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Broadcast, I think I'm going to be underground tonight in the bowels of the Hidden bunker somewhere under the breaking steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with a love that.


Hello, America, Mark Levin. Our numbers +877-381-381-1877 3813 811. You know, it's amazing.


You watch these.


Sisters a three-year-old and a five-year-old dropped over a.


14 foot drop over the wall.


And by a cartel individual.


And if that doesn't pull at your heartstrings, really there's not much that will and it's incredible to me.


How disconnected from reality and what's taking place in this country? And on that border Joe Biden psaki and all the rest of them really are.


The plowing ahead like nothing's going on down there. They're plowing ahead with an agenda. That is not a popular agenda to Jenna that's being forced down the throat to the American people. We're all of our representatives are not participating this process.


They want mass of fundamental.


Change in this country a country that doesn't need massive fundamental change.


They continue to lie 5% of this two and a half trillion dollar spending monstrosity that Biden talked about yesterday 5% actually goes to roads and bridges and tunnels 5%.


Mark goes to electric cars.


Electric charging stations.


That goes to roads Bridges and tunnels yet and yet they're all traveling all over the country and their propaganda is pushing out their going on and on about how we need new roads and bridges and tunnels. Okay. Well then spend the 5% now.


They've got childcare in there. They've got Elder Care in there. They've got all kinds of stuff in here.


More on electric vehicles and highways Bridges and roads. It's the new green deal wrapped up in more acceptable language. That's exactly what it is. They're deceiving they are lying. They are dishonest and they're going to break us financially.


Things going on at the border their the inhumanity the little kids that are being abused and Joe buying just keeps marching along out early unaffected. This is what you need to understand folks Kamala Harris marching along. I do the other fact that she was put in charge of it those are and she washed her hands of it. She didn't want anything to do with it. I've never seen anything like this.


9 crazy examples unrelated waste and partisan spending a binds to trillion-dollar two and a half trillion so-called infrastructure proposal. It's not infrastructure. It's a massive expansion of the welfare state. That's what it is again 5% of the two and a half trillion and we talked about this last night 5% of the two and a half trillion goes to roads and highways and bridges. That's it.


And one of the things that seeks to do is eliminate right to work laws in the 27 states that have them red states that allow people to work. We're not necessarily members of the Union.


Piece of power-hungry petty nasty old man. He doesn't care about what's going on in the Border doesn't care about those kids. He doesn't even talk about it. They pretend it's not a crisis what may not be a crisis for biting and his family, but it sure it's housing crisis for the people in The Border.


And the media you can see their inhumanity MSNBC and CNN Scarborough.


They don't care about those little kids not a not a whit.


Not on WIC.


Lemon Cuomo they could care less about these little kids not in the least.


9 crazy examples.


Urban related waste and partisan spending a binds to trillion dollar infrastructure proposal.


Distance from fee fee. Org and wonderful sight Brad Polumbo.


Yes, I give credit where credit's due one of the few.


10 billion dollars to create a civilian climate Corps Administration proposes spending 10 billion dollars to create a civilian climate Corps the White House claims this 10 billion investment.


Open a new diverse generation of Americans toward conserving our public lands and Waters bolstering Community resilience in advancing environmental justice to renew civilian climate Corps quote-unquote. So now we're paying to brainwash our kids and we're paying activists.




20 billion dollars to advance racial equity and environmental justice The Proposal sets aside a whopping 20 billion dollars more than the latest Kovac. It's been on vaccines more than the latest Kotaku spent on vaccines.


Record a new program that will reconnect neighborhood cut off by historic Investments and ensure new projects increase opportunity Advance Racial equality and environmental justice and promote affordable a sense of all, this Neil marks is crap.


That's what it is.


175 billion in subsidies for electric vehicles.


A technological novelty so good. It won't catch on without hundreds of billions in subsidies least. That's apparently what the buy the ministration thinks and its infrastructure proposal ear mites 175 billion dollars to win the electric vehicle Market in the spending will take the form of manufacturing subsidies and consumer tax credit which historically have benefited wealthy families most free comparison The Proposal cars out more for green energy goodies, and it does on the total of 115 billion.


Add a 2.5 trillion to modernize Bridges highways roads and may streets.


Veteran most critical need a repair quote on quote.


Junior unit, we need money for a road. It's not what it's going for.


213 billion to build in retrofit 2 million houses in building. This is all out of the green New Deal. This is this marks is crap.


Well, most people here infrastructure, they think Road Bridges tunnels and so forth, but the by the ministrations definition of the term is Olympian gymnastics level flexible. Apparently the president considers it infrastructure spending to allocate 213 billion to build a retrofit 2000000 sustainable houses in building. They also slipped 40 billion for public housing stating. This will disproportionately benefit women people of color and people with disabilities.




Redistribution of wealth.


100 billion dollars for new public schools and making school lunches greener.


I don't know what any of that means but it's another shop to the teachers union.


You might remember the last Cove Atlantis leyshon had 128.5 billion dollars and taxpayer dollars for public schools lot of the money will be spent years after the pandemic. There was no requirement the schools actually open it. This was evidently just the beginning to Biden so-called infrastructure plan includes another 100 billion to upgrade of build new Public Schools.


Funds will be provided. I'm calling to improve our school kitchens so they can be used to better prepare nutritious meals for her students and go green by reducing or eliminating the use of paper plates or other disposable materials.


12 billion free community colleges infrastructure.


Slips in 12 billion for states to spend on community colleges.


Billions to eliminate racial and gender inequities in stem The Proposal includes several billion dollars allocated to reduce supposed racial and gender inequities in science technology engineering and math the stem research and development areas what this has to do with infrastructure nothing.


100 billion to expand broadband internet to do that. Here's the problem. The government will control it.


Loosely lumps under the broad term digital infrastructure the plan allocates 100 billion to bring affordable reliable high-speed Broadband to every American quote on quote interesting ly The Proposal openly states that it wishes to promote government and NGO control of broadband and push out private sector providers a quote prioritize to support for Broadband networks owned operated by or affiliated with local governments nonprofits and cooperatives. All the left providers with less pressure to turn profits.


So that's a fact or where they want to take over the internet.


And in this so-called infrastructure Bill 25 billion for government Child Care programs.


To quote Health upgrade child care facilities and increase the supply of childcare in areas that needed most on quote go to the White House funding would be provided through a child care growth and Innovation fund for states the building supply of infant and toddler care in high-need areas.


And this is just scratching the surface.


A lie they cheat.


They push and push and push. This is a radical agenda. Like we've never seen in this country ever.




This guy Biden is all in he doesn't have to be a Marxist. Ideologue to support marks Dissidia logically driven agendas because he's into his legacy.


That's what's motivating him. So substitute Lee what's between is here since of no consequence. It's his legacy that he can understand. That's why he's there.


He said as much to the historians who were there?.


This is absolutely shocking and then on the taxing side, we're seeing massive taxes, and you're going to be affected.


Massive tax is one of the things they want to do.


As something called capital gains tax a death with $1000000 exemption.


$1000000 exemption how many of you live in homes?.


You're not millionaires, but maybe your home over time is worth over $1000000.


You pass away your spouse passes away whatever and this is passed on to your children.


The Democrats want to eliminate.


What they call a tax loophole anything they want to limit 8 to call Lupo.


It's called a step-up in basis. It's been a long-standing part of the tax code. It allows many assets to be passed on to heirs without capital gains tax on their appreciation of the value under existing wall. That's been there a long time when airs inherited asset like a farm like a house like a small business that is appreciated in value. They get a step-up in basis meaning they receive the holding at its current market value.


Let's say your parents bought a home and it was 450,000. They've had that home for 30 years. And now it's valued at 1.7 billion doesn't mean you have that liquid cash. It just means that's the value of the property.


So if you inherited you inherited at the value of.


The current market value of 1.7 million.


