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Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mike Love, and. American Mark Levin, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


Welcome back. I got an email from Ron Maxwell, director, producer, and he wrote this to me and I thought it was very, very important.


He wrote, It's not safe, guys, we're not in Kansas anymore. Steer clear of any and all urban areas, one wrong turn could be the last one taken. If it's on a Democratic controlled city, there will be no police, no one to protect you.


Here's the hard truth. We're now living in a partially occupied country. If the Democrats win the national election in November, it will become a totally occupied country. They're 21st century version of the brown shirted thugs of pre-war Germany, posing as the opposite of what they really are, will be rampant all across America. Others have endured, even triumphed in these conditions, but it took time, decades. We must look to their example, Lech Walesa and occupied Poland, Vaclav Havel in occupied Czechoslovakia, Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the Soviet Union to pretend otherwise is to indulge a dangerous delusion.


When you cannot speak your own mind without fear of retribution or even of physical harm, you are no longer living in a free country. When you realize that you are predicting what you say or what you write in public, you are no longer living in a free country. When you are not safe in your own streets, you are no longer living in a free country. And he's right. He's right. Chaos is coming to Mayberry. Writes Leo Hohmann, Leo Home and Dotcom.


The majority of Americans still have no idea that they are living in the midst of a low boil civil war. They sit back on comfy couches, watching TV or computer screens, little snippets of the new normal. They see chaos enveloping large cities Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, D.C., but don't believe it will come to their small city or the suburbs.


They believe Dr. Anthony Fauci and certain health experts who tell them it's best to stay inside even as they watch increasingly shocking events play out on their illuminated screens.


For the lack of a better term, let's call these people the believers. They take whatever is said by their favorite media personalities, their politician of choice at face value, and have lost all ability to engage in critical thinking skills if they ever had any to begin with. They'll only realize that they are being herded like sheep into a new type of society. Where authorities talk down the citizens and bark orders at them like a parent would scold a child after the low boil gets turned up to a roaring flame.


The heat has, in fact, already been turned up from low to medium as a tax on random cops, and Trump supporters have resulted in death and severe injury to dozens in the above mentioned cities. The cancer culture is escalating, it's no longer just people's freedom of speech being curtailed, but their very thoughts to sit in silence as the revolution proceeds is no longer acceptable. You must actively and enthusiastically voice their support for its twisted values. White silence is violence shot.


The protesters described in the media as mostly peaceful on your white privilege and learn to control your implicit bias. The Departments of Big Corporations instructor Human Capital formerly called employees. It's been going on for years at public schools, universities and corporate workplaces. But now the thought police are venturing outside of these spaces to engage with the general public. And you never know when you might encounter one of their jackbooted thugs.


It happened in Roanoke, Virginia, last Friday, August 28. In an incident that did not get reported in any media until now, Joe Mantlo, not his real name, was sitting with his girlfriend in an outdoor dining area along the downtown square in Roanoke, about six thirty pm there, among about 100 diners enjoying a summer evening of rare socializing during the ongoing covid-19 restrictions imposed by Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.


Roanoke has a black mayor and a black police chief, but that hasn't stopped large crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters from holding rallies throughout downtown, demanding an end to what they believe is the nationwide targeted killings of black men by systematically racist police departments suddenly white while dining near the 202 restaurant in the city market area. Joe heard loud voices along the street leading to the outdoor cafe. A group of at least half a dozen men dressed all in black with black face masks entered the outdoor dining area as they moved to the center.


They started talking to diners in an aggressive manner.


Now, Roanoke is no tiny town. Its population is 100000. It's home to several small colleges, but nor is it anywhere near the size of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or Washington. The intruders who appeared to be in their early to mid 20s identified themselves as Black Lives Matter. When Joe saw what was going on, he got up and approached his waitress, we're not here to support BLM, we didn't come here for that. We're not going to have a conversation about this.


And that made them the agitators very angry. He said we'd already ordered our food. I told the waitress, I'll pay you for the dinner, but we're not going to stay under these circumstances. You can either control the environment or we have to leave.


Well. Not seeing any police or any action on the part of the restaurant staff to remove the agitators, Jonah's girlfriend got up to leave. I just told her we're going to walk back to my place three or four blocks away. So we walked down a side street toward my apartment.


That's when things got, as Joe described it, pretty crazy. After they proceeded about a block and a half from downtown, Jo noticed for the black clad agitators, three white men and one African-American heading toward the couple yelling, No justice, no peace.


I didn't really know what to do. They saw us and we saw them, Joe said they started walking faster toward us. I just told her to run in the opposite direction and try to get back downtown area where all the people were. I can't run because I have a foot issue. She was frantic and upset. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I wasn't going to let them run over the top of me. I'm just not that type of guy.


Joe, an options trader and former radio talk show host in his early 50s, tried to stay calm, believing perhaps he could draw on his gift of gab and talk his way out of a dangerous situation. The conversation lasted about five minutes. The more they engage, the angrier the group of agitators became.


It came down to this, Joe said. They said, you either raise your fist in solidarity or you get on the ground and lay before some beg for forgiveness.


The four men were yelling at the top of their voices at me. As the conversation started to run in circles, Joe could see it wasn't going anywhere. He issued the following ultimatum. He said, I will not be lying down before you and I will not be raising my fist. So I would suggest you calmly walk away from me right now, he said. The four men started laughing. One of them leaned toward me, tried to hit me with his right arm.


I just ducked out of the way and he missed me, then I hit him in the throat as hard as I could. He landed on the ground. Joe said the other guy proceeded to attack me. So I hit him hard. They could not breathe. One was crying and the other was screaming and a lot of pain. The third Black Lives Matter thug flew into a rage. I'm going to kill you right now, he yelled. I just put my hand on my side.


Didn't say anything. He took a bold swing with a stick which looked like a broom handle. I caught it in my hand and I caught him off guard and he went face first in the sidewalk. I think he broke his nose. There was blood everywhere when he looked up the Fort Black Lives Matter agitator was gone, the other three were getting up and walking away. By the time a police officer arrived, all of them were gone. My girlfriend saw it all from a distance, it was only our fifth date.


She was like, I've never been on a day like this in my life, I said, well, neither have I. Joe stands five feet, 11 inches and weighs about 198 pounds, he said at least two of the attackers appeared bigger. I never imagined something like this would happen in Roanoke. I've seen it happening elsewhere since they started calling for defunding the police, he said. But looking back, the signs were there, he said.


Black lives matter how daily protests rally for weeks in front of the city police station, the mayor of Roanoke, Sherman Lee, allowed BLM to paint its antipolice graffiti on a portion of the highway leading up to the center square.


Quote, He's a Democrat mayor, so he let them put that out there on a personal level, I've asked to speak to the mayor about financial issues related to the budget and he refused to have a conversation or meet with me. But ironically, the lady from Black Lives Matter said she had met with the mayor three or four times. I told her, imagine that I'm trying to look out for the financial fortunes of the city. And you're with what I consider a terrorist organization.


You get to meet with the mayor, but I don't. Joe won't be going downtown anymore. He won't be eating downtown anymore. He said we were having a great time up to the point they started harassing people. We've never seen anything like this before in our city, there will be no more freedom in the world if we fail to stop this in America. If you stand up to them, they're less likely to cause problems, and that's what we need to do as a town, as a county, as a nation, he added.


And sheriffs need to deputize people right now to be ready to defend their towns.


These in your face, public demands to submit to BLM are not just happening in Washington and now Roanoke, Rochester, New York, right there in a McDonald's, Rochester, New York. An elderly couple eating outside a restaurant. Remember, the believers will need to see the violence right in their own city or county before they're acknowledged as a problem, they don't realize they won't be able to sit this one out. They won't be able to watch on the sidelines and stay above the fray.


