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You're listening to believe You Me with Michael the Count Bisbing and Anthony Lionheart Smith.


We are on the Believe You Me podcast. What's up, everybody? Anthony, you're home.


I'm home. Yeah, I drove home through the night last night and then got about 3 hours of sleep and we're back at it today.


Oh, well, I appreciate it, man. It's good to see you back in your old setting. It must feel nice to be home.


It does, man. It feels so nice. But then, as you can probably relate, when you're in training camp and I've been gone except for the weekends, well, the weekends are usually spent doing kids stuff, sports and practices and all that stuff. I haven't gotten anything done around the house, so grass is overgrown. I got to mow as soon as we're done here. I got to deal with the it's a mess. My wife did finish painting the door, though, before we started, like literally five minutes ago, she was finishing painting the door.


Oh, bless her. Bless her. So not only are you a badass in the Octagon, you're a great announcer and analyst and all the rest of it, but you do stuff at home. You're very hands on. Not only do you have cattle, you make your own jerky. You slaughter cows. You got camels. Yeah, I want to try it. But you're also handy with a screwdriver and a hammer.


Yeah, I got a honeydew list is 9 miles long.


See, again, I mentioned this recently. I've been reading this book by Jordan Peterson and Twelve Rules for Life. Nothing controversial about it at all, by the way. It's just good advice for men or anyone growing up.


I've actually read part of it.


Yeah, it's really powerful. It's really good. And anyway, so when I get back, I'm going to start doing a few little jobs myself. We're going to be a new, improved version of Bisping back till tomorrow.


I got some advice for you in that aspect, and you can tell us about you coming home. I didn't grow up with I obviously grew up on a farm with my uncle, and I've always kind of doing the country boy shit. But there's a lot of stuff that I didn't know how to do because I didn't have a dad that was side by side with me, wrenching on motors and things like that. I learned a lot of stuff through YouTube where you find a bunch of videos and you just figure out how to do it and you just follow you play the video for a little bit and then you try it and you're like, all right, I got to go back. Just keep watching it over, over and and over and over and just doing it along with the video. It's not like I'm this super handy guy that just knows how to do everything. I just figure it out as I go. I'll just tear something apart and I'll just figure it out.


Yeah, no, there's YouTube videos for everything. Listen, I'm not the worst. I can do a little bit. I used to be a Tyler. I've worked on building sites and all that type of stuff. But I'm just I don't know, maybe I'm lazy, but Rebecca is very hands on. You know what mean? And like, I remember, as you said, the YouTube videos. There is a YouTube video for everything. If you buy something and it's flat pack or it needs assembling, there's a YouTube video for it. Our boiler broke down. I was in training camp, so I was away, and she didn't want to hire a plumber or somebody to come around and fix it because she's like, I know, it's something pretty simple. She fixed the goddamn boiler by herself by going on YouTube and figuring it out and doing it and following the steps. You're absolutely right. So there you go. Screwdriver bisping coming in strong when I get home. I'll be flying on the plane in the morning. And we're back. Camp was good. All done.


Yeah, man, it was just it was so long. It was so, like I did that little bit, know, that month before that January card in Brazil to be the backup, and then I just kind of kept on going. So I've been in camp since December, which really sucks. But I'm ready, man. I'm so I'm I'm just ready to get there. Fight Week is it just seems like it's still very far away, but it's really not.


So regarding fight Week, then, regarding Monday show, do you want to do it Sunday? Would that make life easier for you?


Yeah, we could probably do it Sunday. Well, I could do it Monday. I don't leave till Tuesday.


Okay, all right. We'll do Monday then, if it's fine by you. I'm just trying to maximize your time with the wife and children. Will they be coming to watch the fight?


My wife and then my oldest will be there, my oldest daughter, because there for a long time, I wasn't having any of the kids come. They've been to my fights before, and it wasn't that big of a deal. But I got less time ahead of me than I got behind me. So my wife was like, well, why don't we just start from now on? Just bring in one at a time, and we'll just kind of rotate them because who knows? Who knows how many you got left? So let's make the most of it. Which is kind of a relieving feeling. I think earlier in my career, I would have been disappointed to say that or, I don't know, dreading it. But it's very refreshing and freeing knowing that I don't only have so much time left. So I just enjoyed the process a whole lot more. Now I'm trying to enjoy the journey and enjoy every little part of it, even the little shit that sucks. Like, during camp, and you're banged up and you're tired, and I find myself enjoying the session is over. You're flat back on the mat, you're exhausted, and it's just you and your teammates, and you guys are all gassed.


And before, I was like, the worst possible scenario. And now it's like something I very much enjoy. Like, I'm not going to be able to do this forever, so I'm going to enjoy these little moments. So it's just one of those things. We're going to start bringing one kid at a time, which kind of puts a damper on the after party.


Little bastards. Little bastards. But I've got something to say that kind of does relate to that, but on a different matter. And I've had these thoughts, and I'm probably going to get a lot of crap for saying this, but as you said, you've probably got less in front of you than what you've got behind you. And I feel like that with life. I'm hoping that I live a long, happy life. But I was always worried. I was always terrified. It always stressed me out and gave me major anxiety of going back to being broke, going back to being on minimum wage, do you know what I mean? And now I'm like, I'm 44, do you know what I mean? And I still haven't messed it up yet, and I'm still going good. Maybe in another 1012 years we retire, you know what I'm saying? I've only got another ten years before I could completely destroy everything. And I'm like, I pulled it off, and it's like, I'm not wishing for my life to end, do you know what I mean? Or wishing away my years. But I'm like, Well, I'll be 45 next time, you know what I mean?


I've almost not fucked this whole thing.


I've almost not fucked up my entire life, and that feels bloody good.


But still, I still got plenty of time to mess my life up.


Yeah. With your daughter coming. People always say, and I've said this line, I think, no man alive. No man alive will beat me in front of my son. No man alive will beat me in front of my children. You know what I mean? And you do say that, and you do feel like that, but do you feel extra pressure when your daughter's there? Or what are your children?


No, not too much. Not too much. I'm excited just to have her there and show her kind of what I do, because they've been to the fights, but they've never been there any significant amount of time before. So it's like they just show up with Grandma and they watch me fight, and then we leave. But I'm excited about that. But they don't really give a shit if I win or if I lose. It doesn't matter to them at all. As long as I'm okay and I'm not too injured or to have to go to the hospital or then they get worried, but other than that, they don't really care, which is really refreshing. And I think sometimes I try to have that same thought process about the rest of the world, because when you lose or you don't perform the way that you want to or whatever, you feel like the world is just falling down on your head. And at the end of the day, don't take this the wrong way. I had this mindset when I went into the Gustavsson fight. I remember them asking me, how do you think you're going to get this win?


Or what's the key to victory? Or just kept talking about winning and I remember I was so mad about the John Jones fight. I didn't go to Sweden to fight Gussofson to win. I had this monkey on my shoulders and I was so angry about the John Jones fight that I just wanted to perform. I wanted to make myself proud. As silly and as cliche as that sounds, I wanted to just make myself proud. And I didn't really care if that meant that wanted to. I wanted to punch someone really hard and I wanted to just go out and actually perform. If I performed and then I lost anyways, I didn't care. I just wanted to perform. And I'm very much in that mindset now where I'm less concerned about the quote unquote winning. It's about executing and just doing the things that I know I'm capable of. And if I go in there and I do everything that I know I'm capable of, I think that always is going to equate to a win. But I don't know, I just hear recently, it's not wins and losses or whatever, it's about just going in there and making myself proud.


And if I feel good about it afterwards, then I do think that means I won. But I'm not trying to think that far. So that's why I don't feel like I have a lot of pressure right now. I'm just worried about doing what I know I'm capable of and if I do that, I think everything else falls in place.


Well, that's absolutely correct, because, look, listen, in a fight, of course you have an opponent, but generally in life, the race is against yourself, you know what I mean? You're only competing with yourself, not anyone else, you know what I mean? Always trying to be the better version of yourself today than what you were and everything else doesn't matter. I always used to tell Callum, because he was my number one fan when he was a little kid and I was fighting, I'd call him beforehand in the locker room because I knew he was watching at home on TV, bloody, that makes me emotional. And I'd always say to him, because he said, dad, you're going to win, right? You're going to win. I'd always say, Son, I can't guarantee I'm going to win. You know what I mean? And if I don't, don't feel bad. I said, but I'm going to go out there, I'm going to do my best. I'm going to do my best, and that's all that matters. I said, Remember that, son. In love. As long as you do your best and you try your hardest and you prepare as well as you can, then what will be, will be.


