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Electric cars. Despite the subsidisation and lobbying, how much subsidisation to the point where my wife wanted to get a Tesla? Not because we were, not because we wanted to Tesla because she wanted a self-driving car.


Don't buy a new car to say it is better for you to buy an old eighty five Bronco than that new Tesla.


First off, I don't want to Tesla. Sorry Tim from H.R.. I don't like the. Paduan first time in a. Krispy. Yeah, you haven't been too much time on the Hodge twins, don't start out that way, and I realize this with Abraham Lincoln, black guys do the Abraham Lincoln where LeBron gets rid of the mustache and you don't notice it. But if a white guy does Abraham Lincoln, it's just what you look like. Abraham Lincoln rightfully so.


That's true. But yet another way in which the white man gets the short end of the stick.


That's true.


I want to start off with a privilege, that's for sure. This creepy thing right here, four score and seven years ago, I don't look good in that four score seven years ago.


I don't know. I don't even know. I don't know what a score is exactly, but I'm pissed off a lot.


Really pissed off. So we are covering the RNC tonight. Here's something I would recommend that you tune in to CNN as well. So you do it as a watch along.


We're going to try and show a little bit more of it, but we don't want to get dinged by CNN.


I'm also going to really quickly I'm going to act out both scenarios live in studio. Please tweet this out so that everyone can tune in and watch and maybe it might change your perspective. I've never seen more racism on display than the last two days.


You'd think it's surprising because it's called Rittenhouse. Basic bitch. White kid, certainly. Right. Or as I know, I'm an American hero.


You would.


But because of the way people been responding to Kyle Rittenhouse and comparing it to Blake, it it shows that people exclusively see skin color.


So I want to show you both interactions with police officers here tonight on the intro of this show. And we'll see if you still feel that way, because if so, you're a racist.


But first, we have the promo code is Crowder RNC stream. Got a lot of credit that comes to my club and if you join up, you get twenty dollars off tonight. Nice. And oh, by the way, we have Senator Ted Cruz on the show tonight.


We do Ted Cruz. We have Donald Trump Jr tonight. Wow. Yeah. We're going to have them. So it's floating.


I don't know exactly when we'll have them, but we'll be getting them on a little bit later. So because a lot of boring speakers.


I mean. Yeah, yeah. Even on the last night, but some not so much. Yeah. Yeah.


I cannot believe what's going on right now.


They've been trying to cancel Tucker because he said when no one is maintaining law and how can you be surprised at a 17 year old tries to maintain law and order where no one else will?


Well, you know what I think bring some of that my way.


You can try and cancel me tonight, if that is if I'm going to move those goalposts.


So far, it's not even going to be in the field. It's going to be in the parking lot across the way for the second rate employees who are really just ad hoc. Yeah, de Raider's.


I think they were like flipping through their notes like every job is. He's white. Yep. Definitely racist. He's he's the bad guy. Right? No apologies. None whatsoever. This kid needs to be defended.


If you can if you do not defend this kid, call Rittenhouse right now out with all the evidence that we have now. Yes. That he was violently accosted, that he was there, that he was providing medical care to other people, that he has no criminal record of the people he shot, had a long rap sheet of felonies and sexual assault, that they violently assaulted him, that they did have a gun and were about to shoot him. He shot him in the arm.


Oh, my God.


That's like that's like Jesus was in a cloud doing in coats for him, his arm in arm while he was trying to shoot him with a gun that are without God. It's like you couldn't ask. That's the kind of stuff people say, why don't cops do that? Because it's nearly impossible. Not for this kid. Yeah.


It's like something you see in a movie and you're like, I don't buy that.


The only better shot would have been shooting the gun out of his hand right there live in a question.


Why couldn't should gun out of his hand? Why was armed militia there at all? Didn't you say you guys wanted an armed civilian patrol outside of police?


That was you know, do you think it's going to happen so only your side can march and protest and only your side can be armed and take advantage of the Second Amendment? Defend yourself.


You say you say march and protest one more time. I'm going to slap that. That's what they said. I was being them.


I was being them. I wasn't saying me. They're rioting. Yeah.


They're saying you're a little testy. I have more to get to that.


But the promo code crowd Crowder RNC stream, I don't we don't really have a hashtag do it tonight.


We got a hashtag. Oh, we do it. It's the same as the promo code. So let everyone know right now on the Twitter, on the Instagram that we're going to be reenacting both Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse, their interactions with the police officers based on what we know now, basic white guy. So I want you to see if you can spot the difference. You know, like those they're not crosswords, but always on the back of cereal boxes with spot the six differences like his nose.


You know, he's sometimes.


So we're going to see if you can spot those differences. Only still white. It's a racism test. It's a racism. It's a Rorschach test for only. It's a photo negative.


There you go. Yes. Yes, exactly. Because white. Yeah, I know. So as Nick Cannon would say. And then we'll get to what we expect to see tonight at the RNC.


All right. But first, let's check this out. Let's bring up the police officers, OK? Knowing what we know now about you can just stay there and rest and enjoy the show. I will I will enjoy the final words that we heard from Mr. Me doing so.


I will. Thank you very much.


Might I say you're doing a fantastic job. Right.


And, Mr. Booth, could I offer you a refreshment?


I really got a piece of cake, by the way. Also, let's keep in mind, we were told that Jacob. Blake was breaking up a fight, no, Jacob Blake, we now have the 911 call or the police call, right. From what I understand, the woman who called the police was the woman who he domestically abused and sexually assaulted before. So when you say with you two women don't go to the cops for rape because they don't do anything.


This lady was sexually assaulted by Jacob Blake, domestically abused. She called the police and was sexually assaulted. I was abused by this man. They put a warrant out for his arrest. Then she called and said he's back. He broke into my house. Yes, he has the keys right now. He's taken my car. He's trying to leave. And they walked out. They did everything that you would ask them to do. Do women of color not matter anymore?


Then the cops showed up knowing that he had a warrant.


He was back at the place where he was committing all his rape, a salty goodness, as he calls it.


I know that's what he calls her. I don't think so. But this isn't quite. You hope not.


Join the wolf pack. So then he showed up. They they tried to subdue him. He told them he had a knife from a witness. But that's not necessarily super relevant. But for the cases of this for this dramatic re-enactment, we're going included.


And there was a knife under the floorboards and they did try to tell him that if you would have to believe that nothing the police officers have said is true, including the fact that they clearly tried and the fact that everyone lied about it all before. Right. That they said he was breaking up a fight. Well, we know that's not the case now. We have the actual the call for emergency help.


And they said, oh, you know what? He was he was just being nice for the cops when they actually have the other angle where we see him violently resisting officers before that. Oh, well, they want him to use a Taser. Well, now we know that. So in other words, a track record, everything you've heard is a lie. So if you do not believe there is a knife in the floorboard, well, then you'd have to believe all of the other people outside.


We've gotten zero wrong in the story.


Nothing about that, Frank. About it. Zero wrong. Can we predict Kyle Rittenhouse? I said, what do you think is going to happen when you do this? When you call people Nazis and racists and you justify beating up, burning and looting stores of everyone who has been painted as a Nazi racist? Do you not expect some kind of armed disobedience from those people? And this is what we are seeing now. Now, I don't want to see more situations like cowritten Rittenhouse, but I do want to see a lot more rooftop Koreans.


I want to see people protecting their businesses and their homes so that 17 year olds don't feel compelled to go out and protect them. And if Donald Trump does not come out here in these next couple of days and make make sure that everyone understands in no uncertain terms that if you if you exercise your Second Amendment rights and you protect yourself from looters and rioters, that you will not be prosecuted and you perhaps may be pardoned. If he doesn't do anything more concrete, I won't vote for him because guess what, Donald Trump, you can still tweet and talk as an ex-president.


Time to do a little bit more, buddy.


Yeah, exactly. You should be able to defend yourself no matter what. You shouldn't be railroaded because there's a cause outside right now and everybody's emotional and they say you don't have a right to defend yourself. By the way, a lot of people are pissed off at a seventeen year old had a gun at one of these things. But what about the other guys that were shooting at him?


Did you get all guns, too? That's all we're at. We're at the point exactly where it's felonies, right? Felons rioting to support felons. We'll get to the rap sheet of Flake of great Blake Rashad Brooks. And what was George Floyd Brooks, Blake and then the other two guys who were shot yesterday. Also rapists.


Oh, one. Sorry that sexual sexual offenders. Sexual offenders. OK, oh, sexual assault. There's so many good guys. I am not a different it's a different club.


It's a slower but noticeable difference.


We have felons rioting in support of felons committing felonies. That's what's happening. This cannot continue to happen. And we shouldn't have to create a thought about it. That that Mickey Mouse, our fifteen club. OK, you have to be doing that.


No, it's hard. But do you get your Rittenhouse is not guilty. Not guilty of murder. Right. But he shouldn't have been out there because the police should have been there. The National Guard should have been there for crying out loud. The actual the American military should have been there at this point, whatever firepower you can send to protect businesses and the business owners and homeowners should have been there protecting their stuff. But everyone is afraid to do it because we see what happens.


People get charged with murder in the first degree. President Trump, it's time for you to time for you to clean house. Time for you to get your shit together with this. Americans need to be able to defend themselves. Yeah. All right. Let me reenact what going to have to cancel Crowder.


Bring it up, OK? Yes. Oh, the drinking game.


Oh yeah. The game and costumes and costume and him.


I'm just a little Olean stick of hate. I want you to settle down. Not exactly like that. No, no.


Well it'd be OK if you just just start go riding and they would be like, oh that's ok, you just grab my package and go on now I'm like, well what I expect I'll be grabbing no injustice and what have you.




What's the costume contest? The most patriotic costume.


You have to have a mug, though, by the way, because you know out that's our equivalent to holding up today's newspaper. Yes. You have to have a much real you did it for this costume contest from ten years ago and the winner will get a lock of Gerald's hair as well as a large.


I don't have a lot to go around the match from. That's why it's valuable. It's not from the head. We're creating scarcity short and curly.


I did not say that we have the drinking game right tonight at the RNC. Any time these words are used, black lives matter. Peaceful protests, divisive and voting, disinformation, fake news, China virus. We will also accept on any loony.


You know, there are lots of reasons. Yeah. Yeah. Anything not really racist, but let's consider race names like Spanish Flu or the other day what he was like.


It's the China virus. I'm not getting because there are many other names, but I want some people to be offended.


But that's what it is.


How many names are there? I want to hear every one of them I know has a lot of background going like, no, no, don't go down the list. Yeah, that's exactly what he which was a man from Nantucket. That's all I'm going to say.


You know the rest.


Hey, you had a strange condition.


OK, so police interactions that took place with Jacob Blake and then Kyle Rittenhouse, because some people are saying, well, this is clear that it's just obviously a black guy who wasn't armed was shot seven times by police officers and Kyle Rittenhouse, who had a gun and just killed people. Why they didn't do anything. It's racism. I want to see if you can spot the difference in the interactions.


This is based on the actual reports, the words of the police officers, witnesses, the police phone calls, the transcripts that we have all available footage and of course, the people who are responsible themselves in the case of Rittenhouse.


So evidence, so evidence, everything that we have, I'm going to recreate it as accurately as I can with, of course, some dramatic license work for us.


So we got to do. We have a microphone. All right. I am Jacob Blake. At this point, the police have been called because of a sexual assault there. And this lady who sexually assaulted repeatedly have gone into our house and taken her keys. We are now here.


All right. And begin see, sir, we have a warrant for your arrest.


Oh, really? What for rape. Oh, that warrant. Well, I'm not going to comply. I should tell you. I have a knife. Sir, you're under arrest. I have a knife.


I just want to make clear. And for now, I'm going to go to the other side of the car where you cannot see me, sir. Stand down.


That's my heart. I seem to be working.


Maybe I can provide you with a taser of my own. Come here. Let me find it. And oh. Oh.


See, that's how it could. Yeah, that's great. And thank you guys very much. The scene was great, but very much the. To God bless America. Now let me show you the difference between pretty close, pretty close.


Just so you know, let me show you the difference in the interaction with Colin House, the police officer sorry me at my work wardrobe change.


Very good acting. I was exciting. I love front row to everyone loves real. I love the theater. They go with the costume.


I am Rittenhouse and you can see Hello officers.


I was just chased by three people and I had to shoot them. Tell me what to do. I will comply and need your help.


No, that's very thoughtful of you to come to stay with us. OK, thank you.


And see. Thank you. Now, let's get you up early, the second one was better than the first. Yeah, I think so. No, let me be clear here.


If the only difference that you saw between those two interactions is race sex.




Oh, I always said if you think of the police officers only shot Blake because he's black. Fucking glad. Really, how do you mean, you're right, and thank you for saying hey, hey, hey, hey. Why bring up their felonies, why bring up their criminal history? It shouldn't be relevant. You're just trying to blame the victim and ruin the reputations? Well, no, again, because you have felons supporting felons committing felonies. That's what's been going on in these protests.


A billion dollars in damage from an officer casualty's fourteen thousand arrests, over 30 people dead.


And you cannot throw a used tissue without hitting a rapist. Kyle Rittenhouse shot two people and both spent a good portion of their adult life in prison for violent crimes are sex crimes. What are the odds of that at any other gathering outside of maybe an Iron Maiden concert?


And so it turns out the tickets are greatest. Determining factor on how police treat you is your behavior. Yes.


Oh, OK. Especially if in the past you violently resisted officers and. Right. Yeah. And Blake, did you read a quick list here just in case? Because I know you want to cancel Tucker, paint a target on my ass. It's big. It'd be a big target. Let's go to the rap sheet, because at a certain point, I have to maybe, you know, people have said, hey, show me your friends and I'll show you who you are.


Yeah, right. Sure. That kind of man you want to I'll show you here from the point is, it doesn't matter. These people are bad people, very bad people with bad friends.


I've heard all of those things both correctly and incorrectly.


George Floyd, the Martyr, the angel arrested for theft, delivery, controlled substance, two thousand five, ten months for possession of cocaine, two to eight months for possession of cocaine, 20 to 30 days in jail for criminal trespassing, two thousand nine aggravated assault, invaded a woman's home, pointed a gun at her stomach. That's the one who had the one year old want to make that correction.


Apparently, she was not pregnant, got that wrong herself. She had a she had a as liberals with an actual life one year old next door.


We don't want to get into Leviticus and we don't know that at this time.


Richard Brooks, I know most people don't talk about anymore more because the invitation the cops face.


But that was the that was the journalist forgot false imprisonment, moved on battery, battery, felony cruelty, cruelty to terrorism and cruelty to children and false imprisonment. Make up your words, Jacob. Let twenty fifteen assaulting officers, resisting arrest after pointing a gun at the bar, make twenty twenty girlfriend's home. He entered it, sexually assaulted her, stole the car and debit card. That's why the warrant was out for his arrest. She called the cops with praise cop for protecting a woman of color.


You piece of shit. Then he showed up again. Trespassing steal your keys. Cops called. That's when the officers showed up. They were aware of his warrants for sexual misconduct. Let's say let's soften the blow. There you go.


I mean, come on.


I mean, not with the police. Officers had a knife. OK, then there's Rosenbaum, who was shot and killed by Rittenhouse in self-defense, registered sex offender for sex crime with a minor. So this is the first guy, right?


Yeah. Well, I read the guy.


I don't know if you kept saying earlier in the day, shoot me, nigga, shoot me, nigga. You want to catch this guy? I guess that's what he said. That's what he was said him. Right. The shame of being canceled. That's true. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But he kept saying, shoot me now.


Shoot me and shoot me. And you can find that footage said earlier in the day, this guy sex with a minor sex crime with a minor.


And of course, he was throwing objects at him in chasing Kyle Rittenhouse down a seventeen year old before being shot.


Then Anthony Houbara Huber, he is Uber Huber was shot and killed, of course, by Rittenhouse.


Domestic abuse, strangulation, suffocation, false imprisonment. And then, of course, he tried to bash Rittenhouse Gate, head in with a skateboard. Then the other guy who was shot in the arm, Gage Gross Krutch, that's a lot of letters, criminal record, being intoxicated, armed with a gun.


And that's about that's about it.


Wow. So winners. So winners. Yeah. The point is, he shot three people and all three are going.


You wouldn't allow your around your children. No. Wow. Absolutely.


The odds are incredible for this and there's no way that defending yourself can be a crime.


There's no way because the skateboard if he had landed the ball with the skateboard corner, the RNC, you're going to get something on here in the second half. Yeah. Yeah. That skateboard, if it had landed flush, it could have knocked him out easily and they could have killed him. There's no way that you cannot defend yourself especially. OK, you'll just make fun of skateboard. OK, I think it's a deadly weapon. You can argue with me.


The gun coming up there has got to be a line in the gun.


Come on. The house brought a gun down there. He knew what he was doing. Yeah. What about the counter balance? The other guns were burning down churches, right?


Yeah. There were some other shots in that video. I don't know if you heard, but they weren't all him. No.


Right. He may have fired a warning shot, too. We can't necessarily verify it. But he also tried to allegedly call an ambulance or let someone know that he shot the guy until he started chasing me.


Oh, crap. And then he ran and had to shoot again. Yeah.


And these were all experienced by with now no criminal record. He was offering medical help to protesters. You can find some video earlier in the day, people he disagrees with. He was there cleaning up vandalism. You can find these photographs and people are saying, oh, a photo op. He didn't know he was going to be in the area for this.


Yeah, he was just he didn't want this. Right.


And even according to New York Times, he didn't fire the first shots while he was being chased. The New York Times had a whole play by play. Yeah. Went again to the officers held. Hands up and said, hey, this is what's going on. They called him a fugitive from justice. He went to the police officers, told them what happened. Hands up. And then he fled justice 20 minutes away to his bed.


Right. By the way, all you hands up. Don't shoot people out there who still believe that this is what really happens when you have your hands up.


Even with a gun over your shoulder, with your hands up, you don't get shot. It doesn't happen. But he white, though, so, no, it's not because he was white.


It's because of his behavior was threatening because and he did he didn't fire a shot until he felt like he was in danger. Exactly. Even the warning shot was because he and those people are going to say he fired the first guy that went down.


He started that. He shot him. And that's why we were going after him.


It's like, OK, what do you guys expect tonight? I hope they push law and order. Yeah, I think they will speak to what people are feeling.


Let's see who is OK. Who is this guy? Speaking of Franklin Graham Jordan happened, we thank you for the great bounty you have bestowed on this nation and the many blessings we receive these past four years. We are forever grateful. As we come tonight, our country is facing trouble. Tens of thousands are in the path of a deadly storm. Yeah, let's put it. Not that we didn't. We do our prayer before every show we do.


I don't really like prayers that are performative so much either.


It's not it doesn't mean I'm not saying this guy is wrong or I'm not saying no, not at all. But I don't. A prayer is not meant to be giving somebody a lesson. So I understand why they do it. And it's a stark contrast. Obviously, Democrats often do also American flag pins.


They tend to sacrifice children and pedophile island. They couldn't do that or the travel getting I'm getting beat cancer.


I'm kidding. Raising Gerald, all religions are equal. Really even wants to sacrifice children only to God.


Paul had a hard childhood. Yeah, he is about to come home. I had an uncle with a present on Thanksgiving eve in his room when no one was there. And you just don't come back from that.


You know, it's all right. You're a guy, right? Here's what I will say.


I think Donald Trump wins this now. There's that one pollster. Maybe Reg can bring it up. He's called twenty five by the last twenty seven elections correctly. It's based on primary data. I was reading this earlier today. I don't have it at the ready.


It's based on actual primary voting as opposed to random polling. Yeah. And he has a ninety percent chance of Donald Trump winning. He's the only person to Donald Trump winning Lascoe. If you don't have it, that's fine.


People can just run search.


You said the only two that this particular guy had gotten wrong, Al Gore and of course, and JFK, Nixon, which both were just they were just tight race riddled with. Yeah.


All kinds of voter errors and missed.


And it was Todd hanging chads. And those two. Yeah. Won the popular vote.


So he got it right in the popular I'm not sure about JFK, Nixon, which way he got. I'm not sure which way he got it. OK, I'm not entirely sure.


But yeah, Gore Gore won the popular vote only with Hillary Clinton, which of course people now are standing on their she's writing. I don't care. Let's keep it peaceful. It doesn't really matter anymore.


Oh, Reg the bandit, does he have that?


Yeah, he has something helmet in North Norpoth is the political science professor OK or puff, just if we just bring up the interesting name.


So let me just say real quick then I want to go to the RNC. Thank you for bringing it up. I think Donald Trump wins this. Why?


Because Donald Trump's disapproval rating on coronavirus will never be lower than yesterday. You might have some blips, but long term, more Americans now realize they had the wool pulled over their eyes. More Americans now are upset. They want to go back to work and they're going to understand that Democrats wanted to forbid that from happening.


So the two biggest stories that they thought would take Trump down, by the way, don't you love they never mentioned impeachment or Russia, one in the DNC.


That was your last take that attempt. Now, they were busy using those taxpayer resources to investigate Pompeo.


Yeah, that's a good use. That'll work. And by the way, the closer we get to the election, the more that people will see about antivirus and the fraud that it is. And we have a very short memory. A lot of times we're not gonna remember until October.


I want to give you the floor because I don't need it anyway. But let me finish this. This is why I think Donald Trump wins coronaviruses approval rating on that will never be lower than yesterday. And Black Lives Matter, the riding antifa there, one and the same with the DNC.


And they're pushing people into the arms of Donald Trump now, Donald Trump to get the base, myself included. You've got to step up, sir. You've got to do more than talk and tweet and then send in the National Guard after three or four days of looting or in burning or weeks. Yeah, Americans, including Democrats, particularly in places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, are now afraid, even lifelong Democrats saying someone needs to do something. Someone needs to stand up and support us because our businesses are being burned down.


You need to contrast that.


His guy who gave an answer on CNN last night with Alisyn Camerota or this morning, just a horrible answer. We're condemning violence on both sides.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. One condemn Kyle Rittenhouse. I hope someone starts to go fund me because Jacob Blake, a guy who's a serial time felon and sexual offender who assaulted police officers, is now a millionaire. I don't want to see people backtracking and saying, well, let's wait, let's call right now. Nope, nope, nope. If you do that, if you don't stand for the kid, guess what?