And so you can sell that house and you pay capital gains based on if there are capital gains the difference between the 1.7 million and let's say you sell it for 1.99, right?.


The Democrats are saying that we want to change that.


The stepped-up basis loophole that's what they calls one of the biggest tax breaks on the books providing an unfair advantage to the wealthy airs every year over $1000000. You're not a wealthy are ladies in gen 1. Are you.


It will eliminate the so-called loophole they say once and for all it's time to stop subsidizing massive inheritances over $1000000 has had a massive inheritance the small business people the farmers to you, depending on what you and heard from your family. No, it's not.


That's so what that means is they want you to pay a tax. Should you sell that asset based on what your parents paid for it? So yet so your parents paid the $450,000 what you sell it for that sell yourself or 1.9. They want the capital gains tax to apply that difference rather than life. You inherited a 1.7 and you sell it for 1.9.


You're going to be left with nothing 0o and on top of that they want increase the capital gains tax, right? But only for the rich, so don't you worry, you're all going to get smacked all of us were on the Titanic together. I'll be right back.


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It will come.


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I want to undo some of the stuff on this Georgia voting law because there's another area.


Four people are being lied to you would think with all the old media. We haven't all the New Media we have.


The 24/7 TV in the 24/7 news that you would actually be getting more information.


More facts.


To increase your knowledge base, but you're not you're getting more propaganda more lies.


And that can occur by omission and censorship to.


No, Joe Biden keep saying and his folks if you keep saying psaki that.


Georgia is shutting voting down at 5 p.m. Know they're not.


But not shutting everything down at 5 p.m.


Even the unreliable Washington Post the liberal, Washington Post.


Some guy over their hands up Pinocchio noses get the clown's name, but nonetheless K Biden for Pinocchio said no, they're not closing at 5, and no people can get water just depends where they get water from.


And I'm going to get into this a little bit after the bottom of the hour.


There's nothing that's been done here that targets minorities or minority communities. There's nothing been done here that is untoward. They're trying to bring security to reliability back to the voting system.


Now, let's look at it the other way.


All these so-called changes were made were made. They said because of the pandemic.


That's why all the mail-in voting. That's why I'm mailing out ballots to everybody. That's why I drop boxes. That was never the rule.


In charge of most of these other states they said because of the pandemic.


So the pandemic is winding down and now they want to make permit at all. These changes Don't They isn't that funny. I'll be right back.


Hillsdale College search for purposes learning character faith and freedom education and Faith thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve it Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today not only its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but Nationwide or it's free online courses it support a classical case through 12 charter schools and its other Outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty hillsdale's articles of Association dating way back to 1844 commits the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning this learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and Nature's God as described in the Declaration of Independence and includes America's great heritage of Liberty that too often today is falsely to ride it or deny hillsdale's motto pursuing truth and defending Liberty since 1844.


It will come.


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If it won't seem so confusing will be glad to clear that up for you calling now at 877-381-4811.


Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine which I have which is been great.


Manufacturing are effects 15 million doses Johnson & Johnson says it didn't meet their quality control standards. So but those still meet their the requirements.


So here's a problem. So the question is is that Joe Biden's responsibilities at Joe Biden's phone now course not right don't leave takes credit for stuff that takes place.


The Georgia voting law what's going on here? And we've talked about this is an effort to make an example out of Georgia there by making an example to other Republican legislators with Republican governors.


That if you dare to actually constitutionally.


Take back your voting system from the slip and fall Democrat Party and lawyers that ruined it a couple of years ago or your Rogue judges or your road. Governors are your rug secretaries of State almost all of them are Democrats in these cases except for Georgia.


We will accuse you of the most vile racism and we will boycott your businesses.


But I want you to know the facts because the Democrat Party is a very evil and diabolical party and the media are corrupt evil and diabolical.


They're filled with reprobates like Chuck Todd George Stephanopoulos and Fredo Cuomo. I don't know how he still has a job quite frankly. He should be moving over to Russia TV, which is where they always go from CNN.


Twitter help from our friends at the Daily Caller. I thought this would be useful with all the lies that are being spread by the administration the Democrats in the media Georgia passed a series of new voting laws Brianna lineman, right aimed at curbing alleged voter fraud and myths about voter disenfranchisement and discrimination and yet those allegations are running rampant the election Integrity Act of 2021 expands in person early voting dates and hours for most counties. According to Georgia public broadcasting. The original draft of the legislation would have scrapped all weekend voting aside from 2nd Saturday, but changes were made now that allow both Saturday's of the early voting.


To hold voting against counties the option of holding voting on Sundays.


The legislation also requires three weeks early voting and expands the hours. The polls are open expands them.


The changes were made in response to opposition from racial Justice groups. Who said The Proposal talking to Black voters who traditionally participate in souls to the polls voter drives that take place on Sunday escorted NPR so they changed to accommodate.


One of the provisions bands volunteers from handing out food water or other items to voters standing in line executive director, the ACLU of Georgia criticized the law including the specific provision President, Joe Biden also criticized the provision.


You don't need anything else to know that this is nothing but punitive designed to keep people from voting. You can't provide water for people about devote. Give me a break.


But fat voters will still have access to water them at forbidden from bringing their own food items either the law says no person shall solicit votes in any matter or by any means or method nor shall any person distributor display any campaign material nor shall any person give offer to give or participate in the giving of any money or gifts including but not limited to food and drink to an elector. So they don't want people showing up from campaigns saying hey,.


You want a soda? You want some water? What can I do for you? Can we get your vote? They don't want that happening in line. You can bring your own stuff.


And also what they're talking about is close to the precinct. They're not tithe. If you're in a long line that goes, you know on for hours then I even talkin about that.


So Joe Biden Caesars on this.


This is a very evil stupid man.


That's why.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad raffensperger, you know who he is said in December that the state with Crackdown online warming they call that line warming which includes giving voters Gifts of any kind to inappropriately influence voters in The crucial final moments before they cast their ballots, but the law allows voters to have access to water despite claims to the contrary.


This code section shall not be construed. The law says that prohibit a poll officer from Distributing or from a tour from 1828 making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle turn electric waiting in line. So, of course you can give out water to people online, but Joe Budden lies cuz that's what he does. He's a nasty old bastard. That's right. I said it.


Another provision Democrats. A myth are criticizing is the provision requiring voters to show an ID to get an absentee ballot.


Get an op-ed written by Teri kanefield cause the new law Jim Crow came feeling nauseous the law expands voter access, but then says requiring voters to shown ID presents unnecessary hurdles.


Biden also criticized the ID provision saying that way it was part of a rigid restriction.


This is Jim Crow in the 21st century Biden said in a statement. It must end. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act. Here's a fact.


Residents can receive a free ID card from the state at any County register's office or proper proof of residency and other documentation out of George's nearly 11 million population, apparently 200,000 lack a driver's license or state ID according to CNN that's less than 2% of the state's population.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports 97% of registered Georgia voters have an official driver's license or state ID now for the some 200,000 residents who don't have identification. Georgia residents can receive a Georgia ID card which has no age restriction applicants have to fill out the required forms to receive an ID. So they know who you are applicants must provide proof of residency their social security number proof of citizenship utility bills phone bills birth certificate. Some of the ways residents can prove they are Georgia residents.


And voters are required to request a return an absentee ballot with an ID and a driver's license or state ID number voters can also verify their ballot with the last four digits of your Social Security number boats can be returned online through an online request portal so long as voter has their driver's license number or state ID number according to the Georgia Public Broadcasting.


Voter ID laws are not uncommon at least 35 states require voters to show a present some form of ID when voting weather be by mail or in person Georgia already has voter ID laws in place for in-person voting now they wanted for not in person though.


Now Biden claimed he was worried about how unamerican this whole initiative is. It's sick. It's sick. He said deciding that you're going to end voting at 5 when working people are just getting off work. It's sick.


Define reiterated a similar sentiment in a written statement the following day. He also said it today his Smoke City it said it today.