And it's like we said on the.


Last show, well, you got to live that too. I tell my kids all the time, I got to live what I preach. I tell my kids all the time. When Adley's wrestling or Ariah's playing in these national qualifying volleyball tournaments, she's like, I'm just kind of nervous. I want to win. I don't care if you win. I want max effort. As long as you don't give up, the result doesn't really matter. You give it your best, you never give up, and you have a good attitude. I don't really care what happens after that. It's not about wins and losses to me, so I can't say that to my children and then not live that same mentality myself. And of course, things are a little bit different when it's your career and the way you live your life or the way you put food on the table. And that's a little bit different, right? That's a little bit different. But the end of the day, I'm not rich by any means, but I'm far from broke and I can do a lot of other things, and I get to fight. And I don't think I had that mindset even a couple of years ago.


It was like, I got to do this and I got to make this work, and I don't have to do anything. I get to. And I think with my mom dying and having to go through some of that mental work and tomorrow, maybe I'm in my feelings a little bit, because here in two days is the one year anniversary of my mom. So maybe I'm just getting in my emotions. And in a good way, I think.


In a good way.


Yeah, I'm just really excited to I get to go fight. It's been three years. I fought once a year here and all the other bullshit. So I'm just excited that I'm healthy and I'm feeling good. I get to go back and do it again.


Well, absolutely. I mean, let's be honest, very few people on this planet get to do what they and I think I can speak for you and myself, and I think the majority of the UFC roster, no one has a gun to our heads. No one forces us to do it. We do it because we love the competition, we love the sport, we love testing ourselves. Of course you get some adoration and you make good money and that's all fantastic, but we love it as well, as opposed to getting out of bed in the morning. That's why I always tell my kids, dream, dream your dream, and then try and live it. Because I saw this video, and we're getting all inspirational here, and it's not that's okay. I like it. I keep seeing this video on Instagram, and it's so true. It's Jim Carrey, and he's been given an award. He's given in a speech somewhere, and he gets up there and he know. My dad always wanted to be a comedian, but he didn't believe he could make a career out of that. So then he became an accountant, and eventually that company went bust, and we found ourselves in a lot of financial trouble.


He said, My father failed at something he didn't want to do, so you might as well fail at something you want to do. And that's the lesson I try and teach my kids all the time, listen, what do you want to do? Go for it. All right, let's get into this fight. This weekend, UFC 280, the main event. Al Jermaine sterling Henry Cejudo, the King of Cringe is back after three years. When he knocked out Dominic Cruz. Then it was TJ. Dillashaw. He stopped Mala Morice in three rounds. He has knockout power in the hands, and of course, he's an Olympic gold medal wrestler. Okay, so, Anthony, what do you think? Hold on. Al Jermaine Sterling said he's looking for his first ever stoppage on the feet. I didn't realize he'd never stopped anybody on the feet. That is alarming when you look at this matchup.


Yeah, that is it's just not his style. He's a grappler by style, and the style of striking isn't really sitting down on his punches. He's not an inside the pocket boxer. It's just never really been his style. And I don't see him getting a finish on his feet. I really don't. If he wins this fight, it's going to be because of his grappling and takedown ability. Every man has the ability to knock out another man, but it's not the way that he fights. He's very kind of funky. He's unorthodox. He punches on the move a lot, which doesn't typically generate a whole lot of power, but it does get reactions that end up setting up his takedown. Wrestling for wrestling. If these guys wrestled on a wrestling mat, henry Cejudo would dust Al Jermaine Sterling. Now, MMA wrestling is a totally different thing, and I think this is where people are getting confused. Well, he's a division three wrestler versus an Olympic gold medalist. It's not that simple. It's not that simple. Once you start mixing in the punches and the threat of submission attacks, once you get there, it changes the way that you attack.


Henry Cejudo has to be mindful of the takedown because he knows Al Jermaine Sterling is going to attack it often and probably pretty early.


Yeah, he's going to attack it and he's going to try and take the back. If he takes his back, Henry's going to be in real trouble, as is anybody. Al Jermaine, if I'm not mistaken, has a seven inch reach advantage. He's the bigger guy, and that is a good advantage to have. He's the bigger guy, he's the longer guy, but he's going to have to stay on the outside. Of course, being bigger and longer helps that. But if Henry gets on the inside, he can wrestle and he can knock him out. I do believe that that's all about him getting on the inside. I don't know if Al Jermaine will allow himself to be on the bike or dance around maintaining range for 25 minutes, you know what I mean? There's a point as a fighter you're like, I don't need to be fucking circling the whole time. I'm not jabbing and jogging my way to a victory, you know what I mean? I'm here to fight. But if he does that, he's making a mistake that allows Henry in on the inside. Obviously, it's been three years since he was away. I don't think Henry would have slipped.


He's been around the sport. He's not a party animal. He hasn't been doing any of that. He's had a family, he's been coaching John Jones, Figueredo, people like that, staying at the highest level of the sport this whole time. What do you think, ring rust? Do you think it'll be a factor?


I think a little know. I don't know if I'd call it ring rust, but it's going to take him a second to fight. Speed is different, so you can train all you want, but once you get in there, it's going to take some adjustment to the speed a little bit. So I think there's going to be a little bit of that. But if I had to guess, I think Aljo 100% loses the first two rounds. I absolutely believe that. I think that he's going to be shooting a lot, it's going to be a lot of cage wrestling and he's going to be unsuccessful a lot early, but I think that that plays into his favor. I think if Cejudo is trying to strike and land some big shots but constantly having to defend takedowns, I think eventually he's going to wear on Cejudo a little bit. That's kind of how I see the beginning of the fight going now. Will Aljo turn it around and be able to take advantage of slowing Henry down a little bit and trying to frustrate him? I don't know. But I do think that he's going to lose the first couple of rounds.


Also, age is a factor. He's 36 years old now. 36. At that weight class, you slow down quicker, of course. Al Jermaine's on a great run, confident, sky high, beat Piorian, beat TJ. Dillashaw choked out Corey Sandegan in one round. I think he's on an eight fight win know. And he's got a lot of know in the records for those divisions. He's like number three or four in several of know. So he's got great defense, great submissions. He's a hell of an athlete as well. And he's the bigger guy, but he believes in himself. Hey, Brian, do we have that video? Did you see you must have seen it, Anthony, where they stumbled upon each other at the fighter hotel. Yeah, it was the weirdest. It was uncomfortable, awkward interaction ever. Do you know what I mean? It does show the confidence of Sterling because he approached Henry. He could have just walked by and been like, yo, what's up? You know what I mean? But he walks over, wanted to shake his hand and wish him well, but he's like, I'm going to ruin your.


It was it was awkward. It was like, why did you stop and do this? Just keep walking.


Henry wanted to talk shit, but Algermain was almost shit talking, but being polite while saying it and being very nice about yeah, yeah. It was like the most passive aggressive conversation ever. Oh, here we was. It was weird. It was weird. Hold on.


Look at Henry. You don't know what to say.


Look at the handshake. I'm ready. I hope so. I'm ready. It's going to be fun. No, I'm ready. And I do appreciate it, cersei, on a serious note, not the whole I didn't think you were serious, but I'm glad to see that you are. This has been a good camp for me. Been a good camp. We have a solid team, and my job is to get it down, dude.




And I know how much you want word defend you're in your backyard, but I'm ready, dude. I'm ready. I hope so, man. It's going to be a good show for the fans. That's all I care about. This is a good show. I know I'm going to make my money. I'm going to do it in a good way and put on a good performance. Fire. I'm sorry, man. But fortunately, this is how the game goes. You got to crush another man's dreams. All right. Thanks, Brian. Thanks, Brian.


We get god, I'm so uncomfortable right now.


Yeah, it's the most awkward thing ever.


Well, they both are lying, too.


They're both.


It was I hope you did have a good camp. No, I hope you got fucking pneumonia and you still walk.


I hope you stubbed your toe last night, you know what I mean?


Break your leg on the way to the cage.


I hope you wake up on the day of the fight with diarrhea and throwing up everywhere. Okay.


As long as you still make the walk. No, you don't. Wish he had the best camp of his life.


I hope you blow your shoulder out in the first round like TJ. Dillasho.


I hope you blow your shoulder out, jerk it off and can't tell God all right.


So what do you think? I'm going to say, and I'm not confident in it, but I do believe Cejudo is more powerful with the hands we've seen. He's got power, man. I mean, he beat Demetrius Johnson.


