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Yeah. You said last week they had a fight booking. I'm assuming you can't talk.


About that. No, I turned it down. It was short notice.


Oh, really? Yeah. You know what? Smart, mate. Smart.


Yeah. I think I would have been fine, but it's my leg. One leg kick, you're right back to zero.


How's it feeling?


It's good. It's tender still to touch a little bit. I can grapple and roll and it's no big deal, but I just don't want to go in there and not heal. It's one thing we're banged up all the time, but still lingering shit from the previous fight is not a good idea.


Yeah, talking of lingering things, that burning in my mouth on Thursday was lingering for quite some time.


We got straight a howed by your wife. I could not believe how much of a savage she is. She just kept eating it.


I will say this. I went and got a little haircut for the commentary. When I was there, she was texting me, My stomach's on fire. Her stomach had a delayed reaction by hours for some weird reason. I don't know the science behind that one, but at least.


It was impressive.


It was impressive. She's so tough and she's so hard. Anyway, everyone, we got a big show for you today. We have the legendary Jim Miller joining us shortly. Jim Miller, what a guy. What a legend. I find at the highest level since 2008. I think he's 43 fights in the organization. Most wins. I'm sure there's so many other records as well. So looking forward to talking to him. Do you know Jim?


I don't. I've never had a chance to speak to him. I've never met him. I've never... So I'm excited. He's that guy that whoever... Just for the listeners and viewers, whoever your favorite fighter is, looks up to Jim Miller. That's the guy he is.


For sure. When I'm interviewing him in the cage, it's a different feeling. I'm like, This guy is... He's never been a Conor McGregor or an Israel Adesanya or something like that, but he is respected in the fight community. And as you said, by the fighters as well. And a man that's been doing it for so long. He's just such a blue collar, hard working, non shit talking, bad ass. And I'll tell you what I really respect. Saturday night when he knocked out the newcomer that he beat, Jesse Butler, he didn't enjoy it. You could see the look on his face. It's like, listen, this is what we're here to do. But it didn't take any satisfaction from seeing him unconscious. And I thought it speaks to measure of the man.


I hear that he's pretty funny, that he's Oh, yeah? I hear he's a comedian. He's just got a really a real fun sense of humour. So I'm excited to hang out with him on here for a little bit.


Okay. Well, the main event, we'll get into this one straight away. Emil Al Bazi, Khair Khur France, fight. Good fight, highly technical, some good work done on both sides. El Basi had a big third round because he got him down and was threatening the choke for a while. I thought, and I said because Brendan Fitts Gail put me right on the spot, he said, What do you think, Michael? Do you think that was the correct decision? And I felt really awkward because the last thing I want to do is berate someone that's just fought five rounds and won. You know what I mean? But he asked me the question, and at the time, I haven't rewatched it. So there is that caveat. But I thought Khai Khaf rance won. What did you think?


I thought so initially, right when I watched it. And then I rewatched it again yesterday. And I have a hard time arguing with the judges. Not because I don't still... If I was judging that fight, even watching it the second time, I probably would have still given it to Khai Khaf rance. But I think when you rewatch it after you already know who won and then you're looking to see, okay, did Khai really win this fight? I think I'm watching it with a little bit of a bias because I'm paying more attention to what Khai is doing and less Al Basi. I wouldn't call it a robbery. I don't think that it's a robbery by any sense. It was very close. I think a lot of people in the community judged it for Khai Kha or France. But I think what we do lose sometimes is the judges are given a criteria and they have to stick to that criteria. And I just think that we don't all necessarily agree with that criteria. I think that's where a lot of the issues come from.


Which is damage. That's the main thing. It used to be duration, octagon control, and damage as well, of course. But damage is the big one. Damage is the big one. But you know, but you do score the rounds on a round by round basis. You know what I'm saying? So it's damage done per round. As I said, I haven't watched it back. Either way, congrats to both of them. I thought it was a great fight. Very, very technical. Look at that hair piece dangling down. I just working it out for crying out.


Bloody loud. I just wish I had some hair. I'm about to get some hair.


You're off to Turkey.


For the plugs? I think I'm going to go. I'm in the middle of talking to them right now. We've been going back and forth.


You're going to get the hairplugs?


I think so.


What is that procedure? Because obviously, being a man with hair, I've never looked into that. I don't know.


I don't know what you got to do. I don't know how it works. They explained it, but I didn't understand a lot of it. They sent lots of before and after pictures of other people. You know you can get beard implants?


Yeah. No, I know. I only know that because I saw it on a trans woman getting them done on an Instagram video. Do you know what I mean? That's it. I was going to say, I saw an image of someone getting it done and it was that exact image there from Marab. Let me ask you this.


And Dan got it done too. Same place.


Really? What is the is the rough cost of something like that?


I don't know.


A few grand, probably something like that?


Yeah, probably. I don't know.


Perfect world. You come out there, you get the plugs. What hair style we rocking?


Straight up Gilbert Burns afro. Let's go on a run.


Being half black, when you had her, was it an afro style that grew out?


Yeah, it's a pro. Yeah, it's a pro.


Oh, bro, I want to see this.


I'm going to try. It's not super thin. It's just like it's receding around here and getting thin there. But the rest of it is okay. So we just get a little bit right there, maybe a beard, full on Kimbo slice.


That's what you need for the comeback. It's the afro, the beard. Brian says here in the chat.


Maybe some chest hair?


Yeah, go with the full hog. He says, if you want to get a hair transplant in Turkey, you need a budget between 2,500 and 7,500, which covers your accommodation and transportation, but you don't have to go to Turkey. Anyway, what else? Saturday night. So yeah, look, listen, it was a close fight. It was a close fight. And the reality is anytime... And we're repeating ourselves now because we say this every time, I haven't watched it back. You have and you saw it through a different lens. Daniel, call me, eh?


No, I agreed with you. I just seen what people were talking about. Initially, I thought it was Khai, Khair, France for sure. Watching it back, I still agreed that I still think it was Khai, but it was much closer watching it the second time than I thought it was the first time. But I still think it was Khai, Khai, Khai, France. But I do see the argument for El Basi, though.


Well, DC came out and he said Khai, Khair, France won that fight. And then I think a little bit later he came out with another tweet and said I was wrong. I'm assuming maybe he watched it again as well. So that's interesting. Harrington, how are you brother? Harrington and Brian, how are you both?


Doing well. Took me quite a while to recover from that one chip challenge, but I'm up and at it now.


I'm just going to say this, Harrington, your tongue wasn't blue. Everyone else's tongues. Me and Anthony, our tongues were illuminious, bright blue. You had like ever so slightly a smattering of blue Berry on your tongue.


The tape doesn't lie, M ike.




Doesn't lie.


Go back and watch it.


The whole thing. It doesn't lie.


Yeah, we've seen it. I've watched it multiple times. I've watched it multiple times. And I'm like, Harrington's a little shit.


You're the only thing that saved us from getting absolutely annihilated worse online because people already made fun of us because Rebecca embarrassed us all. But then they just wrote right to you. They're like, He didn't even do it.


Yeah. No, Rebecca said she was going through the comments. She was at the addresses the other day. She says, I am loving this. And I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised. Harrington, before Jim Miller joins us and we talk about him, throw something at us, pal.


Okay. Okay, so what's the craziest thing you think you would do for views on a YouTube channel?


Well, we know where this is going. This is about the guy that jumped out of a bloody aeroplane. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that. But yeah, set the stage, just set the story. Don't try and start off with a different story asking us a question. Just let's get into the deets. Did you see this recently, Anthony?


The YouTube. I just seen the video and then I was starting to get into the story and I don't know where I lost it.


So, Harrington, we didn't talk about this at the time, did we?


No, this was from a couple of weeks ago and we had it in the group chat, but it never made it to the show. So this guy is a YouTubers.


And yeah, he.


Went full GTA, jumped out of a plane that was still moving in the air, parachuteed his way to safety. Now, obviously, leaving the plane to crash somewhere. The guy is facing up to 20 years in jail for this stunt.


I mean, it's pretty dangerous. You never know. I mean, it looks like he's out in the middle of nowhere, but there could have been hikers or anything. And the thing was, because I saw on the news recently, it was a few weeks ago, I think, this now, but he denied it. But somehow conveniently, he had cameras set up inside the cockpit on the wings, catching him everywhere. And he's all super casual right before he jumps out. If you're driving or flying a little plane like that, and it runs out, the engine stops working, you are freaking out to the goddamn max. I don't know about you, Anthony.


100 %. Again, I'm not a pilot, so I don't know shit about shit. But I didn't know that all pilots... Oh, lost Michael.


I'm back, baby.


I didn't know all pilots flew just wearing parachutes. Is that just a normal thing? No, they don't. Thank God I happened to walk out of the house wearing this.


It doesn't.


Work like that, right?


I don't think they do. If there's any details that we're missing, A rrington, but look, listen, get it. They all want to go out there. And I think Logan Paul, what did he do? He got a lot of flak for it. I think he filmed someone committing suicide or something.


