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Dan. Monday, Monday, Monday, as promised, another edition of Market Monday.


Let's get it right. Let's get it going, let's get it going, Schottel, Everybody all over the world shouting Baltimore morning, checking early. Shot in New York on the checking shots in Japan as Kretzmer. That's love was good. Let's get to Berlin and where you are, where you are. Let's get to my man.


We got a lot to talk about today. It's been a crazy time, an outrage, and wants to shout out to all attorneys, shout, everybody had a Green Day yesterday.


Everybody that had a red day, you know, was always, always a chance to make money with his red. And let's get into it, let's get into it, Chileno Jersey shouted Childhood on second.


Let's get into. Was. And once again, we got to give a major shout out to Atlanta, Manawi enjoying ourselves out here any time we come to Atlanta, it's always a love. So you see the background you see is a little different than what we usually at this is at headquarters. So, you know, everything is always magical whenever we come to Atlanta. And so we back in the go really in a win.


A going on.


Brother, what's going on, man?


You sound like you got a guru to do your vocals on new ignobly doing that.


We are doing good man. What's up with you? I'm good man. It's been a good Monday. Been a good Monday. I wish I was out there with you, but. Man shouting As usual, looking great.


I know you got a tough workout the other day, but today it's today.


So shout out to Mr. Two Weeks out, shot to two weeks out, shot to love you in Atlanta. Make sure you go to the Atlanta, you know, his his work, our series.


And I'm not sure if we're going to be able to work out some some more than we did yesterday. Yeah, I was trying to make sure that nobody was recording because I was Windimurra. I was going to they always catch me at the right moment. I'm only doing workouts, but we made it through at some point then.


Man But first and foremost, man, thank you for joining us again. Another I know it's going another legendary episode. We got a lot of announcements to make. We got is going to be a special episode, so. Yeah, brother, glad you're healthy. Glad you able to give people information. Appreciate it. I'm honored to be here. Thank you for having me. For you. Now we do.


Yeah, for sure man. So let's jump right into a shot to YouTube. A thousand on a checking early quick if you could hit the like button. We greatly appreciate it. So we got a lot of announcements. So let's let's get into it. First and foremost. You just want to welcome everybody to Market Monday. If this is your first time, welcome. If you are returning listener viewer welcome. Shout out to everyone in Ohio University. Want to check in shots of the budget caps and a chat.


Let's see what's up. Yeah. So let's let's go get some compliance. Can we let's do a disclaimer.


I know what time it is. Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer. First and foremost, do your own research. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It's very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with or independently research and verify any information that you find on our show and wish to rely upon whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.


That is our disclaimer from the good folks at any from legal shots and the legal team.


And then. All right. So guidelines, guidelines so early. Alysha University, you guys have the privilege to ask questions. Virosome. So please, we asked if you can keep your questions to one question and please keep the question related to a general investment question. Please do not try to tax specific stock question for the sake of everybody else. We don't want to slow it down. We we always talk about individual stocks and different things that's going on in the market.


So your questions, if you can keep it one and keep it on an investment level, not like a specific what price should I buy this stock at question?


That would be greatly appreciated. And we have a we have some things going on. We this is a special episode. We got a surprise for you guys that I'm excited about. I know you guys would be excited about as well. And this week for Ernie, Ilija is a big week. So you see the guys that call in, they are part of Baylor University. So once a week we do what we call open enrollment. So being a member of the university, you have access to call Mark on Mondays.


You have access to our private Facebook group, which is a book club, movie club. And then the investment stuff that everybody just talks about is a big like almost three thousand person just networking group at this point. And then biweekly real estate call the mortgage guy.


So every single week we do a zoo call and it's a different teacher that comes on a teach and you actually get to ask questions. So once a month we open it up to kind of show everybody what it is to see if people want to join. So this week or Wednesday, we're doing it with none other little Dark Knight himself, Mark Munro. Everybody keeps talking about options. So he going to answer some questions about options. He don't give his breakdown of market and that's going to be really, really dope.


So that's on YouTube. Anybody everybody's going to be able to see that. That's all you. Yeah, that's going to be it's on YouTube, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday. So make sure you check that out. And the price of eBay University goes up on Friday, August 28. This year goes up on Friday. So if you want to take advantage of the current price, that is, it's never beat this price up again. Forty percent of cold earner's right now, Aebi University, and you can get forty percent off for the whole entire year and then also shout out to Chieko B and eighty five s crew home is episode comes out tomorrow.


That's the next episode of Alijah. We interview Chinquapin which interview because we know that, we know they spoke to a comedian. Yeah. And they get into it and you know it's a. A lot going on as far as on the entertainment side, that people might not realize the whole bit and it's just a lot of stuff. He has a lot of things talked about everything from the Nick Cannon situation a while ago to being on to come up to, you know, Instagram comedian.


So it's an interesting conversation on the entertainment world.


Shot the Chieko Beam and they really they really got the comedy game like we did this show and they acted out that it was great. So they returned the favor. They had jokes they had. They're going to love this one, get your popcorn and whatever beverage of choice to sit back and enjoy this one tomorrow.


If I was going to be one of one of them episodes and hashtag to the hashtag, I'm going to go, who is who is my now might be my might be. Might be my. Well, you listen to the episodes, you'll understand it a little. Makes sense. Might be my hashtag. Might be Mike.


I can't wait to hear. That's going to be fun. Yeah man let's get it to end. I know you have some, some slides that you wanted to share with the people, the education. So we'll share this. I know some people on YouTube said they can't hear me.


So if you guys can let me know if my my gosh, it sounds good to me. Yeah. You sound a little liberal.


OK, perfect. Because I want to kill me in the comments. But happy Monday to you guys. I really appreciate you. Let's getting to us so we can get to the fun part. What? I guess I can't wait to pee on a Supachai.


So what's up, baby? Let me know if you guys can see my screen and then I'll get you going. It's loaded now. OK, perfect. So thank you guys for showing love on the content. I hope you guys had an amazing day, right. Today was a great day in a market trova shot. I know you were smiling ear to ear our guests.


I know it's been crazy.


God is good. But I want to walk you guys through from a stats perspective why you should never worry about a stock market crash. And I know that probably sounds crazy, but I want to back it up with some data to show you why not only you shouldn't worry, but you should be happy when they come. But before we get to that, I want to talk about my baby.


Apple had all sorts of. Yeah, I know, right. Like God is good.


Like I said so. I want to walk and talk about a couple of things real quick. Apple splits, I know you guys are still asking, but I want to walk you through what happens after they split because everyone is like, should I get it before or should I get it after? Whether you get it now or later? Doesn't matter. But over the long term horizon, the next four or five years are going to have a tremendous impact on your life.


So the splits happened in eighty seven two thousand twenty five. Twenty fourteen, of course.


Twenty twenty, twenty five to twenty fourteen. Apple went from one eleven seventeen adjusted for previous splits. That was the high of that year and then up to one eighteen eighty four. Right. And if we look from fourteen to twenty Apple rose from one nineteen forty two to five fifteen ninety eight which today was a hell of a day in the market for Apple. Write this down on its next slide. Just the part that's really important. If we extrapolate that data.


The projected growth over the next decade for Apple should be seven hundred and thirty nine percent growth. If we average, we'll get the mean of those two previous split cycles for Apple. So seven X as what we could expect on a moderate scale over the next 10 years for Apple if they continue the dominance that they currently have.


That took Apple forty two years to hit one trillion and then two years after that they got to two trillion. I've always argued it's one of the greatest companies of all time and I think, of course, we'll call it helped accelerate that thesis and bring that to life. So for all of you in the stock club and everybody in the earner's men, I appreciate you guys so much for buying the company. But write this down.


This is the key. These numbers are going to blow your mind. So people are always wondering, OK, how much time does per month, how much should I put aside? And I know everyone doesn't have, you know, like some of the athletes can't put away, you know, like normal people can put away 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand in a month. But for most working class people, if you make six figures, you can put a thousand a month away.


And after you see the numbers, even if you can't, you will find a way. Great. Let's look at Apple. Of course, Anderson has considerable risk. Everyone has different risk parameters that they have to meet. But if you put out that this is the starting balance of a thousand dollars. And if you put a thousand dollars in per month. Today, the anger return will be thirty eight thirty nine point five percent, but your total balance will be twenty eight point three million.


Four thousand a month. Since 2000, so I know you guys are tired of me beating the apple waves, some give you some other examples, right? Invidia Troy Rashon Let's all smile, Mark.


Now, earlier, we spoke to them last Monday about this. Right, eight point five. So same number, a thousand a month, 20 years. So this is why I say not enough people make long term investing sexy to the average consumer, especially those of us that are black. This is the reason why, though, the money that's absolutely available. Let's go to example number three. Of course, Tesla. Two point six, the same thing, a thousand in over a ten year period.


Two point six. I'm going to give you a company that I never talked about, never talked about before. I don't know how that happened. They give me a countdown. They don't want us to get this information. But if we look at Monster since two thousand a thousand dollars a month into the market, since 2000 when I graduated and Sragow, you graduated then to right to the class of 2000 will be forty two million. So whatever company you like, let's say if you know of this guy named Mark and let's say you want an easy ETF goes back to and rimshot, you got to give credit to the Diamond Tech Fund EPSO 70.


