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Henry Marsh. So this is just a little announcement before this episode, because this episode is a live recording from our recent virtual live show.


Yes, because we know that some of you live in different time zones and we're unable to, like, stay up all night or wake up very early in the morning to see it. You had other priorities. You know, we got it. So we wanted to give you this. We wanted to give yet.


But in that same vein, it was our first virtual alive show.


So we were working with microphones that are not ours, not did not have a pop shield in front of it.


So our family group, Texas, you know, a group Dexters is poppin right now, but. Yes. So there are a couple of like plosives that are like po po po. And they're going to be all, my God, you know what it is? I just sent a gif of two Chainz. So that's what it is. So we just wanted to warn you guys ahead of time. It's not for the entire time.


Now, where's my little bead that I was wearing? Kept hitting the microphone.


So you might hear that there's just a couple little moments that you might be like. What's that sound? But I promise it's worth it. You know, again, this isn't just like sitting in our life pod lab doing this. So we apologize for Horthy audio quality, but we're doing our best here.


And with that being said, enjoy the livestream. Please enjoy it. Bye bye, guys.


Strangers in the night exchanging glances, one drink in nine, what one? No one, maybe all of mine, one.


No one. Hey, Weirdo's, I'm Ash and I'm Olina, and this is the weirdest lab show ever, you have any in the audience today?


You got to cheer us on over there.


Got Andy over there. We got we got you on your couches. Yeah. What's up, guys?


This is strange. Awesome. Because Cauvin sucks. It does.


And at least we can do this and we can all be together. Yeah. Exactly. So, yeah.


So this is kind of weird, but we're gonna keep it pretty much the same that we do all the time where I'm gonna do my probably way too long case.


Cool, cool, cool. And then Ash is going to do okay, which is probably not that long.


We would do trivially with our other live shows, but like we can't. So we'll try to work that into the next one because hopefully this is the first of many livestream we can send you all out.


Little clickers to answer with next time. Yeah. And I don't know if anybody sitting on their couch right now is wondering, like, what the hell are you wearing? What's happening? What's going on? This is just what we wear to live shows. It's just who we are. I always dressed like this, obviously. Yeah. That is Ash.


Honestly, that's you as a person. Yes.


So we decided to theme this out because everything's a bummer.


So why not wear costumes. Exactly. That makes everything better. So my case is from the forties. So I decided to be like a 40s detective. Check out that magnifying glass. Check it. Oh, look at that. Eyeball in ashes from. I can't tell what decade she's from. Boop boop bidu.


See, she's doing a twenty's. I don't know if you could tell. Just in case you weren't sure. Just in case you weren't sure. But this is going to be fun.


We hope that we're gonna do this again. Yes. This is the first of many. We're hoping so everything Quast across their fingers that this works. Everybody stay put. All right. So I think we should just jump into our case.


I feel like that's what the people are here for. Unless we should just talk about, you know, our efforts some more.


Or, I mean, check out this boa also, just as a side note, before I start my case. We kind of made our sets, like split down the middle. I don't know if anybody can tell.


It's like half ash centric and half olina centric. So that's fun. We have like a David Bowie candle on your side. Yeah. Know there's a Bill Nye one down there. A lot of glam on my side. Not sure if you can see that. Hope you guys liked it. Took a long time to put together. It did, but. So I'm going to start my case. So I don't know if you guys could tell from the intro video, but I'm going to be doing the Texarkana Moonlight murders, which is wild.


Normally I would pause for Yay!


Yeah. Got you. Andy, hello. We got it on the tap.


So you guys might know this case from the movies that were made about it. The town that dreaded sundown. I'm going to talk about that later, especially the infamous trombone scene that will mess you up if you haven't seen that movie.


And you watch it tonight after this. Just like a forewarning that will mess you up. It's going to stay with you. Yeah, that doesn't go away.


So we're going to start the case here.


I feel like that would make you so dizzy.


If you did that the whole time, I'm gonna get sick. So vertigo to start it off. But I actually stole that joke from Annie, so I got to give it.


I didn't give up. So this is the Texarkana Moonlight murders.


I think it's kind of more of a groovy name than the actual crimes are. I 100 percent agree with you. It's one of those situations where the name is like way too cool for what actually happened. Yeah, what actually happened was pretty terrible. Big bummer. Yeah.


The moon has no place in this.


So these murders where a series of eight attacks and they resulted in five brutal killings and they took place in nineteen forty six, which is why I'm dressed like the forties.


They talk like that back then, but they definitely did that shoulder thing that they just did. I feel like everybody are like it's the 40s. Look at my shoulders at 40.


That might have been more 20s because it's very flapper dress. Yeah. That's how you move your Bella. Exactly.


So this was a quick one. It wasn't like it took months and months or went on for years. This was like blink and you missed it situation. Four murders happened in only three months. Like, that's kind of crazy.


Yeah, it was boom, boom. No cooling off period. No nothing. It made that noise. It was like boom, boom, boom. It was like. Yikes. Yeah. Yeah.


And this perp, perp, you see this perp attacked young couples on lover's lanes.


Oh. So he waged a war on love. Love. So he was like what we have.


And then he was like, I'm gonna hurt you. Oh, no, no. Good. So Texarkana is the Twin Cities, because I know when I first heard this case, I was like, what is Texarkana? Well, I remember we were watching the movie and I was like, Texas. Our water are Texas. I was like, is it Texas or is it Arkansas? It is neither. So it's the Twin Cities. It was established December 8th, 1873.


The names origin is kind of mysterious. The most accepted origin story about why it's called Texarkana is because it's located located on the state line between Bowie County, Texas and Miller County, Arkansas. So they made a compromise. And that's where you get the Texas Ark part.


Where do you get the ANA? Where do you get it? A woman lives and I close close to Santa.


It's really close to the Louisiana border. Oh, yeah. So that's where you get the Anna text's arc. Anna. And that was our geography lesson with Elaina. I felt like you should know, that's all. And, you know, that's that's a nice story.


Kind of like wraps it up cleanly. It makes it like, all right, I get that. But there are other origin stories that people like to, like, float around. You got a sprinkle in an urban legend.


There's one that's like about a steamboat called the Texarkana. But like or. Yeah, that kind of sucks. One I love is about a guy named Swindal. I'm here for it already was a business man. Well, this guy Swindal, like, whoa, he's gonna swindle you a deal.


I don't know if I would believe him. He was a business man. He was running a general store in Louisiana and he became known for creating and selling a drink called Texarkana Bitters.


And Bouis, I love bitters. The name was born. There it is. I don't think that's what happened at all. But it's a fun story.


I like. I don't know. And then there's one that a lot of people like as well. And it has to do with the railways, the railway system there.


People say that when the Iron Mountain Southern and St. Louis Railroad excuse me, Railway Luby run like a room railroad or being built along a line through the area that is now Texarkana. The railway surveyor named Colonel Gus Noble Noble. The name alone actually was the one who came up with the name and he just took a huge sign, just plopped it in the earth and was like, the town's name is Texarkana. Now he seems like a dad. That's like a dad, Joe.


Well, and I think people were like, well, your name is Gus. So. Yeah, yeah. You. I believe you. Yes, OK. Gus. Gus, Colonel. Gus. Well, you got it, Colonel. So they just went with it. And again, I'm just telling you this because, you know, three of these murders happened on the Texas side of town and one happened on the Arkansas side of town. And like the other one happened here and there.


And so did that make it kind of like messy?


It didn't look. Not really. And they weren't together. But I just didn't want anybody to like. Wait a second. What? The Texas side. The Arkansas side. Right, right. Right. I give you my little geography history lesson. That's all. I'll let you tell me. You all know me. I hear you. Yep. You know, we.


Yeah. See, so it's strange. Guys, but we're having this is fun. I like this vibe. I missed you guys. I miss you so much, but I feel your warmth in front of me. But someday I feel like I'm doing, like, of log.


Yeah, it does feel welcome to my YouTube channel during these economically turbulent times.


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Those good.


So this killer was never caught. I know that messes me up. This is an unsolved case.


We love an unsolved case. We hate an unsolved case. That's the thing. We want to solve it. Will we by the end of the night, guys? What do you think? I have a magnifying glass, so I think we can solve it. I am not dressed to solve a case tonight. I'm pretty sure I am. And I'm pretty sure all you need is a magnifying glass, some tights with a seam up the back. I mean, let's be real Isabel's shoes if I'm out.


If anything, you would be the one solving the case and I would be the one tripping over my heels like I'm here.


I'm here. Do I get credit? That's right.


That is exactly what would happen. So not only did this case itself itself get a name that is like way too cool for reality, but the killer also was one of those who got a nickname that was way too cool for him. Oh, I don't remember his nickname. What was it about the Phantom Killer or the Phantom Slayer? I like the Phantom Slayer better, which is it makes him sound too mysterious and like. Well, he was mysterious.


He didn't get. Yeah. But I don't like that. Like, stop naming them cool mysterious thing. Yeah. Because they like that and they like cut out the newspaper clippings and put them on their fridge. Yeah. And you know what. And besides the obvious reasons why he sucks like he kills people. Yes. He sucks. I'll do it. He also wore a burlap sack on his head with the eyes and the mouth cut out. OK, when he did it.