The believers have been conditioned and I'm talking about, by the way, when he talks about all the suburbanites who feel they're going to vote Democrat, the believers have been conditioned to believe technocrats like Dr. Falchi that politicized the politicized scientist who picks and chooses the science of the day based on how he wishes to manipulate the herd. They appear to represent the majority right now in America, living in an alternate reality of their own convenience. They're the ones who wouldn't hesitate to call the police or the health inspector on a restaurant owner who wasn't requiring mass.


So the grocer who isn't making customers obey all the rules laid out by the government. But others of us aren't so gullible. They have discernment to read the signs of times and are already preparing for the day when the leaves are currently set on medium boil, gets turned up to high, whether it comes next week or next month or next year, they know it's coming. They know what's coming. It's coming. It's here, it's spreading. I'll be right back.


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Say, the number one defense we have against the Marxist anarchists. His law enforcement. When George Soros funded scores of elections for prosecutors, had no intention of prosecuting criminals and every intention of prosecuting police officers. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was funding a counter-revolution in the United States. These radical progressive mayors in these cities. When they're watching the riots, the looting and the burning. They have no stake in small businesses, they have no stake in capitalism, they have no stake in defending, quote unquote, white people or even people of color who are part of the system.


The Democrat Party has been a very evil and diabolical party for a very long time. Little periods of respite here and there. But it had no problem being the force behind slavery. And the civil war, no problem being the the force behind decades of segregation, had had no problems of being the force behind decades of violating the voting rights of minorities.


Were poll taxes and literacy taxed Jim Crow generally? It had no problem fighting every single civil rights act that's ever been offered and now, of course. It uses the very same people. The very same people are used to abuse. To continue to try and gain power. And now they call themselves democratic socialists or progressives. They are Marxists, an American form of Marxism, but they are Marxists. And they will do whatever they have to do for power.


It's party first. Well, after the bottom of the hour, we're going to take a little bit more time so you can understand exactly what's taking place here, who's behind it and the ideology that they are embracing. This is why when people say, Mark, what do you do for a hobby? This is what I do. I study freedom and I study tyranny. This is what I do. And more tyranny when I return. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that?


Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us. It's the same with Hillsdale College, one of the very best truly liberal arts colleges in the nation. That's why I talk about them all the time, because Hillsdale is committed to pursuing truth and defending liberty. Hillsdale teaches stellar students to defend freedom no matter what they major in, whether it's science or music or economics or business, whatever.


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I consider this one of the most important programs I've ever done in. So I hope you'll stick with me I have in front of me. Several books. Most of the people who've written these books you've never heard of before. But they've had enormous influence on this country. People say ignore the elitists, ignore the intellectuals and never ignore the elitist, never ignore the intellectuals, and by elite I don't mean substantively elite, I mean the so-called masterminds.


They're the ones who push the agenda. I have a book in front of me called Marks on Education by Gene Anion. Over here, Jean-Daniel. Radical possibilities, public policy, urban education and a new social movement, Jean, anyon, there's just tip of the iceberg. Ever hear Herbert Markazi? Well, every living Marxist has. Everybody in Black Lives Matter has, everybody in Antifa has. And half the members of the Democratic caucus in Congress have. He was a Marxist.


Philosopher. In France and then in the United States. Case studies and diversity and social justice, education by Goreski and Pettine, ever hear of them? This one, you know, rules for radicals, Solinsky. Jay Rosen, what are journalists for, one of the individuals who has radically altered? In a tremendously harmful way, journalism in this country. I have scores of books like this. These are the people who. Or fundamentally transforming your nation.


They're not alone. Colleges and universities are filled with tenured professors like this. Now, you've heard of Cloud and Piven, I've talked about that many times, Frances Fox Piven and Richard McCloud, both Professors Columbia wrote many, many essays.


And I want to read something to you. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. The title of the Can't Believe, the collection of essays for this book they have is The Breaking of the American Social Compact.


I think that tells you what they want to do. He said the American social compact was forged in response to the protest movements of the 30s and 60s. Now, after two decades of relative quiescence by the poor and the working class. The programs are under sustained attack. Unless new protest movements emerge, the victories of the 30s and 60s will be rolled back. Indeed, are already being rolled back. Now, when you hear them talk about the poor.


Doesn't really matter, they could be talking about blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, it doesn't matter. They say, we think poor people win in the by that they mean minorities and others. Mainly when they mobilize in disruptive protests for the obvious reason they lack the resources to exert influence in conventional ways, such as forming organizations, petitioning, lobbying, influencing the media, buying politicians.


By disrupt the protest, we mean acts such as incendiary as. Riots, sit ins and other forms of civil disobedience, great surges and demands for relief benefits, rent strikes, wildcat strikes or obstructing production by stopping assembly lines or, you know, burning down buildings, interrupting people at restaurants.


They call it the disruption, the disruption argument, which they first made in 1963. Mass disruption, they say, both its emergence and its successes. Is closely related to electoral politics, on the one hand, poor people or you can say antifa BLM. Do not ordinarily rise up if they sense no support from at least a significant fraction of regime leaders.


Is this likely to be the case when the dominant party is secure, then these people are likely to be treated roughly or ignored. And when a regime is insecure, it is more likely to bargain actively for support. May then issue appeals, which signals vulnerability to demands from the bottom. In other words, you burn enough stuff. You loot enough stuff. You're right enough. Disrupt enough. Then the system will bend. The regime will become insecure. Now, you've seen that in many cities, haven't you?


They go on, of course, I'm not going to read the whole book. Once protest movements and electoral dissenters, so rather than consensus. They coined this word half a half a century ago, census, in other words, breaking up. Once protest movements and electoral descents has subsided, in each period, the victories won were eroded. The losses are not likely to be reversed easily to save social programs, it's likely to take protests, at least on the scale it took to win them.


In other words, riots. Some signs of mass protest have emerged and other advanced capitalist countries, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, for example, the question is whether such protests will continue and spread even in the United States.


Gee, I wonder. Well, it they go on social movements thrive on conflict. By contrast, electoral politics demands strategies of consensus and coalition. Movements have the impact they do on electoral politics, mainly because the issues they raise and the strife they generate widened cleavages among voter groups. We call this dicenzo's politics to differentiate it from the usual process of building electoral influence by recruiting adherents, assembling coalitions, or what might be called consensus politics.


We think the evidence suggests that movements play a large role, perhaps a determining role in the periodic electoral alignments and realignments that bring new regimes to power and usher in a new public policy areas in American history.


Other conditions must also be present before movements can cause destabilizing cleavages, movements are not likely to have much impact unless economic and social conditions are already eroding established electoral alliances and allegiances and coalitions. So the coronavirus.


Was exploited by these people, they sat and they waited. Then the George Floyd thing hit and they ignited. The gas. It was all planned. It was all planned. They talk about the significance of decencies politics, in other words, of destroying alignment's consensus. Once the role of parties and electoral democracy is acknowledged, so is the likelihood of a host of systematic distortions of voter preferences. To understand the importance of movements in electoral politics, we must appreciate not only the influence, the influences that distort the essentially Democratic mission of organizing voter majorities, but the deeply conservative tendencies of electoral politics, even apart from such distortions in a two party system.


To win state office, party leaders and their candidates must build broad majorities, they strive to do this by holding the allegiance of those who voted for them in the past while attracting marginal voters. For the contending party to do this, they try to avoid conflict and search instead for the consensual appeals and promises that preserve and, if possible, enlarge existing voting coalitions. And so they write that their job. Is to destroy that whole narrative. They say what we need.


Because of the immobility of the two party system. Is an electoral realignment. Through periodic convulsions called realignments. We need an accumulated political tension. Resulting from the failure of the party system to respond to the problems generated by dynamic capitalist economy. And Statik, party system. And so they must press, they say, the potential for realignment, which the two parties seek to suppress. Just as people had to be mobilized to support parties, they write in the issues and candidates they put forward, so do they have to be mobilized to desert them?


