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It's like ESPN.


Yeah, 100%.


ESPN ain't got shit on us. Today. We are talking about the one and only, the legendary Chris Weidman. Chris, how you doing, brother?


I'm doing good, man. Thanks for having me.


Oh, dude, come on. When I saw you at the 300 Wayne show and we were chatting away a little bit, I'm like, hold on a minute. Gotta get the all american on. I was trying to think of your nickname there.


Yeah, yeah, it's all right. All right. Yeah, yeah.


We're gonna talk about some stuff in MMA, but we're gonna start with you first. You had a fight just recently, UFC, Atlantic City, Bruno Silva. And how's the eye looking now? Is it. Is it healed up?


I mean, look at that. It's kind of nasty. I don't know which way to turn, but, yeah, it's, uh. I got no issues with my, uh, eyesight. It just looks. Looks awful. Looks weird. Looks like a pink eye now, because the black eye has recited. I had a nice, nice shiner for a while. Uh, that. That came down. I had a cut and everything that they just. We just kind of, like, sterile stripped together. I thought it was going to need stitches, but we just started stripped it, and once the, uh, the swelling came down, it came together nice. And I'm just left with a little red eye.


You just got to get the digs in. There's nothing wrong with the eyesight.


I know you'd be concerned for me, so I just wanted to make sure, you know, like, you know, but, uh, not. Nothing wrong with the eyesight. Thank God, because I know I'm not trying to pull a biz bang in this part of my career. I could be lying right now. Maybe I'm. Maybe I'm blind in one eye, and I'm just gonna. I'm just gonna keep it quiet for a while.


Well, to be fair, you've had your fair share of injuries over the years as well. How many surgeries would you estimate you've had?


It's. I know for a fact because I've had a lot of downtime with all my surgeries to count them, so it's been 30 surgeries on the dot. Yeah. So I had, uh, I had four leg surgeries, and then I had a shoulder surgery when I was recovering, too. And that shoulder surgery, uh, ended up becoming my. It was my 30th surgery. So a lot of surgeries, man. Yeah.


Yeah. It's crazy. I think a lot of people don't realize when they go down this path what they're getting themselves into. Obviously don't to sit here and say, what was me? I've had a lot of surgeries as well, but people always ask me when I talk about this stuff, they say, if you knew now what was going to happen to your body, would you change it? Would you still do it? And I always say, absolutely, yes. I live a great life. What would your answer be, Chris?


100%. Yeah. I mean, I've had. I had so many surgeries just from wrestling, you know, like, my physical therapists and stuff when I was in college, if they would have, you know, we're were to be told that I was going to go on and keep competing, even in wrestling, they thought they would think I would be crazy, so, let alone to have the career I had and then the pile up of surgery, just an mma. I mean, I do it because I love it, man. I just, I love competing, and I wouldn't have any other way. Obviously, there's some things that would change, like things I would tell the younger generation as they're up and coming. For me, one thing was strength, strength conditioning. I never gave a crap about strength and conditioning at all. Like, I kind of of avoided it when it came to doing strength stuff. Even in, even in college, I kind of, like, would avoid it, be like, oh, this, this hurts my knee. This hurts this. And I just kind of, like, I'd be fine not doing it because in the room, I wasn't getting thrown around. Like, I didn't feel like I had a, like, a deficiency with strength, so I didn't feel like I needed to really do it.


But what happens is when you don't strengthen those joints and those ligaments and all those tendons by forcing, you know, heavy weight on it, you, you, I think you'll have injuries. So I just. By being around a lot of people that do strength training and then guys who don't, I feel like the guys who do strength training are better off with not getting injuries.


Yeah, yeah. And you just came from strength training right now because this is our second little restart we started, and we were having a bit of banter, then we restarted. It was like, there was a little awkwardness that they were like, we'll fake it for a second.


You're a pro. You came back to it. I thought, you're going to start with it. I like it. That was very organic.


Yeah, well, that's what we try and do here. You know what I mean? There's no bullshit. We pull the curtain back. You just came from strength training. You fought, what, two weeks ago? Three weeks ago?


Almost three weeks ago. Saturday will be three weeks. Yep.


So when do you want to fight again?


I got so much, you know, Mc Maynard, right after the card hit me up, and he was like, man, the jersey, you know, the Jersey crowd and, you know, everybody there. There was just a. There was a lot of love in the. In the building, so they were. They wanted to get me back for the jersey card, but it's a little too soon for me, and I got a lot of stuff going on early June, so I'm not going to do it then. But maybe. Maybe later in the summer or something. Maybe the MSG card in November, which would be kind of late. But I hold off for a card like that. We'll see summer, early fall, something like that. The sphere. I think that might be September. Listen, I'm. I kind of done it. I want some. Cool.


You got some mexican blood in you?


No, but my wife. My wife's puerto rican. That might count something. My kids got some puerto rican blood on them. They speak Spanish.


Yeah. It's just like, all the way Americans claim Irish. You can claim Mexican somewhere.


That is true. Everyone in America is irish at this point. It's crazy. There's like 2 million irish people in Ireland. Maybe 3 million, 4 million, I don't know. But it's not that many people, but I feel. I think it's like 75% of white people in America claim that they're Irish, you know, because they have a little bit Irish in them and, you know, Ellis island and everything. I'm. I'm 50% Irish, so I could feel it.


My mum's irish, like, legit Irish. Speaks with an irish action accent, so she does. Chris, I gotta ask you about this.


But do you say you're. You would say you're. You're English? You don't. You don't mess with the. You don't tell people you're irish?


Yeah, I say I'm English. Yeah, of course I do. Yeah. But, you know, but I say I've got. I'm proud to have irish family. There's nothing against it, but first and foremost, I'm English, but my mom's Irish, and I got a tremendous amount of family there, so, yeah, I'm English Irish. I'm a little bit of everything.


Yeah. America's not there yet. We don't have a nationality yet where you're like, you're just american. Yeah, I feel like, you know.


Yeah, it's almost there, and it's going further away.


Yeah, that's true.


It's not getting closer. We have something in common, of course. We both have a victory over the legendary Anderson silver. You have two, but you were the first man to ever do it. Not once, but twice in a row, of course. And you know where I'm going with this. When you beat him, he snapped his leg, right? And then you snap your leg, just like I said with the Max Holloway versus just engaging movie fight. If you saw that in a movie, 1 second left, you wouldn't believe it. If you saw this story about this legendary fighter that gets beat by you, snaps his leg, and then you snap your leg, you'd call bullshit in that film as well. I mean, talk to me about that thought process, Chris, when you actually snapped your leg.


Yeah, man, karma's a bitch, I guess. You know, what can I say? I'm just kidding, but that's what Twitter tells me. It was just. It was crazy, man. It was mind boggling. When I seen my leg snap like that first, I went from being the guy with the strongest bones ever. Everyone was like, oh, Chris is made of titanium. That's why, you know, he was able to break Ennesis of his leg. I was that guy, and then I was the guy with no bone density at all. So I had, you know, quite the shift of opinions on, like, my body. But when I first kicked Uriah hall, the first mo, the first thing that went through my head was like, that was a hard ass kick. Like, he's not taking more of those. And then when my leg went back and there was no leg anymore, and I fell down and I looked at my leg, the first thought in my mind was like, because the only time I've ever seen that really was Anderson Silva. I go, holy shit.




That can't be my leg. That's just right away I thought of Anderson, and then the other thing that popped in my head. I remember, man, like, after he let. He broke his leg, I didn't know he broke his leg, right? So I started circling the octagon. I just thought he was in pain. Leading up to that leg break, I was. I was, like, dominating the fight, almost every aspect. I just had dropped him in the first round of punches, you know, I knocked him out in the first fight. Then we're on our feet where he's supposed to be dominant, you know, and he's got his hands up this time, and then I drop him ground and pound him, you know, pretty good in the first round. Second round, he throws a leg kick, and I check it for the first time. In the first fight we fought, he leg kicked the crap out of me. So we did go into the second fight very understanding, like, all right, we got to make sure we deal with these leg kicks better. And so I circle around and I. And all said, I remember, like, just screaming at the top of, you know, his lungs.


It sounded like he was being murdered. And I'm like, what the hell? And I go over to him and I seen his leg like that. I'm like, oh, my God, that's freaking awful. And so I remember him screaming. I go, holy crap, this is gonna hurt. And as soon as I thought that, boom, the pain set in, and it was terrible, bro. And I just was like, get me, get me. Put me to sleep. I need painkillers. This is. This is it. Yeah. And then they're, you know, they feel my leg. They can't feel pulse, so I know what that means. And I'm like, uh oh.




And there was just, you know, and then it was the beginning of a long recovery. And the cool thing is me, Anderson, with their fights, you know, we had. We definitely had some bad blood. I think we were pretty cordial with each other for the most part, but there was, like, some bad blood that happened behind the scenes and stuff like that. So I wasn't like, you know, obviously I'm a fan of him. I. I have a lot of respect for him and his fight style, and I think he's a great person, especially now. But at the time, there was some bad blood, but after I broke my leg, he reached out next to. No, we're on a phone call, and he probably gave me the most comfort of anybody I spoke to because he's been through it and he was just super encouraging that I was going to be able to get through this moment. Just, you know, it's all. It's all mental and, you know, and he was really great.


Yeah, that's amazing. That's amazing because, you know, Anderson Silver, same thing. I did my best to try and instigate a little bit of shit talk because it sells the fire and all the rest.


You're good with that?


Yeah, yeah. Will he pop for steroids? You know what I'm saying? So the glue? No, the Nick Diaz fight. The fight before it.


You know what I'm saying?


So it's like the gloves are off.




But afterwards, again, he was just such a gentleman. And he really is in yours, though, Crystal. The bone popped out the leg, right?


Yeah. So that though, I guess, yeah, the only. I'm the only person that's ever had a bone actually come out of the leg or.


Or anybody.


I'm the only compound fracture in the history of the sport. I mean, so with everything I had to go through, at least I got a record, you know, it's. I got that going for me. But, yeah, the bone came out. I saw the bone come out, and it's funny, I'm going to show it because the UFC still didn't. And even when they did my e 60, they didn't put out the videos that they have of actually my bones coming out and the blood and everything like that. As. As gory as the UFC could be. And e 60, I thought they were going to go more into, like, some of the nasty stuff that happened, especially, you know, my leg, the bones coming out and all that. And then even when I had. I had an infection that got pretty nasty. It was down to the bone. They didn't really go into that. They didn't want to make it, like, you know, too. Too nasty looking. But, yeah, I'm going to. I think I'm going to put that video out just to show people how nasty the whole thing was.


I can only imagine how painful that was. Not only have you snapped your leg, which, you know, I saw Anderson when he snapped his against yours, I was front row, and I remember seeing him get carried by on a stretcher and he was howling his head off. It was haunting. That's the best word. It was. It was horrible. And then on top of that, you've got your bone popping out your leg.


Yeah. Yeah, it was.


Try and describe that pain, Chris.


