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All right.


Ladies and.


Gentlemen, welcome back to the show. Antony, 930 at night here in the UK. What time is it where you are?


It is 330 in the afternoon.


What the hell is taking you so long? What's going on, buddy?


How are you? I'm good, man. Just busy. I feel like in the summertime, I'm busier than I am when the kids were in school. There's more kids than drivers and more places to be than adults we have in the house.


It's weird, isn't it? Because I say it's weird. People look, they watch TV, they see UFC fighters, they see them in the octagon, they're making the walk, they get away in the knockout, whatever it is, they jump on top of the cage, they do and all that. But we're just regular people. And then you're dropping the kids off, going to the grocery store, doing the normal stuff.


They all have camps, it's volleyball and basketball and then wrestling twice a week. And then my oldest has a tutor to get her. When she's going into sixth grade, I don't want her to be... She's struggling with math a little bit. So we got a tutor to give her some extra help, get her on track. And it's just like in and out constantly. It's all... Holy shit, it's busy.


Yeah. Well, that's called being a good father. That's called being a good father. And I wanted to bring this up real quick off the top because it's Father's Day this Sunday. Now, my children, they won't even remember. Rebecca won't even do anything. But I was just watching a meme before or an Instagram clip, and it was some comedian that Brian knows. He was going, Father's Day... Sorry, Mother's Day is the second most popular holiday in the world, only behind Christmas. Father's Day is number 20. I can't think of 18 of the holidays. You know what I mean? Halloween is at number 6. That means ghosts and goblins and goons come way before. 14 times before the Father. You know what I mean?


Yeah. They said like Arbour's Day. Yeah. Do you know that my hometown...


You saw the same thing.


I seen the end of it because it said Arbour Day is like 16th. And Arbour Day, no one really knows what that is. But my home... It's about trees and shit. It's about planting trees and and saving trees. My hometown is the home of Arbour Day. We founded it, oddly enough.


Well, you guys can all burn in hell.


It's bullshit actually. Arbourday is.


Very important. It's very important sustainability, bro. Old job society it is. But all the fathers out there, happy Father's Day to all of you because you all do such an important job. Listen, not taking away from mothers. Mothers are so incredible. But young men need a positive male influence in their life. They really do. And I think sometimes as you can see the difference. You can see the people that haven't had a father or someone, or not even a father, someone that took that role. Do you know what I mean? So fathers in this modern day and age, we're not getting the crack of the whip that we deserve or the rug that we deserve. So there you go. I'm rubbing off all fathers this weekend.


Yeah, I'm with you. I'm pro dad, I'm pro mom too. But I don't want to make it seem like it doesn't matter, but for fathers, fathers are an important role. And I think that they get missed a lot. And it's because we don't know, I don't know, maybe we don't ever act like we need it or expect it. But I think fathers are a huge role in daughters lives and how the father treats the mother or treats other women or whatever. From me, to every father out there, at least the ones that are doing what they're supposed to do. Happy Father's Day.


And absolutely, I just want to say, young bisping. I know you're sad that your father's not around these days, Anthony. Sorry, I've got a rub it in your face. But yeah, dad, should I say? Not young dad. Hope you have a great day and I'll be here. Sunday, dad, if you see this, because he said he's going to listen to it later tonight. Dad, Sunday, we're going out for a Sunday roast for your father's day. And there it is. Anyway, stacked show. Lots to Talk about. M lvin Vitori versus Jared Cunning here this weekend. We'll talk about that, give some predictions if you don't mind. But I was just scrolling social media before and I don't know what to make of this. We're not in the business of scandalous gossip or anything like that. But we saw the thing with Conor McGregor at the Miami Heat last week where he drops the mascot. Now, a story has come out and I'm reading the Instagram article here. Conor McGregor accused of looking at a woman at the NBA Finals, which is that night. There it is. It says McGregor has been accused of looking at a woman at Game 4 of the NBA Finals.


According to demand letters authored by Attorney Erys Mitchell that were sent to McGregor, the NBA in the Miami Heat this week, the incident happened just after the Nuggets had won. In the letter, Mitchell claims the NBA and the Heat security helped separate the woman from her friend and then forced her into a restroom that McGregor and his security guard were already inside of. Mitchell says in the letters, the woman was able to elbow McGregor repeatedly, which gave her a window to escape. However, she allegedly fled in such a manner that she left the purse. When Mitchell says she went back for her and they held her hostage until she pleaded with them for its return. In the letters, she says, The security refused to let the woman exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom. The lawyer then claims McGregor emerged so I'm inside of the handi cap storm, shoved his tongue in the victim's mouth and aggressively kissed her. Of course, McGregor's reps are saying it's false. And I'll just say this, listen, it's I've got to pick my words carefully.




There is a lot of real accusations. I'm not saying this isn't real. I'm just saying that when I read that statement, it just seems a little weird. I mean, for example, listen, all right, fair enough. Here's the real part. Mcgregor Broker's leg is in the hand the cap stall. Makes sense.


I missed that.


Yeah, that's a good one. He's got a titanium timber. That part stacks up. But hold on, are we supposed to believe that McGregor's security guards are now in the business of abducting women?


Not just the McGregors. The heat and the NBA security are helping him.


And they're dragging her into a bathroom where McGregor is waiting and hiding, licking his lips, waiting. Here she is. I am not making lie, and that's why I'm saying I'm giant. And of.


Course, I'm doing it. But that's what they're saying.


Well, that's what they're saying, which is crazy. So not only is McGregor here... And by the way, I just saw another article. She's not pressing charges. She just wants a settlement.


Of course, she does. Here's my one critique of Conner. And this isn't me trying to stand on my pedestal. This isn't me trying to be better than him. This is me speaking straight to Conner because I've gotten myself into some really, really bad weird situations where all of X, Y, and Z is true, but everything else after that is bullshit. But I put myself in a position to be accused of something. Nothing like this, but things that weren't true. What I had to learn was that I needed to do a better job being the position that I am in the world, whether that I would never call myself a celebrity, I would say that I'm a fairly known figure in my small finger of the world. I have had to learn that I had to be very careful about the positions that I put myself in. And then I've tried to imagine to myself, what could this be twisted into? What could this look like if there's no one to back me up? So what I would say to Connor is I don't know if she's telling the truth. It sounds funky. It sounds weird.


I don't initially say, Oh, yeah, that stacks up because it just seems weird.




My advice to Connor would be stop putting yourself in positions to be taken advantage of. Don't be in bathrooms with chicks. Do I doubt that Connor would be in a bathroom with a chick? I don't doubt that for a second. So I think that he's having NBA and heat security, help him sexually assault some random girl. I highly doubt that because the other people aren't going to help him do it. I don't think it's so much... I'm not giving him the question, Connor. There's a lot of other people that are involved. That seems very weird. But Connor needs to do a better job of just stop putting himself in weird fucking spots.


It's situational management.




Is. Because same thing, I've been guilty of it. I mean, look, listen, the reality is that there seems to be a lot of controversy that follows him around. And maybe he's not his own best friend, if you know what I'm saying, or his own worst enemy, should I say? And this is me judging him. Conners a million times more famous and wealthy than I ever was, or am, or was. Whatever. But even still, I found myself in certain situations. You know what I mean? You got to learn how to manage this. And maybe it's now that I'm 44 years old and I've learned a little bit, I'm a bit more mature. But if you're someone like Conor McGregor, and he doesn't really, not that I know or have seen. He's not the type of guy that is... He's always in the VIP section, always flying private or whatever. You know what I mean? He's not like the scene across the pub, across from my house. He makes it over the locals. You know what I mean? He does keep a select group.


But sometimes...


But there's a saying there's no smoke without fire. There's a lot of smoke. I'm not saying it's fire. The situation with the old fellow in the pub back then, that wasn't good. That doesn't help him. So he could do a better job of situational management. But when I read this story, and I hate to say it, and I'll let you have your say right now, it didn't add up.


It doesn't. It doesn't. It doesn't. It seems... And again, I'm not the person. I've always been the person. If she said something happened to her, then we need to at least... We need to go down that route and make sure that what she says is or isn't true. We need to get to the bottom of this. This is one of those ones where I'm like, I don't know, man, that seems weird. And it just doesn't add up. And again, I think situational awareness is one of the best ways you can put it. He just got to do a better job and not put himself in these weird ass positions to be accused of things, if it's not true.


Listen, the man is just a center of attention wherever he goes. Not because of through design. It's just because he's Conor McGregor and he's loud and he's boisterous and he's flashy, you know what I mean? And it attracts certain types of people. And I'm not saying that that's not his fault. He's entitled to live the life that he wants to live. And he's entitled to enjoy the success and reap the benefits of all the hard work that he's done and all the success that he's had. But at some point also, you're going to say, all right, maybe not being the disabled toilets with a woman or whatever. Because Rebecca said I was talking about this to Rebecca, maybe you can give your side. Rebecca. You can give your side because we were talking about it before we started. And I said, I don't think this adds up. And she said, But, Michael, you can't say that.


That's how I feel, too. I I hate saying that because I don't want to discredit some girl if something negative did happen to her.


But is it not? No, 100 % because it's such...


It's a serious allegation.