Social movements are often the mobilizers of disaffection. We think social movements are politically effective precisely when they mobilize electoral disaffection. A fragmented governmental system in the United States means that the opposition party usually continues to control some part of the government apparatus, and so it is itself constrained by the need to hold together a majority by promoting consensus. And by the way, you know who their target is, Mr. Producer. The Democrat Party. They say we must control the Democrat Party, the Republican Party is useless.


We must control the Democrat Party. And they do. Bernie Sanders knows exactly what I'm reading to you, Elian Omar. Rashid Taleb, AOC Pressley, they know exactly what I'm reading to you. To appreciate the role of social movements and helping to precipitate electoral convulsion and realignment, we have to pay attention to the distinctive dynamics of social movements that enable them to do what party politicians do not. We emphasize the defiant and disruptive strategies of protest movements that arise among lower strata groups that have few regular political resources.


We think the argument we're making here helps account for why disrupt the protests, such as strikes or riots. Sometimes force reform responses from the state, social movements tend to emerge at moments when the electoral system itself signals the emergence of new potential conflicts, signs of increased volatility appear in electoral politics, usually traceable to changes in the economy or social life that generate new discontent or encourage new aspirations. So they're opportunists.


You see. The evidence of vote of volatility in turn may prompt party leaders to do what they characteristically do to attempt to hold together their coalition. Only now they will employ more expansive rhetoric, acknowledging grievances among the constituents that are ordinarily ignored or naming and thus perhaps fueling aspirations that only beginning to emerge like systemic racism.


Oh, yes, yes, yes. And you see how the corporations follow to. After the trial, there's systemic racism of BLM and painted on our courts and in our streets and all the rest. Movements can break. The monopoly. Of the politics, at least for a brief moment, movements mount marches and rallies, strikes and sit ins, theatrical and sometimes violent confrontation. The inflammatory rhetoric and dramatic representations of collective indignation associated with these tactics project new definition of social reality.


You see, all these are definitions of the social reality of new groups and a public discourse. They change understandings not only of what is real, but what is possible and what is just as a result, grievances that are otherwise naturalised or submerged become political issues.


Movements raise new issues, and when new issues take center stage of politics, the balance of political forces changes. And it goes on. That is exactly what's taking place. Riots. Riots. Changing the language, changing the issues. With the system buckling. Looking for accommodation, looking for peace. The university's. Corporations. Professional sports. All appeasing and if not worse, embracing. The disintegration. Of the civil society. I'll be right back. Much love in.


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The demands of Black Lives Matter and in have nothing to do with race, race is a fig leaf.


You'll notice more and more of the people writing under the nomenclature. Black Lives Matter are white. So it could be race, it could be the environment. Could be immigration, could be economics, doesn't really matter. I watched the soccers. LeBron James and others. Oprah Winfrey, who throw in with this and don't have the foggiest idea what they're throwing in with. I watched the never Trump people like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse, who have no idea what's taking place in this country.


They think they're smart, they're actually quite crude and stupid. Most of the Republicans have no idea what's taking place in this country. The president does instinctively. Instinctively. Which is why they hate him with such a passion. They were hoping for a Bush or Romney or McCain type or something like that. Who would buckle? Trump is not buckling.


Trump is not accommodating the the Marxist left, he's fighting them, he's fighting their mouthpieces in the media, he's fighting they're intellectuals in academia, he's fighting them in the culture in Hollywood, and he's fighting them in the Democrat Party.


This is beyond conservative, liberal, it's beyond Republican, Democrat. Well, beyond we've got a lot more. You're not going to hear this anywhere else, I guarantee it.


And I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here. Now we're broadcasting from the underground command post deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader. I love that. Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. The reason why you didn't hear a single person utter a single syllable about the riots during the Democratic convention.


Is because the Democrat Party is now part of the counterrevolution. Just as it was leading the way during slavery. And triggered the civil war just as it was leaving, leading the way in segregation. That went on for 100 years. Just as it opposed virtually every Civil Rights Act. And now it's leading the way to the destruction. Of a constitutional republic and a capitalist system. The Democrat Party is a vessel. Through which hostile ideologies worked their will on this country.


That's exactly what's taking place now. This group, Black Lives Matter, it's not about blacks. It's about overthrowing the country. That's what it's about. It's when the fools like LeBron James and fools like Oprah Winfrey. And fools like Nancy Pelosi and fools like Chuck Schumer. They bend to this. Kamala Harris, I want to talk about her for a moment. We'll circle back, but I want to get to some of this.


This guy, Jacob Blake. Raped repeatedly. His former girlfriend did things to her that I cannot discuss on the radio. That day, he was shot. Did things to her that I cannot discuss on the radio, he brutally sexually assaulted her. Including in her bed when one of her three children was sleeping right next to her, she already had a protective order to prevent him. From coming close to her, but he didn't care. He didn't care.


He's a felon. Not a victim of anything. He had three of his own kids in tow. He resisted arrest, they tase them twice. It had no effect. Get into the physical brawl with the officers. With their guns drawn, but it didn't matter, then he walks around to the driver's side of the car, opens the door, reaches in any shot. Turns out there was a knife. On the floorboard. His father. You know, the old line, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Has said some horrific things about Jews, about Christians, about this country. A thorough and complete antisemite, which is a huge problem in growing in the black community. So Kamala Harris visits the family. She says it's a wonderful family. Kamala Harris is proud. Of Jacob Blake, Jr.. The man who sexually assaulted, raped. His ex-girlfriend, despite the fact there was a protective order. Counts included third degree sexual assault, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct.


And a criminal complaint that had been issued by the state of Wisconsin. And yet sports figures, Hollywood figures come to the man's defense. Kamala Harris didn't think to speak to the victim. To the ex-girlfriend. So much for the Metoo movement. Kamala Harris. Who believed every allegation against. Supreme Court justice. Brett Kavanaugh. She. Was proud to meet Jacob like she's proud of him. Proud of him. Joe Biden goes to Kanishka, Kenosha, Wisconsin.


And in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he's proud to meet the family. That would be the same Joe Biden who just a few months ago, Kamala Harris said. That she believed the dozen or so women who came forward and said that he had fondled them inappropriately. Kamala Harris is a demagogue. She's a very, very dangerous individual. Very dangerous. So the woman who was repeatedly abused sexually. Repeatedly abuse domestic abuse. Got no attention whatsoever. Just like Tara Reid.


Harry Reid accused Joe Biden of molesting her, of raping her effectively, digitally. No big deal. Metoo movement. Not a problem anymore, Megan Kelly. Kudos to Megan Kelly, the Hill newspaper picked it up, Megan Kelly slams Kamala Harris for saying she's proud of Jacob Blake.


Proud of him. Wrote Megan Kelly, he's accused of breaking into a sleeping woman's house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her and later returning to harass her. Then the cop, she called for help, say he resisted arrest, assaulted them and went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator? Then you have Ben Crump showing up everywhere, the civil rights lawyer for for Blake in a moving moment, he says Jacob Blake Jr. told Senator Harris that he was proud of her and the senator told Jacob that she was also proud of him and how he's working through his pain.


Really? Police said a knife was found in Blake's car after police shot him in the back. And they claimed he ignored orders to drop it, so he had the knife. But of course, his attorneys dispute the claim the knife was in his hand. And so forth. No, you're supposed to believe that the officers showed up and they just shot the guy in the back seven times, that's it. That's all you saw in the video. Tiana Lowe, writing at The Washington Examiner, writes, For every Jaka Blake, there are millions of Jacob Blake's victims.


Millions. And the women in the suburbs who feel they're going to vote for Joe Biden because he's such a decent guy and Kamala Harris could be the first woman vice president, maybe even president.


