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Hey, Weirdo's, I'm Allena and I'm Ash, and this is morbid.


Woo, woo, woo, we have finally reached part four of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the Moors murders. Oh, my God.


Get out of my brain. Honestly, get out of my brain. Get on my face. Get out of my eardrums. Get out of here. I honestly cannot read about these two fools any longer. So we have reached this point at the perfect time because I am starting to lose my sanity.


You know, it's crazy to like you're getting so much more because you're filtering out like the most yucky stuff so that I don't crumble into pieces.


Yeah, I sure am. And like everybody listening doesn't crumble into pieces.


Yeah. And I've run across I don't know if I mentioned this in part two, but I think you did and I don't think I did. And it was a truly harrowing experience. I will definitely say that I was looking for folk because, well, I'm researching cases. It's just like my brain has to see things.


So I'll I'll Google. It helps you kind of write the story better. Yeah. And I just need it in my head.


So I was Googling something about Leslie and Downey, the 10 year old, that they the most horrific murder, in my opinion.


And I just typed in her name.


And I have done that a million times before while doing something or finding the pictures and then, poof, the photo that Ian one of the photos that Ian took of her, it's edited while she's still alive, just like, you know, the shoulders up kind of thing or like the chest up, like you don't see anything technically graphic, but you know what's happening in that photo.


And she's gagged. And I'm I'm not kidding you guys. And she's ten.


Be careful what you Google in this case, because that shit is honestly haunting me. I cannot get it out of my brain because I don't think it's so different from just like an autopsy photo or so different. So different. You know, it. Yeah, because it's not gruesome. There's no blood. She but you know what's happening in that photo and you know what just happened on that tape. And it's like a picture of and I can't think of her name, the last victim of Ben Rhodes.


The picture right before she died. It was taken right before she died. I look at it and you're like, I know what's going to happen. Like, it's so haunting. And this one, this is a this is even worse because it's in the process of the assaults. I mean, this is this is horror. Yeah. True. True horror. So I just want to warn everybody. I'm sure I'm sure some people are going to run out and Google the name now.


But for anybody who is looking at photos of this case and not looking to see that, I want to warn you, if you Google Lesley Andoni with their names or without their names, it will pop up somewhere in the Google images. So please be careful when you're looking.


If you don't want to see it, I really don't recommend it is truly haunting.


I, I know I was scared to come across it. I made Olina go get the pictures for the Instagram post, but normally I got them and I was like, can you please go look for those because I don't want to find that. And she was like, I don't want you to find that. So yes, I did it in front of her and I was like, I saw it again. And I was like, I just saw it again.


It was like a visceral reaction. So I just wanted to put that out there, though. So there's that. Sometimes it's not the crime scene photos of the autopsy photos. That's the worst. The during photos, the psychological ones.


It's like a wolf, but alas part for everybody. I mean, there's going to be a couple of things that are going to be sad. We're going to be talking about the family. Yeah, but we're going to also be talking about their I mean, suffering deaths, which is fun, fun, fun, fun.


You said in part three that they even really wanted to die and they wouldn't let him die. So I'm really excited to hear that. Oh, yeah.


And we're going to talk about that, where this is going to be a much more cathartic episode. They turn on each other. Yeah, it's going to be great. So just know that this is less way less heavy than part three was for sure. I'm very happy about that.


Well, before we get into that, we have some merch. I guess that's like fun stuff. Weird transition there, but exciting. Yeah. So we started working with the new merch company called Liquid Graphics. Don't worry, murder apparel is still like in we're still working with them. And actually now everybody's working together in like one harmonious team. Yeah, it's wonderful and it's awesome. So if you would like to go buy some of our merch, you can you you can use you can go to shoptalk.


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Different. Yeah, different designs and styles and all that. You're never going to be bored. Yeah.


So that's exciting news. And I think we are also going to make our second episode this week, a listener tails episode just to.


I feel like you need it. Yeah, I think everybody needs it.


I think we all need a good like I mean listening to Charlie Glenzer fun and they make you laugh. Yeah. They're everything we need them to be. I'll try to get some silly ones together. Yeah, we'll get some fun ones, we'll put some spooky ones out there, but it'll be a medley. It's a much lighter one. So we're going to give you that. That'll be Saturday, like always.


And then we do have an exciting announcement happening at the end of the week.


And it's so hard not to say what it is right now. I'm like bursting at the seams. So everybody wait for that and we will update you as we get closer to you.


It's going to be like one of those things when I was teasing the merch like one hour one.


But I'll do it differently because it'll be Friday, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. So Friday, everybody look out on our social media and your eyes will be occurring.


So I think that's really all we had to chat about before we get into this. Yeah, let's begin. OK, we. No, just kidding. No, I think when we left off, they're in prison. They're smart. They're already starting to I mean, they were starting we'll know right now. They were they were writing to each other. Yeah. And secret code. Yeah. They're still doing the secret code that was like, why don't you have someone pour acid on Brett?


And that's Leslie and Downie's four year old brother. That's absolutely perfect.


You told like a little like glimpse of something where the mirror was already trying to turn on in and they were like he did everything in his power to keep you. Yes. She was already trying to say that she didn't have a fair trial because she shouldn't have been tried along with Ian while they were like holding hands and giggling the whole time.


So it's like, really, you didn't enjoy her?


And they said, no, you were represented exactly how you are in your trial.


And it wouldn't have changed if it was just you. And they also said and Ian did everything in his power to actually exonerate you.


So it actually are now over by now. It's going to be a series of moments and mirrors the rest of her relatively short life haha that that people are just like, good try Meira.


Yeah, I feel like that's just like weird. Fleck's not OK. Whole rest of her life is just a big series of good try. Good try. Never works out for she's lame.


So what's funny is in the late sixties and seventies and I think I mentioned this briefly but I didn't get to get into it yet is when Ian started carrying out his hunger strikes.


Oh, I didn't know he did a hunger strike. Oh yeah.


That was his way. He he often was trying to slowly kill himself through hunger strikes. Wow. They started way back in the 60s, 70s when they first went into prison.


He kept it up until the very end. He was determined to die.


He would do he started at twenty eight days.


He went without eating to him. Talk about a fast 52 days and then seventy two days without eating anything at all. Sometimes he would drink like tea with milk in it. OK, but like not like my little cracker.


Yeah. Like in that went for like a ton of weeks. I'm not. I saw varying degrees of weeks just, just a ton of weeks although I mean even one week is crazy.


But what he said was he said about it, he said quote, I was force fed by having a block of wood put between my teeth and through a hole in the center of the block. A rubber tube was forced down my throat and into my stomach. The fear evaporates in the absence of hope. Although a prisoner I was an individual, not simply my prison number six or five two one seven.


The strike gives me a powerful high. I was more contented, slowly dying than living under the conditions I was forced to endure.


Well, how about all the conditions you forced other children to endure? You absolute shit like I was forced to endure eating. I was forced to endure not being treated like a fucking emperor, like, oh, you know, it's weird.