In Japan. He took a video of someone hanging in some tree. He took a walk to the forest in Japan and videotaped a man who had just recently activity there.


What a depressing place that is. No, you know with these little planes, they're coming down all the time, though. Your Belinda, the next town over from me, it was on the news. It was about a year ago, I think. People sitting in the house watching TV. All of a sudden, a little plane just comes through the roof of the house. Killed everyone in the house, of course. Yeah, I think so. Because all these little people, they get in the little planes and the little jets, you know what I mean? And they go out there, they have a few lessons and they get the license. All of a sudden, they're coming down on the freeways in Orange County. That's a semi regular occurrence. Oh, yeah. Another jet came down on the freeway.


It's mental. Where my five year old play soccer at is right by this little like, it's not like a big airport, but a smaller airport for those planes. And so the whole time we're at these games and practices, there's just constantly planes like that landing constantly all throughout the day. And so I was sitting there with a couple of the other parents and I'm like, how much do you think one of those costs? So I started looking it up and there for a good hot second, I was like, I should get a plane. I could fly back and forth from Denver and I thought it was a great idea. And then my wife was like, Why don't you Google how often those things crash? It's a lot. You're right. Really? It's a lot. Yeah. And they're not like...


What is the number? Do you know?


I don't even remember what the number was. It was pretty easy to find on Google how many private fairly flown planes crash. But it's a lot. It's shocking. That's how many it was. And they're not that crazy expensive, to be honest with you. It sounds boogie, but it's about the price of a brand new car to get one of those, like an older little plane.


Anthony Smith is flying private these days. He's out there. He's got his.


Little jet.


Oh, that's not for private. Oh, my God.


That's great. Brian said in 2020 alone.




On a second.


I lost it. 1007 total private plane accidents reported in the United States alone. 1007.


That's a lot. What is that? That's two a day.


No, three a day. I'd say closer to that.


Oh, yeah, three.


Yeah. Even a lot statistically, you're more likely to get killed on the way to the airport.




What movie is that?


Oh, man.


We did it on Friday. Dumb and dumber. Anyway, we don't need to spend too much time on that. All right, guys, I want to talk about HDLT supplements. And I just want to point out first and foremost, you don't have to be an international bad ass like me and Anthony Smith. It's just an average guy, an average woman even. You need to put the best fuel in your body. And that's essentially what HDLT supplements offer. Of course, not talking about food, but the supplement side of things. They got everything covered from the protein to the pre workout to multivitamins. When you go to the website, hdltsubs. Com, you will see. It's all scientifically backed in over a dozen human trials, showing clear benefits when it comes to sleep, mood, energy, performance, wellbeing, and of course, weight loss, the spread. Let me tell you, that works. I lost so much weight so quickly. I went from being a little bit chubby to being... When I was in Tenerife last time, I was that guy. I did a couple of topless picks on my Instagram story. Yeah, because I like the look of what I was getting from the Shred.


So still, listen, give them a try. If you're looking to improve yourself, up your regime, feel better in the morning, get a better workout. Go to hdltsubs. Com. Check out everything. As I said, they got the protein, they got everything you need. Use the promo code, though. Bisping, you're going to get 10 % off your entire order. That is HDLT subs. Com. The code is bisping for 10 % off. Hamilton, give us an MMA story, buddy. Throw something at us. In fact, we'll talk about this, I think, real quick. Nate Diaz took to Twitter to announce that Anthony was right. Anthony Smith was right. They're going to have to move to another state for the boxing match. J. Paul's manager took to Twitter and announced immediately that nothing is going to change about the events because obviously he can't smoke marijuana in Texas. What do you think about this whole situation? How do you think it plays out?


It's not even so much that he can't smoke marijuana in Texas. He has to have a clean drug test, which he can't do.


Oh, to compete.


Which he can't do.


So beforehand, he has to submit a clean drug test.


I'm sure that they drug test him for the commissions, right? But Vegas isn't going to test for marijuana or you know what I mean? They don't really give a shit. But Texas is pretty tough on weed still. Because when I fought in Dallas, I remember this now, we got an email from the UFC. It was like the regulation department saying that Texas has a no tolerance policy on THC. Because technically, even before USADA and most of the athletic commissions stopped even testing us for marijuana unless they thought we were under the influence during the competition. That's the only reason they would ever test you to make sure that you're not under the influence during the fight. But there was a certain metabolite level that you could be up to. And Texas is of zero tolerance. None. Zero. No T HC.


Yeah, because the thing is they have in competition and out competition. So I think it's 48 hours before and 48 hours after. Or is it 24?


I think it's 24.


I think it's 24.


From weigh ins until directly after the fight is in competition.


So it's a 48 hours window, basically.


But Texas is different.


At all. No, no THC in your system at all has to be zero on the... When they drug test you, it has to say you have zero THC metabolites in your system, which it would take three months to get zero.


For sure. Exactly. That is just no way. But looking at the implications, though, so the reality is, though, that he could go out there, he could fight Jake Paul, he could beat Jake Paul if he even made it to the ring because of what we're talking about. And then win, fail the test, and then they make it a no contest.




Would make the whole thing a waste.


Of time. Always the whole waste of time and money for everybody. He'd get a big old nasty fine because they fine people by percentages. I can't imagine what that 20 % fine would look like for him, but I bet it's a shit ton.


Remember when they banned nick Diaz for life? Yeah.


Do you remember that? And then their answer to that was to be like, oh, okay, we'll reduce it to five years.


Five years, which is essentially just taking away someone's career because they smoke to join or they like to smoke a drug which is legal in most states. I'm not sure how many states it's legal in now, but the majority, right?


Yeah, a lot. And a drug that has zero performance enhancing effects. I hope every guy I fight is high as fuck.


What is it about? Because they always say, Listen, I'm not an avid pot smoker or whatever, but if I do, I don't want to go do Jutsu. I don't want to be creative. I don't want to get off my ass. I certainly aren't getting, oh, I'm getting all creative and I'm figuring out new set ups to go go platters. You know what I mean? I'm not moving, I'm ordering a pizza and.


That's it. I'm fighting a nap and obesity. That's about it.


21 states where it's legal, 18 where you got medical use, and 12 states where it's not allowed whatsoever. Nebraska is one of them. Is it really? Yeah, no one is. Tell me about... What was it? We never talked about this. The woman who spent $10,000 on a fake hitman website trying to kill the wife of a man she matched with on match. Com Yeah.


So back in 2020, I guess during the pandemic, she was swiping on match. Com. She met some guy who was an avid hiker, and they got along pretty well. They hiked a couple of mountains down in Tennessee. Well, things turn sour when he told her that he was leaving Tennessee to move to Alabama with his then fiance. This woman, she went a little bit nutty, decided to get this this other woman out of the picture. She was found in Mobile, Alabama, outside of this woman's office. They have her car registered. She also went on a fake hitman website and put in almost $10,000 in Bitcoin to hire a hitman to get this woman bumped off. And it ended up being an FBI website.


Go on, carry on. Sorry, carry on.


So this is saying $7,000. The thing I read was almost $9,750 in Bitcoin. And the whole time, she was also messaging repeatedly, being like, Why hasn't this been completed yet? Do I need to put somebody else on the task? Can your guy not get it done? Why isn't this been done quickly enough?


Oh, my God. Listen, if you're on the market to have someone murdered...


You can't Google it.


Yeah. Number one, if you want to murder someone, don't Google it because if you do get under suspicion, they're going to go through your computer. They're going to go through your hard drive. They're going to find everything. So number one, do not Google it. Certainly, secondly, if you do Google it and you find a website saying, we will kill someone for you for $7,000 or whatever it was, don't do it.


That's the police.


That's the police, bro.


Oh, my God. Can you imagine just.




On the computer and she's just typing away and she sees it's like, I can just order it online. That's what the world has come to where you can get your groceries delivered, Amazon at your house every day. You can order someone being murdered. You can't do it.


All online. No, that's called murdering someone. That's 25 to life. My God, what a crazy woman. What a great. And it's run by the FBI. I bet they couldn't believe it. And she's going back and forth. She's texting someone. Rebecca's having a bunch of stuff delivered right now and it hasn't come. So she's dealing with the courier. So she's there, she's dealing with the courier. Well, how long is it going to be? Do you want to get a discount? You said this would be done by Tuesday, now Thursday. I can't.


Believe those FBI. I bet it's just some idiot FBI guy just cracking a joke with his other work friends. W hat if we just set up a website and just see if it works? He's probably just sitting there back on his phone. The order comes in, it.


Fucking works. I do love watching Undercover's things, like Cops. Do you watch Cops? It's brilliant. It's like my guilty pledge on a Sunday morning or afternoon, if I've commentated on letting bed, I'm having a lazy one, I stick Cops on and I'll be there for a good hour. It's brilliant. I feel sorry for the people. I always do feel sorry for them because you can just tell the people that haven't had it easy in life, but it's so funny when they get caught doing something and they're trying to come out with the excuse, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, what was going on? The poor bastard.


I love that. The under cover ones are the best. The Prostitution Stings, when they're the hotels with the rainy shitty camera. I love it.


