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Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mike Love, and. Hello, America, I'm Mark Levin. Our number is 877 three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. There's a lot swirling around out there.


You know, when this country was founded, the purpose was for the government to be.


Sort of quiet and out of the way. And now it's day in and day out, it's all about the government, what the government wants to do and what it wants to do to us and so forth. Joe Biden has a three trillion dollar spending plan ready that he wants to get done fast. Everything needs to get done fast before the American people realize what's taking place. And the Democrats want to push it through a 50 50 Senate with Kamala Harris voting as the 41st vote, they want to push it through a House.


What the Democrats have a 10 vote lead and Nancy Pelosi's trying to literally dislodge a Republican House member and replace her with a Democrat. The level of tyranny and totalitarianism that's going on in this country is not really understood by so many people because of the media and the media are utterly and completely contempt contemptible and corrupt. And we will jump into these issues, but I think what needs to be fully understood is the Democrat Party today is not really an American political party.


It is a alien force. It's an alien force pushing alien ideologies. It doesn't embrace any of our founding principles and ideals. And it promotes individuals. Who embrace the opposite. It's just an appalling situation here. Now, let me first talk about spending. They're in a rush because what they're doing is wrong, what they're doing is profligate, what they're doing is going to damage the country, but it will forever change America.


Three trillion dollars on top of the two trillion dollars on top of a four and a half trillion dollar budget on top of four point one trillion, that was already spent on the virus. And you can see the power that the government will have on programs, redistribution of wealth, taxation regulations, because the worse it gets for you and the worse it gets for the private sector, the better it is for the government. He gets bigger, stronger. You saw that through the pandemic, you saw.


The most liberal and well known of the Democratic governors and mayors do the worst job because they're tyrannical. They pull out the brass knuckles and they put it on the ironfist. And when it comes to spending, I have a question. All of you receiving checks this week. Particularly young people who are choosing not to work, but prefer to get the checks, but they're not alone. Because apparently it's very popular to receive checks. So I want to ask you, those of you with children and grandchildren are those of you who hope to have children and grandchildren one day.


Can we simultaneously love our children, but betray their generation and generations yet born? Among the least acknowledged facts of American marginality is the extent to which parents acting in their familial capacity naturally and tenaciously guard their young children from threat and peril.


To the point of risking their own physical and economic security in extreme cases, but as part of the political and governing community, that is the ruling generation, many of these same parents, wittingly or some, unwittingly joined with other parents and tolerating, if not enthusiastically championing, disadvantageous and even grievous public policies. That jeopardize not only their children. But the welfare of successive generations. There are accepted norms of behavior and moral order born of experience and knowledge, instinct and faith, teaching and reason and love and passion.


That provide definition for and boundaries between right and wrong, good and evil, fairness and injustice applicable to families and societies alike. Saw harmony of virtuous interest and formed by tried and true traditions, customs, values and institutions and cultivated within families in the larger community, preserves and improves the human condition. One individual at a time, one generation to the next. Broadly speaking, this is the civil society.


This is plunder and deceit. Edmund Burke. He wrote that as the end of such a partnership. Cannot be obtained in many generations. He's talking about. The intergenerational continuum of the past, the living and the unborn. And he wrote, As the end of such a partnership cannot be obtained in many generation, it becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are dead and those who are to be born. Barack went even further, he warned those who forsake the intergenerational continuum condemn themselves, their children and future generations to a grim existence.


He said one of the first and most leading principles on which the Commonwealth of the laws are consecrated is less the temporary possessors of life renters in it, that temporary possessors of life, renters in it, temporary Congress's temporary presidents. Temporary generations. We. Unmindful of what they have received from their ancestors or what is due to their posterity should act as if they were the entire masters, that they should not think it among their rights to cut off the entail of and commit waste on the inheritance by destroying at their pleasure the whole original fabric of society, hazarding to leave those who come after them a ruin instead of a habitation.


And teaching these successors has little to respect their contrivances as they had themselves respected the institutions of their forefathers. In other words, you're destroying your own economy. You're destroying your own society. You're destroying future generations because you're selfish, not you.


You understand what I'm saying? Yourself consumed. You're a narcissist, and that's what we're dealing with in Biden, in the Democrats. And history confirms Burke's observation to embrace the moral order as parents nurturing their children, yet to abandon the moral order as members of the ruling generation, thereby contributing to predictably deleterious public policies with prospectively calamitous outcomes, is a decadence that leads to unstable and potentially oppressive or even tyrannical conditions, which in the end degrade and disassemble the civil society and consume their children's generation and generations beyond.


Reformation and recovery may be possible, but difficult and complicated and typically only after the exaction of an enormous human toll. This is where we're heading. This is what we're doing. In modern America, I point out the unraveling of the civil society have been subtly persistent, but is now intensifying evidence of rising utopian statism, that is the allure of political demagogues and self-appointed masterminds peddling abstractions and fantasies in pursuit of a nonexistent paradise. And the concomitant accretion of governmental power in an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal leviathan abounds.


The ruling generations, our generation governing policy are already forecast to diminish the quality of life for future generations. Witness the massive welfare and entitlement state, which is concurrently expanding and imploding, expanding and imploding and the brazen abandonment of constitutional firewalls and governing limitations. If not appropriately and expeditiously ameliorated, the effects will be dire. And the ruling generation, we know it. Why do so many loving parents as part of the ruling generation, abandon the civil society for the growing tyranny of a voracious central government that steals their children's future?


That's condemning their children and unborn generations to a dangerously precarious and unstable environment, despite a large majority acknowledging the national decline for which they blame politicians. Well, there's a lot of reasons. Because many people protect their own kids and feel that they live in a cocoon or a bubble and they're going to be just fine. Well, the many more goodies. And ceding more power to the government. They don't want to think about the next generation, they don't want to think 30, 40, 50 years from now, they don't care.


And we are trapped right now in an economically unsustainable. Governmental leviathan. It is unsustainable. And we are here, it's not coming. We're in it. Tyranny, as I said the other day, is looking at us, are we looking into the abyss? We're in it. It's swirling around us. Why are they in such a hurry to spend these massive bills, because in these massive bills, if all kinds of hidden stuff. That will forever change your life.


And you don't even know what it is. This isn't the way a republic is supposed to function. This isn't the way a representative government is supposed to function. Things are supposed to slow down in a deliberative way so we the people can have some input. We have no input whatsoever. The Democrat Party has been an evil party almost since its founding. It is a evil, treacherous anti-American party.


You would think a party. That led the Confederacy. And nearly destroyed America and supported slavery. Would be the BIGON. And yet it's the biggest, strongest party in America. And it went on after the slavery, after it failed in the Confederacy, after it failed and slavery went on to segregation. A hundred years of segregation under the Democrat Party. Hundred years. And today. Today, do they embrace constitutionalism, do they embrace liberty? Do they embrace the free market system?


No. They embrace a different kind of tyranny, a different kind of totalitarianism. But just as deadly in the end. Just as deadly in the end. They now represent the most radical elements in this country. They now represent. A theory that destroys us based on race, that destroys us based on gender, that destroys us based on immigration. They represent a theory. That embraces the opposite of what the founding is about, an all powerful central government that's in every nook and cranny of every neighborhood in this country.


And there are people who vote for this, millions of them. Which is why we're not supposed to be a democracy. Was supposed to be republic. But I asked the parents out there who support the Democrats. Give me a call. Because it's my contention, if you truly loved your children, you wouldn't be doing this. For your grandchildren, you wouldn't be doing this. Because this is absolutely disastrous. And why the rush? Why not take a little bit of time before you fundamentally destroy America?


And where are the media? Were the media, the media? The media are the mouthpieces for tyranny and totalitarianism. The Washington Post is not a newspaper. It's a propaganda sheet.


The New York Times is not a newspaper. It's a propaganda sheet.


And both of these propaganda sheets hate America. I'll be right back.


Mark Levin.


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The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Karl Rove to headline March to the U.N. virtual fund raiser for Representative Adam Kinzinger, top Illinois GOP donors among co-hosts.


This is why.


I feel that we may not be able to callaway's our way back as we're fighting for the survival of this nation.


