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My name is Langston Kamen and I'm a black man who loves conspiracy theories.


That's why I, along with the beautiful oppressor's that I heart radio and big money players have a brand new podcast called My Mama Told Me where each week me and a special guest will explore all the twisted conspiracies that the white man is keeping secret. So listen to my mama told me available on the radio app, Apple podcast or anywhere else, that podcast. We are back with a brand new never reported account of the alleged assassination of Congressman Nick Begich and Hale Boggs, an account we uncovered in part because of your help.


From my heart media, this is missing in Alaska, the story of two congressmen who vanished in 1972 and my quest to figure out what happened to them. I'm your host, John Walzak. At the end of Episode six, I gave you an important task, helped me figure out the identity of a tipster who forwarded mysterious letters to the FBI in 1997.


These letters apparently contained important information about the alleged bombing of the missing plane. I learned about them via Freedom of Information Act request I filed with the FBI. What I got back from the FBI was minimal and heavily redacted. The names of everyone involved, the two people who exchanged the letters and the tipster who forwarded their correspondence were blacked out. For some reason, though, the FBI did not black out the tipsters work address, phone number or fax. So I gave that information to you and I asked you to help me identify the tipster.


One astute listener quickly realized that I made a small mistake. I gave you the wrong number, my bad. I was off by a single digit. The FBI gave me a poor quality copy of a fax and I mistook an eight for a six. Anyway, the listener who doesn't want to be named, dug up CD-ROM phone directories from the 90s. She booted up an old computer, black screen, green letters, the numbers, the type my parents had when I was a kid.


She punched in the number and voila, she figured out where the tipster worked. The First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. Several other listeners later figured this out, too, but she was the first. With that clue, I made an educated guess about the tipster's identity. I guess that the tipster was, in fact, John Siegenthaler, a journalist and political activist who founded the First Amendment Center. Unfortunately, Siegenthaler died in twenty fourteen. I tried to reach his son and his secretary, but no luck, no response.


So I turned once more to my favorite research tool archives. Siegenthaler was important, so I figured, hey, maybe his papers are preserved and they are lucky for me. A Vanderbilt archivist named Zach Johnson had just finished processing them. Zach told me he would dig around to see what he could find. Two weeks later, he emailed me. Amazingly, Zach found the letter, the blacked out letter the FBI gave me. Except he found the original confirming that John Siegenthaler was the tipster.


The person I asked you to help me find, Zach, sent me a PDF of the letter. Here it is. January 30th, nineteen ninety seven, Mr. Tommy Boggs, twenty five fifty North Street, northwest Washington, D.C., two zero zero three seven. Dear Tommy, I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you. Dolores fell and injured her shoulder and I've been out of the office since we talked. Enclosed is the correspondence. The two people involved are William Scott De, the author of the letters.


He is a serial killer who, as I mentioned to you, murdered my brother's mother in law several years ago, while Jackson, the recipient of the letters, a photojournalist who until recently worked for our center while did a television story on day after he was captured. And since then, they have exchanged occasional letters while knowing of my interest in day, shared these letters on the day before I phoned you. The Hoover angle sounds far fetched to me.


A convict conning a convict on the other hand. However, the insurance motive obviously could have some basis. In fact, at any rate, I will keep you informed if there are any subsequent letters. Best regards. John Siegenthaler. So Siegenthaler first sent the letters to Tommy Boggs, Hale's son, not the FBI, then either Siegenthaler Boggs or both. But I think Siegenthaler gave the FBI copies of the letters exchanged between William Scott Day, the serial killer, and Lyle Jackson, the journalist.


Yes, this new account of the alleged assassination comes from newly uncovered letters written by a serial killer. Here's the deal. They was in prison for multiple murders. He stabbed, strangled, smashed in heads and slit throats. Violent guy. He escaped prison multiple times and killed people in Tennessee, Texas and Arizona because of the Arizona murder day. Ended up for a while in a cell next to Jerry Paisley, of all people. And that brings me to the second PDF that Zach, the Vanderbilt archivist, sent.