I think he's faster, too.


He's faster. He knocked out Dillashaw and Cruz. That was three years ago as well. Maybe even maybe four years for Dillashaw. Yeah, but three years ago, Dominic Cruz wasn't getting knocked out by people.




He did. Of cejudo. So I'm going to say think, I think he gets it done. But apologies, Algermain.


Yeah, I'm not super confident in it either, but I promised myself that I was going to quit. Every time Aljo fights, it's just like I don't know what it is about his style or his approach or his game. I just always see a path to victory for the other guy and can never, for whatever reason, pick out a clear one for Aljo. So I've tried to do a better job of paying closer attention to Aljo, and I do see one, and I think that it is the wrestling and grappling. He's so transitional and attacks in those transitions so fast and suhudo. He's always moving and grooving to know. And I think it leaves a lot of opportunities for Algo. So I'm going to go with Aljo. Super confident, but I'm going to go.


Okay, a little wager on this, perhaps.


What are we going to do? This chip thing? People are getting pissed.


All right. No, you're right. Okay, well, that's not a wager. If we do the chip thing, which we will. Monday. Okay.




Monday, without question. I'll be home. No excuses. The one chip challenge is on. You're going to blow your fight.


Hole all week.


Yeah. Shitting your ass out all week. You had an amazing camp, so why did you have to pull out? Well, I did this chip, which was.


Essentially made of blew my ass all out.


Take that by the Monday. We're doing that. We're doing that. Okay, we'll get to the Coal main event in just a second. But, you know, we've talked a little bit about artificial intelligence, and let's be honest, we're both morons. I don't know much about it. I know a little bit about Chat GPT. Have you messed around on chat GPT?


I haven't yet.


Yeah, it's just a website you go to. It's super easy. AI, open Chat GBT or something like just Google it, it gives you the website. But there's all sorts now. And there's even one that's a logo generator. It's unbelievable because one of the actors on this, his son's with him and his son, he's only a young kid, 13 or even twelve, and he wants to be a graphic designer. And I was having a little chat with him and I kind of dashed his hopes and dreams. He's studying graphic design. And so I said, have you seen the logo generator from AI? And his dad's like, what are you talking about? I said there's a website,, something like that. You put in whatever it is, whatever the company's called, the podcast called, whatever it may be, boom. In the blink of an eye, it gives you about 1000 and they just keep coming, more and more logo design. And the dad's like, Motherfuckers, because you're just not needed anymore.


Yeah, you don't need it anymore.


Well, they'll never be able to replicate the flair of the human mind, let's be honest. But there's a new thing out now in Harrington. Come on and give us the details, please. There's an artificial model now which can read people's minds based upon the brainwaves on the brainwaves. They can read the brainwaves and determine what the thoughts of the individual are. Harrington, please.


Let's hope not.




So researchers at UT Austin, they've called it the first non invasive mind reading device that's ever been made. The idea is you just put it on, it reads your brainwave activity and then converts it to text. So whatever you're thinking just becomes a long wall of text in front of you. Just free flowing. Yeah. As quick as you can think that AI is going to write it down. The people who are developing itself are like, we don't even know how powerful this thing is going to get.


You started off by saying it's not invasive. That's pretty goddamn. That's about as invasive as you can get. I'd rather have a one chip stuck up my butthole reading. I mean, that's invasive.


How awful would that be? What if we just walked around the world with little text bubbles above our head of what we were thinking, oh God, I'd never leave my house.


They can just connect it to the monitor. You know what I mean? Where were you last night?




And it all comes up. You're speaking to someone, a police officer, they know exactly what you're saying. Anything you've got? No, I mean Brian. Come on, buddy. You've got a lot to say on this. About how the government are going to use this for their evil, wicked ways.


Well, I would hope not. But what they mean by invasive is the old versions of this, they used to have to shove lead lines.


Yeah. No, I know. It was a joke.


That's fucking no good. But yeah, I mean this is awful. It's just straight up not good for society. Forever thinking.


That's what I was going to say. I don't understand why some people would develop so much time and attention to this. This is not something that in my opinion, is required for human society. We don't need technology that can read people's thoughts. No, no way.


The world would crash.


You can't have a conversation with anybody.


No. If you knew every day what someone was thinking while you were talking to them, I wonder how many people a day you'd want to punch. Like as. Soon as you're like, yeah, my daughter was just doing this and she's having a good day at school. And then little chat bubble pops up like this fucking piece of shit.


I'd like to your thoughts just popped up on my phone, you prick. I know what you really thought. I said yes, but in your mind you said, I hope that limey prick fucking dies in a car crash. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. No, I wonder if it would ever I don't think it'll ever be fully implemented, even in the court of law, I don't think. Lie detectors kind of like a very primitive version of this. Lie detectors aren't what about your, like.


Ask you to do something? You're like, oh, yeah, sweetheart, I'll go do that right now. But in your head you're like, fucking bitch.


Did you like the meal of coat? Oh, really nice. Really nice.


These pants make me look fat. No, I think they look fantastic, sweetheart.


No, you don't need to work out. You look just perfect.


But in your brain, you're like.


Lie detectors. Are they used as evidence in American.


Courts because they're admissible in court?


They're not admissible.


They do use them, but they can't use them in court as just like.


An idea just to waste even more court money.


Yeah, it's just like, well, he's definitely lying. So we'll keep digging into this. But they can't go to court and say, failed a lie detector test.


Yeah, but they do use them, don't they? I mean, I watch a lot of Forensic Files. Yeah, they're always on Forensic files. Yeah, I guess it gives them a baseline of whether they're lying or whatever. Oh, dear, the world's going crazy. The world is going.


To wonder if.


He used this technology on Balaam Mohammed. And he said, do you really believe you're going to win this the weekend? And he said, yes. I wonder if he would be telling the truth. That right there was what you call an award winning segue.


That's a good one. That's a pretty good one.


That's what you call an award winning segue. Bala Mohammed. Remember the name Gilbert Burns. Take it away, Mr. Smith.


Man, this fight is so interesting to you know, I got mediate again where they clipped what I was talking about with my friends that were in Ramadan. They got a little bit fluffy because of their eating habits and whatever. So now I look like a dickhead, but whatever. Fuck off.


What did you say? I know you said something.


Yeah, because I said, I wonder how his weight is. And you were like, well, he's been in Ramadan, so he's probably skinny. I was like, well, actually, a couple of my Muslim friends are actually a little bit fluffier because they're eating, like, binging themselves late at night and then not really training as much. So of course they clip that one part and makes me look like an asshole.


But what, like anti Muslim or something?


Yeah, just where I'm like, oh, Bilal's probably fat as fuck and hasn't been training, which is not what I said.


But there's nothing controversial, dad.




Just because some of your Muslim friends do get a little fluffy doesn't mean Palal does. My God, people. Yes. Or dickheads.


That's my reference point. Yusuf Zalal is my reference point into the Muslim world and his friends, and that's what I see. But anyways, I do favor Gilbert Burns here because he's been more active. Obviously, this is third pay per view he's fighting in and it's only May, so he's super active. He's been in some high level fights. He's looked really good. But I do think Bilal has a path to victory here. He's obviously got power in his hands and he's starting to believe in him a little bit. It seemed like his mindset changed a lot when he was training with Habib. Even for that one training camp, he seems to believe in himself a little bit more as far as striking. And I think you go there and you train with all those savages like that, I don't think you can help but start to believe in yourself and know that you can kind of walk through fire no matter what if you have to, because I'm sure he had to a lot. I think if it goes to the ground, though, here's where I start leaning a little bit more. Gilbert Burns, because he is so dangerous on the ground.


He's great on top, but he's just as good from his back. Bilal's safe place is kind of in the full guard. He doesn't pass as much as I'd like to see him pass, so he does tend to hang out in those gray areas a little bit. And I think that's dangerous with a guy like Gilbert Burns. But we've seen Bilal hurt before on the feet. We know Gilbert Burns is going to swing for the I. I think just with the short, camp short, you know, a tough wake up. Bilal's a big dude. Even if he's in shape, he cuts pretty hard. He's a pretty big guy. I do favor Gilbert just a little bit.




And he's still got the afro, which adds like 20% superpowers.


