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Hey, weirdoes. I'm Ash and I'm Aleena, and this is morbid. I love morbid, I love morbid.


I like doing a podcast with the oh, I like doing a podcast with you. Thanks. This has been fun. It sounded scripted. It's for guys next week. And that was our podcast. That's it. No.


We are finally doing part two of the island Vanishing Triangle.


Old noon m g.


I went in like a big search about this because I couldn't wait for part two. It really it's section. But I'm sure you're going to tell me and there's fine.


There's even more stuff with this that week.


I swear we could go on like a week long tirade about all, honestly, the little like offshoots of this and everything. But I think I've narrowed it down to the important things that I feel like I wanted to cover. Yeah. But before we jump right into it, we just want to say we're excited for the virtual live show tomorrow. Yo, yo, can't wait to see you guys in our brains, in our brain, not actually at our eyeballs.


Well, meet the people who got the meet.


It's so we're excited to do that. And, you know, hopefully we'll be able to do more of these.


While we wait for the world to reopen. We do want to do more.


And we are also going to try to do some things that are going to accommodate, you know, our international.


Yeah. Like the weirdo's. So we're going to try to do some that will be at different because you know what? If I have to wake up at like 7:00 in the morning and do a live show just to make it so that you guys can actually see it at a decent. I'll do it. That's fine with me. I don't I'm fine because you guys rule. And so we're definitely going to do that. We'll be we'll be figuring it out as we go.


But if you didn't get to grab tickets this time, hopefully there'll be more opportunities, hopefully. Yes. It's going to be interesting. We doomed this whole thing out. So if this theme goes well, we're gonna have to use it again.


Yeah. And again. And again and again.


It's going gonna be interesting, too. It's basically just gonna be like doing our podcast, how we normally do it.


Just talking to each other. I know. I'm like, I'm women need to remember to, like, look into the computer and just directly at you.


It's definitely going to be a little strange, but I think we'll be able to we'll be able to kind of picture that everybody is watching. I'm also super excited to be back at us, too. I'm very excited because I love asked you to. Yes. It's going to. I'm gonna miss, like, the crowd noise. And I'm just like like I can get from it. But you know what? It's gonna make us excited for it to come back and he's gonna be in the audience.


And I was like, I'ma need you to just be like, give our give us credit. No, I was like, we should big you have like a laugh track. But the other day you should just be like, ha ha ha ha ha. So, yeah, we're excited about that.


The other thing I just wanted to mention in my corrections, you know, our little segment segment here is I know it's Killeen, Texas, from the Vanessa.


In case I'm just confused about why you don't pronounce everything correct. Yeah.


I've finally to the point where I don't care.


So. So at this point, I'm going to give it my best shot if I don't do it right. But I think I'm going to small town murder this and just go. Well, do you know why? Here's here's the thing. I'm going to lay it all out for you. I try to and you try to.


Sometimes we paused the episode and we like listen to the little participation lady on Google. Guess what, everybody. Sometimes she's wrong. Even she is wrong sometimes. And then she's out here making me look like a fucking idiot. She is. So thanks a lot. Pronunciation IDM. So you know what? We try our best. But you know what? With this one, I will say I when I had typed it into my notes, I didn't put the second L.


Oh, he acted. So it was spelled like like almost like my Liveline. So like how you would pronounce that. So I pronounced it kindliness because in my mind it made sense. I'm sorry. Killeen, Texas.


We still like. Please forgive me. I suppose at least two people are a lot nicer people have been than us. I mean, we had a couple one other places.


We will talk about that other place, that place that you asked not be named.


I have officially taken my my favorite murder, a small town murder stance on it. I'm going to do my best with town names. If I fuck it up, I fuck it up.


Don't at me. The people I like. I'll see. And so. Yes. So Kyle. Or killing. God damn it. I know. See, it's in my head. Killeen, Texas. I'm sorry. Killeen, Texas.


And then the. Is there more. The other thing, this isn't correction, but I just wanted to say that we got so many messages from, like military members.


Oh, yeah. Spouses like family members, friends of military people. You've all been so sweet and like, helped us understand some things better.


Left the armory because we had a few like Marines and Army people that will tell us Army people, Bill, that's so civilian of me. I'm like army. It's OK. One submarine corpse, like an idiot, shot her dead. I'm really sorry.


I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who's been reaching out and like, you know, letting us know that, you know, in their experience, there is only one person allowed in the armory at the time.


And it's like a sign in sign out kind of thing in that like some of these things made sense.


Like we had a couple people tell us, you know, it might not have been weird to see him like lugging that Pelican Case around.


And if he was covered in stuff, people might not question it because there's so many bodies around that you could get dirty with things. So it made sense. I appreciate everybody reaching out. And that's why we that's the kind of thing we love. We love when people were like, hey, let me tell you about my experience with this. And it's like, cool, let's have a combo. Yeah, I love it. So I just want to say thank you to all those military members and military adjacent people who were so sweet and reached out and made us learn some stuff.


So they know that. Thank you. You guys rule. I think that's really all to the business. I literally have nothing else. Yeah. Listen to Crime Countdown. It's awesome.


I love that show. So I've heard of it. Yeah, it's really great. I wrote about it. So let's start with the island vanishing triangle. Part two. K. K. So we covered the first two. First three disappearances. Yes. In the triangle. We are coming up on a young girl, 17 years old, named Kiara Brene.


So she's the youngest thus far. She's the youngest thus far. I think we all show we also touched upon Larry Murphy, the savage like rapist and pedophile. Yes. That was trolling around this area. We're going to really talk about him at the end of this. He's just like a quick dab. Yeah, we're just we're like. By the way, Larry. Yes, sir.


Leor just a little trigger warning. We're going to talk about a case with him. And it's rape is involved. He is a savage beast. I just want to let everybody know that is going to be part of this. So just be aware. OK. So Kyar Brene was 17 years old and she was last seen February 13th, 1997, in her bedroom. In her bedroom.


Oh, just like your last. Yes. Her mother went to check on her at 1:00 a.m. and she was not there. That's a fucking nightmare. Yeah. Gone without a trace. So her mother, Bernadette, noticed the window in the living room was slightly open. Oh, no. So she assumed that she had snuck out to meet with friends in the middle of the night because Kiara was 17 and had also briefly run away once with a girlfriend in 1995 when she was like 15.


Oh, no. There was a whole to do about it.


Like police searching everything involved when she did that in 1995. But she ended up showing up a couple days later. And it was just teen angsty thing. Yeah.


So according to Missing Presumed by Allen Bailey, which is a great book, and everybody should read it after that incident. She seemed to have actually gotten it out of her system and was kind of chilled out a lot. Good. It was almost like the tipping point where she did that. And then she was like, well, I'm sorry. Like, I'm not going to be.


We've all had their US teens. So her mom waited up all night for her to come home because she was like, I'm sure she's going to crawl back in here and I can Nailer and we're gonna get her in trouble.


But she never actually did. Oh, that's so nine a.m. came around and still no sign of her.


