democratic Party a moderate anymore. Do you know that that Biden's lead over Trump dropped by two points after he announced come out here? Well, I don't think he's going to begin with, but the fact that even the fake polls have him drop hey, look, it's the guy you've been Slurpee just again, want to pat down a bunch of black people before the Democrats. Oh, he did. Yes, he did. And he was actually a Democrat.


It's the guy who shows three hundred million, not enough people about people. And the two people running for president couldn't be more different. One believes in slick mouth.


One does not. One listens to experts. The other thinks he knows everything.


Are they talking about Carmello?


Or if they show America's diversity, the other looks backwards and sees immigrants as you just read a montage of fire hoses and German shepherds and MLK.


And you said that Donald Trump looks backwards. No, Donald, I guess you could in a manner of speaking, he looks backwards to January or February when black unemployment was at an all time low in this country. It's time to do exactly that. A little bit of a glance in your rearview mirror. Careful, shitty mayors may be larger than they appear. It is unreal to me that they're talking about ones. Looking back, all Joe Biden has done has run on the platform of racial division and hatred.


And by the way, he was the guy sowing those seeds back then.


So. So look at this. Look at this thing at the bottom here, worth fifty five billion per Forbes. These are the things you're going to put on here, right? Tammy Duckworth, you got talking about her veterans history, her Purple Heart. You got this guy. Hey, I just want to make sure at the end of this, I want to remind everyone that this guy was running for the Democratic presidential ticket and he still Horden.


Fifty five billion dollars. But don't worry, he's going to give everyone else is billions away, especially you middle class.


Give it all away. Just trust him. The same party that wants to get money out of politics. Yeah, right. Let me hear what he has to say this way.


Before I ran for mayor, I spent 20 years running a business. I started from scratch. So I want to ask small business owners and their employees to shut down indefinitely. And it's a question for everyone. Would you rehire or work for someone who ran your business into the ground and who always does what's keeping him or her?


He is he is quite literally describing. The only thing we know about Joe Biden's policy is that you should have a never ending shutdown. Would you vote again for the guy who shut your business down and ran it into the crowd who is just there making the case for President Donald Trump? They are so tone deaf person. They they just you could not reach out to an audience that would hate you more than small business owners, right?


Yeah. To all of you from New York City, 14000, 14000 empty apartments in New York City. Fourteen thousand billionaires on the list, let alone Manhattan. They left because you've screwed them. The only thing they left were some plywood boards up on their business and some wire that was too small for a mouth. I cannot believe it. This guy just called out the small business owner saying, would you rehire Donald Trump? Call out to anyone, like call out to the Honduran caravan, call out to B's Instagram followers.


Don't try and call call small business owners to the floor. Bloomberg Wait.


So I guess what he's saying is if you want to hire a business owner, hire the guy who's a career politician, who's made less money as a private job, then I'm sure Baron Trump's lemonade stand, he was nine who would force all businesses to shut down indefinitely except for the businesses that he would force at gunpoint to double the testing somehow.


Are they actively trying to lose? Like, that's what I'm all I'm seeing is that they're actively trying to lose. Yeah.


You know what? I wonder that I'm not too conspiratorial guy, but it is is that's what it is. Joe Biden pulling and Jake LaMotta at this point.


Jesus Christ.


Oh, let me hear what he has to say. But in the last three and a half years, he hasn't done anything. What a joke.


That was some acting. What a joke. It's like you get John Stossel. Give me a break. That's patented.


Yeah, it gets. What a joke. What a what a what a palooka. Was that good. What. You do it again.


What a joke. What a joke. Guys, give me some aside. This what a joke. Right. Fellow small business owners and Negroes trying to tell the difference between me and a way. What a joke. I don't know. I mean, they don't give you a pass at oh man, I will stay away from the word Negro far away. I didn't say it was quoting him.


Yeah. Yeah. See, it's character, work character.


I told that my mom says Negroes. Right. She said it for a long time when she moved you because she's French. Yeah. And she was trying to say though, less offensive. So it's even worse when she's foreign because like, you know, they assume she's like Eastern promises. Russian mafia.


Right. Right. Look, there's a bunch of Negroes, you know, she didn't say that. All of them. No, they're Negroes. Now, she did say, though, she's like Denzel Washington, you know, for me, like he's people like that's the thing. It doesn't matter if white or Negro is very good looking guy. You're like, oh, my God, Mom, stop that. Please stop being what you are.


Bring integrity and stability, sanity and confidence back. Just good enough confidence. These like this. I feel like we're watching a hostage video with every single one of us.


They've got their hands tied.


Look at the camera this year. The judge wasn't judge judge, not Judge Reinhold judge.


Now, the Breakfast Club, he's like and he's expecting like he's expecting him to start playing. Yeah. Don't you feel good about. That's Joe. Don't literally go. No, forget about it.


I'd like a cabinet position so anyone could do it. I want to ensure I don't know anything Bloomberg can earlier this year. And I bet that was really funny. But I don't like the subtle messaging where they show all blue states.


Yeah, it's a fantasy. It'll never happen. Wow.


My name is Paradiddle Harrington and I'm 13 years old and my dream was going to be brainwashed.


He just looked off camera and the guy with a gun that he please don't beat me. Don't you miss the boy chosen though?


There. I'll sniff you, kid.


Just as black adoptive mother snapping a belt with the stutter. Oh, really? He's got a stutter.


Became more of a price per person. Per person.


What the going on and on his time. It's just so. Yeah, it's amazing. And people are going to say it's mean that we're. It is so mean to parade a kid out because it's like they said, oh, we need some, we don't have enough prerecorded zoom calls. Bernie really screwed the pooch by by broadcasting it from his summer beach tour so we could see the afternoon. Can we go grab some more endorsements from the Make a Wish Foundation man?


What the hell is going on? I'm Braiden not being used. Yeah, no, no, no.


Guys, there's a very strategic watch his blinks. I think. Second, Reg, the banditti can please inform me what's I want to hurt myself.


So there's a pretty specific reason they're having a kid with a stutter on. They're saying the talking point for Biden with his gaffes and his chronic misspeaking from the Democratic Party is that he has a stutter that it just developed.


I just sent you a Newsweek piece that is is giving apology, saying, oh, it's because Biden has a stutter. CNN ran a puff piece saying Biden opens up about stuttering and offers advice to young people who stutter. And so that's that's the talking point that you never heard in past elections. Everyone just laughed and said, oh, yeah, Joe Biden, he's always making gaffes, whatever. But as it's gotten worse and worse now, it's like, no, no, no, he has a disability.


