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Announcer Dan.


On Mondays and all that stuff and this broadcast that I'm sure we had, number five want to. I'm acting stupid. You've got to worry about me. All right. So what if Teddy Riley, Teddy, Teddy Riley is going on?


Let me know if you guys can hear me better now.


We got you pretty good. Clearly, I'm not a guru on the board, so everybody who is watching my back saw someone making those again.


All right. Perfect. Second, ThomasA. You see, I quickly started kicking off the squad and make no mistakes on the team. I don't if you guys can see my screen. There we go. We can see it because he gets rocky. So everyone who grabbed shares of Apple and Tesla today, congrats. You are part of history. I'm proud of you for taking action. Give yourselves a round of applause. Absolutely amazing. And Tesla ran up like crazy today, right?


So kudos to you. But first, I want to start here, I want to start to show how we normally end. I want you to immediately right now text five people that you love and tell them that you love them. Because you don't know when your last interaction with them is going to be. Rest in peace. The king, Chadwick Boseman. And for those of you that have ever known anybody with cancer, what he did is quite familiar.


Often a person who is sick does not want to put that burden upon you and doesn't want you to stress, and it was so telling after seeing a lot of those interviews, you can look back and see it. But sometimes those things are standing in the face and you don't even notice. So once again, I want to start the show. I normally end it and I'll say check on the people that you love. And let's have a quick moment of silence for Chatwood.


It's tough on 2010 has been a crazy year and John Thompson out the recipe, John Thompson addressing the problem. What did John Thompson passed away last year?


He passed away this morning.


He is this man crazy. They are my favorite players. I know. Going through it. Goodness gracious. Check on people that you love.


They were showing his Hall of Fame speech. And it's funny because we were talking about saved our life has changed your life.


And he was talking about John Thompson, saved his life, put you put us in peace to say thank you for saving my life.


So, yes, crazy. That's heartbreaking. If you guys want to know the fastest and easiest way in which good companies you should invest in, you can join the stock club shot in the Lincoln Air. I want you guys to join Yale University. That Facebook group has been lit. So thank you for letting me in it. But if you guys want to know what companies to invest in, I don't want to spend eight hours a confrontative charts.


Please join us. I would love you to be with us. So these are the three biggest lessons that we've learned this month. One, the inverted yield curve predicts recessions one hundred percent of the time. So all you have to do is hop on Google and type in inverted yield curve. Anywhere from six to 18 months after the yield curve hits, we're going to recession. I told you guys last week, I want you guys to stop thinking of recessions as a bad thing and look at them as investors is great times to buy quality companies.


Number two, the S&P 500 will predict who will win the election and since 1928 has had an 87 percent accuracy rate at this rate is going to be a landslide for Donald J. Come November. The number three, the market has literally recovered from every single recession that we faced, so I know people's biggest fear is, well, what if I put my money into the market? And then all of a sudden he goes back the next year or the year after, every single recession that we've had in the United States of America on all exchanges have recovered 100 percent.


Last week, we talked about silence and this is going to be the twin brother that is just as important because I've been looking around social and I've been looking at some of the comments and I'm seeing one common thing is that people are asking too many questions and not executing enough. So to pair with silence. I want you to focus on relentless execution, everybody type and relentless execution. Because talking questioning does not give you the freedom that you want, only an action upon buying these companies, because remember the goal, we want to get to ten thousand shares minimum for retirement.


And I know everyone's happy about Apple and Tesla for every split. I want you to make a choice. This goes right into the relentless execution. I want you to make a choice on every company that you're interested in, that you're either going to buy it or not. A lot of times we will ask questions to delay the execution part and being accountable. For those of you that took action today and got Apple, great job, you will literally be a part of history.


I commend you for those of you who did not, there will still be opportunity. But right now, I want you to write and chat. Are you going to buy Apple or Tesla this year and stand firm on that decision? I'm going to be real with you. Our ancestors sacrificed too much for us to be afraid of a damn chart. It's not that hard. There's this shot was taken in Marion, Indiana, from Indiana. And when you talk to elders that are 60, 70 and 80 years old.


We have access to information that they would have died to have gotten. We have a phone in our hand that had more power in it than all the computers that the White House had at the moment, all we have to do is execute. Let's not let our ancestors, our grandparents, our great grandparents, our parents lives have lived in vain. And us just argue on IJI or Facebook or Twitter about investing that will not get us any freedom. I love the movement that has been built and that is rising, but I still don't see enough people taking enough action and some of you are terrified as hell about Trump being elected in November or re-elected.


I'll tell you, money won't fix everything, but it will help some of the issues that we face and we'll be facing come November. But once again, our ancestors have sacrificed too damn much for us to be afraid to buy stocks. This is not that hard. We have an opportunity of a lifetime. There's two sides of the coin is that you can be on you can either be an investor or consumer. You can either have freedom forever or be in debt forever.


I want you to type and chat that you will make the decision tonight. Will you be an investor or consumer either answers fine. Whatever you choose to do, that's on you. But I want you to put investor or consumer. Here's a shocking thing from a long term macroeconomic investors right now, there's literally no hedge in the market, not one. Buffet has this amazing quote, The diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they're doing.


And usually you have index funds, tech companies, right? The gold market, the bond market. The crazy thing is everything is at an all time high. And at some point something has to break down. Everything is literally close to its all time highs. So if we look QQQ, this is Yahoo! Finance, this is my data has been up since 2009. We look at gold. Gold has been up. You can look at this black bar right here.


Gold has been up since 2006. It had a three year down slide and took back off in 2016. Twenty year Treasury bond has been up since 2007. So for those of you that are fans of the all weather portfolio or any technical portfolio or asset allocation mix, this is always been recommended. But we are at a scary time because everything is running up because of quantitative easing and zero interest rates. So be on the lookout for when something cracks in the system because you could then have a great buying opportunity.


The only true hedge there is this pairing equities with volatility. And hopefully we can have a guess on to talk about that very soon. But the traditional hedges that we have in the market are nonexistent. Everything. Is it up at the same time? So I want to walk you guys and tell you why Nasdaq is one of the safest investments of all time, despite its reputation for being super volatile. Since nineteen eighty seven, this my brother was born, hey, but how are you?


Nasdaq 100 has only been down five years five. So Nasdaq has a reputation because all the companies in it and just like how Exxon got kicked out of the Dow 30, if a company underperforms in the Dow, he got to get off the team and it will get replaced. But collectively, since nineteen eighty seven, Nasdaq has only been down five years and every other year has been up. Those years were nineteen ninety two thousand. Once again shot the class 2000.


The year 2001 twenty to twenty eight. And 2010 was flat. So it was a breakeven year. Excuse a typo but it's only been down five years. I think some people are afraid to invest in tech because they think, well, I'll get in and be up thirty five percent one day and then the next month I'll be down 40. If you look at the charts, that's not what the data says. As investors, I want us to look at facts and step away from emotion.


So if you were to stop investing when the bailout happened, twenty nine to twenty nineteen, you would have missed out on ten years of gains. Being afraid. We're here to educate you. That's why we're here every week. Type in check. Keep your money in the machine. Machine is the market for it, and the assembly line was a technological innovation. Tech has been the biggest ruler for the longest time, and this will not stop any time soon.


So for my business owners, a lot of you get on me and say, hey, I need a better plan. So business owners, let's have a talk really quick, just between you and I in this act, as if no one else is listening. You may not have the best process, best product, you may not have the best employees, but once again, I always ask people if I can walk into the office of Google and introduce you to CEO.


And say, hey, man, I can get you a grant for two million dollars. Would you take the meeting, everyone always says yes, and then I asked every business owner how much of your money you put into the market, and normally 90 percent of people say none. So I want to lay out an easy case for some conservative plays and then also an aggressive one. And I'll be able to tell you over a 10 year period what you can expect, but how you start investing in QQQ, which is Nasdaq back in 2010 at the rate of five grand per month.


And I know some people like, hey, I can't do that to five hundred. The number that's great for you, the total value. Ten years would have been 18 million for 10 years later. I don't know what kind of business you're on. I know most businesses are not hitting one point six, one point seventy year and most are not walking away with 80 million in 10 years. So entrepreneurs, my creatives, because and I want to I want to talk about artists in another week.


But your industry makes a great majority of their money from investment into the market and then tells you to only focus on creative. It makes no sense. Shout out to. But he had that long rant about Spotify. Right. And I understand it. But damn like. Tying that money into that company could have offset some of the woes that he had. All business owners are all creatives, you are especially vulnerable because there is more creatives on the planet now than ever tie your money into the marketplace.


