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Hi there, podcast listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a TV show because it's like a hipster, you have a fondness for radio and days gone by. But we're glad to see you or hear you again. Good morning. Mug Club. Every Monday through Thursday up until election, along with special streams for Redebate Town Hall. We really hope that you enjoy this program as much as we did making it. That really wasn't that much.


I hope you enjoy it more.


My name is Joe Biden.


I'm a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Can I get it on the. I was a Democratic caucus chairman of the caucus. No, you're lying.


Dog face pony show senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation. You also worked with them to oppose busing and why that's not true. If I were serving in the United States Senate 40 years ago when Joe Biden was serving, we would have been on opposite sides. We were joking it was a joke. OK. Today will be the.


That's go on like radio, you guys, probably your fans, Cuba Gooding Jr., right, we have the twins in the studio with us, conservative twins on YouTube and then hoj twins on Facebook.


Are you guys doing this? We are doing amazing. Yeah. Now, you just saw yourself on the monitor.


Well, just say Oprah 2.0. She's always watching herself in the monitor so everybody gets going.


Tyler Perry, riveting quarterback. Garrett is here. Audio Wade is here. My good morning, lawyer. Bill Richmond. Hello.


How are you, sir. I'm so glad to be sitting in Gerald Seat.


Really? Are you ready to get over? Rape is going to be the topic of discussion.


Oh, I like that. And I know it's like I just want to use the laser in. Yeah, because you got to jump out of the Democratic convention. And I realized I was sitting there watching it going, oh, wait a second, one second. The Joe Biden, by the way, let me be really clear, allegedly. All right. All right.


Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and then Michelle Obama, who really praised Harvey Weinstein. Like when you're like this is only possible because of Harvey Weinstein, Michelle Obama.


Woman She really was. She went all in on the Harvey Weinstein thing supporting him. She was basically acting like those people from Smallville and the sex cult who were recruiting.


Yeah, everybody had a little bit. But no, the Democratic Convention, it could just it's just the casting convention.


Yeah, the Creepshow. It's just one big couch.


So the question for you today, I guess, Question of the Day is, um, it's all allegedly everything is allegedly worth looking at with this smoke.


There's fire. It's. Oh, no, no, no. Sometimes it's just electrical.


No, know, it's just communications.


Sometimes it just came on the oven, just the smoke bombs. Sometimes you just put the oven on self-cleaning, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And it's all allegedly. But since we're opining, who do you think did it do you think Bill Clinton you think he's guilty?


Do you think that Joe Biden is he just really an enthusiastic sniffer? Did Michelle Obama, who has the access to the video, to all of the intel throughout the criminal world, had no idea that Harvey Weinstein was shopping?


Every single woman and the girl who he was casting? I don't know. I mean, I don't know how she lost it. Yeah. And it was an open secret. So, yeah. I mean, when Seth Macfarlane is joking about it, Michelle had no idea or she's a first lady. Shouldn't you know first.


That's what it means, of course.


Also in other news, no one else, no one else agreed with me on this. We're going to be taking your chat, I should say, a little later on. Please do subscribe to Crowder Bits. That's another channel on YouTube, since we don't know if monetization is going to last forever. No long time.


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Oh, no, I got water all over my mousepad. I'm not going to replace. I've ruined everything.


When you drink coffee, does your smell like Honey Nut Cheerios? Is that just me? When I drink it, there are only two difference. There are only two things that make my urine and it's asparagus. We all know that.


OK, don't get off your high horse and your tower asparagus. We all know. But coffee it does, but it doesn't smell like coffee. It smells like honey.


Not serious. Yeah. I again I've noticed a difference but I haven't made the connection to the breakfast cereal.


That's a good point. When I eat sugar smacks I can smell the sugar smacks coming out. I notice that you have you do you piece together. You have a group had together.


All right. Come on. That's the beginning boy. That's this is life.


This is like why don't you ask him if he noticed your pee smelling dude. You do everything to me and tell me table you pee together.


Not those are twin thing because he come up to me how in a chicken the way that I can't see that spicy hot. Oh it came out like fire. Yeah me too man. It's a twin thing. It's just asking him. Yeah I think it's me happens to him.


You're the connection like Elliott and E.T. where. But what do you feel is bad. The sunflower dies. Yeah.


It's a classic. I don't know. They're not it sci fi unless pilled.


Williams is so conservative.


Twins' hoj twins. So we'll be talking. I'm also by the way, I should let you know we called Mashable.


Yeah that's right. About the re monetization. You know, they made some claims that we were selling the shirts that we had never sold in our lives. They made some false claims. So you know what?


We called them to do the journalism thing and you'll be able to see it.