Bro, let's put it like this. I was the biggest bitch ever. I want to, you know, you want to be tough, you're in front of millions of people. I was crying and screwing for my wife. I wouldn't go in the ambulance until my wife was there because I know she's. She's somewhere in the crowd. You know, sometimes the UFC doesn't give our families the best seats that she was. She was up top. I was on. I was like, the second fight on the pay per view, but they didn't have the best seats, so she had to get through security and everything to get down to me, and I was like, I'm not going anywhere without my wife. So I'm like, screaming Ramey. It felt like rocky, but um, yeah, it was. It was awful, man. I remember another embarrassing part of that as Dana came to the hospital, which props to him to come, which is, you know, really nice, uh, because he doesn't have to do that. And he came while they were, like, trying to. They were going to try to put the bones back in and reset them. And the way they do that, they had to put you in a little bit of a twilight sleep.


So I was. They gave me the max amount of pain medication that you could have. All the morphine and everything. They couldn't give me any more. And I was still in so much pain. I was, like, crying in pain. Please just put me to sleep. Because they were going to have to wait till the next morning to do the surgery. So I had to wait through the whole night, you know, dealing with this pain. I'm like, you guys got to put me asleep. So Dana comes in, and I start crying to him. I've never asked Dana for anything. There's plenty of things I probably should have asked where. I never. I just never was that guy. I didn't want to be like that. So Dana, he comes in, man, I'm. And I'm like, Dana, like, I'm crying to him. I'm like, please make sure I have the best doctors, because I'm paranoid. I'm in the middle of Jacksonville, Florida. Don't forget this is during COVID so I don't know what doctors they have there. I'm like, please, 19. Just get me whatever connections you have. Get me the best doctors. Like, I don't want to lose my leg.


I don't want any, you know, I want to be able to walk again. That was the first thing, you know, because I didn't know what was going to happen with that. And, uh, he was like, I got you, Chris. I got you. And he got me and my family a private jet back home, which was awesome. And, uh, the pain after surgery was okay because they did a whole nerve block, you know, from the hip down. And so for about, like, three, four days, I was good. And then all of a sudden, then the pain came, and it was brutal, bro. I couldn't, you know, to go to the bathroom, you know, I gotta get up. And, you know, other than that, when I was laying down my leg up, I was okay. As soon as I would even bring it down a little bit, it was such an excruciating pain. It's hard to even describe just to get to the bathroom, you know, to take a piss or to take a dump, whatever. It was like I was crying in pain for probably two months. Just anytime I got up, it was just not normal, because all those blood vessels, because the bones came outside the skin, it pierced through all the veins and the blood vessels and everything down the leg.


So the blood would just pool as soon as I got up. And it was just crazy, crazy pain.


Yeah. Wow. I can only imagine. Um, you mentioned your wife that. Sorry, what's her name again?


Marie. Marie, yeah, Marie.


She sounds. She. She could be at the sphere.


Yeah, she could be at the sphere, yeah. She's very laden.


Um, obviously, I'm a married man as well, and we do this for our families. When you went through that, Chris, what was her? Did she want you to hang up the gloves after that?


I think. I think she probably goes back and forth in her head. I think for my well being, she probably wants me to give up. But she also knows mentally where I'm at. If I'm, like, super determined, if she goes against my determination, we're going to have a problem. You know how it is. We're determined dudes. You don't get to the pinnacle of a sport or really of anything without being super determined. And if someone's doubting you or having negative energy, like, you shouldn't do this anymore. It's just bad for everybody. So she's. She's positive and, you know, she likes the paychecks, you know, and, you know, she'll be fine.


Yeah, that's it.


She's supportive. She's very supportive.


No, I. Yeah, it sounds like you've got a similar relationship to my wife. Because I say shit like that and I'm just busting balls. You know, people always like, oh, my God. How could you say that? It's a joke.


It's a joke. I bust balls like crazy, and she hates it as I bust balls with everybody. And the one person I had to be careful busting balls with is my wife.


Yeah, yeah. I'll go live on YouTube now and again, and sometimes I drag Rebecca in, and she comes and joins, and that's all it turns into, just me busting her balls and shit like that. And everyone in the comment section is like, oh, my God, he's so disrespectful. How do you think we've stayed together for 25 years? You gotta have a bit of fun, a little bit of teasing and back and forth.


You're flirting. You gotta flirt a little without us.


Without those bit ladies in our lives. You know what I mean? I doubt we would have.


Yeah, I'd be. I'd be screwed. I'd be really screwed. I'd be in a club right now. All my money would be gone. I don't even think I'd be. I wouldn't have been a world champ for sure. I would have. I would be a freaking mess for sure. She holds me together.


Yeah. No, and I've said it a million times about my lady, so. In a perfect world, Chris, because at UFC Atlantic City, there was some kind of unofficial rumors swirling around that had you have lost that night, you were going to hang the gloves up. Was that true?


I think so. Probably, yeah. I didn't really. I don't think I said that publicly, but if I wasn't beating Bruno Silva because I felt good, my leg felt so much better, man, thanks to Trinity gold Yeah, let's go.


I'm on it. The Trinity gold.


Yeah, it's. The stuff works, man. We'll probably get into that later. But I felt great. And if. If I can't beat Bruno Silva, not. Not to take anything away from him, but, you know, I just. I just have high expectations for myself then, like, you know, what am I doing? So.


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An opponent next.


I think I want, like, a big name. You know, I went. I went with the Bruno silva. Not a big name, you know, I think it's time to, like, step up, have a fun fight that, you know, people want to see. And people know me and him, you know, a lot of people, you know, Bruno silva, they didn't really know his name, and I didn't deserve to, you know, I had no right to pick my opponents or anything like that. Not that I'm going to be able to really pick my opponents, but if it was up to me, I would have a, you know, a bigger name, a fight that means a little bit more, you know, with a win.


So, yeah, I mean, Chris, don't sell yourself short. You're a middleweight champion. You dethroned Anderson Silver, a man that defended about God knows how many times, defended it, then three times as well. It's, you know, pretty legendary status. Chris, I threw around recently, and I was serious. I said, what about somebody like Sean Strickland? And then, like, people came at me in the comment section, I'm like, well, hold on a minute. Chris has, like, got a massive name. Sean just came off the back of, you know, losing a close title fight. That would be a solid fight. Of course, he's now going to fight Paulo Acosta, but would that have been a name that interested you?


I would love that fight. You know, I got a lot of respect for Strickland. I think it would be a fun build up. I think he would bring me out of being such a nice guy. I think we could trash talk a little bit, have some fun. So, yeah, I would love that fight. I like his style like that. He pushes the pace. I like to push the pace he likes to get. That guy's tired, so I like to test myself against a guy like that. For sure.


Yeah, no, of course, of course. As I say, you were working the way in show for UFC 300, which was a phenomenal event.


Main event, insane.


Pereira versus Jamal Hill. So there's been a little bit of a, what's the word? Evolution, shall we say? Not an excuse from Jamal Hill, but there's been some theories. Daniel Cormier said it, Chelsea Sonnen said it. Harrington. Jump on the screen a second, buddy. Did Jamal himself say it as well?


I didn't see Jamal saying anything about the savage other than, you know, he's still living the good life and he will be back stronger than ever and call out for his next opponent.




All right.


Well, thank you very much. So what people are theorizing. Have you seen this, Chris?


Oh, yeah, I've seen this. Yeah, yeah. But go ahead, explain it for the fans. I think you do.


Exactly. So when Jamal threw the cake, kicked him a little bit low, ref goes to step in, he says, no, brother, I'm good. Whatever. In Portuguese, that caused Jamal to mentally switch off. And, like, you know, I thought they were going to have a reset, right? So there's some people throwing around. Not an excuse, but kind of a reason why maybe Pereira was able to catch him with that shot. A lot of people breaking it down like tail on his YouTube video, saying, look at the body language, look at the movement. He stops, he stops, and then a second later, boom, that shot lands. And I understand what they're saying, but also, at the same time, and I'm friendly with Jamal, I think he's tremendous. He's entertaining, he's a hell of a fighter. I picked him to win the fight. If he hadn't landed the low blow, that whole interaction wouldn't have even happened. What's your thoughts, Chris?


Was it even a really, was it a low blow? Was it, did it definitely hit the cup? It was. It was close, right? It was like, right above the belt line or like, right, it was close. So that would be the first thing I would look at is like, all right, was it a low blow to begin with? Either way, Herb Dean stepped in. I mean, I think it's really. I think it's a far fetched thing to go for. They, I mean, you're in a fight, rep steps in, you're back to fighting, you know, and it wasn't like 1 second later he got knocked out. They, they were, they started exchanging, and then he got. He got cracked. I think it's a far fetched thing to put it all on that. I think Pereira was very focused, and he saw an opening, and he didn't want that. That momentum to go away, and. And he didn't want to break in the action. And so he may have been more ready than Jamal hill at that point because he had a plan. It looked like he was ready to connect. I don't know. There was a little.


There was a little bit of a lapse, and I thought there was a little. There was time for Jamal hill to realize they're still fighting, and he got caught. You know.


It'S weird because coaches always say, you've probably heard this a million times. I've talked about this, and I think people still don't get it. When I try and explain it, it's like you've got to be ultra focused for 15 or 25 minutes. Cause I always say your mind drifts or you start to like, I don't know, external things, people, something going on outside the cage. You see Dana or maybe you see your wife, the ringo's walking around something, whatever it is, and all of a sudden, it takes your mind off the fact there's a trained killer right in front of you, you know? Have you ever experienced that, bro?


That's probably my Achilles heel, is just being able to focus. Like, when it comes to a 25 minutes fight, for me, it's not the. It's not the cardio aspect that scares me. It's staying focused for that long. You know, second rounds always have been my toughest when a three round fight, because it's kind of like somewhere in the middle, my brain starts going in different directions. I'm not as focused. I don't see the ending yet. I don't see, you know, the beginning is kind of gone.




I'm stuck in the middle. It's always. It's always a weird round for me. And so attention span is the biggest thing. We're all, you know, I guess we're all smart in some ways, but also, like, I feel like all of us have add. You know, every fighter I know has some attention deficit disorder, so I think that's one of the biggest thing is, is being able to stay focused for the duration of fight, because one split second that you don't have that focus, you're out, you know? And I'm sure if you're 100% focused all the time, Jamal Hill is probably not getting knocked out with that shot. You know, he's a little bit more keen. He's circling. He's realizing it's coming. But. But that's how knockouts happen. It's probably one guy a little bit more focused on the other, and, yeah, boom, that happens.


There was talk of Jamal Magamet. What am I saying? There's CTE. Add whatever you want to call. Yeah, no, I know. That's what.


Don't listen to Twitter. Bisbee. Thank God.


Thank you. Chris. Talk about Pereira fighting potentially in three weeks time against Magamed and Kalaiv. I don't think that's going to happen. Would you advise against that, Chris?


Man, I'll tell you, that's a tough fight. Uncle IV is good, man, and he's. He's. I think he's the dark horse of that division. He's a really smart fighter, I think. I mean, I know he stays on the feed. He uses his jab, but I'm pretty sure he is wrestling, too, right? I think he could wrestle big time.


He's dagger.


Stani and Pereira taking that fight on three weeks, that's a. That's a tough undertaking. You know, if I was his coach, I'd be like, let's take a little time off, you know, before we have that fight. And maybe that's not the fight. I think that's probably the toughest fight for him. Who else is up there that he could fight? Is it just uncle I have at this point?