You are foregoing your Second Amendment rights.


Now, what they will argue is he was 17. He shouldn't have had that gun. But there is an argument to be made that he was a part of the state militia, especially since the media went out and said, look at the. Militia. OK, you know what, you're right. Not ours. So you have the right to be armed. That would be if we had half a bill here tonight, it would be no. To use that legal argument, we don't.


So apparently Ritter did have a go fund me and it got taken down.


Oh, really? I mean, Rittenhouse right now started thinking of John Ritter. Well, simple rules technically wrong.


I'm a Three's Company fan. You're right. Oh, well, yes. You know, I'm sure he's a millionaire now. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, listen, yeah, me too.


Was yesterday. We can't keep track of all the days. What do you think? Who do you think we are. You think we're Kurt Russell and 80s Disney film. The computer didn't wear tennis shoes. That's just Hollywood bullshit. We can't remember.


Me too. And Black Lives Matter. We can't be bickering about who killed.


Let's show Black Lives Matter and burning things down. See what Kevin McCarthy has to say.


Four years ago, President Trump promised to be your voice. He kept that promise. But there's still so much more to pretty vague promise and a choice before you could not be clearer. Forward and freedom are backward in socialism, forward in prosperity. A backward and forward and personal liberty are backwards and more government control. I know which direction I'm headed, joining us is the best is yet to come. God bless them is that I'm not drinking again. God bless America.


So anything patriotic should be drinking.


The hashtag is Crowder RNC Stream and the promo code, you get twenty dollars off.


If these if these were the words at the DNC, we'd be stone cold so late into the night. Why aren't the cops shooting him.


Oh here they're not assaulting them. I think I'm catching it now.


Washington, D.C. his beer game strong. It's very, very strange.


Howard University is not a full Abe Lincoln, but it's the kind of thing can do a lot shorter, just like America is today. Hey, if anyone should be doing the Abe Lincoln I grew up on Strangers', but I.


I willingly relinquish that territory. I'm impressed with the fullness of your beard. Thank you very much.


When the media talks about damage in places or working class people who are overlooked and struggling hard to jewerly some stock photo of people who don't look like me. They never seem to show people like my mom, who worked two jobs at a gas station clerk and a mom. She showed me how to persevere. They never seem to show people like my dad, who plowed snow in the winter and paved streets in the summer, who stood by me through thick and thin and taught me strong values every day.


They never seem to show people like me. This guy's good. Yeah, at first I didn't live the values my parents taught me, first I want to start was a nice guy, but I only had one good.


I'm careful about those.


Don't want some bad form.


Stephen took a proposal for Stephen Paul for me to really get moving in life. I prioritize school work. Went to Howard. And ended up working for the president of the United States, but you're not really black, I think is what they're growing up, I never really known a Republican.


I believed all the stereotypes. It took a meeting. Republicans who share my values to show me I was wrong. Donald Trump knows that in the work of revitalizing communities, America's strength. Is America's people. And I can tell you. He really cares. And he takes action. Every issue important to black communities has been a priority for him, criminal justice reform, for he should be harping on that because it's such a stark contrast to Biden and Harris.


They have no leg to stand on.


He's the guy, even Van Jones. And I'll talk about that with I here. Donald Trump Jr., Ted at Senator Ted Cruz will be coming up. That is something that I would focus on in this campaign since Kamala Harris kept people who should have been set free longer. So they were effectively free labor.


What we have here is a failure to communicate.


She was that person in that movie line. You get a lock of Jerrold's hair.


Sorry, and we'll get a call with you. What do I count?


Can I say give away your hair? You going to win the prize bonobo?


What can I say? Bonobo with the bonobo. I just don't see a monkey. He has a lot of hair. That's what I would focus on.


Donald Trump has done more for commuting sentences of nonviolent drug offenders. So regardless of where you line up and legalize weed federally, he's done more to get people out of prison who are just there for minor crimes.


And that's what gives Republicans a leg to stand on for sex offenders.


Well, he's at least hasn't put anybody in prison for that. Putin, Putin, Putin. I'm trying to get with him.


He's this is his quarter side coming out. All right.


OK, let's go back. I like this guy, John Jiron, Smith, Ron. You must know that's what the highest standards. I give a shit I'll never forget Strand Hero or the people of Cleveland. Tux smart and tell it like it is. That's President Trump for a New Yorker. He's got a lot of Cleveland heart. And I'm proud to say that he's my president. God bless America. OK, drink, go drink drinking game rules.


It's a great speech, at least for me. But that was a really nice. Yeah, it was. Yeah. We don't have God bless someone. Update that America in a positive light should be on that list, are going to be hammered by the end of the night.


They're very positive on America. Hey, they did get it.


It's not Roseanne Stoddard. Did they have. I have no idea who that is.


Do they have RNC? Did they have DNC video up in the top left when we were watching the DNC? I don't remember.


Did we RNC video. He took it down. OK, an RNC video. Oh, Democrats now supporting the process. Oh, you know what they've shown? They've shown this several nights in a row.


So we don't need to necessarily do much time on this.


Well, I think it's really important that they're not to see it, but that they're doing it because they made such a big deal of Republicans coming out for Joe Biden and saying, oh, these 26 former Republicans coming out like it was the end of the world that they did, then it's like, oh, you have twenty six. We have a whole bunch of Democrats. What about all I mean, does that does that equal out? I mean, are they the only people to get to vote?


And we had to go by what they say we have. By the way, I don't know if you know, they have Anderson speaking tonight.


Oh, absolutely. Or another person who's an overlooked. But Trump's a racist. Even so, I'm excited. Anderson is white, but her husband was black. Now, I understand that. And he's probably got dirt on all these people that are speaking that he's still racist.


What do they call it when a black guy likes white chicks? Hmm. A black man?


No, no, I didn't know that.


I like the term. People like yellow fever. Right. If someone likes Asians. Right, what is it? I've never think of all of that is racist and we should stay away from it. I don't know what the term is for black white women. Hasn't he?


He said it's reverse jungle fever. Oh yeah. Is that what people say? I don't know if that's a research point. I don't know a certain point. When you stepped on it and this is going to help, you heard this term grow up.


I'm just asking if there's a term for it. I'm not sure. Says, oh, yeah, I understand.


I just won't be the one that says it. Rojda Urban Dictionary.


And by the way, we couldn't steam those flags, couldn't seem looking a little worried about the creases. Like those things just came out of the hamper.


You think anyone's gonna believe for a second that you didn't let it touch the ground? Someone bring in John Goodman from O Brother.


Where art thou to stick a spear through your heart? Oh, wow. The Uplay makes it look even worse.


Yes, it almost highlights. Can we please highlight our disrespect for the shining city on a hill?


Now, the truth is we got them fresh water.


We needed more flags and we had and so unfolded from the cellophane. Some key facts here. Biden was leading by four points not long ago, forty eight to forty four. And now he dropped to forty six to forty five with Donald Trump coming from Rasmussen.


And that's again, that's the week after his convention.


So not only did he not get a bump, his numbers went down. Yeah, yes. Yeah. And I don't know how much you're going to see from these conventions, but I will say this when people say, oh, we didn't account for the secret Trump vote last time. Yeah. And now we're accounting for that. We don't think there will be as much.


There's going to be way more time out because you got it right last time. I really didn't think we're going to trust this. People who said a thing, cattle culture, keep in mind, wasn't even a term in twenty sixteen. It was just something we experienced wouldn't have a name for. It's like when you go if you had a DeLorean, you could go back in time and you travel, you try to explain people with a microscope is or even hell just a microbe they would burn for witchcraft.


Right. It's like, well, it's this little thing that it's but it's moving. But it's like like a midget. No, no, no. Just like a little thing. It's a little, but it's a microbe and they burn you at the stake. They Joan of Arc your ass. We were trying to describe cancer culture in twenty sixteen. There was no word for it. So you think that people are less afraid now in twenty twenty to speak out when cities are lit ablaze.


A billion dollars in damages, let alone we know they can't defend their life and limb.


They get charged with murder in the first degree. And if they come out and wear a mug, a hat and work for good years, they'll be fired. And you think there's less of a secret Trump won't get out of here.


And I love the people that I mean, polling has some value to it. Right. But I love the people that missed it by a mile coming back out and saying, hold on, hold on. No, no, no. We got it right this time. Right. You have to pay it. There's not as much support for Trump as you might think.


Yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Well, I don't think so. I hope these people take a short walk off a long pier.


They'd still be on the pier. It's the way right. Long walk off a short pier. You're going to argue with the man who freed the slaves. Nope. Can't do it.


All right. Let's see what he has to say. And, you know, I think we'll see Cruise really soon. He's probably, I hate to say it, more interesting than Representative Jeff Van Drew, but let's see what he has to say.


Traditional faith and family. This was elected as a Democrat, switched to Republican in twenty eighteen after being elected to his first term in Congress.


I was already someone check his pocket square to make sure they're not hoods. Oh, my gosh. So because the Democrat.


So because he opposed impeachment, he switched parties. Well, yeah.


That's good for him. Good for him. But imagine how I felt after seeing the back of his head is a perfect Pewee. Take control of the good guys. You can just you could you could sit that in a corner. Is it a black cube?


Yeah, but look it up. Higher taxes. Look into it. Stephen, do the research research against all fugit. If you knew the facts as I know the facts. I think that Donald Trump has no chance of winning in Minnesota because it's mine. But I want to talk about issues that really matter. Fluoride in your tap, followed by contrails, different chem trail, chem.


You just know, you just contra and no trails and trails. It controls you. Look it up, Kimara.


You know what? Just because I want to see this play out, Regg, I think it's more than I think. I think it's so he's hedging.


He does know Gerald, right? I am right. I say I would like to bet substantially more than that word.


What is it? What is it? What is retching Reg, I want to hear what the question is.


It's so it's chem trails. Steven said, I know that's one of the worst contrails is also Gerald Morgan Jr is contrails, a word and trails.


So a contrail is what comes in an airplane for what comes from an aircraft. Yes, a contrail is the name for the conspiracy theory. Exactly.


So I was right. Don't you know you are the real name? Yeah, but you were trying. You know, I didn't know. Context matters. Everybody context matters. Was right. You were Sadan because he wanted to bring and argue with those concepts on our live stream. Thanks for that. I really want to be in that piranha pond, you bastard. I don't want you.


And then he goes just like, well, we're going to move on to context. Before that, Jesse Ventura, who I believe has a show called Conspiracy Theories or something. He did. And we talked about fluoride in your tap. And then so you're trying to tell me that he just tried to shift directions entirely and go to legitimize conspiracy using controls, or did you really mean the conspiracy? He wanted to talk about four lane exhaust.


I say they look at contrails and they call them chemistry. All right. We have no we get that straight. We're going to be right back after this with Senator Ted Cruz and then we will keep you abreast of the rest of the RNC. But Senator Ted Cruz is more interesting than a nice guy, Ted Cruz.


Quarterback, what's going on? Hey, what's up, guys? So we were thinking, yeah, I had a little idea, it's a good one year out. We think you need a little more street cred with the blacks.


Yeah, no offense, but so you're you're familiar with Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, of course, right? Yeah, right.


So we were thinking 25 cent black. You love it because you're a quarterback. No, I get it, I get it, it's perfect, right?


Before the mugs in the kitchen, but got to turn my phone now I'm looking for some plugs and I don't know.


Sure, glad to be back, yeah.


Ish. Well, no, I should say glad to be back with our next guest. Of course, you know, it's just like I'm not a political nerd, so I get you know, I get a little worn out. And sometimes it's just it's too much tiring.


It's it's cloying. Yeah. But like by the third carpenter speaking, I got gout. But I understand why it's necessary. Our next guest, you know him. You love him. He's a senator from the great state of Texas, which is concerning how some numbers just going pretty purple.


Californians, keep your hands off my Texas. That sounds like a bumper sticker and I hate myself, but his podcast is Verdict with Senator Ted Cruz.


Mr. Cruz, how are you? Sir Stephen, great to be with you.


And I got to start by saying you just said a minute ago you're not a political nerd. You are literally dressed as Abraham Lincoln, sitting beneath a giant American flag. I would have to call you out as perhaps being objectively false.


Well, I think you're a little obtuse because I'm not a fan of his politics, more so as his vampire hunting. Yeah.


So what are the coolest movies and who knew Honest Abe could throw an axe and take out a vampire?


Well, you know what this is? I was just talking about this earlier this morning with audio way. You know, Abraham Lincoln was a man who was known to cry. He was emotional. He was incredibly artistic.


He was he's obviously foremost known as an intellectual, but he's a very physical man. I mean, this is a guy who did wrestle and that's sort of something we've lost a little bit. I've talked about this before. It used to be Jack of all trades, master of one, and then a mockery of that Clucas and became master of none.


It's kind of a new idea to establish a man's identity. You're a jock, you're an intellectual. You're an artist.


If you look at Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, they were all of those things. Otherwise you weren't considered a complete man as a history buff. What do you what do you think that changed?


Well, I do want to draw a line and just just make clear, unless things go horribly wrong in this discussion, I don't intend to cry and I don't intend to wrestling. So I'm just just sort of drawing some boundaries.


Well, I intend to throw an ax. But you're obviously that's the beauty of Zuman Skype. So there's a silver lining to quarantine.


By the way, I actually just recently, just this past weekend, didn't throw an axe but threw a hatchet and we had I hosted a fundraiser for a bunch of Republican candidates running for the House, and we were doing it in in Colorado and we were going to do skeet shooting. And and unfortunately, where we were, they prohibited discharging firearms because of the risk of fire. And so our skeet shooting event got canceled and we had to figure out what do we do to replace it.


We actually hired a company that does axe throwing instead. And so everyone there got to throw actually was really hatchets at this hunk of wood. And it's pretty fun stuff, actually. I have not thrown a hatchet before, but it was it was good fun.


You and Uncle Buck, you want to see my hatchet like an axe, only smaller. OK, let me ask you this.


You're not speaking obviously the convention now. Is that because there would be a federal investigation like Mr. Pompeo or was it just personal preference?


Look, I they didn't ask me. I would have been happy to speak, but they didn't ask me. And so instead, I got the opportunity, rather than speak at the convention to go on louder with Crowder's. So personally, I think that that's a step up in the world. Yeah.


Yeah. So, well, we know what you'll be doing in your alone time. Weeping It won't happen on air, apparently. I apologize. That were your consolation prize. What would you what message would you give right now to the American people if you were speaking at the end? We're obviously we're reaching a lot of people right now. So, you know what what message would you give right now?


Let's think of this as your own convention with an outfit look like holy crap, like like I mean, yeah, the left is going insane.


Yeah. The Democratic Party has has given in to the angry, crazed mob and they're embracing socialism, open borders. They want to abolish the police. They're burning our cities on fire. They're going up to the people sitting at restaurants and screaming at them, demanding they put their fist in the air and be obedient to the mob. And this is nuts. It's tyranny. It's frightening. And listen, I think the path for Trump to win the path to win the election is focus on issues and substance and ideas.


Freedom works. Tyranny doesn't. Free enterprise works. Socialism doesn't. The Constitution works. Totalitarianism doesn't. Right. If we focus on issues of substance, we win. I think the Democratic convention last week what they wanted to focus on. They want this just to be a personality contest, they want it to be do you or do you not like Donald Trump? And I think the Democrats think they win that personality contest. I don't really care who wins that personality contest.


I do care about keeping this a free country. And I think if the mob prevails, our freedom of speech, our religious liberty, our basic rights are at real risk.


Well, you know, I hate to call you to the mat on behalf of all Republicans, but I will say this as a conservative. The mob has won. Senator Cruz, a lot of people out there feel this way. Listen, when when people cannot eat, when you have to put your hand up in a fist in solidarity at basically the threat of basically coercion.


Right. Being intimidated to do so. If you cannot go out and refuse to take part in what has become a riot, billion dollars in damage. We're talking about over 19 people killed, fourteen thousand nine hundred officer casualties.


If you can't go out and live your life and disagree and not be afraid of the mob, you no longer live in a free country.


A lot of Americans are tired of this. I hate I would hate to see more people get hurt, but the more they overreach with these riots, the more I think they they drive people into the arms of Trump.


But a lot of people were disappointed saying, what does it take Republicans and Law and order president to do something more serious? And do you think that's ill founded? Because I know I felt that way a few times.


Look, I agree it is frustrating. I think that that everyone in law enforcement needs to be absolutely clear.


You engage in violence. If you hurt somebody else, if you light a car on fire, if you lose a store, you'll be arrested, you'll be prosecuted, you'll go to jail for a long time. I think giving in to these mobs, giving in to this violence is incredibly destructive. I think there are a lot of Democratic politicians who are actively facilitating this, who support that it's their base. You know, I chaired a hearing a couple of weeks ago on Antifa mob violence, and we had seven Democratic senators who participated.


Not a one was willing to say even a negative word about antifa. Right. But you're right. There are a lot of Republicans also who are scared to engage. I think the Department of Justice ought to be doing more. I think we ought to be locking up those who are engaged in violence. They're assaulting law enforcement officers. And it it's really dangerous. You know, a few weeks ago, I was out in California visiting my in-laws there and we were visiting with a friend of the family who was a kindergarten teacher in California.


And she told me, she said, listen, I'm scared to speak. She said there's a McCarthyism in the air that if I say the wrong thing, I'm going to be fired. So I just shut up. I'm not allowed to talk. That's not America. That that's not who we are. And this rigid, angry intolerance from the left is is really dangerous. And we need we need everybody, whether you agree with them on policy or not, we need everyone to speak against the violence and the intolerance.


This is far beyond some some grandparents and baby boomers protesting a health care mandate and cleaning up the park, leaving it cleaner than how they found it.


I think we're at the point where you either need to send in the feds because I'm not sure that murder, assault, battery, arson, our state I don't like it's a state thing.


I think it kind of goes to, you know, the national right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness or, you know, it needs people need to not be afraid to stand up for themselves. Where you talk about, you know, we see these videos of these people at these diners. Well, we can also for every video where they just ask them to raise their fists, they also beat people within an inch of their life. I almost feel like people who stand up for themselves, not people who go out looking for a fight, should practically get a Presidential Medal of Freedom.


There needs to be some emboldening for Americans to not be afraid to defend their loved ones. And there hasn't been a whole lot coming out from Washington, D.C. I know a lot of people feel that way.


Well, and it's dangerous because these mobs we've seen some people that have stood up to them that end up being being beaten. You know, we had a Democratic state senator who I think it was in Wisconsin who who was a liberal and was gay, who who was there filming one of the mobs tearing down monuments. And they beat him savagely. Right. And he was confused. He's like, wait, wait, no, no, I'm on your side.


I support you. But but, you know, the angry mob in the French Revolution, they came even for the revolutionaries. And when Robespierre had the guillotine going, they would go after anyone. And we should not be allowing this violence and threats of violence. But at the end of the day, it ain't complicated. You got a right to free speech. I'll defend anyone's right to free speech. Whether they make sense or they're idiots. You have a right to say what you believe, your right to protest.


Right. But you don't have a right to violence. You don't have a right to hurt someone else. You don't have a right to threaten someone else. And when you cross that line, there should be serious consequences.


I agree. I think that I think that there haven't been I think it's been working too well for the mob. I think right now and for. There's been a lot of wait till I get to three and we've been on three for a while. Let me ask you this. You obviously are a skilled debater. That's kind of what you're known for. That's your calling card. I'm going to switch it on you.


And by the way, when you're in school, there are few things that are cooler that don't work. Exactly. You were just man, you have to disclose having to beat the ladies off with a stick.


Have you here have you heard his his argument against quantitative easing? Shut up, Becky.


You're weird and I hate you. Let me ask for you at some of our debate parties. I had that conversation.


I might have been in the auditorium somewhere near the back. Let me ask you this. I'm going to switch. If if you were advising Joe, Vice President Joe Biden, what advice would you give him to survive? Aside from don't do it, don't show up, which I don't think is going to happen. How do you think he needs to perform to win this debate?


Well, I think there's a chance he doesn't show up, because I think the Democrats view is they believe they're winning and they don't want to do anything that that that entails risk. That's why they're hiding him in the basement right now. If he does show up, I'm actually worried that that conservatives and libertarians that the right has screwed up pretty badly, because I think a lot of folks on the right have greatly overstated Biden's intellectual deterioration, that you've got a lot of conservatives who think he's like one can't even operate the remote control.


Yeah, they're expecting Gilberte. Great to show up. Yeah.


And listen, has Biden slowed down a step? Clearly. But but the truth of the matter is, he said dumb ass things when he was in his 20s. I mean I mean, this is a guy who stuck his foot in his mouth for lack of consistent. And, you know, if you look back to the Democratic debates, he did fine. And I worry that, like all the talk of dementia has defined the standard of success so low that if he stands up and gives three coherent sentences, everyone will be like, oh, my goodness, Biden did incredibly well because he didn't like Trip.


Yeah, it's the weekend at Bernie's syndrome.


Yeah. Where it's just people are like, oh, look at him. He's a fun guy. He's had a few too many. Joe. Yeah, no, I think it's true that there's probably expectations are so low, kind of like when one of these protests happens and a church or a business doesn't get burned down.


People. Well, look, there was one out there in the suburb of Schenectady that was peaceful. And people go, oh, yeah.


Now, that is exactly right. Listen, Biden. Is an affable guy, I mean, I know Joe personally, he's he's a likeable guy. I mean, it just as a personal level. He's kind of jovial and fun and easygoing. Yeah. I think he'll try to have that come across in the in the debate, assuming they happen. The Democrats strategy is not to focus on issues. So I think what Biden is going to say, he wants it to be all about Donald Trump.


His whole thesis is Trump's. And so I think he's going to try to draw that contrast. I hope that Trump is able to draw a real contest of ideas and point out, listen, Biden has given in to the Bernie Sanders and the Elizabeth Warren's in the Aoki's in his party. That's who's driving the train. And it is their radical agenda that that will will be dominant if Biden wins. I hope Trump is able to lay out that case and really make the case on substance.


I think that's the path to victory.