You literally raped children so nobody gives a fuck about you.


He was forced to endure less than hospitable. This is when you always say, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, honey, baby, sweetie pie, I'm so sorry.


And so in the beginning, like I said in my are still writing each other constantly, like literally multiple times a week in secret code, in secret code.


But they're like they're still, you know, she's in love with him still. It's like girl it's not going to pan out well.


And it's important to note that later she's going to claim with great gusto out of nowhere that he abused her, he raped her, she hated him.


She was trapped in this relationship. And that's why she allowed him to involve her in these crimes. But she was just this innocent, battered woman. But OK, but let's let's just put this alongside a letter that she wrote him, OK, early on. And I want you to tell me if this is similar. Yeah, I'll say. But I have to say, dearest Ian, how you lost.


Hello, my little Harry. And I don't know what this is. I Googled it. I can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows what this means, help me.


Hello, my Harry. My little Harry gergel Chin. No, I looked it up.


Maybe it doesn't appear to be in like another language. I don't know unless I'm missing it completely.


Gurukul Chin. John, I had a beautifully tender dream about you last night and awoke feeling safe and secure, thinking I was in the harbor of your arms, even when I realized I wasn't, the thought of your presence remained with me, leaving me tranquilly calm and strong. Each day that passes, I miss you more and more. You are the only thing that keeps my heart beating. My only reason for living without you. What does life mean?


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Freedom without you means nothing to me. I've got one interest in life. And that's you. That's you, baby. We had six short but precious years together. Six years of memories to sustain us until we're together again to make dreams realities.


OK, so can I go off now? Absolutely. All right, so here's my issue. First of all, what the fuck is a Girl Chinh again? Number two, my dearest Ian, my dearest Ian abused me and raped me and made me do all these things.


Your dearest OK, who I was afraid of and trapped in the relationship right away. But I feel so, so safe with you. I miss you so much. I don't want to exist without you, even though existing with you was probably like so abusive and horrible.


K.K and also you're finally in prison. If he really did abuse and rape you, that's dope. Now you're away from him exactly like. No, no, you wouldn't be writing him if that was the case.


So it literally does not make sense. That doesn't make any sense. It does not make sense at all.


And we're going to continue to see her just fluctuate between like, yeah, the love of my life.


And then when it's when it seems to be convenient for her, I was like, oh, my God, I was trapped in that relationship. Don't put me with him.


It's like whatever is convenient at that day. Exactly. So she's the worst. He's the worst in David Smith. You know, the brother the brother in law, Maureen's husband, witnessed the Edward Evans murder to him.


You know, put the body upstairs, David, at this time excuse me, at this time, Maureen was very pregnant.


Mm. I think I mentioned it last time that she was very pregnant during the trial.


In fact, they moved her her testifying up so that they were worried that she was going to go into labor on the stand. I can't imagine. Yeah. What to do. David and Maureen, though were harassed constantly because one, people didn't believe that David wasn't part of it, because Ian and Maureen implicated him as being there for every murder.


Maureen or Myra Meyer, excuse me, I'm sorry. And Ian, especially in in Myra.


But really, Ian was the one who was like, well, Leslie in down, down. He was brought to me by David Smith. I took pictures of her and then I sent her on her way with David and he would never let go of that. And he didn't let go with it.


I think later he later he fluctuated and went back and was like, yeah, I did it like he was like, yeah, after his life was already ruined. Exactly. Because he was like, well, now it doesn't matter if I put it out there and it's like, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. He's already done it. Right, exactly. So they were harassed. And again, she's pregnant. They had their baby as they were shopping for baby clothes.


She was spit on by people. She would come home like hysterical. Yeah.


So June 1968, David had reached his breaking point because he couldn't go anywhere without being harassed.


Yeah. People were coming to their house. They were calling their house.


They couldn't go anywhere that Maureen like literally looks just like Myra. So I imagine people were already mad at her.


And then she looks like my oh, the vitriol that must have come to ten times worse.


And David ended up that he would take like long walks by himself in the middle of the night because it was the only time that he could go where people were, like, chasing him. Yeah. June 1968, he actually ended up going to prison again. Why? Because he stabbed a man who confronted him and called him a child murderer. Oh, shit. Yeah.


And he said he immediately knew exactly what he had done. And he was like, OK, so he went and turned himself in. That's really sad. He got three years in prison.


That's it, I think. Yeah. So the guy didn't die. I think he stabbed him.


But during that time that he was in prison, Maureen started having an affair. Maureen Maureen ends up being a real shit bag like.


Well, it's also like you brought him into this family and now you're just going to, like, turn your back on him when he needs you.


Like, you all suck. And then she wrote him a letter saying that they were over in prison. Shut up. Yeah. What a bitch. She in turn, slit both of his wrists in prison, but he survived.


Oh, yeah. This is dark. Very dark. Maureen ended up being a real shit bag. I think I mentioned you did in part. David had her.


I mean, she they they had three sons under six, I think Paul, John, Mark or David, very biblical names, I remember.


So by then she was neglecting them. She wasn't just carrying out.


I was just going out and leave them under six again. They were malnourished. They were sick, dirty. They ended up being taken away from her and they thrived without.


OK, good. I'm so glad that they. She went on to be OK. Yeah, and yeah, so that was that was good because then he also got updates about that and they sent them things being like, look how they're surviving without her.


So he was like when he got out of prison, did he, like, see them? Well, he got out of prison and he took care of them. Good.


He ended up working for a house like and he bought a house and he married a woman named Mary that he ended up being with till the end. So their life was just like good together. Yeah, I felt really bad for David this whole time.


He got kind of a bum rap. I mean, he's not like it's not like he's this great guy, but like he's also not the guy that, like, he got a pain. Dampierre So the same year David went to prison in 1968, Myra started chatting with a well-known Christian social reformer and politician named Frank Packenham. He was also known as Lord Longford.


That was what he was. Lord Longford, that's a great name, Thatta.


And his lifelong mission was prison reform. And he also loved taking on cases with social outcasts and very controversial cases.


Enter Myra and Ian, a perfect match. So at this point now remember, Ian Meyer is a battered woman. Yes, she was forced into all of this. She had nothing to do with these murders. But he's her Dinkle Chinh. Well, she wanted conjugal visits with Ian, right? Yeah. And she figured this dude could get him for because she was like, you can do that.


And after him, after he met her. This is the thing. Myra is one of those women we all know and it's well, women and men.


But really I feel like this is a special treat with usually these kind of women is that you don't know how, but they are able to dazzle anyone.


They meet it just like charm the socks off.


And it's usually like Myra where they look like a foot. But you're like you are a toe, ma'am.


How you do it, like, how are you getting these like 45 engagement rings?


But I know this thing you have to think of, like who they go after.


Well, and she was just very good at acting like the doe eyed victim.


Yeah. Like I had nothing to do with this. It was Ian and I am being railroaded for it.


