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Hi there, podcast listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a TV show because it's like a hipster, you have a fondness for radio and days gone by. But we're glad to see you or hear you again. Good morning. Mug Club. Every Monday through Thursday up until election, along with special streams for Redebate Town Hall. We really hope that you enjoy this program as much as we did making it. That really wasn't that much.


I hope you enjoy it more.


And since I was a boy, I've been headstrong, always having me a sense of right and wrong. Busting chops grinding up, you silly liberal. He didn't make that Jersey bill back four years ago when things got done, a maiden made some calls and got his some. Lot Trotter has gotten a daily. Since 2016, on election night, my club has survived colon cancer. When the Fox thing tried to make me a hypocrite. One company tried to cancel a by one from Glock's Universal and NBC.


I am a woman through his guidelines. That sounds and in the end, you decided that it was not violative of our policies for. We buy back at him. Can survive. Let's get back to this one on the left, lung cancer. I want to scroll past Noah and Samantha. You just read my book club can survive left. We need to get out. We're going to call my. Think this is soften us up, the Jews got them a new lap.


We've been reminded times. For today. Timothy. That's worthy of a serious blurb because it's the victory stream today that wasn't a joke. I mean, it was kind of a joke.


The whole YouTube platform has been a bit of a joke. But use the hashtag Crowder re monetize everywhere on Twitter, Instagram. Let folks know. Let them know this channel's been re. I don't know my half an older brother. Richman, what do you think the overunder is on this lasting weight.


We're still yes. In twenty four hours. Well I lose and apparently for some reason diverge and Vox got the scoop.


Yeah we did. Anyway we also have on the show today Brian Cowen. All right. He's obviously been in the news because he's the most recent victim of the ME2. And, you know, we're going to get some straight answers from him. I don't know anything we're going to any of this wishy washy stuff. Quarterback Garrett is here. How are you, sir? I'm doing real good audio. Wade is here. It's not reflected in your paycheck.


The romanticisation, it's a very paltry. I guarantee you this show won't be so. Don't expect to be rolling in the Benjamins and the bandit.


How are you, sir? Doing quite well this morning right here.


Yeah, it is a great morning to be here. We're going to be talking about covid and the junk science out there.


Just because I know so many people have been removed from YouTube and Facebook and so on.


Our first we monetize stream, I thought, let's go through the things that have gotten people removed from Facebook, namely not science. I think that's kind of important that we should be talking about the science. And I have a question for you guys now that not the deaths have been consistently going down, but now that the actual rates of Cauvin have been going down, which is remarkable given the increased testing, do you think this is still going to be the pivotal issue in the election?


Do you think that the left is losing some leverage? Also, let me know what you think about us being monetized and if you think this is a trend of things to come for everybody else.


So I don't spoiler alert anyone more in love with themselves than Reg the Bandit.


Look, he's look at the monitor even there. That's like Oprah. You watch Oprah.


When you interview someone, she's like, that's that's interesting.


That's I'm actually looking at you because I'm right here. The mask is sort of it's easy.


You're living like through a screen around you, man. Come on, man.


OK, I also subscribe to Crowder Bits. That channel has been monetize for a while now so you can write an article about that man.


Lots of fun stuff over there, but which by the way, I woke up this morning after reviewing that intro.


Sure. I woke up this morning laughing. Oh yeah. My wife goes, Why?


I said it's still funny. I keep my but because he was profane swearing and then I'll eat my butt.


Yeah, that's his sign off. Yeah. Yeah. And every interaction kind more of an open invitation had a line in the sand and he wasn't willing to cross it. You know, he said appreciate that principles.


I don't know exactly. I don't think listen, I think we're reading too much into it. It was a crazy person on drugs who likes to, you know, likes to get his butt munch, that's all.


I don't think we need to read into it more than, you know, some Ockham's Razor. There you go, too.


But that's what it is. It's that simple. There's no Illuminati but Mundaring Society. It's just Bruce Christ down at the White House I subscribe to quite a bit. It is Monitise and do a subscribe on Android, on Apple podcasts.


And of course, given that re monetization is a very, very small fraction of revenue, if it will be do consider joining my club, but let us cut it.


I come from a club. That's what allows me to have my wonderful half Charlie lawyer here on retainer to fight these causes. So let's go to this really quickly and then we'll hit the DNC because we have that Lifestream coming up Thursday. You do.


So first we are re monetizing and this has been going on. And my half Asian lawyer, Bill Riesman, can tell me when I overstepped my bounds. We've been talking with YouTube for a very long time about this.


Yes, OK. About fourteen months. A year and a half. Yes.


OK, and to be clear, the only the only times we acquiesced or made you guys knew about, for example, removing our shirt that we had to off platform, even though it wasn't on YouTube.


And there were some initial videos that we told you were made private behind the club. The paywall. Yeah. Yeah.


But there were a lot more conversations that had taken place and there were a lot stations. There were many more requests.


Oh, OK. So there are a lot of conversations and requests. If you're worried about the show changing, well we're going to be talking about covid junk science and Alex Jones.


But was remark what was remarkable to me is we knew that we were going to be re Monitise. We planned on announcing this today. You can follow us on social media and use the hashtag try to re monetize. We said a major announcement on Thursday. It's a major warm welcome. That could be anything and a major announcement.


And then we just see last night that the VIRGE owned by Vox got a scoop on the scoop.


They got the scoop on it before they got the jump on us on our own channel. Even giving the login info. Have you know now are you surprised? I was surprised because, again, we this was all just.


As to we shouldn't talk about it before it actually happens, right? I mean, there's there's there's the question of YouTube on the record on it, but also no request for a comment. But I think that says more about the lack of journalistic integrity. That's true than anything.


So, yes, you'd think you'd want a comment from the channel that you're discussing. Yeah.


You think instead of simply using comments from former Hyers speech impediment to brave Latin nexxus, so now they are going after and beautiful.


Yes. Yes, Bill, we are going they're going after.


They're saying now that they're requesting YouTube. Examine our videos when trans transgenders attack. Right.


That was when transgenders attack was the video, which they say is hate speech as well as Mashable said that we made false allegations against Black Lives Matter.


Yeah, they were encouraging people to go watch the latest. Change my mind. We also encourage.


Yeah. And I think we didn't pay for that plug, but it will be interesting. Yeah. I mean, Borkan very generous of them to do that. But I know what's going to happen and everyone's going to go watch it and they're going to be looking minute after minute. This is the moment where I get to say ha ha, Stephen is a racist. And then at the end, they're just going to subscribe to well, then maybe we might need it.


Now, when they say that we made false allegations against Black Lives Matter, which we would request Mashable or the YouTube spokesperson, I'm not quite sure what they wrote it if they said this or Mashable, but I would request you find any in that video.


What is a libel or slander? Which one? The written one or the slander written is libel. OK, all right. Is there some crossover? Is that pretty cut and dry?


No, let's just pretty cut and dry. I mean you might have that audio video thing, but. Right.


Which brings me to the next point.


When transgenders attack battery and assault, because I don't know how we could have title it any differently if this is hate speech.


It wasn't just when transgenders attack in general because there's a higher crime rate, sexual assault rate, which we've talked about in other videos.


It was about me personally being attacked, actually getting to on camera twice now. I guess maybe because the second one through the lunchbox that he stole, that she stole from a hobo. Yeah. Whipped it at me and missed.


That would just be assault in the state of Texas. Assault would be if you were a threat, you were threatened.


But the other one who came up and directly grabbed the sign and pushed me, that would be battery contact is where you get to battery under Texas.


OK, so OK, I stand corrected. The video should read when transgenders battery me.


This doesn't roll off the tongue. Yeah, that's not a snap.


So I don't know why you're mad. I don't know how that's the hate speech. But you know what will keep them coming. All I need all I need to do is go to a rally, go to an LGBT rally, say hi, I'm Stephen. And before I finish my phrase left hook, I won't be a strong one.


I think I think it's going to be what people are going to see is they're going to read this. They're going to read the articles. They're going to go look at the video and they're going to go way. This is this is the problem. We have this this is this is scary. OK, so we're mad that this that this this attack was covered and accurately described. And then the other one, OK, regardless of anyone's views on BLM, you're going to see a conversation.


Yeah. This is the kind of conversation that's happening all over America. It's never getting any attention. Sure. And that's a conversation you had about BLM. Yeah.


So and I defy you to find one false allegation that we made against BLM. We took them the lengths, the sources which you can find yourself. We provide them for you directly from the words of the founders, if not their own official charge. And of course, these crimes are actually reflected in multiple sources.


Yeah, yeah. See, the FBI, though corrupt, can still serve a purpose.


It's also important to note that the journalist over there at Vox Verge, I'm the one in the same tomato, tomato, tomato.


Bad journalism is Julia Alexander. And this is the same person who wrote the hit piece of cutie pie.


Right to Peter Viles, did that digging and was the catalyst for the first Vioxx said, Pop, you're so careful what you wish for.