And Mashable high, high profile as well. So you do enjoy that call a little bit later on this morning.


But first, we have to get to the DNC, the International Rape Federation meeting, the IRS, allegedly the international alleged rape federation meeting, which is really weird because it seems like you wouldn't have a federation if it's a legit.


Yeah, yeah.


Like, why make it official? Official. Yeah, it almost sounds like you're claiming it.


We can't I don't know. I wouldn't advise it, but I'm not a political I'm not a Karl Rove.


Right. Donna Brazile doesn't have me on speed dial, but don't call it rapist federation, allegedly, but this week and you guys talked about this on YouTube, Khateeb interviewed Joe Biden.


So let's start with that.


I, of course, want free Medicare and we need a free college education. You know what? If I kill somebody, I've got to go to.


That's why I'm so confused with the WAP thing, are you? No, not really. I know exactly what it is, but it used to be used to be derogatory term for Italian. Yeah.


Really? Yeah. Next thing I'm going to call my boat and I'm going to call my boner at Dego was it is that I thought it was different and there was a demy nipple. Sakineh a different vowel in the middle there. I don't know. Who knows. I don't care.


This is not a serious show.


So last night, first off, let's check in with CNN, because you guys, you know, you wake up later today. Let's see what trumps it.


Oh, they're talking about Donald Trump. Really want to do this? And why is Adam Scott a pundit 18 months later after this process? He was in there.


I think if Barack Obama looks to rally party and young voters in speech tonight, oh, well, that is a 24 hour coverage. The Democrats are hoping for the youth vote.


Oh, well, the dumb vote. Did you see Biden's face? It's like, oh, my God, this is my base now is a pointer.


I thought it was a moderate.


No, I think that was just all the blood rushing to his member.


So last night at the Democratic National, whatever they I don't need to give me if it was a great federation. So why do I need to give them the pomp and circumstance?


They nominated an alleged sex offender, Joe Biden, while, of course, providing a marquee time slot to date, not legend known sex offender apologist Hillary Clinton.


Donald Trump says Bill Clinton.


Well, we are the only major state to have its unemployment rate triple at a time like this. The Oval Office should be a command center instead of a storm center. There's only chaos. Just one thing never changes your nose.


Determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.


That knows just it's like he went to Fantasy Island. Do we have a picture of a lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers?


We can pull it up. That's what it looks like now. It's just it just keeps going.


That knows if it says like the White House is supposed to be a command center, like when I commanded that lady to, you know, you know, that whole thing, you know, you remember the story when I came here to blow me, dropped to your knees.


The youth vote. I understand you have to be very straightforward.


I realized I was doing more of a George W. Bush. I don't know what it's my fault. Oh, my God.


He doesn't let me back up. Oh, and you know what? They also hang around children's merry go round trip.


And I know allegedly bring up the pictures of this guy with Jeffrey Epstein's misuse. This just dropped yesterday. Bill Clinton with. Hey, by the way, I she's cute.


So, by the way, what.


Yeah, what I am saying is there is allegedly no foul play between those two. OK, I want to be clear.


And he was just saying, hey, can you crack my neck?


Yeah, sure. Sexually abused. Look at go back there. That is lady going to make sure they have the same exactly the same rosacea. GOTTSTEIN And so he had two pictures of the lady who was sexually abused by claims to be sexual by Jeffrey Epstein.


Do we have to say allegedly with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, with all that half Asian bill for the dead guy, you're going to see him.


Rapist Jeffrey Epstein got a guy who had a I guess you would call it a pagan altar sauna. I mean, you see the guy's shower. The guy had the sex ranch.


That's where he relaxes. Is that pagan altar. You know what really bothered me most?


He would get mad when the ladies would steal the little shampoos. It's like, you know what? That's that's your party favor.


That's for the guests.


So Bill Clinton claimed just to be clear, we're talking about Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton. You know, we know about Joe, we know about Bill Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick. We know about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. We know about Bill Clinton.


A lot of people now, Bill Clinton said, as it related to Jeffrey Epstein, that he only flew on the Lolita Express, the rapist, the rape plane.


That's a new Snoop Dogg film, Rape Plain.


It's a, quote, Lolita Express. He said four times.


OK, well, the call logs show and I don't know why I showed five four for this man. He hit my leather helmet, so he flew at least twenty five. We have the call logs.


OK, now some will say, well, I may not be a big deal. And he also spent time on the the rapist island. Here's my question to you. Most Americans, right?


If they don't work, if you're not a road warrior, most Americans travel on average like a handful of times per year.


OK, so the argument, it must have slipped his mind the twenty five or twenty seven times, depending on which call log you use to Americans out there, provided that you don't work on the road, you know, up in the air, need not apply to this.


