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He's here now broadcasting live from the underground command post here. Deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America, I'm Mark Levin, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


But I must tell you, because I'm always honest with you, we've got so much to cover today. I don't know if I'm going to get them any calls.


So I would just give you that heads up.


And normally I like to get to some calls, but today we're just so loaded.


I don't mean I'm drinking. You understand? I thought last night's Republican convention was outstanding. You know, these each night is unbelievable. These speeches are fantastic. The production value is sky high and you can see the difference between this and the Democrat convention, they look like everybody who is speaking into the resume or what have you.


Their Skype look like a massive witness protection program or like these were kidnapped prisoners somewhere in some third world country. And they sounded that way to. The Democrat convention was the Hate America Convention. Hate America, hate American history, hate the American constitution and the Declaration, hate the American people, the American people are racist. America sucks. So elect us the Democrats and we'll fix everything, you know, like we have the major cities. And and Cuomo did New York during the virus and Murphy did New Jersey during the virus, and Pritzker in New York turned it all over to them.


That'll fix it. But here's the problem. They just nominated a truly defective candidate to run against Donald Trump. And they thought, well, this will be a shoo in because we've done everything we can to smear Trump, we've got the the Democrat Party media behind us. It's got the Never Trumper behind us.


We have the former McCain staffers, almost 100 former McCain staffers are now for Biden. Doesn't that kind of underscore why we're for Trump? Oh, yeah, a bunch of Romney staffers are forbidden to again. Doesn't that underscore why we're for Trump? Doesn't it also underscore why we despise the Republican establishment and despise Renaults when they asked for our support, our donations, when they asked for our our coming out and knocking on doors and voting for them? We did.


Because we figured, you know, we got to beat Obama and here we have Obama's sidekick, who turns out to be a Bernie Sanders type with the most radical agenda in American history to undermine our republic. And the Romney OIDs. In the McCain OIDs rhymes with hemorrhoids. They're going to support Biden. It reminds me of the Tea Party 10 years ago. We come out in massive numbers, we throw Pelosi out as speaker of the House, the first time around we went over 60, almost 70 House seats.


Boehner becomes the speaker. McConnell is their leader in the Senate. And what do they do? They turn on us, they hate us, they attack us, they attack their own base. The base owns the Democrat Party, that's why they're a bunch of kooks are based constitutionalists, Tea Party activists, they attacked us, they besmirched us, and the left wing media was grotesque. And here they are again. The McCain OIDs and the Romney OIDs, it's disgusting.


But Nancy Pelosi. Probably the most disgusting of them all to hard Harpic, eye color evea Pelosi. Because she's she's so apt to use Nazi references to describe us, describe the president to describe federal law enforcement, the military, I thought I would use one to describe her.


Remember Eva Braun, Adolf's girlfriend? Well, if she wants to keep using the genre, the Third Reich. Like their great leader, Joe Biden. Well, then I guess we can play along to as disgusting as it is, as outrageous as it is. So Nancy Pelosi has had a press conference today. As she waddles up there. Morticia from The Addams Family. And then she gives the voice of Beavis and Butthead, I'm not sure which she is, maybe Butthead hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee as her face is melting before our eyes.


As her dentures are swimming around in her mouth, I'm sorry, it's true. As she barely blinks, she either barely blinks or blinks incessantly and her four eyebrows are moving along. It's just difficult. It's difficult to watch.


I feel bad for her. So even Pelosi. Well, she says what I've told you, they really want to try and pull off, they really want to try and pull off. That Joe Biden should not debate.


And they'll come up with whatever pretext they can think of because they nominated a terrible candidate, not just terrible substantively, not just terrible in terms of his resume, but a terrible candidate who can't speak. Who's going to have difficulty when confronted by the president of the United States? But he's their nominee. That's who it is. And you cannot impose the most radical agenda in American history on the American people. Without debating these topics, he won't even come out to answer questions from a friendly left wing kook media trying to protect him.


On his 110 page. Well, it is like a communist manifesto. And he won't do it now, the American people, these elections are about us, not about the candidates, the American people, we have a right to demand that this man be scrutinized, that his positions be vetted and that he speak to us. Not choreographs somebody who's. Who's in a mental institution or maybe should be? Nancy Pelosi is really Biden's campaign manager. She and the old Brooklyn red.


Bernie Sanders. She's the one that's tried to destroy Trump with hearings and impeachment when the post office. Yes. And now she's telling Biden, hey, don't debate, don't debate. And here it goes, cut five today, go, I don't think that there should be any debates, I do not think that the president of the United States has comported himself in a way that anybody that has any association with truth, evidence, data and facts now stop there.


Get this. In this amazing. She is as fascistic and totalitarian as they come. You know, that last vote last week on the post office funding, 68 Democrats weren't present because she instituted this proxy system. Where Democrats were present can vote up to 20. Other votes by proxy for other members of Congress, we've never seen anything like this. She's so fascistic, Eva. Eva, are you there, Eva? This is why you despise her. So there shouldn't be a debate.


And we shouldn't legitimize Trump, so this is what they figured out. She doesn't come up with this stuff on her own. She's way too stupid. So. Even the stupid stuff she comes up with is smarter than she is. She sits there in the speaker's office. Chowing down on our expensive ice cream. And that they're going over, how can we how can we help our friend Joe, who we all know has an IQ in the negatives, what are we going to do?


Well, there shouldn't be debate why? Because a trump. He's just illegitimate. We can't have a debate because of Trump. Let me say this to you before I continue. They're in trouble either way, let me be the first to put this marker down, I do this all the time, so you'll hear about it tomorrow. But let me be the first to put the marker down.


They're stuck. If Joe Biden debates. He'll make mistakes. People well, at least he's standing up, his face isn't on the podium, I mean, that's the greatest standing up I've ever seen. That'll be the press. You know, like when he read his his speech on the teleprompter for the DNC. Oh, my God, that was a killer. You know, that demonstrates that what the Republicans have been saying about Biden has never been right.


Chris? So it starts with Thomas Friedman, then it starts with the now Pelosi sent out the word publicly, everybody, the chorus line. The rockets and the media, the rockets in the Democrat Party are all going to say the same thing now because Trump's not worthy of a debate. The debates are for the American people.


But if there is no debate. I don't think a lot of the American people are going to go along with that other than the headbanger's on the left. Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's protect you, protect you. Protect you, protect Joe. The Praetorian Guard media will protect you, but the fact is. The way Joe is not campaigning. If Joe doesn't debate. I think Joe's going to be in big trouble. Go ahead, please.


I wouldn't I wouldn't legitimize a conversation with him nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States. Now, I know that the Biden campaign thinks in a different way about this, but I just I thought what he did in twenty sixteen was disgraceful, stalking Hillary Clinton like that. I was disappointed that the president said, go back to your station. You're not here.


You know, are you really are an idiot. You really are an idiot. The wonder reprobates in San Francisco send you the Congress because you represent the reprobates in San Francisco, not the Patriots, the reprobates.


Either way, he was stalking Hillary now, as I recall, Hillary was walking into his space. And so he decided later, you know what, I walk into hyperspace. But Pelosi so dainty. She's so proper, ladies and gentlemen. She's so classy, the idea that Donald Trump would walk in the Hillary space is unbelievable. Now, of course. When it came to Bill Clinton and him walking into the space of an intern, Pelosi had no problem with that.


She defended him to the hilt. She supported him for president. That was OK.


That's OK. And so now. The campaign begins where they don't want him to be, and, of course, she wants to debate, oh, the campaign wants him out there. That's why he's out there every day taking questions, demonstrating to the American people that he's he's really sharp as a tack all year. And that's why he's out. And Joe wants a debate he can't wait to debate. But maybe he shouldn't debate because of Trump. Right, Thomas Friedman, you fraud and fake.


Nancy Pelosi, you fraud and fake. They want to deny the American people a one on one debate. Can you imagine that? The way she talks about Donald Trump, you think she was talking about Islam or Nazi who runs Iran?


