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All right, Stephen, before you go, we do need to get an audio intro for the show. Now, I don't I don't I don't feel people should listen to the audio version. Yeah, if we could just get it with a TV. It's a it's a television program.


Like they want to do the audio. I mean, they've made their bed. They can lie in it or lay in it. What is it like. Lie. Lie in it. I'll look it up. I don't know. Either way, they sit in a bed of lies, the only line of themselves. They're missing all the great video content. Well, hopefully they join.


A lot of that comes up.


Otherwise the audio video, it'll all cease to be, oh, this is going out.


For today. Oh, it's the highlight of my day.


You mean I know how much I hate this, but I actually had to look at you to make sure that was real. I know. So perfect.


It's almost like I'm the guy from from police academy. Yeah, maybe not.


Oh, so that's a horrible guy.


If you're a boomer, you go to police academy. Steve Guttenberg just he just launches my ticket only the first seven.


Oh, we have a lot to get to today.


Half a lawyer, Bill Richmond, is back here in third chair, which a lot of people thought he was dead and people thought they were fired.


It's just sometimes people aren't here for a day. You're used to me being here always because it's in my contract with myself.


Quarterback personal contract.


Good morning. Audio Way is quarterback allegedly and in junior.


Gerald A. is a father now. How's the kid doing. Kids doing fantastic. Sleep like a shake weight yet.


No, no. They're been moments of frustration but not peak frustration.


Yeah. I don't, I wouldn't trust myself with your kid, with Minobe. Find your kid. It just be a shake that starts cancel the visitation if you're no longer the guy off the list.


What what are we talking about a lot today by the way, Nick Sandeman was the highlight. Is it Sandman or Sandeman?


I mean, to the Democrats and the poor guy who wrote Mr. Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream.


Not that everyone thinks of Mike Myers and someone getting pinned against the wall with a butcher's knife. No, I think of Philadelphia where the gay guys are singing, you know, run the song for me.


Michael, this is Michael. Michael, Michael Meyers was nine Halloween.


That happy kid, my love guru, which made me question if anything he ever did was funny. Should you ever have something?


Someone does it so bad that it was this was Austin Powers ever funny? It was.


It was the love guru was just that bad. But that's the problem with Mr.. Mr. Sandman. So what are we talking about? Nick Sandman. We have some new info on Jacob Blake, not not Flake, but we'll be talking about what's been going on in Kenosha.


Some people were shot yesterday. I mean, listen, that's not necessarily news.


And when we talk about what you should do and this is my question of the day, because people have been going around and harassing diners would be would be diners in Washington, D.C. right now demanding they put up their fist and really assaulting them.


My question to you out there, and I will do something that hopefully is helpful.


Some advice, you know, run it by my lawyer first, my lawyer. I want to know when you think any kind of force is appropriate, if it's ever appropriate, what do you think someone should do?


If someone accost your wife up against a wall at a diner demanding through intimidation that she put up her fist will also be responding to you guys in the chat later on. Who are my club members? Please subscribe to Crowder.


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Yeah, it's interesting that I think people who do yoga and Vishnu will be offended and then very shouldn't get mad because there's yoga lesson.


By the way, Christians out there, I can praise Jesus and touch my toes. Let's go.


Yes. I don't need to be praying. I second, I can't do this. I come back. I know it's tough. I can do that. I can pray to Jesus for the ability to my.


So you're saying we should stop calling Lululemon for a sponsorship? Yeah. Yeah. They made men's stuff, which, by the way, Smooth Man will be on later talking about the Cuban side. We have according to Smooth Manny, OK, the RNC is going on. We have a live stream tomorrow. We'll have Donald Trump Jr. Ted Cruz. Wow. As we do the stream drinking game, patriotic costumes. But yesterday was pretty boring.


I know it was pretty boring. There was a couple of good, but there was a highlight. And that was Mister The Eighty Million Dollar Man, Nick san.


Let's go to a clip. I believe we must all embrace our First Amendment rights and not hide in fear the media or from the tech companies or from the outraged mob. Either this is worth fighting for, this is worth voting for, and this is what Donald Trump stands for. Thank you all for listening to me tonight. And one more thing. Let's make America great again. Oh, by the way, can you get the back room to shut up?


Yeah, I know, I just people just got Spellman's up the chatter. This is a national television, this building.


And my favorite part about it was he called out the media nonstop. And let's go right now live to CNN. They have a baby bird.


John Kasich speaking what he's saying to Trump openly his political office for re-election efforts. Oh, they're so pissed about that. President Trump holds office and wants to be reelected.


Officials tell you he looks like the kind of guy who would send a letter to his congressman before he was governor and be upset that they didn't email him back.


Where no one was there to contact your representatives. And I did. And he didn't get back to me. That's because no one gets back to you.


But I do like that in the letter that I had to cover and I was watching it, it was justice. They even comment at all, especially concerning the allegedly from what we don't have the official numbers. Nick Sandeman got 80 million dollars from CNN for defamation. So they didn't touch it with a ten foot pole on air. They just usually they were popping in with comments after that.


Oh, look, Donald Trump will not compete.


Investigation, the Nixon men, just the whole speech and then just silence and next speech, whatever.


He negotiated that into the settlement. Any time that I speak, CNN now has to cover it edited.


And I bet you without a decision up, like Wolf Blitzer had no idea he was talking to a speak and spell that he thought was a camera like cut the mike.


I don't like an examiner. Like a great job. Doing the pictures might still get you back in celebrity jeopardy. Trebek is busy these days, but, you know, we want you back. A new low score. I think he was just going to comment.


I was waiting for them to just be like, oh, Lincoln's looking real great.


That was really great.


