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He weirdo's I'm Aleena, I'm Ash, and this is morbid. More bad.


Many, many, many, many, many more dead. Many, many, many more.


It's ah, quote unquote, many morbid and it's a Lenos, so it's not going to be many anyways.


But also we just don't do an AMA and we don't these are just full on episodes and this one is a part one of part two. Of Book two. Yeah, it's a little bit blurred so. Sure did. Oh good. I wanted emphasis on it a little bit too. I really just wanted to sound like a creepy salesman with like a toupee and a mustache.


That's exactly what I was going for. You know, I had it it came off that way. I can catch up.


So, yes. So we're not going to do a lot of business with this one.


Hope you guys have enjoyed our Crime Countdown podcast.


I love it. Personally, I did listen to it because it's I don't listen to morbid because I don't like my own voice, but I listen to that. I thought it was, like, really good. Yeah. Because it's nothing else. Someone else like edit it. Yeah. Facts and all that.


So hope you guys are digging that. It seems like you are. Thank you so much for your support.


You're the best. We love you. We love you.


The other thing I think the only thing we wanted to mention because wow is there was an update in the NAIA Rivera case is that they did find her body in the lake. Unfortunately, she is deceased.


There's no other information that's really been out yet.


I think they're actively investigating what's going on because it's a strange case.


It is a strange case. Real weird from what I read. It sounds like they I don't know if they, like, jumped off to go swimming or something, but it sounds like she was trying to she, like, brought her son back up over onto the boat. And then I think maybe she just like, lost her energy doing that and maybe drowned.


Yeah. It's just so it's it's strange. It's stranger in its situation. And I hope her family.


I hope we can figure out what happened so our family and friends can know what her dad was out there swimming and looking for her. The picture of her father swimming in the lake, because I'm also like you poor man. What if you find her? I know.


You know, like it's just it's like you want to find her, but it's I don't want to be the one.


It's just it's it's really upsetting. And I hate it from every angle. It really is.


So this is not that we're not doing the Vanessa Geen case today or that one's coming out on Saturday.


So, yeah, be on the lookout for that. This one is kind of a crazy one. I don't know that I know about. And when I did a deep dive, I was like, oh, no, I got to keep going on this.


What is it? So this one comes to us from Ireland.


So we're Irish. We are Irish. And we have a lot of Irish listeners. So, hey, yo, what are they saying? Well, how do you say hi and Irish? Hi. Hi. Hi. You couldn't tell. You said that's how you say it. You guys appreciate that.


So this story is the vanishing triangle of Ireland. Oh, so it's like a Bermuda Triangle. Like a Bermuda Triangle, an Irish pub burguiere. But greener green is.


So this is a series of disappearances that are considered to be murders, but they have not found any bodies or any evidence of who. Yeah. And the they took place between 1993, 1998 within an 80 mile radius just outside of Dublin.


That's interesting. So it's in a small area technically like the radius. It's there's so that what they're doing is they're focusing on six women that have disappeared. There are a few more in this case, but they really focused on the sex to try to connect to those stronger ties. But the other ones are connected. So we are we'll talk about those in part two more. OK. We're going to talk about the first three disappearances and this one.


And we're going to discuss a little bit of the theories outside of, you know, what could be happening here and in the second part. We're going to talk about some more theories, the suspects, because there's one main suspect I really want to get into. OK. So get ready for all of that. This is like the Irish killing field. It is. It's crazy.


I thought about that. I was like, wow, it's like the sixth.


So, I mean, we're giving you a lot of really big cases. I guess so. That's fine. And Joy. So, yeah. So they're they're thinking one of the theories is that there could be a serial killer at work here.


I mean, sounds like it because all the first of all, all of these girls, these women are were literally vanished without a trace. Without a trace.


Do they all have like things like they're all young things. A girl like young, attractive.


They were all in. And mainly the two things that really are the few things I really like set them into being connected with each other is that they were all young women usually. Like early to mid 20s. Oh, fuck. And they were young, attractive women living in Ireland around this area and that they vanished without a trace. That is always so bonkers. Yeah. And none of them had any like like the families. It wasn't a situation where they really could they have just like picked up and left their life like that.


Just was in a situation not even considered.


Yeah. And we'll see that.


So the first one we're gonna talk about is the disappearance of Annie McCarrick. OK. This was on March 26, 1993. And I just realized that you were not born yet.


And that is I always love when we rely on your mind. Yeah, whenever. Wow.


Actually, I think my mom, like, graduated high school that year, 92. I think it was. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't come along. Wow. Much brighter. That's a whole lot. I did come along. Yeah. But not that much later. Not. I tried to say am I good at it. Hello. Slop. You know what? It's Tax Day today. Oh yeah. So it's stressful. So makes me nosh.


She was 26 years old when she disappeared. She was born in March of 1967 to her parents, Nancy and John. She is an American from Long Island.


She's not Irish. We love Long Island and love Long Island.


We have family out there, too. She was five eight. About 140 pounds. Very pretty. All of it like a suit. She's one of those women that, like I saw the picture of her. I was like, oh, look, you know, I mean, like, she's like striking. She's striking like she is. She's just like a very unique pretty that you're just like, oh, I want to look like I was like, oh, you're so pretty.


It's just like, oh, I was like, poor Annie. So it's like I said, she was an American from Long Island. She was in Ireland literally just because she loved Irish culture and she loved Ireland. She was obviously with the last name McCarrick Irish Heritage.