It's right up there with one of the worst things that can happen to them because they are vulnerable. And it is very sad that there is some men out there that are predators like that. I don't need to go into what we all think of them because it's pretty self explanatory.




There is also some people that come out and make up bullshit stories. And we don't know any of the details. Just what we read there, though, just that alone. Once she doesn't want to press charges, surely any woman on the world would want to see him punished by law.




Not just want monetary compensation. And then multiple security guards drag her into the thing and they're all complicit. Rebecca, come here. Let's get a female's perspective here. I'm not trying to bring you onto the show. No, but it is interesting. This wasn't planned. Just come off a little bit so they can see you, guys, if you don't mind. Remember, you were saying, careful what you say, Michael.


Well, yeah, I'm.


Just saying it's not a good look if you go, I think she's lying about being.


I'm not sure if.


That's a good call because we don't know.


The details, but I just said...


That's what I said. We just need to find out more details, really. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, but...


I don't know that she's lying. And I would never come out and say, No, that chick's lying. That's bullshit. But I think it's okay to question it because the details do seem weird a little bit. I feel like even if you even... Okay, say he did and she goes on and presses criminal charges, can't she then sue him anyways and look for a settlement on top of that?


Yes. It's a bit.


Curious as.


To why she's going straight for money straight for the cash. Again, but we're just going off history. She's all just trick in the book. You know what I mean? Go after them, they pay him under the table, which he hasn't done that. She went straight to TMZ to get the maximum amount of publicity. But we don't know the details. We don't know.


We don't know. Connor is screwing himself in the past, too, because he's done so much stupid shit. He doesn't always get afforded the benefit of the doubt. So he's a perfect person.


But there has been a few of these situations. No smoke without fire. Well, well, well, well, you just go and mop the floors or something. How about that? Happy Father's Day. Say that makes no sense. I don't know. It was a joke, man. Silly joke. Anyway. I heard.


The comment about Father's Day. You didn't get to be in Mother's Day either.


That's what I am. Every day... Did you guys hear that? Every day is Mother's Day in your life. Every day is Father's Day for you. Yeah, shut up. Get out of here. Oh, dear. Anyway, so how many of.


You are in here? I just want to say something, M ike. It is so refreshing when your wife and your kid flip you shit because I think from the outside, I think a lot of people are like, Well, these guys are doing all this really cool stuff and they're so cool. They're the head of the household and I just get straight abused at my house. Someone's talking shit all the time. Someone's giving me shit. My wife's belittle me about something. My kids, I didn't do something right for them. So it's refreshing. Okay, I'm not the only one that catches a bunch of shit from everybody.


Listen, listen, in terms of a pecking order, it's the kids first. Without question. I'm somewhere between Harry the Dog and shady the Lizard. You know what I mean? That's where I come on the pecking order. But still, I'm a happy man. I'm a.


Happy man. I'm far below the darts. We're not.


Here to talk about that. Stop going back and forth, though. Seriously, just get the F out. You are doing my heading now. All jokes aside, we got a show to do. So Hamilton isn't here right now. Brian, how are you brother?


I'm doing good, Mike.


I'm doing good. You're going to play Hamilton until he shows up. No, we're fantastic. Let's talk about this. What do you think? Should we do the Jon Jones thing? What's the biggest story, Brian, in the notes?


Biggest non MMA story? No, no, no.


Mma. Let's get into some MMA stuff.


Well, we do have.


2,000 years later. You need work on your Hamilton impersonation. There's a lot of umming and ahing and this and that. Give us a two shot, Brian.


Yeah, I'm leaving. Tito Artis choked out of radio host that's almost a resume. Really? Yeah.


But what do you mean? What? For fun? Like I did to Steve O?


Kind of. He was on a radio show and the guy, I guess, volunteered to get choked out.




Non story.


Okay. However, however.


Here's the video. The guy taps out and Tito keeps it on. Here he goes.


Good night.


Good night. He didn't let go.


He's tapping.


Oh, there he goes.


Oh, my God. That is a little bit different, to be fair, Brian.


Yeah, I'm sorry. I was.


Trying to get there. No, but we've all been there a million times. We've all seen it. I did it recently to Steve, we've seen it. Sorry, bro. Doesn't make the cut. All right, let's take a quick minute to thank our newest sponsor, Manta S leep. Listen, I've been talking about this for a while. High level athletes and performers, they know quality sleep is the foundation for everything that is good that happens in their life. And driven by that belief, Manta is on a mission to give the light sleeper like you, control and mastery over their sleep. Listen, with Manta S leep, you can maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock your full potential. The masks are 100 % blackout for deeper sleep. They are made of soft, breathable and durable materials, so you'll never worry about it stretching out or falling off. And they got a massive variety of masks. Check out the brand new Sound mask, featuring razor thin Bluetooth headphones with a 20 hour battery life. And as always, Mante features a 60 day risk free trial and free shipping in the USA. 60 day risk free. Try it, don't like it, send it back.


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Call me the best pound for pound fighter. Thoughts, Anthony?


Well, if you're Islam, I get it. I get it. You've dominated everybody. You've beaten everybody. Everybody, you're champion of the world. You've been relatively untested until Volkanovsky. Volk was the pound for pound number one at the time. Then you beat him and then you don't go number one. I get it. I understand it. The resume of John Jones holds up to any... I would go at it on a limb. There's a few that you'd have to take out of it. But overall, generally speaking, the resume of John Jones, especially early, stacks up to any two champions at one time, just him by himself.


Without question. I'm just picking up.


The website. Well, the names, just the names on that list. It's UFC legend after UFC legend after multiple champions to hall of Famers and the way that he's done it. Until the last four fights or whatever, Ciro gone aside, especially fairly dominated everybody and pitched shutouts. People talk about DC being one of the greatest of all times. Jon Jones beat him fairly handily twice.


Yeah. Well, I mean, the first one was pretty close, but the second one...


Well, yeah, second one for sure.


We got the whole Pika Gram things, but he finished it. Listen, is that Mahachev? Legion of passionate fans worldwide. So I got to pick my words carefully. Tremendous fighter. I'm a huge fan of him.


Yeah, me too.


It's incredible. Huge fan. I love what he brings to the table. I love his style. He's carrying on all the tradition and everything that Khabib brought to the table, and he's continuing it. It almost sounds disrespectful, like a Khabib 2.0, but I think that's fair to say. And I understand and I respect him. Wanting to be held in that regard. The reality is he's just not there yet, sadly. And I don't say that with any amount of spite or malice. I'm looking at his record. Since he come to the UFC, there's been great wins. Nick Lenz, Chris Wade, Gleeson Tebow, Cajun Johnson, Ahmed Sarukian, good win. David Amos, these are all good wins. Drew Dober, Moises, Hooker, Bobby Green. Then it's Charles Rivera and Alexander Volkanovsky. The fighters that I mentioned up until those last two, a real really good fighters. You don't get to the UFC unless you're something special. But they're not elite. They're not champions. They're not hall of Famers. The last two, Olivera Borkanowski, for sure.


For sure.


Good to have them. As you said about Jones, it's just legend, hall of Famer. It's just a multiple generations. And I like Michael Jepher being so ambitious, but the reality is he's just not there yet.


It's a time thing. He just hasn't been around long enough to even be in that same realm as John Jones. He hasn't had the opportunity. It's not that he's taking advantage of every opportunity that he's had, and he's done incredible things with those opportunities. He just hasn't been around long enough to have those. Just the few guys that just stand out to me, he beat Roshad Evans, DC, rampage, Macheta, Vitor Belfort. Some of these guys are just guys, previous generations that just changed the sport. John just went through them all. It's just crazy. I do appreciate Islam's mindset, though. I appreciate that he feels like that. I don't want for a second to sound like I'm shitting on him because I appreciate him. I respect him for feeling like that. And he should. He's doing everything he needs to do to continue to climb the ladder. Climb that ladder to get to where John is.


But it's a champion's mindset, and that's what he's got. So good for him. But you know what? He doesn't want any part of the BMF belt. He said, I don't want any part of that. That belt is for underdogs. They handed the belt to the NTS. And the whole Massive who will never become champions. They need to put an end of this after the first time. So he doesn't want no BMF belt. But B okunovsky, he's all about it. 100 %. He's like, Let's do it. He said, I'll be the BMF, I'll be the lightweight, and I'll be the featherweight champ as well. Would you be up for the BMF belt challenge?


Yeah, I would love that. I think there's a certain caliber of just a certain type of person that just fits that bill. Master Fatal was... You take Master Fatal, Diaz, Poirier, and Gitche. Those four guys, if they never hold an undisputed title, essentially you'd be saying they're just like everybody else, which isn't quite fair because those guys are just different. They're different. I think the BMF Belt gives an opportunity for maybe people that never have held the undisputed title. I think that gives them something else. Another another accolade, another trophy, just some acknowledgement that they're a little bit different. Justin Gay Chi and Dusty Porya, I think that you couldn't find two better people to fight for the BMF belt. If neither one of those guys ever hold an undisputed title, at least one of them will have something special that someone else doesn't have. And it holds them above maybe just the rest of the pack.