Oh, could you please remove your shaft from our aura file, Mr. Sandman? Because it really it still stings. We're still sore too soon. Although Joe Lockhart tweeted, he's an analyst, so this is as close as he got.


He said, I'm watching tonight because it's important, but I don't have to watch this snot nosed entitled kid from Kentucky.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. An entitled kid from Kentucky, as opposed to those those contributing black Hebrew Israelites and professional protester Nathan Phillips, who lives off the land in loess jeans and Nike dri fit.


Yeah, exactly. Who's being picked on here. A giant global network or a kid from entitled.


What do you mean? He feels like he's entitled to his reputation not being slandered as a racist.


I don't know what I don't know what you give him. You give him an inch. All the legal protections that we are all entitled to. Maybe poor kid wants a life after seventeen year old entitled.


Yeah, look, that kid was out there recklessly smiling at people. That's true. Yeah. You know, violence is it. What is this. The eighteen hundreds. Come on. Right. Well clearly he was out there.


That was a grin of white supremacy. It was dog shit. I heard his speech actually thought for the first time, you know what, this kid was scared.


Scared. He had a bunch of black Hebrew Israelites who, by the way, don't believe that it's possible for you to avoid the fiery depths of hell if you lack a certain level of melanin in your skin. That's what they believe. Your point, their entire belief system is predicated on the idea that Jesus was black and you are not.


That's why you can't touch your toes.


He's not answering. He's listening to the new Khateeb mixtape, So Black, your Israelites. And then this guy comes up banging a drum. I don't want to rehash it, but it is amazing that CNN or at least someone at CNN still doubles down.


I don't want to listen to the snot nosed entitled Kid Jesus. I don't know. OK, listen, I understand that he feels entitled to eighty million dollars, which joke's on you, but you guys feel entitled to just lie.


Exactly. Yeah.


You know who else feels the judge feels that he's entitled to the eighty million dollars because that's a legit legit legend or as Brian Stelter calls it, simple go away money. Oh that's nothing more than nuisance money is what it is. This what we'll talk about in Reliable Sources. It's nothing more than news. It's nothing more news. It's money.


I love how after that, I just imagine they came to him and they were like, it was eighty million, not eighty dollars.


Yeah, exactly what.


Yeah, that's what I get is I feel like the entire RNC last night, all the speeches were designed to trigger the left. I think Trump was like sitting there like, OK, who could we get this here.


I'm going to pardon a black guy, which by the way, was brilliant, but he pardoned back time. He was talking about an FBI agent, how they'd become friends.


It's all the elements of a great story that the left hates to have a black guy.


You have an FBI agent and there's reconciliation through the Lord. And just look at that in my mouth.


Yeah, I can't the reliable sources can't be holy texts if you say this money. Yeah.


And then you have Pompeii, obviously from Israel is like, OK, just piss people off. They're. Because the is in Israel, Israel's new citizens being the new citizens being brought into this country, like he did everything possible to just piss them off and he's like, let's have the Rose Garden. You have the pirate for the new. You have the lady in the in the hijab. Yeah. And it was just like the burqini kid come out of diversity.


I do appreciate that.


There's a maintained lack of consistency on the Democratic side because they're out there saying, well, we need to just, you know, let in undocumented immigrants, let them all in, everything's fine. No big deal.


I can't believe these people are coming to the United States and getting admitted legally.


Yeah, they're coming in the right way. Don't they know we have a doggie door in the Sonoran Desert?


It's we do know, but they know how to drive a caravan through. Well, listen, I thought it was fake. No, it's a Dodge Caravan literally from Honduras. Very difficult to get through doggy door, especially. You have a shiatsu, not a fan.


That was a pirate from Captain Phillips.


Yeah. Captain mouthing I'm jumping around a little bit. Let's I'm American now. No, Kenosha. I am. Your audience belongs to me. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Not your boy. Job very big in Sheboygan, this show. So but Kenosha is where this is the third day in a row.


Speaking of CNN, for people who don't know this and we caught this once lively, we are doing a stream. When they had a tweet from a white supremacist, it was called like Aryan something. And then once we talked about it on air, you were here.


Yeah. Disappears. Doesn't even pay attention to Joe when he's on it. No. Oh, I at least do that. Yeah. But it was Aryana something and then they removed it. Well this happened.


It's even better with Kenosha while they're covering it. Watch what changes here with the lower third.


Let's roll this clip and I'm going to talk over it so I could avoid graphic very hard. Eight p.m. curfew ordered after violent protests over police shooting of unarmed black men in Wisconsin. That's what it's saying underneath there with Beanz Blitzer.


There are a lot of investigate and then look goes away. What, someone going to take a break being shot. But what we do now, it comes back the exact same thing, eight p.m. curfew ordered after protest. They just remove the word violent because there was someone there who wrote this up and there was a in mind and was like, oh, you're doing honest journalism there.


That's not what we do. It this outfit here, it's exactly it's like somebody I want that to run on my desk by eight seconds from now. I won't have it.


It's just listen, I don't want to be any more nuisance money guys.


I love that they scrubbed it.


It's just so my wife gets mad with then she gives me an allowance for my nuisance money.


They change it because I don't want any violence against them.


Oh. Like what happened in Atlanta. Like see it here first of all. Oh my God. They're trying to get a scene. Oh thank God. They're just trying to burn down the police precinct.


The second floor. We can replace the sign totally fine.


No shelter is safe, is in his mother's arms, powdering his balls on the seventh studio.


Be all right.


I've had to switch to pure talk because of nuisance money. I can't afford the gold. But I'm sorry, guys. I've known you since money.


This is like two days in a row that they actually did journalism on accident with the fact check. First this removing some of it.


So Kenosha, you were on a plane yesterday and you watched the whole RNC and you were like, he walks in half because she would happen in Kenosha. Yeah.