So Jack and Rooster and you can't make fun of that started this year.


I've never I've never I've never heard of a stutter causing you to make up places that don't exist. No White House meetings with people you've never seen in person.


There are amazing and incredible people who have stutters, who make it through, but they don't have these kinds of gaffes. You can't go through like John has a stutter.


Right. And he had his you station to dress like the kid from like the kid. And it's a wonderful life from that damn pharmacist by that wrestler guy. And he still made a go of it.


I mean, look what that kid's not forgetting where he is. I mean, he knows exactly right. And woman on a studio inside of another prison being told to say these things.


I mean, oh, my gosh. That just like I feel so bad. Is it not so transparent? All they're talking about is our strength, is our diversity. Here's a lady with a bionic leg. Hey, look, here's someone with progeria kid. Turn up your stutter, excluding the kid with a stutter. Yeah.


And are we supposed to think that Donald Trump is like beating disabled kids? Like, it was like, oh, no, Joe Biden is pro disabled kid. Yeah.


And by the way, keep in mind that this is the party who said that Sarah. Right. They should have aborted the baby with a disability and also mocked. Right party.


Yeah, same party. The same party who actually support eugenics. Right. They believe that abortion that abortion should be an option if not only do they believe there should be an option if your baby has a defects, but they believe in sex selective abortion like China. Sorry, Bill, this is his grandiose.


These are the granddaughters that Briar's that have half chocolate happiness. Oh, my God.


Like, I'm still sitting here talking about what ice cream he likes that he drools down his baby. I told you not to get the Hoggins guy give money to those Mexicans. I only want bladder's. It's just the Kroger when. Oh, shit myself again. Oh, damn it, Steven, what's wrong with your.


Impression is that he's feeding himself. Yeah, that's that's right. You're still going to go to great grandkids, though. Good looking family is he'd be like, OK, guys, don't worry. A vote for Biden is a vote for more white people.


So that's the DNC motto legacy. Keep it up, guys. We're in favor of minorities except for president. I wonder how Joe Biden would treat them at the Thanksgiving table if they started just reciting Khateeb. We're all right.


Who are you? Are you kidding me? Hey, Grandpa, pass the potatoes.


My grandpa said that's not what we do. It's like a credit card. You're disgusting.


You're disgusting.


So shame this that what we do here, family, we only do that for votes. Well, we'll talk later.


By the way, how much do you want to bet that that kid knew who's going to be on national television? So he worked really hard to clean up his stutter, showed up, went to the run through the like. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


When we First Wonderstone go back to that, they definitely use the worst take because they're using force. When he was like, yeah, it's great having him retake it until he got tired like here had have a little whiskey helps loosen the nerves. Good.


Whisky's good. How's that stutter doing.


Gosh. So manipulative. Aren't going to take. Is it still.


Is it still is your stutter. Is it still OK enough to make an endorsement. But bad enough that we can't tell action. He should at least he's an adult then. Why. He's an adult with a stutter. Yeah.


Guys, I appreciate though that all the photos I've seen of Joe Biden tonight, the ones that they've selected, he has no mustard or ketchup stains, which is a big, big improvement.


I mean, that's because that's because they actually just cover him in cellophane like Greek families with their furniture.


Oh, hey, what happened to my Briar's?


Hey, what do African-Americans talking about? I look at stuff. They look like me. You're looking at a good looking family, though.


How are those ten year olds voting male?


I would go, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He's got voting for this one because the social and I'm going to get that robo drink. Drink the hell are they talking about the high 20s beers because they're teetotallers. Need more beers.


OK, you need to know. Do you know where the kids are trying to escape guys.


Is it just me or just husband, wife like brother and sister. Do you know what.


The president's job is I don't think it is the president's job. I'm asking for a friend.


Please tell me Joe asked me to ask this, that, Joe, if you could create the ideal person to lead this country while characteristic I know we're going to say ask a kid that very kind personality or would you like to see taken care of?


How do you feel about the man sniffing your scalp? Let's ask a child, what are we doing?


It is 20, 20 and the election is coming up. They wouldn't let Joe Biden alone. I guarantee they would not let Joe Biden along with those because they know exactly how that would go. But hey, well, look at you. Come back from a cruise now. How my hair is. Oh, what my daughter did one time on that cruise.


Oh, vice president looks like he's under duress. Yeah. Yeah. Why, yes. For Hoj twin. Oh yeah. Oh, oh oh. All right.


Once before the beer I think we're going to do a truth according to Spumante segment because apparently I got to warn you, when I get back go it's going to turn to a hot mike. Just careful you get ready to turn it off. You guys can say some words that the quarterback can kind of get away with. Yeah, we put in their mugs there because we don't want to be sued by the bar mug.


No, get juiced. I need some new mugs. Yeah. You even check their mug for juice. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


That's going to be a real go horribly wrong Jameson in there.


She's a real she's really pretty though. Steph Curry. So I mean, Steph Curry is a really good looking guy. And you know what? They seem pretty sharp, but just it's just a shame to see them effectively being caught out on this to the highest bidder right now. Because you know what? Guess what? The reason this is this is something that I actually think would connect with most Americans is because it goes against everything. The Democratic Party stands for family, husband and wife raising children, but not, you know, the gender roles.


Here's the big question. Yeah. How much of your time and energy are you willing to devote to elect Joe Biden?


Not because it's going to take a lot of money. It's this evening when you put a gun to me and I'm still the mail in voting times. And right now. Yeah, yeah, right. That's what you do it right. This year, we're going to elect a president who's honest, experienced and intelligent a president. Well, one out of three ain't bad experience, that's for sure. Normalcy. Wow.


Did she just call Trump stupid and. Oh no. What are we going to do?


One of my favorite things, Joe Biden has to read prompter, read prompter. She's also blinking. So your commitment to family. So who better to introduce our nominee, Joe Biden, than his children?


Someone qualified for Turbo to bring about Ashley like a TV host. Joe Biden is our dad. How long you going to be talking for? Is going to go on for way longer. What kind of president are. Oh, we've only been on for two hours.


Tom Hunter and honest Karen, forget how honest he look like he was wincing when he said honest, even when you don't want to. Yeah.


They never let you down this lift and not even move the shots because he threw open his mouth a little bit ever leaner. He'll beam with pride every time you succeed, he'll make your grandkids feel that what they've got to say matters.