The Washington Post gave Bynes claims a whopping four pinocchios other words. You're a damnable liar.


One can understand a flub in a news conference. But then this same claim popped up in an official presidential statement said the Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler not a single expert we consulted who study the law understood why by made this claim as this was the section of the law that expanded voting for many Georgians expanded it.


The new voting laws still permits polling places to be open from 7 a.m. To 7 p.m. As long as you are in line by 7 p.m. When you can still vote.


Anna post confirm this get criticized the bill for many things they say but I don't think you can criticize it producing the hours you can vote University of Georgia political scientist Charles about the third said Pollock suspected Biden was briefed on an early draft of the version. I was not updated no biting is a liar. He's been updated since he's been criticized and he still repeated it today. And so do the spokes of you.


Early voting access under this law would be expanded for most counties and would add an additional mandatory Saturday County's can also have early voting open as early as 7 a.m. And its latest 7 p.m.


There is nothing wrong with this long. Ladies and gentlemen.


And now because of.


Lookism in the left.


The CEO of Coca-Cola is very upset about this.


The CEO of Delta condemned it.


And the Republican legislature wives they said, you know at you jackass we're going to take all those tax benefits. We've given Delta. You know what we're going to withdraw them good idea.


That's the way to Fight Fire With Fire.


Do I drink a lot of Diet Coke?.


Actually, I drink a lot less than I ever did cuz my wife doesn't want me to drink it actually wants me to live. Can you believe that mr. Reducer?.


So I drink a lot less Diet Coke than I ever had, but I'm never drinking it again. If I need it. I'll get a Diet Pepsi.


I'll get used to it.


They're talking about boycotting Georgian boycotting George's businesses. I want to ask the people of Georgia.


Protectli the people in the minority areas of Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta you want to be boycotted?.


Do you want Major League Baseball All-Star Game to be removed from your state?.


Because a jackass baffone who doesn't understand what is going on around him.


That would be biting.


Is putting out lies is trying to get you upset is trying to divide America is a race-baiter. He's always been away Spader. He was a race-baiter when he was cuddling up.


Does Southern segregation it's early in his career. This man uses race.


Church events, that's what he does.


Celebrates critical race Theory so he wants the board as wide open.


He doesn't care.


Do use the people of Georgia with the rest of the nation to boycott you.


Oprah lies about your new voting law, which really is similar to y'all voting law but gives you more of an opportunity to vote open suppose even longer.


Provides for early early voting.


Yeah, I'll be right back.


Hillsdale College search for purposes learning character faith and freedom education and Faith thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve it Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today not only its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but Nationwide or it's free online courses it support a classical case through 12 charter schools and its other Outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty hillsdale's articles of Association dating way back to 1844 commits the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning this learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and Nature's God as described in the Declaration of Independence and includes America's great heritage of Liberty that too often today is falsely to ride it or deny hillsdale's motto pursuing truth and defending Liberty since 1844.


It will come.


Bring me to fight to live up to that motto. Come what may learn more at Levin for


Jen psaki.


Asked about the infrastructure bill by Peter Doocy got one. Mr. Bittersweet. Go throwing dollars over 8 years with their these calculations. Now that the corporate tax hike is not going to raise that much until 2036. So I'm curious where the rest of the money comes from outline in detail on our plan. We're talking about paying for an 8 year investment over the course of 15 years.


You don't have it your Investments over the course of 15 years of changes in administration to changes in conditions your changes and political parties in Congress has all absolute bull crap. Just BS go ahead or it short-term Investments Investments that are temporary. We actually would more than make up for the cost of his Investments overtime. What are the most colorful examples that the president use yesterday? He passed his people remember to bridge going down of the package goes towards roads and bridges and I'm curious why that number is so low and something is being sold as an infrastructure pack at Century or once-in-a-generation investments in partly our infrastructure, but partly industries of the future American workers and the wedge stop stop.


He says they're selling it.


Otherwise, it's propaganda.


They learned a lot from Woodrow Wilson in that book propaganda that I hold it from time to time on my live-in TV and life liberty and Levin.


They're selling it is once-in-a-century a once-in-a-generation investment.


And partly our interest rate. That's 5% in the infrastructure.


He went on remember about Dwight Eisenhower and the interstate highway system. And so this is nothing to do with an interstate highway system or anything of the kind.


When Donald Trump was talking about infrastructure programs, and I've ejected to a lot of it many of you disagree with me. He was talking about 1 trillion and Schumer was talking about going big will 1.5 trillion for Rose. Remember all that. They're not even going to come close to 1 or 1.5 trillion for actual physical infrastructure.


That's 5% of the total there going is this all about massive new entitlements expanding entitlements expanding the number of people who are on entitlements. We have never seen anything like this ever. Not the New Deal. Not the Great Society Obama never.


Go ahead and there are areas like Broadband which maybe is not a physical bridge but one third of the country doesn't have any don't want them to touch Broadband whether it's 1/3 of the country or not because they've already said the government.


And nonprofit organizations are going to control.


I can have the government controlling these sources these channels of communication.


In-n-out profit organizations will be their left-wing friends.


This is all another Rogue operation.


One Trojan Horse after another go ahead and working from home kids who are trying to learn at home parts of the country where they can't have jobs were there working at listen to this woman and I say to myself, who are you?.


What do you really know other than to regurgitate?.


Think I'm I got demagoguery that is fed to you. What what do you know? You don't know anything about anything. Neither does your boss neither does his running mate, you do this the Speaker of the House near the Schumer where they getting all the stuff from this is all intended to.


How are the central government power are politicians, you know, so many Americans are schizophrenic. They hate Washington, they hate politicians, but they want to give Washington and politicians all this power over their lives.


Let's move the cut to mr. Reducer Alexandria ocasio-cortez go.


Can create.


Habits of millions of a good union job and I really enjoy and I've gone to it for years.


And sometimes when I was single I go there three times a week.


The bartenders are really smart people most of them are quite conservative and in this particular restaurant. They've been there 10 12 years for the treated very well and enjoy what they do.


This woman asked was a bartender.


The people I'm talking about are smart there conservative. They understand how the world Works she is an idiot.


She's an absolute idiot. She has no real world experience.


She's even lied about her back on now. She said she's part Jewish. Did you hear that? Mr. Reducer?.


Does she know Elizabeth Warren? Maybe they can get together and check out their DNA or whatever. They check at. I'll be right back.


Broadcasting to be underground Command Post in the bowels of the Hidden Valley that I love that.


Hello, America, Mark Levin. Our numbers +877-381-381-1877 3813 811 will get to our callers because the lines have been loaded since the moment I showed up here.


Apparently Loudoun County Virginia the Loudoun County school system is Ground Zero for this critical race Theory.


It's a significantly majority, White County.


With increasing number of.


Minorities particularly Latinos.


And so this is apparently Ground Zero now for this battle.


And the school system is controlled and run by radicals.


Cleaning the school board.


How to read something to your from the daily wire cuz this is probably happening or about to happen in all of your communities.


Advisory Board calls on Virginia school district to dismiss teachers who criticized the district's Equity training by Chrissy Clark.


Advisory Board linked to Virginia is Loudoun County Public School District demanded that teachers be dismissed if they criticize the district's Equity training inspired by critical race Theory.


Korea Jennings who leads lcps the Loudoun County Public School District.


She leaves the lcps as minority student achievement advisory Council email the district superintendent school board chair Equity committee and the n-double-acp. I didn't know they were running the Loudoun County School System. I didn't vote for them asking that teachers not be allowed to speak out against diversity training even in private feedback service. See this is what it always gets to you getting a taste of what Marxism is like.


For the people write for the proletariat.


No, it's not.


And it never has been.


Where did I say yesterday?.


Marxism is the intellectuals fascism.


Obviously there certain issues there, but you get my point.