Which. What? I'm just like assuming I don't know, I'm assuming this, but I'm assuming it's kind of hot in Texarkana. It makes an ass out of you and me. I say ask live. I don't know.


But don't you think to be really hot under there in Texas and landings in Arkana, Canada? I think it would. Texarkana. What is it? Hey, Texas and Arkana and Arkana. Let us know. So we're gonna start with the crimes. I already sat down. All right. Ready?


You're already somebody over there is ready. I bet. OK. Somebody outside is ready. They're ready. I know it. So February 22nd. Nineteen forty six.


That's where we start. Here we are, Timewarp.


Here we go. There you are. We're here. So sometime around midnight. I don't know where this crazy metal box came, but yea I got one too.


This is sometime around midnight. Twenty five year old Jimmy Hollis and 19 year old Mary Jean Larry parked in their car. Just being young. Just being in love. Oh, you know, I'm already gonna be sad. Just be just parking in the woods trying to, you know, do their things, hang out in the car. I don't know, you know. I'm not going to speculate or just hang out in their car. Well, they were both actually married to other people when they met, but they were both in the process of a divorce, so.


OK. So there was nothing scandal. It's totally fine. They had gone to a drive in movie and it was actually like a double date with Jimmy's younger brother Bob and his date. It was very wholesome. Yeah, that's real cute. The Holcim missed that. Well, everything about this, every single crime you see in this case is so wholesome, like it starts off so wholesome. The crime is so, just so wholesome. No, that's not it.


No, no, no. It starts off very wholesome.


Everyone. Everything was going swimmingly on their date. They dropped Bob and his date off. And then because things were going swimmingly, they decided to drive into a lover's lane. Oh, my God. So cute. You know, they were having a great day. Lover's lane. So hot right now. So hot right now. So at one point, Jimmy got out of the car and he said that he was getting out to look at the stars.


Wow. Wholesome as fuck.


People were confused about this at first when they were asking him, they're like, why did you get out of the car? Look at the stars. But you know what? Have you ever seen the stars away from City Lights? Because, yeah, you get out of the car to look at them. That shit is exhilarating. You should do it. So I think that's exactly what he was doing. I get it, Jimmy.


So he got out. He's standing in the middle of a dirt road way, very isolated. He's looking up at the stars and suddenly there's a flashlight just shown in his face, right in his eyeballs.


Oh, no good. It's like like right now, those lights. Yeah, there is. I can't see behind those lights. There's a flashlight in my face. I get it. That gives me Golden State killer vibes. It does. Yeah. The like blind. It's a fear tactic. It really is. It's not cool. So the man that was doing this was a total asshole and just started yelling at him. And in fact, the first thing he said to poor Jimmy, who was just looking at the stars just hanging out, was and I quote, Take your fucking pants off.


No. Can you imagine you're just looking up at the stars in the middle of a dirt roadway on your date. That's gone. Great. No. And some man walks up to you, blinds you with a flashlight, does, like, take your fucking pants off. No, I won't imagine that. Thank you for us knowing Hank.


You know, that's the scary shit ever.


So Jimmy was like, I think you have the wrong guy. Well, you called the wrong number. We have not discussed removing my pants before now. So he was like the guy got pissed. Oh, no. Because he was like, no, I have the right guy.


And he was like, dude, I don't want to kill you, but I will if you don't take your fucking pants off. So it's. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I don't know what that was all about. I don't really know. He did this a lot. That's so strange, according to the book The Phantom Killer by James Presley. You know, I love a book. She loves books. Loves books. Jimmy said he immediately, which this just like broke my heart.


Oh, are you already hold onto your hearts. Jimmy immediately started to think, what would you do? What would Dick Tracy do?


Huh? Like stone, my God. Drop it off here. Jimmy, moment is so pure, I can't handle it. So you finally he's like, all right, I'm going to take off my pants. So he finally gets his pants off to try to make this guy calm down. Right. Soon as he gets his pants off, does what he wants. The Phantom hits him in the head twice with some metal object. They think it's like a lead pipe or like a trumpet, not a trumpet.


That comes later. Oh, sorry. You're jumping in. Jump in. Rolling up formation now. I think it was like a lead pipe is what they think it was, or possibly a pistol. But they lean more towards led pipe. OK. He fell straight to the ground and the phantom started kicking him and stomping on his chest. Oh my God. Like just kicking the shit out. That's a law. Yeah. Later, Jimmy said he felt metal spikes on the bottoms of his boots.


So he like, came prepared, obviously came prepared for this with metal spikes on the butt.


Like what? How do you even do that? Meanwhile, poor Mary is still in the car and she just thinks Jimmy is looking at the stars.


She's screaming and crying because she's heard that what's happening is Jimmy wasn't like far away. He was right there. And she said she heard some, like, crack. And she thought that, like, she was like, I didn't know what I thought. But what she had heard was Jimmy Skull crack.


Oh, no. Yes. What I wouldn't give to hear all of you go. Oh. Seriously. But yes, that's nasty. Yeah, not good. She gets out of the car and like a true bad ass, she grabs Jimmy's wallet out of his pants on the ground.


And she's like, look, he doesn't have any money right up because she's assuming this guy wants money because what else does he want? So he screams that are you're a liar. And then he lights go get your purse. And she's like, I don't have a purse on me. I was on a date and he was being a gentleman and he was paying. She's like, I didn't bring my purse because dates call for free dinner. It's like I am not my by.


Thank you. And when she didn't have a purse on her, he took what she said felt like a lead pipe and slammed her across the head with it. Oh, my God. She went down. And then he then. And this is horrifying.


I mean, it wasn't not at all else. It was. But it gets worse. She goes down. He hit her with the lead pipe. She goes down and he gets right in her face and he just screams, take off, run. Okay. Bye, Cleek. Sir, you buy me in the head by you just incapacitated me.


That's why he did it, though, because in you can't run like I read that, I was like, that's terrifying. Also, that's like in your nightmares when you can't run. Oh, that's exactly it. HALL And so she said somehow she got back up after being hit in the head with a metal pipe while started running. She didn't like heels and a dress like to run. And now she looks like a Laina, right? Exactly. And she runs offs and like veers off somewhere and he yells after her.


Not that way. Go up the road. What? Yeah. Why is he giving her directions, though? She was like, hey, sir.


So she just sounds good, he says.


And she said she peeked back behind her and she could see him kicking and stomping Jimmy. Like, just go into town. This makes no sense. Yeah, it's insane. So she's running her ass off down the road hoping that he's not going to turn the pistol and just shooter or just like, run after her. He saw that he had a pistol. Yeah, he can.


He's going to shoot her while she's running and she's screaming, stumbling. Then out of nowhere, what he stops beating and stomping Jimmy. Does he start running out her and takes off? You just ruined my moment. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.


I didn't know that that was happening. But he takes off running at her. That just made me want to bar Flaig stops what he's doing, just looks up at her and then takes off running. Guys, I was like, I can't. That's a nightmare. And obviously he caught up with her pretty quickly because, again, she's one been hit in the head. Right. She has heels on. She's like, it's dark. She has no idea where she is.


Probably knows where he's going, apparently.


So he catches up to her a super quick and asked her why the hell she was running. Because you fucking told me to. And she's like, dude, you told me to run. And he goes, You're a God damned liar. I feel like your very G.D. confusing.


I don't like you. Oh, my God. I be like, you know what? Maybe I am maybe I am a liar. I don't know what I'd. I don't even know what I know. Lights point.


So she's like I was just trying to make out with this speckled man.


They bought me dinner. We had a good time of floor. The stars.


Oh, she. So she was just paralyzed with fear at this point. She's like, I don't even know what to do. And after calling her a liar, he took the lead pipe and crushed her head again with it as hard as he could. So we also she's recounting this story and so is Jimmy. They live. What?


So she fell down bleeding from this giant head wound and then he pulled her underwear off. Oh, no. Yeah. Why did you have to know? Well, this is really rough, guys. So like Trigger on Aleena really loves to, like, mess people up. I do. I'm sorry. This isn't my fault. It's just part of the case. And it's it's a rough one. Go ahead. So he pulled her underwear off and what she thinks he did was assault her with the pistol.


Oh, yes. He literally. Oh, my God. And she literally begged him to killer Yelp. And then he was just gone. Wow. Just gone like a phantom. And she said later she wondered if someone had driven by. But she didn't know for sure how it happened. Like she was like. Well, because her skull was crushed in. Head. He just left her in the road, bleeding, assaulted. And then Jimmy is like so far away.


And she doesn't know Virginia. No idea.


So but here's the thing. What Mary doesn't just lay there convalescing as I probably was, I feel like I was doing right now. Oh, my God. She immediately thought of Jimmy. Like, immediately the thought was Jimmy. And she was like, I got to get him help. Oh, my God, love. Did I? I hope that you told me that they fell in love forever.


They they gave it a shot him and ran to a home. They gave it their best shot. This is a very rare case.