LGBTQ, AP, YouTube community. This is the same lady, correct?


Yeah, this is what I guess this goes for journalism. Now, Pudi ponded some review of a whole bunch of small creators. He's trying to do something nice, right? Biggest channel on YouTube, giving some shout outs to some small guy. So, of course, they went through every single video and dug through all the social media of anyone he featured to find something, right? Yeah. Deep down in some deep dive to oh, here's something slightly anti Semitic.


OK, headline cutie pie as a Nazi. Right. So, I mean, this is this is who we're dealing with. So this was when I think Nazis I do think Swede's it's to be expected. Yeah. It's like in the air.


If you were to choose a Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidate who between them supported segregation, lambasted women, assaulted them and descended from slave owners. Yeah.


In fact, if you just take those historical facts and then here's the thing, because we do have people we have a lot more centrists on the show than we realize.


If people want to vote for a rapee Jim Crow, that's their prerogative.


And of course, the country allows us the country allows it. Rapee Jim Crow. And listen, we do have to give credit that she that Kamala Harris is a first post candidate and that's a big deal. Yeah, yeah, so let's move on here to the covid, which I want to talk to, but then we Amaney actually coming up with some theories and Brian Cowen, Alex Jones on Monday. That'll be a lot of fun.


Let me one thing clarify. I couldn't care less if we are monetized.


So I know that the left was furious with the Vox ad pocalypse. Right. You wanted us to be banned. That didn't happen. You wanted to claim that we violated policies that didn't happen. You wanted us to apologize. And that did happen for twenty six minutes. I believe if you watch that video, you got to go back and then your only win was.


Well, at least we made sure that Lauter with Crowder that they will cease to make a living on YouTube and that we made our living off of Muglia. But you could still sort of cling to well at least they're still not actually making money on YouTube. That was the one win on the scoreboard for you guys. It was you were one in six.


Now you have to wipe off the one and put your put your mouth on the table so you all your friend just smacks you for misbehaving. Got hurt. That's about what you got.


All the victories are gone. I understand. I understand. We could be dismantled tomorrow. We don't care. Our conversations with YouTube has always been. We just want to have a fair, fair shake on the platform. Right. I know I'm not entitled to be Monitise. I'm grateful that we are. That's great.


All of you will get to observe me with my bonus, which is nice, which means you have a couple of six packs in the fridge. We immediately by the way, I got emails. Your videos are not suitable for advertisers. I immediately, just as one of these videos are not suitable. Not suitable, not suitable. Well, please tell me what is suitable, Susan.


Not much. We would say your hour long discussion with Dennis Prager on the nature of humanity. But you did say that you smoke cigars, so that's gone to. All right. Well, that's fair. That's fair. Putin is the Nazi. So we do have.


Oh, that's right. Thursday.


So here's one thing he said we were going to be doing every single day next week, the DNC. But then we realized and it's like Tammy Duckworth, like, you know, who really cares?


Duckworth and Baldwin. There's several. There's several. Tammy Baldwin brother. Oh, good. Tammy's outside of Bruce.


She's you guys don't even know. She just she's wonderful.


She's a lesbian conservative and she's wonderful. I haven't spoken with her. I need to give Tammy a call.


Someone here if I have an assistant, write that down.


Tammy Bruce, if you were only doing Thursday. And the reason for that is because the presidential candidate and the first post vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.




Will be speaking that night as well as the whole Biden family, which is interesting because I think isn't Hunter Biden speaking on Monday?


Oh, that'll be fine. Yeah. If he's talking about rain, then yes. Yes.


It's like one of those YouTube videos how I make six hundred dollars a day from hello review your like makes the money. It's a review of like this wonderful energy company.


If it was successful all day, no one would care. The problem is it's like six hundred dollars a minute.


Yeah, that's true. Yeah that's that's true. Wow.


Tomato financial corruption. That's never investigated. So we will be doing a live stream on Thursday. It's going to be 80s night drinking game.


And here's a teaser. My name is Joe Biden, I'm a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Can I get it on the. Well, I was a Democratic caucus chairman of the caucus. No, you're lying.


Dog Daughtry's potential senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation, you also worked with them to oppose busing. That's not true. If I were serving in the United States Senate 40 years ago when Joe Biden was serving, we would have been on opposite sides. Joke is a joke. OK, right. And because I know we're under a microscope right now, I do have to clarify a fact check that he wasn't opposed to busing.


But he was opposed to buses in a car that, you know, no one needs that much space is its municipal.


What you're saying happened. You're saying he also wasn't a Democratic caucus.


Yeah, that as well. Yeah, it's confusing because there's no way to fact check someone who is functionally retarded. There's no way to fact check to follow the census. It just, you know, you try and it's like then it ends up being like Tyler Durden. Just don't know where I've been. We don't. Joe, you claimed Amy's Diner. It doesn't exist. None of us can know where you've been. You lying crazy. I don't even think he's a liar.


I don't think we can accuse him for lying on anything. It's a beautiful ploy. He can just lie all he wants. I think that's a lie. He goes, What? When did you happen? They go, what are you saying? Oh, well, with the koi pond.


And people go, OK, you know, let's give him a pass. So I hope you enjoy your potential. Joe Biden. Yeah. Introducing Strategy Gotan. Let's see if it pays.


But most Democrats don't even think he'll make it through the first term, which means that they think the first post candidate who sided with Jesse Smollett, immediately demanding justice is the one with the better judgment that could be your president. It's pretty rough. Think about that.


The person who didn't have the wisdom to simply discern, hey, maybe I should wait on the Jesse SMALLMOUTH she went into no.


Hard for Jesse. He's the best person I know. This is a modern day lynching. First for to be a modern day lynching. Doesn't there have to be a lynching?


Doesn't that have to be one of the prerequisites? And I think that tweet is still up and it is just go to it's still out of it.


I stand by it. You and Stelter, birds of a feather.


OK, so let's go to covid here, since we can act like this is going to have I done anything wrong here, Bill, you lacross.


Oh, no, no, no. Counting, counting the litigation done. All right. Well, then just just let me come in. He's like counties like the counting in Sesame Street. Only he doesn't have the accent.


That guy was an obsessive compulsive count. Oh, you don't need to count everything that's true.


If you're having a bowl of cereal, you know, like one cereal. OK, you can stop. I have to finish two Cheerios like fourteen years to flip the light switch on and off 18 times. His family will die. It's like count, count. He needs help. And Cookie Monster with his eating disorder. I don't know how you guys missed this. Who gives a rat's ass at Bert and Ernie experimented in college people and you eat and you people are entertaining.


Policy prevents you from going after Count Dracula or whoever you're talking about. That's that's racist count shot. It's difficult to figure out.


Chocolate was a Black Panther who batons people at the polls. I'm talking about the count from Sesame Street. Oh, you are still not allowed to do that. OK, I know. I know you're thinking of Blacula. Yeah. That kind of Blacula.


That was that the Dracula redux with with the DMX. I didn't know about.


There was a no, no, no. There was a cradle to the grave. No, no, no. There was a Dracula in Dracula 2000 and there were some kind of there were some rapper in it.


I don't know who it was.


Could have been exhibit. Yeah.


So before we begin, our Pimp, your classic novel, he was a fine auto tune in here with D.J.. We Master Flex NUC. Yeah. Do we know what it is they're given with a Dracula 2000 still.


All right. And speaking of research, let's move on to this.


The covid right now, if you tune into the media, you think that the covid is is getting worse and worse and that everything our president says about it is a lie. This has been the narrative. This is not true.


But let's hear it first from the mouth of the first vice presidency.


It didn't have to be this way six years ago. In fact, we had a different health crisis. It was called Ebola. And we all remember that pandemic. But you know what happened to Barack Obama and Joe Biden did their job. Only two people in the United States died, too. That is what's called leakage. I call compare that and we find ourselves in now when other countries are following the science. Trump pushed miracle cures we saw on Fox News while other countries were flattening the curve.


He said the virus would just poof, go away, quote, like a miracle. So when other countries open back up for business, what did we do? We had to shut down again. Well, that timeline is very incorrect.


But if we didn't have a miracle, you were put on the ticket. Yeah, I was.


I don't think Joe Biden wants to win this right now. I think he's like one of those fighters who's in the corner to go and get back in there. And he's waiting for he's trying to give them every reason to not send them back in. Like, I think my arm is tired. Like not all your arm is fine. I think my leg doesn't work like that. You guys are going to have to do to throw in the towel.


Come on. Bracingly more confused as he says things. Yeah, recently people think it's an indication of a cognitive decline, but I think an equally sane explanation is he is trying to get out of it. Yeah, I think that's I think that's true.


It's just I mean I mean, how could it keep happening?


And then I mean I mean, he doesn't have anything left to prove he should live out his life on his back porch with his wife and double barreled shotgun.


So this is unrelated. But we do know what the movie was. Oh, it was Dracula. Three thousand. It was it Busta Rhymes. Who was it?


