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He's here now broadcasting from the underground command post here, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America, I'm Mark Levin. Our number is eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


This is our final radio program of the year. There's also 20-20 been absolutely awful, so many respects, but there's always next year, also this Sunday, Life, Liberty and Lytvyn will be the last live life, liberty and lytvyn of the year.


So I'd encourage you to watch it. We focus 100 percent on communist China, and I think you'll find it to be a truly great program, not because of me, because of the guests.


So 8:00 p.m. Eastern this Sunday, I hope you'll DVR it if he can't watch it live.


And National, you know, as I watch this attack on America from Russia deeply into deep into our aura, most secret systems and some of our most secret agencies and departments. And I listen to the media and I listen to members of Congress, it's really extraordinary Romney's attacking Trump. Susan Collins is asking what went on. And I'm thinking to myself, does Congress take responsibility for nothing? For nothing. They've distracted the nation on this Russia collusion issue instead of holding hearings on Russia.


They're holding hearings on Trump. You've got people out there saying Russia is not the enemy. We're blinded by their own perverse ideology. Of course, Russia is an enemy, it's not as grave as China, but it's an enemy with nukes. With territorial designs. It's not like you have to pick one or the other, you have to prioritize when you have a limited defense budget, which brings me to that third point. Prior to the Trump administration.


The Obama administration, with Biden and Congress slashed the hell out of our military. They slashed the hell out of our military. Now, these members of Congress are never held to account. Never held to account. So the big issue is why hasn't the president spoken out? It's quite likely the president is working on this. The president hasn't spoken out about much in the last 48 hours. His national security adviser cut his trip short, flew back to the United States, where his office is right down the hall from the president of the United States.


There have been meetings. Would the various agencies and department heads? But the president is not taking this seriously. This is this is what they say. Of course, he's taking it seriously. He's the one that created a new military service to deal with space and particularly what the communist Chinese are doing with killer satellites. He's the one who funded the United States military. He's the one who sanctioned the the oligarchs and others in Russia. What the hell is Congress done in the last 10 years, what is it done literally?


What's it done about Russia? What the hell is it done about China? What's it done about Iran? Nothing. Nothing. Trump's taken all of them on, he's crushing Iran. Biden says, hi, come in, I'm going to subsidize them and build up that Islamic Nazi regime, says he's going to change our relations with China because he's an appeaser. He's been bought off. His whole family's been bought off. In fact, that whole damn party has been bought off.


And then when it comes to Russia, can anybody think of anything the Obama Biden administration did to confront Russia, anything? No, they can't. And so I've got a couple of questions here. We pay trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars for a massive bureaucracy, massive bureaucracy. All kinds of computers, all kinds of software technologies, you name it. You name it. Now, this government wants to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and control more and more and more of our lives.


It's everywhere. It's ubiquitous. You can't turn around without bumping into the federal government. But it's never held to account. There's never any merit standards that are applied. People don't get fired, people don't get suspended. It's almost like the teachers union. You've got a civil service, you got you got unions, you got all kinds of stuff going on there, most of all, you have the Democrat Party. Because the bureaucracy is own hook, line and sinker by the Democrat Party, they're symbiotic, one protects the other.


And so there's no accountability, I saw this when President Reagan was in office and I was there eight years in various advanced parts of the administration. It Trump was there for years, so he's responsible for everything, Biden's been there 50 years and he's responsible for nothing. Nothing. And nobody's going to ask Obama a difficult question, nobody. He's too busy making hand over fist millions and millions of millions of dollars while he's trashing our country.


Amazing. Never seen anything like it, like LeBron James and others. Isn't this a further example that the government must be limited? I'm looking at these people that the president wants to appoint. He wants to take the former EPA administrator and make her an environment czar. The same idiot under whom that Flint, Michigan disaster took place, they're not held to account for anything, they're responsible for nothing. She's a radical hard core leftist. Then he's got John Kerry.


Who's some kind of czar or special envoy on climate change, then he's going to have an EPA administrator. These people are serious about crushing our economy. About crushing the materials and the things that we use in our everyday lives. HVAC systems, paint, lumber, you name it, it's all going to come under attack. All of it. They're busy pushing us around, whether it's at the state, local or federal level, trying to control us, unleashing the criminals and the mob on us, demanding more taxes from us, redistributing wealth to accommodate and take care of their base.


And for what what does any of this getting us but chaos? Nothing. The Democrat Party. Is destroying this country. Destroying it. Now, when we come back, I want to tell you about Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. As I said, this will be my last show the year, so I'm just giving you a final alert that we will not be posting on Facebook anymore. Come December 31, midnight and one second, no more posting on Facebook, why even the other day they attacked us.


Facebook is anti-American. Facebook is for censorship. Facebook is an appendage of the Democrat Party in the left. And this guy, Mark Zuckerberg. The amount of increased contributions he washed through these phony nonprofit groups and so forth. Would result in anybody else serving long time in prison. Comes off this earnest, studious young man with a goofy haircut, kind of a nerd. But he's none of those things, he's diabolical is evil. And so is this platform.


Now, you might say, Mark, you believe in free competition. I do, but that's not what we see here. What we see here is a nineteen for these fledgling little platforms. In order to grow, they need protection. They went to Congress and they got it.


Just like the slime balls in the media so they could advance their propaganda and wrap themselves in freedom of the press. Well, these guys wrap themselves as Publishers'. With free platforms and open platforms, but we can't grow, we can't develop, we can't accommodate our customers unless we're protected. So they got protection in 1994. So you can't sue them. If you're defamed. He can't so. Does that sound like. Free market to you? Does that sound like fair competition to you?


I'm not protected that way, are you? No, you're not, and most of us aren't. So the libel laws do not apply. To these robber barons. And that's how they get away with what they get away with president of the United States, try to attach language to the defense bill. To put an end to this, and he was stopped. By Republicans in Congress. And he says, I'm still going to veto that bill because what's right is right, and you see that's the difference between a Trump and a McConnell.


Are Trump and most of the Republicans in Congress, they don't want to be seen as voting against a defense bill, on the other hand, they don't want to add language to the defense bill that would defend you and me. Against these predators. There's nothing that says that the hard left and the robber barons should be. Specially protected. Unlike the rest of us. And I want to tell you about this, Mark Zuckerberg, V.R. Friends at Breitbart.


The great Michael Patrick Leahy, who wrote an excellent piece there. When we return, my love in. As we enter the Christmas season, most of us stop to consider our many blessings. While Hillsdale College wishes to thank you for standing with them as they celebrate over one hundred and seventy five years of blessings since 1840 for Hillsdale has held fast to its mission to provide the kind of education essential to preserving free government. And for decades, the college has extended its educational mission on behalf of liberty through a variety of outreach programs.


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This is why the president gets frustrated the Madrona vaccine is ready to go, it can help millions of people in this country in addition to the Pfizer vaccine, and they didn't approve it today.


It's not I mean, it's approved, but they're they're not ready to give the final. And now we move into Saturday. That's the bureaucracy, that's the typical bureaucracy, and that's the bureaucracy that Trump had a fight for nine months, for nine months. On Operation Warp Speed, I mean, that's why I said he deserves a ticker tape parade. He certainly does. We're going to start this and we're going to spend the rest of this hour on this, Zukerberg, because this is affecting your lives.


By Michael Patrick Leahy was an outstanding reporter and writer at Breitbart, a report released by the Olmsted Project of the Thomas Moore Society at a press conference on Wednesday, alleged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife made four hundred nineteen point five million dollars, almost half a billion in contributions to nonprofit organizations during the 2020 election cycle. Three hundred and fifty million to the so-called Safe Elections Project of the Center for Technology and Civic Life, 350 million to that one group and another sixty nine point five million to the Center for Election Innovation and Research that, quote, improperly influenced the 2020 presidential election on behalf of one particular candidate and party.