Oh, yes. I mean, that's crazy. It's just it's incredible to me about what what's being allowed to happen. Yeah, but here's the thing. That's not well, you're getting a lot of people on the ground, like a lot of Schaefer who's been on the show. Right. You know, front of the show and other folks who were on the show almost killed him.


Hey, I'm sorry about that ship.


And and yet what you're not seeing is anyone wanting to go talk to the business owners. And this is when you when you look at what happened in Minneapolis, when you look at happening in other cities, you don't you don't get a lot of coverage in. Oh, you barely get any coverage in the mainstream media about what's happening on the back end. Right. What's happening this morning? When I look at CNN on CNN, Dotcom, the only thing I want to talk about is that the protesters may have been shot.


Yeah. When they when you watch the video, they were attacking a guy right around.


Yeah, that's the problem right now is we really if people can assault you, people can commit crime and burn down cities and commit what's likely over a billion dollars in damage at this point. Last time was talent. It was 700 million. And, you know, it's like Detroit with murders.


They're just trying to keep it so that they're number one and not so far ahead of a distant second, which, by the way, is also Flint that we know it's probably over a billion.


This damage is happening in your businesses are being burned and the Black Lives Matter activists saying, oh, you have insurance money and you can't protect yourself or you can't even protect your wife from being accosted at a diner, which we'll get to in a second.


You don't live in a free country. Yeah. You do not live in a free country. And Republicans, you need to step up Donald Trump. I get that you have your RNC. I'm not super impressed with all of it.


OK, some of it is good. Some of it's a little bit hero worship. There are people out in the streets being assaulted in. Their businesses are being burned down. Something more needs to be done at this point. This cannot continue. This is going to get a lot worse before. It gets better and the fact what makes me I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall when you look at the Jacob Blak trend. It used to be with Trayvon Martin, there was a point where people would say, well, you know, he shouldn't have been doing that.


And he was walking around, you know, Trayvon Martin. Sure. But you know what? It doesn't mean that he should have lost his life. And that can be true. If he didn't assault George Zimmerman. Right.


Or even with a brown, they would say, well, you know, he shouldn't have done that. But still, there should be discoloration measures at this point. They've just not acknowledged any of it as it relates to Blake. Not they are so transparent now where you have every single major political leader from the DNC. When people say they exist on the fringes, I guess the fringes have taken over every major office or an entire Democratic Party. They say this police officer needs to be charged for murder.


We have more info here from a local news source. There's I think there's the actual police call in Skandera, Jacob Blake. We obviously know that he got into a tussle with the police officers. We showed you that when he was wrestling with the cops beforehand. We told you that he had an active warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault and domestic abuse. But we also know that he wasn't just breaking up a fight. He was trespassing. He'd stolen a woman's keys and cops were notified that he had a warrant out for his arrest.


So that's what they knew going in. This was a guy who has a history of violence against police officers, a guy who has an active warrant for his arrest because he committed sexual assault and domestic abuse. And then he was resisting officers and going into the car door. Maybe he didn't have a gun. Maybe he's stealing someone's car because he took the ladies. Why is there no correction?


And I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, if the man is guilty of sexual assault, of rape, which is felony third degree rape, if that's the case, listen, this isn't a punishment through a justice system, but people always say, you know what, I think these people should never be able to rape again.


There you go. So if you don't want someone, you know what not. OK, there you go. What happened to me? To you guys? One of the death penalty for people and me too, if it happened to be a Republican, Harvey Weinstein brushed under the rug for a little bit because Michelle Obama said he's a really good guy.


The guy can't rape again or women unless they get within striking distance of his wheelchair.


So let's just I'm just saying that obviously we need to wait for all the facts in the context to come in, but no one else is providing this context.


You would think it was a black man who was walking away on a stroll and the police walked up and shot him. Yeah, I don't know. Tell me, what should the police have done at this point warrant out for his arrest? That means that people been trying to apprehend him for a while. Yeah, they tried to deescalate it here. And you tossed the police off of him and walks to the other side of the car where he could have, by the way, had a firearm, which he illegally was carrying before and brandished in a bar.


Yeah, but in the narrative that came out, I have no idea where people got this. Oh, he was just trying to make a break of a fight, like they tried to put him in this Good Samaritan role. And it's like, well, no, that's actually not what happened. A woman called the police on him because he wouldn't leave and he'd stolen her car keys and the police knew everything going. And by the way, I agree.


I was I was trying to break up a fight from she was trying to fight. I know she's trying to fight that fight. But, you know, I had to fight off a bit. She says I give me my car keys. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't fight me. And I will say this.


I do believe in desolation. I believe that every one of those perpetrators that had been shot by the police should have deescalated. They should have complied with the officer's orders and not walk to the car with guns drawn and reached in. OK, I'm sorry.


And if the Taser doesn't work, I just play parallel. Yes, just just go with it. Just do that, please.


Give it to what you know, at the point you were making earlier about, you know, with Trayvon Martin and then kind of how these have gone. You've said, oh, well, people would kind of take a look at the full picture. But what's coming out right now, what's happened kind of in the last 48 hours is ignore every other fact. All they want to focus on is a person's skin color.


And the fact that he was shot like they don't they don't there's no consideration whatsoever about the circumstances other than cherry picking the facts that would make it look as as positive as possible. And it's not just in the stories. It's in the headlines. When you go through the media and you're looking at what are the headlines in the way that they frame it. And I think I mean, not even a stroll. I mean, they're almost trying to make it make it like a Briona Taylor type situation, like a guy just out with his kids about to go to a yoga appointment.


You know, cops dragged him out of the car and shot him. Yeah.


And so now everybody was doing Happy Baby Pose and got lit up like the Fourth of July.