So Dracula 2000 actually had vitamin C and Dracula. Three thousand. Three thousand had Coolio.


Oh, Dracula's paradise. So it was it was a Dracula movie about grandparents.


I have no idea. Here's what's sad is I know I saw it. I saw it.


And someone's going to accuse me for being a racist because I confuse exhibit and coolio. Listen, you tomatoe washed up rapper, OK?


The point is, it's pretty much all comparable as far as junk science with Kamala Harris.


To get back to the point, what are they? Oh, wait on let me see what's going on at CNN before I move on to the junk science.


I do ask that kid threw a ball teacher teaching traveling to to help kids learn.


But look, this is what we talked about before. Teachers want to teach some teachers each. They are willing to go to school, to school. But you're not hearing that message. All you're hearing about is the like, you know, a couple hundred. They decided they would like to get paid but not go to school. Yeah.


And they drag out their casket like it's an undertaker coffin match. Yeah. So you need to walk through with caskets.


What is the obsession with death with the left all the time. If we go back, we're going to die.


Well, listen, there's a ninety nine point nine seven percent chance you don't it's not perfect, but I like those odds.


I wouldn't say that those days. I don't think the mascot for ninety nine point ninety seven percent life rate should be a casket. Sure.


Right. Yeah. You know, it's like saying there's a chance.


Yeah. And I love that one of those recent protests, they gathered at a school so all the teachers get together and gather at the school to protest. We can't gather other things. Right. It's just like just do what you're doing right now. We can't let children go to school.


But you don't understand.


Is is the natural covid repellent is acting like an asshole that makes the cell membranes impotent. They're not they can't be permeated by the covid impermeable and impermeable, impenetrable.


The. I don't know. My adjectives are impetuous. Nothing is impermanent. My vocabulary is impenetrable. I'm going to come back let's go back to the junk science here. Ebola is what you compared it to.


Well, listen, Ebola is not at all. It's not comparable. Almost comparable.


You got me you got me on this. I am the worst you guys can call me on my grammatical inaccuracies. We'll read your chat a little later on. And none of this is behind the paywall. I wouldn't like every other day of the week because we give it to you free.


Because my club and because we're re monetize, we want to celebrate with you.


So for Ebola, what can people here guess what the main difference would be between Ebola and the coat that covered the covid SARS?


It can only be exchanged through bodily fluid. Oh, so it's like saying, hey, how did you get the whooping cough?


It's comparable to AIDS. Yeah, it's not at all. It's like, listen, no, no, there's a very specific way to avoid this disease. It could be kind of like just stop sticking your penis in a light socket. If you don't stick it in the like talking, you will not get light socket penis disorder.


That is the same thing that keeps happening to me. And I don't know why that's. Yeah, I know your wife told me for our erections, which you should consult your doctor.


Unfortunately, he's a man.


Ebola also, you have to be showing symptoms. So it's also you have to be showing symptoms and then exchange bodily fluids. So if you get Ebola, you really had to sort of be asking for it.


Also, I'd like to mention someone makes an appointment for that. Folks under President Trump, zero Ebola does zero group.


That is so great. That is true. I can't take the winning.


You look you look at the look at the arguments and you compare them like interview to interview or even within the same interview or statement, they'll go from saying this is the worst disease. It's can spread anywhere and everywhere. We don't know anything about it. We have no idea what's going on. But you know who should have known the guy who we said has been an idiot. You know, that guy. You know, he's the one that we think can't walk down a ramp.


Right. So that's all. So I just don't understand. Right. He couldn't solve the problem. But, oh, wait, we don't have a solution either. No, but elect us.


Yeah, no, exactly. Like, I don't know why the guy in the leather helmet who keeps going like this didn't know how to separate conjoined twins. We we are stunned to find out you are not the best amongst us. They believe that Dossari pointed. He's an idiot, but he's some kind of a mastermind. Or if he's oblivious, I don't it doesn't make it none of this actually computes and none of it really can line up with the science.


This is the issue, right? They do it with the. Green New Deal, say, well, you're a science denier if you don't support the Green New Deal. I've done this in the channel, you can go search Green New Deal.


We read the entire Green New Deal because it's less than a pop up book. OK, tick tock. The clock is more enthralling than the Green New Deal. Green eggs and ham is more flowery than the Green New Deal and makes more sense.


So at least it proposes some real solutions. Green eggs and ham, by the way, is just penicillin. I don't know why that's so vexing. The Green New Deal is much like if you give them us a cookie here, if you give me a cookie, she's going to take your whole government, right? I mean, that's just the way it goes. That's what she wants to do. By the time you get to page four, the thing is, nobody gets to page four because pages one through three sucks so bad everybody's asleep.




And if you give a mouse to Joe Biden, he sniffs it and then opposes busing. I mean, the real problem is one thing with children. And now he's sniffing the mice. He just will eat anything small, anything over which you can assert power. Right.


It's a it's a power crisis, just like smells. OK, here's something else that we need to go through.


The United States actually comparing to what Kamala Harris just said. Sorry, we're a little far removed from the clip at this point.


The US has the. Well, how many per capita? Let me simply bring this up. We have lower death per capita than the UK and a lot of other European countries.


OK, now here's one thing I want to be very clear about. And I've talked about this repeatedly.


Yes. If you look at the top states that have the highest death rates, where covid has truly been a pandemic, that they haven't gotten under control, they are almost all.


I mean, if you were to look at it and you were to try and look for some kind of a correlation, some kind of causation, they're all run by Democrats. Right. And all of them had severe lockdowns. That being said, there are some exceptions and there are some exceptions. At the bottom of the list were some states that had lockdowns, did OK, but most states that didn't do lockdowns tended to do better. And in the middle, it's kind of a mix and match.


So I want to be clear. I'm not saying that having no lockdown stops the spread of covid, OK? But there is something that is absolutely undeniable and that is nursing home deaths. It's not even close. We're looking for these graphs elsewhere. And the problem is the media never actually covers these graphs. The death rate graph has continually been doing this. And now I am astounded to know that the case graph is going down. How does that happen when you increase testing?


I went through this.


I went through CVS Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my wife. Hey, you want to you want to talk to the customer? I said no. I say, sure, we'll get you. That's free. What is this, like a super size me covid test.


Give me the test now, by the way.


I'm positive. Oh, hey, hey. Just like an like a mosquito atomize. Actually, bring it in. I'd like to get this over with. I want to get it over with.


We'll just all do the popsicle stick test and blood brothers.


So you look at the Democratic governors have Cuomo, you have Wittmer from Michigan. Right. They were forcing nursing homes to take covid patients.


Now, this is tough because we don't have an updated number on how many deaths overall are nursing home deaths.


But last time we were able to access these numbers, according to The New York Times. Forty one percent of all covered deaths are nursing home deaths. Now, I've read as high as forty seven percent. This is from The New York Times. And, you know, they really don't want it to be forty one percent.


I wonder why we don't have updated. No, we do not have those numbers. And, you know, that's probably a lot higher because it's cloaked in mystery right now. In New York, Governor Cuomo is saying that they shouldn't have any kind of an investigation. He doesn't want there to be an investigation. He's rejected the request, the requests for account on the and this is after he just fired his chief of health.


Right. He went out there continuously, attacked her over the last four or five months when she's been critical of his policies and then went ahead and got the other guy back that said, oh, we should not do any kind of lockdown at all, period. Right. However, and, you know, it's crazy because now he's completely on the defensive because of this. Of the facts. Yeah. Of the senior character.


And what's more, totalitarian, think about this. You know that Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci don't get along. They don't agree on almost anything. But people always complain that Donald Trump is nothing but sycophants.


He fires everybody. He still has Falchi out there throwing pitches, if you want to call it that. Think of it for a second. You get you are fired immediately. If you disagree with Cuomo and with Donald Trump, the worse you get some ball busting at a press conference souce Chipotle. I don't like it, but jerk. And you're a good guy. So how do you see it tonight? That's about all you get.


You don't like Falchi, but he didn't fire the guy. He'd be well within his right to do something. And he doesn't go out and say, no, I disagree. And here we go. The data is changing and we need to reopen the country.


So it is remarkable to me when we talk about authoritarianism from Donald Trump and you look at places like New York, you look at places like Governor Wittmer, Michigan, my home state, this is the one that really upsets me is Governor Whitman. She she blocked a bill just recently.


And I always try and see that maybe someone here can play devil's advocate. So we played this video on the show. Remember that? That young man punching the old man in your face at the old folks at the nursing home in Michigan and people go. Is that young crew member, a strange punching grandpap, an orderly, why is he punching grandpapa?


They're coming up with a very real idea because he had covid. So it's like, oh, OK.


So you can beat your eviler serial violent felon and you're under the age of 30. But you have it right this way.


Yeah, I mean, it's just beyond comprehension when you think about it. You know, it took me I read through several times to make sure I had the story straight that this is not anybody who would normally be in a nursing home. Right. You're saying we've got someone who's infected with the disease that kills old people.


