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Welcome to the 21st episode of Love It or Leave It Back in the Closet. He's back at. Because when he's back in the closet, that's what this. I wish he could come home now says. And thanks to Zach Holbrook for that awesome version of the Back in the Closet theme, we want to use a new one each week. If you want to make one, you can send it to us at Hay, at Crooked Dotcom, and maybe we'll use yours.


You can also tweet it at me later in. The show will be joined by Bryan Safi, Latasha Brown and some of our favorite Call-In guests. But first, this week is our kickoff to the November election. We are under 100 days away from the biggest election of our lifetime, which is something we always say, but is true in a way we couldn't have understood in previous elections. So today we wanted to do something a little different, which is we wanted to talk to listeners of this show to talk about what they're doing to make sure we do everything we can to win in November.


And the the reward for sharing is to hear a joke of varying quality. That's not the best deal I think a person's ever made, but it's what we are offering. And we got to talk to some great listeners who are such good sports. So here it is where we went to Omegle and told some jokes and I went exactly as well as you'd expect. Oh, hello, hello, hi, hi. Hi, what's your name? My name is Elliot.


Hey, Elliot, where are you and what are you going to do to make sure we win in November?


I'm in New Jersey right now and I've already done some phone banking a couple of weekends ago. And I just signed up today to do some text banking on Tuesday.


Awesome, awesome. Great. Have you signed up at both of America, Dotcom? Yes. Yes, I've been getting on. What state did you adopt? Have you adopted a state yet? Yes, Pennsylvania.


I'm passing every test. You're just crushing it. OK, so, Eliot, let's get into it. What a week.


This week we are going to focus on the fact that we are officially less than 100 days away from the presidential election. 100 days may seem like a lot because it's 30000 Quimby's, but it's also just 689 viewings of the Irishman. Look at what could happen in 100 days.


Eliot, 100 days ago, you were Googling sourdough starter. Now you're Googling Antifa Moms'. It took only four years for Trump to start having federal agents throwing protesters in unmarked vans. In four years from now. This podcast's could be a Zen we print in Canada and drop over the coastal occupied zones. It's not great, Dan John says from the Hollywood Bowl and Detention Center.


While recording the podcast on an iPhone seven, Tommy baked into a cake and baked into a cake is a euphemism.


Oh, man. Meanwhile, Republican Senator Martha McSally faces a tough race.


McSally actually lost to Kyrsten Sinema in twenty eighteen, but got a seat anyway after she was appointed by the Republican governor to fill the late Senator John McCain's seat. McSally could still get the seat, though experts agree it's pretty unlikely that John McCain will die again.


As you know, we have to do everything we can to help Joe Biden win, but also as much as we want to support Joe Biden and are going to help Joe Biden. There are times we want to make fun of Joe Biden. All right. There are. But we're going to try to be our best supporters in the next couple of weeks, in the next hundred days. And so I just want to get a couple of my harshest Joe Biden, Joe, sort of out of the way out of my system in this segment.


OK, so I was going to tell you a couple of them and then that's it. They're done. We don't have to think about them for a bit because we're going to still be make fun of them, but we're just going to be in a kind of more earnest mindset.


OK, here we go. I know some people are worried because Biden couldn't win when he ran in 88 or 08, but to be fair, things were different then. He was younger.


But seriously, folks, I support Joe Biden.


You might even say I'm riding with Biden or I would be if there was room on Obama's coattails. Now, there are some people that say that Biden has been in Washington too long but doesn't have a lot to show for it. Biden doesn't get things done. Are you kidding me?


Tell that to Justice Clarence Thomas, finally. Your reaction is the perfect reaction is like, oh, yeah, that's OK.


That's why we're doing this. That's why we're doing this. You know what, Eliot? You've been a great delight. It's been lovely to meet you. Good luck with your organizing. Thank you for signing up and vote Save America.


And let's get rid of Trump and let's be fucking done with this shit and put in some good people sick of it. I'm at my wit's end.


Yeah, me too. Definitely by Elliot. Nice to me.


I meet you. Oh, hello, I saw you the first time you acted it out. I did. Yeah, I fellated. Yeah, OK. All right. Now I the energy of this section is pretty clear. Hi, what's your name?


I'm Brandon. Hi, Brandon. I came back on omegle. It's just like PTSD to being a gay teenager. So thank you.


Did did the gates, the gay teens make a lot of use of the omegle? I don't know. I think it's more of like a curiosity type of thing, but who knows. OK, OK, we're part of the country and I am in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


And what are you doing to make sure that we elect Cal Cunningham, that we helped make sure that by another shot. North Carolina, what are you doing?


So I actually still vote in Kentucky. But OK, I might I might switch it. I'm from Kentucky, but North Carolina seems more high stakes, you know, so. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Look, we beat McConnell will probably win in North Carolina, but we win in North Carolina without necessarily winning in Kentucky. So either way, though, you're going to volunteer. Have you signed up on votes of America dotcom?


So actually, I well, it is that there is not a can you answer one fucking question?


It's always a speech. You never say yes or no.


The I am an organizer for Joe Biden.


So what was the what was the hesitation? Well, what's what's going on? You seem like you're doing everything right, yet you were defensive.


Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, but I'm actually working in Nevada, like remotely. Oh great. But I'm in North Carolina. You're doing it all. You're really doing it all. Yeah. Here's the jokes. I won't tell you. OK, I'm ready.


Meanwhile, in the House, seventy five seats are toss ups, with forty two of those having Democratic incumbents in the days leading to the election.


It's up to us to channel our inner Jodie Foster in the movie Panic Room. And by that I mean it's up to us to defend the house and outorganize anyone who looks like Dwight Yoakam.


Um, I think that went over my head was that it might be a little too young.


Don't you dare. Don't you. Don't you fucking dare. Unbelievable.


Dude, that that's what was coming. Oh, you're too young. What references do you appreciate? Tick tock. Yes. You like. What do you like.


You like. I don't know. I don't know any cultural references in the last ten years. Oh my God.


It was in a panic room. All right. It's a it's a film with Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart. And the idea is they go into the panic room and they lock the doors and then a bunch of guys try to get in there because they've got the codes or the recipe or money or something in the panic room. And so the whole movie is very claustrophobic because they're stuck in a panic room while a bunch of bad people are trying to get in on the outside.


And I really recommend it. I'll check it out.