As Donald Trump is really standing between us and these tyrants. Yet people like Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and others. We're undermining him and undermining us. And they embrace the left wing media's narrative and they spewed at themselves Adam Kinzinger has been a serial liar since the day he walked into the House of Representatives.


He ran as a Tea Party candidate, first off, and then he became RINO almost immediately. His voting record, in my view, is a disgrace. And now he believes he's self-righteous, man, he's driven, but he's really a narcissist. And you can see he's backing him. Paul Ryan's backing in Paul Ryan's backing Liz Cheney, Liz Cheney spoke at the Reagan Library. The chairman of The Washington Post somehow became the chairman of the Reagan Library, don't ask me.


And Karl Rove was all over TV, you know. Attacking Democrats. And I trust him as far as I can throw him. These Bush guys have been a disaster, they've been a disaster for the country, they've been a disaster on the border. They've been a disaster. We were blown out in 2006 thanks to Bush. They think they own the presidency, they wanted a third Bush to be president, the United States. Imagine the arrogance of this.


And here we are, constitutional conservatives, serious people, not a politician among us trying to save what's left of our country.


And this is where we get Karl Rove campaigning for Adam Kinzinger. Really?


And what does Adam Kinzinger are going to do in the House vote with the Democrats?


What's he going to do now? Karl Rove, what is he doing, by the way? How is he raking in his fortune? I'll be right back. Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive in freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve it. Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today not only its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but nationwide towards free online courses, its support of classical K through 12 charter schools and its other outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty Hillsdale Articles of Association dating way back to 1844.


Commit the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning. This learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and nature's God, as described in the Declaration of Independence and includes America's great heritage of liberty that too often today is falsely derided or denied. Hillsdale motto Pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since 1844, it will continue to fight to live up to that motto. Come What may learn more at Lavant for Hillsdale. Dotcom. Levien for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Lhevinne for Hillsdale Dotcom. Mark Levin, tough as hell. That's why I like Mark Levin and I'm not sure a lot of people like him. He's tough as hell, but I like him.


I love a call it No. Eight, seven seven thirty eight one three eight one one.


If he did watch Life, Liberty and Levin last night, I think you saw a hell of a show because of my guests, Tom Hallman and General Keane. As for Tom Bowman, he and I discussed this immigration issue and we pointed out that this is all intentional, this is intended to turn Texas blue. This is intended to. Forever change the outcome of elections, elections will be meaningless. They get their H.R. one bill, plus immigration as they wish to get it.


You just can't beat it. We can't beat it. Now, let me explain the mindset to you know, I've written books. One of them about my dogs and family, seven of them. About matters that we're confronting today, one after another. You know, I think I thought maybe I just have illusions, Mr. Producer. It is an enormous amount of work to write a book when you actually write your own book. Most of these fools don't write their own books.


They may edit them a little and then they read them and then they talk to you about history and everything. They don't know their.


You know what from the. You know what? But this this movement that we're facing. Has been a movement that grew out of. Marxism in Germany, Britain and Germany, but mostly Germany. And was exported to the United States, and it's something that is taught every single one of your children who are in colleges and universities. Your children know more about Karl Marx than they do about John Locke or Montesquieu. The end of the 19th century saw the rise of a movement fairly hostile to the underlying principles of the nation's founding, the so-called progressive movement, even by their own name.


They're really statists, as I call them, in liberty and tyranny, but I use their nomenclature, otherwise I'm busy every day saying status, progressive, status, progressive.


And. Progressivism was imported from your. And results in a radical break from the American heritage, in fact, it is best described as an elitist driven counterrevolution to the American Revolution.


Which the sovereignty of the individual natural law, natural rights, the civil society, faith. Built on a foundation of thousands of years of enlightened thinking and human experience would be drastically altered and even abandoned for an ideological agenda or broadly characterized as historical progress.


It's the idea, progressivism of the inevitability of historical progress in the perfectibility of man and his self realisation through the national community or collective.


All it's intellectual and political advocates close its core in populist terminology, and despite the existence of democratic institutions and cyclical voting progressivism, emphasis on material egalitarianism and societal engineering and its insistence on concentrated, centralized administrative rule lead inescapably to varying degrees of autocratic governance, a.k.a. tyranny. For progressives, there are no absolute or permanent truths only passing in distant historical events. So even values are said to be relative to time and circumstances. There is no eternal moral order. That is what was true and good in 1776 and before is not necessarily true and good today.


So the very purpose of America's founding is debased. It's debased. In fact, America's heritage and founding principles must be thrust aside if there is to be human progress. They are dismissed as outmoded and obstructive. Now they're dismissed as racist. For they are unconnected to the present man society and the political and governing systems. Must be pliable to meet the special conditions of the day, subject to the commands of a consolidated and amalgamated ruling class like Karl Rove, Karl Rove.


You remember that cartoon folks where you had the.


The sheepdog and the what was it, the coyote? You remember that cartoon, Mr. Producer, and they were checking with timecards. And they go at it left and right and left and right, maybe it wasn't a coyote, maybe it was a I don't remember. And then they would leave work. They check the whistle blow and they would be friends. And that's Karl Rove. You see, folks, I don't believe the left is our adversary. I believe there are enemy.


Karl does not. He can work with them. The sacred rights. Of the individual Paramount under the Declaration of Independence is order. Are said to be an old notion of individualism, they must give way to the new individualism where the individual subjugated to the moral power of the state in the name of the general will and greater good of the community. One of the leading. Progressive intellectuals over 100 years ago wrote. His name was Crowley, the individual American will never obtain a sufficiently complete chance of self-expression.


Until the American nation is earnestly undertaken and measurably achieved the realization of its collective purpose, he said the cure for this individual sterility lies partly with the individual himself or rather with the man who proposes to become an individual. And under any plan of economic and social organization, the man who proposes to become an individual is a condition of the national debt as well as the individual improvement. It is nonetheless true that any success in the achievement of the national purpose will contribute positively to the liberation of the individual, both by diminishing his temptation and proving his opportunities and by enveloping him in an invigorating rather than enervating moral and intellectual atmosphere that is.


Neo Marxism. Is it because the individual going alone is selfish? The individual going alone is. Undermining the collective. If the individual would just throw in. With the whole the whole of government, the whole of civil society, with the whole. And fight for the greater good, the betterment of the community. If that individual would do that, it would be self-fulfilling. And so you can see how it's a knockoff of communism. They're not being patriotic is is quite different.


Because you have a government that recognizes its limits under the progressive ideology, there are no limits. What are the limits and so you have what is really this helter skelter going on in Congress now?


Colluding with the executive branch, with both branches of the elected parts of our government colluding to ram through. Massive changes to this society, not just budget to this society, to this country. That will benefit the Democrat Party and exclusively the Democrat Party and its base. It is the most frontal, unequivocal power grab in American history. And to what end? To empower a political party, again, this is alien to our country. You won't even find the mention of political parties in the Constitution.


There aren't any. The Democrat Party has abandoned our founding, ladies and gentlemen, they've abandoned our founding principles. They have abandoned Western enlightenment. They are a group of narcissists egomaniacs. Who believe they can rejigger society, who believe they can remake man, who believe there is no natural law, there are no truths, they decide thumbs up, thumbs down. Who succeeds and who fails? And they have millions of ideas, millions of ideas that they wish to impose on you, how you should live, where you should live.


That kind of life you should have. Whether you have access to medicine, whether you won't have access to it on and on and on, they wish to rule you. They dress it up. But that's always been the nature of the Democrat Party. Whether the Confederacy or slavery, whether segregation. And now they call it democratic socialism. Marks would be very proud of Bernie Sanders in the others. For using fig leaf like language. Until they have the power they seek, where do they wish to take us?


Where's their blueprint? Don't we have a right to see it? We have ours, it's called the Constitution. Where is it? And when will we know they've achieved it? What will we know it's over? Is it ever over? Will they stop harassing us and abusing us and stealing our property and our money from us? Well, they stop insulting us and humiliating us based on our race. When do we know we've reached Nirvana? When do we know?