Where should we help them? How about a nursing home with Gladys? Yeah. And so if you think about, you know, Kamala Harris saying, oh, you still have that kissing booth.


All right, come on, get on up there for me. I don't know.


I mean, we really have no idea how high the toll is, because in New York, it's only counted as a nursing home death if they physically die in the nursing home. Right. If you get hospitalized beforehand, as I assume probably most would, right, then it's not counted as a nursing home death. So it may be far higher. Wittmer hasn't been transparent with it, and she's literally just funneling, you know, maybe she's trying to kill off the that's the that's the conspiracy I've heard.


Like, listen, if that would make a huge difference in votes in Michigan being seniors, it's because it's a state when Donald Trump and especially with thirty six percent African-American approval, it's going to be tough.


It's going to be tough for Joe Biden with Kamala Harris, who's even less popular, I believe, with black people than Joe Biden, if you can believe.


It turns out being being a braggart about owning slaves, not good bedfellows with gaining a little more of the African-American vote.


So, Gretchen, Gretchen Whitmer, she's such a good person. She would never do anything. She would never do anything, right? Yeah. I mean, and I'm not saying that that's the case, but it defies reason.


And now she voted to block a bill. She actually not voted. She vetoed a bill that would prevent covid patients from going into nursing home deaths, knowing what we know now.


So I can't think of a more clear example of denying science. I've listened. I've relinquished his territory. I said, hey, you know what? Maybe Lockdown's helped. Maybe they didn't. We can look at Sweden, who seems to be doing better than a lot of their neighbors, worse than some other neighbors. We look at the top states. They all had Lockdown's. Look at the bottom states. Most of them didn't have Lockdown's. But you know what?


We don't know. It's a mixed bag. The one thing that is absolutely undeniable is that the average covid patient death age is right up there. Life expectancy in certain states like New York beyond life expectancy.


We know that it is severely more dangerous.


The mortality rate is far higher with old people. And we know that these policies that have put sick covid patients in nursing homes have resulted in innumerable, innumerable enuma innumerable. It's impetuous and impenetrable innumerable deaths, at least up until this point. So then when constituents representatives say, hey, we need to change this in Michigan, given the science, we're supposed to adapt to science.


And I don't even really think you need to be a climatologist to understand that sending in twenty two year old criminals into nursing homes with covid has been bad for old people.


They say, no, no, no, no, this is good. We're going to continue doing it. And Gretchen Whitmer vetoed that bill. So still in Michigan today, sick covid patients right into nursing homes. How do you claim that that's pro science you were about to say?


Well, what I find most interesting about all of this is where's the criticism for Wittmer? Like, where's the left saying, hey, when she was on that short list for VP, you know, you didn't hear the left going well, she wasn't apostasies. Well, that's that's why she is not upsy. That's correct. And so the issues about this make it clear that if this wasn't an election year, how the left is handling this particular problem would have been completely different, because at every moment, at every turn, if they can do anything and spin anything to look bad about Trump, it makes clear they use it as a message to say he's not even qualified to run again in November.


And yet all of the people who were considered the candidates, all of those people who are in power, including Wittmer and others in Congress. Right. Doing bad things as well. I'm not making a difference in their particular states. And yet they're still fine. It just doesn't make any sense.


Blame President Trump for the pandemic and ignore Cuomo putting his pillar pillow over pop pop's face the window.


You're going to make me look bad. So a little dark, but I don't apologize. This one's Monitise. The notification bell, by the way, if you subscribe because subscriptions on YouTube don't mean a whole lot and notifications will let you know when we are live, which is every morning, Monday through Thursday. Now, good morning.


My club next Thursday, we, of course, have these special DNC live streamed in the evening. Here's another point that we need to get to. The left, of course, has been claiming that the pandemic is a pandemic pandemic.


And that's what I've heard, is that it's been getting worse and worse.


You probably believe that to. Over competing lies is a very effective way to look another another to a haircut, they had a meeting at CNN.


Don't cut your hair every time he says something that's untrue. But right now, especially, he must. The only thing worse than this president's inaction is his activities.


You're reading about the reality and this statement from the president of the United States is a lie, a pandemic which is disappearing.


It's going to disappear. Recent cases are up because we're doing one of the reasons we're doing a lot of testing.


The only thing that has disappeared is his credibility on this issue.


And the naked pictures from your wife's yoga video. I don't know how much she paid to make that go away. Yeah. How do you get her off the Internet? I don't know. For crying out loud, he was just out. The thing is also, how does his wife not check review before uploading Instagram?


I guess it's just so normal for her to watch my husband's flabby non squatting ass in the background. I'm pretty sure that's my husband's flabby non squatting as he wouldn't want people to see this. All he does is Curl's. He doesn't want people to see his flabby non squatting activisms.


No, I almost I think I think there's some cracks in that relationship.


At least one. Oh, it was an accident. It was an accident, by the way, saying these papers don't read them, don't read them, don't read them 50 percent.


So a recent survey, by the way, found that this has been effective from the left, but they talk about Donald Trump lying. Well, if you tune in to CNN, it's fear porn. What are they doing right now? Top Republicans embrace Quink Kanon aligned House GOP candidate.


I can never say cannon. All right, guys, that's Soros against George Soros.


Even when they want to call me George Soros is a conspiracy.


OK. Yes, of course. Sure. And Warren Buffett was actually is the name of the actor who played Munchkin number five in The Wizard of Oz.


These are people that are political and I love how they play. They play the video of her talking, but they don't let her talk. No, they don't let her talk.


Listen to what she has to say. Well, I think and there's more if you go to her website, which is unlisted on ours, so full of conspiracy, full of conspiracies, they believe that George Soros has a lot of money, a tin foil hat, much on Soros is like, no, no, no, I don't have any money.


Oh, yeah, I do. Yeah, well, he doesn't have as much as he would like to know.


Ain't that life? Soros give me a call. We can talk about it.


So a recent survey found that night that Americans believe that nine percent of the population have died from the coronavirus.


So, again, if talking about fear and who's lying and whose lives are more effectively reaching the American public, that would be over 30 million deaths to keep in mind.


And even using their total tally, which is clearly inflated because of nursing home deaths and the deaths that are just deaths with covid as opposed to death by covid, it's still under I don't know exactly is 160 something thousand right under one hundred sixty. One hundred sixty. I think it's under 170, depending on who you ask whether it's or come on a bad hair day.


It's somewhere between 155 and a million.


But it's certainly not 30 million Americans out there believe that 30 million Americans have died from covid. That's because they're tuning in to if they're tuning in to buy the way people's webcams who can't even be bothered to rub a microfiber cloth over it.


Do you do do with a ticker? Do we remember back in April when they were saying the death rate was going to be one hundred and seventy thousand percent? And they were like, look, look at how many people have died and this is how many cases we have. And they were just taking the known cases and comparing them to the deaths and not acknowledging that, wait a minute, maybe more people are infected than we know about and the cases are different and the death rate is lower.


They said, what are you crazy?


And now that's so they banned doctors saying they literally banned doctors for saying we have a higher infection rate than we realize, which means a lower mortality. So now you hear Trump going, well, the numbers are going up because we're doing more testing. And that's just the corollary of that exact same point, which is, yes, of course, you're going to have more confirmed cases when you're doing more testing. What's not changing is there's no there's no argument that he was saying that the testing is causing the case.


No. Right. Here's what's remarkable to me is now even with more testing, cases are going down. I think cases are going to be going up until somewhere around, give or take November 4th. That's what I thought was going to happen. But now cases are going down despite increased testing and deaths have consistently been going down. We need to be clear about that. The number that really matters, of course, is deaths, particularly deaths per capita here in the United States.


That has been going down consistently.


Now, cases, I am surprised at this. That's why you never heard me make the claim that cases would go down. It's so much winning. Even my fingers hurt.


Yeah, I think this is what is really remarkable about that poll is it's one of the instances where you can see in a quantifiable way the results of fake news and people just. Getting people into a state of fear like you can see, OK, this is what does that two hundred twenty two hundred twenty five times the rate. Yeah, right. Right. So so people have been deceived that much, right.


You say tomato.


I say schools have been shut down and they can't be expected to do math because our brain is also be our front line heroes.


Teachers would rather carry caskets down Lexington Avenue. So folks, I think I'm hearing that we have counters that what it is that we're working on it.


OK, so then this is one thing I do want to leave you with.


I won't be surprised if we're not reminded us, but that's not really the point is when you were accused of being anti science, when you were accused of not listening to experts, you do have to ask yourself, what have the experts said and what what are the people who've been saying?


Ignore everything else, ignore your lying eyes and ears and trust the experts, namely these governors. What have they been doing? Well, they've been sending sick patients into nursing homes and then vetoing bills that would prevent them from sending even more sick patients into nursing and nursing homes. I don't want to be one of those people who makes claims that are unsubstantiated. So anyone who goes out there and says definitively that lockdown's hurt? Well, we know definitively that lockdown's hurt the economy.