It's been so lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for joining us. You've been a great sport. Whether you're helping in North Carolina, Kentucky or Nevada, we're grateful to you, OK? And you're organizing for Biden. Love that. You can also sign up and vote Save America dot com, which you conspicuously avoided saying whether you have or not, it sounds like you haven't something easy to fix. Try this at this time. Oh, you'll try.


You'll try. Yeah. OK, ok. I was nice to meet you. Hello. Hi, how are you doing? I'm good. My name is Dustin Dustin. Who are you? Who are you signaling to come join you? My wife, Rebecca. Hi, Rebecca. Hi, Becky. So, first of all, what part of the country and what are you doing to make sure we win in November?


We're in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Yeah. Yeah, my adopted state. Yeah, yeah. And we are talking to all of our relatives who normally vote Republican and trying to convince them to do. How's that going? So it's going slowly. Yeah, but just chipping away. Yeah.


There's been some movement amongst even some sort of Trump people away from Trump. Have you seen that in your own world? You can be honest and say no. I want to make sure people are nervous.


We haven't seen, like, definite confirmed movement, but I feel like there's definitely a lot of a lot less enthusiasm. And a lot of our older relatives are taking coronavirus stuff seriously. And you can tell that they're not happy with how things are being handled with that. So no.


OK, OK. All right. I'm going to tell you some jokes. OK, OK. And you'll just see how you feel about it. Sure.


Democrats need to pick up three seats for a majority in the Senate. That means we need to win at least three seats currently held by Republicans. Assuming assuming we hold on to seats currently held by Democrats. Doug Jones is fighting to keep his Senate seat against Tommy Tuberville, who is some sort of coach. Trump endorsed Tuberville as a fuck you to Jeff Sessions. Jones's message is that he is the candidate who can find common ground, which is either a pitch for a marriage counselor or a Democrat running in one of the most Republican states in the country.


And who won last time, in part because his opponent was a pedophile.


Got to help, Doug. It's going to be very tough. Got a tough on Doug.


There's also an important Senate race in Maine where we can finally get rid of Susan Collins. Collins put Brett Kavanaugh on the court and opposed impeachment while saying Trump learned his lesson. Collins has made headlines during her reelection campaign by not endorsing Trump. She was quoted as saying, I have always run my own race before lacing up races and sprinting out of the building to avoid journalists.


Thank you. This is. All right. This is like this one. This is like a paragraph. This is like a journey we're about to go OK, back to.


OK, Dustin and Collinses Tan is being referred to as the go it alone strategy or the type of plan that backfires in every Pixar movie about friendship. I don't need you. The car with big ideas says to the boat with big guys and then wouldn't you know it? Part of the road is out and we need a boat to get across this river. And who is that? Just in time, Glenn. The boat we sorry we never let the car down again because that's what friends do.


And the lesson is surprisingly adult because they are growing apart the boat and the car. But they'll always have each other's backs, even if they actually don't see each other as much.


That's it. There's not even an ending to sort of.


Yes, there's a little little story, but a Pixar movie about a lot of lot of the car and Glen the boat, they got big eyes and they've grown apart. That's life. The confidence tells it a little. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Exactly. Exactly right. Let's do one more seat. Democrats are most likely to pick up is Cory Gardner of Colorado. Here's what Cory Gardner said in February of this year. And I quote, When we look at what we've been able to do for Colorado with the help of President Trump and his entire team, the results are simply astounding. These things happen because President Trump and I worked together in Colorado, couldn't agree more. Corey couldn't agree more that the shit we're in is because you and Donald Trump work together.


You're exactly right, you sleazy hacks who always looks like he's five minutes away from being arrested for security spots. But when the feds comes in his office with the door locked in a belt around his neck, masturbating to a picture of a blond woman wearing a bikini at a twenty thousand dollar hovercraft, you ripped out of a hammock or Schlemmer catalog in nineteen ninety eight.


Done. We're done, Becky. Becky Anderson, thank you so much. It's great to see you. All right. Thanks for being part of the fight and thank you for listening. Thanks.


Yeah, we're definitely we're going to sign up to make some calls and stuff. I think this is a sign that we got a little it. We got to do more.


Let's get at it. We got to get this done. All right. We got to win the house. We got we got to keep the house. We got to win the Senate. We got to get Trump out. We got to win the races. This is debt. This is fucking it. Yeah, I think you're ready. I think you're ready. I think so. Yeah. All right. Bye bye. I love them.


I love them.


Thanks to all the listeners who joined us. When we come back, you'll hear a great conversation I had with the co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, Latasha Brown.


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And we're back. She is the co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund and currently serves on the board of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation in the Southern Documentary Fund, the US Human Rights Network and the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center.


She's also the star of Our Vote Save America training. She pumped up so many people. We were so excited to talk to her for our One Hundred Days Out episode. Please welcome Latasha Brown.


How are you doing? I'm so happy to be here. How are you feeling right now? You know, these have been a harrowing couple of years. They have culminated in massive protests, a kind of an eruption, a feeling of anger, of fear, of sadness, all in the final weeks before something we've said before, but I mean, more than ever, the most important election in our lifetimes. How are you feeling right now?


I'm literally, to be honest, I'm feeling every human emotion that someone can feel right now. And so it's not just the election. We're in the midst of the largest health pandemic in the last hundred years. And our government's response has been horrible. I mean, I myself took a call the test a few weeks ago. It's a twelve days to get my results back. And I was positive. I want to know that. Yes. And so, you know, it's been nerve racking because here I am and with elders in my family, here I am doing work and I'm trying to stay safe in quarantine, find out that I myself have covid-19 in a space that I don't know what information I can can trust from this government on that.


Right. Right. And so it's really nerve racking. So I think that that's one piece of it, you know, so there is an element of fear and concern of anxiety that I've been working through in that process. The second thing is I've also been feeling really sad around where we are as a country that ultimately, as much as we would like to make Trump be the boogey man and say that, you know, this is all his fault, what Trump really is doing is he's giving face to what I think has been the solid democracy killer in this country.




That he is giving face to racism. He's giving face to voter suppression. You know, all those things that many of us have been doing this work have been saying. And so I think it makes me sad. You know, even when I'm saying the polls are saying he's down in the polls, you know, he only has started 30 percent. I'm like thirty percent. I'm just like I'm like, well, what do you think? That makes me sad?


