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Hey, Weirdo's, I'm Allena, I'm Ash, and this is a huge morbid because it's only netcentric Delana Boom.


So this is going to be a big one, I'm excited for this one, Alina told me what she was going to do, like right before we just started recording.


And I was like, oh, yeah. And I've been meaning to do this one for a while. But like, I think anybody who's, like, had a true crime podcast or like even done like research papers or anything, it's like you really got to just like hit it. Right. You got to be in them. Got to hit it right. In case you got to let the case pick you. You do. So it's like this one was just like, it's time.


It's time. Alina, we get that question a lot like, what's your biggest advice?


And actually I'm going to change my biggest advice right now for if you have a podcast, let your cases pick.


Yeah, let them pick you. Because if you try to dive into a case that you're not ready for, it's not going to be good. The research isn't going to be there. And you're not going to you're not going to be into it.


No, that's what I've learned. That's why my research has gotten better, I think. Because you're letting them speak to you. Yeah.


So what we are going to be covering today is the scream murder, which is the brutal murder of Cassie Joe Stoddart.


Like, absolutely horrific. This is a rough one. I'm going to be playing a couple of audio clips from the killers. And, you know, just a couple of things that make sense in this. Just want to warn you guys ahead of time that there that is going to be happening.


But before we jump into this case, we don't have a lot to get through before that because this is a long one. So a lot of big jump. Right. And we don't really have a lot going on.


We we have a lot in the works and we can't wait to start telling you guys some fun stuff. But we just want you guys to be, like, ready. It's exciting. We have some exciting things coming down the pike here.


We're keeping it close to the chest right now. We are really like just keeping it close to the chest.


And one thing we are going to do this coming week is we're going to be doing a quick little update episode on the Lori Valo case, because as we know, it just keeps unfolding.


And tons of stuff just came out last week. I think what we did the last time was we just added a third episode. Yes. Small episode into the week. We're just going to do that. Yeah. There won't be ads in that episode or anything. It's just going to be like a little bonus bonus episode for everybody.


So it's like a bonus for us to get to talk about. Exactly. It's we just feel like if it's going to you know, this case is going to keep opening up and we might as well keep updating you guys, because I know everybody really wants to talk about it. So we'll be doing that. So keep an eye out for that next week.


And besides that, that's really all we got before we dive into the case.


I'm excited. Let's do this. OK, so before I say anything, Scream is like one of my favorite movies of all time. Helyar don't love that these two idiots decided to use it. No, like their whole they're like copying scream or whatever.


It sounds more like the fourth movie than it does the first.


Yeah. Oh it's definitely which is weird because this happened in 2006. Yeah.


So that hadn't even happened yet. I don't even think that movie had come out yet. No, that movie came out when I was in high school. Right. I think I was a junior or senior. Definitely hadn't come out yet. So it's weird that I wonder if maybe they borrowed.


I wonder. You know what? Hold on. All right. I did a quick look because I hadn't really thought to look into that before. Thanks. You're welcome. And I couldn't find anything. I don't really think the people who made Scream for are going to sit there and be like, yeah, we were totally inspired.


Yeah, definitely not.


It just it once we get into it, you guys will see it. It has a lot of elements. It definitely does it with. It would. It makes sense that, you know, the fourth installment of Scream was going to go that like Metta Root.


So the whole franchise of Scream is Meadow's. Exactly.


So it was it makes sense. And you'll see as we go through how how much it kind of like obviously just without the twist ending. Exactly. Yeah, it doesn't have that. I was a little theatric.


So I'm just going to mention a little bit about Cassie. Joe Stoddart.


There's not a ton of information about, like, you know, who she was when she was a young. Yeah, she was only 16 years old. She was born December 21st. Nineteen eighty nine in Pocatello, Idaho, which Pocatello is such a fun thing to say.


Hopefully saying it right.


I don't care if I get Pocatello, Pocatello, Poland is like Pocatello, Idaho.


From what I could see, it's a pretty small community. It was like heavily Mormon at one point. I'm not sure if it still is. It has nothing to do with the case. I'm just giving you a background. And out there, that's what it's like. It seems like it's a pretty tight knit community. Very safe. Right. You know, it seems like it's one of those places you're not super worried about, things like this happening, that's for sure.


Cassie and her brothers and sisters were raised mostly by her grandparents. Couldn't really I didn't see a lot about like why.


But, you know, she has the reason that's the case. So by all accounts, she was very artistic. She loved drawing, she loved music, anything creative.


She was very creative. She liked to act like was totally into that stuff. She played soccer. Her brother described her as headstrong, really smart and kind, and he said he looked up to her even though they were only a year and a half apart. Oh, yeah. You said they felt like more like twins, but he looked up to her.


Right. Which just hurts my heart. I know.


That's sweet. She attended Pocatello High School. She was a junior when this happened. She was a straight-A student. She had everything going for. She was beautiful.


She sounds like so well-rounded to be into art and soccer and this and that. And a straight-A student. Right. You're just damn girl. Yeah.


And she's really pretty, you know, like long, beautiful brown hair, like a awesome smile.


Like, she just she was like the whole the whole package.


She was the whole thing. She had a boyfriend at the time of five months named Matt Beckham. He's going to he doesn't play a role in the thing, but like he's part of his in the story.


So then we're going to talk about two guys that she went to school with and two guys that were I mean, her friends, they were they were not like best friends.


They were like more like acquaintances or acquaintances. But they, like, hung out sometimes. Yeah. They were friends with her boyfriend, so. Yeah. So that's why they hung out. Yeah.


It seems like it was they they had known each other for a while.


They all went to school together forever, you know, those kind of people. Right. First we're going to talk about the killers, Tori Adamic and Brian Draper.


OK, so Brian Draper was adopted.


He by all accounts, everything I could find, there wasn't really anything of note in his upbringing or anything that would point to this.


He had a crush on Cassie for a while. He was friends with her again, but she wasn't into, you know, his dumb ass. So and she had a boyfriend at the time that.


So she just wasn't into it right now, like when Matt was his friend. Yeah, exactly.


So she's and you know what? Not everybody likes you, right? It's just the way it is, Brian, unfortunately, like, you know, because you think about it and you're like as a kid, it's like this sucks that he just felt inherently like a loser. Yeah. And I think that was just something that was, like, innately in him that he just didn't he felt like an outcast all the time. That's definitely sad. The kids you say like as a kid, you're like, that's a bummer as a kid, as the sixteen year old, get the fuck over and don't murder someone as well as the murderer.


Yeah, exactly.


But like when you think of like a kid thinking that way you're like that you feel bad. Yeah. So he just felt like a loser. An outcast. His closest friend was Brian. Right. Excuse me. His closest friend was told I was going to say I thought we were talking about. So he was his closest friend. He was his own. He probably was his closest friend, to be honest. But no, Tori was his closest friend.


Obviously together they had a super thing for movies. They considered themselves movie buffs, movie critics.


I mean, they were they were those kids. You're sixteen, which like I that resonates with you. I get that like I worked at a movie store when I was like six. That also reminds me so much of your nephew. My little cousin. Yes, exactly. And he's like, wait, I thought you said it went so well.


And it kind of reminds me of, like, Randy from school. Yes, yep. Yep. Like, you know, super into the movies. I can tell you everything about it. Relates it to real life all the time.


Well, and scream for Charlie and Robbie. Exactly. And they very much are like that, like it's it's spot on. It really is.


So they really loved, of course, especially horror movies, which because you're in high school and it's insane. I was going to thirty four. That's my favorite kind of I just mean like that's when you get into it I feel. Exactly.


Or if you're like, you know, the weird ones you see, you know Stephen King sleepwalkers when you're like ten.


Yeah. Or if you're me, Ilina just shows you everything when you're like seven. Yeah.


Well so you know, there's a lot to say about like, you know, people will look into the psychology of like what horror movies do for violence in real life and that craziness.


Look it up, because I can tell you right now, no study is can tell you which either way what happens to me, everything I've read and everything I've just like by my own, like, psychology stuff. I've what I see is that it's not it goes right back to the nurture versus nature thing. If you're going to say that horror movies create these things, then you're saying that it's all nurture and it has nothing to do with nature.


Right. And I think it's always nine out of ten times. I think it's a balance of the two. Exactly.


And I think it's like if you are if you're going to kill someone, you already have that in you. That's in you. That's something that needs to be nurtured.


Exactly. Maybe you take horror movies and because you're already predisposed to that way of thinking, you take it as like, oh, I could do that to someone. But it has nothing to do with the horror movie. It has to do with you as a person.


The horror movie is nurturing your already murderous nature. Exactly.


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And so it's that they were like I said, they were specifically into the Scream franchise. That was their thing. And they wanted to make this whole thing like another screen movie. That was their idea.


So going back to, you know, do horror movies create, you know, spoilers, basically, I have to I have to defer to Billy Loomis from screen one.


Oh, my God, I love you. Don't blame the movies, don't create psychos movies, made psychos, so I love Scream.


I remember watching it in 1996 when it came out the year that Ash was born today. I remember watching it when I was like seven and being like, this is a good flick. I didn't get to see it in theaters because I was too young.


Because you were 10? Sure was. But I remember with my best friend Lindsey, I remember like renting it on the sly somehow. I don't even we used to we used to slide horror movies past my all the time when I was going to say because that was like the blockbuster days when you could get like four movies and like sneak it in the. Oh yeah. We would go to Hollywood video one time we snuck children of the corn because we told her the sickle on the front of it was was a crescent moon and it was about fairies.


And she was like, that's delightful. You should buy that. I didn't sleep for like three days. That's delightful. So we got that bed there.


And I remember watching it and being like, I love this. And I watched it and was like it was almost inspiring to me. Like, I was like, this is so creative idea that, you know, Kevin Rich, Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven had of like making it like make fun of horror movies, but not so many.


But at the time, you didn't even know it was made out like, you know, you didn't even. Right.


And I remember looking at him being like, I want to do something like that. Like, I want to be like being creative like that. Like, I want to have that kind of brain. You were you were inspired by the artistic side of.


