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Broadcast, I think I'm going to be underground tonight in the bowels of the Hidden bunker somewhere under the breaking steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with a love that.


Hello, America, Mark Levin here are number +877-381-381-1877. 3813 811.


Massive spending spree massive government takeover of various parts of our culture and Society.


Keeps humming along without any objections from the media without any serious analysis from the media.


We have Joe Biden continues to sign executive orders.


People say they're tired of talking about the monarchy in England, but let's start talking about the monarchy in the United States.


Except when it comes to the Congress.


Can we have something completely different?.


They're all excited the Democrats. They have a 10 volt lead in the House Majority and they have no majority in the Senate. They have to rely on Kamala Harris. They have no mandate to do what they're doing.


Not a single Republican House member running for re-election lost.


They lost over a dozen house Democrats.


But it doesn't seem to matter. They were supposed to pick up a real majority in the Senate and they failed.


But they don't care.


Because if they can grab the instrumentality of power if they can fix the system, so the outcomes always the same. That's all that matters.


And this crowd is as Rogue As It Gets.


And Joe Biden is a Despicable liar light his way into office pretended. He was a moderate.


It is a chameleon. He'll be whatever he needs to be because he's always been power-hungry. He's always had psychological issues other than the issues. He's hardly confronting now and all he cares about is himself and his legacy is families made a fortune.


Off of his so-called government service.


I looked at all the executive orders that have been signed so far. So let's start from 2 days ago and work our way backwards.


Two executive orders.


All students are to be guaranteed equality.


Except of course for girls in high school, so we destroyed girl Sports.


He sets up some kind of a gender commission that's going to look through up.


The government.


The sea ways in which we can have gender equity.


I explained this to you the other day equities not equality Equity deals with outcomes, but even more than that equity.


Ensure that there will be discrimination.


Because you can't have a quality if the goal is equity.


And outcomes.


He signed an executive order February twenty-four reversing most of the president prior presidents Trump's regulations.


He reversed the Trump decision.


To withhold funds from cities. That wouldn't confront Riders Violet Riders.


On February 24th to revoke the Trump era Proclamation that limited legal immigration during covid-19 to prevent people from coming here who had the virus and now you see the outcome of that.


Here's an executive order on February 17th.


Opposing listen to this.


Beat ministration prior to his the Trump Administration issued an executive order creating an industry-led apprentices program. So we eliminated that that program was directed particulate minority communities in the city the union supposed it so he got rid of it.


He issued on February 11th.


A sanctions executive order against the military junta.


In Burma.


Are you can call it buy more if you prefer, I don't really care.


But he hasn't done that in any other Society were the military is in charge. He didn't do it to Venezuela. He didn't do it to cuber.


He didn't do it to a ran quite the contrary give her and a billion dollars you where there.


Do South Korean other countries to try and beg them to come to the table?.


A sign an executive order on February 4th expanding Refugee admissions into the country.


What trumpet wanted additional wedding?.


He directed relevant agencies on February 2nd.


To ensure that lgbtq iplus refugees and asylum-seekers have equal access to protection. They are obsessed with genitalia and they're obsessed what you do with your genitalia.


We have an executive order signed on February 4th.


Excuse me, February 2nd revokes President Trump's order justifying.


The separating families that is in order to make a determination of whether these children actually belong to the adults were bringing them across the border.


Sean another executive order that day to look at the root causes of illegal immigration what we can do in terms of spending money.


To address it.


February 2nd to sign another executive order resending the Trump administration's memo requiring immigrants 3 pay the government if they receive public benefits.


You see most of our history with people came into this country.


They were not allowed in this country if they were going to be on welfare.


That's all changed. Of course. Everybody needs to be on welfare.


Let's see.


January 28th.


The expanse Obamacare with an executive order.


January 28th represents the Mexico City policy which was a ban.


On the taxpayers funding abortions overseas.


January 27th, he elevates climate change is an essential element of US foreign policy and National Security.


January 27th.


Choose me, January 26th.


He orders the HUD review the Trump administration's regulatory actions regarding housing. In other words, Donald Trump revoked prevented HUD from nationalizing and devouring the suburbs into the cities that has been reversed the consequences and which will be felt soon enough.


January 26th, he directs the attorney general not to read new federal contracts for private prisons.


And why that was so we have more criminals out on the street, of course.


Let's see here.


January 25.


Reinstate covid-19 travel restrictions for individuals traveling to the United States from the United Kingdom, Ireland South Africa not think about that.


The borders are wide open people coming across with Kobe and he shrugs.




January 25t reverses the Trump administration's ban on transgender Americans joining the military January 22nd. It restores quote unquote Collective power and worker protections for federal workers and lays the foundation for $15 minimum wage.


But we've come a long way.


A long way when Franklin Roosevelt opposed the unionization of federal workers to this.


Let's continue.


Well, it goes on and on and on I don't have time to get on bed at JHS every one of these radical.


Critical race Theory critical gender Theory.


All these things.


Instituted by executive order.


They can see on the Congressional side the massive spending.


The massive spending.


That is going to take place.


Which includes just so you know, 1.5 million for the Great Lakes st. Lawrence Seaway development 1.5 billion for Amtrak 1 billion loan assistance are socially disadvantaged Farmers 7.6 billion for improved internet access 19 million for the institute for the deaf. None of this has anything to do with any virus 270 million for National for the Arts National Endowment for the Humanities 39 Dillion to increase Child Care block grants 20 million to update the Affordable Care exchange technology computer 5 billion for homeless assistance 50 billion for FEMA for billion to Farmers for loan forgiveness in to help those denied loans for billion to expand the child tax credit the $3,600 73 billion to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.


130 billion / K through 12 schools on top of the 60 billion. They already have 40 billion for colleges for Covenant increased low-income students made under the cover this pandemic. You see what they're doing.


39 billion for childcare providers 35.5 billion for increased Affordable Care Act subsidies 350 billion for state and local governments 70 billion that 350 billion go to California, New York.


880 million to expand the supplemental nutrition assistance program tens of billions for government Manpower and oversight.


Enough money is going into San Francisco 650 million 650 million San Francisco to their school system.


We're all their dead is made up. All their dead is made up for the next two years.


Walmart wanted $15 and he demanded 15 going from Trump to make up his budget that this bill gives them 23.5 billion.


23.5 billion.


It might be a little bit more specific.


Expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government the federal government never paid unemployment benefits before this is on top of the state benefits.


The first 10200 jobless benefits accrued in 2020 would would be non-taxable for households with incomes under 150,000. So they're drawing as much as the middle class into the welfare state as they possibly can't why votes? That's why.


Provides $1,400 for a single taxpayer 2800 for a married couple that file jointly + 1400 per dependent.


It's a family of four.


$5,600 individuals turning up the $75,000 we get the full amount as with married couples with incomes up to a hundred fifty thousand.


Send me your saying I this isn't so bad right now. It's a disaster.


That's continued. I told you 350 billion to State and local governments 60% of which goes to Red states and cities choose me the blue states and cities.


Another hundred and thirty billion for the schools. And by the way, that can be spent up until and through 2028. So, you know what that's about forty billion for colleges and universities 40 billion show these college in the universe Harvard has a 40 billion dollar endowment.




A new program new one for restaurants and bars hurt by that pandemic would receive 28.6 billion the grants provide up to 10 million per company with a limit of 5 million per physical location.


Any good to use for payroll rent utilities and so forth.






3.2 states to help address mental health and substance use disorders.


14 billion for the Department of Veterans Affair, this is Jess slamming up the budget just just way over the top.


Under current law most taxpayers can reduce their federal income tax bill by up to $2,000 per child depending on their situation and they significant change the bill would increase the tax break the 3000 for every child age 6 to 1736 hundred for every child under the age of 6.


And the payments will be delivered monthly instead of in a lump sum.


Families will get the full credit regardless of how little they make in a year leading to criticism. The changes would serve as a disincentive to work at in the $1,400 checks and other items in the proposal and the legislation would reduce the number of children living in poverty of cording to the center of poverty and social policy at Columbia University leftists massive spending.


And no way to pay for it next will come this massive tax increase in the pretend that pays for 30 billion to help low-income households 10 billion for a homeowner struggling with mortgages.