Corner of the copy of the email obtained by the daily wire Jennings said the negative feedback should not be tolerated by anyone employed by the school district. The email reads as follows and I quote. I was just starting to see so much hate and vitriol centered around something that is meant to bring about inclusiveness and equity.


How much of the pushback came from parents under the community members from what I understand there was also a great deal of negative feedback from lcps teachers.


That simply cannot and should not be tolerated by anyone employed by the school system.


If our teachers and staff going to be open and willing to learn how to be culturally competent.


Then they do not need to be in the classrooms any longer as they will only hinder the process and most importantly cause irreparable harm to the vulnerable hearts and minds of our students. This is incredible.


This fascism is unbelievable. I don't know where the parents are the Loudoun County School System, but they better start showing the hell up at these board meetings.


By the hundreds if not thousands.


Bms AAC group so-called made headlines after it bout to silence the opposition quote on quote on social media.


Talk a lot of lessons from Stalin I guess.


Call there's strength in numbers. And we believe wholeheartedly that united we can will silence the opposition the body wrote on Facebook and Twitter. We ask that you please support our call to action by engaging in these five small, but impactful actions to help us in our mission of advancing Equity through action.


The group the msaac email eerily mimics a proposed speech code that would have prohibited teachers from criticizing the school board's racial Equity plan.


A draft of the proposals that is the speech code would have banned School teachers from criticizing the district's commitment to action-oriented equity practices and all forms of public and personal communication speech code was hidden inside a professional conduct policy proposal which would have prohibited behavior that undermines the views positions goals policies are public statements of the Loudoun County School Board superintendent, by the way, mr. Producer my teeth popping.


People say what does that mean? The microphone cover that I have is torn to shreds.


And I've been asking for a new one now for like 4 weeks.


But apparently somebody New York doesn't know how to stick it in a little box and mail it to me.


Let me continue the district only opted to revise the policy after the district. Stop teachers union Loudon Education Association said they were concerned with the speech code Sandy Sullivan the present of the Union of the Washington Free Beacon that teachers reached out to her concern about the speech policy.


Anything that's going to inhibit the speech of people freely expressing themselves and inappropriate matter concerns. Our Sullivan said we want employees to make sure that they can be hurt.


But this msaac email also calls on the district to hire another Equity Consulting. You can never have too many, you know.


That's like having bus drivers when you have no school.


This is what happens when you turn the in the Asylum over the inmates.


Msaac also strongly recommend you bringing in an equity Consulting is this is a heavy lift and we want to get it right this time. The email reads Loudoun County Public Schools has missed the mark in the same time and time again. Now, we are uniquely positioned to Stand Tall on the right side of history and let hate know. It has no place in our schools Shepley critical race Theory. That's all it is is hate.


I want the taxpayers of Loudoun County to know you've already spent $422,500 between 2018 and 2020 on Equity consultants and diversity transistor real scam. You see.


Which claims racism is inherent in nearly every aspect of America?.


And that white people are racist as a matter of DNA and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.


And so now you see the Marxist influence in the politicization of our classrooms.


It's really quite shocking how quickly this has come to be now. It's been percolating for a long time. They've been.


Working the system a long time, but now it's in your face.


The whole black lives matter movement is a critical race Theory movement.


And you have sportscasters and athletes praising it. They don't even know what the hell they're praising. They don't even know what the hell they're doing that matter.


Doesn't matter. I noticed that.


Sports viewership is down 30% Pretty much averaged across the board.


Can I keep happening except for places like the UFC and others where they don't get into all this racial stuff.


Alright, let's take a call here. Let us see boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Let's go to Larry, Kansas City, Missouri. KCMO. Larry go right ahead, please.


Well, hello, Mark and good evening. And by the way boy, you talked about work. You've had to really help us unpack 1.9 trillion in covid-19.


Let me let me Mark help you unpack another little smokescreen. They got going on with these electric cars. Now. I'm going to tell you that I'm a car dealer, but you know what they do electric cars and people want them. I'm all for it. And let me tell you about a little smoke screen called the $7,500 federal tax credit and let me tell you what you probably think that is when I spoke it. You probably thought what do you buy a car and like all rebates you get from the manufacturer.


There is a check for 7500 bucks waiting for you somewhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a federal tax credit which means if you buy a car in 2021 electric and you want your tax credit, well here it is April 2022 when you're doing your income taxes, and guess what?.


If you did not pay in over $7,500 in federal taxes, which I got to tell you a lot of American household and not poor. I'm talking about hundred-thousand-dollar households. Simply don't pay hardly any federal income tax. So guess what? No, $7,500 credit federal tax credit income tax credits is coming to you for buying one of these electric cars. What is it that you're finding that son just hear that the people who don't pay any taxes aren't getting a tax credit.


Well, no, that's not on G+ these electric cars on told her like $100,000 a piece. So why would somebody who doesn't make enough to pay taxes buy an electric car?.


Well see one of the reasons they want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on electric cars is basically to hand them out like lollipops.


Well, I might disagree with that but here's the thing all these men got there's nothing disagreeable. That's not an idiot logical thing. It took factual thing. Why are they spending? What was it 214 or whatever his billion dollars on electrical cars. We already have an electrical. We have electrical car manufacturers. The other major manufacturers are building electrical cars. They say they're going to build more electrical cards. Why do we need almost a quarter of a trillion dollars?.


For electrical cars.


Well, they're not all for the dinner for the charging station to stand 500,000 charging station, but you have to have a lot of electrical cars using 500,000 charging stations.


Well, you got to be here. There's five hundred thousand electrical cars and service right now.


Well, damn, I doubt it approaching that over the last decade might be approaching it mostly from Tesla and everybody's in love with Tesla because of the name not so much for the electric car aspect, but they want to tell you they got a Tesla. I don't know but the point is I'm not going to cry tears for somebody they can't get a 7500 tax credit cuz they don't pay taxes.


We actually have programs in this country where people get rebates on taxes. They never paid Earned Income Tax Credit things of that sort and the Democrats are massively expanding if they expanded in under the so-called covid-19, 1.9 trillion dollar bill all of a sudden you have three massively expanded welfare programs there which have nothing to do with a virus 20 billion dollar was worth had to do with actually getting virus vaccines in people's arms out of a 2 trillion-dollar bills. So they're lying to us. They're lying to us about this bill.


I don't really care about the people who don't pay taxes not getting a tax credit. If you don't pay taxes, you don't get a tax credit. I mean, that's just the nature of the Beast. Anyway. Thank you for your call, my friend.


Cheetah in La 870 the answer they grade. Krla. How are you?.


I'm browser. Thank you for taking my call. I called you once before I was so nervous and I'm still nervous but no rush and I'm so sad he's gone and there was making this today announcing that all the homeless people don't have ideas. So she's wrong because I happen to know because I work in the system. So are all the homeless people they have PO Boxes and they get their checks in the PO Boxes most 99.9% get their checks in the PO boxes, then they go and cash the checks and they have to have an ID to cash the check.


So she's the wrong and she is this woman. She's a left-wing or I don't know who she is. She mixed about many many things and nobody cut sheet because she can say anything she wants that's the nature of the left. So homeless people don't have IDs. First of all, you say, yes they do and secondly, let me ask you a question. Let's say they didn't chew change the whole world because of that choice a nobody has to have an ID cuz homeless people don't have IDs should nobody have a home because homeless people don't have homes sure nobody of a car because homeless people.


Of course, I don't even understand the argument.


That's what did you see that she occasionally this I'm not watching talk that much anymore.


I want to talk to you about the issues you want to race.


And I just wanted to say that they all have ideas. They have to have an idea there was they couldn't exist because they have to buy things they have to go to liquor stores and everywhere. Everybody has an ID and I know it's so stupid the idea that it's so it's so it's so difficult for person to get an ID to vote. It's so hard the same Democrats. I wanted to ask to have to have a vaccine passport. I go into this all the time the same Democrats who will make life.