Because it part of me is like, really right. We're still here. Then there's this other element, though, I got to say that actually gives me hope. We are doing work and eleven states I am probably zoned out. Are you zoned out yet.


I'm zoomed out. I am zoomed out after. This is my last time that I'm throwing my laptop into a volcano. This is set out as I'm calling myself.


I think they should call the zombies. I'm not a zombie. Right. I was. I feel like a little bit. I'm a I'm a wandering zombie for sure.


So, you know, just thinking about how much time I've been spending and we've been spending virtually there's a lot it makes my eyes tired. But ultimately, I'll be honest with you, some of what I am hearing from young people, hell, no, we won't go that I'd like just really speaking to democracy in a way that I have not heard has really given me a lot of hope. You know, one of the things I'm excited about, I am lead in and design help design a teaching at Harvard is the first time that we've had a teach in at the Harvard Kennedy School.


I did not know how people will respond. They know it would be one person or ten. There were over six hundred people signed up our first session. We had over three hundred people and it was specifically around movement building. I'm raising that because to me that is an example that there is a hunger and a desire for. People are really concerned about the state of the democracy in this country. And it's not just about the election, but of course that's one of the pieces.


So that gives me a lot of hope. Like that would give me a lot of hope. Even watching I just saw. I don't know if you've been following Portland. Yeah. And the mobs movement.


Yeah, the wall. The wall of Walmart. Mom, Mama. I love it. Yeah, the. I turned on this video, I don't know if you've seen this video yet, but where the wall of Moms is singing a lullaby, it is the most profound, powerful thing that I have seen. I could not speak when I saw one woman. I saw one woman in her interview say when George Floor called out for his mom, all mothers were activated.


So while the government is a hot mess at this point, I think that citizens I think that people in this country are rising up. They are getting more organized. People, I think, more politicized, that they're not just taking democracy for granted and the same kind of way. And so that gives me a lot of hope.


You know, as bad as things are right now, these are the moments that greatness come for. Like, this is the moment. Yeah. You know, for us to really we have an opportunity to create this country to be what we want it to be.


That's very inspiring to hear. You know, it's those sort of two competing emotions. On the one hand, you're right. Trump is the face of it. Donald Trump is deploying these basically fascist secret police. He's enraging and stoking this minority of the country that wields too much power.


But who gave him that power, right? Who gave him the power of the state? It was a lot of decisions over a long time. It's a culmination of a big problem. But at the same time, you know, the fact that we have these these moms and the fact that what we've seen in response to the pandemic, in response to the George Floyd killing, in response to Donald Trump's excesses against protests, that there is a multiethnic, multiracial group of people showing up.


You really do see the possibilities of change. And you also see how dangerous this moment really is.


One of the things you've talked about in terms of how we make sure we go in the in one direction versus the other is, you know, you wrote an op ed about how Biden needs to appeal to black women in this election. He needs their support. What do you think Biden needs to be doing right now to make sure that at this moment he is saying the right things and projecting the right policies for the future, that he can garner the enthusiasm and get the votes he needs?


You know, so when I think body needs his body needs more than the support of black women and he also needs the leadership, the wisdom, the insight, the strategy that black women bring to the table. And that's why I've been pushing and there are many of us who have been pushing for him to get a black woman VP. And it's not just the optics, it's what I'm offering. My people are acting like we haven't. We have always been on the vanguard of democracy in this country.


We've stood with white women and the women's suffrage movement one hundred years ago, even though we didn't secure our rights to 50 years later. Right. But we knew the importance of democracy. We have been consistent on that note. I think there is a particular offering that in an environment that is deeply sexist, that is we are led by chief misogynous of America and an administration that has been very hostile to women and women's issues and not being reflective of the population.


You need someone, the kind of leadership that sits at the intersection of gender issues and the intersection of race. It has a depth of understanding, a knowledge of what I see two evils in this country stemming from white supremacy, patriarchy. Right. That ultimately we need just like he was able to recognize the moment called for the leadership of a woman. I'm also saying that this moment calls for the leadership of a black woman that we need to actually, as we're going forward, you know, and is always kind of interesting to me.


I'm like when he said he wanted a woman, but I thought that was controversial. Right. Everybody just assumed that he could find a woman the moment that those of us were pushing and said, we need a black woman, that was like, well, who is going to be as if now we got to qualify. Right? So just like there was an acknowledgement that having a woman was appropriate for the moment that we're in, we're not recognized at the moment that we're in is that we're in a moment that we need deep racial healing, that we're in a moment that people need to see reflective democracy.


Do we not see that we're in a moment that a black woman there are plenty of brilliant, well qualified black women can be in that role. And so I'm just raising that. We also have to combat our own issues of sexism and racism. And so this is the moment I want to put you on the spot.


And I wasn't actually planning to do this. But who's your who's your pick? I'm glad you asked that.


I am not going to let me tell you why I have not like OK.


The larger issue for me is that in the last 50 years, the most consistent constituency base that showed up for the Democratic Party has been black women. Yet in 50 years, we have not seen black women be selected for the Supreme Court, nor in the highest positions in this land has been a non-starter. What world would white men be the dominant, most consistent base for 50 years? And I have representation no matter what, because I'm wrong with the system like now.


So the bottom line is the larger issue for me is that there is a representation issue that is not about finding the black. I have voted for, but less prepared, inferior white man for a whole lot of here tonight. Nobody asked for sure why I was. I voted for a white male like which like me.


I just want you to know that I was putting you on the spot because I knew there was no way you were going to choose amongst so many incredibly qualified black women. For the record, I. I was well aware that there was no chance in hell. You're going to tell me how. I mean, imagine it. Yes.


Yes. And I raise it. And it's not like we all have preferences. Let me just say my candidate was Elizabeth Warren. Right. People ask me, I'm like, I feel that you need to be president. Right. But there's a recognition at this moment of me recognizing what is being called for in this moment. Yeah, we are in a moment. That race does matter and we're in a moment that gender does matter. And we're in a moment that people want to see something different and they want to see the Democratic Party be more reflective of what who makes up the Democratic Party.


So not just in a black woman, because it's just we need a black woman. I'm saying that's a strategic value in bringing a black woman to the ticket based on where the country is. And just because I think black women are so damn smart and fly, I think there's other value of bringing some of these amazing black women who have a demonstrated path of leadership that they can actually bring some offering that has literally for years been shut out because we have not been considered, because we have not effectively dealt with race and gender in America.