Exactly. Not like homicidal part of it.


And that's the thing. It's like, of course, different people are going to look at films like that and take different things from them. And it may be who you are as a person. Right? If you're already a psycho, you're going to take that from it and you're going to do what these guys did. But their fault, it's not the movie and it's it's kind of like how we discussed with the Jenny Jones show. It was his fault.


He's a murderer. Right. But I think people missed the part where we say exactly that. Definitely. But you you look and you say, does it play a role? Sure it does.


But it also has to be in in the person junction with that person already being an evil person.




So there it is. I mean, you know, I just needed Billy Loomis to help me explain that all just had to. So like I said, they were into the Scream franchise.


But Brian in particular had a real fascination with the Columbine school shooting.


Now, like, when you say that, it's like, OK, I understand he's fascinated by it, but he took it to like another level because I'm fascinated by true crime.


Obviously, I say this for like one hundred and fifty seven episodes. And but fascination is one thing. Obsession and admiration is a totally different thing. Yeah. And he wasn't just fascinated.


What Brian had was a admiration and an envy towards Dylan Clissold and Eric Harris, the words that did it. Strange, he wanted to be infamous like them because he said, you know, they were outcasts and they they got their comeuppance. They they put the middle finger to the people who made them feel that way.


But it's I didn't really like that. Yeah. And if you really look into Columbine, they were just assholes. Like, it had nothing like they were raised up as these like outcasts, you know, like like putting their middle finger to the leg. And it's like, no, they weren't actually like they actually were just dicks. Right. I was going to say I actually came out that that wasn't the truth at all. Yeah. They're not the heroes to the outsiders.


That's not what they are. And but Brian saw it that way.


But they were the heroes to the outcasts and the one at the time, it was like highly publicized like that in that way.


Yeah. And, you know, again, if you are someone who wants to murder someone, you're going to find a way to to show you murder somebody to be admirable. It's just going to be you know, it's going to validate your own feelings.


You got to spend your own tail. Exactly. So they both decided together, Tori and Brian, that they were going they were like, you know what?


We want to start killing people. Just literally were like this. We just want to do this.


It's so insane to me that especially in high school, people like this find each other. Yeah, like bananas.


There was no trigger to this. Like it wasn't a it wasn't like, oh, we've been bullied and we've had enough and like, you know, not that that's OK. But I mean, like, you can't point to any one thing that happened to you that you're like, oh, maybe like that triggered something in their brain. Right.


They just literally were like, do you want to kill a lot of people?


And like the other one was like, yeah, well, it's like Billy Loomis says, it's scarier if there is no motive. Exactly. Billy is just going to explain his way through this case.


Billy Loomis is is shedding wisdom upon his own research, and he's a fake character. So I can say that I was going to say, but yeah. So they want to you know, Brian really wanted to be like the Columbine shitheads.


And he was like, let's do that. Let's do this mass murder.


Tori was like, no, I'd like to make this more like scream. I want an. Make it personal. I want to be like in his mind, he's like, I want to be like Billy Loomis and I want to be like this cool, witty, like I want to have, like, the hair tendrils in my face, like, you know, I want all that.


Can I say this? You can take it out if you want, but I feel like they like presented like power points to each other, like.


Oh yeah. Like this is what I want. Yeah. Because they both wanted two very different ways of going about this, which shows like how different they their thought process. Right.


Because they were both evil, they both wanted to hurt and cause destruction and chaos, just death in different levels. But one of them wanted to do it with a big blaze of glory. Right. What he sees as a big blaze of glory. And the other one wanted to do it more like the mole for the show. That's what he was like. He wanted to be. He was like, I'd like to be in a movie. So it's like that they saw it in very different ways.


It's it's interesting. Yeah. But they ended up deferring to Torie's and they were like, you know what we'll do with the screenplay. Right. And story, the way he saw it was, you know, he was like, we can, you know, film ourselves. We're going to like document this. And he was like, and what we can do is we can, like, dress up. And his idea was, I think, like Brian, you know, going for the Columbine method was to scare people as they go.


But Tory really wanted the theatrics of scaring the shit out of his victim, have just one person him meant like in Scream. The Ghostface outfit is the initial. That's the scared. Like you're fucking terrified to see that you're like, what the fuck? I wanted that. So he was like, we can wear a mask. We can make this exactly like that, like get that initial scream.


So they were people who went to high school with them so that they were always filming like just day to day interactions.


They were always interviewing people and just would like put the camera down and just like film them, just having a discussion.


It's so funny that they could do that because I feel like now in school you would not ever be allowed to do that.


Yeah, I mean, I wonder because I mean, so far at a school. So I thought, well, things are so you can't do like anything in school. But I remember like we used to have, like I loved filming everything.


You always went everywhere with your fucking pink digital camera and your little handheld black video camera from Pupper. Exactly. I always and I have and you used to like edit movies and playing together like you and your friends.


Yeah, I was like super. I like very into that stuff. I used to sit for like hours on my computer and edit it together with like music and all that, because we used to go to like ghost hunts and like these old abandoned like, you know, psychiatric hospitals around.


Yeah, we used to film that. And it was just a film going through the Wendy's drive through ordering a strawberry shake. We filmed everywhere.


I filmed everything.


And I'm glad it did because it's fun to look back on now.


That's crazy, but it's just funny to think of like I could. I was probably looked at as weird.


Yeah. And which is fine. I probably would've thought you were real. Were you. I was such a dick because I had my black camera so. But they did this so they would do this and they were they talked often about how they wanted to make their own horror movie. They were writing a script. You know, it was it was a well-known thing that they wanted to do this they wanted to make, which is great. That part you're like, yeah, well.


And people were probably like, cool like that. That's it's going to be a movie, which is like maybe fake.


Well, channel your energy and creativity, channel it into that. But before the murder they had been videotaping themselves, discussing the murder and killing people.


In fact, in school, in class, they were sitting with a camera, sitting on the desk in front of them, and they were discussing how they were going to go about it because they had decided now that they were doing this. That's so wild.


Like where were the teachers or the classmates? Like, where were the people? Well, that's so people would hear them and they'd say, we're discussing the horror movie.


We're discussing what like our script.


You got to look into everything. And people were just like, OK, because they're not thinking. They're just sitting there openly talking about killing people.


And I asked would have been like, you guys are going to guidance. Right. So at the end of August 2006, Tori ended up calling up a guy named Joe Lázaro, and he was an eighteen year old kid. This guy, Joe, they were sixteen at the time. And he asked him if he would buy some knives for them at a pawn shop. Now, Tori, apparently, according to like an anonymous student, had like a knife collection.


He likes collecting knives. That's just something I like to do. So I don't think this rang too many. Well, it's like a very teenage boy thing to do.


And because Joe was eighteen, he could buy them at the pawn shop and Torian Brian could and maybe he had done it for him in the past like for his collection or you don't know. So along with Brian, Tori and this guy Joe went together to the pawn shop, Brian took out forty five dollars at an ATM and they ended up buying four knives.


I didn't realize you had to be 18 to buy knives. Yeah well it's just at a pawn shop. I didn't realize. Yeah. And so.


One of the videos, there's a lot of videos that were released, the court transcripts are released, they transcribe the whole videos, and these are directly from, you know, court transcripts. This is for real.


This is for real. So September 21st, 2006, at 8:00 or 5:00 p.m., the two boys, Adam, Chick and Draper, are sitting in their car. And Tauri Adam Qik is driving and Brian Draper is filming from the passenger seat.


OK, which again, watching these videos, I was like, this is so fucked because it's like I used to do this. I used to film like my friend Lindsey used to be the one that drove all the time.


Yeah, I was in the passenger seat filming her and we were talking about stupid shit.


Not this shit know very different shit. Here is what they say. So Brian says we're going for a high death count. Oh good. And Tory says, plus, we're not going to get caught, Brian, if we're going for guns, we're just going to end it. We're just going to grab the guns and get out of there and kill everybody and leave.


Like, where do you think you're going to fucking go? Brian says, we're going to make history. We're going to make history.


And Tory says, for all you FBI agents watching this and Brian starts laughing, which first of all, wow, you really think FBI agents are going to watch this fucking dumb ass video that you filmed?


Yeah, I hate to break it to you.


They're not going to get that far because all those prosecutors like you're giving them exactly what they mean.


You're just you're just not that interesting. No, you're just dumb and performative. So all they would really do is be like, oh, this is really bad acting right by so says he says for all these FBI agents watching this, you weren't quick enough and then laugh, oh God.


Like I'm on like the FBI. Like it's like Agent Holden sitting there being like, damn, we got to catch these two.


They're going to cause so much. It's like, no, like this.


You weren't quick enough. What, like no one cares about you guys doesn't make any sense. And Brian says you weren't quick enough and you weren't smart enough. And we're going over to you.


And it says is redacted. It says Jane Doe one's house. This was somebody who they didn't end up killing, but they tried to.


Oh, I didn't know that part of it day when they had several people they had about I think it's like eight or nine.


Oh, shit.


They were planning on killing, but it just didn't work out that they were home alone. So these people got Cassie, unfortunately, was just wrong place wrong.


I was almost just about to. Yeah, it's upsetting.


So they say we're going to snoop over there and see if she's home alone or not.


This is Jane Doe one. Oh, my God. I never realized this part. And if she's not home Splatt, she's dead. Oh, OK, boys. So Tori said, don't put your humor into this, Brian. And Brian said, I'm not putting any humor into it yet. People will die and memories will fade. And Tori said memories will fade.


I wonder what movie you got that from Brian and Brian says myself and Tori laughs.


And Brian says, that was from myself. And Tori says, No wonder it was so lame like you two are.


You guys are like, I'm having a weird, like argument while you're on your way to go kill. So no wonder it was so lame. You're both so lame, right? Kidding me. Like, you're sitting here being like FBI agents watching this, like, fuck off, right. You are not cool. You are not interesting. You are dumb as fuck.


And that's what I have to say about that.