You don't say she was very into her Irish heritage like her parents were like. She became obsessed with it from a young age. I feel like we always are. Yeah. You want to know everything about it? A lot of people want to feel more connected to it. And she just really wanted to. So she had moved there initially in 1987 and was there. Like I said, to explore her family's origins and roots. And she was wanting to, like, just envelop herself in the history of Ireland because, I mean, the United States like.


Sure, we have a lot of history, like, cool. Is it fun? No. But like, when you look at Europe with like castles and stuff like their history, you so old cooler. It's just so much. It's so foreign to us because, like, we don't you know, we don't have that old.


So we just have a lot of old churches. Yeah. Except for us. Love to take pictures, but even just a belt. And they're not that old. No. In it. And compare. Yeah. When you compare it to Europe it's like whoa.


So going over to Ireland you're just getting a whole nother side.


It's like going to like a museum in Ireland is a museum. I've never. I can't wait. Someday when all the world is better to be able to go to Europe because I just want to see all that history. It must be so cool to like for real. I'll be enveloped in that. I want to do a show in Europe. Paul, we will someday. Oh, my God. So.


And it was bright. She was fun. She was sweet. Obviously, she was very like independent. She was like, I want to go over narrowly. Easily. Yeah. She was like, let's do this. She was called a ray of sunshine by her friends. So she made friends very easily. Yeah. I mean, it's you need to if you're gonna go over to a foreign country by herself.


Serious. And she did. She was able to make friends. She was staying with two female roommates named Jill and Ida, who she met over there.


And they became like lasting friends. Oh, I love that. Right.


So she immediately would click with me. I love French. Yeah. And they lived in a flat together in Sandy Mount. Dublin, Ireland. And she was also taking classes to become a teacher. She wanted to become a teacher over in Ireland. She was taking classes at Saint Patrick's Training College in Drum Condra out Dublin, and she later took classes at St Patrick's College in Maynooth. So like, what wasn't she doing?


She was doing everything. She sounds like such about it for real. She at one point had a very serious relationship with a man in Ireland with a man named Phillip Brady.


That ended amicably, OK. Not a bad relationship. It was like, nah, I had no one.


Nope, not at all. Philip's totally fine and everything was fine. They ended and they were like, OK, sorry, that didn't work. So that happened then when she transferred to college in Maynooth because she originally started at the training college, when she transferred to the college in Maynooth, she began another serious relationship with a guy named Dermot Ryan.


Suspects number one. No. OK. Damn it. When does he come in? I just want to put these in here. Just so you know, she. Well, she did date men over there. Yeah. She had people in her life. She had an active social life and loved life in he also. So you'll see it'll connect. In the early 90s, though, she returned back to the States for a bit.


How is to get her master's degree? Jesus Christ, yeah. So she came back, got her masters degree. But then she was like, I really want to teach in Ireland. Oh, that. She was like. And I need to get my certification over in Ireland to do that because I just loved it. She was like, I can't I want to live in the United States. I need to go back. I mean, I feel like once you go live somewhere other than the United States, you might be like, why die?


I mean, just like everywhere, like you when you go to this foreign place, you know, I mean, like you're just like, wow, it's special.


Just opens everything up for new weirdos or anything like me.


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I love you. Bye. So in 1993, she went back to Ireland. That's where she was like, I'm settling like this is where I live.


So in March of that year, she had only been back for like three months at that point because she went back in January of 1993.


And by March, she was missing. So and she and Dermot, between all of this, they tried to make it work when she went to the United State.


That's very long distance. Yes.


And I'm pretty sure he went to visit her in the United States at one point. So they really did try to make it work. Yeah, they ended up breaking up because she was just really focused on her studies.


She had a lost was not working. There was a lot going on. Again, not about brain, about a ball.


Yeah, just they broke up. She started working. She worked at a restaurant at one point. I believe she worked at a hotel at one point. And then she was working at a cafe when she went missing. Missing. OK.


So on March 26, 1993, she left her apartment. She was planning to take the day to spend in the Wicklow Mountains. She wanted to take a like at least take a walk at the foothills, I guess, which is like a very popular place, a beautiful place to walk. So, like, populated. Yes. So she would and she just was like, you know what? I just want to, like, take the day to do that.


So her friend was supposed to come with her, but then couldn't at the last second.


Oh, no. Yeah. Her roommates, Jill and Ida, were both leaving to go home for the weekend. So they they were gone.


She had the flat to herself. So she left the flat in the morning. She had a couple of errands she needed to run. This was in 1993.


So unfortunately, it was now we would have a lot of surveillance footage of her doing TV and everything, but we know there is one.


There was one CCTV footage of her, and it was when she went to a bank, she went to the Allied Irish Bank in Sandy Mount. She was doing some business there.


I think she was trying to transfer her account closer to her new flat. Because when she first moved back to Ireland, she was staying.


She was actually seeing with her ex boyfriend's brother and his fiancee. Oh, you. That's how close they all stayed. Yeah. She stayed very close to the beach.


And that's so telling. Its telling of the kind of person she is. And so she was trying to transfer her bank closer to where her new flat was. OK, yeah. So it was like a whole thing. She was hanging out there. She was caught on CCTV. So we have the time stamp. She was caught. She was caught. Then she was seen by witnesses at the Quin's Worth supermarket around 11:00 a.m. where she was picking up items.


Some say she was like to report she was either picking up items because she sometimes volunteered to make desserts for the cafe that she worked at.