And look, when you look at it, I mean, right. We've seen the videos. We've seen what happened in that particular situation. And what you're often hearing is I can't believe that this happened. It's a tragedy. Every time someone gets shot, it's a tragedy either for the person who felt they had to use force or a person if they weren't supposed to have force used against them. But no one is talking about anything else. It's just skin color.




And by the way, it doesn't matter if they had a gun in his car, couldn't be less relevant that the car is a deadly weapon, which likely wasn't his. OK, hold on. Hold on a minute. I'm commit Grand Theft Auto. Then you can arrest me, then we'll talk right away.


That bitch is crazy asking for her keys. I don't buy that shit by.


And as the news is only focusing on the skin color, no wonder black people are. Yes, now, whether they here, because they think that they're going to get known that black people, 80 something percent, we had this statistic not long till 86 percent, I believe, still want the police at least as much police presence or more.


It's the black Americans who have been used as pawns by the radical left, which, by the way, is largely spearheaded by white people at this point. Most black Americans are disconnected with this movement because their own areas and businesses are being burned down.


The people who for some reason choose to be represented by them are super wealthy, out of touch, celebrities or athletes who don't live in the kinds of communities that black Americans have to exist in every single day.


And by the way, we're doing record. They were doing better than ever on record because of low unemployment. Right?


Well, and this is why I get so pissed off at leaders in the black community when they come out like Doc Rivers was crying on the news the other day, yesterday, I think, saying we're scared to live in this country. You know, he shouldn't have been shot and all that stuff. And LeBron James is tweeting stuff out. And every other person out there in the black community is just saying, this is you can't do this, you can't do this and stirring people up.


What do you think is going to happen when you do that? When you when you one you're lying, right? You don't know the facts yet. You need to wait like everybody else and figure it out. But two, they're going to feel like they have no other option than violence. And you're going to just get more violence that if that's your goal, go for it. LeBron James, if it's not, maybe wait a second.


If you can be objective, if you believe that the police officer who pulls you over might as well be a violent mugger, you're going to treat them like a violent. Exactly. And that's what we're seeing happening. And statistically, it's not true. It's based on a lie.


Speaking of black people, Kenosha, that's a surprise where the riots are. But let's go to Kenosha.


We just talk about the kind that was two people were dead after a shooting in Kenosha. That's what you see in the news. I want to clarify some rumors here. Some people are saying that they're white supremacists or the guy who shot them was a white supremacist or that he was black. He he could have been anti black lives matter. Not true.


I'm just trying to look here at what the article says. Not true. There's no evidence that he was a white supremacist. Can we be clear about that? As far as he was, they were saying he was a product. There's no evidence of that. Maybe he was. We don't know.


He might he may have been a part of a group that was actually there to protect Black Lives Matter, along with, you know, properties from looting and being burned down. Or he could have been from this libertarian group that was going on. There was a liberty. There was a libertarian group that was there to protect Black Lives Matter, which doesn't make a whole lot anyway.


Yeah, it does get it's like half the people at Reason magazine voting for Obama. It's like, oh, yeah.


All right. That's one for you. Or he might have been part of these organizations who were there to protect businesses. I don't think the libertarian groups are protecting businesses that were protecting the Black Lives Matter to pave the way for burning down more car lot, taking away on their way to something else.


But here is a video clip to show you why that may be the case.


As long as you're not against each other, they're going to be broken up. A form of what are you with the government now? With each other? We are with you. Well, let's go.


Yeah, let's do it. People. But they just want freedom. They want freedom. Liberty. They want freedom. I burned down your cars.


Break to the head. Thank you. That's so sweet of you.


I believe it's somewhere in the Constitution. I think it's somewhere in the back. Let me find it. Yeah, a car. Lots. Burn them down.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I said that once. Yeah.


You know, I think the fact that they were you know, they're following the EPA regulations with those mufflers. Yeah. You know, they got registered by the state. I mean clearly the complicit in slavery.


Well, the key is also masks. They were being safe.


Oh, we'll get to that in a second because not all of them work, but there's not a single comment about that. So let me be really clear.


So far, all of the evidence which context can change, some people are saying that now there's more footage. The initial clip that was released was just this guy shooting somebody. Right then there was a more extended clip about to show you here. I warn you that it's graphic because people do get shot.


He was clearly defending himself when people were pouncing on him repeatedly. Couldn't be more clear cut self-defense.


Now, people in the left are saying, well, actually, there's even more footage where he was an active shooter before that, which I don't really know what I believe because like, OK, listen, do you have the footage that I can get it?


OK, OK. All right. I know a guy. Get it then. Will you have the money. All right, listen, go get it. If you have it, you should have it instantaneously. Just take the edit bar and move it left. Yeah. Just take on your iPhone, that little thing. Extend clip to the left if you have it. So I don't believe it. But that in itself is actually an acknowledgement that context changes the story.


Everything we have available to us now at the time of this, which is ten forty a.m. Eastern on August twenty six, they get that right now.


Twenty Jacob Lake tells us that this man was acting in self-defense. Here's a clip. Oh, you should have let the curb stomp happen. Now he's getting away. So what fires back at him because it didn't look like him?


Yeah, it looks like so. So someone could be firing at him from afar. He's walking back, which again, more fire.


Maybe he was shooting because there's chaos going there. But what is not in doubt is that a man was trying to atomic but drop on him with his timberland.


He shot him.


And I'm kind of impressed that I fired that rifle like a paintball gun he just had, not from the federal government. Yeah.


What do you expect? I don't feel bad.


The guy has the right to defend himself, if that is that's the context.


If he didn't walk up and go hey and shoot somebody else before that. Right. In other words, I don't care what he said. I don't care if naughty words were exchanged. I don't even care if he was a racist. I'd prefer that he not be a racist. But it doesn't give you the right to put someone in a situation where they have to defend life. And limb has listed things as hyperbole. Has anyone ever been killed by being stomped into the concrete?