I think people going sleep on some solid gains goalless in episode 70. There is an amazing company that he gave you guys look at what the interception rate of return has been, but go extrapolate and go look and see if you put a thousand dollars a month in what the return would be. You will be blown away by those numbers. So here's why you should never worry about a crash in the market. The stock market has never failed to recover from a crash.


Not one, not nineteen twenty eight. Eighty nine. Ninety nine. Ninety eight. Ninety nine, 2001, the Great Depression and then the covid crash. The market always recovers and usually it's less than thirty six months. So if I told you. The market recovers from crashes. One hundred percent of the time type, yes. And if that would take away some of your fear about getting into the market. We can go look at the data.


You can go on Wikipedia, Investopedia and see, but every time we have a crash, the market corrects itself in less than three years. The market would drop 10 percent once a year. And 30 percent. Drop once a decade, so those are definitely low to both times when a market drops 30 percent, you should say. Dear Heavenly Father above, thank you for this blessing, because I'll be able to take care of two generations if I play this right.


The crazy part is during with the market, S&P 500 dropped thirty five percent. So it was even on a steeper discount and it took about two months to recover and guess who didn't invest in a market and is crying now because of it?


Good old Leroy. Leroy's back. He's back. So he bought Hertz and Delta and American and Genius and he's crying. So you all say a prayer for brother Leroy because he he's on a sick and shut in list right now. Right. Even though he was giving up Jim's every week. You don't want to be this person. You don't want to be Leroy, like invest in quality. And when the next recession happens, I want you to look at the areas of the market that are affected the most and see if there is a buying opportunity.


Their last recession, it was housing and banking based. So you were able to recover there. This recession. Everyone leaned towards the companies that were printing cash to get a return. Once again, since 1969, the market has been up seventy one years. Since 1969, so seven out of 10 years, you will be up, you're going to have three years or so, maybe one year to flat, two years that are down. But if you're up seven out of 10 times, how many times are you going to take that shot?


When the market drops, everyone type this in, when the market drops in a recession. I will load the boat. Please, please load the boat. It took 12 years from the last recession to this one, the next recession may not come until 10 years from now. But I want you to be prepared the number one reason people don't put more money into the market because you don't know what the outcome is. What you don't know what the stats are around it.


It's gambling. But if you know there's a hundred percent return. Possible in a four or five year period. Why would you not put your money into the market? Right, so once again, we're here and our guests will agree we're here to hold the best businesses for the longest period of time. There isn't a Fortune five company that I am a better CEO than, so that's why I want to tie my money to them. Let's take our ego out of it.


If we print money, I then want us to take our money and give some of that to Tim Cook, Elon Musk, they're better and they will make us money while we're sleeping so we can take care of our family. Right. And this is a key point. A lot of people in March, April and May got talked out of life change and returns because there's so much noise in the market. You got newsletters, you got publications, you got Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


So many people talking. But if you just solely stick to your plan and for those you that have been through two recessions or three, you see the same cycle, it feels like hell on Earth for those twenty four months that we're going through it. You make it out the other side. And if especially if we have great leadership things, calm down. And you're like, man, I would have never been able to produce this kind of return on my own.


So everyone put in silence. I want you to write what your plan is for the next recession or next pullback and decide how many shares in that pullback are you going to get? That's key because a lot of times people or publications silence, really, when silence went silent, silence in their words. Oh yes, you hear me?


Once you yell, you said silence and they just said, so we're going to cut them off. We want you went silent. Silence. Am I back? You're back now, OK? Yeah. Listen, I wasn't doing it for dramatic effect. I'm not sure I want you guys to be quiet and your plan and just execute.


There's so much talking, especially on social media. People talk to you out of great positions because they didn't know any better. And even family, sometimes they tell you don't invest into the market. That's because they don't want you to get hurt. But if you go look at the data, this isn't my data that I made up. You can go to go check out any major fund. They'll tell you the same thing. Right. But silence is key.


I just want you guys to be big on execution. And one of these opportunities present themselves, you take full advantage of. Last last thing, we had a guy that said I miscalculated futures and so that wasn't true. But I want to show you how to calculate your profitability on the futures market and less than 60 seconds. So this is how you calculate it. You take the number of contracts times, the number of texts that you make. Feels like I'm like doing Mark segment, right at times, the number of times the tech value, right.


So this is the easy three step formula. So let me give you an example for us. If you have 20 contracts and you make 15 takes. And each tick is worth twelve fifty, your gross will be three thousand seven hundred and fifty bucks. Now, of course, trade has unlimited risk, unlimited reward. Please consult in a buyer's remorse before you decide to invest in futures or or futures, because it's not for everyone. But this is hypothetically what you could make if you hit this 15 tick target for those you who are looking.


If you're going, you can do a one to one ratio and have 15 to stop and also have a 15 tick profit target and do a one on one ratio. If you need three to one, you can multiply 15 times 30 and that will give you what your target would be for you. If you have 20 contracts and you have 15 ticks and it's thirty one. Twenty five tick. Your gross earnings will be nine thousand three hundred and seventy five dollars on one trait for 15 ticks.


So that's how you quickly calculate the value of the futures market, even though the beautiful gentleman who said I was wrong, you were wrong and you didn't show up against me.


But it's OK to call out a month. S&P finally broke his record. So I hope for those either with swing trading, OK, had a nice shot up to all the ETFs, had a nice. I hope you guys are able to take advantage of that. And I want to end with this. Although most people frame them as disaster crashes are the biggest opportunity of our lifetime and the biggest financial blessings that we will ever receive. So if you did not take full advantage of this one and we fully recovered, we fully recover.


These conflicts are a great opportunity to go pro. So the shout out to these graphics are great.


So your viral email is a good one for God is good, you know all to well, but I'm in here the next crash that we have.


I want you to take full advantage of it because I know some of you are missing out and you have a more like crazy. I felt the same way in 2008 when I said to myself, I'll never put myself in a position ever again. Why? I don't know what to do. And ever since two thousand, I bring on two thousand seven. Lil Wayne in the studio. Twenty ten future in a studio on the charts.


Crazy. I want you guys to do the same thing. I love you guys.


There you have it. And they said you like it loud. Maybe on the soundboard you can kind of something so. Yeah. So all right. First of all. Thirty three hundred on YouTube. Thank you. We are approaching record levels. Please hit the like button and appreciate a shout out to MGE. The mortgage guy. One hundred dollars Supachai. So you're willing to risk it all shot to Latoya. Twenty five dollars. Also appreciate your child to also appreciate the.


To Superjet. Appreciate child child's events. Twenty five. I also appreciate not playing tonight to be fifty dollar superjet. Just a Broman. So we're going to, we're going to bring our guests in. But before we do that I have to tell the story. So a couple of months ago I put on Instagram that are Lesia wanted to start to help people like we kind of, you know, obviously do a good job as far as like producing content.


And I think, you know, social media and Wall Street Trapper Huntingdale, Supachai, I appreciate you, bro.


So it was like I felt like, you know, we can help people. We had a conversation and so we put on Instagram like we want to talk to help other people get their content out there and produce it and hit me. He's like, yo, I want to sell her to the label, which I have to do. So so we went back and forth and was like, yo, how about the show? KOMAKI Mondays is I get as dope.


And I was like, yo, why don't we just make it interactive and we can actually do it on YouTube and have like a YouTube show, like let's do it. And we did that. That was about a month and a half from two months ago. And it's been wildly successful. It's been a smash and now we're going to move that into the next level. Breaking news alerts, breaking news alert, consumer alert released already is officially a podcast now as well.


It's all podcasts, audio outlets on Apple or Spotify or wherever you get your audio podcast. So what's going to happen is every Monday after the show at 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time is going to go on audio outlet. So if you can't watch the show on YouTube or if you drive in and if you just like to watch, listen to it on the podcast, it's going to be available. So go to Apple, go to Spotify, subscribe rate comment, get us five star ratings.


That that really helps a lot. And let's make let's make Market Mon's, the number one podcast on the charts. Man, the network is officially been launched. Shout out to the man y'all like. You said so much, Pharrell. We want this to climb the charts because we know how big this is for our culture. So tonight we are launching and I can't wait. I know you can't wait like I want to get that pot. So it's ready and that is.


Yeah, that's it. Today is the first day. So everybody that's tuning in shout out to y'all and everybody that's about to call and remember the guidelines. Please just make sure you subscribe to Market Mondays on the on the podcast app. So without further ado, I guess the cat's kind of out the back. I got a story I think we shared on Instagram.


You I think a story we shared on Instagram happens so good, so good. So, you know, we want to do it later. And, you know, wherever we go, it's family. And if you've been following Annualise, you know that our family's been with us the whole time that we've been in Atlanta. And that is no other than how can we do this? Can we just do like the pop up screen right now?


Like he's ready to go? We go to this is not only in Atlanta.


We got special cameras, too. Oh, they're. Oh, I see. I didn't know what just happened. I'll jump in. So my guy a trap trap house. Jump in, man. You never know what's going to happen on market one day.


It's going to have to see there some fact, the Wall Street trap.