I'll be right back.


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Now you would call I keep saying again and again and again what the Democrat Party is doing is taking care of its base and empowering its base moving money to its base changing our laws to protect its base.


Now Big labor unions and I'm not saying union members. I think a lot of union members are quite disgusted with what their Union leadership is doing, but they can't do a lot of bounded lot of them removed and muninn. They're so difficult to remove.


But the house just passed a bill.


That would greatly and power these unions against workers who do not want to join the unions workers who are already members of the Union's business is small and large and basically attacked the freedom and the and the competition that comes with labor.


And a house just passed this bill.


Again on partisan lines and so that's what the Democrats are going to open borders.


Unions now, they're getting ready to pass a big gun confiscation bill.


Are pushing their hr1 the permanent Democrat Party in control of government bill?.


We're under attack here.


Hillsdale College search for purposes learning character faith and freedom education and Faith thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve it Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today. Not only it's 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students. But Nationwide twitch free online courses it support a classical case through 12 charter schools and its other Outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty hillsdale's articles of Association dating way back to 1844 commits the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning this learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and Nature's God as described in the Declaration of Independence and includes America's great heritage of Liberty that too often today is falsely to ride it or deny hillsdale's motto pursuing truth and defending Liberty since 1844.


It will come.


I need a fight to live after that motto. Come what may learn more at Levin for


Instead of copy of a constitution. You've got it just happy to see Mark Levin call in at 877-381-3811. Right? I cannot allow the lies about this vaccine to go on without confronting them.


And I want to start with what Joe Biden had to say today about vaccinating Americans. It's the only way to beat the pandemic doesn't it sound like a former president to you folks?.


Cut to go the father says you no longer fears for his daughter when she leaves to go to work at the hospital the children are not able to hug their grandparents the vaccines bring hope and healing in so many ways again vaccinated American is the only way to beat the pandemic get our economy back on track and for us to get back our lives and our loved ones, you know, that's why the American Rescue plan was so critical American Rescue plan has nothing to do with it the three vaccines exist and now in record time because of operation warp speed because of Donald Trump's leadership.


And all along the way he was attacked including the final presidential debate on October 22nd.


And Biden and his party and Kamala Harris and the others were endlessly trying to undermine the effort to get these vaccines developed.


Trying to explain to the American people with their own propaganda that this was not going to happen.


And this during the debate the final debate cut 3 go.


Say they would.


I agree to take a coronavirus vaccine if it was approved by the government what steps would you take to give Americans confidence in a vaccine? If it were totally blind squirrel see it look at it go through all the price. I let's stop right there. That's the only way it works folks. There's a whole process at the FDA and is a very difficult process.


The scientist have to look at it the experts look at it. You can't have a vaccine that's made publicly available unless it goes through several layers of review by the Food and Drug Administration. Go ahead.


He stresses the same fellow told you this is going to end by Easter last time this the same fellow who told you that don't worry. We're going to end this by the summer. We're about to go into a dark winter a dark winter and he has no clear Plan and there's no prospect that there's going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.


The fastest ever.


Why remember this.


And I remember trying to confront this.


La Pine in the propagandist in the Democratic party we're doing and I was on Hannity on September 10th 2020.


And those of you who care may recall I I held up a piece of paper right before I came on the show. I just wrote it down. It said vaccine.


Because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party in the meeting were downplaying the prospects of any vaccines and everything Trump has hyping this for political purposes. Now Joe Biden runs to the front of the parade and he's telling you that everyone's going to be vaccinated. Thanks to him.


He wouldn't have anything to distribute but for the fact that Donald Trump was president before him.


So let's go back to September 2020 cut 21 go. Well, here's the word that scares the hell out of Democrats in the media. It's called vaccine. And here's the thing the president United States and his administration close to getting a vaccine. So they bring out dr. Kamala Harris and she says I'm not taking the vaccine I could give a damn if she takes the fact that they don't want a vaccine before the election. I went you think about that.


They're the ones that don't mind if people died. What if we have a vaccine before the elections for president supposed to put his foot on the brake and stop progress on a vaccine and then you have Woodward who wrote something like I give a damn what we were like, it's the Bible Woodward and Bernstein these Sacco and Vanzetti a journalism. First of all, I want the media understand something there's two candidates running the other candidates drove by in a few questions every now and then there's two candidates.


We have six books in the last few months on Trump on mrs. Trump everything you ever want to know about the trumps the disgruntled people the former employees on and on on how many books do we have about by none other than Don Jr.


By the guy's been a Garmin half-a-century side employees had staff. He's been a screwup. He's been a big and he's been all kinds of things women accuse him of all kind of where the books there are no books. Now, where is his plan for dressing the virus? I've locked. I've luck. Here's a man that was in charge of the 2009 swine flu how that go disaster beginning to end who says his former Chief of Staff. So where is the fighting playing this the expert on the virus February?


Nothing nothing. Nothing nothing June nothing July August now nothing that walk around like he's in the desert with a mask on I'm done what's wrong with this guy? And by the way, he walks in circles. What does vaccine plan has no plan 110-page Communist Manifesto were actually plan plan for opening the economy tax the hell out of America. That's how many turns to open the economy plan for creating Jobs Tax the hell out of workers in the country. That's a great plan.


Plan for opening schools closed the schools. Don't open the schools. These are the buying position. So let's talk about operation. Not operation of warped that will be biting. Let's talk about operation warp speed a vaccine may be several in less than a year that is unheard of that is miraculous. And what are the Democrats do that's too fast. It must be political insane presidents already contracted for manufacturing syringes because he's a businessman. It's two steps ahead. He's already contracted for distribution. They're going to have a vaccine maybe two they're going to have manufacturing syringes.


They're going to have distributions while the Democrats are sitting back shooting spitballs. He got ventilators. He got respirator. He got hospital beds. He got PPE he's got testing Galore like we've never had before what the hell else was the president supposed to do.


And where were the Democrats by Dan Harris? Where was Cuomo in Murphy all the rest know where the Democrat needed want you to panic president doesn't want the people to panic I said there's the other day on the radio. It's kind of going out there even without the panic and what have you couldn't get toilet paper. That should make liberals very upset couldn't get toilet paper. You couldn't get paper towels and couldn't get bottled water. You couldn't get hand sanitizer presidency. I don't want to panic the people.


That doesn't mean he's not breaking his back to get something done. They do the president killed people are these people not the president is safe people. That's why he trying to get a vaccine that word vaccine.


Pet September 10th.


History's important ladies and gentlemen.


Are we getting now from buying in the media is propaganda?.


Find was down playing at Biden was trying to undermine the president. He was trying to undermine all of those working studiously earnestly overtime 24/7 to get vaccines.


And of course these two companies.


Moderna and Pfizer waited literally a few days until after the election to announce that they had vaccines.


And your body is trying to exploit this and the Democrat Party is trying to exploit that they had nothing to do with this instead. It's exactly as I said way back in September two months before the election.




I'm hoping this part covers something to do with the vaccine. I haven't played in in advance for going to play this also for my parents on Hannity September 10th, 2020 cut 20 to go.


Nobody never treat Obama with such disrespect. No way will let me ask John Carl and the other Gaggle a question for months the Democrats in the media violence, looting burning and killing mostly peaceful. Tummy. Was that misleading? Was that a lie Giancarlo me asking for years Obama and Biden refused to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism. Was that misleading was that a lie? Yes, I'd say it was three years Obama and Biden lied about Obamacare. She was that this lady was that a lie Giancarlo. I think it was they lying about the Aran deol lie, they lied about Russia collusion each and every day with the help of the meeting.


Let me ask you something John Carl. Why did you lie? And why did all of you lie about Russia collusion, but you did more questions today the Democrats.


Play the anti-semites in their party of what should a growing number. Why do they lie about that? Why do they mislead the American people about that today? They downplaying lie about chaos with the mail-in voting. We know there's going to be chaos. We see in the cities and states are why did they take down play that why do they lie and they lied about Bynes mental health Everybody Knows by his not. Well, that's why they're typing in the answers when he could you raise the a teleprompter, please and now they lie about the president killing people.