Now, let's give a conservative case study. Wal-Mart, 10 year period, one point three. Not bad for those you live in New York. Not not enough, but everyone else. One point three is a pretty solid return on investment. If you have a business putting in five grand per month. Target now the conservative retail play. These are two great companies, by the way, so if you want a scholarship I just listed to. One point eight million over 10 years to tie money into the market every month, because those companies will not leave when your employees and vendors or partners will.


And it's the power of compound interest, so this is just doubling the money, I know a lot of you are going to flip the money, right? But it's easier to do if you hold it long term. And this is why it's so important to start at a young age. The younger you start, the better. So let's say you start investing it from 20 to 40 and let's say you just get 10 percent return for those, you have to do options.


You're getting 10 percent return in 20 minutes sometimes. But let's just say you only got 10 percent per year. And you only invest from 20 years old to 40 years old at the age of 65, you will have 2.5 million. If you started investing at 40 and invested from 40 to 65 and you got the same 10 percent return, you have four hundred grand for retirement, that's a huge gap. That's the price we pay for starting late for my parents to have kids start today, the younger the better.


The reason why Zander has more money in his account because he started investing sooner. I am begging you, whatever you can spare, one hundred to fifty five hundred fifty, whatever you can do, start investing for them early because that money will compound. So this the easiest way to grow your money long term into the market. And we have to drive this message home so we can have the quality in terms of wealth that we are fighting for. The best way you can do this is through auto investing, so I know some of you like, hey, I don't know when to get in, I don't know when to get out.


I don't know what a PE ratio is. I don't want to look at an earnings statement. There are two companies you can go through that will let you automatically invest one as Vangard. So he's got a Vanguard dot com or type in auto investing in Google Vanguard and they'll let you pick the VTI MDC all which are great pics that you can pick to invest in the ETFs or you can do TD Ameritrade if you ought to invest. TD Ameritrade only lets you do the mutual funds for the expense ratios are a little bit higher in comparison, but it's better than doing absolutely nothing.


Everyone type in auto invest if you have not yet, and I want you to start tomorrow. Type auto invest is the first bill you should pay. Let it automatically come out of your account like you do every other bill. And then you have more money in the future, and this is why it is so important to me. The top one percent. Owns 87 percent of all shares in the world. This is why I'm pushing us to execute more and hypothetically.


The top one percent. Who do you think they're going to vote for? Donald Trump, so we have to have some balance and then be able to take care of each other, and I honestly believe a lot of the violence and stuff that we face and issues we face as a community, a lot of that will go away if there was not so much suffering financially. Getting rich isn't just about you. It's to be able to help others, but collectively, we can do a lot of things if we begin to put our money into the market.


And I know something like, hey, real estate is better. It's not a gang war. It is about real estate and investing together. So this is a message that I saw posted and one of the business groups that I'm in. And he's been investing. I don't want to put your business out there, so I kept your name up. But he said his run rate on his account was about three thousand dollars a day. A business owner, so people have been doing this for years.


Much of what I tell you guys is not new. There are old concepts just apply to modern day was what a couple call rap and hoop analogies, right. But one of the best things you can do for your business to have sustainability is to put a percentage in the market every month. And I want you guys to type in if you have a business, how much you're going to put in every single month. We'll wrap up here soon. I know a lot of you have been enticed.


Mark Tesla, and you saw the run up today and you saw the run up on Apple. I am begging you, when you pull up the screen and it says hi or all time high. Do not buy there. Everybody put do not buy at the house. If some of the Jordans are selling for three hundred and you can just wait a week for them to go on sale, because there are some people who chase Tesla today at that high and they're upset.


Just wait. Prices will always come down for those, you know, I tell you don't want to always drop. There's so much chaos and a market stock market has recovered, but the economy has not balanced out yet. There will be a ton of opportunities there for us to be able to catch the companies we want. Environment, grape prices, so next Monday, we'll do an announcement. You guys can beat me up about when am I going to announce the Affordable Futures Program?


I know you have been shot and showing Mike Bhagwat up my guy. I appreciate you, Jamal. So next Monday, we'll make the announcement if we're going to do it. But I want to teach you guys how to be able to treat the market. The offer is only going to be available for one day, so please don't blow a shot. He's an adviser and he's doing his own trades, too. So don't call him at two o'clock in the morning saying, man, why aren't you trippin?


I was in Barbados. I didn't get a chance to get in. Hey, hey, don't stop. Leave my man alone. That I'm enjoying my town. Right.


So we'll announce that next Monday and next week.


Finally, I'm going to go over how to read a chart. Number two, what is going to be the catalyst for the next crash, which should be in about two and a half or three years, and then for my traders, I want to break down how many trades you should take per week, including swing trades, because I want to give you guys like a mini trading plan that you can follow in here. Jeff Bezos wants access. Warren Buffet, why doesn't anyone copy your model, you guys have heard this before, and Buffett says because no one wants to get rich slowly.


Oh, man, I'm telling you, like 12 years ago, 13 years ago, when I did not know how I was going to be able to generate the money that I want to on demand. I wish I had this information. I'm going to tell you the best thing you can do is tie your money into the market. And for those of you that have been in Gissen since March, everyone always says, man, I wish I would've got in 10 years prior.


If you have not started, please begin tomorrow. But I promise you, if you start getting rich, slow is really fun. It's more sustainable. You'll be able to pass it on and you'll be able to have some fun along the way, too. So I love you guys. Thank you so much. And I hope you enjoy. My brother, my brother, you have my brother, my brother. We put some panties up in a chair for my brother.


I mean, these guys, I don't think they understand how long it takes to put out all that information package together and deliver it the way you do and you do it effortlessly. So thank you, my brother. We really appreciate it. I'm sure everybody appreciates the with you. Thank you.


And I want to end the meeting no more because you're in way the best, best performance in a non drama educational post.


To Ian Dunlap. We've got to get some levees going. Yeah, that's funny. We put you on the web.


He's got a group now that was a very impressive performance. You redeemed yourself for ending the program.


I mean, you got the same energy. So when people mess up, I'll be like, you got to go. Got to go. It's been a good run.


So not I would still I appreciate that. I was there was great concern. I hope you I hope you got really appreciate that. If you can hit the like button. You too. Thank you. We appreciate it. So many super chats. I'm sorry. People get very aggressive when we don't give them a shout out, but I wanted to obviously wait till Ian was done. But shout out to Richard on a super chat. Appreciate it. Shout out to Marcus on a super chat.


Appreciate it. Shout out to Reshat again on a super chat. Appreciate it.


And there was still a lot of this, but I my boy troop was shot. Some of the troops in Iraq, if I didn't give you a shout on a supercharges not done intentionally. Sometimes it's just hard to catch it in the moment. But love is love. We appreciate your support.


That was very impressive. So. All right. So now let's go to a question and answer is yes. Yeah, that's the meat and potatoes of the program. So why are university breaking news alert?


We got seven hundred and thirty in here packed shout out. And I'm not sure this is this breaking, is it four thousand forty two hundred four you on it. So we got three point nine trending. So we're not moving to keep not moving it up. Yes. Outdebated we set out to switch it off Monica. But sometimes in life you just castalia rock. Yeah. Sometimes you guys can make it opposition to as you have been on Mulatu the first one up.


Go ahead.


Thank you guys so much. I had to make sure I was the first one to be here. How you guys doing tonight? Good. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm a new member. I've been waiting a long time to get a question. I'm really excited for this. I like to think the speech. Let's go.


I like to thank you for the speech he gave. And I like to thank you guys for doing this every week and giving value to the culture.


Appreciate you being the greatest. So my question, I know there's guidelines. I know there's guidelines. Think organizing actually shot one day.


Me one. I have two that can help everyone listening right now. So I'll just ask the most important one. And if you guys let me ask the second one, then we can go. OK, so my first one is I'm nineteen years old and I've been investing since I was 18. I've been looking you guys since I'm eighteen. I got a good amount in the market right now. My one question is a good one. If you guys were all nineteen and this today's day and age, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself?


It could be investment related. It could be anything you got to do.


Not at the moment, but OK, put every dollar. Spare dollar you have in the market is not going to be fun. I am telling you, if I can do it all over again, every extra dollar I have sell into the market. So yes, sir. No, no Natsheh, no Shinjo, no platinum fútbol. No Versace. My junior year in college. Shut up. Yeah.


Nothing. No, nothing. Every dollar is. I'm at it. That's because that's a that's a great one to add to his. And I must say, trust your research. I trust your research. Like early on I was investing. I got so many. I've heard that at Apple when it was like eighty dollars or something like that. A few other companies. Yeah. I didn't trust my research. I sold it. I was a novice.


I learned from it. So trust research would be my advice.


