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He's here now broadcasting from the underground command post here, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin, our number is eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. I thought I would succinctly and clearly. Demonstrate the stark differences in this country. And how for the left and the Democrat Party, everything they do and everything they are, is to be protected and secured.


And for us, the opposite, and so we have these governors and these mayors, mostly Democrats, hardcore left wing Democrats. Who shut down restaurants, who shut down salons, they turned to the likes of Falchi, also a liberal Democrat, among others.


They shut down entire businesses. They put edicts out. The people are to wear masks even in their own homes. And you know the list of horribles. And these people, we have to fend for ourselves. If a restaurant is an open, we go broke. If our job at our restaurant doesn't exist anymore, we go broke. It's not just restaurants. It's not just Salon's. There's retail stores all over the place, pizza parlors, jewelry stores, you name it.


We don't have functioning malls anymore. In a period of nine to 10 months. What happens to all those people, what happens to their inventory, what happens to the mall owners, what happens to the value, the real estate, it collapses. Everything collapses. Because in the private sector. You fend for yourself. And the way they try and make it up is to keep passing trillion and trillion and trillion dollar bills. To give you some money, which obviously is not enough to live off of.


But is driving our nation into massive debt. And notice, people are protesting that they want to get back to work. They want to open their businesses, they want to get back to work in the private sector people, we want to get back to work, they're protesting to get to work. They're protesting to open their shops. They're protesting to want to make things and serve people and create things. Now, let's look at the public sector. The teachers unions, they don't want to work.


Government unions, they don't want to work. No interest in getting back into the classroom, they have a whole list of demands, you want us to go back in the classroom and teach your kids this is what we demand in the meantime. They're getting paid their salaries. They have their medical benefits and they continue to get contributions made to their pension plans. The people in the private sector. Are subsidizing the government sector, they're subsidizing the teachers unions and their members and not all union members of this way.


I get it. I'm making a point.


The unions have no interest in sending their members back to work. And there's no penalty to pay. The members are utterly unaffected. No kids are in the classroom, the AC massive layoffs of teachers. No, you don't. No, you don't. Do you see? All right, we're going to slash salaries 30, 40, 50. No, you don't. All right, we're going to stop contributing to medical. No, you don't. These things happen in the private sector.


They do not happen in the government sector. And our media. Are attached to the government sector. Our media are attached to government, big government. Progressivism, neo Marxism. So they back and defend the teachers union and their ilk, and this is a major part of the base of the Democrat Party. Now, let's go on. I've touched on this before government shutdown. Are treated like the end of the world, even pre government shutdown. Oh, my God, they're going to shut down the government.


Our parks won't be open. The government's going to run out of money, what are they going to do? Well, the government won't go broke because there are statutory. And other requirements that the entitlements continue to be paid, they're not part of the general operating fund, but that's always fudged over. But let's put that aside. 17 percent of the government, when it's actually shutdown is shut down. Eighty three percent is not. We got that from Paul Ryan about a decade ago.


And we turn they and they and they have these stories of government workers who are going without salaries for five days. Yes. But they always make it up because Congress passes bills to pay them anyway. And so we get this endless, frenzied media hype. The vast majority of us. Don't even feel it when the so-called shutdown occurs. But you would think the sky is falling, you would think it was a a nuclear winter. When the private sector shuts down.


It must shut down for the good of the nation. It must shut down and demand that it shut down our righteous demands, the people making the demands, the governors, the cities taking the actions. Well, these people are losing their businesses well, these people are so be it, we got to do it for the for the good of the nation, for the health of the nation. They must be shut down. There's no choice. Joe Biden compares it to, you know, World War One and World War Two.


Look at the sacrifice. I mean, what's your problem? Suck it up. A completely different reaction. To the people and the businesses who are paying the taxes. To the government, to the government employees. To the teachers union members. A completely different reaction. When they shut down, and I might add, unconstitutionally, all elements of the private sector. You know, the virus is kicking up, we're going to have to shut down this and shut down that, and then they bring on the experts, they bring on Falchi Fouche.


He's still getting a salary stat from pension, still being contributed to Fouche. He still has medical benefits. His family's fine. He's not worried about it. I think he called the shutdown of the economies in different states inconvenient, inconvenient. Besides, Congress was just passing out of the massive. Debt ridden trillion dollar bill, and they call that a narrow, skinny bill, trillion dollars now. In one years time, a trillion dollar bill is called a skinny bill.


A trillion dollar bill is now a skinny bill. Now, what's been the hold up on this skinny bill? The Democrats to make matters, to infuriate you even more. They want to subsidize the worst managed. States and cities which are Democrat states and cities. So they want to use the as the occasion of a relief bill. For people who are put out of work in the private sector, not the government sector, in the private sector, they want to use that as a hook, as blackmail.


To give another trillion dollars or so to states and cities that had massive debt even before the virus and that have now utterly mishandled. The treatment of the virus. You see? You and I, it turns out. We serve the interests of the Democrat Party, we serve the base of the Democrat Party. And. Very easily. We are the target of the Democrat Party. Why aren't the teachers getting a pay cut? Why aren't government workers being let off some of them anyway?


Why isn't the size of government shrinking with the size of the private sector is shrinking? Why are bureaucrats and politicians continuing to get paid? What people are being thrown out of work left and right and businesses are being shuttered left and right. You see the Leviathan. Is unaffected. Anthony Falta, he's just an example. But a good example, he's been in government half a century. He doesn't know what it's like to run a restaurant. He doesn't know what it's like to be unemployed.


He's got a lifetime position to Lifetime's really. He's not going anywhere. His family doesn't have to worry about a damn thing. So he's talking about how to manage you and how irresponsible you are and what you need to do and the businesses you need to close and that you shouldn't celebrate Christmas and you shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving.


It on and on and on. There is a totalitarian mindset. Spreading throughout the country. The source of which is the Democrat Party. And the media, if you put it this way, you'll understand, is nothing more than the mouthpiece, the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, no more, no less. That's all it is. That's all it is. I'll be right back. Much love in. Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive in freedom and freedom requires educated people and people of good character to preserve it.


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Florida's Open New York is closed.


Written The Federalist by Christopher Bedford, senior editor there, as far in Florida, approximately 20000 people have died from the virus in Texas, 24000 in New York, 35000. And New York at the smallest of the three. Noriko's nineteen point five four million residents, Florida has twenty one point six seven, Texas twenty eight point seven covid numbers are difficult to trust.


Cases are often counted more than once as patients go in and out of a hospital in some distributed cover that are barely related, if at all. For months, America media consumers had been treated to news of Florida and Texas incoming death spirals four months after we were promised those deaths spirals were just around the bend. Funny thing with covid, though, is unlike global warming doom, science is three to 12 years way too complex to explain what it inevitably doesn't happen.


covid doom predictions are checkable in just a few weeks and covid doom didn't happen. Along Florida's Gulf Coast, the streets are packed on weekends in Naples, Florida, just a week ago, lights on majestically from lampposts. A live nativity stood in the in the road. Santa let children sit on his lap. Live bands performed every few blocks indoors. The bars were busy. And just after midnight, the last pub's band wound down for the night. Young parents, some of the elderly, wore masks, but most people didn't.


And the next morning, the beaches and pools were once again bustling. Was the first glimpse of the old normal truly normal I'd seen since March. It was wonderful. Florida's freedom is had some new and dangerous experiment. By the way, the Sunshine State has been open for nearly three months. Yet in New York this past weekend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered indoor dining shut down again since Coba began in earnest. And last March, late March said, I've had the opportunity to travel 23 states and see all kinds of behaviors and impact.


I've been to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana, California, and it goes on and on and on. Most of the people I've spoken to have shared a general impression. The whole country was acting the same as they were and subject to the same rules. Well, the funny thing is, in reality, I didn't even have to travel from Washington, D.C. to Hillsdale, Michigan, to remember what sitting in a bar would like when just a four mile walk from my house in Maryland would have scratched that itch just now, blocks away on Capitol Hill's Lincoln Park.