I don't know, but she talks about him with respect. You'd think she'd be talking about the genocidal communist mass murder who runs China.


But she treats me with respect.


You'd think she'd be talking about Fidel Castro. He's dead, but she used to treat him with respect to no, it's Trump.


And we can't debate Trump because he doesn't tell the truth. But Joe should be the commander in chief. And take on all these fascists and communists and he can do and he should meet with them, but he shouldn't debate with Trump. God, I hope we take the house and kick your ass out of the speaker's office. I really do. I'll be right back. Much love in. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that?


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Welcome back. I'm sorry to waterboard you this evening with Nancy Pelosi, a.k.a. Diva Pelosi, but she wasn't done.


Now she wants to continue with the big conspiracy about the post office as she tries to to set up the president with sabotage and sabotage the vote. I think she's an operative for Putin. What do you think of that cut six go?


Well, last week we had the day of action about the postal system, the other day of action when 68 of your members didn't show up. The president's henchmen trying to dismantle the postal system so that that would mess up any successful vote by mail. Now, let's say she's never questioned. The postmaster general was there because of a henchman. So they haven't done anything to hurt anything. The Postal Service will be conducting itself as it normally does. Nancy Pelosi's an evil, diabolical old woman.


She's undermining the public's faith in the electoral system. All of a sudden in April, she's pushing the mail and vote because again, they sat down in her office and said, how can we how can we try to ensure that Trump is not elected and our nominee is elected?


You know, we had a failed move to try and remove him from office. Let's just prevent him from office.


You heard Hillary Clinton screeching out the other day that Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances. These are very, very evil, diabolical people.


And they try and accuse their opponents or the president what it is that they are. But what they really did was hurt our veterans over 90 percent of the medications that go out to our veterans.


So she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. This is why people are rioting in the streets. If Nancy Pelosi wasn't the speaker of the House, she'd be leading one of the Antifa units in Portland, Oregon. She'd be throwing Molotov cocktails because here she's throwing what is politically effectively a Molotov cocktail.


Nobody's dismantled the post office, the incompetence bureaucracy, level after level, the post office is something that is endemic to the model of the post office.


And of course, the problem is going to be really more than the post office.


The states, as we've discussed at great length here, she knows it, but she wants to break the system and then grab the presidency. So, so far, no debate as far as she's concerned. No concession grabbed the presidency. I'll be right back. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that? Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us.


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Going to live in for Hillsdale Dotcom. Levien for Hillsdale Dotcom. Livin for Hillsdale Dotcom. Was it simply the smartest man on radio and you can call one 877 three eight one three eight one one.


Now, what's going on here? The Democrats are panic. This Republican convention. Has not only met expectations, it has far exceeded expectations even among Republicans. And it's been spectacular and not because of the politicians who are speaking, I mean, they're doing a great job, too. Don't get me wrong. But for the reason I said on Monday evening and others are regurgitating, it's because of the nonpoliticians who are speaking and you can see the president's outreach to minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics.


Asian-Americans, you can see the president drawing a a stark contrast with the Democrats, it's a very patriotic convention. It's promoting Americanism and faith and family and life. The vice president's speech last night was outstanding, absolutely fabulous. And so are the others. Even the video with John Void's voice, they're extremely Petrarch, they make you inspired. The Democrat convention was aimed at a small percentage of the population, the disgruntled, the miscreants, the malcontents. And the socialists in the Marxist.


And now. The numbers are tightening and they're tightening fast. I told you the numbers before in the battleground states. This is even before the impact of the Republican convention in Arizona. Biden 49. Trump 47. That's the margin of error in Florida, Biden 49, Trump 46. Pennsylvania, Biden 49, Trump 46. North Carolina, Biden 48, Trump 47, margin of error, Wisconsin, Biden 49, Trump 44.


This is before Kenosha and all the rest of the. Michigan, Biden 50, Trump 44. And if the president wins Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Arizona and Florida and Ohio and those states, he doesn't even have to win Michigan and Wisconsin, just so you know. And he's doing very well in Minnesota right now. This is before any debates and this is before the impact hopefully will be significant. Of the Republican National Convention, what else is happening? Hopefully, more and more the truth is getting out on how the president is dealing with the coronavirus.


The country is coming out of extremis, it really is. Even in the south and the southeast, even in the southwest and definitely in the Northeast. This virus has a mind of its own. As my buddy Daniel Horowitz, a conservative review, has written, it seems to have a four to six week lifespan and then it moves on. But no president, even more than that, no human being sitting in that office could have done more. Then this president to deal with a pandemic.


That the whole world is dealing with and it's interesting, there are charts out there now and I put it on my social site, you can check it out, Mark Levin Show Facebook, Mark Levin show Twitter, their charts out now based on the science, Nancy. That show the extraordinary. Results from the way the president has handled this pandemic. Extraordinary. Our mortality rate. Is the lowest, if not one of the lowest in the entire world.


Our testing rate is the highest in the world. The mean age of those who have died from this virus is 78 years old. Nobody dismisses those who've died from the virus. I have question. How the states keep the records and how the CDC has asked them to keep the records and we've gone over this over the past months. Because some states and some people are playing games. And the mortality rate would even be lower had these Democrat governors like Cuomo, Murphy, Pritzker and others not shoved China virus positive patients in with nursing home patients.


An assisted care living patients. And on that front, by the way, the attorney general of the United States has asked every state to send them the data. Of the death rates in the nursing homes and the assisted living homes, you want to know why? I think he's looking at a potential civil rights case. And of course, some states are resisting. Some states are resisting. But the Democrats are getting nervous right now because they have a very flawed candidate, they're trying to protect them, they're going to become even more.


Their voices are going to become more shrill, much like Nancy Pelosi's. You know, I have Ed Rollins. One of the brilliant men behind the Reagan. Second term 1984 campaign, as well as the 1980 campaign. He feels that this Republican National Convention will launch Trump to victory in 2020. You see Rove. These are past campaign managers talking about how this has been a superb convention that will again strengthen Trump. Heading into the final 60 or 70 days of the campaign.


And it's the Libs like to say the best is yet to come because of the debates now, as I said earlier. If Biden doesn't debate. I believe that hurts Biden, if Biden does violate debate, it will hurt, but they're stuck with a bad candidate. Isn't it interesting also that Kamala Harris is the one? Who will be responding tonight to the president's acceptance speech? Isn't that bizarre, Mr. Producer? I thought she's running for vice president.


Again, what does that demonstrate, that Biden can't do it? Why would you have your vice president? Kamala, Spiro Agnew, Harris. Respond to Trump. If you have faith in your candidate, if he can speak, if he can speak well, he has some charisma and so forth, you would want him to respond.


No, it's also interesting, we know what Trump has violated all traditions here by you know, during the Democratic convention, he was doing events and so forth and so on. They're worried about traditions, there's rioting going on, looting, arson in Democrat cities and Democrat states. Pelosi violates the Constitution to impeach the president of the United States. They say criminal investigators against the president and his family. You've got a nut job in New York as attorney general, violating all kinds of rules of professional conduct for lawyers in New York.


With investigations. Criminalizing politics there, the president of the United States, and they're worried about tradition. I don't know the tradition here.


Right. Then they go after Pompeo, who gives a speech from Israel. You can't do that, that's political, right? Oh, really? Obama's first secretary of state was John Kerry, who had been the presidential nominee and candidate for the Democrats in 2004. Now he got his ass kicked, but nonetheless, and that is second secretary of state is Hillary Clinton, who tries to use that as a springboard to run for president. But they're worried about Pompilio giving a speech in Israel.


Then they claim that the president united, so you're violating the contract by by by giving your speeches and having your convention part of it anyway in the White House. In the Rose Garden. So the Special Office of Governmental Ethics says, no, there have been political events and so forth in the Rose Garden before. So they try to make a a crime, a controversy out of everything, everything but the rioters, we don't hear rioters and one of the people is not violent.


If there is violence, it's because of, you know, the federal law enforcement that's been sent in there. So cities are burning.