I'm gonna tell you this. Making vaccinations for you to take this step, investing in education, investing, period. Checking myself shot everybody. You took four thousand. If you get the blame, that's this is extremely impressive. We had we had a very formidable opponent before I shoot my myself is. Yeah, that's a fact.


But one thing I'll never forget, when I was in prep school, when I was 19 years old, I remember when I feel like I did it because I used to watch CNBC a lot when I was young. And I remember when it I feel like I remember the day IPO and I didn't I just didn't have money to actually invest. But I remember thinking to myself, like, I wish I had some money to invest in this company. And that was a very long time ago.


And I see obviously I don't even know what the rate of return is from the day I feel. But I literally could have got Google today. And I feel so it's like, you know, opportunities like that once in a lifetime. So for you, you know, it's a unique time right now. And I feel like just doing the right thing just continue and like you said, just continue to invest. And, you know, we got too complicated.


As we know, Apple shot birds. Yeah. We on a show for a few minutes today and he was asked about Apple. And I told them, like, you know, obviously we can't predict the future. We can't give advice like that. But odds are Apple is one hundred and fifty dollars. Odds are in ten years it's going to be a lot more longevity. So this is the to really grow money. So I would say yes, sir.




And you've taken the first step. And like you said, you invest in yourself. You here right now. There's a lot of people in here like he's 19 and he's in it.


That's amazing. Are you working?


Oh, I'm getting those unemployment checks, so I'm making more than I'm going to be working. Listen, put some of that money to the side. I'm putting all of it in, trust me. So smart, man.


Keep the money in the machine. That's Americans. Now ask, what does it say? Buy real quick. Real quick. My second question is, my plan is to be a billionaire, but a time I'm 40 years old. My question to all of you guys is, if you've got a billion dollars now, how would you allocate the money to preserve it? Like where would you like? I don't know, the logistics of a billion dollars. Like where would you put it?


Like in a savings account or an investment? I want to get an answer from me to my thinking.


Billion right now. One million.


Billion. One billion. I don't think it's I don't think it's a good idea to put a billion dollars in a savings account.


No, I'm just saying or and I'm asking, what would you guys do with things like how would you allocate that Ian end?


How would you like to be known?


You're close, you're the closest, so you go. He is the closest one.


So funny from your mouth to God's ears, we're all there.


So I want to give you a pragmatic answer and then I want to give you the answer to what you actually asked. So source considerable amount of it will be tied to a company because there's only a couple of ways that you can acquire the kind of wealth either by taking a company public or being invested in a company that eventually goes public or let's say you're you have of five million users or something like that that are paying. I think the most important thing for you to do is to Google the top ten billionaires and see how they have allocated their assets.


And then on top of that, opposed to shooting for the billion bill, something that everyone either needs or wants and start there because it's easy to get caught up in such a lofty goal that we dream about and don't execute. And I used to be the dreamer. And now if you've been following me for a little bit, I'm on the DuraSite. If you do the actions that you need to do and build a business or invest in a business, a lot of it will work itself out.


When you consider inflation, you're nineteen. So by the time you go 40 a billion. Really, it'd be worth 680, maybe 690, which is still absolutely amazing, but if you can just get relentless execution down now and build a business, you'll be good. But I'm not I'm not trying to, like, dampen your dreams, but you got to play in a space in which that's possible. There's only a couple of industries that's tech, fintech finance, you know, certain spaces you can't play in and get that, but you can achieve it.


But only your work ethic and your network will be able to allow you to get there just beyond.


Sir, we appreciate you. Appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. We let you guys tell your teenager shot.


I'll tell Fonzo on one hundred dollars. Supachai appreciation shot to empty Demolisher. Also, appreciate your shot to Mark Monroe, Huntingdale, Supachai. I appreciate you, Mark. Actually, it's the closest.


And he said he said he sat at the table and it's all saying so. So say shocked, shocked at what we saw.


Similar also, when we get to the level that just a shot to take.


That's my God. To me, a shot. That's a man I connect with. What the brother means. Made a lot of video. That's a long video you made about about about options. I'll tell you.


I'll see you, Cookie. You're thinking, too. I'll see you there. Marcus was going on. Amuse yourself. You've been muted. August, like the second person in one plane was a fellow. How y'all doing? We good man. So I wish.


Troy, thanks for responding so quickly to an idea. I really do appreciate it. You bro. And in we talked about this last week, brother. I need help. I'm not where I need to be.


I got you. Tell me what you need.


Putting it out there for everyone to say. I just I need some, I guess more guidance and a few things now I know today. Tesla went up significantly, right, so I was between Apple and Tesla and I went with Apple, obviously, and I put a pivot point on that for me right now. I put a put on Tesla and it kept going OK.


So I did a weekly ad, I believe I said was a four eighty is a strike price at fifteen ninety six. I believe it was.


I just didn't want to option my too stupid for doing that. Not never beat yourself up.


So one thing I want us to refrain from doing in the community is any negative self talk. If you made a mistake you made a mistake. But I don't want you to beat yourself up over it because that beautiful boy that you're holding in your arms needs you and then whatever you put into your brain will eventually come out onto him. But long term, I wouldn't do any puts on it, I will not bet against Eli Ilana's Luka and Jordania one.


So I wouldn't bet against him, but I'm glad you said that.


I'm just saying, like baby bird, you can't you can't bet against him, especially with neural link.


And then no significant pressure with the space project also to get that off the ground like he has wanted to sharpen the brains because he's under immense pressure and he's been doing this for 20 years. So now if you get in profit, I would exit out of it and then I would re-enter and and go along on it.


I want to say one thing quickly about that. Also, we can't we can't invest with science, like just speculation. It sounds like I'm not sure why you made that point, but I'm pretty sure it's just based off of speculation that it's going to go down just you know, and I feel like that's more of a move out of desperation to kind of make money quickly off track. Was he I'm sure he would have some kind of narcotic shock. Well, yeah.


So he probably would say, like now if you don't your legs and you and you make a deal with a connected, you never met before. That's probably not the best thing in the world. Right. You got to develop a relationship. So it's the same thing with investing. Like, I feel like a lot of times, like we we try to make things happen and then that's when you just invest in crypto or Litecoin or something like that. And it's like, yo, this penny stock, if I could just get this penny stock could just go find one cents to a dollar, I would be rich.


And it's like, unfortunately, that those kind of situations never work out whenever you move it out of desperation and try to just make something out of nothing quickly, most of the time you get burned. Yeah, that's what we talk about a lot about like long term. But you can still play short term. I mean, he today trades all the time with futures, but it's based off a knowledge and research, not based off of speculation.


That's why I go back to me. I trust the research. Right. So if you research that trust it, if it's if you're trying to kind of guess it's like trying to find out the best in the markets, you know, any time and you hit us up, we're going to reach out. I'm more than happy to help these top earner man stop running the floor. I appreciate you, brother. I appreciate you.


Appreciate it, guys. Take a thank you. Yeah, in the end, you know, he gave a speech after today's his birthday, I'll give some my guy happy birthday.


That is the fact is, is he. Jackie Robinson. Yeah, Jackie Robinson. I know he looks like he's twenty seven, but rather young. He was Superman.


And up to I think China gets to shine a light on the night before I get attacked for this. I still have full disclosure. I own probably all of the top 20 crypto cities, so I have nothing against cryptocurrency.


I'm just saying a lot of people just went into it and we always say we did that. So hopefully you have to go through that. You make mistakes. We did, because we did it for you.


But I do believe in Bitcoin and I do believe it's OK for the record.


So you have falls down and said, I'm good as long as you have a good thesis. Like, I mean, the thing about it, crossmatch looked like I was in Bitcoin in 2013. My wallet got hacked. So that's part of my issue. Like as an investor, this was a good time to buy anything. So I just don't want people to just jump in because it's a fad. But if you know your price and you have got this is for good.


And also what would there be no hedges. There is an argument that bitcoin and volatility could be the hedge to play. So do your own research. Still shots of Matt.


He coined the phrase yesterday, not only when I'm told you put it in, just put in a bro. I told you I just hit Sabena. Now I do that.


The pandemic pandemic. That's what we that's what we are. That's all right. Ah, don't worry.


The paperwork has been set shot to ha ha ha. See on one hundred dollars he just paid his tough shots at rishard. That's funny. What a superjet again.


Shout out to in case.


There you are Omura. Go ahead. How's it going. It's going great now. How are you. Can't complain man. I got a question for you. Go ahead. So how do you feel about the micro image in many futures?


I think they're good if you want to hedge risk, but you have to pick what contract size you're going to do. So the thing with trading is Dow, ZBB gold because they have higher. Tick values, you have to be good. What I don't want people to do is because it doesn't pay a lot. Was just jumping anywhere and then. As a result, not take it serious, so I think is great because they add liquidity to the market now for those you to trade bigger contract sizes.