So to that point, you know, one of the people on that list is Stacey Abraham. Stacey Abrams would be governor of Georgia right now. But for voter suppression efforts, racism and misogyny, it's incredibly clear in the wake of the passing of of John Lewis, there's been revived conversation around restoring the Voting Rights Act, naming it for John Lewis. What do you think about that effort? And right now, it's being blocked by Mitch McConnell in the Senate.


What is your view on the best thing we should be doing right now to get that passed, whether it's now or early next year?


Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around, turn me around, turn me around. Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around. I'm gonna keep on walkin, keep on the talking. Marching up to Freedom Land. I want to stay with that because I think it's the spirit of that song in the spirit of that movement of where we are now. I think part of what has happened is that we believe that democracy can just be shaped by some people created some policy.


America wasn't even found it like that. Matter of fact, America was founded out of protest. It was a Boston Tea Party. It wasn't like that. They were down there discussing, well, let's have a policy meeting. No, they see, because we're not going to pay those taxes. My point is the spirit of citizens. When people rise up and demand something different policy, reflective leadership, a more representative government, that's when things are gonna change.


And on some level, we have treated this process. And I think part of this has been the parties, both parties over the years, we've seen parties amass more power and we've seen people get left out at some parties in particular, like the Republican Party, which don't call them out, have just been egregious, because I do believe that there are more people in this country that align with the values of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. So the best way for them to stay in power to steal it and use voter suppression.


I was most recently down in Kentucky where there's a Democratic governor and a Republican secretary of state that made a plan to have one polling site for six hundred and twelve thousand people. Unbelievable. And a county that has the majority of the African-American population. My point is actually beyond placing blame on the parties. My point is that in order for democracy to be real, then the Constitution says we the people. It doesn't say we the party, it says we, the people.


And so what has happened over the years? We've treated this process like we're just proxies. Let's just get power to the party, which my people have been reduced to participation. They'll just vote for us. And then we got everything from there. Well, how that worked out for us. Right. So I think ultimately we have to turn the corner and recognize that democracy is not a given, as we take it for granted, that always in there we're really like some of the stuff that Trump is doing now.


People like he can't do that the way he did it. I mean, yeah, I hear what you're saying, but he did. And he's still in office. This is the president that has been impeached. But he's president. Yeah. So when one of your. Asking about what we should do now, I think there's a couple of things, I think, one, I think we need to increase people. Pable How do you do that?


Organize, organize, organize, organize. And so I think organizations that are doing pro democracy work on the ground. Everybody should have a political home. People should be writing checks. We should be supporting those groups that are on the front lines of doing the change, because I don't think that right now the Department of Justice that we have is going to protect democracy or this administration as the people. We're going to have to demand that, which is why I love what has happened in Portland and all over this country.


So, one, I think that we've got to really commit ourselves to this pro-democracy movement, too. I also think that we've got to push for policies that ensure that voters have rights. There's a hero act that is there right now. There is a movement for there to be a bill that restores the Voting Rights Act named after John Lewis and has some additional provisions. We should do that immediately. Yeah, that should just happen right now, right?


Yeah. Let's be honest. The Voting Rights Act of 1965, even at that time, was a compromise that didn't go far enough, even as it was written at that moment. And so now I think we need going into this next phase of democracy. If we haven't seen anything else, we should know that the fragility of democracy is dangerous. It will allow a fascist. Five years ago, people would say, oh, you can have fascism in America.


What do you feel about that now? Yeah, right. But people are snatching folks up off the streets and putting them out.


I understand people who are reluctant to use that word, but fascism doesn't have to succeed completely to call it fascism. It's fascism all the way to the final destination. It's fascism as they're destroying democracy and it's fascism once democracy is gone, it's fascism right now. And it's OK to use that word.


I think it is OK to use that word. You know, when you see a thing happening, you've got to call that thing out so that you can stop it so that people can recognize this is isn't just ordinary politics, that we are in a different era and there's a different danger. But aside from that, that we can actually see the holes of democracy in America and stop hiding behind this idea that America is without fallacy, that the truth of the matter is democracy can be strengthened in this country if we strengthen the laws to provide protection for voters.


I want to see, just like we have a Department of Defense to protect the democracy and the sovereignty of America, I want to see a Department of Voting Rights. I want to see a Department of Democracy that literally is protecting the rights of citizens in this country. I love that idea.


That's so cool. I've never heard that before. Department of Democracy. That's right. A Department of Democracy. I'm into it now looking at voting rights as if it's just like these isolated incidents. You know, this is documented. Yeah, from two thousand to sixteen. The twenty eighteen seventeen million voters were dropped from the voting rolls. Seventeen million gallon, two years in addition to that, that in those states that would have been covered by the preclearance clause, which is Section five of the Voting Rights Act, that those that may know in the Shelby vs.


Holder case that was filed in Alabama, that's what the teeth out of the Voting Rights Act. There were states that were covered of that, who had been bad actors, had a history of being bad actors around voting rights. And so they were covered. You had to get preclearance before you make changes immediately, just like we thought once that happened in 2013, what happened? We saw polling sites closed. We any polling sites closed in metro Atlanta alone.


And the Brennan Center just did a report that says that in all those states that would have been covered, those bad actor states, that the drop off of the people of color on the voting rolls is 40 percent higher than the national average. And of those that are dropped from the exact match, 80 percent of them are people of color. So let me ask you, do we have a voter suppression issue in that?


Yeah, we do. I'm yeah, absolutely.


We really do. We really do. So we really do. It's horrible. So so I guess this is where I want it to end because I think it's easy to say, OK, the answer to them taking away democracy is more democracy to show up, to show up. But you know, people are exhausted, people are angry, people are sad. People are dealing with this pandemic. People are dealing with incredible economic loss. There are people that are dealing with voter suppression and with the fear of not only having to figure out how to make sure they're not cast off the off the rolls, but figuring out if they can vote remotely or vote safely.


We're in the homestretch. Is one hundred days left. What is your message to people to make sure they understand that we have to, like, push through this no matter what happens?


So. Well, I will say is that black people have been voting for enfranchisement in this country for over two hundred years.


So I'm just saying, at the end of the day, I hear you being tight. But I mean, just kind of imagine I'm from Alabama. I'm a black woman from Alabama. I'm tired. So I understand that. Right. And I understand that it is. And I don't want to minimize or marginalize that this is a really difficult moment for us. But the truth. The matter is a couple of things. What choice do we have that in this moment if we lose the protections that actually value us as citizens and we use the protections that allow us to participate in our country and decisions made with us, then we think we're tired.