Absolutely. And we know definitively that there is no rhyme or reason yet to whether a state having a total lockdown has dealt with the coronavirus more effectively.


We even know definitively that Sweden, they decided to have a very laissez faire approach and their rates have been going down dramatically to the point that they might completely be over the virus.


But the jury is still out on a lot of these. However, if we're going to talk about the science and I do not know why more conservatives aren't focusing, focusing on this, I want everyone when you discussed this situation, this pandemic at your dinner table, whatever it is, maybe the Thanksgiving won't be around. Thanksgiving will be on to Ebola.


No, to some novel form of the of the bird. And if you have Thanksgiving, you want grandmother to die.


So don't do Thanksgiving, you know, just have a you have a can of cranberry sauce alone with your hungry man.


Swanson is not that bad. The hungry man. I don't mind them. I'm not going to do the Lean Cuisine Stover's. We should get them on as a sponsor in Lean Cuisine. Not now. I'm not hungry. They don't have a Lean Cuisine.


They can find a sponsorship over there at Virgin Fox or some speech impediment to Brave's. I'm wondering, should we do you think we should have maybe brunch? We bring Brian on first and then have many to make said yeah. OK, so before we go to Brian Cowan, let's we have a quick break.


What do we have? We have a quick break from our sponsors.


Brian Cowen is going to be right after this break. Real sponsors. Yes.


And then after Brian Cowan, we actually have the truth, according to Manuell, our residential Colombian conspiracy theories. We'll be right back in one minute with Brian Cowan.


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It's a win win. Quarterback, it was going on. Hey, what's up, guys? So we were thinking, yeah, I had a little idea and it's a good one year out.


We think you need a little more street cred with the blacks.


Yeah, no offense, but so you're you're familiar with Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, of course. Right. Right.


So we were thinking twenty five cent black. You love it because you're a quarterback. No, I get it. I get it. It's perfect. Right.


You can buy me a couple of months to catch bug. Got my phone looking for some plugs.


There's no. Oh. So they go, wow, oh, wow. Oh. All right, I think we're a little bit off of the music because we only have a few commercial breaks that often here with Good Morning America, with the late. But our next guest, a friend of the show, a friend of mine and I wanted to have one of these is the first show that he's been appearing on. And again, another critical area.


But I talked myself into a corner. Mr. Brian Callen, are you there, sir? Can you hear me? I am here, my friend. I appreciate. I thought that was a baggy blazer. Turns out you were in a row. Yeah, it's a morning show.


OK, well, because I'm wearing a collared shirt in the morning, I thought I. Yeah, I know, but you thought wrong.


Appreciate it. Hey, listen, I'm not the one in the hot seat, buddy. Where's the best place. Where is it. This is true. This is right. I can no longer just wear a robe whenever this is not right. It's just listen to the optics. Where's the best place for people to find you and support you right now? Because I didn't want to plug the wrong. So.


Well, right now it would be Brian Cowan Dotcom. I am doing a well. I had to reprise my podcast. It is now The Fighter in the ranks and it can be found on Patreon so far in the ranks, I think Slash Patriot. We had to go behind a paywall and restructure everything. We're in the process of doing that releasing tomorrow.


OK, because hold on before we go, because, Brian, I want to give you the opportunity here for people who you've been the latest victim of, of allegations of sexual assault. People can say to me, too, that's gone too far. Let me just ask you point blank. Accusation of rape. Did you do it?


No, I did not. OK, there we go. Not true.


All right. Well, listen, we spoke off for people who know this is how I this is how I handled friendships. I called Brian. I said, listen, this doesn't read through to me. You tell me it's not true. I'll go out and I'll believe. And then if I find out that Brian lied to me, then I'll bury him in his collared shirt.


So as well, you should just make sure it's not a robe. That's important, though, because no matter what happens when you're in the situation, this is a crazy twenty plus years ago to you. What happens is everyone says to you the prevailing wisdom across the board is you got to lay low, you just have to be quiet because anything you say will keep it in the news. And I, I just I think a human being and I think a country for that matter, defines themselves on what they are willing to fight for and the lives they're willing to defend.


And so for me, I'm not going to do that because I didn't do this and I'm not guilty of this. And so for me, I thought to myself, if I don't stand up the number of people that I know that have gone through something similar, who've reached out or just people in general said, please, please be the person to stand up and at least talk about this. Right. Because nobody wants to talk about the fact that we are losing due process.


And I don't think anyone is necessarily to blame. But, look, you have two factors. One is social media. If someone and it doesn't matter who they are, it could be from 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, it could be. What if somebody says something about you and they said that you said something, that you did something that's all that it takes for your livelihood to stop? Right. Because nobody wants to get involved in that.


Everybody kind of pulls back immediately.


And I would even say I would have been correct you and say it's not that there is no due process. It's there's no interest in due process.


And I'll read this from the People article where this this lady who came forward and accused you people can read it where she said she didn't submit to a rape kit because she thought it was invasive. She also didn't tell her dad because she was afraid her dad might hurt you, which to me, this is just me. My opinion, I go, hmmm, doesn't like it. Sounds to me like you'd want the dad to kick, kick, kick a rapist.


Sasse thinks so. Maybe that's right.


But but, Stephen, the mistake is to get into what someone's mind, how someone's mind works. I think this is a much bigger issue than just me. I mean, and that's very important. I think that the fact of the matter is we live in a time when when if someone says something about you, you can you can be annihilated and you and there's no redemption. And that is a fact. And that is happening. And I think it's a function of one.


Whatever happened in social media, it is this sort of mob rule, that sort of thing that people jump on. But also you have publications, you have credible publications that used to be really good newspapers and stuff that are desperate to get online subscribers, paying online subscribers. And these newspapers are in real trouble. I mean, desperate trouble. And so what happens is there's enormous pressure on journalists to create click bait, to create sensation. And so so if you get more clicks, if you get more tweets, that that is the only way to survive.


You know, it's funny, as you just said, something that exactly. Donald Trump would say only it's sad and more intelligent.


You have newspapers that are in trouble, real trouble, bad, bad trouble. They need money. They don't have it. It's just it sounds better coming from you, it's the exact same thing, right? Well, but this is this is the problem. Everybody most people agree and most people don't want to live in a world where you're guilty until proven innocent. You know why? Because anybody can be next. Well, most people don't consider it until they're that guy.


That's the problem. That's right. And listen, the other thing is the metoo movement is not a bad movement. This is a good movement as far as giving people recourse to abuse. And we've taken down some real monsters. But the problem is, if this process becomes arbitrary, random from anywhere, any angle, and there's then lock them up, throw away the key, and you can't earn a living. Because when you talk about cancer culture, actually what you're talking about and people should know is that you cannot earn a living.


Right. You can't. You can't you can't support your children. Right. You can't support your your the people that you love. Right. That's what's really going on. And it happens when you posted a picture 10 years ago and it's taken out of context. It happens when you said somebody said you said something and it's very quiet because people don't really even tell you. They just pull back the just everything dries up.


Well, that also really bothers me is when you see some folks not coming out when they know something is false to support allies or support friends because they're scared that someone might go after, they're terrified.


Listen, I know what you're doing, but we just got monetized today. And then Virge Vox, Mashable, the all these articles that what they're going on YouTube saying that my video when transgenders attack is hate speech, where I was literally physically battered and assaulted by two transgender individuals. I guess they would have preferred when transgenders batur, which just sounds like a Ben and Jerry's flavor at that point. My issue here is that there's this an inaccuracy and there is a lack of accountability.


Now, they've kind of acknowledged that, Brian. And so I will say this. I've never seen allegations or a story like this go away so quickly as with yours.


And I think that's because you came out strong and forceful also just because there was no substantiation. Right. And the problem now is the media realizes they don't have the power. There are people who can fact check them. So rather than try and go back and forth, they they just throw spaghetti at the wall and then they move on.


And so they moved on from this because there was nothing really there. And let me this is one thing and I know you have your stuff to say, but I do know that there's a history here.


And I've had my own history with this lovely lady, Amy Schumer. I know that you and her have kind of, what should I say, got under each other's skin and her case more.


But I don't know her well. I know. Come on.


But people can run a search and see that you've said like she's an OK comedian. She I don't think she's the best. When I said you said she was like, good, but not quite to the level of and you mentioned some like like prior people, which I think it's fair.


That's that's that's a fact. That's an objective fact.


Well, she took that as her well she took that as an insult and she's been pissed at you. And then she put the stuff out there going by Brian on Instagram. I'm going, what's going on? So I don't think it's hard for people to see the timeline and see that they're also a personal grudge here from someone who my opinion not n it's awful and every which way.


Well, look, the good news for me is that I've spent seven years building a fan base with a podcast and with my 20 years building a fan base with my work. And I have been so overwhelmed not only by the number of fans, I think I had something like 12000 comments under my my my Instagram. And all of them were incredibly supportive.