So after Lord Lord Longford met her Lord Farquaad he met, he wrote, I was astonished to find the peroxided Gorgan of the tabloids was in fact a nice looking, dark, well behaved young person. She was desperately anxious to be allowed to meet Ian Brady, with whom she was still infatuated with, or, to use kinder words, deeply in love with.


In my arguments with the Home Office, I seldom I seldom believe them to be in the right.


But they were absolutely right to refuse to permit a meeting between them does.


So he's like, no, she's amazing, but like, yeah, they shouldn't meet. And how amazing is she is not worried then of Ian, he said. So he has a very different well kind of, yeah.


He says having visited him subsequently over a period of many years, I have no doubt that he was powerfully, almost hypnotically attractive. Ian Brady is a man of natural intellectuality. It is almost incredible that someone brought up in a very poor area not knowing who his father was packed off at one point to borstal should, by the time he went to prison, have developed such an impressive knowledge of writers like just just Dostoevsky, Dostoyevsky. Somebody corrected me just so it doesn't matter.


Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Blake. I don't know why I can't say that name.


It's hard when I look back at his earlier letters. I am a stout. I'm still astounded at the contrast between this young man of genuine culture and idealism and the author of such dreadful crimes. So he's literally I mean, he's saying what everybody else has said. It's like he's evil and you're like, well, shit, I get it right. Everybody's like mad, like just wants to be around him and it's like an of him. And then you look deeper.


He's got that weird attractiveness to him and it's like, but then you start talking to him and you're like, oh, what happened to your fucking evil.


I am afraid.


And then I feel like he is painting is the exact opposite that like you see her and you're like gross and you start talking to her and according to him he's like, wow, what a nice woman.


Right. So it's like the exact opposite. Yeah. But in reality they're both just shit bags.


Meira just looks like one.


So also this guy, Lord Langford's own wife, has said that throughout his career of like helping these kind of people and, you know, like going for the controversial figures and everything.


She always supported his ventures, but not this one. She said, I did not support them.


Like she says. How could you? You can't support child murder. And this just can't it's just so beyond. She was like this one. I was not going to get the.


I know, but they ended up in the end, it ended up not helping anybody. They all kind of just like ended up faded out.


And Maya ended up calling him a stupid old moron later because he didn't help her and she didn't get what she wanted. He got duped by her.


So three years into prison, Meira started having affairs with women, OK, and decided to break things off with Brady out of nowhere.


Oh, was he pissed off? Did he not care? I think he was just kind of like, whatever, yeah, we're in jail and he's really not working anyway. In 1973, he wrote her she wrote the final letter to him saying, don't bother writing me again.


And did he probably just stop writing, like, cool? But he was like, OK, so she claimed that now she claims that he wrote another letter and threatened to kill himself if she broke up with him, to which he says she flatters herself.




She then changed her name to Myra Spencer or she at least like, went by that and became a full blown Christian because of course, she did. Yeah. And Ian said she took her way and I took mine. She tried to please the mob. I spat in their faces and always will.


So that's just like I am pure evil. I don't give a fuck who I am. I am who I am.


I mean, then he was like, she's which is, you know, unfortunately an astute observation right now. She is she lived the rest of her life trying to pretend she was not what she is and he just went with what he was.


I know. I don't know when I later was haunted, but like, well, that's the thing. I'm not saying either one is better because they both are evil as fuck. He's just admitting that he's evil as fuck. It's like if you're going to be evil, though, at least be upfront about it. Yeah, you might as well just be upfront about it.


They're both shit bags, but I'm sure she's just more annoying. She like, stop potentially super annoyed.


So Ian transferred to a lot of prisons. And at one, this is just shocking to me. Well, it's like how Edmund Kemper ended up like doing books on tape. Yeah. And you're like, what now? Yeah.


Ian, when he went to one prison, asked officials if he could transcribe books into Braille for blind children at St Vincent's School near Liverpool and he ended up doing it, I'd be like, you can't do anything for children.


You should be nothing at all thing. And he said in a couple of things that like he felt like he had to give back, like so he did have a weird like some sort of a conscience. Yeah. But it was like weird or conscience. And but in my head I'm like, I don't think it was to give back.


I think it was to put something else into the world that he could be like I did that. Yeah. I mean, your kid is touching kids, touching things that I transcribed. Well, I feel like that's more I think that's a very astute observation. Yeah.


I feel like it's more his speed. So Meira really played up this innocent religious thing that she was starting to go off of. Now she's like, Jesus, IOI.


Yeah, she's like, absolutely. And she's also starting to get special treatment because she is she's well behaved. Well, she's well behaved and she's just seducing all the female guards.


Interesting to me, again, she had some people just have like it's a little token in them and they just say, well, you wonder I mean, because you look at Mirinae and Ian and you're like, well, OK.


Yeah, sure. Like, I think everybody can agree. I think twice you look at our Instagram comments, everyone's like, what the fuck, man? So I'm not alone in this. No. So you look at it and you're like, what a mismatched couple. But then you see this and you're like, she had something about it. Well, it happens all the time and it must have been something. So she so she starts getting prison like really special treatment in prison.


And she's especially getting it by the warden, Dorothy Wing. She gets to go with the warden, too, walks in, parks around. Why a couple of hours at a point she played with their dog. At a point she went to a museum exhibit like Why does she get to live life?


And I guess somebody had seen her at the museum exhibit and thought she escaped prison. And she called the authorities and like, freaked out.


And it's like, oh, no, we just let her go see Vancouver Day, which she was. She made like, what? Well, and that's so the tabloids in the media started going mad and victims families were rightly pissed. Yeah. And it also became a fear that they may be taking her out on these little outings and small bits and pieces to ready her for early release.


Right, exactly. They denied that.


But it's still like that's why else would you be doing she should never be allowed to see the light of day again.


What the fuck are you doing? Letting the whole point of putting her in prison. Yeah, it's unbelievable. So in 1972, we're back to David Smith because I'm just going in chronological order.


Yeah. Things that happened. It's 1972. David Smith, are you ready? Euthanized his father, what. His father had was terminally ill with cancer. Uh huh, he didn't want to live that way. Yeah.


And so David gave him a milk concoction containing 20 crushed sodium amatol tablets. He died and David Smith got two days in prison for the mercy. Killing was just a weird tidbit.


That's just random as fuck. I had to mention it because it's just like, what now? Yeah, everything is just a weird, strange case. Like all strange, weird. It's like a series of unfortunate events.


It truly is. This is perfectly that. Myra was also starting to do the the nasty with a female guard who decided to help her with an escape attempt.


Oh, good. Thank you for that. Her name was Pat Carnes and she was a former nun. Pat Carnes. What was it like? Emphasis on the former, I suppose. Yeah.


What happened there between 1971 and 1973, they were having a secret affair and they ended up doing all their their business in the prison chapel.


OK, that's wrong. There's so much wrong about what you learn, like day one of nun school, I would assume, like, don't do it.


And I wasn't there, but I don't know.


I mean, I missed that first day Myra knitted her stuffed animals to show her loved for her. I got to go.