Can you think of any airline in the last few years that you've flown on? Twenty six.


Time, yeah, but why would he want to minimize his association with Jeffrey Epstein, just trying to build up those long hours, trying to get the guy would be like three free flights with Delta or American, Delta, United, Southwest or like Vince, Vince Young. And that's why he bought every single seat on Southwest. He didn't realize he could have flown private.


Vince Young scored less than statistical random on the quarterback intelligence test we've got.


He was dumb, whose great athlete but boy, no quarterback IQ. So obviously, to put it in context, do you think, Bill, you travel quite a bit, half Asian bill.


Have you flown twenty six times on any airline in the last few years on one airline?


I have, but I have to travel a lot. So do you. Just me time. No, you don't use the same airline every single time. So a lot of the times I do fly one airline because of the proximity in that particular region. But, you know, when you when you look at the road warrior kind of question, even if you're on the road all the time, I mean, you remember look at it.


You have to remember hard, right? Yeah. And you know what? Let's bring this up. You look a little bit like the Alaska Airlines mascot.


I thought you might be flying Alaska Airlines, which, you know, land bridge theory. The Inuit. Yes. So we're all Asian.


Let's let me know when you get the Alaska Airlines come up, the little little step here. So we have it. You type in Alaska Airlines mascot in.


The first thing is just Eskimo, but they try to scrub it. They cannot. Oh, yeah. Like you asked what the answer to a math problem is, but it just says that's come up. The Google is racist. I just want to say. All right, we have. We do have. Yeah. OK, let's bring up Alaska Airlines really quickly, because that's who Bill looks like. We haven't. All right. Well, yeah, we'll go back to it.


So a few weeks ago, speaking of Bill Clinton, the alleged rapist, court documents, they were unsealed where this lady, Virginia, however you call it in English, testified Clinton was Epstein's pedophile island with two young girls, something that Clinton always he's denied.


Right. But it's like you denied that.


You want the lead express. Yeah. Twenty six times, I guess. Twenty six minus four. Twenty two times twenty two denials.


I don't forget the four times he admitted it. Yes.


So twenty two denials and four justice for justices.


Forget about Monica.


Yeah. Well I don't know. I don't think she made it on the plane. She was a little you know she you don't need those old spinsters.


Yeah. Let's bring it up. The the median age there at Pedophile Island. What is this, a nursing home?


Let's take Bill Clinton's word on this one on the sexual assault. Yeah, yeah. I think that's that's probably.


But I mean, that's what I'm saying. It's like if you take the word of anyone there at the DNC, it's like it's like a Mexican standoff of rape. It's like, no, I didn't do it. How can you prove it? Well, Bill Clinton abashiri. Yeah. Old Joe Biden about Jimmy. And he's just like, well, what is the thing?


You just got two guns aimed at him. Is this all we're doing?


Like, no, Joe, OK, I'm good. I'm and this is just a super soaker.


It really is like like out just for you there to be Hillary Clinton, no Joe Biden, no Bill Clinton, no Michelle Obama, who is effectively recruiting for every. And if you look at the speeches that she gave. No, I don't know anything about I don't know about Gretchen Whitmer.


But, you know, I'm pretty sure she's got a shotgun went down on that island. Man, if he's getting sucked off an Oval Office, could you imagine the stuff he was doing down there? Yeah, it's a good thing he's in the Oval Office.


Yeah, the intern. Yeah. And he had to go further.


What do you think?


He's doing it when it's a lady who salaried like she was she was paid to organize his envelopes.


Those people were paid to do whatever Bill Clinton wants in the the pagan shower. Santo that's a good point. God knows what he was doing. I mean I can guess.


I mean, I wonder what he said. Yeah, no, no, let's not let's not wonder what he said. Oh. Oh yeah. Well you know what, that was broad enough that it was just slightly revolting massage. Just do we have the Alaska Airlines. OK, that's. Come on. That's like Richmond.


That is the most racist thing I ever saw. The shading, I think.


Hey, that's my uncle back up Eskimo with the afro.


I thought that it looks like it's because of the shading and I don't know why they did that. That's a nice little groovy man. Yeah.


Looks like an Eskimo with a 70s roller skate. That's it. I'm growing an afro.


The look works.


OK, by the way, hit the notification bell if you haven't yet because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot. You guys know that now, right? Like subscriptions don't really go in people's description boxes.


So we've got a notification about we have this show every weekday morning here at at 10:00 Eastern. I was gonna say nine because we're in Central and tomorrow evening we are closing out the DNC with eighties theme night. So tune in.


We're going have a hashtag. We have a party, we have drinking games, and we're going to be fact checking Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and whoever else.