He'll treat them with respect to who you are. He'll get up no matter how many times he's been knocked down.


He'll be the because he used his life alertly ever. So could be the best friend you ever had. He'll love you with all of his time.


He'll be the first man in the White House to put it in a reverse mortgage because he zellick is so convincing lives these people, will he will he raise America like he raised Hunter.


But I see so sematic.


Just get off my back. I'm out of breath. Put it right around front here. His strong suit, just like he's lost his daughter like it was yesterday. Careful.


And she is sometimes smoking. She is. She's a good looking lady. And if he was here, we're pretty sure we'd know what he'd say.


So before he wanted to give it a big whoop, whoop, whoop.


It's both public and private. He's the father now. They cut you with something that was in front of a live audience at some point because they wanted to seem like, you know, people care. My father, my hero, Joe Biden, he couldn't sell out the back room at Michael. But the craft store owner cut to like, oh, oh, my gosh, put the black people in and got lots of different bits of black out there.


What did you miss? What in this montage?


There were just a slow mo of to just before the end, which, by the way, if you think I'm being vulgar, people who don't know, that's the that's the person who chose to give the scoop to the number one song in the world. Exclusive, distant number one song in the world, top one hundred one.


Oh, my girls reading it. Well, kids drive the music industry story and they're all done. Yeah. Yeah. Kids apparently it's very different from my childhood that we were showing the creepy crawlers and stretch Armstrong and those arms like the statement off the wall. You throwing. I thought I was naughty because like I listen to that song Naked on the Spice Girls B side of the cassette. Oh, my gosh.


Girls are singing about being naked, snatched. And then on the album cover, you could see they're like midriff.


You can see them. Yeah, you can see the midriff closure. There's like salt and pepper. That was too much for they push, push, push it real good.


Now it's just like, you know, like. So when I came out. Oh no, that's not even an exaggeration making it up. There's an Instagram but I can't even show an Instagram video. We're obsessed with this song. Don't make us bring up the lyrics on.


This is she has like two hundred million followers. That's why you reach out to her. And then she's like, yeah, when you click again for people, if your kids are there, I'm sorry, this is what's actually. But you know what? They've already heard the song said, yeah, when you clean your ass, how you got to go in. But I just came out of the boiler room. Look at my Pan's Labyrinth. I cut my ass out.


You got to be careful not to cut. And she's talking about that.


I know she has problems wiping her ass.


The damn nail she got here. Got to treat you, asshole. Right now, you in church, family, constructional and family, though Democrats hated it.


Yeah. There you see there. Why don't you come back last month? Yeah. They only hate it when it's cleaning boilers.


But if that's true, then they lose a voting base. Right. The second floor dad went up to Joey in our bedroom and saying, Joey, you got a B, why do I care for the first time footrest the heavy burden on A. And it was a lesson he would never forget. The job is a lot more than a paycheck. It's about dignity. Any country, even while you fuck it up to Joe Biden, was handled the task.


Joe, thanks to what it looks like so like don't talk to me like a black man listening, willingness to make adjustments in accommodations to bring people on board when the law finally passed, his contemporaries like.


So when is he supposed to actually speak? Because we have this whole segment with. Every day, I think I think they're just going to be like, oh, we ran out of time, ran out of time. One on one. He gave all of them his. Hello, Joe Biden. We've only done one one minute commercial break. We have, like all these commercial breaks. They've always get them in, get them in. You're supposed to be speaking now.


The Biden is at your disposal right now. Maybe we can people let's wait for Biden and see what happens. And then, you know what? If he's so bad, then you guys can vote, vote, send. And we'll have to keep bring up the the votes in the chat who are watching at the blaze. If you want a truth, according to smooth segment or to hear Biden finish his speech and our commentary.




In the last that child become an object of ridicule when his teacher mimicked him and Joe went home from school, his mother and the really poor dragging this out.


Are they going to try and create a whole back story with a stutter? Now, this is going to try and do this with the back. When he was a kid, he had a stutter, which is really inappropriate to mock him about that. You saw that kid in a pink shirt with the whale logo, right? He started to do mock one stutter. And Joe Biden, your mark is not kid who stutter. Some letters are harder than others.


Yeah. They just had to explain his behavior in front of the mirror, making people practice. She makes me look her in the eye, look at me, remember, Joey, you're the smartest boy in that class. She loved you, Joe. Sorry, Joey. Let me finish with stuttering. Yeah, there it is. There it is. They're doing it. It's just a new thing. Have they ever talked about. Yeah, we got a little we got never looked at it.


I've never heard about this before. And by the way, I'm still yeah. I still have yet to hear him stutter at all.


I hear him I hear him say functionally retarded thing, but it's a pool full of black kids because Joe Biden didn't want them to swim against that shit, don't you think? Yeah. If you look closely at that, there's. If you look closely, it's Biden with a thing. A Clorox.


Jesus Christ. I quit the law firm asked for a job to become a public defender. This is a bio pic.


I don't believe. Black man, did he get locked up? Oh, what is a public defender?


Well, yeah, just by being shitty. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's funny. I was like I wanted to leave my law firm where there's accountability, incentives and private enterprise. Yeah. And I wanted to suckle at the government teat where it doesn't really matter if I have an entirely losing record. Oh, there it is.


First down one home. So screw it up to be a public defender.


Let's see if any of these archive footage and videos, if there's him. STUTTERING I've never seen him stutter.


Real answer there, man. Go ahead. Yeah, I ran the Google Trends on this so you can see that it literally was just a couple of months ago that that it became a thing.


The stuttering this guy was the vice president to you. He ran for president, what, four times, turned on a guy whose campaign was was riddled with scandal back in the eighties, then was forced to shut down. And it never came up that he had a stutter until he walked out like he drank a bucket of salt water and did an interview with Cardi B and couldn't find his way. It's like, really, this is what they're doing at the stutter.


This is all it is. It's you know what? This is what happens when you don't really have you have an old white guy who really when your whole campaign. Right. Your whole strategy, the DNC has been victimhood has been victim status. Right. You you have a victim card. All right. OK, we got a black look when Kamala Harris, she first won her seat, you know, at first black, first India, not like our first black VP.