They go on the 20 20 presidential election, witnessed an unprecedented and coordinated public private partnership rights, the group to improperly influence the 20 20 presidential election on behalf of one particular candidate and party funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other high tech interests, activist organizations excuse me, created a two tier election system that treated voters differently, depending on whether they lived in Democrat or Republican strongholds, Olmsted Project director Phil Cline wrote in the report's executive summary.


The report identifies three key actions that taken together represent the beginning of the formation of a two tier election system favoring one demographic while disadvantaging another demographic.


Bullitt private monies dictated city and county election management, contrary to both federal and state election law plans endorsed and developed by state legislatures with authority granted by the United States Constitution. But executive officials in swing states facilitated through unique and novel contracts, the sharing a private and sensitive information about citizens within those states with private interests, some of whom actively promote leftist candidates and agendas. Poets swing state governors also started issuing emergency executive orders, shutting down in-person voting while pouring new state resources into encouraging persons to vote in advance.


Polling data revealed this coordinated assault on in-person voting generally favored Democrat Party voters who preferred to vote in advance while placing Republicans who preferred to vote in person at a disadvantage. These actions represent the beginning of the formation of a two tier election system favoring one demographic while disadvantaging another demographic. This evidence is present and available to all Americans, Klein said at the press conference. The mainstream media have also tried to censor this evidence, he noted, adding America understands that there are serious problems with this election.


Now this network pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into local election systems using the covid crisis as a pretense. Our report proves that in reality it was nothing more than a naked attempt to purchase the election. Zucker bucks, Zucker bucks and local election officials invited a billionaire into the consolidated ballot counting centers while kicking out the American people. Klein said in a statement. Now, I want to get into the details of this.


After the bottom of the hours, the segment is coming to a close. But millions and millions of millions surreptitiously. Spent basically awarded through various organizations in order to promote certain votes in certain precincts versus others. I'm going to get into more details on this when we return. As we enter the Christmas season, most of us stop to consider our many blessings, while Hillsdale College wishes to thank you for standing with them as they celebrate over 175 years of blessings since 1844, Hillsdale has held fast to its mission to provide the kind of education essential to preserving free government.


And for decades, the college has extended its educational mission on behalf of liberty through a variety of outreach programs. Perhaps you receive an Prima's for free every month, or have taken one of Helstone excellent free online courses or have attended one of Hillsdale free regional events. Now you know of Hillsdale s refusal to take even one penny of government money. This independence allows the college to focus on promoting its core purposes, learning character, faith and freedom without any government interference.


At no time in our nation's history has there been a greater need for the kind of classical liberal arts education that Hillsdale offers on its campus and nationwide. So during this season of Blessings Hillsdale, thank you for your partnership. In extending its mission to the country to learn more about Hillsdale College, visit Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom. That's Levien for Hillsdale Dotcom, Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Nobody says it better than Mark Levin. I'll go with watermarked Marklin instead because nobody could say it. Better call in now.


Eight eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


Let's continue with the Breitbart piece. Michael Patrick Leahy, Hammarstedt Project of the Thomas More Society, among other things.


What do they find? This report paints a clear picture of a couple of billionaires and activists using their wealth to subvert, control and fundamentally alter the electoral system itself, Klein said. We must act now to prevent such privatized elections in the future. The American public deserves transparent and fair elections, not lawless elections directed by powerful private interests. In addition to Zuckerberg, the main foundations fund in the effort to subvert the electoral system with a democracy fund. New Venture Fund, Skoll Foundation, Knight Foundation.


According to the report, key nonprofits involved in distributing the money include CTCA, the Center for Election Innovation Research, the Center for Civic Design, the National Vote at Home Institute, the Center for Secure and Modern Elections and Rock the Vote. The report demonstrates that funding from nonprofits was especially unnecessary in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is the federal government had already provided sufficient funding through both the Help America Vote Act and the Kahrizak. The report alleged that the privatization of the administration of the election in key battleground states and its effective removal from the control of properly authorized local and state governments was strengthened by a clawback provision attached to grants given to counties and cities by the main group that got most of the money.


Under that clawback provision, local governments would be required to return to the that group that got the three hundred million return their donations if they failed to implement the more controversial and legally dubious elements of the plan, including. Here's what Zukerberg pushed the use of Dropbox's to collect absentee ballots and the requirement that counting centers be consolidated in a way that made observation of the counting process by Republican observers more difficult. Yes, Zukerberg money was behind that. The report focused heavily on how the CTCA used their three hundred and fifty million donated by Zuckerberg and his wife between September one in 2020 and October.


Twenty one twenty twenty, particularly targeted in urban areas in four key battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, the report alleged that the CTCA plan, again, the group that got the three hundred and fifty million from the Zuckerberg worked to benefit Biden and the Democrats, for example. CTCA ain't a hundred thousand dollar grant to the mayor of Racin Washington in May of 20, directing the mayor to recruit for other cities Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison and Milwaukee to develop a joint grant request from the organization.


This effort results in these cities, submitting a, quote, Wisconsin safe election plan, unquote, on June 15, 20, 20 to the city. Again, that is the the the mothership, the funding, the 350 million that Zuckerberg and his wife put into and in return receive six point three million to implement the plan, the private.


So in other words, you have this billionaire from Facebook using these front groups, laundering hundreds of millions of dollars into them, getting cities and towns in targeted areas in battleground states to make changes that conform with the demands of the organization that is funded by Zuckerberg. Is that clear, Mr. Bruce, the way I'm putting it? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. The privatisation of elections is what they call it, undermines the Help America Vote Act. That's a federal act which requires state election plans to be submitted to federal officials and approved and requires respect for equal protection, for making all resources available equally to all voters.


The provision of the Zukerberg CTCA funds allowed these Democrat strongholds to spend roughly 47 dollars per voter, compared to four to seven dollars per voter in traditionally Republican areas of the state.


Moreover, this recruiting of targeted jurisdictions for a specific government action and funding runs contrary to legislative election plans and Evites government to play favorites in the election process. So you have these drop off boxes in certain areas and not in certain areas, more in certain areas, less in other areas, that sort of thing funded. Funded by Zukerberg. The Wisconsin safe election plan was not authorized by the state and considered state election integrity laws as obstacles and nuisances to be ignored or circumvented.


Moreover, CTCA, that's the Zukerberg entity, retain the right and the grant document to, in its sole discretion, order all funds returned if the grantee cities did not conduct the election consistent with CTC out dictates. Effectively, CTCA managed the election in these five cities, and this plan violated state law in numerous ways and I won't go through it. The plan circumvented voter ID requirements for absentee ballots by attempting to classify all voters as indefinitely confined due to the covid plan and later after the Wisconsin Supreme Court criticism by ordering election clerks to not question such claims.


This is where the Zuckerberg money, when the plan initiated the use of Dropbox's for a ballot collection, significantly breaching the chain of custody of the ballot and failing to maintain proper logs and reviews to ensure all properly cast ballots were counted and all improperly cast ballots were not counted. Now, you know why none of this was reported by a single major newsroom in America, not one. Not one. And now, you know what, if I put this very article up on my Facebook account, they will slap it down.


What they missed of it is.


And how does Zuckerberg do that, he's created these so-called third party reviewers, all of them are left wing. You saw the article the other day and we talked about it at length here with a woman in charge of appointing these third party types, a professor. Is a Trump hater and a communist Chinese lover. This is how Zukerberg operates, he likes autocracy. He likes it, totalitarianism, he likes it. Because he gets to exercise power, unlimited power.