Oh, my gosh. So she was a girl, does it all. So she told them she would make desserts to bring in the next morning to, like, help them out.


That and she was also getting items because she had planned a dinner to host a couple of friends that weekend for like a dinner at the flat. Maybe she was getting both. So I think she was doing both. That seems to be what was the thing. We know that no matter what, she was getting stuff for dinner, for this dinner party, that she planned to host it. She was going to be hosting her friends, Hillary and Rita, the next day.


Now, Hillary was her ex boyfriend, Philip's brother. That's the one that she lived with when she first went there. Hillary was her ex boyfriend's brother. Yes. OK. Ex exploit Philip, yeah. You remember good old Philip. Yes. His brothers, Hillary. OK. So this is her ex boyfriend's brother. Got it. Got it. Got. And Rita is the fiancee. Oh, ok. OK. So that's who she is.


Seven people she's staying with. She's going to have dinner with. Yeah. The people that she stayed with when she first moved out. OK, I got it now. So she wanted to have them over her new flats to return the favor are to pay. I love you guys. Yeah. And, you know, and it again, it just shows their brose like. Right. She met me in person. Her mother was also planning to visit in a few days like it was a big plan, because I guess when she when they first when she first wanted to go back to Ireland, her parents were like, but we're gonna miss you.


Yeah. They were upset about it a little bit like they understood, but they were like. Mm hmm. Well, it could go very far. Right.


And so they immediately plan to visit, like, set one. They're like, we're gonna test you.


Let's see an extended to see you. I know I would love to live, like, super far away, but I just can't.


I'd miss my. Yeah. I'd miss my fam. I couldn't do it. I'm like a very I'm a homebody. Yeah. I'm just used to being near my family, so I would be a big change. So she did make a couple of phone calls after this at. They call them like phone kiosks. Like phone booth. Yeah. Yeah.


In in nineteen ninety three they were like very using a cell user another time.


Not great. Yeah. And so she did make a couple phone calls I believe she called Hillary and Rita to confirm the time which I think was like eight o'clock the next night that they were gonna be doing it. And she also called someone else, I think it was another friend. So she made those phone calls. That's logout. She gets back to her apartment with her groceries. Yep. According to a Reddit post that I read. And then I also followed this up with a book which I'm going to mention the name of the book in a second.


She left her bag of groceries on the counter. And this is strange only because she came in. She put her bag of groceries on the counter and it had a lot of things that needed to be refrigerated. And it meat. It had cream.


It had butter, which I know outside of the US, butter is usually not refrigerated, often because we're silly. I don't refrigerate my butter. I don't I don't always refrigerate my butter, but we are more like crazy with that stuff. Yeah, yeah. I think outside the U.S. people are like, why do you refrigerate those things? You know what? We even crazy cream I guess is also something that technically I think they can get away with it longer than we can like leaving it at room temperature.


Huh. It's probably a lot fresher. We have girls. I think it's definitely different. So that's not crazy. But meet in like and also she's American. So I think she's used to putting things in like her father and her daughter.


Well, Newt is like I mean, it's like you got to put me in the refrigerator.


The bag stayed on the counter and was found when she went missing, still on the counter.


So to you, does that say that perhaps somebody was in the house and startled her? No. OK. Big Jim. We have her.


Well, she we have sightings of her after this. But what it says to me was that she put down that bag and then she was gonna go for her walk because she didn't end up going for her walk yet.


So she wanted to go for a little walk in the mountain. Was that supposed to be quick? And that's the thing. So I think what she was thinking was, I'm going to go for a quick little walk, like a little, you know, just clear my head.


You know, maybe that's just something she did. Yeah. And then she was planning on coming back quickly and putting it back. It's still very strange that she just didn't, like, unpack it.


Yeah, but maybe she forgot that there was meat in there. Yes, I've done that. Well, what's weird is so around three p.m., a plumber named Bernard Sheean saw her leave the apartment. And I talked to her briefly. And again, the bag is still impact in the counter. So it's a little weird. She went to the bus station and was seen on the 44 bus from Rent.


Rinella. I just looked it up because I wanted to make sure I set it right. Rinella That's really I love when the pronunciation people are like Rinella. This was a but. So the 44 bus from ran a lot to Anna Scarey at three p.m.. She was seen Oh this on that bus. Apparently who she was seen by is important because it's a former co-worker and it's somebody who knows her personally. So they, this isn't like a witness who is like Oh I think I saw that girl on the spot.


They were like this person was definitely so I know her.


We have a relationship like I've seen her. I will talk to her. We know each other. So they were like, yes, I saw her. We didn't get to speak because, like, it was busy and she was going on like the second level, the bus or something. And they just didn't get to talk. But know like this person was like, I know I know her. Right. So this is the last time anyone who knew her saw her.


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Thrive market dot com slash morbid. That was the cheerleader in her. It was. There was another possible sighting of her after this at a small coffee shop. I believe those called poppies. And the person who thinks they saw her said that they saw her with a man. And they said this man bought her a food item. They left together. They seemed to know each other. She was not dating anyone at the time.


So no one knows who this man. Maybe she just met somebody. Maybe can.


Then there is another sighting. And this one is this one's like debated.


So it's between 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. that she was seen in this area. It isn't confirmed to be her in this place, but it sounds like it's generally believed that this is her. But no one who actually knew her saw her here.


It's just witnesses seeing the newspaper and being like, oh, I saw this girl. OK.


So now it's a little easy to believe this because also she was five, eight and a pretty American.