Zach also found copies of the letters they sent Jackson. I'm about to read them to you. But first, let me note that while I am reading most of the contents of the letters, I'm not sharing them in their entirety. There are personal details mainly about Jackson, the journalist, that are not pertinent to this story. So I'm leaving them out otherwise.


Here you go. September 12th.


Nineteen ninety five. Dear Lyle, it's good to hear from you. Reset your calendar to November 7th. That's when my sentencing will take place. My lawyer wants more time to prepare for my sentencing November. God, I'm never going to get out of here. My sentencing hearing will take place on September 25th and twenty six. My family will be here and friends too. But actual sentencing won't be till November 7th. Your life sounds exciting. New Mexico one day, L.A. the next.


I have a fantastic story for you. My neighbor is a small time mafia dude. He killed a big time Aryan Brotherhood dude and there's a contract out on him by the AB Guido. My neighbor is fifty four years old and looking for a way out. He's talking to the feds about the plane that was carrying US Congressman Hale Boggs that went down in nineteen seventy two. Cokie Roberts is Hale Boggs. His daughter Boggs was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and wanted to cut the budget of the FBI.


Guido claims he placed the bomb on the plane on the orders of his boss, who was doing a favor for Hoover. That's the sticky part for the feds. They believe a bomb was on the plane, but don't want to believe Hoover had it done. If and when this breaks, it will be national news. Guido and the feds are dickering this thing out. It's pretty wild. Guido told me the feds would accept the story and him if he'll drop the Hoover part, he's thinking it over.


He wants to go to federal prison instead of state prison. It's a pretty incredible story and I don't know how much to believe, but I don't put anything past Hoover. Remember, you heard it here first smile. I've been listening to How the West was Lost by Ken Burns on the local PBS station. It's outstanding. Well, my friend, I'll go. I'll keep you posted. Take care. Peace be a good human right when you can.


As always, Scott. October 2nd, nineteen ninety five, Dear Lyle, thanks for writing, it's always good to hear from you. Before getting into the Guido's story, let me catch you up on my never ending saga. My sentencing hearing has been reset for November 6th and 7th and actual sentencing for the twenty seventh of November. I won't see my family till then. I was very bummed out over the last second delay, but I'm over it now.


I'll keep you posted. Now on to Guido. He is a walking and talking story. My problem is I don't know how much is truth and how much is macho. We have to talk to our air vents, all very prisonlike. He told me last night that he wasn't at liberty to say, but the ship was going to hit the fan zone. Here's what I know. Guido took the making of a bomb to Alaska in nineteen seventy two.


He and Danny Zevin put it together and placed aboard the plane. Hale Boggs was then there was also a state congressman on the plane. Guido says he got two birds with one stone. Guido married the widow of the state congressmen. Within a year of the crash, the insurance policy paid off about the time they married. He says she knew nothing about the hit. I asked how he met her and he refuses to say when the pipeline started in seventy three, he and some friends started a Coke pipeline from Tucson to Alaska.


Guido bought a bar and sold coke along with booze. He also bought a house in Alaska and Tucson. This is where the motive gets murky. There was a big insurance policy on the state congressmen. Plus he was very law and order and some people wanted to run their own man against him or to fill his seat in case of his demise. Guido is tight lipped when it comes to his marriage or the motive for killing the state. Congressman, he is very emphatic about Hoover wanting Boggs taken out.


He said the order came from Pete Volly, who was the head mafia guy in Tucson at the time. Didn't Hoover die in nineteen seventy two? I can't remember. Guido has no reason to bullshit me. I'm an old head and stories don't impress me. He is consistent in telling me the story. He doesn't get his facts screwed up. So I believe him. On the Hale Boggs part, his marriage to the widow and the big insurance policy leaves me wondering the people who wanted to run their candidate did and won Guido's state in Alaska until the pipeline was almost finished.


He got into a shooting war with the cross brothers out of Vegas over territory for Coke sales. That's when it got too hot for him and his marriage was over. By then, he came back to Tucson and began blowing up businesses who wouldn't take their vending machines. I know that is true because my investigator in the public defender's office was a cop back then and says he remembers the places being hit a bar called PJ's, a place called Pollos Prime Rib and several beauty shops.