It's like when what was it? What's his name? Oh, my God, mine's gone blank. Teddy Atlas. When you become the champ, you get 30% better. When Gilbert Burns has the afro, he gets 30% better. He does. But yeah, listen, the thing for Balal, I don't know, I've never rolled with him or wrestled with him or grappled, but he looks really strong from his performances. He manhandles people. He gets a hold of them and he holds them down. He has great control, great technique to go with it, of course. But he looks monstrously strong. I mean, the man's just like a silver back.


He just seems like if he just would grab you and just suck you in, it would be a problem.


And a guy like that, they can stifle from full guard, even high level jujitsu players. If you know enough technique and you don't engage in the game, you can slow someone down and minimize somebody like a Gilbert Burns. However, it's a dangerous game to play on the feet. I favor Gilbert Burns. I know Bilal's improving all the time. And last time out against Sean Brady, that will make him way more confident. And it's only when you go out there and you get a stoppage with your hands, then you truly start to believe in your striking ability he has that. He will have improved physically and mentally with the striking. But against Gilbert's, Gilbert's deadly on the feet. I think he's a little quicker. I think he's a little cleaner just beating Masvidal. All right. He mixed it up a lot, but he won. The striking gets changes as well. So he's going to be super confident. He's also going to be super it's going to be super duper relevant. And dude, he's going to be so used to the environment, man. It's only a few weeks ago, man, he was in there with Mazda, you know what I'm saying?


So yeah. So he's going to be like totally, totally dead. He's going to say it's a bunch.


Of different opponents, though, too, like Striker and Neil Magni. Striker in Masvidal, heavy, heavy, heavy wrestler. So it is a different style. It's different than he's been used to, that's for sure.


I just don't see a world. I mean, I can see Bilal taking him down. I don't think he'll be able to control him like he thinks he might. I could see Gilbert taking him down when he hurts him on the know. I could see him catching him with a couple of shots. And this sounds like I'm very heavy leaning towards Gilbert. And I think Gilbert's going to win. I'll just be honest. I'll throw that out there. I think he's going to win. And the way I think it happens, I think he catches him with the hands. I think he gets the takedown. And then Bilal's going to try and scramble back to his feet, potentially give up his back, and Gilbert's going to take it. I don't think Bilal is going to make mistakes on the ground. He's not going to allow Gilbert to pass and get ahead and arm or anything like that.


Well, and I don't think Gilbert submits him from his back. No, I don't see that. Good. Bilal's very good. So I don't think he gets a takedown. And then Gilbert throws up an armbar from guard and taps him. I just don't see that happening.


He's not sweeping him all over the place and doing all my places from his back and just like making a mockery of him from God. No, it's going to be a very closely contested thing.


I do agree with you, though, I do see Gilbert hurting him on the feet and then the finish comes from yeah, yeah.


But I'm going to say a decision, though. I mean, I can't see if there is a submission, it's from him giving up his back, trying to get back to his feet. Not because Bilal doesn't know he shouldn't give up his back, but when you're taking shots and you're taking damage, you don't always act right. You know what I mean? Like, who was it? I've done it a couple of times when I got finished off Loot Rockhold. First time he called me with a head kick. I said, she got on all fours to get back to my feet. I know you don't do that, but guess what? You just had a baseball bat wrapped around your head.


Just get up.


You're not thinking straight. She's like, just get up. Under any circumstances, we get back to our feet and we fight. And that's when you make no, I.


Agree with you, too. Gilbert Burns by he if there is a finish, obviously, I think it's going to be Gilbert, but I think Bilal is going to hold his own in there. I think it's going to be close. I think he loses the striking exchanges, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them kind of nullify each other in the wrestling for the most part.


Yeah. I just think Gilbert's just a little bit faster and sharper on the feet, and I think that's the big difference. Of course, we know he's a there's.


A certain element to not giving a fuck either. And I think Gilbert cares less in those fire fights than Bilal does because he's been in know, he's been in those fiery shootouts with guys like really heavy hitters, and he's pretty comfortable in the pocket to just let him swing. And Bilal's a little know, he uses a little bit more. I don't know. He just doesn't tend to get into those kind of bangers like that.


It would be a shame for Bilal, though, if he loses it here, because he was right. God, it would be nine fights unbeaten, campaigning like a mother effort, saying all the right things, doing all the media, even know, going at the UFC a little bit for not getting his title.


Right to you for talking all that.


Yeah. And then now if he loses, it's like, oh, God, may the best man win. May the best man win. But I would put my money on Gilbert. Brian and Harrington, your thoughts, please.


I always bet on Gilbert Burns. I think he's an absolute terminator.


Yeah, absolutely.


I made that mistake last time, picking game bread. I'm not doing it again. Gilbert Burns, friend of the show, is leaving Newark, New Jersey as the clear number one contender.


Yeah, well, you know, Bilal's a friend of the show as well, but we got a clean sweep right there. All right, guys, listen, we love natural supplements here at the Believe You Me podcast. And our friends at Chalk are back. And they are the only natural supplement products worthy of the Bisping Stamp of Approval. Sometimes guys who eat really well, train hard, and are in great shape, they don't see the need for supplements. But the thing is, you got to try and take every advantage that you can get. The reality is, men's testosterone levels are at an all time low. Not a day goes by that I don't see a guy who has maybe a bad diet earlier on in life or low levels of testosterone naturally that could use a little boost to help out their training. Low testosterone, no motivation, no energy, no gains in the gym, libido suffers. Well, that's all well and good because Chalk has created a new natural testosterone booster that's taken the world by storm. And I prefer chalk for several reasons. The supplement industry is full of a lot of useless products, let's be honest. And the guys at Chalk are proud to stand above the rest in clean, pure and healthy products.


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But you know why I don't want to talk about it is because I get accused of being a liberal Hollywood pussy. I was in Singapore, right? I was in Singapore last year for the pay per view, and I was drinking all my bottled water in the hotel room. And then towards the end of maturity, just dawned on me that the bottles of water were all glass every time. And I thought, oh, that's great. They're minimizing the plastic and all the rest of it. Because the plastic in the world is an issue. I don't know if you notice. I don't even see reports there's billions and billions of tons of it floating in the ocean.


Well, there's all those turtles with all those Coke straws still stuck in their.


Nose trapped through it. And they're all cute.


And the swimming turtles know how to party, man.


Especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Ones. Scientists have developed in Australia have developed a fungus that can break down small plastics like cling, film and ice cream tubs in as little as 140 days. Do you know how long plastic takes to break down? 500 years.




500 years. All these things, plastic, everything, all this shit, everything that we use every day when we're long dead and gone, when we're dead and buried, that shit is still here for 500 years.


That's crazy. I didn't know it took that long. Yeah, I wouldn't call myself a liberal Hollywood pussy for sure.


Well, I'm not.


Well, no, but I'm just saying no one's ever going to accuse me of but right.


So give me your take.


I don't see a problem with creating something that's going to break down the plastic. Maybe people peg me as probably the conservative guy here in this space, but I have a lot of pretty fucking liberal views. And I don't think that getting rid of the plastic is a negative thing. I think that's a good thing.


Yeah, well, it is a good thing. We're just going to use less of it. But this could be fantastic. Because the thing is, all the plastic.


Is getting I do hate them goddamn paper straws they put in your drinks a lot of places.


Bump the paper straws, man. Well, we've been through this, Anthony. A real man doesn't use a straw.


Well, I need a straw in my alcoholic beverages and I hate those little stupid paper ones. It just drives me absolutely crazy. They get all soggy and you're just don't need all limp in your mouth.


It's bad. It's bad. But yeah, no, I saw that. Harrington put it in the notes, not me. Before you all start, I'm all busy Hollywood liberal pussy. I'm not in the slightest. And I do understand why people say that. Because I don't mean about me. I mean about people or about certain people. Because a lot of people, and I get this, a lot of people are struggling in this world. We were talking before about finances and doing the things we love and all the rest of it. And we're very lucky because the majority of us that aren't on the poverty line, we're like the top 1% of all human beings on planet Earth. You know what I mean? If you really, really look at it, the structure of society throughout the world, we're right at the top. And I don't mean me and you. I mean the majority of people in Western culture, apart from those sad people living in abject poverty, there's so many people around the world struggling, they can't get fucking. Their conditions are terrible. But even still, in countries like the UK, USA, wherever, when they're struggling and life's hard and they haven't got money to pay the bills and all the rest of it, I get it.


They don't give a damn about fucking know, they're like, I've got fucking real life problems right here and now.


I'm trying to pay rent.


Yeah. I'm trying to pay the rent. I'm not bothered if there's a fucking ice cream car and a fungus that can do that. That's great. Fuck off. What do I care? I've got no money. I can't pay for my kids.