They go on to be a gay guy. All right. Cory Booker, gay guy. And then they go with that with Joe Biden. What do we got? I don't know. I don't know. Even like a stutter. They need something. They can shield them from criticism. No, we don't dislike you because of your stutter. We dislike you because you were part of an administration that saw the middle class shrink barely outpaced inflation, that you supported segregation.


You say a bunch of racist, stupid crap. And we know that the rest of the world would be laughing at us. And I know you say that about Donald Trump, but the truth is Donald Trump is at least the kind of crazy that keeps people on their toes. But the kind of guy you don't really want to sell me because you don't never going to wake up the next morning. That's what Donald Trump is. He keeps people honest.


Joe Biden would expose us to vulnerabilities that haven't even imagined yet. He can't take care. He can't take a debate with Donald Trump. We're supposed to believe that he's going to stare down. Look at those dentures back then they zoom right in the photograph.


Laughter Sorry.


Yeah, because back in the biopic, well, we can't have is a president who's capable and doesn't have any disabilities and is the reason of his own actions.


How dare you say that you and his children, how long was FDR in a wheelchair?


How ever present? I don't know what Paul years. Do we can someone bring that up?


How long he was in a wheelchair? I just I don't want to misspeak and then talk about, like, a campaign or something, you know? But do you think, like, you think he was rolling out like I'm actually a wheelchair person?


That should be first. Actually, first people should announce me. They don't want to check in the desk to cover it up because you wanted to out because he wanted to inject strength. And Joe Biden is making up a condition that I'm not he doesn't have is really a condition like a stutter is a medical condition that usually involves more than just a stutter. It's not like you just stutter. Usually there's some kind of a central nervous issue going on. There's some kind of a tic sometimes or some kind of a comorbidity or some kind of psychological psychiatric condition.


It's not usually just a stutter. So in other words, Joe Biden, what what has come along with the stutter? Is it shingles? Right. Did you did you not get your TV vaccine or something?


So I'm kind of ninety seven to one ratio on Beau to Hunter now also it's still about thirty to one even showing pictures of Joe Biden compared to Beau Biden.


I think both the candidate from his first show up in a mask, Joe always found whatever helps cover up his stutter, unlike the friendships in a very real study, forged unlikely friendships with. Risk and always holding in his heart the struggles, all right, and every family. To make his country it's a. No, he didn't want to talk. Let me let me find him. I think I have some info here on the on the Joe Biden.


Joe Biden never forgets. I don't even know.


I was right down the hall and then I my God, the quote of him calling someone a dog, these phony soldiers. Yeah. We do have that one of these guys or the clip of the guy he tells who to stand up, who is actually in a wheelchair. Yeah, we have read some pushups. Yeah. But nobody's showing that clip for the uncertainty about this quote.


It doesn't matter whether they were deprived as a youth. It doesn't matter about black people. It doesn't matter whether they're society. The end result is they're about to knock my mother on the head with a lead.


Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop up hype. Oh. By the way, I don't think I don't think I was a racist. I just want to hold him the same standard. Well, let's see if he thinks there's anything that can be done to fix or left us with this wisdom.


Give people away and they will find the way. Give people light. Those are words for our time.


You got to light the current president of America. Don't hide it under a new person of color.


Anger, too much fear, too much division, no shit. You have my word.


If you can trust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I'll be an ally of the light, not the darkness.


Do you see the White House? I'll be an ally of the White House, not the dark, because I don't get it. You make no mistake, you're not.


And we can and will overcome this season of Darkness in America.


Overcome one season of talking about the greatest the country had ever been. Until you guys shut this down and started riots, which you still have yet to condemn.


George, he's talking about Black Lives Matter, movement to darkness, great honor and humility.


I accept this nomination for president of the United States of America. Of course you accept it.


It's all you've ever wanted. A Democratic candidate. I will be an American president. Know by definition. Yeah.


You have to be working as hard for them as I did for those who did vote for me. That's the job of a president. No state to represent all of us. How does having a stutter completely goes away if it's on prompter and you don't say retarded stuff moment? That's not how it's done. Stutter works, by the way. Somebody sabotage the problem with the calls for stuttering all over that little girl. Oops.


Like one of many times he taped this for one another. Yes, it does. The hologram. It's like Tupac Red State.


Yeah. It doesn't have to be live. Nothing else in life, but they've left a lot of damage.


So you can say darkeys.


But they were in the pool was you know, he was on the teleprompter, pledged a new deal in a time of massive unemployment, uncertainty and fear stricken by disease stricken by a virus, FDR insisted that he would recover and prevail and he believed America could as well.


And he how did he get that wrong? If that was written in front of, like you correct the disease, a virus like this, that kind of thing. Now, is he really smart where he just has a speechwriter who is an idiot who miswrote and he felt like for the thinking on his record, you want to believe that.


You want to believe that he's just an idiot who misspoke, not just the privileged few at the top like yourself, waiting for those communities who have known the injustice of a knee on the neck.


Come on, young people of known only America.


That's like one guy, by the way. All the communities who have known the injustice, if that's if you're really you're aiming to broaden your horizons with voting demographics of America, the neatnik vote is not that coveted.


It's not to you know, no generation never knows what history will ask of it. All we can ever know is whether we're ready when that moment arrives.


You're not ready to convert us to one of the most difficult moments America has ever faced.


Not that, but for for it.


You were saying that all in March. Yeah, I was talking to you right before we had the best to. And we'll have that again, pressure saying now it's kind of true because you guys made it so by shutting down basically the entire economy. And if you would have your way, do it until Bill Gates shows up with his microchip vaccine.


I'm joking, but when I was ninety eight, I don't trust him with a TV show.


The point is, this is this is Bill Maher. Remember, he said, oh, I hope we have an economy crash. Because you know what? It's a certain point. It's more important because the economy was so good and it is so good. The fundamentals are still so sound. They need to try and drill it into people's head, people into people's heads, that there's uncertainty outside of the uncertainty that they've created with their like. A more confident economy than ever.


I don't trust Bill Gates trying to kill a virus in human, he can fucking kill them.


And computers, you have to get the guy you have to get McAfee who dumps through a chemical vaccine is the virus.


This will determine what America is going to look like for a long, long time.


Character characters on the ballot. Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy. They're all on the ballot.


Yes, on the rich democracies as a nation, democracy is the ballot. It kind of is. You want to be like a definition of it.


Would you like to have democracy of choice? Because yes or no, it's in within under the best rhetoric. Just judge. Oh, good.


Then shut the door. Affected by covid-19 drink.