Yeah. To be honest, the top five is beating them all. Jan Blachowicz, Yuri. Who else? He just beat Jamal.




Yeah. The only one is. Yeah. Magamedan Kalev, who, funnily enough, is by far the hardest challenge for him.


Let me ask you a question. It's. It's weird.


It's. It's.


It's hard. It's hard for. And I saw Cormier say this, too, and I. And I agree. It's hard for me to get fully behind Pereira, because I do see such a opening with the wrestling, and he hasn't really fought wrestlers who.


I was gonna give this myself in a second. Yeah, no. You good?


It's hard to deal, but I almost. It's almost so crazy, and it's such a deficiency, based on what we've seen so far. It's almost like Ben Askren coming into the UFC and being able to just become a multiple time champion with no hands. Like, it's like a striker looking at Ben Askren and thinking, how the hell is this guy, the world champion? He was able to do it in Bellator he was able to do one. Was it one FC or whatever? I mean, the guy had an unbelievable MMA career, and he had no striking at all. Like, it looked. It looked awful. But he was so good at wrestling. He was able to do it. This guy is kind of the opposite. He's. I would almost say he's as bad as Askren is with wrestling, as bet Askren is with striking. And this guy is. May go down as one of the best fighters of all time. It's just. It's just weird. It is weird to see happen. I don't know if it's a. I don't know if it's just the matchups or it's the evolution sports. You think it's the matchups.


It's because, like, you know, Jesus Christ, I had to fight so many goddamn bloody wrestlers. Holding me down, pinning me down, frustrated, working hours on take down defense and wall walking and shit. You know what I mean? Pereira rocks open. He's just swinging people and just knocking them out. Not that I had that kind of power, but, you know. So he comes to the UFC. Bruno Silva, Sean Strickland, Israel Adesanya twice. Jan Blachowicz. You can wrestle a bit, but he's not a wrestler.


The only time I feel like I've seen him was against Adesanya, who's way.


Bigger than he used, and then Giri and Jamal Hill, you know, so I think. And Ankolaev is kryptonite for this guy because the man can wrestle at a high level. Yeah, but it's weird. There's a little part of me, there's a little part of me that's jealous of his matchup. Do you know what I mean?


Yeah. Of his matchups before this Ankolai fight.


You'Re saying of his matchups before a title fight?




Wrestlers Chael Sonnen, Rashad Evans, Tim Kennedy. Do you know what I mean? Guys just grab a hold of you, pick you up and slam you.


You had to learn so much. And the cardio, you have to have to keep getting back up again and. No, and like. And a guy like you, it's like, all right, if he takes me down, that's fine. I'm just going to keep getting back up again and hope that I stay in this guy's face and he's going to be more tired than you, Pereira. I don't. He does that. I don't think he has that going for him. You know? I don't think he's going to be able to get up a thousand times like you were able to and still have the cardio on the feet. We've seen him get tired and stuff before. I don't know that that's. That's the only thing. The question mark in a lot of people's minds, and I think it'll always be there, is like, all right, what if this guy fights a wrestler? So we'll. The uncle I have. Not that he is a, you know, I don't. And I know he's dagestanian, but we've seen that other dude. Who's that? That dude who fought Bruno Silva. The one eye. The one eyed dude.


Magamed. Jeez Louise.


The pirate guy. Come on, you're thick since.


Bastard. That's what you're trying to say? That's the hand?


Yeah. Handsome. He looks like you, that guy.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Scary looking guy.


Shadow Padino.


But he had. I don't think that guy, for a Dagestanian, you don't. You know, we knew he had great striking. And just because he's from Dagestan, we just thought, okay, this guy has to know how to wrestle. And then Bruno Silva was out wrestling him in that fight like crazy.




Which he's not a wrestler.


So magamed can wrestle.


Maga Med can wrestle. Yeah, I heard he's really well rounded. Yeah.


So this isn't. This isn't an advert. This is why I kind of wanted to get you on it. You hear me? People see me sitting here and I'm doing this and everything. My next killing.




The way in Atlantic City, he gave me some of this, and it really, really does help. And this is your product, Chris, that you've launched. And that's why I was like, dude, I would love you to come on the podcast, because I'm all about supporting fighters, endeavors outside of the octagon. So tell me about this Trinity gold.


Yeah, man. So about a year and a half ago or so, you know, I'll start with this. You know, I've had 30 surgeries. I've been to Medellin, Columbia twice for stem cells. I've been to Germany twice for Regenokine. That's almost like a PRP type thing. You know, Dana had done that a bunch of times. He sent me out there. I've had. I've been to all the top doctors in the United States. Anything I could do legally, you know, obviously, without taking steroids and stuff to make my body feel better, I'm all in. There's been companies sending me products basically my whole career, because they would love for it to help me. And I could, you know, they could sponsor me and I could talk about it. It's helped me. And there's, you know, you know, a lot of those things like stem cells and things that they work. But with my leg, man, I was. I was dealing with so much pain. Even when I was done with, like, I was still rehabbing and I was getting back into training, and I set a fight. Every single time I get up on my toes and start bouncing, I would have this crazy pain in my leg.


Like, it just wouldn't go away and it would just. It would take the motivation out of the workouts. I was like, man, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this if this doesn't eventually get better. I don't know. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this anymore. And this guy from a Bible study group gave me out of shape, dude. He goes, Chris, because I had my podcast I was doing won't back down, and I had a few doctors on that were on also that were on Rogan's, and. And he goes, listen, I've been taking these pills. This indian doctor has been selling to one store for, like, I think it was like twelve years or something like that. And him and his family have been taken and it's changed their lives.


They feel so good, but they just.


Want to make sure they're not going to have, like, a heart attack or anything. Do you mind asking your doctor friends if this stuff, like, all the ingredients in it is okay? So I was like, yeah. So I asked the doctor friends and they were like, no, no, it's all like, food product. You're fine. He had given me a bag and I just left it in my bathroom counter. I was just. I was like, anything old natural, there's no way it's going to just make me feel better. Like, in my mind, you know, I have. Right before that, I had some, like, new company that the UFC was trying to get to sponsor me. They were going to actually sponsor the UFC. Was this new, like, it was almost like a peptide cream that NFL athletes were using. Now, you know, you can't take peptides now, but I think at the time you may have been able to.


I'm very dubious about creams as well.


So it did nothing for me, basically. I took it out. I spoke to the owner, he had me gassed up. I was so excited to take it. I put on my leg issues, right? I ended up taking these pills. These pills that the guy gave me, and I took it. I kind of forgot I took it. I went. I started working out, and I'm up on my toes, I'm starting to bounce, and the pain is gone. And I go, what the?


I feel so good.


I'm like, oh, my God, I took those pills. And so right away in my head, I'm like, no way. So I take it again and again, I'm like, right now? Yeah, 100%. Get them down. Take. Take four. Double dose it up.


It made me feel so good.


And one thing that I've been, like, really into and, like, one thing that guys always reach out to me for in the MMA community and also other athletes from, you know, other sports, they'll reach out to me because they know I've had so many surgeries. I can. I'm always connected with the best doctors and all that stuff, just from being in the UFC for so long. And so I'm always asked questions, hey, you know, like, bisbeing has a neck, you know, issue. Like, what doctor did you go see to get your artificial. You know, if you're gonna get an artificial disk replacement, like, I'm gonna try to help you. I got great doctors. I've had the artificial disk replacements. I had a. Dissected me in my neck, too. So whatever I can do to help, dudes. And so when I took this, I go, holy shit, we need to get this to the world. Like, people need this. Like, I have to be careful what I say. But, like, stuff that people are taking every single day, different, you know, painkillers and different things like that, uh, anti inflammatory things, they're not. They're terrible for you.


You know, it's not good for your stomach, liver.


Deliver the liver.


Just terrible for everything. And this is a food product. And the reason why it works, because. Good luck trying to reverse engineer it. The active ingredients are from one area in. In India where, like, the weather's perfect, and the doctor that I'm working with throws out 70% of the raw materials. If the active ingredient is in 100% pure, like, you get, like, millions of pounds of ashwagandha shipped to your house right now. Get a great deal on it, and you can start taking it. But I guarantee you, it's just. It's. It's. The active ingredient isn't 100% pure, so you're not going to get the results like you'll get from something like this. And everything that this guy does. Like, we have. I have a collagen coming out now. Is so pure, within three weeks, I, you, you know, feel a huge difference. This is something you feel immediately. So I was like, this is the first product. We have to go get out there. I've had so much pain and inflammation. I got to get this out to people to help them out. I have all my family's banged up with arthritis and different things like that for the last year, I've had them on it, and it's like, changed everybody's life.


So I'm happy. It took a lot, and I was doing this all for the first time. I've never started a business before. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a passion for it. And here we are, man. We got it going. You go to to get it. And if you have pain, inflammation, if you're any, anybody in your family has it, man, take it. And if it doesn't work for you, man, just ship it back. We'll give you your money back. Like, I, I'm not trying to take people's money. If they, if I don't feel like it, if they don't feel like it works for them, I have no problem reimbursing. So.


Yeah, and it's all basically because I looked at the, the ingredients, basically, mushrooms, a lot of, a lot of different kinds of mushrooms, and I think, and I'm starting to sound like Joe Rogan now. Number one, I know nothing about mushrooms, certainly not the psychedelic aspects either, you know, but it's, there's a lot of powers that can be harnessed from mushrooms, 100%.


And this is there, this is just all natural. It's roots, herbs, shrubs. It's got mushrooms. It's, it's old. I've had the stuff shipped to my house. I was grinding it up, um, each one of those.


So you and your wife, you're grinding it up, you're sticking it in the packs. You got a little sweatshirt going in South Carolina.


We, right now I have the doctor doing the pills and I, we put them in the bags and everything, and we got a little sweatshop. My kids are working. They're getting paid. I got everybody in the house working. You know, maybe one day gets big enough, I'll have other people doing it. But for now, it's been great us doing it ourselves, actually. But if you look up each one of those ingredients on his own, like, there's so many benefits from each one of them, not just the pain information. It just helps in so many ways. Yeah. Like, and the reviews, I'm getting, man, I'm like, it's this, this stuff is really helping people a lot. And it's really cool to see. I'm just, if I'm happy, you know, I'm going to be starting a bourbon here soon as well. That's not as, you know, that's not as rewarding. I'm going to be happy to be able to get people some feeling good and everything, and it's, well, I can.


At least join in a conversation about that one. I know. I'm sure, you know, I can. We can have a conversation about some good alcohol.


100%. We'll do that the next time.


100%. I look forward to it. I wish you all the best with that, Chris. I really do. So normally on this show, we have Harrison because you've agreed to stick around for a little bit, and I appreciate your time, Chris. Thank you very much. This episode is sponsored by And Shopify is revolutionizing the world when it comes to your own business. Revolutionizing the world when it comes to getting online. And it's helping out entrepreneurs, startups, all the rest of it. Those kind of businesses. Get online, do it fast, do it cheap, do it without any stress or hassle, and it allows you online. You can sell all over the world. You can sell across all marketplaces like TikTok, social media, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, it's all there. It gives you a 24/7 business library. There's support every step of the way. 24 7365 instantly will let you accept every single major payment method. And as I say, more importantly, it's really simple. So whatever it is that you're thinking about, give it a try with Shopify. Whatever business you have already launched, get online with Shopify. If you have an idea and you want to get started and you want to give it a go, do it with Shopify.