Children as young as two are wearing masks while they walk with their parents. Meanwhile, across the river in Northern Virginia, few if any parents make their young children do the same. Virginia's Democratic governor, however, is not in the national media's crosshairs for this local break with New York's covid culture. Nor is Maryland's anti Trump Republican governor. Nor was New Orleans mayor whose French Quarter dragged untilled down and raged until dawn the October Friday. She surprised bar owners with the sudden end of the lockdown.


Why? Because as with global warming science covid science has become a political weapon for the left, while their allies escape judgment no matter their sins. Political opponents from President Trump and Dr. Atlus, governors like Rhonda Santurce, Greg Abbott, Kristi Noem are the targets of vicious media attacks on themselves, their states and their families. Just Friday, a New York Times psychiatrist demanded that doctors who question mass efficacy lose their licenses in America today, left wing politicians obsessed with control are crushing the lives and dreams of their citizens while in the same country, just across state lines, young and old celebrate Christmas like we used to without any notable difference in risk and impact.


How long can this continue before we all figure it out? Early in the pandemic, some reports indicated that covid-19 might have been an intentional weapon against us.


Since then, we've learned this is a very unlikely, although this has not stopped it from being used as a weapon against us, not by the communist Chinese, but by our own elites.


Yes, the politicization of science and Foushee is at the point of the spear. Trust me on that. When we come back, the ambassador to the United States from the state of Israel. There have been many, many breaking events taking place and we want to talk about him. I'll be right back.


Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom. Education and faith thrive in freedom. And freedom requires educated people and people of good character to preserve it. Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years, not only to its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but nationwide. So it's free online courses and through its support of classical K through 12 charter schools. Hillsdale Articles of Association dating way back to 1844 commit to preserving the blessings of civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning.


The learning includes the Constitution. It includes the laws of nature and nature's God, as described in the Declaration of Independence Hills does motto is pursuing truth and defending liberty since 1844. And it will continue to fight to live up to that motto. Come What may learn more at Lhevinne for Hillsdale. Dotcom Oblivion for Hillsdale Dotcom Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom.


The Mark Levin Show Fly and National at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


The Ambassador to the United States from Israel, Ron Dermer. How are you, sir?


It's great to be with you and I'm happy to listen to the Christmas news, the music. We are proud in Israel that we have a growing and thriving Christian population, the only one in the Middle East, about five times larger than it was when Israel was established. So you can play Christmas music, Hanukkah music, whatever you want. And Happy Hanukkah to you, Ma.


A happy Hanukkah to you also. So we only have a limited amount of time. I don't want to cover a number of subjects with you. Past six months has been quite remarkable in terms of peace in the Middle East. I'd like you to comment on that for us.


Well, it has been it has been remarkable. We had our first peace agreement with an Arab state was with Egypt in 1979. And then fifteen years later, in 1994, Israel made peace with Jordan. And we had to wait a quarter century from the second to the third peace when we reached a deal with the United Arab Emirates. And we only had to wait about a month from the third to the fourth when Bahrain, the kingdom of Bahrain, made peace with Israel.


And then we waited about a month after that to get a peace deal with Sudan. And now we've had this breakthrough with Morocco. So for peace deals twice in the last four months, twice the number that we've had in the first 72 years. And it's pretty breathtaking in terms of the success. And really, we're very grateful to the Trump administration, to President Trump, Jared Kushner, Avi Berkowitz, everyone who was involved in making these deals happen because it wouldn't have happened without them.


And how did these deals evolve? What do you think were the core reasons for that?


Well, I think the recipe for success were three things. One is the administration had a very strong policy vis a vis a vis a vis Iran and many of the countries in our region, not just Israel, which obviously is threatened by Iran, which vows and works to destroy us. But the Arab states in our region, particularly in the Gulf, also are very concerned about Iran. So a strong policy of the United States vis a vis Iran was critical.


And, you know, the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal, place sanctions, very strong sanctions on Iran that President Trump authorized taking out the customs of money with the world's biggest terrorists earlier this year at the beginning of this year. So because of that strong policy, I think he earned an enormous amount of credibility in the Middle East. The second thing was President Trump embraced his allies in the region, first and foremost, Israel. Throughout his presidency, he has been unbelievably supportive of Israel, recognize Jerusalem as our capital, recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, put out a peace plan that is the first serious and realistic peace plan that takes into account Israel's historical rights and also seriously addresses our security needs.


And by strong by standing strong with his allies, not just Israel, but Arab allies in the region by confronting Iran. And I think the third element of this is he opened the door for peace with the Palestinians, but he did not give the Palestinians a veto power over progress in the region. And that is effectively what has happened for the last 25 years. People said, you know, make peace with the Palestinians and then you'll have peace with, you know, a dozen, 20 different Arab states.


And we would say, well, that's great. Well, what if the Palestinians don't want to make peace with us or are we just going to wait for them? And President Trump decided not to wait for them. And because of that, I think we've had these breakthroughs.


But there's talk now about going back in. The Iran deal. What kind of impact would that have if we say Biden is in the incoming administration and the policy is to go back to the Iran deal? How would that even work?


I think it would be very terrible. It would be terrible and very dangerous for the Middle East because the Iran deal was extremely dangerous for the region. It did not block Iran's path to the bomb. Believe me, if there were a deal that was on the table that would actually block Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Israel would be the first state in the world to support such a deal. The reason why we didn't support it is because the deal doesn't do that.


It puts restrictions on Iran's nuclear program for a limited number of years. And after that time period, which is then 10 to 15 years now, only five to 10 years after that time period, those restrictions are automatically removed. And at that point, Iran won't have to break in or sneak into the nuclear club. They'll just walk into the nuclear club. And in addition to that, what the nuclear deal did, it removed all the sanctions on Iran and it created a tailwind for Iran's campaign of conquest and carnage throughout the Middle East.


And we've seen it in Iraq and Syria, in Lebanon, in Yemen and Gaza, and how it supports terror proxies through the region and throughout the world. And I would love to tell you that when those sanctions were removed and this is what was hoped at the time, that it would be that Iran would change its behavior, you know, that it would establish a GI bill for returning members of the Revolutionary Guard. But what it did is it fueled this war machine of Iran.


And it was so bad in so many ways. And I think it would be a big mistake to return to the nuclear deal. And Israel is saying that and our Arab allies are saying it. So everybody in the Middle East, except for Iran and the governments that it controls is saying do not go back to the nuclear deal with Iran. So I hope a new administration, when it comes in, will actually speak to us, to speak to our Arab partners, to see the tremendous progress that has been made in the Middle East in the last four years and this these diplomatic breakthroughs of the last few months and would keep the pressure on Iran to continue to confront them, to continue with crippling sanctions on Iran, to make sure there's a credible military threat of of a breakout to the bomb and also to build on what the Trump administration has achieved and really reach out to the people of Iran who are not an enemy of the United States.


They hate the regime, too, but they haven't you know, they haven't actually gotten enough support from the outside world to support, I think, their desire for freedom. And I think that's very real.


I think my friends in Israel in for a bumpy road and for a bumpy time here, I just can see the people who would surround himself with I can see the comments he made about the Iran deal, which leads me to your prime minister.


I don't think there is a leader around the world who can better deal with a situation like this. And Prime Minister Netanyahu, he's he's really brought your country through a lot of very difficult times, including during the Obama administration. He gave that historic speech in 2015 to a joint session of Congress. That administration was very upset with him, but I think he felt he had to speak for his country. And many people in the world and many people in this country when he did that was an enormously brave act, wasn't it?


Yeah, I think so. But to me, it was frankly a no brainer because we see the deal. The Iranian nuclear deal is a threat to the very survival of Israel. Iran is a regime that vows to destroy Israel openly and that works to destroy us, to trying to surround us by supporting their terror proxies in Lebanon and in Syria and in Gaza. And we understand and we understood then that this deal was so dangerous for our future that the prime minister of Israel felt a moral obligation to come and speak out.


It wasn't a simple thing because it was opposed to the policy of the administration, the Obama administration at the time. But I believe any leader of any country, if that leader felt that there was a deal that was being made by countries elsewhere in the world that could threaten the very survival of his or her country, I think they would go anywhere to speak out. And that's exactly what the prime minister did. And I think it really changed the course of history, certainly in the last five years.