I don't think we have anything prepped for Tammy Duckworth, but they will stage, you know. Yeah, we'll probably just cut to the truth, according to Smooth Man.


At that point, we have some other stuff because who gets to be fun gives a rat's ass about Tammy.


I met senator, OK, so they defended Bill Clinton's inclusion right at at the the convention, and this was something I saw on CNN, which I just thought was so telling. They basically ended up cutting the interview short where someone was making a very valid point, kind of the point that half the country would be thinking and said, well, you know what I mean?


I just think if you're saying, hey, character matters, look how terrible Donald Trump is. And then the very and then you're introducing Bill Clinton like that's a part of his open, that's the problem. And they believe that the Bill Clinton issue has been settled. Just so this is what they do a lot, right? It's settled. Well, what about the data on black? It's settled. What about the Bill Clinton? It's settled. One of the pictures that came out today.




Yeah. Why isn't the Bill Clinton thing settled? I thought we all agreed that he did it. That's right. Point. And that's also just code for shut up. Yes. Code.


I don't like what you're saying, young man. You keep that up. You won't be in a fourth quadrant for us any time soon. Next to Adam Scott, this is CNN. We take our business very seriously. Stelter, back to you. Rubbing balls.


So let's go to allegedly let's go to the top from CNN so you can see how they have to handle Bill Clinton when it arises live.


So you're going to say that in one breath and then say character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton. I mean, does this make sense to anyone? If you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden, talk about not having drama in the Oval Office is the right answer this morning.


This has already been asked and answered decades ago, no more decades ago.


Not everyone talks in Michigan that way. Just just the asshole governors. Oh, I don't know what it is like. You walk around Michigan had a little bit, you know, they might say roof instead of roof.


But then you have a Governor Whitman, who was a former Michigan Governor Granholm.


Well, you know, back in Michigan after mirror effect, what are you just are you getting dialect lessons from Michael Moore laying claim to that rural base who, by the way, I'm not convinced is not in transition right now?


Michael Moore, have you seen him? Oh, my God. He looks like Rosie O'Donnell. Hey, don't insult Rosie O'Donnell.


He looks like Walter White on testosterone blockers. Jesus Christ. So this is they say it's settled decades ago.


Well, it really wasn't settled decades ago now. We have new pictures. And I would think it's relevant considering that if you watch the Eppstein files on Netflix, right. That they show that picture with Donald Trump like three, four or five times. Donald Trump didn't travel on a lead express. He's not in the car. Look, Donald Trump did host Jeffrey Epstein in Mar a Lago and then kicked them out because he thought he was creepy.


Very quickly, good reason. It's a pretty good reason. In other words, the story, rather than just a picture of Donald Trump at a party.


Right. I'm sure you could find a picture of Donald Trump at a party with all kinds of unsavory characters. You know, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Lena Dunham, they all show up at these met Gallas.


The point is that's not the same as traveling on his plane and going to his Sex Island repeatedly and denying it.


Donald Trump booted Epstein from our that guy, that guy, the shit they got out like they believe that he does kids.


That's what I think. Donald Trump. Trump's not a good guy. And how does Bill Clinton not get me tuned when Aziz Ansari has a bad date?


Yeah, I don't like his politics at all. That's a bad date.


When you look at how does he not get me tud when at the very least, at the very least, what we know, what he denied under oath and then admitted to abusing his power as the president of the United States on an intern, even if she was willing. Right. This idea regretful and is what's taught is rape.


Well what about the president of the United States exerting his power over you to get APJ underneath the the White House desk?


And that's just what we know about all this other. No, he just dropped his pants and walked up. I mean, you can you can search Gennifer Flowers. You can search when he brought it. We know that he made uncomfortable advances and we know that he had extramarital affairs with people who worked for him. And we know that he denied it under oath. We know all those things. We just don't know. We just don't know what the bedpost notches would read in regards to pedophilia.


You think he'd be a target number one for me, too? It's strange that he's not just. You think number one? I don't know.


People are simple. They give him a wide berth because of that bayonet on his nose. He's got a black kid to Bill Clinton. He's got a black kid. Bill Clinton.


Yeah, he did it just like him, but he's light skinned. Oh, yeah, I know you're talking about. Yeah, well, that man allegedly. No, it's the legs. You know, you can switch it up and just say purported reported and reported the reported.


It's been reported he's got a black son. Others have said I hear people say, you know, usually some people do.


They say it's settled. Well, Bill Clinton has refused to apologize for anything. I think we have a link up here from from CNN, NBC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, so many NBC and all of them are useless. Can, in fact check you real quick. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Bill Clinton has apologized for that, but he did apologize for the racist policies that he put into place that set back black communities for decades that. He put into place when he was president, did he did? He did just a couple of years ago he came out and he admitted that he screwed over the black community for decades because of the policies he put into place. You know what?