Now, imagine what we will be later. And so part of our work is as we're doing this work that is hard and feels traumatic. We've got to create a little joy. We got to bring some love in the world. And so in this process, you know, I think it's really important that we don't just focus this on, well, let's just get in the elections. We've got to build ourselves as a nation from the inside out.


What does that mean? That here we are in a moment that we have seen the largest multiracial, multigenerational uprising in all 50 states in this country. We've got to lean into that. Do you know how much possibility and potential comes with that? That's America. That is America. And so this is the moment for us not to get so focused on Trump. Right? I mean, he got to go like he has got to go like Gaga.


He's got to get you got to go. Right. He's got to go. Right.


But but ultimately, more so than he has to go. The question is, what will we replace all of this with? This election cycle can't be about Biden. This election cycle has to be around, as he says, redeeming the soul of America, but shaping the America that we all envision, the America that really put human life and human value. What's top of the list is not how well the stock market is doing, but how well our people are doing.


Yeah, that's how we measure success. Right. And so that's what I think. I think we're in this moment that we should be deeply reflective around how are we going to contribute to the founding of the next phase of the new America that America that I want to be a part of and that I dream about? I believe that is possible.


Latasha Brown, thank you so much for taking the time. You know, I know you're just found out that you've received this honor and this opportunity to speak and sing at the memorial for Congressman John Lewis, having now had the privilege of hearing you both speak and sing, which was a surprise. You know, I understand it. And I'm grateful for the time.


I'm grateful for you. And thank you for keeping the airways hot. I love your podcast. I love what you do. And I appreciate you.


Thank you to Latasha Brown for joining us. When we come back, we're going to play a game with some of our all time favorite listener contestants about some of these Republican senators we've got to defeat in November.


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And we're back.


So we've been doing these quarantine shows for over 20 weeks now. If I was in the closet much longer, I could be a senator from South Carolina. Moving on, when we started recording from home, we wanted to keep talking with the audience like we could at the live show. So we started doing segments of resume in the phone and now we'll never stop because we've gotten to meet so many funny, charming, smart people and that fucking guy will.


But there's been a groundswell of love for two guests in particular. So it was remarked one hundred days until the election. Welcome back to the show, C.J. and Colin.


Hi, everybody. I'm so honored to be here.


Now, first of all, strangely enough, you're both from Kentucky. Really? What? Yeah, you're both in Kentucky right now. Yeah, I'm actually not in Kentucky. Well, OK.


All right. You're from you're from Kentucky, Collin.


I'm from outside. Where? Hold on. OK, don't don't address. OK, yes, OK, yes, OK, yeah, wonderful girl, that's the only reason I want to know, we're basically cousin Colin.


We'll bleep it. All right. You will bleep it.


Yeah, sort of. In your case. Yeah, yes. Yes. We're we're cousins, girl. I go to the movies over there all the time.


Zurda exceeding my expectations. So here's how this game works. This week's episode is all about encouraging everyone to get down to work to win the coming election. But we don't just have to defeat Trump. We have to cast out the Republican senators who sold out their country to enable a monster. We have to send a message that it wasn't just morally wrong, it was also bad politics. So today we want to highlight some of these key Senate races in a game we're calling.


Get rich or die trying the game of love it.


I'm doing my best. You're already doing so well. All right. So here's how it works. I'm going to read something Republican senator did, and I'll give you the names of three Republican senators and you'll have to tell us which one did the bad thing. You'll each get a guess, OK? And then we'll see who is right and who is worthy of being crowned the love it or leave it. Vandeman in quarantine. Colin Champion of 2020. Colin Summer Edition.


I like it. All right. Electric Boogaloo to. Yes, Electric Boogaloo to.


What's the what was the. It's break into.


Oh it's break into.


I was like yeah it's break into electric boogaloo to Vandeman in quarantine.


Colin Champion of 2020 Summer Edition. That's what we'll call it.


Question number one, this Republican senator is against stronger emission standards. Rubber-Stamp Trump anti climate appointee's and has taken over one million dollars in money from the oil and gas lobby. Data for progress also found that this senator was the second most ratio's senator on Twitter, getting an average of 70 percent more replies than likes. Is it me give you three options. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Steve Daines of Montana or Thom Tillis of North Carolina? Collin, I'll start with you.


What do you think? C.J., I agree. It is Thom Tillis. You're both so confident and wrong.


Cory Gardner of Colorado.


Really? Yeah. Yeah, he's not that surprising. While The Denver Post endorsed Gardner in 2014, they publicly retracted that endorsement in twenty nineteen, calling him a political time server interested only in professional security.


We got to get Gardner out and elect John Hickenlooper to replace him.


It's Hickenlooper, goofy at times. Sure he is.


OK, but that's fine. Next question in his name. It is. It is. It's it's got the name is a bit goofy too. Next question. This senator voted to repeal Obamacare in twenty seventeen, which would potentially cause twenty million people to lose their insurance and millions more to lose protections for preexisting conditions. And just before the vote, she pumped up her fellow cool Republicans by shouting, let's get this fucking thing done. Was it Joni Ernst of Iowa, Martha McSally of Arizona or Kelly Loffler of Georgia?


C.J., you'll go first.


Honestly, it's ridiculous. And it could be either one. But I'm just going to say, Martha McSally, what do you think?


I know it's not because John McCain was still in the Senate at that time because he did the same damn thing. Right. Because we watch that in government and we're the other two, Joni Ernst and Kelly Loffler.


Kelly Loeffler, she's the one who she's money one. Probably her, probably Florie.


So S.J you got it. It was Martha McSally. Because I believe Colin, we're talking of different. It was a different vote.


It was a different vote.


But I love the way he thought it through. All right. I love the expertise he brought to the question, but that one goes to C.J. That one goes to C.J. McSorley lost her previous Senate race and then was appointed to her current Senate seat, as, as Colin pointed out, after the death of Senator John McCain. So Arizona already gave a thumbs down to McSally once before. We can do it again and elect Mark Kelly, an advocate for gun safety and a fucking astronaut.


Exactly. Exactly, exactly. Next question.