So she went out in a foreign place, you know. Right. She's definitely going to. So this sighting is at Johnnys Fox Pub in Glen Kollin. And it's apparently a big tourist place there.


A lot of like tourists go there. So it would make sense. She had been there before. A bouncer said they thought they saw her. He came forward like after they put the picture on, he was like, oh, yeah, I saw her because he's like, I remember a tall, pretty American. Right. And he said, I saw an American woman matching her description.


She came in and didn't realize there was a cover charge to go in for this. So the medics show you kind of remember her even more. Exactly.


So she was like, oh, shit. It was like two pounds to get into the music show that was going on. He was wearing a traditional Irish music show, which is, again, something she would like to write cause she loved that stuff. So she was like, oh. And he was like, yeah, you've got to pay the two pounds. But he said a man in his late in his, like, 20s behind her late 20s was like, I got it and paid for her and him.


So they went there together and see no. Cause she seemed like oh like she seemed kind of like oh oh thank you. I think it was kind of like, I don't know you, but like thanks for doing that. OK. So he was like, I assume this was just like some dude trying to be like sugar, like, you're already here, I'll pay for you.


And so we Lovesong. Yeah.


So people there that night also came forward and said they saw her after their photo was published. They were like that was her. And they said they saw the man and that he was buying her drinks. All my attention girl night.


No one saw them leave together and no one would tell you what to leave.


No one can say when he left or when she left. They didn't see them leave together. But who's to say they didn't if you didn't see them leave alone? Initially, the man went unidentified.


Nobody could tell who this dude. But then. Well, then this. And his father hired a private investigator. Yeah, he does. After she went missing. And this private investigator believes that she never went to that pub. Oh. So he doesn't believe that was a.. At that pub, OK.


Now, the reason for this is that night. And I take this with a grain of salt. OK. Let's I think this private investigator has a good reason. Maybe she wasn't there, but I don't know. I feel like she was there. What is it? So he says he doesn't think she was there that night because he said it was raining and freezing that evening. Who gives you wonder? I'm still going out.


Well, she would have had to walk in the rain in the pitch black for over three miles to get to the cook the pub.


Who's to say she didn't get a car? And this would've been a long pitch black mountain.


Roads in the rain. Not likely she would do that alone. OK, but again, maybe she got to got a ride. And if she was there with a guy, maybe she did know this guy. Maybe she had just met him. Maybe he drove her there. Right. We don't know.


So just through that and just see you like have maybe it's you can decide why people are like, I don't know.


So the next day was Saturday. She doesn't show up to get her paycheck at work or for her shift. And when her friends, Rita and Hillary, show up at her apartment that night for dinner, no one else's. This is not like any. So they left. They, like, waited around for a while, then left and they called her. No one answered. So they like this is weird. So they ended up calling her mother and being like which again shows how close they are.


The lake they call her mother. And we're like, this is weird.


And her mom's like, what the hell? And then Jill and I just showed up back up the next morning and Jill and Annie wasn't there.


And my bag of groceries is chilling in the car shopping bag sitting on the counter with meat and shit. I mean, it is probably rancid as fuck if. So now everyone is concerned as fuck.


They're like, whoa, whoa, whoa. This is all bad. And this is not. Yeah.


And it was clear to them that she had intended to come back and put that stuff away. Right. You don't just plop a bag on a counter and leave and not plan to come back now. So once it was discovered that she was gone, her parents were contacted again by friends. They arrived in Ireland immediately on the next flight.


She was officially reported missing about 80 hours after the last sighting of.


Her was confirmed for a long time. So now people are wondering, was this guy that she was possibly seen with twice the man that was responsible for the disappearance? And was this the same man? We don't know. They both were in their mid 20s. There's a late 20s belike, but.


So are a lot of other people. Exactly. So there was a massive search for the police publicly ask people with any information to come forward. That's when a lot of these people came forward being like, oh, I saw her here. I saw her there. She was wearing a dark colored tweed jacket when she disappeared.


And oxblood covered colored cowboy boots, which are really incredible.


She was also carrying a tan shoulder bag. Okay, so the missing person's investigation quickly turned into a murder investigation. They don't have any evidence but that they've released.


Where the fuck is she? But she really went without a trace. Authorities are basically looking for a body at this point and no trace of her has ever been recovered. Their parents stayed in Ireland for two months looking for.


That's all those poor parents. Nothing. There's nothing. She disappeared.


That is just always. I mean, I've said it so many times. But the craziest thing. Yeah. And people just disappear and there's nothing.


It's insane. Now, there's two theories outside of like a serial killer operating.


Now, what is one of the theories is the former flame theory. Now, she was apparently had told a few friends that she had let things get a little too far recently with a former flame of hers. Not Philip. Not Dermot. Another person. And she said, like, things just went a little too far. And that she was like, oh, I don't want to get back into that. Like, I don't know, I let that happen.


So Ballay basically she's saying, like, they hooked up and she's like she's like, oh, I shouldn't have done that. I'm just like that. It's not going to start again.


So when this person this guy was asked about it by police because they were the cause, I, I came out like orange love the way he denied that it happened.


And that sketch then tried to make up an alibi for the time she claimed they were together. Cool. So immediately they were like, oh, that's sketchy as fuck, right? So they started pressing him on it. And eventually he admitted and he was telling the truth.