That makes me respect him less. But I thought he was the first black president, at least just double down.


It's like if you're if you're a racist, Bill Clinton, like I'd be the best racist you can get.


He also apologized, remember, because he used to really like fast food and then he became a vegan.


Oh, I think he really weighs on you at night. And I wondered why he was withering away. You know what? He looks horrible. That's what weighs on you.


It's like not the sexual assault, not the abuse of power, not the alleged purported rape, but Burger King Whopper juniors, she's going, oh, good.


You know, sometimes I orders chicken fries. I want to hear you wince. You know, you wince your.


Oh, I said, what? Did I do this a lot like? Oh, I can't believe I did that. And going to sleep with my wife goes, what's wrong?


Because I don't I realize that I like this audibly at Bill Clinton's doing that with junior bacon cheeseburger. Right. Not the rape victims. Maybe just a name.


You know what Diff'rent Strokes you can try to do. Some people can't see one. Another one.


I'm sorry, I can't sleep. I count my rape victims instead of Sheila and you'll fall asleep hearing their scream.


They're going to do it. Why don't I say, what does my life become?


There will be a lot of tonight. I'll be haunted by the ghost of Bing Crosby.


Just show up with his golf swing. Hey, Steven, what the fuck?


All right. So this we obviously see the coverage, but it does bother me when you see people who just who are the media's bias.


So this is a new segment are going to be introducing.


I wanted to actually go to another story where you see the difference in coverage, not just Bill Clinton and the rapist convention known as the the DNC, but something just recently happened with a man being beaten within an inch within an inch of his life.


Was this I keep losing track in Portland. Yeah.


What was Portland we'll get to in a second, but we're going to compare it with another story that everybody remembers and a new segment we call then and now.


All right, so that's my local man, by the way, is it a local man? Check him out. Seems like a local cover band. Is it the kind of band that would show up and do their covers?


And then Megadeth would say, you can't use your skeleton, guys just get right.


That's Iron Maiden or Iron Maiden. That's right. Iron Man. What's the name of the skeleton gang? I mean, I don't know, skeleton or something like that skeleton.


No, I'm not saying I don't like Iron Maiden to people out there because, you know, I'm just saying if your music is a gimmick, you know, something with Grateful Dead, they do the same skeleton, little guy.


Well, Mr. Saturday Night, what's it what's a great, great song? Uncle Tom's band now.


Uncle Tom's band. It'll just be Uncle Joe. I felt like I was like, oh, yeah, sorry. Yeah, sorry.


He had stones and he said, the buy the whitest guy in the room just dropping. And it's me by the way.


I was.


Let me I want to continue with then and now, but I was just talking about this, you know, Joe Lewis, which by the way, is really surprising because you guys used to be afraid of dogs and your pet and Joe Lewis, the correction word for Joe Lewis is no.


Right. So, like, if you hear if I say I'm going to take him for a walk if, say, W because he recognizes the word and he doesn't you don't like you say no. So you correct him.


But I realize to the uninitiated, people who hear me and my wife talking to the dog will say, hey, you know, if he if he doesn't listen, say the N-word to someone here, say the N-word to the dog named Joe Lewis in context, my favorite boxer ever. He came to us with scar tissue, looked a little bit like Julius's. You know, that's a good name for a dog, Joe Lewis. And we're saying n word meaning no, but that is something that definitely could be, you know, a cancelable offense.


We know it's not rape.


Oh, of course. Hoback that was you guys. You guys any more black reifel coffee, by the way? Black coffee, dot com slash Crowder and turn your promo code.


I think you get twenty percent off. True. And they are really doing well right now.


I took a black rifle. We're waiting on some of this. This is a Prop Corkman. This is prop, this has been around here. I don't even know how I feel that Philippine's join the coffee club that it's telling me it needs it needs a friend. Send it one day.


Remember, Sam man, the Covington kids who, by the way, I think just got eighty million from CNN that was that reported something like that around the corner, that someone is supposed to be confidential, but oh OK.


Who knows if sources.


Just the one kid who did all the kids get that split up. Oh I know. If that's the case it's gonna be like Lord of the Flies.


Yeah. Just they're going to be fighting each other like this has a go at it, but it has paid journalists. It's OK. Yeah, it didn't have to right now.


One article. What's the next thing you know, Brian Stelter is going to try and sleep with him for a primetime slot.


So, Keith, so let's remember what the media reaction was immediately following the Covington kids. This matters.