They actually talked about the president killing people. The president is saving people the president did all this without the help of a single Congressional Democrat without the help of Joe fine without the rest of them and apparently joke of the president United States have their long do the American people. That means stop. She's lying to the task Force's line. The fda's line. The CDA is line. What a bunch of.


Helicopter knock jobs in The Binding campaign is a meeting we have today anybody who gives a damn what Bob Woodward wrote raise your hand. Exactly. Nobody cares. I'm playing that I'm like now playing that to remind you of what was taking place.


At what was taking place? All the distractions all the diversions the collusion between the media that Bob Woodward types and many many others.


The Narrative that was going out there that there wouldn't be vaccines and if there are they wouldn't be safe cuz he's cutting corners.


And now Joe Biden stands are.


Like a mannequin dummy.


And talks about how he's going to make sure that all Americans are taken care of.


Maybe even by the end of May.


It is enough suckers out there.


How can I believe it?.


Is the media personal narrative?.


And it spreads like poison and cancer throughout the society.


It'll be as if Jonas Salk came up with e.


Carter polio.


But then he stepped away in D.


Somebody replace Jona Salk.


And although they didn't find the Cure.


They were there when they.


When they cure it was distributed.


And then he trashed this replacement Jonas Salk.


Trash Jonas Salk Jonas Salk didn't act quickly enough trying to talk didn't have a distribution plant Jonas Salk didn't create enough.


What would become the vaccine?.


For polio.


That's what's going on here.


That's what's going on here.


And it truly is appalling.


How this is that playing out?.


And it's disgusting actually.


President Trump.


Today said I hope everyone remembers.


Are they getting the covid-19 vaccine that if I wasn't president, you wouldn't be be getting that beautiful shot for five years of best and probably wouldn't be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers he says.


People who are honest people who are objective people who aren't in the tank for the tyrants out there in the median the White House and Congress and so forth. They know who was responsible for getting this done.


And I've got a lot more audio of Joe Biden and I'll play it over the days and weeks ahead.


Where he dismissed this whole idea of a vaccine it was Trump who said.


And we can wear masks and we can distance in these Governors can shut down the government, but that's not going to fix the damn thing.


They talk about now kassakhian and buying we're at War Trump use that phrase over and over and over again. We're in a war.


Winter War.


Not only do I despise these leftists Biden and the rest of them.


What they're doing to this country. I despise how they lie like the best of dictators.


And I despise the corrupt media in this country.


At service scribes for these corrupt phony politicians.


Are meteors no more independent?.


From centralized big government than any media that states control throughout the third world.


And the rest of the planet I'll be right back.


Hillsdale College search for purposes learning character faith and freedom education and Faith thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve it Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today not only its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but Nationwide or it's free online courses it support a classical k312 charter schools and its other Outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty hillsdale's articles of Association dating way back to 1844 commits the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning this learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and Nature's God as described in the Declaration of Independence and includes America's great heritage of Liberty that too often today is falsely to ride it or deny hillsdale's motto pursuing truth and defending Liberty since 1844.


It will come.


Bring me to fight to live up to that motto. Come what may learn more at Levin for


Do you know the whole those people rushing the Border going to be met at the reception centers process through within 72 hours. The reason we have a problem on the board said these folks idiot for the idiot. Was there trying to fix all the problems that Donald Trump created On the Border?.


These are psychopaths, you know that absolute psychopath experts and propaganda and also they have an entire propaganda campaign ready. We're cabinet secretary said cabinet secretary surrogates in and out of the media are now going to spam out throughout the country.


Once this bill is signed is 2 trillion-dollar disastrous socialist Portville bill so that Joe Biden gets credit for spending all of your money.


Another vaccine. So America's much good to look forward to all kinds of money raining on their heads and the vaccine.


Now, let me ask you something.


Kid nothing to do with the vaccine in spending money.


You can be as dumb as a door and spend money.


If you did this in your own household, you would go bankrupt. So we celebrating the bankrupting of America and celebrating something. He wasn't even responsible for. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to send out all the surrogates.


All the surrogates to be propagandists on his behalf. So now this is really about Joe Biden and the Democrat Party and nothing else.


And just remember when you get that vaccine and some of you did.


That vaccine wasn't developed under Joe Biden.


. What's being developed under Joe Biden is an immigration crisis and economic crisis and soon to be a national security crisis with communist China and another's loading in the Middle East. When is Don jr. On and this coming our mr. Producer? All right, you will be hearing from Donald Trump Junior this coming hour after the break.


And I'm telling you right now.


You people are here getting a vaccine.


What Joe Biden want you to think it's that's the Joe Biden vaccine.


Actually, if you have a hemorrhoid or an inner thigh rash, that's the Joe Biden hemorrhoid and inner thigh rash. I pretty much hit. I'll be right back.


From the Westwood One podcast Network.


Is here?.


Broadcast in the bowels of the Hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building we have once again made contact with our love that.


Hello, America, Mark Levin here. Our number +877-381-381-1877 3813 811 Donald Trump Jr. Be here in about 15 minutes, give or take.


Let us continue where I left off. Shall we? I think we shall.


Anthony fauci was on CNN today.


Being interviewed by a guy that I don't particularly think it's too intelligent, but he came off like a shining brilliant genius comparative. Ouchie.


Why am I doing falchi anyway?.


I want you to listen to this hat tip to our friends at Rumble. We had to parlor we had to brummel Ave. You been to rumble yet. That's where I am now.


At Mark Levin Show go to rumble at Mark Levin Show. Go to parlor at Mark Levin Show. Do we still have over 5 million followers are mr. Blue, sir.


And when we post something we get like for 500,000 people reading it some commenting on the correct.


So there's an enormous activity going on a parlor if you can you don't have the patience to get through the process once you're in you're in.


And we want to salute them. It's very important to have these entrepreneurs competing against these.


These are leftist monopolies were stealing your dating.


Anyway, here is John Berman and Fouch. I don't just play Clips to fill time and I don't take calls to fill X matter fact, or I'll tell you the truth. If I didn't have to play Clips. I wouldn't but it makes more sense to hear from them that made you say what they're saying.


A college, you know, sometimes we'll hit and it'll be great. Sometimes we'll hit and boys the show is collapsed. I can't control her even missed your call screener can't control that cuz people do things they say they're not going to do that.


But here we are at 9 go we out we know for the body ministration that they say it will make a decision is based on science about opening schools. Go ahead science behind not saying it's safe for people who have been vaccinated receive 2 doses of this is the issue of travel actually travel because Biden sang, you know, you really shouldn't travel travel at that their tongue out both sides of their mouths. You want to know why they're not following the sign say nothing to do with the vaccine there.


They're just kind of bouncing around things are happening as a result of what was started in the Trump Administration. They're on there on a ride basically, so let's start over cut mango.


We all we know from the body ministration do they say it will make its decisions based on science. What's the science behind not saying it's safe for people who have been vaccinated perceive to do the travel. You know, that's a very good question joining in the CDC is carefully heading in that direction of you know, when we when when dr. Wilensky made the announcement the day or two ago about the fact that when you have a couple of people two or three or more people in a family setting both of them were vaccinated, even if it's someone from another a friend that doesn't have to be a member of the family that was the first in a multi-step process that they are going to be rolling out there being careful understandably.


They want to get science they want to get data and then when you don't have the data and you don't have the actual evidence, then you got to make a judgment call and I think that's what you going to be seeing in the next week.


I was the first Ramon the first really start calling this guy out.


Add an open mind we did an interview back in March.


Then it's time went on it was obvious to me that this guy was more political shooting from his hip.


That answer is incomprehensible.


Because it's incoherent.


Because he's trying to protect and explain and defend that which can't be protected explained and defended.


The one hand they tell you aren't we great. We know how to describe the vaccine.


But they don't.


And they say the vaccines the answer.


Then when people actually get vaccinated it's no longer the answer.


Dancers this ladies and gentlemen, we have politicians and bureaucrats who do not want to.


Release their power. They don't want to give up the power that They seized of the last year.


Find clearly doesn't want to give up the power. You can see he's power hungry.


The Democrats these Governors. They don't want to give up the power. They reluctantly our opening things cuz people are pressuring them now and stout. She doesn't want to give up the power either. What would we really do if everybody was vaccinated?.