Because it is the easiest. It is the simplest, and it is the most cost effective way to sell to the worldwide audience. Right? The billions of people out there on the planet. Of course, then you got to market to them and all the rest of it. But this allows you online, taking payment messages, selling your goods to the whole world. And by the way, you can do all of this for just $1 per month with a trial Believe or lowercase? believe to take your business to the next level today. believe. Harrington, come on here. I saw this story, a few good ones, but the one in Brazil.


Yeah, this one's interesting. I don't even know if we can show the video for this one, to be honest. But a woman in Brazil, she took her uncle, who had recently passed away in a wheelchair, to the bank and tried to get sign up for a. Did you see the video?


Oh, my God. Yeah, let's pull that up, please.


Oh, my God.


Yo, he's dead.


He's dead.


Was he actually confirmed dead? Was he?


Can we get a sound, Brian? Yeah.


I mean, it's in Portuguese.


Yeah, I don't care. I want to hear, like, shock or not, you know, he kind of looks a little bit with it. I mean, she did a good job. So, just so anyone that still doesn't.


Want to be there, that guy died.


She found out that he had equivalent to two and a half, $1,000 in his bank account. That's all it was.


Wait, what? I mean, how much? Two and a half is what he.


Had his bank account, $2,500. Remember, though, this. And some places are in extreme poverty, so that could be a tremendous amount of money to some people. Rather than call the authorities, she's like, right, this. He's got $2,500 sitting in his bank account. He doesn't need it. Carajo, how do we get this money? Okay, get him in the wheelchair, and then. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, he's already dead. I was like, you're not going to get away with it. He said, no, he will put a bit of blush on him, a bit of foundation. You know what I mean? Get him in the wheelchair. I tell you what. It's a disgusting thing to do, and she should be ashamed of herself, but the balls on this lady, I kind of. I kind of admire, you know, the. Not the balls, because that's weird, but you know what I'm saying?


That's ballsy. That's. That's. I mean, that's. That's. That's crazy for you to walk into a place with it. With you. It was an uncle, you said, or grand grandfather uncle. I mean, that's dirty. What's going to happen to her? She's going. Is she getting put? Is she going to jail or something?


She was arrested shortly after this for fraud.






That's mean.


That's as crazy as it gets, man. They. I mean, that's the first. The first time I've ever seen anything like that before.


The video. That's the first time I've seen video.


That might become a thing, you know? All right. You don't want to. You don't want people. You don't want to put me in your will. I'm just going to wait till you die and drag you to the bank in a wheelchair and just take your hand and write your signature and I just take all your money.


Yeah, that's, it's shocking. It is. But kind of on that note, just recently, you know, because I'm 45 now, um, I feel like I'm getting old, bro, but I still feel good. I was on the bag this morning, still f cking got it. I might come back and have a little boxing match.


I'm telling you, you stay active. You stay active with the, with the cardio, right? And bag work every day.


Every day. Bag work, weights, uh, run bag work, weights. Uh, anyway, back to the point. Uh, so I got health insurance just recently, you know.


You're paying for health insurance, so sorry.


Not health insurance, life insurance. What am I saying? Life insurance. Okay. Because if I die, you know what I mean? Because I feel like I'm going to drop dead at some point. So the family's taken care of, so they get a little bit of money. And at the same time, I tried to get Rebecca, my wife, to get some and she freaked out. She's like, no way, no way. You are not having a life insurance policy on my head. She's like, I feel. She said, I've seen forensic files, I've seen what people do. I'm like, babe, I'm the one with the big live insurance policy. And you could kill me, no problem. Because if I kill you, they always look at the husband straight away, you know, 100%.


Yeah, she could get away with it. Just feed you a little bit too much bourbon, a little roofie or whatever.


Push me down the stairs.


Yeah, you're good.


Push me off.


The old man was beat up, man. His neck was hurting him. He just fell on his neck. He died.


He's got one eye. He walked off a cliff. He didn't realize the drop was that it was the wrong way. Give us another one. Give us another one. What else have we got here? Oh, OJ Simpson.




So obviously you know a guy known for memorabilia, let's say with OJ, notably, that is what he served the jail time for. A piece of his memorabilia is now on sale.


Hold on, let's just start with a moment of silence for the great OJ Simpson. The man was a murderer. Yeah, but he.


2000 yards.


How dare you take your hat off for that.


I know the mom was a murderer, Harrington. I'm sarcastic.


It's a bad hairline. I'm sorry.


To see it.


Chris. So a piece of his memorabilia is now on sale, probably the most famous item in his collection, the white bronco that he was in in a very low speed chase down the California freeway, interrupting a finals game. NBA Finals game. That truck is now on sale. It's looking like it's going to sell for $1.5 million the week after his death.


Well, I feel like broncos have kind of gone up in value. And still to this day, when I hear the word bronco, I think of OJ Simpson, that guy. His family deserves, I guess, some type of stake in the Bronco business, because broncos are everywhere right now. And I still think, pretty cool, though. They are new, 100%, and people like the old ones, they, like, rebuild them. And so, yeah, I'm not surprised to sell them for that much, but, you know. Yeah.


Are you a memorabilia fan?


Not really. My kids kind of. My kids like it, you know, so I'll get things signed from fighters and stuff just for them, but. And they like the baseball cards and the football cards, so they're kind of into it. But, yeah, I'm not. I've never been really into it.


I never get anything signed. I mean, I could. I see fighters every week almost. I never, ever do that. I might start a little business. Like, behind me, there's that painting, and I feel like a douchebag, right? But that was painted by somebody else and they sent it to me. And behind that painting, there's like a big door in the wall. So this is where I was going to set it up. And that just covers it perfectly. So that's the only reason it's there. And even still sometimes, like when I do a zoom, like for a business call or whatever, you know, and this flashes up, I'm like, oh, for sake. Could they just think, wanker. Wankers. Got pictures of himself in the background?


I got. I got some, too. Don't. Don't feel bad. Well, yeah, you get the fan art. What do you do with all the fan art? Yeah, what do you do with that? Where do you have it?


Well, I don't have it on the walls. I got sent a bunch from this guy in UK. He's very talented. G o k o. Art, I think. Shout out, brother. He would send me so many, like, these huge canvases. That was so nice. You can't throw them away. And then I did used to have them on the wall a bit, and then I was just like. As I walked in, I caught it one day. I'm like, anybody walking in here for the first time you're gonna think, wow, this guy loves himself. So they're all piled up at one end of the house, upstairs in the far, like, corner, there's about 30 of them. But you get the same thing, Chris.


I got the same thing, and I have them all piled up altogether, too, in like my utility room. You know, one day my kids maybe, or somebody wants to sell it to make some money or whatever, if it's worth anything, go ahead. But, yeah, I'm not. I can't really put. Put them on the wall like that.


Yeah, no, no, no. I mean, don't get me wrong, whoever sent me stuff like that, I'm extremely and eternally grateful, you know, and my plan, cuz, you know the posters that we sign?


I have those. I have.


Oh, you do?


I have those up only because the first time, my first fight ever, I fought Alessio Saqqara this 2011, and I'm in the airport and Brendan Schaub comes running up to me. He goes, wide, man, you've. You forgot your poster. And he had my poster with him to give it to me. I go, I was. I didn't even care about it. I didn't think it was anything. He goes, yo, this is signed by every single fighter on the UFC. In the. On the. On the card, he goes, I take every one of these and I. And I do a. What do they call it? Put in the frame. In a frame. You put it in the frame and he puts it up on his wall. I'm like shadow. Like a shot? Yeah, like shadow box. These are. It's more frames.


I have. Do.


I do have something. My gloves and my shorts and stuff when I knocked out Anderson, I have those in a shadow box. But other than that, I have. I just have all those. Those cards that I was on, signed by all the fighters, and I have those in my basement. So even though I forgot my last one, I don't have the last fight. I was just on that poster I left in the hotel room. It was a crazy.


Know a guy that can get you that post?


Do we know a guy?


I reckon we do. The guy that flew you in a private jet, that you cried your eyes.


Out like a little bitch, too, asking for something. I'm gonna have to ask him for something again. Jeez.


See, that's the thing. I don't like to ask Dana for stuff either. And Harrington, our producer, keeps going on, get him on the podcast. Get him on the podcast. It's like, dude, you know, I don't want to be that guy for anyone that doesn't know the posters, what we're talking about. And most people will. When we check in at the hotel, we sign all the posters and we get four posters. Three of them are just event posters, blank. And the fourth, as you mentioned, is signed by all the fighters. I've still got them in the cardboard tubes all piled up in a cupboard in the garage. Garage. If I had a nice wife, maybe she would take it upon herself to put it in a thing or whatever, but they're all there and I think I've got them all, but I think I might have lost one or two along the way. But you open this cupboard and about 35 rolled up pieces of cardboard come flying out. And I always said, when I have a jib, when I open a gym one day, that's when I'll do, and I'll put them up all over the gym.


That's a good idea. Yeah. That's smart. You think you see yourself open up a gym one day.


That's what I want to do. Eventually. Eventually. I had this conversation yesterday I would love, because I enjoy, I do enjoy training people, and I miss being in the gym more. I work out here at home, but it's not the same. I miss that environment. But right now, I'm still, I'm still doing me, I'm still chasing my life. I'm still trying to do some acting stuff and whatever, you know, I still got goals.


And the commentating, you're pretty damn busy with the commentating traveling for then also be worried about a gym. It's a lot.


Exactly. And if you're training fighters, you're going to be selfless. You're going to be all in on them. So one day, when I'm retired, when I'm living in North Carolina, I'm going to open a little gym. I'm going to be a little old, drunken martial arts dickhead training little kids. This is what you need to do. One of them not training, but just telling them and shouting at them and giving them shit and hitting them with a bamboo stick. Um, you live in South Carolina?


I live in South Carolina, but it's right, I'm you flying to charlotte, which is North Carolina. I'm like 15 minutes over the border in South Carolina.


How is it?


It's awesome, man. I love it. I love it. You know, like, New York just kind of fell apart during COVID Uh, it's just so expensive there. And the only reason I was there, man, all my family was there. I was born and raised there. So I never thought I was going to leave, but my family started leaving, and because my family left, I'm like, all right, I'm out of here. And I miss all the. I miss the guys, I miss the team. I miss the ball busting because New Yorkers, you know, we could bust each other's balls, and it's just. No one gives a crap. You're not going to, like, no hurt feelings out here. It's a little less like that. People are just really nice. There's way less, like, alpha male presence. You know, you're not getting, like, you know, you know, dudes with a chip on their shoulder all the time, running around trying to, like, you know, should try to act like, you know, super tough. So it's. It's nice, man. It's cheaper. People are really nice. Yeah, it's been good.


Well, well, good. Well, good. I hope you mg. Hope you. How long you.


How long you gonna be in California for?