I think people can see and all of my friends and everybody I know over the past twenty five years, the number of people that reached out, people know they can feel whether or not you're a good person.


They just you're not going to be I don't think you do something terrible. And then that's the only time you do anything terrible and you have no track record of these aren't things that happen once you're a good person and people know that and your life is an example of that or you're not.


Well, Brett Kavanaugh was a gang rapist and then a guy who kept a diary. It's like capital gang rape or the rest of his life journals.


Yeah. Yeah. Or spends time his whole life trying to get people to like him because he's a comic and he gets up and does a song and dance. That's not an admirable quality. I just love what people like me because I like people. So yeah, it's a little bit inconsistent.


But again, the larger issue, forget me, forget me if I'm one of the bodies on the side of the road. So nobody wants to live in a world and we don't know how to fix it. Nobody wants to live in a world again where you are, where there is no due process, where you are you can be executed by an ambitious journalist.


No, I wouldn't say nobody has to come up with a story. I wouldn't say nobody. I would say most people when they sit down and think about it, unfortunately, most people don't sit down and think about it until they are in that hot seat or a friend of theirs is in the hot seat.


And there is a huge swath of people out there, folks like the Amy Schumer who tweeted this out with joy or Instagram it out, who do want to see people guilty until proven innocent.


Not most people, but there are people in the entertainment establishment and the media establishment who do that. It's just not most Americans.


Well, it's money. You can you can get attention and you can get money for it. There is an incentive structure. Unfortunately, there is an incentive structure to do these things. Nobody knows how to fix it, and I think that's the biggest issue. As long as we have an incentive structure to get to where you can make money off an allegation.


Right. And I'm talking about, you know, for a publication, we have a problem or that's happening all the time.


Yeah, at least I can at least I can get up here and and say my piece and continue to because it's the only option I have and oh, come on, it's not the only option I have.


They have most show most people out there supporting you. And I hope that you do make the rounds. And I obviously hope that we see you there with your buddy Joe.


This is it's really an incredible time. Who would have thought that we missed for the days of justice with O.J. because there were still that kind of like, did he did he not? Well, we have to wait for the verdict. And now it's just like you guilty and it's the opposite. It's why is it because a cop used the N-word? No, it's because the guy is white.


Well, hold on.


Sorry. Partially Italian. Do you have some Sicilian? There's there's a person of color hanging around your woodshed somewhere there and. Well, who knows.


Yeah. Southern Italian. Fifty one percent. We all saw True Romance. All right.


Brian Callen, the best place for people to find you and support you and I do appreciate you takes brass balls. And I would say this. Don't listen to all the Hollywood PR people and agents telling you to be quiet, do what you're doing. But where's the best place for people to find you and support you?


I'll be on Instagram. I'll be I'll be hitting the road as soon as I can doing stand up and I'll let people know through my Instagram, probably hopefully the Tea Party website, but definitely the fighter in the ranks, unpatriotic. It's going to be a great podcast and we've already recorded one of them. So we're moving in that direction.


I look forward to being your dotcom. I look forward to being your first. I look forward to being your marquee guest. Brian Callan, thank you so much, sir. I appreciate it. Bewell.


You're a good man. Stephen, thank you for that robe. Thank you. And we are actually going to go to a quick installment. People enjoyed it yesterday of the the white privilege boys and then be back with the truth, according to many.


I'm now for The Adventures of the White Privilege Boy. Now, OK, Tim, Bobbie and Jon, if I told you once, I've told you a thousand times, I need you to put your guns down. Can I just keep my gun on me? Trained on you just a little longer, please.


Now, boys, you know I'm not supposed to let you do that. Come on. All right. Just make sure it's not loaded. No, no. OK, now. OK, not least enough that tack, right? Yeah. Blinding my eyes. What am I going to do with you? You let a rapscallions. Oh, those boys. What vehicle will they find themselves in next. Stay tuned for next week's installment of The Adventures of the White Privilege, Boys.


Glad to be those boys.


I don't know. I'm excited for next week. I'm not at all those scamps. You know, there's a part of me that would like to see a couple of dimes from the media monetization at some point.


I'm not expecting to be filling my coffers, but, you know, some beer money.


That six pack is now down to a colt.


Forty five dollars I'm talking about. But it works every time. Every time. So next week, by the way, we will have Alex Jones on Monday. So I want to make it really clear, we all said we don't want people to think that just because we're monetize that we're changing.


So we said, what would be the biggest statement? Someone who I don't even agree with most of the time. Just for you. Just for you, Virge.


Alex Jones, I hope to see that in the next article, along with Pudi PI's Allegiance to the Nazi Party, I guess.


And that's the Socialist Party could be a socialist. We don't know Bernie Sanders. Right. She tied in together comedy.


So let's go right now. Actually have someone in the studio. Actually, we have someone in this office who we love. Smooth man.


He's been on JoCo correspondent, wonderful man. But he does come from an actual socialist country.


And yeah, sometimes I'm pretty conservative, but he goes pretty far to the right. And some would say that it's conspiratorial, but I wanted to give him a place to voice their opinions that are not reflective of my own.


So it's time for the truth, according to Manny.


Oh, and by the way, before I should tell you, you can purchase your coffee at Black Coffee Dotcom and they have the coffee club if you do CROWDER the promo, I forgot about the promo, the promo code or Black Coffee, Dotcom's left-to-right or promo code.


Try to get 20 percent off your first order. I drink it every morning, but I don't know what's happened. We missed a shipment here. I think one got Skip and I told you I had to drink the local cactus coffee this morning.


I tried Dunkin Donuts because it was only one open a fire. And to me, if you're not open at five AM and your coffee shop, you should be shut down.


What do you think? You really should be firebombed.


And Dunkin advocates like water. Yeah, but at least they don't hate America, from what I hear. Maybe they do.


I don't know knows anymore.


So smooth.


Manny, you're here to tell us the truth that you think that sometimes I don't necessarily dive in deep enough.


Good morning, Stephen. OK, good morning. Good morning. I appreciate you taking the time. Oh, no.


So I was we were walking by. I think it was a how do you say tonight? Yeah. And something came up. Someone was discussing you were talking about and forgive me, not trigger warning, but warning if you have kids watching.


Apparently there's is a real theory that people in power have been engaging in copulation with with swine, with pigs. Something from former Prime Minister Cameron, you were saying this is true. I'm just ignoring the fact you're a very busy man. You have a show. I only have so much time in the day. Yeah, exactly.


So it's hard for you to keep up with all the news of the entire world. Yeah, but it is a known fact.


Well, I should say allegedly.


OK, and the fact that people in power do sexual things that might be immoral, illegal, perhaps.


Well, immoral. Sure, sure. Yeah. But that's that's so I'd say that's that's not what you were talking about. Yeah.


Now this one in particular involved a pig. OK, but I, I will, I immediately don't believe it. So I'm going to tell you a story and we're going to dive deep into the situation of the story and why it's totally plausible.


OK, well, and I know is this something that has to do with the black mirror because that was the first episode.


Yeah. And I don't know how anyone stuck with that show after the first episode. Yeah. I was like, oh, sex with a pig. This is the show. OK, I've seen enough. That's the pilot test pilot. That's them getting stranded on the island. So tell me, what's your show about?


Well, here you go. Yeah. OK, so so tell me about your story begins with Lord Ashcroft.


OK, he is a conservative. He worked with David Cameron. Oh, boy.


He has overlayed OK and he brought them in. I don't even know how they're going.


He wrote a book alleging. Right. That David Cameron did sexual things with a pig at a ritual at a party, OK, at a party that sounds like hearsay then.


So sure.


Then so the news breaks and the news is like, oh, so our prime minister, this is overlayed no to my mind.


Oh, yes. But he stuck his genitals inside a dead pig.


Really? Yeah. I don't know if this was proven. So did Cameron.


He he did it even deny it. He just went he did the opposite of what Brian calendared just disappeared.


But some people have done that, too, with rape accusations. It's a strategy just to disappear. So that doesn't mean that he did it. No, of course not.


It's all legit. Then a black mirror episode comes out overladen.


Number three in the first episode is about a prime minister who has to have sexual relations with a pig.


It was received. Yeah, that's why I say no. This is a topic that people have been people have spoken about in the office. Yeah. And then someone asked me online why I was ignoring this pig situation. I mean, a black mirror. It's like a big thing. I said, yeah, let's have Mandy come on, because I don't have enough time. So this is my request. It's not a topic I'm fond of. So black America and I still don't believe you.


You're far too busy to watch Black Mirror Season one, two and three and follow the news, you know. Right.


OK, all right. So so we've set the scene. That's what happened. So you set nothing over. Oh, really?


No. Forced David Cameron. So this is about his age when all this was a alleged and this was at a party called it's called the Piers Gaveston Society. Now, here's here's something funny about this society.


If you bring that overlay back up, it's named after Peerce Geeveston, which was the alleged male lover of the king and, you know, saying alleged doesn't create evidence. Right.