At least some of the students were from Covington Catholic High School in the Catholic Diocese of Covington, which oversees. You guys get a real kick out of it. We condemn the it's going on Hemington Catholic school students towards Nathan Phillips specifically and Native Americans in general. We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior, as opposed to the church's teachings on the dignity and respect of the human. What is also said, the matter is under investigation and that some students could be expelled.


We understand any more dignity and respect. How are you? It's tough to have dignity, respect for a guy who is a serial liar and has no gumline.


Yeah, he's losing all his teeth. What do you expect him to do? It's been, what, two years? I still don't understand how this story just took off. Baffling you as a white kid who smiled? Yes. It was like twenty million dollars.


His greatest sin was having a punchable face. Let's give the left that he had a little bit of a face. We're just kind of give it to you as a child. You know, I'm just saying. But I'm saying like, I have that face.


I get have a face. There's a lot of punch appeal, right. You just want to, you know, paint a target.


Yeah, you get it, kid. Got all that Kinect. It's all just to push the kid in the face.


All right. Well, that could be taken out of context. We congratulate your win and good for you. I like the way hashtag not all black people, OK? They're not all these. They don't all want to punch you in the face.


What's wrong with you?


I think that makes them a big fan here. But before it's your life, it matters so much.


All right.


Let's compare that to what happened. Was this yesterday or two days ago?


Several days ago, I think was two days ago now where Black Lives Matter, they try to rob someone in Portland, then a man and his partner, the defendant, the victim. I wanna make sure I get this right so that people don't get upset with me. Then Black Lives Matter. Chase them. They got into their truck. The mob tried to chase them down to their truck, and then the driver crashed the truck. And then there was a Black Lives Matter activist.


And this is why, by the way, I think a lot of conservatives are cowardly out there. They say antifa like, listen, that's why we switched the sign from and for the Black Lives Matter, because they're one. The same as far as tactics, but people are afraid of calling up Black Lives Matter for fear of being called racist.


I'm not saying black people, Black Lives Matter, the organization and people who subscribe to that philosophy, that worldview, I believe that they are part of or supporting a domestic terror organization by definition because of the violence that is often encouraged and used and at the very least, not actively condemned in these cities across the country sometimes, but not if the heads of the organization.


And that is a problem that I have.


So let's compare that to a Black Lives Matter activists. I'm warning you. This graphic. OK, so not a trigger warning. An actual warning if you have kids around.


This is what happened in Portland this week. Oh, right. And loser, by the way, the irony in calling him the N-word, then calling him a racist. Don't get any dumber than that.


Get him out of the way. Get them out. All right. So, again, now, to be clear, white kids smiling.


Covington was covered from everywhere. Right. Right. That's all you remember is that and they were totally wrong.


They have egg on their face. And so, of course, they never really issue the full correction retraction except. Well, I guess you could consider 80 million one hell of an addendum. No one covered it.


Yes. We've been trying to search. We'll show you some overlays from when we were searching for this yesterday. Washington Post did run a headline man seriously injured in attack after crashing his tuque truck during Black Lives Matter protest in Portland.


Well, seems a little a little vague. It seems a little bit vague.


How about the man was beaten within an inch of his life when you consider that matchable made up stories or the verge regarding us, that didn't even basically stories with quotes that we never made and stories that never even actually happened from places that we've never been. You would think that they could get this right. Like how about including a quote where he said, yeah, take it racist and then immediately called him the N-word.


That's a quote that I think would interest people because they were going to say he kicked the guy. You know, he said he was the reasonable he said the N-word. I'm so confused to even rape anybody. I don't know how to read a newspaper. It's been settled. Stephen. He did.


It's been settled. Settled? Well, it's been answered minutes ago.


And the way the headline reads, it's not really clear if he was one of the demonstrators or if the demonstrators were the ones who were committing the violent acts. Yeah, of course, it's not clear in the headline, of course.


Course, it's not clear when a strip was security on it to write. I don't want to mention, oh, that thing was a transformer shirt.


Yeah, he knows he's in there. I know.


We love him for it.


I accepted the idea if nature's kind black community will accept my point there, maybe one day.


So let's go back to then with the Sandman's or the Covington kids when the truth did come out with the full footage. Again, this is important because what matters is not only when they get a story wrong, but what do they do to correct it?


And we'll be showing that call to Mashable we made yesterday a little bit. So I hope you enjoy that.


Instead of admitting they were wrong, they tried to turn it into a whole he said she said right. It was nothing more than conjecture. And they were airing after this. More interviews with noted ambassador for methamphetamine, Nathan Phillips.