Well, this is it. We don't know. We're not gonna stay here forever. There's a. Here's the thing. There's a. As you know, the country's gigantic. And we've always lived in Orange County, California, because of my career, when we first came over and the kids. Callum's 23 now, Ellie's 22. Lucas is 14. He'll be going off to high school in September. Few more years, he'll be at college, you know, so we're just trying to think long term, where do we want to be? And we're doing a lot of research, and North Carolina keeps coming up. I don't know if we're going to go there. It might be what?


It's. The weather is insane. I mean, you're from. You're in Orange county, so weather is not, like, enticing for you, but the weather is so nice and obviously just a simpler way of life. It's just way less stressful out here. You know, the traffic is easy. Just. Just an easier way of life.


And that sounds inviting, especially as you get an older. So we're not talking anytime soon. Harrington or Brian? Did you see what happened with Macy Barber, Chris?


No, I didn't see what happened.


No. Before we start, look at the grin on Harrington's face. Harrington turns into a creep anytime we mention Macy Barber. She is a recycling member of the UFC's roster. Okay. And you, Harrington, have a daughter and you have a girlfriend. Okay.


How dare you.


Stop drooling. He loves talking about Macy Barber. Come on, Harrington.


It's hard not to drool. Over a woman like this in this video. And this is something that all the believers tagged me in, being like, oh, I bet this makes it on tomorrow's show.


Please get off my car. Get off my car.


Who the hell is that? My car.


Touch me. Because I could bust you in your. Bust me in my face. I beat Macy's tall fucking axis, but I won't do it. Really try.




Disgusting. Thank you. Appreciate it. In your sweatpants and your lunch dress. Better. Please get off my car. Anyway, it goes on. There was a better video. She basically. Basically, the lady, the older lady's like, I will beat your ass. And this, that, and the other Macy's losing her shit, laughing her head off because she was leaning on a car. I mean, come on. I kind of feel for that lady. She's clearly had a drink. She has no idea. Because, you know, the average girl industry, if she's half your age, you don't think she's fighting in the UFC?


Yeah. What the hell is she doing leaning on the car like she was seven foot tall? She got it. The hell was that?


Harrington? Do you have any more context for us placing, as I guarantee you have done a deep dive on this story?


I've tried. I've tried all the. All the MMA outlets that have reported on and have given pretty much all the details that you saw in the video. Other than. Yeah, I mean, it was. It was Macy recording it and the woman saying, I will beat your ass. And Macy's saying, please, please swing on me.


How about this? Should we have a public campaign to get Macy Barber on the show on Monday? We'll talk about it in depth. Chris, being, as you mentioned a moment ago, alpha males. Being an alpha male yourself, and I know you shouldn't say that about yourself, but, you know, it's cringe to say that, but it's true. Let's be honest. A world champion in the UFC, you must have experienced what Macy went through there last night, but not because they don't know you, because they do know you.


Yeah. Honestly, not. Not a lot, man. You've had people mess with you in bars and stuff, trying to really.


Once or twice, the only thing I've.


Had that I could think of that that's happened. And it was. Everybody knew me in the whole place because it was. It was in Vegas. I was being paid to be there. So I was like, you know, on a big table in the middle of everything, they kept announcing that I was there and everything. And the bouncer, I had to go to the bathroom. So the bouncers wanted to take me to the bathroom. This is, like, at Hakas on or something. And I'm walking, and the bouncers are kind of cleaning, you know, clearing up the area for me. So we're walking, walking, and some dude, like, it was like one line going one way, one line going the other. And he, like, popped his shoulder up and just banged me with this shoulder. And I turn. I stop, I turn around, like, what the. And the kids, he's, like, smiling, and he kept walking. And I'm like, he just did that to say that he shoulder bumped me. Like, it was just, like, his thing to get off. So he goes, go tell his buddies that. Oh, I just showed the bump. Weidman. Other than that is, I really haven't had too many people try to fight me.


Yeah. No, no, no. To be honest, I misspoke because what. What I find generally, any so called tough guys, they're very respectful. You know, like, guys security at clubs and stuff like that or whatever. They just want to come off a shaky hand and be respectful. It's always just little drunk punks that don't know who you are, you know, I used to get that a little bit. Like, I was in a club in Manchester once, and the manager came over. I don't. Yeah. And they did know who I was, but these. These were, like, young. Young gun toting shitbags. Yeah. And they were like, mike, it doesn't matter how tough you are, they're gonna have guns on them. And that's what they want to do, and they want to shoot you. And, you know, so I left. And then apparently they trashed the club afterwards.




Because they let me go out the back. You know, I was like, all right, I'll go. And then the club apparently got smashed up. I don't know. Yeah, so Macy Barber. Macy Barber. Good old Macy. We'll try and get her on Monday. Harrington. Harrington.


Just to go off that, like, I feel like you're right. Most people. Most guys that are tough guys, they probably know who we are, and they know there's, like, levels to the game. They're not trying to, you know, they just have respect for us. It's the. I think you're right. It's just really the only people that you have ever have to worry about, really, is, like, just people who are super drunk and they're idiots and they don't really know who you are.


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I'll tell you. I'll tell you a fun story. So the last time I was in a street fight, it was me and John Volante. I know you know Volanta.


Come on.


This is a funny story. So we're in this club, and now he might have just been in strike force. I wasn't in the UFC yet. I was trying to get in there. I might have been, like, 40 pro. And we're in this club and these. And Volante hates, like, bullies, you know, like, or anybody who thinks they're tough.


He can't hand.


He can't handle it at all. He can't look the other way. So we're in this club, and one of our buddies had some money, so we had a table. We're, you know, feeling ourselves dancing, whatever. And you see these three juice heads walk in, and they got the gold chains. Big, old fat gold chains and everything. You got one was like a monster. He was like, six foot four, probably like, 280 pounds. Just fully juiced up. And then he had two little, small juice heads that were, like, kind of following him around. And they're walking through, and they're, like, shoulder bumping people. Like, just eyeing people up. Like, they're just acting super tough. And as they walk past our table, Volante sees this dude, and he pointed them out to me as you were pushing through people and being dicks. He's like, yo, watch this. And the kids, they walk by us, and they're just going to walk by. And he sees the dude, and he slaps the biggest dude on his ass. He's like, loosen up, buddy. Just loosen up. Why are you acting so tough? Relax. And the dude was so. Him back, he was like, what the.


Like? And he's way bigger than Volante, too. And Volante is a big dude. And they were just so confused. They just kept walking. But I guess throughout the night, I could see they're kind of, like, staring at us. They're kind of waiting around. I didn't. You know, I was still having a good time. I wasn't worried about it. But as the time. As the end of the night came, Volante's outside. I'm inside, and someone runs up to me, and they're like, yo, why, man? Volantis about to get into a fight. So I run outside, and Volante is talking shit to these dudes. They got their Mercedes Benz parked out front, and they're all in their car. And then. And Volante's just, like, near their window, talking back and forth. The dude's like, let's go around the block and fight. And Volantis like, all right, but it's cold. Can you give me a ride? And he starts to open up their back door. He's like, come on. Give me a ride. Let's go. I'm not walking that far. It was hysterical. So I don't say. And Blante is way more intimidating looking than me, even though I'll beat his ass.


So I'm right by the window. I say something. I'm like, yo, just because you're a juice head doesn't mean you're tough or whatever. I said something stupid like that. And the jute, the big old juice head who was driving, he gets out of the car. Nothing. Doesn't even look at Volante. Come straight from me. I'm like, all right, here we go. And big right hand comes, just like you expect. I just did a cover under hook, knee pick, pulled him down, and I just start slapping his belly, and I'm slapping his belly. I'm like, slap. Slapping his bald head. I'm just embarrassing him. So the bouncers come in. They break us up, and now he's like, full. He's so mad. He's. I want back at him. Give me another chance. By the way, he wants to fight me again. So they let him go, and it was like instant replay again. I just under lock the punch, under hook, knee pick, and I start slapping his belly, tickling him. Just noogies. And that was. And then Volante is just. He still does nothing. He always is. He's the biggest shit starter, but he won't do anything.


And I'm like, more like, are you disrespecting my friends? Are we going to fight? Like, is that what we're doing? So we're kind of bad mix. And then I just. Those guys got in their car and left. But that was the last time I was in a street fight. No punches thrown. Nobody got hurt. But it was like, I just embarrassed the hell out of them.


Yeah, yeah. And that's the beauty, isn't it, of knowing martial arts, you know, like knowing jiu jitsu, being a wrestler, that you don't have to listen. Come on. We've all had a fight, and we have whole. All throne punches. Of course we have. I used to get in a lot of fights when I was a kid, but I'm not a kid anymore, thank God. But when you have the ability, you know, you don't have to lose your shit. You just take it down like you did and just embarrass them and then not lower yourself to rolling around on the streets and all the rest of it. Like, I got assaulted when I went, I don't think I've talked about this. So I got sucker pudding. Not in New Orleans. I have talked about that when I was back home recently.


Really? Really?


Yeah, yeah. Some dickhead sucker punched me, and he.


Found you in a bar.


At this point, I'm in a beautiful restaurant with, uh. So I go home. It's the last time I was there. I go home, go to this nice restaurant, family restaurant. It's a summer's night. There's my mom. She's, like, 80. She's on crutches. She can't walk. There's my sister with a newborn baby. Her family. There's my children. There's, like, 22 of us. Very, very respectable. It's 530 at night. No one's had a drop of alcohol. The sun's shining. It's a nice family italian restaurant. We're sitting there. We're just putting our order in for appetizers and shit, and these guys walk in, and they're hammered, and one of them's talking a bit of shit. He thought, I don't remember him at all, but apparently we ran into each other in 1996. Okay.


Yeah, yeah.


And obviously that's been stewing in his mind, whatever. So he started talking about shit. I said, yo, you need to go and sit down. I said, look, I'm with my mother and stuff like that. I don't know who the hell you are. So he sits down, and he's all night long, he's doing this and whatnot. So I say to the manager, yo, can we get rid of this guy? And there was three of them. They're all like. They were like, 60 years old. Like, old drunk losers, you know? Like, really?


I'm thinking the guys, like, your age, this guy's.


No, this is when I was a kid. Apparently we had, like, an interaction or something. You know what I mean? So these old drunk losers, I said, yo, can we get rid of these? He goes, yeah, absolutely. So the manager gets them to leave. Fast forward 2 hours later. We're paying the check. We're leaving the restaurant, and we're standing there. And that where you pay is by the exit of the. Of the restaurant. So my mom and all the family are sitting down. I'm paying the check because I always pay the check. Although I finished that wine and the dessert, you know, and then they walked past again, and they start talking shit. And I'm like, what the you are? So I said, I'm with my family. We're sitting down, and as I'm talking to one of them, the other guy just goes boom. And punches me right square on the nose. Right. Wasn't a hard punch, but it was a decent little shot, you know, it was good enough. It registered. But he fell on the floor because he was hammered. As he. As he connected, he fell on the floor. And I'm standing there, no, but I'm like.