What was that one called To Catch a Predator?


You ever.


See that back in the day?


Those were awful.




Excuses were incredible. No, but.


Then like...


I was so worried about her. I just thought I'd come check on her.


Yeah. So the messaging of an underage girl for ages and they're talking about doing whatever, getting up to no good. And then they show up and they're and then the girls always like, Okay, I'm just going to go in the bathroom. And then the show's like a guy standing and go and then the dude walks in with the camera crew. I used to love that. I got to look at this guy.


And he's got all the transcripts. He's like, No, I wasn't to do anything. And it's like, they hold the thing like this and it's a blurred out picture of him with a dick pic. Did you send this? I don't know where that came from. Yeah, well, it's you, buddy.


And this is your phone number. And then they're going to run. And he's like, Well, you can run, but the police are outside waiting for you. And they're like, Oh, serves you god damn right. It is. Israel and Asenya was fired up off the split decision. We talked about that. But it's hard when you're someone like Issy and it's your teammate, you're always going to look through that lens. You know what I'm saying? You're always going to think that your teammate does better. Like when I was talking about Justin Gay, G and Kamara Usman and he thought I was biased. It's the same thing. Listen, I understand Issy being a good teammate, good for him. One fight that was scrapped, this is Harrington, listen, Jared Gordon. I felt sorry for Jared Gordon, but he made a mistake because obviously he was supposed to fight. Who was supposed to fight? Where is it?


Jared Gordon. Jim Miller.


Oh, crap. Yeah, of course. What am I saying? And obviously he had the clash of heads with Bobby Green. It was about six weeks ago. But it didn't get knocked unconscious, did he? So I don't think he was given a mandatory suspension that often would happen. And then he shows up and at the press conference says that he was concussed. And they had to pull him from the fight. And I like, Who doesn't like Jared Gordon? He's just a top geisha.


He's such a good dude. When we had him on here, I was actually... It was one of those conversations you just really enjoy. I felt really bad for him, too. But if you're at the pre fight media day, you can't be like, I got a concussion or I got a... I had a torn ACL four weeks ago. You can't say anything like that because they're going to... It puts the company at too much risk if they send you in there knowing you're hurt. And then I felt really bad because then Dana let him have it in the post fight.


Press conference. Yeah. It's not so much the UFC won't let you, but it's also the athletic commissions. If there's a hint of an injury, you know what I mean? When I fought George St. Pierre, when I fought for that, I was defending the title of Madison Square, got a massive fight. And George is a pay per view star. So it was going to be by far the biggest payday of my career. I tore my ribs week before final sparring session like a dickhead, and I was in a lot of pain. And I went and saw my doctor and he said, Listen, we can give you... He said, There's nothing we can do for it. It's time. That's the only thing that will fix it. He said, But I can give you some lidocaine in a needle. He said, And you can inject yourself with a needle into your ribs, okay? And for about 20, 30 minutes, you won't feel any pain. I was like, Oh, interesting. And the doctor says, But be careful because if you get it wrong, you can puncture your lung and die. I'm like, Oh, okay. He said, But just give me a face time when you're there at the arena.


Just give me a face time and I'll talk you through it so you can inject yourself. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I wasn't cheating or anything like that. And I spoke to somebody close to the situation that knows the score off the record, not anyone from the UFC. And I said, look, listen, here's what I'm thinking. Would there be any issues with this? And this person said, Well, it's not a banned substance. Because if you tell the commission about it, that you're going to do that, the lidocaine is not a banned substance. However, it tells them that you're injured and you will be pulled from the fight. So it's up to you whatever you want to do. But I'm just telling you right now, if you go to the commission and you say, I'm thinking of using lidocaine because of my ribs, there's a 99.5 % 9999.9 % chance that fight will be off. So I thought, Well, I'm not saying anything to the commission. I remember I was in Madison Square Garden, and you know how it is. Before a fight in big stadiums. You got the commission and they're watching you like a hawk.


They're watching what you have in your bag. You're making sure you got different drinks and energy bars and all the rest of it. They're watching you have your hands wrapped. I was like, Right, now is the time. I've got to sneak the needle of lidocaine out the bag, go to the toilet, FaceTime my doctor, and inject myself and almost punch him along. And I'm like, This is just lunacy. No, I'm not doing this. So obviously I didn't do it. And what will be, will be, or what was.


Was, was, was.




Crazy. Have you ever told that before?


Not on here. I told the story in my book.




Did. I grabbed the needle and I went to the toilet and I'm in a stall and I'm standing there with it in my hand and I've got my phone there and I'm like, This is crazy. T hen all of a sudden Vitor Belfort chops off and says, Do it, brother. Come to the dark side. I used that line in my one man tour. Speaking of people getting choked unconscious, Mark Zuckerberg, did you see this?


I did. I almost tweeted and started duck up for him.


But why wouldn't you?


Well, I should have. I got to be better on social media. I'm not just really great. I'm more of a lurker. But I seen it and I read it, Mark Zuckerberg, Choked Unconscious in Jutsu Match or whatever. And I thought initially, been there. I've been there. Welcome to the dark side, I suppose. But I don't know. It's not that big of a deal. It happens in practice all the time. I've been choked unconscious a couple of times thinking that I can get out of a choke and you just wait a little too long and then you just go out and wake up and whatever. But you don't credit to him for not tapping and trying to get out of it. But it's just part of J ujitsu. You do it long enough, you're going to get choked unconscious.


Oh, it's this here. Fair play to Martin Zuckerberg, because obviously, the founder of Facebook, he doesn't need to be doing this. He says a special something about someone because you can tap at any time. And the fact he tried to fight out of it for so long until they got choked out unconscious. Fair play. Let's have a look. Let's cover this scene much here.




Well, we don't need to see it, Brian.




The referee was saying... It just looks like it. Cheers, brother.


Thanks. Well, the referee is saying that he heard him snoring. He was in an Ezequiel choke and he heard him snoring. And Zuckerberg is saying that he wasn't snoring. But everyone that gets choked unconscious for the first time probably doesn't even realize they were choked unconscious. But then his coach came out today, I think, and said that he wasn't unconscious, that he was gurgling, trying to fight the choke and the referee thought he was snorting. Good for him, though. Either way. By the way, if I've looked a little distracted for a second, I was sitting here and I could smell my house. It smells like my house is on fire. So I just a couple of minutes ago, real casually texted my wife like, What's that smell?


Are we burning down?


This is the second time in a week this has happened. My oldest went to cook Mac and cheese. She has those little quick Mac and cheese things. Threw it in the microwave with no water in it, and then it just lights the whole thing on fire. And the whole house smelled like it. She just said that my eight year old just did the same thing. She said, Oh, my God. They're lucky that you're on the podcast and the plumber was here.




I'm going to blow up because now the whole house smells like... She is. No, she is. She's pissed. She is angry. That smell stays in your house for days and it reeks down here.


Right now. What's one of the worst things you did as a child? That got you in the most trouble at home.


It's a long story, but I'll shorten it up. My little sister and I were next door at the neighbors. Well, we weren't supposed to leave the yard, but this old couple that lived a couple of doors down, they used to give us a couple of dollars here and there to help them with... They were really old and they would give us a couple of bucks here and there to help them with a little shit like pull weeds and move rocks and whatever. Just a really nice little couple. And we were supposed to stay. My mom worked a lot. My grandparents were watching us, but they were really old. So we were supposed to stay in the yard. But the old lady and the old man were a couple of doors down and they said, Hey, do you want to come help us? We got a couple of dollars. Because the cool thing to do back then was go to the dollar store and you could buy shit with your money. And so I just ignored everything we were supposed to do and I took me and my sister down to go make some money. And my sister...


Do you know what a dandelion digger is? It's like a little gardening tool and it's got two prongs on it that stick out like this, and you stick it in the roots of a dandelion, pull it out. So my sister was digging in we were helping them pull weeds and stuff. And my sister had one and she was digging in the cracks of a sidewalk. And I was supposed to be keeping her with me at our house. And it popped up out of the concrete and stuck in her eye.


Oh, honey, hold on. What hooker was stuck in her eye? The dandelion digger?


The dandelion digger, yeah. And it sliced her eyeball like straight in half.


Did she lose the eye?


No, she still has. She can't see out of it.


But she can't see out of it?


No, not really. She can...


There's light. Me and your sister, we got a lot in common.


Yeah, there's light. It takes light, but she can't see anything. It's just this... It's not black, it's not blinding it, but she can't see.


Anything really out of it. So she's blind. There's a little light sensitivity. It's the same thing with me. I don't see a damn thing, it's black. However, if a light goes on or off, the blackness changes shade. You know what I mean? It'll go a little bit lighter. It's still black, but it's not quite as concentrated.


Poor girl. It takes in light. And it's been like that since I think I was seven. So she had a bit more.


How old was she?


Four. She was four. Yeah, she was young. It looks super cool, though.


But he made it.


