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Hey, Weirdo's, me and Olina have some exciting news, guys. It's going to be so fun.


We're hosting a brand new podcast on the Parks Cast Network and it's called Crime Count Down Brittany.


And any we wanted to let you guys know about it first, because we love you. You're our little loyal weirdos. We just love you. So what it's gonna be is it's gonna be every Monday.


So mark it on your calendar. We're going to discuss ten super unsettling true crime topics. It's gonna be centered around a common theme every week. And we're gonna be ranking these in top ten. One of us is gonna do five. The other one's gonna do five. We're not going to know what the other five is.


It's a long and on a shock each other. We're gonna laugh. We're gonna cry. We're gonna scream. It's gonna be great. All of the above.


And we have the podcast research gods helping us out with this. And sometimes we're gonna yell at them. And I mean, when we say we, it's probably gonna be Olina. It's definitely gonna be me. I'm going to yell a lot. She's like, I want to prove someone wrong. I do.


I love proving people wrong. And we have that relationship now. So we're going to debate things like who the most disturbing serial killer was, the top 10 dangerous moms and even the top ten stolen body parts.


I personally can't wait to do that one because I'm like, what, what, what? I'm real excited for that one.


The first two episodes are already out right now, so you can go listen to it like now for nothing.


They're like really good. They're real good guys. And you don't have to. You know, it's not going to be like super different from what we're doing on morbid. We still have the same back and forth. We joke around, we get to riff. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I think you guys are gonna love it.


We're still your old pals, so sit down and relax as we play you an exclusive clip from our episode on Deadly Cults. And to listen to the rest of this episode followed Crime Countdown Free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.


Everyone wants to be part of the club. The Girl Scouts, Phi Beta Kappa, the local golf course. There's just something about the feeling of belonging, of being part of a group.


Share clubs, bring like minded people together. But unfortunately, sometimes that leads to dangerous group think and sometimes group think leads to murder. Today's crimes were all committed by clubs, but you probably know them by a different name. Cults, deadly cults, that is. We love a good cult.


The thing about Cult says they're never initially supposed to be about killing. But somehow in so many cults, people wind up dead. It's horrifying, but it keeps happening. Like I said, everyone just wants to be part of the club. Hey, all you weirdos. Welcome to the podcast Original Crime Countdown. I'm Ash and I'm Aleena.


Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the podcast Research Gods. And today's topic is the top 10 deadliest cults.


Ash, you are part of a cult once, weren't you? If I remember correctly. Not that I can remember. Very sure. Weren't you a high school cheerleader, remember? OK. That does not count.


I'm just saying. But for real though, what's your favorite cult? You know I love the man. Oh yes. Yes. I would've hopped right on that bus.


How could I forget with flowers in your hair, you'd be on that van. Exactly. Would you go into a cult?


Do you think cults stress me out? And I think it's just all the people involved. Yeah, I could see that you're like an introvert. So I truly am. I don't think I would thrive in a cult. And I'd like to think, even though this is probably false, since so many people end up in cults, I'd like to think because they are so predictable with their playbook that I'd like I'd be able to get away from it like, no, no.


But know what's happening. I got that right. I would think so. I see that for you. I see myself becoming part of one by accident. Yeah.


I mean, as soon as, like, Charlie Manson is like strumming the guitar and handing you a flower crown, I think you'd be like, OK.


I mean, I'm a sucker for a beach boy. Want to be. The only bummer is I like all these cults, the same message. It's like it's the apocalypse, it's the end times. And that's just not fun for me.


They love a good doomsday, these cults. They do. So the fun part about this Kielty countdown, like always, is that we only know half of the countdown. So we're gonna be learning half of the countdown right along with you.


Let's start the countdown. Ten. I'll get us started with number 10, the Fall River Satanic cult, specifically its member, Robin Murphy. In 1980, Murphy, along with a man named Carl Drew, brutally murdered Murphy's girlfriend, Karen Marston, as part of a satanic killing.


I've heard of this one.


This one's like kind of a home, a kind of one. I was going to say, is Massachusetts represent? I guess so. No, it's not represent.


So this was during that awesome satanic panic time of the 80s, early 90s, where everyone, including Haraldur Rivera, assumed you were the devil.


You are black. You know that funtime where we would have been arrested? I was gonna say we would not have survived all this time. Definitely not.


The murder of Karen Marsden was horrific. Yeah, it was horrific. It was gruesome. Member Robin Murphy. This is really gross.


Cut Marsden's throat and then Carl Drew literally tore her head off her body. Oh, my God. Yeah. This was no joke. Yeah. Carl Drew was a known violent turd. And you don't say. Yeah.


And he was controlling a small group of local sex workers at the time. Robin Murphy was one of them. She banked on that, say, tannic panic thing and said she was possessed by Satan during the murder or she never would have done it.


Oh, what a good excuse. Yeah, it's a great excuse. It was alleged that Robin Murphy also had a role in other murders and that these were also done as offerings for the soul of Satan. Oh, good.


Just really going for that satanic panic thing. Murphy must have had something on her side because she ended up cutting a deal with prosecutors. How so? She did this because she said that she would testify against Drew for a lighter sentence.


She got it. Are you serious? Yep.


She got it and was released on parole in 2004. I don't think I knew that part. Well, here's the good thing.


She quickly violated that parole. Good, good. Because all of a sudden you're looking behind you like where's she?