Because when I was younger, I did used to get into a lot of fights, and I was known for that, and I've grown into a much different person now. I am not that guy. I'm not a fighter. I mean, I am a fighter in that sense, but I'm not that guy. I'm not a scrapper, I'm not a dickhead. I don't cause drama, you know, and I thought, I just can't allow myself to come back. I haven't been here in a long time. Because it'll be the talk of the town. Because it's only a small town. Or Michael Bispin was back. He was only here two days, and already he's rolling around the streets fighting somebody. You know what I'm saying? I was just like, you. Because he hit me and he falls on the floor, and I was like, I could all three of you up right now. Look at you. Can't even stand. You know? My nose was bleeding a little bit. He bust my nose a little bit. And then right as I'm just looking at him, like, thinking, you prick. It's just not worth it. Don't do it. An off duty police officer walks out of the store across the road, and she's like, I saw everything.


I saw everything. Michael, she knew. Because it's a small town and everyone knows me. They're like, michael, we saw everything. Please press charges. I'm like, no, we're not pressing charges. She says, michael, they do this every week. They're always causing trouble. Please press charges. I'm like, do you really think I'm going to come back and press charges because the bomb sucker punched me? So anyway, my wife was like, I'm really proud of you, Michael. You did the right thing. You did the right thing. And I'm like, yeah. My mom's like, Michael, oh, you've. That's so good. You know, you were so mature and everything. I'm like, yeah, I guess I am. Anyway, I get back home and I'm sitting there and I'm like. And I'm like, so now my only regret. I wish I didn't. I'm glad I didn't hit him. Yeah, but I should have leg kicked him. Yeah, I should have leg kicked it really hard. You know what I mean? The bastard wouldn't have walked for about a week.


Yeah, bro, that is amazing. Thank. It's amazing how much restraint you have now. Like, that is. That's. That's hard. It's way easier to beat the dude. For you to pull back and not do that, that is a testament to it, definitely. You changed. I had it not to. I know we. I don't know how much time we have, but I have a similar thing because I don't. I'm the same way, man. Like, I grew up fighting and stuff, too. And if I was always taught, like, if someone disrespects you, especially if they touch you, like, you're allowed to. You're allowed to go. And now that just recently I was with my parents and we're in the car, and this jerk off dirt bag, you know, shitty Honda Civic, all souped up, cuts in front of my dad as he's driving. And I was. I was sitting in the passenger seat and cuts in front of us and slams on the brakes. And now he's going, like, five 5. We can't go around them. It's a one lane. And it's like, what? The next? I know it separates the two lanes. And we're stopped at a light, and the guy is blowing me kisses from his window, and he's got his window down, he's leaned all the way back.


He's like. And I. Everything in me, like, I want to beat the shit out of this dude. Like, I want to go. Like, I can't. I can't let this guy do this in front of my family and everything. But in my head, it's like, all right, this guy. Knife gone. I'm with my family. This is stupid. I have to kind of, like, just eat this. But just like you said, I went home, and probably for about a week or so, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Like, he got away with it. Like, I wish. I wish I would have done this, and I wish I would have done that. But you know what? Like, nobody got hurt. Nothing crazy happened. I mean, nobody went to jail. I'm happy.


Exactly. Yeah, exactly.


Because I worth it.


That's all. I think, number one, if it did start, typically in the UK, when people show up and the cops show up, granted, there was an unmarked off duty officer there, but whoever is the winner is usually the one going to prison. That's how it was for me when I was a kid.




And then I'm like, I've got a good life, you know? Could you imagine this front page of the newspapers, all the MMA sites will pick it up. Michael Bisping arrested. I'm a UFC commentator. I'm 45 years old. I'm a retired fighter. I am not. I am not doing this. It was hard.


It's hard. After everything we, like, everyone wants to be like us. So in those situations, they could put someone in their place. And then when you become to a level where, you know, you could freaking just dominate these dudes, you don't do it, you know?


Cuz it's crazy, isn't it, Chris? Cuz when I was younger, my mom had an expression which I thought she was crazy, because when I was a kid, I was. I was always getting into fights. I'm talking 15, 1617 out.


Were you the young you were younger brother or older brother?


I had two older brothers.


Older brothers. Okay.


I got a younger brother as well, but I was. Yeah, they used to kick the shit out of me, you know, so I was used to an ass beating, but my mom used to always say, michael, it takes a bigger man to walk away. And I used to go, oh, my God, mom, what are you talking about? You're out of your mind. What do you mean, it takes a bigger man to walk away? But, jeez, as you get older, you realize. Absolutely true, because they were scumbags. And Brian, just jump on. Brian will tell you they've sent videos in to this podcast or, like, you know, talking shit and, like, little DM's. Right, Brian?


Oh, yeah.


You know what I'm saying?


I mean, they must. Losers that they're. They're hitting your podcast people to try to get to you. Like. Like they were. They're trying to get to your level. You would have sunk down to their level if you beat the shit out of them.


Yeah. Yes. So sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt because, yeah, there's that. That's their claim to fame. And I promised. I said to Brian, said, no, we're not talking about this. We're not even giving them the air time. But I think other people listening to this, they, you know, can help inspire people. That if you are that guy, as you get an older, you don't need to be. We can always change. Chris, you are the man. I believe Harrington has a couple of fan questions for you, if you don't mind.


Let's go, Harrington. Harrington.


Harrington. There it is.


Took me a second to get to the button. Sorry about that. Okay, so BJ Jotter has a question. How do you. How did you feel about the production and arena in Atlantic City? Does he think there is a bright future for more fights in Atlantic City?


Yeah, that Atlantic City, you know, that's where I started my career. So it was awesome being back, but that city has kind of really fell apart, and it was good to be back, and I didn't know what to expect with the arena, but that is a cool arena, the way there's not one bad seat in there. It's historic. It's almost 100 years old. I think it was a Toru gotti who kind of, like, made that place his home and made it famous. And so there's been a lot of history there. And, you know, from my walk out to the. To the fight, you know, during the fight and when I was leaving, the energy in there, which is unbelievable, and yeah, I. I hope Atlantic City gets more fights.


Yeah, you're right. It is a little rundown, though, and we don't want to talk shit on Atlantic City because I did that a few weeks ago. Yeah, but they're lovely people.


Yeah, lovely people. But most of them don't live there. They're, like, outside, you know, they're coming in just for the spectacle. That place is really fell apart. You know, I started my fight career there in 2009, and then when I was there, it wasn't that bad. You know, a lot of people were still going there, and it wasn't. It wasn't too bad. And then Hurricane Sandy happened in 2012. A bunch of the casinos got flooded. I think they went bankrupt. They. It really fell apart after that. And then when COVID happened, it went to a different level. Now I didn't feel safe driving my car down the side streets. I had my family with me. I go, I'm not even comfortable stopping at these red lights on some of these streets. It's just really like someone was going to carjack me. Yeah, it was. The dudes were just walking around up to no good. So, yeah, that city definitely needs some loving.


Okay, I got Corey Miller this.


Hold on, hold on. Can we have a question about Chris as opposed to trying to get him to shit on Atlantic City or pick up the venue? Something about Chris, his personal life? Come on. You're the master of questions, Harrington.


All right, well, I thought this was super interesting. Not about his personal life, but fighting, but it's a. It's a running theme on the show. Anthony Smith says it all the time. You're the best fighter that he's ever trained with, and he doesn't understand how you've ever lost a fight. Michael's question is, is there a block going into the fights? Is it just unlucky injuries or something else?


I mean, you know, shit happens in fighting. That's. That's. That's probably it. You know, I think I've had some fights where I underperformed for sure, but a lot of fights I lost, I was winning. And, you know, I guess attention span is probably a part of it, you know, but either way, it just like was the other fighters day, you know, I. You know? Yeah. So I appreciate Anthony Smith saying that. I do feel like skill set wise, I got a great skill set. I'm still doing really good in the gym against top guys, and. And, yeah, I do think I have a lot of potential, so I. That's why I'm still fighting, you know, I wouldn't be fighting if I didn't feel like I have a lot of potential and some more to show. So my goal every time is to be able to show, like, my potential out there, and sometimes it doesn't happen.


Well, just so you know, Anthony does say that all the time. Really speaks so highly. No, I'm telling you, Chris, he really does. I'm just bringing up your wikipedia because they. Dude, are we forgetting that you were champion of the world? Are we forgetting that you beat Anderson Silva when he was fit and he was in his prime? You know, are we forgetting you defended the belt three times? You know, you. Very, very humble of you to say. The reality is, you know, not everyone, you can't stay on top forever, but you still feel like you got another run in yet. Is that the plan? Are you looking at a belt again or a few more fights?


I'm going to take it a fight at a time. You know, like, if I go against a big name guy and it somehow catapults me to a title fight at some point, you know, that would be obviously amazing because, listen, that's where all the money's at, right? Become a champ, then you get pay per view. We'll see. We'll see where, you know, I'm just going to take one fight at a time. Chasing the belt at this point, I think, would be a little crazy. I mean, as far as, like, that's my goal. I just got to take a fight at a time, be my best version, and we'll see where it takes me. You know, I'm almost going to be 40 here pretty soon, you know, so.


Yeah, but is it crazy? Listen, Israel Adesanya was tremendous, but there's the parallels with Pereira about the wrestling. As we said, you know, your biggest skill set was your wrestling. Your jiu jitsu is phenomenal, powerful on the feet. I mean, Sean. Sean Strickland, not the best wrestler, right? He's not a wrestler. Who else? Drake is. Duplessi, what's your thoughts? Drake is too plessy.


I mean, I got more respect for him after his last fight than I had prior to that. Like, I just thought he looked, you know, just like what everybody sees. He looks sloppy, but the. The sloppiness and the unorthodox style that he has, I think, is what makes him good. He's just hard to predict, and I don't think he knows what he's doing half the time. And that it's. It's hard to. It's hard to deal with that. You know, when a guy's blitzing forward, you know, maybe like two, three punches, but he just keeps coming, you know, and it could look spazzy. But. But I think the best thing about him is he doesn't care what he looks like. He doesn't care about the criticism. And I. And I say that's probably the best thing about him. He, you know, after some fights, if I don't look, if. If I did something that wasn't great and the fans all saying that, you know, that's something I should change up, sometimes it will get in my head, like, all right, I got to make a switch. I talked to him, you know, before his last fight, and none of that stuff bothers him.


He's going to be him. He thinks it's the best style for MMA, even though it looks awkward. And so it's working for him. I mean, of course, I think I could beat all. I think I could beat all these guys. There's a lot of great matchups for me, but, you know, just, you gotta go in there and do it.


Well, Chris, not that I'm kissing your ass, because I don't need to, but. So you were the champion. You fight Luke Rockhold in a fight you were winning until you threw that spinning back kick, right, which you probably fucking hate. Yoel Romero again. There's a storyline there, okay? And by the way, that was yours. A monster gay God, Moose. I see. Was it. The whole thing touching the fence, touching the canvas?


So that was. That was a. That was a weird one, man. So I had my. I had both hands down, but they. As he picked me up. So in New York, it was the first time they had an event where it had to be palms down on the floor, both palms, in order to be a down opponent. And he had both my arms trapped, like. Like, not in a front headlight, but, like, over both arms. My arms are, like, straight. And so I had him on the ground, but when he need me, my. He, like, pulled up my head, which was smart, and my fingertips were on the ground. The ref, I think it was Big John McCarthy, I'm pretty sure, or Big Dan, I forget, but he. He thought it was. I was a down opponent, so they stopped the fight. They start giving me time, and then they go back to the replay and they realize that my hands weren't down, and they. Because I had so much time off, they just. I lost the fight. It was. It was over.