So they were found to be working together on this little escape plan to bust my her out of jail.


They were going to be using stolen and copied keys and key impressions and shit like that's how they were caught.


Like, listen, Myra, if you want to get out, get a spoon like everybody else. That's right. Start digging, bitch. Work for it. I guess she did work for it though. So different one Caren's.


I think it's Carns or Kans.


Who really cares. I don't. Do you. I don't give you probably do but but but who gives a shit. She's dumb. Yeah. She received five years in prison for it. Good. To which I say was it worth it Pat. Was it worth it. Put your thing down. Flip it. Get out of here. Yeah. Get the fuck out. Get out of here. Popcorn's I don't care if you reverse it.


So even after that in Meira getting a year tacked on to her like zillion life, life plus a day. Yeah, she got a new cell with TV books.


She was able to hang photos on the wall. She wrote to some people during this time that she really wanted to be a mother.


No. Yeah. No. What do you want from your mother, like they literally should have removed every reproductive organ along with giving her life multiple life sentences, once she outwardly says, I want to be a mother, I be like, well, Bob, time to go to the gyno and get a hysterectomy business.


I'm to do this. That's unbelievable. Seriously. So Ian, at this point, too, is starting to notice that he might be losing his mind a little bit. I mean, he said he woke up one day.


This is when it really like really occurred to mind was there in the first place. That was like sound. I think this being caged like this just kind of triggered it into full blown, spiraling off. He said he woke up one day in a cell and he was convinced there was a gun in his cell. And he said he searched. He went nuts. He was like trying to find it. And then he said hours later, he's sweating and freaking out.


And then he suddenly realized there's no way he could have a gun in his cell in prison. No, it doesn't really work. And he had no idea why he thought so, convinced that one was so one Christmas.


This is interesting.


Myra played Mary in the prison's nativity play. How fitting an entire wing of the prison walked out of the play.


Yeah, I saw it, Bob. I love these people with nothing else to do besides watch this dumb play.


Didn't even chose to leave this place like that.


So one thing one thing that Ian started doing during his time was he started mentoring younger inmates. And to do what what he was doing was if they were in there for burglary, he would he would do this thing where he would give them cellophane paper with his fingerprints on it. And he said those were to be left behind at the scene of their first job. They did after they were released. I loved the prospect of detective scratching their heads about how Ian Brady could have been there when he had been locked up for years.


This is really fucked up. But why do I lock that like I hate him so much?


But like, that's the worst part about this case, is he is literally one of the most. Horrific, depraved, like irredeemable monsters on planet Earth, 100 percent, but some of the shit he does is hilarious. You can't even hit on that. Like, that's funny, like he just is fucking with me. But that's that's so fucked up.


And I'm sure people are really going to get upset that I think that's funny. It's not funny. I argue it. No, it's kind of funny. And you got to find some humor in this because holy shit. Otherwise, it's just it's bullshit because the rest of it is all bleep.


Yeah, but putting your fingerprints on cellophane and having young burglars just leave it at their first job when they get out and then everybody is detectives.


Why, why, why was Ian Brady here.


It just like freaks everybody out. Yeah. So in 1976, The Sun did a 10 year anniversary edition about Meira and Ian's crimes.


I was dead ass about to just ask you whose son. Wow, I coosa the son, the son, the prodigal son. But some of the inmates read this. We're able to see it. They were horrified, especially Miras, one inmate.


Nineteen year old Josie O'Dwyer broke Maya's nose.


Good blic completely bruised her face good, loosened her teeth, incredibility her live. Yeah. And she ended up having cartilage in her knee, torn up her robe.


She had to be fed through a straw for six weeks. Chaussy Jossie Jocie. I love it. Our hero, an American hero.


In that same prison, Meira started claiming that guards were pissing in her food. And I probably were. I hope they weren't drinking water for like a day or two.


Just straight Red Bull. Yeah.


And honestly, I hope they're doing the same thing to Ian over at his place. Yeah, I hope that for both of them.


Meira So this is when she begins her parole requests because she's she's getting because no matter what's going on with this kind of shit, she is having relationships with one of her inmates.


You know, can you imagine having the audacity to be Myra Hindley, period? And then can you imagine having the audacity to be Myra Hindley requesting parole?


No know. Can't you should know that. That's just laughable.


I have two questions for Myra Henley. One, how dare you two, who do you think you are? There it is.


That's what I say. So in her first request, she said the Moores, quote, represented nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful and peaceful solitude that I cherish of the bodies and graves.


I know nothing. She also said her only crime was just loving Ian. No. And she said the quote, I mean, it, quote, Society owes me a living.


Society owes you nothing except piss and honestly, glass in your food every single day.


And this is when she also came very public with her belief that it was solely Ian who committed the Moors murders. Totally. Yes.


So weird, though, because we have you on audiotape. Yeah. So much how that works.


Audiotape is is a fickle mistress and it got a straight up moron.




In 1980, her sister Maureen died of a sudden brain hemorrhage.


I have no comment, to be honest with you. That's just kind of like and then that I don't have time for bad moms.


I don't have time for the Handley's really know. Nineteen eighty two. Brady, Ian Brady released a statement and he said that he was never going to seek parole. He was like, don't ask me, I'm not going to do it. And he said the nature of the Moors murders justified permanent life imprisonment for both he and Meira. Yes, he said, quote, They were the acts of a madman. I don't deserve any sympathy and I would never seek it.


I want to spend the rest of my life inside. I want to die in jail.


Cool. So we can arrange that for you. O8 We did. You know what? Weirdly enough, we agree.


OK, in 1985, Meira, Handley's own mother, said that she should die in prison. Yes.


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Even though you're still writing her letters, which like I can't get out of because you want her mumbling. Yeah, but her mother also in this quote, I'm like, what now? She said, quote, Myra should die in prison. It's better she dies there than come out of prison and get killed out here. Oh, no, it's not. Maya has been in prison all these years now. So what difference does it make if she stays there forever?


If Myra came out, she couldn't come here. I don't know where she would go. People wouldn't let her alone. She might as well die in prison.


No, actually, if you're looking at it like that, let's let her out and let mobs and mobs of people just rip her limb from limb also. OK, Mama.


O'Hanley like, that's your reason. Like, damn what a mom she's like. Well she couldn't come here. I'm not getting killed because it hurts like, damn, that's your daughter. Honestly, it's also like that's why she shouldn't be let out.


How about the fact that she gruesomely murdered children?


Well, in a funny response, because this is why I keep reading like Ian's response. No response, because it's funny to hear them both, like just shitting on each other. Ian said he wished the victims families would stop campaigning to keep her in prison because he said then they would let her out and they could all kill her.


Right. By which is Gagnier like shit. I agree. I do.


I know. I don't like that. I know. It's January 21st, 1985.


This is when Ian suddenly comes out with this weird, vague suggestion that he was involved in Keith Bennett and Pauline Reeves murder.