Yeah, I do think that's a path to victory. I also think criminal justice reform I was watching CNN the coverage and even Van Jones had to say, Donald, President Donald Trump's been really good on this. But I just feel like it's being politicized that he did this in a televised way. I think it's one of those issues where it's so important to a lot of particularly a lot of black Democrats. They have to acknowledge that Donald Trump has probably been the most proactive president when it comes to that.


And they don't really have a leg to stand on as far as arguing something back. And it is something that shouldn't really be political because we all agree. All right.


Senator Ted Cruz on the point. I was actually with Van Jones in the Oval Office when when President Trump signed the first step. And it was true, eight years of Obama, Biden, they didn't do anything right on criminal justice. And Trump was able to bring together Republicans and Democrats. And my view is that it made sense to lessen mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders. I think there were too many nonviolent drug offenders facing long prison sentences and that had gotten too far in that direction.


But where I drew the hard line is I draw a draw a big difference between non-violent and violent offenders. If you hurt someone, if you are a murderer, if you're a rapist, if you engage in violent assault, we shouldn't be letting you out of jail early. And so I pressed hard to have that be the line between violent, nonviolent. But it was striking, though, to see Van Jones and the other liberals there in the Oval Office, because we saw real results in a way that Obama and Biden never were able to produce.


And not only that, but we a very rare intersect in history where you have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who probably have one of the worst records on criminal justice reform, take away the skin color argument and you just have to go what?


Second, if people are talking about having fairer prison sentences and trying to fix whatever version of systemic racism people think there is, and that's because a lot of people are disproportionately jailed for nonviolent drug offenses who are people of color. They committed those crimes, but we don't think that the punishment is the crime. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden pushed for more of that. So that's what I would if I were trying to gain the middle there. That's what I would speak to Senator Ted Cruz.


Great points, as always. The show, is it the verdict or am I think of the Paul Newman film, its verdict with Ted Cruz, its verdict with Ted Cruz?


You can go to verdict podcast Dotcom and and follow it like it were on podcast on YouTube. You know how to do all this. All the thing is, what are they supposed to do that either you ask him to do for your show?


There are so many if they're on YouTube, they can subscribe and on Apple podcast, they can give over their data and expect the feds to show up and take it, take their gun.


I might try to do a slightly more positive pitch than that. Well, is it's a good show, but when you accept terms, you have no idea what's in there, people. So it's no worse than accepting the terms on Apple or Android or Spotify for any other show. And it is a great show. Senator Ted Cruz verdict is the podcast. I appreciate you being here, brother. I know you're a busy man. We've got to go back to the rest of this convention.


Thank you, Stephen, my friend. And my final bit of advice is stay out of theaters in Washington.


Well, four score and seven years ago, too late. You are Senator Cruz. We will be back after this.


We. John. Water with or ranger pin by yours today at Lauter with greater shock dotcom.


Are you going to come here? Oh, nice. Oh, the stick.


Well, we're going to show off to purchase a car, which, by the way, on. I was really good, really quick, let's go to Dana White, he has to say, Festus mentioned, quote, that I love from Ronald Reagan, where he said there isn't any problem we can't solve. If government will give us the facts, tell us what needs to be done, then get out of the way and let us have know.


It's funny, you know, there might be a little bit of the effect where people think he just doesn't realize he's not talking to a live audience. That's how he always talks.


And, you know, listen, John Jones is a champion and the kid's a pain in my ass.


I don't know what to tell you. All right. The president of a major sports outfit, a great voice. Really quickly, again, we have a costume contest. Tweet me at as crowd of the most patriotic costume with a mug you will get to of Gerald's hair and a full merch kit.


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Let's bring up the drinking game rules.


Anything patriotic. Add to that.


Also add to that like God bless America. We love America but black lives matter. Peaceful protest, divisive or divisive, depending who you ask me when voting. Misinformation, fake news, China virus.


Every time you hear this thing, that's when we would actually ask you to drink, take a drink and join in with us.


Right now we have Utah attorney general, too. This is Sean Raices.


OK, listen, I told you, I don't want to I don't want I told you I want to do a bit. Get out. He's man, you're still doing it.


I don't know. I mean, we get out. I didn't even give him that problem. Puts on a boat and thinks he owns a place.


You had some thoughts on the NBA and stuff. Let's see what he has to say. Really. Let's do this. Don't let him back in, everybody. Oh, yeah.


He's been a pretty nice guy. Like he's been a problem this week.


Yeah. Let's hear it real quick. And trafficking.


I've been able to lead some of them. Now there's a guy who could be Native American. Hispanic? Yeah, sure. You have no idea. Land I don't care. And just trafficking networks.


But somewhere down the line, if you go far enough conditions ahead with rolling down the pyramid, young girls and women sold into sex slavery, young boys and men forced into labor servitude.


No, no, we don't talk about child sex trafficking or sex crimes anymore because that's what all the guys were shot by the police or Kyle Rittenhouse.


Right. We don't care anymore. Me too. The lady who was sexually assaulted and mugged by this man, Jacob Blake, called the police. There was a warrant issued so they could try and stop him from sexually assaulting other women. God knows how many times he did it and didn't get caught. Then she called the police again because he was showing up and said, hey, it's the guy with the warrants and he's doing the same thing he's he's doing.


He's doing. It's the same kind of behavior that one could say when exhibited is troubling. Shut up.


We don't care about women who are actual victims of sexual assault. Not like Lena Dunham regretful PNV. We're talking actual sexual assault.


We don't care about that anymore. So they don't want to talk about this. That's that's an RNC thing. Protecting women from sexual assault battered women, rape victims. That's not a Republican thing.


So partisan. Yeah, but by the way, he sided with looters and rioters. So tomatoe rape victim, you don't give a shit about. Right.


So as it turns out, the Kenosha Police's best response would have been good luck when she called in. Right. That would have been our best response in hindsight.


Just let him have sexual assault and he's back with knife. Good luck.


Tear jerking, Kleeger. Oh, that was your chain. Oh, yeah. So this entire thing, you know, has been bubbling up. We've had DNC people. We've had politicians from all over the place coming out and saying that this is incredible. We can't believe that another black man has been shot. The only headline that we saw was policing can also shoot black man in the back. We didn't get any context with it. And then the NBA players started coming out.


Right. LeBron James comes out and says some stuff about this disease.


Yeah, he does it very well. In fact, he's full beard, right? White guys catch credit where credit is due. Right. And so he starts stirring things up again. And even at the University of Notre Dame, they've they've done something with the Black Lives Matter. And I actually chimed in on that and was like, look, I you just need to know who you're supporting here. I understand. I'm not I'm not a racist. I don't come after me.


And then on Wednesday, the the bucks, I guess the hair color and eye color, you know, mean I'm getting really. Yeah. I'm screwed. So down. And then on Wednesday, the NBA comes out basically I think it was the bucks and one of the other the Raptors, I think I can't remember who they were playing. They they basically just decided to stay in the locker room and they they said we would just like to not play our playoff.


Came tonight in protest, right, and so there's a bunch of entitled morons are protesting the police doing their job. So it keeps going.


Everybody else, I wouldn't be postpone the game. So in support of rape victims. Yeah, exactly right.


I would be the one team that comes around. Yeah, it's a giant dildo on my baseball cap. Yeah. Like a giant dildo. I'm lost for words here.


Yeah. Yeah. But I'm sure they're expecting to still get paid. No. So there so there's more to this story.


Right. So the WNBA, who knew they were still playing. They yes they are apparently they protested as well and they put shirts on that had seven shots in the back or something like that to protest. And then the MLB canceled games on Wednesday. And so you see all of these sports league virtue signalling to try to say, oh, yeah, we stand with you as well.


Guess which one didn't your beloved hockey hockey hockey had games here, like because there's a bunch of guys named Sergei. Yeah. Family back home who legitimately still need bread on the table. Right, exactly. And so then it comes out basically today they said, hey, we're going to actually go back and play our games are going to the playoffs and it comes out of the NBA. Hold on. It gets better. The NBA basically said, look, if you guys stop now and you don't finish out the season, you're going to take a huge pay cut because we're going to lose a ton of revenue.


Oh, OK. Well, I guess yeah, I guess we got to go play.


I guess it's not as important as we thought. It wasn't that bad. No, I mean it could have been involved only I mean, it was only one six cylinder.


Well my one of my problems with all of this is every kid who doesn't pay attention to politics, who doesn't know anything about what's going on in America, but watches LeBron James thinks that cops are out to kill him. Yeah, because that's what LeBron James says was written by the man who Hitler would pick first for gym class.


So, yeah. Or isn't listening to LeBron James anymore.


So it could be that LeBron James is just losing about years, which I think is also kind of like all of Cleveland, you know, country is Cleveland, right? It really well.


And they had John Smith, Jerrod Smith came on earlier. He's from Cleveland and again, had lots of positive things to say about Donald Trump and about Cleveland.


Yeah, he's well, he's one of those things because Cleveland sucks. I'm sorry I lived there. Oh, that for me it's. Oh, that's nice. Too much. OK, you guys can go. This is how warm your name really is on the wall.


I mean, and by the way, again, the drinking game rules. Thank you very much. Do you want to know. I just wanted to come on about it. This is a perfect example. This is a Ramona one by AJ Fernandez.


It's a Cuban cigar. It's the only Cuban cigar that actually this isn't the non Cuban version. OK, Cuban cigars I can consistently like is Ramona Lowness.


And this is another example of how capitalism takes communisms products gifts from God and makes better.


So is it very because it's your favorite one, what's the name I want to get up and going to talk about with everyone. I got a maroon sponsorship.


I will show that I can actually make sure that I haven't we haven't entered in Liberia because there's a finite product. That's true. You got you've got to work that into the contract. Yeah.


And by the way, I Trump will be talking a little bit. There is a very strong genetic, I guess, carrier gene for Donald Trump.


All his kids look just like those Trump genes. Yes, really strong sperm is the best. It's the greatest.


Say, hey, look, OK, there must not be any copies of the studio.


Louis, David, Dawn, what else can you tell us about her and her late husband?


Yeah, and Dawn is going to be one of these very emotional speakers, her story or the story about that, and really captured the imagination of conservatives. You have to be careful. George Floyd protests earlier this summer.


But one of the things about there's the victims or the families of victims speaking at this convention is that the victims themselves are obviously no longer here with us to say how they would feel about it and to achieve it dawns children. Apparently, Deborah and Lisa, have both said that their father was not a Trump supporter. I do not think that he would have wanted his legacy to be used in a way which is that hearsay, political.


They were doing a whole piece earlier today on know been going around this week on how Donald Trump Jr., there's an unnamed source who said he thinks they're losing and it's good. I'm going to ask him about it.


By the way, Donald Trump Junior will be up there. But I guess, yes, he doesn't need to be a Trump supporter at this point.


Understand that he's the only person right now who could be in that office not effectively offering deafening silence in the face of our officers being murdered at. Right. And he is de facto because there's one party that says you have no right to a business. It can be burned down. People can riot, they can loot. You can't have a gun to protect yourself. And there's another party that says you can protect yourself with a firearm.


You can protect personal property, you dumb a little the White House, this is what they're pissed off about, really. It's because they're adults and masks have never been prescribed for healthy people rat's ass.


Whereas if you look at Dana White, we're just talking about this, the UFC, you watch them weigh in. When no one's around, they have a mask. They face off without a mask.


You look at Joe Biden, who walks out there when there's no one around, puts on a mask to watch fireworks and then takes it off when he's walking into the wings. By the way, the reason that and Dawn has been on this show, we had her on first. She didn't talk about President Donald Trump at all. From what I remember, it's not that she's a Trump supporter and I can't even say it's at the RNC, they just happen to call first.


They're the only ones who call. Yeah, yeah. The DNC, not to mention CNN. Let's I would love to look through their log book and see if anyone offered to host and Dawn.


So she's going out there telling her husband story, by the way, loudmouth cracker shop, dotcom, every single penny of shirts for Officer David Dawn will go to the family directly.


David Dawn of the fallen officer to a fallen hero in the line of duty and actually wasn't actually in the line of duty at that point, was doing it in his off time.


I was surprised of Jake Tapper had to check his notes to Dawn.


I want to hear this a little bit because he looks like he likes the smell of that. There are not many African-Americans serving in the president's cabinet or in senior levels of government right now. And that's been the case since President Trump came into office. Yeah, I think I read that.


By the way, you notice they switched the lower third from coming up Dr. Ben Carson to Donald Trump. Yeah, there are not many. What are you talking about?


Oh, my gosh. Well, you know really well, two of them are striking tonight. Yeah. So. So what's that does that not crack up that CNN.


Well, they're not black enough.


Well, Anderson, let's see what she has to say. He should get a lot of kind of shop dotcom, every single penny. You know, the David Dawn shirt that we have.


We'll go to this woman and their family friend to thousands. He was the most kind, dedicated, loving life partner I could have hoped for. He had a big smile. And a heart to match. He was blessed with the gift of gab, and that gift enabled him to touch souls and inspire people, especially young people. Oh, how kids loved him and they really loved him back. They was all about service. He served 38 years in the St.


Louis Metropolitan Police Department and six years as chief of police as the only ACRS police department. After forty four years, he retired from law enforcement, but he never retired from helping a friend in need. Since he befriended every person he met, he was a very busy man. One example of that was his friendship with a young man named Lee David met him when he was just a kid after members of his family were attacked and murdered. They took a special interest in the boy, they bonded and their friendship grew and remained strong throughout the years.


Lee eventually opened a pawn shop. He trusted Dave implicitly and asked Dave to help with security. David readily agreed. One of the shop's alarm would go off the alarm company called Dave. He would investigate if he got a call after I went to bed, he would wake me up and tell me he was going to lese. Just to make sure everything was all right. Most of the time, they were false alarms triggered by a storm or animals, but I never rested easily.


And so she mispronounced key tonight. Yeah, knowing he was home safe. The alarm went off the morning of June 2nd was for real. It was a violent night in St. Louis. Four officers were shot. Others were hit with rocks and fireworks. At least five businesses were damaged, looted or set on fire. As the officer wellness coordinator and city coordinator with the police department, I was keenly aware of the writing and spent the evening getting ready to mobilize support for officers who were impacted.


After I'd gone to bed. David received a call from Lee's alarm company. The front door of the pawnshop had been breached. This time he didn't wake me up to tell me I'm. He probably knew I would have tried to stop it. Our own sister, I'm going with him. As I slept, looters were ransacking the shop. They shot and killed David in cold blood. And then live streamed his execution and his last moments on Earth. David's grandson was watching the video on Facebook in real time, not realizing he was watching his own grandfather, top of mind for sidewalk 900 officer casualties, which means that I know casualties include injuries all this around.


But if the looters and rioters and Black Lives Matter and CNN, MSNBC, the people who fomented hatred would have their way. That would be nine hundred other stories like Officer David answer 900 attempts. It was an important moment to be watching TV at this time. I called out to him several times. There was no reply. He just wasn't there. I let in the chief and fighting back tears, he uttered the words every officer spouse dreads.


I relive that horror in my mind every single day. My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we're witnessing in our cities and bring about positive, peaceful change. How do we get to this point where so many young people are callous and indifferent towards human life? This isn't a video game where you can commit mayhem and then just hit reset and bring all the characters back to life. David is never, never coming back to me.


He was murdered by people who didn't know and just didn't care. He would have done anything to help them. Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest here, here. They do not take a drink in celebration just because of someone speaking up and she did say protest.


So President Trump understands this has offered federal help to restore order in our communities. In a time when police departments are short on resources and manpower, we need that help, we should accept that people at CNN right now are saying, how do we make that shortage a little change?


Like what can we go to next right after this and not seem callous commercial? President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not fewer.


Yup, yeah, we need to come together in peace and remember that every life is precious. Wow, thank God. All right. Hey, drink in celebration, we have a drinking game, but today at dawn and out of the cracker shop, dot com people saying, oh, no, we're not capitalizing. We will make zero off of this T-shirt proceeds. All proceeds. Every nickel, every dime, every penny. See silver dollar it's going to.


And Dawn and her family and I believe there's a march in Missouri on August 29th of March for peace and actual March for peace.


A real not a protest. Dear God, I hope they have some security there. Yeah. And thank God for President Trump or whoever decided to put her on to get his story and his name out there to see their show people what's really happening in these cities and what it's good men are not coming home to their wives and good women are not coming home to their husbands and their kids when they go out to serve you either as a police officer or somebody just trying to protect a buddy's business.


And by that happening every day, it could have been one of those officers protecting this guy's mom.


We tried to stab, but she was saying the belt buckles are huge.


You know, I think everything for good leather because otherwise I would have him right in the spleen and it would have emboldened my sense of irrational rage, which was a problem.


Let's see what it would say. And Dr. Ben Carson, I learned later, this will explain.


Secretary, is a high position in the government pretty high. Yeah.


You could say it's OK Constitution, as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us, you will rule or ruin and all events, unquote. These words of warning are these words and we have a choice. This is him.


He's projecting a little more because they've turned him up twice as loud as the other speakers. So do we believe they called him melatonin, not melanin?


Now, with help from a limited federal government? What I find so funny is this is the first guy to successfully separate conjoined twins at the brain.


They go, well, why is he in charge of housing and urban development? He doesn't know anything about that. And then you say that we need more people of color from environments from these lower from these lower income. Right. Underserved communities. And then you condemn when someone really what they mean is take someone who is currently on welfare, take someone who is currently a member of the Crips, picked them and put them into the highest office in the land.


Now, this guy no longer counts because he made something of himself, single mom in Detroit, for crying out loud.


Yeah, right. It's as bad as it gets. It's just you said something to support Biden. So, so black. So they want somebody they now want somebody with credentials in the job. Because a minute ago I heard that there's not enough black people in high ranking positions in the government, but it's all that credentials whether they have them or not. How was that?


That was my theme music. They were going to surprise.


Well, Mr. Mr. Tapper, there's there are very few black people in the highest offices in this cabinet. What about Dr. Ben Carson?


He's not qualified. He doesn't know he's a surgeon.


There aren't enough qualified black people outside of doctors.


Jake Tapper, I prefer if we continue with the statement and then go to an ad for reverse mortgages.


Next up, racist, funny rodeo. This isn't this isn't my first rodeo.


Yeah, well, I'm sure he did. Did he do the movie about the mechanical bull or something? Oh, no, no, I don't know the catalog. So there's the other guy like Tom Selleck.


But reverse mortgages are a scam. Yeah.


That video of the guy who said, shoot me and not a word.


OK, yeah.


Let's bring this up in case you try to ban me for repeating what he said.


This is the guy who was shot later on, sex offender as well. Let's roll that clip. We have as well as the potty mouth, I'm sure.


Now, if I were not quoting him and just threw a hot mic of me talking about that story, saying, did you hear? He said, shoot me, nigga, shoot me, nigga. Yeah, repeatedly they would cancel me. Yeah, absolutely. No one brings it up.


A white guy whiter than white, a ginger, which, by the way, is a disgusting recessive gene. I don't want I don't want your viewership gingers.


I can say it. I am one. My dad is a ginger. My brothers a ginger. My aunt is a ginger. And I have partially after my beard. Yeah. I've never noticed.


Well because you have met my dad since he's been gray and this guy in Kenosha, Wisconsin is acts like he's from Compton.


Yeah. I think Wisconsin with a red beard. I mean I think you got some. Your wish is my command. Yeah. Just call your your person traveling zolta machine bandit.


Expect to wake up 13 years younger.


I guess we're going to register Bandyup. What do you got for us, brother?


Yeah, I just wanted to show you some of what's going outside. Well, what's going on outside the White House? We've got a lot of protesters and they're trying to get some bands and other noise making implements out there to drown out Trump speech when he takes the stand. Oh, nice.


And this is where they'll say freedom of speech. No, no. You're just trying to drown out other people's speech. It's not the same thing. It's not the same thing. You let him speak and then you speak. Yeah. Yeah.


Also, the speech is going to be on the Internet, right? Yeah.


Do they not understand, like, they never heard of directional microphones and most people watch it in the clip later.


What's their plan. What are they how are they going to.


I think they're trying to throw Trump off his game like you think he's not used to it at this point, right? Yeah. Like you're playing into the hat. Exactly. You're playing into his game. Essentially, he gets to point at you and say, see, see, those are the people we're fighting against right now. And this is can we get can we get a pair of these assholes?


Look at third music choices. So many assholes. It's so if you actually drive through the hall, you'll end up in Jupiter.


Folks, it's a cosmic bunny asshole.


I was just with Patrick Lynch, New York Police Benevolent Association. Let's see what he has to say. And that guy's got a good hairline. Look at that down his forehead. And then I think we have Donald Trump Jr really soon. So let's hear what he has to say. And then we have Donald Trump Jr. coming up on the line.


A father gunned down while holding his seven year old daughter's hand, a beloved neighborhood peacemaker killed by a stray bullet. A 17 year old who made all the right choices, who worked hard to go to college and earned a sports scholarship murdered before he can tell his mother the news. A one year old child shot dead in his stroller being a good choices.


And it's in Rosetta Stone for English.


Mr. Boston English. Listen to me. Make bad fucking choices. All right, listen, I see you. I see you drag in your ass all over the basketball court, right? Let's get get you get your sorry ass in school, Tommy. Make better choices. You could end up like me one day. Your stupid, useless Kenny.


I think he sounds more New York and Boston. I don't know. I could have taken Tommy's a punk and. Ah so I mean Tommy's screwed. Tommy is the new Karen. Yeah, he is New York.


Who said Boston. Yeah. Somebody else and he looks like Boston man.


He's the East End system. They've passed laws that are impossible. I know it's kind of queens to get the law right.


I apologize to freshman quarterback. It threw me off because.


Because he York City and then I heard Boston. I didn't do away with it.


Don't you want. My God, it's OK. It's all right. All right.


Just so we can race a race. This from the memory of so many assholes out there like, you know, who's not speak. OK, listen, since you asked since you asked, so many people say, is there anybody who's not an asshole? I would never say that. That's what they ask me.


My son is frankly not one not.


And actually, Donald Trump Junior is going to be coming up, I believe, next, we're going to make sure we have his audio right. Donald Trump, Jr.. Yes. Right after this role.