There's a max number that you can trade. One hundred.


But if, let's say you trade a hundred is 50 grand in and let's say you have to stop, your loss would only be 250 so you could hedge. So if you haven't got gotten the S regular down micros is a good way that you can't get in a market hedge, but you need a much longer target. Make some money but practice it and you'll be good at it. OK. Gotcha.


Thank you. Thank you sir. To many going crazy. We got to bring back we're going to bring that on our market Monday. He got some things that you want to do off his chest about real estate. Real estate is getting enough love. And this is a this is an investment show.


So we might as well so magical hair both together like so full confession. My dad is in construction, real estate, these same lessons I give you about investing. He was giving me about real estate when I was a kid, didn't listen. And the same pain and regret. So, yeah, we have to have him to have those conversations because you need to have them both together. And the people that have the most financial security, they got a bunch of doors and a bunch of shares tied up together.


They are happy as can be. That's a fact. That's a fact.


Lenny, you've been unmuted. Amuse yourself. What's going on? Hey, fellows. How are you guys doing today? I'm good. How are you doing? Well, can't complain. Can't complain. I'm happy. Everybody that had got some shares of Apple and Tesla. There's a big day to day. I mean, I just want to switch it up from that to another topic, as in. So this could be a big year for like a baby boom.


What investments like what stocks would you invest in for here? For something like that? Um, there's a company. But I don't want to kill all of our sponsorship possibilities, so on, but there's a couple that associated with babies that is pretty good, even though they have a product or two that has not been great for the community. Do your research, but also index funds like we don't have to make it too complicated, literally. Just like if you get four to five, like six maximum, you're good enough.


We talked about consumer discretionary. I was just going to say that the consumer discretionary fund, we talk about a a lot of those companies, TLC, which is like Wal-Mart, I was thinking of a to let a company that s to Jacob in the soup kitchen that the charity put it in PNG.


So do the research, you know, also saying that Amazon won't buy anything or Amazon. Amazon, we told a story about Amazon had wiped out babies, dotcom type of stock because of this.


That's what episode of Episode eight, I think that might be like to episode two of the legendary episode about how Amazon spent one hundred million dollars to wipe out babies dotcom. So Amazon is type of So Amazon, Amazon, definitely Amazon and Wal-Mart. But that's an interesting question. Gentlemen, thank you. Thank you. That's a great question. That's how I think you have to think like an investor.


Don't tell people it's a pandemic or it's empty, calls it a pandemic. People are locked in the house. Yeah.


Be a good thing. Or it could be that. I mean, that's that's a shocker because I guess the man was critically thinking and watching the market because it's like. Absolutely. These things will be affected because of this pandemic. That's another. I've heard anyone ask that question. So appreciate that. It's a great question.


I was hopefully locked in with the right one, hopefully.


But if not, you want to take your chances, call it. That's it. I'm not sure. Sara, I rather take my chance. That's what some people like.


Christine Keesha, you've made it up. So what's up, Keisha? Hey, guys, thank you so much. I appreciate the opportunity to ask a question.


I know that early breaking news about Keisha. We got point three on YouTube. That's a record right now.


Oh, I love you so much. Thank you. Heard that Keisha was coming. Is it a good luck charm?


Good luck charm. You guys have been a good luck charm for a lot of us. So happy to return the favor. You guys have literally changed the conversation in my family, amongst my friends. So I just want to say how much you are appreciated. Thank you so much for giving of yourself. So thank you. Now that my thank you's are out of the way, I got a question. So I am like a lot of people here, new to the investing world and trying to pull my parents into it.


And they are close, very close to retirement. So without them being like already kind of at the end of their working years, what is your suggestion for me to assist them and whether or not it's investing in stock or are there other options that I should consider for them? Shot, yeah, you know, it's unfortunate when people wait, because we kind of went over that before like that, but it's never too late. That's what I want to encourage people with Neptun.


So for all the people that are Elder Lee or elders, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them, especially if they never invested before. I wouldn't be too aggressive with that. Just from a psychological standpoint, most people that have never invested, they kind of stuck in their ways. And especially when you get older, you're not really going to want to take too much risk. So I will look more towards like a balanced fund or even even bonds or a mix of bonds and like large cap stocks.


So there's different types of mutual funds, index funds with balanced funds. We talked about this last episode, a 50 50 split between bonds and stocks. You can actually fall on top down forms as well. So like Fidelity has a few few solid balance funds. So for people in that in that age bracket, I would start them off with like a balanced fund and give them some stock exposure, but not really too much stock exposure and then let them see the results of it like anything else, like all the people.


Just kind of it just takes them longer because they've just been stuck in a way for so long. But if you can see, even if you made one hundred dollars or two hundred dollars, you can see you actually making money. And it's not like a Ponzi scheme and you know, you're not going to get ripped off. Yeah, might be more open to saying, OK, I want to put more money in and then just let it grow from there.


So, yeah, like I said, unfortunately, you started late in the game is going to be harder to catch up, but something is better than nothing and it's never too late to start. So that will be my approach.


Is this for income or just to get them started and they want to do it for income.


Yeah, OK, you definitely need something because what I don't want you to do is ruin your relationship with them. Yeah. Electroshocks, any winds that they see they're going to be excited about. Same with kids. When you're like, hey, you made money for doing nothing like what it can be six or eight percent. So the great part is that you don't need a huge return for them in order for them to buy in. But it's also one of the reasons why this is really important for us to do this, because as parents and grandparents get older, we often have to do more and it's more of a burden on the African-American community than others.


But I commend you. So if you need any help, you can fire off an email to a shot right down.


I'm more than happy to help you from education appreciation shots of Marcosson, which are getting some information and a shout out to shout out to Angela Supachai and shout out to Javas, which Superjet shooting Brown and shout out to the mortgage guy who said that he was trying to send five hundred dollars but they wouldn't let him.


I think he wants to sponsor somebody by the university. So what's amazing is that up before the end of the show she had a brain, not yourself.


You've been unmuted. Yes, in. Sheesh, so you don't know? Yeah.


Well, this is my first time I just joined this week, so I'm surprised to be able to get a question in so quickly. Thank you for being here. Thank you for coming.


I had a question about the dream exchange, a black owned exchange. Have you guys heard about that?


I've heard of it. I haven't done enough research on it. Figures? No. Yeah. So I can't comment on it yet, but maybe give me a week or two dreams in like Daury a.m. or what's happening right now.


Yeah, good.


Well, thank you for giving me some homework up and running right now. I don't think so. I think it's expected to be released. But I wanted to know if you guys had heard anything about it or anything.


Like I heard some some stuff about the I'm not sure of that. But it was it was invested. I was talking to exchange, but it's not up. It's not up yet. It was still kind of putting it together, so. Yeah, I mean, it's interesting, we just got to some more research on that, but I don't think that is up and running as of yet. I'm not sure.


Yeah, people say twenty, twenty one. We appreciate you for joining us. And welcome to the family. All our lives in here. We got seven hundred and thirty five universities.


Cricket for this Wednesday is a big class for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. OK, and as I said, she had one hundred fifty thousand followers. So last month we do business master class. So this just Wednesday is going to get business master my class or customer service and a bunch of other stuff as a whole sign on customer service. People don't fully understand that the quickest way to ruin your business is bad customer service. Yes. And it's it's not something that you really learn at school like that.


People start businesses and the littlest things, not having systems in place, not being able to answer emails and customer service becomes a real major issue, especially the bigger your business get.


So she's going to drop a lot of you know, you know about him being a class.


I've heard amazing things about you guys should know 8:00 o'clock, 7:00 killer Mike is a big fan of her.


She have a lot of you know, she just shows love like any information. She she always makes it personal view. So she's got anything she can add to add value to what she's doing.


Arthur, my brother, unmuted yourself. So brother, please, please.


Can I just say something real quick. Well yeah. It was good. Was good. Man you want to talk about top earners. Man if you was in that book club yesterday, if you've been in any book club or movie club that we've done, you know, who is this dude is super, super intelligent. Perspectives are always on point. They thought we was arguing yesterday. I said not. That's my brother. I love Max. We had a conversation about you today.


I got to double the number we're used to. We used used to work on Wall Street, right? Often, yeah.


Yeah. I worked for the branch structured products as a market maker on American Stock Exchange items like the shares, a market maker.


Come on, man, you talk. No questions. Go ahead. No, no.


The question I had in. Was, you know, the other big news was with Buffet making that big six billion dollar investment over in Japan and for me, I saw it is as I've been going in on a Facebook group about it, as it was going to put you in there. Yeah, yeah. I hedge against inflation, you know, and I think I think that inflation is running much higher now than people actually realize, you know, they may be willing to admit.