So she ran to a home scream, knock on the door, screaming for someone to get out. A man on set inside is like, whoa. And he calls the sheriff. Right. Cause she's properly covered in blood also. Oh, yeah. So while this is happening, you know, like, she might be covered and I know I might. She is definitely it. So while this is happening, Jimmy has somehow lived through all of this, woke up and was with it enough to remember everything.


How it had happened. What? Yeah. How. And so now he's terrified, though, because he's in the middle of the pitch black in the middle of the road. Right. All the wood.


Well, he probably doesn't even know how long it's been. He had no pants on. Oh, my God. And his glasses were thrown somewhere. Mean he had. See. Yeah. And he's bleeding profusely from head wounds. So only ends on crawling to the main road, getting himself crawled to the main road. Yeah. Crazy flags down a car. A man and woman. Get out. He begs them. He's like, hey, look at me.


Hi. I'm clearly in distress. Yeah. And so he's like, please just get me to the hospital. And the woman looks completely unfazed. Which is very strange is that the guy driving the car yelled at him not to get in the car because he didn't want blood on his seats.


What an asshole. Are you kidding me? I was there. Yikes. Like your car sucks. Let me in. I'm dying. And then he was like, I'll get you an ambulance. I'll call. Do you think. Wow. Well, luckily, because Mary was such a bad ass, an ambulance immediately pulled up because she already called, already had the neighbor call. So she did. That guy. I feel like they're meant to be.


Well, police were never able to locate this dude. That was said he would call an ambulance. Which is interesting because also, what were you just doing in that area?


What's wrong with you? So Jimmy went into a coma for a week while Mary was able to really only describe the mask that the guy was wearing and his voice, which she said. She said she thought it belonged to a black man. They originally considered it to be a jilted lover situation. But none of that panned out. Jimmy was released 15 days later and he was struggling with nightmares like a hallucination, obviously. I mean, he was in bad shape.


Right. Interrogated after this after he was released. And he told police, quote, I think he is a young white man. Oh, not over 30 years old. And he's desperate. Now, he said that he didn't think he was wearing a mask. Well, maybe he wasn't at first. And he said he was like, what I could see was that he wasn't wearing a mask and he said, so now it's two different reports. He's also been having hallucinations at this point.


So true. But it's like I don't know. I mean, either Jimi is very adamant that it was a white man and he didn't he wasn't positive about the mask, but he said it was a white man. I could tell. OK. She's positive. It was a black man. OK, so this that's weird when she said he's wearing a mask.


So it's like you're only going off of voice, which is likewise. Which is not a good indicator. Yeah, that's stupid. So that's all that came out of that. I mean, they couldn't find any clues. Nothing. So all of them saying what they thought it was. So now they're like, oh, shit, let's hope this doesn't happen again. But then way to be hopeful. Texarkana, it's dry.


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You'll love it.


By the way. So twenty nine year old Richard Griffin, a Navy vet, had begun dating 17 year old Pawley anymore in February 1946 K.K.


I know everybody's like looking for the 40 is the age. The age gap was not a big difference at this point. Now, get this. You got married when you were like 19. Yeah. So it just wasn't, like, scandalous or anything back then. On March twenty third, nineteen forty six, they went on a date and Richard's car to a party.


This was the kind of. This was a kind of double date situation again. It's weird that they only kind of start that way when they go to the drive too. Well, they were meeting Richard's sister and her boyfriend at a restaurant and then they were going to a movie because really, that's all you could do back. Right. So after eating dinner, they split.


And Richard and Pauly were headed to the movie and the other two were going somewhere else. Gotcha. They got through the movie having a great night. Then they decided to have a nightcap snack at a cafe until like two a.m..


Hell, yeah. Which a lot of these couples stay out till like two a.m. and I'm like, get it?


Well, they're young, they're in love. They're hungry.


Like, wow, I can't stay up that long. So they were driving back to Polly's house when they turned off into a lover's lane. I mean, look at the stars, love. It was going well. So they were there for probably, you know, they were there for a bit, you know, doing things like hanging out in the car, reading poetry, high five ing each other up, things you do on a lover's lane elbow bump.


These days I've been to so many.


Obviously the men in that. So then another car pulls up next to them. No, thank you. And they're thinking like, oh, it's just another smitten couple.


No. And I don't even like when I'm like in my apartment and another car pulls up next to me, I'm like, it's OK, I'll leave.


It's fine. Fine. You live here or you own this school. So the man in that car snuck up on them. Yes. And he put a pistol into the window. Oh, my God. He yelled at Richard to take his pants off. What's up with the pan? Don't know. What's with the pants. Are you watching right now? Phantom Slayer, what he did. What's with the pants? So he tells them to take off his pants and then immediately shot him twice in the back of the head.


So what are you going to do with his pay? Blood everywhere, all inside the car, all while it's gross. That's her. People aren't positive. How he got Polly out of the car because nobody survives this to tell her he probably just like, dragged her out. It seems like he could do whatever he wanted. Well, what's weird is he got her out of the car and he put her on a blanket outside of the car and shot her twice there.


What? No. Maybe she tried to get out of the car to run. Yeah, maybe. Maybe. But there was no sexual assault. Noted. OK. She wasn't found on the blanket, though. So how did they know the blanket was there? Well, I'll tell you. I had a feeling they only know that he shot her there because the blood that had soaked through the blanket and into the ground below. There was a big, huge puddle of blood there.


Yeah, but she was found in the car. So they knew that she was definitely show he had shot her and then placed her back in the car, just sitting up like she was alive, like he staged or he staged her please. Like slumped over. Terrifying. They were not found until the next day when a passing driver saw them and thought it looked weird like they would. Yes. Inside that car. And they were like, that's a little strange.


So they called the police and a huge crowd came. That's never good cause they were cordoning off the scene. I definitely would have been there. A huge crowd came to destroy it and I would have been among them. All they had to go on was the bullets. And maybe like some partial fingerprints on the car, but they didn't even really know what they had at this point. The ballistics report from the Texas Department of Public Safety Bureau of Identification and Records said the gun was a 32 automatic pistol.


It had six lands and grooves with a left hand twist. OK. I learned about these things in my anthropology course. Does that mean he's left handed?


Not sure. Call it something like it was something like a cult, I guess. OK. They kept this evidence to compare to the last one, basically the see into Jimmy and Mary and see if they could tell anything about the pistol. Right. And then maybe. I mean, they don't want this to happen. But if it happens again, they can compare at least. Yep. Yep. A five hundred dollar reward was posted. They already had interviewed more than 50 people in four days after the murders.


Nothing, nothing, nothing. This guy is a legitimate phantom. So it just boom. Nothing happened. Went away until he went away again. Right. 16 year old Paul No was from Kilgore and he was well-liked. His friends described him as this is the sweetest. It really struck someone, quote, a short boy with the best attitude you ever saw. God. I don't think he had an enemy in the world. Everybody loved him and he just loved people.


Wow. Put a knife through my heart. Cool. Thanks. It's not going to end well. Unfortunately. Betty Jo Booker was 15 years old. While this was the youngest phantom victim. Yeah. Long. Young. She was super smart, super driven. She had a part time job at fifteen, which could be back then for. And especially a girl. Yeah, I was a huge thing. She was also getting straight A's and she also played the saxophone in an orchestra.


She was doing the darn thing. She was doing the damn thing. She and her mother, Bessie, were literally best friends. Betty and Betty, Betty and Bessie. That's the cutest thing ever. Closest you could be. They had suffered or suffered a lot of tragedies together. Betty Jo's father died very young. He was like thirty three, I think. Oh, wow. And it was when she was really young. Yeah. And her older brother also died at 16.


Oh, my God. Yes. Poor mom now. She lost everything with everybody. Everything. So they were very close to each other, just mostly out of survivors. That's all. They were just best friends. Her mother later described their relationship as, quote, I worshipped her. Oh, wow. Yeah. That made my heart do a little thing. Just stab you in the heart. Thanks for the. Paul was smitten with Betty Jo stops Mitt.


He loved her. Oh, I love love.


I had like a plan. He was going to woo her. And on April 12th, he was in town from Killgore in the town where Betty Jo lived. So he had plans. He was like, I'm comin to town. Oh, my God, I'm going to take you on a date. I'm going to take her to the movie, a midnight movie. And I got up special midnight movie at the Paramount Theater. Wow. And she was going to be playing with her band that night because she's awesome.


Because she's do. And. And he was like, I'm going to pick you up after your band, like your band playing. What's that called. A show concert that they instrument.


Yeah. It was the show. Thanks for that. I was going to say we got to laugh. They said out loud, everybody. It's like a concert. It's a show, you idiot. All right. Yeah. A band concert. OK. And so it ended up going much later. Past the midnight movie things. Betty was great. And I'm pretty sure Paul was like with some other friends. They were planning to go to the movie and he was like, I'm not going to go to the movie.


I'm going to go get Betty Jo.


Stop. Like, he's just, as I keep telling you, to stop. I don't mean to jump in to shore. So she didn't get out until, like, a little after 1:00 a.m. and he waited outside of the VFW where she played to pick her up. That's romantic. And also, wow, what a long band show. It was a very that's what I'm talking about. A lot of these it's like people like 15 year olds are out at 1:00 a.m..