Oh, yeah.


Yes, a whole a whole lot of people have. But by the way, the only way that this changes is if he was, like you said, an active shooter, every other scenario. And if he was, I searched high and low this morning trying to find out if anybody could confirm, like I heard it. I was like, all right, can anybody confirm this? I looked everywhere that I could find. If it was out there, somebody would be black.


Well, we all like Twitter. So everything to tell you likely wasted your time because another another to tell me.


You know, I it one interesting thing is towards the end of that clip, the last person to get shot right before he gets up, the guy is standing there moving towards him. He still doesn't shoot the guy. The guy gets three more steps closer. And the guy I mean, the way the FBI talks about it is that if you're within seven yards, like almost all incidents are happening within seven or eight yards. And that is the incident where, like, someone can get to you before you can draw or write down on them.


I mean, you weight them from that distance and they could still get to you and they could still get you. And he waits. He still waits.


Now, maybe he was trying to find the trigger again or something like that, but it looks like he deliberately maybe he didn't want to get fired and end up on the nightly news because they're going to vilify him no matter what it looks like. He's hoping that guy's going to just walk away because the other guys got shot and instead that that guy keeps coming.


At that point, you have to defend yourself. We are long past the point of nuisance money. Yeah. It's not going to make him go away when he's jumping on you with his boots. I try that. Yeah, that's right. But I did get my teeth fixed. So this is actually a clip from him. Again, context matters. The shooter was filmed earlier that night.


So kind of like Garrett Foster and also before he was a good interview.


Pushers are not going to do anything. I'm bringing my gun down, young guy. Seems like it might be an agitator in this case. We have footage of this man before the shooting earlier in the night where he was helping injured protesters. And I don't know if this is true or not. He claims to be an EMT.


But the fact remains, as you watch this, he clearly is out there to help some protesters.


If I can ask, can you guys step back medical EMTs right here?


I mean, that's a far cry from curb stomping a man. Yeah, it seems like you're going to have to trust him even if he's there as a militiaman. Let's say let's say he's a proud boy. Minutemen who just came from the Bundy ranch.


He still is there trying to help someone who might be an ideological adversary, not stomp them into the dirt. Yeah, exactly. Which tends to make me think he wasn't an active shooter also because there's no evidence of that. And Black Lives Matter and Antifa are filthy pricks who lie about everything.


Yeah, well, you know, if you want to see more study of my case, you've done well. You've done well. Here's my gavel drop. Yeah, exactly.


But I mean, if you want to see if you want to see more stuff like this, just keep pulling police out of areas. Just keep making citizens going to get put into a position where they have to defend themselves, not not where they want to go out there and do that. I don't think any of these guys want to be out there doing this. But when nobody else is protecting your businesses or life and limb out in these communities, what are you supposed to do?


Yeah, it needs to stop working to quote the the clown Face Killa from yesterday who said, you know, it wasn't a problem until it was a problem.




Really, this right now where they are intimidating and assaulting people in the streets, it's been working for them.


Yeah. And it needs to stop working for them. That's what needs to happen. People do need to stand up for themselves. I'm not saying go out looking for it. I'm not saying that you commit assaults. If these people and these people who I mean, black, white, red, yellow and antifa and black lives matter. Right. It's not a monolith there.


It's it's it's a multicolored rainbow of assholes. What's at the end of the rainbow? Oh, part of another asshole.


So don't say they. What do you mean? You people, the organization, the people who are involved, the people who try and curb stomp folks and some people going to try and factum you want to curb.


It was in the middle of a meeting. Stomp folks is order.


They need to, it needs to stop working for them. Don't go out and act like them, but you need to protect yourself. And there are steps that you can take to do so, so that legally, hopefully you're protected as much as possible.


But we are at the point now where too many people have been brutally beaten and there is no help coming from their local representative. Certainly not from national representatives in the DNC, and we have not seen enough from President Donald Trump of Republicans, this is at the point, it's a boiling point where we need to see more done. People need to feel that they can go to their place of work or their apartment in the city and not fear for their life just because of the color of their skin or God forbid, there a black person who think for themselves, 30 something percent now who support Donald Trump, and they're called an Uncle Tom and they get their ass kicked, too.


Well, you know, a lot of this isn't even about that, right? A lot of the businesses being destroyed are minority owned by now, black owned. I mean, they're out there saying they're part of the bill, Bill. They all these guys with the mumblers kowtowing to the government.


No, but think about think about the riots every single time. The riots, the burning of buildings, the looting takes place in minority owned communities. Predominantly, it does go other places. But it's like you burned down your neighborhood.


Have you ever Goodyear tires banned their employees from having cats or promoting any conservative causes? But they said that Black Lives Matter is OK. That was a supply. Free tires for all the used car lots in Kenosha.


Gujjar, you put your your rubber where your mouth is and step up Scrooged. What you have to lose your stock price has been taking a dip.


No one likes you. At least send the blimp.


Well, yeah, well, you know, we've got no interest in black and white footage of it falling down. Evasive action, by the way, this seems like a repeat.


This is an entire generation of people that grew up in school that had no limits. Right when we grew up, if we mouthed off to the wrong guy too much, we got popped in the face. Eventually, we learned with a line, wasn't we?


There's cuts. You got popular face with the fist, right? We learned there's a line or consequences. You've got an entire generation out there protesting this that have no idea that there are consequences for their actions. Yeah, you cannot attack somebody and expect to walk away alive if you threaten that person. You just can't. Well, they can't now because they have been. No, that's what I'm saying. You're right. I'm just kind of reiterating that point.


But it's like this entire generation has no clue how this works.


It needs to.