Yeah. So it was. It was a weird one. And it was New York, you know, New York was just getting going with the commission. MMA commission. Hey, what got to do, is he. Chris, I got a golden doodle and a cavapoo. The alpha male dogs, man.


I was gonna say, can we see? Can we see? Because I'm a dog man myself. Oh, look at this guy. Rebecca, get Harry.


Oh, yeah, I've got one.


Bring Harry here, please, somebody.


What is Harry? What kind of dog?


I was a York. What is he? Hold on.


Yorkie poo.


Easy, Yorkie. Boo.


Yeah. We got the cavapoo. You got the Yorkie poo. This is what the champions. The champions need dogs, like, exactly.


We don't need a big macho Rottweiler. The poo spinoffs, they make great pets, all of them.


No shedding the hypoallergenic. So smart. Too smart.


This one, very timid. Get. Hurry.


This one is.




This one is.


This is.


This is.


This is why. This is why. Bring him in. Say hi to Chris Weidman.


Hey, how you doing?


I'm having a poo off.


Yeah, look at that. They're actually identical.


Look at these guys.


Say hi.


We are the. Look at that. Harry. It's your people. I don't. I don't. Go on. Go on, Harry. Get out of here. He stole my bloody headphones. He stole my bloody headphones.


They're great dogs, though. I don't know if you hear me.


You really are. You really are.


Hold on.


Let me put my headphones back in. Harry just pulled them out. Little shit. Right, Chris, we'll let you go, man, because we've kept you for far too long. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your time. Trinity Gold. What's the website again?



There it is. Trinity doll The all american Chris Weidman, the former champion all around legend. Thank you for your time, Chris. This was great. I'd love to do this again.


Hey, listen, I got so much respect for you, and I appreciate you having me on. Anytime that you want to do something, let me know. I'm in.


Will do, will do. Because I regularly need co hosts and stuff. So, Chris, you take care, buddy. All right. So, Chris Weidman, what an absolute legend that man is. Thank you for your time. Chris, if you're watching this back, thank you. And support Trinity gold as well. If you're going through some problems, give it a shout. Give it a look. You won't regret it. Harrington, what is going on in the world that makes martial arts?


So I think the biggest story is probably Ilya de Poria.




He amended his. His kind of outlook a little bit. He said immediately after the fight, Max Holloway's next. It's 100% Max Holloway. That's who it's going to be. Now he's saying that if Max Holloway doesn't put the BMF title on the line, he has no interest in that fight and he's going to skip him, go right to the Volkanovski rematch.


Well, first of all, he was very dismissive of Max and Justin. Right. He said, that's all I saw the last 10 seconds. He said he felt that that's what the entire fight looks like, which it didn't, which we know. So he's dismissing Max. Of course. You know, that's what you do, I guess. You don't sit there and give a raving review. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. He's the type of guy that doesn't. I thought Max had a lot of strategy, and I thought he was phenomenal. The footwork was brilliant. But regarding what you just said, I would be surprised if every time Max fights, shouldn't the BMF belt automatically be on the line? Because it's not a title fight.


Right, but wait, so you're saying it should be or it shouldn't be?


So Justin Gage's last fight was against Dustin Poirier. His next one, the BMF belt, was on the line. Masvidal. How did he lose the BMF?


He didn't. He retired with it. He fought Usman, I think, two, two times after, and Gilbert Burns, and it was not on the line for any of those.


Right, right. Interesting, interesting. I understand why tepporia would say that, because that's worth getting, you know, the BMF belt. I mean, the more I think about it, because there was a lot of stigma attached to the BMF belt. A lot of people saying, oh, this is stupid, made up belts. But now, like, we're getting a little deeper into the history of the BMF belt, certainly with that fight, the way that it went down and what these fighters represent. Just engage you. Of course, one of them, Masvidal. Of course, these are guys, Nate Diaz, another guy that fought for the inaugural one. You know, they're fighters. Fighters. They're fighters that fighters aspire to be. Like, their performances that fighters want to be involved with. So, of course, I think now the BMF belt from the public and from fighters is getting a lot more respect, which. Which I believe it should. I like it now. You know, I was kind of like, well, it's fun, but I wasn't blown away by the concept, but I thought, it's fun. All right. I had no issue with it, but now I'm like, hold on a minute. That now it stands for something.


Now it means something. And that shows because tepporia wants that belt. Yeah, I like it. I can't imagine that Max Holloway would say no to that for a chance to fight at 145 to become the champion at featherweight. I'm sure they could put. So that would be a double title fight for both men.


Never seen that before.


We have never seen a championship belt, an undisputed belt, and the BMF belt on the line at the same time. I mean, that is history in the making.




Ilya Topori could get, conceivably in his next fight. He could get that image that, you know, so many fighters that, you know, the belt on each shoulder and celebrate and the whole thing. Yeah, he could have that.


Well, of course, Conor McGregor is out there. He probably wants a shot at that BMF belt as well if he gets to Michael Chandler. What was Michael Chandler saying this week?


So he went on, he went. He was talking to the Mac life and the MMA hour earlier this week, and he said he wouldn't be surprised if, when the actual contracts came through and everything was finalized in the dotted line, that him and McGregor wouldn't be fighting at 170, rather for the inaugural 165 pound title. He said, this fight deserves a title, and let's just see if we can. We can get make that happen.


I must admit. Fire week. Last week, UFC 300. At the press conference, I was waiting for, you know, a McGregor announcement. I was waiting for Chandler and McGregor to come out on stage afterwards. I thought Dana was going to say, guys, wait there. We have a special announcement for you. And then they were going to come out. Of course, that didn't happen, but I had a sneaky feeling that if they did, they were going to announce 165 pound belt. And I said it to Adam and Nick, the guys from TNT Sports who you know very well, and they were like, oh, they're the best. And they said, well, hold on a minute, but there's a 170 pound belt, so that would diminish from the welterweight title unless they moved the welterweight belt up to 175, which is just not going to happen. You can't take Leon's belt and automatically make it 175 pounds. You can't. You can't do that. Why not?


If you're changing the definition of the welterweight weight class, he's still the welterweight champion and junior welterweight or super heavyweight, whatever the 165 is called. Becomes a new class.


But is there the depth of talent for 165 pound weight class and 170 pound weight class? That's the real issue.


You know, I don't know about 170, but 175, I think, for sure, because you could get some. Some, you know, middleweights who could cut the ten pounds, maybe not the 15. And there's certainly enough talented at 155 to support, you know, 165 pound division. So I don't think welterweight would suffer all that much.


Yeah, don't get me wrong. I'm all for ten pound increments, without question. 2535, 455-565-7585 even a 95 and a 205. However, I do think, though, with there already being an established welterweight champion at 170 pounds, I just think it makes it very, very complicated. You would essentially be asking Leon to relinquish that belt and then fight for the 175 pound belt in his next fight. Yeah, I mean, you know, and that's just a big ask. Brian, as the third man in the room, what do you think? Because I think. I don't know. I mean, it's not my organization. And who knows? Maybe if this is going to happen, which I don't think it will, but if it is happening, I guess all it is is a conversation with Leon to see if he'd agree to that. Got to remember, that's a highly coveted belt that people. Most people don't get, Brian.


Yeah. I think if you. If you were going to move divisions around, you'd have to let Leon keep his belt. Right. So, yeah, I mean, it would definitely change the landscape of those three divisions, for sure. The. Like, they.




There wouldn't be traffic jams at the top like there is now.


Yeah, no, the more weight classes, the better. I think ten increments is perfect because two or five to 185, that's the biggest in all the sport. And I did that, and it drove me crazy, and it pissed me off. At 2535-4555 I'm like, you little bastards. Bastards. You've only got to do ten pounds. Why have I got to do 20? All right. This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp, which offers professional therapy done online and more importantly, done at your convenience. I say all the time, this is a fantastic service that you really need to take care of or take advantage of, should I say, if you have, you know, any kind of mental health condition, if you have a bad temper, if you've got substance abuse issue, if you're drinking too much, if you're struggling with your relationship, you know, whatever the case may be, speaking to somebody, a professional that knows what they're talking about. Even just speaking to anybody, speaking to anybody will, will help. But speaking to a professional will definitely help. And that's why betterhelp is so good. Because as you probably know by now, it's all done securely online. You just sign up, they match you to a licensed professional therapist very, very easily.


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So it's actually a link to both. There's the video of Oscar de la Hoya saying that it's going to be a top ten pay per view of all time. It's going to have a million views, pay per view buys, et cetera, et cetera. He said the event is already a success on Tuesday morning ahead of the fight. Luke Thomas is the one who did a little bit of researching there and posted this photo attached to it.


What's the photo of? Ticket sales or something?


Yes, it's the.




That is all these seats available for this Saturday's fight for 20.


So hold on. Blue is available? Mm hmm. Yeah. I mean, that's crazy, because Devin Haney is a. You know, he's a fantastic boxer, as is Ryan Garcia, given all of his mental troubles or his ups and downs or his social media faux pas. For want of a better expression, you can't deny the guy skill. And. And I would have thought with all the. The madness is promotes interest in the fight. Granted, that's a lot of seats available.


But what is the fight this Saturday?


It's in two days.


It's in two days.




Okay. Okay. Well, listen, Oscar de la Hoya is going to Oscar de la Hoy. You know, Ryan Garcia continues to have a meltdown, though, in my opinion. I saw him doing a live stream or a clip of him doing a live stream. And again, same shit as what we showed the other day. Very erratic laughing. I don't know. Maybe he's just clowning and having a laugh with it. Maybe he's trolling everybody. How sick would it be if this.


Is the greatest rope a dope, right? He's been training 8 hours a day and then just going home and doing little dickhead videos on Twitter, and he comes out there and starches Haney.


Brian, see if you can find. It was a video on him doing a live stream. It was on a little Instagram clip. Because it is. It is kind of crazy. But regardless, hey, I hope he's well. I hope he's. I hope he is trolling us all. I really do. Because the last thing I want is a combat sports athlete suffering mentally. But to be honest, I don't think it would be from CTE or anything like that. It's probably just the nerves, the fame, all the rest of it. The money, the hangers on, distrustful people around you. You know, like Dana White always talks about this. He gave the speech when I was on the ultimate fighter. When we finished filming, he gave it to all of us. And I've heard him give it to. At season nine, when I coached it, season 14, when I coached it, he gave the same speech three times. So I'm assuming he does it for every single one. He said, for you guys that have been successful on this show, just be careful. He said, the people that are around you now, the people that give a about you now, are the people that will give a about you when all your money and fame and all the rest of it is dissipated because for most people, it will dissipate at some point, you know?


So those around you now remember who they are, you know, because every scumbag, every slime ball, every con man, every user, people coming at you with this amazing business investment and all the rest of it, they're all coming out of the woodwork and just trying to take what you've got, trying to weasel something out of you, trying to leech onto you so they can get in clubs and look cool, or whatever the case may be, you know? And that's probably a big factor of what's going on with Ryan Garcia. He's a young man. I don't think he's taken that many blows to the head where he's now acting like a maniac because of damage he's endured in the ring. You know, I think it's more to do with having a nervous breakdown, if anything, because. Because he doesn't know who we can trust. He doesn't know who he is anymore. You know, you have an identity crisis. You know, I don't know what his background was, but I'm assuming he comes from, you know, ProB, probably a tough background. And now all of a sudden, I don't know what he's worth. Millions of dollars in the bank.