And this virus wasn't fact is Donald Trump wanted it to be killed.


Do it be on TV anymore?.


I know this sounds cynical, but I'm not the Seneca one. They are they are invested.


In emergencies, they are invested in power grabbing their invested in their own egomaniacal pronouncements.


They want you to think you have to rely on them and not yourselves in order to get through this.


And here's the simple point.


The government didn't create these vaccines.


What Donald Trump did is he?.


He spoke to and harness the private sector and moved the government out of the way.


For the most part.


Any faced hostile Democrats and hostile median hostile bureaucrats like fauci.


This was done in spite of Joe Biden the Democrats this was done in spite of fauci and the bureaucrats.


You got vaccinated. There's absolutely no reason why you can't travel.


There's no scientific reason at all. There's no serious scientist in the United States who would say once you're vaccinated. You can't travel. What's the point of a vaccination?.


What's the point of the whole thing?.


It's Preposterous. Even the lamebrain Republican governor of Maryland has basically opened up his state with a few exceptions. Why did he do that?.


It's basically a liberal Democrat. Why did he do that? Because the science does not support closing down almost anything anymore.


Less than 1000 people died yesterday.


They say is a result of the virus have already talked at length over the many many months about this definition, but even if you Embrace that.


Less and less has the virus a danger.


Less and less.


We're coming out of this now.


And people are trying to.


Take credit for it.


And yet they're still reluctant to let go sell cheese reluctant to let go.


When you look how they have drove by in his conduct himself, he's been a complete disgrace.


He sided with the teachers unions against the signs. He sided with the illegal immigration front Group movement.


Instead of securing the Border keeping it secure and dealing.


With ensuring that the American people don't see this thing spreading again.


So it's usually problematic.


I'll be right back.


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Donald Trump jr. And how are you? My friend? I'm doing well. How about you buddy have been better. You know, it's hard to watch the country being burned down. Let me ask you a few questions my friend. You see this guy's issuing executive orders, like your hand out lollipops. He he's taking credit for all the work that was done during the Trump Administration on these vaccines while he's denigrating what was done before him. You can see the Democrats in Congress the most massive spending bill in American history raining money down on everyone and everything expanding the welfare state.


They have guns in their sight next they have.


Voting on a bill in the house at massively expanded the power of Labor bosses you go down this one step at a time. The Democrat Party seems to exist Donald Trump jr. For the Democrat Party to feed its base to redistribute wealth to the Democrat Party base without a care about the country. What is your take on this Union? Not necessarily just base Democrat voters, but the teachers union that's a big driver of supposed science these days. It's what they want that that is their definition of science what's going on is incredible.


I remember them screaming to the High Heavens that Donald Trump was a dictator, but Donald Trump didn't do what 50 executive orders. I will certainly not in the first 45 days. But what's going on is disgraceful there two more concerned about making sure illegals get into the country. And even if they have coveted doesn't matter will stick them on a bus. Maybe they'll wear a mask. That'll be wonderful illegals have more freedom.


In this country than actual Americans and that seems to be just fine with the Democrats. You see this Democrat pork bill. It's the literally the leftist and dream list of how to fund their base their special interest only a tiny fraction of the money actually goes for quote unquote released to the American people who actually need it. But you know, they'll get away with it in the media is happy to say that this is a great thing for the American people when we're mortgaging our children's Futures to the brink.


It's really sad to see what's going on Mark and you know, we we spoke about this last time I let you know when I wrote liberal privilege it was about all of these things and literally everything that I wrote In the book is coming through that means people like myself people like yourself. We knew that this was coming we knew what they were going to do with the media lie to us and said that this wouldn't happen because they wanted to make Joe Biden a moderate instead of a radical Joe Biden doesn't know where he is.


He hasn't know where he is for quite some time.


But the radicals that are in charge of the Democrat Party or sticking orders in front of him to sign and he's doing so blissfully while totally oblivious to what's going on around him or where he even is most of the time but you know, some people try to give him a pass and say other people are doing it. I don't really care who's doing it. The fact is it's being done on his watch and I'm convinced he wants the most radical agenda in American history be interested in your take on this so he can be viewed as bigger than FDR and LBJ and Obama.


He's just one Democrat thing. It's not even Democrat won neo-marxist thing after another. What is your take on that someone in the Administration has flip-flopped on everything in his career. He is whatever he needs to be to get elected and then he does whatever is around him. Someone in the administration is definitely trying to be you do.


Leftover now. I don't know that it's him again. You you watch the press conference to you yesterday the day before he couldn't remember his own Secretary of Defense. Can't remember your secretary of defense is Lloyd Austin. I've never even heard of the guy before he worked under Obama for three or four years as head of centcom. So this is so go ahead and eat you for your track record with Joe Biden when he was vice president you appoint him to be. A 4-star General and you appointed to be your second death and you can't remember the guys name and you then you can't remember where he works if he does the thing with the you know, the thing I mean, this is not someone that I think has all of his faculties there.


It's actually sad at this point like I'm upset about it because I'm upset. I let me just say this to you. I'm concerned. I'm concerned that if we give him a pass there's nobody to held accountable, you know, we can say the staff. We don't know who owned the step but the fact is is Harry Truman said the buck stops with.


He knows enough to know if he wants to sign something or not. Any signs it but in any event where they taking this country Don Jr. They seem to be very hostile to the private sector very hostile to American citizenry. What's going on in the Border very hostile to the Bill of Rights including the first and second amendments where we going here.


Like so many of these leftist organizations they seem to be taking the China model totalitarian. It's their rules or no rules. They have free speech but you don't conservatives get cancelled for things that liberals would get a total pass on it's apocracy. Like I said, it's a liberal privilege. I wrote the book because I saw what was coming. I knew what they were going to do. They say it each and every day, but then they lie to you and they pretend to know it's not going to be that way when I look at what's going on at the border.


They say it's because of the Draconian measures of the Bride that everyone free healthcare and free education you say there's no open border. That's what causes a mass rush to the Border. They are bad people that will take advantage of that. These people are there not so naive they know that they just don't care. If you see what happens to the criminal aliens that are released back into society rather than prosecuted American citizens who pay taxes.


Born here who they don't get the same leeway that illegal immigrants that are low ball Breakers don't want to deport. Why would we want to keep someone in this country when we're already ghost a Caro air education and our Healthcare systems are overwhelmed. We want to keep people here who convicted of assault not accused. Okay, he's going through due process these been convicted of assault. We're going to keep them. They're wonderful people. I mean what is going on with this Democrat Party against they are much more concerned about criminals and they are about law-abiding citizens are much more concerned about illegals than they are Americans and they're doing whatever they can to incentivize as many of those people coming here.


Now. Remember you you have to follow science. We've been in a lockdown for a year, but they don't follow the science of the border right the border the cages as if they call them child that you do.


Play areas, whatever the hell they call it a just-right nothing change from before they can be at 100% capacity with children. But your school can't be open if you have covid-19 release and you'll be told to follow some basic guidelines. Not on lockdown. On quarantine. You not being monitored. I know we're from the People's Republic of New York. All my friends are getting called 15 times a day from the state wondering where they are how they're going. Are they quarantine properly? We're living in a police state unless you're illegal immigrant that you have free reign to do whatever you want.


It's disgusting.


And yet the Joe Biden and his campaign covered all this up, didn't they? They did they eat they never gave a hint to the American people that they were going to do these things. I love that Communist Manifesto they put I was pretty thorough, but they never referred to it. The media never went through it your father referred to her repeatedly we did here as well. But for the American people they were utterly unaware this so they really did a head fake didn't they?.


Question, but but again guys like yourself we spoke about it. No one wanted to listen to there were so many voices saying no to know that what was the big one is not against Launch Pocket Mark, Joe Biden's not going to eliminate your fracking jobs are all of these Union laborers that are working on these pipelines hungry will spend our union dues to realize Joe Biden who's done. Nothing for labor in his entire history. I guess what that money went to go elect someone who end up canceling their jobs on day one think about it.