OK, yeah. Yeah. I just wanna make sure we're clear. I just want to point out the fact that so at this party named after this, if you bring up that overlay again, Piers Gaveston. Yeah.


Well, we got the I don't know about you, but a secret society club named after the male lover of the king is kind of gay.


OK, so that doesn't mean. No, it doesn't, cause there's nothing wrong with that. And they're. Named after this fellow. So now when we go into this place, basically what it is, if you go to the actual pier escapes in society now, it's just a rich party where the elite, the young elite go. And overly number six, they dress like transgender prostitutes.


OK, OK. Some could say that. I think they would just say transvestites. Which transvestite? They're not they don't identify another. It's just a weird night.


Well, it's a lot of cross-dressing and half naked people.


OK, but you just saw pictures of Victoria's Secret models. I don't see any powerful elites.


Well, these are these are just the elite of Oxford, OK? These are just the ones that we have pictures of.


Right. Yeah, I'm sorry. I mean it. Evidence. OK, so what what do they do there?


So before we figure out what they do there, how do you know any of this? Many of you just read the news. I know you're far too busy to read all the news right now with the show.


Exactly. Oh, well, I have my sources.


The sources, Bill. Come on. He's come in here, I get his guardian.


I got all the weird ones that people don't believe, like the mirror and stuff, right? Yeah. The New York Times, The New York Times complex Yahoo!


News, News that they're not supporting your theory you usually hate. But yeah.


So if you go down to the next overline, what I would like to present to you is in order for you to have a PowerPoint, in order for you, Flickr, end up somewhere where you might do something sexual with it.


Big, right. You need if you go back to the Romans one, basically degeneracy. So you need somewhere where you have access to drugs, sex and power. And what that equals. Two is the situation that might have made David Cameron do something with the pig.


OK, so let's go to the. So just David Cameron, no one else.


Well, everybody else for sure.


OK, you he just my life. Sarah, get out of here. You don't need to do in here.


Can I ask you this question? Yes, sir. Do you believe that that a large percentage of these elites who wield excessive amounts of power and have limitless amount of money are doing these things? Hundred percent, yes.


And they and they control the government, right. That they control the government, but they have power within the government. Yeah. They're like David Cameron. Yes.


Why are you still alive then? He won't be after this program. It's not. Yeah, that's all thing. We're going to be demagnetize. He'll be pushing up daisies.


Look, that's just the question I always have is, you know, if you go to someone and you say, look, they have an excessive amount of money and power and you believe that they can do all these things and that they could do all these amazing things, that they can cover it all up, then how is it that a 17 year old anonymous person on 4chan is like, is that something, something to do with controlled opposition?


No, I think it's something to do with the fact that they love boasting about it. There's nothing secretive about it. OK, yeah.


And I will explain so much to. So now that we've established the decadence of, you know, going back this firm, it has established.


So if we go to overly number eight first, the first ingredient that you need is a massive amount of drugs.


So this is an article, Daily Mail, about the gaps in society parties and what the all the all a lot of people disagree with the pig stuff. But there are like, listen, this is just a giant, you know, raev full of we're just all sorts of hard drugs.


Yeah. We're just having and that's not so far fetched where you are, right. Who like to dress up like a dream.


We go to Overlander number. No, not like a vacuum. So there's also the drugs.


But because of the drugs, theories are second ingredient, which is a lot of sex, public sex.


And in the highlighted part there, this girl is talking about some girl drinking some blood and a party of over lookers wearing pig masks.


Well, some girl talked about some girl with some know she was there. She went there.


Why did she have any evidence? Well, they take all your phones before you go in. OK, so one does.


Yes, but if we keep going up now, we got the sex and the drugs, OK, right. Lots of them. I don't know. And these are the people saying, oh, there's no pig stuff. There's just a lot of orgies out in public on hard drugs. You're OK. But what happens when you know what you might say? Well, this this is just. A coincidence? Yeah, but if you go to the next one might say that or one might say that, there's a lack of evidence, I was just a man.


You've never been to public school then, but you went to school in a strip mall in Columbia. It's not a joke. Oh, I know. I know. I was here. That was here. I'm sorry for our schooling system isn't the best. Columbia, South Carolina. OK, so we go to the next over. All right.


So this is here in America. You know, this is the Georgia Dome in Burning Man where all it is is hard drugs.


And you read that last year.


And this is something I don't doubt, obviously, at Burning Man. And we had these things in Montreal at raves where there's a lot of sex in that of that is a thing that's about and that's a thing. And no one's doubting that they're weird. Society is connected.


No, I'm saying it's normal. It's normal in certain places where people do this kind of stuff.


I mean, I call it the buccaneering. It's normal. I don't think it's normal. I'm not a bastard. Definitely normal for people to be pragmatic. Let's let's set the bar a little higher. What you wanted to quarterback here to read the book. You read the last overlay.


Yeah. So this is just something that's people are boasting about on the.


Oh no, I don't want like a dozen or so and I don't want to get Ben Shapiro wear these, but it's not like I don't want to say the word vagina. It's just that and that's already I mean, that's the kind of stuff that you don't want to read about it. So. Yeah, well, I think it was redacted by someone in our edit bay. Oh.


So we we've established this is normal, right? You're right.


You know, there was no I'm not surprised by it because there was actually Andrew Breitbart talked about this, not Kevin Jennings was the Kevin Jennings was a Jeopardy guy. But there was something Ken Jennings Jeopardy.


So maybe was Kevin Jennings maybe maybe a token. I can bring this up. There was a guy think maybe it might have been Kevin Jennings who did actually teach.


And again, warning for people who are out there that you can find this on the old Breitbart site, back on his big Hollywood, who taught these kind, who spoke about these kinds of sex acts to kids in school, namely someone that involved a closed fist.


And this was something that was recorded. You can listen to the audio. And whenever people are really outraged and some people say, well, this is just about advocating safe sex practices, saying don't do that is safe. Yeah, I don't know. Well, it's not necessarily safe. It's you know, it depends. It's I mean, it's you know, it's the Black Power Syndrome now.


So it can mean a lot of things to be Joe Lewis when you're in Detroit or it could be power. It could be the communist revolutionary workers fist or it could be, you know, so it's all of the above.


Yeah. And that was the thing. Go Google Breitbart, I think it was. Was it Jennings. Kevin Jennings. Kevin Jennings. Yeah, that was a story. Remember being shocked and I didn't think was true. Now this isn't some secret society, but I was surprised that this was being taught to kids in school and it was OK, continue and let's wrap this up slide deck.


Yeah, you were correct that it's not a secret to say that's just normal sex education will do that.


So what's missing in this ingredient? Because, you know, we get the parties, we get the burning man. We know what's missing in the pie. It's a missing ingredient in the pie, not missing an ingredient. It's only one ingredient. But many ingredients make it, you know, continue with your band.


So the fact is that's missing. And you might just be like, well, these are just kids at a party in power. So if you go to our next overlayed, you will see that actually this happens in Silicon Valley all the time to the tech giants, you know, eat drugs, sex, repeat. They have orgies that last days. They do acid. They do. This is just I don't know about the Ayahuasca.


I'm I don't read you what you read Vanity Fair.


I don't know about the Ayahuasca Swine Sex Fest's. You're conflicting your drugs here, but OK, I apologize. But again, these are high people that live in Palo Alto, Mountain View. They work in Silicon Valley. This isn't just people in the desert doing whatever people the desert might do. Right. So what happens? What you do to people from Silicon Valley, go to Burning Man, right?


Oh, yeah. Of course. They have their own private places where they don't have to go to the orgy dome tent.


Yeah, they got their own. They are walking Orji down. Not with the peasants. Yeah, exactly.


Where are the sky high above?


Jack Dorsey has his org passport.


He skipped to the front of the line like Disney, where he gets the punch card, global entry, six or seven ones for you.


So when you have tons of drugs, tons of sex and power, what you end up with is a perfect recipe for blackmail.


And Kubrick talked about this in his last film, I like show that was in his last film, which it was his last film. He died. He didn't before he finished kind of a swan song.


Well, it was The Eyes Wide Shut is basically Kubrick's suicide note, just begging to be taken out.


So, you know, Steven, you're way too busy to actually go into the details this way. You can do the reason I'm the locations and the shots and we don't have time to go. Yeah, don't give me the wrap up what you actually thought.


This is the truth from according. It's the truth, according to Manning. Yeah, you're right. Beat around the bush. Actually, this reminds me.


I would like to. Tell everybody to join my club. The only reason why we do any of this is because of my club. Well, this has nothing to do with my son. So this was this was Manny's own idea. We have a lower third. Yeah. I mean, this is what he told me. He brought it in all the way. Oh, wow. Yeah.


OK, well, just make sure the gif includes this.


All right, Andy, thanks for doing this to me, but I will wrap this up in a nice little bow. So now that we go to our next overlay, we got the ingredients of blackmail. What do people do? Bizarre things. They do it because of blackmail. So in the Nexium case, which would have happened here in America, that's not necessarily true.