I forgive him, but he didn't think he owed an apology, but he does wish that he had walked away. Was that enough for you or do you think he should have apologized? Well, if an apology would be an apology for his own behavior to a lot of other people beside me, I'd be like way down on the list of his people. He needs to apologize to.


You just end the phrase that I'd be way down the list and we could apply it to anything to stop the way down the list of people to apologize to people whose picture would be up for dental records, people to watch your children.


Yeah, way, way too short of being a mule through an airport. You'd be right at the top everywhere else. You're at least bottom, you know, 90 fourth percentile.


And even y'all, they'd probably pass him up because he kind of looks like him.


Yeah. You know, that's true right away. Like Dr. Frank. Look just like a wizard. Shrek the donkey.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just say it.


And here's just to be clear, people who haven't followed up on the story those kids did nothing was black Hebrew Israelites who were causing them, who basically say that white people could not go to hell.


Part of all white people are going to hell high to deal with these people.


When I was in Michigan, by the way, and then the kid statement, Nathan Phelps came home living off the land.


Well, he made sure that someone taped his iPhone to you have it in portrait mode, you know, galaxies. It doesn't have the twelve megapixel camera. Yeah. Oh, you don't. White man makes me live like this. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. The Today Show, here I go.


You Levi's wearing fake First Nations prick. So Washington Post, after they knew all this, they went with the story.


Well, it's more complicated. That was their headline. More complicated than we initially thought, which really means like we screwed up.


You trusted us with USA Today. Covington Catholic videos show life is complicated, but we still saw what we saw.


What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Anything. But did you see what led up to it? Did you see that they were basically saying why? People go to hell when you look at black Hebrew Israelites and you look into their theology much like Black Lives Matter, the organization. This is a black supremacist organization. It's entirely predicated on the idea that Jesus was black.


Therefore, white people is the devil, the table.


So it is still a lead, which is still kind of a leap.


Yeah, I don't think I've ever met anyone who cares about Jesus race more than black Hebrew Israelites.


I mean, it's predicated.


It's like I don't know why people care if you like. Well, you think white Jesus was white with blue eyes like. No, that was a thing that the church did because it looked good on stained glass. We it probably looked like a terrorist.


Just most likely looked like he looked like Saddam Hussein.




I'm just saying, if Jesus were alive today yelling at a fig tree, I'd probably pat him down, make him take your shoes. Jesus, check them. Yeah. Yeah, that's nice. There's more about you that says more about me. And that's the wonder of Christ.


It is if he's holding up a mirror. So I didn't know the hijacker, but that's the whole thing is that you are you were nondescript visually. That's what the Bible says, that you wouldn't have noticed him. You didn't have an incredible presence in the black Hebrew Israelites.


Like, no, there's some bullshit story. Why people cannot go to heaven is revelation of revelation about White Horse. I can't read. I love your Bleckmann. I had that when I was when I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


There's a sign right there. People know it's on it was on the corner of a place called Hop Cat. And these black Hebrew Israelites were always out there and had this sign.


It has a picture of just, you know, it kind of looks like the Alaska Airlines thing because it looks like an afro. They have a sign that, you know, it looks like a black gentleman with a at this point, it was kind of was not White House party, not quite Afro, but it was it was a little higher on the top in the signs. I don't know what you call it, just like the microphone. It was a no, no, I'm George Jefferson.


Look, I'm describing Christ. So it says the sign. It says Jesus, like with an arrow pointing. Look at the turnoff. Jesus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I where they go, hey, they go. Hey, have you made peace with your Lord? Have you made me do you know what's going to happen if you die today.


That's what they said to me. Now what would they care.


And I was like, oh OK. I said, well I don't know you Christian. They go, Yes sir. I said, OK. Actually they didn't say sir. They probably said like, yes, bitch. They were not here, right? Yes. Edomites and I can't word for word, but I said, yeah, you know, listen, as a Christian, I have accepted Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.


I believe he is who he said he is. He's God in the flesh and that the only way to heaven is through him.


They go now.


Well, are you are you aware that the only true God's people are black Hebrew Israelites?


And they were going, I was like, OK, I don't care. Like, I don't know. I don't know with all of them. I don't know if that's the case. I don't want to go to heaven. I would go to hell to wipe. It is safer there. I'll take what you want to preach. I go with to done and going to heaven. You see the black Israelites up the hill. No good. He's going to white people.


Well, effectively, at the end of the day they basically told me you can't go to heaven and you white people are so obsessed with the color. Jesus, can't you think Jesus was a white man? I said, you know what? I don't care. Let's say he looks like you're like your roller rink guy there on your poster.


I'm fine. I can still follow Jesus. Right? They go, no. Why did you waste my time? I go care. How do I get to heaven? You're like, who? That's for you to find out. Why don't you tell me? Don't let me ask you this.