Yeah. So Ma would have been like, get your ass home. And Mom, if you're watching. Am I right? She's right. Yeah, I'm right in the.


Is to it's she wasn't even like doing this band thing until 1:00 a.m., then going straight home. She's going on a date after. They were going out. It was like, wow, what time did things close? Get it, girl. Never.


Because it was so late. Obviously, they couldn't make the midnight movie. But you'd waited patiently like a freakin prince because he really loves her.


A prince. He was.


So they were planning to maybe grab a snack or something, hang a bit before going home. But Betty Jo had a routine. Yes. After she did her band things.


Those things that bands do her concert, after she did that, she would always drop off her saxophone at home before she did anything else. Yeah, because you never took it with her. Why would you want to lug that around? One, she loves her saxophone. Right. It was very expensive. Right. She didn't want to have to deal with the responsibility of, like, lugging it places. Yeah. So she asked Paul, you know, can we drop it off at my home?


And then we can go out. And he was like, sure, why not?


Or for sure, because I love you. I love you because I'm smitten also.


But on the way there, he was like, all right, we're gonna go there. We're gonna go home.


We're going to drop off your saxophone. Like, maybe we just take a little dip off the side real quick. Oh, no. To do it. Spring Lake Park for a bit and just hang. You don't have to. And then we'll go drop off your saxophone. And then they were figuring that I guess some of her friends were having a slumber party and they were gonna stop by that like they were on the move. They were just gonna go hang out there for a minute and shakers.


They were doing it. Another laugh. They were playing it. Got it again. So they parked it just, you know, looked into each other's eyes.


They just parked and moved in shake because they're so freaking wholesome.


They were probably just like. Babe, your cute. I got you, babe. That's too soon. I call you that is like a heads up. So as they sat, a car pulled up next to them again. No. Nope. I'll leave again. I have not been to many lovers lanes in my time. That guy has that motorcycle.


He is like room vroom lover's lane. Definitely the do. I'll tell you about a lover's lane. If you're watching guy on motorcycle, you know. You know. But I'm saying if somebody pulls up next to you after reading this case, just get the hell out of there.


I already do. Don't worry. I already do. When I first like. I already do when I'm home. You frequent them often, I guess.


So somebody pulls up next to them. A man gets out, walks over to Paul's side of the car and shows them a gun, which must be the scariest thing ever.


I can't fathom somebody just being like, look what I know. It's like a movie. It is. So the next morning before 6:00 a.m., mr. I'm sorry. No, I thought I skipped something, but I didn't. So then you're good. The reason we don't have a clear picture of what comes next is because they did not survive. Right. But the next morning before 6:00 a.m., Mr. and Mrs. Weaver are too, like, wholesome.


This little couple. Leave it to Weaver and take their child on a walk. And I think they were going to grandma's house. Oh, no. End up finding Paul's body. That's not good. Paul was shot four times. Once in the head, once in the face and once in the right hand and once in the shoulder. And the right hand was probably putting up. Yeah. And just stopped about. Always messes with me though. It does, because it just it makes you picture like defense.


Right. You know. So Sheriff Bill Presley and Texas Police Chief Jack Runnels were first on scene. They noted that there was blood across the street from where Paul Lay. And they thought he might have crawled across the street to try to get help and then died where he was found car. Which again, makes it awful. Very heavy case. It's a very heavy case. That's why we picked such a lighthearted set. So no one knew Betty Jo was even with him except her parents and some of her friends.


So the police weren't even looking for her initially. They found Paul and they were like, welp, this is just he got killed. They didn't realize Betty Jo was in the car. Oh, no. And then a search party is launched. It's six hours and suddenly they find Betty Jo. Mm hmm. Because they started looking for her because her friends from the night before were like, oh, no, she was with Paul. Right. And then her parents were like, yeah, she didn't come home.


So that's not good. So they find Betty Jo six hours later, two miles away. What? Yeah. Do they think she, like, tried to get away or do they think she was brought? No, I think she was brought. Or maybe she did try to get away. But either way, it's a very strange because she was found slumped along a tree. Oh. And she had been shot once in the chest and once in the face.


Oh. And then it also looked like somebody had tried to stage Betty Jo. She had a coat that was like buttoned up and they had buttoned it up to her chin. And then they had placed her right hand in, like, her upper coat pocket. What? So she was like sitting there like that. It's so weird, too, that he stages the women. Yeah, it's strange. Right. At least for the likely to staging to you're not even to, like, look like they're actually natural position to put somebody, you know.


She had also been sexually assaulted. Oh. And her saxophone was missing from Paul's car and has never been found. And that's like when we did the other one where the clarinet was never found. Yeah. The clarinet.


Oh, the Texas killing field me out there.


Hey, weirdoes, guys, we have super exciting new.


So exciting. It's big.


It's huge. It's the fact that. I thought you were going to tell them. No, I thought you were going to talk to I mean, to tell. Should I go get someone to tell them? Hey, can you come over? No. Come on. I'll do. I'll do it.


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So they'd both been killed with the same 32 caliber weapon as the first murders, so we've got a theme here, we're connecting dots happening not much in the way of clues other than that. But the town was losing it at this point because they're like, who's next? And again, this is like boom, boom, boom. It's happening one after the other. So people in the town are like, OK, who's next Wednesday next? We can't go to lover's lanes.


They can't go anywhere like that blows. So they started bringing in anyone with a record or anyone who looked shady. They were just bringing them in. They put they were interrogating people. Now, that's not nice because some nice people look shady, but they were just, like, desperate at this point. Like, we just need to find this guy. They put up roadblocks and shit. The Texas Rangers decided to try to pretend to be couples parked at Lover's Lane.


Oh, wow. Try to lure him out.


That's daring. He never showed because he was he was they about things like female officers and male officers to make it look like. Good. Okay, wait. Can you imagine sitting in that cop car? Obviously not a cop car. I'm done. But that market can't be like. I wonder if he's going to show shot. No, but do you know what I mean? Yeah. Not not cop car. And what a weird, awkward situation you're sitting there with, like your partner.


What are you talking about? You think he's going to come think he's going to come here any, you know, dressed in, like, regular clothes, try to look like you're on a date and you're like, yes. What are you doing after this? This is cool. What does your wife think of this? It was now that the phantom nickname came to be and this is when all of a sudden he was just he was a phantom because he was mysterious.


There it is.


The editors at the Gazette were like, we need to call this creep something spooky. I think that's a direct quote. And while you said it like very forward and they were like something spooky and they did their shoulders, it needs to be snappy. So City editor Caban Sutton was the one who said, quote, How about Koenen? The Phantom. The Phantom. He's been elusive. Well, I call Phantom. Well, listen to you said everyone there was like, oh, pro motion.


I don't know. I just said pro motion. Get that man a raise. Give him his own call. We'll give him three dollars an hour. An article with his own byline. Yeah. Above the fold. I don't know. Newspaper talk, double space. John knows John. Get in that chat room and tell us what a newspaper thing is. Yeah, I talked to John in the chatroom. John used to be the editor of his college newspaper.


Look at that. Fancy fans. So people started buying guns.


No one left their windows open anymore. A curfew. Curfew. Curfew. They put a curfew. They put it looks like a fool. They put a curfew in place. It was the first of its kind. They put a curfew in place and a reward went up for six thousand four hundred twenty five dollars, which back then was like a money 80 billion dollars.


Approximately, yes. So it's kind of like the Golden State killer case that we saw with Richard Ramirez, that as soon as these like Night Stalker kind of people like prowlers at night happen. Right. All of a sudden, everyone's buying locks. No one's leaving their windows anymore. No one's just sleeping with, like, no wall on the side of their house.


Everybody realizes that fresh air is for dead people. Precisely. This is the precise moment when everyone realizes that and they start stocking up stuff. Yep. But yeah. So tips are coming in everywhere, obviously. Of course, not all of them helpful because people want to be involved. Two tips came in that were very helpful. Well, that's good. Very, very helpful. I don't know if so, so they're not helpful. How helpful? Is that what you mean?


Very helpful. Two women called in and they said, I have some information for you. And they were like, cool. Where'd you get that information?


Hit me with it. In my dreams, they know where they cycle and they were like, cool, cool, cool. Just tell us about it. They'll get it down, totally up. But so, weirdly enough, nothing came out of those. They literally told them that the literalists that came from their dream. I had dreams. Let me give you the information on them. And they were like, please don't. You would think that you would even like maybe leave that part out.


That your info came from a dream. Like make something else up. They wore it on their sleeve. That's like this came from my own subconscious. That's dumb. Yeah.


So neighbors were starting to shoot at each other. What? Because they would just shoot first, ask questions later. Why? Like at night, if one of the neighbors was like walking into their house and they heard a noise, they'd be like, well, well, that's dangerous.


People were just really starting to lose it at this point. The whole town was obsessed with the idea that a sex fiend was on the loose.


Well, he is telling people immediately to take their pants off. He was fined and he was assaulting women.