Last month, the senator released an ad playing up their working class roots, saying rental houses in Louisiana, trailer parks in Florida and Tennessee. We moved seven times before I was sixteen, living paycheck to paycheck. But when the senator was a state legislator and House speaker, they voted to cut corporate taxes while increasing taxes for mobile home buyers.


Is it Susan Collins of Maine, Joni Ernst of Iowa or Thom Tillis of North Carolina this time? Collin, we'll start with you.


It's not Susan Collins because she's lived in Maine her whole life. I didn't think it through. Think it through. I think it through.


Joni, I'm going to say Joni Ernst, C.J. and I was just going to say Joni Ernst, because I can't stand to look at her and she's annoying. So they're both of you making really great points.


It was Thom Tillis of North Carolina who recently said this. I'm so fucking I know you're doing great. You're doing great. Maybe you're overthinking it. You know, maybe you have to just trust your gut. The answer was Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who recently said this. The stakes are very high this election.


But you know why? I know we're going to win because people remember how good their lives were back in February.


So that's Tom's pitch, and we have a great opponent for Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham. So that's what's happening in North Carolina.


Next question. This senator called Obama a dictator who should be removed from office said if Biden wins, he should be impeached for the fake Purisma scandal and said that Trump is doing a very good job on the pandemic. Is it Kelly Laughner of Georgia, Steve Daines of Montana or Joni Ernst of Iowa? This time?


C.J., we start with you again. Since I hated all of those things that were said, I'm going to say Joni Ernst again because I can't stand her. What do you think? Oh, I feel like I read somewhere that it was Joni Ernst who called him a dictator. If I'm wrong, I'm going to sound really fucking dumb.


Is that your answer was I mean, you're sort of. Yeah, you got it. You both got it, OK. It's the evil Bob. It's the evil Bob that she has. It's evil.


It's a tough Bob. Here's the funny thing is that she has the bisexual haircut. Do you know what I know, but don't if you tell her that, it'll change. I don't think she thinks she has the bisexual haircut.


Well, she's wrong. She doesn't know what a bisexual haircut looks like. She's too busy sending bisexuals to a conversion camp by girl. Get it by girl. Oh, my God.


I'm delighted. I'm delighted. Yes. The answer was Joni Ernst of Iowa, who not only rejects the science of climate change, but also wants to abolish the EPA and the Department of Education. She appeared at a campaign rally for Steve King after he endorsed a neo-Nazi and said that Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction.


She said this in 2014, reject Joni Ernst elect Teresa Greenfield. Look, I'm going to crunch the numbers, right? And it's pretty close. But I've got C.J. with two points. I've got Colin with one point today's game. It goes to C.J..


But Colin, you're also winner. You've also won the game. You've both won the game.


As far as I'm concerned, if it's a family affair, you both won the game. I mean, to me, you have to continue to go person.


And I think this is this is a budding friendship. All right. Is what I'm seeing. I'm seeing two people who in a world where there's places where people meet can get together. All right. Have each grilled cheese, you know, maybe a milkshake.


You did ask, though, I have a grilled cheese right here. What is happening? Stop. What the fuck is happening? Just so everyone at home can hear, we both are in the middle of eating food whenever this call started. So we're just enjoying each other's company being family from Louisville, you know, do the thing.


I mean, like the key thing here is we all won today, all right, because this was so fun. Collin, C.J., thank you both for playing. It is so great to see you both. And please, if you are listening to this, a lot of you have, but a lot of you haven't go to vote. Save America dotcoms. Get Mitch, help us win back the Senate in November. As of this recording, I believe we've crossed two million dollars in fundraising for some of the races where we have the best chance to pick up some of these Senate seats.


We must win the Senate. We must get rid of Trump. We have to keep the House and we have to win the Senate. So much rides on it and we can do it votes. If America can get rich or go to vote, save America. Dot, come and just sign up to start volunteering and helping. If you haven't yet, now's the time. C.J. Collin, a delight as always, and we'll see you soon.


Love your girlfriend. Bye bye. Wait, John, real quick. Yeah. I saw you like that video. Henry Cavill building that computer today. Me too. What is that about? Somebody please tell me.


It doesn't matter. What does it mean? It's about Henry Cavill building a computer. This is going to show somebody tweeted it at me and I was like, you were right. I needed to see this. I needed to see this because.


Because you're chuckling.


But it's not like Henry Cavill not building a computer isn't my type, but Henry Cavill building a computer. What are we doing exactly?


What are we doing? Don't get your fan going. Right is happening. What is happening?


Kahn Did you see Henry Cavill building the computer? I saw like five seconds of it. And I was like, this is five and a half minutes. Fuck no. Like, I'm sorry, I can't like you don't appreciate nice things. You're right. I'm an insatiable little like cis gendered and gay male. So I am none of those things. There we go. Like, I just we, you know, salivate over, you know, a crevice.


So it's whatever we're off the rails.


I don't know if we can use any of this if we could. Delightful, if not whatever you call it with you guys.


Consider, you know, delight be delightful.


But thanks to Colin and C.J., when we come back, we're going to bring back one of our favorite segments from before the twenty eighteen election where I, a straight bro, am joined by Brian Safi, another straight bro to show you how to make calls to help win in November.


Hey, don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up. Love it or leave it is brought to you by better help. Is something preventing you from achieving your goals? Yeah, absolutely.


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I love it. You know, I know about him now.


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Who couldn't have you? You couldn't be happier. Good for you.


If you actually if you couldn't be happier in this era, there's absolutely something fucked up about you that's actually disgusting, frankly.


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And we're back. With the pandemic still raging in less than 100 days until the election, all of us will need to start texting and calling voters in swing states. And since we did so well in twenty eighteen, we thought we'd bring back an old friend to help teach people.


He's a young person, long time friend. Teaching to teach people a thing or two about bomb making. So here he is, my friend. Here he is.


He's a comedian, actor and host of the podcast Throwing Shade. Welcome back, Brian.


I'm out of here. I'm done. I don't need another intro like that in my life.


So I think it's great that we've already started with what is a very like. This is gay culture. It's happening. And what's great about that is when Brian came on the show before the twenty eighteen elections, we decided because we were trying to reach those moderate voters that we weren't going to show up as L.A. gays. We were going to be salt of the Earth, straight bros. OK, and that is those are characters we played with middling success, I think for me up until I was 17.


That's right.


I had 18 years of practice and I couldn't nail it, never nailed it, never got the part.