Bloody I can't buy ice cream.


Yeah, never mind the ice cream tub.




Jesus Christ. Why did you put this in the nose? Because I'm going to get the brunt of this.


I just thought it know, you guys are men of science and culture, obviously, and yeah. I just found this interesting. It was some mold growing in a backyard in Australia that they found that they were like, oh, my God. This interacts, like, crazy with plastics years ago. They found that it breaks down a lot of it within two weeks. And now the two weeks.


Two weeks.


That's crazy.


Two weeks.


I just don't see it.


What's the movie? What's the movie? Two Weeks.


I don't know.


Two Weeks.


I'm guessing it's Arnold.


It's definitely Arnold, but I don't know what movie.


Two Weeks. Get ready for a surprise. Total Recall.


No, I've never seen it.


When he's dressed up as a woman and he's going through the airport, and then it's like this fake robotic head that he has starts messing up. Two weeks. He just keeps saying two weeks. Anyway, sorry, where are we?


Oh, I was saying, I think we talked about a little bit the Bud Light thing the other day. Sometimes I got some DMs about it.


They'Re going after I saw in the comments section.


Yeah, a little bit. But at the end of the day, you can have a goddamn opinion that just maybe doesn't match where people I think people place you in certain places, like, well, he's over here, and he's probably over here. Yeah. And there's certain things that am I going to be out campaigning to get rid of all the plastic in the world? Probably not. But am I going to be like, well, that's fucking stupid. Why would we do that? No, we can get rid of the plastic. I think it's good for the world. I don't think that's a negative thing.


Well, you know, because now I think and I could be wrong here, and Brian just fact checked me on this. Now there's microscopic plastic in all the fish, and when we eat it, it gets into our body, which is going to be cancerous to us. I think a majority of fish, ocean.


Life and people now, too, in people.


It is infected us.


All right? And I'm an outdoors guy. Like, when we're out riding trails and stuff. Every single one of us get back to the when we get back to the cabins or those campsites, our entire back of our entire back of our razors and stuff is full of trash and plastic bottles and beer cans and all sorts of shit.


Hamilton says here on average there is 2.5 microplastic particles for each fish. Something's got to be done about that. But anyway, we're not here to talk about plastics. Listen, reduce your plastic waste. Just give it a shot, give it a try. If you don't whatever, I get it. If you can't even pay the bills and you can't put gas in your car and you can't buy food and you can't pay the electric bill, I get it. You've got bigger fish to fry. Fish to fry. But there might be plastic. You got more plastic fish to fry. So forget about it. We're not lecturing. But if you can just minimize as I drink yeah, absolutely. From my plastic bowl.


I'll try to stop using straws in my Moscow Mules.


If I ever see you with a straw.


I always have a straw. Always.


No judo chop.


My fucking straw.


We got to go back to Barry's.


Oh God. We definitely got to go back.


We got to go back to Barry's. Okay, so main event sorry, main card opener. Cron Gracie taking on Charles Jordan. Cron Gracie came out this week and what did he say? He said that we need to go back to no time limits. He said, here, hold on, here it is. He said what? I really oh, go on, Harrington, you do it.


So he said that essentially with the round breaks, you're getting instruction from your corners and that stops being a fight between two men.


I thought you were going to read the actual quote. We don't want the Harrington's decipher code. What I really think MMA needs is, instead of more rounds, is 15 or 25 minutes long rounds? When you have rounds, you have a break and time to think. Your coaches bring you water and that changes the fight. It's no longer a fight between you and the guy. I know it's hard to have a fight with no time limit, but I think there should be no rounds. It should be 15 minutes or a 25 minutes fight. I think that would change the sport for the better thoughts.


I don't know about how it changes the sport or the coaching aspect that he brought up and the fairness and it being one coach versus another. I will say, though, that I would love to have just a straight 15 or 25 minutes because I think I get more tired at the break. I think if I just kept fighting when I sit down, I'm usually pretty good.


You know, that goes against all scientific knowledge, research and practical experience.


Yeah, but a lot of other people say that it's the starting and the stopping. If you just continue to go on. Your body just kind of gets into your second wind and then your third wind, and then you figure out whatever pace you need to be at, and then you can bring it up. And then you back off a little bit to recover and you bring it up. Then you sit on the stool, though, after the round, and you're like, Fuck, I wish I could have just kept going, because now I'm starting to feel a little bit tired. And your legs start to get heavy and your arms get heavy. I never feel like my arms and legs are heavy or sluggish while the fight is happening. It only happens in between rounds. So then you start stressing because you're like, I was in really good shape. Now I feel like I'm gassing. I'm like, I can't even lift my arms up. You feel like you're just throwing these big things around. I don't know. I wouldn't mind it. I wouldn't mind even like the pride style, like, ten minute first round.


And then Brian I want to hear Brian's input here. He looked like he had something heavy.


It makes sense that your arms get more tired when you're not using them, because that's when the lactic acid starts building up in your muscles. It's just like that makes sense.


Yeah, no, good point. Good point for Cron Grace. I get why he's saying it. Because he's a judo. Sorry, jiu jitsu guy. Right? And if you get somebody down, which isn't an easy thing to do, you start establishing a position. If someone's good at defending and all the rest of it, it takes time. It takes time. You break them down, you pass the guard, you set up submissions, and then the round ends and you're back on your feet. So I understand him saying that, but for sure that was bringing in the rounds, the rules, the commissions. That's why we're here having a conversation about this sport here today. Because if it was like that, it would never have taken off. Now, granted that we could have the same rule set, but maybe not without the rounds, but it had to become more appealable and palatable to a wider audience, right?


Well, it had to be consumable and long drawn out. Long drawn out. Fights like that are tough. Plus, not for nothing, the bills get paid in between rounds. A.


Jimmy john. I love the end of a round, especially if I'm fighting a wrestler. I love that. I'm like, let's do shorter rounds, two.


Minute rounds, let's go bare minute round.


Anyway. He's fighting Charles Jordan. Charles Jordan. Really exciting fighter. I love Charles Jordan. I love watching him fight. What do you think about this fight, though? I think Cron only had one fight in the UFC. I'm just bringing up the Wikipedia right now. I think it was one against Cub Swanson. And it was a great fight. It was a tough fight.


He had Alex casseras too, I think.


Oh, that's what no, he did. He did. He choked out. Alex casseras. Yeah. Then he lost the decision to Cub Swanson had three and a half years off. It's been a long time. Charles Jordan is a great striker. He's fun to watch. Everyone loves watching him fight.


It's closer to his level for Alex Casseris, and know kind of the top of the mountain when it comes because say what you want about Cub Swanson, obviously he's been a little bit inconsistent. He's getting older, but he's good. He's technically he's as good as they get.


Cub's an OG. Cub's been around this fight game forever. You want to go up there and you want to look and take someone down and beat him with just jujitsu. Cub Swanson is not that guy.


He's not that guy.


He's not that guy. Especially when he was not that guy pal three and a half years ago. Cub Swanson with respect because he's my partner at UFC gym coaster. Mesa. If you're in the Southern California area, be sure to swing by UFC gym kirsten. Fuck it, let's get it in. Charles Jordan Cron Gracie. I say cron Gracie gets a submission and the jujitsu world goes crazy.


Yeah, I agree. I think he loses every striking exchange, but I think eventually he will get a takedown.


He's an intense dude. We've also got Jessica andrade versus Jan Zhao. Now, real quick, I've only got ten minutes, but I'm going to try and be late. So we'll make it 15 minutes. Then maybe you can do some questions for Harrington, if you don't mind. Yanjan and. Jessica Andraj. I think Jessica andraj takes it. I think she's too intense. Yanjanan is great, she's a good boxer, but I don't think she's got what it takes to beat somebody like Jessica Andrade. She's so violent, she's so mean. She hits harder, she's faster, she's got great head movement, and if she gets a chance, she'll pick you up and slam you on your stacker.


We can go X's and O's and whatever all you want, but Jessica Andrade is just the most violent female in the UFC on planet Earth. Yeah, that's just the fact. I think she's just too much just in general, overall.


Yeah, no, I'm totally with you. I'm just looking at the notes Hamilton put in. I do apologize. I go home tonight. Essentially, it's my last time here, my last night at work. And then I finish, I pack and I go straight home. I'm so excited to be home.


That fish is so good, too.


Yeah, it's almost like the end of camp, but that's what I was just thinking.


It probably feels a lot like that.


So I don't have too much time left.