More than one hundred and seventy thousand Americans have died by far the worst performance of any nation on earth.


And 15 lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. Per capita deaths are actually fantastic compared to many countries, and they're significantly better in blue states, in red states and blue states. If you look at the worst states as far as covid deaths, these are states that had severe lockdown measures and by the way, almost synonymous with horrible nursing home policies because a lot of surprise blue states, huge, bloated bureaucratic government is inept.


Right to blue states have done significantly worse as far as deaths per thousand deaths per million deaths per capita.


But they've also done unbelievably worse as it relates to the unemployment rates and economies.


If you look at the certainties of New York, of New York right now, 40 percent unemployment, you can't find that in any red state. I'm sure that you can find him somewhere in some hills with some people who, you know, the hills have eyes or something.


But the point is, we're talking about a major state in a major city. OK, so we're doing worse. No. And by the way, this is something new that CNN lied about. I think Chris Cuomo, I don't even know if we have a clip where he said, wow, why is it that we're we're actually our economy is shrinking by thirty two percent and Germany is only 11 percent. No dummy. Germany's economy is actually shrinking more than the United States is.


It's that we use an annualized rate. So our rate was something like ten point something percent while Germany that had more lockdown's and I believe less deaths per capita, I'm not entirely sure, had 11 percent shrinkage of the economy. So how had CNN not know?


But that's not what the prompter said. Come on.


How does CNN not know that we expect metalized rate and a quarter?


Gosh, because Joe's making it up right now. I'm surprised he's going this long, takes no responsibility for a lot of dirt and blames others. They stuff the stuff, smelling salts up his nose and it's practically a marathon for the guys to beat.


Hillary Clinton had to stab her with a diazepam like guy three, 10 to Yuma with him. They have to do it with just amphetamines like he's fighting in prison.


I see different Americ. You don't see it. You throw it to me. I left it humble.


It's in America. We can rebuild together as president. The first year we talked a second, we didn't build that. So many people killed. The virus decided to take ten votes. I'm going to kill it. I started the deep blue sea. But if you die, the virus dies with you. Huh?


You ain't my bird.


Until we deal with this virus. Drink the tragedy of where we are today.


How do you deal with it? Have you noticed this? Nothing is nothing concrete until we deal with this virus. Look, how can we go to his website? Can someone bring up some Joe Biden policy, anything having to do with the virus all at any point he said he would double who would force private companies to double testing.


Virus is going to disappear. He keeps waiting for a miracle, by the way, is an interesting way.


They're going to force private companies to double testing, but they're not going to force private delivery services to speed up ballot voting because they want the most incompetent shitheads that can possibly have our mail and votes. Like, you know what, hey, we really want a million votes. Let's enlist the Amazon Prime fans. Let's go to FedEx. I'm not the only one who can handle a job. This important is the thirteen years losing money running USPS.


So Phaidon policy on his website is that he wants to strengthen the federal government, specifically the executive, I don't think, have a decisive public health response as well as the decisive economic response.


And yet in every moment and every turn in the last six months has said Trump can't and shouldn't do anything or direct anything.


But he said that Donald Trump was xenophobic because the travel ban and he said it was mass hysteria, but it says decisive response was a decisive response. That's like when people talk about their journey on tantric yoga, right? They're like, oh, and it is all about being present. And your body is entirely releasing energy and it's about being one with what are you talking about? You're saying nothing can look into each other's eyes and pants. What is he saying?


What does he say decisive policy is or just are want to have a decisive policy?


Talking to a whole bunch of nothing to protect one another, in short, will do what we should have done from the very beginning. It would is that our current president has failed nothing. What in his most basic duty to the nation, he's failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America. What do you mean?


No major wars, asshole, versus more drone strikes that civilian than anyone to fuck is talking about.


He hasn't protected US attack up until up until your voting base rioted.


And we also had record low crime.


We can rebuild it.


The guys are definitely a bunch of progressives burning up. I understand how hard it is to have any hope right now. One summer night.


This is the problem with the left. I mean, they only have hope and people. Right, some some deity, Joe Biden. And it's just really tough to do when you had that hope and a charismatic person like Barack Obama who was new, who people thought had good ideas, even though they had to be pulled over their eyes.


But when you have to hope for some transcendent political figure to save you and instead you get Joe Biden. So that's why it's hard right now, because they don't believe in self-reliance right on the left.


I mean, you guys know about this you were talking about when you used to be liberals. They believe that the deck is stacked against them and it needs to be someone changing the system and the person changing the system who's going to fix all the problems is the guy who is suckled at the dollars of the system for 40 years. Yeah.


Oh, liberals think the government should give you to the American dream. Hold on, guys. They zoomed. They zoomed in. Serious, serious.


It's God's children. I mean, he made it Dukey his pants in our lives. Do you think the bottom half great.


He's just swinging his head.


And I think he just made doors of opportunity to save the zoomed in with Elvis, because I want to give you time to live up to and make right right off camera.


Joe Biden's going to have to make this thing go. Do you, Joe, stop.


Werthmann let me man cankers you most tonight did no fucking whispering.


No, he's serious. No, no.


You know, my dad was an honorable, decent man, not judo. Dad wasn't anybody hard.


You always got back up. Yeah. I'd like to meet that guy. That sounds like a better life for our family.


Used to say, Joey, we do expect the government to solve my problems, but I sure in hell expect them to understand them. What the fuck does that mean?


And that sounds like a fucking Democrat.


You brain these boys cheer with the beer. They really are hot right now. Boys, it's OK.


You can use potty mouth. Just stay away from these. For four years I was voted for no fucking Gore. So low. But you're hearing it's a personal attack.


Dignity, respect and community. Together we can and will rebuild our economy.


And when we do, we'll not only build back, we'll build back better.


But like you did under eight years of Obama, a thousand year pay increase as under Obama, eight years.


And I'm at five thousand and like two and a half, three years to every community with five million new manufacturing and technology jobs.


I'll go on the record and say this. If you out there anyone watching, if you believe that we had a better economy, if you would prefer the economy that existed under Barack Obama at any point, then Donald Trump at any point. You're a succubus who is providing nothing of value to society. I mean, anyone who is working for a living, anyone who is paying taxes, anyone who is actually paying into the system cannot logically, cannot objectively say that this economy was better under Barack Obama or even in the same league.