How does it look cool? Because then I got in trouble because I wasn't supposed to leave and turned out be a disaster. But we didn't know. When it popped up, it didn't stick in her eye and stay. It went in and out and it didn't touch her eyelids, her cheek, nothing. It went straight into her eye and out. Didn't touch anything else. Nobody knew. It's like she dirt flipped up when it happened. We thought she just had dirt in her eye. My mom didn't come home for several hours. Then my mom came home and when she went to flush it, she seen it. Anyways, took her to the hospital and they just... You would think that it'd be some really crazy fancy surgery. They just sewed it back together. So then she had problems with the stitches getting embedded in her eye and then it go and dig them out. But she has this gnarly grey scar right in the middle because she still has the color. She has brown eyes.


Oh, it still looks like a normal eye but she has.


This scar going through it. It does. S he's got this gnarly scar right down the middle that's really thick and grey. So if you look at her in her eyes, it looks fucking awesome. It just looks cool. She looks like she got one superhero eye. Oh, my God. But if she's just walking around and you looked at her. You wouldn't know. You wouldn't notice. But if you really look at her in her eyes, you stare into her eyes, it's pretty bad ass looking.


Well, good for her for having.


Such a bad attitude in her life, though.


No, I bet. Obviously, I'm very protective of her with my one eye. Whatever amount about running and stuff, if there's a tree or there's a bush, I'm like, Oh, shit. Last thing you need is just to get sliced in that. But eyes, it's horrible. All right, guys, are you hitting a plateau in the gym? Are you not sure what to do? Are you getting bored of the same old routine and you can't afford a personal trainer? Or you just don't want to waste the money on a personal trainer. Well, guess what? That is where FitBod comes in. Fitbod is the app that creates a workout routine that is personalized to your goals, fitness levels, and available equipment. It learns from your previous workouts also and adapts as you improve. So you keep the momentum going all the way to the next year and beyond. As I said before, we've got a sensational deal for you, but it's actually cheaper than the cost of a personal session for a year's access to FitBod. So listen, just pick a fitness goal, add your equipment, and it adds the workout routine for you. The app switches up your exercises so you avoid over training or burnout, and your program changes based on your personal progress for maximized results.


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I'm good, I'm good. Thanks for having me on.


We were just saying before, you and Anthony don't really know each other, right? Is that correct?


Yeah. No, we haven't bumped into each other yet.


Not yet.


Okay, not yet. Well, talking about bumping into things. Saturday night, Jim, once again, you went out there, got the job done against Jesse Butler. I was just saying before, listen, what you've achieved in your career is ridiculous. And thanks for your time this morning, by the way. You looked like, obviously, when anyone steps into an octagon, that's the job. That's what's going to happen. But you looked like you didn't enjoy... Because you're not a sabbatical, you're not a piece of garbage. You didn't enjoy seeing Jesse on the floor unconscious. Am I right?


Yeah, yeah. You feel a little bad sometimes. Obviously, my job is to go out there and to be violent. But when I noticed that he didn't start to move right away, it was one of those, Oh, shit moments. And you're like, All right, well, let's hope this kid comes to quickly.


Have you always been like that? I don't think you probably ever want to hurt anybody, but have you always cared that much after a fight or after a knockout or a finish?


At this point, I've been around the block a few times. It's like, it's like it's like that act like you've been here type of mentality. So it's exciting to go out and to perform like that, but it's not like it used to be when I was a young kid. But I don't want people to get hurt. We go in there and we try to hurt each other. But it sounds silly when you say it. But my goal was to not... The goal was not to end somebody's career or make them deal with some really bad injury or something like that. I want to get somebody in the submission hole and they tap before it breaks or something like that, or hit them hard enough that the ref stops it. But you don't want to see permanent damage being done.


No, of course. No one ever wants that. Let me ask you, Jim, what is it? Forty three fights now in the UFC?


Forty two. Forty two.


Forty two fights. I mean, that is ridiculous. It is. It's a lot. I thought I had... I think I had 30. I'm like, That's pretty good. Forty two. Let me ask you, obviously, every time you fight, it's an individual test. There's always risks and dangers and things like that. But when you've had that many fights, how do you feel? Because we always say you can win or lose a fight before the fight even starts because of the mentality, because of the anxiety and the nerves and the pressure and all the rest of it. How is that side of things for you? Because you made that walk so many times.


Yeah, it's it's hard to explain, honestly. Sometimes you do psych yourself out. Like I said, I've been there so many times that at this point, warming up in the back for that one, I was like, man, there's part of me, it's like, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the end of my career coming up. I don't know when exactly it's going to be, but I know it's I know it's sooner than... I'm far closer to the end of my career than I am the beginning. I was thinking like, man, I might only have two, three more walks. And I was just trying to suck it all up and really enjoy it. I enjoy fighting. I still love it. I still enjoy the process. I still enjoy everything about it. There are obviously things that aren't as fun like cutting weight and all that stuff. And when you do get beat up, it's not always the best thing. But it's part of what we do. And yeah, I've really been trying to just absorb as much of it as I can and have fun while I'm doing it.


This is like a... I got a two part question here. First of all, why do you still fight? I think everyone has to have a reason, but it seems like your reason would be more than just it's fun because you still have such a tenacity. And sometimes when guys get towards the end of their career, it's like, this is fun. I'm going to make a paycheck. But when things get really hard, you can see that there's not a lot behind that. But that's not the case with you. Then the second part, do you feel like you're more anxious or nervous to fight now or when you were maybe towards the beginning of your career in the UFC?


I was definitely a lot more anxious early in my career. I used to get myself really psyched up.




Go out there. There was a different mentality. It took a while to figure that out where I would get myself super pumped. Then it started to fade off a little bit. And I was trying to force it. And I noticed that it was getting me into trouble. It's making me lose fights because I wasn't thinking, I wasn't adapting. So I was like, man, just relax. You've trained with some of the best guys in the world. You've fought the best guys in the world. Just do what you're good at. And those nerves have decided. I still get butterflies. I'm still anxious on flight day. But once I get to the venue, I'm super calm and just things start to settle in. For me, for the first part of the question, I just enjoy the challenge. I enjoy the opportunity to step into the octagon against the unknown that is an opponent, whether it's a guy like Jesse that I really didn't know all that much about. We had 48 hours to try to figure him out. Or it's a guy like Donald fighting last year where it's like, Man, I had PTSD from our first fight.


Literally, it was the most painful experience of my life was that first fight with Donald. I took a body shot in the very first exchange of that fight that I'm pretty confident would have stopped a lot of people. Every body shot that he landed after that knocked the wind out of me. When he hit that one front kick in the second round where I went down, it's the only time in my life that I've been knocked out with a body shot. It felt like he stabbed me with something. When everybody was talking about like, Hey, do you want to fight Seroni again? Before I even got the opportunity, in my head I'd be like, Yeah.


I'm fine. Yeah, I could still feel his toes hitting my spine. Yeah. So to go into that fight with him after whatever it was, eight years, it was a new challenge. And it was like, yeah, there was that little bit of me that was nervous going in. But yeah, it was the challenge to solve that puzzle that I had already failed at solving the first time. So really, it's always been just that challenge to come out and to test my skills against somebody else. When it really comes down to it, I just love the competition of it.


Jim, we got to go through these. And I know you're a very humble man, you're not a shit talker, but I'm looking on your Wikipedia page. Right, here is what you have accomplished throughout your legendary career. Most wins in UFC history. Most bouts in UFC history. Most bouts in the lightweight division in UFC history. Most wins in the lightweight division Division. Second most finishes in UFC history, most finishes in the UFC lightweight division. Ty Damion Meyer for the second most submission wins, second most submission wins in UFC lightweight division. Fight of the Night, seven times. Performance of the Night, four times. So Mission of the Night, three times. Fight of the Year 2012. Most fight time in the UFC lightweight division. And I'll be honest, it goes on. Ty Anderson Silver for the fifth most fight of the Night bonuses. Tyreke Joe Lowe, it goes on and on and on. When you started this career, when did you turn pro? I'm not sure, but let me know. But does it shock you to this day what you've been able to accomplish?


Yeah. I mean, it does. It's a little bit surreal. I started fighting in 2005. I started training. I grew up wrestling and started training in May of 2005. Had my first fight basically six months to the day later. And in Jersey at that time, it was all professional or you had to fight on the underground type stuff where there was biting and head butts and.


All that shit. No athletic commissions.


Yeah. So it was straight to pro. I had one of those surreal moments. What the heck night was it? Wednesday. Working out and Andrej Hilarowski walks in and it's like, I'm thinking, Wow, I got a couple more fights at him in the UFC. He was UFC champ before I even started training. This is a guy that I watched and was like, a fan of before I had ever even stepped on a mat to compete in this sport. And it was like, Holy shit. My name is associated with this guy's name. And it's like, he's one of those guys that shaped me. Here was his heavyweight that was super well rounded, submitting guys, knocking guys out. And it's like, man, even though I'm a lightweight, I want to be able to fight like him. I want to be able to do everything. And yeah, it was awesome. And it made me stop and think for a minute. And to be associated with the guys that I get associated with is pretty cool. I'll have the numbers up behind me. I'm not like marking off on a chalkboard or anything like that anywhere. But yeah, to have 20 wins in the UFC is not an easy task.