Now, these are but a couple of examples, he initiated the consolidation of counting centers, justifying the flow of hundreds of thousands of ballots to one location and the marginalization of Republican poll watchers such the bipartisan participation in the management, handling and counting of the ballot was compromised. Just some of the examples. This is what Zukerberg funded. That's why I'm taking time and going through this Breitbart piece. In Pennsylvania, the report asserted the disparate impact of Zukerberg funding is also present in the analysis of CTCA.


Remember that group funding in Pennsylvania? That's the Zukerberg front group. Documents obtained through court order revealed communication between the city of Philadelphia and CTCA, emphasizing that CTCA paid election judges in Philadelphia and other election officials. CTCA mandated Philadelphia to increase its polling locations and to use drop boxes and eventually mobile pick up units. Moreover, Zuckerberg money allowed Philadelphia to cure so-called absentee ballots in a manner not provided for in Republican areas of the state.


In Democrat Delaware County, Pennsylvania, one drop box was placed every four square miles and for every 4000 voters in the 59 counties carried by Trump in 2016, there was one drop box for every one thousand one hundred square miles and every seventy two thousand voters. I hope the geniuses on the Supreme Court are paying attention. Government encouraging a targeted demographic to turn out the vote is the opposite side of the same coin as government targeting a demographic to suppress the vote.


This two tiered election system allowed voters in Democrat strongholds to stroll down the street to vote while voters in Republican strongholds had to go in the equivalent of a Where's Waldo Hunt? In Michigan. The abstract projects concerns were amplified by the nature of a contract offered by Michigan's health director to a subsidy of MGP Van, a Democrat fundraiser and data services company, Michigan. Granted the covid tracing contract, a Michigan van is a subsidiary of MGP than the contract that allowed this left wing organization to demand sensitive information from Michigan citizens.


At the threat of arrest, citizens could be ordered to turn over medical records, travel information, the names of associates and friends and other information with a significant privacy interest and of significant monetary value to a political fundraiser. Emails later obtained through FOIA requests demonstrate Governor Whitman's political director was involved in suggesting to the health department that they not directly contract with MGP van because of possible political fallout. Governor Whitman staffer recommended MGP Van create a Michigan subsidiary, and the subsidiary could become a subcontractor so as to cover their trail.


And when this became public, Wittmer claimed she was unaware the agreement was faced with public pressure, that only then that she rescind the contract. Our country is so corrupted now by the Democrat Party and by these Democrat billionaires. It's absolutely shocking. Last month, the Almstead project filed a lawsuit alleging that more than 100000 ballots have been cast illegally in Georgia. They filed a lawsuit contesting the results of the 2012 presidential election, citing expert opinion that well over 100000 illegal votes were improperly counted while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted.


Now, their expert analysis of government data showing that the total number of illegal votes counted in legal votes not counted is greater than 200000 vastly exceeded the twelve thousand six hundred seventy vote margin in the so-called presidential election contest.


The number of potentially fraudulent ballots that they identified in Georgia over 15 times greater than the margin separating Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And the finding undercuts the integrity of the general election. The report was released Wednesday. Identified five specific action steps to address election security issues. And I will get into that after the break, I'll be right back. Much love in. As we enter the Christmas season, most of us stop to consider our many blessings. While Hillsdale College wishes to thank you for standing with them as they celebrate over one hundred and seventy five years of blessings since 1840 for Hillsdale has held fast to its mission to provide the kind of education essential to preserving free government.


And for decades, the college has extended its educational mission on behalf of liberty through a variety of outreach programs. Perhaps you receive in Prima's for free every month, or have taken one of Helstone excellent free online courses or have attended one of Hillsdale free regional events. Now you know of Hillsdale s refusal to take even one penny of government money. This independence allows the college to focus on promoting its core purposes, learning character, faith and freedom without any government interference.


At no time in our nation's history has there been a greater need for the kind of classical liberal arts education that Hillsdale offers on its campus and nationwide. So during this season of Blessings, Hillsdale thanks you for your partnership. In extending its mission to the country. To learn more about Hillsdale College, visit Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom. That's Levien for Hillsdale Dotcom. Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Remember this guy, Chris Kreps, remember him, was on every liberal so-called news network. He was praised to the hilt. He was at the hearings the other day and the Democrats praised him. And once again, he said this was the cleanest election in American history, no cyber interference. Do you know this guy was in charge of the of of this cyber space operation under whose rather substantial nose? I could tell best. As I could tell, this attack occurred.


Right, at least in part. At least in part, Trump fired. He was praised by Mitt Romney, he's been praised by Republicans, he's been praised by Democrats, he's been honored by the press. Did he do his job? Now they embrace this guy because Trump didn't like them, they embrace this guy because he went to war with Trump, that's all that matters to the media in this country. So you'll never hear from him again. You'll never hear from him again because he's an embarrassment.


Never again. So what can you do? The report says the secretaries and attorneys general and or legislatures of the states whose county governments received Siao funds Zukerberg funds should commission a comprehensive third party audit of the consistency of private public transactions.


State, secretaries, attorneys general and our legislatures who have membership and nonprofit electronic registration information center should audit the information access collection, storage and security for potential voter information sharing practices or what took place actually with Eric Secretaries', attorneys general and our legislatures who received Center of Election of Election Innovations CEO grants for election related purposes, should request and evaluate the contracts state by state examination of the legal authority by which this mother ship that Zuckerberg poured hundreds of millions of dollars into so-called nonprofit chartered in Illinois.


They negotiated grant contracts with county and municipal governments in multiple jurisdictions among many states. What legal authority did anybody have for this? County commissioners should coordinate with the respective attorneys general legislatures to understand and mitigate potential future liabilities.


I got another one. Break up this damn Facebook, ladies and gentlemen, stop using Facebook by the end of the year, get the hell off of Facebook. Zuckerberg is destroying the country along with some of these other robber barons. Get off of Facebook, they're using your data, they're using your private and confidential information, he's selling it, he's making money, they're running advertisements based on how many comments are posted. Get the hell out of there. Go to parler.


Go to parler, I'm at parler. Hash tag Mark Levin show, right, Mr. Producer? At Mark Levin Show, at Mark Levin Show, get the hell off of Facebook, I know some of you are just wedded to it. You need to understand he's the enemy. He's the damn enemy. That creep, that punk. Thanks to the federal government, all these entities grew great. But they're not free speech entities, and when you see the media and Democrats on these ultra left wing radical neo Marxist groups attacking parler, trying to paint it as some kind of white supremacist group, you know, you're in the right place if nothing to do with white supremacy.


Since when is freedom of the speech? White supremacy. We have to listen to these fascist Democrats and fascist reporter. You don't believe in competition and free speech and a free press? No, I don't think so. More when I return. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here he's here now broadcasting from the underground command post here, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark.


Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to be on the program at the bottom of the hour.


Really a terrific man. He really is. Joe Biden on The Late Show last night.


This Stefan Colbert is a disgrace. He's such a fraud. He did probably the worst interview in modern history. Other than that idiot, Anderson, on the constipated news network when he interviewed. The porn actress, I guess that was the highlight of his career, Stormy Daniels, remember that, Mr. Producer? I didn't watch it, but you remember that. What a reporter. Here's Joe Biden on The Late Show last night, and don't not don't just listen and listen to the idiot Colbert.


I know his name, but I'll call him Colbert. Coolpad is a you should know during the day, he's a practicing, practicing proctologists, so you wear that, Mr..


He says he has a license, I don't believe in count one go. Case in point, I know you want to be as bipartisan and reach across the aisle, but as much as you don't want it to happen, you know that the people who want to make hay in Washington are going to try to use your adult son as a cudgel against you. How do you feel about that? And what do you have to say to those now?


Stop right there. You believe this guy? Let me tell you what's happened, you know, the country's divided, the media are not divided, the media are playing to one part of the country. The media come from that part of the country. And by that I mean ideologically.