With that question, fully agree. And the reality is that there has been a lot of people like that throughout the history of the UFC. Who are three that you could think of? I did a video on this actually recently on my YouTube channel. So people, check it out, please. I think it was eight of the BMS or something like that. Who did I have on there? Chuck Liddell, obviously he was a long time champion, but he was a bad mother r efer, Chris Leibon. Chris Leibon. There's a guy that never doesn't get the recognition.


Chris Lytle would be another.


Good guy. Chris Lytle. Yeah, who else did I have on there? I mean, Vanderley Silver. Yeah. Bit of a prick.


Bit of a jerk. But even like a guy like... What do you think? Even Vanderley.


Was a scary guy.


Like Dan Harding. Vanderley was not a champion.


Go ahead. That's a little joke. Vanderley was a scary guy. Vandell was a scary guy. Before the plastic surgery.


Oh, my God. They made him into a walking feline. They do do him. Oh, dear. So still. Anyway, there it is. Michael Shef, not a happy camper right now. All right, we'll do a little non MMA. So this is mental. Brian, you'll be ready to cue the video when I say, but the CEO of Lululemon, and this is wild, and maybe Brian can give a bit of background, assuming there was a robbery at the store. The CEO of Lululemon says that he stands by his decision to fire store clerks who chased shoplifters out of the store, siding the company's zero tolerance policy for intervening with a robbery as reason for firing the workers. We have a zero tolerance policy that we train our educators on around engaging during a theft. What the F? Brian, can you get the video, please, mate? No, you can No.


Seriously, get out.


Get out.


Jesus. But we know her cars.


So far she hasn't done anything.


She hasn't done anything yet.




Does Zoom have? I know, but I don't...


And that was it. She got fired for that, Brian. For literally just saying, Get out.


I'm as weirded out about it as you are, Mike. Yeah, I guess we're leaving the store after the offender. That's it.


The world is going so soft. Listen, those guys that came in there and did that, they're pieces of shit, right? But they clearly come from a very... What's the word I'm looking for? Disadvantage background.


They don't look like they ever shopped at Lululemon before.


Well, no, they don't. And Lululemon is an.


Expensive back then. They stole about $15,000 worth of shit.


I'll tell you this, this is an ad for Lululemon. I have some Lululemon tracky bottom sweatpants, you guys call them. I've had them for years. I wear them a lot. Every time I get on a long, long flight, I always put my Lululemon on. They still look brand new.


I'm going to be honest with you, I mostly wear Lululemon.


Are we coming out as the.


Lululemon Master? Yeah. I would say almost every day I'm wearing Lululemon pants right now. It's shorts, pants, you know? Like shirts, pants, like their joggers are just so comfortable. They're light.


I got the Ad.


Idas, bro. There we go. Dude, I got the fancy colored Lululemon shorts. I'm a Lululemon schnob. Look at that. Your adida is up.


I'm adedus too. I'm in England, man. You got to go with the adedus.


You're dressed like a proper soccer.


Hooligan, buddy. Yeah, exactly. I got the Stone Island everywhere. But what's that all about? But the reality is that these people, if they know that they can do that, they must have stopped them. If they know there's going to be no consequence whatsoever. It's like, I was going to say it's like not spanking your children, but that's a little bit extreme. I don't hit my children. I never have. But people need to be held responsible. People need to be held accountable for their actions. And at the very least, the store clerk can't even challenge them for stealing things.


Well, okay, well, I'll play a little devil's advocate is Avocado here.


Oh, hey, man.


If we start making it up because as far as the laws go, a lot of these places, like the cities and the counties, aren't even charging these people with these petty thefts because they're decriminalizing it. If they're not going to get charged anyways. So it's, of course, going to force these people... It's going to not force these people, it's going to have these people going into these businesses and stealing from people. If we make it a habit of... I mean, you've seen the people that work at Lululemon, even the dudes aren't all the way dudes. They're not like the most manly men in the world.


They're having a great month at the minute.


It's a bunch of women. And if we make a habit of store clerks challenging people like that from a different world, from a little rougher part of the town, I feel like people are going to start getting hurt. You have hooligans that are going to start hitting people and knocking out chicks and Walmart parking lots and Lululemon people getting shot at for trying to stop someone from stealing some shit that doesn't cost them anything. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't know that if my wife was working at Lululemon that I'd want her chasing out people in a parking lot that are stealing. Now, videotapeing them? No, I'm fine with that.


They're not answering it. I 100 % agree. If Rebecca was working there, if Ellie was working there, any material, don't get involved. It's not your money. Just the same way if a bank robber and you're a bank clerk and they come in and they say, put the money in the bag, say, sure, take your buddy. It ain't my money. And the banks it showed anyway, so who gives a damn? But what I'm saying is I'm just talking about the principle of it. Of course, don't get involved. Of course, it ain't your problem. But at what point is society just going to grow a set of goddamn balls and be like, Hold on a minute. Now, listen, I don't know what the answer is because everyone working at Lululemon or Best Buy or wherever is going to be a bloody security guard and BJJ black belt, that isn't the reality. And it probably goes back to what I said about fathers at the beginning. You know what I mean? A lot of this shit starts at home.


With positive.


Male and female mothers and fathers involved, and they're getting raised right. I sound like such an all boomer now. But what is going on?


I don't know if I've ever told the story, but we got snatched and grabbed it in Brazil one time where a bunch of kids ran up on us and pushed us. S o we started grabbing wallets and chains and necklaces and stuff. And the tourist police happened to be right there and seen it, chased him down, pistol whiffed him on the beach. It was ugly. It was really bad. But as they're walking these kids up in handcuffs, these plastic zip tie handcuffs, all the community people that were on the beach selling stuff, whether it's bracelets and all the other bullshit that they make on the vendors. The vendors all pile up and just start taking the pop shots and the police is holding these kids and everyone of those vendors came up and started putting it on them. I think that mentality, I'm not saying that we need to hold up criminals and let the community members come and beat the shit out of them, but that mentality of, I don't know, the community policing itself and taking responsibility to protect themselves is completely gone. It's completely gone. It's every man for himself. When I grew up in my hometown, if you ended up being in some see it just bothering someone on main street, you're going to have everyone that's on main street on your ass.


But the problem is though, you can't even do that. A lot of the time you can't even stick up yourself and defend yourself. You know what I mean? Because in this pussified society that we live in, the person that does most of the damage is going to be the one that, for the most part, is the one that's getting charged, or penalized, or sued.


And all the rest. Yeah, Robb. Me, I beat the shit out of you, and then you sue me and then I'm fucked.


Well, you know what? Actually, on that same vein, think about this. This is number five in the notes, Brian. A car thief got more than he'd bargain for. And I haven't seen this video yet when the owner was a 6'5 Brazilian Jutsu black belt by the name of Heysam Arrida. And it gave him an arse whooping so hard that the cops had to stretcher the guy to hospital. You know what I mean? The guy who just deserves and deserves even... Brian, have you got the video of that? Because I haven't seen this. I want to see it. Tried to through my stuff.


What's that.


Guy's name? He used to call me Heysel.


Oh, I know that guy.


Heysel comes.


In like a.


Fucking wrecking ball, bro. Waking me up.


Like, Yo, Heysel.


There's some guy trying to open up another door and going.


Through your car and.


Shit like that. So we checked the camera. I saw that I took off.


So I chased him. And when I got closer, I.


Yelled at him. Where are you going with my stuff? This guy had my fanny pack, my Supreme Fanny Pack with my passport, debit card, very expensive Kobe rookie card in there. I foot swept him. He fell to the gunf canvas.


He kept.


Still trying to.


Move, trying to try to escape.


I really got choked him from behind. When the cops.


Got there, I told them my.




And he made it look.


Way worse than it was.


I know.


That guy. He's actually competing at the fight pass invitation in that $30,000 eight man tournament.


You know the guy?


Yeah, he trains in Austin. He's one of the B team guys. Oh, wow. Wow. That's what I was talking about. Talk about a bad case of around and find out because that guy is a monster.


But there you go. As I said before, we can't have all the Lululemon's. You know what I mean?


Get that guy a job of Lulul lemon. You'll never get another thing stolen again.


Hold on a minute. I'm going to do a complete 180 with the amount of money that they charge for a pair of shorts or track bottom or a bra or whatever. They can afford fucking black belt security guards everywhere. On to the nines.


Have you worn.




Underwear? Have you worn their underwear? It's the most comfortable underwear you'll ever put on your ass.


How much for a pair?




Like a three pack. Brian, just look it up.


It's like three packs, like 50.


Bucks or something. Yeah, it's got to be more than that. I don't buy it. It's a lot. Anyway, I said at the top, I'm excited for that. This one, this one this weekend. We got Marv in Vitori taking on Jared Kandenear. Tremendous fight. And in fact, we've got UFC action every Saturday for the next four months.


Jesus. Did you see that? That's incredible.


Every Saturday for the next four months, a couple of shows ago when I was commentating, I think it was John and I or Vince Gerrard announced that. I mean, that's great for me. It's great for us. We got a lot to talk about. Not good for our wives if they want a Saturday night out because it isn't happening. But then in the next four.