Oh, OK. Because before this, nobody even knew, weren't they? Hadn't even found Pauline's body. You know, Meira totally denied it and said that he fabricated any information about them, about both of them being involved in their deaths.


She was like, nope, that's crazy. Oh.


Because she's probably thinking they're going to find them. That's fine. Like no one's going to know.


Yeah, well, this is when Winnie Keith's mom, who like my heart for her, Whitney, for her having to, like, go to the grave, never finding him is just that's so fucked up.


Keith's mom wrote a letter after hearing about this like that, Ian mentioned something that could be taken as a confession, basically, and she begged her to tell the truth. And she was literally like a woman to woman, please tell the truth. And she said, release me from this hell, this like purgatory that Maya doesn't care.


She's a horrible individual.


Well, what she did was she didn't answer any directly. She went she basically released a statement and she pinned it on Ian and painted herself as a saint who you know what, Winnie, I want to help you figure it out, because the horror that Ian caused, she said, quote, I received a letter, the first ever from the mother of one of the missing children. And this has caused me enormous distress. Has it? I have agreed to help the police in any way possible and have today identified from photographs and maps places that I know are of particular interest to Ian Brady, some of which I visited with him.


In spite of a 22 year passage of time, I have searched my heart and my memory and given whatever help I can to the police, I'm glad at long last to have been given this opportunity and will continue to do all I can book you, Myra.


I want to slam her face into the sidewalk.


Yeah, I think we all want to like over and over. Yeah, I would love that.


So yeah. So Ian's response, he probably was just like I hate you. It was through his lawyer.


And again, it's a very in response he said, quote, This is through the lawyer.


So it says he's very concerned about things that have been said by Myra Hindley implicating him that has stung him. He wants Myra Hindley and her advisers to know that letter she wrote to him over a period of years when they were first in prison and before their relationship broke up are still in existence.


That's incredible. He was like, I just want to remind you that I have all these letters where you stay. You did all of this, you actual moron.


He's like, yep, we still have all these letters and I can release these at any time. Right. Like, you got to be done. So November 1986 was when the Moors began being searched regularly and thoroughly.


Right. They weren't finding anything at first.


But before finally admitting she was involved, Meira actually took a trip to the Moors with investigators to try to help find graves. That's what she thought, unquote. She really just wanted to be there. Yeah, she literally she just wanted to be in. The more it's like, why were they stupid enough to even bring her? Yeah. And she and she went once before she finally confessed to being involved in this case and Pauline's murders. And then she went again after in both times she didn't help at all.


Right. She just wasn't exactly she and be there also went a couple of times and he didn't help at all. He definitely just wanted to chill in the Moors, in fact. So February 19th, 1987, that's when Meira admitted she was part of the murders of Pauline and Keith.


No way am I right. Finally, because she was like, shit, I I'm right. Exactly.


So July 1st, I think it was nineteen eighty seven.


That's when Pauline Reed's body was found on the moors over twenty years later. And this is so after Ian was erm was brought over. Year after Pauline's body was found to try to find kids, he was brought back out to the morgue. He pretended to be disoriented and didn't show them where. So he literally said, I will bring you to Keith's grave. They brought him out there and it's real weird. And then he was like, I'm very disoriented.


I want to leave. And he wouldn't show them. That was just fun. Yeah, he's fucking loves to fuck with me.


He did that till the very last breath he took and the only wanted to know if he knows 100 percent, he could take them to this exact spot.


That's right, boys. And it makes me crazy. He said, quote, It was weird seeing the place again, all that space and vastness and then ready.


Keith Bennett is buried three miles into the moor from the 635.


I put a boulder on his grave as a marker after we buried him. Myra knows this. She was a few feet away. I didn't indulge myself on the day thinking about the luxury of walking on the moors I had loved so much when I was free. I knew I would be back in my matchbox within hours. So I think that's bullshit. What he just said. I think three miles in here is a lie. I think that's a lie because I think he's fucking with everybody.


I do believe he put a boulder on the grave because there's probably boulders everywhere. That's the thing. It doesn't help, right? It's not helping anybody. And it's just like fun for him to be like, why don't you go move all the boulders? Exactly. And he's also not he's sitting there being like, no, I didn't indulge myself while I was out there. I was disoriented. Sure. Fuck you. You were indulging. Right. Let's be a little more up front than Pauline's mother, Joan.


She was in a psychiatric facility when the body was found because she just broke, of course, her baby.


She had those white stiletto shoes with the ankle strap that Pauline was wearing, the one she bought that day. Yeah, she had those white stiletto shoes with the ankle strap brought to her. And she said, quote, She's not suffering now. Nobody can hurt her. Now, I feel her that close. Now, you see, that seems to back me up a lot. I feel her so close to me, but I miss her very much.


I still do.


She's my little girl that just like running throughout my entire body. That hurts. Now, Leslie and Downie's mother and wrote to Myra around this time, and she she began it many years ago.


My daughter begged you for her life. That was the first thing she wrote, which I was like, bad ass. Yeah. Like just a way to open that letter.


And in that she was basically begging Myra to release these other two mothers from their grief.


She was like, tell them where their children are, you know, why would you tell them the truth? 1987, the same year, six Middlebrook Avenue, where they killed Leslie in Downey.


Where did they tear it down? They tore it down. They also killed Edward Evans there. It was torn down after no one would live in it again, because why the fuck would you want to live there?


I guess people were like taking it was the same kind of thing. People taking souvenirs and shit.


Yeah, that one. Not a souvenir to take. Now, I know I don't see any appeal. We don't take souvenirs from child murderers.


We don't do that in West said and this kills me. And West said her daughter Leslie's grave has been desecrated.


Somebody comment about on our Instagram and and it's about Myra Hindley supporters like you're desecrating the grave of a ten year old girl who was brutally tortured, raped, killed, left in a bed for an entire night, just naked and alone and then dumped. Yeah. And now her final resting place where she's finally able to rest.


You're going to go fuck with her grave punch. A Myra Hindley supporter in the face. Yeah. Do it. Or else if you see one punch, one. That's our motto. I just got so high. Yeah.


So and though and was like such a fucking strong lady, you can tell even just the way she wrote that you.


Well, she later wrote Hindley doesn't know it, but she's keeping me alive. I have no intention of dying until I'm sure she's locked up forever. I want her to die before me and then I will die in peace. The tape of Leslie should be played every night to her and let her live it over and over again.


Yeah. And then she said I mean, she said her whole life was ruined by this and she said she ended up being so obsessed with keeping her other children safe that it made her like, do crazy things. Yeah. Her son was like twenty one years old and was like in college and she showed up at his college and was like, why haven't you answered your phone like she was in a panic. Yeah. And like it was things like that that she couldn't handle, not even when they were adults.


Changes your entire life. I can't imagine it.


She she did pass away at the age of 69. Jemiah die before her. No, no. Damn it.