Did you meet up with your buddies from the UK? Did you ever end up seeing them at the other side of town?


No, I didn't. No. I was going to go see. Them last Saturday, but then it's almost like a two hour taxi drive down there to see them. And then we would have had a few drinks, and then at the end of the night, I've got to do, like, a two hour taxi drive back by myself.




Do you know what I mean? And I'm like, well, that doesn't sound like fun. Do you know what I mean?


Sounds good on the way down there. Really?


I like, you guys. I wanted to see them, but I'm like but that just sounds crap. Any breaking news, Harrington, that we've got to get to before I bounce?


Oh, sorry, harrington. I don't mean to cut you off. I'm sure Harrington had something really good. Have you seen the stuff that's going on with Francis where he's well, I don't think we've talked about Francis in a while, but let's talk about it. Yeah, like, Bare Knuckle said that he was kind of just required too much money, which isn't a surprise. And then one championship was going to put an offer in, and then there was some non initially they came out and said there was some non financial issues that they just couldn't come to terms on, that they split on good terms, but they just didn't want to put an offer in. Sounds like Bellator was out too. But then one championship kind of came out. And I don't want to say they threw Francis under the bus, but I.


Haven'T seen a follow up from them.


I think Chachri said that they had offered $20 million guaranteed, but there was some other things, like for several fights or for one. It sounded like it was one but per fight, but I don't know if that makes any sense. Maybe it was several, but then I think I had read that Chachu came out and said that he had asked for, like, a seat on the board of directors, and then Ariel had come out and said that Francis is also asking for a minimum pay for his opponents.


I did see that he wanted a seat at the board of directors and a minimum pay requirement for his.


I mean, he's definitely putting his money where his mouth is, I suppose. As far as the things that he said leading up to it, and to be very honest with you, I didn't really believe it. And I think I said that publicly that I thought he was kind of full of shit in some of those things. But he's turning down pretty big deals and then saying things like he wants minimum pay requirements for the people that he fights, which is cool for the guy he gets to fight. I don't know what that does for us as a community, but it's very interesting that it seems like his doors are slowly closing, and it sounds like he's pretty close to finishing a deal with PFL.


Yeah, I saw rumors of PFL, and I didn't think PFL would be the fit simply because know, he's talking insane amounts of money per fight. And PFL the golden ticket is the million dollar prize after you've had four fights, you know what I mean? I was like, that ain't going to do. Now, of course, with Jake Paul, they're moving towards a pay per view model, but still, there'd have to be some big pay per views. But regarding fight, that's really what it.


Comes down to is opponent, right? You got to have a chance, partner.


Regarding that there. I mean, having a seat at the board of directors and having a piece of the company essentially, is what he's talking about there. You can't blame any organization for that, for saying, no, we'll get to the minimum wasting in a second. You build a company, blood, sweat, and tears, a tremendous amount of financial investment from a lot of people. You owe money all over the place. Maybe you're making a profit now. Talent fighters come and go, and you can't let someone come along and yay, we're going to make good money with this guy and give him a piece of the company. That's not necessarily how it works. As you said, perfect word, extremely noble that he wants his fighters to receive good payers, his opponents to receive good pay as well. But once again, that depends on the opponent. It depends who it is you're going to fight. Do they draw numbers as well? They can't just cart blanche agree to whoever it is that your fight is going to get paid X amount of dollars, you know what I'm saying? Because talent drives the market, drives the pay per view, drives the viewership.


And who knows, maybe they want to give him some guy that people never heard of. You want us to give him $3 million as well, right?


Who's this guy? That's always been my issue with Francis competing in MMA outside the UFC, it's not about how much you draw. Listen, Francis, I'll watch you, but I don't know that anyone else gives a shit about that guy. You know what, it's just the heavyweight division is a little bit bleak outside of the UFC. Like I've seen Fabricio Verdum is sending tweets to Francis about fighting him in the that's a that's a would I would watch that for yeah, but maybe there's one or two guys out there. That that's what the problem not is Francis a draw for sure, but I was much more interested in watching him fight Deontay Wilder than anybody in MMA.


Well, that's not happening now. Apparently.


Everyone else is boxing.


All the boxes are taken. Alexander usyk is fighting Tyson fury, I believe, and on the same card. Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia. He's the OD man out. He's holding that massive dick in his hand. Oh, God, I'm so crude. I shouldn't talk like this on a bloody public podcast. I can't help it. And by the way, I think I can speak universally. We all want the best for Francis. I like the guy, but I know he doesn't have a manager, but he has some people advising him. Somebody's in his ear. Somebody has to.


Bare knuckle, though.


Would you fight Francis Ngano in bare knuckle boxing?


I wouldn't fight Francis and Ghana in a thumb wrestling match.


Never in a bare knuckle boxing match. Not a chance.


Oh, there's some guys, they could pull off the couch and bare knuckle and give them 20 grand and they'd do it.


Oh, yeah, of course.


You see? Tim sylvia slap fighting now. I'd love to see Francis and Ghana versus Tim Sylvia in slap fighting.


I'd love to see Francis and Ghana in slap fighting, period. Never mind boxing. Imagine Francis in Ghana, in Slap boxing.


Oh, we're degenerate. That'd be amazing. My God, tim Sylvia is like, 611 or something. Him versus inganu. Slap fighting. Pay per view, $4. Let's go.


Tim Sylvia rocks up all out of shape, belly's hanging over the power Slap.


Pretty good.


Did he really?


He looked pretty good.


Yeah. I saw something recently. Tim Sylvia versus someone else I've heard of and they're going to slap box. Who is it?


I don't know. I need to find it, though. I feel like I'm missing out on my know.


The next power slaps coming up later this month, buddy.


This is where we get canceled. I need to be the guy.


I told Zach.


What'd he say? He texted me and didn't say anything about it.


Text him back. I told him Anthony wants to be a catcher.


Did he just laugh?


He did. He just laughed. He didn't think I was serious. Oh, there it is. Yeah. The maniac. Tim Sylvie.




Tim Sylvie. Looks like somebody put a basketball pump in him.


He's such a nice guy, though. You talk to him much? He's a really nice guy.


He doesn't like me.


Oh, he beefs hardcore with the UFC, but he's always been nothing but kind to me.


Yeah, he doesn't like me. He doesn't like me. I don't know why. He just came out talking a bunch of crap. So, of course I'm a smart mouth on Twitter, so I started talking crap as well. Do you know what I mean? But I do feel for Tim because I don't know him at all. But I've read some articles and apparently he's really struggling with medical fees and stuff like that, so that's awful to hear. So I truly wish him the best. Today's episode is sponsored by True classic. The new sponsor has the very best fitting T shirts that a man can buy. Finding the right T shirt, if you've got big old guns or a little bit of a dad bod, it can be hard, it can be frustrating. Most T shirts are way too tight in the wrong places and they make you look too big. Boxy, fat, out of shape. You name it. If you're spending countless hours at the gym trying to look good, then why not accentuate that with the perfectly fitting t shirts? True Classics has helped over 2 million people get a better fit at an affordable price.


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It's about time you learn how to dress yourself properly. Upgrade your wardrobe of true classics. Go to You're going to get 25% off when you use the code Bisping. You're also going to get free shipping on purchases over $100. That's 25% with the promo code Bisping. Strengthen your core wardrobe today with True Classic. I should leave right now. I'm going to drag this out. Two more minutes. Harrington, is there a breaking news story that we need to get to right now before I get fired? But I can't get fired. It's my last day.


How do you fire on your day off?


Can't fire me. I quit.


Yeah, well, we've canceled your plane ticket. You pay for yourself. I'm very sorry, sir.


I work here now.


Can I have my job back?


It's not private, though, is it?


Bro, we sounded like such douche. Well, I sounded like douchebags going about stretch week X. It's a little bit more than a regular ticket. And then I'm like, oh, I flew in a private jet with Vin Diesel. Sounded like a wanker. I apologize. It's my life. 44. One time I've done it, so pipe smoke it, put it in. Harrington. Go.


There's no breaking news, but I do have two different street altercations involving MMA fighters. One, a group of unnamed MMA fighters who got into it on a golf course. The other, Nick Diaz.


Oh, yeah, I saw the diaz one. That's boring. But you said the golf course one was great. And I'd seen it somewhere else, but I still haven't seen the video. Let's watch this. And then I got to bounce. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to leave you with the great Anthony Smith, Harrison and Brian. And they're going to answer some questions. Press play.