But Bernadette had actually got had a doctor's appointment where she was going that morning, and she went and found out that she was diagnosed with cancer that morning.


Yes. Still no Kiara. So the so the Gardai was contacted. OK.


Now, this was a big deal that there was a missing child, obviously, from their bed, because obvious reasons. Yeah. But also because at the time there happened to be a group of pedophiles that were roaming around the area of Dundalk where they lived and they had been trying to lure children and teens into like sex trafficking situations. Yeah. One of these perverts was a woman who was recruiting young teens into sex work and apparently Gardai had been investigating and had evidence that Kyar is group of friends had actually been targeted before.


Oh, no, because she had a big group of friends. You know, they went out to like little, you know, dining places and stuff. Yeah, it's like groups of pedophiles will, like, stand in the periphery and just like, watch them. What the fuck? Yes. So ear isn't that horrifying. So that just reminded me of Gaylene Guillame.


May she get what's coming to her. So a few things stuck out when they went over this whole thing. So she she had run away before, but this time it just didn't make sense. Chiara knew her mother had a doctor's appointment that morning and she knew it could end up being like a serious diagnosis. She was very aware of it. They had actually had like a nice night together the evening before they went dinner out together. It was like to take her mom's mind off of thing.


Yeah, they went home and they watched a movie together, like it's supposed to be like a good night down.




So she wouldn't have left her mom. To face that alone? No, she just wouldn't have done it. Also, she was supposed to meet her birth father for the first time in her entire life in the following days.


Oh, wow. And also a lot less flattering. Yeah.


Picture this.


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So none of this made sense that you would just up and leave and just abandon all this. So there was a massive search, forensic searches of her bedroom. They turned up nothing, but they did see that the window was opened from the inside. OK.


So she yabbie. So she left voluntarily. Right. And all fingerprints were from Kiara. Her key was even found. Are the keys to the house was found under the window. Looks like she's lying back. So it looked like she dropped it when she left through the wind. Oh OK. There was no sign of forced entry. No struggle anywhere. Initially, the initial investigators on the case spoke to her friends and family, close associates of hers.


Obviously, they all gave statements, said they were like, you know, she has snuck out before. That's been the thing. Right. We've called is this this happening on? And then they were like that, you know, had you seen her with anyone? Was she talking to anyone in the days leading up to this? Nothing really came from this. But then but then two years later, when trace the task force that had been created, just DMCA was established.


They came into the picture and they really started honing in on going back over these interviews and using a fine tooth comb to look through them. And they're like, this is a close group.


There has to be something here. Right. So Kyar and her friends had gone to a place that they often went and they went there the day before her disappearance. It was a cafe of sorts, like a dining place. They hung out there a lot. Well, this one older guy always seemed to be hanging out as well.


And the friends all said that he was super creepy, but Kiara really liked him.


Mike had a crush on him. Oh.


And he seemed to like her. That's not good. That day, they said they heard him ask Chiara to hang out with him. And she told him that that that evening she would sneak out of her house in the middle of the night after her mom went to bed to see him.


Oh, no. And like, obviously, that's messed up. But she was probably, like, really excited. Yeah, he groomed her. Right.


That's what they dance for. So when Trace talked to the initial investigators to be like, what the fuck? This looks like good information, like, why wasn't this looked into? They said, well, you know, the teens that said this are really not credible like they've had. They've been like in petty trouble, like they've been in petty thefts and stuff. And like, we're not going to believe them.


But if multiple people say the same thing and. Yes, like it adds up to what you found in your investigation. Like what?


And they just dismissed it. And it's also like, why would they lie about that? You know, it's a weird fuckin thing to lie. It doesn't help them. But when they get back to. So that trace went back to these teens who are a little older now and they were like, we need to ask you the same questions. So we want to get your story again. This is like did they have this many years later, the same thing.


So our story's never changed and nothing they said, like nothing changed about it. Same exact thing. Didn't make it worse. Didn't make it better. The same stories. So that's pretty. Well, finally, they were able to convince these crazy initial investigators that this was a good case to arrest the older guy who isn't. They didn't name this guy. And they wanted to charge him with the murder of Kyah Brene, even though they didn't have a body.


Well, they ended up having to use a super weird case as a precedent for this because of the lack of body. They can't just go and say arrest him for murder. They believe what they had planned to me. Right. Right. Yeah, it would.


So this case that they used was the murder of Captain Robert Narok by IRA member William Townsend, the IRA making another appearance.


They're all over this thing. So the law officers agreed that it did work as a precedent.


OK, we're going to try to go further. So older, creepy guy was arrested September 12th. Nineteen ninety nine. OK. They could only initially hold him for 12 hours. They had to.


They didn't have any. They had nothing.


So they were really just being like, we need to interrogate him in 12 hours and get this can make him crack. Yeah. So during that time, they interviewed him, interrogated him with every way and method they could think of to try to get him to say this.


He denied even knowing her right away. He's a liar. Well, and right away. That's fucking weird. Yeah, he and he's all already.


You're lying. I know that you're just holding onto it because you even denying that you know her. That's cute. That's everybody saying you know her. People know you know her. In fact, in that book Missing Presumed by Alan Bailey, he said that near Karr's home, it was spray painted on like a wall somewhere like on the street.


Yeah, this guy's name loves Kiara. Oh, yeah.


Okay. So it's like, where did that come? Do we. I don't know if you know. Do you know how much older he was.


No, it's not sad exactly. But he was older like two, the bloody Sri Lanka, some 40 year old doing spray paint like I love ya. Totally could have been. Yeah. I mean, honestly, the way they described him is like he's a real creepy old guy. Yeah. That should not have been interested in a 17 year old. Right.


But so this dude. Held out, would not say they couldn't charge and they go and they just had to release him. That fucking sucks. Isn't that the worst?


Yes, I did read reports that he he possibly died of a drug overdose. That's interesting, though, that who knows?


But either way, he got out of that and he was able to walk away and live. Damn.


So it's like, how do we know? Like. Could he have done this to more girls? That's the thing. So people do believe that he he is responsible for people. Are the investigators really do believe he was the guy in August 2015. Investigators started randomly searching these specific marshlands in the area.


Yeah. And it was because two witnesses had said they saw Kiara on the evening she went missing around this area. And then two letters were received by authorities anonymously saying police should search that area for Kyar. Oh, damn. Nothing was found. That's weird.


But anonymous letters. And then they go look and it's not. Or maybe those anonymous letters were trying to lead them in the wrong direction.


It's true. It could have been that or it's like it's marshland and it's still like, who knows? Maybe you're just missing something, right?


It's like we don't really a large search. And again. Yeah. Like you say, it's a really hard thing to search marshlands. It's not easy. So who knows? That was in 2015. They were still thinking they're gonna find her. So I hope I mean, fingers crossed that they can find her cause, you know, this family deserves it's like a very sad one.


It is. They're all. They're all. So they're all really sad.


Yeah. Everyone you hear you're too like me and not one's sad, too. It's like they all just, like, hit you.