There's no reason to be proud of either of these political hacks. Either of them for anything. It's absolutely appalling. And now they they run ads that. In Donald Trump's America. All this violence is occurring because they think you're stupid. They think you're stupid, like the base of the Democrat Party is stupid. They think the American people are going to buy the fact that the president, the United States has the power to move into these cities and into these states and to put down the riots.


Joe Biden hasn't called out a single mayor. Why? Because they're Democrats. Joe Biden hasn't called out a single governor. Why? Because they're Democrats. Now he's upset about the riots. What do we day 110 or something in Portland and Joe Biden now is talking about the riots. He didn't say a damn thing about it until now because the polls show that the American people are concerned about this. Concerned about the riots. Let me ask a question, ladies and gentlemen, what exactly what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do about the riots, we haven't heard a thing.


What would they do? They won't even tell their party colleagues that daymares. To put down the riots, what would they do? They wouldn't do anything. They have no intention of doing anything about the riots. Why? Because they're part of the counter-revolution. They've embraced Black Lives Matter. They've embraced antifa, how do I know that not only by their silence in the face of looting and burning and all the rest of it. But I read the 110 page document.


Their Communist manifesto. It might as well have been written by Black Lives Matter Antifa and was by Bernie Sanders. It is an extremist document. That will touch each and every one of you in profoundly horrific ways. Whether it's your schools, whether it's your communities, whether it's your health care, whether it's public safety, whether it's your income, they don't really want to tax income, they want to tax wealth. That is things that you've accumulated and already pay taxes on.


You know this. They want open borders, illegal aliens get free everything, including health care. This is who they are. They're going to destroy Medicare. Destroy Social Security. Because the more havoc. The more Anarky. The more people turn to government. Tonight thing, but it's true. And the bureaucracy, his own hook, line and sinker by the Democrat Party. The Republican Party has no idea what's taking place in this country. You hear the platitudes when some of them show up on Fox.


But they have no idea what's fundamentally taking place in this country. Tim Scott. Has no idea what's taking place in this country. None. Mitch McConnell. Has no idea what's taking place in this country. These are not race riots. This is a Marxist counterrevolution. These ideologues, these professors. These idea people, the mastermind, they're Marxists. And so they'll use race if they think it'll work, they'll use the economy, if they think it'll work, they'll use immigration.


If they think it'll work, they'll use climate change. If they think it'll work, it doesn't matter.


But they're poised. They're poised in the virus and the shut downs and the unemployment. Bureaucrats still getting paid, but staying home, teachers for the most part, still getting paid and staying home, millennial's not going to college.


Perfect. The stars are all aligned. And then blame Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump fights back. He doesn't roll over. He won't accommodate these counterrevolutionaries. He fights back. They would much prefer a Romney. Or Ben Sasse. Or George Bush. Or your typical Republican. That's what they prefer. Not a fighter. Who pushes back? I'll be right back. Much love in. So I've been watching these riots around the country, I'm absolutely sickened, sure most of you are.


You know, John Locke once said law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and a large freedom where there's no law, there's no freedom. You want to let rioters burn down your cities. There goes your freedom. You want to get rid of cops. There goes your freedom. You want to elect Joe Biden. There goes your freedom. As you've heard me say many times, I have a liberty agenda and it lives on TV, which airs on Blaze TV.


You can watch this come to life with our conservative pro-American content that reveres our Constitution and champions our individual freedoms. This is what we do each and every day. And there's never been a better time to check us out. Just go to Lhevinne, 11 and sign up today for a free 30 day trial. That's right. We're going to give you a full month of living TV and all the other great shows on Blaze TV at no cost to you, but only if you subscribe right now at Lytvyn


Who else doesn't Kamala Harris and Joe Biden defend? He had a black female police chief in Seattle who resigned. Did they defend her? You now have a black female police chief in Dallas. She resigned today. Did they defend her? You have a black male police chief in Rochester, New York, and his deputy. And a whole line of commanders. Who resigned? Including one who is Hispanic. The Biden and Harris come to their defense, no.


Now, I say this isn't about race now for Black Lives Matter, it's about race because it's a racist organization.


They go up to an old couple that's white eating outside a restaurant. In Rochester, New York, who aren't bothering anybody. And this woman comes up Black Lives Matter. Big woman. Calls them effing white, this and effing white that takes one of their drinks and drinks it and. Obviously scares the hell out of this elderly couple. In Rochester, New York, you have a McDonald's. The manager's a black gentleman. African-American. So he offers to feed and to give beverages to the Black Lives Matter protester, he thinks that'll settle them down, but of course, it doesn't settle them down.


And they come in the store, they come in the restaurant screaming and yelling a bullhorn in this guy's ear. And then the biggest among them threatens to get into a fight with the with the manager. People are trying to earn a living, not earning a whole lot of money or retired senior citizens trying to have a meal. And people in the suburbs. I think this isn't going to affect them, and what kind of leadership has Joe Biden shown he attacks Trump?


Not his own party, not his own Maiers, not his own governors, all of whom he's relying on, all of whom are going to vote in organized form, nothing. He says nothing about them and nothing to them. That's the kind of leader Biden's going to be, that's a joke. He would have more influence on those mayors than those governors being of his party if he spoke up and told them to do something, then the Republican president of the United States.


But Biden doesn't do that. Kamala Harris goes meets a felon who, for God knows how many times has sexually molested his ex-girlfriend in a horrific way in front of her child. And now he's a hero. He's a hero. Now. The. The head of the police in Rochester said, as a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character.


The events of the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity, the members of the Rochester Police Department and the greater Rochester community know my reputation, know what I stand for, the mischaracterization and politicization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr Pruett's death. It's not based on facts and is not what I stand for.


Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito announced his retirement after more than 34 years Deputy Chief Marksman's. Is returning to the rank of lieutenant, he doesn't want to command anything anymore, Commander Fabian Rivera announced his retirement. Commander Henry favors returning to his previous rank. Lieutenant. And Joe Biden. And Harris, a Democrat running controlled city, what do they have to say? Nothing, it's Trump's fault. It's Trump's for oh, it's Trump's fault. We're very it's all over this country who believe it.


I'll be right back. Do you know what we do at Laven TV on the Blaze TV network when we give you intelligent content you won't see anywhere else? We just did a deep dive into the genius of federalism, which is a big word that the left apparently just learned last week. History and current actions have shown us that so-called progressives will use any crisis to further their big government agenda. Small businesses continue to be hurt while the left holds them hostage in order to gain more power over each and every American.


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That's Lytvyn Promo Code Levinsohn.


Mark Levin. Tough as hell, that's why I like Mark Levin, and I'm not sure a lot of people like him. He's tough as hell, but I like them. I love a call now.


Eight seven seven thirty eight one three eight one one.


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That was. Everybody's taxes are going to go up. Now, let me ask a question. Joe Biden says such a thing. How many of you can afford to pay more taxes, I mean, my God. You're clawing your way out of this pandemic. You need your money. But let's listen to this, Joe Biden in Pennsylvania yesterday cut one go, you said you want to tax super wealthy. Can you define that? Is that a couple making 200000 dollars a year?


No one making more than 400000. But everybody's taxes are going to go up to those folks above that. They're going to go up to thirty six point nine percent.


So let's stop a minute. There's been an analysis of this. Everybody's taxes have gone up. Everybody. And just to explain this again to you. You have people who run small businesses. You have people who run small businesses. And they file tax returns as individuals. And so let's say they net 400000 dollars a year that's there. Well, let's say it's their adjusted gross income.


So he's going to slam them with almost a federal income tax of 40 percent. Now, that is money that you need to hire people. That is money that you need to reinvest in your business. That's money. Maybe you need a. To buy more supplies or God knows what, it's not a lot of money when you're running a small businesses, any small business person can tell you. So the government's going to take 40 percent. That's just the federal government, the states are going crazy now to.