Well, here you see, she ended up going back to prison, but she's eligible to apply for parole again in two thousand and twenty two too soon. So soon? Soon. That's next year. Don't like it? No, thank you. No, this year has been good enough already. Yeah, we're done. Nine. At number nine is a cult that famously had a deadly exchange with the federal agents at their complex near Waco, Texas. The Branch Davidian, as they were wild, sure.


Originally, federal law enforcement agents went to arrest the group's leader, David Koresh, which sparked a deadly shootout that turned into a 51 day standoff. And that ended on April 19, 1993, when the members burned the building down. Not a good outcome, not a good idea at all.


They were wild. And from start to finish, they had about one hundred and thirty members that lived on a 77 acre compound instead of starting a call.


They should have just used that acreage for something like a sick bocce ball tournament or just like a little like Erlik, a huge petting zoo actually, to work.


So lots of picnics, just something pure.


Exactly. Well, David Koresh, the leader of the pack, had about 250 weapons on the compound, which is why the ATF headed out there in the first place to arrest him.


Yeah, it seems excessive. It definitely does. You don't need that much. Their visit sparked a deadly shootout which killed four agents of the ATF and six of the Branch Davidian members.


The shootout ended up turning into a 51 day standoff that finally came to an end on April 19, 1993. And that's when the members, including their leader, burned the building down. That's intense, right?


Like way too far. Way too. Well, because of the way the FBI handled this, the American people really changed the way they saw the government.


They thought that law enforcement had used poor judgment and excessive force. And actually, the Branch Davidian still exists today. Whoa. Yeah. Isn't that crazy? That's terrifying, actually. It's from the last nine that survived. And now they call themselves Branch, the Lord of our righteousness. No, righteous has like another meaning and all. But every time I hear it, I just think of someone being like, righteous, so righteous.


Do you just think of, like, the Lord of our righteousness?


Eight number eight on our list of deadly cults takes us back to nineteen eighty nine when authorities found several bodies killed as human sacrifices run idea on a ranch in the Mexican city of Matamoras near the U.S. border. When they question suspects about an American victim, Mark Kilroy, they led police to Adolfo de Hazes Costanzo, the 26 year old leader of the cult bar. That's young for a leader who's going to say getting started really early, like, OK. The other leader was Sara LJ Reddy, who was a student at Texas s most college.


She was known as, quote, the witch. Oh. Saying Yeah. Which is a nickname I can totally get behind. But she is not a person that I can get. No, definitely not. The cult took their cues from a film called The Believers. I looked this up because I'd never heard of the believers, but I never have either. It's from the late 80s and it's about a cult who sacrifices kids for power and success. So you can already see that this is not awesome.


They literally organized screenings of this film for cult members. Okay. This cult also looked at human sacrifices in the same way as a method to bring them fortune, protect them from the police, bring them things they wanted. Oh, there was a killing chac at the ranch where all the bodies were found and it was a nightmare in there. A lot of decomposed bodies, decapitated, hanged bodies, throats slashed, shot, stabbed, missing organs, missing limbs.


Think of it. And it was happening in there. Yeah.


That's like all the recipe. That's the full on recipe for a nightmare. That's just like. Here you go. Sprinkle a little bit of each of those things. Yeah. Just everywhere you look, you're like, oh, it gets worse. The American victim, Mark Kilroy, was found in there and he had had his brain removed and boiled in a pot. No, thank you. Leader Costanzo specifically asked for a, quote, Anglo male because they said that it was going to add sacrificial powers.


It's gonna make it more strong. Okay. And that's why they brought Kilroy in and killed him. OK. Gotcha. So there were accouterments of Santuario. Which is an underground Caribbean religion and black magic that were found in the in the shack. There was a lot of things that were saying they were not dealing in in good stuff. Yeah, doesn't sound like it. Yeah. No joke. Seven. Well, at number seven this week is the infamous Manson family who in the summer of 1969 committed a series of brutal murders in Los Angeles.


The murders were at the direction of Charles Manson, a wannabe singer musician living in the desert with his, quote, family of devoted young women and men.


For some reason, he always gets lumped in with serial killers. I know. He really does. He does. He's not. He's just like a dirty little murderous rat.


I know. I have to remember not to call him a serial killer in front of you so that you don't get tied down in a while. This one happens to be my favorite true crime case. So Manson really got full on vicious after having a super messed up childhood and after his rejection from the music industry. It's like everybody who's been turned down for something to just move on. Well, he was turned down by the Beach Boys, so that's like a.


. That's kind of big. Turned down. Turned out. Turned down for that. Yeah, turned down for that. Well, he would use the Manson girls to lure other men into the group until they formed this big family. The family was living at Spon Ranch, which at fifty five acres used to be a movie ranch where they would film Westerns. They brought it way down. Yeah. As we all know, drug use was instrumental in Charlie Manson's control over this group.


Belladonna is a hell of a drug. Seriously, don't recommend about it. Do not. So as everybody was trippin, Manson would preach about Helter Skelter, which is what he said was going to basically be the start of a race war. Imagine just being like, hey, everybody. So this Beatles song feels like it's telling me to murder a bunch of people and start a race war around everybody. And then the world's going to end. We're gonna be the only ones living like, are you guys in?


And then imagine everybody being like, hell, yeah.


Let's go to and just imagine people being like, I don't question that at all. Absolutely.


That's a cult. That's when you know you're in a cult. Yeah. Call your dad as my favorite writers. Exactly. Well, he thought at the end of this war, the Mansons would rule the world. And the murder of Sharon Tate ended up bringing this case crazy media attention because she was a pregnant movie star at the time.


That's so sad. Yeah, it was really. So she was so beautiful and hurt.


Yeah. For real. So that is number seven. Where we headed to.