And I think that that's actually probably the biggest risk in our economy right now. And so with one, what is your take on inflation and where it's going and and how do you think that it's actually going to play out? And how do you think that we should adjust accordingly in terms of our investments?


Well, I'm going to refrain and flip it back to you. But to answer, zero interest rates have never been good. So for those of you that are historians of the market, you know, after twenty nine, interest rates were zero and then things spiked hyperinflation, it's going to be tough. And then once they stop keeping interest rates at zero, it could be, I think is one of the four catalysts so that the student loan crisis and the homelessness epidemic that we have in New York, California is going to bring the market down sometime between five or twenty six.


But I think it is a good hedge also. He's got beaten up a little bit this year, puts him in a different market and allows him to have a little bit more of a competitive edge there. So I'm going to ask you, since you were a market maker, what do you think is the most considerable risk of interest rates having been told over these last how many years? Eight years? Yeah.


I mean, I think I think the interest rates is just that. I think inflation is much higher than people realize. I think we don't we don't feel it because we've been locked down. So the things that we would normally be buying right now, we didn't buy quite as much of them. But I think that as we come out of covid and spending picks back up, we're going to start to feel the effect of all this extra liquidity that's in the market as a result of these low interest rates.


And so I think prices are going to go through the roof. And while, you know, wealthy people, it won't matter to them. But I think poor people are going to really feel it over the next couple of years in a way that they're not anticipating because, you know, I think like people are like, you know, like people are getting unemployment in ways that they've never had. I think that, you know, whoever becomes president, I think within the next four years you're probably going to see a fifteen dollar national minimum wage and people will be happy about that.


But then they're going to turn around and they're going to be paying ten dollars for a gallon of milk. You're going to be you know, and so I think, you know, for me, I think that's the big risk. I think that's something that that people aren't planning for because it's something that they don't see. And then as most things, that affects those who are least least prepared to handle it.


Well, also longest historically, that we've had interest rates at zero. I don't think we're going negative. I know a lot of people are in their rhetoric, but what's the longest that we've been at zero? And how much longer do you think we can stay there?


As long as we have been at zero was the run after after the Great Recession. So the longest when we dropped them back in 08, 09 and they stayed. So that was the longest until they raised them just a little bit, you know, right before, you know, essentially we got to this situation. Otherwise, I think that they're in a position now where the interest rates are going to stay. Pretty much they're going to stay low like then that they're not in a position to raise them.


I think they will start to go. I think that inflation is going to cause is going to is going to be that interest rate cost. And so while you may be able to go and borrow, you know, you're going to have to put down a down payment and a down payment that was twenty thousand now is going to be two hundred thousand in five years.


So I stay here with me for a moment. I want to lose anybody on YouTube. My grandmother used to tell me you can't rob Peter to pay Paul. So when a market crash, interest rates became so low that they prop the market and stimulate the economy. But it's been going on so long, we are in a trap where you can't raise them where they need to be, because then you're really broke the economy on top of it.


I don't want to cut you off. I want you to keep going.


No, no, no. That was that perfect. Perfect somebody. Perfect brother. And so and so. Yeah. And so to the point, I think that and one of the things I was talking about in my triad, we talk about it kind of deep with Janet and Don. Is that buffet I mean, obviously, because he has such a big bankroll, he's in a position to to to to to hedge and and for these things that the average investor is not.


But to your point, to your point, I think one of the best ways. That the average retail investor can hedge for inflation and you spoke to that is in addition to your long term investment in those stocks that are going to be around and pay cash, i.e., Apple is a combination of those in real estate, which is there is your natural hedge to inflation. And it's probably the most accessible asset class that a retail investor can invest in and have control and have access and do multifamily or commercial.


I would do. I mean, I would you know, depending on your situation, I would do most differently if you have the money to do commercial. I would definitely do. I think that commercial is much like everything else. Like, no, Manhattan is not going anywhere, you know what I mean? Like those buildings that are not just going to go empty. I think it's just going to be they're going to get leased out. They're going to get bought at a discount.


And so if you have money right now sitting on the sidelines, if you look at the big players in real estate right now, they're just gearing up to buy the commercial real estate and use it for industrial purposes. Yeah, you know what I mean? And so I think that commercial is the way to go if you can afford it. If you not, I think motile you multiunit is the way to go as well, because people are going to need places to rent because people are not going to be able to afford the down payments that are necessary to get the cheap money moving forward.


And this is which is why IMG is constantly stressing the and just texted me, he said that he wants to sponsor, despite all the energy, going crazy, going crazy because he is not playing fair. Those guys forget yo, yo, yo, yo. Boy, oh boy. Did Briggle more let him do his thing.


Let me tell you how much the people in the audience loved the minute there wasn't one person I said got lost because the information you were rocking always with my brother. We go out at night, you, we don't call you King Arthur from now on. When you come out I think that's dope. I'm just going to give you a call after we finish. Mom is my brother.


It's dope shots, OK? And we appreciate you, bro. Appreciate you fellows showing us the kind of community that we created with Yale University. It's like somebody like that. Like this. I spoke to a doctor today that's supported by the university and they go on a Facebook group and they just start going off and they just start having their own conversations going own. And it's just like a community.


So what are you even mentioning? He has his own tribe. And so one of the things we did in the book club for twelve years, we created Triad's, we had accountability partners. So he shot his partner, Jared, who was a team member now and doing until they just the incredible groups of the trials clicking, clicking, love to socialize everybody. Everybody's in a trial. If you not to try it. We're going to put something out on the Facebook investment group to make sure that we get into one.


Very so yeah, we got to break in one market. He's a real smart he's a real smart guy. How we got to work with Matt, keep texting Matt going on patrol right now. But he said he tried to explain to yes.


Oh, man. Having a blast.


Happy birthday to Matt. That's what are going to do is so we hit a record with forty five hundred on YouTube. I love you. I think you want a night. Like I said, it wasn't wasn't easy to have forty five hundred. We just got we just got to give away some money. If you guys want to use it to force posture while university you can, if not you can buy groceries or whatever you need to do. So we go on.


So you are in university right now. It's three hundred dollars with the, with the full discount which is pretty much free. But so we're going to give three hundred people three hundred dollars which is nine hundred dollars. And like I said, if you want to use that twenty while university membership just go to university and to call for and you get 50 percent off which is three hundred dollars.


So if you, if you are interested in your cash eps, I see him bringing the cash and we pick three people and then we just, we just do that a lot, lot of different reasons. But, you know, it's just, you know, sometimes you just got to just show love. And Matt Matt wanted to do it. So, Matt, I want you to invoice you for this, Matt, so we appreciate this.


Funny I'm I said our give away to Star Club memberships. See, Ms. Cooper email me at an adjoining repented dotcom and. I will pick one more person, I'll pick a winner, and if you guys want to be in a stock club, I got you my guy from the two or nine who was on here last week emailed me again. Tell me what you graduated from. And I got you to say I missed you last week, so I love you guys so much.


Yeah, yeah. We passed the nine 9:00 hour and I didn't get to do our earnings, but it's OK because there's only one we don't about two earnings, one that happened today. I want to have it today.


The platform we're actually using right now to show more criminal minds, the hours after hours up a hundred and six dollars that revenue growth from a year ago is three hundred and thirty five percent. Trapnell There was these two guys that were on this show that we're talking about. Zoom in March was a lot less then told you about in.


Yes, that one was crazy and then super focused in it. I'm sure it was. And and he said he uses the company, DocuSign. They're going to be reporting on Thursday. As we know, the economy hasn't open up completely. People don't want to do hand to hand business. DocuSign is going anywhere. Their earnings will be on Thursday. So we are looking forward to that. And and tomorrow, tomorrow, there is a chance that there will be an announcement for this Tic-Tac deal.


So we are looking forward to that, especially those folks who might have made the Microsoft call might be invested in. That's OK. I'm just some people who are doing those things might be looking forward of Tuesday if Microsoft and Wal-Mart partner up and they actually are the the group that gets the deal.


If not, it's looking like it's going to be Oracle. So I will be watching closely. I'm sure everybody here will be watching.


I'm to hit you a 640, Larry.


Man, I had about 70 emails about the Microsoft call, so I'll be watching it myself. One hundred dollars. Hundred dollars? Yeah.


One hundred and six. You know what?


Just just, you know, got so we were going to call and this is another thing everybody doing. They've been hitting the stuff like this. I want to be in this group and I want to be in this group chat. It's not about being in this group chat. The idea is like, you know, do we got brothers who have been down with each other for a long time who are added value to each other's lives? We created group chat with the inspiration that you could find your own circle of people and do the same thing, add value to each other and be able to find that group of people and stuff which that is us.