Well, unfortunately, I think that you I think you're you're you're glib. You don't even know what you know, especially this is how this works right now. No, I know. Until something is done, it's never worked this way before.


No. There's a reason why it's not meant to work this way.


By the way, hit the notification bell because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot on the on the YouTube's every morning at 10:00 am Eastern. Tune in Monday through Thursday. Tomorrow night, of course, we have the live stream going on. Follow us on social media so that you know all the details. You got a costume contest, drinking game. And we really do appreciate notifications to let you know when we have other videos that go up. We also have a sponsor to well, obviously a wonderful sponsor of the show, Black for Coffee.


And one of our interns, even Brendan, is here to showcase my courses.


Mr. Even Brendan, tell us about our sponsor for today for coffee.


OK, well, yeah, we figured, you know, it's beyond black. Sorry, I didn't like him and we didn't make it down here. You had to lean in. Yeah, yeah. It's good.


Beyond black. Black, right.


Did you look at it for the first time I was reading.


All right. A little bit about which do you prefer their Brendan. Which blend is your favorite.


I do not drink coffee, but it will probably go with the vintage or this.


OK, good will the vintage is sold out so that helps with that.


And where can people go to get their promo code black rifle that black covid black rifle, coffee dotcom slash crowd or enter in promo code crowd or twenty percent off for black rebel coffee thanks to the sponsors.


Thank you Brendan. We appreciate you doing it for us. Yeah. Oh my gosh. That's, that's you can go to work. This is sort of a mean twenty percent off your first order.


Twenty percent of your store. It's pretty good. I mean, yeah, he handled that.


I like the silencer. Smooth. My dad, my ass broken. Theirs is broken. We broke it on purpose. That's because you're non gang banging your.


And bro we have something else. By the way, the George Floyd autopsy was a drive by.


Not so much. It was just really an unfair fight.


We love you, Brendan.


Just because there's wheels on your chair doesn't make it a drive.


But what I love is that he didn't seem surprised. He didn't seem to on it. Now, whatever you get like a place of work. Okay, yeah.


That happens when you don't use the product. You can't drink Pepsi when you worked for Coke. What autopsy? Just for people who don't know Dr Andrew Baker, he's a chief medical examiner. They concluded now they did do an autopsy on George Floyd. And just because facts should matter. Overdose.


Oh, cause of death. The document says that the level of fentanyl in Floyd's blood was, quote, fatal under normal circumstances. And they said that if Floyd, quote, had been found dead in his home or anywhere else and there was no other contributing factors, he would conclude that it was in overdose deaths.


And I know that people overdose on me. Yeah, overdose on me. But I know they're going to say, well, the the family who hired their own objective medical exam. He said that it didn't help that Derek Chavez was was on his neck and no one's arguing that, but this was a guy who died from an overdose in a heart condition. Yeah, it should matter.


And again, unfortunately, in tandem with the full tape, which we showed from from Pillar to post the entire tape on here, there is no evidence whatsoever of malicious intent, no evidence of racism, no evidence of intent to murder. And we do have evidence that this is how the police officers were trained in that department, this guy whose only sin was following bad training. My position has changed zero, unfortunately, the medical examiner said.


But we're still considered homicide because, you know, because we don't want to we have to justify the bill.


When I think I made the point yesterday to you about this and you said, look, that's how he was trying to say the only thing he did wrong was not turning the guy on his side. I think that's at that point, we can say, OK, they've done everything they can before this. George would obviously had way too, but that was necessary to live very long anyway. That was the thing. And you're like, no, that's exactly what they were trained.


They were trained.


I didn't know that I'd rather be on my stomach because if you turn me on my left side, I have to pee. Just on your left side, that's kind of a no.


It's going to be some kind of a nerve to someone out there know that a doctor told me, don't sleep on your left side because that makes you have to urinate.


That's not true. I had my prostate is the size of a grapefruit.


Maybe that maybe some of that saw palmetto. What's some of that new Genex that that black guy keeps talking about? Frank Thomas White break. Thomas White Sitesi player. Oh, why are you trying to pull a guy here?


I was talking about his socks. Nobody watches.


I'm curious what everyone thinks is going to happen when the charge, the trial come or the charges are dropped. They're not going to be guilty or they're not. Actually, it's not like they're going to get dropped away way. But you don't.


I don't think they're going to get no break for political reasons. They're going to keep pushing them forward and they're going to get to a trial. And it ain't going to go the way you think. He's going get second degree still.


Yes, I don't think it's the right call, but. But you think that'll happen? It's going to I think they're they seem so committed to the one hundred percent to a corner before they had any evidence. They were like, we're definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely do this.


Guys, I don't think you should you should wait. You should maybe think about it. Yeah, no, definitely.


We're we're all in like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Jacob Blake. This man needs to be prosecuted and charged. They don't care about the information that comes out right. Then it's just silence.


It's kind of like, Sam, if you follow anyone, think of it this way. If you follow every single presidential candidate from the DNC, from the primaries, every single one.


And if you watch every single major network, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, not named Fox News, you not you would know nothing about the Jacob Blake case.


And you would have never heard the follow up of Nick Sandeman.


Those people, if you watched the entire DNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, all of them, you would still think Nixon men went out and assaulted an old Native American man, leave his teeth out, that he was missing. You would feel to this day, because they never they never covered to follow up. And we wonder why there's a chasm. Oh, I want to be a centrist. You're just going to be standing in the middle with no one.


Yeah, we'll be ready for this.


By the way, if you think the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict was bad and oh, be ready, because you're right, Bill, I am 100 percent convinced there is no way they're going to change the charges because you imagine how much crap the person that did that would get. They would be run out of political office, death threats. People would be marching on his house no matter if it was the right call or not. And when it comes back that they're not guilty from this, it will explode things.