That's exactly what's going on. They've written off half the country, they just don't care. So these massive corporations in these corporate who run them are perfectly happy with shows like this because they want to maximize viewership. Or listenership, as the case may be, readership as the case may be, but in this case, viewership. With that one half of the country and they agree with that one half of the country, and then they wrap themselves in freedom of the press.


But here's Joe Biden go. Well, look. I have we have great confidence in our son. I am not concerned about any accusations being made against him. It's used to get to me. I think it's kind of foul play.


Oh, no, that's that's precious. What's happened to the Trump family and as they say, the proof is in the pudding, none of them have been charged, none of them should be charged with all these fraudulent allegations on me in media and elsewhere. But his son is under criminal investigation. For multiple potential crimes. Unlike any of the Trump kids. So what he's saying is the grand jury and the U.S. attorney's office are conducting these investigations to get to him.


What I've said is Hunter Biden does lead to him. Hunter Biden does lead to Joe Biden. And so they're going to defend Joe Biden is excuse me, Hunter Biden as best they can in order to defend Joe Biden. So there's there's a kernel of truth in what he says, but not the way he says it, not what he means. Go ahead. It is what it is.


And he's a grown man. He is the smartest man I know.


So Hunter Biden is the smartest man he knows. That means he knows an awful lot of stupid people. I'm not kidding. Go ahead. Pure intellectual capacity, and as long as he's good, we're good.


Long as he's good, we're good. I have no idea what that means and neither does he got to go.


Can you reach across the aisle to people who will be using this as an attack on you when it is such a personal attack? Because it's about family?


You know, this is so unconscionable, so grotesque to listen to this guy. The questions are worse than the answers. The questions are worse than the answers. He never spoke about Trump this way. These people have no shame anymore, they don't even try to conceal who they are and what they are, they don't even try. It's absolutely incredible. Go ahead. If it benefits the country, yes, I really mean it because we know who we are.


We know you're a better man than I.


You're a better man than I. Well, every man's a better man than you, clown. No question about that. But look how he keeps pushing Biden, pushing and pushing these guys love the vision, they love what's going on in the streets. They embrace Black Lives Matter. They embrace and for the violence is OK, as long as you don't bother them, that's cool. Stephen Colbert, LeBron James, they're all cowards. They're all cowards, they're nowhere close to the action, but they support the action.


Kind of cool, really. You've got to destroy the other side, Mr. Biden, don't you understand the questions about your son? They're all fraudulent. How can you work with the Republicans when your son's being criminally investigated by a federal grand jury? How can you work with the Republicans?


I mean, do you understand, Hunter, Biden has already reached a threshold that none of the Trumps have ever reached to come close to? He's the target of a criminal grand jury. Well, so is Trump, no, you are the special counsel, the whole thing was concocted. This comes through the usual processes. The usual process is not a political appointment. Go ahead. Me be wrong. I mean, I'm not angry. It doesn't mean I'm not angry.


It doesn't mean if I were back in the days in high school, I wouldn't say here, you know, and go around, OK?


Anybody who went to school with fightin Joe Biden in high school, please call me and tell me what a tough guy he was in high school. He was a punk in high school.


Certain of it. Of course. Go ahead, have to take the high road, but I was Joe Biden, you have to take the high road. And I and I'm saying that is Dr. Mark Levin because I have a juris doctorate. Go ahead. There's so much at stake and the American people, I think they can smell the phony to smell it, smell a phony, it's your son's under criminal investigation by grand jury.


Not a House committee, not a Senate committee. He's been under investigation two years. We only heard about it a week or two ago. What do you mean smell the phoniness? You, Jack, just like that Jike, that's asking you questions. Go ahead. Not true. And I just. But what it does do a couple people who have just been a disappointment. I feel badly for you. I'm not being facetious.


I have no idea what he means to you, Mr. Producer. One more round with fighting, Joe. Is not Colbert a an embarrassment to himself and his family? Completely Dyball himself, may I say, with all due respect, I'm waiting for him to kiss the camera. I'm waiting. I'm begging for him to do something. Go ahead. Do you think it might be a little bit of a compliment that people are trying to think of something to criticize you about, like what have we got?


What kind of show is this?


The guy's not funny. And the guy's a moron. Go ahead. OK, I'll take it that. What about you as a husband who loves this person, did you ever, you know, want to, like, get out of the pool chain and go for corn pop on this?


How about that? How about that? What a genius. This Cabarrus. Mr. Peterson, would you and I'm serious.


After the first of the year when we're back, would you please contact his office and ask him if you'd like to come on the program and do a few rounds? Like corn pop. Coin pop. Do a few rounds, go ahead. The answer is no. There is no. But there's some of these anyway. It was just the tell me I've been suppressing my Irishness for a long time.


OK, genius. You know, when I was on the Amtrak and I walked by, he could have taken a punch at me, Mr. Producer. He didn't do that, you notice. Now, he didn't do that. He's feeble. I saw that he's feeble, he's very frail. You can see it yourselves. I saw that he was very frail. Everybody knows what I know. All this tough guy told you of my high school day, what high school, what did you do in high school?


Tough guy.


But all that aside, it's really this guy, Kober. Man, I used to love the late night comics, Johnny Carson, the best of the best, but there are others too. Really good late night comics, not like this. Even Jay Leno was nothing like this. When you see Letterman, complete freak and now this putz. I'll be right back.


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USA Simply Smarter Wireless.


I know some of you out there, by the way, pronounce Kamal Kamal, right, Mr. BIDU. So how do you pronounce it, Kamal?


Yeah, lots of us on the East Coast and these ethnic cities. It's Kamal, by the way. How do you pronounce D.R a WDR? How do you pronounce it, Rich? I can't hear you. Draw right or where I'm from, I know it's funny in Philly, it's draw. Because my wife brings us up all the time, she's from New Jersey, it's draw, I said, OK, well, we both know what it is, but I say draw this the way it is.


You know, it's for you.


It's the the community in which you are raised. I want you to hear this guy, James Clapper, and this is why should Biden slither into the office of the presidency? We're in deep trouble.


James Clapper, this guy. And you liberals will understand this is like a bad bleeding hemorrhoid, may I say that on the air, Mr. Producer? James Clapper with the Atlantic Council on Climate Change hat tip, just the news cut five go threat, I would mention or Challenger I would mention is which I think is actually transcends all others is climate change.


And I guess I would nominate for first on this list of top risks. And in my view, not to be melodramatic about it, but as the UN recently stated, that if we don't do something, we will do something about this pretty quickly. The planet's going to become an uninhabitable hell.


How do how do we find these? Truly stupid among the stupid and put them in these high positions. This guy was the director of national intelligence. He should be the director of stupidity, not national intelligence, the director of national stupidity. An uninhabitable hell now let me tell you what an uninhabitable hell is. Klapper. Communist China ruling the world, communist China and launching nukes, that would be an uninhabitable hell. Climate change Epiphone. Cut six go, the opportunity here, of course, is to rejoin the.


They hold out these holy grails like the Paris climate accord, you should ask most of those people, your fellow citizens, in other words, liberals in your community, the dumb ones, say what is in the Paris climate accord?


They have no idea. They have no idea what's in the Paris climate accord, it sounds good, they know they're supposed to support it. And like good little liberals, good little Democrats, they march.


They march in order, one behind the other. You're not for the Paris climate accord, what are you, reprobate, understand? You must be Hitler. I know this is unbelievable. Excuse me. Do you know what's in it? They don't you believe in climate change? Another guy. I don't believe in climate. You know, you're anti science. You're denying you that this is what you get from the stupidest people in your community, the stupidest people in politics like Klapper.


Go ahead. And I would also offer the terms of an opportunity that this may be an area where with all the other disagreements we have in China, where we could work with China, work with China, China, the military in hopes of defeating ours.