So by the time you're done with a state income tax, a federal income tax, property taxes and all the rest, you're going to be paying 55, 60 percent on the dollar. That will kill the economy. And they're only getting started. I promise you, they're going to attack the inheritance tax, you're only 10 million dollars for free to pass on even though you've paid a tax on it. But who does that affect the most? People who are said to be worth 10 million but don't have 10 million like farmers and ranchers and small business people, they have to literally liquidate their businesses, liquidate their farms, liquidate their ranches in order to pay the taxes which they've already paid once.


Because in Joe Biden's America. The government comes first and Joe Biden's America, the bureaucrats come first and Joe Biden's America, you can go to hell. That's why. But they talk about the super wealthy. The super wealthy. I'm worried about other people. But they can't help, but they're Marxist rhetoric. Go ahead. And so you're in a situation where that will generate billions and billions of dollars in taxes right now. What's happening? You're paying a heck of a lot more tax than someone making a billion dollars.


No, you're not. I mean. How stupid is this? You're paying a lot more taxes than somebody making a billion dollars. Ladies and gentlemen there, Ray, he's going to raise your taxes, forget about somebody makes a billion dollars. This is the shiny object they always wave in front of your face. Tell me, why do you think all these Democrat billionaires are backing Biden? Do you think they think Biden's going to hurt them? No. Biden's going to hurt you.


George Soros is going to hurt you. Tom Steyer is going to hurt you. Bill Gates is going to hurt you. Oprah Winfrey is going to hurt you. They're all targeting you. Blue collar, white collar you. Because you're the ones they need to control. Tell me this, these rioters in the street, are they burning down any homes of billionaires? No. The little guy. The little guy there burning down the little guy's businesses, they're not building they're not burning down any billionaire.


So in fact, I'll go even further. All these people that come out for and defend Black Lives Matter. They have nothing to fear, nothing. You know, where in the least. Many of them fund them. Go ahead. They're able to avoid almost all their taxes. That's just simply wrong. It's not punishing anybody. It's just saying corporate America as well as the super wealthy.


Just pay if you are a small business person. And you have an adjusted gross income of 400000. You're not super wealthy, you're not a billionaire, you're paying your fair share in taxes. I live in this county, Loudoun County.


They beat the hell out of you. They got a business tax. They got an equipment tax. They have a gross income tax, then the state, which at 5.5 percent, then the feds hit you, then you got property taxes. And that's on top of all these other taxes, payroll taxes. Who the hell are they kidding? Who the hell are they kidding? This is why we can't compete all over the world when the liberals take over.


They're punishing you and they want you to believe they're punishing some guy down the street is a billionaire. Sickening. And it's a lie. The Democrats have to raise your taxes. They have to and they have to raise it a lot more than Joe Biden saying Joe Biden is a liar, they're going to raise your taxes and they are raising a lot more than they're saying.


Because they need to find money. Even though the deficit spend to the. To the end of the day, they still need to find your money. They're not looking out for the private sector, this 110 page document. They don't even believe in the private sector. They reject capitalism. And you're going to be so overwhelmed with regulations involving climate change, involving immigration, involving new government programs, involving affirmative action, involving this side in the US, that you won't your head's going to spin.


You won't know what the hell hit you and these morons in the suburbs. I think Georgia is a decent guy like this idiot Kasich and the idiot Snyder and the idiot Whitman and I and the idiot Romney, why? I think Biden, he's a great he's a he's a decent guy. He's not radical.


He's going to destroy the suburbs, destroy them. And by the way, the suburbs are the most diverse part of our society, more diverse than the inner cities.


They're diverse. Almost 40 percent of the suburbs now are non-white. You wouldn't know that, would you? You wouldn't know that. In her interracial marriage is way up. These are good things, by the way, interracial marriage is way up. You wouldn't know that either, would you? Now, of course you would. Because they're not going to tell you that minorities in America. Do far better in the minorities than any other part of the world.


Period. Period. Which is why so many people who are not white try to pour over our border illegally and legally. Just pointing it out, it's the truth. Then they attack the president, you see, they've attacked him for the riots. Then they attack him for the. China virus, the idiot governor of New York who has an IQ of negative 14. When he's not killing senior citizens. With a policy that leads to mass death. Which we talked about first here as a result of a caller to this program.


So it's not the China virus, it's the European virus, you see, the Chinese went to your places like Italy and then they came to America.


This guy's an idiot. The virus didn't start in Italy, you moron, the virus didn't start in France, the virus didn't start in the U.K. It started in Wuhan, China, and that's where it needed to be controlled.


Meanwhile, in New York, the guy's got like 60, 70 percent popularity. Who the hell wants to live there anymore? I'm being honest with you. How can you live there? Look at your neighbors.


They're morons. Not you, your neighbors. Look at this. By the way, this made the cameo, you want to hear this? So from my show, Life, Liberty and Love, in this coming Sunday, I want to have an interview with. Bill DiCamillo, I didn't tell you this, Mr. Peterson. So I told the Fox people, the producers in the booking people over the weekend during the holiday, get a whole little cameo and tell them I want to interview on Life, Liberty and live in.


I thought they would be pretty cool. You know what they said, Mr. Blitzer, they didn't even answer us. They ignored us. What's he worried about, what's he hiding for? What's he scared of? It's just little old me. So I want to make it public a public invitation. To Bill, I'll even call you by your name. De Blasio. Come on, life, liberty and live in. And let's debate. Let's debate what you're doing to your restaurants.


Let's debate what you did to the first responders, the greatest police force on the face of the earth. Let's debate the crime rate, let's debate the murder rate and the shooting rate. Let's debate your schools. Let's debate it all, panel. Let's debate your background with the Sandinistas. I'm not your average talk show host on my. And they must know it because they run from me, he runs from me. Tough guy. Brooklyn, the read, the old read, Bernie Sanders, he doesn't want to talk to me.


Of course, Biden is a moron. Oh, Mr. Producer, would you reach out to Kamala Harris, please? Kamala Harris. Tell her we would like to discuss. Her position on vaccines. Kamala Harris is such an idiot. She actually believes that Donald Trump is in a laboratory producing a vaccine. I'm not going to I'm not I don't trust the vaccine under Donald Trump. It's produced by Pfizer, by Johnson and Johnson by other. Reputable pharmaceutical American companies know that I again, I don't really trust it.


This is one dumb human being, I'm quite serious. Very dumb, clawed her way to the top. Clawed her way to well. Actually did more, but you get the point. Kamala Harris, she's proud. Of a multiple sex offender. Proud of her father antisemite. She doesn't trust a vaccine under Trump like the president of the United States created the vaccine. Who does she trust the vaccine under? What an idiot. Idiot. I'll be right back.


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That's the zebra dotcom lytvyn spelled THP Zebb are a dotcom Levin and.


So what's Joe Biden's plan to deal with the riots, ladies and gentlemen, when he won't even tell his mayors and his governors of the same party to do anything about it?


What's his plan? He said he would take funds from local police forces, too. So what's his plan? When we have a federal courthouse in Portland under attack, what would Joe Biden have done? I'm curious. We know what Nancy Pelosi called them, storm troopers. Federal law enforcement protecting a federal courthouse. Nancy Pelosi called them storm troopers. Jim Clyburn called them Gestapo. They don't talk that way anymore because the polls collapsed. Isn't that interesting? What are these suburban women going to do?


When their precious schools have to take in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens with open borders, what are they going to do then? What are they going to do when single family housing is prevented by the federal government? This is the plan. Read the damn report. Read it. What are they going to do? And by the way, people of all races, what are they going to do? They choose not to be informed about their.