But the legend himself needs no introduction. But yeah, you know, you guys, I got introduced to Wall Street from us from our standpoint almost a year ago in October. And it's just been a it's been tremendous just to see his growth from that time to where he is now. Just, you know, really just not only is he just blowing up online, but he's really shifting the culture and helping a lot of people learn about stock. And, you know, I see it firsthand.


We out in Atlanta and people like Yo Chapati are required.


Yeah. All right, just a real genuine just a great, great guy, man, so Trat, thank you for joining us. I appreciate it, man. Let's find out here. I tell you to do the.


He's like Ghostface. That's right. But, you know, your network man is worth more than money, man. People that you affiliate with, I'm saying build these relationships. That man, you got to be willing to. No, I'm saying be the rock. I'm saying I've come to this is like my second home. So I'm like, bro, we're going to. So just spending time with the brothers and that's how you deal with people and you've got to be in person.


Have those relationships, you know, be in the moments where it ain't about business, as we just talked me five. And that's how you deal with people, man. So you are trying to build a business. Are you trying to build your world, man? Get your relationships up. That's a fantastic as to fact shots. And Lindsay on a on a Supachai, I appreciate your shots of Derek Superjet shot. Mr. Brown senior, huh?


And the door. So, yeah, let's get into a lot of stuff that happened in the market. But since we got together, we just got to keep it free flowing and we're going to answer the questions. But this time it'll be for people that might answer the questions instead of three. And of course, we got some other stuff to talk about that's been going on in the market. But, yeah, let's jump right into it. Let's get some questions.


Let's go to going. Linda, we're coming to you. Amuse yourself. You've been unmuted what's going on? He was the first person with Jan. Hello, Linda. What's going on? I don't know, I guess I got a tip for you guys. Thanks so much. I have a quick question. I'm going to get the apples back. I want to know if I should if I should sell my Madama. That's the only one that I have as well as the other.


So I want to know if I should sell that. Get Apple. Yes.


For Apple. Yes, absolutely. So anything that's not getting at least 12 percent return, get rid of it and then go heavy on Apple. You'll be elated. You'll be late. And I've had the stance on Apple for forever. So this is a no, but yes, please do so. Please do so. If anyone is unsure, just go look at the last 30 years of Apple and see how well have they done, please. Yeah, that's kind of a lesson that I've learned, too.


It was like we had this rule was like if if it goes on to 20 percent, it's time to maybe reconsider the stock or ETF or this option so that the thing that you lose in that is the opportunity cost. Right. So, like, if I don't do it and this thing runs now, I've lost twice. Right. Because I could have sold it and got Apple. You don't want to be in that boat, so I recommend it to you.


Yeah. And we got it. We got to look at it from a standpoint like like sports. Like if somebody is underperforming, never be afraid to cut ties. Something to that place. Actually, we got we got it. We got a top biotech episode. They'll be going to market one day as well. So we'll talk about that because that's interesting as far as the wonders of the world. But, yeah, I think that that's something to consider.


Never, never hold on to something.


Once you what you see, it's not if you've learned nothing from me in a drafting situation was like don't get emotionally attached to anything illegal but to do so. Remember those two things as well.


Shout out to you two thirty five hundred. That's a record. I think a lot of guys so much I think a lot of people got into stocks like Moderna and Ileus Sciences.


I think people got to know those stocks chasing those vaccines, you know what I'm saying? And so when they didn't perform the way it did, now you like, yo, what do I do? And like I told my tribe was like going to begin chasing the vaccine. We not only must look for that play. No, I'm saying because what happens is those businesses are real complicated. So if you invest in a business that's real complicated and you don't really understand, if you can understand a business, how are you going to make money or you don't understand what's pushing the stock, you don't understand what's driving the stock.


You know, understand what's the catalyst to the business or, you know, you chase in a vaccine. And if you look at it, that stock market going down, it may have a little time. But if you look at that shot, I'm pretty sure can with me on this one, because he's a chart man. You can look at maturing a stock and they know you don't have no signs of reassurance. And, you know, so it's definitely a play to go with the Apple stocks, something that's continuously growing and something that has a strong core, strong foundation and a lot of growth in it.


So definitely I would agree with in line with the Apple play.


That's a shout out to Sean on checking on Supachai and shout out to the truth. Jones One hundred dollars and butcher shops. Jones He blew up. He's a celebrity. He's a celebrity out here and he's thirty thousand five years later. That young boy special out there, that was his.


That was a special moment for us on market Monday. Shot to our Superjet. Next question, Judy.


Judy, what's going on? Amuse yourself. We've been a muted.


Oh, these guys, everybody is very much and I appreciate you, but I'm glad that one o'clock in the morning brought Tired, which I bet as much as I can be doing them live at one o'clock in the morning.


Man hours, listen outside of a club, everybody know the hoods dumb and the late nights call for diversifying.


Right. What do you feel about like getting into bonds or ETFs that have bonds in them, aside from just regular stocks, if you're over 35?


It's a good mix. It's definitely needed. The funny thing is the bond market, gold and all the indexes are sliding up at the same time. So right now there is no diversification. This market proved that a lot of portfolio theory had to go out of the window. And when companies are not producing any profit, you have to know when to get into the market. Now you have to know when to get in wins a good price. And that's why I lean towards the analogy, because the entire market is up, because everyone is worried about what is going to fall apart.


Now, something has to topple in two years with balance out. But long term, if you guys are looking at the long term horizon five, 10, 15 years ago, portfolio mix is good. And truth be told, like if you just have always had a couple good stocks, you don't need to rotate them that much. Your needs and your desire is different than a portfolio manager that is managing ten dollars billion out profit at a certain point for different reasons for clients, for you stick with the ones that are winning and if you hedge with the bond market, you'll be great with a great.


I want to I want to say also on balanced fun, that's something like going even on a four one K and something like that. Are you interested in any kind of having some diversification and having stocks and and bonds, a balanced fund, usually like a 50 50 between stocks and bonds. So there's a lot of great balanced funds out there. But that's something especially like I said, in your employment case, something like that, you might see balance.


So that's interesting.


If you want to do that, I appreciate you, Elfriede. And shout out to you. Just joined Entwisle University. Welcome to the Family University. Welcome. Welcome. We are quickly approaching four thousand a number chophouse jump in travel. It's like I procaine. Oh my.


What's going on.


Unmuted it gentlemen. I don't know.


How are you doing. Great, great. What are your thoughts on the solar panel industry? So I actually saw a while back a brand I don't know how I can say it is only a business that I like was such a real good brand of was on it. We probably up about maybe 30 percent at this time. It is an expanded market, but be cautious. It's gonna be real volatile because it's still trying to find a way for it.


But it is a great place. You got to you always got to check your emotional fortitude when you invest in things like that, man. You know, I'm saying because it's not going to be a straight up ride, is not going to be a smooth ride like you will get with the apples and like you'll get with the Microsoft is going to be like Tesla in the beginning, you know. So you got to be built for that type of ride.


But it is the future. If you think in future, if you think something like that, you've got to think 10 years out. You know, I'm saying but I will tell you that a company that I just was looking up just purchased like ten acres of land to build some solar panels. So I put that in your drink. You do what you want to do with it.


You know who else has solar panels or solar panels? Who is that? A company name? Tesla Car Company.


That's a tech company. You know, if you think Tesla is a car company out of your mind, that's exactly know there's a car coming out of your mind. You've got to start with. It is not a car company. That's a fact.


Thank you for your question. Are you anything you want to say on that?


You know, no, I agree. A thousand percent. That's the two players that I like. It's going to be a right because it's still that conversation about solar has been going on as long as marijuana. So it's not going to be a straight shot. Now, once it gets mass expansion, then it will stabilize.


Yeah. There's going to be is going to be very rocky until then, but if you guys hold for a 10 year period, no, lot of things would just even themselves out. And don't take my word for it. I don't want to believe anything I say. Go look, just Google 10 year chart for any company and you will go look and see historically if you held how much money you miss out on the real money is on the back end artists, you know the same thing.


But if you're holding for five to 10 years, in some cases you'll be able to hit four or five thousand, six thousand percent just holding. And if you're reinvesting a dividend, so I agree. Hundred percent.


I see some people putting that battery day is approaching. Battery day is September twenty second so that they're supposed to release the battery that shows extended amount of use. I think what they have six hours, a million miles, a million Tesla a million times. So that's coming up in three weeks.


So this one for us, we're going to definitely go for it.


If we don't call this one for, it's going to shout out Terribile, YouTube, 30, a hundred on a checklist. Let's run this up to our breaking news cycle and telephone.


We get some trapper's of that.


One is the photo Attiya is required. Ruffa, you are unmuted. Amuse yourself.


Are you doing guys? Can you hear me? How are you from London.


London, guys. Oh my gosh. You know, you know Wall Street traffic. Of course. Of course.


You know those things. Man knows these things when you come into London. See trouble man.


I'm out there man. I want to please. I can't go to Canada. I'm waiting there. I mean, I get straight to work. Going to work on bottom, you know what I mean?


Next time you come down and it would be nice to meet up, I'll show you around town.


You got to treat me all the time. So, yeah.