It was called the Dynamite Wars. The Bonnano family was running Tewson by then. Guido is that court this morning, so I can't ask him about Dateline NBC. Wouldn't it be a scoop on ABC and Cokie Roberts if NBC broke the story? After all, Cokie was Hale Boggs, his daughter smile. Guido and me talk very clandestinely through the air vents. We're not supposed to do that. We're neighbors. So if we talk quietly, we can get away with it.


By the way, Guido is being tried for a seventeen year old murder. The guy he killed lost eight hundred pounds of Coke in an airplane crash. So Guido shot him three times in the head. Nice guy, huh? Guido is back. And I told him about Dateline NBC and he wants to talk it over with his investigator who has his own agenda, like writing a book. I'll let you know what he decides as soon as possible. Till then, take care.


Peace be a good human. Be cool as always, Scott. October 3rd, nineteen ninety five. Dear Li'l Guido passes on the Dateline NBC project. He has so many irons in the fire, it's mind boggling. He is being investigated for murder in Alaska and elsewhere. He says the feds want him to be low profile and quiet about the bombing of Hale Boggs. His plan in exchange for letting him serve his time in another state where the Aryan Brotherhood doesn't want to kill him while the guy is involved up to his ass in crime.


But he also bullshit's too. He says the feds want to keep the Hoover connection quiet. Personally, I think he's making deals with them on more stuff than just the Boggs situation. He is fifty four in bad health and looking for a safe place to serve his time. He has one hundred and sixteen years to serve right now. So no big scoop here. I believe the Boggs situation can't be kept quiet. Have your friend from Dateline NBC called the US attorney in Tucson and confront him on the plane bombing.


Who knows? It might work. I'll go now. Take care. Be a good human, Scott. Maybe your friend can break the story.


Guido's real name is Jerome Mack's Peisley, October 16th. Nineteen ninety five. Dear Lyle, how goes the war? Hope you're winning.


Guido is pressing me about. When someone from NBC will contact him or his investigator, he is one of those immediate gratification kind of people, he's collecting newspaper articles from here in Alaska to show the producer he's biting at the bit to tell his story and even his lawyer and investigator are behind him. He's hoping if he goes national, it will help him out of this state's prison system where his life is worth about two cents. He already has one hundred and sixteen years to do and the state is trying to give him another twenty five to life.


He's 54, so he's never getting out. It's a matter of where he does the time. I'll keep this brief. I've been writing you a lot lately, right? If you get the chance, take care piece. I get sentenced November twenty seventh. My lawyer is cautiously optimistic. I'm scared to hope so. I'm looking for the worst. Be a good human later, Scott. October twenty third, nineteen ninety five. Dear Lyle, it's good to hear from you.


Guido is no longer my neighbor, dammit, they moved him to the pod next door. Nevertheless, I can still get the facts to him. Your friend at Datelined acts like a bomb would be right in front of his face. The ball's in Guido's court now, so we'll see what happens. Guido showed me news clippings of some of his exploits. So he's not just telling jailhouse stories. He's for real. We'll see if this pans out or not.


I turned forty four on Saturday and feel damn lucky. My heart feels twenty one, but my body cracks, pops and creaks. Every time I move. I've given up on pop music. I only listen to the oldies station now, much like Al Bundy. Well, that covers my end. I'll keep you posted on Guido. I don't think he's lying. Take care. Peace be a good human zenn is my motto now as always, Scott.


October thirty first nineteen ninety five. Dear Lyle, Happy Halloween. I heard from Guido today, so I thought I'd update you. His investigator, Bob Vandenberghe, is in touch with Chris. Chris asked for more info and Guido complied. It occurred to me that Chris depends on Nexxus too much. If it was already news old news, it wouldn't be new news. Duh. Guido wouldn't have a story if it was common knowledge. This has been a secret for a long time.


Guido is now using it to get out of the Arizona prison system. After all, he is snitching on other people. We'll see where it goes. I'll keep you posted. My aggravation and mitigation hearing begins next Monday. That's where the prosecutor presents to the judge reasons why I should be killed and my side presents reasons why I shouldn't. My family is going to be here from the 4th through the 8th, and I'm really excited about seeing them. My sister has a 16 week old newborn.