What are they going to do when Black Lives Matter comes up to them, to their homes like the McClosky has had to deal with? Or to their cafes when they're eating outside. Like that senior citizen couple had to do. And when they stormed a McDonald's. Unexpectedly. What are they going to do in the suburbs then? What's Joe Biden going to do, what's Kamala Harris going to do? What's LeBron James going to do, what's Nancy Pelosi going to do?


Nothing, these are their voters. Remember what one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter said, remember, Mr. Producer will pull that audio up for next hour, OK? Their number one job is to defeat Trump. So a Marxist organization that's involved in violence in 48 states excuse me, 48 of the top 50 metropolitan areas in the country. Violence, violence. Their number one goal is to remove Trump. Because they want Biden. And they want Harris.


That's why. You know. One of the things we're learning right now is the difference between what we conservatives believe and what the radical left believe. We believe in the rule of law, they believe in anarchy, we respect our founders and our history, and they want to tear them down. We believe in liberty and they believe in tyranny. We believe in the truth, well, they believe in what they hear on CNN are reading in The New York Times.


Our friends, the Media Research Center, have captured this beautifully in some billboards they just put up and they believe in America, not the media. Now, you can't really believe in both these days, can you? People who believe in our country and love our country aren't watching CNN or reading The New York Times. That's where people go when they want to hear how terrible America is. And I think this is the perfect rallying cry for these times believe in America, not the media démarches, also making bumper stickers that say this and you can get one free free by going to MRC stickered dotcom, that's MRC stickered dotcom.


Get your free believe in America, not the media bumper sticker from the MRC today. That's excuse me, that's MRC sticker. Dotcom. Isn't it also interesting how Black Lives Matter embraces Marx, Marx was a racist, Marx was a racist. Right now, the biggest communist regime on the face of the earth, China is a racist regime. It's so bizarre. I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens.


Now over two million conservative members Strong EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we care about faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amen. And you can become a member at Amax U.S. Join.


He's here now broadcasting live from the underground command post here. Deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. Yes, I will take some calls this hour. So if you're really interested, now's the time to jump in a lot to get to Stilgoe.


This is Patrice Collier's, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist and anarchist. Just to underscore point I made earlier, their target is to get rid of Donald Trump. So that they can pursue their their counterrevolution and they know the Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders will be sympathetic. They know that Pelosi and Schumer will be sympathetic and they know that Biden is an empty suit and he'll do what he's told. Go ahead. A lot of criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden from civil rights activists.


The election obviously will be a choice. How do you think Biden matches up compared to President Trump when it comes to these issues that are important to you?


Well, I'm hands down. Trump not only needs to not be in office in November, but he should resign now. We Trump needs.


Let's listen to this idiot. Should just resign now. Why? Because she says, who is she? Nobody. Go ahead. He's not fit for office, and so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out while we're also going to continue to push and pressure Vice President Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization, that's going to be important. But our goal is to get Trump out.


That's the goal. Black lives matter in the Democrat Party, sympatico. You notice even when Biden criticizes writing, which he's done in the last few days, just because he has to, he done never condemns black lives matter by name.


Have you noticed that, Mr. Bates and no report is going to be able to get to him? And if they do, they're never going to ask him, why don't you condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter? Why don't you condemn their anti-Semitism? Why don't you condemn their attack on the family? Because it's in their mission statement. Why don't you condemn Black Lives Matter? My name. They'll never do it. He'll never do it. Anthony Fauci is actually a very strange person.


Cheryl Chumlee at The Washington Times has it pretty well figured out now.


National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci. Along with his agency colleague, the epidemiologist David Morin's warned in a report in the science journal Cell that if humans don't make significant changes in all activities, that more disease is more terrible. Health issues like covid-19 will soon come. It's called emerging pandemic diseases, how we got to covid-19, and it's presented as a scientific look at why we're where we are today with the coronavirus and more importantly, what we can do to keep from facing such dramatic disease.


Hide the devastation in the future.


But a better title might be how to take over the world one medical fear at a time. Here's an example of why to worry, quote. In looking at the recent spate of deadly emergencies, we must now ask whether human behaviors that perturb the human microbiome status quo have reached a tipping point that forecast the inevitability of an acceleration of disease emergency Falchi morons wrote. They go on to ponder the land use and human activities that have perhaps contributed to these disease emergencies like forestry, burns, overfishing, urban crowding, the gathering of fans at sporting events and human relocations around the globe.


Like almost everything else humans do. And they conclude this, quote, Living in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behavior, as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence, from cities to homes to workplaces, to water and sewer systems, to recreational and gathering venues, unquote.


Falchi is a left wing kook. Everything must change everything. Here's another quote, Evidence suggests that SARS murders and covid-19 are only the latest examples of deadly barrage of coming coronavirus and other emergencies. They wrote, The covid-19 pandemic is yet another reminder that in a human dominated world. That in a human dominated world in which our human activities represent aggressive, damaging and unbalanced interactions with nature, we will increasingly provoke new disease emergencies.


So humans are the aggressors. Here's some of their suggested courses of action we need to strengthen the United Nations. They said we need to bolster the powers, particularly of the World Health Organization. We need to rely more on the recommendations and collaborative findings of the global community to help steer humanity to disease safety, specifically by preventing bio weapons development. They advised. That's Feltri. He's a kook. He's a left winger. Wear the mask, stay in the house, don't leave, don't breathe.


Now you understand why he didn't give a damn if the economy opened. And of course, now you understand why Biden would listen to him and shut down the economy, Biden said he would shut down the country. Well, I didn't really mean it. Biden said he would end fracking. Well, I didn't really mean he means it. He just wants your vote. He means every damn bit of it. The Daily Beast, which is a crap news outlet and not just The Daily Beast, The Nation, which is an ultra leftist magazine, The Nation, is Trump planning a coup d'etat?


The Daily Beast headlined The Left Secretly Preps for Magga Violence after Election Day. So Trump is planning a coup d'etat against Biden. And Magga, you supporters are going to be violent after Election Day. Let me ask you a question, who's riding? Trump supporters, those Republicans are those conservatives. Who's looting are those Republicans, Trump supporters, conservatives? He was burning down buildings. Who's threatening little old man and little old women? Who's demanding that people put their fists in the air and repeat slogans that are given to them or they will threaten them, who's going into McDonald's looking for fights?


This is the people that the nation and The Daily Beast support and will no doubt read these rags. Is Trump planning a coup d'etat as the nation, many observers, including Republicans, worry that he is, though, organizing now to stop him.


This is why they have this whole melinde voting scheme going on. And among others, they talked to Charles Freed. Harvard Law School Professor Eino Charles Fried, I work with Free at the Department of Justice. He's a bizarre guy, very bizarre. In my opinion. But he's getting ready for Trump because, you know. His family fled, as they say, the nation Nazi occupation in Czechoslovakia. And so, of course, he has to worry about Trump because ipso facto, you know, Trump's like a Nazi.


So sick. And then The Daily Beast. Last week, a coalition of leading progressive groups gathered on Zoome to begin organizing for what they envision as the post-election day political apocalypse scenario. So they are creating this apocalypse scenario. They're going to create a constitutional crisis. That is the plan. They want to prevent Trump from staying in the Oval Office. If Trump wins, they'll say he lost. If Trump challenges the ballots in these mail in ballots, they'll say he's a dictator and they need to send in the military, according to Bernie Sanders, with Schumer's support to remove the.


And the violence. I was there. On that Thursday night when the president spoke and many of his family members and others spoke at the Republican convention on the South Lawn, and I am telling you how the media lie that every person who left the White House grounds. Worried about their safety, some worried about their lives. As the Marxist mob. Descended on the White House. Violent. And notice that the nation and The Daily Beast have no problem with that.