I appreciate you guys honestly. And Ian, I appreciate you too as well. What you guys are doing. You I just you know, you said one thing with the Monique interview about, you know, if we hit another depression, the majority of us black people, unfortunately, it's not just us and our kids that, you know, we would have to look after this, you know, auntie, grandma now, cousins, et cetera, et cetera.


So I have two kids at the moment. I have two daughters that I love and I have savings for them, but. Do you have anything on your program that's like a twenty four hour a month, because I'm not going to lie to that amount for the year. We'll take a hit. But if you if you want to have something like a twenty four month. You're talking about for Stockholm? Yeah, definitely just Emami in a joint and I'll give you a scholarship tonight since you've been loyal to it while trap and the numbers are crazy.


So just email me.


Actually, actually, you just just put it in the check because you know what's going to happen. You won't get a bunch of you put it to put it in and put it in a zoom chat and put you put your email.


I'm a copy. Right. I appreciate. Yes.


I just put my email on your email and then put it to the panel on this and so we can see it right away.


But even with that, I must say this. One of the top holdings in the stock club is the company I just talked about. Apple, so the reason the way out is on a stock club is if you took action, you'll get some return, because I'm only telling you the ones that I'm here buy even with Moderna, like when we call Modano, it was way before it got hot and we got in the 20s. Yeah. So if, you know, the price went to buy, you're good.


And then now you can ride it out and decide if you want to take the road that into something else. But for all my parents and for those of you like, hey, I don't have enough money, I'm literally giving you my direct saying, which I want to try to give you a crowd strike and like kudos to any any other company, what we call cross right before Motley put it out, faxed all these companies that you guys like.


We're calling the prices and the company like Rishard and they've got nine companies, Treuting, they've got nine companies marked and gave 60.


Right. You like shout out to the Red Panda family.


I love you all dearly, but I've made my case what I like. Apple, in my opinion that Steve Jobs is probably the sixth best CEO of all time. Tim Cook is angling his way to top twenty five.


Come on man, talk about that. I say that man, if he wasn't feeling me when I said he is as great on the operation side as Steve was on innovation side, you can argue with that like he I know he's not signable for those you go into Six Sigma, he will be a Six Sigma God. Yeah. By those two. And you'll be good. You would be up. Well, if you've got to. When I told you to get a move first, I don't you'll be up at least 80 percent.


I just think he's more diplomatic than Steve, although obviously the. But this guy that is my guy, Trey Songz Shahrizat that's my guy is a shout out to Drake.


Man thirty nine hundred point. We're going to we're going to hit that for, you know, this oh this magical little match in earnest.


What's going on. You've been a muted bro. I'm so good though. So so so I'll.


When you guys gimme gimme gimme perfusionist. How we got trapped. You got me. You have a shot. Yeah. You know it is Troy. We are here crazy. I'm loving it. Yo check out sort of Dagnino you creeping around somewhere, creeping somewhere.


Pretty quick question. What do you guys about the kind of ego that's been going on in our decline? I know you wish I were not big on China, but have you have your thoughts changed about maybe Dylan's emerging markets? I'm looking at see, I've been in there for a while and Kathy was hazarded, AOK, wme, OCF is like the top three holding top four or five holding, I believe. And I know your thoughts on the collectively on the emerging markets and, you know, a company possibly likely to go into.


Yeah, that's a good question.


Appreciate your question, sir. It's interesting you say h r kw because we was actually just talking about that today. I mean, how many RJR K and we was having that conversation today. How like a r k w is stronger. Troyes sales is stronger than in the K, so that's that's, that's a good ETF.


That's a that's a real good ETF. That's a gem right there.


By listening, I mean my stance on emerging markets still hasn't really changed. I feel like emerging markets have has underperformed in the last ten years and I just feel like it's a lot of risk involved as far as you know, not to say it is not any good companies. They are good companies overseas. But, you know, you just have a lot of good companies already in America. And the political landscape in these countries, a lot of time are completely different than what we have here in America.


And it's not as simple as far as like, you know, you have to deal with a lot of different aspects economically and from the government. So and especially China, I still I still don't really trust a lot of things that come out of China. That's just my personal opinion. So I'm still not really bullish on emerging markets, but that's just my own personal opinion. I just feel like there's a lot of value right here in America. I don't know if anybody else wants to chime in.


I was going to add on, OK, like since we said why we like the earnings when you get a chance, just discipline. ARGT funds dotcom and then you can pull up the whole family. And when you go when you go to them, you can see the first initial use, the top ten holdings right to the top 40 holdings and you'll see a distinct difference between a cake and a KW. There are some companies there that are no brainers in the WTO.


Let me look into right now in Brazil, it's like, wait, OK, this is what I need to be.


And that's a jump on does this and write it down. And so I always do this when I'm doing traveling, so there's so much to do, so I quit. I'm not a financial adviser.


I have to share everything I say is for information and entertainment purposes only take none of what I say is true because I don't know what the hell are you talking about? If you are able to mitigate your risk, seek financial adviser. I know the real deal when his name is Rasha, you can see Lori. Could you take me to the track, to the travel?


So for me, if you are looking at emerging markets, you can check out the ETF, MJF. It's pretty good to give you some balance. It's a safety net for you. You just want some exposure to it. But I'm like, rishard, there's so many great businesses in America that is too many to choose from. When you're looking at emerging markets, you're looking at businesses on that. Other countries, they are actually. They deal with things differently, especially China, in a lot of times you don't know what you're getting exposed to, so you actually want to just play it safe.


You just want it to be an emerging market. Check out again, E.M. MGF. It's a good play for you.


Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate it.


I'll say I am Jeff Price. If you want to get in, it will be 35. A place to stop touching it will be 46. There you go.


Please be 40 with the remix Nats game and a whole lot of games. A whole lot of games. So I've never met somebody on YouTube said who was shot.


I have no idea. I have no idea. It's not just a cool guy. I know that's not right.


Neil, you get a muted jump in real quick. Moustakas on. Ten has change is too high, my, my, my stance on it has changed. I still don't like it at the price where it is. Mm hmm. But if it drops back to a low price or a low price, I can't argue with the chart, but it wouldn't be it's not in my top 10 or top 15, but my stance has definitely changed. In fact, only one.


Neil, you've been I'm sure you've amuse yourself Gehenna yo yo, what's up, man? What's going on with you?


I'm chillin, chillin, chillin, man. Just want to say congratulations to you for getting on the podcast. I know it wasn't my idea, but I definitely suggested it.


So that's a pretty shameless plug. I appreciate you letting me get in, man.


So let me get in it. The club and I've been enjoying that. But now, last week you talked about how to predict who gonna win the presidency. You know what what I was trying to figure out is what you said was that if Donald Trump stays the president, I mean, if Donald Trump wins, then basically the market is not going to like go down, is going to stay where it said to grow up. If the if the party changes, then the market is going to go down.


Now, with the with the with the with the stock splits for Tesla and Apple, I'm trying to figure out a strategy to pinpoint my buying price.


So which one do you look at that? I mean, the question is yes.


Right. I got a lot guidelines, guidelines, guidelines. I got a lot of questions. Yeah, well, I had a couple that got to be. There's got to be a question mark, though. Yeah, well, one instance is it sets it for those who got great discretion to.


Yeah, I got it.


I'm open to the suggestion too, because it's cheaper than me paying a consultant.


And I appreciate all feedback. But what I said is that the S&P continues to go up. It would be a landslide victory for Trump. I really only have one about maybe three points, to be honest. But if the S&P continues to go up. He's going to win the entry point for Apple or any of the major ones that you're looking for. You can ask me, of course, has been a member of that club, but I'm going to bet you guys the simplest thing you can do.


And I wish we had a sexier name for it, but just dollar cost averaging means by every month. Now we've all spent money, two hundred five hundred a thousand on other things. None of it has given me the kind of returns that Apple and investing in the market has. I'm just being very honest with you. So if you need a price. I'll drop that price in our stock club, but for those of you who are not and please join us, I really appreciate it, but.


By Apple every single month, especially if you have one of these, you can't argue with me about invest in Apple, if you have air pods, MacBook Pro, iPad, you know, so just about every single month, you'll be good and doing a four to one stock split.


So, I mean, the entry point is kind of like for people like me and Steve Jobs charging twenty five dollars. I mean, you know, you kind of got to get in at that point. I mean, it's like a pair of jeans. Yeah.


I've never bought into entry point is next Monday, so it's an entry point because it's like ice one hundred twenty five dollars even if it goes down to one hundred and fifty. Is that really going to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things? Like unless you put in a large like if you put in a million dollars and now might make that might tip the needle. But I mean, you know, yeah, you put in money, it's not really going to probably make that much of a difference, which by you waiting is only going to go up.


And then it's like now you just kind of play a waiting game and it becomes like double Dutch, you know, when you get in, when you get out. So you have the opportunity to call something like Apple. You guys just buy on a monthly basis and whatever, you can actually afford it. But I mean, this is a great opportunity for most people to get in being at the door for one stock split and it's going to be under one hundred twenty five house next week.


Probably shout out to YouTube for thousand.