Right. And if you saw the newspaper article in the beginning, little like intro video, it says Sex fiend. Yeah. Does she was like, can you put that in the slide show? And I was like, yeah. But that sex fiend thing on this show. How many times can I say sex fiend on a life's. Well feed. You're done now. A lot. Sex fiend. So in the next week.


In the next week it may. The phantom killer attacked.


What are his last official victims? And it was very different. So do we. OK, question. I interrupt a lot. Hopefully answer. Do we think that it's a copycat because it's so different? No. OK. Go ahead. We don't. OK, I'll shut up.


Thank you. Question girl there. The answer is always no to my question.


No, but I like where you had that. So Virgil and Katie Starks were husband and wife. Oh, they knew each other forever. They were both turnings. Thirty seven soon. Twins. They just not actually not a. No, but I get it. They had a nice farm house together. I know this in the inn. They were in the um the community of Miller County, Arkansas. Okay. Virgil was known as a progressive farmer.


That's how he was. He was described, which I love, like all inclusive crops. I feel like that's my new.


Like when someone like that. What you want to be like. Who do you like?


Who are you as a person? I'm a progressive farmer. Yeah. Deep in my soul, I feel as though I'm a progressive.


A progressive, pioneering farmer. I think it's a good thing to be. I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't. Katie was known as a popular, very sweet person. They both loved children, had lots of nieces and nephews, no kids of their own, but they had lots of nieces and nephews and they were amazing with them. Like family was like they adored them. Yeah. Korean people, they didn't feel unsafe, especially this night that we're talking about in question, because they were not two teenaged lovers in on a lover's lane, but they weren't lovers.


They were safe in their home right where you are safe. But now it's like nobody's going to the lover's lane anymore. So now he's going elsewhere. Right. He's taken it to them to. All right. To the people. To the progressive, fortunately. So they were both friends with Sheriff Bill pressingly who we mentioned before. Oh, damn. As they got ready to turn in for the evening, Katie said, you know, like, I hear a noise outside.


That's no good. Which you're in a farm house. Could be the chicken. I've lived around woods, like, my whole life. You're always hearing noises. So it's like I understand why she was just like, what? That's weird noise. And Virgil was like, whatever. So she mentioned that to Virgil. And he's like, it's probably fine. Suddenly, a man with a 22 automatic rifle was standing right on the other side of the window in the living room.


Oh, my God. He shot into the home. Shot Virgil, who was sitting in an easy chair listening to the news on the radio.


Like you cannot get more wholesome than sitting in an easy chair listening to the news on the radio. Have you ever seen the movie A League of their Own? And the dad is like turning the dial to listen. I think that's what I pictured. Exactly what I thought he shot into the home. Shot Virgil in the back of his head through the window. Oh, wow. Twice. So Katie ran out into the living room because obviously she said she couldn't even hear the gunshot so much.


She heard the breaking glass. Well, yeah, that I got that initially she thought that Virgil, like, hurt himself, like felt like throwing or something or something. So she runs into the living room, immediately sees Virgil, tries to help him because he's bleeding and slumped over his chair. She runs to the phone. And then those days it was a hand crank phone.


No, thank you. It wasn't like you just grab your iPhone and show your face and it turns on.


So is a hand crank phone. She goes to crank it and before she can even crank it, the phantom shot her twice in the head. Oh, one shot went into her cheek and the other went through her mandible. Her lower jaw. Oh, my God. Her. Show us lower jaw. Wow. Did you pull out? No, I did. That was actually I was off the cuff. We did not plan in that.


You're like CNN playing because it's hard to put back. Sleep well, sweet prince. So he should put her through them. That's not funny. He shot her through the mandible. That's not funny.


Her teeth literally exploded onto the floor. Oh. Because obviously it's your bottom jaw. Yes. She was alive. What, she was alive. She said, wait. OK. I won't ask questions, but she figured I can lay dead. Smart lady. Play dead. She was like, I'm going to drop to the floor and I'm going to stay there. So maybe the man outside would think I'm dead, too. Yeah. Because she's like, he's going to be watching.


He's gonna be waiting for me to get up or move. Right. And then he's just gonna shoot me again. So I'm going to stay here until he leaves. Eventually she crawls herself into the bedroom once she couldn't see him anymore. Huh. She had a 45 revolver, but she couldn't find it in all the chaos. Of course not, because you can never find important things when you need them. Of course. So she ran into the living room and she sees the man crawling through her kitchen window.


What the scariest thought, crawling through her kitchen window. So she ran out the front door across the highway and ran straight to her sister and brother in law. Oh. Oh. Oh, wow. Oh, she has the wherewithal. And just like the thought to do this. Oh, you got shot. I was going to. Yeah. Yeah. This dude, A.V. Prouder new Katie and knew something awful had happened to her.


He came out of his house and was like, holy shit, because she's banging on the door of her sister and brothers and brother in law's home and they weren't home. So he comes out and he's like, oh, my God, what's going on? So this is just like this is like a movie. This. Yeah. This doesn't seem real because what he did was he fired his rifle once into the air from his porch to alert the rest of the neighbors and shut up.


So it's like the neighbors all had this thing where they were like, if someone shows up at your door, shoot into the air and their head is busted. Shoot that rifle into the air. All of us are guldem out and we all have our time will come off, Lorcan. So he alerts the rest of the neighbors. Of course, neighbors came out because they know that's a predators rifle that's shooting up into the air. Everybody knows that.


And he's like, listen, you got to go get your car because he said Mrs. Stark's been shot. Huh. So they restor rushed her to the myco meager hospital and during the drive. This is so crazy. What? She takes a tooth. She just spits one out of her mouth and it had a gold filling in it. And she handed it to one of the people in the car and said, I really don't want to lose this. Wow.


Shed a lot of wear with all of us at it. Duran was like, cause she's like that. This was expensive. This whole thought and please hold. I love her. And they did. They were like. Got it. Well, how are you gonna say no to her.


Say she like you. No. No way. Katie like I don't do teeth. I'm sorry. Sorry. Earlier that evening, Arkansas state troopers Max Tackett and Charlie Board or Boyd excuse me, Boyd.


Boyd Fowler. I don't get it. They told Boyd Fowler wait to see if anybody gets that. Boyd Fowler. That's what we call each other. But it comes from something it does. Everybody's like, did I want it's on Netflix. Hello, Max Tackett and Charlie Boyd. They were Arkansas state troopers. And earlier in the evening, before all this chaos, they had driven past the Starcom. And when they'd driven past it, they obviously they knew the stakes.


Yeah. And they noticed an older model car parked like weirdly off to the side. He parked his car there.


Yeah. So they. And at first he was like, that's strange.


But they were on their way to, like, do something else. I was like, you know what? Like, whatever. We're just going it. We'll check on it later when we're on our way back. It's not real.


It's not strange enough to warrant us. Yeah. Like maybe they have people over. I don't know. Well, when they drove past the house again on their way back, it was gone. Car's gone new. And this is when Katie was in route to the hospital. So this person pieced immediately. She left the house. He got in his car and pieced once they found out everything had happened. They realize this is the killer's car door. But other than that, there was nothing to go on.


Did anybody get a make or a model or a license plate? It was an older model car. Like every car then. Exactly. So unfortunately, that's all they could go on. The town went absolutely bonkers. Again, similar thing to like Richard Ramirez, right. Say killer people were buying a million locks. Again, their gun sales went through the roof. People were buying guard dogs. They were boarding up their windows and doors at night.


I would basically what I do every night thinking we're just doing now.


They were investing in a simply safe alarm. They were. It's crazy. There was a curfew put into place that all businesses had to close before sundown, which is where town the town that dreaded sundown came from.


Yeah. Which is the best name for a horror movie. I'm not going to lie to you. That's a good ass movie. It's a great name. The Texas Rangers and police from four other counties started patrolling the area. Every single resource was pulled into this case. Well, yeah. And it just stopped. Because they everybody was locked away in their house. He's just stopped. That's never did it again. Maybe he died. I don't know.


Maybe. You mean he did? Over 400 people were detained or arrested in connection with this case. During the whole thing, yeah. And you will Sweeney or Sweeney excuse me, was a townie. I love a good townie. And a good story like that is a townie, a regular at the bar. He was also a major suspect in the case and many still believe he's the guy. What's his name again? You will, Swinney. So why do we feel like he's unfit?


He was arrested in 1947, but not for murder. He was arrested for car theft. His wife, Peggy, then confessed that he was the phantom. Well, that'll do it. But by law, at this point, she could not testify against her husband. Because why law? OK. Law, you know.


So later she took the confession back because he told her to. Yes. But when he was arrested for car theft, he said to the chief deputy Tillmann Dance Tillmann Johnson, Hell, I know that you want me more for the for more than just stealing cars.


So he confessed kinda. So he was just kind of like, I know what you're getting me for. Wow. He was in and out of prison at Ton. Ended up dying in 1994. Oh wow. And that was it. So we're forever dependent on. Maybe it stopped because he went to jail. Maybe. I don't know. My cranium is crankin. Well, that's another thing that they believe is like that's a lot of things fit with him, my friend.