So complicated for those of us who actually pay federal income taxes the same Democrats. They really want to cut red tape don't you know, and so people shouldn't have to have ID will let me ask you this if the issues Heidi's then why isn't there something in the bill here to pay? I'm a we're spending trillions and trillions. Why can't we put aside a few shekels to buy people an ID at their state if that's the big deal, right?.


Yes, baby hugs. They don't want them to have IDs. They don't want an ID standard. Thank you for your call will be right back.


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First month, that's pure talk USA. Com promo code Levin podcast pure talk USA. Simply smarter Wireless.


You know, it's too bad history isn't taught.


Well, stay we get into all this face stuff and what's happening to our school systems.


History because if we were teaching Real History, do we be talkin about and teaching about how many failed attempts in the last century? There had been by the left to manage the economy?.


You could start with Franklin Roosevelt and work your way right through.


The stimulus program a trillion dollars. We still don't know what happened to that money.


All this money to Into The Ether it goes.


Joe Biden of all people.


Promoting such a thing by and Schumer Pelosi among the three of them. They have zero private-sector experience zero really any substitute experience other than politics grabbing power telling people what to do.


Destroying things the building things we don't want and we don't need.


This is a huge problem.


These massive bills. He's on the bus bills which are intended to truly transition this economy. What's left of the capitalist system into a.


Neo-marxist just me and you know, they can call me whatever you want my grass of ism.


Democratic socialism, it's all the same crap. It really is all dressed up in different ways because everybody knows the word marks is toxic.


The name Marx is toxic. The word Marxism is toxic poison.


So they embrace it or chunks of it.


And they promote it and then they don't want you to think they're doing that and then they'll have their media hacks do the same thing because they're the same ilk.


They're the same mindset and then they'll promote it.


Karl Marx really said Reyes and release. It doesn't matter.


It doesn't matter. It's been Americanized.


It's all been Americanized. It's been they've tried to adapt it to our language to our culture and they try to devour them.


So that's exactly what's going on right now. Alright, I'll be right there.


The establishments worst nightmare Mark Levin call in 877-381-3811. I want to show you what I mean about this Administration and propaganda.


They've learned a lot from the fascist. They can come in as regimes all around the world and in history. Just repeat that big lie here is Jen psaki the White House Press briefing today reporter keeps trying to straighten her out that know the Georgia law is not they don't close the poles at 5 p.m. They haven't changed the times at all.


But they continue to lie cut seven go to 7 p.m. So it is there going to be a bad. I want to be clear. So it expands.


The days and the time of voting.


Got it, and that you've been told that it does the opposite starting with the president United States. Go ahead is what it gives options to expand it. Right, but if he knows how she hasn't read the law right right was she 14 years old?.


Cavalli girl you're not in Earnest. You notice how she hasn't read the wall. Right, right.


It doesn't say 5 p.m. Right everybody's telling her this right? Even the Washington compost right? Even this reporter write the whole world. The law doesn't say that right, right, but she keeps saying and so does the idiot who she represents, right?.


Go ahead. It also makes it so that outside groups can provide water or Foods people in line at exactly what these are the people.


These are stupid people. I read to you what the law said, I read you word for word. What the lossett does it say people in line. Can't have water.


They're having a problem with people coming up for who I will represent candidates trying to buy people's votes.


By offering them stuff answer they say no we're not going to permit that anymore. But yes, you can get water the precinct can give you water. You can bring your own water friend can give you water family member can give you water. Just some outside stranger can't come up and start giving your water.


But apparently you see that's like Jim Crow apparently and Jim Crow that's what was taking place. Go ahead and makes it more difficult to absentee vote are those things on crack and early voting in standardized daddy Saturday and Sunday. So my question is the White House flying through your teeth dummy.


Go ahead access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in, Georgia.


Now that's actually not what the the governor Georgia has said. I think that is not based. In fact with the governor of Georgia to me. This is unbelievable to me a liar like this should be fun.


She should be fired. She has no idea what she's talking about. She is a liar.


And then they up to your temperature. For example, he was buying on ESPN today know why is buying on ESPN today cuz he has p.m. Is a left-wing. It's left-wing in count conservatives are on one hand.


That's all they want. They want to now cancel Major League Baseball because of the voting changes. They made in Georgia with absolutely nothing to do with race.


Cut 6 go. Tony Clark is the executive director of the major league baseball players Association. He said he would quote look forward to discussing moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta because Georgia Governor friend keep watching professional sports. You need to understand what you're doing.


I don't know who Tony Clark is executive director Major League Baseball Players Association is another jackass.


He doesn't know what's in the Georgia law has you see this is these are pseudo events. These are pseudo arguments people are arguing over things that are not reality. And so the image has been created and nobody's better at this than the Democrat. The image has been created that these changes are racist that all the Republicans got together cuz I have nothing better to do in the state legislature and they passed laws are aimed at harming minorities and the governor. He's signing a law that harms minorities because that's what they do.


That's what we Republicans do don't you know, not the Democrats and look at the southern border now, that's okay don't look there.


The president United States. He's the one that was pound around with segregationists. He's the only one.


Butt out Tony Clark executive director Major League Baseball Players Association, and they'll be talking about this on ESPN till they're blue in the face cuz I have nothing else to talk about don't go on and on and on about how to Ally a flat out lie, go ahead and signed into law a bill passed by the republican-led state legislature to overhaul how it State elections overhaul provide. Why don't you put that on your damn monitor?.


Why don't you tell the American people what it involves?.


Rather than characterizing it and character turn the people who wrote it that I had sent us a present. What do you think about the possibility that baseball decides to move their All-Star game out of Atlanta because of the political. Wow. What a what a tough question for Biden.


What a tough question.


Even dummy can answer this one. Go ahead. I think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. They haven't done anything. What are you talkin about?.


She's asking you a question about whether it should be moved.


Go ahead strongly support them doing that people look to them their leaders. Look at what's happened with the NBA as well. Look what's happened across the board. The very people were victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these in these various ports who are victimized the leaders of the what is he talking about?.


Other leaders in the sports are the leaders. Okay. So which leader in sports is being victimized?.


Is that really means LeBron James being victimized?.


I only wish I were victimized like this and so do most Americans regardless of race victimized us to go ahead. This is Jim Crow a crow on steroids expanding the number of days. You can vote expanding the hours that you can vote expanding early voting just requiring a voter ID and a signature so they can make sure they know who you are. That's Jim Crow. Is that what he's going to do? He's going to keep going around saying Jim Crow even want his house newspaper to wash my compost gives him four pinocchios.


He's going to still keep doing it. Even though I read you that damn law right over the microphone. It doesn't do anything. He says,.


And there's ESPN on earlier responsible putting him on there. She doesn't know what the hell she's talking about not challenging him.


These people are destroying this country destroying it.


Turning people on People based on race. They're teaching kids.


The hate race to like race. It depends on what race you are.


This is so left the Carolinas.


We keep lying about this and they're going to keep lying about it because I don't want these states getting their house in order. They they sending these lawyers to litigate their way to these points in the last 2 years, then they told us where to do this because of Colvin the state legislators are stepping up and say no no, we need to fix it. So you must be Jim Crow.


Now here's the Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey on CNBC today cut it go where's this guy from?.


Sounds like he's British or something.


No offence. I'm just wondering.


The legislation's unacceptable go-ahead principles. We have stood for in Georgia around broad access to voting around convenience about ensuring a notice that not a single one of these people.


Give specifics.


What's the prime of broad access to voting are voted convenience or election Integrity? What exactly are you talking about in this law? That would be my next question. What are you talkin about?.


Mr. Coca-Cola.


You say to step back when he told me about exactly can you tell us?.


Go ahead.


Wow, it is amazing how you see this spread like wildfire from the it illogical left and the Democrat Party in the media into the sports world into the corporate world. That's the Prototype. This is what keeps happening.


It's incredible.


Truth be damned facts be damned. I don't care how many times I read the law out loud. It won't even matter. It just doesn't matter.