It was February 9th, 1990. Nineteen ninety nine. She died of liver cancer. She was requested to be buried alongside Leslie. Well, her body and Leslie's body was exhumed because of the vandalism to her grave, and they were buried together somewhere on. Good. And she wrote before she died, she said, I believe I'm going to be with my little girl who I want to serve. Yeah, wow.


That after all this pain and torment, we will finally be together again. Jesus Christ. Well, yeah. Well, tickle in my throat.


So this is what Ian had to say later about Myra's confession journey journey that she took because she started talking to this, you know, Detective Tarping and she wanted, like books about this.


She started confessing to things. But always, like I think we talked about this in part three, she would always distance herself from the actual crime.


Right. Like I was there at the Moors, but she was in the car and she just waited.


She didn't see anything. She didn't hear anything. I was the lookout and just suddenly showed up at the car with a shovel. So dirty blood.


And I was like, whoa, what happened? And not again. And then she had it happening, just kept happening. And she was like, I don't know what to do about it. It is.


So what he says about that was he called it the self-serving stations of the Cross Yelp. He said they took the following expedient shapes. One, I vaguely knew something. So I'll take the police to places which interested Ian too. I confess, I knew everything, but I saw nothing, heard nothing and did nothing. Three, I confess I was evil, wicked and corrupt. But it was Ian, Uncle Cobbly and all those who are really to blame.


I will die in captivity.


Meira is enmeshed in the inevitable Catch 22 at the warp of which progressively tightens each time she makes a public statement and he said until she tells the truth, she will never be released. But if she tells the truth, she will never be released anyway. This is a matter.


So he's like she's caught in this never ending thing of if she's going to do she she's never going to tell the truth and she's released and she's never going to be released even if she tells the truth. So it doesn't matter. So she's just lying and then then maybe telling a little of the truth and then lying then like taking it back, like recanting.


Then he's right when he says, like, you know, it begins with I had nothing to do with it.


Then it goes, wait, I was there. And it was actually Ian, but it's everyone else's fault.


I'm wicked and evil, but it's everyone else's fault for making me that way. Nothing to do with my own behaviour.


And then in 1994, my republished in a letter, quote, After 30 years in prison, I think I have paid my debt to society, you know, for my crimes. You haven't. I ask people to judge me as I am now and not as I was then. No, not as you were then when you were murdering children, when you were filming yourself, like gagging a naked ten year old, she cried for her mother.


Now, we should we should think about that. We shouldn't think about that. Oh, OK. You're right. People change you like totally different than that. Go fuck yourself. OK, cool. That's cool. That's totally cool, man.


So after pretending she was just the innocent victim and then admitting faults and then going back to the innocent victim, being abused by Ian, he wrote about her bid for parole because it just went back and forth and back and forth.


I'm an innocent victim. No, I'm evil, but it's not my fault. No, it was Ian and I was abused. I must be exhausting.


How do you keep up? So he wrote. So finally he said about her. So her going for parole, he was like Myra Hindley. And I once loved each other. We were a unified force, not two conflicting entities, because he's like she's trying to paint it like I was holding her hostage. That's not true. Like this was a long inside Serch.


We were united. We were one. And then he said the relationship was not based on the delusional concept of folly do, but on the conscious subconscious emotional and psychological affinity. She regarded periodic homicides as rituals of reciprocal innovation, marriage ceremonies theoretically binding us ever closer. So that was just him being like, dear parole board.


She loved it. She thought it brought us closer together.


I was not the only one doing this well. And you can tell just like how everything went down. That's exactly what it was.


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Around this time, an artist named Marcus Harvey did a piece called it was for an exhibition in London called Sensations. It was in 1997 and he painted a photo of Myra Hindley. And it was I mean, it was vandalized. It had to be do that. It had to be put under like special protection and shit. And it's like to me, that is such a cheap ass, like dear Marcus Harvey, that's a cheap ass way to get attention on your art, motherfucker.


Yeah, like, that's fuck you.


That's basically like child exploitation and it's just what a cheap way like that doesn't show any talent. Like do you really feel good about that now? You do really. It's like when people it's like the people who lie about accomplishments and then take the praise. Does that praise really feel good? Don't you just feel yucky? Do it in a in a not in the not authentic way. Right.


And it doesn't matter how good that painting was, you knew it was going to get attention because of who it was from. Why would they protect Myra Hindley face? Like, fuck off, let it be ruined, let it be defaced. And she said even though an assassination attempt on her, if she was released, would be scary because she was like an probably imminent. Yeah. She said, you know what a face is. It's worth it.


How noble. How noble, Baira. Because everybody was like, you know, you're going to die if you stay.


Right. I'm sure I'm surprised she lasted as long in jail as she did. Like. Yeah, without being killed. It's because she was a manipulator. I in fact, I think in one of the books I read, there's a quote by Ian that says, she's a chameleon, she's a true chameleon.


She reminds me so much of someone she certainly does like. I think that's why we have even more rage. That's why I'm yelling at five minutes.


So one of her parole, her parole tries was rejected in 1998 and again in 2000.


The House of Lords, which like the UK, good job with the names of your House of Lords. I want to vote for the people there. I don't it's like, who are you going to vote in to the House of Lords next week? Like, what's so cool? It's cool.


It's just sounds cool. Yeah. Imagine being like, oh, I'm just in the House floor. Yeah, I'm just in the House. That's a lot different than just a tick tock house. It's true. That's very different. Wicked different. So that in the House of Lords they said, quote, the pitiless and depraved ordeal of the victims and the torment of their families place these crimes in terms of comparative comparative wickedness and an exceptional category. Yes, they were like, okay, you're going to die in jail.


I'm sorry, our ideia.


And like I said, Myra Hindley still has but did have a ton of weird fucked up supporters that would just spread the gospel of Myra Hindley wherever they went.


Well, look what happened in your life that you're supporting Myra Hindley. Can you not really sure what went wrong?


Don't let me know because I'll punch you in the face. But they thought she was rehabilitated. They know you and wants to blame that she was getting railroaded in the press wrong. One of them even came out in the press and said that they met her briefly when they went to visit her and they said that she was an angel.


You should get a fucking hobby and then go away forever. Well, and West had something to say about that.


Yeah, she said I had to hear the tapes of my daughter and never heard Ian Brady. It was Myra Hindley on that tape with my daughter, not Ian Brady. I had to listen to that and identify the body. When does my parole begin? I'm serving a life sentence because of that monster. I had to listen to those tapes of my daughter begging for mercy. If Myra Hindley comes out, I'll be up for murder. I said this to Lord Longford once and I'll say it again.


She will be one dead woman. I want justice.


Good help. I say fuck yeah. Hussar and you said Hussar. I say Haza in the next line of my note. Do you really? What a crazy connection. We are kindred spirits. It's almost like we're related. It's almost like that.


Well, what I said Hayasaka is the fact that throughout her prison sentence Myra suffered from a heart attack, a stroke, angina, a cerebral aneurysm, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, depression, headaches, back pain, chest infections are arthritis, asthma and irritable bowels.


To which I say Hussar, you know what I say, not enough has not enough. Love it.