Months, girl. No, we're going to be there watching the fight. I'm excited for this fight because these are two guys that I got a lot of respect for. I got a lot of respect for them. And Marvur Vitori is one of those guys who I feel like we haven't seen his ceiling yet. I think if he just makes a few little adjustments, a few little changes in his game, if he can start really chasing some finishes, he'll really really... Because I think at a certain point, I think he was really honest with himself in that Whitaker match up about some of the issues that he had in that fight and things that he had to go through. But I know sometimes people have written him off a little bit and saying, He's one of the best guys in the world, but maybe he's not quite elite. I think he makes a few adjustments, and I think he can really elevate his game in huge leaps.


But that's what people say. They're always quick to say, Listen, this guy's good, but he's not elite. And we talked about this multiple times. And it's all well and good if you are an Israel out of S inia or a John Jones or a George St. Pierre, that is instantly elite. Fantastic. But that doesn't mean you can't work your way up there. It doesn't mean you can't be a work in progress. And a bunch of clay that's slowly getting molded by your team, your coaches, and more importantly, by yourself. You know what I mean? And Morgan Vitor is a hard worker. He's a tough son of a bitch. Listen, I like the guy. I like the guy a lot. And I'm just looking at his record, 19 and 6, only two knockouts, which is very surprising to be fair, because he does hit hard. Nine submissions. That doesn't get mentioned. I mean, he does have good grappling, but nine subs, pretty good. The people he's lost to, Robert Whitaker, no shame. Adel Sanya, Adel Sanya, Antonio Carlos Jr, Shoe Face, and the one guy back in the day, Bill Bowman. So he's only lost, other than old Billy boy Bowman, he's only lost to the elite.


So there's no shame in that. And I'm excited for this fight because him versus Jared Canoneer, I don't think there's going to be too much in the way of grappling. I think this will play out predominantly on the feet. Just quickly on Cannoneer, 16 and 6, 10 knockouts, two subs, last beat Sean Strickland, close fight split decision before that loss to Adesanya, also a loss to Robert Whitaker. So they've fallen foul to some of the same people, which any of the elite middleweights probably have the same losses. Let's be honest.


Whitaker and out of side.


And out of side. You're going to lose to them. But how do you see this one going down, Anthony?


I think this might be one of the closer match fights that I've come across in a long time. I want to say range your factor, I think C anoneer is going to dictate the range a little bit. He's going to be the one that's going to be making the decisions on who gets close to who. So don't think that Vitori is going to want to hang out in C anoneer's range too much. C anoneer's a great kicker. And I think even in the Whitaker fight a little bit, Vitorri had some problems with the late kicks. I think with the Asaad Hassanian fight, he had some problems with the late kicks. So I'm leaning in Kananier. But if Vitori can start getting some take downs and really threaten in the grappling exchanges, even Derek Brunson was able to get some take downs and pull that fight closer than maybe it typically would have been with just the threat of his take down. So if Vitori can get that going and mix it up and get the up down going a little bit, I think he can really pull himself into it. I do lean C anon here, though.


Yeah, it's a close one just for the sake of it. I'll say, M arvin Vitori. I think for the most part of a player on the feet, I would like to see Marv in go for some take downs, as you mentioned. I don't think C anoneer is the easiest guy to take down because he's one of those guys that they're always trying to take down.


He's a freak athlete too.


I think C anoneer may be a little quicker, but I think Vitori is stronger. And I t's maybe I'm a little not biased, but maybe I'm making this because I talk to Vitori a bit more. You know what I mean? Who am I to say that C anoneer is not just as motivated? That isn't training just as hard. That's t isn't making the same sacrifices, but I don't speak to him as much as M arvin. And I know how important it is to M arvin. So I think he's going to come and he's going to have an incredible performance.


I'm going to go, I'm going to go. I think they're both going to have an incredible performance, to be honest with you. I think this fight is going to be really, really, really, really, really really close.


A second ago when you said dictate the range.




Oh, I thought you're frozen up.


No, I was like, no.


I thought you were frozen up. It's just the way you're looking at me. No, when you said dictate the range, I smile for a second because it reminded me of something. When I was commentating, I was doing an interview, where was it? I thought where was it? And I said...


Was this recent?


I was going to say yeah. You said dictate? Yeah, I said dick taste. I was going to say, you dictated the pace. And I said you dick taste. And everyone straight away on social media did this mean just really say, How did his dick taste? And I was like, Oh, you bastard.


I caught it live. Did you catch it? It's so funny when I do something or say something stupid, I'll start getting tagged on social media, but they also tag you. If you say something or you mess up your words a little bit on the broadcast, they'll tag you but they'll also tag me.


The old dick taste. Anyway, I'm back in action this way, Kim. Who's he fighting?


I didn't know that.


Joaquim Silver.


That's a good one.


That's a good one. That's a good one. Stunning co main event as well. All right, let's talk about HDLT supplements. Listen, whether or not you're an amazing athlete, a world champion like myself, or just an everyday fitness enthusiast, or you're an average Joe looking to get off the couch and make some gains. Say goodbye to the average performance and say hello, or hello, baby, to the extraordinary results with the incredible product G02 MAX from HDLT Supplements. Let me tell you, workouts become easier. Motivation levels are higher. Workout sessions are easier. Halfway through the normal workout, when you start to feel tired, you can't be bothered and you say, you know what, let's call it a day. Well, guess what? You don't feel gassed. In fact, you feel motivated. Two hours of workouts feel like 30 minutes and each week is better than the last. It's as if you are ageing in reverse. If only you were, because if you were, I give it to my missus. Rebecca, this needs a bit of anti ageing. Don't slap me, babe. Listen, this stuff, all drops to the side is scientifically backed in over a dozen human trials, all showing clear benefits when it comes to sleep, mood, energy performance, wellbeing, and weight loss.


And it's not specific to one sport or cardio only. Simply taking it will get you back to a place of overall improvement, confidence, and motivation. And as I said, this isn't just a supplement for the hardcore athlete, but anybody, including the couch potato, who has trouble even getting up to exercise. So go to HDLT subs. Com to get the G02 max today. And when you check out, be sure to use the code bisping, you're going to get 10 % off. And when you're on the site, check out the wide range of products. They got protein multivitamins. They got everything you need. Okay, hdltsubs. Com, the code is bisping for 10 % off. Anyway, non MMA time. Let's have a little do here. What do we have? So, Anthony, we have a million air in Finland getting a speeding ticket of $130,000, or we have a jury in Oregon convicted a man for settling or setting up an Indiana Jones style trap on his property after losing in a lawsuit. Which one do you want?


We got to go that way. Booby trap in Oregon.


I haven't looked this one up, but that's all it is because Hamilton is normally here to give us a little bit of context.


I think he's here.




Up, boys? Sorry about the back and forth. What's going on, boys? How are you?


What's up, Hamilton? How are you, man?


You don't give a shit about us. It's fine.


I give so much of a shit.


About you. What time do you call this?


Five twenty four, non MMA time? You tell me.


We started a while ago.


You weren't here. Yes. So sorry about that. There was just a bunch of accidents on the way.


No, I'm joking. Apparently there was a bad accident and you texted Brian and said you're behind a dead body on the freeway.


Yeah. Was you really.




Body? No, there was no dead body, but there was a lot of.


Lying to us as well.


Yeah, boy.


Also, I'm having words and other things put in my mouth. Sorry about that.


Jesus Christ, how did his dick taste?


He swore there was dead people. Come on.


I'm here all night.


So check this out, right? This guy lost his house in a lawsuit. He went to court. That was what the court findings were. So he said, You're not taking my house. He blocked the driveway with a van that when the people showed up to repossess the house, they were like, Something seems off about this van. They had the bomb squad come in, find out there was a couple of bombs rigged up to the van. They also found that if they had opened the front door, a hot tub would have rolled out sideways and pancaked whoever opened the door Indiana Jones style.


Oh, my God. So hold on, so how much is this guy? It was a divorce settlement and he was losing the house. He didn't want anyone to take it off him and he just thought, you know what? No one's having this house. I'm just going to set traps.


Yeah, try and take my land. Just try.


What do you think, Anthony? Because I know you.


Love this one. I respect it a little bit. I don't condone people setting bombs and stuff to kill other people, but sometimes you push the right person and you take enough things from them, you got to expect that people are going to fight back at some point in time. Once you lose your house, you just run out of shit to lose. And the most dangerous person in the world is someone with nothing to lose. That's why you got to be very careful. You want to take everything from someone walking up on a van with a bomb in it.


I could go off on a tangent and talk about some losers that I bumped into recently that had nothing to lose, but they weren't dangerous. They were just absolute losers. But that's a story for another time. But you're right. I mean, if you lose your home.


What would.


You do? I mean, if you were to set a trap in your house.


I would have never thought about a van bomb. That's a good one.


It's a bit extreme, isn't it?


Yeah. If you just want to fuck people up, that's okay. But a couple of bombs in a van seemed dangerous.


That could be a child.


No, a hot tub, a hot tub tub, pan cake, and people rolling out of the house. That's genius.


I don't mind the hot tub. I don't need the hot tub. I like that one. The hot tub is squashing people like the bowl on Indiana Jones and Red is the Lost Ark or the Red or crash band the queue. You ever play crash band the queue? Yeah. You know when you got to run away from the boulder?