And it's like, no wonder Cassie didn't give either one of you the time of day. Right. She was 100000 times better than you. So then we go to another one, which is September 21st, 2006 at eight pm.


Now, this is only a couple of days before the murder of Kathy Jo started. They went somewhere else.


They were sitting in their car again. It was a 1994 G.O. And again, Brian's filming from the passenger seat in is driving.


Yeah. So says in this part, I just had to put this in there because it just showcases how stupid they are and how they're trying to be so performative and theatrical and very like Billy Loomis and Stu Mocker, like they're trying to be very witty and like, you know, someday they're going to show these films.


And everybody seemed to like, well, a couple guys, you know what I mean?


Like and it's like meanwhile, it's secondhand embarrassment, how dumb and fucking lame they are.


What did he say? So Tori says, the point I'm making is we are also taught that things like killing people and other things is wrong. The only thing it's wrong about it is because it's breaking the law and the law is only wrong.


And then he mumbles and like, can't finish his sentence because he didn't plan out his fucking monologue, because this doesn't make any sense.


I mean, Brian says natural selection, dude, natural selection. That's all I got to say. It's not natural selection. Honey, honey, baby, sweetie pie. That's not how that works, Bryan. No, that's not natural. This is not natural. When you murder people you're selecting. It's not natural. That's not nature. Nature is not selected. That's you for more advantageous traits. It's not. That's actually very unnatural. That's very unsnapped.


You're wrong. That's a muse song, unnatural selection like you are so dumb, so dumb, I just.


Natural selection. It's like you say that makes me sad that I'm like, oh, you're trying so hard.


Just a natural. Santori says there should be no law against killing people. I know it's wrong, but and then Brian says, natural selection. And I'm like, oh, stop, though. Meanwhile, he just said, like, killing people is only wrong because the law says it is. But the law shouldn't be there because it's wrong. I know it's wrong. It's not wrong, but it's not wrong.


Inventory says hell, hell, you restrict somebody from it. They're just going to want it more.


And then Brian says, exactly, but camera, good buy camera. Good bye, Brian. You're rotten in fucking prison. Now, can you imagine being mad?


Oh, just watching these, I was like, I'm so glad both of you are just rotting, which spoiler alert they're rotting in prison right now.


Yeah, that's not even a spoiler alert. That's just like just so just so you can sit there like this. Hold on to this. This is almost like a BTK level of like disgust I have for these two because I feel like it's a little bit it's a little worse.


It's a different kind. It's a modern it's a modern BTK. It's a modern discussed.


But I have I like that modern discuss modern day good bad name. I call it great and called it kind of add up to the list.


If anybody has a list of the bad names, we said, yeah, can you send that because we called them.


You can't you can have them and I want them. I need to know.


So then we have another one. It says September 21st, 2006, the same night. This is around eight, fifteen p.m. they're in the car again. Tori's driving. Brian is filming from the passenger seat.


Brian says, my friend's too pussy to go investigate, turn here. And then Tori says, Too smart. You mean OK? I don't mean that. Like, nope.


And then they start talking about, you know, like, you know, turn right, turn left.


Why aren't you going down here? Why are you going so slow? Like they're just starting to bicker with each other. I'm like, are you guys even friends? Are you OK? Like, there you go. Right. Do you need to talk? Right.


And so then they say so then Brian says, now we're going to go over to Kasey and Max Matt's house, Kasey and her boyfriend. This was the night before. This was the night before.


And then they say if they're home alone, we're going to and Tory cuts him off and says, it's Cassie's house.


Matt is there. And so it sounds to me like Tori gets very annoyed with Brian a lot and is like that friend that's like, shut the fuck up. You know, they actually hate each other. If you listen to them talk, you'd be like, do you you don't like him? Have you seen those names lately where it's like, ah, did you have that, like, friend in high school that absolutely hated you and ruined your life but you were still friends or are you normal?


That's exactly it sounds like Tori was that friend of Brian.


Yeah. Like no giving Brian any credit because he's also if I think about some of the friends that I had in high school, I'm like, oh, that makes oh, there it is. We've all been there. So Brian says, Matt is there. Sorry, we're going to go knock on the door. We'll see who's there. We'll see if the parents are home or not. If they're home alone, we'll leave our way and then we'll come back in about ten minutes.


We'll sneak in through the door because chances are they're probably in Cassie's room. So we'll sneak in the front door, will make a noise outside Inventory says, and Matt will come out to investigate.


I love how they this is proves to me that are they are truly, like, stupid enough to be influenced by, like, anything they see. Right. Because they're being like in Matt will come out to investigate. It's like, no, people do that in movies, you idiot. Well, that's the thing. Nobody comes out and says, hello, is anyone there like that?


Doesn't really happen in real life. I do that like that's not a thing. I know I'm out. So investigate. And Brian says we'll kill him and we'll scare the shit out of Kasey, OK?


And Tori says, sounds like fun. And then Brian says, stay tuned.


Oh, now. So same night 36.


So a little while later, same thing in the car. And Brian says, We found our victim. And sad as it may be, she's our friend. But you know what? We all have to make sacrifices. Our first victim is going to be Cassie Stoddart and her friends. So they're literally sitting there being like that when it's our friend, but, you know, we got to kill someone that's like that's not your friend at all. You don't know what a friend is if it slapped you in the face.


Well, I'm like, you guys aren't even each other's friends. You hate each other.


Tori says, So then Tori yells at another car for having bright lights on.


And Brian says, We'll let you we'll find out if she has friends over, if she's going to be alone in a big dark house in the middle of nowhere. And then he laughs and says, how perfect can you get? I mean, like, holy shit, dude.


So they're just they're loving this. And Tori says, now, this is the story that we're going to find out later.


And his dumb ass parents are sitting there being like I in a.


Doing this with O'Brien, right, Tori responds to that with I'm horny, just thinking about it. It's like you didn't have anything to do with that, really, like the thought of killing somebody gets you going.


Sounds like if you're if you're talking about get an erection from it, it sounds to me like you're involved. I don't know. That's just me. I don't have a penis to say so. But I feel like I mean, you need to have some involvement.


Yeah. Emotionally or otherwise. Yeah. So, like, fuck off Tori. So I'm hates everything about this dude.


So then Brian says, hell yes. So we're going to fucking kill her and her friends and we're going to keep moving on. And then he says, I heard some news about and it says Jane Doe two.


So another person that they were going to kill and he said she's going to be home alone from six to seven. So we might kill her first and then drive over to Cassie's thing, scare the shit out of them and kill them one by fucking one.


Hell, yeah. Oh, my God.


And they're talking to the camera about this like like you can see their face, like just talking about their night. This is what we're going to do. Why don't you, like, post away messages along the way, too, just to really drive the point home?


Well, and Tori says, why one by one, why can't it be a slaughterhouse? Are you OK? No, he's not like Tori. Are you all right? Tori, come on. Come on. I didn't have anything to do with it, but I can't be a slaughterhouse. Why? One by one. And it's like, why what? How? Like, why can't it be a slaughterhouse? Because it's not a slaughterhouse story. Because there's it's a whole.


That's why you can't have it be a slaughter. Fuck off, Tori. It just doesn't make any sense.


And then Brian says to buy two and three by three.


Now it's apparently a nursery rhyme. I don't also there's you're saying that one of these girls is home alone.


So that's that equals one one. Then there's like Cassie and maybe Matt two and there's two of you. So you're going to probably kill them one like this. And your plan doesn't even make any sense.


He's like, why does it have to be one by one? It's like, oh, I don't know, Tori, because you don't have anything but a knife on you. Right. What do you think you're going to do, create something that, like flies around you and just kills everybody all at once? You have a knife on you guys. You guys think that you can do each of them alone? Yeah. Like you can take somebody down, like, wow.


No, really. Like the height of hubris.


I say, well, this is what I just like again, is so embarrassing for them. And that's why I'm reading these things, because this is embarrassing for them. This is not painting them in any kind of charming, witty nook, any light. I'm sure everybody could agree. They sound fucking stupid and performative as fuck. So they say, you know, to buy two or three by three. And then Brian says, because we've got to keep it classy.


What is one? Tori says, keep it classy. Keep what? Keep what club. Keep murder classy.


I'm confused, you slut. But I don't think you know what that means. Keep it classy.


Gotta keep when you're murdering it.


To me it sounds like too like bozos sitting in a car trying to talk big into saying the most cliche things they could possibly think of and literally have no ad libbing skills.


What cannot riff for fucking the life of I don't understand a yes. And so the first thing they do is just like what have I heard before?


Keep it classy, you know, like like it is what it is like. Like what that has nothing to do with say love but OK, like sugar pie in the sky.


I don't like what you have nothing to do with. The ants are marching in Harrar so that's literally as like that's closer to what is happening. Ring around the Rosie am I right. OK, pockets full of posi you know what I'm saying. Ashes. So Brian says so yeah. It's going to be extra fun. And then Tory sister Tori says you're evil and then laughs and Brian says Yes I am. So are you dude. Evil, evil, evil, evil.


And then he says, no evil is an expression of God.


That was another test you failed. He's like, also I fucking hate crimes of evil is not an expression of God. And Tori says, yes, it is. Brian says, that's bullshit and you know it. So they start fight and then the camera falls to the ground because they're fist fighting and then they start talking about what Satan is and where Satan came from. And Tori is very high. Tori is that kid, too. That's like I talk like this.


And let me tell you, I'm so intelligent and articulate, but nothing is coming out of his mouth. Right. He's using words and sounding mildly intelligent at times, and he's probably just repeating the same word and talking in circles.


He's saying stupid shit like evil is an expression of God. And then being then when you're like, please elaborate.


He's like, well, well, an expression is this is like purple monkeys eat bananas when they eat a peanut butter sandwich. And and that's expressive. And like I said, God, Satan. And it's like, OK, evil and certain dumb asses will be like wisdom. That was wisdom.


But it sounds like Brian was like a bullshit. And then they just start arguing with each other and you're like, OK, so then they get to the point where Brian says, OK, we're bad, we're not evil, because now he's all right. You've convinced me.