And I think we are very grateful that the Trump administration, when it came in, withdrew from the nuclear deal and re-established those sanctions. And I'll tell you something else, Mark, that people don't know. Is that deal or that that speech, I should say, by Prime Minister Netanyahu really helped advance peace because the Arab states in our region, they actually had the same view in 2015 as we did about the deal. But they were saying privately what Prime Minister Netanyahu had the courage to say openly.


And I can tell you that they reached out to us, many of those Arab states. Right after that speech and they thanked the prime minister quietly, they thanked the prime minister for speaking for them as well, and that accelerated ties that were happening underneath the surface were dramatically accelerated over a few years. And those ties we've been able to surface in the last few months thanks to the support of the Trump administration.


Here's a headline from The Jerusalem Post. Consider the source. But nonetheless, Iran's president says, no doubt U.S. will return to nuclear deal commitments. Quote, I have no doubt that the three year resistance of the Iranian people will persuade the future American government to return to its commitments and the sanctions will be broken. Rouhani said they really desperately want these sanctions lifted because it's killing this this fascistic regime, isn't it?


Yeah, absolutely. And people should ask themselves a simple question, because what is being argued now by people who want to return to the nuclear deal is they are saying, why are we doing this? Because we want to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. OK, but Israel, the country most threatened than any country in the world, they don't want the United States to return to the nuclear deal. So are we interested in Iran having a nuclear weapon?


Of course not. We understand that this deal pays the path for them to have a nuclear weapon and it unleashes to go back to the deal and to remove the sanctions will will fuel the war machine once again.


So I don't think it's obvious to me why the Iranian regime would want to get out of the enormous pressure, get out from under the enormous pressure that they're facing right now. But why would the United States do that? Why would the United States want to actually see hundreds of billions of dollars flow to a regime that leads thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people and chants of death to America and death to Israel? It makes no sense.


And it shouldn't just be almost a religious position that we're going to return to this deal. People should look at the facts on the ground, see the Middle East in 2021. This is a new administration in 2021. See it for what it is. Speak to your allies in the region, Israel and the Arab states, just as if you, I think, speak to North Korea. You probably want to know what Japan and South Korea have to say about it.


Speak to your allies in the region, talk to us, hear us out, and hopefully we can forge a common policy and move forward and continue the the, I think, strong policy views of Iran that has produced enormous benefits. You remember you you were involved in that debate in 2015 as well, Mark, and you remember what they said at the time. It's either this deal or war not true. Trump left the deal and he got peace.


So it was the exact opposite. So I think we should continue this policy for the sake of peace in the Middle East.


And I think the security of the world make a very, very important point, which is the countries that are in the area with Iran, Israel and the Arab states, none of them supported this deal. Some of them had their arms twisted. And yet there are the ones that have to reap the consequences of such a deal most directly and most fundamentally. I want to ask you quickly, we don't have a ton of time.


We have been the guinea pigs in this failed experiment, Mark. Yeah. So listen to your friends and allies in the region. That's great that the British, the French and the Germans are saying you should go back in the deal. They're thousands of miles away. We're right on the front lines. And we're your I think your best ally, Israel is your best ally in the entire world. So when Israel is telling you, don't go back to this deal, when the Arab states are saying don't go back into the deal, I think people should pay attention.


I think you're right. But you're not the Brookings Institution. And I have a different view, of course, and they're in Washington, D.C..


Quickly, what is Hanukkah? What is it all about?


Hanukkah is the story of 2200 years ago and the middle of the second century B.C., when a part of the Greek empire that was based in Syria, they decided that they were going to stamp out Judaism and the Jews. The Maccabees revolted against that and they revolted it for the sake of practicing their faith. And they waged a guerilla war against impossible odds, really against an empire. And they won their freedom. They recaptured Jerusalem. They rededicated the temple.


They lit the menorah. They had enough oil only for one day. And the miracle of Hanukkah is not only this unbelievable military victory, it's also the fact that they lit this menorah and the oil was supposed to last for only one day and it lasted for eight. And that's why Jews around the world light these candles for eight days. And tonight is the eighth night of Hanukkah. And so, again, I will I will finish where I began and wish you a very happy Hanukkah and they a wonderful year ahead.


How do you spell Hanukkah? There's probably about 15 different, that's what I that's what I'm thinking.


Yeah, I know it's in Hebrew there's only one way, but in English it's C, H, A and UK H. That's the way I spell it. And a lot of a lot of Americans and non Jews can't pronounce the sound. It's because Jews have been clearing our throats for centuries. That's why we can. There you go. Most people say Hanukkah, but the way you pronounce it is Hanukkah.


And by the way, your English is perfect. How come I'm working on it? I'm doing the best I can. Where were you born? I was born in the Miami Beach, Florida, in the great state.


And your father was mayor? Your brother was mayor, right?


Correct. Correct. And grew up, went to a Jewish state school, was educated in the University of Pennsylvania.


And maybe your mother was really 25 and have been privileged to serve here as Israel's ambassador for this is my eighth year as ambassador in my eighth Hanukkah eighth year.


Maybe by the ninth year you'll get it right. Ron, I'm trying my best.


All right, brother. Will, God bless and happy Hanukkah. And thanks for spending some time with us.


Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas.


You got to take care of yourself. Drive time, Richard, now. All right, I do, you know, isn't he great, by the way, he is terrific. Ron Dermer, ambassador to the United States from Israel. We'll be right back.


Much love in. Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive in freedom and freedom requires educated people and people of good character to preserve it. Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over one hundred and seventy five years, not only to its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but nationwide. So its free online courses and through its support of classical K through 12 charter schools. Hils, those articles of association dating way back to eighteen forty four, commit to preserving the blessings of civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning.


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There is somewhat of an anemic attempt come to Mitch McConnell's defense for his comments the other day on the floor of the Senate, which I criticized, but he said Mitch McConnell can fix anything.


What people have said is why doesn't he keep his mouth shut until January 6th when other people are trying to look at the situation to decide what, if anything, can be done about it under our Electoral College? What about the states, the states failed us. Many of the states did fail us, but where are these people when the states failed us, of any of them, contributed any time to assisting the litigation? If any of them contributed any time to going over the briefs like I have in my family has.


If any of them spent any time dealing with the problem in the States now, they haven't seen the Democrats and this is the difference, they fight at every level, whether it's Schumer, whether it's in the states, whether it's in the cities, whether it's their state attorneys general, whether it's their judges, we we get passes all the time.


Mitch McConnell is a very nasty guy. I talked to a number of senators up there, they told me how he conducts himself. And I'll give you a perfect example, I shouldn't even say this, should I read? There's a candidate running in Georgia, we get along great with the candidate working at a date on Friday for that candidate to come on, because Friday is my last show until January 4th and Georgia's a crucially important election.


Suddenly, the candidate is too busy. Two days after I criticized Mitch McConnell, now Mitch McConnell would say I had nothing to do with that. It's not Mitch McConnell. He's got operatives. This is how he conducts himself. This is how he stays the leader of the Republican Party. Now, Mitch McConnell doesn't get a pass. Nobody gets a pass. This is a fight for the Republicans. He's saying Mitch McConnell had anything to do with anything. That's part of the problem.


I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here he's here now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. You know, this talk about, you know, in the States, they let this sort of thing take place, it's not McDonald's fault.


Let me tell you what was taking place in some of these states. The legislature in Pennsylvania was fighting like hell against the secretary of state and the governor and against their rogue state supreme court. All of which acted against the legislature. And the Republican Party, the state and others went all the way to the United States Supreme Court to point out the violations of the Constitution in the Supreme Court would do nothing. Many of the Republican legislature in Georgia wanted an emergency legislative session to take back the authority that the Republican secretary of state illegally handed over effectively to Tracy Abram's.


But the governor can only call in the legislature under emergency authority. He wouldn't do it. He wouldn't do it. In Michigan, the state legislature, Republican, fought tooth and nail. With a Democrat state elected officials, the constitutional officials there, they have a rogue governor, among others. And their secretary of state, they fought. They went to court, court wouldn't hear it. State after state after state. And we had brave, patriotic.