Yeah. And in a different way too. Yeah. And I'm going to tell like what my theories on this whole island vanishing triangle thing is at the end. But I don't think a serial killer is.


And you think it's just a sad triangle? I think it's just a sad triangle. And I think that Larry Murphy has a lot to do with a few of them. So. So, yeah. So that was Kyar Breene. I still have not found her. No trace of her. I really hope they do. I know. It's really sad.


So the next one that we're gonna talk about is Fiona Sinnett. So she was 19 years old. She went missing on February 9th, 1998.


Her story is really sad. Oh, again, they're all sad. But like, this one just has another element to it that I was like, see you from another angle. Yeah. It's a it's a bummer. It's really getting hit by all angles. She was 19 years old.


She was a single mother of an 11 month old daughter named Emma. Stop. She was living in a southwest Wexford in southwest Wexford in a little village called Broadway. She was living alone and taking care of her child.


She was known to be very responsible, very independent.


She loved being a mom.


Everyone says like she doted on them, like she Gerrish, like, found her, her niche being a mom. She had a very good relationship with her family.


They lived nearby, but they didn't speak every day.


Mm hmm. Which will a lot of people were running because she wasn't reported missing right away. And a lot of people were like, what the hell? When it comes to her family, I think it's just a matter of like the way it has been at all the.


So I think it just wasn't. But there's another element to it that you're like.


Why wasn't she.


So apparently before moving into her own place, which was somewhat recent. She had a very abusive relationship with her child's father.


Oh, no. His name was Sean Carroll. And he was about 10 years older than Fiona. Mm hmm.


He was a monster, like an absolute with so many shitty fucking dads in this story. Police knew there they knew this. The place where they lived before she moved out because they knew always very well because they were there all the time.


That always makes me so sick. Police are like up. Yep. Yep. We knew that place. She was admitted to the hospital many times because of him in the missing presumed book by Alan Bailey.


He says because remember, he's one of the lead investigators in the traced injuries.


He says this about one such incident. He said, quote, She told a number of her friends a harrowing story involving vicious and prolonged sexual abuse that this man had subjected to her to when she was heavily pregnant.


Oh, God. I have personally read with revulsion the various reports concerning this particular assault and can honestly say that if only half of it was true, then her assailant should be stood trial for and should never again have been accepted back into normal society. Wow. And then he said the attack bordered on barbaric. So he's obviously a good suspect in her displeases already.




And while she was heavily pregnant, that reminds me of, um, the Ariel Castro story. It's horrific.


Horrific. So the night she went missing, she had gone to a pub called Butlers with three friends. Baby Emma was with her ex's parents. So with Sean's parents, huh? Now, even though he was a monster, they were cool. She wanted. I don't know how cool they were.


I think she was like their. Her grandparents, they need and they wanted to be a part of her life, so I'm not going to deny that. Good for her. So she knows a lot about her character that she was like. I know I will let this happen. So. So Baby Emma was with Sean Carroll's parents apparently throughout the night. Her friends noticed she kept wincing in pain. And they were like, what?


What's what are you doing? Good.


And she said that her upper chest and her arm hurt like a heart attack, almost.


Yeah, it seems to me I'm like, did anyone think to be like having a heart attack? Myocardial infarction right now? That's exactly what they say. She fuck. I think she's having a myocardial infarction. Is Karsch what is it, a myocardial infarction. Infarction. To sounds like fart. Oh, you are.


So she wouldn't say what was causing this issue. She was just like, yeah. This is what hurts. I can also be anxiety. Yeah.


And they were like, so during the evening, you know, she wouldn't elaborate anymore. She would just look at her. It's whatever. I'll figure it out. She kept saying she was going to the doctors that morning. So she was like, we'll figure it out.


Well, during the evening, her ex, Sean walked into the pub. Oh. And he didn't come to hang out with this friend group, obviously thing. They didn't say a word to each other. They saw each other, did not acknowledge each other. They just walked in and he sat at the bar and drank alone all night.


But he was like, watch, but he's just real on the periphery. Bourbon Street Gerster. But here's here's a bar on the peripheral or the highway.


And that's also a really good spin off of Generation Y. The podcast, The Peripheral. You should listen to it.


It's good stuff. So he's just sitting on the peripheral. I don't like that. Yeah.


So a driver driving by the area that evening said that they did see a couple on the side of the road arguing later in the night when, like all the bars and pubs closed.


And then someone who lived right nearby said they heard a female screaming at the same time. Oh, no.


Now, her friends say that Fiona left to the pub when it closed and she left by herself and she told her friends like it was a short distance to her house. So she was like, See you later. I'm just going to walk home. Yeah, it's totally fine. They said that her and Sean didn't leave together, but Sean left after her because he was fucking watching her. Exactly.


So it's like so they were like now I think they're sitting there being.


Didn't you say attorney wanted to be like, wait a second. He was following her. Right. So it wasn't until February 18th that her father, Patrick, reported her missing.


So that was 10 days after she was last. Yeah. But again, they just tried to talk.


I'll speak to her family every day. So maybe no alarm bells initially, right? That's a long time to me. But who am I to judge?


But our family literally is so close. Like we talked, I think, sandals. Yeah. I think it's because I. Yeah. We talk every day because you watch shows sometimes and they're like. It wasn't unlike her to not call for like five days. Yeah. And to me I much you. I'm fine. Yeah. I would be like the phone. Yeah. The goddamn phone. I would have like the National Guard out here literally.


But this is again.


They would they didn't talk every day. So I can kind of understand. I got it. You know, she was working. She was taking care of a baby. Baby, they were just thinking she was right.


She was strung out with cameras and everything. But the fucked up part is that her daughter was with Shawn's parents that evening. So in 10 days, they weren't concerned that she wasn't coming to actually get her daughter. Yeah, that's odd. Like, she went out for a night and never came back.


I wonder if, like, because Shawn was, like, such a shit stain, he had told the parents, like, shitty things about her. And maybe because of her age, they were like, oh, well, maybe she just like ran away or like, you mean should they ever say anything?


They do believe that they. That this whole thing was set out to make it look like Fiona abandoned her child and just left. Right. But now, obviously, she did it, but I could see where maybe his parents think. Well, how different it sounds like his parents are not like. The super, you know, light of the of the universe here. Oh, no, I'm not thinking now. I don't think they were super like, oh, that must be it.


I think they were just like, I'm cool. We have a grandkid. I think they were literally like, we don't care what happened here. I agree. I got that.


So investigators talk to Sean and he said because they're like, you followed her out of the pub that night.


So we all know it. What the fuck? And you have your daughter. What's going on here? So Sean was like, OK, well, he said I met her outside. We talked a little bit. I walked her home.


And because I'm such a good guy, such a gentleman. And he said he slept on the couch because she was complaining, like her friend said, that she had arm and chest pain. And I wanted to be there and he said, because I'm so awesome. He said he was worried.


So he slept on the couch the next morning around. And he had to she had told him, I'm going to go to the doctors next morning. So he was like, OK, so the next morning, around 9:00 a.m., his mother and his grandmother came and picked him up at Fiona's home. OK.