But but we have them on tape saying it 30 times in the debate. He said and then they pretended like it wasn't really real. I mean it never end the cover up from a complicit mainstream media who will do whatever they can to protect the Democrats not by telling the truth, but by telling the American public what they think the American public wants to hear to re-elect more Democrats once I get an office, they can do whatever they want and they have total cover.


Cancel culture has run amok everyday. I read about a new cartoon character that I grew up with thats cancel the amazing Whip and Six Women won recently in the governor's mansion that you can send your grandmother to a nursing home to die and not put them on their her ospital ship Mercy who is sitting vacant in New York Harbor because that would give Donald Trump will win but then his lobbyist from the nursing home industry spend millions and millions of dollars for him to do this. He can then cover it up from the doj and from the other either the federal government side of things.


I have to take a break. Are you able are you able to hold on for a few minutes after the break? I have a question to ask you.


And the question is this your very good particularly on the stump very concise, very effective very substitutive.


Do you think it's some point you might actually run for office? That's my question. We'll be right back.


Mark Levin great one have a great one Mark Levin Tire active. I'm just I'm just serious about this. I'm not asking you if you are going to is this something you've thought about you get out there the people and let you talk to really do enjoy listening to you and.


You're very substantive. You're very sharp your solidly conservative. I mean, is it something that might interest you in the future Governor or Senator even bigger idiot certainly fascinating to be I love the process. I actually like the part that most people don't actually have the stomach for which is to fight. You know, I like understanding that as a conservative. It's not a Level Playing Field. You're going to get hit in the Press. You're going to get slanted. You're going to get name called you're going to get everything everything in the book at you and you don't get the past that you do on the other side as we witnessed over the last few months and certainly over the last couple weeks with the other form of example, so I'd never rule it out right now.


I'm going to stay very vocal. I mean, I I am a guy that's willing to get in the scrum. I'm willing to get in the fight. I'm willing to take some of the topics that are so ridiculous. You know what I talk about him and I Do by me after I do 3 videos a day on my Facebook page just literally tacking the issue is whether it's cancel culture, whether it's going to be anti-second Amendment whatever they may be.


U of the day and I guess the one thing I have is that willingness to sort of get in the fight at a level that's so many conservatives are afraid to get in the fight they're afraid of the controversy of real or fake I did most of its flow outrage it's not real outrage but it's outraged on the left and so I sort of like that aspect of it I got to want to make sure that I'd want the day job because the year that is a big part of it but you're the hard part in the thing that scares away most people that sort of public face that getting out there and into fights I sort of love it and do one way or the other I'm going to stay involved if I do it myself eventually maybe right now I almost feel like I can actually do a lot more for the cause for conservatism for the Maga Movement by get a pic and 20 people each cycle helping them raise money getting out there to do something with them creating awareness Health helping them overcome some of the boundaries and that the obstacles that they're going to have to surmount in a biased media to make sure that the show the voters see what their.


Allantoin what they'll be willing to do. So I'm going to stay there involves. I'm going to say vocal, you know, so it's it's definitely fascinating. I just haven't gotten there in terms of actually running.


And by the way, I think you've been vetted a thousand times over. So whatever there is there isn't much I sort of feel like I can't think of anything else but you know, they always come up with something but like if they haven't found they hit pay so I made it doesn't exist at this point. So I've been that probably scares the hell out of them because they tried you got those they tried to think I committed treason if that's the best they've got and they haven't seen nothing and I'm sure they would run with it gives me a lot of leeway to go after some of them who I have plenty of skeletons in their closets and you take care of yourself, so it's good to see it.


By the way likewise likewise great to be back on and please give my best to Julie. I will. All right. God bless you.


He's a good guy. They really really good guy or we were breaking story The Times Union. I assume that's the Albany Times Union. There it is.


That means it's very very important.


And this case it actually is very very important.


Albany New York ladies and gentlemen a female lady Governor Andrew M Cuomo alleges. He aggressively groped her and a sexually-charged Manor after she'd been summoned to the governor's mansion late last year according to a person with direct knowledge of the woman's claims. The staff member was identity is being withheld by the Times-Union have been called to the mansion under the apparent pretext of having an assist the governor with a minor technical issue involving his mobile phone. They were alone and calm has private residence on the second floor of the Mansion when he closed the door and allegedly reached under her blouse and began to fondle her according to the source.


The person who's not authorized to come and publicly said the woman was much younger than Cuomo told the governor to stop her brought her allegations include that he frequently engaged in flirtatious Behavior with her and that was not the only time that he had touched her the woman's story was revealed within the governor's executive chamber of March 3rd, a staff members watched. His first news conference in the week is Lindsey Bowen published an online essay detailing your own allegations against Cuomo in the news conference the governor denied ever touching any woman quote on quote inappropriately hearing those remarks the female leg became emotional at least one female supervisor came to her Aid and ask her why she was upset the female lead subsequently told the supervisor what she said.


It'd been inappropriate encounters with chrome with a source said.


In response to the Times-Union questions about the allegations Cuomo tonight issued a statement to the newspaper quote. As I said yesterday. I've never done anything like this the details of this report a gut-wrenching. I am not going to speak to the specifics. Hold on is a lot here.


Or any other allegation given the ongoing review, but I am confident the result of the Attorney General's report.


The woman's allegations first reported Tuesday by the Times Union or the most egregious claims. The governor is faced is multiple women have come forward since December and accused him of sexual harassment inappropriate behavior in the most recent case, at least one of the women supervisors reported the allegations to an attorney in the governor's office on Monday on Tuesday afternoon several hours after Cuomo's office. I've been asked about the matter by the Times-Union. The governor said I am not aware of any other claim when it was a spy report about the new story which might then have been published online story included the statement from his acting Council Beth Garvey who said that all allegations of sexual harassment made against the governor.


We're being referred to the State Attorney General's office.


As I said last week, this is very simple. I never touched anyone inappropriately. The governor said Tuesday. I never made any appropriate advances and no one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable. Obviously. There are people who said after the fact they felt uncomfortable.


That woman is not filed a formal complaint with the governor's office State Attorney General Letitia. James is office who would love to be by the way the governor is investigating multiple harassment allegations against Cuomo on the basis of a referral letter that Garvey his Council requested and I March one letter this week James announce. The investigation will be handled by to private attorneys dates of the governor on Tuesday said the governor stance by your statements and he never touched anyone inappropriately. They would not explain the governor's statement that he was unaware of the latest allegation against him.


Now this latest allegation by the woman reported a cheap engrossed by Cuomo at the governor's mansion have escalated the severity the accusations that conducts she is described could potentially be pursued is a misdemeanor sexual assault charge. Remember that a misdemeanor sexual assault charge and Wednesday morning. The Attorney General's office declined to comment in response to the detailed questions about that office and how how was going to move which does not have statutory jurisdiction on any criminal component of the case garvey's March one letter to the attorney general and vote the section of executive law that have power State Attorney General's office to conduct a civil investigation with a naval officer penis, but not to pursue a criminal case or to bring the allegations before a grand jury.


So what's the point?.


If the Attorney General tampering charges.


What's the issue? I mean how to help somebody else needs to be investigating this who can.


If a criminal complaint is made by bowling or the female later alleges. He groped her at the Mansion those cases could potentially be handled by the offices of Albany County district attorney David Soros or Manhattan district attorney side that silences busy busy chasing that Trump and his tax returns.


Have a new allegations that came to like Tuesday immediately intensify the pressure for many lawmakers including Cuomo's fellow democrats for the governor to resign Republican to the legislature been more forceful in the remarks Senate minority leader Robert ortt on Tuesday characterize. The latest allegation is a disturbing pattern of predatorial pattern behavior back for they don't know how to type by Kevin, not to mention a pattern of lies and broken trust.


Let's see.




This is very very serious.


Is true, of course, it is very very serious.


It reminds me of something.


It reminds me of the assault on Tara Reid allegedly by Joe Biden almost identical no must have reducer.


Tara Reid 56 where does a staff assistant to mr. Bean from 1992 to 93 when he was a senator from the US for the state of Delaware recent interview. She said that a 1993 her former boss Biden forced her against the wall and put his hand under her shirt and skirt.


After she delivered him his gym bag, there was no exchange. Really. He just had me up against the wall.