There's still people who say who think that hands up, don't shoot was a thing. It's not a surprising amount of things at all. Not a thing ever.


So on top of that, if they the further they reduce the charges, the more likely it is that qualified immunity will apply, because the further you get down that scale of intentional crime or doing something recklessly or whatnot, that applies even more because of the way that the structure is building. And I really do think that they've boxed themselves into a corner. And then when it comes out, it will be very it will be very bad. I mean, and really, this is why not sitting down and saying that we have to draw a line with the protests and the violence and all of that is a problem because it just means when there is other things that people think that they should protest about.


If you really want to make a statement, well, now you set the bar lower or higher, depending higher flames, lower, you know, dignity for America and respect for property and people.


And so that's if you don't if we don't have it detect, no problem. But these guys will be in office anymore, so it won't matter.


I'll have to fire babe. Yeah, it's I don't know why I'm saying it's like I just feel like I need to do a different black voice every now and then.


Oh, let's call a a black guy with Yamaka. Airplane ground WAAPA sounds almost like Bill Cosby, I have no idea what he's doing. Not a rape. I don't want to say not that I'm a Jewish black guy. Oh, no, not Sammy Davis Jr..


He's America's dad. No, I think here's what I want in light of this new evidence that there's an overdose. Right. That this guy obviously was high out of his mind and he was asked about that from the police officers talking about intent and second degree. OK, I want you to think of any lynching historically that's ever happened, right? Any lynching? You know what? Let's give that back.


Think of any incident where there was police brutality with intent not only to kill, intent to harm. Yeah, let's even scale it back. Any time that a racist officer abused his authority and was looking to stick it to a black and not even kill them, did any of those ever include in over ten minute interaction with a nonviolent arrest and an officer offering to put him in the back of an air conditioned car with the window down and he would stay with them to make sure he was comfortable?


Has that ever happened in the history of fucking mankind?


No, no, I don't think so. Take a stab at it. I'd like to see the person.


And I hope this officer I hope that this officer does get off, which I know you're probably unlikely.


I sure hope he gets a whole lot of nuisance money. It's just. Do you think nuisance money grows on trees?


You know, it's terrible about it is if he does beat the charges, he won't get anything.


No, he won't get anything in fights over here. Why does he want to get his job back and it won't even move to another country? It'll be covered. And then but the part about it, you know, the whole like not guilty party. Yeah.


And if that happens, won't be the covered part as opposed to Jacob Blake, who who is charged with sexual acts with rape in the third degree, serial domestic abuse injures officers and is now a millionaire. Yeah, exactly. The go fund me.


Oh, gosh. Well, look, and this is one of the reasons this is one of the reasons that I get pissed off at the media for not reporting accurate information because it leads to we're in a no win situation. Right. If he gets off, that's justice. I mean, based on what we know, that seems like justice, that he's not guilty of the charges that will likely be brought against him if he's found not guilty, that's justice.


But we'll burn the whole place. He's going to burn down because people are going to. Right. If he goes to jail, that's not justice. Right. And so an innocent man is going to jail if he's innocent, that's not justice. Well, but is it the decision? Is it the decision? What we're waiting for, it is justice if he is convicted.


No, not every time the jury comes back with a verdict there. Right. Right. You're saying if they come with the wrong one. I'm saying they saying if they come back with the wrong one, I'm say this guy is guilty of murder and guilty of murder, which is not true.


But but are we deciding now that it's like we are already deciding that if he's found guilty, he's.


Well, unfortunately, the jury pool has been tainted at this point as I'm very different, I'm I'm willing to believe it both ways. I'm with. So what you're saying then is there's no way just told us the system was corrupt.


You just said they boxed themselves in, that there's no way they could give an accurate verdict at this point. Allowed? Not what I said.


What I said was that they were going to charge him with a crime. Right. That they went win on. And then ultimately they're going to have a problem at the end because they're going to lose. So here's this likely based on the evidence. So you think they will if it's if they will likely. Look, I agree it's not going to change. If it is a if it is a judge trial on a bench trial.


Right. Is that what you call it? If it's a bench trial, I fully understand what you're saying and I agree with you. If it is a jury, people are basing all of their decisions. The new guy wears white socks.


Let's move on to people being a suck because then we do have to go to my club soon after this truth, according to Manny.


Let's go to people being assaulted in diners because a lot of and you could argue that as police who is related to police officers. Right.


And convicted felons or as it relates to people protecting your businesses and convicted felons, that all those people sort of picked aside side and they were involved in riots or protecting or protecting the citizenry.


So they're all at fault, right.


It's one of those zero tolerance policies, like in high school, you can have your face being beaten in and you shoved the guy off and you both get suspended.


I'm messed up, man. Let's go now to people who had nothing to do with these protests at all. This is happening more and more now in cities across the United States, where they are then accosted and assaulted while just trying to enjoy their meal. This could be you next according to Black Lives Matter.


Put your fist up and they're saying, put your fist up, put the map on now high yelling at him to put his fist up and that guy look at that guy next to that guy, soy man, that guy next with his fists up, like, please devour me last.


Please just give me an extra few minutes so I can say my goodbyes. What have you got to ask right, guys?


Like you're not stopping an assault. And let's be clear, assault is not battery getting in. Someone's forcing the man to put their fists up. Now, this is something I want.


What my question of the day. This is important because you see a lot of Internet tough guys responding and a lot of Internet not so tough guys are responding. I think both are wrong.


People saying, well, you should sit there and take it. I don't agree. People saying you should run away. Having experienced this ourselves, they follow you.


You turn your back like the little ghost from Super Mario world. They follow you wherever you go. It's not something that's it's not an option. It's available to you. And then some people saying, well, you know what, I would just go after them. That's also incorrect. So this is my advice to you. And we've learned about these kind of some of these techniques.