Volunteer lawyers, for the most part, fighting like hell in these states. You don't know any of their names. Very few of them. Including my wife. So it's a little precious to get lectured about. Don't fall for the for the Mitch McConnell trick, because you dare to criticize Mitch McConnell, who goes to the floor after the electors vote, quote unquote, and gives a speech welcoming the incoming president and welcoming the incoming vice president. While these cases in some cases are still pending, he couldn't wait to give a speech, no, he couldn't wait because the press was pressuring him to speak.


Governor, dissenters in Florida, he's waiting, others are waiting. They're saying let the system play out on January six. Well, no, of course, it's an incredibly uphill fight. But don't criticize Mitch McConnell. I have heard this for 20 years, poor Mitch McConnell, and he leaks to Politico and he leaks to these other entities and he has his surrogates who do their hatchet jobs on candidates they don't like. He's reached into states to knock off conservatives, to promote rhinos, to empower himself.


No one ever talks about this or writes about it, and if you do, don't fall for the bait. Nobody's blaming Mitch McConnell for what took place in the States, did somebody do that, Mr. Bennett? Who did that?


Anybody? Just saying, shut the hell up until the propitious time to speak. Meanwhile, we all sit here and we watch Chuck Schumer still hasn't accepted the Trump presidency. Nancy Pelosi still hasn't accepted a Trump presidency. Did Chuck Schumer go to the floor of the Senate when the electors were selected? And give me a friendly, supportive speech to Donald Trump and Mike Pence know that's what you're sick of and I don't blame you. They were plotting Trump's demise.


They were plotting how to destroy him. And the battleground was in the house. Oh, I understand the vote in the Senate. Mitch kept the Republicans together, Mitch kept the Republicans together. I don't think Mitch had to keep the Republicans together. There are a handful that we didn't know about and they did what they wanted to do, whether it was Murkowski or Collins or Romney. Those were the three. Everybody knew it. If Collins had voted against Trump, she would have been thrown out despite all the propaganda.


Same with Murkowski. And if Romney runs again in Utah, we'll see what happens to him in convention and beyond. That's really beside the point. All the information coming out. About what took place against Donald Trump, didn't come out because of Mitch McConnell, he came out mostly because of Devin Nunez. In the House are Ron Johnson, who's had handcuffs put on him, quite frankly. You didn't hear McConnell leading the battle on the Russia collusion crap.


The way Schumer leads his battles. It's time for some fresh blood and new leadership, it's time for people who can communicate with younger people and other people in this country. The reason McConnell not out front most of the time is because it's a back room guy. That's what he is. That's what he does. I don't hate him. It has nothing to do with that. It's not a matter of hanging our hat on him or whatever that phrase was.


We look at the other side and we say, look at that. They got a 78 year old Biden, they've got a 80 year old, what's her name, Pelosi. Wouldn't it be nice to meet a young, articulate, substantive, charismatic Senate leader? Rather than destroying the farm team, rather than keeping the farm team down, reminds me of Fouche, he's been around 50 years. And that's just the way it is. Because this party is going to revert back to its old ways.


It's going to revert back to its old ways because the same people are there. You got McConnell, you got Blunt, you got Thune, you got Cornyn. That's it. And so there's no room. There's no room. For the sorts of people I'm talking about. McConnell helped crush the Tea Party with Boehner. I have a very long memory. A very long memory, has McConnell done some good? Of course, he has been there for 112 years.


Of course he's done some good things. And he should have done some good things. By the way, is his advice to President Trump that Brett Kavanaugh would have an easier time getting through than Amy CONI Barritt. And the president listen to that, and he went with Kavanaugh first and Barrett second. Well, that happened to be absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong. So I'm not going to spend tonight dealing with this, but. Do you want to defend McConnell, go for it.


But it really is time for some new blood. It really is. You know, you watch Kevin McCarthy on TV now, he's really got his act together. He comes on this show, he reaches out to conservatives. He speaks. He's articulate. He's available. It's not the same on Michael. It's just not. It's the way it is. You want to know an easy way to save a lot of money each month, refinance your mortgage?


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One, two, three, three, four animals consumer access dog. So I spoke the other day about Joe Scarborough and his endless references to the Third Reich and Hitler when he's talking about the press in the United States. And I'm really starting to believe that he's a bigot because I've made it clear publicly on multiple occasions when you do something like that, you offend an awful lot of people, particularly people who are still alive, who suffered under that regime.


Many of whom are Trump supporters. We just had the ambassador from Israel on the program. Who is thanking and praising the president of the United States for assisting in the peace deals, among many other things. And God forbid, if Biden moves in. I'm sure the Nazi. Propaganda that comes out of Scarborough's mouth. Well, Cece. Even though the Biden and the Biden administration agenda is extraordinarily hostile to the state of Israel. And they appeased the Palestinian terrorists and the Iranian terrorists.


But they'll be called righteous and fair minded. Here is the morning shmo, the banjo player from Deliverance on the bridge. Got to go many of his followers, whose heart has been so hardened by the lies, you know, whose minds have been so numb by the steady stream, the fire hose of falsehoods, the Russian style propaganda, the Nazi style propaganda, where it's not just the big lie, it's a barrage of smaller lies that so Naameh followers from the truth that we can have a September 11th every day and they just don't give a damn about this is really.


You know, unbelievable that a. Corporation. That a media platform would continue. To pay the salary. Of such a sleazy bastard. Who continues to go to the Hitler well. When he talks about the president of the United States and the people who support him, almost 75 million people. I can assure you Joe Scarborough hasn't been in the state of Israel later lately, and neither has his sidekick Mika. Because they'd see exactly how Donald Trump is. Is thought of their.


Or they dare not go into Brooklyn, the Orthodox Jewish community, to see how Donald Trump is thought of their as opposed to Andrew Cuomo. And build a cameo. This guy sits on his fat ass with his bulbous nose. Always sounds like he's chewing on tobacco. Purposely using the most. Provocative. And acidic terms, he can come, he can think of. When he talks about the president of the United States and his supporters. And Comcast, which owns NBC and which owns MSNBC, is perfectly fine with it.


Now, I don't know about you folks, but we're going to get rid of Comcast and the Levin household. During the course of the holiday. We've had enough. And this is the sort of thing I believe you should do. What can we do? Mark? You can do a lot. And you can shut this show off. You don't need to listen to this guy. This, this. Absolutely sleazeball with the terms that he uses. I understand he hates the president of the United States, but at least have some compassion for the people who suffered during the Holocaust, some compassion for the men and women of the United States who put on the uniform and fought that regime.


Again. Even though their numbers are dwindling, many of whom support Donald Trump for president like my late father. And the idea that this president doesn't care about the death toll of this virus is a damnable lie. He's the one who pushed for vaccines. He deserves a ticker tape parade. There's no way a Joe Biden 50 years in Washington, a 40, 50 years in Washington, that either these men would have stepped up to the plate and accomplished what Trump did.


In nine to 10 months. And he'll wind up and the team behind him and public will wind up saving millions of people. And what a Joe Scarborough do during this period, ladies and gentlemen. He huddled down in Jupiter, Florida. With Mika. With whether Washington, D.C., fake backgrounds. And they shot spitballs the entire time. Trashing this president every step of the way. And now the constant, relentless comparisons to Hitler in the Third Reich.


Because neither of them have ever had a family member who suffered from the Third Reich. They think they're clever. Suffer grand ising. Self promoting buffoons. We have their own little social circle, their own little TV show. Filled with hate and poison. I'll be right back. Much love in. Ladies and gentlemen, I've never understood the school of thought that says you can only have one enemy at a time. That's absurd. That's simplistic. It's also dangerous.


Our country has many enemies, many. Many that would like to overtake us, many of them would like to defeat us, many that would like to punish us terrorists all over the world, Iran. North Korea. China. There's our greatest enemy, but the idea that you have to choose between China and Russia is stupid. Russia's a massive military. Russia is now taking over the North Pole where this Mr. Producer. They're taking over the North Pole now, it's true, its economy is decrepit, but it pours its resources because the fascistic regime, it pours its resources into its military and its state police.