There's no federal law enforcement. The ratings show the public is getting sick and tired of this. Now, all of a sudden, Joe Biden yesterday issues a video, you know, like I said, 12 and a half years ago about riot Joe. Nobody said anything at your convention. And Nancy Pelosi called federal law enforcement storm troopers and James Climate called them Gestapo, and another one of your knuckleheads said that they were secret police.


That's your federal law enforcement, ladies and gentlemen, who stand between you and these domestic terrorists. And the Biden campaign is endorsed by a Klansman. No, no headlines on that. You know why he stood up with Trump, he says Trump's not who we thought he was. No, he's not. And he never was. And of course, the Biden campaign embraces antisemite, as does Nancy Pelosi, she's no question about that tally and Obama and the rest.


Anything, nothing. Nancy Pelosi endorsed them in their primaries. That's your Democrat party. They attack federal law enforcement. They're silent on the riots. That's not leadership, ladies and gentlemen, but that's what they stand for. Now. And that 110 page Communist manifesto. They brought forth and started talking about now other people hopefully will continue to do so. That's a damnable document. That's why they're not campaigning on it. That's not why they're taking. That's why they're not taking any questions on it.


And more and more, you're going to see the liars in the media try and position Joe Biden as a decent. He's so decent, Joe. Nobody was known for fondling women at. Joe is. Lunch bucket, Joe, he's never carried a lunch at. Lunch bucket, Joe. And he'll unite us, does he unite us to hear what he says about black people, he's a act. Joe's going to unite us. And chose a moderate, he's not a moderate, he's embraced every radical idea Burnie's at.


Decent, intelligent, moderate, pragmatic Joe Biden, and the reason why the reason why he won't campaign like Donald Trump is because he's responsible, because he follows the science. Because of the virus. Joe is the man Joe knows what to do at a moment's notice. Wait a minute. In 2009, when we had the swine flu, H1N1, Joe was a disaster at. Please, that was then, this is now. I'll be right back.


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Malcolm Jenkins, I think he's retired, used to be an Eagle, New Orleans St.. He was on CNN today and he is a threat to make to all of you cuts. Rico, go, go.


So the same systems that perpetuate a cycle of incarceration, the same systems that allow state violence against unarmed civilians, the same system that that is taking generational wealth from black and brown people and haven't paid back a dime. All of these things are what we are fighting for right now in this political landscape. I hope that that turns into some kind of political engagement by athletes and by everybody to say that, you know, if you want the black vote.


All right. Let me tell you something, pal. With your racism, with their ahistoric diatribe, with your victimization, as you sit there, a multimillionaire and your only attention is only drawn to you because of the iconic position you used to hold as an athlete, you're not going to destroy this country.


There are tens of millions of us who are going to stand in your way white, black, brown, yellow and red, you understand what I'm telling you, pal? I don't care how many times you repeat your lies about systemic racism, how people are taking money from black and brown people and on and on and on that race based lying.


Is not going to get you anywhere. Anywhere. Because are those of us who love this country and there are men and women who have fought for this country, you know, I remember, ladies and gentlemen, when that long ago when we had athletes, great athletes.


Who put aside their careers, Ted Williams for five years to join the military and defend this country? These jerks, having collected millions and millions of dollars, sit there in front of a damn computer and a video and tell you how crappy our country is when they've given up nothing, zero. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here, he's here. Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark.


America, Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. Look, just to continue what I was saying in the last hour, people like this, that is with a radicalized ideology and mindset.


Regardless, you don't get the bully us and push us around and tell us. That if we don't bow to your demands, there's not going to be peace. There's not going to be peace. He says later this Malcolm Jenkins, I think until we continue to demand it, until Black Lives Matter. It goes from just an idea or a goal that we're trying to attain as a society and then is actually realized in the streets. We won't see any peace.


I think we'll continue to see athletes, entertainers, as well as citizens disrupt the status quo until that's recognized, disrupt the status quo. The left wants the status quo. The hell do you think runs these cities, Malcolm? Who the hell do you think runs our culture, Malcolm? Who the hell do you think runs our colleges and universities and public schools? Malcolm? This is a bucket of B.S.. And now we're getting threats. If we don't buckle.


To the race baiting and the ultra left wing economic agenda and trash her own history to trash her own society. And undermine the civil society and our own liberty as a people. Then Malcolm says we're not going to be able to live peacefully. No, I don't know where Malcolm lives and I don't know where LeBron lives and I don't know where Oprah lives. I don't know where Chuma lives and Pelosi lives, I mean, we see pictures. They're not down for any revolution.


There are a bunch of big mouths. Who are trying to incite people. So they feel morally superior to everybody else. None of them are Mother Teresa. None of them have given up their wealth and decided to, quote unquote, live among the poor. Not a damn one of them. What Malcolm doesn't understand. And so many others on the left. Is the word liberty. Liberty provides every human being. Every citizen in this country. With an opportunity to make something of themselves, now they have that personal responsibility and personal accountability.


I noticed Malcolm doesn't talk about the long criminal records of some of these men. Have gotten confrontations with police not because of the race, but because of their records. The police don't go around shooting somebody in the back seven times for the fun of it. Black Lives Matter. Is a racist, anti-Semitic, Marxist anarchist organization, and Malcolm is saying here, hey, you either embrace that and we either get the changes that Black Lives Matter is demanding or there's not going to be peace.


Oh, really? And so we saw what happened in Kenosha, and you know who I blame, I blame people like Malcolm and others. Who are inciting the rioting? And he's on CNN today. CNN. Now, does Malcolm represent the vast majority of black men and women in the inner city? No, he doesn't. They want the cops, I'll show you a survey after survey. They want the cops, they don't want them defunded. As a matter of fact, they want more cops.


Black Lives Matter talks about eliminating the police. So who the hell is Malcolm talking for, Malcolm? Sounds like a typical left wing. White person. In a wealthy neighborhood, that's what he sounds like. That's what he sounds like. Honestly, that's the LeBron James sounds like. There's not a dime's worth of difference between what they say and where they stand. And Nancy Pelosi. And Chuck Schumer, not a dime's worth of difference. Now, Malcolm doesn't talk about, nor does LeBron, as I discussed with Stephen last night.


The over seven, almost eight thousand. Black people murdered every year. In our cities, 90 percent of whom are killed by other black people. And as I pointed out last evening, we lost around 7000 Marines on Iwo Jima. So there's an Iwo Jima every single year in the black community. Having nothing to do with the police, having nothing to do with white people, having nothing to do with capitalism, so where's Malcolm? Nowhere. Nowhere, where's LeBron, nowhere.


I went back, I looked they don't say anything. The reason why CNN puts Malcolm Jenkins on because Malcolm Jenkins. It's a guy who will attack Trump. And who will attack the system? He doesn't get hard questions, he'll never come on a show like this ever. But then we get the media like this, NBC News Kate Gutierrez now he's a newsman, right? Mr. Brucey reporter Kate Gutierrez at NBC News on the Morning Shmo. Now, Joe Scarborough.


There's a low IQ. Individual unsuccessful in radio. Why does he have a job on MSNBC? Well, what Al Sharpton have a job on MSNBC? What is Andrea Mitchell? This is where the reprobates are broadcasting go. There's nowhere else to go. It doesn't get any lower. Doesn't get any lower. CNN, of course. But even in their own circles, their own social circles and so-called professional circles, if you're any good, you work for their network, NBC, not MSNBC.


That's an island of idiots. Kate Gutierrez, who I don't know, Gabe Gutierrez from Gabe Kaplan, and he's a news reporter for NBC News now. The Blaze and The Daily Caller have had. Our reporters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, talking to people, videoing what's going on, which is what you're seeing all over cable TV. These very. Wealthy multi-national corporations that owns CNN and MSNBC, they're not sending reporters in the certainly not into areas that The Blaze and The Daily Caller are going into.