I'll get to see I'm a sucker for babies. I'll keep you posted on Guido and my legal woes. I already know my November twenty seventh sentencing day is going to be postponed. Man, living with this type of uncertainty is killing me literally. Take care. Peace be a good human as always, Scott. And that's it. I don't have any more letters, neither does Lyle Jackson, the journalist who confirmed to me that he did correspond with day for about a year.


After that. He said he stopped the letters, got too creepy and manipulative. He tossed them in the trash. Jackson said he has no memory of discussing the bombing allegations. What? They died in two thousand six.


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Join me as we search for the answer and explore Becky's and her mother's past on this season of Happy Face to Face. Listen on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you find your favorite shows. OK, so a ton to digest here, first and foremost via William Scott Day, a serial killer. We now have the third known recorded account of Paisleys bombing claim. The other two are the transcript of the jailhouse interview Paisley did with investigators in November nineteen ninety four and the report prepared by private investigator Robert Annenberg in August nineteen ninety five.


All three accounts share similarities, but there are also major discrepancies between what Paisley told investigators and what he told De a fellow prisoner in every account, Paisley said that he transported a suitcase to Alaska and that the missing congressman's plane was bombed. He also repeatedly cited the large life insurance payout Peggie Baggage received after Nick Begich disappeared. But like I said, there are major discrepancies. First, it's important to state the obvious. Two accounts were recorded by professional investigators.


The third was recorded by a fellow prisoner, William Scott Day, who spoke to Paisley through an air vent. While these letters contain details he couldn't possibly have known without speaking to Paisley, they also contained minor errors that seem to be his fault, not paisleys. For example, they repeatedly refers to Nick Begich as, quote, a state congressman. Obviously, Begich was a US congressman. My best guess is that Paisley used the phrase Alaska congressman and they misinterpreted it.


Now, that said, on to the discrepancies we have A, the suitcase, B, Paisleys roll, C, Peggy Begich, his role, and D, which mob boss was behind the bombing? A, the suitcase. In the first two accounts, Peisley claimed that he did not know what was in the suitcase he transported to Anchorage in nineteen seventy two until later in the third account. He obviously knew early on that it contained explosives b Paisleys role in the first two accounts.


Peisley said that all he did was fly the suitcase to Anchorage. In the third account, he stated that he helped piece together a bomb and that he and Danis have it put it on the congressman's plane c Peggie baggage his role in the first two accounts, Peisley said.


Peggie visited Tucson around August nineteen seventy two and knew about the plot in the third. He said she had no knowledge of the plot and d which mob boss was behind the bombing. In the first two accounts, Peisley implicated Joe Bonnano in the third. He said Haveli ordered the hit. So why the discrepancies, which version is true, or again, is the entire story false, was everything Peisley said a lie? My best guess is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but that the third account, the unfiltered account shared with a fellow prisoner, not law enforcement, is closer to the truth.


In the third account, Paisley knew the suitcase contained explosives. That makes more sense to me than his previous. Oh shucks, guys, I didn't know what was in it. Statements and notice. In the third account, Paisley was very specific, more nuanced and saying he transported the making of a bomb to Alaska, not a ready to go bomb. That makes more sense to me. In the third account, William Scott Day wrote that Paisley and Danny Zemanek put the bomb together and, quote, placed aboard the plane.


Hale Boggs was in Paisley helping to finalize the bomb. I can see Paisley helping to put it on the missing plane. No, to my knowledge, he was in Arizona, not Alaska, when the plane disappeared. My best guess is that day misheard part of what Paisley said. But it's just as likely that day heard Paisley correctly and Paisley lied. Most importantly, in the third account, Paisley claimed that mob boss Peatling Haveli senior, not Joe Bonnano, ordered the hit.


That lines up with what I speculated in Episode 11 Tail End. And let me be clear, we finalized the script for Episode 11, which was supposed to be our last episode before we got copies of the third account D Letters. In Episode 11, I cited several pieces of information to support my speculation that Peisley subbed in Joe Bonnano for Pete Lack of only in the first two accounts. One, all of the mob connected men in the Peggy Peisley wedding photos.