Getting to 10 fights in the UFC is not an easy task.


But yeah, to have the... 25 wins, just to correct you there, Jamey. 25.


But to get over that mark, there's only a handful of fighters. It's like MMA royalty.


Yeah, it is.


To be in those ranks, it's like, Holy shit. Maybe we did something right.


Well, if you're talking about your chalkboard that you don't have, if you did have, what's left to mark off? Because I feel like when you said the UFC 300 thing, when you first said it, I remember when you it's been a while since you said it.




Almost seemed like you said it. It was like a joke. But now it's seeming like that's probably not going to be much of a joke. That's going to be something that's probably going to happen. Obviously, that's one of those things you want to tick off. But what's left? Is there something that you just think about like, Okay, I really want to accomplish that, or I want to get that, or what is that thing?


As a fighter, obviously, I always wanted not only to fight for the title, but to win the title. And this sport is so much about timing. So it's like, hey, if I'm doing the right stuff, there might be enough pressure. If somebody drops out.




Might be enough pressure on the UFC to say, hey, fuck it, we'll throw Jim in there.


I don't care where that would be, when it would be. I'm fucking going.




Got to be ready. I got to...


No one would have an issue with that. Let's just say, what's the next title fight? Who is it? Islam versus who is it meant to be? Darius Olavera, the winner of that. If one of those guys got injured and they went with bringing Jim Miller in, who's going to complain?


Me, because then I'd have to go to Abu Dhabi. That's a long flight.


That's obviously something that I was always working for. Just the timing of it. I was nine and one in the UFC. I was one fight away from beating Anderson Silva to 10 wins in the UFC in a short amount of time. I was right to the hair but ran into some really tough guys and nights that weren't my best. The opportunity slipped away from me. But yeah, other than that, other than fighting for the.




Like I said, I just like challenging myself. So it's about fighting tough opponents and dangerous opponents. And like I told you in the octagon the other night, Mike, I want to come more somebody. I really want to come more somebody. I've had some really close calls inside the octagon, and that was my move for so long. Training with the best guys, the absolute best guys. I'm not the type to name names in training sessions, but absolute studs. If I caught him with something, it was a Kamora and I've never hit it in a fight.


You said you don't want to name names, but I'm going to put you on the spot. Out of all the fights that you've had, because you're not a guy that controversy does not follow Jim Miller around. But who's the one guy that's got under your skin a little bit and you're like, Oh, I'm going to enjoy ramming my elbow into your face.


I don't know.


He's too classy.


He won't do it, Anthony.


He won't do it.


I always wanted to punch Kenny Flory in the face.


Oh, that's a good one. I never expected that.


Come on. I like Kenny. Kenny's a nice guy. He used to do competitive bribery. He tried so much to.


Annoy you. I don't know. I never got a good vibe whenever he talked about me. It might have just been... I don't know.


That'd be like a good Jutsu match. Like a UFC fight pass.


It's funny.




Because that's how it is. Because I used to be like that. I mean, fighters, I don't know how you are, but generally, we can be sensitive. When I would see them, yeah. You don't seem like a sensitive guy, though. But when I was warming up and obviously when it went on Fox TV before ESPN, we had the pre fight shows and the post fight shows. And I'm warming up and there's people saying, predicting I'm going to lose. And I would hold a grudge against them for so long. You know what I mean? Absolutely. Who do you have? You have C 100? Sorry, I'm totally wrong.


No, no, no, no. Well, we were in that same vein of just asking about past fights and stuff like that. And so I was curious when I was just going through your record and all the people that you've been in there with. And I just kept thinking to myself, I wonder who was the toughest? Who was the one that he least enjoyed being in there with? Because I have those guys where even the guys you beat, I beat Volker and Oze Demire, but I don't want to fight that guy again. This is not a lot of fun. And there's guys that I lost too that I would definitely fight that guy again. Who's that guy that stands out that you just like, Yeah, I don't think so. I don't want to do that again.


I don't know if I really have anybody like that. There are the guys where it's like, You're a tough dude. I don't know how Justin was standing after our fight. I know he barely was, but yeah. My Mowty coach says it like, when he came into the octagon after the fight, his eyes went right to Rogen's face and he looked like he was staring at a car accident. That was just a brutal one. Just being in there just felt awful.


We've all been there. This weekend, obviously, we have got a big fight. Charles Olivera versus Benield Dariush. What are your thoughts on that, Jim? Apparently, I'm sorry, Neil's... I was just saying this weekend on the pay per view, we've got Benield Dariush, Charles Olivera, big fight. Apparently, Benield says if he gets the job done, he's fighting for the belt. How do you see that one going?


I don't know. Charles has been so... When he's on, he's at another level. And Benil is super tough, but he has had those times where he's shown a little bit of vulnerability. So if Charles is on and can find that opening, I think he can take it. But I think, I don't know, Benio is just so... He does fight super tight and he is dangerous everywhere. I think that he'll fair extremely well on the ground with Charles. I don't know. It's a toss. As a fan, I'm just looking forward to it.


Which one of those guys do you think has a better chance of beating Islam?


I think Benio.


Yeah, that.


Makes sense. I agree. I think he makes less mistakes. Charles is so exciting, but he's a little reckless at times. Out of everyone that you've fought, or is there anyone that you haven't fought that you thought, I always wanted to step in there and fight that guy?


You know for whatever reason, I just got this urge that I wanted to fight Damián Maya. I don't really.


Know why. That's unexpected. I did not.


Expect that. Yeah. It's like, Well, he's probably going to hop on my back and choke me out. But I don't know. I know that if I fought the way that I can fight, especially fighting as a small guy, that I could find the openings and I could beat them. And I think it'd be a hell of a challenge. And that's why I'd like to fight them.


So the plan now is it to rebook with Jared Gordon or you got someone else in mind, or is it more about the timing?


It's more about the timing. It's more the timing, obviously.


When do you want to fight?


Probably November ish.


I don't think we've ever fought on a card together. Not that I can remember. That's crazy. With as many fights we both have, that's crazy. I'm going to have to try to do that. The UFC is going to think I'm crazy when they're like, Well, when do you want to fight? Whenever Jim Miller fights.


Let me ask you this, Jim, because obviously you started in the UFC 2008. That's 15 years ago. The sport has transformed since then. The landscape isn't even the same from back in the early days. And then now they're giving you weight cut advice, they're giving all your meals and your nutrition and all the rest of it. What's been the biggest change for you? Obviously, there's a whole new generation of fighters now. What's your opinion on the newer generation, if you will, and where the sport is now? Did you ever think it was going to get to this level? Yeah.


I always figured it would get to this level. It's just been that incremental growth. When I signed in 2008, already already had grown so much from the ultimate fighter and stuff like that. And it just kept going. And that's really, I think the biggest thing that I've noticed is it just continues to grow. The amount of kids that come up to me, like coach and wrestling, or my son's playing baseball, and my daughter's in softball. And these kids will come up to me and be like, Oh, I'm a big fan and stuff like that. And they're 10 years old. That didn't really happen to me 10 years ago. And then the new generation of fighters, it's cool. It's cool to see fighters that started 10 years before I did. They were 11 years old, 12 years old when they first started J jutsu and do boxing and stuff like that. The sport is constantly changing, and it's fun to continue to have to adapt and keep mixing things up.


When you're when you're done competing, is that the direction that you find yourself going? Is it like coaching full-time and guiding these younger people on the same path that you walk down? Or is that not something you... Or at least at the competitive at a high level?


Yeah, that's the tough part. Is that being a competitor for so long, I've whittled away all the stuff that I'm not good at. I look at good coaches as being an encyclopedia and I'm not really that way when it comes to... I know a lot of submissions. I know how to strike. I know how to wrestle, I know how to do all the stuff, but I know how to do it for a 5 8 ball. When you're in shitty posture, giant head. That's what my game is to make it work for this vessel that I've got. So it is tough to then sometimes just grab somebody that's coming and playing, playing Jutsu for fun and trying to get them to do it my way. It's a little difficult sometimes when you're used to people to train, training with people that train at a certain level. That's a little bit difficult for me. But I think if I do it right, I think I'm going to get to try to more work on some of the digital type stuff and just so I have a broader reach too, so that I can find those athletes that are a little more like me.


I can really use it.


We see the sign in the background, the Miller Brothers Mix Martial Arts Academy. You and Dan. How's Dan doing?


He's doing well. He's doing well.


Yeah. Good. Well, said my regards, man. Listen, so we'll wrap that up there, Jim. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for everything you've done in the Oxygon. It's always a pleasure calling you, Faiyaz. It really is. Always a class act and an absolute monster inside the Oxygon. So thank you for your time. Congrats on the win again. And no doubt we'll be seeing you in at least another 10 times. Absolutely.


Awesome, man. Thanks a.


Lot, man. Take care. Have a good one, guys. Thank you for having me.


Of course, pleasure. There he is. There's not a nicer guy.


No, there's not too many times where you're just not to toot our own horn, but there's not too many times where the both of us are bowing down to somebody like, you know what? This guy's the coolest guy in the room.