Yeah. I don't know. I feel like the booby traps where someone steps in the circle of the rope and it pulls them up in a tree, that'd be great. I would be the guy that would do stoop. If you want my house, fine. But like, there's bears and shit living in it. And it's like, let wild animals live in there. Bears, do you hear that? Good luck. There's a grizzly bear in there.


Good luck with that. Now the whole station is in jeopardy. They can smell the menstruation. What's the movie?


I have no idea.


That's another little lanker man quote. But still, there it is. I've got nothing else to add to that, really. It's a funny story. It's really funny. I want to talk about the millionaire that got the $130,000 speeding ticket.


How did you get $130,000.


Speeding ticket? Because this was in Finland and the country judges the fines on the offender's means and the severity of the offence inherent and give us some context. So basically, this guy is obviously a wealthy guy. He's speeding his car, no doubt going very fast.


Go ahead. It was 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, which is...


Oh, my God.


That's it. That's not that bad.


I think that's reckless driving in America. I'll look that up, but I know 20 is.


Pretty fast. 20 miles an hour over the speed limit is nothing. Technically illegal? Yes, absolutely. Should you do it? Probably not. But don't tell me anyone that drives. We have all gone 20 miles over the speed limit today.


On the way here.


Yeah. I had to make up some lost time, so I definitely did. But yeah, so the way it works is this is a very, very wealthy man and 20 miles an hour is considered egregious. So yeah, that's the fine that the court came up with.


Which is just absolutely ridiculous. $130,000 for going 20 miles an hour over.


I feel like we're taking advantage of rich people at this point.


Well, I could see both sides, right? Because one side is, well, the argument for it is that, well, this guy is so wealthy, unless we give him something, a fine, which is a deterrent, if we just give him... I don't know what it is in America. I've never had one. But in the UK, it used to be 60 pounds and three pints on your license. If you're Conor McGregor or you're Dana White or you're Bill Gates, whatever, 60 pound isn't a deterrent to you. So I understand that. But also there's a side of me that just hates the system just because you've done well, you've worked your ass off. So therefore, it becomes one rule for you and another rule for another. The fucking tax brackets as well.


You know what I'm saying? Don't even get me going.


You work your ass off to get into a tax. You work your ass off to earn more money. And then therefore, because you're earning more money, we're now going to tax you more.


That pisses me off. It pisses me off too. I'm not going to get too into this.


Because I'll freak.


The fuck out. But why can't it just be a flat percentage across the board for everybody?


Oh, you're talking about tax? Yeah. 100 %.


Like 10 % of this person working this regular job or working fast food or whatever, in my 10 %, of course, mine is going to be more than that person. So the number is going to be higher. Why the fuck is my percentage higher than that person's?


No, it.


Drives me crazy. It drives me out. I couldn't believe it. It's fucking theft.


I used to work at factories on minimum wage, and then I started fighting in the UFC. And all of a sudden I jumped up a couple of tax brackets, and my percentage was going through the roof. I'm like, Whoa, what is this? What are you talking about? It's just just insane. I mean, look, listen, everyone needs to be taxed. Tax the goddamn billionaires. You know what I mean? I know that they have their legal loopholes and they're very smart financial people.


That's the problem. Everyone's talking about tax the rich. They're not taxing the rich. You're taxing the upper middle class. That's what it is. The rich people got loopholes and lawyers and firms and all this other bullshit to make sure that they're not getting taxed at all. So get rid of the loopholes because all you're doing is you're fucking me. And that's what drives me crazy.


And these politicians, they talk about it all the time that that's what they're going to do. But they never do. They never make a difference. Joe Biden is so full of shit and he's so useless. He hasn't come through on any of his policies. They were like, What happened to him recently? Did he fall over again or something? I know the guy's old as shit. Did he fall over again last week?


Brian probably knows.


He will know for sure.


Brian knows for sure he did. I'm fishing it up right now.


I'm sorry. I'm going to say I know he's the President of the United States of America. He needs to take a break.


He needs a nap.


He needs to turn it in for the night. Do you know what I mean? How old is he? 80?


80, I think. I think he's 80, he's 79 or 80.


He's the fuck who wants to run the United States of America at 80 years old.


If I was 80 years old, I wouldn't want to run my own bath.


It's hard enough to get us to do a podcast twice a week. You're 34, I'm 44. Imagine the shit he has to do. No wonder he's useless. He's 80 years old.


He's dead. He's dead.


Fuck you, now. Yeah, it's just...


And I'm not... Oh, here we go.


Ryan was quick to fucking edit on that one. Guess the high definition version and everything.


It's the best video he's ever pulled up on this since I've been on this show. Oh, God. And look, he's pointing down at the ground like, look at that. Someone through something.


And then the stuff that his administration is focusing on is just ridiculous. There's real problems in the world. There is. It all seem to be going after them, and they all seem to be... Anyway, then you're filling this out of his goddamn mind. What's the fastest you've gone in the car, Anthony?


Not crazy. I've been probably 160, probably.


That's what I've been, 160.


Probably 160. Been pretty fast on a motorcycle.


What's the fastest? See, that's scary. What's the fastest on a motorcycle?


Probably around 160.




Feels much slower, to be honest.


Were you riding?


I was driving. I was riding. I was riding in the car. I was a passenger in the car and I was the driver on the motorcycle.


I've driven many times at 160. In the UK, there's the M 6 towel road.




Think now they do have cops. It used to be back in the day. This is what we thought. There's no cops. Private road is the towel road. I'm like, Whoa, but still. I don't speak these days and I certainly don't go 20 miles an hour over a speed limit. Harrington, come on. In fact, don't come on. He doesn't know whether he's coming or going. I'm here. You're all right, buddy. What's up? You're flustered.


I am super flustered. Yeah, I'm just getting it from the executive producer right now, but I'm good. I'm in the pocket. So in the last decade, did... What did you do wrong? Everything. Everything. That's my angle.


I'm not.


Going to talk about it. Usually. Hold on. Where's this going? In the last decade, why? You're going rogators? You just chosen to steer us into unknown territory.


Sorry, I was going to say that same guy has racked up 300,000 dollars in speeding tickets in the last 10 years.


Right. So there's the context that we needed, though.


Do you know what I mean? Ten minutes ago. Yeah, we just shit all over Joe Biden and everyone. Look at this. That guy is the definition of a repeat offender.


The speeding ticket got us bitching about tax brackets in the Biden administration.


Yeah, I know. It's quite the segue. Sure.


But at 130,000 for that ticket, you got to figure the other ones are probably 50K and up. So it's not that many over a 10 year stretch.


No, I don't know. It's quite a lot. But still, anyway, a few weeks ago, there was a UFC fight. I think it's second fight, Femba Garimbo. You must have seen this guy on social media, the man who saw his fight. Femba Garimbo, I forget, oh, my God, and my apologies. I commentated the fight. I interviewed him afterwards. Very, very inspirational guy. Comes from Africa. I forget the exact country. My apologies. Second fight, got a good stoppage in his second one after losing his first fight, which he took on short notice. And since then, I actually reached out to him because he's a very chatty guy. He's got a great personality. He's got a hell of a story. Comes from extreme adversity, and it sounds like pretty abject poverty in Africa. And here he is in the UFC, he's in America. And he was talking about Colbie Conventry now. Colbie Conventry had really taken care of...


I do remember this guy.


And brought in food to the gym and all the rest of it. And he was like, You guys don't understand. You guys have one opinion about Colbie Conventry. You want to see what he's doing for me. And no one knows about this. So he was quick to shed some light on that. And I reached out and said, I'd love to get you on the podcast sometime. And he really wants to do that. But still, he's in the news this week because the story was he had $7 something left in his bank account and the Rock came out this week. The Rock has offered to sponsor then Bigger Rimbo after he posted that he had just $7.50 in his bank account before his last fight and was even helped with food during training camp by Colbie Compton. As I said, after getting a shout out from the Rock, he managed to auction off his fight shorts for $5,000, which he used then to build a well for safe drinking water for his village in Zimbabwe.


That's crazy. How incredible.


He's got $7. He sells his shorts for $5,000, which is insane, to be fair. And then he takes that money and goes and builds.


A well. And doesn't use it for himself.


Loading it up in Miami.


I would love to talk to that guy.


Well, let's do it then.


Next week.


100 %. I'll reach out to him because he came back. Is that when we're doing this? I hope you haven't forgotten. I'm like, No, but I'll just be traveling a little bit. But yeah, that's.


The story. I did see the thing where he needed that win so bad because he was so broke, which is even crazier. There's nothing people don't understand, too. If someone's that broke, he fought Saturday with $7.50 in his bank account. He's not getting that money till Tuesday. He still has Sunday. He got Saturday night, Sunday, Monday. Maybe it comes in Tuesday. Sometimes those transfers come in Tuesday. Sometimes it's Wednesday or Thursday. Just because he fought and won, I think he got a bonus, too, if I remember right. But maybe he didn't. I don't remember. But he's still got to make it to potentially Wednesday or Thursday, which is sad. Yeah.