So, again, she wasn't like, hey, is Fiona going to take the baby back? So whatever. So he is the mom picks them up. They went back to the grandparents home where Emma was. Emma just stayed there forever. And Fiona's parents barely got to see her. Like, that's like they, like, cut Fiona's parents out of seeing. That's horrific to me. So it all sounds pretty planned. Yeah, well, it gets even worse.


So to me, the Carroll family has a lot to answer for because I'm like, Sean knows where the fuck she is and I will. They know, right? They know more than they're letting. I agree. So obviously, investigators did a search of her home. They found no evidence of foul play. Everything was pretty normal. But there was one big, huh? When they came in himi up, the house was almost completely empty. And what I mean is it's like no one had ever lived there.


Everything was it's like it was vacant.


There was no personal items that in the house creeped me out.


And they were like, wait, where's 19 year old teenager lives here with her 11 month old daughter? There should be shit everywhere. Right? And there were. And it wasn't like, oh, there's just not a lot of stuff. Nothing in that house. And was it cleaned? No personal items were in that house. Where the fuck did they go? So they didn't find them.


Well, then they started asking people who knew her. They were like, did she just not have any humor?


She's like a very minimalistic human being. What happened? People who had visited her were like, oh, no, there was shit everywhere. In fact, she was like very known for being a messy person. Reinsured, 11 month old. So it was like toys were everywhere.


Yeah. Maybe things were everywhere. Right.


They were like, no, that was not an empty place. The place was cleaned out. That's so. This when this case went all over the news and the news did say that the place was cleaned out, that there was nothing in there. So suddenly a farmer in the area contacts authorities and it's like he's gone to landfill. He's like, so that girl's house that was empty well before her disappearance went public. He was checking his cattle and noticed that someone had dumped a ton of black garbage bags in his ditch and it was on his property.


But he said that happened a lot. People like illegally dump on his property. So he was like he figured it was just somebody else who'd thrown all their garbage right there. But then he was like, wait a second. Well, he was pissed. So he was like, you know what? I'm just going to light all these things on fire to burn it and get rid of it, OK? Because I'm not going to lug all these like a landfill.


Yeah. Well, item on fire destroyed the evidence accident. Fuck.


But he did happen to open one of the bags to make sure he wasn't destroying anything valuable. He's like peeked in and he said he found medicine containers in there with the name feel notat on them. So those that was all her stuff. And this was days before she went missing?


Well, no, he went. This was before news had broke. Oh.


So given the ten days that no one knew she got him. He happened to find these.


So as in that 10 day period where where Sean was cleaning out or how. Exactly right.


So they had set up roadblocks. They'd ask drivers in the area if they saw anyone hitchhiking, matching her appearance. Nothing came up. They couldn't find anything. And I think that's because she went home with Sean and that was it. I think that's the end of it. When speaking with her friends, they mentioned another instance of Sean being a crazy person. They were like, let me tell you what kind of person he is. She had met like only days before she disappeared.


She had gone out and met an English truck driver and they had headed off and she spent the evening with him in the cab of his truck. Cool. Like, get it, girl.


I was going to say she's all summer. She is. So Sean found out he came to the cab. He starts slamming on the cab door and screaming for her.


So here's the thing that why is he always just like a little bit away? He's just around because he's fucking stalking lurking everywhere.


Well, she didn't get out of the car. She's like, fuck you. This guy is awesome. And he left finally because it was just him. And. But when the investigators then spoke to the truck driver, they found this guy.


They're like, Now we got to talk to you. Yeah. He was like, Oh, yeah. One hundred percent that happened, Doig. We met. We were together in my cab. And this happened.


And he said, let me just tell you, though, Fiona, the face she had when he showed up was pure terror. And he said he had never seen someone's face.


Like she probably went like super pale is like when Sean showed up screaming for her to come out, she was paralyzed in fear and he was like paralyzed like shit. That man has broken down horrible things. So people think this is may have been the tipping point. Like, this is what set in and that's what set him off. And that at the pub that night, she went missing. He was just watching her and waiting to strike and jockeying for her to be alone.


So what the fuck happens to him? So he happened to. Also, Sean had a bunch of drug charges on him. And when he had like a gang of like, you know, people that were getting in trouble, drugs, and when his gang. And he was arrested at one point for drug charges, again, they had no concrete evidence about Fiona. It's a substantial he cleaned the place out. All they have is people saying he's a shithead and that he followed her out.


Hey, Weirdo's, we have some really rad news to share with you.


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We probably won't because we don't.


Usually we don't. And that's fine. You know, it's fine. Part of our charm. It is. You know what else is part of our charm?


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So when they were arrested for drug charges, of course, they were asked about Fiona's disappearance because now people are saying, how do you clean out that whole place upside him? He had friends. Have you ever fucking move? Yeah, he had he had people helping them. Well, they all just basically plead the fifth. So all of them are basically like we weren't there that we're not going to talk about.


When you sit there and plead the fifth. It's so incriminating to plead the fifth like it is just saying I did it. Yeah. You're O.J. Simpson ing it.


And in this case, the son being like, I wasn't arrested on this. So, like, I don't have to tell you, I'm going to talk about it. And the idea that he so like basically the idea was floated that he had killed Fiona and then his friends helped him dispose of the body and empty your home.


Grace seems like a really good, good people. In September 2008, Fiona's family and friends had a memorial ceremony in our lady's island, Serevent Cemetery, for her because she was officially declared dead.


They still didn't have a body. Silda never body. That always makes me so sad. And they had a plaque put up for her on the wall of the Sarah cemetery for her in memoriam. Yeah. And they had put that plaque up the day before. They had had it put up the day before. And then they were going to unveil it at the cemetery ceremony the next day. Oh, no. The day of the memorial, the plaque was gone.


Stolen. What the fuck?


And you still under lock. Investigators think that her murderer or people involved with it stole that plaque.


Why would you even do that? Yeah. And then why are you so fucked up?


I guess one of the guys that they had arrested, you know, as part of Sean's whole inner circle, had started to become somebody near him, was like, he's starting to crack and he's starting to talk about how he did this.


He helped cover this up and he's feeling really guilty and he can't handle it anymore. Let's pile there a little.


Let's do this shit. Well, they ended up that dude ended up overdosing and dying of a drug overdose. And I don't know if it was on purpose or accidental, but either way, they weren't able to get him tammet a crack.


They got to get somebody to crack this thing. Know, I know. I can't I can't believe and I know it does happen, but it's hard to believe that that many evil, evil, evil fucked up to the core people find each other.


I know it's true. And there's got to be like at least one that you can crack.


There's not many coincidences in the world. No. And these this seems to be a whole lot of weird coincidence. Yeah. And just.


Yeah, I mean, as far as I'm concerned and as far as investigators are concerned, they're pretty sure that typically would happen.


A lot of coincidences in a case actually just translates into a lot of circumstantial evidence. Exactly. And then fortunately, this is the situation here. But again, they've never found Fiona.


