Transcribe your podcast

So Matt, you write a newsletter. It's called MoneyStuff. You've been doing it for a while.


Almost 10 years, something like 10 years.


It's pretty amazing that you don't have a podcast yet.


You know, it is weird that I haven't had a podcast. People frequently say to me, I enjoy your newsletter, but I'd like to hear you say it into my ear. And I say, That would take a long time. But what we could do instead is I could chat about my newsletter with my good friend Katie.


That's so incredible because when I meet people, they ask me, Do you know Matt Levine? And now I can just direct them to this podcast.


It's true. It's proof that we know each other.


When it comes to money stuff, you write about a range of topics. What range of topics might we expect in the podcast version?


A smaller range.


Right. We only have 30 minutes.


And in that time, we will talk about weird stories from the world of finance that somehow illuminate or say something interesting about how finance works. Like All the money stuff.


All the money stuff. All the stuff. Yeah. We will be talking about ETFs, the world of investing. That's what I like to talk about. We'll probably talk about horses and dressage, a fair amount, I would say.


Horses and dressage will come up more here than they do in the MoneyStuff newsletter. We'll talk to people. Maybe we'll have some guests on, and we'll answer some reader questions, if you have any.


Yeah, it'll get weird.


It'll get weird. We'll chat about financial news. Katie, I think it'll be fun.


I think it will be fun.


I'm Matt Levine, the MoneyStuff columnist at Bloomberg Opinion.


I'm Katie Greifald. I'm a reporter and an anchor with Bloomberg News. Matt, where can people listen to the MoneyStuff podcast?


You can listen to the MoneyStuff podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


The Freedom of choice.


I think we've successfully executed our trailer.