You just reminded me that I remember I had my first... Was it the first UFC fight? Yeah, my first UFC fight in Vegas, and I stuck around for a little bit. And I remember because back then we got checks. Now it's all wired. I used to like the checks. I used to love it. Back in the day, day in it was very kind. I got some big bonuses and stuff. I loved because I'm from a small little town. I would love walking in the bank on a Monday morning with that check. Hello. The same bank that always giving me shit, always looked down the nose at me, thought it was a little scumbag. I'm like, I just like to pay this check in there. That's a big one. Productive weekend, shall.


We say? This old thing. One time I stayed late in Vegas and I was broke. So I fought Saturday, lost, and then took my paper cheque and cashed it at a Wells Fargo and just felt like I was rich.


Well, that's just what I was about to say because I remember. Yeah, you're good. No, I did the same thing. Me and Rebecca, we had hardly any money and the buyer had the checks. Every time we're back in Vegas, we always say, Why did we walk? Because those casinos in Vegas on the Strip, they look like they're close together, but to walk between them is a long way. And I must have gone to four or five different casinos trying to cash this cheque. Jesus Christ. I mean, it was a lot of money to cash a cheque for, but it wasn't crazy. It was like, I don't know, $10,000 or something. But why we didn't get a cab? Well, we had no money, that's why. But we kept walking and walking and Rebecca was like, No one's going to do it. I'm like, No, they will. I'm telling you, it's a real it's a fucking UFC check. I was on TV. I felt good though.


I think mine was around that. It might have been 15 grand or something. It wasn't a lot, but like you said, it was a lot of cash for sure.


The reason we said that, by the way, because everything's relative to a lot of people, some people might think, well, that's not crazy. To other people, $10,000 is like winning the lottery.


At the time, it was.


Yeah, it was to me. I'll never forget. And I remember I was paying for something in some grocery store and I pulled the cash out to pay, and this one was like, What you all doing walking around with all that money on you? You know what I mean? I was like, Yeah, I'm loaded.


Yeah, I'm rich.


All right, what should we get to? Oh, no, we got to talk about this, actually. This is actually a very interesting conversation. You might have seen it. You probably have. Dc says that Jim Miller will not make the cut for the UFC Hall of Fame. I'll give the quote. He says Jim Miller was never in the top five. He's never in the top 10. I love Jim Miller. I love everything that he's accomplished. But at one point, Cowboy Cerone, who, by the way, I don't think should be in the Hall of Fame either, was the all time wins leader. I don't hate Jim, but Jim has a record that at some point can be broken. Israel out of Sanya, Volker Nofsky, Sterling. Those guys will never hold the win record. You want to know why? Because they're fighting the best of the best. Then there was a bit of backlash, but he sticks to those comments. He says, I stand by it, man. People disagree all the time, but I'm not wrong. My points are valid as are the ones from the people that are saying they should get in. As the sport keeps growing, these discussions will happen more.


Cowboy, in my opinion, should have been the hall of fame, I understand the argument for him. He's on a lot of the same list, but also spent a lot of the time in the top 10 and fought for the title. But for me, he would still been a little short. What do you think?


I was disappointed to hear DC say that. I respect his opinion, especially as someone as accomplished as Daniel Corme. He's in the hall of fame. I think Jim Miller gets in, but who am I to say that? I don't know. Of course, when you're in the hall of fame, it seems a bit pretentious to sit up there with your fancy hall of fame jacket, casting down stones at people saying who you think deserves to get in. That's how it feels a little bit. But I understand his point, but I do think that at some point in time, when you've been around so long, you got to have so many fights, so many wins, bonuses. I think there's a place. I think there's a place for a guy like Jim Miller that do maybe do they need to create maybe a different, I don't know, different category? Maybe that's an argument people can have. I think that his career is a hall of fame career. Was he champion? No. Did he fight for the title? No. Was he in the top five? No. But did he outlast almost everybody? Yeah, I think that's an accomplishment. He's got more wins than anybody in the UFC.


That's an accomplishment. I think he deserves it.


No, for sure. At one point, I had the most wins in the UFC. The point that DC is making is that records get broken. I understand what he's saying and I respect DC and we all.


Like DC.


But we're all entitled to our opinions. We're all entitled to our opinions. I disagree with him. I disagree with him. Massively. Yes, he's correct. Records get broken and I'm pissed off because when I retired, I had a few. But they do get broke. But what Jim Miller has given to the sport, the longevity, the entertainment, the fight, the finishes, all the rest of it, that is a hall of fame career. We did this recently when he was on, but one more time. Most wins in history, 25. Most bouts at 42. Most bouts in the lightweight division, 39 in the lightweight division. Most wins in the lightweight division at 22. Second most finishes. Most finishes in the lightweight division, tied Damiy and Maya for second most subs in UFC history. And it goes on and on and on and on. There's no clear set definition of what it takes to be in the hall of fame because I don't think you need or have to have been a champion to get in. But there might not be a definition. But Jesus Christ, the list of accomplishments, even that I just said, by the way, that's not even half of them.


They were doing the podcast. We don't want to bore people. If they're all not together, doesn't get you in the hall of fame, then what does?


Well, if that doesn't get him in the hall of fame, I definitely got no shot. You know what I mean? Will I get in the hall of fame? I don't know, probably not. But if he doesn't get in, no. If the rule is you got to win, very few people win titles. I know that in this old MMA space we're in, fans are like, Oh, there's so many champions. Not that many people win world titles in the UFC. It's just a small percentage. So if that's the case, then there's everyone that wins one gets in, which doesn't seem right either.


Yes. Because then it's like, oh, so you win the belt, you're automatically in the hall of fame. Then that doesn't make the hall of fame special. So therefore, you have.


To do something that you're welcome here. Then we got Niko Montanjo's getting in the hall of fame.


There you go. Shout out Niko.


Shout out Niko.


Jesus, what he's done to me.


But yeah, you're right. Dean Thomas tried convince me that Niko Montanjo would have beaten Amanda Nunez. Oh, my God. I swear to God.


He tried. Serious?




Did Dean Thomas train her?




What's he doing?


He's crazy. It's so stupid. His thought process is Amanda never loses to anybody good. She only gets beat by people that are very good.


Listen, right over the slack.


They go off. I don't either.


Let's get back to Jimmy. But I was just going to say, if you win the belt, then you don't just become a hall of Famer. So that means you've got to do something extraordinary in your career. You've got to do something that stands out. You know what I mean? And being the guy that's just forever and ever and ever. And every time you still see him on the card and the entertainment that he's given, the finishes, the knockouts, the subs, and just always being true to himself, never changing. You know what I mean? There's more to it. It's about the person, it's about how you impacted the sport. And I feel like Jim Miller has left a big impact on this sport.


And he sacrificed a lot. And I think he deserves something in return for that.


Let me ask you this. I don't know why this just popped in my head because you said, no, you don't have to be a champion. Nate Diaz, hall of fame. Yeah. No, I say no. I say nick Yes.


Why nick?


Because it's nick Diaz, bro. He has been around forever since 2002. He's one of the early pioneers, and he just come and look at the people that he's fought and a lot of the people that he's beaten. I think Nick's career is more impressive than Nate's. And I'm not talking shit about Nate, you know what I mean? The two brothers, I'm a huge fan of both of them. But still, there.


We go. That's an interesting argument. See, I would say Nate, because of just his impact and how he changed the sport in a lot of ways.


And you can't deny that. It's certainly.


The impact. But if we're talking career, I have a hard time disagreeing that nick probably had a better career. More impressive, for sure.


See what I mean? It's a very interesting conversation to have when you start looking into it, the if, buts and whys, the criteria for how you get in. I don't know if there is any black and white criteria.


I like that there's not.




Think I like that there's not because then it's just people chasing... Now you're just chasing criteria on how to get in.


I will say this about the criteria. I don't know what the criteria is, but I think it's perfect. The criteria is perfect because I'm in the fucker. Come on.


I don't mean it doesn't know.


I'm in. Whoever's making those decisions, they're spot on.


Dc, shut up.


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Take control of your gut health today. Live your best life. Be happy, be healthy, be a believer. Let's go. Harrington, what have we got? In fact, no, we don't need Harrington, no offence, buddy. Jamal Hill is in the news. He's been talking about you, Prohasca, saying, What is he doing? What do you know? Have you spoken to Jamal recently?


He was at my fight in Charlotte. I think essentially what he's saying now is just what he talked to me about in Charlotte. They need a clear contender. Obviously, he wants to fight Gary, but he's not really tied to that. He's not married to the idea of it only being Gary, but he sounds like the UFC just needs a clear contender to poke their head up above everybody else, which is where I think this Jan Blahovic Perrera fight comes in. But it sounds like he wants to fight sooner than that. But there isn't really anybody to fight.


Brian, can you pick up the top 10 of the light heavyweight rankings? Because off the top of my head, I can't think. I mean, Jan Blahovic, of course, if he can beat Paredto, I think Dan have pretty much said that he would get it. I think Jamal and Paredto, I think that would probably get it as well because simply talk about a fun match up and he was a middleweight champ. And then it'd be such an exciting fight as well. But who do we have here? There we go. Urie, Anatolyev, Lehovych, Racket, Khrushchev, Walker, you, Uze Demyar. It's a tricky one, isn't it? Because you're right, there isn't any one that really stands out. I would say even though Anatolyev is ahead for some reason on Blahovitch. You have asked us the one, but if he's not going to fight soon...