No, he definitely is. He definitely is. I was mentioning that he's the coolest guy in the room.


Did you fight his brother?


I fought his brother, yeah. That's what I thought. On UFC 114, Rampage versus Richard Komean event. Nice guy. And he was one of the nice guys because I generally they always found a way of talking shit. There was no shit talk with him. In fact, it was all very cordial. I bumped into him a couple of times. When we were in the octagon, when we squared up, we had a little... We rubbed our heads in each other, but that was right before we fought. And he was a tough bastard as well. Friends, family, believers, have you purchased the perfect Father's Day gift yet? Well, have no fear. The leader in Below the Waste Grooming are here, and I'm talking about our friends at Manscaped, and they are saving the day yet again with the total package for the father figure in your life this year. It's time to upgrade his game for waste to face with this exclusive offer. Have you joined the eight million men worldwide who trust Manscaped to get 20 % off and free shipping with the code BISFING 20. Manscaped is dedicated to helping you increase your confidence and level up your bodygrooming game and the ultimate Father's Day MVP with the Performance Package 4.0. In this package, you will find the essential lawn mower, the waterproof cordless trimmer, and a tot of other liquid formulations to round out the groom ing routine.


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When you go to manscaped. Com, you use the code bisping 20, 20 % off with free shipping. Manscaped. Com, use the code bisping 20. Make this father's day one. He will never forget with manscaped. Pay per view this weekend. Ufc 289 up in Vancouver. Amanda Nunez, Ardina Aldana. What do you think about that fight, Anthony?


Well, smart money would say Amanda Nunez wins. We have seen on a couple of occasions, not a whole lot, but a couple where Amanda Nunez has maybe struggle with motivation or focus or maybe sometimes a lack of respecting her opponents. If ever there's going to be one of those times that pops up, if it's going to, this would be the time. I think a lot of people are probably thinking a lot like me. Well, Amanda Nunez is probably going to run right through her. She is tough. Aldana is so tough. But if the Amanda Nunez that fought Giuliana Pena the last time shows up. I just have a tough time seeing Amanda Nunez. At her best, I think she beats everybody. It's just, is that the one you're getting?


Well, at her best, yes. What Amanda Nunez has done in her career is unbelievable. And I'm looking at her Wiki, she's only 35 years old. But you know what I mean? There's some miles. Is it going to be the one? There's some miles. There's a lot of fights. And I'm not disrespecting her. She's been an amazing champion. Two weight divisions defending those belts consecut. Not so much with the feather weight because there's not many feather weights. But it's incredible what she did. Lost to Pena. She was sloppy in that fight. It wasn't good. I was talking about talking about the COVID and all the rest of it. But she came back and put a beat down on her. Smashing it to pieces. She did. And it was a testament to Pena that it made it five rounds. You know what I mean? Because she.


Was tough. She was dropping almost every round.


She was dropped a lot, you know what I mean? But she's tough as hell and she fought her way back into it. Aldana, I'm telling you, I've got a sneaky feeling. You might see an upset this weekend with the All in it.


I wouldn't be blown away. I wouldn't be blown away. I think the smart money just for me, you got to believe in Amanda Nunez until she gives you another reason not to. It's like betting against Islam. It's just tough to do. Is it possible that Volkanovsky goes out and wins? For sure. I wouldn't be shocked if it happened. But the smart money and the smart bet you would think would have to be on Amanda Nunez.


Yeah. I mean, she hits like a goddamn joke. I mean, look at that fight against Chris Cyborg.


That was one of the most amazing Jutsu too. She doesn't really have any holes in her game unless it's super high paced and she's getting pressured and.


She'll get tired. But let's just say this, the team, and by the way, I'm not on the Areen Aldana. You know what I mean? I love Amanda Nunez. She's awesome. She's my wife's favourite fire. She's amazing. Areen Aldana is the, I just like saying that, is the teammate of Alexa Grosso. Did anybody see Alexa Grosso going out there and beating the old Shef? No. You know what I mean? Old Shef is, spins a back kick and gets choked out. I want to see that rematch happen soon. I'm just saying things happen. When you.


Have a teammate win like that, too, over someone who she's not supposed to beat. It's a very similar mindset. Things seem, maybe not impossible, but seem very unlikely until someone around you does it. Teddy Atlas said that...


Teddy Atlas said we need to get 30.


Percent better. You're 30 % better when you become champion. Now, if you got a teammate who's right there with you, you almost get some of that. You know what I mean?


I'm so funny. I'm just laughing at something because I don't want to say because I'm not talking shit about Brendan Sharp. Because that expression, when Teddy Atlas said that, it's been quoted a lot by a lot of people. I nd when you said it there, because I saw Brendan Sharp claiming it as his own line.


I always credit people when I hear it, bro.


Brendan's awesome. I'm not talking crap, but it's like I always used to say, you get 30 % better. You get 30 % better. I've always said this.


I like Brendan, but that's funny.


No, me too. He gets shit up, everyone.


He does. He does catch a lot of shit.


I feel for the guy.


I feel for the guy. And he gets a lot of shit for his comedy special. He got a lot of I didn't think it was that bad.


The Green Guy Poppy?




I didn't see it.


I didn't think it was that bad at all. I laughed at it.


Yeah. No, I saw a few clips on Instagram and stuff. There's a few jokes in there. Do you know what I mean?


Better than I would do.


Jesus, the man's a success. He's living his life. He's doing well. People just like to talk shit. I don't know what it is.


He does a lot of pretty good things behind the scenes, too. I think he's donated some money and covered the bill for some real important things, and he does some philanthropy, whatever that word is for donating money.


Philanthropic endeavors. Philanthropic endeavorsvers. Yeah, no, he does.




That word is. God bless him. God bless him. Charles Le Ver, though, Bernil Darius, I'm excited for that one. I'm just saying we might not get a second show in this week because I'm going to be in England and Tenebrae and I'm off to the airport.


I fly to Bristol on Thursday as well.


We're not doing a show on Thursday, then there you go. But next week we'll be back Monday and Thursday so we can go into it. Ufc 287, Predicciones, main event. I'm just going to call it right now. Upset, already nail down and new. I don't know what it is. I like the way she moves. I like the boxing and I just feel like it might be the time. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Amanda Nunez, smokes her, makes some God damn fool out of me. But we got to make a prediction. And I'm going to say, Aldana.


What say you? I'm going to go Amanda Nunez. I think just skill for skill, I think she's better. I think she's a better finisher. She seems to be renewed and happier with her new gym and training situation where she's doing it her own way. Dean Thomas told me she's always been very self motivated. Sometimes you worry when people go off and they do their own thing. They get their own gym and hire their own coaches and you worry about their motivation. Because I know personally, I need someone to be on my ass telling me what to do and not let me have the reins. But Dean said that she does a very good job of just being self motivated. So I'm going with the man of newness.


Listen, it's a smart pick. The lioness is incredible. There's certainly no shade there. Benil Davoosh joined us last week, I think it was. He said he's guaranteed a title fight. How can you not like Benil? But the skill, the wins that he's been on, and Jim Miller for him. I couldn't believe that. I was looking at Jim Miller's record. There's so many names. I'm like, oh, there's Benil Dariush. There's Nate Diaz. It never ended. So Benil Dariush, Gamratt Ferguson, Ferreira, Holtzmann, Jucao Close, Frank Camaro, Judy Daub, and Diego Moses. Sensational wins. But this is a step up. Olivera has been beaten by guys like the people that I just mentioned. Where is Charles Olivera at? He makes mistakes. I feel like technically I think Ben Neil is more sound. And what I mean by that is I don't mean he's better. I mean, strategically, he doesn't make those errors. You know what I mean? That's what's so exciting about Charles. He walks forward straight away. You know what I mean? Throwing shots, beautiful knees and elbows in the clench, world-class Jutsu, but he does leave openings. I think Ben Neil, given what's at stake, I think he's going to come in with a sound game plan.


And I think I see Ben Neil getting that one done.


I do too. And for all those same reasons, he's just tighter. He doesn't make those mistakes. He's heavy handed. He's willing to exchange in some of those spots. And I think that I just don't know that Olivera is able to swing wild with him like that because he doesn't have a plan B. Olivera typically has the plan B where like, well, if this doesn't go well, I'll just go down and they're not going to jump in my guard and follow me. The threat of his Jutsu is enough to keep people out so he can recover. But Neil doesn't give a shit. He's going to follow him down and play that J ujitsu game with him.


It's crazy that they did that because Paul Felder beat Charles Olivera by sitting in his guard and piecing him up with elbows. You know what I mean? If you get the double bicep control, you just have a nice tight guard and you do your whole work. As long as you don't get these.


Away from your body and you keep everything tight, it's very fundamental. You just don't let anybody isolate.


Don't put your hands on the canvas. Don't have them out wide like this.


Your right arm stays on the right side. Your left arm stays on the left side. Keep your elbows tight, control the bicep, you'll be fine.


All right, so that's the main in the comment. Harrington, you put it in the notes. What is going on between Sean Strickland and Bilal Mohamed? It seems that these two are beefing and talking about fighting a little bit.