But so today we are going to call some voters because we're really trying to make sure everybody listening sees how fun and easy and rewarding it is to participate in phone banking and online canvassing, because we all have to do our part because the news. So, Brian, let's just take a moment to get into character, OK? Mm hmm.


I love Sons of Anarchy, Jill Fast and Furious debit card. Cool.


What is it? I can't believe they delayed fast 11.


It's so stupid. Oh, man. If you been go to the protests, I'm the loudest one there. It's awesome.


I think would doing great.


OK, I think we'll pass. So here's how it's going to work.


I'm going to read a tip from phone banking for all of us. Tips that we're going to need to use as as phone bankers. And then we're going to call someone as as straight, bro, and we're going to use that to get. Brian, are you ready?


I'm so ready. I'm ready to make some changes. So our first tip is to make sure you ask potential voters for a plan, call scripts that asks for a plan.


How would be voter is actually going to get to the polls on Election Day are more successful. Psychologists say this is because it makes the behavior more cognitively accessible. OK, let's make the first call.


Grace, hello. Hi, it's Juliette. Yes, this is Juliette. Welcome to your Romeos.


I've never heard that one before. Listen, we're calling to make sure that you have a plan to vote. Do you have a plan to vote? Because I think basically there's two things I think these days. One is the last of us two should not have had a lesbian protagonist. And also everybody needs a plan to vote.


Yeah, my plan is planning to vote and also planning to bobsleds scuba dive volleyball before the end of the end of the year. What's yours, Juliet?


I would say mine probably isn't that exciting, but since I live in California, my plan to vote is pretty simple. I'm having my ballot mailed to me so I don't have to risk getting sick or making other people sick. And I'm going to vote from the comfort of my own home where I've been trapped for the last five months.


Why not vote from a surfboard bra?


I don't know. I don't know if you could really fill out your ballot successfully on a surfboard there, Juliet.


I think that's a great plan. I think it's awesome. You know what else is awesome? Timothy Olyphant.


Oh, in anything. He's my favorite.


He knows how to walk. Pay attention.


No respect. Ding No.


That one fucking guy on you so bad that he knows how to walk know that is gay as hell. You broke wear out.


Juliette, make sure your vote isn't the first thing everyone notice is his walk. Sorry Juliette.


OK, I understand you know all this a great walk. The Mandalorian and we're gay again. Thank you Juliette.


Wonderful. Thanks John.


She was impressive. She was great. She had a plan. You know, she had that plan. That's right. I like that in years to be a character. You started talking about Timothy Olyphant for Runway Walk. I don't accelerate people talking about that. I don't even think they know he has legs. You know what?


Anyone who ever watches a Timothy Olyphant movie or TV show, he has a walk to remember.


He saunters. He saunters. Look. That's right. Look, I have the deadwood days. I look. I know how to justify. I like the early stuff. I like the early fans. Sure. The early fans the best.


And I also have to say that movie, A Walk to Remember, was originally going to be about his walk the Nicholas Sparks movie, but then they changed it like you're getting more gay in between bro.


Nicholas Sparks.


Our second call is to use nouns instead of verbs, for example. How important is it for you to be a voter in this upcoming election as opposed to how important is it to vote in this upcoming election? This is because people are more likely to vote if they see it as a virtue of their character and not just good behavior. So let's call Priyanka and see and see if she'll be a voter.


Let's do it. Hello. I just Priyanka, you know, Priyanka hi, Kate, I'm just calling because these are obviously hard times.


Tenet has been delayed again, but even still absolute bull shit.


If I don't see the next Christopher Nolan, I'm in a fucking wreck. My wardrobe.


What's happening? I'm sorry, Bianca. Listen, all right. Do you have a plan, Priyanka, to be a voter in this upcoming election?


In the same way, I have a plan to go tubing and the way I have a plan to direct stepmom porn.


Oh, I'm not sure if our plans are exactly the same, but I do have a plan. So your plans exist then? Similar.


I suppose you're going to be a voter that. Yes, I can confirm. That's crazy.


Do you kick back? I don't know. Look, are you chill, kick back? Do I kick back, cool again. He's gagging. It's fucking unbelievable. I can't hold on to for two seconds. What? Look, here's the thing. The reason we all need to vote is because, like Vin Diesel once told us, we're a family and the most important thing in life is family. Oh, yeah, I did hear that, too.


Did you know that Michelle Rodriguez is one of the richest people in the world in terms of acting? That's a great comment.


That's true. And not everyone knows it's a great comment.


I didn't know that at all, actually. That's completely new information for me. Yeah, that's good for her, though. I know. I know. Does she have a plan to be a voter? You calling her next? Yeah.


If I could get through a Priyanka.


What's your favorite season of Talking Dead? A way of talking dead.


The show for true fans of Walking Dead, where they bring on cast members the after show.


I've never even watched the regular Walking Dead, so I have no idea. Oh, my God. Oh, God. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


That is way hangtown walking dead. Even a brochure look.


Yeah. That flip cup. Flip cup. Flip cup. I like up.


There you go. Right. And you like being a voter. You're going to be a voter.


Yes. Just like I'm going to flip it up. Got to flip cups. So simple as that requires less coordination actually.


Do you like Timothy Olyphant walk. What was that. Nothing I guess.


Oh do.


Do you think that the Mandalorian stroll on the desert planet has a feminine energy or is that just me?


OK, John ding a ling, a ding ding ding dong. The witch is dead. Begaye is out.


Thank you, Brianna. Thank you, guys. I don't I don't really know if there was a hard ass in the cold, but I the hard ask was, are you going to be a vote?


I'll get I'll get straight again. I'll get I'll watch it again. Do you are you going to be a voter, Priyanka?


How are you going to get an iPhone? I already have one cool iPhone distrait cultures.


Have you seen Dickenson on Apple TV?


Is Apple TV culture?


I certainly not. Have you seen first it's UK on HBO Macs. No. Should I is. I could never even heard of it. Oh you absolutely should.


It's so good. OK, cool. Do straight people know about John early. Do they know about him. Can we find out.


I don't know who that is. Oh and I'm sorry. All right. Well so there it is.


Maybe that's a problem. You spy, you're the representative for straight.


I'm such a bad representative of my community, but I mean, it's not necessarily a great community. So released the Zack Snyder cut.


All right. Good. Thank you.