And then stories like The Bad to the bone and and then Brian says Barellan and er and er well and he says so we're bad and he says yeah we're bad. And then Brian like comes back and says that sounds so shitty.


It does. And then Terry says we're evil. That sounds even shittier. So now they can't even decide what, what they are. This is the level we are working with people.


We're malicious, we are working with that. They can't even decide whether to kill each other bad or evil. And then Brian says, hey, we're not OK. Then we are six, then we're six psychopaths who get their pleasure off killing people. And Tori says that sounds good.


Baby weight. They're six psychopaths. No, they're six psychopaths. Oh, I was like I thought there's only two of them.


Like now they're confused by how many there are. And this is when they get even dumber.


I feel like I mean, obviously they had. To be like psychopathic, to kill somebody, yeah, but it's like I feel like they wanted to be like, oh no, they want to be so many things right?


And they're they're shoehorning themselves into their ideas of what cool quote unquote, killers from movies look like. And that's that's what they think real life is.


So they're like, oh, we're going to be cool. Like, this is really insane. Yeah.


So then Brian says we're going to be murderers. Like, let's see. And then for a second you're like, oh, you can't even name a real murderer can you. Like that's how ill prepared you are for this lifestyle. You can't even name another one.


And he says Ted Bundy, like the Hillside Strangler, like the two most notable well you could name there were two hillside stranglers, right?


Not just one. Right. So so. So you felt you're doing great, sweetie. Keep going. Well, also, like, name a serial killer, Ted Bundy. Really? And then Tori just goes, no.


And Brian says, the Zodiac Killer, another one that brought the country, says those people ready for like this were so cool.


Tori says those people were more amateurs compared to what we're going to do.


Oh, we're going to be more of higher sources of Ed Jean can't think of it. And then Brian says, Gene Autry says, Gene and I, this gets worse.


Now, here's what's funny to me. It's like, OK, so Ted Bundy and the Hillside Stranglers, two of the worst, but definitely one hundred percent or excuse me, three of the murders, two of the worst.


And now you're being like, no, we're going to be up on Ed Gein level. And it's like, well, if you knew anything, you'd have to kill your mom will not kill your mom, killed like a couple people.


Not that that's like not terrible, but it's like Ted Bundy killed like dozens and dozens of people in horrific ways.


And it's like, are you guys going to start, like, robbing graves and wearing skin? That's the thing. I'm like, sweet. Now we've turned. So now you do only want to kill a couple of people maybe. Right. And then use their skin as lampshades like that and teacups because you're confusing your serial killers here.


Yeah. Like Rita, if you're going to if you're going to start spouting this shit, I think they just knew the names and they were like, for sure they they were like jeans, a big one.


Right. And it's like, yeah, but not for the reasons that you're thinking of, like not bodycount, if that's what you're talking.


Yeah. Like if we're really talking, if we're talking bodies and then they start talking about like, you know, what it was.


Was he the one that saw a girl walking down the street and he just decided to do it? Like they're literally trying to figure out, like, what was the right one?


Yeah. So then at the end of it, Brian says, murder is power, murders freedom.


Goodbye. Oh, God, murder isn't freedom because you are rotting in jail for the rest. You actually get locked up. So do you do you feel free, Brian? Yeah. And they were saying he actually confused Ed Jean with Ed Kemper as well. Tory says, oh, he was the one that saw a girl walking down the street and said two questions came to his head. I could take her out and have a nice time with her.


And then Brian says, and then kill her, skin her alive.


No, no, none of that. I didn't say that at all.


And then Tory says, charm the pants off her or I wonder what her head would look like on a stick.


Are you OK? So they're just like, do you need Multiple-choice? And I'm like, did you just open the Encyclopedia of serial killers? And then just like speed read really quick and then just be like, you want to do that thing on, like how to be a millenary where it's like 50/50, like what you got you good like you're bad at this. It's not OK. You've convinced you guys should alisson episode three of Edward Cupper.


Don't combine your heds. Don't do it. No. Figure out your heds. Well, there's Edward and then there's Ed Edmund. Oh fuck. You just fucked it up. I did. Am I right? Is an edman than this ed game. And you know, I'm embarrassed for myself right now. They fucked it up. Edward. Edward. No, this Edward. I'm all right.


So then we come to the night of the murder, September 22nd, 2006. This is them in the their city or.


Excuse me, it wasn't the night. I'm sorry. It was the day of the murder.


OK, this was somewhere around noontime. They're in school. They're sitting at a table in school, in an actual classroom. They have the table in front of them. I'm sure, you know, it's high school. There was plenty of times where you were in a class and like they just had you do some busywork. Yeah. Like there's no actual instruction. You had a substitute teacher.


Your teacher is in a meeting. Exactly.


So they're sitting at the table. The camera's facing them on the table.


And you can tell they're like crouched down to be in frame, first of all.


And also like they're looking around, like darting their eyes around, like making sure no one's listening to them because remember, they're simultaneously so brave and complete fuckin turds and also talking about murder in broad daylight.


So Brian says hopefully this will go smoothly and we can get our first kill done and keep going. They're talking about this in class. How did nobody hear this?


And then Tori says for you, future serial killers watching this tape like this is going to be a how to that the FBI is going to release because you think the FBI is even going to watch this in the first place.


The fact like I got to give it to him, the confidence on this kid, like somebody is going to actually upload this to YouTube.


You are going to watch this and be stumped. And also, future serial killers are going to be like, you know, those sixteen year old guys.


I got to find that that dumb ass kids tape where he confuses serial killers and he's got to teach me how to do it because, like, wow.


And so they start laughing, like going with each other. Oh, God. And then Tori says, hopefully we don't have. He said, hopefully you he's talking to future serial killers.


Yeah. The viewer, you know, hopefully you don't have like eight or nine failures like we have had.


Oh, and Brian says, yeah, we've probably tried like maybe ten times and they've never been home alone.


So. And you think people are going to watch this and be like, oh, I got to do it like they did and be like, you guys really got this down to us.


And it's like, oh, you're so brave. They weren't home alone, so you couldn't go in. Yeah, well, I mean, I'm glad they didn't.


Or when they have been home, their parents show up, which I'm like, can you the amount of girls or maybe guys too, because they don't they all seem to be doing well.


I was going to say most of them I haven't seen a John Doe yet, but all these girls who were like this close attention, well, it's like in Scream when her parents come home and they're like right there.


And you're like, oh my God. And in the movie I get to the chance to scream and I'm always like, throw that giant 9D phone at your mom is seriously.


But she'd been stabbed at that point, like really hard. Yeah, but she could have thrown it.


Oh come on, Drew Barrymore. You could, you could have thrown it. I'm just or may or bang it against the porch and make noise. That's true.


Yeah. She could have done that. She could have see. We're all right. You're what is that called.


You're the final girl. I am your little girl. I'm totally if I'm a I'm a first girl. You're a first kill. You are blonde. Screams Yeah. You really are trendy. You're going to die.


Well and then this is the part where up until now it's all been discussion and it's been stupid failure and it's all been things that we can make fun of because nothing has happened yet.


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Now we're going to get to know a serious part, it's serious because now we've gotten to the point where it is no longer this hypothetical thing that these two idiots are just talking about there.


Now, the next thing that because even now they're talking about how they've missed opportunities, because people have shown up, parents have shown up. Right. And you're like, yeah, that's fucked. What we know now. But at the time, you could be like, you're just dumb. Like, this is not you're just talking, right.


Zolta you're talking shit.


Well, then, Brian, Bluefin looks into the camera and he says, as long as you're patient, you know, and we were patient and now we're getting paid off because our victim's home alone.


So we got her. Our plan all worked out.


Now, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Cassie's family. But she had to be the one. We have to stick with the plan. And she's perfect. So she's going to die.


And then they both laughed in the middle of class and. I can't believe that not one fucking person, her first concerned that piece of shit to look into that camera and go, sorry, consolingly.


I can't even imagine her family, how they feel knowing that that little shit turd looked dead in the camera and said, woops, sorry. Well, the one sitting next to him wants to claim that he had nothing to do with it. I'm like, then why were you sitting there the whole time? Exactly. Why didn't you tell somebody you did have something to do? Both are equally they're equally as fucked.


So September 22nd, 2006, the same day. This is the day that Cassie Joe Stoddard was murdered. Oh. So Kathy had agreed to housesit for her aunt and uncle. Yeah. And it was like a big, nice house. The home was in a place called Whispering Cliffs, which doesn't sound real at all.


No, it really does. Apparently it is. What's this?


What's the town in Scream.


What's it called. Shit. I know. Whisper, whisper, whisper. Yeah. And yeah.


So whisper. Right. It's worth something. I'll look it up on its burrow. OK, shit, I can't believe I can't remember that.


That's like revoking my horror card once the whispers scream, I remember well, Woodsboro, Woodsboro, I was going to say I knew it was creepier and I knew W didn't make sense, but I was like, there's a Birdwood Woodsboro.


So this is whispering clip's. So it sounds like it's a similar Dubea. Right.


And you know, it's a crazy whisper. Whispering Fuck. You ought to keep saying, must I do. Whispering Clift's is a crazy ass name is like that's a cool name for it. It's very spooky. I don't want the cliffs to whisper to me anything.


Whispering It's like Dodo now. Her aunt and uncle's name were Alison and Frank Contreras. She also had a 13 year old cousin who lived in that house. They were away for a few days. They'd asked her just to housesit. They had animals, they had dogs, and they just hang out with them, feed them, walk them, you know, just stay in the house. So she's thinking, like, cool, that's totally fine. She was a very helpful kid.


You know, she loved her family. So she was like, absolutely, I'll do that.


She asked them ahead of time. She said, Can Matt come over and watch movies? Is that OK? Because again, good kid, right?


Trying to, like, pull a fast one on.


They said, of course they knew Matt there knew her. So they were like, totally, absolutely.


Now while they're watching TV that night, they're watching a movie just hanging out Torreon.