I'm now for The Adventures of the White Privilege Boy. Now, OK, me, Bobbie and John, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, I need you to put your guns down. Can I just keep my gun on me? Trained on you just a little longer, please. Now, boys, you know I'm not supposed to let you do that. Come on. All right. Just make sure it's not loaded. No.


OK, now. OK, not enough.


That tack, right? Yeah. Blinding my eyes. What am I going to do with you?


You let a rapscallion. Oh, those boys.


What pickleball when they find themselves in. Stay tuned for next week's installment of The Adventures of the White Privilege.


Boys out loud last night at all. All right. You know him. You look well. Some it's a love hate for the next guy.


We love with some people here. And you know what it's wrong to hate. It's wrong to hate. But I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate.


A lot of people are going to hate the title of his book. It's Liberal Privilege. Joe Biden and the Democrats Defense of the Indefensible. You can follow him on the Twitter at Donald J. Trump Jr.. Mr. Trump Jr.. How are you, sir?


I'm doing well, man. Good to be back with you guys. I don't know that that's true, but I appreciate it. It's courteous.


We you know, we make some headlines. I drop some bombs. It's fun. I feel like the venue, you know, I can do a little bit more than I can on conventional TV. That's well, that's true.


And that's you know, this is going on tonight. Obviously, you were there the first night. I want to ask you, what is the vibe before I get to here?


But what's the vibe there on the floor at the convention right now? Because it's so radically different from anything we've experienced. There are no people there. How would you describe it?


Well, there is no vibe on the floor because there's basically no floor. I mean, it was sort of interesting. I mean, I'm delivering a speech and I do a lot of that. I'm pretty good at the retail stuff. I want big crowds. I feed off of it. I go totally unscripted. So instead I'm in literally an empty auditorium. There were like three camera guys, but it's a massive auditorium, empty reading a teleprompter. I go, man, this is my wheelhouse.


This is Joe Biden's wheelhouse speech teleprompter. I mean, I was like, whether they're trolling me, they put me in Joe Biden spot. But I guess I can be pretty comfortable there, too.


That's what they do with this convention. They just told them that he was at the Hyatt Ballroom, be in Poughkeepsie, and he was on my speed, I mean, one already, which is why he feels he doesn't have to make an appearance, do an interview or anything like that. I don't know that he knows right now.


I think that's a good point. OK, here's something I want to bring up. I hate to disturb you inside baseball, but there's an article I'm sure you know, is circulating with an unnamed source from The New York Times saying that Donald Trump Jr is saying the quote is, dude, we're losing and that you're scared.


Is there any truth to that now? It's nonsense. You know, I hear about all these inside sources. There's like three people I actually tell my real opinions do in politics, and I guarantee none of them are leaking. So, you know, it's one of those nonsense things. They tried to make it seem like we're afraid of what they may do to us afterwards. I don't know it. I've been you know, they tried to throw me in jail for three years.


Like, you think that's anything that could they do anything that they haven't already been doing for four years. This nonsense, attorney general investigations, you have know, announced conveniently on the first day of the RNC. Obviously, it has nothing to do with politics, David. Nothing, right? No, nothing to do with politics. Just like they sued the NRA the same day that they announced their big ad buy for the you know, for the campaign and for the for this election cycle obviously has nothing to do with politics.


I mean, it's pretty disgusting. So now at this point, I'm sort of numb to all of that stuff. It doesn't even bother me anymore. We just wake up and we fight. Yeah.


And I would assume that they don't call you and ask for comment because that's what happened with yours truly, with Sean diverge, you know, and I just call them and say, hey, Steven Crowder with comment. And they go, what? Like, well, you're the editor in chief. Steven Crowder with comment.


You wrote a piece about me and they get really quiet.


You hear them go into their papers, you can hear the proverbial shit across the publishing floor.


Speaking of which, speaking of politics and timing, your book, it's about Joe Biden and it's about the swamp and it's about the privilege of the Democrats and the indefensible.


How did you get the timing? Because you're put your cranking out books like the only person cranks out so many books. I know. Not named Dinesh.


Yeah, I like that. But honestly, I had no intention of doing another book. I mean, I did triggered last year. It was awesome. I think I was on with you guys talking about it and I had no intention of doing anything else. But then this lockdown happened, Stephen. I couldn't go to work. I wasn't able to campaign. I wasn't able to do anything. I was locked up at home for four months and I started doing just my own research and started saying that we're running against this guy in the media is pretending like this is a blank slate.


Now, Joe Biden, he's wonderful, moderate. He's never done anything, but he's been there for fifty freaking years. What are you talking about? Like, there's got to be something. So I started looking at what I found was amazing and or disgusting, depending on how you look at it. I mean, it's there's so much information there that the media has just totally abdicated their responsibility to talk about nothing to see here. And I don't just mean, you know, the Hunter Biden corruption taking, you know, one point five billion from the Chinese government.


But Joe Biden is going to be tough on China, you know, it's 30 million dollars a year in fees, by the way, to your viewers who don't know how funds work, I mean, there's a two percent management fee, 30 million a year, one hundred billion from the Chinese government. I go on on the record with a very big banker from New York who's talking about how long, how many years, decades it took him to get into China and investment and the diligence, everything.


And, you know, but they're giving crack head Hunter Biden one point five billion in five days, like he's like it didn't he? Don't know if it was crack or run of the mill cocaine. You won't be spreading rumors on my show.


Well, you know, perhaps both. But, you know, skeeball, Trump Junior had a little bit of that. But, hey, they got cocaine trending on Monday because they said that Don Junior, his eyes looked blurry on this. It must be cocaine. But the guy that got thrown out of the military for testing positive for cocaine. Hunter Biden. Yeah. What did you do?


A little cocaine. Did you do a little Colombian goldener nose candy? I went five dollars from the Chinese government. It would be world news. Hunter Biden can take one point five billion and there's nothing to see here. But then you have Joe Biden's help. I go on the record with Ronnie Jackson, who was the White House doctor. You know, he didn't it wasn't Joe Biden's doctor, but he was the White House doctor was around him. And, you know, this is a guy that was a medical professional, a Navy admiral was brought in by Obama and said, listen, as an American citizen, I've seen this guy and I've seen the decline.


In his mental aptitude as a citizen, I'm just concerned like it's not the same. And by the way, if you don't believe me, just go look at a video of Joe Biden on the floor of the Senate like 10 or 15 years ago. It's not the same guy. This guy can't remember where he is 50 percent of the time. But we're going to give him the nuclear football because what could go wrong?


Well, I think with Joe Biden, what happens is you combine that, like you said, the mental ineptitude with the propensity for just lying. And I don't mean lying. Like, listen. Like what? You know, this like your dad obviously working in business, you exaggerate things sometimes or you try and spin it into the you try and lean into the positive. I'm talking about Joe Biden. He's the only guy I've ever seen in the public eye who makes up stories with people he's never met, places that don't exist at times when he couldn't have possibly been there.


And no one checks. It's not even comparable to anyone else.


Beyond that, there's no interest to even look at it. They just take it as gospel. If it's a good story and can move the needle for him. It's it's it's as though it happened, you know, if Donald Trump did something like that and oh, my God, why is this? So, you know, like I said, there was so much there that I sat down and hired a researcher. I mean, it's you know, I got like 40 pages of citations because I want to make sure, hey, this is Lockton.


But, you know, so whether you're talking about Joe Biden, the family draft, his brother, you know, getting involved in all these companies that were all of a sudden magically awarded, you know, multibillion dollar contracts to build housing in Iraq. Minor details he'd never built a home, but also minor details could sit on a board of a Ukrainian oil company, not speaking Ukrainian or not knowing anything about energy.


But but that's a good thing, though, that he's never built a home. Could you imagine Habitat for Humanity? And next to Brad Pitt with his Tinkertoys, toolbelt Hunter Biden shows up.


Don't worry. I got this. You Katrina people. I'm going to build one for you. I think it's a good thing that he's never laid a hand, but that's what I mean.


I came up with a book. It's called Liberal Privilege, because if you're a liberal, if you're part of that party, if you're in that group, you can do say anything. And there's no accountability, right? What's your favorite scandal? You cover a lot and it's just it's abject hypocrisy. So, you know, I thought it was a very fitting title because God knows, you know, for me, I'm the son of a rich guy.


I get it. I've been very blessed and certainly privileged. I don't pretend that I'm not. But man and liberal privilege is a whole new extreme since we all get to hear about so much privilege these days. And I think it's a great point about they talk about as though, oh, no, there's nothing wrong with it. They're totally they're 100 percent sure this is fine.


Two things. First off, it's very telling. You know, that you had four months and you were so bored that you wrote a book. And apparently I'm not in your favorites.


You couldn't give Uncle Steven a call and then you talk a lot. But I think it's a great point that there's no accountability.


There's so many scandals within the left right.


When we talk about the swamp, to me, someone is in the swamp is somebody who really is sort of above the law, not the Steven Seagal film that runs like a girl. That's a classic.


But I do so knowing that. What do you have one of your you talk about a lot of them in the book.


What would you have to pick as your favorite scandal or one that the media has just glossed over it, one stick out that is just so egregious?


Well, you know, I mean, I think a lot of them I mean, the flip flops on race, I mean, I think honestly right now coming out of covid-19, it's the you know, Joe Biden is going to be tough on China narrative. Joe Biden, Joe Biden built China. Joe Biden has spent decades pushing for China's permanent status in the World Trade Organization because he had this foreign mentality of, hey, if we build up China, if we make them rich, maybe they'll become a democracy like us.


Like this has failed for 50 years. And we're still pretending like this same playbook that hasn't worked in decades is going to work. I mean, it's it's asinine. You then you have the son taking it, then you have his quotes where, you know, we're going to still take jobs from here. It's as Joe, if you know how to fix any of these things, why didn't you do it? If you were going to bring jobs to Americans, why do you push for NAFTA and TPP?


Right. Joe Biden has done the only thing Joe Biden has ever created was he has exported our American dream and sent it to China. But now we are to believe that he's the guy to fix it. Guess what, Joe? If you could fix anything, if you could fix a freaking thing, why didn't you do it in the first half a century of your career? I mean, I've heard of late starter Steven. You know, I know guys that take a little while to warm up like six months into a job, maybe a year.


It's been there for half a fucking century. OK, I mean, seriously.


Yeah. Now, he is a late bloomer, though, only like, wait a minute. Don't you think he would have started by now? Don't you think, like, now you're going to do it? Oh yeah. Obviously you should just believe this. Right. He's actually going to do that. He was just warming up, guys. It was all warm up.


And now I think but to be fair, he is a late bloomer. He only started growing plugs in his fifties. So it's not like me. I started shaving in my twenties. I know. We all have we all have our time frame. Let me ask let me ask you this.


How how do you think you guys actually, one more point I wanted to make. That's why Hillary Clinton, by the way, to parallel with Biden, I think the leftist media does not realize how important that point that you just made is.


Barack Obama was basically a junior senator with no voting record.


We pretty much knew that he voted present, except he was really, really pro-abortion. The reason that I think he beat Hillary Clinton in the primary is because of her support of NAFTA. And I know a lot of lifelong Democrats who just picked Obama because of that. And Joe Biden is the same kind of track record. My final question here, speaking of that, the Midwest, how do you think Team Trump wins this? Do you think it's Ohio?


Pennsylvania, what, the so-called Rust Belt or what do you think might be the biggest surprise? Well, you know, I like what I'm seeing in Minnesota. I like what I see in some of these states because honestly state that people are looking at what's going on and they're saying enough is enough. You know, they're seeing riots. And I don't just mean in Portland and stuff like that, but like look at what's going on in Wisconsin. I mean, that's a suburb.


Yeah. You know, this isn't right. And I'm watching and the DNC last week. Right. It was a four day never ending. I hate America Zoome call it felt like I was watching a less intellectual version of my child's kindergarten. Zoome It was a it was a mess. I guess they lost all of their production value ever since Harvey Weinstein went to prison, but.


Oh true story. True story guys.


I don't know that you can say true story, but I like it not. But here at the RNC you're seeing, you know, people who have lived the American dream, people who've experienced incredible stories and got to tell them in a place that they obviously could only be done in America. This isn't something that you could happen in Cuba. I mean, when you see Matt Alvarez the other night when you saw the Herschel Walker story, you know, juxtaposed with Vernon Jones, but I mean, so many of these speakers with these incredible stories to me, like, man, I'm watching.


This is like this makes me proud to be an American. Yasui, if you liked anything about America, you're seeing the boat race. Obviously, you know where it was.


That was that was that a mongoloid mixed with Arnold Schwarzenegger? I don't know what voice that was. Yes.


That had to do to do America. I don't know what people you want to live your life. You want a couple of your taxpayer dollars to go to your children rather than to pay for college for illegals. Oh, it's so terrible that you would want that for yourself out of money that you fought for for decades. Oh, you're horrible, man.


That is a bit of Steeves on in there. This is a bizarre obsession.


Let me. Yeah, no, I think that's a very good point. I appreciate that you pulled no punches here tonight. My final question for you is, what can we expect here at the end of your dad obviously is wrapping it up here tonight. You spoke you gave a speech, the whole family.


This is the last night for president Donald Trump pops, as you know him, to speak directly to the voters. Is there anything we should expect or you'd hope to see?


I think you're going to see a continued message of hope. You know, a guy that like all politicians, right. We're used to our politicians coming in and making promises like he did in 16. He was no different than anyone else in 16. Now he's actually delivered on those promises. He's brought back manufacturing jobs. He had the lowest unemployment rate ever. You know, he had the highest new startup numbers, you know, in the history of America for minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics, women, you know, everything I mean.


Yeah. When when and when did it become acceptable, Stephen, that the anomaly in our political class was someone who actually does the things they said they were going to do. You know what? That's that's a good point. And as a recovering home at the anomaly, and why aren't we sick of the fact that it is an anomaly, you know, but no, but no. Joe Biden, again, after 50 years, he's the guy he's going to like.


No one believes. I don't think anyone is that stupid, including the Democrats. What they like Joe Biden, because they know that Kamala Harris is going to be in charge and she's the extreme left that they love. But they love Joe Biden because they can go to someone and Middle America and they can try to convince him that he's a moderate, but he's not you're not a moderate with Beto O'Rourke, as your guns are. You're not a moderate with Kamala as your VP, and you're sure as heck not a moderate with the Bernie Sanders joint unity platform that's on his website.


Joe Biden doesn't know where he is. He's a puppet of the radical left. But the media and the DNC, which they're one and the same. Right. There's not really a distinction anymore. Good point there. One and the same. But they can paint that picture to middle America. No, no, no. Look, moderate Joe from Scranton, minor details. He left when he was seven, you know, and he's been an elected official since his 20s, but he's a blue collar Joe.


Guys, run with that shirt.


And I love how they make it sound altruistic, like he left the private sector to serve his community as though he was good enough to continue clerking. It's like we come on.


We all know what happened. He was he was a terrible student. He saw that he lied about it. That's not a problem he can lie about. It is terrible. Stewart then he lies about those things. Then he runs for president every decade or two. Right. In eighty eight, he got he had to withdraw for plagiarizing a speech. He plagiarized his own speech the other night. He couldn't run away if he didn't remember. Yeah. He didn't remember because he doesn't know Steve and.


No, no, no seriously.


If you're if it was to be so condescending. If it weren't true. But yes.


But that's my point. It would be sad. People like. But don't you feel bad? I go, yeah, I feel bad. If it was a grandfather that had these kind of this kind of mental decline, I feel scared that this is someone that could be in charge of the nuclear football. And we're pretending like the elephant in the room doesn't exist. Right. Like it's asinine. If Donald Trump had a one Joe Biden ism, they'd be calling for the Twenty Fifth Amendment and every television psychologist would be on TV.


I mean, honestly, they kind of did.


They kind of did with your dad going person, woman, TV camera. And it's like he's showing that he can remember. In liberal privilege and by the way, for those who ask the big thing they they always ask me about was like, you have a signed copy. So on my own website, don't you? And your dotcom, Dongara, dotcom, you can get the signed version as well as the regular, but it'll be available on Amazon this weekend.


Barnes Noble Dotcom Books-A-Million the usual suspects, but I searched Amazon. I couldn't find it yet. So it's this weekend not yet available. They should go on this weekend, it up Tuesday, but you can get it now and preorder on Dongjun your dotcom. Because I know a lot of our guys were also like, do you have a place where I can buy it? That's not Amazon. I don't want to give them the business. I said you should get it on my own website.


You can check it out there, but there's a lot in there like that. And you know, again, if Donald Trump had the two brain aneurysms, you know, this is what I talk about with Ronnie Jackson right there, actually, because for like maybe we should question his mental acuity. Right. This actually happened to Joe Biden. Not one to ask any any credible doctor. Don't say it's Joe Biden, because if they're liberals, they're any credible doctor.


What is the percentage chances that someone could have a serious aneurysm, put you in a coma in your brain, an explosion in your brain, that it wouldn't affect your ability to think later? They'd say it's almost zero. Now, if you had two of those, they'd say it's less than zero percent chance. Yeah. And then when you see this stuff manifest itself in real life and pretend it's totally normal.


He's a brilliant oratory. Wonderful.


I think that's I I think you're right. And I think what's most important is to go back to your previous point. Yeah.


If there is cognitive decline and statistically speaking, it's more than highly likely you have to look at the platform of the DNC and the people who are directly surrounding him. And even if Joe Biden, if you accept that he remarked that he's a moderate, you cannot accept that Harris and AOK and Bernie and Warren and Beto O'Rourke are.


So it doesn't matter. It's a moot point in the book.


Well, that's to me, that's the game the media is playing. Right. They want that because, again, they're trying to paint a picture of this guy, but those are the people who are going to be making decisions. Right. No one believes Joe Biden is going to be even if Joe Biden has his faculties, he doesn't. That doesn't have the strength to push back. Ready? Yeah. So that's why I had to help them off the stage the other night.


I mean, it's just different. It's sad. It's sad. It's sad. I feel bad. Now, you said you said Vice President Joe Biden, the thirty one flavors.


You'll find him there thirty one hours later, dehydrated. So I don't want to take any joy in the book.


Is liberal privilege Joe Biden and the Democrats defense of the indefensible.


Not a on Amazon right now, but Don Junior dot com, which is good to know actually, because I will be looking for a signed copy and I'm amazed you turn this around so quickly. Donald Trump, Junior, always a pleasure doing nothing.


I mean, I couldn't go to work. They can't get it. You know, I was at home and, you know, I started reading it and pretty quickly I was like, I just got to get this out there. And honestly, I self published because I wasn't even sure that I would be able to finish it. Right. If the quarantine would have ended in a month, I wouldn't have had time to finish it. I would have been on the campaign trail.


So I literally turned down a big offer from a publisher, but also because so many of the publishers these days are actually trying to manipulate the content in conservative books. I have friends that have written like conservative bestsellers, you know, top ten bestsellers. And, you know, they get notes from their publisher. I don't like this tweet that you put up. It's not like a controversial tweet. It's not like a Q tweet or anything like that.


It's just like conservative, like mainstream conservative thought. And they're like, yeah, don't do that. And they have a lot of power because, you know, some of these guys they make their living with this way. And so, OK, I won't do that. And you see the articles, whether it be the article in The Atlantic talking about I have a responsibility to shut down conservative thought because I'm an idiot know.


So I don't think that's in the byline, but it may not be, but it's basically there.


No, I understand you're paraphrasing. Yeah. And that is great that you did to help more people follow suit.


The publishing industry is kind of a little bit of a racket and we need some high profile people doing it themselves. Liberal privilege. Joe Biden, the Democrats defense of the indefensible. Donald Trump, Jr., thank you very much. We must go. Your dad's going to be here soon. And you know, we have to have equal Trump time, obviously.


Have a good one, guys. Good assistant. Get ready for now. That's what I call Toorop in this compilation, your favorite president makes these hits his own go go chasing GDP.


The median income is a better match.


And who can forget the beat? But Kingson splish splash.


They were taking that back and it was a couple voted on by the attendees at the weekly White House talent show.


This collection is sure to make you want to get up and dance.


Dekay Don't lose my number, not replace Petch with someone else. I might have and decided to put the police because they worked really, really hard news.


It's all fake news B.i.g..


That's how you spell Hillary B.i.g.. She did it for Hillary. Welcome to California. There's a whole the straight poop all over the place, lots of poop now.


That's what I call Toorop once you call one 800 621 for details. You. I love that commercial played after the president, so, yeah, those are some classics, though.


That's what I call every now and then I'll get some communication from him, like, can you believe this? I'm like, no, Donald Trump Jr..


I can't believe that you are the son of the commander in chief.


Yeah, me. Right. I can't believe they got that book out so quickly. Yeah, we were sure you were. You almost grew up.


You're like, let's just grab the book. They said, well, no, it's a different book you like. It's is different. Wow.


That's crazy.


Prolific, by the way. Real quick, the criminal justice reform advocate, you made the point earlier. He needs to hit on this because he's done more for criminal justice reform than anybody else.


Seems to me that they cared about it. And again, it's not that Kamala Harris has gained weight. No, it is someone different who is different from opposite. Yeah.


Michael Harris on criminal justice. Let's go to that really quickly.


And I think we have a clip from Van Jones day in this, too. And we see the Special Olympics. Oh, that's right. Yes. She was the one who was let out.


Yeah, I work with disabled women because the only thing worse than unjustly imprisoning my body is trying to imprison my mind. My transformation was described as extraordinary.


You know what? I get in trouble because this is racial. A lot of people tend to be naturally better speakers than white people.


Who does? All the justices have been better than Dr. Ben Carson notwithstanding, but blessed.


He lowers the ice a little more comfortable. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, if you look at sort of even black church comparing it with white church, it's far more interactive. Yeah, it's less sort of scripted. Yeah.


I think it's just cultural rhythms to them. Speaking with the arts that come from the black community. And this is we should be able to recognize the difference. If you look at free styling, you know, dropping a cipher, not like Eminem, what's aside from dropping a cipher as a drug?


That's great. Whatever good weight said it in a very white voice, but nothing really stood out.


And there have been so many black speakers, by the way, or as that lady was. Jake Tapper on CNN calls them a figment of your imagination.