The red dot photos were primarily tied to the look of Ollis, not the Bonanos.


And Paisley and Peggy honeymooned in Mexico with two of Pete like of seniors kids Pete Jr and Kathy to the Kon-Tiki, where Paisley claimed Peggy met with mob boss Joe Bonnano was actually owned, in part at least by the look of Vollies, not the Bonanos and three.


At least one FBI informant witness Paisley with Pete Coverley Senior. Only twenty seven days before the congressman disappeared. Around the same time, Paisley said he flew the suitcase to Anchorage. What if we reimagine the word citizen not as a weapon to divide us, but as a verb, inviting us all to wield our collective power pretty dull Ponte in this time of pandemic and revolution, you may find yourself frustrated at high levels of corruption and inequality, at our inability to get basic things done at the persistence of systemic racism.


You are not alone. I'm Baratunde Thurston. I've produced for The Daily Show, advised the Obama White House and screamed way too much at my screen.


Now I've made a show for us. In it we highlight people mobilizing their communities, having an impact on some of the biggest challenges we face. We offer you ways to get involved and we remind you that we, the people, have the collective power to change how our society works and for whom. Listen to how a citizen with Baratunde on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcast.


My name is Langston Curfman and I love black people. I love them short. I love them tall, I love them thick. I forgive them when their booties are small. The only thing I love more than black people are the conspiracy theories that black people come up with.


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Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to be your president, but if you want to hear where the president is hiding that AIDS vaccine, then listen to my mama told me available on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or anywhere else that pods are cast. Now, there's one final discrepancy to examine, and that's Peggy Baggage, his alleged role in the plot in this case, I tend to believe the first two accounts, and I know that seems extremely unfair, but here's why.


Something in the third account, these letters strikes me as odd. Here are two quotes. Quote, Guido is tight lipped when it comes to his marriage or the motive for killing the state. Congressman, end quote and quote, I asked how he met her and he refuses to say and quote, The official story is that Peisley and Peggy met at the Holiday Inn in Anchorage in late 1973.


If true, why wouldn't Peisley just tell that today? Why would he refused to say how he met Peggy? Why would he be, quote, tightlipped about their marriage? Because usually there's nothing to hide about meeting someone at a Holiday Inn. And he was spilling all the other details. On the other hand, if Paisley made up the entire thing. Well, still, why would he refused to say how he met Peggy if everything was a lie, if he wanted to tell day the most colorful story, flip it around.


What did he just tell day? What? He told investigators that Peggy met with a mob boss at the Kon-Tiki. I think Paisley regretted dragging Peggy into the story at all because after the first two accounts, he never again claimed that she had any role in the alleged bomb plot. It is possible that Peggy had no knowledge of or incomplete knowledge of the alleged plot. It is possible she was manipulated and used. I don't know. Next, I need to address paisleys.


Allegations about J. Edgar Hoover. Peisley told Day that Hoover wanted Hale Boggs dead. But Hoover died in May 1972, five months before Boggs disappeared, something even William Scott Day noted in his letters to me and John Siegenthaler. This part sounds off. What makes sense to me is that Peisley wasn't entirely sure why the congressman's plane was bombed. If his story is true, either version of it, his role was at the least to transport a suitcase to Anchorage and at the most to help build a bomb.


But I doubt mob leaders would have looked him in on their inner thinking, their exact motives. Peisley wasn't omnipotent. If the story is true, it's not like he would know every single detail. He wasn't the mastermind. He didn't claim to be the mastermind. But obviously, if he transported a suitcase to Anchorage, if he knew the missing plane was bombs, of course, he would have wondered why, which could explain the Hoover angle speculation. Or again, maybe it's all B.S. Despite flaws, I still think the third account via William Scott Day is closer to the truth than the first two accounts.


And doesn't that make sense to you, too? This was Jerry Peisley speaking with a fellow prisoner through an air vent, not to investigators with a tape recorder rolling. We don't even know whether or not Peisley was aware that day wrote everything down.