Well, Anatolyev and B lehovych are not coming off a win. They're coming off that draw. Rackett is coming off a loss, although it was an injury. It's still a loss. Krilev is coming off of a loss. Johnny Walker. Who did he?


Who beat Quilov?


Span. That's right. And then Johnny Walker, obviously then me coming off a loss. Falken Ozedemir, now we're getting far down. Paul Craig coming off a loss. Ryan Span, M r. Zanecona, he's coming off a win, but he's way down there.


In some ways then, and I hope this doesn't mean to be insulting, Paredo coming up to two or five adds a little bit of fresh blood as well, doesn't it? It does. It does. The star power.


And it really shows I've totally fucked myself by losing because I'd have been that guy for sure. It is what it is.




Well, you would. It is what it is.


You would. Well, it is what it is. You know what I mean? Sorry, man, I didn't mean to bring that up.


Oh, it doesn't matter. I'm good.


Does it piss you off, though, if you don't mind me asking? Sometimes do you sit there at night and fucking really dwell on it a little bit?


I try not to for very long, but it does bother me. It was right there and we're seeing it now. It's right there. That's all I had to do. And you know what? Again, credit to Johnny. Did a good job.


Yeah. No, no. Hey, this.


Is what.


It is. That's the game.


And we'll get back at it.


That's the game. It's just like a text to What's his name? Brendan Lofflin last week. Same thing. That's the game, man. That's the game. It's a motherfucker. All right. Harry, is there anything decent in non mixed martial arts? A funny story that you've got for us at all. This hold on, this one, the woman on the plane, this isn't true. This isn't real.


I think it is. I genuinely do believe it is because I know she did get kicked off of the flight. Brian, if you want to.


Bring it to the video. Hold on. Before you play the video, so our woman I don't know if you've seen this, Anthony. They sent through a video. A woman on a plane bought three economy tickets, so you can put the armrest down. Then, as you guys call it, Saran Wrap. We call it Kling Film.


Oh, I have.


Seen it. Kling Film. And then she'd be like, Kling Film or Saran Wrap is a whole area to make her own little bit bubble. So she can have a business class seat. Amazing. Yeah. The problem is it's a long video, but look.


Is this real?


It can't be. Well, so it did say on the video that I saw this is a dramatisation of an actual real event. So this is like a staged video to give us a bit of idea. Fast forward to the end, Brian, where she gets called out by the people that call you out on planes. It's a bit of a surprise. T's okay. It's okay. Look, it's ridiculous.


Okay. Honestly, the Saran Wrap thing is a problem, but there's got to be a better way you could buy three seats because if you buy three seats, you get three seats, right?


You get three seats. Yeah.


I don't see an issue.


You want to switch? Yeah. So ramp wrapping yourself in. I have an issue with that. You got to start some ramp wrapping people. What about the person in the fourth seat along? You got that sticky surround wrap touching you. No, choking issues. I don't know. The whole thing is you're just a special person if that's your plan.


Just take your three seats, I guess then.


Well, just don't buy three seats. Take that money. I'm telling you, it can't be much different.


It can't be the way the flight prices are these days, it can't be that much different.


It's absolutely goddamn insane. What's Brian has to be a safety issue? Yeah, well, you would.


Think so. Yeah, it'd be hard to evacuate the plane if you had to, I suppose.


On the way out here, I was very lucky. I had a business class seat. When I got to the airport and I checked, because we all booked economy tickets, but I had to do a little bit of filming back in Tenerife for that film. I managed to black them into getting me a business class ticket. When we got to check in, they'd oversawed the flight. Oh, no. They'd oversawed the flight and I was so pissed. I was so pissed. Oh, mad. Because in my mind I was like, Oh, sorry, B et. Sorry, kids. You're all going to be slumming it, but I'm going to be up the front with a champagne, leather on a bed, resting, feeling like a million dollars when we land. But they'd oversawed the flight, so I didn't get one. I was so pissed.


Oh, I bet.


I said to them, I have made so much money for this city. What are you going to do? What are you going to do for my compensation? And they said, Well, we can give you a premium economy ticket. I was like, Oh, it's better than... And then they went, And we'll give you a free round trip business class ticket to wherever you want in the future. And I get my business class flight back home anyway.


You made out okay.


But you got.


To act mad.


I'm acting mad still. In my mind, I'm still acting mad. I'm like, Oh, shit. So I get to come back business class. I'm going premium economy there. I was going economy anyway. I'm coming back business and I get a free plane to get business class anywhere in the world. So I'm like, this is unacceptable.


I mean, I guess.


Well, if.


That's all you got.


If that's all you've got, then I guess we'll do that. Anyway, in terms of MMA before we get to some questions, is there any breaking news, anything big that we need to get to? And if not, we'll do some questions. But if there is anything that we've missed, what have we got, bud?


No, I'm just seeing some conspiracy stuff that I feel it would be more in Brian's corner out of Israel out of Sanya. But yeah, that's really nothing crazy.


At all. How would I hold on? You got to explain that sentence.


So I'm sorry. The number one thing that comes up when you're... I'm just looking for MMA news here is Israel out of Sanya went on a very funny comedian, Andrew Schultz's podcast, and just claimed that the reason that the Islam version versus Volkanovsky decision went the way it did is because of a greater conspiracy.


And what's the greater conspiracy? What is it?


So I have the quote here. There's a conspiracy that chance, my boy, Chance put me on to because Volk, I was in Perth. I was right there as a great fighter. From that side of the D agestans, they're F'ing off Smith. They're wrestling and whatnot. But this guy has a myth and Alex F'ed him up. I didn't say this. Chance said this. I'm paraphrasing. He said, look at this movement right now with Fight Island Abu Dhabi, the stake they have in the it pays them to have a champ that's from that side of the world.


That they want him to.


Be the champion to.


Fight in Abu Dhabi.


They want a Muslim champion. Well, if that was the case, because they already had a Muslim champion. His name was Islam Mahachev. If they didn't want to risk it, they wouldn't put him up against a pound for pound number one that's in a different weight class. So you know what I'm saying? These conspiracies, and I like Izy. I would have thought that Izy would know better than that.


Yeah, that's a far stretch.


That's a stretch. That's a stretch.


I'm strong. I don't want to give it too much. I get it. He's sticking up for his guy. I've always appreciated his for that. He'll go to the end of the Earth for him.




Harrington. If that were true, wouldn't Balal Mohamed have gotten a title shot by now?


Also, very good point. Fall on the FI Island, put a beach on B rady. Oh, my God. That's a very good point. Again, listen, very good, Harrington. Very good. You can come back on. Five seconds of our time. Go on.


You deserve it.


Hi, Mom. Hi. Brilliant. Brilliant. Well, listen, if you've got any questions, as always, we'd love to hear them. If you need any more questions, please send them into b ympod@gmail. Com. Please send them in.


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All right, so for questions today, we're going to start off with one silly one that got sent in by.




Different people, and I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to it already, but let's just go for it. This is Rob Scarran. All right, Rob. Hey, guys. Big fan of.


The podcast. Mike, massive inspiration.


For me losing weight. I've got a long way.


To go, but you're helping me on that journey. So my question, you may have heard the story about Mike Tyson when he bribed the zoo guy to let.


Him into fight a silverback gorilla. So my question is, you can pick.


Three active MMA fighters to go in there and take him on because you'll probably need three to have any chance of.


Winning against a silverback gorilla.


I'm picking.


Jon Jones, Francis inganu.


And Islam.


Makachev because he's got probably got experience of wrestling bears.


So that might help against.


The guerrilla. Let me know what you guys think.


You can pick the three best fighters that ever lived. You can pick the six best. It doesn't matter. You ain't fighting and being victorious against a silverback fucking guerrilla. It will grab hold of Jon Jones's head and go and just rip it off his body. It will pick up Francis and go and smash him to pieces. And this is the match that we're going, brother, this is number one bullshit. I'm running down the street.


It doesn't matter. Did he say they had to be active?


Okay. So who's yours on today?


I'm going to go probably Luke Rockwell, Johnny Walker.


Yeah, three people you hate.


I don't hate them. I just hate the strong word. No, me and Luke are good.


We chitchat. We're playing that game. I'm throwing in Vitor Belfor.


And then you know what? I'll give.


You a reminder.


I'll Vitor too.


Yeah, throw Vitor in. All right. Okay. Anyway, can we get a real question now? We can have some real conversation about Plays and not just utter nonsense.


Of course. This next question is from Wyatt Chapp.


That said, we do specialize in utter nonsense. What?


Look at his eye.


Hello, BYM.


As you can see here.


My eyes is.


Pretty fucked up bad. I knee to the eye when I shot.




I'm sure you.


Guys get this question a lot, but I'm probably not going to be sparring or wrestling that hard. I could wrestle, but I don't want to risk it.


So I think I'm.


Just going.


To try to take.


The week off.


But what should I do?


Should I do some meditation, like Journal? What do you guys do when you're injured? You can't do shit.




You from wanting to kill yourself. Thank you guys.


At the BYM podcast.


Mike, Anthony, and.


Yeah, all the other folks. I can't remember your name.


But yeah, if you guys can answer that, I'd.


Appreciate it. I love you guys.