Yes, Uncle Tom's, I think, is I think that some of the most important being black people who work with President Trump, who have been direct beneficiaries is a beneficiary or beneficiary beneficiary.


I think it's the second one beneficiaries. But you don't want to be a fish. Yeah, you don't.


And you end up with a joke I would make, though. I think that's good. I think this is a good thing.


And it also makes it it gives it that much more teeth when they talk about supporting the police. Right now, by the way, the hashtag is crowd or RNC stream. The promo code is Krider, RNC stream. You get twenty dollars off if you join my club at a lot of dot com club and we're going to do an exclusive mug club extended here when we wrap up on YouTube.


And I'm taking your chats and giving our predictions for the election, please do consider joining up not only to get this wonderful hand extra courtesy mug, but what allows us to do these streams were 77000 people, if you were watching me in a fun time.


Yeah, exactly.


And I think you made a really quick point, if we have time, that that Donald Trump is bringing up people to speak that have been direct beneficiaries, like you said, of his policies. Yes, you're right. That didn't happen at the DNC, to my understanding. Right. So we've seen not only people that benefit from what he's done, the farmers and the people that have come up on the other nights, people that have been had commuted sentences or people that have been let out, people that have had programs supported.


But also he's bringing up people that Joe Biden will let him out of this. Well, they did let him out, but he's also a rope, a rope of bedsheets and ended up in. Yeah, well, you don't have to climb out of he's in the basement. He just walks up and out.


Well, these are people who are affected by people who are affected by Kamala Harris policies or. Yeah, I don't get Skype in prison.


Go ahead. I want to go to Mona.


Not just here, this message, but that you will be inspired by my story and your compassion would lead you to take action for those who are forgetting this, what our president, Donald Trump, did for me and for that I will be forever grateful. God bless you. God bless President Trump. And God bless America.


Drink. There we go. Nice job. Good God bless America. All right. You are going to so really quickly. Yeah.


So but you're also seeing people and it's heartbreaking to hear Dawn's widow speak, but you're hearing people tell you here's what happens when these policies that the left are pushing are put in place. This is what happens to lives. We had a family on here whose daughter was kidnapped and killed by ISIS. Donald Trump took care of ISIS. So he's taking care of that. You've got riots and looting going on right now. Donald Trump is pushing. You made a good point that he should be pushing a little bit harder now, especially now that we know that these Democrat run cities and states are just hands off.


I'm a libertarian on that. Send and send the troops and I'm the same way states rights until they do that. Feds. It's very nice. We can do hard. So there we go. It's not bad, you're not bad. That was way, not way to jump in. Yeah, I was. I was I was trying to find a third.


Yeah, I know what he's talking about to make it a third between all that. But I guarantee you, with all of that said, they're going to be like, well, Donald Trump didn't say very much about what he was going to do. You know what he's going to do? He's going to do what he was doing before Coronavirus happened that produced the best economy that we've had in a very long time. And changes in people's lives that need it most right now is going to get back to doing that.


The stuff that you don't cover because you are worried about Russians peeing and frickin they just showed Barack Obama a direct comparison, a direct contrast.


Barack Obama got by on doing very little. If anything, the greatest accomplishment was a health care mandate. He skated by on his personality. Donald Trump has enacted an incredible amount of policy and made some big changes that even Van Jones admitted specifically regarding criminal justice reform in spite of his personality. And let's be honest, that's his weak point with the American public when you actually pull them on the issues and where he stands. And if they don't know that it's Donald Trump, they like it.


But because it's Donald Trump, it's a little bit tough. So Barack Obama, his personality was all he had. Donald Trump would probably be served to let his policy speak for itself a little bit more.


Let's take that as a clip of Van Jones addressing American hero Kyle Rittenhouse.


Am I correct, Reggie Bandit. Yeah, we have that here, just Van Jones is generally saying that it's all Trump's fault that this vicious vigilante went out and shot people unprovoked and ends with a nice call to beat up the kid for a specific reason. Well, you just ruined the you just ruined their reason.


Let's see what that what what is Van Jones do?


What a lot of people think that Van Jones isn't what he is, but he be let's go pick the kid up like Donald Trump.


We should beat this kid up or because he is doing irresponsible things have been pulled into an irresponsible movement that the president needs to denounce.


Really, he's the irresponsible one. Yeah. Thank you for giving us that. We should beat him up. Yeah. Then you complain about people defending themselves violently.


And by the way, let's not allow these goalposts to be moved. Wasn't vigilante justice. It wasn't Paul Kersey firing through the New York Times newspaper and a bunch of a bunch of hoodlums in the subway.


This was a guy who went out there with a medic pack with the first aid kit, was providing help to people he disagreed with, by the way. That story needs to be told, was cleaning up graffiti. And still in the moment, people weren't chasing him and trying to bash his brains in.


He wasn't shooting. He only shot when they continued to pursue him. And maybe we can grab that that image, that still of the guy who he finally shot in the bicep with the gun. Keep this in mind. If you say it's not self-defense, a half second later and Kyle Rittenhouse is dead. Yeah, a bullet to the head. Yeah. Let me know when you have that image so we can bring it up. Yeah.


And if you want to talk about dangerous movements, wouldn't you categorize BLM and Antifa as dangerous movements? What movement was Rittenhouse a part of? What's what's fourteen thousand arrests.


Very well. Come on. Burning a country down in months. It's a billion dollars in damage. It's a drop in the bucket.


It really is. And it's around. It's Congress. It's actually let's be real here. The damages are mostly in minority communities and gets their vote. We'll see you in another four years.


We'll promise to clean it up next time around. Yeah, it is unreal to not allow this to be moved. This wasn't vigilante justice. And by the way, I said this a long time ago. You can expect more vigilantism.


Yeah, that's because BLM, you advocated for it, defund the police, Harry, and replace it well with social workers and with citizen patrols. Well, and what else what else do you expect from the people?


What else. Yeah, exactly. What else do you expect from people who say that you don't have a right, the right to own a gun in the first place? Of course, they're going to say that you're a vigilante for having guns. The people that marched in Michigan protesting the lockdown orders that had weapons just over their shoulders, basically, they weren't in their hands. They weren't pointing them at anybody. And the media just went into a frenzy because they were so scared that a human being who is less likely to commit a crime than a cop had a gun in public.


Advocate, really quickly, do you think she's wearing a corset? Are those just natural dimensions?


Because that is impressive. No, I don't mean and I don't want to go with it. I mean, she she's like that was the name of that actress from White Christmas.


She had the tiny waist, but the hips, she's like a dance. Perfect v Tiffany Melania Trump. Very good looking woman.


Ivanka baumkuchen Laura, our hearts are with you. The president will continue to support you every step of the way. And just like Americans always do, the nation will come together to help you rebuild your homes, businesses and communities stronger and more resilient than ever before.


You know, I haven't seen a lot of fact checking at CNN. It's actually, by the way. The whole country will come together for you. The country will rebuild it and half the country will continue to tear it down until they've been checked. I hate true. I hate to sow division nominee. You did it first time of the year past the point of where's the common mistake to burn stuff down before you shoot people and hit it off. Sorry, no more coming to the people's president.


Yeah. And if you're sad, if you're sitting by cheering it on your part of the bad part of the process. Right.


And saying that they're justified in being out there with guns in chief, the leader of the American worker, defender of common sense and our voice for the forgotten men and women of this country. He is our president and my father, Donald J. Trump. To demonstrate how the president's naming his name is a drink, he's the president, that we're going to be dropped, the leader I know and they're already drunk, Sam, every American I want that's uncle to have a president who I thought she was introducing him.


No, I just think that's one thing to sometimes say with the Trump family.


They think they know how to perform a little better than they do. It's like, yes. And on their right, you went a little too far.


I do that once when I was in Wyoming because so Steven Crowder does this and he goes then he goes to the resume and he goes, so here he is doing this.


And if everyone ladies and gentlemen, you ladies and gentlemen. Right, whoever it is, ladies and gentlemen, David Pride. If I was a bunch of ladies and gentlemen, you know Bill Burr, you don't go.


So Bill Burr does all the stuff and hope you like him.


And then what is. Yeah, Trogir is an art form. Do we have that picture? Yeah, we do. Here's the picture, by the way, for people who haven't seen it, Reg the Bandit.


Now, that's a picture of him after afterwork.


I'm saying there is a picture out there right now of him trying to say that gun like walking up to him with his gun. He's about to raise the gun.


He's within point blank range of of Rittenhouse and he gets shot in the arm.


So that picture is what happens when you try to point a gun at somebody's head and kill them. That is the right after that.


Yeah. Or as I like to call it, a happy ending. Do we have. Well, I don't know how clear the video is. Yeah, it wasn't very clear. Let's show the video. But then there should be a state where you can actually see him because remember, at first, keep in mind, they said he was just he just had a phone.


Yeah. That was a long shot. A guy who was just playing Angry Birds.


Oh, let's show the video really quickly, I guess, if we have it. And then let's go to that still, if we can find it. Do we have the video one, two, three now. Oh, come on, can it is is it because we have slow Internet and by the way, here we go. OK, there you go. Yeah. Yeah. Can we play that again. So then we'll grab the screen shot right there.


What he's doing is he's raising his hand. That's a gun to his head. He's getting within point blank range it people swinging around to point his head that he's right there a millisecond later.


Let me make sure there's no margin for error here and I'm going to shoot him point blank in the head.


You know, what's really important, too, is the other guy right behind him and to the right has his hands up and is backing away. And Kyle didn't shoot him at all. Right. Right. He showed incredible restraint. This was not somebody out there trying to shoot as many people as he could. And by the way, we made a point. We've talked about this earlier. Three white guys got shot. If this is a white supremacist out there who's doing this now on sex offenders.


Well, yes, exactly. But I mean, it wasn't he wasn't going out there. He's not a white supremacist going out there trying to shoot black people or people of color of any kind. Right. Video. Here's the thing.


If you don't show the video, no one would realize that it's white guys who got shot. Go reading the transcript. Shoot me, nigga. Shoot me, nigga.


This guy went out and shot a bunch of black people, right? Because we've been taught that, of course, anyone who says that word must be black or you should. We're racist.


Like I said, quoting, by the way, don't don't read of Mice and Men or any Sallinger if you don't want to be caught on a hot mike ever reading a quote that includes the N-word, even with an egg.


So people would read that and be like, oh, I guess he shot a black or blazing white sex offender. So, you know. Yeah, me too. Do we have that image at all?


I think it's still trying to find their shot. OK. All right. Let's go back to your. Go ahead.


I do have some good news about earlier we were talking about how the go fund me was pulled back down. Yeah. Right now. And it's funny because the Go Fund Me account, you know, on Twitter tweeted out a link to support the guy who hit him with a skateboard.


All right. Yeah, of course. So support this hero who tried to stop this. This man. Yes. Also one me the corporate account is calling him a hero.


But Lin Wood, the lawyer for Nick Sandeman, has taken up his case pro bono, good, pro bono, pro bono, White Foundation, Inc. and it's a one C four foundation. And so if you want to help him out with his legal plan, you can give to that. So this all sounds great, Lin Wood. So that that is some good news.


Yeah, I don't want to see Americans go. Well, you know, it's not. No, listen, no, it's not an ideal situation. I understand that. But this kid is innocent. This kid is innocent. Do not let this kid be railroaded because you're afraid of losing your job. I don't care. I'm willing to get cancer. Yeah. I'm willing for this to be banned here tonight. And I got my half Asian lawyer on retainer and we will go after them hard if they're going to try and cancel me for quoting the man, the sex offender who was shot and use the N-word.


They're going to try and cancel us for reenacting the actual interactions with the police officers. They're going to try and cancel us for saying that this kid actually was in the right, that this kid a hero because he went out to protect and he's not a hero because he shot people know he's a hero because he went out there to clean up businesses and protect them.


And people saying, oh, he came in from out of state and fled justice. First off, he went to the cops himself. Second, his his drive. If you look at where he's from, I think it's Antioch, Illinois. It's less than the average American's work commute.


OK, he's right on the state line of Illinois and Wisconsin. This guy didn't drive in from California or drive. He didn't drive in from Santa Cruz and leave incognito. He drove twenty minutes from his house. Serve the businesses and the protesters, by the way, all day by offering medical assistance, protected his life, went to the cops, told them exactly what happened, then went home to bed. Yeah.


And I thought that borders were imaginary and didn't. But yeah, but but when he crosses, I was like, by the way, when's the last time anybody fled to Illinois?


Like, nobody leaves to Illinois. You always flee. Well, they don't understand that.


It's not like like for example, was Quami the mayor there of Detroit, he left to Dallas. I don't think Interclick. They don't have to extradite you. Yeah. It's the same country. So like Panama treaty that you have to worry about. And by the way, every one of us in this room would have the exact same opinion if Kyl were black, thought he was black and shot three white guys, we would have done it. Doesn't matter.


His behavior is what matters. His skin color does not matter for the movement that is saying that we shouldn't be looking at skin color. You're doing an awful lot of looking at people's skin color, and it's the only thing that matters to you.


It's stupid. I want to take private shooting lessons from Kyle Rittenhouse.


Let's go back to the with a gun. I keep it pretty good. Jeffrey Trump, go back to Ivanka Trump when he or she has said, keep in mind, she's doing this with a bunch of protesters and signs saying that, Ivanka, would you have a better angle of the picture?


So we have that let's show that picture of the Kyle Rittenhouse and the guy with the gun here really quickly. There you go.


So that guy is raising the gun right there.


Look, you can see that on the gun all a half a second and you see the gun temple. His gun is not on his gun is. How impressive is that? Yeah.


That the guy between this bring that picture up between this and this. So between that movement works. I decide between this and this, Kyle. Got his rifle over and shot him in the arm, right, and now the only thing I would say is if by chance this is the after, if he's already shot him because it does look like there's some blood on his bicep, if you can pull that back up, if that's the case, the recoil, but only but it only makes my point.


He had his gun pointed at the guy behind him who had his hands up and was backing away his fingers and he did not fire at the guy. So either way, he showing great disgust. Compare trigger control. Yeah, exactly. To trigger a cell phone, right? Exactly right. Yes.


It was a Snapchat filter. Really? No, it's one of those things where let me take a selfie comes out and it says, bang. Yeah. You know, because I just wanted to go.


I was just growing up. I'm a citizen journalist. I just wanted to put a puppy face on him with my Snapchat. And then all of a sudden I'm like, oh, boy. By the way, I expected tonight.


Yeah, you there are. And I hate seeing this because when we're watching a video like that, I'm glad that Kyle defended himself. I'm always going to be glad that he defended himself and he wasn't killed by a mob of people because he probably would have been especially the guy with the gun. But the snap decisions that these people made that you see the guy with the skateboard, he runs over, grabs a skateboard, runs over and thinks he thinks in his mind there's no consequence for this whatsoever.


I can run over and hit this guy in the head and be on a YouTube video somewhere on Facebook and Instagram. There wasn't until real until the last eight years ago with this kind of thing.


Yeah, exactly.


That you join my club and support us because guess what, if we were still beholden to ABC, NBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, none of them you would none of them would have ever covered.


The guy had a single pointing at his head.


They wouldn't they wouldn't cover that. And so he he probably thought he lives in that world where he probably won't understand that there's media like this out there. And he thought, well, you know what?


Doesn't matter if I show up with a gun and they're not going to cover me because of my political opinions. Oh, another thing here really quickly. We have seen from Reg. What does it dredge bringing up?


Yeah, so we have some violence breaking out outside the White House. We have an elderly man that was walking. I think the woman he was walking with had to be a Trump supporter and gear on and you get surrounded and sucker punched.


Do we have the footage? Yes. Oh, my God. All right. Well, warning saying, watch out.


Punch in the back of the head that the predator now he's the one starting trouble.


Y'all are the ones accosting him.


Did he punch the guy at the back of that video, though? The old man moved him out of him, out of the way. I didn't look like a punch. He's just trying to get to safety. Yeah, he's trying not to be there.


What happened when you get the massive loss that we have? Do we have any more of them? Did it get any more severe than that? Or was it just that punch to the back of the head, you know?


Yeah, it was just a sucker punch. You seem to take it pretty well, in my opinion. I didn't even notice it.


It was a lot of the guards had the guy sitting with Conor McGregor when he told him his whiskey sucked.


Oh, and by the way. Yeah. See right there.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. They get in his face and he's just. Yes. A predator, I'm telling you, the woman. Yeah, but here's the thing.


They would all beat the crap out of them if they had their way. So this is going on while Ivanka Trump is giving a speech. Let's go back to her speech to see if she's rattled. She is.


Very few years ago in Cleveland, I said President Trump, Cleveland again for working women. Last year, over 70 percent of all new jobs were secured by women.


Some of those papers are going to focus on making affordable and accessible is waiting for it.


In President Trump's first term, we secured the largest ever increase for child care funding, giving more than, strangely enough, GTP takes a nosedive in four days each month at a cost they can afford as part of kids.


All this time and trouble, sir, but the only way to pay them seventy seven percent so well works and balances out. The profit margins are incredible.


If that were true, they would be hiring only if that were true. After one year it would just be too cute.


Madi sisters.


Yes, Chef. Sisters. I wouldn't be able to increase the child tax credit does. Yet when I'm fighting less than three years ago at the President's direction to get Congress to double the child tax credit, not a single Democrat voted to pass the law. We got it done anyway. Nice. It's kind of like throws it in their face and then just then just smiles for the feeling they hate more than somebody actually talking concrete policy his first year is pretty woman talking.


Yeah, and regardless of how safe people may feel, watching the Democratic Convention with no audience and audience really helps. Yeah. So it's like not actually hearing somebody cheer at Six Feet apart and they don't have mass drama.


covid was a shame. And that's all they're saying. That's all they're going to say tomorrow.


They were going to win this because once they realized Don Lemon was talking about how it's hurting them in the polls. But you get that clip, actually, Chris Cuomo, because which polls we've haven't seen all these polls.


They have, I don't know, poll that once they see that the riots are hurting them in, the polls are going to go back to covid. And like I'm saying, that that's not going to gain them much ground either way, because people who are going back to work right now are realizing, yeah, this is what we should be doing all along.


Yeah, there is no winning path for them.


There's nobody there. But other than just saying Joe Biden isn't Trump any of avoids the debates.


He's my father's champion or not. Historically, Republican priorities get where Washington chooses sides. Our president chooses common sense where politicians choose party, our president chooses people.


I'm actually a big supporter of that. If your party is wrong on an issue, you don't just support the party blindly.


He took the if President Trump in this party, they don't do more to quell these riots.


I will not vote for President Trump because you can do everything that you're doing from tweet that it's time to start using the National Guard.


But it's too late. There needs to be a whole lot more right now.


And Americans need to understand in no uncertain terms, President Trump, that they will not be prosecuted and raked over the coals for defending their families, their businesses.


You Americans need to understand that Washington has their back right now so that 17 year olds don't have to show up and keep law and order. Yeah, exactly, not advocating vigilante justice, what I'm saying is I want to see those business owners on top of their own roofs. I want to see them in their own houses, armed and protecting their own property, so that so that then there's no murky water. Right? Then it's not muddy at all because people know what this person was protecting your house.


Unfortunately, people have to go out and protect other people's houses. We see that David Dorn, he went out, was protecting a friend's store, written Rittenhouse. He went out and was protecting other businesses, other churches.


Why aren't the churches protecting the churches?


Why aren't the businesses protecting the businesses? Because they see what happens. They don't happen to David Dorner. They see what happens and they see what happens to the cops. Yeah.


If cops can't defend themselves, which is what we've seen in a couple of recent cases, Richard Brooks, and obviously the one we just saw who can if cops who are trained to do this and have license to do it, can't defend themselves right now. Who can?


Because people people are operating out of fear and they have to at some level and they have to weigh the amount of risk of actually defending their stuff, which is sad.


They're being forced into that position, to being forced backwards. We're being forced into neighborhoods, being protected by militia groups. Right. I have to go out and join my neighborhood militia. Right, exactly.


You puke. That was my wife. Do you believe in Jesus? You're going to meet him being insane.


Notice that totally unloaded. Be clear. It is unloaded. I didn't swing right past me.


I go down this way. Oh no. Didn't and Brendan had a firearm aimed at me. No, he never Behringer.


And this is a gun that I've had for a while. Let's just be honest. What are the odds of it happening twice to the same guy? I mean, it's good point.


So, hey, come on, lightning can strike twice. No, no, really can.


I saw a special on Discovery. Oh, jeez.


I have no idea that sea turtles come out at night and so many eggs they do. I saw that last night. I need to cancel my cable in Hawaii.


Do we have the video of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo? All right. Let's go to that really quickly, because here's this. This is very telling. Don Lemon says we need to do something about this because it's showing up in the polls, not the fact that there are fourteen thousand arrests right now. The fact that there are nine under officer casualty's not the fact we're approaching a billion dollars in damage, not the fact that there are over thirty people dead, but the fact that it's hurting.


Vice presidential candidate, vice president, presidential candidate Joe Biden, just Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, sleepy Joe Trippi.


The fact that it's hurting him.


Well, now, Don Lemon, who now the man has had his fill.


Let's go to Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo talking about the riots really quickly.


And I think maybe Joe Biden may be afraid to do it. I'm not sure. Maybe he will. Maybe he is. He's got to address it. He's got to come out and talk about it. He's got to do a speech like Barack Obama did about race. He's got to come out and tell Botox those eyes that he is going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country and that what's happening now is happening under Donald Trump's watch on Donald Trump's watch.


And he is blaming the anti police sentiment to President Trump.


Then they will take care of this problem. But guess what? The rioting has to stop.


Chris, as you know and I know it's showing up in the polling, it's showing up in which polling, by the way, we've been seeing it, is the only thing it is the owner telling us that all the polls show Joe Biden ahead by a very steady Gertha margin.


And the Democrats tonight stuck with that. Right. And they also stuck with the theme that you said. The coronavirus, you got coronavirus and you have Kenosha, I do, right, putting putting that at Donald Trump's feet, by the way, it was totally fine for people to protest there like.


Yes, protest and riot and loot and just do all of the I know the protesting. You're about to hit me with your hat. I think the rioting and looting and then all of the sudden they're thinking, oh, this is only thing that people care about. Yes. Because safety and security are primary.


