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I'm Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with guest host, Batia Ungar Sargan, Opinion Editor at Newsweek. It's Friday, May 10th, and this is your Morning Wire Afternoon Update. The charges against 211 migrants who stormed across a border barrier in Texas have been dismissed. The incident, which was caught on video by the New York Post, showed hundreds of migrants storming through Razor wire and assaulting National Guard troops. But a technicality forced El Paso district Judge Ruben Morales to release the defendants. He says the paperwork needed to transfer the case from district to county court was not filed properly by the state, so he had no choice but to dismiss the charges. Several news outlets are pointing out false claims made by President Biden on CNN. In an interview Wednesday, he said inflation was 9% when he took office.


No president has had the run we've had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation.


It was 9% when I came to office.


9%. Official records, though, show inflation was actually at 1.4% when Biden was sworn in, below the Fed's 2% target rate. Here's Kenny Polkari, Chief Market strategists at Slate Stone Wealth.


Cnn had an opportunity to correct the record before they put that story out. They did not. So it's amazing to think that they push out patently false information. If everyone remembers, inflation was 1.4% in January of '21 when there was a change of power, when Trump left the office and Biden took office. It was only in June of 2022 that inflation hit 9.1%. It was a full 18 months after Joe Biden took office. And we can credit all the spending that the Democrats, who were in complete control for two years, did between January of '21 and June of 2022.


Former presidential candidate Nikki Haley suspended her campaign back in March, yet she received 22% of the vote in Tuesday's Indiana primary. According to the Wall Street Journal, the former South Carolina governor will attend a retreat in her home state this weekend, along with donors, to discuss the success of her presidential campaign and her political future. Haley has not spoken to Donald Trump since she left the race and has yet to endorse him. The Biden campaign has made efforts to convince Haley supporters to vote for Democrats.


An $8 cap on credit card late fees is set to go into effect on Tuesday, May 14th. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced the reduced charge in March, but banks are fighting back. The US Chamber of Commerce, the American Bankers Association, and the Consumer Bankers Association filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the rule change. While financially strapped users may welcome an $8 cap, bank rates Ted Rossman says credit card companies will find a way around it.


Fees can be like whack-a-mole. Sometimes one goes down and another one comes up. When it comes to late fees, I really think the best way to avoid it is to pay on time, or if it's an occasional mix-up, there's a good chance you can feed your case to the card company and they'll take that fee off.


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The IRS has raised the contribution limit on health savings accounts. Hsas offer Americans a triple tax benefit. They reduce your taxable income, they grow tax-free, and the funds can be used to pay health expenses tax-free. The IRS increase allowed contributions to $4,300 per individual and $8,550 per family per year. According to the IRS, only 10% of eligible Americans have an HSA account.


Miss USA and Miss Teen USA both resigned this week, days apart from one another, both on social media. On Monday, Miss USA winner Noelia Voight cited mental health in her resignation post. Then on Wednesday, 17-year-old Miss Teen USA, Sofía Srivastava said, My personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization. Social media director Claudia Michel also resigned over the weekend, telling Inside Edition there was a culture of toxicity at the organization.


There would be emails. There would be text messages at all hours of the day and night. I don't know about you, but that's what I define harassing. She stepped down because of mental health issues that were caused by the Miss USA organization leadership.


The Miss USA organization filed for bankruptcy in 2023.


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