Breaking news alert. How jump in. Also, check out some classes I love go as well. I do want to say something to them and I want people to know that. And I know it's going to a price. I need to get comfortable at learning how to come up with these prices, you know, because we'll have when we even get sick one day. He can't tell you your price lower for the year. I don't put that on.


I take you to your themos seems like. And so I want you to understand that knowing when to buy a stock is way more important than Marlyn to sell it, you know, not on when to buy it.


It's way more important than knowing when to sell it. I can promise you that. Can I jump on your agreement real quick then?


Some people, man, the most important time to sell isn't a good company, is never facts.


Back to that analogy from last week.


If you had a twenty four unit apartment building on Free and Clear and you got twenty five hundred a month, would you want to flip that so you can go mess off and d-r you go spend some of the flip money to buy and try like tell me.


I flipped my headphones came off. Everybody who flipped eventually ran out of money. Yeah. So I want us to buy and hold and it's not sexy because we didn't have a community to talk to us about this.


So like so I don't see the like playing this in like you're like, hey, I'm in Bible study sharing this with my like that's dope because we know more.


But let's be real. It's one of the biggest that in actually in the hood is two of the biggest congregation places.


But I. But we know, like if the whites come out, we'll pay a premium for that. But it's really key and somebody just said it about Knipp, that's like we all have the ability through this to be nipsy like and want to publicly say thank you for always being solid.


Even day one, you heard, I should say this, what you need to do this, how much you need to post. Yeah, I was like, all right, great. I'm a go crazy, but this is a great part about investing. We all can buy the same stuff and start with each other instead of on each other. Oh, absolutely. We can all be at the same price and there will be no competition. No. So 200 day moving average we talked about we have showed you guys Fibonacci.


We talked about Emmies, pick whatever technical indicator you want to and just buy the damn stock by your good. All right, let's play a we are coming to you, you are under the aegis of LA. It was going on. I don't do that up until they come down on, you kind of go to bed counting down and you don't try to jump in. Lenny, I'm going to let go now. Heard from Lenny, Lenny, Joe, Lenny, amuse yourself.


You've been on YouTube, you know. Can you hear me? Good, good. I'm good looking and playing.


Thank you for taking my call. Appreciate you guys. Do you enjoy the track?


It's good that get to talk to you guys again. My question was, I spoke to you guys two weeks ago, but I don't think my question was clear. So I just want to get straight to the point. So, for example. Right for Microsoft, let me just get to my graphic for Microsoft. I got in one for, you know, how would I go about that?


So you see how high is up 50 percent from then. So should I like, be dollar cost averaging still or wait for it to get back to a point like that? I mean, like back to under two hundred. You're suffering from Fumo. Yeah, no, it's really great.


So you start you started off dollar cost averaging, so I did. That was my first investment. So like I was still No.2 at the time. So that was my like I was like, yeah, this is going to hit. But like I told you last time I had people in the house are telling me the opposite to wait a little bit. And by that time I waited, it kept going up and up and up and I was waiting for the debt and never did.


So these people, these people in the house are ready to say, you know what, because I know this. But the thing is, was like stocks investments is down. One of the only things where everybody has an opinion, anybody and anybody can be an expert. And it's like, you know, if somebody has like, all right, you have like a heart disease. And it's like, I don't think that you should necessarily take that medicine.


You should probably just drink tea. Why? I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV and it's like you say, you might not take me serious. So I say have to say you have to be careful who you listen to. And dollar cost averaging, the whole point of dollar cost averaging is that you're not timing it. So you always put money in every single month. It's like paying a bill on the 15th of every single month you put money and that's the whole point of dollar cost averaging like a one like I always say that because to me the on K is the best thing that people can really relate to, because the average person is putting money into their four one K and that's that's a great way to dollar cost average.


They take your money out of your paycheck every time you get paid and is going into the stock market is when the stock market is up, is going in, when the stock market is down, it's going in. But you're making money over the course of time because you're buying it at different prices. So a company like Microsoft, where I mean, odds are, is probably going to continue to go up. Right. So even short term pullbacks don't matter when you look at long term perspective.


So if if your plan is to dollar cost average and it's already worked out for you, sometimes things go to good and we get scared and we try to reinvent the wheel. If it's already if you're already up 100 percent on it since you brought it is working out for you, why would you look for a different strategy now? Because in five years from now, it's probably going to be up even way more than it is right now. So just keep your money in it.


Would you sell it and get the hell?


No, no, no, no, no. That's all right. They just let me be talking about it every Monday after we listen to this. We chat about it just before we watch the games and all that. And they were like, yo, this is what you should do. You should sell it, take the games and repurchase it. I'm like, that doesn't make sense in my opinion. This repurchase at this at this price. Right.


That's like having Jay-Z in ninety three and then you sell them after hard knock life and they want to renegotiate back with them.


It's going to be different. This goes back to the silence point. So all of us entrepreneurs have a moment of silence. Life goes better for us when we be quiet and execute. I'm going to be right with you. Don't tell anybody what you're doing just by the sheer like. That's why I love to go back with the throwback memories on Facebook. Cut for a long time. Never told anybody about what I was doing. No one, because they now don't have to deal.


So if I lose, it was my mistake. If I win. So, yeah, I felt like looking the other night, right, because if you're quiet and you have no feedback, it's you versus, you know, business class. Either execute or not. And I, too, used to be like, man, I want my family, my friends and everybody on my homies to believe in our deal. We're going to do it together, Bill, by you, brick by brick.


When it works, you will get enough people to follow. And even with me, like I made some pretty damn good calls this year and it's still people like he doesn't know silence is the remedy for all that.


And also, even in a group chat like because we have our group chat and all of us are in it actually in Marcosi Trapper destroying, you might mention that if you don't hawkish guys in it, everybody's in there. So it's like, you know, sometimes, you know, everybody doesn't have to always agree on the same thing. Like Troy said that he was buying Sony. Think about it. So I said, I'm not doing that. Don't fit the strategy.


I don't think so. It's like, you know, I'm saying like, you don't have to agree. He if he's right, I'll be wrong. I'm right. You'll be wrong. And I still get and you still give him praise of being right. Yeah, you're absolutely right. Let's say your that another X that we man with a price was Dobra know the price for the stuff that we made with the dollar price. It was my stop x and people that don't know nothing about nothing.


They don't know what you got going on for context to the thing. The trap and I even though. You guys may see differences does a lot. Way more like, yeah, even with approach and analogy, but the one thing you can't deny is time on chart. You know, you never hear me. And Trappe disagree about a company. Never disagree. Never hit me. You never heard me. Even Mark was like, we should do a debate show like what are we going to debate about.


We agree on everything but that comes from doing your own research.


Yeah. Once you get to that place you don't need confirmation, you don't need anyone else's bias. Like I've always said, even if Buckley told me, like, you know, you should change your strategy, but no, I can't because this is working for me. He has way more money. My interests are superior, though, like, you have to follow your process and get so comfortable only caring about what you do. Oh, my God.


What up the league? You have to treat this like you play an NBA sex GALLIN. Yeah, it's a big thing. Like even we all of us are in the same chat. All of our investment strategies are different. So they really just become ideas. Right. I'm not trying to change Qadi strategy. I'm just saying, like, yo, this is my table. This was on top of my table top. I say this is on my table.


This is my top shot. I just want to table. So it was just like it just shut up inside because like you might say, you know what, I see that that's working. I might add something to it. Right. He might alter his strategy a little bit, but it's just bouncing ideas and more ideas. You put in a room in a CHATMON, you're going to go everybody going to go together. And when we win, you know that that's go crazy.


Everybody moves just every every time we is green, not thirty. Good morning, brothers. How are you? I'm enjoying this show, everybody.


Yeah, but I appreciate that brother. We are do all we got. It's nine o'clock this morning. Real quick. I'm Rachel. Rachel, just give me one sec. We've got earnings for this week and I'm keeping my eye on them, keeping my eye on and I'm sure Mark is going to love this, but Best Buy's reporting their earnings on to tomorrow. They hit an all time high today of one nineteen. I have done the numbers on them and I love this, but for a number of reasons.


Number one, we want to buy tech. That is probably the number one place that we go in. Number two, especially with schools being out, a lot of people are going to have to be getting computers to do online learning. And, you know, companies are doing that as well. So like Best Buy that time out today, but they are definitely, definitely, definitely on the watch list and in general is going to be reporting Thursday.


If you've done the math on them and done the homework. Those are the two that I'm watching this week. So shout out to everybody that's been writing down these earnings because a lot of people like, you know, I heard that earning a degree is shoddy.


Let's say I'm Jack. And both those photos are quality shots to the trap as members got into Best Buy, a seventy nine on this couch jumping.


Rachel, what's going on? Is the total amount of time are you doing the.


Sorry, I'm in a meeting at work, so I can't be too loud, but I just wanted to thank you all for real. For real. I was trapped back in February and changed my life. And then I followed you guys and I joined the news. I joined Trapper's Anonymous. I haven't got a club yet. Right. Panda Club yet. Because these things didn't come back.


The traffic didn't come and go.


So I just want to tell everybody on YouTube, if y'all have any, any, any money at all, this is where it needs to go, I'm telling you, is going to change your life completely. Change mind. The return on investment is crazy.