When do we know we reached perfection? Oh, you say we never will. That means they're never going to stop. They're never going to stop. I'll be right back. Much love in. Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive in freedom and freedom requires an educated people of good character to preserve. In Hillsdale, College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over 175 years. It continues these efforts today not only its 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, but nationwide towards its free online courses, its support of classical K through 12 charter schools and its other outreach efforts on behalf of Liberty Hillsdale Articles of Association dating way back to 1844.


Commit the college to preserving civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning. This learning includes the Constitution and the laws of nature and nature's God, as described in the Declaration of Independence. It includes America's great heritage of liberty that too often today is falsely derided or denied. Hillsdale motto Pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since 1844, it will continue to fight to live up to that motto. Come What may learn more at Lavant for Hillsdale. Dotcom.


Leavin for Hillsdale Dotcom. Livin for Hillsdale Dotcom.


All right, not only are they doing what they're doing, they lie with impunity, they lie with impunity.


They don't know there's a crisis in the crisis on the southern border and they keep the press. How is that not tyrannical?


The I'd say it's tyrannical. We have two of the least qualified, most vapid, stupidest people as president and vice president United States. What have they done? They've spent a massive amount of money, they've blown up the border, China's on the move and they think they can walk all over us. Russia is now on the move. They think they can walk all over us. They took the foot off the throat of the Iranian regime, which today said, we're in no hurry to talk to you.


It's like everything that they could do wrongly, they are doing wrongly. And what kind of government is this where we cannot go into these reception centers to see how well people are being receptive? We have to have a Democrat, Congressman Cuellar, who goes in there and takes pictures and makes them public, I'm sure he's persona non grata, but he's a serious man. He represents. Many of the people in these areas who are Hispanic Americans and they're very upset about what's taking place.


Isn't it amazing how this is led by this whole effort? People in Washington, D.C., in one political party. They don't give a crap what happens to these border towns and border states and the people in those border towns and states, it's all lip service. They don't even give a crap what happens to these children, how do we know? We'll look at it. Has he reversed his policies yet? No, he won't even go down there.


They're doing this because the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party thinks it's creating future voters so they wouldn't do it. Everything needs to be seen through the lens. Of the Democrat Party's lust for power, lust for power during the Confederacy, lust for power over black men and women in slavery, lust for power when it came to segregation all the way into the 1960s, for God sakes. And lust for power now. Is a reverse course and jumps from one extreme part of the political spectrum to the next extreme part of the political spectrum on the other end.


But never Americanism. Never. When is the last time Bernie Sanders, AOK talibe? Schumer or any of the reprobates went to the floor of the House of the Senate. And talk about the greatness of this country, never. We have men and women in uniform, Yank's. Red-Blooded, Americans all over the world who fight for this country in ways we don't even know. And politicians back at home who've never lifted their finger in defense of this country trashing it left and right.


How do you expect new immigrants into this country to be assimilated? When this is what they hear in public school, this is what they hear in colleges and universities. This is what they hear on television and this is what they hear from Democrat politicians. How are you president of the United States and you relentlessly trash your own country. You want the slaughter of Asian women and white women outside of Atlanta. To be viewed as a racial event when the director of the FBI said, at least at this moment, it doesn't look that way.


And yet they insist on it. How do you hate this magnificent country so much? And yet they do and they get elected. They figured out some kind of electronic prescription. There must be a lot of people in this country who hate it. We've done a very poor job of assimilating people in this country. Instead, we celebrate people like Kaepernick. Who attack our national anthem, attack our flag, and then they have all the defenders, all the appeasers, the sportscasters and announcers, all project on top of.


Yeah, well, you know, you got to remember this and that and that every damn one of them is richer than every damn one of us. I shouldn't say me, not me, you, every one of you. And by the way, I make no apologies. But they do, they're hypocrites on the one hand, they attack the capitalist system, on the other hand. They can eat all the lobster they wish. So photos have been released from inside these border facilities.


You have hundreds and hundreds of children huddled together in small rooms.


Where's the National Education Association, the American Federation for Teachers? I'm sure they're very upset about it. We're all these left wing ethnic front groups who used to attack Donald Trump. Where are they? Were the mouthpieces in the Democrat Party talking about the cages where they. Where are the media? A little late, don't you think, ladies and gentlemen, they're starting to talk up a little late. Behind the curve. They want their man, Binda. To succeed, and he's incapable of it.


Incapable of. He hadn't succeed for half a century in Washington, D.C. Why would he succeed? Now he's a buffoon, is a nasty old man. He's a buffoon. So we have these photos now, what's going to happen as a result of these photos, what are the Democrats in the House and the Senate going to do? Ladies and gentlemen, nothing. What are the ethnic front groups that back the Democrat Party? What are they going to do?


Nothing. Any letters with hundreds and hundreds of people signing them and protesting this? Nothing. Nothing. I'll be right back. He's here, he's here. Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mike. Hello, America. Our number is eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. I am Mark Levin.


Not to cover. The the head of the Fed, her name is Yellen, she's been around a long time, she's pushing, according to The Washington Post, just out global minimum tax as white new spending plan.


They want to spend three trillion dollars and they want to massively increase taxes and now they are working with other countries.


To have a multinational corporations tax. Other countries are salivating at how we're destroying our own sovereignty, destroying our own economic system. Of course, they want a piece of the action and taxation on our companies and everything else. Ladies and gentlemen. I'm not aware of any constitutional authority that permits this. Is there nothing this party will not do to this country? The fund itself to empower itself. Is there nothing it won't do? And then you have groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which have gone to the dark side, calling to the the dark forces, as they say.


Looking here for the quote. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it supports a multilateral approach to the problem, but it's extremely concerned that the proposed rules would create additional complexity.


Now, what a stupid organization is that the rest of the excuse me, the rest of the world sees opportunity. You like your way of life. Because we have a political party in power that seeks to change in. American sovereignty means we make our own decisions about what we want to do and become as a nation. We don't export it to other countries where we have no vote, where we have no say it's bad enough in our own country. But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is OK, although there's some concern.


There's some concern. And do any of you trust the Biden administration not giving the store away to these other countries? It's appalling. It's like the Paris climate accord of taxes, writes Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize winning economist at Columbia University. Every country thinks it can steal business from others by lowering taxes, and the only beneficiary of that race to the bottom has been the richest multinational corporations. So you see, this man was Yealands mentor. And which is the rich as we are, and that's just not fair.


Ladies and gentlemen, meaning you need to be poorer, your kids need to be poorer. Marx must be laughing face down in his grave. He must be laughing. Look, I told you this would happen. I told you this would happen, it's in India. Here it is in the Washington Post, of all places. Washington Post, of all places, and then we have. Fox News pointing to Politico, Democrats may bypass Republicans to muscle through trillion dollar infrastructure bill, but it's not just an infrastructure bill.


John Yarmuth of the House Budget Committee is the chairman. He says it's going to be a kitchen sink. Virtually everyone is going to want to get their priorities done through reconciliation. We'll see what we can accommodate. Kitchen sink. One point nine trillion, it's gone already. Now, three trillion. The Biden administration's laying the groundwork for another massive economic relief package that isn't an economic relief package. With senior Democratic officials proposing as much as three trillion in new spending on a jobs and infrastructure bill that would become the foundation of Biden's build back better program.


Politico reported Democrats are eager to fit what they can in the package, including new measures on drug pricing, climate change. Full time this part time that. Massive new taxes are being contemplated as well. Now, if you think you can rely on Joe Manchin. And cinema them out there in Arizona, you're full yourselves. Their Trojan horses, they're frauds. They'll throw a vote here and there, but they're not going to stop. They're not going to stop by what he wants.


They voted for that one point nine dollars trillion. And they prepared to vote for this, too, but just get another highway, you know, a bridge or something of that sort. But these people do not care about our country. You have contempt for politicians. You have a reason to have contempt for politicians. Because they're contemptible. Yeah, meanwhile, we're going to have a guest on in five minutes. Christian Adams. Why? Because our military I'm telling you, there's no stone left unturned by the leftists.


Our military is being indoctrinated. And he has a piece out of PJ Media. Read the shocking Pentagon training targeting conservatives in the military. This empowers China and it powers Iran in a Paris Russia and empowers North Korea. It's provocative.