Building an economy and hoping to Chuckas. Eviscerating our allies, stealing our technology, destroying our jobs, importing killing drugs, but this is an area where we can work with the U.S. on climate change. Well, anybody who knows anything about the Paris climate accord knows that they're free to do whatever the hell they want. It ties our hands. And you, the American taxpayers, have to pay hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars into this fund, into a fund that will be crapped away by the international community.


But it's the Paris Climate Accord. We can work with the communist Chinese on this. Sure. And we could have worked with Tojo's Japan and. Fascistic Italy and the Third Reich on climate change. I would have brought us that. We have our disagreements, ladies and gentlemen.


We have our disagreements, but climate change can bring us all together because we all know communist China keeps its commitments, it also keeps its concentration camps, which make many people in this country very, very rich.


When we return, scheduled to be with us, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. I'll be right back. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, merry Christmas to you, sir. Merry Christmas to you as well, Mark. It's great to be with you. It's always a pleasure to be here. Now, first, let me let me ask you this question. You've been secretary of state. How long?


Two and a half years and change after being CIA director, CIA director, secretary of state. These are two incredibly prominent position foreign policy positions. You've worked with President Trump for some time now, enormous accomplishments by the president and you supporting the president's agenda. And one of them is confronting China. You've been confronting China. You've been talking out about China. You've been explaining that China is a grave threat to the country. Do you think people now understand that, Mr.




Well, I think they do more than they did four years ago by leaps and bounds. And I think the public has become deeply aware of all the risk that the Chinese Communist Party presents a direct result of the good work that the president's done along with the team that he assembled. They can see it right. Some of them have lost their jobs to Chinese companies that stole their software, their intellectual property. Some of them see it in their schools. They see these Chinese students that are acting in ways that are deeply inconsistent with just somebody who is coming to study.


So I do think there's an ever wider knowledge of that. And, of course, we're all still suffering from this virus that I think the world can now see. The Chinese Communist Party covered up and foisted upon the world and from Wuhan. And now we're all suffering many, many lives lost and a huge economic impact on the world as well.


But you don't get much help getting this message out in America media.


Do you know, in many cases, you see American media is beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. Big media empires have operations, right? It's a one point four billion people in China. And they want to they want to serve that market. So they want to sell their movies or their their streaming products there. And so they haven't been to make kowtow to them. It's it's unfortunate. So that means there are news organizations oftentimes, too, are reluctant to cover these transgressions from China and in force, Mark, sometimes they actually mouth Chinese propaganda.


That's the that's the worst of it all.


And they did this when the virus hit, when the president, you and others talked about the Wuhan, China virus, they said, no, no, no, no, no, that's racist. And then they blame the president for every single death that results from this virus. Don't you find this appalling? Really?


I do. That is the same narrative the general secretary, Xi Jinping, drives and his foreign ministry drives in the People's China Daily and Global Times of China. That is the same Chinese propaganda that somehow suggests a you'll remember when they tried to say that it was an American soldier who had who had rubbed off on the world. This is disinformation. And when when our media picks that up, when our media refuses to report on the fact that, you know, even to this day, Mark, the Chinese Communist Party hasn't allowed an investigation into where this began.


Inside of what that's so telling, I thought I see an episode where they said, oh, my goodness, it looks like the Chinese may have lied. And this was breaking news. It was stunning to see a major media outlet behaving that way. And unfortunately, it deceived the American people and doesn't give them information that's important for them to protect their liberty and their freedom.


And we have a regime, this communist regime in China that is running concentration camps, all kinds of information coming out about murder, about torture, about sterilization, abortions, rapes, the most horrific things you can think of slave labor.


And also the report came out the other day that more journalists have been jailed in China for the second year in a row than any other country in the face of the earth.


How do you even see that reported in the main media, mark this story about what's happening in western China. You describe them as concentration camps. I think that's a very, very fair description. The media has underreported this. Nobody said a word about it, though. President Trump and our team began to unpack what was really taking place there. We'd known that the world had known it, but no leaders were prepared to go talk about what was actually happening there.


And so we need to that story is important because we know history. We know when authoritarian regimes behave this way and take on people who are different from them. We know the kinds of things that can happen. I remember reading your book, Liberty and Tyranny. We know this history so well, Mark, that we have an obligation to make sure we identify it, call it out and do everything we can to make sure that at the very least, American companies aren't participating in furthering this kind of activity.


You know, we could spend all evening on Russia, on China. Let me move to Russia. You know, it's it's bizarre to me first that. Democrat Party that always had an affinity towards Bracciano in the Soviet Union, as I seem to recall, it was Reagan who came in and called the evil empire and they attacked him and said Reagan, that broke the back of the Soviet Union every step of the way, fought by the media and the Democrat Party, just as you and the president are now.


They they had this Russia collusion thing. And yet there are also people on the Republican side who say Russia is not an enemy. Russia is not like we have to choose between enemies. We have multiple enemies.


I mean, it's not Russia aiming really big nuclear missiles at the United States.


Mark, is the case that I get asked all the time, who's our enemy? And the answer is we have lots of folks that want to undermine our way of life, our republic, our basic democratic principles. Russia is certainly on that list. Your point about their nuclear weapons is very real and the efforts that they're making. You see the the news of the day with respect to their efforts in the cyberspace. We've seen this for an awfully long time using asymmetric capabilities to try and put themselves in a place where they can impose costs on the United States.


So, yes, look, Vladimir Putin remains a real risk to those of us who love freedom. And we have to make sure that we prepare for each of them. Today, I rank China as the challenge that truly presents an existential threat. But I don't minimize the risk that having hundreds and hundreds of nuclear warheads capable of reaching the United States and poses an enormous risk on us as well.


And, you know, from my pedestrian point of view, that's all it is. I agree with you 100 percent. But they need to be on that list. Now, this attack, I guess our government's still sorting it out and so forth as the reports are coming out. This is a massive attack on our on our computer systems and our software systems, correct?


That's right. I can't say much more as we're still unpacking precisely what it is. And I'm sure some of it will remain classified. But suffice it to say, there was a significant effort to use a piece of third party software to essentially embed code inside of US government systems and now peer systems of private companies and companies and governments across the world as well. This was a very significant effort, and I think it's the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity.


And yet I'm hearing these news reports and frankly, you're listening to Mitt Romney saying the president needs to speak out, the president needs to speak out. I assume sometimes behind the scenes there's an awful lot of work being done that can't be spoken about yet. If the if the perpetrators are going to be tracked down and the details are going to be determined, am I right? That's absolutely true. I saw this at my time running the world's premier espionage service at the CIA.


There are many things that you'd you'd very much love to say. Well, I'm going to call that up. But a wiser course of action to protect the American people is to calmly go about your business and defend freedom. Let me move to the Middle East.


This administration has had more successes in the Middle East than any administration before. You've got multiple peace deals breaking out in the Middle East. You've got Israel and these Arab countries united against a very, very dangerous Iranian regime. The Iranian regime insists on pushing ahead with a nuclear weapon development. It really is in a dangerous condition. That is the regime of toppling, given what the president, the United States has done with the Iran deal and the sanctions and so forth.


Are you concerned that some of the people Biden's talking about, should he make his way into the Oval Office and the way Clapper talks about these things and the way others talk about these things, are you concerned that all the advances that have been made by these countries in the Middle East, all the risks that they've taken, everything that you've done, the president has done, could potentially be unraveled? You know, Mark, I always want to give others a fair shot, but we know who these people are, but he's proposed to be part of his administration to come to pass.


And we know what they did for eight years. They they appeased Iran. They allowed Iran to conduct terror around the world. They wrote them big checks and transferred pallets of cash to them. They they abandoned our true ally, Israel. They they did nothing to really advance peace and stability in the Middle East. They assumed that, boy, until we solve the Palestinian problem, it's not possible to advance the peace elements inside the Middle East. President Trump broke that down.