You can say that he like being on Russian prostitutes on on the Formica table, even though there's no evidence. You can say you wish that they got him on the Russian collusion. There's no evidence. You can say that he's mean. You can say that he tweets too much. You can say that eats McDonald's and he drinks Diet Coke and maybe he's OK. You can say all those things, but you cannot objectively say if you are anything other than a non contributing shit bag.


The economy is not better under Donald Trump for you and your family. You know what?


I don't believe, you know, soon as you finish saying it, you are such a racist. I know. I know. He's no Biden.


We can still go on.


Man, this is amazing. It's not only a crisis, it's an enormous opportunity, an opportunity for America to lead the world and clean up that.


By the way, that was a Freudian slip. Yeah, good. Don't let any you know, don't let any crisis go to waste. This isn't only a crisis that we created, it's an enormous opportunity, we hope.


Yeah. Who told them that? His friends in the Chinese government.


Yeah. After we burned down all the buildings, the businesses will build it back up.


I really I thought he was talking about climate change.


I think he actually was the guy just like nobody cares what you keep Timbuctoo clean energy bullshit, like everything's going to be solar and windmills.


Why couldn't it? I'm not looking to punish and going to be some crappy damn windmills. Stop work. You know, the wind stop blowing.


We're sleeping outside and the bird took it down. And for our seeing someone get donkey on Social Security, I'll settle for a pot in such a sacred promise made they paid for.


The current president is threatening to break that promise. He's proposing to eliminate a tax for almost half the Social Security without any way of making up for that lost revenue.


Yeah, it's called people having more money and spending it dumb ass. If you actually look at the tax revenues, it's remarkably similar, which again, I'm not going to say that tax revenues are higher under Donald Trump. I'm sure you can probably find this. I think they were slightly less. But when you consider how much less people are paying in income taxes, you understand why the Laffer curve exists. You understand that you can only tax people so much.


Did you did you guys hear when was it? Was that Cuomo in New York? Cuomo in New York was saying, I'm getting on the phone with. No, no, no, we can't have a wealth tax. I'm getting on the phone with billionaires offering to make them dinner. Because don't you understand, these billionaires are the most mobile people in the world and they're already taxed at the highest rates. We can't screw New York City even more.


And I thought it was a Babylon B article. Turns out Cuomo said that shit. It's going to cut the taxes. No, no, no. The revenue is about pretty much the same because people have more money and they spend it, they put it into the economy. These are people who do not understand economics whatsoever. And more importantly, they don't want you to understand economics. And let's just say let's say the tax revenue, let's say two trillion less, let's say with two trillion less under under Donald Trump than Barack, I'm just throwing out it still wouldn't make a dent.


And it's not. It's not. Yeah, I think Reg has those those numbers.


It was I think it was slightly less when you account for inflation, the revenues under Donald Trump than Barack Obama, when you take into account that people are paying way less and there's usually a rubber band effect, by the way, when that happens, when you cut taxes and people pay less, businesses hire more.


I can tell you this, we hired two more people here at Ladue's Crowder because of the Small Business Tax Relief Administration, because of the because of the change in taxes we invested, we could bet more on ourselves and hire more people.


Yes. And do them. And the federal revenues actually went up a little bit. Oh, really?


Yeah, they went up some and then I think they dropped a little bit in the following year. So, yeah, not not a huge difference.


So they went up and they went down a little bit. Only people have a lot more in their account because they're paying less in taxes and have an average salary increase of five thousand dollars.


Well, that seems like a bargain. Let's see what doctor shit his pants.


As I said, she's an educator, a mom, a military mom, an unstoppable force. Who's he talking about? If she puts her mind to it himself, just get out of the way.


She's going to get transgenes. And she was a great second lady.


And I know she'll make a great first lady for this nation. She loves this country so much. I'll always have the strength that can only come from family.


And why don't you talk about family, Joe? Why are you talking these riots and protests and the violent outbreaks and talk about how the single greatest indicator we have as to whether a child will end up having a family of his own, as to whether he'll graduate high school, go to college, commit crimes, have behavioral disorders, have an abortion, commit a violent crime, commit a felony. All of the single greatest indicator we have, the single most reliable predictor is not how much money is being spent in their public school, is not how many people do we have in the village to raise a child.


It's not the federal budget. It's do they have a mommy and daddy and are they still in the House together? Why don't you go out and talk about that? If you're saying you can only draw on strength that comes from a family, how about you change the welfare laws that encourage baby mamas? How about that? If you can if we if they believe that taxes are so effective at curbing or manipulating behavior and they believe that. Right. Because they want to tax gas and energy, hopefully when you see the gas is so expensive, you'll start using less in your car.


They want to tax Big Gulps. Why? Because they think that if you see how expensive they are, because the tax you're paying on big ups, you're no longer going to purchase pickups. They want to put astronomical taxes on cigarettes. Why? Because they believe it'll will curb your behavior if they decide to put taxes on cigarettes. So you'll do it less. Yet for some reason, they still incentivize single parent households in our. In our current social safety nets and welfare programs, they know that taxes can affect behavior, they use it unconstitutionally all the time and they disincentives starting a business.


Yeah, starting a business, starting a family. Those yeah, those are bad things.


They also just incentivize income. Remember what you saw on television.


Never with Joe around. Just never close your eyes, Coldfield. Close your eyes, take a sniff.


Cut the voltage spewing the same same anti Semitic bile heard across Europe in the 30s.


What does he talk remember about Nazi Germany. Yeah. Between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against really what you guys do for Israel, you and Buckie Obama buddy.


What you do, huh? What went down with Iran? Why don't you tell us how you gave it to them?


They doing shit about these damn black lives matter being of white people, right?


They don't care. Call to action Khateeb out there with a megaphone.


That's love. Hate. My father taught us that silence was complicity.


If Joe's father's love, you slap him. He would hope boy at the time.


But, you know, I mean, we don't dementia can run in the family. You may not recognize him. And we are, you know, man, I thought he was done.


It was something with someone who is I can't even compare Trump to Nazis.


That's what it sounded like. A general giant.


Floyd, he's going to cry for her daddy. George Floyd is laid to rest.


They digs, blow. Everything this bad has happened here. We will never forget.


When I leaned down to speak to her, she looked in my eyes and she said, and I quote, Daddy changed the world. Daddy changed the world. Wow, a big sniffer deep into my heart, as crazy as maybe George for murder.