And they're taking another institution and trying to destroy it one after another. He obtained a copy of all the materials regarding the sudden new threat of extremism used in the military throughout the service of service members have been shocked at the Biden blitz. Rocking the way the administration's transformative agenda. One individual in the training told him the military is one of the last institutions left. It hasn't been overtaken by progressives, that's why it's being targeted now, all personnel are being subjected to a PowerPoint presentation packed with progressive ideological points of view.


Designated officers are conducting the training on bases and stations and ships, using misstatements of the law and warped characterizations of fellow citizens who believe in constitutional government. The document crafted by the Pentagon for the Navy is called Extremism Stand Down. He says, I've obtained both the slide shown to service personnel members and the information for the officers presenting the training extremism in the ranks, quote unquote, as they capitalized proper noun in the document. And I'm going to let. Jay Christian Adams, explain what was provided to him by some brave soul in the United States military.


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Christian Adams writing in PJ Media Dotcom. Some very important information has been supplied to him, you know, rather than waste time on this. I'm going to let you jump right in. What information do you have and how shocking is it?


Well, thanks, Mark. Indeed, the Pentagon is undergoing a full radical transformation, and it's starting with officers gathering their enlisted and their other junior officers together and basically going through a propaganda walk with them right where they teach them about how the Constitution protects things that it doesn't protect. How do they better be careful if they express their personal opinions and how other constitutional rights should be exercised literally with caution in all caps, in an all red in these materials, which I posted PJ Media.


So that's it's just the radicalization of one of the last institutions that the progressives haven't radicalized.


Are they pushing this critical race theory as well? Because Biden said all departments and agencies are to be covered by this.


Right. And the materials, the materials that I posted talk about how the command is trying to have a respectful, inclusive body of armed forces that do not have injustice and indignity. These are the words I'm quoting, Mark, from the materials in justice and dignity, racism permeating the military. It's basically Black Lives Matter taken to the to the to the service of members of our country.


I didn't know we were having this problem in our military. I thought, in fact, for the last 100 years, the military has been the number one example of integration and diversity until Woodrow Wilson got his hands on it. Isn't that true?


That's exactly right. Going back as far even as the Continental Army. I mean, this is a long history in our country of diversity. But what's so sad about this is that it talks about how the military has to respond to all these terrible things going on. But it never cites anything. Right. It never has problems that it actually articulates is just as a general grievance against this institution, as men and women, those American soldiers.


And let's let's talk turkey here, OK, Christian, most of whom are Christian, OK, when they're fighting in the Middle East. In trying to defend people and save their lives, they're fighting on behalf of people for the most part, who are Muslims and Arabs, correct?




I mean, no country has ever spilled more blood for other people in other races in the United States, Afghanistan, same thing, not Arabs, but Muslims and in other parts of the world that have nothing to do with faith has something to do with race. When we're fighting in the Congo and other places, sending special forces in to protect Christians who are being slaughtered again by Muslims.


Those are truly people of color, those are Africans, correct? That's exactly right.


I mean, I'm only pointing this out because, I mean, we're trying to defend Taiwan and Hong Kong. Those are Asians. Those are we're not running around the world protecting white people. And so I don't understand this. We have men and women who put their their families to the side. They go off to fight these wars in these battles. Their lives are on the line. Their their finances are put in check.


It seems to me they don't need a whole lot of training. I mean, they're the ones who really do have, as they put it, skin in the game, you know.


Right. And if they are white people, they're protecting its concentration camp, survivors who watch the paratroopers come like angels in the sky to liberate them from the camps. So this is this is nothing new from the left. They hate America. They hate the military. And it's time to dose them up with all the guilt that they've done with public schools and all the other institutions they've destroyed and and get our service members worried about expressing their opinion. That's literally in the materials.


You can see them. They put the word caution next to expressing purely personal opinions. It's literally in the secretary of defense's materials.


You know, this is I'm quite concerned about this growing and swelling tyranny that's taking on. And they the let's move to another area. You're familiar with this. Ah, one is one.


If the Democrats get what they want, it's pretty much over, isn't it?


Yeah, it's a fundamental shift of power from the states to Washington. If we would have had a United States if this was the rule, we are a United States because the states get to control their own political affairs. These are Washington radical nuts like the ones I work with at the Justice Department in the Civil Rights Division who want to tell the states what they can and cannot do. And it's a transfer of power to Washington to destroy the entire architecture of the country.


This is the whole ballgame.


Do you think they have such a plenary constitutional power, given the language?


It's in Article two to just say, OK, we're going to monopolize and control all voting that takes place in the States, but certainly not under Article two, certainly not involving state elections and certainly not only under the presidential electors, but there is that area under the elections clause where but at any time is what the Constitution says. The Congress can do something. And what that is, you know, was there, Mark, because they were afraid of Congress being suffocated by the state.


I mean, isn't that a laugh line 200 years later?


Do you think we've lost? A tremendous amount of the substance of Republicanism that that was conveyed to the people under the Constitution.


Well, by design and it all started with direct popular election of senators and then and then this effort to get rid of the Electoral College. It's a long march toward pure democracy. And in many places, that's a good thing. But, you know, you and I know we're pure democracy ends it ends in a bloodbath and it ends it ends with 51 percent voting away the rights or property of 49 percent. And they really want to have people sitting on their couches.


Don't don't doubt me on this. They want people sitting on their couches with remote controls or iPhones voting on every public issue that comes before before the public. That's their version of Utopia.


And it's because it's not that they're better at communicating, it's that their message is an emotional one. It's not a cerebral one.


Their message is about Balkanization and tribalism and whether it's based on race or religion or whether it's based on income. This is this is the Democrat Party. I've been saying now that the Democrat Party really is trying to empower the Democrat Party. In many respects, it doesn't give a damn about the country. And when you look in these these various regimes and you look at them, your allegiances to the party, it's not to the country.


And I think that's where we are right now. Well, Jim Clyburn, the majority whip from South Carolina in the House, said so. He said we need to pass H.R. one so we can keep electing Democrats. I mean, he literally said that there's a partisan motivation behind this. You remember, Mark, when the Pennsylvania Republican said something like that about voter ID, they were going to skin him alive for saying something so partisan. Jim Clyburn is saying, H.R. one, this bill to reorganize elections is all about electing Democrats, according to Jim Clyburn.


Mm hmm.


What do you make of two cases out of Pennsylvania? One specifically addressed Article two, Section one clause to the states, power versus the governor of the state or a state court and so forth.


The court, you know, you could see three justices wanted to take it up. Six did not. And there was another Pennsylvania case, too, involving the legislature itself. Violating its own constitution was a unique question, nothing to do with voting machines and nothing to a fraud.


Why wouldn't the court take up something like that and try and resolve it?


Well, as you know, especially with the muteness doctrine on cable of repetition, it gives the people who want to flinch, who are inclined to run away, to run. And, you know, if the courts look it up, I'm sure there's members of the court who might think that Pennsylvania should have been playing monkey business with that. But they're just too, shall we say, unwilling to take up an issue like that.


It's too bad they're willing to take up a thousand issues where they have no authority whatsoever. But here seems to me it was right in their sights.


Listen, I really appreciate this.


What what do you think? Really, the only way to address this is to throw these bastards out of office. Yeah, you got to beat them. You've got to crush them. That's what they want to do to you. That's what they want to do to me. So they have to be beaten. And, you know, service members are scared. I've talked to a bunch of people, not only my sources, but others that are just frightened at how this institution is being targeted by this new administration for transformation in a way that even Obama did.


And that's what makes it particularly insidious.


Look what they've done to the cops over the course of the year. Look at what they've done to our liberties over the course of the year. Look at now what they're doing to the military. Is there anything they won't corrupt?


No, they've corrupted churches, too. I mean, they've gone after everything. There's nothing left. Maybe even the Boy Scouts. I mean, it's all it's all targets of the progressives to just completely transform everything about the country.


All right. Jay Christian Adams, thank you, sir. Thanks for having me, Mark. All right, Bewell. He's a terrific lawyer and he's involved in many of these issues now, how the military is being targeted. When you consider what he's written about and this training that's taking place, the propaganda which is really pernicious, really horrific. On top of them making a priority in national security and hence a military priority, climate change, we're going to go to war with the sun.