Yeah. The economy can be in the tank and be ready to make roles.


Yes, exactly. OK, let's see. You just got a standing. She's done.


I think she's right. Here we go. Lady Gaga. I need another beverage dredging for President Donald Trump right now. We are going to watch most of this.


Yes, you can hear it on this show because let's be honest, we don't need all this good stuff. I love it. How much is he just going to, like, twist the dagger into Democrats?


I hope he just walks over to the CNN press kit, bring over an actual like an actual sample of carpet and rubs their face and should be his business like Donald Trump.


Look, I'm going to pitch in the car. Hey, Don Lemon, just. You like it, don't fall down the stairs, don't you?


I know in that clip shows that Don Lemon, as much as they might try to pretend to be these moral crusaders, they're just pragmatists. They just want their guy on. Well, and I don't know, he's like, you know, Joe Biden has to address it to his credit, very, very point. A one percent credit. He gave the most tepid response that I've ever seen to riots and looting going on. Now, guys, I don't know.


Calm down. Yeah, exactly. You don't need a riot. Come on. You know, no one needs that. And then he moves on. Yeah.


You know what's out there? Yeah.


A couple of Uncle Uncle Joe with a present in his pocket and in the parking lot. Uncle Sniffer, don't you think you should give it a little bit more than that?


The president is about to talk. And by the way, shouldn't we not have to tell you four months later to say something about it if you really are going to be the leader of the free world like you want to be?


Oh, thank you. Thanks for Bow. Wow. Laughing That's a different beer.


You can leave it if you want. I'll just I'll just turn the label. All right.


Let's go and watch. They're still clapping for Donald Trump, though. They shouldn't have a crowd watch. That's going to be the story.


Only distance. No man's going to be way worse, right? No, I'm glad they're doing this.


He should. Did Melania and kiss her right now? Yeah. Here you go. Or do the lift.


I want to right now with like I say to my wife, the best things happen when it gets really making the numbers and you have a mail order bride in your arms you never have before.


You're really in a performance mood tonight.


You know, in a white Christmas, a personal clang, clang, clang. Went to try that.


Oh, my God. Damn it, Ted. Wow. Anyone who says that just not physically more attractive than Michelle Obama. That's a bold dress. She grabs the mighty, slings it up and how she looks.


I thank you very much. Thank you very much. That's right. Thank you. Thank you very much. You know what? I think so funny.


You can grab this office or you can take a rest, because I know you want these. Thank you. I stand before you tonight, honored by your support, proud of the extraordinary progress we have made together over the last four incredible years and brimming with confidence in the bright future we will build for America over the next drink.


America, years ago, by the way, I think Brautigan was drunk three hours ago. Yeah, we have this evening.


Brautigan be our thoughts are with the wonderful people who have just come through the wrath of Hurricane Laura. Yeah, we are working closely with state and local officials in Texas, Louisiana, and all this is being delivered with people out there who are violently assaulting Trump supporters.


No effort to save this close to a riot outside of the White House hurricane was fierce, one of the strongest, I think Joe Biden in one.


And by the way, there would be changes depending on their general crap last night. But only one person, maybe two people mentioned the hurricane got what more people should mention, the hurricane. Now it's over.


And then when he was then we can cope and maybe not do the speech tonight. Yeah, they were condemning when John McCain did that back.


I can remember the hurricane. Someone probably remembers. They said it was a political stunt. There's no way with that. Listen, I'm glad that he's speaking right now. There's not even there's not even a light drizzle. Good this weekend.


And congratulations. Thank you for that great job out there. We really appreciate it.


We are one national family and we will always protect, love and care for each other. Here tonight are the people who have made my journey possible and filled my life with so much joy. For her incredible service to our nation and its children, I want to thank our magnificent first lady. Get another drink, drink, drive, by the way, they're going to set the scene has been saying this is nepotism, right? Like Chelsea Clinton never made a public appearance.


Right. Michelle Obama from out. Michelle Obama greatest contribution was that she had sex with Barack just enough to keep up appearances. And that's it. That's it.


There are no other two confirmed times because there's an amazing Dauterive. There are ways around that from across the room. All of my children.


Ivonka, please stand up. Thank you. All of the kids I do, all of my children and grandchildren, if you would have told me that you don't have daughters who look exactly like him and there are 10 guys out there right away.


What do you know? How how did he do that? Very, very good looking.


That alone makes him electable and was very proud of the job we are all doing. Thank you.


We love you, Robert. Let us also take a moment to show our profound appreciation for a man who has always fought by our side. And stood up for our values, a man of deep faith and steadfast conviction, our vice president, Mike Pence.


Natural defensive response to the rioting, looting was a little milquetoast to me, just saying he's from Indiana. I'd like to see something a little bit stronger and I think he's pretty milquetoast. Yeah. In general, he stayed true to the course in general.


Yeah, he's conciliatory. Mom, Karen Pence, thank you.


Who's the next defense? I forget his name, Baron Baron. Yeah, six, seven. You know, he's a giant.


How old is he, my fellow? Tonight with a curious.


All right. He looks like a 15 to 17 year old kid, that giant.


Oh, he's profoundly accept this nomination for president of the United States by one hundred dollars.


Profoundly wasn't in the script. Oh, yeah. The president of the United States. But did you hear when I ad libbed and said profound speech like the right stop for a second, you could hear Brad Pitt shot cotton.


The Republican Party, the party with Labor Hamlet, I was trying to make sure that she's talking about determined and ready to welcome millions of Democrats, independents and anyone who believes in the greatness of America and the righteous heart of the American people.


Again, this is positive. Yes, I'm all for it because a great country, people believe in the greatness the Democrats watch there. The convention is all about how America is broken, how the system stacked against you and Joe Biden. You hear politicians going to fix it for soaring huge contrast and record prosperity.


We will defend America against all threats and protect America against all dangers, we will lead America into new frontiers of ambition and discovery, and we will reach for new heights of national achievement. We will rekindle new faith in our values, new pride in our history and the new spirit of unity that can only be realized through love for our great country.


Kind of crazy for the people in the 60s.


In the year 2020, the Republican Convention will be talking about love and unity and desegregation, and the Democratic Party will be the platform of black only hospitals.


Yeah, yeah. That means the entire world.


Gathered here at our beautiful and majestic White House. Known all over the world as the people's house, we cannot help but marvel at the miracle that is our great American story. This has been the home of larger than life figures like Teddy Roosevelt, but Andrew Jackson, who rallied Americans to bold visions of a bigger and brighter future. Didn't the left within these walls lived tenacious Jackson with president, which I'm not really against, I think Tubman could be on a bill to be fine with our soldiers.


That was another bill, something like in the cause of freedom, they could be from these grounds. Canadian Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on a daring expedition to cross a wild and are chartered, by the way.


Interesting fact about Lewis and Clark. And we'll talk about the Second Amendment, how they could be protected by God in high capacity weapons.


Look into Lewis Clark and the Geor Andoni Air rifle. These have been around for a while. They weren't meant for only muskets, the Puckle gun permit, bacteriology and air rifle. And you know what? None of that really matters because Jefferson, I believe it was Jefferson and Madison wrote that letter of Mark and reprisal, letting a ship have cannons.


Why are you going to ask me? Of course, cannons recover in the second minute. What are you, an idiot? Of course. But the Girón don't have some interesting history behind that.


And Lewis and Clark and just inside. They said our people on the course to victory in the Second World War. In recent months, our nation. And the entire planet has been struck by a new and powerful invisible enemy. I say those brave Americans before us, we are meeting this challenge. We are delivering Leipzig.


And I'm speaking, of course, of Kamala Harris, this invisible cloak or maybe if you might not see it, but it's there folks are definition.


We will defeat the virus and the pandemic and emerge stronger than ever before. There's a couple of masks, by the way, you can say woman is stronger because of me, which I'm kind of surprised this week. He said, We America will wear America's Joe Biden is. Here's how I'm going to help us come back. I'm the one who kind of helped shut us down after you screwed the pooch by saying that Donald Trump shouldn't have done anything and sent that retweeted the gift of Nancy Pelosi dancing in Chinatown.


It is that conviction that inspired the formation of our union, our westward expansion, the abolition of slavery, the passage of civil rights, the space program and the overthrow of fascism, tyranny and communism. This towering American spirit has prevailed over every challenge and lifted us to the summit of human endeavor. And yet, despite all of our greatness as a nation, everything we have achieved is now in danger. This is the most important election in the history of our country, and I've always said that's often just something that's often sort of blown out of proportion.


It's a cliche. This is this. Absolutely. Yeah, it's really is. And I didn't even necessarily say that about the 2016 election because Donald Trump was an unknown. And I thought when you said the same coin, I was wrong. But right now, can you imagine this country if Kamala Harris and because it's really it's Kamala Harris.


Kamala Harris is sitting in that chair. Thank you. What do you think would happen to Kyle right now?


It's no time before also, hey, if you're a Democrat tuning in and 70000 people and some of you probably are. What do you think would happen to the nonviolent drug offenders? Just look at Kamala Harris, his record versus Donald Trump's policies.


It's not even close to whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialistic American dream to drain our cherished destiny. For a child, a casual stance, I like millions of women, just like you take a formal statement, by the way, he's the cock of the walk baby and said millions of these jobs overseas, as has been like for many decades, puts on his pants like a one legged recontact look over in the Oval Office.


I think President Trump's done.


I'll be wearing gold plated vipers, our citizens. And this election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or whether we really grant our citizens notice all of the limitations that he's making.


And he said a national family are all about American identity, not a racial identity.


He said, our citizens I mean, if you come here illegally, you are not one of our citizens, our national family. That means white, red, black, yellow, white. Doesn't matter. We are part of the United States of America.


The left wants to say this isn't a nation for black people. This isn't a nation for immigrants. No, it is. As long as you obey the rule of law.


The Democrat Party has to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country.


Hear, hear. Great point. Just just to cheer this guy on. Yeah. Stand up. Stand up and breathe in each other's mouth. That's backward view. They do not see America as the most free, just an exceptional nation on earth. Instead, it is a wicked nation that must be punished for it. Since our opponents say that redemption for you is a great speech. Yeah, I'm giving power to them. This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement throughout history.


But in this country we don't look to career politicians for salvation in America.


We don't want to show government to restore the only person I know.


We had transcended political party God for salvation. And we probably should show drink every time he gets a standing ovation. Thank God that he has an audience. Oh, but come in. Shut up. Of course, I'm sure Joe Biden is not the savior of America's. So Joe Biden, he is the destroyer of American jobs. Wow. And if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness.


Don't let him get the only 11 years to fix our nation. The Infinity's. We all know what I'm talking about. KISS's.


Police say. Joe Biden kisses cowboy shoes and sniffs Yeah. Listen, he didn't do it, I hate that missed Mr. Griffin told them he felt their pain, he felt them, and then they flew back to Washington and voted to ship our jobs to China. And many other distant lands is getting to Joe Biden, who spent his entire career outsourcing their dreams. And the dreams of American workers offshoring their jobs, opening their borders and sending their sons and daughters to fight in endless foreign wars, wars that never ended four years ago, I ran for president because I could not watch this betrayal.


Of our country any longer. I could not sit by as career politicians let other countries take advantage of us on trade borders, foreign policy and national defense. Our NATO partners as winning the Midwest right now, yeah, we're very far behind in their speech, defense famous. But at my strong urging, they agreed to pay one hundred and thirty million dollars more a year, the first time in over 20 years that they upped their payments as well.


They should, but yep, they absolutely should be the only ones meeting our NATO obligation. Crying out loud.


Think about this, this speech.


If you were to tell people that the Republican Party would be the party with an anti-war candidate and a pro middle class working American manufacturing jobs candidate.


Now he's removed everything that makes the Democrats appealing to the old Blue Dogs, to the Midwest, what used to be the heartland of America and became strong blue territory. All of that is gone.


And you add on top of it that their jobs are being shut down because of Democrats right now. The policy in the cupboard overreaction. And I do mean that overreaction. You can ban me.


I don't give a rat's ass in the fact that Democrats are encouraging fomenting hatred while their cities get burned down to the ground.


This is a candidate who is anti-war and this is a candidate who has brought back jobs in a way that's actually pretty fair in a way that actually still hasn't brought up the cost of goods because he's just made other countries playfair like, yeah, this is a speech that wins the Republican base and the old Democrat base.


He's doing better than the rest of the convention to win both groups, the Middle and Republicans.


And he's also done more for the black community than any other president that we've had us in. Yeah, he's absolutely wrong. And he's done more not by going just like he's done more by going, you know what, criminal justice needs some reform done more by going, you know what? He need to bring back more jobs for people of all right here.


We shouldn't be like actually doing something. He's been doing something for all Americans and black Americans have thrived instead of just talking about who he actually is, not affirmative action.


He's not a community organizer.


He is somebody that gets things done instead of. Putting them first, I very simply said, America first, great here, America first ever play the game anymore?


I just I just had to thank you.


Days after taking office, we shocked the Washington establishment and withdrew from the last administration's job killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, which probably approve the Keystone XL and Joe Biden supported it.


And Dakota Access did vehemently.


I think Joe Biden did not everything he does and the Paris climate accord and secured for the first time American energy independence, which Dems have been hoping for forever.


He's going to bring it to him as an equal. Yeah, well, they say no fracking. They say we want to preserve our environment. Actually, fracking here on American soil.


Not only is fracking a safer practice than shipping oil from overseas on tankers that have spills all the time, but it also employs Americans and reduces our dependence on these countries. And apparently they hate us hate like Saudi Arabia and countries that really should be thrust back into the dark ages.


Washington insiders asked me not to stand up to China. They pleaded with me to let China continue stealing our jobs, ripping us off.


I don't think that was robbing our country blind, but I kept my word to the American people. Donald Trump, please. We took please let China keep robbing us blind.


No, I will not know. This is the line in American history. Not on my watch.


So they said that it would be impossible to terminate and replace NAFTA, but again, they were wrong. Earlier this year, I ended the NAFTA nightmare and signed the brand new U.S., Mexico Canada agreement into law.


And so Prime Minister Trudeau right now that a real boner killer building their plants and factories in America, not firing their employees and not deserting us for other countries.


And to be clear about that, with GM and their plant in Ohio moving it to Mexico, I don't believe that. I don't believe in unfair tariffs and I don't believe in American protectionism because it can be a tax passed on to consumers.


But GM is very different because they got an 80 billion dollar bailout.


The big American three, not just GM and the American taxpayer, is still on the hook for, I think, eight or nine billion of those dollars.


So when you take the American bailout because you want to be cozy with the government and then you want to take your bailout money and ship the job, that's very different than a private company saying, hey, our sponsors are better made in Mexico. They took American taxpayer dollars. So their obligation to the American taxpayers is different. Yeah, yeah. And that's why even a libertarian can get on board with that. If you're being honest, we can just catch and release stopped asylum fraud took down you because it's don't like fish who prey on.


I release them unless it's tilapia.


It's more of a like fish thousand sometimes short fish similar to shark, very similar to more of a stake, really.


We're friends and we need help, and we are adding 10 new miles every single week, the war will soon be complete and it is working beyond our wildest expectations for other references. Yes, right. First thing they did build the wall. That's giving me a headache.


Abraham Lincoln was a much more tolerant man than I. Union representing the to two regions.


Thank you very much for being my thanks to my brave. I think I think that is one of the best hope for fixing the. Eagle, great drink, who's hitting the eagle? Damn it. A group of people that are actually supporting armed officers, fantastic. I believe we call those nuts. Oh, yes.


You see, I just kind of had our law enforcement pay down every time you see a police officer in public right now, thank them.


Every one of love and respect, pro cop and pro criminal justice.


Yes, it's a great pleasure to see Valley Authority laid off hundreds of American workers and forced them to train their lower paid foreign replacement. I promptly removed the chairman of the board and now Alan Thicke and workers have been rehired and are back providing power to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, all the states, most of the FCC, they have their records and added even more.


And some are here with us in the swing states.


And you these of for everyone. Thank you very much. If you get that, there's a problem.


Last month I took a up on the front porch of their swinger's. You know, I don't know.


Would you think that I would do that because somebody signed orders that will lower the cost of your prescription or Biden put out an eggplant.


You're wondering why, honey? I think they said, put this out. You just throw in car keys into the yard and the coaches are right to try.


Right to try.


We also passed SPEEA Accountability and VA Choice by our great veterans for taking care of our veterans great appropriate role of government approval rating this month, the VA given by our veterans first time anything like that ever happened.


That is true. By the end of my first term, we will have approved more than 300 federal judges, including two great new Supreme Court justices.


One of the biggest things is, of course, the kids there. But look, I don't want I don't want him always to agree this better than Ruth Bader Ginsburg, number two and three. Which is just generous judges, which you are another Lindhagen, perhaps we worked hard to pass historic criminal justice reform, prison reform, opportunity zones and long term funding for historically black colleges and universities.


And before the China virus came in, I love it for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans ever recorded right with.


I think, again, standing out from the. And I say very modestly that I have done more for the African-American community and I say modest. Abraham Lincoln our first I say modestly compared to me, George Washington was that big, fat, wet pussy. So I said that modestly. But when he said that modestly, then Joe Biden has done in forty seven years.


Yeah, but it's the next four that he thinks better. At all. They had a song already out there really quick. I said earlier he slightly excited by saying 50.


It's not around here. Yeah. Who wants a new job for 50 years, let alone one that doesn't have a single private dollar? For more, he's just letting it happen. So getting this is good. I think you're going to get the handing out years. Yeah, yeah. You didn't see this kind of a joy at the Biden convention. No. People doubted we're going to be doing the costume contest results. Yeah. And the extended predictions for the election after this mug club at the Blaze.


A lot. Quite an accomplishment up. Twenty dollars off the RNC stream is the promo. That's a deal. Rampaging steal of a deal.


The rest is on the rise.


It makes the world look worse from these terrible one sided Iran nuclear deal.


And then to the guy who can't argue about the Iran deal suck.


I kept betting after it was an agreement that everyone I know, Democrats who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton exclusively because of NAFTA.


As a matter of fact, Governor Kathleen Madigan, one of my favorite comedians, she's she's an absolute Digable Democrat, talked about how her dad couldn't stand Hillary Clinton because of NAFTA. Yeah, any one of these achievements would be what normal presidents would be running on in their second term, trying to run a on one.


And he's done all of them. You just say we got it built. Rather than spending one billion dollars on a new building as planned. We took an already owned existing building in a better location. Real estate deal, right, and opened it at a car I love. That's a reference to the private sector that everyone gets.


And Joe Biden couldn't pick any reference to his work in the private sector lifetime, many things like that that government is doing right now.


We also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.


And this month we achieved the first Middle East peace deal in 25 years.


Huge. Thank you. This is seriously in the history books. People will be writing about this for a long time. Yeah, but you need a refill of your mom's.


Gesell One hundred percent for the ISIS caliphate. That's weird. And killed its founder and leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. And by the way, he lives in Casey, near President Barack Obama. And Joe Biden wouldn't even say ISIS. Yeah, you may forget this. All right. They said ISIL. So it's like Kaisers Bazoft can't say it. I thought you wheelmen ISIS.


Now they want us to call it ISIL. So, I mean, this is amazing.


Yeah. He killed a terrorist that happened to so many Syrian government army. So that shit.


Say hello to the Predator drone out of new wars and our troops are coming home. Again, if libertarians don't like certain parts of his economic policy, just support his foreign policy, yeah, there's no one who would be more libertarian on foreign policy than President Donald Trump depleted when I took office.


As you know, this includes three separate pay raises for our great warriors.


Good. Guys that would drink, but you haven't brought any in here, which could be a woman who actually brings it in. I hope not. It is a man, of course. I'll take it. I didn't even.


But OK, Reg of the United States, thank you, sir. Bring your good man. OK. Seventy five.


A bit of a conspiracy theorist, but good man.


We have spent the last four years reversing the damage you'll find without collecting the last 40. A hairless mouse.


Yes. Some of that commercial I thought he was going to wipe out of the skateboarding just in the broadbrush roll calls, talking of the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime. He has spent his entire career on the wrong side of history and voted for the next disaster, the single worst trade deal ever. And if he gets to second supported China's entry into the World Trade Organization, one of the greatest economic record of all guys, and I was like, what in holy hell?


After you say otherwise, it's a great credit for manufacturing jobs. We laid off workers in Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and many other states, swing states.


They didn't want to hear Biden's hollow words of empathy. They wanted their jobs back.


As vice president, he supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have been a death sentence for the US auto industry. He backed the horrendous South Korea trade deal, which took many jobs from our show.


Oh, I know. I feel really good about him facing a better deal to make a better deal for me.


The Iraq war. He opposed the mission to take Osama bin Laden. He opposed killing Sulimani. He oversaw the rise of ISIS and cheered the rise of China as a positive development for America and the world, some positive development. That's why China's support, this charge desperately wants him to win. I can tell, by the way, they're going to fact check this again on scene and go back to our segment on fact checking fact checkers. They said it's not that China officially wants Biden to win.


They just want Donald Trump to lose. And they even say because of the actions President Donald Trump took against China, the actions to preserve and protect American jobs and unfair trade deals.


CNN can't fact check it without screwing themselves, our nation and the world. They're not cutting been hit by the once in a century pandemic that China allowed to spread around the globe. They could have stopped it, but they allowed it to come out. Was it? Ninety five percent? Gravenstein be joined tonight by several of our incredible nurses and first responders. Please stand and accept our profound thanks and gratitude. Deagle that shit. Yeah. Watch any and all of a sudden CNN is going to do its due diligence, even though they were starting my house was a murderer, all of a sudden they're going to try and find one person.


Look, now they're going to covid course they're going to try and find one person in that crowd.


Remember, for Coventry's of all of those lives that have been so tragically taken, so unnecessary jackasses sorry, in their honor, we will unite and their memory we will overcome. And when the China virus hit triple national mobilization since World War Two. Invoke him the Defense Production Act, we produce the world's largest supply of ventilators, not a single American who has needed a ventilator has been denied. A ventilator not being used. Right. You know what?