They had hooked up whatever it happened and that his alibi was bullshit. And his reasoning for lying was he didn't want his girlfriend to find out. So he's just a garbage fucking pig. He's probably not a murder. He's just a fucking also, you idiot. Don't lie to the police. It's just almost got arrested for murder. You done that, right. And all on your own, like, fuck Jesus. So that one didn't pan out. So they were like, well, feeling good by the second theory.


This one's an interesting one. And this one has stuck around in this one. If it's not a serial killer. This one seems pretty likely. Hermia. So this is a theory of the IRA, a member of the Irish Republican Army.


I was like, you do something. You were like, I know I've heard it before, but I was like the one again. So this is kind of crazy. So eventually the man who paid for her to enter the pub that evening was identified. Sure. And he was identified as a former IRA member. He was a legit hit man. Oh, I'm sorry. This is the guy that paid for her to get in. OK. He was on the run for murder.


You don't want to owe him money.


No. You don't want to owe him two pounds at all.


And he had been banished from Northern Ireland, Persia and members had literally, like, kicked him away.


We're like, you need to be gone.


So why this man was banned from Ireland shortly after this.


And Ireland as a whole is in the US. Oh, no, thanks. We believe at least he was caught up in a situation where he raped the 12 year old daughter of another IRA member.


Oh, my God. He's like a brutal monster. So this is wrong theory. Here's what the theory is.


So there is a book by Alan Bailey, who is the lead investigator, one of the lead investigators on this case.


Oh, shit. Oh, missing presumed. And it's about the sex that they focused on.


OK. And I'll talk a little bit more about him in a second.


But in his book, he postures that perhaps what had happened that night, the reason that this guy would want to take her, kill her was he you know, he found her attractive. Yeah.


You paid for her to be like, cool, I'm going to be the sly guy. And then they you know, people said that he was buying her drinks. They were drinking together. They were like talking.


And they were maybe. And she wasn't into him. No. No damage maybe. That he you know, he started seeing that she because she was very open about like I love Irish things.


I love all Irish.


And so he maybe saw that that was the case. She was probably pretty open about it. Like, I love this music. I love Irish music. And, yeah, I'm American. And so he was probably like, I'm going to impress her and tell her my stories of, like the Irish ray and like all that stuff she might. And he's drinking. So he's getting drunk at to maybe he said a little too much. Maybe she was getting a little uncomfortable and she was like, yeah, I'm not into this.


And he could see that. And maybe he was like, oh, shit.


Gotta take care of that. I gotta take care of this because I told it too much and she's uncomfortable and might tell someone. And I thought, well, maybe you just don't fucking say that. That's not a bad theory. I think if there's no if this isn't like a serial killer situation, that's a pretty good theory for any. I agree with you. It's awful.


And I you know, I mean, it's pretty all, but it's pretty closetful.


I mean, to say sliceable look good is closer. Any Claus's all. I mean, to say plausible. I like really don't. I'm not good at that whole talking are hard. What did I say the other day.


You said scarce or scarf's that you put the mic sparse and scarce. Yeah it's scarf's I don't know. My favorite. I think maybe um I like Lybrand issue abrade. Yes. You see clearly. Anyways, go ahead with your storytelling. Go. So that's, that's a..


Mechanics' disappearance. Again, no evidence has been found. She seemingly vanished into thin air.


I don't know. I like that. A plausible theory. Yeah. I mean, that's the only thing that really makes sense outside of this all being the work of some mastermind serial killer. Yeah.


So the next one is Josephine Jo. Jo dollars. Jo Jo. Yes.


And this was November 9th, 1995. She was 21 years old.


Tell us you're still a supporter. Yeah. God damn it. She was 21 years old. She was five foot five, like she was petite, blue eyes, brown hair.


She was, you know, supposedly really funny. She was kind of like a goof ball and easy to be around. She had three. There are three sisters and a brother. She had a tough like go at it. At first her father died shortly before she was born and her mother died when she was only 10. Oh, that's also her older sisters basically raised her.


Yeah. She worked as a waitress a lot and a lot of different pubs and cafes. Initially, she was living and working in Dublin, but moved closer to her hometown of Calin.


She had a flatmate, Mary McCullin, in in on the day she went missing.


She went into Dublin on an early bus because she was going to go pick up their social welfare payments. And it was like a specific day. You did that. So she got them. And the bus that she was going to come back on wasn't going to be leaving until like six p.m.. So she had, like, hours to wait. Okay, so she talked to some friends she like on some like and some of the phone booths.


And she remembers she had been living in Dublin for a while before she moved back to the home town of Calin. So she had a lot of friends there. Yeah, she had worked in some of the pubs there. So she was like, you know what? I'm gonna go to this pub called Brussels' and I'm going to see if anybody I know is in there, like maybe see some people.


Yeah. So she ran into an old friend who was bartending there. She hung out there chatting with him for a while. Then another friend of hers from, like, far showed up.


And this was someone that she had had a thing with at one point. OK. So they spent a few time like hours together.


They were like rekindling basically like, you know, because, you know, everyone drinks.


Well, apparently it went well. The rekindling because a room was booked at a nearby hotel in their name. Get it.


Get it, girl. But that in it was supposed to be for that evening. But unfortunately, they didn't use that room because she didn't show up. No, because a girl showed up to the pub while they were still there. And this girl was the one who this dude had met right after dating Joe Jo in. Oh, they were living together.


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Akl. I was his girlfriend. This is what. And she was not pleased to say the least. Fuck her and Jo Jo got into like an argument. Well, the judges. You know, he didn't tell her. Really? What the hell. Don't yell at the girl. Yell at the guy.