I tell you, folks, the communist Chinese, they're being provoked. Not because we're being rude to them or pointing a finger at them, but because they've never had it so good and that regime is itching to do something. And if they do, it's going to be devastating. And we know whose feet this can be put at.


I'll be right back. Mark Love in America's passionately cerebral voice talk with that voice now eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one an illegal alien on ABC This Week.


Martha Raddatz actually asked the illegal alien a question, hat tip, right, scoop cut, three go.


Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president? Definitely not. Definitely. We had the chance, you know, the same violence that going on today or was there last year. We used to watch the news and I definitely wouldn't do this. So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president? Basically, basically, the main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing I think was Joe Biden. And, you know, it's like I learned not my hope.


Joe Biden. Joe Biden. He apparently can communicate with people south of the border. He's having trouble communicating with people north of the border, meaning us. And he doesn't want you to see what's going on in these reception centres because it's a hell of a reception. And so people have to sneak in like it's East Germany. In America and the media, how many how many media outlets have brought lawsuits to get those of none, where we're CNN nowhere, MSNBC nowhere.


Like I said, well, up the throat, Jim Acosta up against the wall and hope something sticks. Peter Deucy. Peter Deucy into forgettable. Say that five times fast, Mr. Producer, to Jen Psaki at the White House press conference that she's useless, by the way, utterly contemptible and useless cut for go.


So what does this concern about this being a super spreader event where you've got 400 kids stuffed into a pod, over 260?


These kids are tested. If they need to be quarantined, they are quarantine.


These kids are tested if they need to be quarantined. What does that mean? Is that what Dr. Fauci says, Mr. Peters? You can all be nice and tight, compact in a beautifully built Frater box with a couple of windows cut out. And it's OK because you'll be tested and then if you need to be quarantined, you'll be quarantined. Is that what he says to you and me when we attend a restaurant? We're sporting event. Or movie, what's the big deal, you'll be tested and if you need to be quarantined.


Of course, they don't talk that way. Go ahead. CDC guidelines to ensure that they are kept safe. One of the reasons that it took us and breaking the CDC guidelines got. They just lied right to your face and they lie over and over and over again as if what you see and hear is not what you're seeing and hearing. It's just. It's just. Protest, what's with these people are about go ahead, have some of these facilities or some of the shelters open to larger groups of kids just because we wanted to follow the CDC guidelines.


So we suspect you're not following those CDC guidelines, most of which are a bunch of crap we've now learned. But nonetheless, you're not following your own guidelines genus. They want to run every aspect of your life. They're pushing through trillions and trillions of dollars in spending. They're changing the landscape of this country with different programs and the and the power drawn back into Washington where they're bureaucrats can control it. And I'm telling you, they can't run a hot dog stand.


It's absolutely unbelievable what's going on here. Go ahead. Through that prism, we actually took the steps we did to keep these kids safe. But where else in the country would it be OK to have 400 people in space for 260 during the standoff? Well, again, Peter, we're closely following the CDC guidelines. That's why we're opening up additional facilities, why they've been at limited capacity in a number of these shelters. But if I may, I don't know that there are CDC guidelines that say you can be open for this.


Are you talking about the shelters or are you talking about the Border Patrol Border Patrol facilities? I was misunderstanding your question. Look, I think our objective is to move. This is one of the reasons this is such a focus every single day.


And this is one of the reasons why we call them reception centers. They come in, we push them into a tight area like cattle, and then and then we release them into the public. That's right. We don't give them court dates or anything of the sort. We just let them go. And we don't know if they have Kowit. We just don't know because we're a humane country. Yes, we are. We let anyone in with any disease they have.


They may even have criminal records or maybe they sent their kids here who have been molested there. They really want to be with their kids, you know, and then we let them loose in the country. A problem. What are you, a white supremacist? You got a problem with this?


I really, really do. You. Such crap. Cat five go. Also, you are opening up new facilities, one of the options that's been reported over the weekend is spending eighty six million dollars on hotel hotel rooms for some migrants and feeding them. How do you square that with the National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages? Whoa.


Where did this report come from? Oh. What a good question. Except she forgot to say the white supremacists in the National Guard, right, who haven't been sufficiently trained yet. Go ahead.


You know, some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That's just disparity. A lot of people are pointing out that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in a hotel room.


Well, first, let me say that at the time when we became aware of the conditions, National Guard troops were in in in parking garages. As you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to play any role that he could play, boosting morale, asking for more aid, making Gissen and boosting morale.


I know you're throwing up. In enormous pain from the marvelous rations we're giving you. And I know you're freezing, sleeping on the cement floor. In the same clothes for five days without taking a shower. But I want you to know I'm here to talk to you to boost your morale. Oh, I am. Tell me anything you need. I Joe Robinette Biden Jr. I will provide you whatever you need. Go ahead. The right were treated in the way that they deserved for the incredible role they've played, so I know that was sometime ago, but that was the reaction he took at the time.


Wow, what a leader. We've never seen a leader like this. Now something is wrong. When the media can't get any access. And they're only now starting to squirm because what are we going to do? You know, we're supposed to be journalists. I love going to lunch and dinner and breakfast. I love killing time at my cubicle. But I have to write something for crying out loud. This is embarrassing, cut six go in the spirit of transparency to rebuild public trust.


When will reporters be allowed to tour facilities holding children who cross the southern border? And are there any concerns that the images from those tours might show that there's a crisis? No.


First of all, there's not a crisis, but there's no concern at all. We're not taking pictures or lying film for the children, we're here for the children. Go ahead. Well, first, we are working to finalize details and I hope to have an update and that should be finalizing any details.


He should let people have access to it in a limited way, limit the number, limit the time span.


But that doesn't take brain surgery to figure out. Takes about 14 minutes. It's been done before, you know, during the Trump administration. Go ahead, we are working through with the Department of Health and Human Services and also the Department of Homeland Security to ensure privacy and ensure we're following privacy.


I know it. They want to ensure privacy. So you don't get to look at the conditions these kids are living in because they want to ensure privacy if everything is so stupid in your life. Have you you can go down on the Mexico side and the Mexican government won't interfere, you could take all the pictures of these caravans you want and the children all you want, but you come into the one of the reception center, a reception center, say that gives you a totally different mindset than a detention center doesn't work, bringing them in the reception centers.


Ignore the bars on the windows. Please, please. They're there for the safety of the children. Go ahead, we remain committed to shut up, you idiot, you should be committed. Then there's Andrea Mitchell.


Not one to leave, but she sees that there's beginning to be some angst about what's taking place south of the border. And there's some reporters actually asking questions because they don't want to lose their Pulitzers. And she's here with the late, great Bennie Thompson. Who's he? He's a congressman, I think, from Mississippi. Cut seven go. Congressman, finally, what about press access, even the Trump administration let reporters, even the Trump administration? Even Stalin himself, you know, he let reporters aim at Trump, for God's sakes, and there's Joe Robinett.


Joe Robinett has treated the media like crap. And they're too stupid and obsessed with their ideology to even realize it. Go ahead. You supervise tourists. How do you justify not permitting the news media so that we're relying on bootlegged photos?


Well, from my perspective, one who's been somewhat involved in openness in government, I'm sure this administration will work on press access. One way you can resolve some of the challenges is by letting the public know. So I am certain before the week's out press, we will have access. If not, it will be a problem.


There you go. We have Priscilla Alvarez. At CNN, cut eight go limited capacity because of the coronavirus pandemic, so all of that together, you have more now there's a limit.


Hello. Hello, madam. There's limited capacity. Because the borders overrun, you get it. Because Biden's letting. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country. That's why there is limited capacity. It has nothing to do with a pandemic. As congressman quires photos show, these kids are lined up shoulder to shoulder, and yet they keep lying about this. Now, I had to leave, but just not enough space to put them in shelter, so that means that these kids are staying and border patrol facility for prolonged periods of time.