We flipped it on its ear and we said, no, we can't advance security and prosperity in the Middle East. We want to solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But we're not going to let that stand in the way of increasing the capacity for the Middle East to be more stable because that that, in fact, is part of America, a force that protects the American people as well. And so I am hopeful that whoever is running the United States government in 2021 understands that the Middle East is a very different place today than it was in 2015, and that appeasement of the Iranian regime will only lead to risk for the American people.


And, you know, it's amazing.


As I sit and watch this, Mr. Secretary, there has been peace in the Middle East now for years as a result of the Trump policies and and your efforts, diplomacy as secretary of state for years. You don't you don't see all the I'm sure it's there, but you don't see all the tumult that was taking place during the Obama Biden years, do you?


I think people sometimes underestimate how successful President Trump's policies have been there. We've done all of this by just recognizing two basic facts. One, the central destabilizing force in the region is, in fact, the regime in Iran. And second, the the fundamental right of Israel to exist for Jerusalem to be the homeland and capital of the Jewish state. The Golan Heights belongs to Israel. Just acknowledging those central facts in the region gave force and power and capacity for the Gulf states to recognize that it was in their best interest to sign up and be partners alongside of Israel.


And then the last thing was, I think to President Trump demonstrated that it is possible to exercise American power without sending large numbers of forces to the region. When we saw a threat, we killed Qassem Soleimani when the caliphate was beginning to present a risk to the United States. We partnered with folks on the ground there and took down the entire caliphate in Syria and western Iraq. We did it with relatively small American footprint. We didn't put many of our boys and girls at risk.


And we have now delivered in a way that I think the Gulf states can now see America will be their partner, will be their friend, and will be there to help them be safer so that we can secure America as well.


Let me just say this. I've been around a long time. I'm actually older than, you know, that I've been around a long time, not by much more. Well, let me tell you this, and I'm in it for the bottom of my heart.


There have been two truly great secretaries of state in my lifetime, George Shultz and you two truly great secretaries of state.


I want to thank you and God bless you and have a wonderful holiday, sir.


Mark, thank you for those kind words. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas to you, Mark. Our God bless you. Thank you, sir. Merry Christmas to you. I'll be right back.


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We're very fortunate to have Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, absolutely outstanding. And the reason we have Mike Pompeo secretary says because we have Donald Trump as president. And I don't care what anybody says, he's going to go down in history as one of the great presidents. The never Trump cares what they say. And last evening, we had one of the great diplomats, one of the great ambassadors, Ron Dermer.


Who will the United States was able to work with, who is a tremendous representative of Benjamin Netanyahu and imagine. In our lifetimes, you have these two great men, Benjamin Netanyahu. And Donald Trump and what happens when you have two great men leading two great countries? Your progress, your prosperity, your peace. Peace. There's been peace in the Middle East. Peace in the Middle East. Think about that. So here we have the ateam, Pompilio Drimmer, president of the United States, and you know, Jared Kushner deserves a lot of credit to a lot of credit.


And after the first of the year, we'll try and get them on the program for many of the things that he's done. It's really been quite a remarkable effort and a very successful one. May I add. Well, Mr. Producer, it's up to you. I don't have my call screen to whom shall I speak and where are they from, sir? Sal in New York, the great XM Satellite, Sal, you're on go, brother. Hey, thank you, Mark, as always.


I got one of my children in the car and my other son, he's going to be going to visit Hillsdale with me. Hopefully we get him in there. Oh, wow. What a school. That'll be great. We learn so much.


We learn so much from you. And I'm so grateful you are on the president's side, because in four years, if he decides to run again, if you listen to him without if you listen to Roger Stone recently speaking, he says he would take it in a landslide in four years, the primaries.


And I'm hopeful if he decides to run in four years, I will support him. No question about that.


We are going to miss Mike Pompeo. Yes, greatest secretary of state in my lifetime. I'm grateful for him and the loyalty from him and my sense.


And while I wanted to call and I told you call screen, by the way, Mike Pence deserves a hell of a lot of credit to. You're exactly right. He's been a tremendous and may continue to be. We shall see. A tremendous vice president.


He really has. He has been he's been solid. And I'm so grateful for him as well. And I want to talk about you mentioned earlier in the show the Democrats are killing this country. And you are 100 percent right when you listen to your show. Over the time I've been on hold, it's it's overwhelming to listen to all that you say and what you talk about. And I wanted to talk about how there are Republicans that are just as bad on the Democrat side that are just killing us as well.


You're right.


And so I kind of look like what is Romney's agenda? What is his agenda?


His agenda is he'll never be president. He thinks he's going to be president one day, but he will. Well, you know, it's funny.


My wife said one thing. Romney will never be called as president.


You're right.


You'll never be president if he chooses to run for the Senate again. My goal is to make sure he's never called senator again.


Oh, it's OK. But anyway, I want to say Merry Christmas to you, thank you for all that you do. And we are grateful.


Before you go south, so you live where the the Baseball Hall of Fame is, right? I do you ever get over there? Yeah, I passed the Hall of Fame building every day to go over there and like, take a knee visit in honor of the modern players.


I never do. I think that place, all those magnificent men who are honored in that place, I think they'd be disgusted by what's going on in modern day sports. I really do. Sal, you're a great caller.


My best to your your kid sitting next to you in the car. Have a merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. I shall return. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here he's here now broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin here.


Our last hour of the year, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one took one man to destroy the city of New York, took one man to destroy the state of New York.


Both left wing Democrats. And the problem is the patriotic New Yorkers, the rational New Yorkers. They're outnumbered. People have homes there. It's not so easy to leave. Some still have jobs there, it's not so easy to leave. Family there. The people who can leave are leaving now, if you're a Democrat, I insist that you stay. If you're a leftist, I insist that you stay, that you stay in the hell that you created, that you pay the taxes, that you demand other people to pay, that you roam the streets, that you demand other people from stay in your hellhole.


If that's what you voted for, do not come into my state, do not go into a red state, do not destroy this country like the locusts that you are. I see it in my own county, Loudoun County, Virginia, 20 years ago, rock solid Republican. Then the lagus move in. What do they do? Democrat. Democrat, Democrat, it used to be 60 percent Republican around here. Now it's 60 percent Democrat happened in a eight to 10 year period.


These people destroy their own communities, then they leave them. Those who can and they go into other communities and they destroy them to. It's a sickness. Absolute sickness. They don't care about the consequences of what they're doing. It's really quite appalling. I want you to listen to build a cameo. I know the people in New York City are sick to their stomach. That is the patriotic, pro-American people in New York City, not the reprobates. They're sick and tired of this guy.


They hate this guy. They can't stand this guy, but they're outnumbered. That's why we believe in a republic, not a democracy, by the way. So here is the cameo at his press conference today, cotinine go, and that certainly takes us to education, where if you're talking about the problems of disparity, if you're talking about structural racism, certainly policing is not the only area to talk about. There are many areas to talk about. And education must be front and center.


There has been so much that needed to be addressed in education in New York City. And from the beginning, what I try to focus on was a very simple concept, equity and excellence that we need to profoundly change the distribution of resources. I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth. A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is, in fact the phrase we need to use. We have been doing this work.


All right. There you go.


Go ahead.


Here's to more equitably redistribute resources throughout our school system, redistribute wealth, that's our mission, people cringe at it, but that's our mission, not create wealth, not create opportunity. Not help people with a hand and pull them up and help them and explain to them. How they could become successful. And reliable. And accountable, no, no, no. The mission is redistribution of wealth now, as I worked out in New York. How's it worked out, hasn't worked out hard not to not do great.


New York is collapsing. In fact, it's collapsed already. It's collapsed. 100 years ago, my God, you see those old movies in New York, the black and white, it's unbelievable. Everybody wanted to go to New York. Everyone be in New York. Streets were teeming with people.