And these are young people, brave young people, the guy that works for The Daily Caller, which he used to work with me at the place, he's a great guy. Elijah, who works for the blaze and goes, he is a great guy. These are brave young men. They're about 30 years old, give or take. They're not going to get a Pulitzer Prize. They're not going to get anything, and they should. These slobs at CNN and MSNBC who sit on their fat asses, excuse my French in an air conditioned studio to comment on what they're saying, they're not there anymore than Malcolm Jenkins.


Is there any more than LeBron James is their. Any more than Joe Scarborough or Andrea Mitchell are there, they're not there, Chuck Todd, not their. George Stephanopoulos, no. So if you watch live on TV tonight, those of you who subscribe can see it tonight or those of you who have Pluto. On your smart TV, the Pluto network, you can see it to. I do a full interview. With our Bleys reporter who's been in Kenosha.


For four days. Including during the shooting and he interviewed before the shooting that 17 year old kid. And the media calling him like a white supremacist or militia, he's not those things he never was. Is out there trying to the same people who attack, that's not who he is, it's much more complicated than that. He felt he was a patriot going in there to try and protect everybody. To try and put down the violence, he had wanted to be a cop.


And you'll see he's assaulted his head over the head with a skateboard. And they're trying to pull his rifle from him and he fires off shots. It's just not so black and white, it just isn't. So here's Gabe Gutierrez. NBC News cat1 go first. I want to tell you what happened here overnight. This was yet another night of protests here in Kenosha, but thankfully this one was relatively peaceful. This came after the Wisconsin governor and authorized another 500 extra members of the Wisconsin National Guard.


President Trump had tweeted that he was sending in more federal resources, but local officials say that they were already bringing in more resources.


And OK now. You see, they even have to put down Trump on this, who's been demanding that they do something about this and the president. Is sending 2000 National Guard, making them available from states, surrounding states and so forth, to put this down once and for all. So I don't know what Gabe is talking about that matter. Go ahead. The truck, the burnt out truck behind me, that actually that happened several days ago and authorities were trying to prevent a repeat of that.


Protesters have been gathering here at the county courthouse. And again, thankfully, things remain peaceful, peaceful overnight. No major clashes, but there had been major clashes.


And as the congressman from this area said when he was interviewed on Fox. His district includes Kenosha. They have a Democrat mayor there. That these these rioters are coming in from Chicago. Chicago's not that far from Kenosha, Wisconsin. And so what's happening, ladies and gentlemen, is this is a roving mob. A paramilitary mob, Marxist anarchists. They're all going to vote for Biden to the extent they vote. They were protected by the Democrat Party in the cities and in the state and the national Democrat Party at their convention.


Only now that a town in a suburb was hit Kenosha. Is Joe Biden speaking out because of what I told you three days ago about the Pew poll? The she's at least quick to pick up on these things that that violent crime. Is now considered a very important issue with six out of 10 voters. Oh, Joe, Joe. And what is it? I'm eating my spaghetti, Joe. We got to have you make a statement. We have to make a statement.


So they put out another video like Jose. Is kidnapped in Iran or something in the basement? He stares into the camera and tells us that now he's against violence. Not a word, not a word at the convention. The House Judiciary Committee hearing where they attacked the attorney general who's trying to protect our citizens. Not a word about the rioters there. You might remember Ted Cruz confronting the idiot from Hawaii where she refused to denounce antifa. Sorry, Democrats, this is on you.


You own the rioters. You own the looters. You're only arsonists. You're on the violence. You own it. They're your cities. It's your party. And you want to stand up and do a damn thing about it. You wouldn't even say that it's wrong until the polls start to move. I'll be right back. My love in. Are you thinking about home warranty coverage with an American Home Shield plan, you're prepared when stuff breaks down in your home?


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Here's Politico, a left wing site. Quote, It's playing into Trump's hands, unquote. Democrats fear swing state damage from Kenosha unrest. Some Wisconsin Democrats worry that the images of violence and destruction will turn suburban voters against the party. It shows you the Democrats and Biden have no moral core, none whatsoever. He burn the city's. All of them are minorities going to vote for Bernice, but not the suburbs lead the suburbs along. Downtown buildings set ablaze by arsonists were still smoldering from the night.


When Kirk Ingram started to paint an angel on his boarded up storefront, it goes on and on. Ingram, a Democrat who runs a massage therapy business, said the war zone images of his city on TV were bolstering President Donald Trump's get tough message. Of course, safety is number one. And yet we have this individual, Nia Malika excuse me, Nia Malika Henderson, a contributor to CNN, and you have to be a radical crackpot to be a contributor to CNN, just like their hosts.


Got to go. I think you can draw a through line and think about what that couple did, they drew guns and McCluskey's who were outside their home on a sidewalk because they were black. I mean, stop, stop.


First of all, you're a liar and a race baiter. I saw a lot of white people in front of their home and they were threatening their lives, so why do you lie and why does CNN put a liar on here like this? Go ahead. Exactly what happened in that instance, and that is the message, I think, that the Donald Trump wants to deliver to particularly white people, that he is the one standing between the lawlessness of black and brown.


What do they get these people from?


I said on the air here, this is a matter of fact. There are millions and millions of gun owners in this country, and most of them who have legal firearms do not live in the cities because of the city's gun laws.


The vast majority of them live outside the cities, in the suburbs, the suburbs and in rural areas. So when 84 Black Lives Matter brings violence, Molotov cocktails, arson, other weapons and so forth into the suburbs. People think the suburbs are soft, they're not soft. Men and women in the suburbs, many of them are armed. And they're arms for this very purpose. Not a race war, but if somebody tries to harm them or a family member or destroy their home or their neighborhood, they might push back.


I am very worried about this. I'm the one who keeps talking about it. There are tens of millions of weapons in this country, not for hunting, not for target practice. That because people are trying to defend themselves and they tend to defend their their homes. I do, my neighbors do, I went down the street the other day, were armed up to the teeth, Mr. Producer. There's no question about it. I got Vetsera ex cops here, other people here.


In every part of the country where people are. Are not able to defend themselves. So when you move your riots, your violence, your arson, you're looting into other communities in this country and they're not all white. I've got plenty of minority neighbors here and I'm sick of hearing that, too. I have a very diverse community that I live in, and it's getting more diverse by the week. Good. These people are out of touch on television.


Malcolm Jenkins, LeBron out completely out of touch. They're playing with fire. This is what happens when the civil society begins to fall apart. It's not one way. And so you have the law of the jungle, as they say, as the philosophers say. And if the police are outnumbered or the police aren't going to act because the politicians won't act, individual citizens will, that's why there's a Second Amendment. So that's why these riders had to be put down, this has to be put to an end and people who are threatening to either adopt our politics and adopt our mindset or the violence is going to continue.


You have no idea what you're saying. Yes, it's true that Mark Levin is the fastest growing radio show in America, the Mark Levin Show is on at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


Most Americans I have to believe, we have to believe do not like a.. Tipper. Black lives matter because of their violence. Because of their hatred for America and their love of Marxism and anarchism. And their anti-Semitism. Most people don't want their federal courthouses in this country under attack, day in and day out, night after night. Most people in this country don't like turning on their television sets. And watching storefronts burn randomly. I watch people who own their stores who make a a living wage after half a century or 10 years or 20 years, they pour all their blood, sweat and tears into the operation, all their money, everything they have.


We don't like to see them torched and looted. In the name of reparations or anything else, for that matter. Most Americans, black, white, brown, red, yellow, albino, whatever it is. Are good people. And the problem is whether it's these athletes or Hollywood or the media types, they have their own mindsets. They reinforce one another. They're not in touch. They are out of touch. I am behind this microphone every day.


What is a 12, 14 million people listening? They all reinforce their own ideologies and attitudes. For all their talk. About this community or that community, they don't live in those communities anymore. They escape, quote unquote, from those communities and now they've made it. And they think spending money on this or voting on that. That makes a difference, makes no difference. They live one way and they talk another, it's not their storefronts being burned.