Brian, show up at the house at around six thirty seven ish. Yeah. And Cassie initially was like kind of annoyed because she was like, I just want to hang out with Matt and she's like, I didn't ask if you could come over.


And she's like, you two are fucking weird as fuck and I don't want you in this shit problem.


Do you remember who it was that liked her? Was it Brian? Well, it turns out later that it came out that both of them oh, one, they both hate each other so makes sense.


And Tori so Brian was the one who I said had a crush on her. Later it came out that Tori had had a crush on her for years. Oh, shit.


So it seems like there was a lot of pent up aggression, little little little bitch energy that they couldn't handle the fact that this girl was not into them.


Yeah, I think that was a little bit part of that.


I was going to say probably probably part of that she is probably she I'm sure she knew like at least one of them, like terms like this is uncomfortable. Yeah. Like, I'm sure she'll want to hang out with these two people over that are weird to me.


Right. But they came over.


They're friends with Matt. You know, Matt was by all accounts like not, you know, part of any of this, like he was never found to be part of any of this. That's good.


Well, when Matt and Tori came, you know, she was like they were like, oh, I thought this was a party.


And she was like, no, like I'm house sitting and I'm sitting like, you're stupid. She was like, no one else is coming. They had apparently asked other people to come and they never showed up. So they were trying to start like a weird party, which I'm assuming they were trying to make it scream the party at Stewart's house and scream. And it's like, no, but no one likes you. So no one showed up.


And also, how did you think that you were going to do that, like like Stu and Billy did? That's how you managed it. That's what they were thinking of. Like they were thinking we are building and Stu.


But it's just so far and I'm like, Alicia, do you really feel like they didn't get away with it either?


That's the other thing. I'm like, did you watch till the end of the movie didn't end well for them, it was probably end the same for you. And it's even weirder because in the movie, Stu is like I always had a thing for you said, I know.


And it's like, that is weird. Isn't it weird? You know what the issue is? These are two Stoos.


You literally took the words out of it.


I was just about to say there's no Billy. Both wanted to be Billy. They were both students. We got a couple of stars right here. It's below deck. I mean, I love Stu in the movie, but they were Stu in real life.


I got my mom really killed my. So you is it back to the seriousness, I'm sorry. Yeah, you got to break it because this is a heavy one. So breaking it up. Yes. You know something we got to know, right? Something we do.


It's lighthearted. It's lighthearted. It's a lighthearted nightmare and. Right. So, yeah.


So they they showed up. Cassie was a little annoyed about it, but she just went with it and she was like, we're watching a movie.


You can watch a movie with us or you can get the fuck out. So they decided to watch one of the kill bills because I was like a big movie at the time. So about it was a couple of hours in.


Tori and Brian were like, I'm bored, I'm leaving.


And they were like, we're going to go to a movie theater and watch a movie, which is like, oh, OK, you're bored watching a movie here, but yeah, totally go pay to watch a movie.


Right, idiots. So they got in the car and drove a little ways away from the house. They then changed into all dark clothing, dark sneakers. They were like black. One of them at least was wearing black converse, which I was like, don't ruin black.


I was going to say, come on. They put on these masks, these mass. We will post a photo of them in the Instagram because, holy hell, I haven't seen the masks.


But they were clown masks, right? They were not OK.


These masks, I all I can think about is poor Cassie. They were really scary because seeing these masks, I'm like that poor girl. I want to look it up right now. And you keep basically the mask was a white mask, like a plain white mask.


But on it, it had blood all over it, like it was bleeding from the eyes and the mouth and. Oh, God.


And it's just this horrifying it's a horrifying mass to see that coming at you in your house would be unbelievable.


I can't imagine.


So they each took a knife with them. They're all dressed up in their costume and they drove back and parked near the house again.


Right. So this is when.


So then they filmed themselves in the car while there when they were parking. And Brian says, we're here in the car. The time is 950, September 22nd.


Twenty six.


Unfortunately, we have the grueling task of killing our two friends and they are right in that house down the street.


What is wrong? I hate them so much. Yeah.


And Tory says we just talk to them. We were there for an hour or so, but and then Torie's and then Brian says, we checked out the whole house. We know there's lots of doors. There's lots of places to hide. I unlocked the back doors. It's all unlocked now.


We just got to wait. And yep, we're really nervous right now. But, you know, we're ready. And Tory said, we're listening to the greatest rock band ever. Who are they listening? Brian says, we've waited for this for a long time.


And Tory says, Pink Floyd, before we commit the ultimate crime of murder, you got to you know, they really had to go for it, which is like, don't fucking silly Pink Floyd either.


Like, fuck you guys.


And Brian says, we've waited for this for a long time.


Tory says a long time. And Brian says, well, stay tuned. And then the camera goes off.


Now they walk to the basement door and they walk right in because like he said, it's unlocked because they did it before, because a lot of people I remember reading as soon as I was that basement door, because they were there, because I didn't know at first that what he had done was during watching the movie, Brian said, I got to go to the bathroom, got up, went downstairs, unlocked the door, and then came back upstairs.


So the premeditation here is so beyond I mean, they would never be able to argue this wasn't a setup.


The entire costumes on they had set the whole thing up. They videotaped themselves. They have talked to they were like it was actually self defense, the most primitive meditative thing ever.


And then to go downstairs and unlock that door, that just feels so they went into the back.


They went into the basement door again, wearing the whole getup and everything.


And they tried to make a lot of noise downstairs because they wanted to scare them.


So they were throwing shit on the floor. They were stomping. They were doing all kinds of shit. And they're thinking that's going to come down to investigate.


They're going to kill Matt and then they're going to go up and scare the shit out of Kasey and kill her.


Oh, I didn't know that they were planning to kill Matt. I thought they were solely in this forecast. You know, they were they were they were more in this for Cassie, that was their main goal. Right. But they had said and I think I say it later, but they had said that they basically said if he tries to protect her, they will kill him, which they were actually friends with that.


So, yeah, they are more friends with Matt than they work out. Exactly. Like I mean, no matter what wrong is wrong.


But it's like they were actually like brose with Matt. So for them to just be like, we'll just kill him if he tries to protect his girlfriend from us murdering her, it's like clearly there's you to act like that's insane.


So they're like, you know, someone's going to come down and we're going to attack them. Well, they were super freaked out upstairs because they were hearing noises and the dogs were starting to get, like, nervous.


The dogs were like barking at the basement door and shit. Right.


Which was freaking them out. But they were like, we're going to sit on this couch. We're not going to go investigate because we've seen movies.


And we know that you don't do that when you're in unfamiliar territory to see it's like even more like I don't. And I think it's just one of those things, it's like, you know what, let's stay put. Let's just sit here and we'll see what happens, right. So, no, they don't come down. So 15 minutes after they they had or excuse me, this was 15 minutes after they had left them.


So this was not long after they had already back. We're going to come back.


We're going to go see a movie in a theater. This is very close after because, again, they just changed and came right back. Yeah.


So all of a sudden the power goes out. Oh, fuck that house. This was Tory Brian cutting the power from downstairs. Right. And it was like a circuit breaker in the basement. So massive. They just turned off the feed. They just turned everything off. So Matt and Cassie stay in the living room again because they're like, we're not it's now it's a pitch black house.


We're not going around this God capitalism. Yeah. And Matt says Kasey was very freaked out.


He said he was freaked out, but he was trying to be like very like strong for her.


And he said suddenly, like a few of the lights go back on him. So Cassie's really freaking out. And she's like, well, because that doesn't happen.


Like, that's weird. What the fuck's going on? So Matt said again, one of the dogs was like really giving them, like, cause for concern because he was like me. He was like looking at the basement door. And then he'd come back to them and then go back to the basement. And they were like, oh, this POPPO.


So that's like, all right. So he's like, let me call my mom.


And he's like, I'm going to ask her if I can stay here tonight because I don't want you staying by yourself. I know you're freaked out. So he calls his mom and he's like, you know, Cassie's really freaked out. All the power just went off. It's a huge house.


It's kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Like where I don't want to mind if I stay here.


And his mom was like, oh, no, just because they were 15, 16, 16, I guess. Yeah, 100 percent. I she's like, that's like you.


You think that like it's going to end with like. Oh absolutely right.


And like, you know, like she was like no. And so, and so she was like no.


And not only that, I'm coming to get you know, like she was like, I know what you're trying to do, which is sad because I'd try something that's not what he was doing, wasn't. But she was like she was being a mom. She was like, good try, son.


So he's like, I cool. So this is like the one case where the kid actually like it's had noble intentions, right. So his mom comes to get him and she's like and he asks again, like, are you sure I can't stay here?


And she's like, no, she's like, this is this is. Oh, but no. So she's like, you know what, Cassie?


Do you want to come to our house? Which that's very nice. That's very nice of her. So she's like, there's supervision over there. Yeah. She was like, I'll be there. So she and that's what she said. She was like, you're not seeing unsupervised in an empty house together, but you can come to my house where I and she was like, you know, we can make sure you get back here like, but why don't you spend the night there and you don't have to worry about any of this?


Well, Cassie was like, that's really nice of you, but no thank you, because she was like I promised my aunt and uncle I would stay here and take care of the dogs. I don't want to let them down.


Oh, my God. Oh, well, that's that just goes to show who she was keeps proving what like a good kid she was. This is what she wanted to do.


She was just trying to be, you know, and she was trying to be strong and be like, no, it's fine.


I'm going to take care of my business that I need to take care of, like, good for her, but like, fuck. So he leaves. And when he left with his mom, he ended up calling Tory because again, they're Brose and he called Torian was like, yeah, I'm not going to be able to come out at all tonight because I think he was thinking at one point that he was going to like, leave Kasey's and go hang out with them again.




And because it was a Friday night, so and his mom was like, no, like in his words, like, you're coming home, right? Like it's like I'm not driving anywhere else. She's like, shit's getting weird. That's just like you need to come out. So he calls story and he's like, Oh, I just left Kassi. Oh fuck. Unknowingly being like she's home alone. Right. And he was like and I think he told him, like, you know, I was trying to stay there, but my mom won't let me and now I can't come out at all.