All right. I didn't have to sign up for the kiss. That's the first thing you need to do. Not sign up for the kiss. Ice it. You need to ice that straight away. And don't worry about bloody training. That's a pretty swollen eye you've got there.


Take some time off. Don't do that to him.




Tell him the truth.


What's the truth?


Don't be a pussy and get back to practice. Ice that shit. Probably don't spur, but you can do Jutsu. You can wrestle. You can wrestle in the clench. You don't need to see. Ice that thing. Make sure you're not taking any bumps to it. Probably don't spur, but you can keep training. Don't be a pussy.


Yeah, but why? Why would he continue to train?


Because he seems like the type of guy that needs it because he said, what can you do to kill some time so that you don't end up killing yourself? Was his exact quote. Yes. It seems like a guy that needs to be in the gym. Okay. You need to be in there. You can find things to do around the eye.


Oh, no, for sure. For sure. Let's say you would say, Okay, because you're right, I understand what you're saying there. But I was like, if you're not training for a fight, if you're not a professional fighter, if it's not who you are, then just have some time off.


Well, you can sit on the couch.


Yeah. Go do something else. Go ride a bike, go read a book, go write something. I don't know, but go lift weights.


Right. It seems like he's losing his shit not being on the screen.


Well, in that case, there's so much you can do. Just don't get punched in the eye. Don't wrestle either. Don't wrestle. You're always going to get injured, right? Whether or not you've got a swollen eye or not. And don't get punched. Other than that, you can stretch. You can work on your mobility. You can do Jutsu. Don't roll too hard. You can lift weights. You can hit bags.


You can run. But like you said, definitely ice it. It's really swelling.


Ice it. I sound like such an old dude. I'm always going on a callum because he recently stepped away from his wrestling career and decided it's just not worth the toll on his body. And it was a big decision for him. His knees are really bad and his back's killing him. His tricep ripped off the bone. And whenever we're lifting weights, he's always in pain with his tricep. And I'm like, Right, son, I said, what we got to do is, you got to put some time and effort into this. You know what I mean? It's not going to make itself better overnight unless you can't just lie in bed and expect it to happen. You got to work at this. You got to ice the shit out of everything. You got to get some mobility work. You got to have some massage. You got to get some deep tissue work. You got to stretch like a motherfucker. And ice after every session. It's work. It's hard. And I said to him, I said, This crosses over to everything in life. Have anything in life, son, that you're trying to achieve, it's going to be work.


Just like your arm sore, you got to do the rehab. Your knees are killing. We got to get them looked at. We need to go see the doctor. We need to get some imaging done. You got to get off your ass and go down to the doctors. It's all work. It's all effort. If you don't get off your ass and be proactive in finding out what the cause is, then you're never going to solve the problem. And it's the same in every walk of life. Whatever you are doing, whatever you're trying to achieve, it's fucking work. You got to get off your ass and hustle every single goddamn day.


100 % agree. And I hope that he does not just sit around because he does. I don't know why I got that. Maybe it's just that little offhanded comment he said, but I get it because I'm that guy. If I'm not training, I'm not doing something to expel this extra energy in my body, I lose my mind. So when I'm injured and I can't train, I go insane. The wheels fucking fall off. You got to figure something out, my friend.


I get it. I should be allowed that if I was training for a fight.




Couldn't train. Brave. Oh, my God. Brian, please.


All right, we got another question here from John from Sydney. Hey, BYN P od, John here from Sydney, Australia. Huge fan and super simple question. What is your all time favourite feel good moments in all of MMA? And that's the one that you watched as a fan as well. So, Michael, you can't just say when you won the title. But my personal favourite would be when Charles Olivera beat Michael Chanlow for the championship. That was great, super happy feel good moments. And yeah, I'd love to know you guys' answer. So keep up the great work. You guys make the bad days good and the good days even better.


Thanks, L ater.


Appreciate that. That was great.


That was a good lovely.


He had nice hair.


He's got a hell of a main.


He has some nice hair.


God, that's so hard for me to answer because there's so many. When I've been there, or I've been commentating, just as a fan, when I've been there at home, and I'm like, Wow. It's not the number one, but it's the one that's popping into my mind. Look at what Israel Adolf Sina did after losing three times. The mockery, everything that he had to put up with and then knocking him out. That was unbelievable. There's so.


Many, though. The one that stands out to me, like you said, there's so many moments. I still don't know that I've ever felt like I felt after watching Leon Edwards win the title.


Yeah, there.


You go.


It was a fantastic example.


I don't know if I would have felt like that watching it at home on TV, but I was in the building and it was right there, just the the emotion. Nobody left. Everyone stayed in the building. The post fight interview, look at me now. I got the chills just saying that. It was an insane moment. It's like I've never really felt like that before.


No, that's a really good one. But I can't give a specific example, and I know it's a terrible answer, but they're all well and good. The examples that we just gave, Lee and Edwards is now the champion of the world and it was a tremendous win streak. Even though it's been overlooked for a while. Israel had a sign. He's had an amazing career, one of the best ever, and he's making ridiculous amounts of money. But for me, the real true feel good stories are the guys that are on the way up, the guys that are fucking struggling and fighting tooth and nail to pay the bills and the boring money off Peter to pay Paul and the sleeping on a couch. And they've lost the last fucking couple in the UFC. And if they lose this one, then they know that they're cut. Because when you're commentating or when you're doing the desk, you'll see, you know what I mean? You get to see these people a little bit differently. You get to see them backstage. I get to see them come past me and in after I've just interviewed them or whatever. And they're like, you can see the tears in their eyes and you can see what this means to them.


They're the ones for me that are real feel good stories. And there's so many. And I can't think of one right now, so I apologise.


I know. I was trying to think of an individual one, too, and I couldn't... One hasn't popped in my head, but the guys that have just double digit money left in their bank account or something very similar to the guy we talked about earlier. And then they pop a bonus or something.


Like Daniel Rodriquez, I remember he had, I remember Joe Shilling told me it was the day after his UFC debut, he got a knockout, he got a bonus. I hope I'm getting this correct, but I think I am. And then the security line at the airport, Joe Shilling was like two or three behind me. So I went back and talked to him and thought, I'll wait in line with you and have a chat. I said, Oh, your boy looked good last night. He said, Mike, you don't understand, man. He said he had no money. I had to buy his movie ticket. We went to our movie last night. I had to buy him his movie. I had to buy him his fucking pop corn and all the rest of it. Now he's going home with $100,000 in his bank. That's insane. You know what I mean? They're the feel good stories.


Talking about rags to riches. It's just a complete 180. Those are the good ones, though.


I agree. Yeah, they are. We'll do one more because it's 11, 11 PM here. It's getting late. I think I'm allowed to go to bed. It's getting late. And Brian's worried because he's like, I've got to edit this by nine PM Eastern time.


We're counting it a little close, but we'll be fine. So next question is from Connor Court.


All right, his question for you is for all in you. What's your favourite bands? Minors, Phil Pamford.


Jls and.


Susan Boyle. Anyway, lads, I'm going to enjoy.


This beer. Let's go.




On, lad. There we go.


Anyway, I love them. I'm a good in. This guy's a pitch taker. I love this guy. Do you know who Susan Boyle is? Come on, Brian, just look up Susan Boyle. She won... Britain's Got Talent or America's Got Talent. She's like an old Scottish woman. She's about fucking 60 odd. Not young. She's like 60 odd. Is Opera or something like that.


Jls. Okay.


So he's bullshitting. There she is. That's one of his favourite bands. All right, mate. And then JLS. In fact, just do JLS UK band. Do that as well, Brad. Let's get a visual on them because he doesn't look like a JLS type. But you.


Never know. I love that even more that I didn't get it.


Yeah, it's just zooming.


On the bottom. Yeah, it doesn't look like it. They're like a.


Poor English backstreet boy. But it is a good question. Who's your favourite band to yours, Harrington? I called you Harrington.


I apologise. No, you're fine.


It could never happen again.


I would say when I was growing up, I was a big Breaking Benjamin fan. Never heard of them. Breaking Benjamin, three days grace, a little bit alternative rock. These days, a lot of country, so nothing good. Nothing great.


I'm saying this is really bad. I can't think of a single one. I've got all the typical ones that you might say, you know what I mean? I like music. I listen to a very eclectic mix, shall we say? But I wouldn't say I have a favourite band. There wasn't a guy that was going to concerts when I was younger. Are you much of a concert goer?


I am. We do a lot of concerts, but it's a lot of different shit. We went to Usher and then I just went to Lizzo. And then the next week after Lizzo, I went to Brooks and Dunn.


We're doing a concert, bro.


I love concerts. We love concerts a lot.


When I've been to concerts, I've loved it and I thought, I should have been doing this my whole life. We got to do more of this.


I like a little bit of underground concerts too. I went to Machine Gun Kelly. I was going to Machine Gun Kelly concerts when he was doing tiny little bar venues with 100 people there. I love that.


I was into the rave scene. You know what I mean?


I would love to hear that rave.


A lot of clubbing, a lot of raves and stuff like that. So it wasn't concerts and bands and stuff like that. It was tremendous amounts of ecstasy and down to music. And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching. Subscribe and ring the bell if you haven't done so. Please. And we will see you on Monday. On Monday.