It might have been him. His picture was in the slide.


Do we have anybody else? Well, we have. So we really don't have any other suspect suspects. But what's funny is that the urban legend that I'm sure everybody has heard of, like the two people on. You know, in their car and they're making out after their date. And they her scratch, scratch, scratch on the car up, you up. And then when they come out, there's like a bloody hook on the car door. No.


They I've read in several sources that it could have come from this, like the the new the most recent version of it, the one that we all know could have come from this car. Where does the hook come from, though? Well, urban legends always twist things into like you, right? You know, you're like, wait, it doesn't fit.


I'm like, no. He also didn't like scratch scratch at cars. But you don't know how to turn it into something. So the last thing I just want to mention is the movies, the town that dreaded Sundown. The original one was in 1976, directed by Charles B. Pierce. And it used the tag line. The incredible story you are about to see is true and where it happened and how it happened. Only the names have been changed. That's generous.


Was that a stretch about that film? There's one scene where it is supposed to be representing the murder of Betty Jo Booker. The trumpet. Yes. The 15 year old. She was the saxophone player. Right. Well, they changed her instrument instrument to a trombone. And you may be like, why would they do that? That's a strange artistic liberty to take. And you're right. It is. But the reason that they did it was they wanted to have the killer tie her to a tree in the film, which they did.


They did. Yep. And then they had the Phantom attach a knife to the slide part of the trombone, which would take a lot of time. He then like maniacally plays the trombone through his burlap black sack with no hole for his mouth. Do you remember watching Mantzoukas Obade and stabs her? Each time he plays a note, which is not funny. And in the end of the film, you see the killer waiting in line to watch the film.


It's like very meta. But that scene is one. It's the silliest thing you'll ever see. But it's also terrifying all the same. No. That's terrifying. BULLOCK What a weird scene to decide to put it into a movie. That didn't happen. That did not happen. That's not how Betty Jo Booker was killed. They should have put that in a very small thing on the bottom when they released it. No, this is all true, except that one part that we play in murder situation we concocted did not actually happen.


She's also kind of rude that they did, but she was not stabbed. She was not tied to a tree. Yeah, she was shot and she was just found by the tree. Right. Didn't even show her being staged. It's just silly. I don't like it.


So this is on tape. So. So. Yeah. So it's a very Medda film. At the end, you see the killer like his boots waiting to watch the film. I love Mattie. Play this film every Halloween in Spring Lake Park in Texarkana. Let's go. It's like tradition. And that's where Paul and Betty went on their date. And every all that sad, though. There was a 2014 remake that was more like a sequel.


Yes. The original one.


It kind of played on that Halloween screening. And they were original film because it begins with the like the people at the screening. The annual screening. Right. The original film. Yeah. And then it has some maniac trying to copy the original killing spree. Does it end up. Oh, I'm not going to tell you. Never mind. I'm like, isn't it though spoiler.


It's not. It was only 2014. It's not long enough to spoil it next year. So it was also the last thing I just wanna mention, cause it's important. Last thing it was it was mentioned in Scream in Sydney says, jeez, it's like the town that started sundown when they do all the curfews. I do. We said. I don't know that one. It's about a killer in Texas. And he says it really stupid. And I love it because he is Dewey.


So that is the Texarkana Moonlite murder. Good job.


Thanks, Danny. I need to take my gloves off to tell my story because I can't. Skripal The gloves come off are coming off. The gloves are coming off. Their gloves, the bracelet. That's it.


Let me close this crazy future machine that I found. Wow.


Olina, that was really good. Thank you. I appreciate that. The issue here, though, is that I'm going to have to take. Oh, I like this and that eyeball. Don't do that. It'll make me dizzy. Well, I got nervous even though none of you are here right now. Oh, the nerves. Oh, OK. We have to do our shoulders to go all the way back to the 20s. OK. We're here.


And I found this Charleston. Isn't it like this?


I couldn't tell you. I don't know. So, Fred, decades from a decade.


The case that I found I just threw a feather in my face was bananas. And I was telling you about it. This is a crazy. I was like, so I'm like looking for things to do in the 20s. And I was like, what can I do? What could I do? What happened? That there's actually record of. Yeah. And then I saw this newspaper clipping which you also saw you did and you wanted it. You know what it is.


And the New York Daily News put out this headline on October twenty eighth. Nineteen twenty seven. And it says, Headless Wives in two trunks. One husband held. I love one husband held like hell it where? And also me. Please tell me more. Yeah, like that. Also talk about like click bait before click bait was okay. Yeah that was click. That was. Could be it for sure. Yeah. So the day before in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the bodies.


I know. We really do. The bodies of two woman were found by their housekeeper and the housekeeper whose name was Netty Compass. Oh, Netty. So she just, you know, walks in in the morning to like, do her job. Shrouds had some coffee and then, like, he acted up everywhere.


She was like, I'm going to Charleston while I clean, dude. And then she was like, no, I'm not.


The two ash was about haunted hayride.


When I was a clutch today.


So the two women that she walks in on that wall are headless and in trunks. She doesn't know that yet. She sees a lot of blood there. Theresa and Leo Knight, who went by Lonnie, which is easier to say so. Thanks. Sure is. They are the two of them are sister in laws, married to a pair of brothers. The brothers were Joseph and Henry Moiety. He is a fun last name to say.


So shout out to you if your last name's Moiety. So, as always, with my case, we're going to rewind.


So Henry Joseph and the women were all originally from New Iberia in Louisiana, and then they met and they all fell in love. I couldn't find like anything about where they met or how they fell in love. But they did. And they did. But they believe it. Yeah. Because here we are. It happened while they move in together, which I'm like, that's a lot to move in with. Like your sister and brother in law. That's a lot.


That's a lot of people. It's just like each other's cramped quarters and OK, so they move in together on the second floor of 715 Earthling Ursulines Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. OK, I'm there. Here you are. Here we are. They rented this place from Joe Caruso. And I'm sure you're thinking like, cool, why do I need to know their landlord's name? I don't really care. It's all Hawtin. I bet it is.


You do. And that's all I'm going to tell you right now.


You know, I know that because you have a magnet. I'm. Well, that's important information. You just discovered you're going to discover some important information. So left that up. OK, Mr. Joey Caruso is an important name in this case because Theresa, who is married to Henry, had eyes for Caruso.


Oh. Oh. And apparently Mr. Caruso had them back. I don't know why I have to say his name like that. But I do. Mr. Caruso. And then there was like Mr. Caruso. There was rumors going out.


That door just opened and oh my God, is this place haunted?


Happened to him the door. I'm not even fucking with you. Not even a joke. A door just open behind us on its own. OK, I'm leaving now. We summoned some spirits from different areas. Can you send them back, please? Go back. Oh, it's just pitch black.


OK. Sorry. This is rude.


So, yeah. So Mr. Caruso had the eyes back and there was all these rumors going around town about them canoodling behind their spouses back because Caruso was married to. Oh, what's not cool. That's not good. And also major points. If the word canoodling just made you think of Mr. Duvall for mean girls, it did make me think because, you know, I mean, girls reference in whatever I can.


Yes. Also, this hand is getting a lot of motion. Oh, I went very like you always talk with your hands. I did, too. So they're together. All these rumors are going around. They're both married. That's no good, you know. Now, that's Teresa. So now we're going to go to Loni. She was also like not super happily married with her husband, Joe. Not to be, like, messed up with Joe Kouroussa.


A lot of jokes, a lot of jokes, a lot of jokes. The women weren't really happy with the brothers because they weren't bringing in the cash and that, you know, money problems always lead to murder.


I feel like it's true. And then because they weren't really bringing home the dough. The women had to get jobs and they were like, we don't wanna. We just want to flop, flop all day. And canoodle around town with our side pieces. So this is annoying and annoying. They also had kids. So they're like, I have to raise the kids. I have to. They took jobs as seamstresses and then they may have done like a little bit of sex work.


So they were really busy. They're mad at their husband. He's busy. And they're like, we hate you. That's just the moral of this. Well, you know, we just hate you. So anyway, Lonnie and Joseph got separated when Joseph walked in on Lonnie embracing another man.


I'm going to go out, did work, and I'm going to say that embracing means something.


They were in the live canoodling, if you like. You should like that.


What I do when some scandalous I'm going to like I feel about him throwing feathers. I love it. So he was like, yeah. Bye. Don't embrace anybody except me. Stop embracing men. Don't do it. He moved away with the two kids that they had. So there's also kids involved here. Hate that this kid's involved. So Loni stays behind in the apartment with Henry Teresa and their three kids.


So there's like five whole kids living whole kids. Now subtract two. There's three kids. Loni, Teresa and Henry, OK.


And it sounds like a little bit of a less than happy family. Seems it, you know. So, again, depending on what source you're reading, the woman, either the women either decided they were leaving town one night or they were just gonna have like a little girl's night.


And they were like, listen, Henry, we're going out or we're leaving.