So they got in like a little bit of an argument. He ended up leaving with the girl. And what did to do left. Exactly. So he left Jo Jo. And now judges like, oh, shit, my bus left at 6:00 p.m.. Oh, no. I thought we were staying. Now we're not. So he's like, well, shit. And now she's stranded. So she decides to go to another bus station and try to catch another bus heading in the direction of home.


She knows she's not going to be able to go all the way on the bus. So what she figures is she's like, you know what I mean? Have to hitchhike the rest of the way.


Oh, because at that point, especially, you know, where where she was, that was not a weird thing to. Right. Now, when she got to the bus station this time, it was after nine p.m. because remember, she had hung out with this person at the bar. She thought she was staying in the bus, going out was going as far as Nars. So her plan was then to hitchhike to Kallon.


And that was a long way. I looked it up and I believe firmly Dublin to Calin. It was like over an hour. Oh, shit. So she got a ride hitchhiking. And this driver that initially picked her up was only going as far as kill Colin, which was far away from home still.


But he was like, you know what, I'll pick you up. I'll bring you that far. Elicits yes, somewhat. He was like, I just don't want like standing out here by yourself.


And he even told her, you gotta be careful. Like, maybe you should just get a hotel. Like you shouldn't be.


You know, I'm not a creep like other. Be a little worried about you. Like this is a little creepy.


I only wish he had disturber cool and he dropped her off. I kill Colin and then another young man plucked her out, but he was only going as far as moon, which is I want to leave the village of Moon.


So she took him up on that and around 11, 30 he dropped her off near a phone booth in Moon.


And that's where she called Mary her roommate. Okay. And she was like, I still got a long way to go. You come get me. She's got a shit ton of distance to go back home, and she's already done to hitchhikes.


Now, witnesses said they saw her half in the phone booth in half out of it, talking on the phone while trying to hitchhike at the same time.


Oh, damn. So she's telling multitasking girl. Yeah. She's telling Mary this whole sordid tale being like Jesus Christ. But she also didn't want to miss any. Well, then she's holding if I'm out, just making sure she can still hitch. So Mary said that while speaking to her, she was like, wait, hold on a second. She heard the phone booth door open. 30 seconds later, she got back on the phone and Jo-Jo was like, I got someone.


Okay, so I'm on my way. This was the last time she spoke to her.


Oh, no.


Now, a witness later said they saw someone matching Jo Jo's description running from the phone booth box to a dark colored four door Toyota Korina.


They said she got into the back passenger side, which would be smart. There was problem. Well, no. No way that they're inside that there's at least two people in that car, possibly three other people in that gun.


And that was possibly Ninja Lee after that or. I don't know. Yeah, it was after this. She was possibly seen in Castle Dermott wandering the roads, but that's not confirmed. Right.


People said they saw like a woman on the road at Castledare Mia. Okay. They kind of matched her description.


But like, I don't know if it makes sense when she didn't show up at work the next day. Mary called Joe Joe's older sister, Kathleen, because, remember, her older sister sadly raised her and she immediately contacted police. She said they didn't really take it seriously immediately. That's nice. And she really had to, like, fight to get her case open. Good. Because they were like, she's joining. Good for her. She's fine.


And they were like she was like, no, this is weird. And she said especially it bothered her that she's like, I'm telling the police that she disappeared while hitchhiking in the middle of the night, ready.


And the last communication was like, hey, I'm getting into a stranger's car. And then she was never seen again. And they were like, well, she's 21. Like, why isn't that telling you that, like, this might be a problem? So police finally did take it seriously and they started asking farmers around the area to search around their property. Yeah, they combed the sides of the roads.


They found nothing. There was a massive search to the two drivers who did pick her up.


They came forward during this to be like we picked her up, like they offered up like we the two previous like they were like we picked her up. We want to make sure that that's on record.


There were crazy rumors at one point that the one of the drivers who came forward was a guy who possibly was a suspect.


Now, was this like the second one or so? Yeah, this was the second one. It came from a C he came from a super prominent political family in the area. And people thought that she was buried on their property.


I think it was just like one of those crazy, like a conspiracy kind of thing.


No driver, though, has come forward to say they picked her up in Castle Dermott where they say people saw her.


So police say then it's probably clear that that second that third person appears they're up in Moon Village was probably or people in the car.


It was probably multiple people, probably the ones responsible like they are the last like.


So police went as far to do as to do a full blown recreation of her last movements. Film it for television. That's cool. They hired actresses. They did the whole. So they came through. Yeah. So they came through and they believe she was abducted between eleven fifty and like 12, 15. And she was wearing black jeans, a black jacket, white shirt and black shoes.


Now in January 1997.


This is crazy. What a taxi driver. Here this is in 19 St. 97, a taxi driver told authorities they use like, you know what? I have something to say about this case and what this is like four years later. This is yeah, this is what was this? Ninety three.


Ninety ninety five.


So this is a year older or two years later. It's two years later. The taxi driver came forward and he said that night a bit after 1:00 a.m. when she went missing, he was driving home from his shift.


And he said he passed by a car that was pulled over in that the same exact area.


He said he observed a man standing at the front driver's side peeing on the side of the road. Q And he just noticed it.


And then he said, suddenly I saw the rear passenger door fly open and a woman jumped out and appeared to run away.