You leave the White House grounds, excuse me, and you face a mob, a violent mob. So it's the Democrats, it's the Marxists, it's Black Lives Matter Antifa, they're the ones have been riding, looting, burning with the support of the Democrat Party and the best the Democrat Party can do now is stand by. Not every now and then to say I don't support rioting or looting, no matter who does it, who's doing it, Joe.


Who's doing it, Joe? Must be the clan. And the neo-Nazis, they're the ones. America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis. And America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter and in Tifa, with the same amount of resolve because all these extremist organizations. Hate the country. And are trying to destroy us from within the differences, I recognize this and you recognize this, but the Democrat Party is saddle up to the other side. To the nuts on the left, whereas we reject the nuts on the left and the nuts on the right as constitutional conservatives.


I'll be right back. Much love in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for.


Join amoc instead a a US.


The left secretly preps for Magga violence after Election Day, writes The Daily Beast, how about the left preparing to deal with violence today by the left?


What a stupid site, The Daily Beast and the Nation always on the side of the enemy. Throughout the Cold War, in my humble opinion. But the left secretly preps for Magga violence after the election, we have left wing violence today in the streets. Today. But they don't seem to care. They say nothing. Biden in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Sunday, a beautiful part of Pennsylvania, I'm a Pennsylvanian myself. CuDeco. You know, you got, you know, six more than six million people are infected with Koven, they're heading toward 200000.


Above 200000 range of people have died from covid.


First of all, they likely can't wait. He can't wait till we hit 200000. That's a no. They they like it's around. No, it's a big number.


And they act like it's the president's fault. It's a virus, it's a pandemic. Nothing the president did nothing the United States did caused it, China caused your buddies over there, the communists, Biden.


The number of deaths. President has nothing to do with the number of deaths, nothing whatsoever. What the hell are they expect him to do and what do they think he can do constitutionally? The idiot already said, I can't mandate mass even though I want to because the Constitution doesn't allow it. So what would he mandate? So meanwhile, he's got this program. Warp speed to get a vaccine and to get other therapeutics. And we may have a vaccine in October, November by the first of the year, and they're accusing him of politicizing the process, trying to get it to fast.


You ever heard anything like this in your life? The president had his foot on the gas pedal. He wants to come up with vaccines and therapeutics that are going to save lives. Biden is out there waiting for the 200000 tents so he can jump on it. And then they accuse the president of being political because he's in a hurry. Why is that political? He's in a hurry to save lives. What's he supposed to do in elections? Coming up, tap the brakes.


Should he tell the pharmaceutical companies to slow down? Ever heard of this kind of insanity? And again, what Abidin Harris say about Cuomo and Murphy and Pritzker and Newsom when they were shoving. Wuhan virus positive patients in nursing homes and assisted living homes, they haven't said a damn thing. Go ahead. He still has no plan. I mean, there's virtually no what do you mean there's no plan, you idiot. He he he still is not by my dentures and lives here.


He still is no plan. They're working on vaccines, they're working on therapeutics even more than that, as I've said before, he's a businessman. So what has he done? He realizes. We need syringes, we need test tubes, we need all kinds of stuff. In order to actually effectuate the use. At the vaccine, so he's already ordered it. He's already ordered it. What else did he do? So he's already ordered the production of syringes.


And he's already ordered. The transporting and the delivering. Of the vaccine in the syringes. In other words, he's three steps ahead already. And then they say, well, it's all political, I don't trust them. You do understand, ladies and gentlemen, that the Democrats have done literally nothing to help us deal with this virus and they control the House of Representatives, they've done literally nothing. Biden and Harris have come up with literally no positive suggestions on what to do, nothing whatsoever.


And they sit there and they shoot spitballs because that's all they've got. And then some of our fellow idiots in this country. Biden and Harris, I think I read somewhere 17 percent higher rating in dealing with the virus than when he went down with the virus. Some days it's tough to take. And then we have Kamala Harris cut nine go. President Trump has promised a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year or maybe sooner. Would you trust that vaccine?


Now stop. Here's a so-called reporter, Dana Bash, that got her job because her father was a senior producer at ABC and then CNN, in my humble opinion, that's how she got her job, certainly part of the reason.


Just as Michelle Obama got her first job in the Chicago machine because her father knew somebody, may I say this? I think I will say this. Oh, yes, I did. Would you trust that vaccine, what kind of question is this from a mental midget? That's what it is. It's like a set up go ahead. I think that we have learned since this pandemic. So I have you noticed the snark and the condescension from this idiot, and she is an idiot.


And I think we've learned since this pandemic started, but really before that, go ahead for that, that there's very little that we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump, his mouth from the beginning of this pandemic.


Notice, notice. These two say they're going to bring the country together, we want unity. Notice Dana Bash sits there with that constipated look on her face and doesn't interrupt, say, wait a minute, I asked you a question. But Dana Bash is in on it. Go ahead, coax his muzzled the public.


He never said it's a hoax. He never said the virus was a hoax. That's been facture. You're such an idiot. May I say you're an idiot? I believe in treating everybody equally, regardless of genitalia and everything else. You're an idiot.


You're the Spiro Agnew of the ticket. Except he wasn't an idiot. I'll be right back. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


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Join amoc instead. A m c U.S..


The Mark Levin Show live at National at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one before I get to our two callers, three callers, five callers, whatever.


Montage politicians covid restrictions are for the people, not for us. Hat tip greybeard cut 13 go.


As it turns out, it was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup. I think that they own that. So on owes me an apology.


You went to the gym yesterday and Twitter lost its mind. I don't get it, but we'll move on with our lives. The gyms are all closed now.


I did not for a moment think there was anything problematic because I knew the dynamics. And again, I have to stay healthy so I could make the economy equal.


The city did it. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham play by her own rules when she ordered non-essential stores to shut down and lectured all New Mexicans to stay home and non-essential business open so she could buy jewelry, whereas the first lady has engaged in non-essential travel.


What is your response to people who say the stay at home governor and travel bans aren't being abided by your family? So I'm just not going to answer that question.


It's inappropriate and I find it reprehensible, know certainly not essential during this pandemic unless there was a photo recently surfaced of Chicago's mayor, but posing with a hairdresser after getting a haircut. Now she has defended herself, saying that she needed a haircut because she is the public face of the city. Debbie, getting her roots done is not essential.


The state has launched an investigation into the nail bar in Beaumont following a visit from Mayor Becky Ames and said, quote, As an elected official, I am held to a higher standard. I regret my actions that day. I did not intend to take personal privilege while asking others to sacrifice. And for that I am truly remorseful. You know, I went to Virginia Beach as I just this is the barely literate and incoherent governor of Virginia, people that want to take pictures.


And I was unprepared. This is not just about me. This is about all Virginians and it's about their public safety. And so I will continue to offer guidelines as to what's in everybody's best interest.


Hmm. Good job, Virginia. Now, one more Joe Biden. He said this AFLCIO, a virtual event on Sunday and there's a teleprompter.


He needs a teleprompter to answer the questions so he knows the questions in advance. His staff are given the questions in advance. Cut 14 go.


And I would like to know, what will your administration do to help them give them that chance? Thank you. Up here, you know, there used to be a basic bargain in this country.


Oh, my God. This guy needs help and he's going and the Democrats nominate him, I mean, quite seriously. Can you play that again, it's so unbelievable. Go ahead and I would like to know, what will your administration do to help them give them that chance? Thank you to Dr..


You know, there used to be a basic bargain in this country. Seriously, folks, seriously. Let's go to Lou in Ocala, Florida, a young lady. How are you, Lou? The great WKYC.


Hey, listen, I just wanted to say that I was really surprised at American Airlines getting their employees to wear BLM. I think that's great.


Now they're exposed and wherever possible, I will not use American Airlines.