We need you to watch the kids, watch the kids while we leave forever. Right. Exactly. So watch the kids. Their trunks were packed. They were ready to go for their girls night or there seems like they were the occasion. They were. I'm just gonna go with the fact that they were DIBP and get it because, you know, the trunks were packed. They were. So they're like, Henry, we need you to watch the kids.


And he's like, OK. So I think it was like the day before that they told him this. And then the next day, the day that he supposed to watch the kids, he just goes to the bar all day long. Oh. He's like, fuck that. I'm gonna get sauced. So did he just leave the kids? Well, no, he just like, leaves them with the women. Oh. So they're mad, too.


So in the early morning and after the morning and early afternoon, he just gets sauced, like completely super drunk.


And then he just comes home and decides to take everybody out for a bite to eat, OK, which is like I mean, I guess you would be kind of hungry at that point. You're always hungry after a long morning of drinking, right? S know getting soused.


So they go out, they got their bite to eat. And on the way home, some, like busybody Susan lady pulls Teresa aside and she's like, hey, listen, everybody knows about your plan tonight to run away with Caruso, CARU Caruso also. I just want to say Kaputa. Because of the Log Island video, obviously, you got me. Thank you. So she pulls her aside and she's like, you know, everybody knows that you're on the way tonight.


And you know who hears this? Henry. Henry heard it. He heard it in his ear. You heard and he was pissed. He wasn't happy. Nope. So they head back home and like everybody goes to bed except for Henry, because he's pissed, because stew and pissed sourced all of the above.


And, you know, it's just not going to be good from here. No. I'm just warning you, I don't think things are going to go well. So he's. Oh, I closed my documents. Shit.


I'm like, I don't know what happened here.


That's it. And I'm just. We'll tell you what happened next time. No juicy. I got it back open. So he's mad. He's stewing. And he's like, you know what? I'm going to do something about this. My wife isn't running away. I hate Loni. She's a bad impression on Teresa. So he gets up. He takes a cane knife and heads into his wife, Teresa's bedroom. And he just starts swinging and swinging and swinging.


And he decapitates her. Wow. And then he keeps swinging and swinging and swinging. And he cuts off both her arms, both her legs and shoes and some of her fingers. Wow. Then at some point, she got some kind of obviously, like, wound to her back. Well, I thought you were like she got a wound. She got a wound at this point. She got another wound to her back at some point. He takes off her wedding ring off her potentially severed finger and shoves it in the wound that's in her back.


I did not know that. Well, now you do. You're welcome. So then I could go on my whole life without knowing. You're welcome. I could have gone my whole life without knowing a lot of things that you told me in these cases. That's very true. That's really messed up. He shoves it in her back. Was the reason for that because she was cheating on him? That's symbolic. But like, how is it simple to shove it in the wound on her back?


I don't know. It was. I don't know. So he's not done. He goes to the back bedroom, which is Loni's bedroom, and he does the same thing. He decapitates her. He severs her limbs.


I don't understand why he had to cut the fingers off when he already when he he'd cut everything else off. It's like that's a law. And he stuffs her in a trunk. And then he goes back and he steps to reset her trunk and he dips. Wow. And these were potentially the trunks that they had packed to get out of there. Where are the kids? I know I wrote that in here at one point. And the whole time I was reading this case, I was like, where are the kids?


And you know what? Nobody finds out. But they lived like that and got doves. Well, they're probably not now, but.


So the whole scene is obviously like a blood bath. And then this is crazy. Are you ready for this little tidbit? No. So, strangely enough, there was this submission that Lonnie had written into a magazine and they declined it, which is really sad. Didn't have to put them in. So it's they find it covered in blood. And it's basically this, like, cautionary tale to young women about like this woman who finds love after being in a super unhappy marriage.


And she wrote, quote, Police think ahead of you and do not make the mistake I have made because it does not always turn out the right way. And then she says more and more. And then she says, be careful. Marriage is a life sentence. Oh, isn't that so cryptic? Can you mention thinking of marriage as a life sentence?


No, I think of it as like a nice union. Isn't that what they call it? A union. A union. That's what you got. Benefits. Those people call it, you know. So also so weird that she wrote that, like, had no idea what was going to happen in her life. Because people speculate that this was this tale was actually written even before she had moved to the French Quarter and met her husband. Yeah. So it's almost like a weird premonition.


I know. I hate it. Weird. She should team up with those two ladies in Texarkana that had dreams. I know she should. Yeah.


So now we're going to go back to Nettie walking in on the scene. So she shows up to clean and she screams so loud when she walks in. She's absolutely terrified, obviously. And she runs back downstairs and grabs two insurance men who are walking by. And she's like Laveau.


She's like you. Insurance suits, suits over there. Capozzi, what you're doing. And then instead of calling the police right away, the two insurance men tip off this local reporter, George William Healy. And then instead of calling the police, Healy calls another reporter and he's like, you got to come see this. And then they realize, you know, hey, we should probably call the police.


Probably should have started with the police. You know, nine one one. Yeah. This is a pretty big deal. Yeah. Wow. Oh, my God. Chromatics two and two. Nine one one. So then I just had to make that joke. So then I'm so glad you are who you are. Thank you. I'm glad you are who you are. So the cops got there. Netty goes upstairs again. George is there a Lady Gaga is there.


And they follow the bread. The blood trails to keep up with Gramatica is exactly the inspiration. They follow the blood trails into the first bedroom. And one of the reporters lifts up the trunk and they see the arms and the legs and the torso and maybe the head. I don't know. Depends where you read in the trunk. And they're like, oh, my God. And then there's. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. There's like blood everywhere.


They find the note that Lonnie had written when they got to her back bedroom. And at one point they find fingers in the bed. That's real. This lady just lift up a finger just like a severed finger.


This fingers in the bed, which is great. And actually, she goes, look, a lady's finger.


Now, is that those are cookie. It's a cookie. And now it's ruined for you. Tiramisu. Try it.


If you have. Haven't. It's great. I feel like it's a new dessert. Nobody wants to eat dessert right now. Tiramisu.


So she finds fingers in the bed and there's like everything is strewn everywhere. There's children's clothing strewn about. Makes me sad. There's clumps of hair within everything. There's just human remains everywhere because they were gutted.


Brains everywhere, everywhere. There's nastiness everywhere. The police, they come in, assess the scene as they do, and they're like, Lady Gaga. You have to go. Just kidding. I should stop that now. And the coroner comes and his name is Dr. George Rolling. So he determines that the women must have first been bludgeoned by something and then. Decapitated and dismembered, which is like, wow. You don't say no way. But he noted that whoever did this must have had some kind of experience with knives.


And he thinks it's like a butcher because he noted that they knew not to cut through the bone, but instead to cut through the joint, which is not information I should give anybody. But it makes a lot of sense. It does. I'm sure that makes sense to you. To me, it's really hard to cut through bone. Now you need bones already. You need a bone. So nothing. And then it's hard. I know that's that's messed up.


So, yeah. Then Josef Moiety, Henry's brother, he probably knew exactly who was responsible for this. Yeah. And he goes right to the police and he's like, I was involved too. Well, which he wasn't. So I'm like, wow, good brother sibling. I know. Then the police are like, cool. That's awesome. Where is your brother Henry? And he tips off the officers that his brother Henry was probably going to hop on a ship and skip town and be like by I mean, because he just gruesomely murdered a lot of people on a ship.


He's going to get out of here and slowly take out of town. Right. Especially the slow, slow get away and not a motor boat. So the police chief, Thomas Healy, we got another Hili. He radios out to all the outgoing ship cities like, yeah, if this guy comes on the boat, call me, maybe take him out. And he described him as a very hairy, dark haired, dark eyed man. And he said he has he has a couple tattoos on his arm.


And one is of a naked woman. Oh, naked lady said to right that man. That was really scandalous for the 20th scandal. Not everybody had naked women on their arm. Not everybody does now. No, actually, I do my kind of funny. Oh, yeah. You kind of do. Whatever.


But they're tasteful scandal scandals. Why? You're a flapper. Oh, Wanni. So wouldn't you know it? That was the tattoo that tipped off workers on a freight ship called the Jim Q Jim. And it was headed toward Texas. And they were like he got on. Henry got on the boat with a fake name. And they were like, we see your tattoo. We know what you're up to, your hair, your hair, your very hair with your hairy.


This situation's hairy. Everything we're calling Mr. Healy. And so they do good. So and this is only two days after he killed the women. So, like, he's hadn't really planned this getaway too well, which I'm glad he confesses to everything. And he's like, yeah. Joe wasn't involved at all. And the police are like, yeah, we didn't think so. And he said he he contemplated this for a while. So already he's like, hit me with the first degree murder charge because I've been thinking about this for quite some time, quite some time.


He's like, first I thought I was going to kill myself, but I didn't want to. And then he said he thought of killing the children and himself and just leaving Teresa to like. But he was like I couldn't bear the thought of her running off with Joe Caruso for the rest of her life. So I couldn't bear the thought of killing my children if I didn't want her running off with Carruth's. Well, he seems a little like nado.