It's more like spam is seen as Wall Street traffic and it's Mark.


It's going to be a difficult task.


I'm not saying not to match, but what you do is put your hands on. I know it's tough to sell demos that we were going to call and he was like, Yo yo Zoome. Is that three hundred man travels like you don't notice it. I looked at four fifteen, I said four hundred and five. That was just two hours ago.


Boom is yo you know Kasel went up and it's about tonight. I my goodness my birthday are marked. You sent me three hundred dollars on Apple Pay. You said he had a call for Zo in December so I'm assuming he made it.


He did. All right. Two percent. You know, he made a whole lot of money.


So he says and he just gave me three hundred dollars. So we give him another scholarship away. So we're going to give away twelve hundred dollars tonight. You know, every time I think I got a good call, Mark comes in with a twelve thousand twelve hundred one hundred dollars will be handed out tonight.


But even in that lesson, I want you guys to pick up two things. So we'll talk about it in trading plan. But look how long he's been holding that position. Swing trade traded more money, the longer time you have in market, the more money you can make. And then number two, man, if you are going to start listen to these calls.


We give you a message. You don't know. That's a short term like chat, right? This past Monday is the best. We're here, right.


Cash. Thirty three. Email me in a joy. Red panda. You've been going crazy. I'm a stock clips and I appreciate you all. And for everyone else, 5G, I've been telling you what's the 5G play always asks me. Wait to the fall coming over.


No, I'm just telling you, man, and trust me, they have so much room to grow. And the crazy part, Microsoft hasn't even taken off. And what's being put on the charts is not representative of how much they're worth either. So, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, it's amazing what you can do when you got out. You can go out to September twenty two, I mean, or June 20 to what you can do with that.


So you know how to better valuable information is valuable. Treated like why I suspect we're don't go to a new name. I've never seen this thing before so I'm assuming that they're new to the group. So we're going to show some love right now. I will lock you guys in a stock club on Friday, I won't do it tonight because I want to be impeccable with my word, but you will be.


That's one of the four agreements. Yeah. That would change my life. Not there. Oh, hi. This is a very pleasant. Let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see, um, I got this check going crazy, I can't keep up. Sharon Bandeau. Natalie Jerome, what's going on? I'm not to yourself. You've been on mute. What's up now?


No fridge breaks, no fridge rates, not during this check, you, too. For those of you, can we do more in the red panda group? Only thing I want us to do is execute. The only thing I wanted to do is execute. Yes, we eventually will. But I don't want us to be doing a lot of talking. I want to do a lot of things. You guys hear me? Oh, Natalie.


There you go. Hey. Hey.


I'm sorry. I'm on a bit of a delivery truck down by this volume.


Down you go. OK, is this better to turn it down a little bit more? OK, you going to. Is that good? Yeah, we got none of that. I am I just signed up on the twenty eighth. I've been following you guys for a couple of months and everybody that I know that's close to me. How come your links to YouTube and you know, all the other guys who took a job on that and I plan to make a lot of money with the information that you guys are dropping.


I it's not a question about the five, I think.


And it's that that it's better to wait until maybe a few days after or, you know, on the same day. Do you still feel the same way or do you still feel like it doesn't matter when you buy, just buy for which stock? For Apple.


And I would rather you buy every month and I'll take action at all. Peter Lynch has a great quote that more people have lost money waiting to jump into a dip than the actual dip itself. So just what I have most of my people in my plan to do is just to buy on the first Monday of every month, the first Tuesday of every month, so I can become a habit because what I don't want to happen. As you look up next August and you haven't gotten it, but I mean, the price came down today.


A lot of people executed because they didn't want to miss late, but just buy it every month and you'll be OK. That's called dollar cost averaging. I do it. And then also some people, even in the trading room, like I may buy stocks six or seven times a month, just depending on what I see. So just by every month you go into a stock club, you can send a telegram and I'll tell you a precise price, but still buy every single month.


That's the most important bill that we're going to pay. Companies don't care about us, just whatever you can afford to do that. And then once you cause a great thing, what happens when it works? We tell everybody we know we tax all you girls.


But girl, this thing we're introducing you to, I thought I was copying, but they not I'm not always easy. Finally got Tessa. She was up 12 percent today.


I'm like, told you, but I know. Yeah I know. It feels like everyone else gets the win and then we get into the stock and it falls apart. Just buy it, give it like thirty or forty five days and you'll be OK. It'll be OK. Thank you Ali. Thank you.


Thirty or forty five days before getting in.


Thirty to forty five days to see return from it. I just buy it inspired by it by tomorrow. OK. All right. I will.


Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome to the family. Well. Oh oh. We finally finally do that to your ass. Out to you. What up. We had a whole teaching session today so Manzie s usually grab some apples. You guys with a portfolio is pretty strong.


Action S and G. Let's go. My God.


What's going on with you? What's up man? Happy birthday. Yeah. In my guy goes, oh my God. How are you feeling man. I'm alive and blessed. I'm forty two hashtag Jackie Robinson hashtag whole thing. Yeah. Happy birthday, Mark Pandemic. That's a hard name to watch, to give a warm on somebody from New York.


I have a mix tape out the conference call for one month, maybe one day.


Yeah. Yorkeys the night, 12 o'clock. Yeah, 12:00. Listen, I'm high cost Amiga running real good right now. No, Pachon, tonight it's my birthday. I'm 40 to you to pay Anami. Let me spend more on it. So look, I want to give away scholarship's tonight. Ten people, let's go right now, we want to let you right now. Let's go. OK, I got no questions, but before you go, I'm 60, I'm out.


Sixty five percent and forty one days you feel up before you go.


You dropped a tip on your Arjay last week about multifamily properties in Cleveland, where the two cities that people are sleeping on, that would be good investment areas outside of Cleveland, outside of Cleveland.


Depends on how your money is, in all honesty, is something that's affordable.


Affordable, I mean, not even Detroit or Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, you know, all good areas, you can you can get something under 50 K in order to get a good rents per unit. Depends on what cities and towns don't give me lying to you right now, and because, you know, I'm feeling good right now, you can get you can get good 20, 20 percent arlys depending on that structure and everything. OK, but ultimately, those are really cash markets because most of the time those those deals are twenty thousand twenty five thousand Woolite rehabs, but maybe another another ten to twenty thousand.


But the rents can go depending on how many how many bedrooms can go six hundred to eight hundred dollars. So you can still get good Arawa in those areas. I mean you have certain parts of Georgia that are still good and lucrative, certain parts of North Carolina, Houston, you have good, good opportunities. Shout out to the investor who's out there buying blocks literally. So so there's so many different areas around the country. So if you in high cost areas like New York, the Jersey, Cali, you got to go outside your marketplace.


And I'm saying because if you don't if you can't afford to invest where you live, well, close to where you live, if you live in a high cost areas, you got to explore. But what I love about market mon's and this is real talk, you can go ahead, especially for the folks who live in California and New York. Right. If you have ten thousand fifteen thousand, that's not enough to get into the market in New York County.


But you can get to this option market or the future market. And you can flip you can flip your money and use your proceeds to buy real estate. There's so many different strategies in your world in that I've been learning since the last 20 years. I've been in this game for forty one days and I'm sixty five percent and I've already made twenty one bands, twenty one K in and forty one day.


So I got to tell people your business now you know I'm cool, I'm cool lunchbox.


It's all good. It's that like that when you try to get in a chat. What was the rule.


I had to have twenty five K minimum by Friday. They said, they say yeah this is me. They said yeah I'm the go episode. Let's not get it twisted. Right. I got them. I'm the go episode and they told me twenty five you can't be in here. I said I got to put twenty days is tough. I got to, I got to put twenty five. Came is I don't even know what I'm doing and I'm like I can put twenty five.


I can't I'm alarm and and you know what this is. Money. If I lose it I lose it but I'm alert. And you know what I'm telling you about this stock game and I've never eighteen years in a real estate business. I never cared about stocks. Who cares about that. That's paper money. I like brick and mortar. Let me tell you, a no brick and mortar going to do with this thing and also be together.


So I know we've got a lot of real estate investors watching on YouTube, too. If you can have twenty doors and a thousand shares the same time you are in heaven, you know how you and Facebook and Twitter, the people that have multifamily and stocks, they do no arguing. They do no trolling in the comments. Yes.


They're cashing out so well. This is diversification, man. And this is the key is real estate. And see, I've been real estate or bust for my whole life like nothing else matters to me, you know, I'm saying but I've been a fool my whole night. We all have.