Well, because to him he's talking to his bro. Yeah. You wouldn't think twice about telling your friend that your girlfriend or boyfriend is home alone and friends, because that's the thing. I think a lot of people are going to be like, oh my God. Like, don't ever tell people you're home alone. But it's like, oh, these are your friends. Exactly.


That's the thing. And it's like, who can you trust if you can't trust your friend? Right. Like, how many times have you been like, Oh, hey, I'm going to be alone tonight? Do you want to come over. Exactly. And then like so and so we'll tell her boyfriend, oh, she's going to be home alone tonight. Yeah, I'm going to go over there.




And that's so unfortunately, by by doing that, he kind of gave them the green clear.


So people say they think he a lot of people would be like, you know, they thought he was involved somehow, especially because of this phone call. People thought it was weird.


And I understand that. But I get why people. Inish Because honestly, initially when I first glossed over it, oh, when I first heard the case, I was like, he's involved.


I was like, sketchy, sketchy. He was given the green light being like, she's all alone now, fellows.


But but knowing that they had plans to hang out later that night. And it's like the evidence shows there's also evidence later that comes out. That's like a burned note that they had written in a notebook. And in that note, they say that they were planning to kill Cassie. But again, if Matt had tried to do anything, they were going to kill Matt.


Right. So obviously, he did not know about this. It seems like they weren't in cahoots. It seems like he just didn't know that his friends were psychos, really. Now, this poor kid, his friends did this to his girlfriend. He has, like, survivor's guilt. And now he's got to think about grieving of his girlfriend. And, yeah, I just. That's a lot. Yeah.


So they end up, you know, they once the mom and the boyfriend leave, the lights go off again completely because before they release Hawkgirl and Cassie is terrified, but she's like, I'm going to stay in this living room is staying on this couch.


I'm not moving. Right.


I'm not going to look for it. I'm not going to go turn on that circuit breaker. I'm just going to sit here, which she is a braver soul than I because I would have I don't even know what I would have done.


I would have been out the front door. I would have been leaving. But it's like she's in the middle of nowhere. Where do you go?


Oh, I'm not saying anything is right here. I'm just it like my instinct would be to get the fuck out of the dark. I don't even know what I would do. Pitch blackness is very heavy to me and that would have been too much to handle.


And I'm assuming, you know, if all the power's going out, she doesn't even have the TV. Oh, just sitting in pitch blackness.


It's like, oh, my God, that was so scary.


And she could have been, like, paralyzed with fear. I mean, that is a thing that's such a thing. In Torian, Brian again had cut the power and they had hoped that she was going to come down to fuck with the circuit breaker.


That's it. They're, they're assuming a shit ton and they're being proven wrong again and again.


Right. Because they keep us, they suck that it's going to be like a movie and people are going to come investigate into strange basements and like out in the middle of nowhere. But it's real life and people will just sit on the couch and not move.


And when she didn't, they were like, whatever, we're just going to go up there.


So that's when they walk upstairs in their masks, holding their knives and they stomp up the stairs, which can you fucking imagine that?


I'm like, I almost want to cry right now. It gives me like heart palpitations. Yeah. To think about sitting in dealing with the anxiety that she's already been dealing with.


And then to hear somebody stomping up the stairs, I would be because imagine one person stomping up the stairs and then imagine hearing double.


Yeah. Hearing to and in your mind, you're like, are there more than two people?


Like, Oh yeah. Like what is happening right now. Yeah. And when they got to the top, Brian slammed a door at the top to scare her even further. Oh my God. And so then they walked in the living room and just attacked her.


Yeah. They just full on attacked her. Tori started Tori started stabbing her.


It's weird I thought didn't have anything to do with it. Yeah. I thought he didn't even want to be there. Brian soon followed, so both of them ended up stabbing her multiple times. The autopsy showed that she was stabbed between 28 and 30 times. My God, there were two different knives used. So two different people can fuck right off pretending that he didn't have anything to do with it.


And 12 of those stab wounds were considered to be potentially fatal. The rest of them were just superficial, potentially not even superficial.


They were full blown wounds. They just weren't fatal. OK, one knife, it had a serrated blade and it had inflicted 11 of those potentially fatal wounds. So one blade, one person had inflicted almost all of the fatal wounds with a serrated blade.


The second one was not serrated and it inflicted one of the potentially fatal wounds and then a bunch of the non-fatal ones.


OK, so both of them had involvement in the potentially fatal wounds.


They were both they both killed her. Yes, it is proven. Then they just left. Left her on the floor, didn't clean anything up, just walked out, all the animals survived. Yes, unfortunately, they had to deal with that, but because it was like two full days before somebody came home, so those dogs were just walking around.


And thank God, I don't see unfortunately, like, they unfortunately didn't kill the dogs. But I'm like, unfortunately, they had to live in that house for days.


Dogs are like and dog probably are like, yeah, they wanted to help, but. Oh, I'm sure.


So then they, you know, they leave and they go home and or they're on their way home.


And when they're on their way home, I'm just going to quickly play you the thing that really nailed them to the wall when it came down to trying to, you know, really charge them with first degree murder and all that good stuff.


This is what they did immediately upon leaving. I just tell Kasey we just left your house, this is not a fucking joke. I stabbed her in the throat if I saw her body just disappeared do to kill Kathy. Fuck, no, I mean, to my surprise, the fucked up, we got to get our act. So to me. It seems like Brian is a bumbling idiot. I mean, they both know they're both complete fucking idiots, but to me, this shows Brian to be more like like this.


Do you know the SDU? And then it seems like Tori became more cunning and calculated in this moment because later his defense will use the fact that Brian said, I just killed Cassie.


I just I just stabbed her in the neck. I watched this. He never says we and Tori never interjects to say he did.


I did, too, because he probably thought on the occasion that we don't get away with this. Yeah. He was like, well, he was just preparing himself. And he you can tell he because the next thing out of his mouth is, shut the fuck up. We need to get out.


I need to get that straight. And for him, it's like he all of a sudden became this cunning fucking psycho. And it's it's strange and unnerving and well, there's a shift in his even in his voice.


But like the planning to then the murder and afterwards he even he sounds different. He does.


Because when he's talking, he's like an air remer murder. And then all of a sudden he's just like, shut the fuck up.


It's time to get our act. So like it totally shifts. Also, people make fun of my voice. I'm saying, come on guys. Make fun of Tori's voice. Yes. Fuck that, please. So they ended up going back to Terry's home for a bit.


Then they do somehow they later did produce a movie ticket, but it was not it wouldn't match up at the time. It didn't match up with any of the story. So they did attempt to use it as an alibi and they attempted to get it, but they even fucked that up. Later, they talked to the movie theater people and they were like, yeah, no, they did not. But well, I think a girl that, like, went to high school with them, worked at the movie theater.


And she was like, yeah, no. Like, I didn't see yeah.


She was like, no, I would have seen them like together during these economically turbulent times.


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Not all applicants will qualify for the full amount, so they ended up going back to Terry's house.


They pack up all the costumes and the tape and the knives, everything that has something to do with what they did that night, including the tapes, which is like what was the point?


What are you going to do? Because then they they doucett, they Delson with like or rubbing alcohol, take them out to like I think it was the Black Rock Canyon area, like no other place I know.


Right. Try to burn the whole thing and then they bury it. Yeah. So it's like why did you even tape it in the first place.


But like when you're saying, like all your messages to the FBI in future killers are about there. None of the serial killers are going to see this in Jesus Christ how to tapes. So then they went back to Terry's house and watched a movie.


I don't I don't have a response, I don't know what to say to that, the amount they just watched him just watched a movie like you, you just killed someone. You're so cliche, like you're so fucking cliche.


Well, that's just like I think of like a life altering moment and like how you feel after like that's a life altering moment.


Yeah, a horrible one, but life altering, which I have the capacity to just, like, calm down to the point where you can sit down and watch a movie like and I mean, they initially were thinking they were going to kill someone else that night.


That's just like they were all about it. Well, then we move on to the next day, Sunday or excuse me, this was two days later, Sunday, September 24th. The Cassie's uncle and aunt and 13 year old cousin arrived back home. Oh, my God. They discovered her in the living room in a pool of her own blood.


Did they call police at one fifty five p.m.? An investigation immediately began.


Police saw that. No.


And it was the 13 year old cousin who saw her first. I thought I was going to ask you that.


I thought I had heard that in the police immediately saw that no valuables were taken. There wasn't any forced entry.


And like you said, this was like a big home, like, yeah, a nice home.


So immediately they're like, let's talk to the boyfriend because because we know he was here.


Of course, you're going to talk to the boyfriend. So that's brought in for an interview on the same day.


And he said that he had been trying to reach Cassie on September twenty third that Saturday, like the day before, because he had left her Friday night. And he said but he couldn't get a hold of her.


She wasn't answering anything and he couldn't go to check on her because he doesn't have his own car.


And his mom had the car. Right. So he was like, I literally couldn't get there. So I was just trying to call her. Right. And they did check and he was trying to call her on the same day later around 8:00 p.m., he was picked out.


So this was like the night before that, that the night before she had been discovered, you mean? Yeah, exactly.


OK, he was picked up by Tori, are you shitting? And spent the night at his house.


So Matt spent the night at Torie's house after Tori had killed her and he asked Tori, can you bring me by Cassie's aunt and uncle's house because I want to check on her.


I haven't been able to talk. I never heard this part before. Tori said, no, I don't have enough gas to get out of the way out there.


Oh, and again, he's his friend. Wow, so he's not thinking anything to get anything of that. They're 16 years old. I dated someone for like four years when I was four years too long when I was 16.


He wouldn't have given a shit about me if I was gone for like two.


It wouldn't have even noticed if he wouldn't even called you.