It's got serious nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons have. Multiple warheads. It's got serious submarines, serious bombers, serious jet fighters, kind of serious army. Russia is a threat. Russia has conducted a massive attack on the United States in a cyber war.


This isn't coming from neocons, it's not coming from think tanks. It's not coming from the militaristic mindset of Republican hawks. It is a fact, and I will explain more when I return. This is Radio Free America on the Mark Levin Show, Chona eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight to 11.


Remember the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, who is the least known man in America?


No, he said that the Russians are interfering with our election to help Joe Biden. Remember that Mr Biden is. And he had to reluctantly admit that the Chinese were interfering in our election. They helped Joe Biden, then we get this guy that heads the cyber security, whatever, whatever, a few days after the election, he issues a declaration saying that it's the.


Cleanest election in American history, that is that's his focus on whether the Russians, the Chinese, are interfering. He said no. I've never really square that circle has anybody else, there's Christopher Wray and then there's this guy who's running the cyber entity and now we know.


Chris Krebbs, yes, a name that shall live nowhere and. Now, we know that the Russians have had a massive ongoing. Cyber attack. Into our government agencies, including the agency that oversees our nuclear weapons. And somehow. Christopher Wray missed it. This guy, Krebs, missed it. Because they're too busy playing politics. Too busy playing politics. And then we have appeasers in both parties. Don't focus on Iran, don't focus on Russia, focus only on China.


We have to focus on China, but we can't ignore the other threats. Obviously, Russia is a threat, wouldn't you say, ladies and gentlemen? And by the way, desperate countries do desperate things in Russia, it's a desperate country. David Sanger at The New York Times, federal officials issued an urgent warning today that the hackers who had penetrated deep into government systems also used other malware and different attack techniques that posed a grave risk to the federal government.


The warning from the Department of Homeland Security cyber security arm gave no details, but it confirms suspicions voiced earlier this week by FireEye, a cyber security firm, that there were almost certainly other pathways that had been found for attack. So Putin has launched a multifaceted cyber war against the United States, you must be a neocon neocon. FireEye was the first to inform the government that a Russian intelligence agency's hackers had, since this spring gotten into critical network monitoring software used by the government and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.


Now, we might recall the communist China and fascistic Russia are what we call allies, and Russia has been sharing military technology with the communist Chinese. Now, what do you think Russia might do with the information it's getting? Sit on it. That's why you can't be myopic about these things. The discovery vastly complicates the challenge for federal investigators as they search through computer networks used by the Treasury, the Defense Department and Commerce Department and nuclear laboratories, trying to assess the damage and understand that the hackers had stolen.


Mitt Romney came out today and he trashed the president. Is the reaction to this? Where's the reaction? First of all, Mitt Romney doesn't even know if there has been a reaction, because if we hit the Russians the way they hit us, you're not going to announce it may. What an SLB. Our enemies attack and they attack Trump. The Chinese unleashed this virus and they attacked Trump. Suggests that other software in the supply chain used by government agencies and companies are similarly corrupted, though it appears that investigators do not have a comprehensive list.


It also raises the possibility that the goal of the hackers went beyond espionage and that the Russian actors, once inside the systems, could alter data or use their access to take command of computer systems, they run industrial processes. So far, though, there's been no evidence of that happening. But the fear exists. The alert also ramped up the urgency of government warnings after playing the incident down. See that? Here you go. President Trump has said nothing.


We're only four paragraphs in. Well, only four paragraphs in. They're desperate for President Trump to say something. That's what Joe Biden does. He's hot air, he's full of crap. Trump asks. And that's what he'll do. A pissed off Trump is not somebody you want to be around, I'm sure. The warning came just days after Microsoft, which produces Windows software and monitors the global network of computers that make use of Windows, took emergency action along with FireEye to halt the communication between the Solar Wind's network management software.


This apparently is widely used throughout our government and a command and control center that the Russians were using to send instructions to their malware. Now, what shall we do? I tell you what we should do, we should unleash holy hell into their computer systems. We should dig right into Vladimir Putin's 40 billion dollar bank accounts. But I must be a neocon. I've never understood this. The Russians have shown no evidence of being allies of ours, none.


Ask our pilots in the Navy, in the Air Force. Ask our naval ships. Of course they're not. Russia has a massive military, why do they have it? Well, we know what they have, but they're no threat to us. No threat to us. Yes, they are a threat to us. Any nation that has massive nuclear warheads aimed at our country is a threat to us. Now, of course. This should not be used as an excuse.


By our appeasers within our country, the Democrats. To take the eye off a China, what this means is. We got a lot of issues here. We've had them had a before and we have them now. And so I'm sure the Democrats are very, very concerned about this, The New York Times very, very concerned about this. So will they support massively increasing defense spending? No. Of course not. Why would they do that? Yes, we should Biden slither into the Oval Office.


Exactly the wrong president at exactly the wrong time in our history, I keep saying this and I mean it. I keep saying this and I mean it. There's simply no question about it. Representative Mike Quigley, I don't know who Quigley is, probably some liberal dope from Massachusetts, but I honestly don't know.


And Jim Sciutto, a former Obama official, dressed up as a national security reporter for the Constipating News Network. They both agree that this is Trump's fault. At seven go, this president has rarely, if ever, stood up to Russia on a whole host of things, he's still not commented on this.


OK, yes, he has stood up to Russia more than your damn president ever did, Shuto. And your appeasement damn party has ever done. Oh, Quigley's from Illinois. What's the difference? Go ahead. As you know, he took the side of Vladimir Putin on Russian interference in the election as to whether Russia was behind that.


We took the side of Vladimir Putin. What he knew was that the Obama administration. The Clinton campaign were trying to sabotage his campaign. God, I hate these. I can't play this clip. I cannot play this clip. I detest these people, how they lie. It's just endless. Endless. The holidays are finally here. While it might be time forgiving, you know, for timeshare owners, its maintenance fee season, you timeshare owners know exactly what I'm talking about.


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So call one 888 get you out. It's that simple, broken English, but we love it. One 888 Get You Out or visit time-Share termination team dot com today. That's one eight eight eight four three eight eight six eight eight one eight eight eight four three eight eight six eight eight. Call today. The time-Share termination team, they'll get you out. I'll be right back. Much love. About the shocking it shocks me a little, Dick Durbin is the number two Democrat in the United States Senate.


From the state of Illinois. And I want you to listen to what he had to say on the floor of the Senate today, cut to go the warp speed project appears to be a dramatic success. And I pray that it will be, although I've been a frequent critic of this administration, I want to give them credit for organizing this effectively and delivering a vaccine in a timely way, almost amazing, timely way in this pandemic that we face. I think all who were involved in it, especially the scientists and researchers who didn't give up until they found these vaccines, I couldn't say the president's name, but he came closer than any Democrat I've heard.


Now, I want you to listen to this cut for several reasons, you're going to hear how Chuck Todd frames an issue.


How the media filled with leftist Democrats, low IQ, nobody's push an agenda and how the Democrats embrace it. And run with it, just listen to how this is presented, this is the guy that's in charge of Meet the Press. He's the political director at NBC. Excuse me, this is his MSNBC show. So he ultimately works for Comcast.


And his wife is a Democrat, Harry. So listen to this, listen to the way it's posed and you'll see kind of someone go, do you believe we need a 9/11 style commission, the Iraq Study Group, Warren Commission, you name it? Right. Great crises in America have gotten us important commissions to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again. Do we need this?


Stop a second. So he's asking this a Clyburn who's a hack, but he never supported a commission in the Russia collusion hoax because he was part of it. Part of it. He never supported a commission into the swine flu failures. He never supported a commission. Into Fast and Furious, into Benghazi, no, no, no. What he wants is a commission to go after Trump. Even if Biden becomes president, they can't end it. They don't want to stop it.


And this is what happens in totalitarian regimes, even if another candidate wins and takes over, they want you to hunt down that candidate, prosecute them, throw them in prison, humiliate them. And this is Chuck Todd. He's a totalitarian.


Stupid man, but let's listen to this guy, Clyburn. Go ahead. We met and I think that that's something the new administration may need to take a look at. My committee, however, is to provide oversight. All right. He rails on.