Owen, he noted she appeared very upset, very frantic, and he saw another man jump out of the backseat of the car and run after her. He grabbed her around the waist in him, along with the peeing guy, roughly threw her into the back of the car. And what did the fucking taxi driver do? Well, and he said they got in and drove away as fast to bake as they could in the direction of Waterford City.


And he didn't call the police when this happened. Well, that's the thing. So he said the car was likely a red Ford Cierra saloon car. And apparently that can look like a Toyota. Korina is what somebody else saw. Yeah, and it was a dark color, too. So it kind of fell flat.


Now, his reasoning for not coming forward, he came up with, like, a bunch of different reasons of like, you know, I just suck.


I heard the whole thing. Yeah, it was it's just like he said at the when it all, like, broke, he figured someone else had seen her. So he wasn't going to tell his story like, well, fuck, you know, if it was her. It was just a whole thing. Like, I don't care if it's her. That went as soon as that happened before he even heard that someone was missing. You call the police if you see something like that.


That's the thing.


And it's like that to me.


Looks pretty good as the. Yeah. The thing I mean, the fact that he said jumped out of the rear passengers. Someone jumped in there. Yeah. So at the end. Yeah. At the end of last year. So at the end of 2019, they opened up another investigation into Jojo's disappearance. They're going to relook at everything. Like basically a completely exhaustive relook into the case. So that's good because a lot of these are being reopened and looked at old, good, finer tooth comb.


Now, this next one, this is the last disappearance I'll cover in this one because we're going to cover three in this and three in the next one. This was on August twenty third, 1996. It was Fiona Pender. She was 25 years old.


Do you love that name? I do. I love the name Fiona. One of my kids was almost Viena Minor. So she was seven months pregnant.


Oh yeah. That adds a whole nother layer.


Her partner was John Thompson. She was a part time model and an apprentice hairdresser. Heyo. She was known as bubbly, friendly, very lovable.


She loved motorcycles and was very skilled at riding. Oh cool. She even became involved in a motorcycle riding club. And actually I think she met John there. That's cool. Isn't that cool.


Unfortunately, her aunt, her brother Mark died tragically in a motorcycle accident all June 1995, and that's when she refused to ever ride a motorcycle again.


Yeah. So she just totally was like, no. So this poor family has had unimaginable trust, seriously.


She was she was five foot five at the time and again, seven months pregnant.


She wasn't able to move around very well. She was having an OK pregnancy. It's just seven months since it can get tough at the end. And five five is petite. She's lived also, so it's tough to move that around. So she she went to the local Sacred Heart Secondary School. She completed a junior certificate.


John in her lived in London for a little bit at one point. Then they settled in Tullamore. So last she was last seen in bed by John in her flat and Church Street and Tullamore. Well, that's interesting. John had spent so he had left her like it when she was in bed. He was going to spend the night starting on August twenty third.


The last time he saw her at his family's farm of he had moved. They'd moved a little bit away from his family's farm and he liked to help out. So he stayed over for the night to help them out. I guess that was like a source of contention a little bit in their relationship when they first were figure out where to live.


Yeah, because she loved London like and they didn't know where they were going to live. He wanted to move closer to his family in Tullamore.


So she left the flat flat at some point that next day. We know that. And was never seen again. Right. So she was having it. Like I said, she was having a tough time walking around. She so she wasn't going to go far on her. Right, this was not a case of like she got up and left. She ran away. Yes. So that Thursday, the day before she disappeared, she had spent the day shopping with her mother for baby items.


That's really sad and was very happy, but very tired. She had gone back to her parents home for a bit that night. And then at 7:00 p.m., she took a taxi home with her mom. They planned to have another day together the next day, but that was the last moments her mom saw her.


Oh, that's really awful. So the next day, her mother calls her because they had plans and she couldn't get her on the phone. And she was like, that's weird. So she went to the flat. The curtains were closed. The shades were drawn. It was dark. Mm hmm. But she was like, you know what?


Maybe she's resting or napping, you know? Yeah. Pregnancy. Her father had actually walked by the flat later that night. It was still dark.


The shades were still pulled. The next stepped in. And they're starting to be like, that's a little weird to like maybe she's just right and she's pregnant. The next afternoon is when they were like, what the fuck? Yes. They still weren't getting anything. So they called, got no answer. Then they called John at his parents home and he said he thought Viona was with them.


Oh. And so he probably hasn't been able to get in touch with yet.


He was like, I was assuming she was with you. He came home immediately. They searched endlessly 10 p.m. Saturday night. They filed a missing persons report. Yes. Police came and searched.


They found no forced entry, no signs of anything happening in the flat. OK. So they were like she definitely left on her own, it seems. At least they broadcasted it everywhere. They went all over the place. Her picture was circulated.


One witness came forward and said early Friday morning he was walking on Church Street and he saw two men putting a big, bulky thing that appeared to be wrapped in an old rugger carpet into the trunk of their car.


Oh, casual. So he was like, I thought it was just a rolled up carpet.


It's never just he like it was on Church Street, which is where she lived.


March thirty first 2000. Her father, Sean, unfortunately, took his own life.


Oh. And family says it was families due to heartbreak of losing his child and his unborn grandchild. And his his. He lost a son, too. Yeah. So May 10th, 2008. Someone. This is crazy. This is light blue one. And so this was in 2008. Yeah. Someone was walking in Monaca.


You in the woods this salib. I go with this one. Pause. Pause, everybody. This one's a tough one and I don't want to mess it up my sleeve blue.