So this is not alarming to me that, like, Matt was not like doing everything in his power to get in touch with Cassie because like I can tell you, with full, he's a 60 confidence that a 16 most I'm not shaming all 16 year old boys, but like my 16 year old boyfriend, we could have gone a week and he wouldn't have known anyone I dated at 16, you know, so that's not super alarming because I know some people like why you get too upset.


And it's like, no, they were 16.


I feel like he did more than he did more than probably my ex-boyfriend would have done. Yeah. More than anybody I dated would have done.


Exactly. So, like, I don't want to get too hard on Matt here. He was a 16 year old boy at the time. He wasn't thinking that she was murdered by his friends.


Well, you know, like when when you can't get in touch with someone and you're 16 and like that, you kind of think that and then you're like, that's crazy.


Yeah, exactly. Like, whatever. And then you just move on and they're probably like playing video. You watch another movie. So the next day when Cassie was found, her mother had actually been the one to call Matt. Oh, no.


And she was immediately like, what did you do? Right. Like she because everybody immediately looked at Matt.


He was the last person to be with her. Right. So that's they didn't know. But Torian, what's his face. We're over there. Yeah.


And they weren't supposed to come over. She didn't ask if they could come over.


So it wasn't all that the aunt and uncle knew is that Matt was here so format. So September 24th the police interviewed Tori at his home, his parents were there.


He said, you know the same story that they went out, they went to the home that night.


They thought it was going to be a party, didn't want to be in a party. They were bored. So they left and went to the movies.


So the police were like, cool, how like how was the movie? And then he was like, yeah, it's fun. And they were like, OK, like, can you tell me anything about the movie?


And he was like, uh, I can't really remember.


And they were like, I guess I can't remember the movie that I saw the other night, two days ago, like, really?


And then they were like, who was in the movie? And he was like, Yeah. Also, I mean, I'm glad because I'm glad he wasn't able to, but like, hey, idiot may do something not like that's like, wow, that's what cunning, right?


Future serial killers take note. Yeah. Like, so the police are immediately like that.


You can't tell us literally anything about the movie that you saw a couple days ago.


And he was like, you know, like he couldn't tell the plot, couldn't tell the actors, couldn't tell anything about it, like there's movie commercials, like even maybe just take from that.


Yeah. And it's so the next day an interview was done by police with Brian. His mother, Pam, was present because, again, they're 16. They can't just go interviewing these kids without parents. They're doing things the right way. And they did they did go through all the things they need to, thank goodness, because she could have been thrown out.


Right. So basically the same exact story. We went there. We thought it was going to be a party. We laughed. We were born again. They were like, so what was the movie about? And he was like and they were like, do you know anybody in the movie?


And he was like, so they're like, OK, so then you saw a movie that you don't remember. That's weird.


And so then they were like, you know, how do you feel about, like, Kasey being murdered? Like she was your friend, you were just at that house. Does that freak you out a little?


You. Yeah, and he was like and he did he was like, I'm very upset and very shocked about Ryan.


So I said that, OK, so they were like, OK, there are like reports that Matt was like not super emotional, according to police. But again, we all know how that goes that, like, he can't show emotions differently.


Yeah, you can't judge it. So but Brian was acting like he cared when you have to think, too.


He was probably terrified of like. Yeah. The being in front of the police. So maybe that was outweighing I'm sure.


Yeah. The adrenaline might have overran like any emotion and he's like going to have prime suspect. So he's shitting himself as a sixteen year old kid. Right.


So they ended up interviewing students at the school, you know, because now they're starting to look at Brian and Tory like, get out.


So they were like, we need to ask people about these two.


So they were asking him, you know, who are these guys? And they were like, yeah, they're real weird. And they're talk about murder all the time, obsessed with movies, obsessed with horror, obsessed with killing. They you know, they're very like obsessed with, you know, the Scream franchise and Columbine.


That's like the thing that they're both into.


They said Tori had the knife collection and then a couple of them said, you know, but they always have a camera with them and they're very creative.


And like they're always talking about wanting to direct and write movies. And they were writing a horror movie script. So they were like, they're always talking about it.


But now that I'm thinking about it, that could have been intermingled with them, talking about really wanting to do these things right. So now all these poor kids are having, like, revelations of like, oh, my God, where they actually talking about real things.


And then they said at one point, one of these kids said that they heard Cassie say, like they talked to Cassie about it. And Cassie had said like, oh, like, let me be in your horror movie.


You make it. Oh, no. Which to me was so chilling. That is that's chilling because, you know, they were like, OK, you're in our movie. Oh, fuck. Yeah. So September, that's like shit that happens in a movie. It is. It's all shit that happens in a movie.


September 26, 2006, the officers did another interview with Brian. So now they're going back to Brian and being like, let's talk.


You remember that movie now? Yeah. They're like, so. So now he's still sticking to the story. He's saying they went to the movie. But then the officers are like, it's weird to me that you can't tell me anything about the movie.


And like, I'm sure you know that that's weird.


So, like, why don't you change that story when you're supposed to be this, like, movie buff? You're a movie critic. Exactly. And the like. But what you want to critique and they're saying, you know, I you basically they're being like, you got to change that story, bro, because we don't believe it. So you want to give us something that we can work with because right now you're looking like a murderer, right?


Like basically like spill. And he's like, I don't have it.


So then Bryan's like, OK. And he's like, we didn't go to the movies. And they're like, oh, OK. You do.


You know, I'm sure they're both like, woo, he's going to die. But then he was like, all right. What we did was we had broken into some cars and like gone through the car. He said gone through cars.


And he said, and I didn't want we didn't want to tell you because we didn't want to get in trouble for, like, stealing stuff from cars.


Yeah, that's OK. And they were like. That's not really convincing like they like, that sounds like a weird teenager because they're like we didn't have any calls about burglaries and cars, so they were like where all these people that you took shit from and broke into their car. Right.


And they call us and he's like, you know, that's just one. So he's sticking with the story because I don't know, we got away with it. And so he then his parents, Brian's parents were like, we're leaving.


And yet he left because he's a 16 year old. His parents have authority here. So they left and they're like, OK, it's getting weird. So Wednesday, September 27, 2006, this is when this is when they start. They did more interviews with them.


And this is when Brian and Tori start putting your name on each other. Yep.


Because they always do it. So Brian finally said that he and Tori, he said we went through an unlocked door, he said or he said they unlocked the door when they were.


So he admitted. So they're like the battle premeditation went downstairs, unlock the door.


And he said, but what the intention was to say was we were going to leave, come back dressed all up and be scary and spooky and we were going to scare them and play prank.


It was all it was a prank gone wrong. So Brian's just like, no, this is totally a prank. That's always going to be he was like, we had knives with us. But that was just to make it scarier. More obvious there, like. So how did she end up stabbed 28 times then?


Exactly. So he said what happened was he said Matt left. We saw Matt leave with his mom and he said, we went upstairs and I'm thinking we're just going to scare.


And then Tori just goes nuts and starts stabbing Cassie.


So now he's immediately like, Tori did it. Yeah. And he's just admitting it right out. She did it. And then he said I. I thought it was just going to be to scare, turned out to be this crazy thing. And then he said that he never touched her, never stabbed her, never had anything to do with it. He said I was there for the whole thing, never did it.


You will not find anything of me. Nothing.


Then he said he he said he had talked to Tori that same day that they were speaking right now, he said, I talked to Tori earlier today and that Tori said that if I told you the truth, he was going to kill me too.


Oh, my God. Yeah. Now he's really hitting us and then he's gone. He's also crying. But then.


Oh, he did. He sobbed, cause I think they always do. And then he says, I'll show you where we buried the evidence.


OK, I need to like but I'm going to show you where we buried the evidence, where I say something completely different than what I just told you and I say I'm the one that did it. Yeah, I'm going to I'm going to bring you to that because. Yeah, because that makes sense to me. Yeah. OK, just just just making sure you got it. You got it. Like what. Yeah. So your frontal lobe is not developed.


It's something's happening here.


And so the police, you know, detectives go with him, they go to Black Rock Canyon. I believe his father was with them, one of his parents at least, or maybe both.


And he brought them exactly where they had buried that bag. And what they found in there was I mean, they found a ton of shit there. It was like the matches, the boots, the clothing. They found hydrogen peroxide, which is what they used to like, try to light everything on fire. They found the mask and the mask was like broken into pieces.


They found a large dagger type knife with a sheath, a silver and black handled knife with some signature. Sloane written on the inside, a small dagger type knife with a sheaf.


They found the videotape. They found a serrated folding knife, and they later DNA tested that knife and they found Cassie's blood on that knife.


There was the piece of paper I talked about earlier that was partially burned, that it was in pencil and it had said, if, you know, Cassie fought and Matt decided to try to kill him to and on it, you could see it's very hard to, like, read the whole thing because it is partially burned.


Yeah, but it's it's laying out exactly how they were going to do it that night. So it's literally, thank God they both got for Matt. But I mean, like that was like Matt's really only came out. Yeah.


So and then they did find DNA from Adam on the mask or Adam. So I was like, his last name is Adam.


So no, no, I know from Tori I was like I was. How does Adam know from Torian.


One of the masks they found gloves.


They found, they found Cassie's DNA in the blood on some of the gloves and they were able to connect all these again.


They also found a Calvin Klein black dress shirt and they found her blood on that dress shirt.


And they also found a small piece of black cord, which I'm not sure. Maybe they just brought that case. So now that they found all this, they were like, OK, fourth interview time.


So they were like, now that you've admitted this, let's go back to the beginning and you tell us what happened. So he again, he's like, Tori did it. I thought it was going to be a prank. He just repeats the same thing. Look at me crying. But then he was like, so, you know, OK, sure, sure. Brian, like, you were just there.


You thought you were very innocent and thought this was just going to be a fun prank. Like, that's real fucked up of you anyways, because it's a fucked up prank. Like, cool, definitely go with that story.


And then he's like like maybe did you just stab Cassie just to, like, keep Tori from hurting you?


Yeah. Oh, no, he didn't do that.