They just want to be in they want to be in The In Crowd. They don't want to turn people off AJ, or I don't know.


There's millions and millions of you. He doesn't think those of you who drink Coke products. He doesn't think he's going to lose you really just lost me. I'll be right back.


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First month, that's pure talk USA. Com promo code Levin podcast pure talk USA. Simply smarter Wireless.


Ryan Cold Spring New York the great WABC. Go ahead Ryan.


Then I'll mark thanks for everything that you do you and Sean and the Dan bongino, but you know what you would wish that the people in Fulton County Georgia would put up some more polling places. So people could vote and they can if they want to.


They don't want to write I don't know what they're doing its Mischief Managed. So you got to blame you got to play in the white privilege dominant culture for decisions that are being made by other people in that community.


Dominant culture net Community is black. What what what's the problem? I just sent that to you. I don't know what the problem is. The problem is that your people like LeBron James who sets up a group and says, look what happened in Atlanta and other places where the lines are long as there's not a precincts and I said on the air before the election, you're barking up the wrong tree. Why don't you tell the people who run these communities in these so forth have more precincts have and here's the problem.


You want to know the truth if trouble getting Precinct workers.


That's the problem, but that's not a racism issue is it?.


Nothing, right, sir. Thank you for your call. Let's go to Vern West Palm Beach Florida. The great. Wjno Vern. How are you, sir?.


I believe you're talking to me, it's Barren, but I spell it with a know. Alright Baron with a no go right ahead.


As I was explaining to your screen or the thoughts, you know.


Call character described in all the craziness and why they can't solve the problem. Is it because I think the capitals run by at The Institute of probably a logical psychosemantics and psychological incest. Alright, thanks for your call. I was a good one missed your calls granite.


Let's try another one David Columbia, Tennessee XM Satellite go right ahead.


Lord thank you for all you do. You're a great educator. The reason I'm calling is I don't I talk to a judge. I'm an attorney I talk to a judge here one time and I told him I believe left wants to fertilize the police in the United States and he laughed he said not in my lifetime and I started thinking about it. How would they do this? Cuz he said the sheriff here would never go for it. I said, well, you know, I started thinking they're going to do like a civil rights are so this whole attack on the police is to federali's the police, but now seeing this 2.3 trillion dollar bill.


What I'm looking at is they're talking about doing and environmental force. And that's where you federali's the enforcement. It's going to be through that environmental force that they're putting billions of dollars towards creating which if you think back when Obama said they wanted to create a civilian Force as well-equipped and Hawaii.


They are creating which is really quite scary is the creating like a a youth movement for climate change and use them they're going to spend billions and billions of dollars on a youth movement for climate change. I mean, this is this is what's Happening Here is is so frightening. So over-the-top every single think the hard left can think of is being pushed into these bills. We've got propaganda left and right going on here. Like we've never seen before worse than Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt much much worse, and we have a media that are better basically propaganda mouthpieces for this.


So the system is not working. The system is not working. We have to hope that the Republicans in the Senate can figure out a way.


To use their 50.


There their number there 52 stop whatever they can with the hope that the State's Attorneys General will continue to sue on these executive orders, and hopefully when these lawsuits challenging them, and then we have to hope that businesses in America. Not just those who belong to the Chamber of Commerce, which is the Chamber of left-wingers at this point, but the Chamber of Commerce with the I hope those people will also fight back Let It Go and so forth, but there's tens of millions of us. You've heard me talk about what's in these bills.


You've heard me talk about the Georgia Bill and go to Mark Levin Show. Com where we have the daily recap of the program. If you have any questions, you need to get this information out. We have 14 15 million listeners Choice program. If every one of you would talk to five or ten people get them the information that I'm presenting to you, you know, we would have a fighting chance. We would have a fighting chance. Thank you for your call sir. I appreciate it.


Let us go to Amanda, Wilkesboro, North Carolina the Mark Levin app. How are you?.


Hello, how are you in a gelatin?.


Hey, can you hear me? I can't go right ahead. I just wanted to comment Rich for Joe Biden to pull the Jim Crow Jim Eagle thing when one he's standing in front of the eagle on the presidential flag, which Eagle is you know, the symbol of America and to he is the man who called integrating schools turning them into jungle. That was his worst thing.


All right. I want to thank you for your call Amanda. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a full hour left and I will be right back and I hope to see you too.


Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour. The podcast is sponsored exclusively by a mint you Association of mature American citizens now over 2 million conservative member strong a Mac believes and it stands up for the virus that we care about faith family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support amen, and you can become a member and a Mac. Us joint.


Broadcast I would love that.


Yom, Erica Mark Levin here are number +877-381-381-1877 3813 811.


You saw that heartbreaking video of this piece of crap dropping this three-year-old and then this five-year-old from way up Atop The the border wall.


It's just unbelievable.


And that's just what you saw so much of this is going on. It's just sickening.


I've noticed something. I mean, I've always noticed a but I've really noticed it now. Do you notice that the overwhelming majority of the people?.


Or trying to secure the Border who are on the border patrol or on ice.


Are Latino.


They're Latino.


They're trying to protect the American Border. Have you noticed that these are great Patriots?.


Gray Patriots.


Joe Biden and vote. The name is Cesar Chavez the other day. He has a bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office.


Two months ago when that occurred when he put that bus to Cesar Chavez in his Oval Office. I reminded America.


That Cesar Chavez used to call illegal aliens wetbacks.


He did it on radio. We have the recording.


That Cesar Chavez despise the illegal aliens because he believed that they were undermining his Farm Workers union movement.


That Cesar Chavez from time to time often as a matter of fact would have members of his Union helping to guard the southern border.


And they would rat out illegal aliens who they saw and groups clusters coming across the border to the Border Patrol.


And he was joined by Ralph Abernathy who was the right-hand man of Martin Luther King and took over for Martin Luther King upon his assassination.


He was joined by Walter Mondale.


You may recall Walter Mondale. I think he's still with us.


You see the left-wing in this country the union movement in this country.


American Life Tino's in this country the Democrat Party in this country.


We're more vocal and more insistent on protecting at Southern border from illegal aliens, and anybody else.


Because of their concern that it would undermine unions that it would undermine.


Low-skilled unskilled Americans from getting work.


That would overload.


The education systems the hospitals and others On the Border among other places.


This all changed about 12 or 14 years ago.


When the Democrat Party determined.


The tides future.


Did the fundamental transformation of America no longer interested in convincing simply American citizens?.


Turn brights the party what's a literally change the citizenry?.


To literally change the citizenry.


That is precisely what's going on in the southern border. That's why buying just doesn't given us he just doesn't.


Neither do does Kamala Harris? It's not a crisis relax. It's a big deal. That's cuz his family is not involved of his family were in Bob. I think he think it's a crisis but this guy always skates.


Because of our corrupt media.


So Cesar Chavez.






By the Democrats he celebrated bye-bye.


When I don't even know what the man stood for.


They don't even know what the man stood for.


The southern Christian leadership conference.


Strongly opposed illegal immigration in protecting the Border.


Eugene McCarthy.


Also been a soda thing.


Who is a leftist and somewhat of a Libertarian and he actually endorsed Ronald Reagan for president against?.


Jimmy Carter.


He was opposed to Illegal immigration. So there was a consensus in this country.


That illegal immigration their overwhelming the southern border was a bad thing for the United States of America. There was a consensus.


But not anymore.


Joe Biden cited Dwight Eisenhower. They hero General the great Dwight Eisenhower.


When he was pushing his.


Neo-marxist spending plan.


Putting the Eisenhower for the interstate highway system.


Because he wants you to believe that even Eisenhower would support his bill really since 5% of the bill actually goes towards Highway systems and roads and bridges. I don't think Eisenhower would supported in the least but he cites Eisenhower many Democrats side Eisenhower many in the media side eyes, and how are they Embrace him? It's that kind of Republican.