We all it's not one or another. It's both. And then. Yeah. And also everything. Yeah. And then the top ten are like comps. So like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, like the top ten are like the comps and area. So same thing. So when you are done of getting it done celebratin I want you to hop back on and maybe we can put together like an investor in the market and invest in a real estate strategy together for people.


I'm on as soon as nine thirty them tomorrow morning. What are you talking about. Like I'm Gucci so like but it's real estate and I want people to understand if you don't have a lot of money to invest in real estate, learn this game, soak this up, because this is an avenue for you to get into the real estate game. And it's so many tax free ways that you can use this money to invest into real estate in a short period of time.


It's like it's phenomenal. And for me, you know, I'm telling everybody, you know, I'm posting on my Instagram. I'm not trying to keep this a secret because my page is all about real estate. I'm telling my real estate folks, look, pay attention to this, because this is what I'm doing. And that's why I'm showing my lunchbox, because I want to show them, look, I don't know this game. I'm new, I'm learning and I'm making money while I'm learning so you can do the same.


And I hope my posts inspire people to put their money up and do what they got to do. So that's why I want to sponsor ten people tonight, Rashad. I pick the criteria. I don't care. I'm a go back and Benihana some woman and eat my food. But like I pick the criteria, I'll pay the membership. Don't matter to me. I want people in this. I want them to learn this. Be a part of the real estate Facebook group.


Join Red, the stock club. Do what you got to do to learn this game because you can take this money and put it into real estate and build generational wealth. This is what they've been hiding out, hiding from us for years. And you guys are teaching this game. It's phenomenal. So thank you because you guys saved my life and shout out to The Dark Knight and trapped because Dark Knight trapped in you guys saved my life.


Thank you for joining us. There was no there would be no foundation.


What are you saying? Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Come on. You know you know what it is, guys. Come on. But I got to give it up to these guys. I got to give them a sizable shout out to earn your lesia the platform because it's not a podcast. No, listen, it's a network. It's a movement. So stay tuned for everything that's going on with you out because you want out.


You guys are putting this information out here because CNBC don't put this out here. You know, I'm saying like CNN, they don't put this education out here, they talk about it, but they don't teach us. You guys are teaching us, I love you guys. It's my boring day.


I may be rambling, but who gives a shout shine a light on my brother and all me, man. It's my birthday. A lot of them. Go enjoy your family and yourself, man. We celebrate you right now, bro.


Hold on. I want to give a big shot on. Hold on. Before you cut me off, I want to give a big shout out to my daughter's Sedney. She turns six on the twenty ninth. Her birthday was Saturday and my baby girl, she's my birthday gift. She turned fifteen today. So I'ma give a shout out to my my daughters, my princesses. They are my birthday gifts. I love them dearly. Shout out to my daughters.


All right. Shout out to my son. I don't want to leave them hanging, but my daughter's on my birthday gift, so shout out to them. And I'm going to sponsor ten people tonight to become members of our university.


We write them down right now and you write it down now. Matt, appreciate you having brought my brothers.


I love you guys because my man came in with that jaded drunk Thigo energy. Hey, you that go episode boy.


Oh yeah. Doing nothing without me.


Hey, what's going on between you two that you would be a patient. I'm sick. Oh no thanks. Hey girls, go girl. What's going on. On you.


I brought up the. I brought up the tick tock, right, so I heard some about China saying that they might be out of the implemented already, but saying they were going to make it harder for technology out there to leave the country. So I'll speak on that. And then I also saw that the feds are saying that they are supposed to speak on legalizing the cannabis so that, you know, that might be a playwright there. I'm looking at that like prohibition.


You know, that's how the mob came up. They was aligned with the prohibition. So I'm just saying your thoughts on that. Yeah, good question.


Appreciate that. I'll take the cannabis. I think it's going to take 10 years for federal legalization, so I guess I can tell you something is going to take 10 years.


And yet if it gets illegal, I'm going to tell you I'm going to be all in to a good amount of homework you guys can do because my brother mentioned it. Go look at prohibition. And see how long it took for that to become legal and all the hoops they had to go through. Very interesting story. I'm surprised they haven't made a movie out of it. That's not going to happen as quickly as we think. And honestly, you'd be better off probably getting a dispensary where it's legal.


Shout out to my folks in Colorado and Gabe, who also took one of those companies public and exited all his positions when he could. But it's probably going to take about 10 years before that's legal. But I think a lot of states because of the pandemic that we've been going through. A lot of states need that money and the only way they can probably be able to offset it and get the tax revenue they need is through legalization. So with hyper inflation, interest rates, because the stock market is up at the economy has not recovered yet.


We're not out of the danger zone in terms of the economics. So they have more incentive than ever to legalize federally.


But, you know, politicians most well, it's going to take a while to go as far as to me, like I read the article today, this morning, I was like I thought today was going to be a great day. I was like, Apple's going to split people by restaurant magazine. It's going to get this deal. And then I read that I kind of put it in the speculation category. I've seen it. We've seen it for the past six months trying to sell something.


We say something was going to close. But politics as usual is just politics as usual. But like I said, they're splitting up the tax situation like this on the Australia branch. Don't sell it to the American branch. But right around closing, we got that. Another announcement could come tomorrow. So we'll see. We'll see. But I don't I don't make moves of speculation. I've learned from I've learned that lesson and I'm not emotionally attached to it.


So we'll see what happens tomorrow morning. Appreciate yourself to a couple of more questions. This guy met me, but China isn't going to just let Tic-Tac go. So if we go like rap reference shot, it's a masterpiece, like a masterpiece. Got Snoop off Death Row. Well, certain conversations that had to be had and money to to pay no sales.


So it's the same same kind of scenario because we've all been privy to. But yeah, but but those geopolitical issues, that's a lot deeper than just, hey, we're going to buy the company off you and then you can have this is deeper than that. I mean, these are to have you I mean, three heavyweights. Oracle's not to be a heavyweight. How many how many stars?


So we gave away four we can't wait for. So we go six more.


I'll see you with the purple shirt. With the background. Where you are, King. I really did.


You know, we got a few albums. We wrote an album. They got smart mobile studios.


We back home. Pop was going on pop. But this is my guy from the shot. Clock was big yesterday. I appreciate you being part of Repo Men.


It is my pleasure. My pleasure. I mean, always thanks to you and Arthur. Shout out to you with the heavy conversation. But I just actually had a real quick question because I have a few friends that actually and even a couple, I think are even listening right now where they actually are interested in getting into stocks for themselves and for their children. So I just want to know if you guys had any, like, insight on if you wanted to, like, try and introduce a kid or a young teenager or something like that, where to, like, kind of start directing them or any courses or anything like that.


How old are the kids? I mean, a couple of people I know, they got them as young as like six, seven years old, and then up to and then even I could even tell you I got a nephew that he's so heavy into four X right now. And I'm like, yo, just migrate over to the stocks and then he's twenty one but got you know.


So what I did was Endor told a story before one day I went to the ATM, took out the money, counted out in front of him on a bed, got his attention canted first. Got to show was over. So what I would have that parent do, especially if we got teenagers invest, take the money out and say, hey, I did this for you so they can see it. Because the thing before you have so many budgets and advertisers telling them what they can make, parents want to come from an intellectual standpoint.


And so you need to learn this for this reason. And but they're looking like you don't have the money from the thing they need to see the fruits. So that's why even when I say, hey, what's Apple, what's Microsoft, what retail companies can we go into? When I asked Alexander, I also give an allowance every week to so it's tangible to him. So there's a correlation between this market and money to him. I think parents wait too long to introduce that money.


And we shall talked about it like when epic games have to issue with Apple, like you can have those conversations, but you've got to show them how to monetize. So, like, as far as like a course, I would even go to where I would just either auto invest and again, invest in right away. But kids need to see the fruit of that labor labor produced, like, I'm going to be real with you kids. And especially like in this generation, when everything is like instantaneous a microwave, you've got to show them results fast.


They don't want to hear that. They don't especially care like who are close to the streets in the streets. You've got to show them results you their money only.


So I hope it helps a lot of if just send me an email. Sent me an email. Oh yes. For sure. Absolutely. Right now. Thanks. You have to send the of bringing to you just send it directly to charities and saying, you know, I can't keep up like YouTube, YouTube was created to it's been a very eventful.


Let's go. A new name, let's call it a new name or anything. Chad, it almost got inaudible. She. Who's this who's this Hector, Hector, what's going on? Hey, how are you doing, guys? I am a new member. I just I don't have any questions. I just wanted to say thank you and responded to my tweet today. Yeah, I loaded the boat, like you said.


It's been great. So thank you.


I'm here with my girlfriend and we listen to you guys every Monday to all airports. Household to both, sir. Both, sir. Oh, I'm proud of you. Thank you very much. Execution. Thank you, guys. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. You acted like that's dope me watching every Monday.