It wasn't that long ago, 10, 12 years ago, everybody in America still wanted to go to New York. Everybody talked about how safe it was after Giuliani especially. But you have to give Bloomberg credit. Safe. You can walk around Times Square, you can walk wherever you want. You get these Weegee guys coming up, they're going to be dragged off the street. Now you've got 24 Black Lives Matter criminals that don't belong to any particular organization.


Gangs roaming the streets freely. Is that what he means by redistributing wealth and equity, destroying one community after another? Now we're all equal in help because that's what this left wing creates, help for everybody. They don't create wealth, opportunity, growth. Enterprise, all the things that make society work, this guy. Is a true Marxist, it's why I came to Karmiel, his ties to the Nicaraguan regime, the past are open and notorious. Is destroyed, the greatest police force on the face of the earth.


I say that as a Philadelphian, he's destroyed the greatest police force on the face of the earth, the NYPD.


Destroyed them. Just destroying them. He's destroyed the economic viability of the financial center of the world, New York. He's destroyed it. He's going through one community after another. New York is so fabulous, it's one ethnic community after another. You go into Chinatown, you go into the Italian neighborhoods, the Irish neighborhoods, German neighborhoods, the Jewish neighborhood. It's a fabulous place. Fabulous.


They're at war with everybody. At war with everybody closing down restaurants, salons, and not just restaurants and salons, ladies and gentlemen.


All these retail shops and let me tell you something, it's not easy to make a buck in New York City anymore with all the regulations, with all the taxes constantly being harassed, you open the mail. There's another demand, the men and women. Who owns retail shops between the taxes and the other authorities and the endless harassment and regulations, not to mention the incredibly expensive leases? I don't know how they do it, selling bagels and hotdogs. I don't know how they do it because they're New Yorkers.


And they're a special breed. And they've had their heart and soul ripped out. By this Marxist. Now, Andrew Cuomo is on a Marxist, he's a dyed in the wool leftist, but he is dumb as a doorknob. This is a very stupid man. The other day, he outlawed symbols. Which are full of hate. Including the Confederate flag. And that's not the only thing, just symbols that are full of hate. And he says, look, this might violate the First Amendment, but I'm going to do it anyway.


He didn't get any pushback from The New York Times, didn't get any pushback from the New York Daily News. Left wing newspapers didn't get any pushback from anybody. He knows what he's doing is unconstitutional. I'm not endorsing any of these symbols. That's beside the point. He knows what he's doing is unconstitutional. But he knows he's got the press in his back pocket. He knows that the civil libertarian groups are frauds. They've been exposed. Absolutely fake.


He knows that the institutions. They used to put a check on his power, no longer have any ability to stop him. And this is going to be the consequence of this virus. Even after these vaccines are, by the way, the Moderna vaccine was just approved 30 minutes ago. Another ticker tape parade for the president of the United States, as far as I'm concerned, and all the other unsung heroes. But the remnants of this virus will not be health remnants.


They're going to be liberty remnants. That is. Now that these officials have tasted the blood of tyranny. Now that they know they will be cheered on by significant portions of their own population, now that they know that they will be considered righteous and following the science when they exercise this fascistic power. It's going to be very difficult to stop them. And you have four justices on the United States Supreme Court who have no intention of stopping anybody even. When they grossly violate religious liberty under the First Amendment of the federal constitution, that's OK by the.


Just as they had no problem. We're violating the constitution in the States. When it came to changes that were made. They're more interested in regulating abortion and citizenship. You know, Supreme Court has its own little issues.


But they've now tasted the blood of tyranny. It's like the first kill of a wild animal. Once that occurs, they cannot be domesticated, it's just the way it is, they've tasted blood. Well, these left wing politicians are like wild animals in that sense. They're not only not stopped. They're applauded, they're celebrated by the American media. They're told what they're doing is following the science. By Comrade Falchi. They've got friends in the media. Chris Cuomo is the brother, obviously, of Andrew Cuomo, but they're all buddies, they all know each other, they all socialize.


They're either in New York or Washington for the most part. So, Tierney. Is spreading. Once, as a result of what President Trump has achieved with operation warp speed, this virus has killed. The tyranny, in many respects is going to continue. There's very few judges in this country, very few courts in this country that have stood up to. I want you to think about that, forcing people to wear things. Forcing people to do things, forcing people not to do things, forcing people to go broke.


Forcing people to lose their jobs. At the worst time of the Spanish flu. Almost exactly a century ago. None of this happened. And the equivalent of today's numbers of two and a half million people died. They didn't blame it on the president. Two and a half million people died. But they kept their liberty. They kept their liberty. And here we have a vaccine in less than a year now, we have to now tens of millions of more people are going to be vaccinated.


And the man who organized the whole thing is being accused of killing people by his opposition. The man who's called Hitler and a dictator has been insisting that people keep their freedoms, that the churches be open, that the businesses be open, that people be able to live their lives.


This is the nature of the left in this country, which is neo Marxist. The destruction of the language. Propaganda narratives, repetition. They call good, evil and evil good. And they celebrate those who are evil. I'll be right back, my love in. Did you know your family can save over 800 dollars a year just by switching to pure talk from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile? Think about it. What could your family do with an extra 800 dollars?


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Hello. Well, Mike, are you there, sir?


All right. I can't do this all night. He disagree with me. I go right to people who disagree with me, but they got to learn how to use the telephone. I would help to. Let us continue, Margaret Pryor, Oklahoma XM Satellite. How are you? I'm good, thank you. Yes, I have a card for I wrote down the things that I wanted to say.


Well, I hope they're short and sweet because we don't have all night but short and sweet. The first thing I told the screener was that I was a stewardess back in the day and flew with Pan Am.


So I had to say stewardess anymore. I think you get a I think you get arrested if you say stewardess.


Yeah, I know it. And I could get arrested every five minutes for the way I talk. But anyway, I used to fly to Hong Kong and Taiwan, so I paid attention to the news about China for several reasons. But I told him that I know you don't you don't need to tell us what you told him.


Just tell us, OK? I either read a book, maybe agree on a lot of interviews, or I saw on television an interview with the Shah after he had been deposed. Mm hmm. And so this had to be in the 70s some time. And he said the next world war will be over oil, the United States will be the dog, and the rest of the world will be the fleas. And when I think about that, I look at what's happening today.


And I thought, well, and so many of the police are right inside the United States. So I'm watching everything that's going on. And it's sort of like a puzzle that the pieces just keep fitting together and fitting together. And I'm horrified at the people.


It's a two front war. As I say, we have a war. The Democrat Party is at war with America. It's the fifth column. There's no question about it undermining this great culture and society and governing system, attacking our economic system day in and day out. When's the last time you heard a Democrat endorse capitalism? When's the last time you heard a Democrat talk about individual liberty? No, they don't talk about that, they say, you know what, you deserve this and we're going to give you that and so forth and so on.


They're like little Mao Tse tung roaming around the face of the United States. But this country, China, has destroyed one of the nicest places on the face of the earth, Hong Kong, with barely a squeak from our media. They have now they're targeting Taiwan. Japan is getting more defensive missiles while Japan needs more of the defensive missiles. It needs offensive nuclear warheads, nat'l even up things really, really fast. And Mark's opinion. And we removed our nuclear warheads and our nuclear missiles from South Korea because of some damn deal.


And they need to go back to and if China wants to keep pushing on that, it's dealing with the wrong country. That's the kind of country I want to live in. And I bet you are a great stewardess and Pan Am was a great airline, I remember right. I flew hours and hours in and out of Vietnam in the late 60s.


And I look at you now. I want you're terrific for saying. Oh, yeah, I just read I just read three articles in Strategic about covid, which is a very, very good Web site.