And those are facilities that are not intended for them. They look like jail, like conditions, like prison cells with concrete walls and concrete benches. And these kids are spending more than the three day limit and they're supposed to according to federal law. So the administration racing here to find enough space for these kids that is suitable for them. Wrecking ball, Joe, that should be his name, wrecking ball Joe. The code is created down on the southern border like what he's done.


Look what he's going to do to your lives with the spending and all the changes that are going to be hidden into a massive bill.


This isn't Republicanism, I'll be right back, my love in. Over 2000 of you, my listeners, made the switch from overpriced wireless carriers to pure talk over the past few months. We want the rest of you to join us and to see what we're talking about. If you're with AT&T and Verizon or T-Mobile, your family could save over 800 dollars a year just by switching to pure talk. You get great coverage. You can keep your phone and your number and you'll save a fortune.


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And when you do, you'll say 50 percent off your first month. That's pure talk. USA Dotcom Promo Code Lhevinne podcast. Pure Talk USA Simply Smarter Wireless.


Alien Omar on CNN yesterday, she's a Whetsel, the focus on the southern border shouldn't be focusing on the northern border. Now, nobody said she's smart, as a matter of fact, most people said she's an idiot and a bigot and an anti-Semite, but then again, I suppose they need a representative to cut nine go.


You know, this this conversation around the hysteria that is happening with the Republicans right now is centered around, you know, gaining political points. It's not about the safety.


Oh, it's political opponents. Don't you see, folks, the Democrats are not about political points. They're not about tyranny and totalitarianism with a little taste of fascism in neo Marxism.


No, I don't know. The border.


Was this going on the border before Biden got elected president, ladies and gentlemen? No, it wasn't. So then it becomes and he makes an announcement. He made an announcement in 2019. Matter of fact, Mr. Producer, Eufala, we were the first to play that. And now everybody's playing it on TV, on radio. Have you noticed? So that means we should take that up and play that again to you.


Dug it up in the first instance, which is Joe Biden saying in 2019 during one of the debates, they should surge the border. And now the news says he's having difficulty really addressing what he said in 2019, he has difficulty addressing anything. Go ahead.


But American says that this is not about adhering to international accountability.


We don't need lectures from you. You're a dunce. You're the one who ought to be expelled from the House of Representatives because of the things that you have said about our country, about Jews. You're the one who needs to be thrown the hell out of office. But I notice Pelosi isn't doing anything about that. Is she now evea Pelosi, who called federal law enforcement storm troopers? Oh, yeah, I know. I never forget these things. Go ahead.


But to seek asylum, it's not about coming to the table and working with us, coming to the table and working with you. Your left wing kooks who are trying to destroy the country, what's the work? You need to be defeated, you need to be crushed, we need to protect our society from reprobates on the far left of the Democrat Party like her. And in the media, by the way, there's nothing to come to the table for.


We're not going to negotiate our liberty away. We're not going to negotiate our country away.


We're not going to do it. Well, now, Karl Rove might do it. We're not going to do it.


I'll be right back. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by Aimé, the Association of Mature American Citizens, now over two million conservative members, Strong EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we care about faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amen. And you can become a member at Armacost U.S. Join.


He's here now broadcasting live from the underground command post here. Deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin, I hope you're doing well. I say, let's continue where I left off, showing you the brilliance of members of Congress reporters, we have Rasheeda Talibe. She's had a hearing today on D.C. statehood.


So we should turn a city into a state. Really, and I'm sure if it was a Republican city, the Democrats would say, yes, of course. The right to vote. That right to vote that they want to destroy for all the rest of us, you mean that right to vote? Should there be two senators from the city of Washington, D.C., ladies and gentlemen? The absurdity of that. The reason D.C. is not a state is because the framers of the Constitution carved out an area at a Maryland and out of Virginia and since the Virginia part was given back.


So we would have a federal enclave in the federal enclave, therefore wouldn't have to compete with state authority, there'd be no conflicts and on and on and on had nothing to do with race. Washington, D.C., was an area of the country that a lot of people didn't want to live in. Back then it was. Temperatures were difficult. The humidity was a disaster. It was very swampy.


Good chunks of Washington, D.C. are built up on Phila. And it wasn't this big city. And so when you have a absolute bigot and moron like Rasheda Ali. Who talks about the framers of the Constitution wanted this because they were racist. It just shows you how sick these people are.


And how the word racist is really the only word they know. Because the lefties can't think for themselves are indoctrinated buffoons, they're zombies. So nothing to do with race that had nothing to do with slavery. Nothing doing anything like that. Period. So let's listen to her make an ass out of herself again, hat tip, Rumball, cut and go in opposing D.C. statehood, which is overwhelmingly supported by the people of Washington, these representatives and their dark money backers over the Heritage Foundation, their dark money backers.


First of all, should she be using these words, Mr. Producer? She needs to be canceled in our culture. What are the dark money backers of the Heritage Foundation? Just just look how they debate issues. They can't do anything on substance. They're good little little damn Marxists, aren't they? Go ahead, lean over seven hundred thousand Americans to sit down, shut up and enjoy this authoritarian system implemented by a bunch of I don't even know what an authoritarian system is, let alone the inability to pronounce it, you idiot.


If there were truly an authoritarian system in Washington, D.C., why would there be people in Washington, D.C. to deal to to live under it? If there's an authoritarian system in D.C., you can blame the Democrats, they control it lock, stock and barrel. The hell is this idiot talking about rambling on like a buffoon, but that's what they do on the left, they ramble on like buffoons. Go ahead. It was OK to enslave people for their selfish monetary gain hundreds of years ago.


It is shameful that anyone would claim to support democracy and freedom and oppose statehood.


What does slavery have to do with this? What does slavery have to do with us? Washington was in a majority black city. During the founding period, what is she talking about? She doesn't know what she's talking about. She just likes to raise her voice and sound stupid, which she does often. But she isn't alone. There's the prim and proper Carolyn Maloney, who's full of baloney, who actually lost her seat to another leftist, but nonetheless.


Not every vote apparently counts. On this statehood issue, here, she is K-12 go. Our country was founded on the belief that no people should be subjected to taxation without representation. Really? What do you call what's going on today in Congress? Well, we don't really know what the hell you're voting on, you idiot, when you're trying to ram things through. And long, big omnibus bill, so we don't get to read, we can't even sit down with our members of Congress.


So what are you talking about, taxation without representation? That's precisely what we have today. And your great hero, the chairwoman of the Fed.


She wants to export. Sovereignty and authority over taxation in certain respects. I'd call that taxation without representation, but here's the stupid little secret. There's much more money that goes into Washington, D.C., than comes out of Washington, D.C., that's a fact. That's a fact. And I don't feel like I had representation when massive amounts of our money was taken and given the Democrat cities and Democrat states that you.


Go ahead. Or be governed without the consent of the governed. Representative government only functions properly when all people have a voice and the laws that govern that all people don't.


In fact, most of us don't. The vast majority of laws that are written and instituted in this country did not come out of Congress from our so-called representatives. They come out of the bureaucracy.


They're called regulations, thousands and thousands and thousands of them. So many that the Heritage Foundation and their dark money.


Tried to calculate some time ago how many regulations there actually were and regulations with criminal penalties and they had to stop at 10000. There were more, but it was an exhaustive study. I don't know about you, I didn't vote for any of that, did you? So here they are using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution, using the Constitution to advance their radical cuke agenda. Go ahead. Honorable colleague Congresswoman Norton represents her constituents exceptionally well, but is denied the opportunity to vote on the very laws, not denied anything.


This has been in existence since we've had a constitution, nobody's denying Eleanor Holmes Norton of anything she knew when she ran. She's a delegate. She's not a voting member of the House of Representatives. For the reasons I already stated. It's not that complicated if you're truly desperate to vote for somebody for Congress, you don't have to live in the District of Columbia. I mean, a lot of other people have to leave their homes in their areas because of taxation and other things going on in their towns and cities.


But I'm just saying I'm not. I mean, the history, they know no history, they make comments that aren't accurate. It's not like somebody said, you know what? Look at all the minorities that live in the District of Columbia, we're going to deny them voting rights. And yet, if you were a Martian and you're hearing this argument, that's exactly what you would think. But that's not how it works. It's in the Constitution. This is a federal enclave.