I finally, in your opinion, is there any way for me to get to heaven like that's up in the air?


Right. You know what? I'm pretty sure that you aren't reading the same book.


I like other lawyering, rather like keeping their options open. Yeah, well, this didn't go the way we thought it was going to go because it seems very accepting about it. Jesus, that doesn't look like a white guy.


And now did it look anything like this right here, the black Jesus?


Yeah, that's OK. Yeah, OK. I got pretty, pretty quiet. It doesn't go well. At least they just colored on.


At least they didn't make you kiss their feet. Oh, I don't know. Did you see those videos. Oh yeah. I like it. It's funny to watch them. You see them reading verses at the Bible and then they interpret it what it means up like this. Totally not what it means.


Right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Kiss my feet. I don't know you evil white man. I don't know you. Mary Magdalene or not. I guess not.


What do we do. Go to hell. You're telling me I'm going there so I don't know. Shit I'm right. I tell you why people you evil but you trickey like a terrible choose your own adventure. Wait, wait a minute. That was one of those goosebumps.


Choose your own path only at. Ends with racism no matter what. Every time. And why can't these are black supremacist black Hebrew Israelites. That is a black supremacist group. Yeah, same thing with Black Lives Matter. When you say when Nick Cannon says that white people have no soul or don't have soul, meaning the ability, I guess, to sing, dance, I don't know, because of melanin, that is actual racism.


And I want to be clear, I don't think that Joe Biden is a racist. I don't think that Donald Trump is a racist because people on the right, they're trying to say Joe Biden is a racist, trying to paint both sides. Listen, I don't think that any of them actually harbor ill will toward black people.


I don't think they believe that they are inferior. I think that Joe Biden, the DNC, panders a whole lot more.


But there are actual racists out there. Of course, for the few remaining you can count. On one hand, Klans members and Spike Lee will make a film about them. Yes, actual racist. And so are people who say that Jesus was black exclusively and white people have no path to heaven. That is racism. But call me old fashioned. So back to Black Lives Matter Portland. They actually they I.D. the suspect.


Maki's love was the name of the reality show host.


Find a shot but only kicks you in the head. Yeah, I was looking for a date.


Oh, I thought it was Curbstone Show on VH1. So some of the first love. That's the follow up show. He's still on the loose.


This is why this matter we're talking about the job of reporters, right, sitting there like, oh, we take journalism very seriously, Brian Stelter, and we get it. Do you want to bitch about Trump? I understand you don't like him and you have your panties in a bunch right now. The guy who just beat someone within an inch of their life and you know his motivation, right? You know the motivation. Black Lives Matter, the domestic terrorist organization.


There's no guesswork here as to why he did it. You're saying you racist calling him the N-word? I can't say. You guys can say that's the rules.


You can say it if it's a white guy who's bleeding out. I guess I don't understand the rules. You and I understand why the media doesn't feel it. It's their responsibility. We used to have America's Most Wanted, John Walsh, his white ass on it for crying out loud. This is the whole point is if the media cannot be used to protect more innocent lives from being harmed by a violent criminal on the loose right now, what purpose do you serve at?


The whole point is the news that's fit to print the news that people should know the news that can impact people's lives. Well, this is someone who beat the crap out of somebody who is in the ICU, as far as we know right now, has been I'd not tell you, of course, in the media. And you could save you could protect other American lives, black and white alike.


Why doesn't that fall under the responsibility, under the purview of the media's responsibility?


If you want to be a man, I mean, it'd be all over the news. But yeah, well, if he was white, he was kicking a black guy.


Yeah, yeah. They just don't care. They just honestly don't care.


I think we have it we have it here at CNN, MSNBC.


If we brought that up because we ran some searches to try and you don't see it, you don't find this being written about and you certainly don't find it being written about accurately. There you go. We searched MSNBC and we searched CNN and it wasn't there. There's apparently some lady Marilyn Manson with some kind of a turquoise Ryan jewelry.


I have no idea. Apparently, it's more important than finding out. Oh, my gosh, it's going to loose in my town of kicking people. Who else is on the street to tell you, oh, wait, wait, fent Oprah crying on a treadmill. I don't click this stars. You are dead. Wait a second. Film is still alive. You got me with your slideshow.


So the media do to the legitimate media or as YouTube calls them, authoritative source.


Exactly. And as Mashable calls them, authoritative sources, which. OK, so that leads us into the next segment here.


It is going to be time to tell YouTube.


We are really quickly going to go to the Mashable call that we made yesterday because there's a lot of referencing authoritative sources that also reference authoritative sources and there's no actual original source. But for right now, piss off YouTube.