He was like, oh, like, you know, Tori sounds crazy. He's so scary. Did you maybe just give her a little stab just to just to keep him from hurting you?


And so Bryan's like. Yeah, maybe it's like he's all of a sudden like, well, shit, so he's like, OK, so he nods. He just not the way that the officers can do that.


I would never good cop bad cop thing is very impressive.


And detectives, I would never think to ask a question like that to frame it that way because because you have to like take out all the emotion and aggression you have for this person, you know, did it.


And you have to be like, you know, that other guy, he's the main one. Like, you pour you like, were you just scared? And you just did this like I get it.


I have to imagine that must be kind of fun. It must be very satisfying. Very rewarding. It would once he nodded, I'd be like, jackpot. I'd be like, got motherfucker. So so they were like, OK, OK.


Yeah, totally. OK, we get it. We get it. Brian Yeah. He's mean. You were scared, you stabbed her and they're like, so. So how many times did you ever like can you tell us.


So instead of just being like would you think he'd be like I was once like in the toe or something, you know, like just to be like I said, I didn't cause any damage.


He was like, um, he was like so I stabbed her four times in the leg, in the chest. And he said once he did that, Tori told him, quote, You need to stab her, you need to stab her. So he was like, so he did it again in the leg. And then Tori said, it's not going to work. She has to die.


Oh, God. So then he says, Can I see my parents fuck? And that's the end of the interview. And the police, the detectives abided.


They they ended. I mean, they got most of what they needed and they ended the interview.


So he was, you know, and all these these two fuckheads were Mirandized.


Everything was done right when they tried to get back at that later.


But they can't because it's er it's all right there.


So September 27, 2006, they were both arrested. Good bye.


They were both charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder.


They had separate trials. The defense obviously was blaming each other. And then when asked about the tapes, they said we were just making a horror film. It wasn't real. It's just weird that this whole this whole thing happened.


So weird that it lines up, you know, you know how coincidences are. Not the person in our horror films is named Cassie. It's weird coincidence.


Well, then DNA evidence under her nails actually matched Bryan.


Oh, they I don't from what I read and what I've seen, they have not taken DNA from under her nails that matched Tory, but there was DNA under her nails that matched Bryan and another one that was an unknown male.


So it could have been that it just didn't connect with his DNA.


But weird.


And of course, the defense used to that, of course, that only Bryans is under there. So they also stuck with the tape saying, but I'm sure he was just the closer one.


Well, and they stuck with you know, Brian said I killed Cassie in that tape like that. Right.


And unfortunately for Tori, it did not work for him. So Tori was found or Brian was found guilty. April 17th, 2007, Tori was found guilty. June 8th, 2007. That's my birthday. I sure is. I don't know if anybody knows that I'm a drummer.


So August 21st, 2007, they both received life in prison without parole, a mandatory sentence by and thirty to life for the conspiracy charge.


So life goes on every life, life plus 30 to life. Yes. So they had to spend this sentence at Idaho State Correctional Institution where they still are today. Thank God Tori's parents are fucking enablers of the century.


Like, OK, listen, I get standing by your kid, right? And it's I'm sure it's hard to accept that your kid did this.


And it's one thing to stand by your kid and it's another thing to enable them to spin a false narrative. Right.


And to not take responsibility for something they have clearly done and are in film admitting to doing because then you're just hurting the the victim's family ten times more. Oh, yeah.


His parents literally won't let him tell the real story. You can see sometimes that Tori almost looks like he just wants to say it and they stifle it out of him, which is insane.


And it's like, just let him talk. He's not getting out of jail anyway, right. Anyway, and he stay in there forever. You might as well let him get it off his fucking chest, like, let him talk about it. Right.


So they feed him like there's there's a documentary called Lost for Life.


And it's about like juvenile offenders and the mandatory life sentence and all that craziness.


And they are part of this. And in it, Brian seems actually remorseful, right?


He speaks. I to say that who knows, really?


Because, you know, they could be. But it seems like he because he takes 100 percent responsibility, says, like, I I did it right.


I was there. He said he did it too, but like, I did it. And he's like, Cassie was our friend Cassie. You know, I will forever regret what I did.


I don't know why I did it. I like but I prayed and he says, I deserve to be here. I should. Year, like he's very this is this is what I see is what I did, this is the country is like no matter where and his parents just feed him lines, they they talk over him.


And the entire time, Tourie, first of all, looks like out to lunch like Tori, maybe not on this planet with us, like something's going on. His eyes are dead as fuck. And he just said and you can tell he just has it all sitting in him and he wants to say it and he's not saying it because his parents won't let him go.


And the whole time his parents are literally staring at him in the eye while he tries to talk in the air, literally being like, but Brian did it right. You didn't do it. So I don't know why you would feel bad about anything, because Brian did it.


Like, they're literally sitting there and you can see him like shift like looking at them and looking at the camera.


And you're like, oh, so that's where you came from. And I'm like, oh, OK, I get it now. I get it.


But in there, literally, like, you've done nothing wrong. Brian did everything.


And it's like, have you seen your son's videos. Right. Mom and dad, they probably haven't. They probably haven't. Like he's a disgusting cup of fucking rancid horse piss is what he is. And it's like you need to understand that about like this on. And just quickly, I just want to play the quick little clip of his parents, like talking over him, six students to commit this crime.


I'm not saying he's not saying I wish I made mistakes and I learned from them. Six excuse me. Yeah, that was going to be hard because in this case is that when he says at the end, like, it must be really hard because you're the innocent one. And Brian did everything. You had nothing. And it's almost like the dad is like. Right.


And he's well, he's saying that he's staring at his son and his son is trying to look at the camera and keeps looking at him. And he just stops and goes, I guess.




And you can tell he's like, I would say, but I can't. Right. They're going to, like, shove me into the ground and like, they're both and they're both just like, you know, you have nothing to be sorry about because you didn't you know, your mistakes aren't what you were charged with.


And it's like you two are problems. Seriously, it's infuriating to watch them.


So I'm 2010, Cassie's family filed a lawsuit against the school district saying, like, why were they allowed to sit there in class and talk about murdering my child?


Yeah, it was dismissed and nothing came of it.


Unfortunately, both both of them filed appeals in the state Supreme Court in 2010 and 2011.


They were both denied. Brian said in his last interview with the police, he said his parents weren't present, so it wasn't OK. And they were like, no, we have it right here.


We read your Miranda rights. And when you asked for your parents, we shut off the tape, stopped the interview and let you have your parents. So don't lie. They were like, you fucking dirty, dirty liar. They were like, no. So that didn't work for him. That was supposed to be his appeal.


And of course, Tory is saying, you know, said he never admitted to it.


That whole thing about the tape. I didn't do it. I didn't confess to this. Right. Tory also said that his counsel, he had ineffective counsel because he said there was a warrant that was served at his parents house when they were arrested. And the warrant did not include it was just a search, his room and stuff. Yes. It did not include them being able to search and seize any electronics of his, but they took his laptop.


And when they looked on it, they found like fucked up shit, like child pornography.


Yeah, I heard that. Which doesn't shock me about that, dude. No, he's got so much going on.


You can it's in his eyes. It is. And so he was like, they weren't. And I love that he's like that wasn't in the warrant. So you can't use it like you don't like. It's OK though. You're still real gross. So I don't think that would have made a difference.


But OK, in 2012, the Supreme Court said you can't impose a mandatory life sentence without parole for people under 18 unconstitutional.


The ruling doesn't apply if your crime that you committed is considered under the category of permanent engorge ability.


And this was which means that you literally are beyond help or recognition or reward emption, which I believe they are. And it seems to be that they are because they haven't gotten a new one.


So in 2014, that controversies the aunt and uncle of Cassie, they said that they couldn't sell their house. They tried getting out of that house again and they said they've tried to put it on me for years. I don't want to buy it. Someone did eventually buy it.


But they also said, you know, the 13 year old cousin attempted suicide, fell discretion, and after seeing her cousin was traumatized, the aunt said she went into a deep depression, lost her job.


That's so sad. This had such far reaching ripple effect.


Right. And in July 2015, Tori got a hearing for post conviction relief. No, he used the whole ineffective council thing.


He said there were character with. Cases that were not called in the initial trial, they were to prove that he's such a good guy and it would in fact totally March 2016 that was denied by he appealed it to the state Supreme Court, December 26, 2016. They rejected it. So that same year in 2016, the Supreme Court made that ruling about minors not being.


Sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Yeah, they made that retroactive. Remember when they were like, no, I'm going to go back and look at these.


So they are looking at cases now. They have not looked at theirs. I believe they looked at another case that could have had something to do with theirs. But just as a weird little side, September 28th, 2004, a 25 year old woman named Norah Jones was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death 50 yards away from where a 14 year old Tori lived during the trial for her murder, which took place in 2015.


So a long time after she died. Right. He was brought up as a possible suspect. Oh, she. He might have done that.


Maybe that's why he was so calm after. That's what like Brian was so like, holy shit, I just like that stories like this before.


And I think he might have. It wouldn't shock me. He was so cunning immediately about it. Right.


And then the last thing I just mentioned was I found in my research I found this weird ass fan fiction about Brian Eno, and it was like a whole fuckin novella online about this.


Like for some reason Brian got out of jail and was living with this family. And the daughter, the teenage daughter and him have this affair.


People are so sad, like Brian is portrayed as this like very like loving, caring, remorseful person that just actually made me feel normal, like, yo, just write fiction. How big fan fiction is fine. But like, why are you writing fan fiction about a fucking murderer?


Like, that's insane. You need help. Yeah. So you should take that down if you're that person.


There's a when I saw it I was like, what? And I'm like looking through it. I'm like, is this because it looks like an interview almost at first. And then it got into weird shit and I was like, oh, this is fan fiction about Brian Draper. Life is so upsetting. Like weird Fleck's but OK, no weird Fleck's period like whoa but bye bye bye now.


So that is the almost two hour shit retelling of the scream murders of Cassie Joe Stoddard. All right, PKC, I know she did not just I mean, talk about a murder and a terrifying murder.


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