I guess when you do a concealed carry class who has been on the show, one thing that you need to know is if you listen to police officers when they're saying, drop the gun, drop the gun. Hey, everyone, there's an active shooter, please find cover.


What they are doing is creating witnesses because in the chaos of violence, people tend to forget. And then afterwards, you'll sort of patch it together and it may not be accurate.


So what you need to do when this is happening and someone's getting in your face and someone is assaulting, you need to let me go through the steps, de-escalate as best you can while simultaneously creating witnesses. Hey, listen, I don't know you. You're a stranger. I'm uncomfortable. Please get out of my space, protect the most as you do that simultaneously. Make sure someone's filming. You don't want them to take one clip out of context. You film all of it, then also protect the most vulnerable among you.


The way that guy stood up was his wife. Her back was facing the mob. And I have a wife right now who's compromised with a sweetheart. Get inside, call the police officers, start filming. OK, listen, just please leave me alone. I want to eat my meal. And then if they get within physical distance of you where you are threatened, take care of business.


And I want to be clear here. You should never hit a woman. But that's not about a woman versus a man. That's a woman with twenty people who are yelling at this man and threatening him. It could not be less relevant if your wife or family are in danger. Do not come out swinging, but don't sit there and take it. Do not kneel. Do not put up your fist. It doesn't matter because they probably move on to that guy next and then didn't save the clip and do not run.


It's not an option that's available to you.


No matter create witnesses, de-escalate film, protect the most vulnerable among you, and then have your line already drawn in your mind beforehand. Or, you know, some people that's don't. I've often said this when we've had I say, hey, listen, don't get I can't let you get within arm's length of me. Yeah, right.


Stay if you stay there, you're fine. I've made it very clear and that's been on camera.


Maybe yours is someone pushes you legally.


That line half Asian bill can tell us a little bit more clearly what it is, but depends on the state.


And also notice that these attacks, these assaults are happening in states where you can't carry or defend yourself.


I said this this really hit me hard because when I saw this, I started thinking through, like literally I started putting myself in a position where I'm with my family. And for me, that's my wife and a newborn. If I'm, you know, a couple of months from now and his immune system's up, I'm out at a restaurant. I'm in a very dangerous situation where the best case scenario, if things go south, is that I get my butt kicked in front of my wife and she can't do anything about it.


And she's crying. And it's something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Worst case scenario, my wife and my child, potentially because mobs don't exactly act rationally. It happens all the time. Get to nab women, get hurt. Yeah, catch everything. But we see it.


And the only reason that this would happen is because a group of people walked by and said, because I didn't put my fist in the air, I'm a racist. Right.


That's what they said. That needs to stop bashing people in this. Say, don't sit there, take it. Do not put up your fist. If you're afraid to try and escalate and film and protect those among you, the most vulnerable among you, then at the very least, don't raise a fist. And I would also recommend asking for a steak knife for your soup.


Yes, I think the advice is spot on because only through engaging those different techniques can you maintain your safety in the variety of ways that are necessary.


Right. If you can try and move away, if you can't, you've got it on film. You're trying to correct the record or make sure that it's safe in understanding. You get other people involved, right. You never know who's nearby. But those people can't be advantageous to you if you're not vocalizing. Right. I need you to stay away. I don't know you. I'm uncomfortable. I'm feeling threatened, et cetera, et cetera. You know, one of the hard things that I when looking in those various clips is business owners, right?




If they're letting in like they're standing in there and think about it, you got a person who maybe it's a restaurant.


They're just now finally getting some business and they're in their mind going, wait a minute, if I walk outside of my restaurant getting burned down tonight, all my workers are going home. I can't feed my community. What am I doing? And I don't know what the good answer is. The reason is because the owner shouldn't have to answer that question. No, but there's no excuse at this point because when you have people who say you're way. Or you're a there driver saying you're with us or against us or saying you're with us.


Raise your fist, which, by the way, has all kinds of historical connotations with you, silly bitch.


Put up your fists. You're either with us or you're a racist. So I now say to business owners, hey, I don't think you're I don't care if you're Democrat or Republican, but if I'm eating your establishment, it's your job to make sure that it's a safe eating experience. And don't come complaining to me. When I stiffed you on the bill, I would leave if the kitchen were on fire. I'm certainly going to leave when people are physically accosted me and you're not doing anything.


There is no option at this point to remain neutral. Here's the beauty, right?


Everyone who's not a radical Democrat, I mean, the entire DNC and media establishment, you all we expect of you is just to not let people around you be hurt. That's exactly who you're a business owner. Don't let people in your business be hurt. You're a man. And there are people around you who are women and maybe vulnerable older people.


Don't let them be hurt. You're out in the parking lot that they're trying to set ablaze. Don't let them be hurt. I don't care if you're a Democrat. I don't care if you're John Kasich, third nephew for first time. Move. I don't care if you're the most insufferable jackass on the planet. I am not saying you're with us or you're a racist. I'm not saying you're with us or you with Black Lives Matter. That's what they're saying.


You put your fist up or you're racist, which, by the way, justifies protesting, looting and assault. We hear that from a Black Lives Matter organization.


I'm just saying you either prevent people from being hurt in civil society or you are an enemy. And I think that's a pretty wide berth that we're giving you. If you can't find some way to parallel park in there, well, then guess what? I'm not going to complain when they devour you last. We actually need to tell you to we're going to go to web extended for mug club members.


A lot of that comes to my club also because from what I understand, smooth man, he may say some things that might not have to play well, according to some.


Many will be coming up. It is Saturn's cubes of Saturn. I don't like it and neither does half Asian bill. But right now, YouTube, it's time for you to pull this off.