That's really sad. I mean, her daughter's becoming an adult at this point.


I hope she's been able to see her other grandparents.


I don't think she's you know, I can't imagine having to learn all this like later in life and not know what your mom is. Who knows what she's been told? I'm sure she was told at some point, like, you know, your mom, she just lied to you. Right. It's like, that's terrible.


That'll fuck you up. So that's the case of Fiona Senate. And hopefully, you know, I hope in all these cases at least we find something here. Right. It's like really upsetting to get to the end of each one of them be like and she's never it's unsolved. That's what's so frustrating. So the next one we're going to talk about is on July 28, 1998. And it's Deirdre. Jacob. Mm hmm.


This one's really weird. And this is where Larry Murphy comes in. OK, hard.


So she was 18 years old. Deirdre wanted to be a teacher. She was going to college in London at St. Mary's University. She was home with her parents for the summer at the time. And she was super smart, very happy person, had a great home life. Everything was fine. She was doing great. She was last seen walking in through the front gates of her parents home. July 28, 1998, and was never seen again.


So that's not even walking through the door. Just getting to the front gate of her parents home. And that was the last time she was seen.


Isn't that so weird when especially in this case, there's now three people that were last seen like on the property of their own home? Oh, yeah.


It's really it's really creepy. So she had been in Newbridge within town that day going. And like, just doing some things around town, some errands. She visited her grandmother, Bridget O'Grady.


Some like. That's a great name. Not really. Bridget O'Grady. She's got stories.


Yeah, she does. She has so many stories.


She was particularly in town that day to to get a bank, a bank draft so that she could make sure to secure her apartment in London with a roommate for the second year of college.


So she wants to make sure to get that in, get that settled so she can make sure she was set. So she had shit to do. She had shit to do.


She was a girl on the move. She had plans and she was doing it right. So she left around three o two p.m. and she called her grandma, like left town like she was, you know, on her way back. She called her grandmother again to check in because she was just a good granddaughter.


I love that. It was about a 25 minute. Walk from town to her home. And she walked it all the time. It was unlike country roads.


And on her walk, she was spotted by at least eight to 10 people who confirmed she was walking home. Six of these people knew her personally. So I could say yes. I spoke to her. Most of these people spoke to her. Yeah. The walk or like waved to her anything. So they were very. They knew that it was her.


This is not just like real people driving by.


There's also CCTV footage to confirm that she was walking around town that day and that she'd gone into the bank. When she did that, she had used the phone. She was wearing a navy blue shirt, blue jeans, Nike sneakers and a black messenger style bag with the words cat and yellow letters on it.


It was a very distinctive bag.


And people really like honed in on this bag because not a lot of people have it.


Yeah, but they never found it. Now, her mother returned home from work that night at around six p.m. and Deirdre wasn't home. And she was like, that's weird. Immediately she was concerned.


This wasn't a case of like, oh, maybe she's gonna be back. She was like, no.


Deirdre said she was going to be back around like three thirty four o'clock. She's not home by 6:00. Something's wrong. Like, she would have called immediately cause she was like, this just isn't Deirdre.


Her parents pretty quickly called the police and the investigation began right away. So a ton of rumors began circulating and sightings started rolling in.


Most of them were not helpful. Literally as annoying. I think I saw here, I think I saw people that want to be involved. Yeah.


Then one sighting came in that intrigued investigators and still does. So a man called into this Shannon's side northern sound radio station and said he was driving a truck in the area that day that Deirdra went missing. And he said he saw her on the side of the road and he said he met her when she was hitchhiking near County Kildare. Mm hmm. And he had stopped and asked if she needed a ride. He was like, where are you going?


I can probably bring you.


She was going in the direction he was. So she agreed and he drove her to carry them across.


I just looked it up. That's exactly what the person sounded like they did. I looked it up last night. But then sometimes you, like, forget like you read it out loud.


I look at something like forty two times and then I'll be recording and I'm like, fuck that because I get like that anxiety. So it's Kerick lacrosse you guys have done to see. But I'm right about this one. My Irish ladies Ambros can tell me hey you. So yeah. So he drove her to Kerick Macross and he dropped her there and.


Oh he so he had called this radio station ten times to try to tell them this story. He also wrote a four page letter detailing this and sent it to the Landstar Leader newspaper.


So this dude was like, I know where she was. I saw her. I dropped her here. She didn't go straight home. Like I'm trying to tell you she was in Karig Macross.


Okay, so Deirdre had spent time in character across recently with, like, friends. Sure. And people thought, you know, maybe she had met another friends and was going to visit them and just failed to tell her why she had told Bridget.


She would have. Her family went there a ton of times and like, passed out her photo missing posters, asked people about her.


You had me that no one had seen her. The truck driver refused to identify himself. Weird. So they were like, come on, man.


So January 9th, nineteen ninety nine, Trace decided the only way to get him out of hiding was to release a recording of his call via the Garda Press Office.


Apparently had a very distinctive Northern Irish accent and tons of like hundreds of people called in to be like, Oh, I know who that is.


Is he? That's a very distinctive. Is it, Larry? He's not even a creeper. They were just like, oh, I just know who that is. I at least know where he's from. I like that accent is from here. So they had a name now? Mm hmm.


And they said he lived in a village of Fermanagh from manna from shit. Look it up and check in it for man. I was right the first time. Well, we listened back to that audio. That was really impressive sounding. It was like, shit. You know what? I wrote down the pronunciation like phonetically. Then my double fail second guessed myself again. I mean, I had what you have done to us to hide, like where Alina's twitch.


Guys, I'm a I'm a shell of who I was because of this Kileen in Naperville. God damn you. So Fermanagh, they said he lived in this village. It was in Northern Ireland, Ireland. But he lived in a different jurisdiction. And so Trace couldn't just extradite him over the border just to interview him. Wait, I'm sorry. For a man of the village. I got the man is the village and it was in Northern Ireland. Okay.


Okay. Sorry.


But he couldn't just. They couldn't just extradite him over the border where they were. Right. B and they couldn't just do it with just to interview a different agonistic. Yeah. They didn't have formal charges so they were like we got to figure out how to get him here so we can have him.


We need him. We need them. So they found out through bad ass investigative work that he. Happened to shop at a local supermarket in Monahan at certain times every week. Wow. So you're a team guy. I know. So they waited on the Irish side of the border and they nabbed him as he crossed into their jurisdiction. Perfect.


They interviewed him and he eventually admitted that he was the one who called. And he said, but. I lied about the entire thing, so I was literally going to say that because I was like, she doesn't really sound like the type to hitchhike, even though it was super common back then. And then all these people saw her walking. So, yeah, it just doesn't make sense.


It didn't. Well, he said I lied about the whole thing. He had an alibi that checked out. Why would you lie? Why would you write a four fuckin page letter? Well, that's it.


They were like, so you called 10 times and wrote a letter like you were very invested.