Americans are sick of this. You know what else Americans are sick of? Americans are sick of being called racists. What ninety nine point nine percent of Americans are not racists. Americans are sick of being told about the wealth gap. When Americans break their ass to earn a living, to put food on the table. To have a decent roof over their head and to try and provide for their children and their spouse. Americans can't stand it. When they're put down with generalizations and stereotypes.


When you listen to these big mouths, it's like black people can't. Can't succeed, and white people only succeed because they're white. Everybody knows that's a lie, it's a lie. And yet this is what they perpetuate. And God willing, on Election Day. How the American people feel. And God willing, the American people will shock. Once again. The Democrat Party. The leadership of the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party, media, basketball players, hockey players, Major League Baseball players, football players, Hollywood and all the rest.


You can't keep putting down the American people, you can't keep talking about the American people, that's why you can't keep talking about our magnificent country this way. And think there's no consequence politically. These people who are talking. What have they contributed to this country? I'm being very honest. What do basketball players contribute to this country? What do they give to this country? They attack the men and women who are police. What broadsides, they only want to know the facts.


Doc Rivers sees a 10 second video and he knows everything that took place. Tell me if you saw 10 second video of a minority allegedly doing something to a white person. And you don't have all the facts. Can you draw conclusions from that? Doc Rivers, you shouldn't we have an entire justice system built up to deal with this at the local, state and federal system, all kinds of of procedures for trying to get to the truth, but it doesn't apply, you see, for the last.


That guy was shot seven times in the back by a white cop, and he's black, so that's that. No, that's not that's that. And now we learn more what happened, he was tasered LeBron James. Why don't they try and tackle the guy? They did and they tase them. But when adrenaline's running, sometimes it doesn't work on people. And he got to. Well, he's just going in the car. You shot him in the back and now we know there was a knife in the car on the floorboard.


That's not that's not a cut and dry situation, but it shows you you now have more facts. The NBA. Is on strike or something, Mr. Producer? To show its solidarity with, I guess. Jacobs, or I'm not sure why. And this is how they they demonstrate their. Their concerns and their beliefs. They shut down their own business. How stupid is not how stupid is that? There's so walk the walk against themselves. Hey, I have an idea.


What is it? Let's screw ourselves. What? Yeah, and the league we play for. Yeah, let's do it. They're down for what revolution they sound like a bunch of idiots, quite frankly. And I think we have a right to ask those who speak out and make themselves public, what have you contributed to this society? I'm not asking you this side of that in your in your career, in your life, what have you done?


He didn't do it, Ted Williams did. And I can go down a whole list of athletes and by the way, white and black and brown. I can't go down a whole list of athletes. Unfortunately, most of them are not moderniser. This generation of athletes, which are spoiled like no other athletes, like none others. Which are wealthy, like no other athletes in American history, none others. Now, you know, many of you may not have agreed with Muhammad Ali.


Actually, I'll tell you what's interesting. Muhammad Ali and I became quite friendly. I was chief of staff to the attorney general, Ed Meese, during the Reagan administration.


And Muhammad Ali would call me from time to time if I ever told the story. Mr. Producer. He would call me from time to time. As you know, he was a practicing Muslim. He was very upset about pornography in this country and the attorney general and the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, they had a program in place that was really focused not just on pornography, but child pornography, which is a huge problem in this country.


Huge problem.


And the attorney general was mocked about all those years of pornography. This is what the left and the media do.


Well, one of the people who was very, very supportive of this and wanted to know what he could do to help and wanted to focus on this was Muhammad Ali. And he would call me actually for a period of time quite often, and when his Parkinson's got very, very bad, obviously he stopped calling, but. He would call me. And asked me about the progress in this area, what could he do, told us to fight on despite the press and I would pass this on to the attorney general.


In fact, I have a photograph of him with his, you know, in the ring and and he drew a boxing ring, you know, with his own pen. And wrote a very, very nice little note to me and then joked about, don't you ever wonder, don't you ever think you can beat me again in the ring with me?


And I was told it took him an hour and a half to write that. Why am I bringing this up? Muhammad Ali wasn't like Malcolm Jenkins or LeBron James. Muhammad Ali was a pacifist, he believe that's what his faith required, so when he was drafted in the Vietnam War, he said, I'm not going. It was very, very controversial, say what, the prison. Malcolm Jenkins isn't doing anything. LeBron James is they're not going to have a basketball game.


Wow, wow, that's amazing. I've never seen anything like that. They're not down for any revolution. Then a down for anything. He's a big get out the vote guy, the Democrat, the. He says people in the inner cities are suppressed from voting, Wolf, they're suppressed from voting, it's due to the Democrats who run the cities because they're the ones who are in charge of voting in the cities where the precincts are. It's it's it's just all.


Incoherency. A slew of athletes have gone off to war, giving up their careers for years at a time. You have Ali, who went to jail for standing up for what he believed and by the way. Muhammad Ali loved this country. Loved it. And I can't speak for him, but if I had to guess, he would be repulsed by this writing absolutely repulsive. He really was a man of peace. And in an interesting way, when I hear the president speak and when I we used to see Muhammad Ali on TV as a young man, they had the same kind of.


Charisma and brash personality and so forth, and they came out of the same kind of attacks. And yet both of them are heavyweight. Trump won the presidency and Ali, of course, is one of the greatest boxers of all time. You know, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy or guarantee most U.S. mortgages, and recently they inform leaders that they be charging a point five percent RE5 fee, which starts September one, to protect themselves from higher risks related to the coronavirus pandemic.


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One, two, three, four. And my last consumer access dog. We'll be right back.


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Al Gore suggests the military will move Trump from office if he won't concede on election night. No notice what's going on here. Hillary Clinton says Biden should not concede under any circumstances. Nancy Pelosi intends there to be a long, drawn out courtroom fight in courtrooms throughout the battleground states because of the mail in vote due to the state's not so much the post office, but she is pushing the narrative and positioning gets the post office thanks to Trump. And then Al Gore is out there saying, if Trump.


Doesn't concede on election night the military is going to go in and remove him. So Biden should fight as long as it takes. Pelosi is going to make sure there's chaos, anarchy, all kinds of litigation litigation in her hopes that we won't know on election night and that Al Gore says the military should remove Trump on election night. These are sick bastards, these are people who are undermining this country, undermining the public's faith in this election. This is exactly what they're doing.


First, they try and stop Trump as a candidate, they literally spy on his campaign. The Obama Biden administration, they literally lie to the FISA court. So they can continue spying on Trump and his campaign through Carter Page, among others. Then they try to set up his people, including Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. They try and set up the president of the United States, the director of the FBI. In the Oval Office, they're hatching a plot, Obama, Biden, Rice, Yates', comi.


A plot. Now, Russia collusion plot. They're unmasking. Republicans I'm asking people in the Trump campaign. Then they they managed to pressure, unfortunately, sessions to recuse himself, then a bureaucrats named the deputy attorney general to be the attorney general for these purposes. And now all of a sudden you have a a long term criminal investigation. Which comes up with nothing. Then we get the testimony, thanks to Richard Grenell that's released a secret under oath testimony, a virtually all the key people in the Obama administration saying there is no Rushdi collusion.


The whole thing was a lie. We have an effort by the FBI to use the 25th Amendment to remove the president of the United States. They said we couldn't remove we tried to impeach him, we've tried a coup, we've tried criminal, we have tried everything, a lesser man would have been broken, a lesser man would have resigned, a lesser man would have been pushed out of. Now Trump wants to be re-elected. What's four more years?


What can we do to stop him? We must sabotage election night, we must sabotage the vote, will have the media behind us like we did with the phony Russia issue, like we did with the phony criminal investigation, like we did with the leaks about the FISA court. We will have the media behind us. Under no circumstances can he be declared a winner on election night, even if he's in the lead. We challenge him and we blame him on the post office.


We go after the mail and vote, as we've done all over the country, would used it to take. And use it as victory. This is what they're doing. And so just listen to them, Hillary Clinton, I don't concede under any circumstances, so he's not going to accept a loss. Pelosi this is how we'll do it. Overwhelm the system in the states. Blame the post office. Trump runs it and say Trump did this litigate even if he's behind what claim that we won despite his sabotage efforts.