Absolutely. Another thing is you were the first and you continue to do it to get across to this country. But what we have is a communist revolution. This isn't about Democrat. It isn't about Republicans. It's not about parties anymore. They don't want parties and idiots who are going along with this, whether it's corporate or these governors or whoever, don't realize that they're going to be the first ones even when the communists look.


Look how some of these mayors have had to move out of their houses. Exactly. They're so stupid. And the thing is, is that they lie, lie, lie.


But the one thing the one thing they told the truth and you keep heading home is that 110 page Communist manifesto. Now, why don't the Republicans do something smart? I get 50 emails a day from every Republican candidate in the book.


And by the way, the texts never stop. The text never stop. Yeah.


And you have to some people have to pay data on where's Romney? Yeah, exactly. But here's the thing. Why don't they do something with their life and say, OK, you want to two dollars, you want double or triple. The people who are marketing are terrible. And the thing is, is that if they would say, OK, we're going to cost you the link to the one hundred and ten page Communist manifesto that Bernie Sanders is commenting on to Biden, because Biden will be able to write a manifesto to save his life.


And so people can start to really read that and read what's going on. Mm hmm. You know, you talk about this college educated women in the suburbs, you really want to educate yourself about something and not about hating Trump or hating his hair or hating his tweets.


You're good, Lou. I want to read you something my wife sent me today. See what you think about this. I think it's brilliant. She said, we believe with good reason that the anarchists are being paid, many of them, anyway.


We know they travel to different states in our state to commit criminal, unlawful acts. What about a RICO action?


A week of action when she said, we understand we need defendants names, but is there some way to do this turned state and local inaction into federal jurisdiction due to interstate travel to commit criminal activity? I agree with this, don't you?


Well, I do. I completely agree with that. And you have William Barr on the other night, and that is something, I think that he'd be just champing at the bit. You got to believe they're thinking about it. You know, they've had had a number of arrests and a number of these crimes are federal. So, you know, it's like, come on, get on with it already and get to the money always. I agree.


Some somebody there's a Mr. Big somewhere. All right, Lou. Well done. It's a great hearing from you.


Let us continue, Joan. Eugene, Oregon, the great Kuji and go.


I just want to say, Mark, thank God for you. You're the best historian I have ever heard. And I've gone to some pretty good history classes. But I just want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, thank you for everything you. I love your service stations. Certainly programs. I watch them twice. I give them at five o'clock and at 8:00. So I just want you to know you've got a I'm a Trumper from way back.


Thank you so much. Thank you, John.


And God bless you, my friend. Let's keep going, David Dundee, Illinois XM Satellite, go, Mark. Yes, amazing. I listen to you every night. Thank you. I just stumbled upon a video on Facebook about restaurant tours that were disrupted, disrupted by Black Lives Matter. Have you seen that?


Yes. It's awful. Awful, horrible. Yeah. And and what did they do to deserve having their meals thrown on top of them? That poor restaurant owner having his restaurant torn apart. I just. I don't get it. I just don't get it.


Terrible. No, I mean, look, I started my company at 27, I worked two jobs day and night because I didn't have money to live on or eat. But did I complain? Did I look for handouts? I just don't get how Black Lives Matter. Feels like they need to give up our resources and everything that we work for and give it to them. For what? All right, my friend, thank you. All weekend long, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Drudge was promoting convicted liar felon Michael Cohen's book.


All weekend long. Why do you think he was doing that? Why do you think he was doing that? I was told somebody was up there for three days. Pretty shocking. Now, you know, Matt Drudge didn't read the book, he doesn't read any books. But there he is pushing Michael Cohen's book. Closing up the CNN and MSNBC. Incredible. Why do you think he's trying to sabotage Trump, trying to get Joe Biden elected president, the United States?


Why do you think he's siding with Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Why do you think he hates the cops, then undermines the military? And supports open borders because if you defeat Trump, that's what you get. What do you think he's doing all those things? Pretty incredible. It's why I don't need to go to his website anymore. It's like going to Media Matters. Media Matters. Jacqueline Southbridge, Virginia, the great WME, well, how are you?


Hi, Mark. I've been listening to the show just, you know, ever since I was really little, just the channel in general. Like, I've been listening to it since I was five. So I'm a really big fan.


While WMO has a tremendous line up, it's a great station.


So I'm currently a senior in high school. And something I definitely noticed is that BLM and all of these organizations, they market towards children, they marketed towards teenagers because they think that we're going to be the ones that are going to go and like cause all this anarchy. And you know what? It kind of does work in that sense that not all of us are as educated as we like to think that we are. You see what they're doing to our schools all over the country.


They're trying to take history classes out of it, like they're trying to take away our history because they think it is racist. And like, if we don't let our history, then we're bound to repeat it.


That's just how it is. I've learned that ever since I was young.


You're not only right, but it is they who are the racists. It is they who run up to white people, restaurants, elderly people. It is they who demand that white people deny their white privilege. They are the racists. They are the racists. Marx was a racist and that's what they embrace. And if you look at Marxism all over the world, you can see how racist it is.


Castro was a racist. The the dark skinned Cubans were abused more than any others. You can see the racism in communist China with respect to Muslims and others Tibetans. Marxism is is a deadly, racist, genocidal ideology. And that's the one being pushed.


I'm very aware of that. Like I mean, the amount of times that we've seen these people, like the leaders of these groups, literally idolize Karl Marx or even like, you know, just the ideas of communism and socialism in general. It's it's terrifying, truly.


All right, my friend, thank you.


By the way, why do you think most of the other radio hosts don't condemn Drudge? Isn't that weird to Mr. Blitzer? He makes his fortune. Makes a site from conservatives. Most recently, Donald Trump. And then he flips. He flips kind of like Alger Hiss, you know. Not that he's out hiss his. I'm just making a parallel. We'll be right back. Much love in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk.


AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us.


We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Armacost. That's a m a c dot U.S. stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join AMOC instead. A m a c U.S. and.


As this election gets close, that is Election Day. On Life, Liberty and Levin, I'm not going to waste any Sundays. Each one will be very, very important as we try to make the case for the election of this president and the defeat of Joe Biden and the counterrevolution.


I'm trying to do this every day behind this microphone as well and on live in TV, which is also very, very important if you haven't joined us over there. So I'm not holding back anything. The only other day that I'm aware of that I'm taking off, there's one or more one or two days for the Jewish holidays and one other holiday, but that's it.


It's pedal to the metal. And I hope you'll stick with us for each and every day. It's very, very important. Let's go to Kathy Scranton, Pennsylvania, the great WTW now, first of all. Joe Biden may be from Scranton, but he left Scranton as a little kid and now he brings up Scranton whatever he thinks he needs votes out of Pennsylvania about them.


He flip flops on everything. First, is not going to be in Barack. And then he's been back and now he's talking 38 percent tax hike. Now he's talking like whatever Bernie Sanders and his manifesto is for profit and is the problem for Bernie Sanders.


And by the way, Kathy, he's lying about fracking right there in the 110 page Communist Manifesto that he put out with Bernie Sanders. They want to get rid of fossil fuels in the next 10 to 15 years. That means fracking. That means even more than fracking, which is absolutely nuts. You're going to drive up the cost of gasoline three, four or five times. You're going to create shortages. We're finally energy independent. But he wants to you know, this energy is the it's the engine of the capitalism can't run.


So he's going to attack it.


Right. And it would kill Pennsylvanians and we would lose everything. He's a nowhere man in the beetles. Yeah, exactly. Living in his nowhere land with his nowhere plans. All his plans are Bernie Sanders.


I just hope the people of Pennsylvania and these other states all over the country understand the targets, not the billionaires. The target for the left is the people who make this country work. All of you. Thank you, Kathy.


We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Folks join us right here tomorrow. Check out live in TV. We're plowing ahead. We're not looking back. Stick with us. See you tomorrow. From the Westwood One podcast network.