So she wasn't going to let these victims families rest, though, not meyerrose? Not into that. She didn't give a shit because she's not suffering enough. She made several fake maps to lead to Keith's body and misled everyone before her death like that in and of itself.


You're a fucking monster. Yeah.


And the same year that she was, you know, called an angel and that she started leading them to these fake places, she went on a BBC. Program and she said when they asked her about the Leslie case, she was like, I can't talk about that. Oh, you can't talk about how you're a vicious fucking rapist murderer asshole.


Well, right after that program aired, she her parole, her latest appeal was denied. So sorry, your number is not here. Uber is not waiting.


Then she decided to lodge an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. That was her last bid.


Like effort to get you have no rights because you're not human.


She died waiting for the answer. Oh, so, Mira, the answer is no. Go desecrate her grave. What the fuck? Well, you can't find it, unfortunately, because she was so limited. Just look, she was cremated. Yeah.


I don't have a sense that she was transferred and she hadn't died yet. I was just saying that before she got rid of that appeal, she died. But she was transferred to High Point in Suffolk.


And there she broke her femur at the gym like an asshole and had to walk with a cane after that.


Cool. Just thought that was fun. I like that. Yeah, I thought that was more fun than you did. No, I was trying.


People are going to think I'm stupid. I was trying to remember if your femur was in your leg or your arm. That's that's quite an answer. That's your leg. It's like a really hard bone to break.


So in November 2002, at the age of 60 years old, someone in the fabric of the universe blessed us all by gifting Meira heart attack at high point prison in Suffolk.


She was taken to West Suffolk Hospital, probably because she was rotting from the inside out.


She developed bronchial pneumonia and died two weeks later after suffering for two weeks.


Ah I d. It's a bummer that she didn't get to suffer longer.


I know that is true. I would have loved a good vegetative state for her with no signs of pulling the plug into the 90s or maybe something like amoebic dysentery and she could just shit herself to death.


But you know, we can't all get what we want. That's like the king that we talked about on crime with his friends and to hold him up while he was shooting to death. Yeah, literally. I wish my shit end to death. Yeah.


Go to the crime, find out if you want to hear that one. But in the one of the greatest poetic justice moments that I did that I read, her final words were cries for her mother.


Oh, does that sound familiar to you? Boo hoo, Myra. That's what Myra.


She's not coming. No, you do not deserve that. She can't save you. Nobody can.


So. Yeah, so she's dead. Winnie Keith Bennett's mother said, quote, I was hoping that she would say something before she died, but it looks as if she hasn't. So I have to go on and live with it again yet again.


Oh, that's that's what she told Sky News.


And she said she's the evil is one of the two of them. Bradys never wanted to come out of prison, but she's tried from day one to get out. She'll not do it again. She will go straight to hell where she deserves to go. Don't ask me if I've got any sympathy for her because I haven't.


And then Alan West, Leslie's stepfather, said, I'm glad Hindley has gone hell, will be too good for her.


She was evil, it tormented, and that a woman could take part in the hellish torture of our little girl.


Oh, the horror of what happened to Leslie and also killed my wife, hid Hensley, sentenced her to a long, lingering, painful death. I just wish God had evened up the scales of justice before she died. Terry Kilbride, John Kilbride's brother, said, I am just really sorry that my mother is not here to witness this. She died three months ago. Oh, I would have loved to seen the relief on her face.


Well, that just hit me now.


Twenty local undertakers refused to handle her body or the ceremony. I would not want to touch it. Yeah, they wouldn't do twenty. I'm sorry. I like. No, I'm surprised they even found somebody and a journalist named Nicky Gerrard.


She wrote in The Observer. It was like it was like Myra's body was, quote, like radioactive waste with an afterlife.


It was. That's exactly what it was. The Cambridge crematorium cremated her remains. There was insane police presence because there was a huge protest and mob outside. Leading cars were shouting shit and honking. It was incredible. Her ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location, but be in the moors.


The Manchester Evening News said they were scattered like ten miles from where she killed and buried children on sidewalks. Yeah, but that's unconfirmed. That's what they said, I'm sure.


I'm sure it was close in nineteen ninety nine. Ian went on another hunger strike can get a life. And this is when he started trying to fight for his right to die peacefully, which.


Oh my God, you what you have is the right to remain silent.


And that's why he wants to die peacefully like you're the worst fucking shit bag on earth. You tortured little kids to death and you want the right to die peacefully. You have no fucking right to that.


Well, he was he got lung cancer and was suffering in. That gives me great solace. Same from October 29th, 1999. He was force fed through that nasogastric tube that I spoke about.


Incredible. And he said it was, quote, permanent because the first one was like the one with the block and shove it in your stomach.


That was a temporary solution where they just, like, shoved stuff down your throat. Yeah, this was a permanent thing that they were constantly feeding him through so he could not die.


Incredible. He said, quote, permanent tube up nose and down throat and change to a slow motion machine that takes up to eleven hours.


Forty minutes to Force-feed prisoners do it in fifteen minute increments, being kept under observation by two warders 24 hours a day, including sitting outside my open cell door at night to ensure I get next to no sleep and they get plenty of overtime to which I say to which I say hussar husa.


And in a. One little moment of irony on Boxing Day in 1999, which if you if you remember that was when Leslie and Downey was abducted and assaulted, tortured, filmed, raped and murdered.


Brady collapsed and was taken to the hospital on Boxing Day. Unfortunately, he lived, but it's still fun that he collapsed. Yeah, because I kind of hope that was Leslie and Downey coming back and just like strangling him in his sleep or something. And she was with and.


Yeah. And in her would just like. Fuck you. Let's get it. So there was a judicial review of his right to die because they have to do this.


You know, it's just like paperwork.


It was in Liverpool Crown Court on February 28th, 2000, and it said that.


So basically an English law, it says that an adult who is competent and like mentally stable, understanding the consequences they know about all the factors that are involved with everything, may refuse treatment, and that includes force feeding.


But that go Dodo's House of Lords said it was reasonable to force feed him. No, and I don't see a problem thus making that the most badass mike dropping decision ever. They were just like, yeah, totally. Like anybody can totally refuse that. I think his is reasonable. I'm sorry. Well, oh, he really wants to die. No, no, no, thank you. September 30th, 2000. He appealed again to continue killing himself slowly.


June 2001, he was denied again. Good. It wasn't until May 15th, 2017 that he finally died.


But if you remember, that last appeal was in 2000 and 2001. He didn't die till 2017. Wow. So that's almost 20 years. He was 79 years old. That motherfucker lived almost 80 years old and he wanted to die so bad. I love that.


That was my favorite. It gives me something to his dying day, though.


He refused to tell anyone where Keith's body was buried. He also said everything he said. He did admit that every bit of hate and vitriol from victims families or loved ones is completely justified. But he also said it doesn't change who I am, like, OK, thanks.


So he tries to give you a bit of like, yeah, totally. And then he's like, but I'm fucking evil.