I got the information and you applied and you know, that's the rules information on this application or, you know, active and has done a superb job and brings home the night Ernest.


I can't keep up with these, Tiffany, I'm coming to you, you got yourself. You've been muted out here, we don't want you to be great. There you go, Tiffany. You've been on mute.


What's up? Hey, guys can hear me. Yes. Yes. How are you? Oh, good.


So I did not load the boat today. I telegrammed and this morning and he said, wait for certain prices. So I set the money aside and I'm waiting to be patient. But my questions are around investing for kids. So I'm expecting my first kid in five weeks. Yeah. And I guess I'm hearing you say start early, start the investment early. And I feel like you touched on that before in a previous conversation. But are we able to move those stocks over into their name later or is that something that I can set up now ahead of time?


I'll let our amazing advisors start, then I'll follow up after that.


You want to do your account? If you want to do a college savings account, you need a Social Security number. So that's actually a good question because people have options. Even if we should probably have a conversation about life insurance for kids to actually see what you have to wait for. The child is born because it needs the Social Security number if you want to open up a custodial account or 529 account. So, I mean, you're almost at the finish line.


So I would say it's great that you're thinking about that. Just put that money that you want to put away, to put it in a savings account and to have it ready. And then once the child is born, has a Social Security number, you can open up, you get a bit of an insurance policy, you can open up a 529 plan, you can open up your account. You can do a variety of different things. But you have to wait until the child is one first.


And then also if you want to just begin putting some money into the stock, because a lot of parents are interested in Paris. I mean, what if the kid except 18, what can I do? OK, so if you make another account and I say you just start investing two fifty five hundred, you automatically invest on your end. You can decide whether you want to give those gains to your child based on their spectacular behavior or not. But the habit is more important than anything because.


Because once you have the baby can retire. So those first four months, you're not going to want to think about it. The auto investment option probably is going to be amazing for you. And those funds are going to be six in February. And if it was like yesterday, he was one. So and I'm like, man, I'm going to go through the cycle four more times and it's going to be an adult. So just start. And then, you know, once you're done being tired and you're not sleeping, like I said, you can start to account for your child.


Oh, thanks, guys. Thank you.


Hey, you know, shout out to the Google Docs, to the good folks at GooYa, Gloria de Mello. We use them for smoothies.


I just looked over like this during my Goyo, which are across all of the fun of your family.


Come on, man.


I didn't know he was looking for a bottle. What else? I got out and I just I'm.


You're going to go in two different bioethanol coming soon. So go if you want to be if you want to be heavy on this way on the screen, we'll put you on. We got a whole line of Spanish speaking content coming. People don't know I speak Spanish. That's really Tahmoor. That's going to.


Yeah, me too. Know. So you never know where you live and you never know what's up. The pipeline. This was this was a this was a very special episode. We broke records empty. We got a tip CMG to come on on his birthday to share Jim's. And I love the energy the o brother king of the came to spend some money.


We gave a lot of what we gave away a lot of scholarships. People kept check you cash checks. We did give away to cash eps and. Yeah, man, no, don't forget Market Mondays is now podcast. So you can check Market Mondays out tonight at twelve a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Apple's part of all the all the media outlets. Subscribe, subscribe to the podcast, break the podcast. Five stars, give it a comment and to share it, share what your friends share, what your network that's running up the charts.


Crazy, like we said last week. Now I love every I did the administration so much hosted tag in so we can repost it. We want to run this thing out. We want to be number one or two. I'll never gets the move. Yeah, for sure.


Man in. What would you like to say. I'm a do what I normally do. Thank you guys. Man, I can't even of the numbers came out. People start sending I'm like, man, we climb the charts fast.


You guys from bottom my heart. Mike, Jamal, Ben, Mark Trappe. Matt Tazawa, I appreciate it. Everyone on YouTube Zoome I love you guys so much. Just a reminder, check on the people that you love. Checking your friends, check on your family, see on. Call me back. Check on your friends. Check on your family. Because you never know, things can turn in an instant, the 2010 has been a weird year all around and emotionally so draining for us.


So check on people every single day, even if you're going through or sometimes you check in on someone else can spark them to do the same. And it'll be a good chain reaction. Invest in a market every single month. And for those of you that do not get scholarships, please invest in Apple and Microsoft. They're two of the four top picks in the stock club. I can't give it all away, but I'm telling you, Apple's in the top two recommendations, just bottles every month.


You'll be fine, set it and forget it and be kind to each other. There's a lot of B.S. going on in the world, a lot of negative energy that's trying not to answer that.


I'd be kind to everyone that you encounter advice and realizing that we got a big episode coming out tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. two weeks out from the first fitness couple of Atlanta, they think they got a vibe going on and that's out tomorrow.


So check that out. Like I said, make sure you subscribe to Market Mondays on the podcast charts. Yale University. We got a big, big class coming up Wednesday on entrepreneurship. We sure you got to check that out. We got study on Friday. Oh, forget that. And everybody that we sent cash out to, we still got a couple more cash. Kashef that will soon after this is over. But yeah, as opposed to we just figured it would just be easier.


So we just sent three hundred dollars to each person. That's how much the cost of university is right now with the discount. So all you got to do is go to Yale University Dotcom. It's a promo code fall for the annual discount and you'll get fifty percent off which is three hundred dollars. So like I said, if you needed something more different than that, if you needed to buy groceries or whatever, it is what it is, you know, as Josh Chris famously said, it's a blessing to be a blessing.


So that's what it is. We're just fortunate to be in a position where we can actually, you know, give any money.


And it's pretty solid already in I mean. So, you know, it's just, you know, we got to keep things in perspective and instill a lot of people that struggling, you know, so, you know, doing well financially, doing it. Not everybody is fortunate enough to be doing well. So if you if you can pass a blessing along, it's always come back to you, I think, four times over in my opinion. So we appreciate everybody checking this out.


Like I said, especially tonight, I gonna check the replay.


Hopefully they got a replay on Brandi Armonica chartable you, Adam, before we watch going monoclonals smoke. You're Monica.


I feel like I got the more cultural hould like Brandi.


Brandi got hits like the bigger. Yeah, it's a good well, you know, it's it's legendary no matter who wins. It is hilarious. But yes. Thank you guys for talking with us. Thank you God for making us. We are ready. No. One, in my opinion. But you know, we were on our way to become a number one business investment, whatever you want to call a show out there. So continue to support.


We appreciate it. Let us know anything that you would like to see us do, bring on different guests. Any topics that you want us to cover, feel free to write in the comments or drop us a line and we'll try our best to try to work on getting that done and put a person at Yale University. I have a question about Backdoor Raufi. Sorry. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to talk about that this week. We'll try to talk about that next week and.


Yeah, that's it.


Execute, execute, execute. The one thing I wish our community would do more post service. We have fellowship to execute for those you also joined while because the scholarship I.B. in a Facebook group. So if you want to finish duplicating what you did this, I'm happy to answer you, but I appreciate you being in that.


I support you both on something on the day. And I still, too, would like to have you in here. Just post stuff randomly is dope, so I appreciate that.


I'm here to help. And what I want us to do after fellowship is then go execute. You guys want to pass around the collection plate and put nothing in here to serve you. But tomorrow I want you to make the decision or tonight you're going to be an investor or consumer. Pick what you're going to buy and buy them every month. If you want an easy blueprint, you can buy index funds every month and never have to listen to us again.


Although I would appreciate if you showed up every week, but ten years from now, I want you to be able to run to us in New York and Dykeman, one Russian speaking Spanish fluently right.


And be like, Hey, yo, I changed my life. I'm up two hundred percent. I can take care of my kids.


And then my Spanish should still be terrible in the first round under the station.


We don't be so lucky to execute. I'm begging you. I know a lot of you are not entrepreneurs. There's a certain level of execution that you need in order to get the freedom you're seeing on a scale with how much content they put out, how much I put out to everyone else, just. Execute, execute, execute. Once you do that, life will never be the same. In 2008, I had not amassed this prowess yet. I made it my mission that after that I'll never be caught in a recession again.


So for those of you that are down and out, it's your path to freedom. Please take full advantage of money message again. If you need a book, always mention it, but go in heavy and learn this. This is the market that matters the most. This is the blog. You don't need customers, any clients, you don't need vendors, you don't need anyone to vouch for you. If you can get this down, you have money for the rest of your generations.


So that small little country, for example, like you said, execute information on us applications like like like the video, please.


Like the video, please. We love you. Are we going to see you tomorrow? What? On a new episode. What a new episode. Josh, we see our Wednesday email. We love you. Please Page.


Announced Monday night, Monday.