Oh, shit. That was a nice overhand. Oh, God. Oh, there's so much happening.


I can't see anything.


Like three people have been dropped.




Those are MMA guys.


So apparently what happened was there were some kids that house is butchering the golf course. There were some kids who were, like, messing around outside of the fence, playing on the golf course. And the golfers who were retired MMA fighters were like, yo, get these kids out of here. They're going to get hit by a ball. The dads were in the backyard, just started talking shit like, oh, yeah, why don't you make us? And that turned into some dads getting their ass beat on their own backyard.


Okay, if you insist.


They're like, these are a bunch of pussy golfers. We don't care. They turned out to be MMA fighters. When I saw it, because I saw it on Instagram, first of all, the headline, because, you know, they're all at it now. DC is a maniac for golf. All he talks about is golf. Tyrone Woodley. He's always playing. Know, for a gangster from Missouri, he doesn't look too gangster when he's got all his golfing attire on. What else? Who else? They're all that's it. They're golfing like maniacs. So when I saw that, I thought, is this DC and his boys, DC.


And Gaethje out there.


On his YouTube video? Yeah. You play golf, Anthony?


Yeah, I do.


Not well, there you go.


Yeah, not well, but I play.


Everyone keeps asking me to play. It's like, bro, I've got one eye. I have zero depth perception.


You can fight with one, but you can't fucking golf.


I can get a person, but it's like going the perfect point point practice.


I believe in you.


Do you believe in me?


I do. We're going to golf.


My wife got me some for Father's Day once, years ago.


Dude, next time we work together in Vegas, you got to bring your golf clubs. We'll go golf.


I'm going to do mean. I'm going to put what do you call it, a key with a ball in my back garden. I'm going to practice. It's a new thing. I'm going to show everyone that with one eye, anything is possible. Yeah, you can live your dreams. You can be a golfing wanker even with one eye. Guys, I got to go. I am currently three minutes late. It's okay. The driver will be waiting downstairs. Sorry, Anthony.


No, you're good.


Do some questions with the boys. Do what you got.


Get to work. Get home.


We'll talk Monday.


Yeah, we'll talk next time we speak.


I will be home with the fake brick behind me, bits and bobs all over the place. Enjoy the rest of the show. I'm going to say Bob Voyage travel. Bye, guys. Anthony and Brian.


Later, brother.


Bye bye. Bye. Bye bye.


Okay, questions.


Let's do some questions.


All right. If you have a question, send it on into The funnier the better. If you have it written, sure. But we prefer video, as you know, on this show. If you're listening on itunes, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts, make sure that you're subscribed to the show and you leave a five star rating. Positive review. It helps out on all those platforms. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure you subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new video drops. And if you want to catch over 400 episodes, you can't find anywhere else completely ad free and totally uncensored, head to brand new website. Use that promo code BYM get yourself a seven day free trial. Check out over 20 great shows on the network.


All right, guys. So I was really trying to get Mike to stay for this first one. Just seems like it's in his wheelhouse, but this is from James E. Adams.


All right.


Hello, everyone. So first time sending a question. It's a Saturday night. I've been drinking, watching Kill Bill, and I thought it'd be cool to buy one of the swords out the film. So get on Roku, buy myself a replica Hanzo sword. And it's very cool, but I'm kind of thinking, did I make an impulse purchase? The wife kicked off, said it was a waste of money, midlife crisis purchase, et cetera. So was it cool? Is it should I keep it? And if you could have any movie prop from any film, what would you all have? Cheers. Thanks for listening.


Boy, I love that. That dude just pulled up with a fucking katana sword.


Check it out.


He's like, look at this badass.


It makes me feel so good that I never bought a samurai sword when I was a dumb kid. Watching that dude pull his out, he.


Was so cool about it. I just heard the noise in my head. Well, first of all, it's cool. Definitely keep it. Your wife will get over it. Don't worry about it. Tell her I said it's okay. And if she's mad about it, just blame it on me because I don't give a shit. A cool prop from a movie. What would I want?


I want the DeLorean from Back to the Future.


Okay, so that's funny you bring that up, because I was just thinking about that last time I was in New York with my wife and kids. There's a guy in god damn it Times Square that has, like, a replica car just like that from the movie. And people pay him a few dollars here and there to take pictures with it and shit. I have pictures with that car in Times Square.


Oh, that's awesome, dude.


Yeah, I have pictures with that car in Times Square. It's pretty badass. But yeah, I don't know what I would want. I would love something from Bloodsport, like some prop from that movie.


His sweaty headband from bloodsport.


Yeah, just holding it like this. I want to fight with it around my shin. That'd be badass, dude.


What about any of the cars from Fast and Furious?


Oh, I see. I was thinking cars, too, but I was like, there's so many different ones that I would want that I couldn't even pinpoint just one. I was thinking cars for sure.


Henry Cavill already has the James Bond Aston Martin.


Yeah, dude. Or like one of that last motorcycle from Ghost Rider would be pretty sweet. Yeah, for sure. That'd be.


Just like, of items I can't really think of something I could display in my house.


Harrington's thinking of, like, huge dildos he's seen in porns. He was like, yeah, that thing's got three heads.


I got to have that.


And you don't even need batteries. You just plug it in.


Yeah, I want the double headed dildo from Requiem for a Dream.


What about the dildozer from Idiocracy? Yeah, there you oh, you didn't see Idiocracy?


You know I didn't see that movie.


That's true. I do know you didn't see that movie. It's on the list.


Put it on the list.


All right, so we got another question here, and this one is from Mr. George Solas, and he's asking about rule changes in the UFC like that.


Hey, BYM crew. How's it going? I was just wondering what you guys think about all the rule changes people try to talk about in the UFC, if you think any of it is likely to happen. Because ones that have been brought to attention that I like are like knees to the head from One FC. I really like their rule set for MMA, but love the names and UFC. So I'm stuck watching UFC, naturally. And then with weight classes, what about having more and having like a five pound limit in between each class? Because I've personally even fought two times with weight classes like that around here locally where I live. And one time I fought a guy five pounds less than me, and another time I went up and fought a guy five pounds more than me. And it kind of felt the same. So I was just wondering what you guys think about that and any other rule changes you'd like to see, and mainly how likely do you think any of these rule changes are is my big question. Because I would love to see some that would make the fights more realistic.


Yeah, I know it's not safe, but getting punched in the face or kicked in the face in the body is not safe. So what are we doing here? Let's make it as real as it gets. All right. Love you guys. Fuck you, Harrington. Congratulations on the baby. Welcome to the best hood in the world.


Fatherhood my guy. Real changes, what everyone wants is these huge, big, dramatic changes that's going to make the sport look different. Guys, it's not going to happen. Any changes you see are going to be very incremental. They're going to be very small and over a long period of time. You look at now and then look at it, in 20 years, you're going to see probably a big difference. But as we go, they're going to be small, little changes. I've always wanted more weight classes, but I understand why we don't do it. You don't want it to end up like boxing where because think about this. If there was a 141, 45, 155, 165, 175, you're going to have however many champs that is, and then guys are going to be bouncing up and down five pounds here and there, and it just gets messy and it just Mudies the waters. So I get it. Would it be beneficial to me for sure, like, if there was a 195 or 200, that would benefit me, you know what I mean? But I understand why we don't do it and why the UFC doesn't do it. As a business, knees to a grounded opponent, I also wish that that was something that we did.


But when it comes to obviously, yes, it's inherently dangerous what we do. But any of these rule changes and things that we do, you're never going to see us do something that makes it more of we're at the most dangerous we're ever going to be right now. So anything that moves forward, you're not going to see the NFL add a rule that says you can now go helmet to helmet contact. We're not going to go backwards in the danger factor. So, yes, I agree with you. I think that that would make it more realistic. I think that would add more action to the fights. It would benefit non wrestlers. As a wrestler, you get stuffed on a takedown, you're not going to be able to hang out there with your arms extended, holding on to the hips, because you're going to be getting knees rained on the back of your head or the top of your head or whatever. Yeah, I agree with all those things. I wish that that was the case. I just don't see some of those things being realistic. I'll say it again, we're not going to add any rules that are going to make it more dangerous.


That's just not going to happen. I wish we could, brother. I wish we could.




I feel like the closest they've come is changing it from the two hands down to the one hand down. That's as close as we've come to making a rule more dangerous.