And this is why we say, why does it matter? This is why it matters. Because you know what? That girl it's really sad that she's going to grow up without a dad because he made horrible decisions. And unfortunately, there was bad training at the police department. As far as as far as I'm concerned, when you watch the whole tape, that cop did zero wrong outside of using the techniques that were taught to that police department. You can find the fire right now where they show people that these are next, which is horrible.


That's horrible training. There was no malice. There was no racism. But you know, what's really sad about that is that no one sees the irony that thank God that that little girl, Floyds Girl, was not the girl who was at the house of the lady who George Floyd mugged and robbed at gunpoint while his buddies pistol whipped. She had a one year old in the house with her. He changed the world. Let's be honest about what it is.


If you want to bring up every single flaw that Donald Trump has, despite the fact that as a president, he's done a damn good job. Well, how about you? How about you talk about the fact that this guy who changed the world was a serial violent felon and by the way, wasn't spending much time with that girl. That girl could have used a dad instead of a mugger.


Yeah, that's just too much common sense. And, you know, it's one of those things. Two wrongs don't make a right, but there's wrong and there's an accident.


And if you go and watch the full, you guys watch the full George Floyd tape and you understand that that was the technique. I don't know why it was taught to members of the police department. That cop didn't do anything wrong with public policy. And they called the ambulance twice. They gave him every opportunity to get in the car. Yeah, they not only gave me up, he said, we'll stay with you, will roll down the window and turn on the air.


And this guy is out. He just talked about fomenting hate. You're asking for a lynch mob to go to that cop's house who is compassionate, empathetic and barely used any naughty words.


Yeah, kind of weird. He's he's claiming he's got claustrophobia, but he's he's he was a big man. He was in the front seat of a car. It wasn't very much space. Did all of a sudden when he's getting arrested. Oh, I got claustrophobia.


You know, he has he has in Carso phobia.


Yeah. But you heard my bad Joe Biden stuttered again. Oh, yeah. It could be just a phobia. He's getting out.


He's getting out of an old metro go and he has not he has no qualms with it. Then all of a sudden they want to put him in the back of a suburbia's again.


I'm claustrophobic.


I was talking to a clump of dirt poor about that whole incident. People like George Fluid, the drugs he had in his system, let them define them in jail. Did Oh my. All the time.


Yeah. He said he had lethal amounts to about fentanyl and methamphetamine and he just had Cody that do had everything. And listen, is it it's absolutely sad that somebody died. He didn't need to die in that. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah.


But we also don't need we don't need we don't need to layer tragedy on top of tragedy now. Ruin there. Didn't we learn anything from ruining Darren Wilson's life with Mike Brown. Yeah. Yeah. That poor guy never gets his life back. He asked to serve the black community. That's why he was in Ferguson. George Felos calls the death.


It was a heart attack, right. He had heart disease, too, right.


They you know, they're claiming that it was that was the white the white medical examination that hiring their own third party in that it shows that it was clear to the cops and he had his neck. So who knows? He he says she says what?


Joe's getting angry now is he he's got his angry furrowed brow. Oh, thank God it's over. Now, look. Yeah, he's playing gospel music. He's like, can I walk away now? Which is what? Somebody by the show, they pretape clapping on the Zoome call. Yeah. You know, they pre told him the clap clap they cut away, yet they're all looking to their left. There's no way they can see them. They're all laugh and laugh and clap now.


Yeah. Yeah, it's over. What is in it, and by the way, they didn't have to come, Carmelo, they could have easily done this in front of us laughing at herself like did that really clapping are they? Look at us.


This is all prerecorded. Where are their masks? Oh my. That. OK, I will say this. We've been a lot of live streams in our day and then, you know, you never know because it can be a hit or miss as far as.


But there is nothing. The fact there was nothing was that there was nothing. There was just clips and clips and clips. There was nothing.


It was clips of my daddy. He likes Briar's and he is hooked on phonics.


Oh, my God. Look at an African-American female. She's a sellout. She married a white man. Is white. Yes. She's such a sellout. That's that's how we're supposed to view things now.


Everything through the prism of race.


I would just say we have some costume, costumes, costumes, night.


Sorry, smooth manney. We'll have to do your cube Sadan another day. I was looking forward to that to learn the truth. We'll do it. We have some other bits and we'll get to it. I'm sorry I just got so mad with the bullshit.


And so did he shoot with a landslide like Trump. I hope so. I mean, he cannot be this dumb. This was not dumb.


It's people I will say this. Human beings are selfish. They are naturally selfish. And unfortunately, they also have short memories. Doesn't mean the people are dumb, but when you've told them that the deck is stacked against them, that the system is broken, and then you've proactively broken the system as they've done right now with the covid and supporting the riots, you know, over a close to a billion dollars in property damage, not an officer casualties.


Fourteen thousand arrests. And you've tried to put Americans in a state of fear and then promise them a handout. I think, unfortunately, that is a recipe to gain some votes, not because it's but because people are inherently selfish. And really it comes down to conservatives are inherent. Everyone is inherently selfish. And then you combine selfishness with what is morally allowable, what is morally permissible in the idea of not intervening in someone else's life along with logic.


Because even if you're selfish, you understand that. Put it this way. If the Democrats are the party of the poor, they need more Americans, at least a plurality of Americans to stay poor. If Republicans are the party of the rich, they need at least half the country to be or at least think that they can be rich. So one has to be hopeful and one has to be, well, everything stacked against you. I'm going to be your your savior until the next Democrat comes on down.


Listen to the difference between they can say Donald Trump is mean.


Sure. They can say that Donald Trump is immature. Bombastic, absolutely. But Donald Trump's message is absolutely one of hope and optimism. And hey, and he's not saying we can get back to you. People say he wants to say we can get back to the 50s.


No, he's saying we can get back to January, which was the greatest magazine until everyone in the media and the left said that was mass hysteria when I tried to put on a travel ban and now they're shutting down the economy. There's a huge, huge difference when you look at zero information, zero policy proposals from Joe Biden and nothing but negativity but nihilism. And the deck is stacked against you. But the good news is the guy who's been in government for 40 years and done nothing will fix it in four.


He'll fix it this time. He'll fix it this time. All right. Let's go to the costume witnesses.


Who do we. All right.


We have yeah, we have no ties. I mean, the husband is that. Oh, I can't see that. That's a lady. You do no good for her home. The lady with the mustache. Yes. It's not bad at all. Respect that. A miracle on ice. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good one right there that she's also outside, which means.