Yeah, I got 20 seconds.


And the thing of it is this. I want to go on record as saying as soon as I heard about this, I was working at a hospital at the time. Ten seconds soon as I heard about this, I knew I said the Chinese did it on purpose. And of course, I've come to believe, well, the Chinese certainly covered it up on purpose, which is just as bad. Thank you, Margaret. We'll be right back. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk.


AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us.


We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at a macourt us. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join amoc instead.


A m a c us liberate his voice mark love fed talk with that voice now. Eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


I want you to listen to something that is historic, that is historic that one man thought was possible and fought for it.


And that the man at his side. Thought was possible and fought for it. That's the president and the vice president, he's about to get the vaccine today.


Here's what he says. Cut 14 go.


And now we're in the process of distributing millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine all across the country, working closely with our nation's governors. We've already seen the vaccine delivered to health care workers and and seniors across the nation. This week, two point nine million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been allocated. And next week, two million more doses will be distributed across America. And as you all know, yesterday the FDA advisory panel recommended approval of the banana vaccine.


And when it is approved, we expect later today we'll be in a position to shift five point nine million doses of vaccines all across the country next week. In fact, under operation warp speed, we are poised to have vaccine for 20 million Americans before the end of December. Did you hear that?


Today is December, what is it, 18th? It's December 18th. And in 13 days, 20 million Americans will have been vaccinated, 20 million Americans. Why isn't this being celebrated, why isn't the president being cheered? This is this is so incredible to downplay, this is unbelievable. You got to understand, guys like Romney, these are the these are the munchkins of society. There's a munchkins of society. They don't have a place in history. The only place in history you'll have is.


Who did Obama beat again? What was his name? They tried to remove this man from office. The body politic. The Democrats in the media and their surrogates, people who've infiltrated our intelligence services and our military services, they tried to remove this man.


John Bolton. Maddis, Kelly. So many others disgruntled. And because of his leadership, his personality, his experience. Twenty million Americans are going to be vaccinated. By the end of the next 13 days, we have two vaccines. There were at least 95 percent effective. I know people are going to run around with a video from the nurse in Alaska. I've seen it, I've heard it, it's utterly irresponsible, but that's what they'll do. They won't follow around the millions of millions of people who've been effectively vaccinated and hence immunized.


Immunized. This should be front page of every newspaper right at the top in triple size font. Look what our nation accomplished. Look what our private sector accomplish, working with certain elements of the government, look what the president of the United States under operation warp speed accomplished with the vice president of the United States. If this were Franklin Roosevelt, you'd see headlines, you'd see a ticker tape parade, you'd see the whole damn thing. 20 million people are going to be vaccinated by the end of December.


Within 10 months. Of this pandemic. We've gone from knowing nothing, being told not to wear masks, don't worry about it, it's the flu. The two vaccines. And all the media can do is the death count. Even though much of it or at least some of it. Experience for a thousand different reasons that are apparent. But that death count is not up there because they care about human beings. They don't sound like they care about human beings, the Democrats don't sound like they care about human beings.


That's right. I said it. They're so obsessed with abortion and then some of their stars believe life should end at seventy five. Humans are responsible for global warming. Humans are the problem. Human beings are the problem. Oh, they care about life when people are beaten to death in the streets, when they let criminals out. Oh, they care about life. But what has been done here? Is so spectacular. Utterly unparalleled. We did it.


America did it under the leadership of this president who was under attack left and right, for reasons that are unbelievable and relentlessly. And when he would give updates. These punk reporters. Not medical reporters, not health reporters, but they would send in their political reporters and they were given a mandate by Jeff Zucker and the others, undermine the president, embarrass the president, attack the president. And we saw it like no president in history. We've seen it day in and day out in the middle of a pandemic with the president trying to explain to the American people what the hell's going on.


You're not wearing a mask. You're not wearing a mask there. You and I know I'm not one. You want to give me munchkins.


20 million people will be vaccinated by the end of the next 13 days. And as I read it, the Moderna vaccine, as I talked about the other day, is easier to transport and easier to store because the the temperature. Is not 70 degrees below zero like Pfizer's vaccine, and you don't need two shots, it needs to be. At freezing, but you need one shot, but fine, we've got two of them, that's great, maybe we'll get a third one.


I hear there's a third one on the horizon. No other country did this, we did this, no other leader in the world did this, our leader in the world did this. And now look at this guy, Biden. Where was he when all this was going on? Politicizing the virus, politicizing the death rate, never once did he criticize his governors who are literally killing people with their policies just as they're literally destroying people today who can't leave their damn cities fast enough.


On the one hand, you are living through a period. Where a president of the United States has accomplished enormous things, whether it's the Middle East. Whether it's the fence, the wall he's building on the border. Whether it's building up the United States military. Defending the Constitution. He defends the Constitution by his own actions. And look at this. Unbelievable. I honestly don't know of any other president who could have done this because they don't have Trump's personality, they don't have Trump's I don't take no for an answer.


He stirs the pot, he rattles cages, and they don't like it. And they don't like it at all. His own party doesn't like it. And yet, if it wasn't for him. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be poised next election to take the House and we certainly wouldn't be as strong as we are in a Senate, when you had twenty three out of thirty three Republicans up for election. He deserves a hell of a lot more praise.


Then he gets. And this. This. This. He should get the Nobel Peace Prize over and over and over again in the Middle East and other parts of the world, but this vaccine. It's unbelievable what's taking place here. Unbelievable. And it didn't just happen. The bureaucracy is a very slow, major corporations, inert, very slow. He knew how to move both, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. I want you to think about that.


Really quite a remarkable man. Do I owe you anything, Mr. Bertuzzi? And I'll be right back. Much love in. Did you know your family can save over 800 dollars a year just by switching to pure talk from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile? Think about it. What could your family do with an extra 800 dollars? You don't even have to sacrifice coverage. Pure talk has exactly the same coverage, same bars as one of the big carriers.


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And when you do, you'll also save 50 percent off your first month. Folks, this is the best. That's pure talk. USA Dotcom Promo Code Lhevinne podcast, Pure Talk USA Simply Smarter Wireless.


Well, this is the last program of the year for us.


I actually feel kind of sad about it and I want to spend a minute or two talking to you. This has been a lousy year for many of us, maybe not all of us. A lousy year for me. Lost my little buddy were duking it out on this election. Of course, this this pandemic has has been a disaster for so many people, particularly our little kids and others who go to school for our fellow citizens who are trying to make a buck.


And now we have this vaccine. And should Joe Biden slither into the Oval Office? We're going to have to look it up, but here's what I want you to know. I will always be here for you and with you. There are tens of millions of us, more than seventy five million of us who love this country. We have an obligation to our children and grandchildren and generations yet born to defend this country. You ask me how we're going to have to figure this out together.


The institutions of the country are crumbling, but that doesn't mean we're going to crumble and it doesn't mean that we're not going to stand tall. We are. As long as I have a breath behind this microphone here on live TV, on my Fox program, we together. We together will stand up to this. They're not going to take us all down, that's for damn sure. I want to thank you for listening to this program through your wonderful affiliate's satellite radio hour podcast.


Watching us on Blaze TV, on Milovan TV program, watching us on Life, Liberty and Lovin on My Fox Sunday program, my podcast. I want to thank all of you. God bless each and every one of you and have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah. America. Seafood's. Oh. The last new life, Liberty and Levin will be this Sunday, I hope you'll check it out. Remember this God, family, country, those three things, that's what we embrace.


We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. And I'm going to miss all of you folks. Can I ask Britney, can I Griffy your night Pepsi, can I smoke and zalba in EGI and can I get my Barney? Can I, Dad? Goodnight, Mom. And Goodnight, Leo and America. And I say to you, God bless each and every one of. From the Westwood One podcast network.