Crazy. How has your experience been at Yale University and Trapper's Anonymous since you are members of both is being crazy like I go through every every night when I get off work, I work till midnight.


I go through all of the videos, everything, all the Facebook, everyone is just so welcoming is is the knowledge and mentality and everything that they give you. It's not even just all about wealth. It's different attributes like health in mentality and mindset. And the community is just crazy. I highly recommend.


What do you do for a living? I work for Apple.


Oh, come on, you go. Oh yeah.


I'll tell you to be a plus to the local queen.


We appreciate your energy for room as well. Thank you. I appreciate that. But my question is, is really, really basic. I just wanted to see everyone's opinion on their ride or die. And so if you just have one stock that you can invest in this only want you to ever invest in for the rest of your life, what would it be?


The company you work? Much we invested in your company, Singapore is buying online like Amazon, and that was the other one, wasn't a great one. I love Apple too. But Amazon is just it's a big summit amongst men.


And that's different over the massive fact that that's a fact.


Somebody just tried to jump in a company named Snowflake, just IPO going to IPO and try to Chountis, Amazon or Microsoft. They doubled in the first quarter to in twenty twenty eight double double revenue to I think something like two hundred forty seven million right now only took like one hundred and forty three million dollar loss, which is great for a company just coming out. He won't compete with the big boys. I imagine it will be. But as I said.


So I mean is a target acquisition target. You're now on the right. I know that's the game. That's the game. See, I want people to know this, too.


Like the part of the game that we don't know is that you put out a good company, you wanted to get bought, you wanted to get bought so you can do it all over again. Like people just be falling in love with these businesses. Don't fall in love with the brand.


Listen, you know, the dollar is good. You don't get to use it.


You don't got to use it. So you take a taste test, you keep pushing.


It gets a gumz numb. You know, it's good. It gets you not cheap, but it is now analogy.


Trapper Delicia has no association with which we could not confirm or deny. Please do not limit this razor. Thank you so much. But pretty right.


You dropped your email and so I, you know, finish off the start and finish and start and put you in stock club. I appreciate you.


I appreciate that man. So that's dope. Let's let's take a break from this, because I want to talk about something happened today in Dallas. The Dow Jones. Yeah. So Exxon, Fiber, Pfizer, what else? Raytheon. Raytheon got kicked out, executed outside the club like no longer. Welcome to the Dow Jones, Salesforce, Anjum and Honeywell was welcome to talk about.


You might want to talk about that trap. Go, please. Enjoy. Well, basically, just that is a byproduct of Apple. It sort of four one stock split, actually. So Apple was heavy. So were each industry tries to do is have a balance of tech. You know, whatever the case may be with the Dow Jones, they had like a twenty seven percent weigh in in tech. The Apple split made a decline to about twenty three percent, so they needed more exposure, so they bring in some great companies.


Salesforce is a great business. I actually told my travelers about it this morning. I was like, yo, we need to watch out for this business is going to fail, is going to do earnings this week. And today was up like six percent. Yeah. So that's basically in a nutshell what it is. And just like you say, early is like a Kogyo. You got to get out. You've got to come in. Yeah. So we've got to put some local farmers in here.


So there's definitely a great move. So I think it was just a shock because if you look at the history, Exxon has been the longest company because Exxon is like one of those submarkets, American standard.


So that kind of like I think that has people more in shock, like like, yo, yo, you kicked us out.


You next, everybody can get a second steals. All right.


But I go back to what I say, OK, let's say we're in a business venture together and I make a lot of business as we leave business. Are we in a trend?


Is everything I just need to know because my boss said different.


But you have power. Yeah. So let's say we only do it right.


I think I like it at the peak we're making one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars a month and then fast for ten years we're only making let's say thirty two thousand. What you lean towards terminating a partnership or renew for ten years. Rolling towards termination? No, that's a fact. Axi high once again. Twenty eight was 117. There's been a slow fall, but during Colvert, they hit thirty to ninety five The Troubles. We are going back up and we miss you, we miss you.


We some have a little technical difficulty. OK, well, we will try it again.


And two thousand and eight thousand hit one hundred and seventeen twenty and we got down to thirty to ninety five. So I'll go back to my analogy. If I was used to score twenty five points a game and now score eight, I got to get to the bench now I got to get replaced with Eli or Marc Benioff or somebody of higher quality. So when these companies stop producing, it's over. And that's why I say even with Tesla then being a technology company, the focus on cars and I must say this, Elon, is the new Steve Jobs.


The Model S is the iPhone. The battery will be the pods, like their dominance for the next 15 years, be something like we've never seen. And a long time, but Exxon is just old business and it's not producing, so that kicked them out and they got to go. That's why I always tell all my entrepreneurs, add value to everybody so you can stick around and you guys think I'll be joking when I'm like, no, I'm trying to earn my way to stay.


But every entrepreneur knows, like. We've seen a rap war at a time when artists be hot for one or two years and then they fall off and they get replaced. You have to keep adding value, otherwise you're going to replace it always happens.


So let me ask you guys, this being it like it was when Tesla I think I don't know if they got added, but I think they're getting added to the S&P 500 again at it. I was thinking I was going to like hope to the value of a company stock price. So like these companies that got added. You would think that that probably would help the stock price go up, right, solidifying the show? Yeah, it's just me.


This is like it's kind of like you going from GVE. No, no, no, no, no. It's kind of like going from being a runner to scoring on pack your value go up because you go on to the last number. You got the whole thing. You're not saying so your value go up all the time and time. You get added to the big leagues like you ready to play ball? You know, I'm saying especially if you already got a great product, like even though management is good, like if you have a great product, like Salesforce has a great product, you have a great product.


And so you have a you have a great product like you like what I've been waiting on, you know, I'm saying so that's going to always help. That's going to and that's going to be more to the test of the brand may get because S&P is big dollars. Yeah. Big boy. Like like the other indices are great, but the S&P is the big board, they call it for a reason, you big dog you get here.


So that's the major and notice Eli. Notice, Benioff noticed, because of the Steve Jobs, they don't have the same personality type. Yeah. Shout out to YouTube.


We broke another record. Forty two hundred. Want to check if you guys can like it.


You got so much gear and a shot, everybody.


Shout out to everybody in this whole culture.


It's a whole culture. We've created magic. It's a culture. It's a culture.


It's all long that when I first met John, when I came on New York, I was like wrote a different don't care what it is you're preaching. I appreciate that. I, I could take a millisecond to like this video, I promise you. Is one hundred percent free. She's hit the like button. We greatly appreciate it. Actually helps out a lot on the on algorithm. So we definitely please do like and comment just whatever. Just put it emoji.


Put a put a put a trap house emoji.


Put it back. What was that man. He put a scale emoji just to chat with anything that's going up in The Dark Knight.


Let's put all that it me. So let's take a few more questions and then we're going to we're going to head out. Tracy, you've been unmuted yourself. What's going on? On trains, planes, maybe not. Let's go to Veronica. Next, Veronica was amuse yourself. You've been unmuted. Matt, what up, man? And shout out to Amir Mahomet on a super chat, appreciate you say seeing drought in the West, in the West, in head shot.


You see me show you I'm new to God. I'm always on the west side shouting Radovic. Someone else or a Supachai as well. We appreciate you. Let's go to Kingston, Kingston. What's going on is going on. So how's it going? How are you? How are you doing? Like, I can't complain, man.


Thank you, guys. Appreciate everything you guys do for the culture.


I appreciate you. Thank you. I appreciate you so much on my question.


I hear you guys talk a lot about the S&P 500. And I feel like I remember in a week ago saying that he took time to go through all the companies and see there was only really like maybe 20 to 30 good companies out, all 500. Why don't you guys make a lot more on the Nasdaq 100 compared to the S&P 500? I love both. So I traded Nasdaq futures futures Nasdaq most fast, but even announced that there are only a couple of like.


So you don't have an unlimited budget in a perfect world, I would be able to grab 60 of the top companies worldwide and be great. But even from a portfolio management standpoint, like we about Shootist, like it's inefficient to do it that way. I love Nasdaq, though. Some of the best companies in the world are their. But the volatility most people can't handle. Everyone says that they want to get 30 percent gain the handle, 42 percent drawdown.


It's a different appetite for most people. But Nasdaq does have some amazing companies in it, like we talked about Activision Dhobi. Yeah, so yeah, yeah, no, I agree, and I think the Nasdaq is something that I used to look at the Dow Jones a lot and Mark was actually the one that got me away from. He's like, that's not really a good representation. S&P 500, NASDAQ, you should be looking at that more.


And I look at the VIX a lot now as well as Apple AMD and I never did rock liberty.


Qualcomm's never rock with the Dolto.


I mean, you come a lot of gems and just something of my allergy shots. A lot of technology managed to deal with the NFL.


Now we'll talk about that. What it was that. So they did a so if you ever have you ever heard of a Invisalign? Hmm. That's a lot of technology. OK, yeah. So they just did a sponsorship with the NFL. What are you going to be one of the premier sponsors for the NFL? So that's gonna do wonders for the brand. It's going to do wonders for the brand. It's like paying for the bowl commercial that's going.