Now, that said, the fact that there are discrepancies between the three accounts that can't be explained away as transcription errors immediately and understandably calls into question paisleys, integrity. But no surprise here, it's not shocking at all to learn that Peisley was a liar. The question obviously is how much of what Peisley said in this particular case is true? How much is false? Is it all false? Is it all true? Or at least one version of it does.


The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Something else we get from the third account a reason why whether or not he told the truth, Peisley spoke at all.


A motive day wrote that Peisley wanted to transfer to a federal prison, that he wanted to get out of the Arizona prison system. But that never happened.


Peisley remained incarcerated in Arizona until he died in 2010. Nevertheless, we have for the first time a reason why Peisley either snitched or told a fairy tale.


Finally, we know Peisley spoke with three Arizona and Alaska investigators, plus one journalist.


But did Peisley speak directly with the FBI? Did the FBI interview Peisley? The answer here is still unclear. Tom Davis, the Arizona investigator who knew Peisley for decades, observed his wedding to Peggy Baggage and helped interview him in 1994 is certain Peisley did speak with the FBI and Peisley himself said he was speaking with, quote, the feds. But in the FBI documents I obtained, there's no proof that the bureau interviewed Peisley directly. That said, the FBI also excluded copies of William Scott Days letters, which I only obtained thanks to a diligent archivist.


If the FBI did interview Peisley, then the bureau has yet another account of the alleged assassination, a fourth act. Now, obviously, I don't have the power to compel the FBI to reveal anything, but Congress does. So if you're a lawmaker or you work on Capitol Hill or in national media, do something if you work in Alaska media. And a shout out again to the Anchorage Daily News, which still hasn't reported this story, do something.


If you want us to search Port X again with better equipment, do something. We need your help. This week, your task is to listen to all three accounts of the alleged bombing and compare them, go back and relisten to Episode five, the transcript and to one of our bonuses, the PPI report. Then we listen to this episode, take notes, compare the accounts, tell us what you think. You can reach us by phone at one eight three three AMEA tips.


That's one eight three three six four to eight four seven seven again one eight three three six four to eight four seven seven. Or you can reach us via email at tips at Eye Heart Mediacom. That's tips. Tips at eye heart media dotcom. An important note. None of the people Jerry Peisley claimed took part in or had knowledge of the alleged bombing. Joe Bonnano, Peatling of only Joia Tirol, Deniz Ivanek, Jean Fowler, Larry Fowler or Peggy Baggage, were ever charged with or convicted of any crimes tied to any of these allegations.


Peggy Begich and Danny Zevin declined multiple requests for an on the record interview. Jean Fowler was unavailable for an interview. Joe Bonanno of Joey, Joey Iterable and Larry Fowler are dead. Finally, I want to clarify something about which there's been a good deal of confusion in one of our bonus episodes. The last time I interviewed Joe Tatum, the only person alive who heard the mysterious radio transmission the day the congressman disappeared, the transmission in which a man claimed to be the missing plane's pilot.


Twice during the course of this show, I stated that the Air Force believed the transmission to be a hoax. But still, we've heard from a flood of people who want to know what I think. To be clear, I agree with the Air Force. I think the transmission was a hoax, like the Air Force. I do believe that the ham operators heard a transmission, but the transmission itself was likely fake. Ben Bowen is our executive producer.


Paul is our supervising producer. Chris Brown is our assistant producer. Seth, Nicholas Johnson is our producer. Sam Teagarden is our research assistant. And I'm your host and executive producer, Jon Walzak. You can find me on Twitter,@@ Jon Walzak. Joanne WAFL. See, there's a special thanks to Zach Johnson, the archivist who processed John Siegenthaler papers and to the special collections and university archives at Vanderbilt University. Archives are amazing. All this show would be a hollow shell without them.


And like nearly everything else, they're facing huge financial shortfalls as a result of pandemic budget cuts.


So when possible, please support archives either directly through donations or locally to your elected officials and university leaders.


Archives preserve history. They're important. I'm not sure when we'll be back, but trust me, we are still pursuing this story. So again, and I know you'll probably hate me for saying this. Stay tuned. Missing in Alaska is a co-production of Hart Media and Greenford Media.


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