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Everyone. It's Hoda Cotby here of BBC's Today show. I am so excited to share that my podcast, Making Space with Hoda Cotby, is back. This season, I'm making space to talk to people whose life lessons and teachings are inspiring me right now at this stage of my journey. I personally selected each guest to sit down with me for raw, real, real conversations. I interviewed sportscaster and new mom, Aaron Andrews, and talk about resilience. You struggle and you're unable to have a child. Did you think maybe this is one of those things that's not in the cards for me? I felt like I just.




Give up. I discovered new sides to people we think we know well, like actor, comedian, and spiritual explorer Rain Wilson.


I think all curiosity and gratitude, especially gratitude, are really important and key components in connecting with a higher power.


And singer-songwriter, Melissa Ethridge, This was my journey. To me, being happy is the difference between life and death. Folks who are exploring new ways of healing mind, body, and spirit like Maria Minuno's.


I always try to help people understand to not be committed to their disease, to not be committed to the diagnosis, to be to possibility.


And author and philanthropist, Nicole Avant, her words will restore your faith and the strength of the human spirit. The grief, I just.


Choose to move through it. So when it shows up, I feel it. I don't try to push it down anymore. The grief is the receipt that you loved and you were loved.


I promise you that like me, you'll leave these talks with wisdom for your own journey, empowered and inspired to make space in your own life. So let's take this time to learn, grow, and recharge. Join me for season four of Making Space. It all starts Wednesday, November 15th. Follow now wherever you get your podcasts.


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