That they wish we had today your other than a trump.


What are the first things twice and Howard did?.


Is he pulled one of his favorite generals into the Oval Office when he was elected?.


And he said I want you to round up the million or so illegal aliens are in this country.


Emblem out of the country.


We've talked about this in the past too, but a reminder is a healthy thing.


They rounded up 1 million illegal aliens in this country within a six-month. Deported them.


Without any complaints from the Democrat Party or the media.


What are you saying? Like I'm laying out the history. What do you mean? What am I saying? The world didn't begin today with Joe Biden the well, did we get today? What what's going on in the Border?.


I'm not saying we do that what I'm saying is the whole mindset has been perverted.


The issue when it comes to immigration is what the American citizenry wants. This is the nation of the American people. Not Joe Biden, not Kamala Harris not the Democratic party. Not the New York Times or the Washington Post always remember this.


This is your country. It's not the country would be sitting since it's not the country of farnaz trying to get into America. It's the nation of the American citizen.


No, we're not a nation of immigrants were a nation of citizens many of whom are immigrants or whose parents. Our ancestors were immigrants but you're not a nation of immigrants are a nation of citizens and have fun at this out over the years.


This is very important to understand.


So they point to Cesar Chavez.


Who despised illegal immigration the Democrat Party what you fought illegal immigration?.


Martin Luther King's organization of the Ralph Abernathy fought illegal immigration Harry Reid in the 1990s illegal immigration I go on and on and on but now all of a sudden.


We have a board of this wide open.


We're not we're supposed to have an electoral system if they get their way wide open for anybody to vote 16 year old 17 year old. How come nobody talks about that illegal aliens talks about individuals not citizens voting.


Very diabolical.


Any sites Cesar Chavez because he's a moron he's an idiot. He doesn't even know what the hell he's doing. But he knows that the platitudes work the platitudes work and he knows he may be called out here and there but in the end you can keep repeating the lies just over and over and over again.


Now we have this reprobate.


This half-wit.


Does flunky cut Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?.


Imagine what the Democrat Party spawns these left-wing America hating Israel hating pukes.


Hey on mslsd yesterday cut tengo.


Same as what happened during the Trump Administration where they took babies out of the arms of their mothers and deported their families and permanent hair boy.


A boy a boy.


And she says we are those families reparations.


What kind of idiots are like somebody this like this to being kind? What kind of morons?.


Vote for a person like this.


I noticed the media lover they've loved her from the minute that she got elected in their primary the Democrats. Are they just keep promoting you.


They keep promoting her no matter what she says no matter how radical how stupid how uninformed they push her out there.


Don't question her.


First she said what's going on the border as a result of white supremacy?.


Now she learns these things not buy book reading or studying but because these platitudinous buffoons who surround her tell her this stuff I know where they getting it from.


I know exactly where they're getting it from the white dominant culture, you know critical race Theory.


And I want to make it clear if I hadn't been talking about critical race theory behind this microphone for the last year or so. Nobody would even know what the hell's going on in this country. Now, we're exposing it. Now you're exposing it. Now. It's being exposed and every corner of this country and it's a good thing.


And in a few months, I'll be exposing a hell of a lot more.


But here she is now we are reparations you and I are reparations to everybody.


Why want reparations?.


I'm breaking my back everyday like you. I'm working 20 hours a day. I'm paying 50% of every nickel iron and it's some freaking government agency. I want reparations, don't you?.


We the hard-working men and women of this country that taxpayers.


Who make this country work?.


You want the faint tour degraded gorgeous credited to attract?.


And I'm not just talking about Caucasian something about all of us who make this country work.


No respect shown for the American people. They talk about the middle-class they talk about all the people who make this country where all they do is crap on you day in and day out.


On your behalf, of course.


I'll be right back.


Amac the association of mature American citizens is one of the fastest-growing organizations in America now over 2 million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a Mac believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. Amex fights a full-time presence in Washington a Mac pushes back against Reckless spending disasters, like medicare-for-all and expanding reach of the federal government and Beyond advocacy joining a Mac gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts including special member-only rates on car insurance travel discount cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough you'll get a Max bi-monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matters to most of us we conservatives as I said, I'm in a Mac member and you should be to join today at a Mac.


Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


Some people are sensible. I know people are coming to Barack. Milhous pannidos defense, not me. Do we have a piece from ABC 7 Chicago Waukegan, Illinois Waukegan sport of Education met Tuesday night. Is it considers changing the names of two of its schools Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Daniel Webster Middle School.


Jefferson it was the nation's third president owned slaves.


Come I have to say something about this.


Slavery in beginning America.


Slavery did not begin in America.


Slavery is gone through out the ages.


You had slavery in Africa.


Africans enslaving other Africans and then selling them to Europeans.


You had Europeans and others and slay by the.


Ivory Coast pirate Pirates.


You had slavery in the Muslim world.


U.s. Slavery in Southeast Asia.


In fact, you've had slavery all over the world.


Only in America do we have such a vastly diverse Society people all backgrounds really every background.


An enormous tolerance.


This is like no country ever before.


How many countries fought a civil war?.


How many countries fought a civil war?.


The end slavery.


I don't know of any other than this one.


I don't know of any other than this one.


And ever since.


Has been trying to improve and perfect.


It's human rights record.


How many countries are there like that? I don't know of any.


Do you?.


So to take.


Parts of art history in applied today without the rest of the history is is really quite diabolical is Right evil.


Pittsburgh evil.


They're good books written about slavery.


My people were enslaved.


Thousands of years ago you may have heard of it.


So where most people quite frankly?.


At all but a lot.


So I'm I'm just approaching this with you. We're going to change the name of two schools. We're going to get rid of Thomas Jefferson's name and Daniel Webster's name.


And all they have her in the article is Jefferson, who was the nation's third president owned slaves?.


Noah Webster set different story. He's supported slavery.


But isn't it interesting that all through the Civil Rights. All through the Riots of the 1960s and so far. Nobody was changing the names of schools.




So I just wanted to point this out.


So there's been a recommendation to change the name of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School.


To either Barack Obama or Michelle Obama or Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School.


And the local population a large Latino population in the article. They call them latinx Latinos. Don't call themselves latinx white liberals. Call Latinos latinx. It says disgusting.


Are posing it because you see the Obamas given their deportation record. We're oppressors and I'll get back to that after the bottom of the hour.


And I will be right back.


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Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


Play this is the Octagon of talk radio. Mark Levin Show call in now at 877-381-3811. Wanted to change the name of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School to the Obama Middle School.


And School Board member Edgar Castellanos said he came to the United States undocumented as a child. I will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community.


Is he in the end the leftists shoot the leftist? It's just the way it is Mal took out virtually all of his fellow revolutionaries after the Chinese Revolution Stalin took out almost all of his.


Telugu revolutionaries.




You just look at this. This is what happens.


But you look at the French Revolution Rose Pierre and so forth.


Eventually, he was decapitated to at the guillotine cuz nobody's ever pure enough and this is what people and corporate boards.




In sports in Hollywood even in Academia better start understanding. Nobody safe. Once this fire started nobody.


From the time Barack Obama became president till 2017 when he left.


He today is still the highest ranking president with deportations in our nation country ever said we felt that Barack Obama did this service does he denied us? He didn't stop the deportations the way promise. So here we have a guy.


Who he or his family came in here illegally.


He got legal status some way somehow.


And he is a member of the school board and he wants nothing to do with Barack Obama.


Because Barack Obama didn't support illegal immigration strongly enough for him.


He said person personally said the school board president. I don't have ejected the name, but I have to be aware of the concerns.


And then this idiot news Operation members of the area's latinx Community held a protest outside the meeting storage Tuesday night. People don't know they're protesting at Obama's library site all the time.


They're removing the name of Thomas Jefferson. What oppressor says country are snow. This is a guy whose family came here illegally trash and Thomas Jefferson. One of the founders. I I don't get it. Why did you come here Contreras? If you hate American history, how do you explain yourself?.