Incoherently. We need a commission. On the media, not a government commission, but a commission like they had in the 1940s. And that commission today would say the media has destroyed itself, we don't have free speech. We don't have a free press. We absolutely do not. The press in this country has been devoured by the Democrat Party on the left, and so they burp up the likes of Chuck Todd, who's unaccomplished, who's unintelligent. Who's barely literate?


And pushes his agenda. It could be Chuck Todd, it could be Joe Scarborough. It could be Jake Tapper. They're all really one in the same. Only one in the same do we need a commission to investigate here we have vaccines. How do you how do you think we got vaccines, Chuckie? And how do you think we got them? Just happened just because we had such brilliant scientists and experts at the FDA and in the bureaucracy and in the private sector.


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And they are great people. They are great people. Let's see here.


I'm looking. You know what, Mr. Producer? We've had it with the audio because there's too many crackpots, too many crackpots.


Now, we're not going to leave Hunter Biden because Hunter Biden leads to Joe Biden.


I know the media. You know, there's no of it. There always no evidence. There was no evidence. And Russia collusion. So they concocted evidence, you know, when we connect the dots. We connect the dots here, they connect the dots to nowhere. It doesn't matter. Majority believe media buried Hunter Biden story to aid dad's campaign, no doubt about it, and, you know, you would think people in the media would look at this and say, you know, we better have a meeting, the executives at this or that newsroom and clean up our act here, because more than half the people.


I think we're intellectually corrupt and maybe we are, that's not how it works now, you know how it works now they play to their base. The New York Times does surveys. They know who their audience is. That's who they pump up. Who else? Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC. This is what they do. So they don't care about all the hostility out there, they don't care what you think, they don't care at all, they don't care about the reprobates they bring on who talk about Hitler in the Third Reich when they're talking about our politics and so forth.


Now, they don't care. They haven't heard anything about what you think.


I'll be right back from the Westwood One podcast network. He's here he's here now broadcasting from the underground command post here, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. America, Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


Now, Moderna, their vaccine has been approved.


These are very, very important facts.


Ladies and gentlemen, I know there are people out there who are trashing all this. I don't get it, but doesn't really matter.


This is from The New York Times, An advisory group's recommendation will mean millions more Americans can be inoculated, extending protection against covid beyond big urban areas into rural and suburban regions. Nobody thought this was possible except the president Falchi didn't think it was possible. Many of his own advisers didn't think it was the media trashed him left and right. I posted today on my social sites that the president deserves and I mean it, and I've said it before, a ticker tape parade.


This is as big as the vaccine that that Salk found on polio. It's a big, big, big, big deal. Millions of people are going to be saved, tens of millions all over the world over the course of time.


The coronavirus vaccine made by Moderna move closer to authorisation on Thursday, a significant step that would expand the reach of the nation's vaccination campaign to other areas of the country. Many more hospitals. I'll tell you why. The Phizer vaccine comes in two shots and has to be kept at some ungodly temperature, like 70 degrees below zero.


The Moderna vaccine is one shot and it has to be kept at around freezing or so. But not 70 below, and I want you to think about something. You're the tip of the pyramid here. You you're the president, you got the vice president under you, and then you have all these other folks in the federal government and the private sector.


You have to figure out how to get first the Pfizer vaccine to dose its two shots, 70 degrees below zero from point A to point B and then from point B into your arm. 70 below zero. And you have to figure out how to do that. Millions and millions of times over. So from production. To warehousing, to transport. To warehousing, to distribution all through that supply chain or all through that travel chain, you've got to have this all figured out.


Now, does anyone here for a second believe that Joe Biden and his team would have been able to do this? They had their shot. They blew it on the swine flu.


At some point, this is how amazing this is. The Dorna would be the second company allowed to begin inoculating the public, giving millions more Americans access to desperately needed vaccine. Now I'm reading this for the first time.


I want to see how long it takes to get to Trump's name.


The first made by Pfizer and its treatment partner, bioptic received authorization last week, the Moderna vaccine can be distributed more widely because it could be stored at normal freezer temperatures and unlike the Pfizer vaccine, does not require ultra cold storage, as I mentioned. A guarantee can go to more places, Dr. Mainardi Cohen, North Carolina secretary of Health and Human Services, said this week, We hope to be an all 100 counties with some amount of vaccine small allocations at first by the end of next week.


This so unbelievable. Am I the only one excited about this? The two vaccines and an addition rollout by the ambitious rollout by the federal government, states and businesses to deploy them. Are the first signs of hope for an end to the pandemic that has killed more than 300000 Americans, close school? Yeah, yeah, we know.


Moderna developed its vaccine in collaboration with scientists from the National Institutes of Health and a couple of billion dollars, the vaccines are in short supply. The initial batches are being given to people at this.


Listen to this. They slip this stuff in, the vaccines are in short supply. The president went out front and had various vaccines manufactured before they were approved. He got all over the FDA for dragging its feet.


He's an accused of killing people and now the vaccines are in short supply there early, there's millions and millions of dosages, they believe by April, give or take, every American who needs or wants a vaccine, a vaccine shot will have gotten one. Mankind's never seen anything like this. Let's see here as I go through, I printed this out, page one, page two, page three, page four. Bear with me, page five. Five printed pages, no mention of Trump, no mention of Trump and Operation Warp Speed, that's the New York Times.


That's The New York Times, doesn't the administration deserve any credit? You heard little Dick Durbin. Even he had to say, look, you know, I'm a critic, but, you know, this is really quite remarkable. Then you hear Chuck Todd pushing for a 911 tape commission. The sick bastard. So now Trump is to be attacked. We should have a commission to investigate him. The man running the federal government. Working with the private sector, setting up the organization, the general in charge of the entire project, we should have a 9/11 Commission.


As if he was one of the terrorists who flew a plane into one of the two towers. Ladies and gentlemen and into the Pentagon crashed a plane in central Pennsylvania. That's what they think of your president. That's what they think of your president. Who, thanks to his administration, the president, the vice president, and yes, of course, all the unsung heroes, but all the unsung heroes could be drowning in red tape if I were a Joe Biden administration or Bill Clinton administration.


Let's be honest. A Bush administration. No president has driven the bureaucracy in the private sector like this none. They talk about, oh, FDR did this and FDR did that. Well, Donald Trump did this. Donald Trump did this now. Are the deaths being reported on the coronavirus inflated, how many shows have I done on this, Mr. Producer, in March and April, early on when nobody was talking about this?


Several. And The New York Times is writing in The Washington Post and the usual suspects stories and intimating right wing conspiracy theorists the same newspapers have written use more ink on me than they did the Holocaust.


And Tony. Yes, the numbers are inflated. And yes, the media want you to keep looking at those numbers. We've never had charts on cancer, charts on heart disease and heart attacks and strokes and diabetes never. There's a ghoulish obsession, almost a sick perversion in the way the media handle this and I mean this. And the media have been wrong almost every single step of the way, how come we don't have a chart? Every night or every day on our television screens on how many people Andrew Cuomo killed as a result of his nursing home policy.


Or Murphy of New Jersey, how come we don't have a chart? On how many people have committed suicide as a result of the policies. Of Democrats in the states shutting everything down and forcing people to be in their homes, for God's sakes. It's getting very sick out there. It really is, and it is very sick out there. And the greatest sickness we have in this country, it's true are the media. The media. I played you that Chuck Todd question, but what cut was that, Mr.


Producer? Let's play it again, just the question I don't care about Cliburn's answer. Go ahead. Do you believe we need a 9/11 style commission, the Iraq Study Group, Warren Commission, you name it? Right. Great crises in America have gotten us important commissions to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again. Do we need this? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I'll be right back. Much love in. What am I doing, Mr. Producer?


Nothing can we go to a caller, I do not have my call screen up, who might you suggest, Mr. Producer, if you were doing this radio show?


Idaho XM Satellite, Nick, you're on, brother, go. Mark, thank you. You brought up the topic of setting up a commission to look into the integrity of the 2020 presidential election.


I brought that up myself. You did not bring this topic anywhere else? No, no, no.