And that's more of fairness. Yeah, and that's more of a fairness thing. If we're talking about knees to downed opponents, there's nothing that would be more fair to me to allow me to do that. If that makes sense. So it doesn't justify the danger factor in it. The two hands, the one hand, you still have the ability to not take the knee, whether you have one hand or two. But it also doesn't give you the ability to play that up down game and end up in some weird, funky ass situations.


There was one, I put it in the notes. You see that guy who tried biting to get a submission?




He was like yeah, he was fighting for a submission. He couldn't get the rear naked choke locked in and he just bit the guy's ear. And the guy was like and then.


He just a submission.


He got disqualified because you just can't fight.


You can't fight.


That's not something you can do.


It's crazy.


Oh, my God. There's video of it.


Oh, yeah.


Oh, this is great.


Hold on now. Yeah, it's highlights from the fight, but then yeah, you'll see towards the end.


Mad. I'd be so mad if someone bit me. Yeah, like you're getting jumped. You're getting jumped for sure.


I don't know how his corner didn't immediately jump.


Yeah, I'm yeah, Mark Montoya's scaling the cage. He's coming over. Yeah, right.


So it'll show on the replay. He's holding his ear. You see that? Watch this.


Oh, my God. He bit the shit out of him and then sunk the choke. Oh, what a savage move, though. That's something you do in like a street fight, though. Just choke him. That'd be great. How we got left, Brian? We got two more or just one?


We got one more question, and my mistake. That last question was John Howard. And this next question is George.


All right, let's do one more just in case people wanted to be yelling at me in the comments or whatever.




Poor John, dude.


It was his moment.


I mean, damn, I ruined it.


How's it going? BYM Pod? Huge, huge fan of the show. Been meaning to send a question for like, past year. Too nervous too, for some reason. My name is Jorge or George. Real quick, Bisbing, I know you're from England. Wondering if you ever aspire to be a professional football player, if you ever played before getting into martial arts and things of that nature. And also wondering what team you claim. I'm a huge Liverpool fan. I bleed for the Reds. So just curious on that. And Anthony, I know you're from Nebraska, but I understand you were born in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was born in Laredo, Texas, but I'm in Michigan, in the Metro Detroit area. I grew up in southwest Detroit, Mexican town. So I was wondering how you ended up from Texas to Nebraska, because that's quite a big change as well. Aside from that plan on reaching out every week for sending in a huge, huge fan of the show, like I said. And Bisbing been following you since the Ultimate Fighter. Anthony been watching you as well since Strike Force. Huge fan of you guys. Great book. Bisbing and Harrington, you're the man.


Congrats on fatherhood. I have a daughter. It's the best. And Brian, make the show run super smooth. Appreciate all you guys and can't wait for the next episode. Thanks.




Well, that guy's not going to see what just happened, so we'll just let him think.


Yeah. All right, man. Well, thanks for the question. Don't be nervous, guys and girls. Just send in the questions. Send them in. We love answering them, and we'll flip you some shit here and there, but it's all in I so my dad was a military guy, so I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. And then we moved to Colorado Springs, lived there until the end of elementary school and then moved to Nebraska. So I lived in Colorado for yeah, until I was just, like, fifth grade, and then my parents were divorced when I was five. And then me and my mom and sister and grandparents moved to Nebraska to be with the rest of our family. So I wasn't in Texas long. I was just a baby. Just a wee Texas baby.


Damn, dude. Military to bank robber? That feels like a movie.


Well, no. So my real dad, my biological dad was in the military, was in Vietnam, got a Purple Heart, got out of the military. Terry I don't know why I'm dropping my live story and you guys, but whatever, you want to listen to it. If you don't want to listen to it, this is pretty close to end the show, so you can shut it off now. And once he got out of the military, he got pretty wrapped up into drugs, crack, and he was always kind of a weedhead and drank a lot, but something we don't really talk about too much, or at least back then. They didn't talk about the mental health side of PTSD and guys getting out of the military. And it's something that I learned later on in life as me and my dad reconnected the last three years of his life, which was about three years ago. He passed on Father's Day. So we were cool by the time he passed away, but he just got into drugs and alcohol really bad. Trying to, I guess, deal with the effects of PTSD and the military and all that stuff. It wasn't a thing they talked about back then.


Wasn't and people weren't loved when they came back from Vietnam. Here in America, the soldiers weren't revered. And the heroes that they are today.


Yeah, they were spit on.


Right? So then my parents got divorced, and then my stepdad ended up being the bank robber.




I got those conflated.


Yeah. So my mom really knew how to pick him. She married a PTSD infected, crack addicted alcoholic, and she was like, you know what? I don't want to do that anymore, so I'm going to marry this. Guy at the time. It's a really funny story, actually. He was a corrections officer at a prison. And I remember going to his house all the time being like, damn, this dude's got such cool shit. Like he had pool tables and crate. He lived out in the country in this big huge acreage and he had guns out the ass because I'm all about that. So I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He had pool tables and he had big screen TVs when I didn't even know what a big screen TV was. Like the big, huge box projector TV.


Thing in the back.


Yeah, they were like 4000 million dollars back then.


And about that many pounds.


Yeah, right. He had one in every room. Dude, he was bawling. And I was a kid, though, I didn't understand him. My mom apparently was just oblivious because she was like, well, I guess he makes good money at the prison. And then, sure as shit, I was like, probably ten, maybe nine or ten when he got arrested. And he was the fat man bank robber in Colorado Springs. Google it if you Google fat man bank robber, Colorado Springs, that's my stepdad.


I'm going to right now. But was he like, getting tips from the prisoners? Like, all right. How do you not get nobody knew.


Really? Nobody knew. My mom didn't know. Nobody knew. It was insane. He robbed 17 banks.


Okay, I'm looking this guy up now because that sounds awesome.


Like serial bank robber.


Oh, hell yeah.


That's him right there. The top hold on the left. No, it just disappeared. That was weird. Scroll down. Maybe not images. Try to just go like to a news story. Where the hell is it? I just looked it up. Yeah, anyways, we can edit that out if you can't find it. No, that's not it. I was just looking it up. I don't know. I was telling someone else's story. I looked it up and found it. That's interesting. Yeah, but I remember being in my stepdad's living room with my mom. It's like, me and my mom, my little sister, and we were watching the news. I vividly remember this. I don't know why. We're watching the news at like, the 10:00 news. Hey, that's a baby.


There we go.


That's a baby. We're watching, like, the 10:00 news and it comes up like, fat Man Bank Robber strikes again. And there's all the cops and showing the bank and these really grainy footages. And I remember my mom because my mom was a big lady and he was a big old fat son of a bitch. I remember my mom saying, that is just so mean that they call him that. Like, they can come up with a better nickname. And he just kind of sat there like, yeah, that's kind of fucked up. It was him the whole time was wild.


That's insane.


That's so fun.


And then she stayed with him, too. She was going to wait on him. He got, like, 20 years or he got 20. It was going to have to do 17 because in federal prison, you have to do, like, 70 or 80% of your time. And he wasn't that far from getting out. And he died in prison.


It sucks.


Well, stay out of prison.


Yeah, fair enough. I can speak for Bisping. I know that he never could put, like, 1ft in. Oh, Christ Almighty. That's the problem.


Okay, do not edit that out.


That's bad, dude. That's bad.


I was like, what is running out of his oh, that dude's got a booger hanging. What are we doing?


That's just allergy season in New York, mike could never put 1ft in front of the other, so I know he never had dreams of being a footy player, but as far as I know, I think he's a Manchester United fan. Do not quote me on that.


I don't know shit about soccer. All right, Brian. That's it, huh?


Yeah, that's about it for it's. A lot of things come in that we cover during the episodes or that. So it'd be like somebody's asking to break down fucking the TJ. I mean, the Aljo Triple C fight, first half of the episode.


Is that right?


This is why some questions don't get.


It'S, because we talk about it at length during the know. All right. Well, folks, yeah, that's it. That was a good show. I'm glad Michael's making his way back to the States. He seems like he's pretty burnt out and needs to get back home to his wife and kids. So I'm glad he gets to do that. I'm not envious of his flight because that sucks. It's a long one. So we will see you guys on Monday. And one chip challenge. Yeah, we're going to do the one chip challenge. We're not letting Mike get out of this one, so we're gonna make sure we remind him Saturday. Sunday. All day Monday.


I know everybody has their chip.


Yeah, I got them, too. I got several because my kids think it's hilarious, so they keep buying them, too.


Harrington doesn't actually have his yet, but I have it literally in my hand right now. This is yours, Mike.


There we go.




All right, well, we'll see you guys Monday. That's it. Bye.