And then we have the way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like this guy. It's it's the coolest. All right. Well what's his name. Romney. Ron. Mazher. Ron that to be getting the main Merche PAC and a lot of Koshary have MJ's hair.


That was good. Some good costumes. You guys can get there pretty quickly for a really crappy night of people speaking on Skype. Look what you got the mask on now.


Yeah, they just left. So it's like it's it's like he does not on outside.


They need the mask. No, they didn't need it inside. Right.


Right now on the outside, in the open ended on say, hey, they're standing alone on a stage, husband and wife wearing masks.


This is a Democratic Party right now. It is all about I mean, they're charlatans. They're absolutely sure they're putting masks on. There is no possible way they could be that they're not even going to register someone.


Finally, she and she's half inside her car. Gosh, Joe Biden is just on an outdoor stage.


Oh, this is the thing.


They don't believe any of this shit. I really don't. Yeah, they really don't. Do you really think that these people are afraid for their life and that's why they're wearing a mask? That's why he looks like reptile from Mortal Kombat. He does know it's because right now he's like a photo op. They're. To be taking the picture for tomorrow's papers, so I better make sure I put my mask on because it was a pretape before. Yeah, I mean, I don't even I don't even think he just gave that speech.


Look, I don't think I think.


Yeah, this isn't Vegas.


I think where is this right now? Just in Vegas. So it says Wilmington, Delaware. It's in Wilmington. We're in Vegas, right? Yeah. You're drunk. Go home.


Oh, yeah.


Again, the promo code, I think it's it's still up here for the next well, 24 hours from the start of the stream. Twenty dollars off if you enter and Crowder DNC stream at LoDo dot com slash my clock.


And on top of that we have to make sure to thank the people who are sticking by us during all of this, during the height of Ganzel culture, black rival coffee and. Oh that's right. You can go ahead. The boys got it over there right between them. Hey, if you want to have a coffee, grab a coffee. Yeah.


If you're a Republican and you said you ain't drinking black right for coffee, then you ain't conservative. But seriously, I mean, if you're going to support a business.


Yeah. These guys are veterans. I know these are some good guys and some damn good coffee. Yeah. Yeah.


So they don't drink coffee. They're more Redvale guys but I like a good cook.


It's good. Do you get your coffee even though. How do you make it in a of milk.


Oh no this is good. Come no wife. Let's look at the prideful coffee.


Crowder Crowder and I don't know do they. Certainly the internet protocol. Crowder just go to Crowder twenty percent off your first quarter and it will say I'm a huge coffee snob And by the way to chill son who just got into coffee. We're going to be sending you back pretty soon because he finally sent me some of those healthy cereal boxes.


It's one of those things. It's a gimme if you drink coffee. It's unfortunately one of the great hazards that you have to navigate in the grocery aisle that that almost all coffee companies and certainly they hate everything you stand for. If you're looking to put Starbucks in a lot of these companies, black rifles, better coffee.


It's fresh roasted. Yeah, it's yeah, it's veteran owned. And they they do a lot for veteran cause and that's great. But it is better coffee. And at the very let's say it wasn't owned by veterans, let's say it just it was owned by non assholes who didn't hate everything you stand for.


And it is. Wouldn't that still be enough. Drinking that coffee every morning might as well be better. Coffee that's not owned by people who want to destroy the very fabric of Western. Yes, that's it. Loud, louder was crowded. I'm sorry, not black reifel coffee dotcom router. We should also have a lot of that comes Black Reifel coffee. Yeah.


Yeah. It even got down in San Antonio to do. Yeah. Great coffee. You can go buy couple Kapono. They sent me buy a gun right next door. Coffee walk next door. A good shot. No good.


Actually Evan at Black Rifle sent me that wonderful was like a fire machine from the San Antonio shop. Yeah. Yeah.


And then USPSTF played kickball with it. Yeah. It was totally broken and was going to cost me twenty four hundred dollars to repair.


And that's an institution. Stiehm you can't talk about that mean it was poking out of the box. They should be in charge of the metal frame was poking out of the box. You think someone there when they were checking it for defects. Oh yeah.


But we want them to handle the election of the free world. Did you see your name Steven Crud on it. I don't think so.


I don't have anything to my name. Steven Crota. Hate this place. When it got here we just kicked it.


Yeah, that's way. Yeah, well it was ruined.


So I do know about the store in San Antonio. They still owe me an espresso machine. No, they don't actually post office that I have so much that I could get into with the post office.


Hey, yeah. Well, you know what? That is nice to see that they are waving a flag instead of burning a car.


So that's progress. That is progress.


Steven, it was I'm saying that that Democrats burn cars in police precincts. What was I not clear?


Look, here's the nice everyone where everyone who's truly waving a flag out in that parking lot right now should be voting.


They're really good at making them look like they're like very diverse.


You know, I think I'm pretty much making them look black with two white people in the middle. That's what they're doing. It's like they're making them look like a malama.


That's nice, but we're all right. Yeah. Thank you, everybody. We appreciate you being with us. We had so many other things we were going to get to, but it was just so much crap tonight. Oh, and we have the HOJ twenty eight.


Got to look good. You must go. Joe Sky. What changed. What. You're going to die now. And he pulled his mask off. What change that you can pull your mask off there. You felt the urge to put it on. He just took and now he's putting it out. Now she says put your mask on.


You did it with that loston they'll pull it off in a six year old walk by. That's not a lot of people.


I'm waiting for all the teams to come out because every single one I see is like, oh, you see these people going to a place and they're wearing it today. So they got to hang it off. And, hey, your candidate's doing it. Yeah, awkward. She's holding the rapist, man.


There he goes. There he goes. Yeah, he took it off, yelled particles. All right, so you heard it. Here we have the Hodgson's conservative twins. I think they might. Be here for some stuff next week and certainly some content that we have going with them. It's conservative twins on YouTube and Facebook is the Hodge twins always love having your half lawyer Bill Richmond, quarterback Garrett audio. Way too cute. Maddie, thank you so much.


The promo code is Crowder DNC stream for twenty dollars off a lot of credit. I come in please. That's the only thing that allows us to do this anyway. We'll be doing special streams for every event, town hall debates, if they ever actually happen and I think we learned a lot tonight is you really do have a choice to make.


You have a choice to make between the greatest economy the United States has ever seen, no major wars, economic growth, like we couldn't possibly imagine a world that's actually fearfully respectful of us or fucking chaos.


Joe Biden and Khateeb, we'll see you on Monday.