And if we're behind what claim he has sabotaged the election.


And Al Gore? Well, if Trump dares to challenge any of the mail in voting, the military needs to go the military days to go in and remove him. The Democrat Party is no longer a patriotic American party. It is a vile, diabolical party run by vile, diabolical people. I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by AMAY, the Association of Mature American Citizens.


Now over two million conservative members Strong EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we care about faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amen. And you can become a member at Armacost U.S. Join.


He's here. He's here. Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. America, Mark Levin, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one warning. I don't know that I'll get the calls today. I'll make up for it next week. Eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


You know, Carter Page has been out there for several years.


He's been out there for several years because he was an early target.


Of the Obama administration. Which tried to use him to get to the president of the United States, which tried to use him to conduct a coup against the president once he was elected and honestly tried to frame him. And so he really was a for a period of time, not physically a political prisoner, but the effect is the same when you're targeted by your own government. And he has a magnificent new book out called Abuse and Power How an Innocent American was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President Carter Page.


How are you, sir?


I'm doing great, Mark. Great to be with you. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.


Bye bye. Bye. Radio, of course. Now, let's kind of start at the beginning.


We don't have all night, but let's start at the beginning.


Give us a little bit of your background and then how you got caught up in this and when you first realized you were caught up in this.


Well, the really the background, Mark, is and it really follows along well with your book Unfreedom of the Press, because I first started getting caught up in it in September of 2006 when I was a junior unpaid volunteer for that are trying to support the first Trump campaign in 2016. And unfortunately, I started getting calls over the months prior New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal. And I'm wondering, why are all these big news organizations contacting me?


It turns out the DNC and their operatives have hired some opposition research people to dig up dirt, if you will, on then candidate Trump and all of his supporters. So and the fact that I so as per my background, prior to being a Trump Trump campaign supporter, I had served in the U.S. Navy, I had worked in business. And I also had done a lot of deals in Russia. Investment banking deals are helping the privatization and the helping Russia come into the free market economy during.


And let me just say this cadre so people understand this was encouraged by the United States government for a period of time because the old Soviet Union had collapsed. We wanted Russia to transition into a capitalist economic system, more of a democratic or representative type government. So your activity in Russia, this was the sort of thing that was encouraged after the after the Iron Curtain fell, correct?


That's absolutely right. And I was also inspired by your old boss, Mark II, when I was growing up in Our Lady of Lourdes High School in upstate New York. I watched President Reagan in his on nuclear arms control negotiations with the Soviets and the change that he had on the world, and not only from a national security standpoint, in terms of future improvements to U.S. foreign policy and global foreign policy, but also the economic development for these emerging markets regions.


So and, you know, your prior administration during the Reagan administration was really on the front lines of that. And it was an inspiration for me. And it was something that I wanted to do. I mean, I was a Eagle Scout Catholic altar boy and had done really well in high school. And so I decided that I wanted to volunteer and I was nominated to the U.S. Naval Academy and and started there and raised right towards the end of the of the Cold War era.


So here you are, patriotic young man, a patriotic older man. You're conducting the your business. Nothing nefarious going on.


And you're getting calls from The New York Times in The Washington. What are they calling you about? Well, I keep getting this ridiculous false allegations, asking about a meeting with Russian oligarchs who are under U.S. sanctions. People that were in these crazy allegations that I may somehow be involved in the hack against the DNC in 2016 are just completely out to lunch. And I'm wondering where are they getting these same allegations? And sure enough, I knew and I had worked with the U.S. intelligence community for many decades, going back to my years in the Navy.


And I had a few contacts in the intelligence community and they told me, well, the the Democrats have hired these foreign agents to dig up dirt on then candidate Trump. And so and, you know, given the fact that I was a supporter and I had some background in Russia, I realized immediately that that was that was the source for the Democrat Party or the Hillary campaign are through through straw men like law firms and so forth.


Are the ones actually in touch with foreigners trying to dig up dirt on Trump, and your name pops up because you as you said, you've you've done some deals with Russians, but you also had an association. With our intelligence agencies, correct, yes. Yes, and I never just for professional reasons, I never wanted to talk about that. But with the investigations related to their election interference by the Obama Biden administration and the Democrat Party, it was eventually revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice inspector general in a massive FISA abuse report last year in December of 2009, that, yes, it was revealed that I was had supported and worked with the US intelligence community, including the CIA, for many years.


And yet you were one of the main subjects of the first vice application and three subsequent FISA applications to justify in large measure.


Spying not just on you, but presumably through the back door early on, that the Trump campaign, the Trump transition and I guess Trump will, correct?


Absolutely. And that's again, only part of the story has come out thus far. I mean, again, the huge breaking news report last December with the inspector general report, unfortunately, you know, it only gives one side of the story because it's based on a series of interviews with 100 people who were involved in the FISA abuse. Right. So it's, you know, largely Democrat leaning people, former DOJ officials and current DOJ officials who were acting against then candidate Trump and into the throughout the initial year or at least of his early administration.


Now, when did you come to realize what was being done to you and how you were being used?


Well, I kept getting these clues again. I had ties to the intelligence community and a few people had mentioned it to me that they had hired foreign spies from London for this international election interference to dig up dirt against President Trump. But so after all these calls from major news outlets, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, et cetera, they really no one was was willing to to print that. And then finally, on September 23, 2016, there's this big report by Yahoo!


News, and that was part of the basis for the initial FISA warrant and the subsequent FISA warrants against me, this defamatory news report. And so eventually, these FISA warrants are filed in October of 2016, just in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election.


And we know now, of course, that a top FBI lawyer lied about your association with the CIA, having contacted the CIA to determine what that was. And that was included his lie as a basis for getting this FISA warrant, wasn't it? Yes, absolutely.


And again, there's just so much more to this story, believe it or not. And it's not talked about in August 2003, just a couple of weeks ago when the charging document was filed against Cabined Kleinsmith. But I actually I had a long series of interrogations by the FBI during in the midst of all this, Russia has Steria throughout the entire month of March 2017. And so may the FBI counterintelligence agents I was meeting with, they put you know, my lawyer wanted to talk to talk to the FBI.


So they they said, well, we'll put you in touch with an FBI lawyer. And sure enough, that individual was Kevin Kleinsmith. And so, you know, there was we had a lot of direct ties with him. And unfortunately, you know, perhaps one of the saddest things about this is despite the dishonesty, which you're referring to in terms of this charging document from a couple of weeks ago, the even worse thing in my personal view is I was informing him of all these death threats that I was getting based on these false media reports.


And unfortunately, apparently they did nothing because I informed he and my lawyer, both of us were in touch with him in early April 2017. And nonetheless, these number one, the false reports keep coming. And number two, the death threats and kind of terrorist terror threats kept coming at least until October that year. So over over a half a year later.


Were you ever brought before a grand jury?


Yes. Yes. And I get into that in detail. And that's and that's frightening, isn't it? You know, I, I actually it was just so preposterous. I kept you know, and you had mentioned that in your in your prior segment about how, you know, President Trump has fought back and, you know, lesser men would have been broken. I I felt that I had to fight back because I knew so much was at stake.


And so I always similar to his approach in terms of not backing down when dishonest people are up against him. I took the very same approach and I kept a very positive attitude when I was in the the grand jury in Washington. The Prettyman courthouse and unfortunately, all three of the DOJ Mueller witch hunt team of three that were in the grand jury with me that Friday, the full day of interrogation, they were all Democrat donors, of course. And they were trying to destroy you, weren't they?


Yes, and also try to catch me in a perjury trap. I mean, they they literally I mean, I'm not you're not allowed to bring one piece of paper into that grand jury. And they have literally stacks of papers. And they had this is already after for over a year, the US government has been collecting all of my information, wiretapping, my phone, hacking, all of my emails. So they had all the information available. And so and I have nothing.


So it was sort of the ultimate quizzical in terms of, well, let me let me let me just tell you, we barely touched the surface.