The name of Obama's another oppression our families do not want to see that name.


Mauricio Sanchez his father was deported in 2015 under the Obama Administration or something. Very sad. Sanchez said we couldn't even say goodbye to our Dad. We just hope for him to be able to get out is that is still in deportation hearings to this day. The Sanchez family said the Obama name as a reminder their current struggles.


And in this I defend Obama.


In this I defend Obama.


People have a right to just walk into this country and have a right to stay here and then the right to be citizens and then the right to vote.


And then turn on the people who are trying to enforce the law.


To the extent Obama did that he was correct.


He was correct.


Unbelievable, really what's happening in this country?.


In my humble opinion, what a play one of the thing for you before we move on to callers hear.


Running Out of Time Lester Holt NBC news. Anchor.


At the 45th Camaro Symposium yesterday and he was doing this virally.


Hat tip Rumble.


Harry is cut 13 go in this. I'm sure we'll fill plenty of books and be studied in classrooms, maybe even here but I have a few early observations all share about where this moment brings us and what we can learn number one is I think it's become clear that fairness is overrated overrated.


Clearly it is because you don't practice it neither. Does anybody else in your so-called profession?.


Ladies and gentlemen half a million of you but copies of on freedom of the press and you can see articles appearing here and there in the conservative media.


Talking about how the Press has become activism. How is part of the Democrat Party that's old news. If you read on freedom of the press, it's old news and you're well aware of at the issues. What do we do about?.


Go ahead before you run off in tweet that headline. Let me explain a bit the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and Merit does not reflect the world we fight or so, he is not unique in saying this has been said by leftist and the media by leftist professors in journalism.


We can't present two sides. We can't be friends that respect. What if one side is just evil diabolical and dead wrong. So even here in his attack on his home profession on attack of those own integrity.


He has to borrow from other writers and thinkers. Go ahead.


That the sun sets in the west is a fact and a contrary view does not deserve our time or attention Dino recent events are sure that you won't have to look far to find more current and relevant examples. I think you get my point. Yeah, we get your point. We understand. Yeah climate deniers. Yeah critical race Theory didn't I understand gender Theory dinner? We do we do we know exactly where you're coming from. We know more about you and your so-called profession. Then you do go ahead unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda and he's going to go on drone on about this for well aware of this.


The problem is he's not an objective or he doesn't even attempt to being objective Arbiter of such things. What he's talking about is.


Anybody who questions fauci anybody who questions these so-called science of climate change man-made climate change has a different View.


Anybody who questions the the the conduct that occurred in the election of those Battleground states with respect to the Federal Constitution. These are deniers. These are people who have an opposite view but they're liars and they're they're not to be respected and.


We have to be fair to the truth not fair to both sides.


That's what he's getting at predictable. They're all predictable This Is How They think this is how they.


This Is How They maneuver through the day position themselves and create the narrative.


Let's go to Sal in New York XM Satellite Sal. How are you? My friend?.


Hey, thanks, Mark $20 a month for this Sirius XM channel that I tell everyone I get brings me the likes of you and David Webb and Alex Marlow. So I'm grateful you did a show where you did a graphic detail of a battlefield during the Civil War and it was very moving and I share it with a lot of people cuz I was able to rewind it in the car. And when you talk about a Civil War in this country during that time ending slavery and like I said the way you described it was just I had goosebumps for the reason for my call was to say to you.


I'm inspired by your boycott of Coca-Cola and will remove it from my eateries at the seasonal business in the summer and hope others will follow suit and I'm wondering if more folks like yourself that have the guts to Proclaim that they're going to not.


Support an organization like Coca-Cola. Maybe they'll wake up and say hey, maybe there's more damage on our side if I cancel US versus cancel the less than 1% on their side. I hope so the problem is most of the people on our side.


Just don't do this sort of thing. And I'm not even leading a boycott. I'm just for in my own life and my own way I'm saying I'm I've been drinking diet coke I'm 63 years old since I was 15 years old I've cut way back on it, but I'm done with it Diet Coke and all Coke products done.


The CEO is a liar the way he was talking what he was saying and people going to continue with the propaganda with the left-wing race-baiting. I want nothing to do with them. So I'll learn to drink other things. Some of them might be healthier. Some of them might not be but unfortunately now Coke products are out and I want to congratulate you you have a cafe you're in the water upstate, New York.


Upstate New York and I won't buy Nike products anymore either I never have and you're right. You're right and that shouldn't be a big issue. It shouldn't be a big if there's genocide going on and come and is trying that's another thing there's genocide going on in another country a mass genocide taking place and you wouldn't know it if you're watching our news programs with you.


Incredible maybe yeah.


Yo, baby, MBC. I will pay a little bit more attention to it. I doubt it. You know, they probably did one show here and there and they think they've done enough Lester Holt. It's funny how he doesn't talk about that. All right, my friend. Thank you for your call. Good call.


Let's slip and Cheryl Long Beach, California 870 the answer they grade krla. How are you?.


Find Mark Happy Passover from my mom the Holocaust Survivor. Yes. Thank you and same to you.


Thank you. God bless you for everything you do you do your time. You're not changing the citizenry and one thing that's going on and it's going on Nationwide. You addressed it earlier about this critical race Theory and here in Los Alamitos High School Richard Henry Lee Elementary School and Richard Henry Lee was the one who wrote The Resolution made the motion for us for all the colonies to seek independence from Great Britain, and he would be turning over in his grave if he would know that right now here and throughout the nation what they're doing under the guise of this whole term of Skittles social justice and it is making our children into little social justice Warriors.


These courses were there called ethnic studies or whatever terms of art. They're using it's not about culture and tradition. I want to tell you something before I have to run.


I'm going to blow a little off this all damn thing. I've been working very hard on this it's going to take a few months off this and some of the related issues here. That's what I'm focused on. That's what I'm doing in the privacy of my own office every night and every morning and I'm going to dig into this we're going to get to the bottom of it where it comes from what's happening and it's not just this it's the other marks are some Marxist related activities going on in this country.


So I would say, you know, just hold on a few more months, but that we need to keep fighting it on all fronts, but I guarantee you I'm going to do everything I can and my best to you and your mother and God bless you. I'll be right back.


Amac the association of mature American citizens is one of the fastest-growing organizations in America now over 2 million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a Mac believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. Amex fights a full-time presence in Washington a Mac pushes back against Reckless spending disasters, like medicare-for-all and expanding reach of the federal government and Beyond advocacy joining a Mac gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts including special member-only rates on car insurance travel discount cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough you'll get a Max bi-monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matters to most of us we conservatives as I said, I'm in a Mac member and you should be to join today at a Mac.


Us that's a Mac. Us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus.


Organization has been pushing for join a Mac instead a Mac. Us.


All right. Let's go Camelot Paterson, New Jersey the great WABC. Go right ahead Pamela. How are you?.


Oh, I'm doing well this morning. I called RC Cola which is actually cold Keurig, / dr. Pepper and international company. I love dr. Pepper.


Well good, you're supporting a good company. They've given to Republicans and I was very positive and upbeat and said hey, I'm shipping from Coca-Cola. And where can you get your product? It's a little hard to find pizza parlors have the my pizza parlor a lot of pizza parlor near Cold Spring or said that a lot of pizza parlors. He's come across has it to talk to that and I'm he was very nice and he said thank you. I didn't we didn't realize this and please call again.


And I right now the shelves are a little bear because of Kobe beef said that I'll tell the marketing people this and I feel now is the time to strike because it's very hard to compete against Coca-Cola because they have all this the Shelf space and I've got to go. I know where Paterson New Jersey is. They have wonderful wonderful pizza parlors there. They really do.


Being a steak sandwich guy. I'd love that too. Thank you very much. We salute our Armed Forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and all of you Americans Patriots. God bless each and everyone of you. I'll see you right here tomorrow. Be safe.