You just really wanted to be involved. He said he had lost his young daughter in a car accident that he felt responsible for. And he thought if he could provide this false account, that maybe would provide her family some hope that she was still alive.


That's nice. But also, like, it's sad. It's like that's really, really sad.


But also, it's like then you led them in the wrong direction and so, so long for how long they've been sitting here holding onto this hope that you gave them and now it's just crashing in the light. Well, that's a sad just to say how amazing her family is. Her mother, Bernadette, and her listed little sister Kiara, actually were worried about the well-being of this man.


I would be, too, to be honest. Like they were like, we're not mad. Like, good for my dad. Is it brutal? And did it crush us? Yes, but you have to then you have to take a step back and be like, obviously he's watching.


Like what? But most people couldn't do that.


I agree. Like, I don't know if I could do that. So in their situation. So I give them a lot of credit for that. But it's a sad situation. That's a sad situation because that's a grieving father. Right. And he said, I know how it is to lose a child. And I just didn't want them to feel that they lost a child. That's really sad. I was like, that's so that's a really fucked up nice thing.


If it's like, don't don't so many layers of that, don't do it. But I guess it came from somewhere good in there. But like, yeah. The fact that it's poorly executed, I was like he just wanted to be involved.


And then you're like, actually actually it's a real sob story. That's so. Nothing happened for a while after this. It went pretty cold.


Then a brutal sexual assault occurred close to where Deirdre was last seen. And it was tied to pervert of the century, Larry Murray.


Great dude is a beast. He's a beast. So in 2001, he was convicted of an abduction, sexual assault in a turned attempted murder. And we're going to talk about this case after this. So we'll go into great detail. OK. And he was serving time at Arber Hill Prison. And I guess this prison is weird. And let's I mean, it lets a lot of the prison prisoners, like, hang out and socialize a lot and they get like kitchen privileges if they make some pancakes this time.


This place is also filled with like like rapists, murderers, some pretty bad people.


So when they get these kitchen privileges, there's this, like, infamous brew that they do that they brew their own vodka, who's like it's just infamous, this specific vodka they make here. And they'll often just sit around, get drunk and spill their shit to each other, which I guess is good.


Maybe that's why they love it. Yeah, because they get a lot of information out of it. But also some of it might just be like stupid. You said and you're drunk. Well, one night in 2011, Larry spilled the beans about his involvement in Deirdre's disappearance.


Oh, shit. He and another inmate started trying to outdo each other with shit that they didn't get caught for.


Kudos. Yeah, cute. Exactly.


Larry suddenly starts talking about he abducted a young girl near Newbridge a few years before he said he was out driving and he was specifically hunting for a girl to abduct as one.


So weird when you hear them being like and I was out that day like, think of all the times that you're just like driving and doing errands like the person you're passing might be hunting for. Might be Underhill hunting for a girl to go hunting for human like. Well, he told this guy that he put some children's toys in his back seat and he had a car seat back there because he had children.


Are you fucking kidding me? And so he said when he would strew toys back there with the car seat. It made females who looked in his car feel like he was a good guy and safe. Wow.


This is how evil this fucker is.


So he said he pulled up alongside this girl at the location where Deirdra was seen walking up and he used a map to, like, wave out the front passenger side seat. And he was like, oh, I need help getting to somewhere. And when she leaned closer to the window, he just he was like tweeting at something.


He said he grabbed her hair and roughly dragged her into the car, like just all about her into the car.


It was like I think Alan Bailey describes it as like a blitz attack. Like no time for her to even. Well, yeah. Literal blitz attack. Like just returned to the car without using gas.


Well, he rips into the front passenger seat and he shoves her face and head into the floor of the passenger seat. So her body's up. So she's literally stuck. Yeah. And if you think about being in that position. You can't get out of that position. How are you? Right. It's really hard to especially if someone's holding you down. And it's terrifying. You're literally crunched on the floor like under the well and you probably can't breathe.


Like like you just out cheese. Well, then he took a hammer and knocked her ankle. Oh, my God.


Then drove far away to a secluded area. Sexually assaulted her and killed her. And then he said he dumped her body somewhere.


What a fucking monster.


So the inmate that he told the Stukas people were like, all right. A lot of times inmates will come forward like we saw in the West Memphis Three case. A real turd that came forward was like Jason told me about the balls in his mouth.


And it's like, no, Grump's, he didn't because they want leniency for their son. Yeah. They just want shit from people.


Well, this inmate was serving a life sentence for murder. He wasn't getting out. So he was like, I got nothing to lose. And he had a daughter. And so.


So he said when investigators because Trace went and talked to him and they were like, listen, one, we're not giving you anything for this, you will still have a life sentence.


We're not going to protect you. We're not going to give you anything. You get nothing out of this.


Right. Just so we're clear. And he just thought this guy was like, I just I know that. And that's fine. And then they were like, you might get targeted for ratting out a fellow inmate.


And he said even if he was killed for it, he was like, I have to say it like a daughter is good. And then he said, I have a daughter. And he said, I can't protect my daughter because I'm on the inside here.


And he said, But if this fucker gets out and can do this again, I will fear for my daughter. Wow. So he was actually like I my man murdered somebody.


I know the fuck.


It's so strange how how people's minds can work like one thing is OK, but the other isn't.


Yeah. And he he was in for murder on I guess it was like a crater.


It wasn't like a planned murder. It was like over a debt. And that was an argument. And he killed someone that is by no means OK. No, but it's a different. It's a weird. Yeah. It's a weird murder. But he was a murder. Yeah. So you just like you shouldn't have those feelings. Right. Right. But OK.


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So they were like. So they took his word and we're like, you know what? He has nothing to gain from this.


Yeah, why would he lie about this?


And when you look at Larry's bullshit, it fits right along with what he does. Wow. So here's a little taste of Larry's bullshit. No, thank you. I decline. This is a this is a tough one. So it has rape in it. So just as a trigger warning. OK. So February 11th, 2000, Larry Yates, Larry.


I thought you said Larry eats and I was like, eat what? Larry eats. It was like some snow is like, you're gonna happen. I just put Larry and 28 together and that's it. Larry eight.


So Larry's 28 year old victim, who is not named she's not named in anything. She left her business, which is not identified because she she's not identified in this. She got 28 years old. She left her business at night in Karlo Town.


She was walking a short distance from her shop to the parking garage where her car was parked. Larry had been following and watching her for some time like a creep. He knew her routine that she left every night at this time.


She parked in the same spot, that she walked the same walk. No, don't do that. And he had planned everything to a T.. He told his pregnant wife that he had an appointment so she wouldn't have to worry about him being late for work. He also had two sons at home. Jesus Christ. He parked his car with the child seat in the back away from the woman's car in the garage outside of the garage. And he had entire plan in his mind about how he would abduct her in what he would do, huh?


She got into the garage and walked towards her car. And Larry was up behind her in seconds, like out of the dark.


He screamed at her to give over her purse and she pulled it away.


She was like, fuck, you know? And he punched her square in the face, breaking her nose immediately.