Not good. So he's trapped outside. He also tells the police, yeah, he is stopped because he tells the police, if I ever get my hands on Joe Caruso, I'll chop them up into little pieces. Well, thank you, sir. And goes on to say, not big pieces like my wife, but little pieces. I'll make him look like something that's been run through a sausage mill. A sausage mill. He says this to the police.


I think he did. I think he did it. It will. He. He said so. He did it. And by the way, Henry had worked for a bit as a butcher's assistant.


Oh, he knows Tenterden. Exactly. I was going to say, remember the whole joint thing. And also remember sausages for later on, but not right now. I'm remembering sausages, Dingan in your brain thinking.


And Henry was tried separately for each murder and by two different judges, which was like kind of crazy. Yeah.


And his defense tried to argue that he was temporarily, temporarily insane because he was like sauced as he seemed, because he seemed it because he told the police that he was going to kill somebody else. But that didn't work out. And he was sentenced to two terms of life in prison, which was actually lenient for the time because they could have hanged him. Oh, is that right?


You're supposed to say it like that. So I feel like they kind of felt bad for him, that his wife was like maybe cheating on him. But also, it's like, why did you feel any kind of remorse for this guy?


Yeah, no. Crazy. And now you're probably thinking, oh, that's the end of the story. But it's not sausages. So yeah. Yeah, I remember sausages there, plus a little more.


Henry served 16 years of his prison sentence, like pretty quietly.


He was a good prisoner and he was such a good prisoner that they made him a trustee or like a a trustee. All right. And he got a little more freedom than like the other people there. OK. So while he was alone, he used that freedom to to escape prison.


Oh, he literally just casually hops in a taxi and he's like, hey, can you bring me to the train station? I'd like to get out. And the taxi guys, like, that's my job. So, yeah. And he brings them to the train station and he hops on a train to Chicago. Boom. See you later. Goodbye. Except not seemed very easy. He was able to fly like under the radar a little bit for two years.


But then he was stopped for suspicious behavior. You got to lay low. You got to lay low. I mean, he did for two years. I also I couldn't find out what he was doing that was so suspicious. But he was just being hairy. We also just saw my naked lady tattoo.


He was like, humming, Don't don't be suspicious. Don't be a suspect.


This is a blog. This is dhobis as much as did you get. Like, that's suspicious.


But did you get the reference? No, I didn't. You did? No. Oh. Parks and Rec. No, I don't remember that. OK.


Should we end it now? Dad, you love parks.


Parks and Rec. I don't remember that. That's OK. I'm sorry. So it's funny either they got them for Dobinson specials, but really being suspicious and he gets sent back to Louisiana and they're like, you've got to stay here, but not for long because the warden and Henry were like Brose. The warden was like, you know, other than not escaping thing, he's been like a pretty good guy. He took a painting while he was in prison and he was actually like kind of good at it.


So good, in fact, that his one of his paintings ended up in the Baton Rouge, his governor's mansion.


And I don't know if it's still there, but tell me a photo of the picture. I couldn't find it. I want to know what it is. I don't know. I think it was a person. So he was like they recommended his release and they not only released him, but pardoned him. So his pardon was signed in 1948 by Governor Jimmy Davis.


He chopped two women up. And just a little fun fact. Jimmy Davis was also a singer, a singer. They called him the singing governor. That's a very clever name. So cute. Know, Governor, that thing, you know.


So now you would think like after he got pardoned for savagely murdering two people and also escaping prison. And I guess he's friends with the governor now. He would like turn his life around and do something good. But he didn't. You're correct, because you have a magnifying glass. I know in 1956, he was staying at a hotel with his girlfriend and they got into this argument, which I read was about shopping money. Like she was like, can I have some money to go buy some clothes?


Like. And he was like, no. And he shot her in the chest. Oh, he was like, no. And he pulls out a gun and shoot her in the chest.


In fact, while they were arguing and crazily enough, she survived and he went back to prison, obviously, because they're like, you can't do that. You cannot do that, sir.


But this time, his sentence was only five years for shooting someone in the chest because it was only only attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.


Oh, just that insight, you know. But like, what if he did murder her?


He wanted to murder her. It wasn't me and I just wanted her to die. I don't get it. But luckily, he died in prison from a stroke in 1957 before he could, like, go kill anybody else. Wow. And I told you to remember sausages. I got sausages on the brain this whole time. So this story, like this whole Jimmy story cannot be told at all without mentioning a ghost. So we got murder and ghosts for you tonight.


And sausage feathers in my face. Thank you. So I lost my place. This case, sausage, sausages as it is. This case reminded people back in the 1920s when it happened of the sausage ghost, which they thought was just a spooky tale. But they were like sounds strangely familiar. Sounds hilarious. That's what it said. It does sound hilarious. It's knowledge goes. I assure you it's not. In fact, I was telling me this morning and she was like, I could have gotten my whole life without knowing that I was cute.


So the sausage goes.


So I just feel like every time, you know, the sausage goes around because you smell like coals, like sausages.


I love that. Well, the story goes that this couple, they fell madly in love. They were like super young and they opened a sausage store together. Monocles my computer because I know the tale. So I know this. I know this one. So they fell in love. They start this sausage company together and business is booming and it's booming for years and years and years. And they're just making sausage and being in love. I love that.


And they're growing old together. But this guy was like a real jerk and he didn't want to grow old with this lady because she was getting wrinkly. So that's cool. Right. He was mad that she was wrinkly and old singing, they were like this cute sausage making couple. Oh, honey. So she's getting wrinkly and he's pissed off about it. So he goes and gets this like super young girlfriend. Beaten guy schnozzle. Yeah. I was gonna say, what a douche.


So he is like hopping around canoodling with this little girl, not a little girl, but young girlfriend. And one night in his, he still married one night. Him and his wife are cleaning up shop and he she's in the front and he is like doing something back. And he all of a sudden comes up behind her, strangles her, drags her back into the back room and pushes her into the meat grinder. Well, now that's not all.


So then he just goes about his life. But everybody's like, where'd your wife go? And I don't know what he told them. And people start noticing that their sausage tastes a little different. Well, different. And so one night he's cleaning up shop, getting ready to go out with, like, his girlfriend, probably. And he hears this loud thud from the back room and he goes back to check in and his zombie ass wife is crawling out of the sausage machine and she's like, I'm going to fuck you.


And so he runs into this street screaming and yelling and crying because his wife is going to a vault.


People are like, what's wrong? And he's like, nothing. No, never mind.


And it happens. Night after night after night, she just keeps growing.


Just like tonight I'm going to bug you. Yeah, she's ready to do that anyway. So it happens. Night after night after night. And people are like, this guy's going crazy and business starts to slow down. But then, like some guy is traveling through town, he's like, oh, sausages. So he stops and lifts us to take out a sausage and he bites into a sausage and he's just shoo in and he's chewing when he's chewing.


And also he's like, oh, ouch, that hurt. And he spits out her wedding ring. No. And he brings that to the police and the police go and they arrest the man that killed his wife by pushing her in the sausage grinder. And when they get there, he's literally in the corner screaming and crying that his wife is crawling out of the sausage grinder to get him. And they're like, no, she's not, because you killed her.


And that's crazy. So he they send him to an asylum. And every single night in the asylum, he's like, oh, my God, she's coming. I'm coming. He got me like she came to the asylum with him. And then this new guy takes over the sausage shop and he says, like, obviously the lady wasn't crawling out thing to get him, but she was still, like, hanging out around there and he saw her.


And then the the husband in the asylum complete suicide because he's just done with this whole deal. He's like, she's gonna get me. I'm gonna get me.


And the guy that took over the sausage shop. He said that the day that the guy died is the day that everything stopped happening. And the wife wasn't haunting the shop anymore. She was like, he's dead. Exactly. And do you know what do you know where that sausage shop was? I don't know where it was.


Or Salin Street where Henry Moiety killed his wife and sister in law. Wow. Oh, my God, I loved that. So, yeah. Wow. That was the tale of Henry Maudy killing everybody. And also a little Dabhol of ghost of paranormal. I loved it. Thank you. And love the sausage. Go. I love jerky. Love it. This was in my head. But I have a weird pillbox hat on and it's them. Don't do that.


Did it. That was so much fun. This was fun.


And you know what? We got one person cheering us on and I hope everybody was having fun. And even though we can't hear you, we can.


We can feel it. We can feel it. Come in through.


The camera has enjoyed the cases.


Yes. And hope you enjoyed our crazy outfits. Yes. Because this was fun. And I feel like this is how I want to dress all the time. And I'm going to go to target like this to my. I want to hold the magnifying glass all the time. Do you want to go to Target tonight like this and just feeling, hey, we're going to look in to investigate.


And I'm just looking at tap dance. But we hope this is like the first of many.


Yes. Live streams. And hopefully we'll be able to do some that will accommodate people in different time zones. Because I know there were people that were like for sure, like 4:00 in the morning where, you know, the other day we were like, we're gonna wake up at 7:00 a.m. and do a show for, like, anybody.


Yeah. If you want it. You got it. Yes. So let us know if you liked it. We can't wait to meet the people for the meet and greets. Yes. And. We hope you guys. We love you and we hope you keep listening and tuning into our live shows. And we hope you keep it. By.