Yes. So they were going back and forth. So Sean Strickland shows up to Bilal. They're both in the cage together, and he takes a little selfie. And he goes, Oh, it's not all thunder thumbs. Bilal Mohamed, if you want to play the video here.


Me and thunder.




Himself, you guys.


We're here. I'm here. We're all here. Let's have a party.


Oh, thunder thumbs because he's been tweeting a lot and talking a bit of crap. Bilal did look very annoyed at that. What's wrong with saying that?


Well, I do know that Balal Mohamed then took to his own Twitter and used a bunch of different...


Thunders thumbing it up. He put together quite a little video package full of memes, essentially just saying Sean Strickland is not that guy. Sean Strickland then tweeted it and said, Hey, I m here. You're here. Bear knuckle tomorrow. Let's get it done.


No fall outs. Let's have a listen to Bilal here, though.


Let's listen.


Guys, trying to.


Act tough again on social media.


Looking for cloud chasing. Trying to get views for the podcast. Off with the fight team. Turn it down.


You're putting out this video.


Of you recording from.


A distance.


Muttering under your breath, thunder thumbs, which is not even clever. Your racist h.


Illbilly fans are.


Saying, Oh, man, you're a beast. You're a man.


Look how crazy.


He is. But look at the distance.


It's like someone.


Recording a lion in the wild. You stay at a safe distance. You don't get into the danger zone.


You didn't get into the.


Danger zone. Just stop this.


You're not that guy. You're not that guy, pal. Trust me. You're not that guy. You're not that.


Guy, pal. Who was that at the end? You're not that guy, pal, trust me. They're not even the same weight class. You know what I mean? It's never going to happen. Sean does have a knack of upsetting people, though.


He's very good at it.


Particularly, he's doing a very particular set of skills. Offending many people is one of them. I know those people that are offended get a life. Grow up. Who cares? You don't like what someone's saying on social media? Don't follow them on social media.


Don't follow them.


Don't follow. That's all you got to do. On Twitter, you don't like the tweets? Unfollow. I was watching some stupid interview last night with the BBC interview with Elon Musk about the things that he tweets and all the rest of it. He's like, Look, listen, free speech is very important. And if the things that I tweet cause my company to lose money, then so be it. But I will still tweet whatever a hell I want to tweet. And he just made absolute mincemeat of the journalist. Yeah, so don't follow. Simple as that. You don't like it. Don't follow that person. Don't believe it.


Right. You said.


You were a lurker before we were talking about social media. You lurk a little bit. I don't like the lurkers too much. And Jason Statham, he's a easy... There's a few guys, but the most... I'm not talking shit about Jason Statham, what a guy. But he has, I don't know, 100 million Instagram followers. Guess how many people he follows? Zero. Zero?


Yeah. Chail is the same way. He doesn't follow anybody. No, Chail.


Oh, Chail? Yeah, same way. He follows nobody.


Yeah, it's crazy.


He's pretty gangster at the same time. It is. You bastard. Let me have a look. Chails on it. He follows no one?


I don't think he follows anybody. Yeah, I think he's got... The bastard. I know for a fact he follows zero people on Twitter.


He follows no one on Twitter?


No. Let's see this, chill, son. Zero, 709,000 followers. Following, zero. Oh, my God. How do you see thing? Yeah. Maybe that's the point.


Maybe that is the point. Good for him. Good for him. I've got to do less social media. I don't use it too often, but I do find myself looking at my phone a lot. But again, when I'm looking at my phone, though, I'm doing a lot of things. I'm not just texting and looking at social media. I do the majority of my emails on this, a lot of work stuff. I'm using it for my notes. So my usage is through the roof, but I'm not just staring at memes.


See, I'm mostly staring at memes. Mostly memeing.


For sure. You love a good meme. Love a good meme. All right, guys, let's talk about Shopify really quick. Listen, Shopify is the commerce platform that is revolutionizing millions of businesses worldwide. So whatever it is that you're selling, if you have a business, you need an online presence. You need to be able to sell to the world wide market. Simple as that. Shopify simplifies all of that selling online and in person so you can focus on successfully growing your business. As I said, if you're not online, if you haven't got a presence, an e-commerce presence, you're really limiting what you're able to do. Now, it could sound complicated, time consuming, and of course, very costly, but it's not. Certainly not with Shopify. It is so easy. And Shopify covers every sales channel from an in person POS system to an all in one e-commerce platform. And it even lets you sell across social media marketplaces. So you can sell it on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, programme. It's packed with industry leading tools ready to ignite your growth. And it gives you complete control of your business and your brand without having to learn all these new skills.


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Com. Harry, Tom.


If you're listening on iTunes, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts, make sure you leave us a review. Five star rating really helps out on those platforms. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new video drops. And if you want to catch up for 400 episodes, you can't find it anywhere else. Completely ad free and totally uncensored, head to gasdigital. Com. Use the promo code BYN, get yourself seven day free trial. Check out over 20 great shows on the network.




Right. All right. So our first question here today is from Trey. What's up, gang? Trey here with another question. So over the internet, people was asking, Would you let Francis and Gartner hit you in the face.


With all his might.




A million dollars?


My answer is no, because I would rather have my health. Dana White said Francis and God knew his his heart as hard as a Ford escort going as fast as they can or something like that. So you could die, really. You want.


To risk.


Dying or just keep your health. I'm curious to hear your answers for you. Would you let Francis and Gartner tee off on you for a million dollars?


See, that is an interesting question. Thank you, T rey. Hope you're well, brother. Because you could die. If you were to let Francis and God know you said that's your head, just place it. A million dollars is a lot of money. I would take a shot to the head for a million dollars. But if you're dead, you don't get to enjoy the million dollars.


But your family could.


Well, your family could. Are you willing to risk your life? Are you willing to die right now, Anthony, for your family?


No, he's not going to kill you. He'd be fine.


You think you could survive?


Could I live? For sure. Could I stay conscious? Unlikely. But if you could brace for it, and you're not just hands behind your back and just have to take it, that'd be tough. But if you could brace for it, get a good stance, split your legs, get some good shock absorbers.


I'd take it. This is the new version of power slap. Yeah. Amazing. Shot from Francis Zengarou. Just roll with it. Roll with it. You're good.


I try. I would definitely let him.


For a million?


For a million dollars, for sure.


What if I gave you 10 grand? Could I smack you in the head as hard as I could?






I'll do it for five.


All right. Let's go. Maybe we'll do that on the live podcast that we do later in the year. We're aiming for around the Madison Square Garden card in November. You know what I'm talking of?


You mean you're going to pay me five grand for that Madison Square Garden show?


No, I'm just going to punch you in the face with garden. Regarding you mentioned Tyreke Francis and Gartner there, but this was in the notes, Harrington. But Dana doubled down on the Tyson Fuehrer versus John Jones situation at the weekend, which I thought was a massive story. He said, he said they put an offer out there to Tyson Fuehrer, a legit offer. And I know we talked about this a little bit, but Dana doubled down. My question is, we don't need to go in there... We don't need to talk about the results because we know what the results would be. Jones would smoke it. He would. We know that. But I think for Tyson Fury, I think he'd get a lot of respect from people for doing that. I think he'd earn a tremendous amount of money because I think Jones and Tyson Fury are big enough. They don't get much bigger than that. And I think it would capture the imagination like a Floyd versus a Connor. And I don't think it would affect the stock of Tyson Fury in the boxing world if he went over and did it?


No, I think it's a great idea. I really do. For all the reasons you said, he's not going to lose any stock. He's still going to be the best boxer in the world. He's still going to be the best heavyweight by far. He's going to make a shit ton of money. I struggle to see the negative if you're Tyson Fury.


These are the numbers. Let me just bring it up.


Real quick. He fought Deontay Wilder. John Jones isn't going to hit him any harder than that.


So on, apparently with the... Go on.


I just want to make a point there is John Jones fucks people's knees up. That could be a thing that he's trying to avoid is getting those stiff kicks to the knees.


Yeah. No, but John Jones ain't going to do that to Tyson Fuehrie's legs because simply being the longer you're standing on your feet and you're throwing shots, you're standing in front of him. He's shooting a single leg from the other side of the octagon. Do you know what I mean?


He's going to crawl to him.


He's going to butt scut. He's going to butt scut his way over. Come on, come on, guys. What you're doing? No Man Alive fights.


This. Come on. It's not a show until No man alive.


Comes up. Come on, lad. Up you get. Have you got a big korry? Now, here are the numbers on the V, the Floyd versus Conner, apparently 4.3 million pay per view sold in the US alone. If I'm not mistaken, that was $100 a pop.


They were expensive.


So 4.3 times 100, what's that 430 million generated in the US pay per view alone. The gate was $55 million. And then apparently, worldwide, it did 6.7 million pay per views. You put all that together, 6.7 times 100, call it, that's 670 million plus the gate. You know what I mean? Connor, because I did a YouTube video and my channel manager sent over the information. He says here, Floyd Mayweather made reportedly $280 million in that one fight alone. While poor old Conner, he had to get behind just 130 million. Times are hard.