Let's have Redbridge bring up as an overlay and just go to it whenever you hold on. Hold on. Stories when they were saying Donald Trump wasn't getting the ventilator and that New York needed 40 something thousand.


Look at the fact check. We're going to fact check our great Trump downplayed covid-19 for months at the start of the crisis as opposed to Nancy Pelosi.


Seriously, Chinatown like it was a Kurt Russell sequel. Nephew, CNN, every Democrat in power downplayed it. Go to Chinatown.


And what does he what is he saying is untrue? He's not they're not contradicting him.


No, they're trying to make him look bad. That's the only they're putting up these numbers to make people go, oh, my God, that's terrible. And, oh, this is a fact.


But you said, we're getting ahead of it. We're getting out of here. Yeah, well, he didn't anticipate governors sending health, sending young patients into sick nursing. Right.


Into nursing homes, by the way, they're doing a bit of a review of that right now because they realize he's so much smarter than them and Joe Biden.


And they're not even saying that Donald Trump is a member of Mensa.


But I'm saying they just assumed it has a crystal ball and he should have no right hospitals, different states, and that they should be developed from scratch, the largest and most advanced testing system anywhere in the world. True, America has tested more than every country in Europe put together. True. And here that was the fact check. It's true for your combined.


You think of that we have conducted 40 million more tests than 30000 tests. Half HMO says that only they used to say that Donald Trump was sending the ventilator's effective treat, by the way, 4000 because of the previous administration.


But yeah, I mean, they were off by 26000. They needed four on Sunday when we announced it.


That will save thousands total. No, not for 4000. Thanks to advances. I don't know. We are tired.


We got Marcus, who is the fourth round draft.


It has been reduced, couldn't get by 80 percent since April, 80 percent.


True. The United States is among the I love how they source Johns Hopkins at Johns Hopkins University, but then refused to source among Johns Hopkins comes out and says they will perform same sex reassignment surgery because nearly three times this year than ours, four percent of the world's population yet.


Twenty two percent of the world's covid-19 deaths don't want you to know it has nothing to do with what he said.


He didn't say anything about the people in the nursing homes to beat the shit out of a man in Michigan, New York, Michigan, California.


Those are Republican strongholds, right? Yes. Yeah.


We enacted the largest organ of financial relief in American history. Thanks to our paycheck protection program, we have saved or supported more than 50 million American jobs. That's one of the reasons that we're advancing so rapidly with our economy. Great job, right.


As a result, we have seen the smallest economic contraction of any major, and yet we're at record high unemployment and most Kobori numbers as yet, every time I bet you that's a fact check coming.


At some point over the past three months, we have gained over nine million jobs. And that's a record in the history of our country.


Yep. You cannot fact check that was the fact that unfortunately, from the beginning, when they can't fact check, they run the Koban Ticker thing because that's something with an absence of context.


Well, yeah, there are fact checks are just different things called actions to issue a travel ban on China, which was very early indeed. Joe Brink, you said China hysterical and xenophobic. And then I introduced a ban on Europe very early again.


Yes. If we had listened to Joe, hundreds of thousands more Americans would have died instead of following the science. Joe, not like the hateful shut down on the entire country.


His shutdown would inflict unthinkable and lasting harm on our nation's children, families and citizens.


They would shut down U.S. appliances recommendation. Yes, yes, that's the problem. But he did call Donald Trump xenophobic when he instituted the travel ban.


But this is what they're hanging him on. He's saying, yeah, I would shut down the economy now. That's what he said just a few days ago, right?


Yeah. And much more key. But they think that's positive. Keep on talking. Joe Biden is supporting those riders. Let's see how it turns out for you to.


That's a bold strategy. Cotton Biden shutting down the economy now is a bad policy. And take the administration has we shouldn't have run that fact checker because they're hurting us in the polls.


Yes, it really is. We've got to do something about that guy.


The facts and the data, we are aggressively sheltering those at highest risk. I apologize.


All my personal life, I'm allow I didn't even hear them from Americans who safely return to work.


Show got a mask, bitch. Not.


Many of those great states be open by Democrats. We want them to be open. They have to be open.


They have to get back to work. This is smart. That's why the quick fact factory reinforcement to get the states that are doing the worst with covid desk are also blue states.


Oh, it's not even comparable as far as how decimated their economy has been.


What do you mean as far as deaths. Wow.


So they've got nothing under operation warp speed. We have three different vaccines in the final stage of the trial.


I feel like that's from Spaceballs I'm sorry, a Star Trek operation that was going at Warp nine. And I'm not talking about Seattle. We're producing them in advance so that hundreds of billions of doses will be quickly available. We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year, and together we will crush the virus.


You don't need a vaccine for this stuff. That's my only problem with this. At the Democratic, it's changing.


You barely heard a word about it. You know, like I'm going to be pissed. It's not like what if everyone doesn't take the vaccine? We need to mandate it.


But now you also want us to think that everybody has already had covered, in which case they don't need a vaccine.


Right. Right. Party nominee pick Joe Biden. Herd immunity has an ally of the like.


But when it comes to his agenda, Biden wants to keep us completely in the dark so that he doesn't have a clue. He has pledged a four trillion dollar tax hike on almost all American families to totally collapse, a rapidly improving economy and once again, record stock markets that we have right now.


We check the social issues, any fact checks, speech of Joe Biden's speech.


That means no, I didn't see it. I watched it. I didn't see it when we were watching. I didn't see any fact checking. You did my speech. They said it was only important for this guy. Yeah.


For hard working moms and dads. I will not raise taxes. I will cut them.


And very substantially, that's that's money in people's pockets that need it most right now. So provide tax credits to bring jobs out of China. Back to a man.


I'll tell you this, as a business owner, I employ about 15 people. Two of those last hires were directly a result of Donald Trump's policy businesses.


OK, because we have to bet for the next quarter, you know, for the next quarter, for the next half a year. And I go, oh, you know what? We're going to have a little bit more disposable income. And when you look at the tax credits for a lot of businesses, small, mid-sized businesses, it's about two salaries.


Joe Biden's agenda, it's a big deal if he is made in China. My agenda is made in the USA.


Here we go. There is an eagle. Must be getting tired because he earned seven years. Tonight, Joe Biden got ticks them by. Kamala Harris. No, by this guy. No, I get it. I don't imply I didn't like that woman's a saint.


I did a shell of a sexual comedy or I.


Come on, she's a lady in Pennsylvania. Totally know. She's like low.


So I knew that the audience would appreciate that.


The Anton Levay reference destroying those things. I'm like the principals.


The side jobs will be lost and energy prices will soar. These same policies led to crippling power outages in California. Just last, by the way, just because, you know, you said that any other candidate would run one of these issues.


You remember what Newt Gingrich ran on, but we saw that the last one I don't know if was a primary with Joe at that point, if it was Romney and Santorum or if I don't know, I'm not sure.


Two dollar gas was going to be his entire campaign platform of two years ago.


Used to it now on issue. Yeah.


So, again, he's just skimming past that and all of the other one, Newt Gingrich's campaign, you can bring it up as an overlay. Newt Gingrich's campaign was I'm going to campaign on two dollar gas. Yeah, that's how bad it was under Obama. Keep in mind, California, they're paying over five dollars a gallon. It was such a pivotal issue. Newt Gingrich was going to center his entire campaign on two dollar gas.


Donald Trump did it in passing like him or hate him. There's no arguing with gas prices, by the way.


And the gas price decrease from five to two for the average person is a couple of Grandy. It's a buck fifty, I know. But the payroll tax credit that he gave most Americans that he was talking about was equal to that.


Wow. Oh, two two fifty. I was giving Oginga a little more credit than he deserved and promise hope you enjoyed that affair while your wife is in the hospital.




What are you going to bring up relevant health care dollars to illegal immigrants, which is going to bring Mr. Gingrich as a career politician as he is? I don't despise him. I like him. I don't like him. But you're welcome to come on the show and change my mind, defend yourself, get all of the goodies that they want to give, education, health care, everything.


He also supports deadly sanctuary cities that protect criminal aliens, literally deadly promise.


And he's not exaggerating. No fact checkers for a while, I'm sure. Fans from Zooniverse nations and he pledged to increase refugee admissions by 700 percent. This is in the manifesto.


America is in the middle of a global health academic.


He does want to keep borders to Iran, does not with his plan, his multitiered plan, a manifesto Biden also vowed to oppose school choice and the drinking games got my bladder going all charter school, a ladder of opportunity laughing so hard.


You must pick children, for God's sake, Jeffrey Toobin. Provide school choice.


Creativity in America takes. There's a pill for that. There's a pill for that waed somebody join Mugwumps if we can get some Flomax in the next person that joins, you're helping weight. Yeah. Respect that. They deserve.


Great, great. Great. It's a long speech. Yeah. Joe Biden we talked about. Right. Yeah.


He has empathy. He's mentioned them in passing.


I hope he needs to hit them hard. I hope that's the grand finale. Like Chinese fireworks. Yeah, right. Right.


We're going to light you up like the Fourth of July.


Leaders talk about moral decency, but they have no problem with stopping a baby's beating heart in the ninth month of pregnancy. Teach politicians refuse to protect innocent life. And then they lecture us about morality and saving America's soul. Tonight, we proudly declare that all children born and unborn. Have a God given right to life. Yeah, no, I don't even. Donald Trump is pro-life or not, and a lot of people didn't believe it because he was a lifelong Democrat and more necessarily conservative.


Again, you have to look at Joe Biden is building the DNC. That is Linamar, Omar, the squad right now, the Tlaib AOC, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. Even if you don't think that he believes that he's beholden to the people who vote for him.


Yeah. And he's bold enough to go out there and declare an avidly pro-life platform. Yeah.


Yeah. By the way, back in June when he tweeted, by the way, because I do support abortion up until birth comes after and after I get or not, this is where they're coming from.


If the left gains power, they will demolish the suburbs, confiscate your guns and appoint justices who will wipe away your Second Amendment and other constitutional freedoms.


People will say that this is to scare people.


That's why a lot of black people in the suburbs now, Joe Biden doesn't have the strength to stand up to. And by the way, all black Americans, just like we welcome to the suburbs and we hold that your gun.


There are many now will stand arm in arm with is incredible, actually. Then how is he ever going to stand up for you? He's not.


The most dangerous aspect of the Biden platform is the attack on public safety. Good guy. And Burning Manifesto calls for Obama to bail immediately, releasing four hundred thousand criminals onto the streets and into your neighborhoods. Yep. When asked if he supports cutting police funding. Joe Biden replied, Yes, absolutely. When Congresswoman, I check that bitches at CNN, they will, you know, it's just it's just Brian Stelter is my answer.


I don't have enough nuisance money, but where did that start and reject her endorsement?


He proudly displayed it shortly later on his website. Displayed it in big letters, make no mistake, Colin Backslash, the radical left, will defund police departments all across America. And by the way, you know, it's will because of advisers, said Joe Biden's website is on New York City's.


They will make every city look like Damaso exist in Portland, Oregon. No one will be safe in Biden's America. My administration will always stand with the men and women of law enforcement.


Here you go. And I wouldn't say always, but certainly in the last few publicized incidents. Yes, their lives go back and rewind to the very first few minutes of this checkered place. George Floyds, like Jacob Blak, George Floyd, Richard Brooks was a detective most familiar.


Yeah, she was part of a team of this.


Bato just had his head explode or New York's against whites. Very, very proud. And man goes down there on this just the other day. Great people.


Great, great. That was Cory Booker whose face almost exploded and it was their job.


You'd have no crime in New York. Rudy Giuliani knows that better than anybody, really, when you get to Notre Dame right.


In New York City, got rid of so many for me, was on duty in her vehicle when she was ambushed just after midnight and murdered by a monster. Wow. Who hated her purely for wearing the badge, Detective? For me, it was a single mom. She recently asked for the knives and Dawn to spend more time with her kids. Two years ago, I showed you nothing bridges the racial divide. It was beautiful.


It's not it's not resegregating water fountains, Harris and Biden, as it's about finding similar common.


And that's why we have one national American identity.


Detective Familias, three children. Are where the white supremacist people all die on that day or so.


I will absolutely support tonight a black thank you now David Boren, anyone who identifies him as national American, regardless of race. We're not Europe. Europe is a racist, is a racist continent that was founded on national racial identity. And I know this because I was raised in Quebec, we had something called pure land, which means pure wool, where they wanted pure French European bloodlines and instituted it with the language police and the United States, just like we saw the naturalization.


It's about subscribing to the platform of American values.


I don't care if you look like Ron Howard or the pirate from Captain Phillips, you sign on and you say, I'm here for the American flag and the American way of life.


Guess what? I welcome you. It's not popular with the Democrats. It's not popular with the far right European identity. But that's what America is about. That's what I'm about. You don't like it.


Don't watch. Afraid to act. This is my country now. They are afraid to lose.


They because you look at their convention belongs to groups and by being afraid they are not able to do the job that they so desperately want to do for you. And those who suffer most are the great people who they protect and who they want to protect at an even higher level, when there is police misconduct, the justice system must hold wrongdoers fully and completely accountable, and it will. But when we can never have a situation where things are going on as they are today, we must never allow mob rule.


We can never allow mob rule.


I think the syntax is off the prompter. Yeah. What do you see in this show by when he shot himself to figure out who he was for someone to turn on the microwave and a metal plate in her head?


I've seen in Democrat run gun control like Kenosha did you me to stop in New York and many others Democrat.


There is violence and danger in the streets of many Democrat run cities throughout America. Yup, yup. What are you going to fact check? Could easily be fixed if they wanted to just call. We're ready to go in. We'll take care of your problem.


And at this point, they don't need the cost just under legitimate purview of the federal government to protect its people. It's too bad we have to, but we have to wait for the call. Nope.


We must always have law and order or federal crimes are being investigated, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


When the anarchists started ripping down our statues and monuments right outside, I signed an order immediately, 10 years in prison and it was a miracle it all stopped. No more states.


That is to to backtrack. That's just too long. As they looked at a statue, I think will rip it down. Then they said ten years in prison. I think that's too long.


Let's go. Tourists want to go home. I go home.


The internal monologue of writing an article with Richard Attenborough. Right.


That's too long to one city until it's mentioned, I think said it's too long, like the migration's mention of the North African Sea turtle, because there isn't even a thing like.


Some naturaliste, others like her, like African Sea turtle Stephen, in the face of leftwing anarchy and mayhem in Minneapolis, Chicago and other cities, Joe Biden's campaign did not condemn it. They donated to it. At least 13 members of Joe Biden's campaign staff donated to a fund to bail out vandals, arsonists.


Wow. And yes, that's a good angle. Yes. From Smart.


Yep. Here tonight is the grieving family of retired police captain David. Check for a while here.


Yeah, they've run away part of the St. Louis Police Department, a great man and a highly respected man by all. In June, Captain Dawn was shot and killed as he tried to protect his store from Ryan, look at looters or is God bless Andorian. She was a real sweetheart.


The house, they call them peaceful protesters. We're honored to be joined tonight.


Oh, my God. Look at her. That's a lady who needs to hold on because she might. She's sitting down and she still might be. We will never forget the heroic legacy of Captain David Dorn.


Thank you very much for Breaking Dawn. Just an American hero. But for the Republicans, you would never know his name would do that. You know why he's not standing in your husband? She's Wheatly. Yeah. Thank you very much. She can't stand. This is so overwhelming for that woman. I will tell you that probably is Stephen Willeford outside of comedy.


Stephen Willeford an enduring having them on the show and having them on the show first. Stephen Willeford, of course, was the hero who shot the man who shot up a church in Sutherland Springs. And Dawn, you were the first show where she appeared.


And it's always hard for me to find that balance of interviewing these people and not exploiting it. We always make sure only come on, if you're comfortable, it will be a friendly audience.


We want to get your message out at that point. And I'm not an objective journalist.


I support Anderson and David Dorn. I'll let you know right on the outset.


And I think we'll have a number eventually for people that hopefully we're raising a lot of money for that family and a lot of the kind of shop dotcom, every dollar, every dime, every nickel, every penny of the church sold will go directly to David Jones family and his wife.


Last year, over 1000 African-Americans were murdered as a result of violent crime. And just for Democrat run cities, Chicago is on that list.


The top ten, I believe it ranks most dangerous cities in the country are run by Democrats and have been for many decades. Oops. Not to mention even an African-American, even an off peak years.


It's still Detroit and Toledo. A violent crime.


Sorry, these communities. Is Joe Biden in the left. Ignore these American victims. I never will. If the radical left takes power, they will apply their disastrous policies to every city, town and suburb in America. Just imagine if the so-called peaceful demonstrators in the streets were in charge of every lever. It is great power. And the U.S. government. Just think of that. Liberal politicians like to claim to be concerned about. I think you made the rules and this is to do with the role your name is in the hashtag, you guys don't make the rules.


And they came back and said you shouldn't.


The judges and prosecutors who is trying to abolish immigration enforcement and establish speech codes designed to muzzle dissent. In every case, the attacks on American institutions are being waged by radical left. Always remember they are coming after me because I am fighting for you. That's what's happening.


And it's been going on from before I even got elected. That is also true and not in the pocket that was. Did you see when I trust that in and remember this in the U.S. down. That was all me and they appeared on CNN.


What happened? We must reclaim our independence from the left's repressive mandates. Americans are exhausted trying to keep up with the latest list of approved words and phrases. Yeah, yeah. And they have a more restrictive political decree's. Many things have a different name now, and the rules are constantly changing. The goal of cancer culture is the way I see Americans living life guys, because they want to see yellow fever. They said no.


I said you have to put the far left wants to coerce you into saying what you know to be false and scare you out of saying what you know to be true.


Very sad, sad, sad fact is that I knew that would be good for Borussia.


From there, he said also, what are you talking about, fighting? I'm trying it different for. Thank you. Joe Biden is weak liberal hypocrites who drives their cities into the cockpit while fleeing from the scene of the wreck.


Joe Biden, the eliminated until he was nine.


Joe Biden, that creepy character, I say, in Game of Thrones. But our borders, I would be surprised if he pulls out like a negligee here.


Joe Biden put this shot. You're going to act like a bitch. He didn't look like a bitch.


This November, we must turn the page forever on this failed political fact check.


Joe Biden was only a nurse till he was seven. Oh, yes. Yes. What's the name of that bill? So he's doing this to say my name, but we here put it on a building and people people's the side, people call it the White House, I call it the people's House, say that one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere in the world that is not a building.


It's a home, as far as I'm concerned, which is where Joe Biden needs to be, but not at the people. It's the wrong he can be helping me in this chapter of the great American story.


Over the next year or so, we will expand opportunities.


Thank you, Tim Scott, bring home our medical supply chains and we will end our resilience. Resilience. We will go right into your problems. We will.


I think you be going one of the great retreats you want to keep going on the tracks, the resilience home.


We want our business to come home. We will continue to reduce taxes and regulations at levels not seen before. We will create 10 million jobs in the next 10 months or so, and it'll be higher than that.


We will hire more tax penalties for avoidably happens because it happens in all industries.


They're going to pull out these quotes and say Donald Trump deregulated the industry and not talk about the record job growth and the record safety and the actual increase in performance in meeting EPA standards when you compare it to dependence on foreign oil.


So they will bring that back up, the word deregulation, that we will have strong borders. And I've said for years without borders, we don't have a country. We don't have a country. Strike down terrorists with basic geography that's controversial, keep American country at borders and costly foreign wars. We will appoint prosecutors, judges, justices who believe in enforcing the law, not enforcing their own political agenda.


Good, good. Yeah. Which is illegal. And was going to tell you right there, religion, color and creed.


We will uphold your religious liberty and defend your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Good. At this point, the drinking game is just three. Yeah, just continue to keep going, as you are able, because some of you are not able and you shouldn't be drinking anymore. I'll just switch to Molson.


And if we don't win, your Second Amendment doesn't have any chance. I can tell you that that's a good point. I've totally detected it.


We will protect Medicare and Social Security. We will always and very strongly protect patients with pre-existing conditions. And that is a pledge from the entire Republican Party. Thank you.


Just trying to shore up people who could benefit from that. We will end surprise medical bill, require price transparency and further reduce the cost of prescription drugs and health insurance premiums.


The coming way down, no one will go anywhere near as much obstruction drug prices as Donald Trump did to remain the No.


By the way, I actually clerk one where you line up and keep really no one stands to gain from that one. Independencia Bear probably makes more from aspirin.


Yeah, absolutely. Under Obama, your premiums went up by on average like four times.


That's what mindwipe drive a car. Look how low your gasoline bill is. You haven't seen that at a long time.


Look at that. I mean, who is responsible for that?


Coming up next week, I have to eat some crap. I will remain on pestilent, but not for the reasons you think defense already.


Well, construction, we will fully patriotic education to our schools and always protect. We will always, always protect free speech on college campuses. Do more. We need to. Would become like a socialist party. Right. How will you protect it? You know, put a very big penalty in if a college seems like maybe they do anything having to do with your free speech.


Colleges have to pay a tremendous, tremendous financial penalty. And again, it's amazing to see how open they've been lately. We will change.


And then you match it up with how he's going to do American as not with Joe Biden or how he's done it right. Or how he's already done.


Woman on the moon and the United States will be the first nation to pledge my beautiful flag on Mars. I mean, why not?


Hey, you are going to Mars your ship. You're a ship. That will be. I wanted to go to Mars first. You're a ship.


So tonight I say to all Americans, this is the most important election. And the history of our country, there is true will never agree with two individuals, go back to talking about the twenty, twenty, sixty six.


He was very breathy, though, when he said it now. Our opponents believe that America is a depraved nation. We want our sons and daughters to know the truth. America is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world.


Good on. Ego, patriotism, it's acceptable to love your country for waging that the pevensey is a catheter now tomorrow speech comes really has been watching, pushing conformity.


We are not a nation of timid spirits. We are a nation of fierce, proud and independent American patriots. We're a nation of pilgrims, pioneers, adventurers, explorers and trailblazers who refuse to be tied down, held back.


Or in any way, mainly because once they tie you down still in there, they took your scalp so can fire in their hearts like us with on our ropes, sometimes sinews.