No American should be treated like you were. No American should be treated like you were. You're a patriot. I mean, you're a Ph.D. You've you have an MBA.


You have you have a stellar background. You love your country. And they tried to take you down. The FBI tried to take you down. I'm not impressed with these FISA judges in the least. Subsequently, the Mueller team tried to destroy you and all because you were associated with President Donald Trump and candidate Donald Trump.


This is a a story. You've been on TV and radio a lot, but your book really lays it out. It's impossible to lay it out properly on TV and radio.


I want to strongly encourage people to get a copy of this, to see what took place by the Obama administration and then the the the remnants of the Obama administration, the Mueller team and the media. It is a disgusting disgrace. It's called abuse of power. How an innocent American was framed in an attempted coup against the president. I couldn't say it better. Carter Page, you can get this at,, any major bookstore. We're going to post it on Mark Levin Show Facebook, Mark Levin Show, Twitter.


I want to thank you, my friend. And I'm sorry you had to go through all this. I really am.


Thank you so much for your intellectual intensity and keeping the spotlight on this. For the last several years, Mark, I couldn't have done it without strong voices such as yourself. I really appreciate it.


And I hope to meet you someday. And God bless you. All right.


We'll be back on Lovin. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


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Join AMOC instead a a C U.S..


It's absolutely stunning, you know, you think, you know, almost everything that took place, we followed it so closely here, we broke a lot of stories here and I pulled together a lot of facts here.


You really don't.


And now Carter Page is free to speak and you really should read what he has to say.


What was done to an honest, innocent, patriotic American citizen by the Obama administration, by Democrats who get in positions of power as FBI agents and prosecutors, by Democrats in the media, it's just. Absolutely shocking, you really need to read this Abuse and Power by Carter Page, Amazon dot com, or call my social sites and grab a copy. You know, tonight the president of the United States is going to speak, you know, at the Republican convention later in the evening.


And I guarantee you he's going to give a spellbinder. I haven't seen it, I read it. I haven't heard about it. And I guarantee the left will attack it and the Democrats will attack it, but I want to encourage you to contact his many family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, you name it, as possible. Go to your e-mail list.


Go to your text list, phone numbers and tell them to watch after this show, of course, because the president won't speak before, but after the show, tell them to watch. The president of the United States can watch them on C-SPAN without all the commentary, if you like, or FOX, of course.


But it's very, very important that we get the word out to as many people as possible. And if you know people who are on the fence or independents or Democrats are not sure even more than anybody else.


Those are the ones you want to listen. Maybe they're your kids, maybe their other relatives.


Just tell them to listen, because I don't know what he's going to say, but I bet it's going to be fantastic. And so the bigger the audience, the watches, the bigger the audience listens, the better. All right, folks, I shall return. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk.


AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us.


We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join amoc instead. A m a c U.S..


Mike Griffin, America's mentor of conservatism, go now at age seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


You know, every now and then when I go to Israel, it's the damnedest thing. My family and I are walking in Tel Aviv and we bump into a gentleman who is really a terrific guy.


He's the former ambassador to the United States from Israel. Michael Oren, how are you, sir?


Good to missing you over here, Mark. When you well.


Well, you know, you got that little thing called a quarantine.


So I got to I got to work around it to get a nice hotel for 14 days. Yeah, exactly.


Do you remember that we kind of bumped into you on the street in Tel Aviv? It was very unbelievable.


Unbelievable. But miracles happen in this country. Well, you are you were terrific, Ambassador. You've got your pulse on things that are going on in Israel. And you've written a terrific book. So I want to get to all of this. First of all, the book's called The Night Archer and other stories. You're a you're a novel writer. You're a fiction writer.


And I'm also nonfiction writer. I wrote a history book, Six Days of War, Politics and Fantasy.


By the way, that was a great book. Six Days of War. Anyway, go ahead. And but I've also been a fiction writer, but a fiction versus as a kid. And these stories are stories that I wrote when I was in government. I was a member of the Knesset. I was a deputy to Prime Minister Netanyahu. And, you know, like in the United States, you are not supposed to write a book. If you're in the White House to write a book, if you're in the Congress, in Israel, you can write, but you can't publish every morning.


I got up early, wrote this, more than 50 stories. Everyone is completely different. And there's ghost stories and history stories and mystery stories and political stories, of course. And, you know, in the age of Caronna, if you want to be entertained, you want to go on an adventure.


This is a book for you.


You know, it's interesting. I write a lot of nonfiction books and it takes time. I could never write a fiction.


I think it's harder to write. What do you think? I think it comes from a completely different part of your brain. I think I can sit down and write two hours of fiction and go right into nonfiction writing history right up there. And it doesn't affect it at all. It's just it comes from a different place and it comes with a very deep place. And I always say the stories. I don't think of these stories. You start to sort of think of me.


They come to me and and I have no choice but to write them. And I always have the same reaction every time I get an inspiration to write all the stories my first reaction has. Now, I can't possibly right that to too much out of the box. And you sit down and you do it and it's not easy, but it's very, very rewarding.


That's because both sides of your brain working. Only one side of my brain is working. All right. I have a couple of questions for you.


This U.S. deal that was worked out with Israel, UAE and maybe other Arab countries, this really is historic, isn't it?


Oh, it's a total breakthrough. It's now a breakthrough. It completely undermines all of the assumptions of what we call the peace industry and, you know, the peace in the market. It's the media. It's the universities. It's those think tanks in Washington. They've had assumptions about the peace process that go back thirty years, fifty years, even seventy years to Israel's creation. And what were they? First of all, it's to make peace between Israelis and the Arabs.


Israel had to give up something, had to give up land, not back in the fifties. Israel would give up the entire Negev desert with 62 percent of the country. And then we had to give up the West Bank. You had to give up Gaza, you had to give up Jerusalem to give up something. Along comes the agreement. Israel gives up absolutely nothing and it gets peace gets completely. The other assumption was that the core of all Middle Eastern conflicts, you know, the Shiites, the Sunnis, the Syrians, the Iraqis, the core conflict is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


We solve that conflict. You solve all the other conflicts in the Middle East. Amazing that they actually thought this. And it was amazing after 2011, after the Arab Spring, that they still thought this was clearly Israeli-Palestinian conflict wasn't quite the cause of the Syrian civil war. But they still thought this and the peace industry and then the core of that conflict was the Israeli settlements. Jerusalem and Israel had settlements. You couldn't make peace. Well, guess what?


Israel didn't uproot a single settlement for peace agreement. Israel, the Palestinians were sidelined and we still made peace. And the other core concept, this is interesting. This is what President Trump has done. He completely reversed it always in the past, every time the Palestinians left the negotiating table and they always left the negotiating table, usually with violence. They didn't get punished for it. They got rewarded for it. They got an embassy in Washington. They got money for UNRRA and other Palestinians.


This time the Palestinians leave the table and they get punished. They get punished again and again and again. And the irony of it is I would not be in the least bit surprised if in the next couple of weeks we begin to hear for the Palestinians are going to come back to the table because now they're not being rewarded anymore for. Stunning breakthrough, and it's the last word, it's the wedding with a a double date of the most innovative country in the world, which is Israel with one of the wealthiest countries in the world.


It's going to be absolutely transformative for the entire world.


And I hear there's other countries that are that are likely to to to join in. You hear that, too?


Yes, sure. And, you know, in Washington, I had contacts with all these countries, with their embassies, usually with their foreign ministers. They wanted to make peace back then. Now they have a precedent. I wouldn't be surprised to hear from the Omanis, from the Bahrainis, from the Sudanese in the next couple of weeks.


By the way, the book is The Night Archer and other stories will tell us about the night Archer and Archer is.


There's one story in this book. It's published by a new class called Wicked Son. And Rickerson is the Press run by Adam Bellow. You may remember his father, Saul Bellow. Oh, yes, Nobel Prize winner. And by the way, I remember Adam Bellow to announce the best. Yeah, he's very good, great editor. And, you know, we started to create cutting edge fiction. And it's fiction that's going to mark it's going to make some ripples.