I don't know how you're going to make it work. Probably almost out of money by now.


He only got 130 million. Anyway, but when you see those numbers, though, they're staggering.


They're absolutely staggering. Do you think John Jones Tyson Fury would be bigger?


I don't think it would be bigger. I don't. But I think it will be somewhere in the bloody hole.


It would be comparable, though, you would think, right?


I can't see why it wouldn't be. Tyson Fury, everyone knows that name. From the boxing world, they all know. John Jones, MMA world, they all know.


It's two.


Forces colliding.


Tyson Fury is still very, very relevant in the boxing world. Not that Floyd wasn't, but he was towards the end of his competitive boxing career at the top. He wasn't fighting the best up and comers at the time. You know.


What I mean? He was fast and few as the top dog when it comes to.


Fighting the way boxing. He's still competing at the very highest level. And he's in huge fights now.


Yeah, he's I mean, Usyk is the fight he needs to have. I think he's got three belts. Usyk has the other belt. So he is the face of heavyweight boxing right now. So I'm giving his personality and his charisma and the way he shit talks. You know what I mean? Because when Conor versus Floyd, it was Conor... Sorry, Floyd was quiet, wasn't it? And I'll never forget, Conor talked so much shit, rubbing it on his head, talking shit to Steven Espinosa from Showtime. I mean, he was selling that fight. He did a phenomenal job. I think this time around, it would be the reverse. Tyson would be the one talking ridiculous amounts of shit, showing up in his really loud suits, singing away at the press conference. And Jones is no stranger on the microphone. He'll speak up. He'll talk a bit of shit as well. I think if you did a world tour, I think those numbers would be phenomenal. I think Tyson Fury, listen, if he loses that fight, it's not going to hurt.




It's not going to hurt. You might get guillotined. You might get weird, nicky choked. You're not going to get it. You'll be fine and you might have an extra 200 million in your bank account. Do it, Tyson.


I think you should just go ahead and do it. I'll watch. I would love to see that. I would love to see the spectacle because it would be amazing. It would be an incredible spectacle. I'd love to watch it.


That would be absolutely gigantic. I want to see it. I'm glad that he's doing that because just as a fan. You should call him. As a fan. All right, I'll have a word. Tyson, listen, let's talk. Brian, what else we got? I would love it. Hey, man, shut this door, would you? We're all leaving on holiday. Callum's here, Callum's girlfriend's here, Callum's girlfriend's mom's here. They're making a lot of noise. They're making a lot of noise. And they're making a lot of Asian jokes. Because she's Vietnamese. This is not me. This is not me. His mom's going, Don't worry, Michael, Jo's is here so she can take all as many pictures as you need. And she's packing. She brought she's packed a 20 pack of ramen noodles to take with because she's like, I don't think we can get noodles in the UK. I'm like, We have noodles. I don't know if we have ramen noodles. But still, her words, not mine. Not mine. Brian, what do we have?


I just want to say if you call Tyson Ferry, you have to do it as his father.


Tyson, look, listen, this bloody, this John Jones, this is getting out of hand. Anyway, go on.


So we got a strange question here from Matt. So the devil comes to you and he makes you an offer. For Anthony Smith, he offers that every next fight, you win and then you lose the next one after that. So you win your next fight, you lose the next one after that, every time. Now, you lose, sure, but the win is always guaranteed. And the fights that you win, when it's your day to win, you look like Anderson Silver versus Forest Gryphen every single time. Any injury you have, you don't feel it that day.


Anything you have going on.


You don't feel it that day. When you lose, it's by a very close split decision. You could have gone either way fight.


But it's a loss, nonetheless.




For Michael Bisting, you are offered that your sons and family will win every wrestling or martial arts match that they have for the rest of their lives. But anytime that you're at one of their events or discussing their events, maybe you're even at just the dinner table.


With them.


Maybe you're doing media that day at the event talking about your son's matches. You have to do a John Dury impression. It's just spontaneous. It's instant. You can't control that you're doing it and you're just doing the whole, No Son of mine.


Will Ever.


Be a Proclaimantist.


Michael, that's a thing. I know what you're doing on the commentary. Anthony Smith, you got the heart of a lion and a band from your zoo. Thank you, guys.


All right, listen.


You got a pretty good deal.


My deal is fine.


Yeah, I'm.


Getting stressed over here. Because I will do that bloody impression. I'm out doing it. I'm annoying everyone. What do we get? If we make a deal with the devil, we have to give something up though as well, don't we?


No, you just have to apparently do the John Ferry impression and then your kids get to win everything.


Well, Callen's given up wrestling now.


And I got to lose every other fight.


Don't do it.


Don't take the deal. I would never take that deal. That's a bad as a bullshit deal.


That's an awful deal. It's like, Well.


Hold on a minute. I don't care about looking like Anderson Silver when I win. I wouldn't care if I look like whoever. I just need a win. It don't matter what it looks like. It's like.


Bro, I'm pretty sure I can win one, lose one by myself.


I don't need.


Your help. I don't need fucking Bielsae Bob stepping in. You know what I mean? It's an eternal damnation. It's a weird question. But we thank you. We thank you. You should have spoke up a little bit on the delivery. It's a little low. It's a little low. Brian, we got one more?


Yeah, we actually have a couple more.


If you want to get to it. Okay, all right. Well, let's wrap through them. Nice and quick.


We got this one.


Because I'm off to bloody England. I've got a pack. I've got a lot of shit to do. No, it's okay. We'll do two. We'll do two.


All right. So we got this one from Jacob Zakowski. Hey, what up, BYM Pod? How are you guys doing? Jacob here from Pennsylvania with another question. So my question for you guys is, if a fighter is going for a take down and the other fighter is striking them while they're going for the take down, and if they do successfully get the take down, but the opponent is landing strikes as the take down is occurring, and if they're landing strikes while they're on their back, but the opponent has control the whole time, do you guys think that that round should go to the person who has control even though they're not landing as many strikes or being active? Or do you guys think the round should go to the person on the bottom because of the activity?


That is essentially what a lot of mistaken judges are coming down to. It's situations like that. And it's a tricky one because every case will be on its individual basis because you need to see how heavy the strikes were, how much of an impact, how much damage did they do? But I would say if a guy does a take down, does nothing with it, doesn't advance position, doesn't control, doesn't do damage, doesn't set up a submission or even go for submissions. But the guy is doing the Travis Brown elbows against the fence on his back. I'm giving it the GSP Elbow's to his face and butchering him up. I'd say that guy is winning the round.


100 % agree. And the criteria would also state the same because now take downs are just... Take downs judge now is just a position change. So once the position changes, it's whoever's doing the most effective grappling. If you're just holding and trying to control, but the other guy is throwing up submission attempts, hitting elbows, he should win that fight.


Yeah. It's the three Ds damage, duration, and domination. So if it takes you down, I guess, and you're not doing anything back, he's dominating it because he's holding you down. But if you're doing damage and damage is the number one criteria that would Trump that. But it's still one of those situations... Come on, Brian, in one sec. Still one of those, Oh, yeah, we got to talk about this. I was going to say, did you.


See this.


Over the weekend? Never mind whatever else we're talking about. I saw Mark Goddard post this on Instagram and he said, This is why you always expect the unexpected did. Brian.


Kaboom. Incredible.


That is insane. That is insane.


I've never seen that. I've never seen that ever. To generate that power is incredible. I got a little buzzed one time. I had someone mounted. It was the Lumumba Sayers in Strike Force. I swept him, hippped over in the mount, sat up and he hammer fisted me hard as shit. And it buzzed me for a second. I got caught feeling like, I got to get out of here.


You've got full mouth. I got full mouth. I'm going to get out of here. I've never seen that, though. I mean, he was out like a lie. Brian, just go back a minute, though. He deserves it. Did he have something taped to his back for a sponsor?




That's what it looks like. That is old school. He's got a sponsor. He's got a giant bandaid on his back. Let's press play a minute. Let's have a look. He's got a few of them. Look at that. He's covered in them.


He was out.


Oh, no. He was flatlined, out cold, sleeping, snoring.


That's insane. I've never seen anything like that before.


No, I've never seen that. Never seen that. Yeah. Well, there you go.


You're crazy.


Those strikes from underneath. And that's the show, guys. We don't need the third question now at 35 in the books. I'm off to England.


Yeah, safe travels. It should be a lot of fun, right? Get to go see your mom, see your family.


Yeah, but well, that's the idea. We fly to London now, but then I'm there for a day and then I'm going to fly back to Tenerife to do some more filming. So I'm going to miss all that shit. Then we're going up to England. We'll see my mom and dad and some family for a bit. We'll still be doing the show, but we won't be able to get a second one out Thursday. I'll be traveling to Spain, Tenerife, Anthony's flying to Bristol, Connecticut. So apologies for that, guys. But next week, two big shows, so don't miss them. Anthony, will you miss me?


I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss you. I can't wait for Monday.


It means a lot. It means a lot. Guys, we'll see you on Monday. Take care.