I remember it happened all at once his hands were on me and underneath my clothes and he then penetrated her with his fingers. I hate to read this I do.


I remember him saying first as he was doing it. Do you want to go somewhere else and then him saying to me when I pulled away? He said come on man. I heard you like me the phrase stayed with me Miss read file a criminal complaint on April 9th 2020 with police saying she was a victim of sexual assault but did not name Biden. She said in a tweet that she filed the complaint for safety reasons only as the statute of limitations for her claim that expired and she began to receive online threats.


Now what is the difference between the conduct of Joe Biden alleged and Andrew Cuomo electromark there more examples? No, there aren't actually.


We had at least eight examples of women saying that the that the Joe Biden and put his hands on them inappropriately the Joe Biden had to put his face in their hair the Joe Biden soda text timer kiss them in ways. I will utterly inappropriate with a public official from the West go on TV and talk about this exactly this kind of behavior.


Neither these should be excused. Both of them should have been investigated what is being investigated and should be.


Camo the nursing home killer.


But what about what about the great Joe bike?.


What Tara Reid has a Q Joe by now than she has been consistent all along is exactly what this unnamed woman has accused.


Andrew Cuomo.


How will the media handle this very simply don't pretend Terry doesn't exist.


He won't have to do a press conference. He want us to ask any questions about this.


Bespoke City, it will defend the spokes of the idiot and just pretend it never happened.


And of course the liberal Democrat women of the world whether they be in Congress or in the media, whether they be in Academia Hollywood, they're Hypocrites and they don't care.


The me-too movement really means the me to accept for a liberal politicians who we like God be right back.


Love in.


Over 2,000 of you my listeners made the switch from over Price Wireless carriers to pure talk over the past few months. We want the rest of you to join us in to see what we're talkin about. If you're with AT&T and Verizon or T-Mobile your family could save over $800 a year just by switching to Pure Talk you get gray coverage. You can keep your phone and your number and you'll save a fortune your talk is the top-rated Wireless company by consumer affairs with the absolute best consumer service team base right here in America.


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First month, that's pure talk USA. Com promo code Levin podcast pure talk USA. Simply smarter Wireless.


Do you know Trump's actions in the Border actually created this situation made it worse according to Roberta Jacobson.


White House Board of coordinator, you know, it's like fauci. He's in charge of infectious diseases and controlling them half a million people died on his watch and he's a hero this idiot woman. She's responsible for White House border coordination in the best. She can do as it's Trump's fault.


This is an incompetent radical.


Anti-american Administration populated by one crackpot left-wing Kook after another and that's the qualification to work in the by the ministration.


That's the qualification.


We don't have time left on this hour, but we will be back next hour with vim and vigor because there's a New York Post article here. Ladies and gentlemen.


What a president at the El Presidente of Mexico is now calling buying the migrant president and he's furious with what buying has done.


The Mexican government is concerned the president by the silent policies are encouraging illegal drug cartels for human trafficking across the US border.


Show the president of Mexico's more concerned about America and American Safety then the president of the United States.


Think about that for 2 seconds. He doesn't even talk about this subject.


He walks through like a.


Like we're doing a laughing bed here like somebody's walking through the stage in the background those of you old enough, you know what I mean?.


What did he say migrants are coming from Honduras Nicaragua other other countries the Mexican president say they see him as the migrant president and so many fields are going to reach the United States Mexican president said Andres Manuel Lopez obrador.


He said a fine after their virtual meeting on March one according to Reuters. We need to work together to regulate the flow because this business can't be tackled from one day to the next of the president, Mexico.


The president of Mexico is more concerned about the American southern border.


And people from the drug cartel sneaking into America.


And Joe Biden.


Tell me Democrats with you voted for Joe Biden. If you know he was going to the most Simon you're so stupid you'd vote for a n o and apple if it had the word Democrat in front of it, but still pretty much did but still let's pursue this after the break. I'll be right back.


From the Westwood One podcast Network.


Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour. The podcast is sponsored exclusively by a Mack Association of mature American citizens now over 2 million conservative member strong AMAC believes in and stands up for a virus that we care about faith family and freedom. Thank you for listening. And please support a Mac and you can become a member at a Mac. Us joint.


Is he broadcast we once again made contact with that Lita at my love that?.


American Mark Levin here our number +877-381-381-1877 3813 811 China could invade Taiwan in the next 6 years top us Admiral warns.


They were very busy in this country right now destroying our economy destroying our psyche strong our economic system massively increasing our debt. What are we getting for this?.


Do trillion dollars at all. Be male use the phrase that's appropriate pissed away in a. Of 12 to 24 months as if it's never been spent you remember Obama is 1 trillion-dollar stimulus plan. Only thing it stimulated was bureaucrats and the debt same things going to happen here except that they have tried to enshrine these expansive measures in these entitlement so-called programs.


I want Chinese on the March and they're using their money to build up their military.


We're very very busy in this country.


Fox News New England ice cream brand quietly drops named after cancel culture takes a moga what now for crying out loud.


What's in a name?.


If a name is Jimmy's it's hard to say.


Just read it before I go on your hear the word jimmies.


No, but these are chocolate sprinkles what they are.


No, I grew up in Philadelphia. That's what we called. And we didn't come up chocolate sprinkles. We call him Jimmy's been sitting at what in the world. Does this have to do with race? What in the world does this have to do with race?.


One ice cream producer Massachusetts isn't taking any chances.


Brigham's ice cream change the name of its just Jimmy's flavor to just sprinkle some time last year.


Jimmy's I want some new englanders call the ice cream topping. Most Americans call Sprinkles not look.


I'm no expert on sprinkles and jimmies butt.


Are part of my family is obsessed with sprinkles.




My wife has like two containers of sprinkles in our pantry right now. It can't have ice cream without sprinkles. And I said no no, no, my mother-in-law and I say no we want our Jimmy.


Little did we know the unconscious racism was spewing out of our mouths.


Jimmy's are wet some new englanders call the ice cream topping. Most Americans call Sprinkles the history of the term jimmies isn't clear. Yes it is.


It didn't come out of the Jim Crow South.


It's a name that was given to it by the inventor of chocolate sprinkles.


In the Northeast.


Has nothing to do with Jim Crow.


Several companies have claimed to invented it and the topping but some people now say that it's a derogatory term related to Jim Crow the racist caricature that came to stand for discriminatory laws and segregation put in place following the Civil War. What kind of news articles some people say who cares what some people say.


Jimmy's has nothing to do with Jim Crow. It has to do with the inventor of the chocolate sprinkles.


I guess everybody whose name Jim or James better change their name like LeBron James. He better change. His name is to producer.


Brigham's ice cream change the name of its just jimmies flavored it just sprinkles.


Even the fact checking website Snopes has ruled that Jim Crow connection unproven. It's not improving. It's non-existent.


So we're now Banning things.


That have nothing to do with anything and you know what people must be going in the supermarket to the grocery stores with a pack flounder. So what that's an attack on fat people right there flounder stop calling it flounder.


Bananas, what's wrong with bananas?.


What's derogatory for people with mental issues when you're going bananas change the name of bananas? What should I change it to? I don't know.


Just change it.


The insanity the insanity what's going on in this country and the name of equality and equity?.


So why change the name is it may or may not be racist will lind-bohanon a spokesperson for Brigham's parent company HP Hood, you buy anything from these people. You're nuts.


Told the Lynnfield patch this week that while the oranges of the word jimmies is unclear the Argent the Arjun Brigham's made the decision to change the name to ensure the brand reflects our vows and meet start consumers expectations your values. What are your values Insanity ignorant stupidity?.


Just sprinkles Remains the Same flavor and recipe that brings fans. No one. Love Bo Han told the patch.


What is this stupid?.


I don't know how this country is going to survive with so many mental patients. Honestly don't.


The commons Chinese have their genocide oil.


Goose-stepping War Machine in place. It's a war machine. They're building up like the Third Reich. They really are.


I believe they're G is.


Is sort of a.


A chip off the old Adolf Hitler shoulder.


Were the death camps in the genocide and all the rest as he walks around?.


Deciding who stays who lives who dies and so forth.