And that's a business that I like. I put that in Urrutia, Alabama. I put a lot of technology in. There is no you do. I don't know if I did the numbers on it. I probably didn't sleep on me. No, no, no, no, no. I think your service never calls. I could not travel. I'll jump in Cuba. I don't have, you know, broke up Blue Magic Toubro. We did a bad job of doing it in a way with kids that we appreciate.


Odelia Shots want to on a Supachai.


So take two interactive tracks. What the other you did a lot of gyms being dropped. I hope you are catching on. I hope. OK, don't let that go over your head.


First of all, I just want to say thank you for the last man. I think this is the most I left all day like today and not fires. I work at a university, so we did our virtual orientation today and zoom down across the US. So it's like a really sort of like to dance and tap into you guys and be able to laugh about something like stocks. So my question, so I have like my bands put aside for after the apple and test their stock splits, but I also have like alerts set up.


For some stocks that you mentioned in the stock, let me give us particular prices and I was looking into ways of how to like purchase stocks automatically when it hits the price. And I came across like the stop and limit orders. And I wanted to know if you could break that down to the difference is and which one pretty much does what I want it to do in order to get you in at a specific price.


So I always give the analogy like if you have a house and you want to tell your real estate agent, I want to buy this house for two fifty. Exactly. Not a penny over, not a penny less. If you set a limit order, you can get in at a very specific price. That's probably the easiest way for me to explain it.


But if you need any help, you can just shoot me a telegram. Then I can walk you through how to do it unless you trap. You guys want to give a follow up to and hop on a daily remix or Ordinals remix.


Listen, I could do to me. Hey, man, I'm good.


Yeah. I think you I think it's pretty it's pretty straightforward. Right. And then a stop loss is when you said it, when it sells automatically, like if you feel like you bought something at fifty dollars and it's at one hundred dollars, you rate doubled your money and you might be comfortable with it dropping to seventy five dollars. But you wanted to just go back to fifty and you said the stop loss at seventy five dollars and then you know if worse comes to worse you still, you still walk away with a 50 percent profit.


No nothing. So that's, that's, you know that's something, that's a point. Whether you want options, long term investing, short term investing, you know, you you adjusted accordingly to how you how you're investing.


But it's something that if you if you don't have time, especially if you're working and you don't really have time to check your phone like that, and it's like anything can happen during the course of the day, you don't want to just like what happens, you know, let me go on. It's a valuable tool is a valuable tool. Right. This is a one way to to make sure that you at least come away with some percentage rather than coming away with nothing else.


So it's a valuable tool that more people should use. That's a great question.


Rasha, can you tell them the advantages real quick of maybe not having to stop right away because they can potentially get wiped out and like portfolio theory management about if you're in a good equity, a good position, it could be also a hindrance because it can go down.


And then it's like, you know, you've got to leave yourself some leeway for it to go back up again, especially like when you it's the more volatile type of situation.


So like you see outline options that you might buy option.


And it looked like the minute you buy it, you already down 20 percent said I started panicking like yo yo, yo, yo.


But it's like, you know, that option change takes time for it to catch up. So it was like if you if you said just just stop loss, too early or too short, too close to your actual price, it's going to automatically trigger a sell signal and you might not have time to actually make it up. So it's like you got to you've got to think about that, especially like I said, the more the more volatile investments. But, yeah, I mean, even like in a dip, like if you would have had Apple and I say, like even like when the stock market crashed, you would automatically probably sold if you had to stop orders.


So there might have been a good thing because you could have got back in at a lower price or you might just like never got back in. And now it's an all time high right now. So you could have potentially sold and then missed out on the five point twenty five dollars only a couple months later, which is phenomenal. Like nobody really saw that coming. So just got to be careful with the stop stop losses.


OK, appreciate you for the long term. Yeah, for long term.


That's why it's really important to buy, so I'll drop this link to four for you guys in chat so you can calculate and see where I got calculations for these numbers before your long term portfolio.


Be careful with having tight stops because you can, because now you have to end up timing when they get into the market and it's unless you're doing it for a living. It's not a position that you want to be in. OK, thank you, I appreciate it. So walk me through how to do it, so I got you jump in on a telegram and I got you. All right. Thank you.


Thank you. And good luck this year with your school. Thank you. I appreciate our educated. I appreciate you going. Thank you. Tonight.


We got we got you say the name Isaiah Isaiah. We see that. But, you know, I was up there, as I said, you've been unmuted yourself, what's going on here? Yeah, it was going on as far as anything.


I was going to make it and appreciate all I do. Yeah, I just started investing about a month ago. I got Apple that to stocks, the Apple one stock of Microsoft, DocuSign, Cajal mentioned that as well. And an ETF R.K. Guidelines.


I know that.


I'll tell you all about it on a whole nother level. I only got like 500 dollars a month to invest, which not look like that's a lot.


But that's a lot of that is on for yourself.


That's about 30 years. You can have four million due to doing OK.


So, yeah, because I got the trap, of course, as well. But I know you said you mentioned that you invest a thousand a month or not a thousand a month, but you invest a thousand at a time for your daughter. But yeah, it just it is so slow. And like I said, I'd only been in it for a month, but it's the is so slow. Just copying one stock at a time.


No, listen, listen. Don't never compare your chapter one to someone. Chapter the twenty. Yeah. Don't do that. Family you. How old are you. Twenty five. Twenty five. Where I was I still had a year left before I got out.


Penitentiaries if going to change a bit. Yeah. I'm so you ahead of the game. If you can do whatever you can do a month. The goal is that you're doing it. Yeah. So you already have adapted the wealthy mindset. I think I can literally bring you around fifty, twenty five olds right now and that I know that that's nowhere near thinking about getting into the stock market, especially at five hundred a month. You feel me like they were rather go take that five hundred in the next Louis Vuitton is a good cheese or something like that.


So you ahead of the game. Yeah. We'll scale up you starting off at one at a time. That's cool. What happens is over time you'll skill that won't be trying to two to one go to full and then the more you get acclimated to being in a game, your minutes go up.


That's what I thought I saw for the minutes.


Go get your skin in the game.


Yeah, and I know I don't fully understand it, but like, you know, in the course you talk about the drip and the drip. And now for me to you know, I'm saying be able to buy another stock with the drip at the moment. I'm saying that's OK.


You've got you've got to keep playing the game every quarter game. You're going to unlock another both. Yeah, I can see every level and at thirty or money when you have kids that give you a different sense of drive, because once I found out I was having Xander, I went into overdrive in terms of entrepreneurship. Then you start to allocate, now you start seeing some bigger checks and getting 10 grand. I take that 10 grand and put five away right into the market.


And for sure, one of the biggest mistakes I see they'll get they'll get it back and then go spend it to show off as opposed to just sitting and putting it away. And then you can get to freedom a lot faster. Please, like, stay your course. By the time you're 35, you potentially, depending on what your income is, you can probably in 10 years put away maybe three or four or five hundred thousand dollars.


That's a fact. No good. It's not one brick at a time. That's a fact. That's a fact. Appreciate you both shout to shout out at Superjet shots call a switch of California. Think they got a question about apples option. We actually saw you if you just joined us this Wednesday, our open enrollment class. While university is all about options, we don't have the legend himself, Mark Monroe, a.k.a. The Dark Knight. Are we going to do it?


It's going to be on YouTube at eight o'clock Eastern Standard Time either. Yeah. So it's going to be open to the public and you won't be able to come. You can ask questions. And Mark always answers every question I have accessible. So eight o'clock if you got if you want to know what options you want to learn how to start, you want to learn, you know, got some questions about options, how to place a trade, all that.


Just come check it out. It's going to be eight o'clock Eastern Standard Time or Wednesday on YouTube while university members you'll have the zoom access, of course. But that's that's going to be strictly devoted to options and that's of. So, yeah. Check that out. Check that out. Me and once again, everybody, after this is over at twelve o'clock tonight, Eastern Standard Time, the podcast, the podcast is coming out or audio outlets on Flood Street Market one days.


This would be the first episode and every Monday it'll come out. So make sure you subscribe, make sure you comment and be sure you rate. Make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend. Shared on social media, shared on your pages, your stories. You appreciate that. So now not only are you going to be able to watch it on YouTube, but you can also listen to it. So let's get to it. Let's let's run it up the charts.


We got language. And when you subscribe, take a picture, adderson it at the mass, invest in it so we can spread the love to men.


This is going to be great for the community. I appreciate you guys. And I'll come up with a little less of a giveaway. Like once we get some numbers up, I'm against them. I know what we should do. I come up to not come up with you because you gave me crosschecking. I went crazy. So I'll come up with you. I'm not trying to convince you if I got a pay.


I didn't. Real money, bro. We're all team.


So regardless of how you guys invest. The ones that we pick collectively, they work like so even if you don't love the Apple Microsoft philosophy, great. If you don't like ETFs index funds, that's my bank. What we'll we'll find some bonuses for you guys.


It's a fact that you are so much, in fact, trapping Tuesday tomorrow to do some special tell the people, tell the people what you got going on. So, you know, some are strapped into this trap house is officially jumping Estacada. Right. The Docetaxel is going to be a special occasion. Be special. We ain't even use the location you talking about.