My God, she fell backwards and he pushed her into into her car. And then he pushed her face into the floorboard of the front passenger seat.


He ripped her bra off as she was in that position with blood pouring from her nose and he tied her hands with her bra.


What the fall. He then took her shoes off. That's weird.


And in the book by Alan Bailey, which, again, everybody read, he mentions that he thinks this is just like a vulnerability thing because he said, if you think when you take your shoes off, you do have a weird level of vulnerability.


You can't get away as fast. So he then drove her own car to his own car and transferred her into his trunk. She was screaming in the trunk.


So he turned the radio up all out, as my wife did, dropping out. Hate that. That is my that's my thing. I hate it. I hate it. I'm like one of my 84 thing.


I hate it so much. So he drove her to a secluded dirt road.


He ripped all of her clothing off completely naked, threw her in the passenger seat and brutally raped her. When he was done, he threw her naked into the trunk again and drove off again to a place called Spin's Cross in Kill Ranalli Woods. Don't know if I got that one right. I think you did.


You know what? I gave that one my best shot. So that one's a tough one. So spin's cross and kill Ranalli Woods. He dragged her by her hair into the passenger seat again.


And another instance of, like, hair. Yep. Like pulling by the hair.


And this time he sodomized her and first forced her to perform oral sex on him. Oh, God.


She said she was terrified because he was so unhinged and violent, like he was a man leaving.


She was going to get murdered. And he said she said I was just waiting for him to kill me. So she stopped resisting and just complied because she was like, I'm trying to make him calm down. And she was like, I feel like me resisting is getting him angrier and more.


It's almost like they get off more from that. Exactly. So she she complied. She started just like not fighting back. It worked. He tried to literally cuddle with her after he raped her again. What?


That's. That's so terrifying enough. It's horrifying.


Then he just so then she says he just started talking about his life and like, opening up to her is, you know, Hollick.


Every now and then you get a glimpse of that with like one Yatom.


That is the weird setting he just laid there and like gave TMI details about everything like she was. And she was like in my head, I was thinking, he's telling me all this because he's gonna kill me. Right. Doesn't know who else he was going to harm you because he just told me as a wife, he has kids, told me everything. Right.


I know so much about shit. He did probably. Yeah.


So she was like, awesome. So she's so he's like cuddling with her. Then he just starts like asking her questions and she's trying not to answer him. She's being like, oh God, I just wanted him to fall asleep so I could try to get out of here.


He then all of a sudden out of nowhere, gets angry again, grabs her hair and tries to drag. Her back into the trunk of my car. But she freed her hands and grabbed a can of spray paint from the trunk while in sprayed it directly into his sock.


Yes, except like damn girl.


Nothing came out of this break. I'm sorry. What? Nothing came out of the spray can because you have to shake a spray can.


No, no, no, no, no. Oh, fuck. That's like the scene and scream where she keeps locking the doors. But he has the fire thing on the outside. Yep. Fuck.


Or when like Gale Weathers is like. Time's up, asshole. I got to click, click, click, click, because it's on safety. Oh, right. Click the safe ends.


No good follow. I mean, what a bad ass to be like. Just swipe that kid's brand like full shaking really quick. It's OK.


But it's like in the moment.


No, you don't have any time for thinking, fuck, nothing came out. He was piss even more so he shoved her into the trunk.


God puts a plastic bag over her head. No. Is trying to suffocate her. And at the same time is using his hands to strangle her.


Oh, so he's fucking unhinged like he's gone. So she swings her legs over the side of the trunk to try to get out. Just to try to get up. Oh, God. And he while he's strangling her with the bag over her head, takes the trunk. The the door. The door of the trunk. And he slammed, slamming her legs all over and over.


Oh, God. A trunk like monster. Yeah. She started losing consciousness. She said she was trying really hard to fight back. But obviously you have a fucking plastic bag over your head and you're being beaten at the same time. And Straw had been brutally raped for hours. You're exhausted.


Your body is probably like so exhausted. Well, suddenly a car appears in Shine's headlights on them. Oh, my God.


So he throws her on the ground naked with a bag on her head, jumps in his car and flies away. So two men get out of this, I say this all the time. Imagine being the fucking car that rolls right in this.


Well, these two men get out on as a car woman. She probably all she wanted to see was like a fellow woman, just a woman man.


Plus, I am sure that these men, because they saw this like going on and they thought it was like a couple arguing and they said it looked really like violent. So they were like, you know what, normally I wouldn't intervene. But this looks we went along just before something happened. So they were pulling up there to be like, fuckers stop hitting that girl like they were like and then that's on the side.


And they were like, what the fuck? So she saw them and and she was had a bag over her head and it's pitch black. She sees two men coming at her and she's like, he got more men.


And so she ran. Oh, my God. They find out she gets tangled in like branches and they get to her and are like screaming at her, like, I swear, we're not like we want to help her and we're not here to hurt you. Like, we want to get you to the police. Oh, my God. She finally she went with them and they lix. They saved her job. They saved her life. And she me.


Absolutely. She was seconds away from. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. And it was that they were they got her to a hospital is free.


And they were able to help her identify Larry because they were like we saw him. And that was that what he was in jail for. Yeah. And this is the one that he was in jail for because they also had known Larry, from around, but they were letting him like we saw him.


So when he was arrested for this, his wife mag's because he was arrested at his home when she saw his wife, Mag's asked what the hell was going on.


Like, she was like, what? What are you being arrested for? Like, what is happening? The police said right in front of them, he looked over at her and said, I raped a girl last night.


Oh, my God. His pregnant wife. What a photo like that is. Yes. What? Just looked at her and was like, I raped a girl last night. And then he has to go on his show.


He's arrested and leaves and she's just sitting there with her child, all children heavily pregnant.


And she just has to bask in that. Yeah, well, he gets even worse. So he later would say that the first time he raped this woman was rape. But the second. Okay. No, he said no. The second location, she stopped resisting. So you think that's.


And so she said it was consensual lovemaking second time.


Yet you're literally disgusting. He's the he's like when somebody stops resisting.


That's when it becomes love. Well, he was like.


Yeah. Of cause she wanted it. No, no. No one does or. No one does.


He got 15 years for this. He only served 10. How do you only get 15 years for something not brutal. He is free. What.


And was spending a lot of time in London and is thought to be living there. So the Gardet are monitoring him and preparing to possibly arrest him for Deirdre's murder.


Now, holy. And this is actually new like twenty twenty two twenty nineteen twenty twenty new that they have been monitoring him.


Did this inmate come forward pretty recently? I think so. And they were able to like actually get more.


They were able to go back over everything and gather more.


Wow. So they are monitoring him.


They also believe he could definitely be involved in any mechanics' disappearance.




And Jo Jo Dollard and possibly like four others. Wow. So they were enhancing the CCTV footage of Deirdra from the day she went missing. Like digitally. Yeah. And they haven't released the findings, but it's looking like they might have caught Larry on that footage. Shut the fuck up.