It is not supposed to be a state specifically, there are no senators, no congressmen from the city. A federal enclave that was carved out. People over the decades moved into this area for a variety of reasons, and so now the demand that it be treated like a state. Is is wrong. In my view. It's also unconstitutional if they attempt to do this by statute, because, again, even Talli she points out that the you know, the founders, she means the framers to perpetuate their their view of slavery and racism had nothing to do with slavery, racism.


They created this this this enclave here.


Well, in that she's right. They did create that. And it's straight up. There's nothing there was nothing racial about it. Go ahead, her constituents must follow Congress has the responsibility to live up to the Constitution's goals, statehood.


Hilarious listening to a hardcore leftist talk about the Constitution's goals and a one side of their mouth. They're talking about the racists who wrote, adopted and ratified the Constitution and the other hand of their other side of their mouth. They go on about what's in the Constitution.


It's like a. tiffin black lives matter. Talking about they have a right to protest under the First Amendment, but they hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because it was written by slaves excuse me, slave owners. And they don't even know that everybody in Philadelphia is not a slave owner. How many slaves to Benjamin Franklin have zero. John Dickerson zero, Scherman zero. Levingston zero. Does anybody even know these people are mentioning the latter two or three?


Now, about that, you know. I'll be right back. Much love in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


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Join amoc instead a c us.


From the Hill newspaper, Senator Warren, Representative Okasha Cortez introduced half a trillion dollar bill to create green infrastructure jobs.


You see, this is what's going to be loaded into the infrastructure bill.


And they're going to have you believe all tunnels and potholes and roads and bicycle pass and running pass. We need it. We really need a march. Stop being such a wet blanket. We need we need it. That is a facade, that's camouflage. You should know these people know by now. This is a massive job killing bill. Under the rubric of infrastructure to confuse and defy the union bosses, the membership. People should learn these things by now, these people are not honest, they're they're dishonest and they want to ram their agenda down our throats since one.


Ah, Elizabeth Warren and I are on your side since never. I think they want a stronger America. I think they want a growing, prosperous economy. Absolutely not their grothus. Let's take some calls, Jeanne Rockford, Illinois, let's say the great W.R OK, how are you, Eugene? Hi, Mark, thank you so much for taking my call. Who better to talk to you, especially knowing that our friend Rush is gone and we don't need your voice these days.


Thank you for everything you do. Thank you. I wanted to call because you caught my attention on my way home from work today when you brought up Adam Kinzinger. I happen to live in his district and it's interesting to know that I haven't seen anything of him in the recent past until he criticized President Trump and stood for the impeachment. And I'll tell you what he doesn't. Represent the people of this district because we voted for President Trump and it's becoming really clear to me that the GOP establishment doesn't listen to its constituents.


Seventy five million people voted for President Trump because he represented our values, a strong military, which is so ironic because Adam likes to tout his military credentials. And we had a strong military under President Trump. But now, for some reason, it's inconvenient to support Trump or his Magga agenda. And I tell you what, the swamp needs to go. It is becoming so clear to me they are not representing us. They are not listening to us.


And it's just really, really disheartening.


Nobody's criticizing Adam Kingsgrove for his military service. They're criticizing him for what he's doing in Washington, where he is a complete sleazeball. He lied to you people to get elected and he's been lying to you ever since. Yes, he has, and and it's time for him to go and I don't know one person that while there are many because he gets re-elected, so you're going to have to fight like hell to defeat him in a primary.


Well, we and he's bringing in, you know, that heavyweight Karl Rove that fix it all. Yeah, well, that's very disappointing, but I guess not not surprising. Doesn't that prove I mean, the guy is so. Disconnected from, I hope, his base out there or the base out there that he would bring in Karl Rove. He wasn't actually going to bring a Mitt Romney. Right, right. But anyway, Mark, thank you so much for what you do, I love your show.


God bless you for your passion and your. Your hope for the country. Thank you. You take care of yourself. Let us go to Dan Oxnard, California, on the Mark Levin, how are you, Dan? Hi, I'm doing well, Mark, thank you for taking my call. Thank you. I just I was listening to you earlier. When you're talking about that doggie indoctrination, I.


Oh, yeah. Indoctrination now. Exactly. I went through that stuff just recently, and I tell you why that was scary. And because of that now I've already put my I'm retiring Friday. I just can't take it anymore.


I say they're chasing out of the military and out of law enforcement, all you great patriotic men and women.


It really is grotesque what's taking place in this country.


Thing is actually I was delord civilian. Mm hmm. So we had to do this as a civilian on the civilian side, too. It wasn't just the military people, but they had to go through the whole Department of Defense. I went through the stuff back in 99 when I was on active duty with Clinton. I had to leave then because we had gotten too political. But this is this has gone far overboard. Far worse than men, huh?


All right, my friend. Thank you, Dan. Let's go to Ryan, Middlesex, New Jersey, the great WIBC. You know, Ryan, I think to myself, Middlesex, New Jersey, what were the founding fathers of that town thinking of? Let's call our town Middlesex. Anyway, go right ahead.


Why not? Why good. Good bye.


Yes, we had to let people know these here years ago. You had what? You know. That's right.


The level that is the indigenous Indians. So you have to remember who was the first elders here. All right. And I was just so glad that somebody put me through the ringer because, you know, I'm nervous. Most people what's going on, even though I don't live in Texas and Arizona and New Jersey, actually New Jersey has a significant population of illegal aliens, by the way.


Did you know that?


That's true, I. I don't want to hear this from a person, not a news person. I drove past the 7-Eleven, the train station in Freehold, New Jersey. There are all these people.


It was a 7-Eleven near us. There's a line there every single morning. Everybody knows.


And by the way, according to The Washington Examiner and the Center for Immigration Studies estimated at least two point one million illegal immigrants could be eligible for four point three billion dollars, wired directly into their checking accounts in that last bill.


What do you think of that? What do you think you learned? It's shocking, isn't it? I mean, seriously, it's like what is? It's not until somebody from the state down there a couple of years ago with a clipboard and they were trying to like sign these people up as people would drive to pickup truck and it was jumped in the back because it would work for, you know, ten dollars an hour and help out with construction jobs and Whitlams.


Wait a minute, that's lunch bucket Scranton. Joe cares about the union workers. First thing he does is fire tens of thousands of them and related businesses on the issue on the Keystone XL pipeline.


What a joke.


People fall for this. You know, union members ought to rise up against their union bosses, their Democrat Party hacks. First and foremost, they had one of the most union friendly presidents. Look, whether you like it or not, they had one of the most usually present union friendly presidents in modern times. He happened to be a Republican. And that was just too much for the union leadership. No, no, no. They had to throw it behind lunch bucket.


Joe, whose first act is to destroy union jobs in his second act, is to open up the border to illegal immigrants.


You get what you supposedly vote for. I'll be right back. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


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Mark Levin Show live at National at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


I want to thank you all for being here. I know there's other things you can do, but it's it's good that we're here and the audience is growing. The bigger, the better. As we defend our way of life here, and that's really what we're doing. It's important that we talk to each other, what I believe is the largest town hall meeting certainly at this time of the day. Man, oh, man of Chabot's. I got a lot more news here.


But you know what? I'd rather talk to you folks. I'm sick of the news. It's depressing. Let's go to Jim, who's that trucker it looks like in Oklahoma, listening on XM Satellite. Jim, how are you, sir?


Oh, boy, I tell you what, you know, you got a notebook, a couch and a few hours.


Well, we've got ten minutes and I do have a couch.


Look, it's H.R. one bill. Yeah. It's going out and changing how all the elections. Well, then how can that really be? Because the Constitution we have the 10th Amendment, which gives those powers to the states.


Well, the Tenth Amendment is is something that can be argued. But there are better arguments like Article two, where the states or specifically the legislatures authorized the power to write these election laws. And as Christian Jay Christian Adams point out, there's another section of the Constitution that empowers Congress to have involvement. But there's when you read those two clauses together and of course, you consider the 10th Amendment, too, but when you read those two clauses together, there is no way that Congress or the federal government has plenary power.