Bye. It was my favorite part. Released the Zack Snyder cut. I thought it was released. I don't even know what movie it's about, but I know that there in process, I think it's in the justice I would like.


I think they're going to I don't remember. But something's in here suddenly on HBO.


OK, great. I couldn't I have front row seats. HBO, a straight culture could be as gay culture. Sure. Netflix is straight culture. Crime is straight. I think who's gay really was gay culture.


Yeah. Who is gay culture. You got Golden Girls. You've got to please like me. That's gay culture. Who loves at Hulu. Yeah, I think that's right.


I think that's right.


Who is gay culture should do one more of these dumb girls are killing it. Yeah. I think the really effective way we're making a huge difference it.


Hello, is it Champy? Yes, it is. This is just straight just to straight guy. No, no, no. This is no, it's a straight. I love it.


No, it's not. It's a straight guy. It's a straight guy. I'm a straight guy. You can tell that I'm a straight guy because I carry myself with the unearned confidence of someone who assumes the entire world is built to his preference out of the gate.


It's a straight arrow, bro. That's out of the gate.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He is a 60 year old woman blushing like an 18 year old kid. I don't understand why you're blushing.


You are talking to a lacrosse plain guy who has a poster of a car in his house.


I, I enjoy heterosexual pornography. I'm sorry to say that. Yes, but it's something you need to know.


One day he's here, he's got an eye on his Porsche. Porsche Le Rossella. Oh, my God. Horrible cars.


My my bum picture is me leaning up against a motorcycle.


OK, here's the problem. Both my daughters are happily married, so I am not looking for any heterosexual guys at this point.


And I have no problem with John being gay. So why is this conversation going this way?


Well, we just wanted it, to be honest with you.


That's really offensive because the world has a problem with heterosexual men right now, not cool world.


Oh, my God. Thank you so much, Chumpy.


Listen. All right. Again, I know you think you're talking to somebody other some other person. I don't know who that person is. Again, just a guy that loves Sopranos episodes where there's a death. Yeah. As opposed to the kind of dream ones where it's a kind of emotional. I don't get those. I don't like those. That's just another example of who I am. I love all sex content.


He likes an Argyle no show socks. This is the guy you're dealing with. Oh, OK. I am. Here's one other view that I have. Here's one of the good players. Know what the deal is when they sign up for the head injuries. All right. They go in with open eyes. Yes.


That's a stupid game. Yes. Soccer. No, that's the game.


Soccer is for is for. You know, we like that because it's a very lesbian and guys like that right in and out of character.


Again, I don't know where this gay guy comes from. A straight guy with another straight guy. He's not doing some sort of gay voice, which I find even though I am a straight person, I've come to know is not appropriate, isn't even though as a child we consider.


Yeah, you're right. That was really bad because we thought it was funny. Here's the thing, Shauntay. It's not I just want to make sure. Yeah. I just want to make sure that you have a plan to vote and we want to make sure that you understand that there's going to be big turnout. And we really need to make sure everybody turns out because actually complaining about low turnout doesn't work.


People are less likely to vote if they think voter turnout will be low.


So Shantee, do you understand as one straight person that there's going to be big turnout and you've got to vote in November?


Yes, I do. And if you want to know, we became citizens after that George Bush Al Gore debacle and said, oh, my God, we can't sit on our butts, we need to vote, let's become citizens and lost all our property in India so that we could vote. That's incredible.


Well, that's an amazing story. And I feel like I need to break character to say how beautiful that is. I'm so glad. I'm so excited that you get to now make sure you vote to get rid of this guy.


Oh, my God. Yes, I can. Orange Julius needs to be out of the way. Ah, Julius Caesar.


Orange Julius Caesar. That's not bad. I would like to say in character that your next ten Red Bulls and vodkas are on me.


Oh, I don't like Red Bull, but I am a girly girl when it comes to drinks. So yeah. What covid, et cetera, et cetera. All the sugar. Yes. I love perfect champagne. Thank you so much. Good. Nice to meet you.


Thank you both. Thank you. Bye bye.


Another dunk in the bucket bro. Don't forget it's like you're a fucking alien dunk in a bucket.


And that's another look. That's another on the cross ball through the hoop. Yeah, that's another pigskin out the windows go.


Oh yeah. Brian Safi. Oh my. What a weird and delightful segment this has been.


You know, it was nothing I expected, but I loved every second of it. And my hope is we can once again that that in the future we can once again pretend to be straight in front of the live audience. That will just lap it up, frankly.


Yeah, definitely. I it is my it will be my my. I'll pray for it every night.


Thanks to Brian Zahavi for joining us. And thanks to Juliette, Priyanka and Shantha Dion need his mom for being our play. That's because we didn't want to prank call voters. This is not the Jamie Kennedy experiment, my father's favorite show. We come back, we'll end on a high note.


Don't go anywhere. Love it or leave it. And there's more on the way.


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And we're back because we all needed this week. Here it is, this week's high notes submitted by our listeners. Hi, love it.


Something that gives me hope. I was talking to my 93 year old grandma who lives in Arizona, and she was talking about a book group she was doing via Zoom on White Fragility. And that really made me realize that it's never too late to keep learning about not only new ways to engage with people resume's are also new ways of looking at the world and our place in it. Thanks.


Hi, my name is Georgia. I'm from London, England. In case you couldn't tell by the accent on my high note for the week is that a couple of days ago I came out to a couple of my friends and I wasn't so sure of how they were going to react. But thankfully they were very supportive. And yeah, it just felt really good to finally tell some people. So thank you.


Hi, my name's Dan Sites. I'm an emergency physician in Indianapolis, Indiana. And my high note for this week is a startup called Voter Voter Udacity ARG that helps emergency room physicians and nurses register patients to vote and request a mail in ballot. And it's just really awesome to see technology being put to use to help get out the vote in a health care system.


I love it. This is Rose from Orlando, Florida, where the world is exploding. And my highlight of the week is that I applied to work for Elizabeth Warren in the fall as an intern, and I really hope it works out. Yes, it means a lot to me. She inspired me to lead a student protest at my college this past semester about their horrible treatment of sexual assault cases and their criminal mind process and how horrible it is. So, yes, Dickinson College drag them.


They still need to do better. But she really means a lot to me. And it helped me realize that I can make a difference.


And I really, really, really hope she lets me help her make a difference in a tiny way, being an intern. So, yeah, that's a highlight. Thanks. Thanks to everybody who submitted those high notes.


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