I hope so. The final findings of the new investigation recommend Larry to be arrested for murder. And they have to. They've been turned into the Director of Public Prosecutions, and they will be the ones to determine if there is basis to arrest him. Well, Claire's Deirdre, another case I need to start following.


So that's where we are right now. Oh, my God is waiting for it.


I hope that. Let know. You know, I mean, to the Lori Valo case and then, like the next day, shit went down. Also, the world is supposed to end today. I hope everyone is like you.


You you knew. Wow. Maybe this is another situation where we put it out into the universe and.


Oh, my God. Hopefully that mother fucker ends up rotting and you just had me on the edge of this Good-Hearted seat. It's a wild story. That law woman.


Can you imagine one? How do you live your life after that? Like, I would never be alone again. Of course not. She was just walking to her car like she did every other. And several times she thought she was dying that night. I am on such high alert whenever I get out of my car because of this podcast.


Oh, my head is on a constant swivel, baby. Like I never. My keys are constantly in between my finger alea. And actually I keep my key in between one finger and my bottle opener in between another day.


Go see I have a little turquoise can of mace on my keychain. They don't have to shake so fuckers.


I was the worst part of that whole thing.


It killed me. It killed me. That was like a movie. It's something that you think of that you're just like, oh, shit. You do have to shake a can of spray. I was so remember, I was so excited. Then you really get away. And I was like, fuck, I didn't even think of that. You don't think they should fix that? I don't think of it now. So I certainly wouldn't think of it in the woman.


I would just be a see, a sprint, a sprint and ran off of Cape Ponte.


I would see a can of spray paint and be like, good, I'm going to spray the spray face.


Oh, my God. Oh, the anger.


Oh, the anger. Oh, the anger. I'm got to catch my breath. It's genuinely it's a it's a trip. This one's a trip. So my final thoughts are, like I said, I don't think this is a serial killer who is taking these women. I think Larry Murphy did a few for sure. Yeah, especially Deirdre. I think that definitely Deirdre looks good for some other ones. I wonder if he was the live music plays that night.


That's what I'm wondering. He was.


And I think I think the that they're doing a very good job of keeping certain things close to the vest. And then other things releasing.


And I think they're doing a good job to gather a case to really get him. And I think specific suspects are good for like Kiara and Fiona. Mean the exes and the weird old guy.


I think those definitely make sense when it comes to Annie McCarrick. I'd be interested. I couldn't find much about, like, what connects Larry to her.


I think the only thing would he would have he would have been he was in the area. Why can't I tell you? He. But with her, I.


I think that IRA I think that's pretty strong. Is a pretty good one with her. But I mean, the other ones are are anyone's guess really.


They really are. But it seems like this is just an area of just bad juju when it comes to this stuff. It really is.


But I want to know about the pregnant Fiona, who they who they have found her. Yeah, I.


That one's an interesting one because they found the cross. Yeah.


She was buried here with that specific date. That was important to anybody's life. I want to know more about that.


I feel like that one. And I mean, the good thing is they're still actively looking into the traces. Do in the damn thing traces pretty bad.


We need Trace to come on over here and work on a few things. I know they need to get on once they're on it, once they're finished. I want them on JonBenet. I want them.


Well, OK. So are you finished with the finish? That was incredible. I know that we've mentioned like Elan a few times in healing. I don't know what's the right one is really who gives a shit? I don't care. I don't want to. I don't even want to see you out here. Yeah. I don't even know if I said this to you. You can. Well, don't stop me because I don't know. I didn't say to anybody else on the podcast.


So apparently there's this photo going around Eleazar. OK. Yeah. So people don't. So the photo. If you don't. If you haven't seen it yet. It's a photo of JonBenet.


And people think that the woman behind her is Guillain or Ghislaine or Jaiku. Yes. And it's like, holy fuck. That is kind of weird, except is he who must not be named to I don't want to be sued by his also a pretty good suspect. There's a lot there's a lot in that case. And the picture is slightly compelling. You're just to say that does look like her. But then again, a lot of women look like her.


And also, people are really good at Photoshop. That's true. I mean, I don't think it was Photoshop. I don't think that's a real photo. But it could just be a random woman with a short hair, with a short haircut and like, look, that could actually be Kris Jenner. It could definitely be Kris Jenner. And honestly, it probably is. So, yikes. I fucking hate the car. Deschenes and Kris Jenner. Let me just lay that out there.


She does. We just had a full bill in Congress.


Yeah. Before everything started. We're gonna start a spin off language. That's my full stance on them. I think they're gross. But I want to.


I do. I feel like I just need to review the JonBenet Ramsey Ramsey case.


Again, the JonBenet Ramsey is the one case that drives me bonkers, insane, bonkers, insane, because I really think that you like we're going to start a whole new episode of O.J..


All right. But I think I think the theory of, like, it was possibly it was an accident and covered up to save the remaining child. It definitely is a strong seems pretty strong. But, you know, I'm not saying that's what happened, though.


I don't want smirk to to get any idea. So we're here.


We're going to keep him off our tour and stop that now. But I just want to mention that picture because I know it is.


This is a person you just don't know. It's kind of hard. But anyway.


Wow. With your fucking episode.


And also the other thing is I have been hearing from a lot of like our Irish listeners about this and some of them, they have been telling us different theories and stuff and keep it coming because I love the good.


I'm loving to hear the people that are like like totally involved in this area and like write history and everything.


Let us know because it's really fun to hear. And I know I probably messed up a lot of the pronunciations in the first part, but you know what we're like.


You're adorable. Good try. But you missed this part.


I was like, no, we paused seven. No, they were really sweet about it. But I gave it. I gave it to. And even better go. You got to know what, Ireland, we fucking love you. Yeah, we see you and you guys have been really nice. We want to be with you someday. We do. I love Ireland. Oh, my God. I want to do a UK show. Well, someday you'll be so great.


But I just wanted to thank you guys for being nice and sharing your wisdom and all your stuff with me and keep it coming. Whatever your theories are, I'd love to hear them. Yeah.


So good. So let us now. Wow. I was. I'm like hyped because that is so good. So bad. Especially with the ending.


Woo hoo! Well, if you want to follow us on Instagram and let us know if Aleena pronounced anything correct, that episode please do at Morbid Podcast.


Hit us up on Twitter. A morbid podcast and send us an email with your theories, your listener tales, your spooky road stories and even your sleep paralysis things. Because I actually want to do another sleeper cells.


Those are so fun. So we'll have to do that again. Morbid podcast at Shemale We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it.


We heard, but not some, whether you go to Ireland and you try to have a good time and everybody there is like super, super nice and you love Ireland. But then there might be the serial killer going around, but then maybe there's not. And then Fiona. It was so nice. And then the other Fiona was so nice. And then everybody just ends up brutally murdered. And it's really messed up. It is. It was traced.


Gonna figure out what happened. I don't know. Can you figure it out, Trace? And then when you're down the back, can you come over here? Keep it so weird that you come here.


Yes, I love that. Keep it that weird. And let's get Larry in jail. Bye, Larry. Bye, Larry.