And you are part of the most. I watch the film and it's pretty good in human history. No matter where your family comes from, no matter your background in America, anyone can rise with hard work. Devotion and drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition for our American ancestors sailed across the perilous ocean to build a new life on a new continent. They braved the freezing winters across the raging rivers, scaled the rocky peaks, trekked the dangerous forests and worked from dawn to dusk.


These pioneers didn't have money. They didn't have fame. But they had each other, they love their families, they love their country, and they love their God. When opportunity beckoned, they picked up their Bibles, packed up their belongings, climbed into their covered wagons and set out west for the next adventure, ranchers and miners, cowboys and sheriffs, farmers and settlers. They pressed on past the Mississippi to stake a claim in the wild frontier.


Legends were born Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett and Buffalo Bill. Americans built their beautiful homesteads on the open range. Soon they had churches and communities, then towns and with time. But Billy the center's screw that gastrique comments, that is who they were.


Americans build their future, we don't tear down our past, we are the nation.


That one, a revolution toppled tyranny and fascism, this is something Americans don't understand to deliver any party in Venezuela, any socialist fascist dictator who's trying to take the power that they are Cuba. Do you think they tear down and denigrate their history? We are the only country that does. Everyone has flaws in our history. We just have fewer flaws in most countries.


This is an American thing to bitch about how good you have it and how imperfect we are, considering that we were the catalyst for ending the world's greatest evils at almost everything.


How privileged are you to be able to do that? You don't embrace all of it. It's not even it's not even an issue in other countries.


Yeah, yeah. Whenever a way of life was threatened, our heroes answered the call. From Yorktown to Gettysburg, from Normandy to Iwo Jima, American patriots raced into cannon blast bullets and bayonets to rescue American liberty. They had no fear, but America didn't stop there. We looked into the sky and kept pressing onward. We built a six million pound rocket and launched it thousands of miles into space. We did it so that two brave patriots couldn't stand it.


So I had a great actor, the very best for America.


Nothing is impossible. Over the next four years, we will prove worthy of this magnificent legacy. We will reach stunning new heights and we will show that the world for America, there is a dream and it is not beyond your reach. Together, we are unstoppable. Together we are unbeatable because together we are the proud citizens of the United States of America.


Stark contrast to the BNC and bid November 3rd, we will make America safer.


We will make America stronger. We will make America prouder and we will make America greater than ever before. I am very, very proud to be the nominee of the Republican Party.


I love you all. God bless you. And God bless America. Thank you. Drink. All right. Well, thank you very much for a little bit. We're going to continue with CNN.


But let me tell you this searing, blistering attack on the Democratic Party. I'll give it to you.


Really simply the biggest difference between Joe Biden and President Trump, the biggest difference between the crescendo of the DNC and the RNC. The Republican convention was a love letter to the United States of America. The DNC was a Dear John letter. Yeah, that's the difference.


One loves America.


One accepts our history, flaws, virtues in all, and the other rejects the idea of American exceptionalism.


If you believe that America is a flawed country, but pretty damn good when you're proud of it, you vote Republican. If you believe that America is a broken toy, that you should observe from afar and then send Joe Biden in to fix it. A 47 year career politician, you vote Democrat. It's a really simple contrast at this point. Let's hear what they're saying. They're at at CNN.




See, indeed, the Democrats, the fire coming up from six point twenty twenty four.


Appropriation fireworks. This in front of a crowd not wearing masks.


I can't believe you're wearing masks, Newroz spelling my name Nanchang like there.


People were sitting around going, what can we say that will demonstrate? Right. Defends coronaviruses task force. Not to take it down. I just said this.


Trump focuses squarely on Biden and Norm breaking speech. He actually didn't. I would wager if you added up to probably 20 percent Biden years. Yeah, he mentioned them. They'll put this up in a second day. And he had it 41 times. He mentioned Joe Biden and they say Biden never named Trump.


Si never named him because he's afraid he doesn't want to point them out. How Joe Biden thinks he'll appear. He's he's a he says Trump's name three times in a mirror.


Yeah, exactly. Joe Capital.


All right. Let me hear what CNN is saying really quickly. No American president has ever accepted the nomination of his party from the White House. It was thought to be inappropriate, a violation, perhaps, even though he accepted it from the White House.


So I thought you wanted him to stay home, you silly bitch. Yeah. By the way, quarantine at home. I'll accept the nomination from home.


What way? You know who thinks it's not a violation of the Hatch Act? Every lawyer that works for the White House.


Yeah. They ask what? The counsel's office for the White House. Well, they said they asked the counsel's office and said, hey, can we do this? And they're like, yep, he can work.


He talked about tonight how nine million jobs have been created in three months without mentioning, of course, that on the previous two months before that.


Twenty two million acres you mentioned every single hour on the hour, like your ticker talk show, someone needs to mention that we actually have had record job creation.


We had record low unemployment, including for the black community before the covid pandemic hit.


Someone else needs to mention it because that's swimming upstream, that's going against the grain. You constantly talk about how America is doomed to constantly talk about how we are not an exceptional nation. You constantly talk about the unemployment in the jobless claims that have happened in covid. You never talked about the unemployment rate and labor force participation rate before covid you never talked about the record low black unemployment rate. You never talked about the record high approval. Black black vote for the great for President Trump.


I was thirty six percent. I don't know what thirty two or thirty six percent. You never talked about it.


The best we get from you and Don Lemon is you going on there and saying, well, you know what, we need to switch tact here because the riots are hurting us in the polls and then you don't tell us which polls. Yeah, Jake Tapper is petrified that for a moment you might be happy.


Yes. Yes. For a moment after that speech, you might love America and be excited for the future of it.


Yeah, but never mind that you might actually understand that the United States is uniquely responsible for ending slavery.


People said, well, what about in England looking to the British Empire? You don't.


Yeah. And look how bad things are right now. That's their thing. Remember the coronavirus guys don't forget. Right. Don't forget, by the way, that the CDC never in its history has ever recommended masking healthy people, saying that it would do anything to stop the spread of a virus. And yet one of the first things they put on is they didn't have masks and wear masks. Why didn't they wear masks?


I don't know, because maybe they wanted to aspirate greatness, that good American air.


I think the CDC actually came out and said it's actually bad for people that are healthy to wear masks. It's not good. I think I taste exceptionalism. I prefer February exceptionalism. I don't like December exceptionalism. So you're going to shoot up. Uncle Charlie Brown. That's how dark he delivered the kind of speech that his lucky kiss the kitten had, it didn't sniff to be doing when it comes to the strategy.


Desperate, come on, win re-election and more importantly, to do that by really throwing the toughest punches as they possibly can rhetorically against Joe Biden. Think of how crazy that is.


The toughest punches the haymakers being thrown is basically the idea, this crazy notion that the United States is a great country. You know how you get Dana White speak on here. Not long ago, the president of the UFC, you realize that the United States, the American people, are the only people who cheer the man of the most impeccable character going into a fight. Do you realize that if an American fighter is a douche bag and the Brazilian walks in, Americans will cheer the Brazilian?


That happens nowhere else in the world do you realize that when fighters go to Brazil, American fighters have to have even if they're nice guys, they have to have armed security details and armored helicopters and they chat. When Jose Aldo went to the cage, they chant, We will kill you. Do you understand the nationalism in every country, not name? The United States of America is not only more rigid, less flexible, but it's also inextricably tied to a racial identity.


Do you understand that we're the only country who behaves this way? Do you understand that we are the only country right there who cheers on our police officers, who cheers on record low unemployment, who cheers on the idea of supporting law enforcement, who cheers on the idea of supporting the worker and tax breaks for families and and the idea of race doesn't ever enter into the equation of our minds. And I know you'll say that that's a blind spot, that's a privilege, and that's racism.


You are incorrect.


What he just talked about when he talked about serving the African-American community as opposed to pandering, the Democrats have taken approach of affirmative action. Hey, let's give you what you deserve that you haven't earned to members of the black community, like booting some Asians from Harvard. Get the hell out of here, yáng. Right.


That's where is this guy who just talked about creating an economy, an economy and tax breaks that are entirely blind. Yeah.


That are devoid of taking into consideration race, gender, creed and improve the lives of all Americans. That is unique. That is not something you saw for eight years under Barack Obama, something you didn't see for Barack Obama's re-election.


His general sentiment was things are still really bad, but it's Bush's fault and you need me to finish the job. And here's what I'm going to do for blacks. Here's what I to do for Muslims. And Donald Trump is his message has been look at what I look at what we've done together.


America, we're better and stronger than ever. And we're we're a great and strong country historically. And we've done it by bringing all people up equally. That is unique.


You may not like the guy. You may not like his tweets. And I agree with you on some of that. But that is something that we haven't seen from the DNC. It's not something that we've seen from a recent Democratic president, and it's not something that CNN can even possibly compute. So take that into consideration when you're going into there. Fact checks, the summary here. We're going to we're about to go announcer costume winners exclusively on my club.


Yeah. And finishes up with our presidential elections. The promo code is Crowder RNC stream.


You get twenty dollars off if you join it later with credit crowd Crowder Dotcom's Michael drinking too much beer do you much patriotic.


You can have that wedding jazz music tonight then Yaghmai Yag.


So it really is.


This was a love letter to the United States of America.


If you go back and watch the DNC, if you have the time tonight, you want to stay up late, go back and watch the DNC. That was a Dear John letter.


That was let's abandon everything that has made America America sorry, by this is a party and a man who truly loved the United States of America, flaws and all.


And you know what? Any healthy relationship should include that anyone who believes this is also the Hollywood the Hollywood dissing of any country is what they do with marriages. If you love me, you'll love me the way I am. Any man who doesn't just accept any man who doesn't just think you're perfect, doesn't deserve, you know. You know what the truth is. All people are flawed.


You enter into a marriage and you love and appreciate and serve your wife. Despite the fact that she is imperfect. You still write her a love letter. You still give her gifts on your anniversary. You still treat her with love, tenderness, kindness, because the Bible tells you to, but also because you understand that all people are flawed.


That's how conservatives view the United States of America.


We accept Lady Liberty for all of its greatness and its flaws and look to improve that for all people.


Now, the left looks to the United States of America and they look at it just like a rom com, which is pornography for women.


Either someone is perfect or you change them. You make them perfect. That's not how the real world works. No country is perfect. No people is perfect. But we've done pretty damn good here in the United States of America.


Pick a country where anyone has it better. Sweden, Norway, Finland. No. OK, I'm sorry, Canada.


Fuck off. The United States is the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. One party believes that. One party recognizes it.


And if you don't like Donald Trump, well, you know what?


Let's just compare them equally. Let's use the same standard. Who's pulling the strings of the Democratic Party?


If Joe Biden keels over tomorrow, which a majority of Americans believe that he won't fill out his first term.


It's Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, the squad who is pulling the strings, the Republican Party.


If you have to look at a senator, right, someone's a puppet. First off, it's hard to puppeteer someone who has more money than you.


It's really hard to buy someone for as much as people bitch about money in politics who doesn't care is a value for not being short, not being swayed by someone slipping you a 20. Right.


It is the American people because he is beholden, the Republican Party is beholden. The American people, the Midwest, people who have jobs, people who are paying less in taxes. People are able to stay home with their families, people who are able to build wealth, small businesses.


If you look to whom they're beholden, it's not even close ones beholden to the outrage mob and the literal mob right now, rioting and burning down your cities.


And the other one is beholden to Americans saying, hey, can you do something about stopping the burning of our cities? All right. That is a lot of credit outcome. Flash mob club. We're going to give our presidential election predictions right there exclusively. If you're on YouTube, we appreciate you. We love you freeloaders. But it's time for YouTube to urinate. Outward that way. All right, all right.


Very nice. Stop the music. Some sound from the audio way because I have to urinate like there is no tomorrow, but there is a tomorrow, so I won't do it in my pants because I will live on forever.


What a day that will live in infamy all day. All right. We had our costume contest winner, I believe. And by the way, thank you so much to Reg the Bandit who has kept us abreast as the job rage has unfolded.


Let's show Reg the Bandit for a second. Come on there. He brought us.


I love the outfit. He's like, I'll wear whatever I wear and then just put this on and we made sure we had that custom fitted.


All right. Who do we have as the costume contest winner tonight?


Yeah, so we have a couple of runners up.


We have been waiting, too for oh, very nice shirts and shipping is excellent. Oh, Ron Walters. Well there is a Walther Amun David Dawn shirt.


And is that a cigar. Yeah, well that's what it is that I can't see from here. It's a small monitor. Is that the Constitution or is it the constitution of the people?


Actually, it's yeah. I can't think that's declaration. Right. Or if it's the Constitution, we. The people. OK, so that I think that's a declaration.


I thought that's what I thought it was time semi drunk. I think that's the winner. Unless you give me something better. Yeah. Let me see what else I've got.


Another thing about this is Luke. I know my wife qualify that. That's my guy. I bought a mug, but he should pay more.


Why is he not the winner?


No, no, I tell you what, I just go for using your child without even putting the idea. Was that your child.


That was my wife. You get a lock of your own hair. That's the bottom there.


Well, that's my wife. Nothing like starting your kid off behind the eight ball. Don't we teach them the rules of engagement? Well, you change them at the last minute.


I tell you what, I'll break it up to Joe Biden for his blessing. Oh, jeez.


Sniffing He is cute, though. And we got a sniff winner. Oh, well, I don't know. I think the first one was the winner. But let me see what this is. I think the second one by far.


Luke, we got Jennifer Lynn, right. He's got all kinds of red, white and blue.


She's got a big black coffee, black coffee. All right, let's trigger discipline. Listen, I will tell you this.


I never do this. Oh, I shouldn't do this.


Kind of like George Zimmerman that I should say this on camera. I shouldn't say this, but the death touch doesn't work if you roll your tongue over. Oh, well, let's do the guy to cops. Sorry, Sideshow is the first time I've done this. I want to send a gift package and also all of Gerald's.


Hello, woe to the first guy.


And this I can't see her name the last one when you get everything free.


Anyway, I gave him the hair he has hopefully at last for all my bad luck.


So cheers to you. I just got to say a padrone, a Walther either constitution or Declaration of Independence. I can't see it. I mean shirt, a mug that is pretty damn awesome. And that lady, though, is far more fetching than him.


So I should get give gift. Was that. Jennifer Lynn, thank you very much. We appreciate your support and we're glad to have you with us.


OK, let's go around presidential election predictions. Gun to your head. Who do you think wins the gun? To my head, I think Donald Trump wins and I think it's going to be much further apart than we think right now. It looks a little bit closer, but I think it will spread out. And the funniest thing of CNN, do you think it'll it'll spread more in Donald Trump's favor? Yeah, in Donald Trump's favor. I think the closer we get to it again, we have a very short memory.


The stuff that happens in August and even September is not going to be in our minds in November, unfortunately.


But what he say exactly, that's what Joe Biden said, which I love, by the way, that CNN said that he threw out every punch that he could simply by playing Joe Biden's record.


Forget that's all he did was say here's what he's done. And he's like, oh, right. Every punch you could against Joe Biden just by saying, yeah, well, they're they're being mean.


They're pissed off about him doing this at the White House. According to the Hatch Act, you can't campaign basically from a government or the norm, which is crazy to suckling at the government teat.


Right, exactly. But it's not illegal. They've checked with scholars and people who know these things in the hatch. It's not going against the Hatch Act. It's just not normally done. But like you said, he's not Trav'lin Hatch.


Muhammad Ali endorsed. No, I agree with your point there. I think it's going to spread again. I just can't see Joe Biden's approval rating being any higher than yesterday.


Yeah, he's got the audio.


Wait, what do you think? Yeah, I think Trump will win. And I think that, as you were saying earlier about the. About loving America is the way forward. That's actually the only way to make it better, just like a marriage that the only way to make it fix something you hate. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So starting starting with something that. Yeah, starting with hatred is not the way you grow something. It's not the way you move any relationship forward.


You have to start with actually loving what you see and then making it great with your love. So I think that that's the approach that Trump is, you know, touting. And I think that that's the way forward. I think people see that.


I think there's no way that you can avoid it. There's no clip from that where you can, you know, take out of context and say like, oh, no, it was a bleak speech.


And there's no yeah, I was very. Yeah.


Which is is not typical. It's really not right. Again, to justify their job, politicians often need to make you think that something's wrong. In Joe Biden's case, he broke a story and he's going to fix it. Yeah. Yeah. And what do you think? The Affordable Care.


I think he's going to win. Yeah, it's yeah. I was kind of like on the fence before because I thought there might be some kind of shenanigans.


But after these these last two weeks, Americans have these last two weeks, the DNC, like you said, you dropped points. And after this, he's got to drop more points because like Donald Trump, like hit every single Yale on the head with this convention.


I think this started really great. It was great. Yeah. Yeah.


I think that a lot of this convention was speaking to the base and I think he was smart in letting the people who went out before him, you know, kind of letting people sort of act as his bodyguards, letting them act as enforcers. The the you know, Abby from Planned Parenthood.


Oh, yeah. You're not a rocker, right? You let them go out there and praise Trump. And I thought there was a little bit of hero worship going on. But I kind of understand it now because Donald Trump didn't really do a whole lot of hero worship of himself.


He talked about what we have done as Americans. We had people go out there, paved the way and say, thank you, Donald Trump. Donald Trump has done a great job. And then he came out and said, hey, America has done a great job because he knows that these are the soundbites.


These are the clips that are going to be played above all else. It's not even close compared to anyone else. That was the opening act. He's the headliner.


He started his speech with how great America is and how great Americans are going into this speech with the same thing, right? Yeah.


One thing one thing I was struck by with the speech is the length of it. I mean, just thinking about I would love to compare the length of Trump's speech and the breadth of it and how much he was able to cover with Joe Biden's, which was again, a very narrow Joe Biden was just just a bunch of piano strings and bent back paperclip.


Yeah, well, he had a lot of ground. We mentioned this. He had a lot of ground to cover. Do not touch Sam, you Jack. Right. He had a lot of ground to cover today to talk about a lot of great things.


So, you know, it's no about how much of you had to drink this go to you.


Yeah, exactly. Now, he had a lot of great things to talk about. You're right. Like he. Yeah, he talked about his record and I'm serious. Go back to any president. What did Barack Obama say when he was accepting his nomination for the second time around? What health care? He had to bend every rule possible and break every arm to get people to go into this? Right. And what's this response? I don't know what I'm going to see it on or I've seen it now from CNN.


I think you're going to see the gap widen.


I'm very curious to see what happens in Michigan. I was dead wrong about Michigan. I didn't think in a million years because of the union stronghold. Yeah. And you know what?


This is kind of I use Michigan because it's something that I know. And I had seen things on the ground quite a bit.


And they have, like Biden had by nine points.


I don't know how far had they had Hillary Clinton, but it was a significant lead where I said Donald Trump may make up some some ground in Ohio, Pennsylvania, but not Michigan.


Yeah, that was a shock. But that's because, again, Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA, TPP. Joe Biden has as well. And Bernie Sanders were the candidate. I think Bernie Sanders wins Michigan handily because unions just prefer Michigan. And I hate to say it, but they're voting in their own self-interest. I don't necessarily know that people in Michigan, a lot of the sort of Trump Democrats are voting based out of principle.


But I also think if they're voting by their own self-interest, this is a rare instance where middle class working Americans cannot vote out of their own self-interest, even if they're completely unprincipled for the Democrat Party. Yeah, it's usually the party of handouts. It's usually the party of pandering, and they just haven't delivered results. So I think that Donald Trump I'm curious to see what happens in Michigan.


And I will say I see a repeat of what happened in 2016 in that, you know, in a very red county up in northern Michigan, I saw a lot of local signs.


I didn't see many Biden signs, but I saw a handful of Biden signs and a whole lot of local politicians and a whole lot of local election signs.


Yeah, I saw one Trump sign and it was surrounded in razor wire on a farm because even on a farm just a little bit further out than a Kenosha, if you will, it's still got torn down. And I'm not sure if it was burned down.


There was a fire near it. But the point is, this person said, nope, I'm going to put up this Trump sign.


So there is not only an enthusiasm gap, but I think people think of enthusiasm gap in these ideas, these terms of how much do you like your candidate? I think that needs to be reframed in the era of Donald Trump. And how much are you scared to lose your.


Entire livelihood, simply because you prefer one candidate. That's what's happening with people who support Donald Trump. They don't want to lose their job. They don't want to lose their right to defend themselves. They don't want to lose their friends. And so they keep their vote secret.


And even then, the polls are narrowing dramatically. So I really do see, barring some kind of crazy, unforeseen event, there's always an October surprise.


But they threw out impeachment.


They threw out Russia, which they don't talk about at all anymore coronavirus. And they trying to kind of try to move on with the with the protests. And now that that's hurting them in the polls, you see the ticker come right back up.


But I don't think they can fall back on that. They can't fall back on coronavirus.


They can't fall back on the idea of civil unrest and peaceful protests. Those are two losing issues.


So unless the Democrats and they could unless they find an entirely new issue that they fabricate out of thin air, I don't see a way outside of a Donald Trump landslide.


And by the way, I act like all of that is untrue. Yes, I like the election. Depends on your vote. And here's something I will say to people out there.


Everyone who has a social media account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you might be banned, you might lose your account, it is your duty to share accurate info right now about the protests, about the riots, about the looting, about Kyle Rittenhouse.


It is your duty right now because guess what? They can't ban us all. They can't kick us all off. Make sure it's right. Do your due diligence, but make sure that Americans out there know the war and I mean an actual war that is going on for their cities and law abiding Americans and business owners who are being harmed physically and financially, irreparably, who are fighting back right now against a system that is trying to take back the reins of control.


That is the single losing issue for Democrats and it's a gift for us.


They thought the protests would work. That's why they denied the riots. That's why they've never talked about tonight the 700, 800 million dollars in damage, too soon to be a billion dollars.


Again, 900 police officer casualties, 14000 arrests, over 30 people that they don't talk about it because they thought that this idea of peaceful protests would be a winning issue.


It's the single most losing issue for them, but only if you do your job and circumvent the media and make sure that all of your Blue Dog Democrat friends know what is going on.


Unfortunately, not only in the cities of the United States of America, but now suburbs like Kenosha.


Yes, it is your job to drive that home because the media will not tell that story. You do that.


And I say this because we