Otherwise, there's no point in having Article two, Section one, clause two, you all can read it yourselves.


So that wouldn't make any sense to read it that way. But the Libs. Well, because that's what they do. They're dishonest. Speak to me, sir. Speak to me. Well, it's still that well that it would have to ultimately I could see an incredible fight that would also go to the Supreme Court.


Yeah, but you know what? The Supreme Court utterly unreliable. That's the problem. Credibility, they say.


That's what I was just saying. Yeah. They've lost their credibility. And I'm wondering what's.


Well, yeah, there's not a lot of places to go after that, is there?


No. All right, sir, thank you for your call.


I appreciate. Let's continue, shall we? I think we shall marry Annandale, Virginia, the great W.M. a Elmeri. Go right ahead, please. Hi, Mark, thank you for taking my call. You got it. I was listening to earlier talking about the amount of money that the Democrats want to spend, the three trillion here and four trillion there. And there's been a lot of reports on the radio lately about a transfer of wealth between the generation that I'm in, which is a boomer baby boomer.


My husband and I are in our midst sixties and we have children in their 20s and 30s and likewise.


Yeah. And well, the reports I've heard on the radio is that there's going to be in the next 20 to 30 years, a transfer of 20 to 25 trillion dollars from our generation to their generation.


And no, no, no, it's a transfer from their generation to our generation. Well, no, no, no, we feel from us to them because we'll be dying here, but there's not no, I listen. We'll be dying and we'll be handing over to them a currency that's worth crap.


We're going to go through all of our savings. The stock market's kind of collapse, this is what happens when you have inflation or deflation. It's not like it's static and all of a sudden, hey, I'm going to hand over all my money to make.


It's not going to work that way. The first thing that goes is the currency, that's when inflation is all about, and that's why 1970s, even in the 1980s during Carter, you had interest rates on mortgages at eleven and a half, twelve, twelve and a half percent. If you get them, that's what you'll be turning over to your kids. An impossible economy theory. What's that? It blew my theory because that's what I was thinking of, the way our kids while our kids went to private school, but the kids that went to public school, they've been indoctrinated with the socialist type of by the way, it's happening at some private schools, too.


People call me people. I know. They said you're not going to believe what's going on in our school. Yeah, we were pretty careful with the schools, our kids went to bed anyway because I was at a Catholic school or a secular private school in. It was it was a like a similar to a Catholic school. Yeah, yeah. Because they're they're they're actually much more careful anyway. Go right ahead.




And so all my theory was that the government will have a very easy time confiscating any wealth that we passed on to our.


They may anyway, because, you know, in inheritance taxes are they're just stealing people's money after they've paid taxes their entire life. And at the end when they die, they say, oh, by the way, we want 50 percent of everything over a certain amount. The government. Why? Because they steal it from you know, the framers would never have agreed to this ever. But we don't live in the framers world anymore when it comes to our constitution, our economy.


We live in the neo Marxist world where your property is not your property. We never talk about private property rights.


Do we ever? And yet your income as your private property, they talk about a wealth tax. They want to get a hold of your private property.


But know what your children are going to be inheriting is a massive debt, a very, very weak currency.


And whatever you accumulate will be worth less depending on what phase of this weren't in, but people think this this can happen. It does happen and it has happened and it's led to horrific results.


And you can see where America is now starting to fall behind red China militarily and economically. This is it, because red China is so great. It's because we're destroying ourselves from within. The Democrat Party is a cancer. It is a poison. Now, speaking in stark terms, because I'm tired of dancing around the subject. This is a party that has as its mission to wreck this country. And they're going to record the Biden presidency in the first 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 days of his presidency.


They want to get all this done. And that's just for starters. Before enough people wake up. And start questioning them and even know what the hell's going on. All of this is being done by sleight of hand, these massive bills where they're hiding stuff, these these executive orders, there's no serious legislative process for the people to participate in.


It's really quite horrific. All right, Maria, I want to thank you for your call. We'll be right back. Much love in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a m a c dot U.S. stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for.


Join AMOC instead. A m a c U.S..


Let us go to Geovani, Las Vegas, Nevada, the great on KGW n Go. Mark, you let me look. Yes, it is, how are you? Sorry. Yes.


Oh, my goodness. One of my mentors, along with Ross, Rest in Peace and a man named Charles Krauthammer. You know, I know if you remember on election night when Donald Trump won, I said, well, tonight Donald Trump wins the presidency and tomorrow the civil war ends. So my question to you, Mark, is, you know, everything I was taught college about political science, and I have no clue anymore. I watched Biden come in with all these executive orders.


I thought that was Congress's responsibility. Is this mean every time we have a new president, we're going to have all these lawsuits in these of.


Well, it's getting worse and worse. You know, an executive order used to be the executive ordering the executive to do stuff and now it's being used in lieu of legislation. It's getting worse and worse and worse. What happens is the left takes it to the maximum. They can exploit something. They see a gap. They run while they sprint for it. And that's exactly what Biden did. Their plan was to come in with half a 100 executive orders and actions.


He's he's done that and he's counting still. And for Congress to ram through whatever he can without any Republican support to misuse the so-called Reconciliation Act. That's exactly what they're doing. These are very sleazy, diabolical liars. That's exactly what they are.


Thank you for your call, my friend. That's Geovani from Las Vegas. Now, I want you to hear Rhonda Santurce from Florida, the governor there. How this reporter just is a it as they come at the Santurce, who's very, very sharp, just won't put up with it. Hat tip, right, scoop cut, 25, go make it a hundred thousand dollars. Right. So first of all, what you're saying is wrong, that's that's that's a fake narrative.


So first of all, when we did the the first pharmacies that had it were CVS and Walgreens and they had a long term care mission. So they were going to the long term care facilities. They got vaccine in the middle of December. They started going to the long term care facilities the third week of December to do LTC. So that was their mission. That was very important. And we trusted them to do that. As we got into January, we wanted to expand the distribution points.


So, yes, you had the counties, you had some drive sites, you had hospitals that were doing a lot. But we wanted to get it into communities more. So we reached out to other retail pharmacies, Publix, Wal-Mart, obviously CVS and Walgreens had to finish that mission. And we said we're going to we're going to use you as soon as you're done with that. For the public's, they were the first one to raise their hands, say they were ready to go.


And you know what? We did it on a trial basis. I had three counties. I actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across four different publics. How was the experience? Is this good? Should you think this is the way to go? And it was 100 percent positive. So we expanded it and then folks liked it. And I can tell you, if you look at a place like Palm Beach County, they were kind of struggling at first in terms of the senior numbers.


I went I met with the county mayor, I met with the administrator. I met with all the folks at Palm Beach County. And I said, here are some of the options. We can do more drive through sites, we can give more to hospitals, we can do the publics. We can do this. They calculated that 90 percent of their seniors live within a mile and a half of a Publix. And they said, we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents.


So we did that. And what ended up happening was that 65 Publix in Palm Beach, Palm Beach is one of the biggest counties, one of the most elderly counties. We've done almost 75 percent of the seniors in Palm Beach. And the reason is because you had the strong retail footprint. So our way has faceted. It has worked. And we're also now very much expanding CVS and Walgreens now that they've completed the long term care mission. Yes.


And it's wrong. It's wrong. It's a fake narrative. I just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously I laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. And so it's clearly not. No, no, no. You're wrong. You're wrong. You're wrong.


What happened here, as best we can tell at the front end, is she's accusing the governor of.


Going to Publix to do vaccinations because something to the effect that their CEO donated 100000 campaign or something like that, and there is laying out exactly what took place, and she can't get it off her head, can't get it out of her mind because she's on the attack. She's an attacker. Bum, bum, bum, bum. He laid it all out.


He explained exactly what he did. They've got one of the most successful vaccination programs in the country, if not the most successful. I mean, they're vaccinating people when they're vaccinating them at a very fast pace. And just like the other things dissenters did that that were right on, and that's why so many conservatives that I too, talk to, so many Republicans I talked to, really are focused on dissenters, depending on what Trump decides to do.


All right, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. I'm blessed to have you out there. And I want to thank you. I want to thank you very much. I know how important you are, and I'll see you tomorrow. God bless.