Why? Because in an era in which writers are forced to write less and less write, they can't you know, if you're a certain color, a certain religion or a certain, you know, sexual orientation, if you only write about what you are and not and not go out of those bounds. This book sort of breaks all of that. And I believe that that writing is that freedom. I think that that is the essence of writing that enables us to imagine ourselves being somewhere else, someplace else in different circumstances.


And this this book I view is sort of a declaration of independence, a freedom. And if it's intensely important for me and I think my readers will have a great journey with it.


So there's books within the book, really. And so how long?


How long did it take you to put this together, because obviously there are different stories in the book. A couple of years, certainly, but I drew on different experiences, I've been blessed by having a sort of varied life. As you know, I was a I was a diplomat. I was a politician, a historian. I was a soldier for many years, as in several wars. I've been a father and a husband and again, a grandfather now several times over wonderful grandkids.


So I can draw on all those different experiences to write a war story and write a raw story for someone who's actually been there. I have stories about the political world of Washington and intrigues in Washington. I've been there. I had a strange episode of my life. I worked in Hollywood. Believe it or not, I was Orson Welles assistant for reality. You know, you remember you remember the Paul Mason wine commercial. Yeah, of course. No wine before its time.


Yeah. Yeah. I held the cue cards for that claim. By the way. Was he was he a nice guy? He was a terrible man. Oh boy. I was he curse. Everybody was so afraid he was going to curse me and I was in charge of cutting his cigars and and helping him on and off with his tape. Which way more than I did a big fellow. And he was a cigar, not a nice guy.


But anyway, the Paul Mason wine commercial. And I have stories about Hollywood and all these different experiences throughout my life. And again, it's that act of freedom and that sense of delirious freedom that I want to import impart to my readers.


You sound so excited about your book, so engaged with your book. It's like a it's like a child, isn't it?


It is. And it's very much like a child because you cursed at certain days. And if you you want to tear your hair out another day, you just want to embrace it and say thank you to God and an inspiration for making the book possible. But at the end of the day, it's it's you. And it's a very essential part of you that you're showing the world. And it's it's a very special and intimate experience.


So how many stories are in this book that 54 percent for and how long is the book?


I don't have it in front of a book is maybe about 300 pages. Some of these stories are only a page, page and a half. You know, it's interesting. I spent a good chunk of my life in the Army. I'm a reserve major. I'm I was a paratrooper. I participated in several wars and operations. And there are some people go through war and that's all they ever write about. You never. James Jones, you're about one or two over and over again.


Right. I have one story about war. That's about a page and a half. But in that page and a half of everything I went through and everything I learned in combat. So it's very intense. And what I one thing I love about Schwartzberg writing is the discipline. I was called the haiku fiction because, you know, a novel is you get 300 pages to tell a story in a short story. Writer has to do it in three pages and you've got to have plot and character and dialogue and drama.


And that's discipline. And and I love the discipline.


It takes more work, more brainpower. People need to understand to write something that's short and concise than to just write something that's long because you don't really have to.


Yeah, exactly. It's always getting any type of writing. And so, again, it is really like like that haiku and every single word I was going to say, every single letter in that short story count. Well, I want my audience to give this a try.


Go on, get a copy of the night Archer and other stories you can hear Michael Oren, you can hear all excited. He is sharp, he is the creativity and so forth. His background is really a varied and quite exceptional. So, Michael Orange book, The Night Archer and other stories. We will link to this on Mark Levine Show Facebook. Mark Levine show Twitter. You can go directly to Amazon as well.


He can enjoy because you can read one story at a time. You can read them all, whatever you want. Michael, I want to thank you much much. Appreciate you coming on.


My pleasure. Will be helping you to God bless.


He's a very unique gentleman, very, very smart guy, and I think you're going to love this book. I don't normally talk about fiction, but this is multiple stories within one book. And it's kind of fun to read fiction. It's kind of fun.


Sometimes you got to pull away from all this heavy duty stuff and now's a great time to get the book. You can enjoy it over the over the long holiday weekend. That's coming up.


It's Michael Oren, the author, former ambassador to the United States from Israel the night Archer and other stories. I'll be right back.


Much love in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more.


And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a.m. AC U.S. stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join AMOC instead a MEAC U.S..


And yes, it's very easy to laugh at Joe Biden even while he's hiding in the comfort of his basement.


Yes, he's a daily gaffe machine. He can't string three words together and come up with an original idea or thought.


So it's painfully obvious that Biden is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the Democrats radical agenda. If he wins this November, America is in very, very serious trouble. Left will become even more unleashed. Radical will fundamentally transform this country into a place we won't be able to recognize. And I believe the streets will become even more dangerous. With even more rights. All right, I was out last Friday on the Friday before for work work. But coming tomorrow, I will not be back until next Thursday, because that's time I'm taking off to visit family to make sure things are as they need to be.


And so I will be here back on the radio next Thursday. Next Thursday, we have some of our great substitute hosts who will be here.


I wanted to make sure the Republican convention was over and wanted to make sure I took this time that I need to take before the real kick into the general election. And then we will be we will be plowing ahead, as we always do here. I take off less time, pretty much more than any other host, major host in America.


And I I do that for a reason because I love what I do. And because I don't do vacations very well, but I do need to visit some family, I do need to get certain things done, like every other person who listens to this program and back next Thursday will be ready to rock and roll. Same with TV. I will not be doing a live in TV and then not this weekend, but next weekend is the long holiday weekend.


And but we will be back here on Thursday. But I want to close with this for today. There's a piece of spectator dog who is Helmut Norpoth and why does he say Trump will win? Big in The American Spectator by David Catron, an excellent writer.


Most political prognosticators delay their final predictions for a presidential race until the morning of Election Day 2016. For example, Nate Silver of 538 and they can't of The New York Times released their final projections during the wee hours of November eight. One forecaster, however, routinely publishes predictions six months in advance. Professor Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University in New York issued his last word on the Trump Clinton contest in 2016, 246 days before the voters went to the polls in March 2016 March.


Norpoth confidently predicted Donald Trump would be elected president, who not only contradicted Samir Khan and countless other experts, he had the effrontery to be right.


Helmut Northparkes primary model has been right 25 of 27 times, and it predicts in 2020, President Trump will defeat Joe Biden 362 to one hundred and seventy six in the Electoral College.


So he predicts that Trump confidently will trounce Joe Biden in November. He gives the president a 91 percent chance of winning the election with that unambiguous number. Thirty three, 362 to 176 Electoral College margin. Now, this seems implausible, considering the avalanche of polls that portend Trump's imminent political demise will seem less so when North polls track record has taken into account. The 2016 election was by no means his first foray into political projections, his model has correctly predicted five of the last six presidential elections.


And 25 of 27. So God forbid, if you're too confident and you're overly confident, we have to fight like we're behind by 20 points, we have to fight like they're going to try and steal the election. And that's exactly what they're trying to do on November 3rd. I've explained all the shenanigans to you already, but don't lose hope. The polls are tightening. Their candidate, after all, is Joe Biden. They don't have a lot to look forward to.


Our candidate is Donald Trump and he is a juggernaut. So we must fight. We must convince our fellow citizens we need to break through the monopoly ideological media in this country. We are an army of millions and it's an army of millions. If we can influence three, four or five, ten people, then we're an army of tens of millions. And that's what's required here. You can use social media, you can use your iPhone, you can use a telephone, you can use the dinner table, the breakfast table, walking your dog, you can use your your office, whatever it takes.


And it's never too early, make sure you're registered to vote, make sure your family, if they're pro Trump, is registered to vote. Friends and neighbors who, you know, are going to vote for Trump make sure they can vote for Trump and they're registered to vote.


All these things need to be done in order for us to win. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. I am blessed by you. I am blessed to be here. And I try to never let you down. I will see you next Thursday. Please tune in to our wonderful guest hosts. God bless each and every one of you and be safe. From the Westwood One podcast network.