So make sure you tune in to that man is going to be live, is going to be a five star.


So so is is to go buy some.


Oh yeah. We need those. We definitely need those. Got to buy some time for the chapati. Require some more. I'ma be on time so we're going to do seven o'clock Central Time which is eight o'clock Eastern Time. You know, y'all get the picture so just tap and man come do that. You're going to get busy and listen. Any time I open up a new trap house, I mean, I got a different type of product. Call it Purple Rain.


You will be back. That is tomorrow. Man. The come up series. Got some going on. What's going on? I see some some bad singles going out, some pandas.


They made me come sit on the ground getting a layer. So tomorrow I'll be hanging out with The Dark Knight and we'll be talking about futures and options together. So there'll be a lot of fun.


It's going to be able to be after Tuesdays, man. So it's going to be PAC man. I got my I got my iPad ready.


A lot of information, a lot of gyms, man. And once again this week, we got a jam packed like we each shout out to our to be a show. That episode's coming out tomorrow. It's going to be that's going to be a big one. That's crazy. And then also we drop the study hall. So every Friday on our early Galizia podcast situation, we drop micro clips called Study Hall. So make sure you subscribe to earn your leisure on the podcast.


Make sure you subscribe to Market Mondays on the podcast. Check us out, man. Check us out, man. We got we got multiple different things running at the same time. It's a network. It's like it's like that boy. Ninety six. I want to say this matter. Listen, now is the greatest time for you to be building. Well, not just for, you know, for your kids. Kids, man. There's never been a time where the information has been as prevalent as it is now, you know, from Instagram, from Ian's page marks p e mails, page, my page, so many other pages.


But I put a good deal first because I ain't got no cut on it.


But from all these pages to come in to YouTube from doing market, Monday's in myself. Mark, there's no reason why if you get on it from now to the end of the year, you shouldn't just be associated with. Well, you know, my thing is always how do we turn our last names into an asset?


You acquire the knowledge and then you implement the information. So there is no reason if you've been in market, have you been if you've been a market money, how long?


I've been on a march, not march for human and market money since March. There's no reason why you shouldn't be up at least 20 percent on something at least being minimal.


I'm just being yeah. If you if you've been traveling to Tuesdays, it shouldn't be no reason.


If you've been with me, there's no reason why your portfolio all five, if you ever a pen is no reason why you need a million percent at least.


So I'm just and you know, if you, if you rock and with Mark is no reason why you ain't in the game. So if you're not in the game right now, it's your fault and you've got nobody to blame. You look in the mirror and you tell yourself, I gotta get my stuff together. Now is the greatest time 10 years from now when the people who invest and now be millionaires, you're going to be sitting back saying, I wish I said you're going to sound like an old gangster.


Who had it in the 70s and all, he got his old stories, I won't hear them stories broke, no one even got to connect no more.


All right. No rules, man. That's the rule.


And for those of you who don't have money, I always encourage you to go through our Instagram. You can look at the ones that we're talking about. Go to my Twitter. Look at the ones for those who have been rocka with me since 2009 on Facebook, right? Go look, pick three companies and execute. Our community, we want so much knowledge because we told it the way to freedom was through education. I'm pro education, but things for me turned around when I took a ton of action.


Like, see, even with e mail, they got a whole contin house or something like that.


How I get all this out in this plug trap, same thing.


Look at the stores like his stores look like little dots by of them. So then I'll go crazy. I'm like, let me post 20. I do all my own content. Right. So just pick three or four. If you haven't heard Episode 70, I like that blueprint that we recorded that in February. Everyone said I was crazy doing. I did not change my stance to index funds, Microsoft, Apple, and you never have to listen to me again.


Everyone likes just execute by your ex, your average on a low end, 16 percent, or you can Google portfolio asset allocation and if you just do a quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, twenty five percent each year to tell you historically what those are. And next week I'll give you guys a breakdown of that. But some of these companies, if you do indexes and tech drawdowns, should only be eight, nine percent a year. And up here you should have 40, 50 percent return.


Be good. Just take action. That's all I'm getting you guys to do. The information going to be on those applications, don't you? That's how we play the shot out to the great city of Atlanta. We love it out here, man. But it's a whole culture is a cultural experience.


Every time we come out here, it's very it's very inspiring to see so many black entrepreneurs that's really getting money out here. And they really is different. It's really different. And I appreciate it. I appreciate the Southern hospitality. I appreciate the entrepreneurship ambition. And it's a really it's a really dark place to be.


Man So, Charlotte to Atlanta, Miss USA, bro. ALICE Good energy. He showed us some love and Mr. Trump's sales man shot him online.


It Neil Davis, the institution. S Everybody, everybody. Man I'm moving back my implant site. I was home schooled and I'd be out there, which are right now. My background is so good.


Once again, don't forget trappin Tuesday some all the come up series tomorrow, early alijah episodes coming out tomorrow. Big day.


Tuesday is a big day. It's a big day for me.


I started off. I don't let it follow what I said. I'm sorry. That's that's a fact. Make sure you guys are eio university price is going up on Friday. We got a free class open to the public on Wednesday. Oh my God. Mark, make sure you check out Trappe Anonymous. Make sure you check out Red Panda Club. Make sure you check out everything man. Any last words you want to leave the people in.


I always want to start and say thank you to both you guys. Mike, Jamal, Holy Wild Family, thank you for rocking with me. Thank you for being solid. Thank you for being loyal for the podcast. Everybody who's been listening and thank you.


We got to make college dropout go platinum so I can see where you are. But for I want to say thank you because you got to start a vision when others didn't. But thank God that I did what you guys opposed to some others that I had approached with it. We didn't believe. I want everyone else to just execute. Like I'm begging you, like in two thousand, seven and eight when the recession hit, I had no clue about any of this fact.


The smartest person in the world. And I had a guy telling me what to do and I didn't do it. So when you guys don't execute, I understand the let's be real. I'm talking strictly to the fellas. You're still shooting a shot in the arm. You still offer to take chicks on dates. Some guys are trying to fly them out to go to D-R, do all the extra I'm seeing. You know, I want the tax.


We're going right to vacation. That's cool. And two months, she's going forget about you and you're going to lose that.


Bring this will in silence and execute. I know something. You go ask for books. I always recommend money master the game. A ton of books you can read, right. None of that matters until you actually get into your brokerage and hit the button to buy your heart is going to be out of your chest and you're going to be like, I don't want to be to next month. Got to feel, execute, execute, execute is the only way you're going to get to the freedom that you want to have and you'll be good.


And that's entrapments again, man.


Thank you for being Sarlat from day one, as all of you know, been not time ever again.


I'm to tell you, every time I see something, every time you get to your chair before I even get to this, let me just say I just me that. But let's be real and entrepreneurship.


We all had our journey before this, right. How often will brothers come together and actually uplift each other and not be on abortion since as this next big thing?


Well, our record was shot in the dark. Like everybody, Matt hit me.


I'm like, yo, this court like this are real.


The mad man God, my little boy family.


So I can do whatever we can to help each other. So now I'm telling you every time I see you.


So that's a shout out to Ben, who's in here with the whole team is it's very rare that we record things and everybody's here. But everybody here today, somebody in the house shouts my voice. Smitti Greenberg's Baltimore and Earnings is going to see you Sunday to Book Club is this Sunday.


So we got to emerge as our liabilities. And also we're looking at we looking for new talent to so different podcast. We want to help you want to help people out. So if you if you don't miss work, man, let's do it. And I want to start a podcast. Matt was also a member of the podcast. I you something want to hear before you came before you came to do your interview.


I was listening to your pocket. Yeah. Let me show you how to stop it. Yeah. So I would say, oh, Troy is a research machine man. Tried solving my life story when I met a quiet killer, I was like, oh yeah, you like the fences. I was like, whoa, I got to watch him, man.


I shout out to that man, everybody, man, our last name say I said, man, that's the investment you make buys back some of your time. The goal is to own your whole twenty four hours. Man, you're not wealthy so you own your whole twenty four. I said I heard a couple of people feeling it but I'm just telling you man well do so you own your whole twenty four on your own if you own your whole twenty four by making investments.


Now every investment you make it buys back some of your time. He or she that can buy back the most time can create the most.


Will now say this to women. You're way better investors than men because you have less ego. You spot you faster. R.K. Cathy does not get the credit she deserves. She is savage. Cathy is one of the best investors to walk the planet and they don't put her in those conversations with the fact I agree with you on the Palio.


Amazing, amazing women. You get this much faster than men do always have, and especially in black households, you know, every train sets the tone. You use the same skill set. Apply it here. Game over because you are the cornerstone of the financial freedom in our community anyway, so women please be encouraged to get this down.


A shout out to Mark, who came in on the ninth inning with one hundred dollars. This guy here, man. Appreciate you, brother. Don't forget, everybody just take a minute and like this video just like this before it's over, just like this video. But once again, it's been wonderful.


Guys, we broke a record, set it up and said, hey, it's love.


You know, we hit the streets and I see us now, honey. I mean, love is not love is love you. Love you, Pande. We love you. Peace, Chappells. We love you all.


Announced in London on Monday.