And it's also like, don't tell me it's justified. I know. I don't need. You're telling me I don't need you're like telling me it's fine.


I don't need your stamp of approval on my right. Yeah. Keith's family said he has always refused to help end our torment. Yeah. And they did. And W did before she died. Right. Wrote a book in nineteen eighty nine called For the Love of Leslie. Oh. It's a harrowing account of what she went through and what Leslie's family went through after the abduction and murder.


She said that she talked to, you know, the murders she would write because she did. She wrote letters to Myra and Ian. Yeah. She talked to David Smith, the altercation she got in with David Smith, one, and Maureen. They went to she and her and her husband and I believe her brother went to David Smith and Maureen's house begging them to just tell the truth about Myra so that they would never get out. They were agreeing.


But of course, when Maureen walked into the room, she looks just like Myra.


Yeah, of course. That's the shit on this one at her. And it turned into this giant melee. It's a super heavy read, but I'm glad she was able to write it because hopefully it was like cathartic for her in some way, because to think about what she had to endure, she was right.


She never got peace.


Not even for a second.


Know, many of the investigators on this case literally couldn't let this go. They could not get off this case no matter what, especially knowing Keith Bennett is still on those walls.


I really hope that he gets found so badly. It's so frustrating. They continued visiting the moors and they said that they feel more children could be out there. Wow.


And Winnie Keith's mother would go by herself and dig on the moors for him.


There's a photo of her digging.


That's the saddest thing. I would do the exact same thing. Yeah, I would, too. How could you not?


Ian did write a book called The Gates of Janis. Is that the one that you posted the Amazon review?


Yes, Wolf. And it's an analysis on serial killing from his point of view.


That must be it's unfortunately very interesting, but it's also very much Ian, like self inflated ego, like very he got a boner the whole day. So reading it feels like an icky exercise and like, stroking his ego. Yeah, I don't read it. Don't do it. It's not worth it. I mean, don't do it. You don't need to know. You don't need to know what's going on. We told you. Yeah, that's it.


The last thing I just want to mention, because a lot of people were like, do you know there is a Smiths song called Suffer Little Children?


And it was written about the Moors murders. Yeah. I just want to read a couple of the lyrics because it's like very heavy. Yeah. I don't even think I can listen to the song.


No, it's over. The more take me to the more dig a shallow grave and I'll lay me down.


Leslie, and with your pretty Royte beads. Oh, John, you'll never be a man and you'll never see your home again. Oh, Manchester. So much to answer for Edwards. See those alluring lights tonight will be your very last night, a woman said, I know my son is dead.


I'll never rest my hands on a sacred head, which I can't remember if it was John Kilbride's mom or Keith Bennett's mother, she.


That's a real quote.


Hindley wakes and hennelly says Hennelly wakes and Henley wakes only wakes and says, oh, wherever he has gone, I have gone.


And that's a direct quote from her too, because they first asked her, you know, were you present for the murders?


Were would and they said, would he go out on his own. Yeah. So are there things that you might not know about? And she said the quote, Wherever he is gone, I have gone. And then later she tried to flip it around.


Yeah, like you can't. But this is no easy ride for a child. Cries Oh, find me. Find me. Nothing more. We are on a sullen misty more. We may be dead and we may be gone. But we will be.


We will be we will be right by your side until the day you die. This is no easy ride. We will haunt you when you laugh. Yes, you could say we're a team.


You might sleep, but you will never dream. Oh Manchester. So much to answer for. You will never dream over the moors I'm on.


The more oh the child is on the more that just made every single hair on my body stand directly up.


That's why I felt like it was like. Well like that. Like that genuinely gives it to your next step.


It gave me the chills.


Chilly Willy, that's a heavy ass song, just like things with children in this case. I think part of the the mystique with this case and the fascination with this for obvious reasons.


But the Moors. Yeah, it makes adds a level. The children on the moors and murder on the moors, you know, it just like. Yeah. The Moors murderers.


And it's I also read something that said Ian said he woke up every morning and the first thought he had in his head was, I'm the Moors murderer. And he said it did start to look like sinkin, I guess, because he said he was in like a one room by himself all the time.


You started thinking about the fact, like, that's who he is. That's weird. I don't think he felt remorse. I was going to say he just I think that it probably sets in that that's like who you are forever now. Yeah. And that's that's your legacy. I feel like I say it, but he loved it.


But it's like it's like when you think of like like what is the earth like? That's what he was saying.


And I think it just took him being like a solitary situation to actually realize it. But I'm sure he loved it. So glad that he came to that realization.


But you know what? They're both dead. We're done now with that in Dmitra, like she was shitting herself.


She had aching joints. She was having heart attacks and strokes and broken femurs. And Ian was being force fed, high blood pressure high, not a lot of sleep.


And Ian just wanted to die so badly and they just wouldn't let him. I'm happy he was being force fed through a tube like a like an infant. Yeah, and that's great. All of it.


Plus in as a as a parting thing, Meira called out for her mother when she died.


Just take that note. You're not going to get the beautiful irony of that.


So that's what you did to Leslie. You deserve that. I just rolled my eyes so hard that it hurt.


I'm I'm rolling my eyes so hard that they've just shot out the back of my head and through the wall.


I saw it myself. But that is the conclusion of mirror Ian Brady. The Moors murders. Get the fuck out of my head. I feel like maybe tonight I'll be able to, like, actually go to sleep and, like, enjoy like a nice slumber, knowing that we don't ever have to talk about that again if we don't want to.


Yeah, I'm glad it's over. I'm glad we did this. I'm glad you guys. Yeah. We need you to do it. I'm glad we we had this that was definitely that was worse for me than the toybox.


I think so too. Worse. It was worse for me for sure. Yeah. I don't I hate kids stuff. I don't. Yeah. I don't like it and I hope nobody does.


You know, I hope everybody's taken time to like make sure even when you're like because a lot of people say, you know, I had to take time away from this. Yeah, me too. So I failed. And I want to say, like, hopefully you're all taking time to, like, you know, go hug your camp, your mental well-being, because I know it can be hard to listen to the stuff.


So I hope you're, you know, everybody go, you know, watch something stupid like Project Runway on Amazon Prime.


Oh, my God, no watch good girls on Netflix because best show I've ever seen in my entire life.


You go see. So watch something fun. Do it. Go do it.


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And in those listener tales, morbid podcast at Gmail dot com.


And now you can go get our Mirch at ShopTalk. Morbid podcast, dotcom yupi. We'll be keep listening and we hope you keep it weird, but odds are they are a horrible person and child murder and you have to spend the rest of your dying days in jail like saying that you didn't do it.


And then like also if you're even saying that you did do it, like you really don't care, but you get to go back to the Moors. I hope they don't give you that weird holiday.


You don't keep it so weird to the point where you have to be force fed for the rest of your life and like spend your dying days on the toilet and breaking your femur, which is in your leg and all of that stuff. So don't do that by. Yeah, don't do that. But American me, Brady. Bye bye.