Very famous, you know, but again, maybe because he puts these little clips up and they get crazy engagement, right? And his opponent might be underestimating him. Maybe this is the most genius troll that we have ever seen.


Oh, man, that would be so cool.


Or maybe he's legit having a breakdown brain.


I just love him in his car.


No, it was. It was. He was standing up in front of a camera.


Is it this one?


Don't know. Don't worry about it. It was on. It wasn't on his page. Someone had taken a screen record of his lives. Do not worry about it. All right, before we get to questions, Harrington, one more thing. What have we got?


Let's see here. I think I found this interesting. Magamatanka Layev. He tweeted out at Alex Pereira, congratulating him. But he also tweeted at Dana White and Mick Maynard, saying not only the, that he wants to fight Alex Pereira, but that he wants to do it at 03:08 in Abu Dhabi. So he's calling the location, and he says that he is going to knock out Pereira in the first round on the feet, because Pereira has no chin.


Well, that's debatable. I think he's basing that on the fact that he got knocked out by Israel Adesanya at 185 pounds after going through a ridiculous weight cut, 308 in Abu Dhabi. Of course he wants that, but he's the champion. I'm not saying that he's the boss of the UFC, but he also gets the same where he fights, when he fights, who he fights. Of course he does. Nobody has a gun to his head. And of course, if you want that fight, you start throwing insults around. You say you're going to knock him out. So Magamet's saying the right thing. And the reality is he does have power. He is a big guy. He just knocked out Johnny Walker. I don't know who else is knocked out off the top of my head. I'll have a look while you talk.


Yeah, there's been a couple. But I mean, the thing I found interesting about that is like, is there something about a guy like Alex Pereira where he. He has a such a striking advantage and people want to show off against that, that despite wrestling being the best game plan, guys will actually stand and bang with him because they want to be the one to get that giant highlight knockout and steal all that star power.


No, no. It's. No one's built like he was saying it this week. Everyone's been saying. Me and Wyman talked about it, right? We saw it against Israel, Adesanya, the wrestling, the grappling wasn't high level with Glover Teixeira. It will be improving. That's without question. So whatever we saw against Izzy, that was what, a year ago? Maybe even longer. It was April 2023, right? Or in fact, the first one was November 2022. So we're coming up on 18 months or something like that. It will have improved by then, of course, but it's still going to be a low level. And I don't care whether or not they gave him a black belt, okay? But it's the people that he's fought. He's had the best. He's had really good matchups. Now, I'm not taking away from him because this is just the division that he's in. The people that he's beating, they're the top guys in the division. It's not his fault that it's not studied, scattered with loads of top level wrestlers. It just isn't. And that's it. He can only beat the people in front of him. And the people that he's beaten are the top five.


They are Israel Adesanya Jan Blachowicz, former champ. Sean Strickland, former champ. Yuri Prohaska, former champ. Jamal Hill. Former champ. None of them are wrestlers. Again, that's not his fault. Although if you want to try and find a path to navigate towards discrediting him, that would be it. But what are you doing? There's no need to do that. He's beating the people in front of him. And you could say, well, Magamed Ankolaiev, let's see if he can pass that test, because that is a real test, stylistically, you know. But Magamed Ankolaev can probably. He's got just as big an opportunity of knocking him out than what Jamal Hill. Hill does, to be honest. I mean, when I look at Magamed. So he knocks out Johnny Walker. Tko against Anthony decisions. Who's to make? Krylov knocked out Iwan Kutalaba. That was a good one. If I recall before that, the head kick against Ivan Kutalaba. Exactly. Dolce Lungi and bowler. That was a beautiful front kick to the face. He's a good striker. You know, it's weird, though, because what Pereira's done. Did we talk about this on Monday? It books the trend of what everybody talks about for mixed martial, Lawrence, because everyone says, you got to be a wrestler.


You got a wrestle, you got a wrestler. If you can't, it's the best base. You've got to be a wrestler. Fuck wrestling. No, I'm joking. No, no. It is incredible that he's had such an ascension with essentially no wrestling base. So, hey, fair play to him. Fair play to him. Congratulations. That has to be congratulated and celebrated because he's booking the trend. He's not doing what everyone says right now. You gotta go find a wrestling gym. You got to do this. You got to go through a collegiate program. No. He's emerged as a kickboxer that is just knocking everybody out. Fair play. Can't hate on that. And if he gets through magamet, then essentially, this conversation is done and dusted forever. However, it will be forever puzzling. I hope you guys were changing subjects there. That's what that was. That was the. That's called the final word. Should we go to school? Question. No, I just didn't want to say.


Anything because I knew we were changing subjects, and I was like, let's just leave that clean.


Let's go to questions.


Let's call it.


If you have a question, please send it into


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All right, wait, why did I come up there? There we go.


Oh, there we go.


All right, so first question we have here is from Mister Joe Perillo. No relation, I would imagine. I love the podcast, Harrington.


Fuck you.


Question for both of you. Or if it's just an episode with bisping, you never know. Question. When you guys are doing the face offs right before the fight, did you guys ever have a face off where you intimidated someone or you were intimidated, or you looked into your eye, their eyes, and you were like, yeah.




Any cool face off stories? Bisping? I know the one about vitor saying, God ain't real.


Any other ones?


Or Anthony.


Oh, Mister Perillo, thank you very much. Shout out the perillos. So, yeah, there's a few. I mean, obviously there was the. The vitor one. There was also, it's well known, the Chael Sonnen, when he said, you know, what cologne are you wearing? Also, when I squared up against Jorge Rivera in Sydney, Australia, because he did this string of videos which I've talked about many times, we got in each of those faces and I'm screaming and screaming and screaming and he pushed me and he pushed me quite hard. You know, it was a good push. And my reaction, I just started laughing my head off because I'm like, got it. Because, like, at that moment in time that you gotta fight tomorrow, you know, you're gonna get locked in an octagon. You know what I'm saying? You don't have to get physical there. And even though some tempers do flare sometimes, I still. I do wonder whether or not the intention of those guys that, like, gonna be held back, are they really losing it? You know what I mean? Are they just trying to, you know. You know what I'm saying? I'm not. It's not a case of hold me back, hold me back because they know they're gonna get held back, but, like, they're gonna get locked in a cage.


But if they snap the way he did to where they push you hard, it's like, bro, you've. You. I knew right then and there that I had him, you know, because it was like, yeah, you've just. You've cracked. I've broke you mentally. You're the supposed to be the one breaking me and getting me off my game, which he did. He drove me on the goddamn wall. I don't mind admitting it, but the fact that he lost his cool like that, I thought he played into my hands, but other ones went stared out. Any good ones for you, Harrington, that you remember other fighters? Of course.


No, yeah.


I don't mean your.


I mean, I mean, I think the one that comes to mind the most for me is like, connor picking up the chair and running at Eddie Alvarez. And it's like, what? What are you going to do with that?


What are you going to do with.


The chair on front of. On a stage in front of 40 people? You think you're going to get to him with a chair? Really?


Come on. I forgot about that one. Yeah, there has been some crazy ones. As if he picked up a chair.


That was open about, um, Jon Jones scaring the shit out of him.


Oh, really?


Yeah, yeah.


I'm trying to think. Hold on. What times? I was scared. I don't think there's times I've been scared, but there was definitely times where I was like, it's gonna be a tough one. This boys shit. Like, it's crazy because, like, the one where you should have thought, this is gonna be a tough one would have been Vito Belfour, when the man was juiced out of his gills looking absolutely gigantic. He's a two weight division champion, like heavyweight and heavyweight. He's knocked out the last seven people in a row with every type of variety of kick you can imagine, you know? And all I did was tell him that Jesus isn't real. At that moment in time, I was like, that's when you're ready for a fight. I'm like, I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm not asked. But there's definitely been. There isn't one or two that springs to mind right now. I remember early in my career when I fought mark the beast Epstein at Cage Rage, my third fight, I was like, he looks a bit tasty. One reporter described him as having the face of a murderer, and he definitely did have one. So anyway, there you go.


What else we got, Brian?


I had something cool about face off. Somebody pointed this out to me, and it's something that I can't not look for now. She said, typically the first person to smile when two fighters face off is the. Is the losing fighter. There because for whatever reason, they can't keep their cool. And it's. It's them breaking and cracking. Do you put any weight in that?


Who did that study?


Yeah, ultra nonsense girl I talked to one time. All these. Some girl you spoke to. Oh, Macy barber.


I'll tell you this.


Jamal Hill smiled first when he. When he faced off against Pereira.


Yeah, listen, it's all. None of that stuff. Can you read and make any kind of analysis off this whole thing? Whoever looks away first when they're staring each other down, sometimes you just think, oh, this is stupid.


Literally never looked his opponent in the eyeball.


Yeah, it looks at the floor. It's just like, you can't. He's like. You know, like some of these things. It's just like a weird thing you say. Alright, enough of this. When you were dickhead, you know, so you can't. You can't. It just so happens that that guy lost when he smiled. Doesn't mean, oh, if you smile at a face off, you're done for, Brian.


So we got our next question from Mister Nick Broodman and he's probably trying to get you in trouble. What's up Bym Lincoln, Nebraska? We're watching UFC 300, having a watch party here. We had a question for you guys. What is your favorite after party or after party store you got. And as always, roll lionheart, baby. You harrington?


Yeah. I'm trying to think, because there's a lot. A lot of after party stories and a lot of them aren't too clear. And also I'm trying to think, what are the ones? I can tell there's a lot. Well, 99.9% of them are not fit for error. That's just a fact. I don't think Parilla would mind me saying this one. It was Quebec City. I had a crappy fight with Tim Kennedy. We went out, we had a few drinks. Fast forward. It's 03:00 in the morning. It's freezing cold. There's ice everywhere. We're walking down the street on the way back to the hotel and there's all our group. And then one of Audi's, he's my manager, one of his, I think it's an investor. Lovely guy, a black guy. And this guy comes over, some random dude in the street to borrow a smoke of Jason Perillo. And as Perillo is giving him a smoke or whatever, the guy goes, what the eff you doing with the n word, right? And Perillo says, excuse me? And he says, yeah, really proudly says, what the you doing with the n? Word, and perillo just goes, bang. Unconscious.


Unconscious led there in the snow. And hey, I'm like, I think we need to get out of here, boys. So sorry, parrillo, if you didn't want me saying that one. Whatever. Other ones. UFC 100, after I just got bingoed out cold, still went out on a legendary night. Hanging out with Jason Statham, of all people. Yeah, because I saw Statham at the last UFC London, and he comes over and he's like, hey, Mike, I can't do a station. But he's. Mike, man, I haven't seen you since that night. We had a brilliant time. For the life of me, I'm like, what is he talking about? I'm. Oh, God. UMC 100. That was 2009. Never mind the fact I'd just been knocked out. That was was 15 years ago. But there's been some good ones after nights that have won as well. Not only the ones that I lost, but still, there it is. There's the show. Big, big thank you to Chris Wyman. Anthony and I will be back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.