Preparing to invade Taiwan while we all know if they're going to invade Taiwan. They better do it while Biden's president.


I can hear the speech to it as they invaded another thing. They invaded the thing.


And I'm standing here with the secretary that you know my buddy over here in front of the.


The defending of the in front of this building right here. Yeah.


And we're not going to put up with this. No, come on, man,.


Kind of a country Alexa fool like this.


How could even 10 people vote for a fool like this? I'll tell you how they're being rewarded right now with money raining down on them the teachers union. They don't care what binds he's protective money raining down.


He's got the Democrats in his back pocket. They're never going to charge him. Why money raining down money raining down on everything and everyone?.


But I want to get back to this.


And I want to emphasize this and I hope the backbenchers will TV and regular listening to be president of Mexico is more concerned about what's happening on the American Border and what's happening with drug cartels sneaking into our country than the president of the United States.


The Mexican government is concerned that President Biden to silent policies rights the post are encouraging illegal immigration providing Revenue to drug cartels through human trafficking across the border. So it's so Humane and compassionate. We're not going to let people stay on the other side of the Border know we're going to bring them to reception centers and let them come into the United States and some of them were going to let them spread the virus. Why because we're liberals and we can do this is what we do.


We're compassionate. We have Open Arms. Let's go on.


Mexico has has to buy the ministration for help to provide development Aid to Central America. Since many of the immigrants come from countries such as Honduras Nicaragua Guatemala seeking asylum in the US.


Says the president of Mexico. He's a socialist. He's a socialist and biting makes him look like a right winger. He makes him look like a.


Look at this.


They see him as the migrant president and so many feel they're going to reach the United States Mexico Presidente Andreas Manuel Lopez obrador said a barn after their vote for meeting. So somebody has leaked the transcript.


Somebody sleep the transcript of the discussion they had.


Could it be that finally we have a patriotic kernel in there who's doing what he needs to do? Not the other clown.


We need to work together to regulate the flow because this business can't be tackled from one day to the next.


Lopez obrador apparently told Biden.


Cenobites policies that were the Mexican Government include a fast-track to citizenship for migrants living in the US and support for gang violence victims.


Are we giving some nevermind internal assessments review by Reuters based on testimony and intelligence-gathering state? The Mexican gangs have been growing their clientele and keeping tabs on us measures that would encourage migration. Additionally. They've developed a new tracking system to move migrants across the u.s. Mexican border. Do you jerk you jerk?.


Thank God for Joe we had the vaccines money is raining down on America the humanity on the borders breaking out everywhere. What would we do without Joe Robinette Biden Jr.


One Mexican official requested anonymity told Reuters that cartels have been using sophisticated smuggling methods from the day Biden took office. Those strategies include keeping migrants up-to-date on the latest immigration rules using technology to support authorities and disguising smuggling operations. His travel agencies according to the assessments Reuters also reported that plastic wristbands some label arrivals or entries in Spanish. We're seeing discarded near parts of Texas if your illegal immigrants cross the border.


Migrants have become a commodity the official told the outlet. What if a packet of drugs is lost in the sea, it's gone if migrants are lost its human beings were talking about.


This is what you're buying did no matter how many respects it gets here. You know you did you smoke you did.


You did this.


The inhumanity that's going on in the southern border yet read about it in the New York slimes in the Washington compost. You don't see it on the constipated News Network or mslsd.


These aren't headlines on NBC ABC and CBS.


No, because it destroys the narrative.


Where's Jeremy Peters? Where's Philip bump?.


Where is Andrea Mitchell they're all in Washington or New York.


Commenting on the world around them. See busy accosting somebody else. Where is Jim Acosta?.


No, he's just a liar and a partisan.


Just a liar too. Partisan. Where is Telemundo?.


Where's Univision? Where is Parker? Ammos?.


I think this is great. This is unbelievable magnificent.


We have to have a. Of Anarchy and Chaos. You know how we get millions of millions of people in the United States doing jobs Americans won't do like spreading the Coronavirus.


And then eventually another massive amnesty for Millions. So he's 11 million. We can have 300 million of its 11. Okay?.


Amnesty legalization.


Been voting that's what it comes out voting how they going to vote.


Overwhelmingly Democrat plimsoll worth of course, I'll be right back.


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Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


Listen to this Roberta Jacobson White House border coordinator at a press event today cut 11 go.


Even his name clear from day one that he wants to change our immigration system. Congratulation you idiot he absolutely did and he changed our immigration system by destroying our immigration system and creating horrific human conditions on the southern border. He is the drug cartels best friend in America.


Oh, yeah, that's her Joe Biden dumb as a rock. Go ahead.


Doing so means truly building back better because we can't just undo four years of the previous administration. Where do they find this Lonesome propaganda?.


Reading off a car cuz she's another moron.


I see so you had to destroy the system and build it back. So it's much better.


You're not fooling anybody. You don't even believe in the system. You're part of the no ice no border patrol crowd and the consequences are disaster. Even the president of Mexico. He sang it himself. So what the hell are you doing? What's with you idiots up there? The drug cartels are having a blast that coyotes are all over the place. What are you doing Joe? It's Trump's fault.


I'm busy here, you know.


Distributing vaccines.


Go ahead overnight. Those actions didn't just neglect. Shut up you idiot.


This administration's filled with stupid people just like this, but Peter Doocy to the rescue.


This young man really is a serious journalist.


K12 go.


Coincidence and his immigration policy were on the way out and dine in his first of all, one of the things I think is important is we spin surges before before it's okay C-Murder before we've seen all kinds horrific things before. So can I get some contacts? Come on man. Go ahead to respond to Hope and there was.


A significant. Hope for a more Humane policy after 4 years.


You're locking up more kids in these cages and Trump ever ever could have ended your cages to begin with telling people. They have to wait in Mexico to determine if they are legally a seeking Refugee status in America. What is inhumane about that?.


What is inhumane about anything that Trump is building a wall to keep people out who shouldn't be here wise? I didn't hear me.


There's nothing inhumane about any of the Trump policies. What's inhumane is what's going on now?.


The Democrat Party and their ideology is inhumane. It's anti Human Being. How else can I say it go ahead.


If pent-up demand, so I don't know whether I would call that a coincidence, but I certainly think that the idea that I would have been fine. This stupid liberal from Queens.


Manhattan where I'm serious where they find her from.


I'm sure she has enormous amount experience on the border, aren't you mister producer?.


Yeah, I ain't think that you had picked up the man in the go-ahead.


Lucy would be in place may have driven people to make that decision, but perhaps more importantly it definitely drove Smugglers. You know, she sounds like rambling quack like fauci these days. She sounds like fauci.


The whole Administration spin Southeast go ahead and send the audio place. You can't can you go back and check that out?.


I need to add that to the mumblers. I'm not sure go ahead.


I don't think that's what I just said. I think it's a reflection of how migra's feel a difference which makes you totally qualified to work in the by the ministration two things. You need to be qualified in the bottom of the strange radical left-wing Coke and stupid is a rock. I'll be right back.


Amac the association of mature American citizens is one of the fastest-growing organizations in America now over 2 million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a Mac believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. Amex fights a full-time presence in Washington a Mac pushes back against Reckless spending disasters, like medicare-for-all and expanding reach of the federal government and Beyond advocacy joining a Mac gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts including special member-only rates on car insurance travel discount cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough you'll get a Max bi-monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us we conservatives as I said, I'm in a Mac member and you should be to join today at a Mac.


Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


Mark Levin Show live at 877-381-3811 or something going on in the United States Senate tomorrow in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


I want you to be aware of this. It's very very important.


And these are the things that get missed because we're busy chasing down left wing stupidity.


President Biden has nominated Somebody by the name of Wendy Sherman for some of you this may ring a bell.


He wants you to be the deputy secretary of state.


And so she's being considered as I speak. I believe there's a vote tomorrow morning.


In the United States Senate vote tomorrow in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Every single Republican every single Republican must vote no enough of this stuff or we give the president what he wants.


No, give America what America needs?.


Every Republican must vote no to let her out of that committee.


And every so-called moderate Democrats OST this this fraud Joe manchin in this fraud. Kyrsten Sinema.


They also need to stop her nomination. This is simple either you love your country or you dump.