I was hoping that before you take off for the next couple of weeks that either today and or tomorrow, yeah. You would keep alive this excellent idea of a commission to be appointed.


We don't need we don't need their fair and balanced or whatever. We what we need is. A bunch of serious people we need are constitutionalists, among others. We're on this commission. We don't much care if the media and the Democrats like it or not doing. No, not at all. Well, I was hoping also you would talk about the mechanics of impaneling such a commission.


Well, it's the mechanics or however he chooses to do it, except kept the White House lawyers draw it up and you just do it. So it's up to the president, why not? It's his commission, it's a presidential commission and I and we'll let Biden should he slither in. Well, let Biden eliminate the commission.


That'll just be more evidence. He doesn't want to know a damn thing. I didn't think he could do that. Well, of course he can. They're not presidential appointments. I mean, presidential appointments in the sense of constitutional appointments, he can throw anyone out, he wants to. Hmm. OK. All right, my friend, by the way, Cortland, Idaho, that's a nice place, isn't it? Oh, yeah, thanks. All right, take care of yourself, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


I was there once. I passed through in about eight hours, but there are places I've done that. I've told my wife when this is all said and done, when I retire. Decided to retire, you know, 70, my low 70s, whatever I can to get a small RV, not one of these big ones, I wouldn't know how to drive them. I'd be driving all over curbs and knocking into, like, you know, posts and everything else.


We're going to drive from one end of this country to the other. And I want to stop in all the little towns and I want to go into the diners. That's what I want to do, go into the hardware stores. It's something I want to do, this fast paced. I'm doing three or four jobs at once, has to come to an end at some point, right? Bring the microphone with me. Well, you never know, maybe I'll podcast.


What was that guy? Charles Osborne had like 12 families and nobody knew it. I'm Charles Osborne, used to watch the guys good, good. Wait a minute, you got two families and neither family knew about it. That's kind of sad, really. Let us continue and shall we continue? Yes, we much to quote the late, great Al Sharpton, Chris, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, my hometown, the great t go. Thank you, Mr.


Lance, first time, long time, very, very honored. Thank you, sir. What part of Philly are you from? We'll have a town right outside Philly. I know where it is. Go right ahead, my friend. It's the business of the government to really not do anything because they've become obsolete. And I think the unelected bureaucracy that's siding with communist China right now would basically become a puppet for China if we don't fight back, that us, Israel will go down as the last bastion of freedom that we have.


And Secretary Pompeo explained to Confucius institutions they stole elections right out from under us. I know it's hard to believe that the media thinks that we're that stupid. And I chalk this up to cultural differences. I think that they're giving marching orders. China is to our media and they're less than altruistic people.


So, you know, I don't even think they need marching orders. They just instinctively know as a sort of brainwashed indirectly, they don't even have to be directly brainwashed.


And they and they're very anti-American, hostile to this country in the media.


And by the way, I happen to think Mike Pompeo is the greatest secretary of state in my lifetime, in my lifetime.


And he'll be on this program. He's scheduled to be on this program tomorrow. We'll get into some of this. I think the president shopping in the White House and that this child has got the most to lose, not Russia. I think China is behind all this. If if it was Russia, then you'd have to spend wannna.


What do you think China's behind the hacking? No, I think China does hack. But I think this particular time I don't think we should be giving Russia passed. Russia is an enemy, so we have our whole NATO system is built to deal with Russia. Yeah, I think that's obsolete at this point, I think. No, I don't think it's obsolete in the least. You think they're nuclear missiles are obsolete? No, I just think that would be awesome.


And I think China is the real issue. Do you think they want to be off the line? They just hacked us, pal. You're not making any sense.


No, unless you're just a denier. They just hacked, according to the Trump administration, even hacked into our nuclear offices, oversight facilities. That's just old school.


Are you kidding me? I think China has more to lose.


I get off the phone, you idiot. I didn't say we have to pick China or Russia. How do the Russians have to do with a way to downplay Russian, is this an ideological thing that, Mr. Producer, that if you talk about Russia, that means you don't think China is a threat? What is that I don't understand. And just to dismiss that, I told think if they've attacked us. And that's all I think it's not old thinking they've attacked us.


China is a grave threat to this country. I've been talking about it behind this microphone and on live in TV for five years, long before most of these other guys have.


Michael Pillsbury, we've had on who else have we had on, I don't remember. Rich, do you remember? Gordon Chang, we've had on. Others we've had on, experts we've had on how do you think people have, you know, to bring them on TV?


I've gone through the military issues, the grave threat that they are, they dismiss, what are you going to do, dismiss Iran to Iran on its whole thinking around that old thinking?


It's not new thinking. It's reality. And no, I'm not a neocon either. They attacked us, I don't know, it must be the Chinese know they attacked us, according to the Trump administration. Good lord. Unfortunately, as I said at the opening of the program, there are many countries that would love to see a Senk. There are many forces, including within our own country, a fifth column. That is trying. To do tell us what the Chinese and the Russians can't even do to us, which is burn our Constitution.


I'm the one that's been on the air saying we face a two front war with China and the Democrats, and I still believe that, but that doesn't mean we don't have other enemies. You know, that's all thinking it's got to be it's got to be China. That's why I get angry. That's why. You know what? Forget it. Forget it. There's no amount of evidence that will demonstrate to you that Russia is an enemy. None of those massive nuke.


Missiles aimed at Los Angeles and Philadelphia and our East Coast and our West Coast and central. No, no, no, that's all. Thank you. I'll be right back. This is the nation's town hall meeting, and you can join in at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


Let's see, China leads the world in jailing journalists for second year, running Mr. Tradition that America's journalists have no problem with it.


They haven't done a single story on it. This is from our Friends at Breitbart Committee to Protect Journalists. Jay Hayward released its annual Press Freedom Report here.


They released their annual Free Press Freedom Report. And you see nothing by a single so-called big media newsroom, not one. Not one. Instead, they want a commission to investigate Trump and his response to covid, so my response to Chuck Todd and his lovely family is. Maybe you shouldn't get a vaccine if you think the president didn't do anything. Maybe you and Mrs. Chuckles and the little chuckles maybe the whole. Chuckles family should go without. Because that's exactly where we would be if your party chuckles was in charge anyone else?


Chuckles I don't know that they do, but I like that name. Chuckles. It's a real laugh, right, that. That clown, a real. Let's see what else do we have? Six experts predict the worst scenario with China under a feeble Biden. Our friends at the Federalist, Madeleine Albright, say there's a lot of good media out there if you know what you're doing.


Gordon Chang, our friend Gordon, Rebecca Heinrich's David Goldman, Sumantra Matre, Michael Pillsbury, our friend Helen Rawly. I wonder how often any of them. They've been on. CNN owned by AT&T. We're going to get rid of all AT&T stuff, all Comcast stuff have had it. You got it put into action what you say. Actually, I think we may have got rid of some of this already. I don't know, I have to check with the wife.


But if we haven't, we will we're going to cleanse ourselves. Let's take another call, shall we? Let's see, let's go to Herschel, Brooklyn, New York, the great WIBC Herschelle, you're on the air.


Go. Hi, Mark, how are you doing? Have a quick question. I'm doing fine before you get started here. So here's my question. It's cold in New York City. It's been snowing and sleeting. Apparently Black Lives Matter and antifa don't take to this weather, do they?


Well, we don't see them now. No, they're not out and about, you know, burning places down, brutalizing cops, assaulting senior citizens, throwing Molotov cocktails into into cruisers and so forth.


No, no, no. I don't think they like this weather. All right, go right ahead. All right, we got to keep on fighting till we turn this election over to its rightful winner, Donald Trump. If Joe Biden becomes president, the Democrats will impeach him because of his son Hunter's dealings in China. And they'll give the presidency to Kamala Harris when we didn't elect her. And not only that, we outvoted her. She was doing so terribly in the polls when she ran for president that she left, she fled.


The Democrats set.


The Democrats are not going to impeach Biden. What they would do is tell him to get out, go. And they would tell him to get out. He would get out. You're exactly right. In my view. They want Kamala Harris because she's a radical leftist, neo Marxist, dressed up as a Democratic socialist, Democrat, liberal, all these terms. Sir, yep, there's so much division in our country.