So did you just get me in that too? I sure did. And that's it. I'm listening. I think it's sleeve blue. That's how it came out to me. So she was. So this person was walking in the sleeve blue and they came across a handmade cross with the words Fiona Pender buried here Thursday, October 22nd, 1996. Huh.


So, of course, they notified the police because they were like, whoa, whoa. Well, and that's somebody that knows her.


In Italy, it became a huge event. They had to, like, seal off the big area around it. They set out on the spig, like, supervised dig. They had a noted forensic anthropologist on board. They were like here.


She would be like almost scarier to find than a body. Right. Like, that's haunting. Like buried here. Yeah. Like on the state. Like like this missing person. Yeah.


So they dug extensively. Nothing.


Do you think that it was just like a all like a terrible, terrible prank.


People think it could have either been a very terrible hoax or according to Alan Bailey, in the missing presumed book, the date on the Cross does coincide with the really this huge personal trauma that occurred in the life of a male that is a person of interest in the case.


OK. So the fact he was like so the fact that that date happens to coincide with this big moment of trauma in this guy's life, who's a person of interest in the case? Do we know what the trauma is? Seems. They didn't release it. We don't even know the person's name. They don't release a lot publicly like people of interest, that kind of spark. And so but they said that's interesting. OK. But again, nothing has come of it yet.


This was in 2008, which was a long time at this point. You think of it as like not that much, but. Right. Not that long. When they say point of trauma. I wonder if this guy like a completed suicide. No, no, no. No. It's like a personal trauma in his life. Oh, like the day it occurred. So it's not the same day. OK. Yeah I was too late. It's like that date is like a per date of personal travel, like the anniversary.


So I'm wondering if it has to do. Got it. Got it. Got. I would put that down. Sorry. I was like I'm like solution. You're like you're not good at the future. I know you are. You're great at it. Yeah.


So he also said that the writing on the cross is very unique and they hope it's that's going to help them bring Rossini's a sample of this guy's writing.


They do.


So July 9th, 2013, Tullamore Town Council, where she lived, voted to name a walk near the canal by her home Phiona's way.


I love that. I know. Isn't that sweet? In 2014, police opened the investigation again. Good. Good.


So a woman in Saskatchewan, Canada, who was originally from Ireland came forward and said her husband, who is a person of interest in the case, was had been arranging violent sexual assaults on her.


I'm sorry. What? And threatening to kill her. And so she came to the police and she said he's already like a person of interest in this. And he she said he told her he killed Fiona. Oh, dear. And he told her where he buried her, but so badly they got it. It hasn't panned out yet. But that's interesting. That's that's pretty interesting. I read that her mother said this just like hurt my heart because I was thinking about it and I was like, wow, that is that must be awful.


So her mother says, quote, I can't go to bed until I know I'm going to sleep because it's too hard. I can't lie on the bed because it's just like a television program going in front of my eyes remembering everything.


Oh, that's horror. And I was thinking about that.


I was like, you must just wait for your body to be so tired just so you won't have to think, because that would be the time when I would think, yeah, I can't is you're not doing anything else.


So what happened in 1998? They set up a task force to really concentrate on these six disappearances. Now they're like this.


It's like something's going down.


And this was called Operation Trace. And it was to establish connections, gather evidence to connect all these things. And it stands for tracing, reviewing and collating evidence and was set up by Garda commissioner Mr. Pat Byrne.


This task force has six members in it, and it's headed up by Alan Bailey Meo, who wrote that book, Missing Presumed. And they were focusing on men who have, quote, shown serious sexual violence against women.


Yeah, basically the worst monsters they can find because they're assuming that this person definitely is like a sexual predator. Probably they're profiling them, looking into their movements and whereabouts during the time of the disappearances. They established this task force to focus on those specific six women. But they also acknowledge that these other cases that will mentioned in the next episode could be can like associate. Yeah, but they are focusing on the sex because they they really feel the connection.




Larry Murphy is someone we're going to talk about in part two, and he is a violent sex offender, an attempted murder who they have been looking at heavily as possibly being the person responsible for a loss.


He must have some connections to these women. Yeah.


And I think we're gonna go into that in part two. So we're going to end here.


But right now, we're going to leave you with those three disappearances. But you're leaving me with this, too?


Well, you know, you 10 in and part two, we're gonna get in the other missing women, OK? We're going to talk about Larry. Yeah. And we're gonna talk about a couple of the other theories.


In the meantime, if you guys want more information on this case, I highly, highly, highly recommend the book Missing Presumed by Alan Bailey, because it sounds good. So exhaustive. And so Thoreau. Right.


He's literally working the case. He was working the case. He's retired now, but he was working the case. So he's got four Mason. You won't find anywhere else, but very, very interesting, too.


And that was a very interesting part, one I like ready for part two. I hope you guys are ready for part two. They're gonna be. Are you ready? Yes. We're ready for this jelly. We're ready. It's gonna be intense, guys. And, you know, in Ireland, you're spooky as fuck. Yeah. You couldn't. You couldn't. Well, if you'd like to follow us on Instagram, please do so at Morbid Podcast.


Send us up on Twitter. A morbid podcast and send us a G.M. morbid podcast at G.M. dot com.


The end is getting we all. We keep listening. And we hope you keep it. But that's where you go to Ireland and you become a serial killer, because that's not nice of you to become a serial killer in Ireland, because Ireland is a very beautiful place and you should be serial killing people there. Thank you. Good night, Sinn Coolabah.