One time I dropped my pants and jumped into my pool because Betty was chasing a bullfrog and I thought she was going to drown. That's bizarre. But if she wasn't blackmailing.


Yeah, but you weren't branding yourself in a sex trafficking cult like in the next room case. You got you there. You know, that's for sure. Jeffrey Epstein had a vast trove of photos in the safe, and it was just like his scrapbook. Yeah, you're kind of missing the blackmail.


I'm going to say I can't dismiss all of this entirely because Epstein was a real person.


And that's one of those things. A real going on.


Now, Epstein, think about if you bring up the last or the next case. We have court documents that clearly establish guilty pleas on sex trafficking, violence, psychological abuse. And the ladies are Hollywood stars who branded themselves as the images show. And they did it because of blackmail, because they they had things on them. But I don't know, what does it have to do with pigs? What does this have to do with pigs?


I love the US.


So before we summarise, I would like you going to be I would like you to consider our next overly OK.


You know, in the U.S., the last one.


This is before the last OK, you know, civil, civil. However you say, you know, he seven years as a Disney kid, you know, he was a serial rapist.


That pedophile attacked at least five. I understand.


OK, that happened in the U.K. That's what happened on camera. So now it is Tirawi where David Cameron is. He must be doing it together. They do have to file walk in their neighborhood.


But, you know, you do. You went from England to Nevada. I think that's where exactly. They're everywhere, Marineo and all.


It's all the same. And don't you get it? Power. It's a pandemic.


Money, blackmail. So now we're finally in our last place overlay. Mm hmm.


Which someone claimed at one of these gatherings where there where people are gathering pig heads on stakes.


OK, so if you include the sex, the drugs, Lord of the Flies and the accessibility to a dead pig's head, it's not implausible to think that David Cameron might have done allegedly he had sex with the devil, the truth, according to Matt.


And get the hell out of here. Next time it seems a little presumptuous, I don't know, I feel like I'm convinced that the bill is already look to them.


It's just an empty chair. Look at that look.


I see an empty chair by the fire so that this can move into a nice, earnest clothes.


Let's get real serious.


What was that last thing about the cube cube of Sadr? And I don't know. I don't want to. I'll have to do it.


No, I don't even think he was Saddam Hussein. Well, I guess now might. My curiosity.


All right. Next week, we have Alex Jones on the show.


There's a lead in for that. Alex Jones in the show. We have another change my mind on Tuesday where you could see the whole saga as it sort of transpired with Antifa. We have the Hodge twins in studio.


We do. And we have a giant live stream on Thursday for the DNC here with you. And it will be 80s night.


So drinking game promo code. All right, ladies, night and Reg the Bandit. Thank you for being here. I know you won't be here next week, but the Hodgson's will be such a pleasure.


Thank you. That'll be an upgrade for me. Well, now, come on, you've been a lot of fun there. Just, you know, Blacher, so they are fifty two percent year together.


I did want to talk about and this kind of relates to the YouTube monetization and I want to make again very clear. I couldn't care less if we are demonetization tomorrow again, if it means that we still get to reach you and create the content.


We've always talked about this at a certain point.


Making enough is enough. Everyone here makes a living. We're really grateful that you've supported us, that we did them a club quarantine, that we're still able and we're able to do a lot of good, like the David doorknockers that are available at a lot of kind of shop dotcom.


So we're really grateful. And at a certain point, what you give up isn't worth what you gain in return. So our priority has never been being re Monitise. That's not what these conversations have been taking place. It's just been well, you know what?


When you search Stephen Crowder changed my mind. Abortion, I don't show up.


An eight year old PBS video with four hundred play shows up. Right.


These were our primary concerns or like the Tulsi Gabbard with the election kind of stuff.


So these things have been going on for a long time and we've left a trail of breadcrumbs for you.


But, you know, I hear a lot of sometimes you hear these conservatives out there and a lot of people, period, when they find themselves under fire, they just go hog wild.


I don't even want to use that word now after that last. Yeah, they go hog wild.


They say, you know, I'm going to let it all hang out. And I will say this. Everyone here is is what you see is what you get.


But of course, in dealing with these things behind the scenes with YouTube or any of the big tech issues like we've had with Facebook before, we have had to be measured.


We have had to pull ourselves back sometimes and not out of concern for ourselves, but out of concern for the next guy coming up the ranks.


Because when we have a target on her back and we do now you see it coming from the verge Mashable, I guarantee you by the time you're watching this, if it's, I don't know, Friday or Saturday, there will be more mainstream press articles claiming that transgender attacks without having watched the video is hate speech or that our video claiming that Black Lives Matter should be classified as a domestic terrorist organization is hate speech with a big target on our back. And if they can make it stick, then they can make it stick on you guys.


And so as much as I just like to go there, sometimes we have to pull back because you are the folks that ultimately are legacy.


You know, this is something that kind of sort of flies in the face of I had someone say this recently here. It's so much. I think it's even like a Tim McGraw song, as you know, live like there's no tomorrow. How often you hear that, right? Live like there's no tomorrow.


Well, there's a truth. There's truth to that. Right. Tomorrow is promised to no man. We know that. But it's horrible advice and it's even more horribly interpreted. People see this often as a meaning that there's nothing else other than now than this moment. But let me tell you, there is a whole lot more than now. There's a whole lot more than this moment. There is accountability. There is the eye of God on you. Whether you believe it or not, you will have a legacy after you're gone.


Your actions will be felt. There is a tomorrow, even if not for you.


And like I said, you know, again, the Bible tells us that tomorrow is promised to no man.


But really, if you read the context, it stated to reflect the exact opposite of how the soundbite is received. Now, I want to tie this back to how it relates to YouTube. See this idea of live like there's no tomorrow. It's taken to mean we're here a short time, so make it a good time. Have a good time now. Enjoy yourself. But again, if tomorrow is promised to no man. If there is no tomorrow for you and if there is a God, if there's no tomorrow, but your actions will have lasting effects beyond your own life, beyond your own tomorrow.


There's no tomorrow for you. But there's a tomorrow and the day after, day after day after and years after. And people will still remember your actions and the example that you set.


That's how would you act today? Not there's no tomorrow. So feel good today. But if you knew that what you did now would affect everybody and leave a lasting impact on the world for potentially decades to come, and we all do one degree or another, how would you act today?


Would you just enjoy yourself? If you let me give an example.


If you knew that you had stage four lung cancer and let's say you hadn't prepared a well. Or decided who your kids godparents were, right, if you knew that you could potentially take your last breath tomorrow, would you say not screw it and have a party today or would you get your affairs in order?


That's an expression for a reason.


It's a silly saying this live like there's no tomorrow. And it's even it's even dumber when you look at the people who who use it to live wrongly. And I'll tell you right now, there may not be a tomorrow. You could die tonight. None of us know when it'll come. It'll come like a thief in the night. But that's the difference between happiness and fulfillment, pleasure versus purpose. And that's where we have brokenness here in this country, whether it relates to riots, whether it relates to young crime, drug use, is that we've conflated this idea of happiness, of pleasure with fulfillment and purpose.


And I'll tell you, you come straight from the pit of hell. It is not what is meant for your life.


And as it relates to YouTube with us, I've seen a lot of people on YouTube, a lot of people in the political movement live like there's no tomorrow, a lot of conservatives and we were targeted. What we would have felt best would have been to throughout this year and a half or even longer reveal all of this private information with total reckless abandon to go all guns blazing and just go down in a blaze of glory.


Right. It would've been cathartic. It would have would have felt great. But I guarantee you I guarantee you that it would have been more fun talking back and forth with you for a year and a half and during.


OK, let me try and clarify this.


It would have been more fun to just go to you and say, look, we're getting banned on social media. How often does this look? We're getting banned. Oh, please donate to my go fund me. That would have been a whole lot more fun if I thought there was no tomorrow than the going back and forth with people at YouTube and Google for a year and a half, during which time that was misrepresented, browbeaten, dismissed.


These were not pleasant experiences for me. And there were times where I just wanted to shout what was going on from the rooftops, like the Ricola guy.


But guess what? There is a tomorrow.


Listen, for better or worse, this is and I would say worse. This is the biggest right leaning channel ever on YouTube ever. I came from a channel in over his head, but if I acted irresponsibly, if I acted on my feelings, it would make it that much harder for the next guy trying to come up on YouTube to make some headway on this platform. That's what I have to be concerned with.


That's what everyone here has to be concerned with. And that's why it's been a very long year and a half, a pride swallowing siege that we will never fully tell you about because there is a tomorrow. And guess what? My legacy, our legacy here is you. And we can't abandon you even if accidentally, just because we want to act on our feelings. So don't live like there's no tomorrow.


Live like your actions will affect those you love, the ones you love most for the rest of time. All right. Love you guys. See you next week, Monday.


Alex Jones for today. The.