But at least now it stems from a good place because President Trump has exposed that this post does what the Democrats are full of, where they suck up to China. And Joe Biden wants us to stand behind them in unity. No, we shouldn't be doing.


I'm not standing behind Joe Biden in front of them to this side of him. No, no, no, no. The only way the left in the Democrat Party will learn anything is if what was done to our president is done to the right guy. Should he slither into the White House?


That's it. That's why. No, I'm not going to stand with Mitch McConnell. No, I'm not going to stand with any of those people.


Now. All right, my friend, thank you for you. OK, let's keep going. Let's say poor civil service guys not protected, all right. Not interested.


Let's see if evera East Brunswick, New Jersey, the great WIBC. Vira, how are you?


Fine, thank you. I just want to say, first of all, I'm just very upset that President Trump has done so much good for this country in his four years in office. And he doesn't get credit for it. No, in the media and even some conservative outlets don't give him credit.




It just it's just heartbreaking, really. And secondly, what I don't understand is, did the Republicans not have any idea of the levels of the low level that the Democrats would sink to to wit, to cheat their way and win this election?


Did I not deny that come on this radio broadcast and say to millions and millions of people over and over again, Biden's got 600 lawyers.


We better be ready. We need to have lawyers in every state. We need to have lawyers in every county. Everyone says they said it. I can point to one time after another, after another. I'm not going to waste Mr. Producers' time. I said it over and over and over again. I don't think the campaign did, however. However, there were people litigating in these states to take on these special interest groups and the Democrats to take on the Biden campaign.


And these you have courts in these states, like in Pennsylvania and other states that just rolled them, just roll them and the Supreme Court's the worst of them all, worst of them all. And we're never going to forget that here ever. It's just devastating for this country that this was allowed to happen, and I'm right to blame the Republicans. Yeah. Anyway, thank you.


All right, Vera, you take care of yourself. Let's continue. Who says I never take phone calls? I must confess, I have been negligent in that regard. Mike Duluth, Minnesota, XM Satellite. Mike, how are you, sir? How are you, sir? I'm doing wonderful, Mark. So I just have a quick question relative to the Section three of the 14th Amendment, which deals with the insurrection or rebellion for those who have taken an oath to serve, you know.


Anyway, I'm just wondering if there's any application to our problems with the illegal election. No, no.


The Iraq the correction, the Election Act, which is coming out of the Democrat House and the Senate Democrats can't wait to pass it. No, the Insurrection Act is a statute that's been in existence since the early 1980s. And your question is what?


My question is, is people who have taken the oath of office, like members of Congress who may have, you know what's interesting?


Has anybody ever been held to account for lying under the oath of office? No, under the law, I'm talking about whether they're actually engaged in and I know, but you said they take an oath of office and I'm sitting here, as you say, they're wondering to myself, OK, for the left, that's a formality because they have no intention of upholding the Constitution or the laws of the United States.


Their entire purpose is sabotage. Anyway, what's your point?


Well, my point is. Yeah, and I'm not an I'm not an attorney. Yeah. Are you OK? What's your point?


Action better than I or much better than anyone else. If if if people conspired to rig this election and they are members of Congress, do.


All right. Our own people conspired to rig this election and they're members of Congress. Okay. How do we even get to that point? Who's going to investigate them? No idea. Under what authority. The answer is nobody. OK, well, just a question, I just wonder if there is any remedy at all that we know there's no remedy.


But thank you for your call, old Abe.


Abe Lincoln. No, Abe Lincoln. Well, his name now has to be sandblasted off of every building. All his monuments need to come down because, you know, Abe Lincoln, he didn't do enough for the slaves. No, no, no. LeBron James. No, he did a lot. We need more monuments of LeBron James and but Abe Lincoln now, you know, he's he's got to be sandblasted from history because, you know, they went back and looked at a few of his speeches way back in the 1940s and 50s and gave his life for his country, was shot in the back of the head because he led the effort to keep the union together and eliminate slavery.


But he's not good enough. He's not good enough. Abe Lincoln actually arrested. A member of Congress. Who was particularly vocal against the war effort? You wear this, Mr. Producer, he had him arrested. And then had him removed. From his state and sent somewhere else to another state. Oh, yes, he did. Yes, he did. Well, Abe Lincoln also threw his secretary of war, his fingerprints weren't on most of it, but he knew it shut down around 300 newspapers.


I wonder what the journalists think about that. I wonder what the low IQ, uninformed, virtually illiterate Joe Scarborough would say about that. I know what he'd say. He's Genghis Khan. He's just can't I just can't just can't Genghis Khan right back and I'll be right back.


Much Ben. Doc, her doctor, doc, by the way, I have a juris doctorate degree, Mr. Producer.


I'm an attorney. All attorneys have what's called a juris doctorate degree. Are you aware that a JD henceforth I should be referred to as Dr. Levine. People used to call here and call me Dr. Levine. Why? I don't know, but. I have a JD Adris doctorate degree now, of course, you don't call lawyers, Doctor, but I think we should play along a little bit, don't you, folks? I mean, I spent a lot of years getting my law degree, wasted a lot of time in law school.


I mean, I went to law school. You know the truth. And I don't mean this to sound cocky, it's that I didn't need to go to college, I didn't need to go to law school, self-taught, I could have taught myself the law, taught myself everything. So I got to sit there and listen to liberals all the. Yeah, yeah. OK, that's the problem.


That's the brown. But henceforth, I have a juris doctorate degree. I'm a doctor. I guess, right? Well, she's a doctor, I'm definitely a doctor. But this could be part of the problem I was just thinking about, if Dr. Jill Biden is a doctor and her patient is Joe Biden, this could kind of explain something, couldn't it, Mr. Producer? He's not getting the medical care he deserves or at least needs. I challenge the newsrooms in this country to do a story.


On China, locking up journalists. By the way. What's happened to the University of Texas? It's become like a liberal bastion. I'm sorry, all of you who are allum from there, but it's terrible. They're giving out a journalism award named after Dan Rather. Dan Rather. Guy's an idiot, armed robber with a douche. Now Dan Rather's another one, he goes after Trump. He went after Reagan. He went after Nixon. Not Democrats, he loved Democrats.


So there you go, a journalism storm named after Dan Rather. That's something to aspire to, isn't it? Mr. Guy got his ass fired at CBS because he screwed up that other story. In other words, he lied about George W. Bush.


In my humble opinion. So now you have a journalism award named after Dan Rather. Dan Rather, honest to God, it's unbelievable any corporation, media outlet or individual now I'm being honest about this, who defends communist China is the enemy of the American people. And I mean this sincerely, I mean this sincerely. By the way, my wife does remind me, and she's right, she's the one that came up with JD is Dr.. Dr. Levine and Dr.


Levine. Hey, we could open a medical firm, Mr. Producer, people be completely confused not to limit me. Dr. Levin sounds like the Marx Brothers or something. All right, let's see if they believe they let us go to. Tom Haversham, Georgia, the great Gmoser. Hey, Mark, why won't either of your Senate candidates come on this show? I think they got the kybosh from Mitch McConnell step. I mean, I kind of feel that you're absolutely you know, I get me going on that one.


I mean, I want everyone to vote for them. Don't get me wrong. It's you know, it's who's going to fill these two seats?


Please, Lord, please, Lord is right. I just find it really foolish. But anyway, go right ahead.


Your presidential commission. I've been thinking not about that specifically, but I like it a lot because as I understand it, please correct me, Dr. Levin jadi there is no statute that I am not a proctologists.


I must confess. Go ahead. OK, well that's that's good news. Yes. Yes. There is no statute of limitations as I understand it, on fraud so.


Well no there are, there is, there is, there are statutes that depends on the state but there are. There are ways, Tom, you're good at Enron, don't get mad at me, Tom. Call back again. We got cut short here. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. I'm not a proctologist and I'm not a gynecologist either.


Just want you to know, you know, maybe I'll be like a dermatologist. No, I don't want to do that either. See it tomorrow. God bless each and every one of you from the Westwood One podcast network.