She's a radical. She's a leftist. She will be disaster for United States national security interests.


It should be a disaster in the state department is the number two.


What's a record?.


She was the chief architect of the Iran deal.


Wendy Sherman, she was the chief architect of the Iran deal. Ladies and gentlemen.


She said in an op-ed piece, which she wrote last summer.


That's and she viciously attacked the Trump Administration on a host of issues Huber Venezuela, which by the way in the hearing she couldn't point out to what this agreement she had with those policies but in the case of china, she says what we should be looking for ways to work with them on deals on things like climate change.


China is the world's greatest polluter.


Cost of the world's greatest murder mass murder, but we need to work with China you say.


Now we're going to be watching this vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee some of these Senators on that committee. Don't think we're watching I'm watching.


And I vote for Wendy. Sherman is a vote for the arandia. I vote for Wendy. Sherman is a vote for Castro in Cuba. I vote for Wendy. Sherman is a vote for Maduro en Venezuela. I vote for Sherman is about Islam on Nazi regime in teheran a vote for Wendy. Sherman is a vote for the genocide of mass murdering Rasheen in Peking. I knew she.


Wendy Sherman must be an Ovo.


And now we will watch how the Republicans win this committee vote. Now. We will watch how mansion in cinema vote manchin West, Virginia. Cinema, Arizona who pretend to be moderates.


And yet time and time again.


Dave buckle.


Does San Francisco Eva Pelosi Dave buckle?.


The Manhattans Chucky schmucky Schumer.


Tell Wilmington Delaware Amtrak Joe because they don't represent West Virginia because they don't represent Arizona. They lie through their teeth because they have a media that will help.


So we will be watching very very carefully to see which Republican support such a radical anti-American.


In the second seat in the United States Department of State.


The architect is a reindeer.


As deputy secretary of state.


Is there no candidate the Republicans can't vote against?.


All 50 of them.


Is there no candidate who so awful that they won't stand up for the country?.


I'll be watching this one very carefully tomorrow in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wendy Sherman.


Who's a disgrace?.


I didn't point that out. Nobody else is going to so there we are.


Wendy Sherman, you should contact your members now and let him know.


In my opinion.


Let's see here by.


Let's see. Okay. We actually have this.


Ed lavandera CNN National correspondent On the Border today cut 17 go the increasing surge of migrants on the southern border is reaching emergency levels for the by d'administration us authorities have arrested and encountered more than a hundred thousand migrants in the four weeks before March 3rd, the highest levels for that same time. And at least five years and new date a reviewed by CNN shows. There are more than 3,400 unaccompanied children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection Federal immigration officials are scrambling to make room.


We're here in the town of Donna, Texas on the Mexico border and CBP has just opened up this massive tent facility.


This temporary processing site for migrants was open just over a month ago a Homeland Security official told CNN. The facility is significantly overcrowded mostly with children Republicans and some Democrats a divided Administration isn't moving fast enough to keep the migration crisis very fast.


I just want people around this country understand particularly in the latinx community.


The Latino community.


That these leftists these Democrats the Joe Biden.


Are destroying these people as they are destroying the communities on the border, which is why border state Democrats who are also.


Latino are furious with what's taking place.


You see there is a racist stereotype among Democrats and liberals people in the medians 04.


That if you're Latino and you live in these areas you want illegal immigration. You want the Border wide open this perfectly fine by you.


Because these are white liberals who live on the coast not on the border.


These are right white liberals, who are Neo marxists.


These are white liberals who don't believe in Law & Order, except of course when they're.


Condominiums for subsidized apartments are under attack then. They wonder where the police are.


They treat Latinos like they treat everybody else.


As an abstraction.


As a means to an end. That's all it's all about power for the Democratic Party.


And it's an appalling disgrace. By the way. I remembered something else about this Wendy Sherman.


I want you to think about this.


In addition to Iran.


Bill Clinton cut this deal with North Korea. They gave them the ability to have nuclear weapons if they agreed not to create nukes with what we gave them.


If they agreed not to create notes with the information technology material we gave them.


And he gave it to them and they created nukes.


You know who was responsible for that deal? That's right. The driving force was Wendy Sherman.


So you can see the the high standards of Joe Biden and his administration.


But this needs to be stopped in any Republican the votes for her.


And the question for that Republican is.


Why would you vote for somebody that hates your own country like this who makes deals with North Korea and Iran?.


In China.


That undermines our own National Security. Why would you do that? And so again, we will watch this and we will report back to you tomorrow to see who votes out same with West Virginia your Mansion. What a fraud that the phone is.


And Cinema. I only remember her name because I like Cinnabon it you know what I mean? Mr. Business, I remember Cinema.


We've invited Senator Sinema in the program. You know what she said America.


Nothing. She doesn't want to come on this program cuz we're heard throughout the State of Arizona.


Invited mansion on this private. Should we go through the through the routine mystery. Let's invite the great senator manchin who is done so many profound things. Let's invite him on the program to we'll be right back love in.


Amac the association of mature American citizens is one of the fastest-growing organizations in America now over 2 million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a Mac believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk a Mac fights a full-time presence in Washington a Mac pushes back against Reckless spending disasters, like medicare-for-all and expanding reach of the federal government and Beyond advocacy joining a Mac gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts including special member-only rates on car insurance travel discount cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough you'll get a Max bi-monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us we conservatives as I said, I'm in a Mac member and you should be to join today at a Mac.


Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


By the way, the Soviet Style.


House of Representatives to the extent they're having any hearing circling up Witnesses like Witnesses for the oil companies and their berating.


Qc energy Independence is our enemy cheap fuel is our enemy.


The House of Representatives in America could be the House of Representatives in Venezuela or cuber.


They really function the same way.


And the outputs almost identical to advance a neo-marxist agenda.


Who are the Bills come out in order to empower the party in power?.


And there's hard media sitting on their asses their substantial ass is doing absolutely nothing about it.


Nothing here at the end of the program, mr. Producer and mr. Call screener together put your heads together.


Is there one color in specific who you both recommend? I should speak to and quickly, please.


Isaac in Washington state the great kfld Isaac. How are you, sir?.


I am doing great Market is awesome and nice to talk to you again. I Am the Doctor Isaac. Thank you doctor.


Hey, I just wanted to make a quick, now who's going to want to work if they're going to be giving money away for free. You got it. You know, you got it. I guess the illegal aliens and they're not going to get $15 an hour either either.


No, they're not. They shut us down. I work construction. I'm a heavy equipment operator. I basically I'm alone my buy the whole time and they shut us down for a whole month for what reason who does everybody is essential everybody needs to eat. Yeah, everybody most of everybody needs, you know, everybody needs to be people have their own business were losing their businesses for what you do I ever since the last time I spoke to you I got covid kids my wife got.


Casino and.


A couple of I want to say bye-bye to a month or two after I eat I was over it over with covid-19.


Let's see here.


Jim 870 a.m. The great krla where we are alive and National go ahead Jim. How are you? My friend just a couple quick comments about the left that says hate corrodes the vessel that carries it and that when I have a saying to her that I found today.


Fortune cookie wants some of us are wise and some of us are otherwise. What do you think of that one to look in the mirror are dark or writing that time comes for these liberal reprobates to use your term. They'll be faced with lives lives without virtue and that of a coward and a liar and they should be pretty for that so we know they need to be defeated and then pitties.


Pity, right and then a comment about you, you know this journey that were all on called life when that ends and they have a banquet up in heaven for the most Integrity driven respectful Morley driven talk show host radio show host. I have no doubt you'll be seated at the head table, First of all, you're extremely kind but let me tell you what's going to happen when my day comes.


I'm going to be brutally attacked by the left.


Mlb people trying to position themselves to get this job.


In 30 days from that day.


He won't be remembered. That's pretty much what will happen except maybe the books. That's just my guess. I don't know. And when we're up in Paradise, I hope all the chance to chat with you and hug you and thank you my friend. You're very very generous and kind-hearted. I appreciate as are all of you in the audience. So I love and adore. Thank you. We salute our Armed Forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and God. Please see us through this this Insanity, please and I'll see you tomorrow.


Take care.


From the Westwood One podcast Network.