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I'm Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley. It's Tuesday, May 14th, and this is your Morning Wire Afternoon Update. Inside Trump's Hush Money trial today, Michael Cohen, the prosecution's final witness, took the stand again to continue his testimony. He also faced cross-examination from Trump's defense lawyers. Daily Wire reporter Tim pierce has more.


Trump attorney Todd Blanch got a chance to discredit Cohen's testimony. Blanch's cross-examination began with a heated exchange with Cohen over the witnesses social media use ahead of the trial. Cohen admitted to calling Blanche and Trump crass names on TikTok. The witness also confirmed he had been told multiple times by DA Alvin Bragg's office not to talk about the case. In general, Blanche's cross-examination appeared aimed at impeaching Cohen as a witness, as well as pointing out that while former President Trump has been gagged from talking about Cohen, Cohen has been free to talk about the former President.


President Joe Biden announced $18 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese imports today. Critics of the President say it's an election year effort to appear tougher on China. They were also quick to point out comments he made in 2019, knocking then President Trump for taking similar action. Daily Wire senior editor, Kabbit Phillips, reports.


The The Biden administration says today's action ensures American workers, Can compete on a level playing field in industries that are vital to our future. The new tariffs are seen by many as an effort from Biden to appear tougher on China than former President Trump. For his part, Trump imposed around $300 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods during his term, many of which are expected to now remain in place. Back in 2019, Biden campaigned against tariffs on China, claiming they were senseless and would be paid for by American workers. The latest move raises tariffs on steel and aluminum from 7.5 up to 25%, and doubles those on semiconductors from 25 to 50%. The biggest hike, though, is on Chinese electric vehicles. Their rate will quadruple from 25% to 100%. Here's Biden ahead of that announcement.


The Chinese government is subsidizing excess capacity. They're flooding the market. They're driving manufacturing companies out of business in Europe. But we won't let that happen here in America.


Before going into court this morning, former President called Biden's move too little too late.


China is eating our lunch right now, and they went away from what I was doing. They're eating our lunch, so they have to do it on much more than electric vehicles, and they have to get going fast by the It had been done three and a half years ago. I did it. I started. And then they started playing games, and it was very bad, very bad for the auto industry.


As of March 2024, there are 51.6 million foreign-born people living in US. The foreign born population grew by more than 5 million in the past two years, the highest number ever recorded, and they now make up 15.6% of the US population, again, the highest % ever recorded. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the numbers are made up of both legal and illegal immigrants. Since Joe Biden took office, there has been an increase of 6.6 million foreign born residents, 58% of which are believed to be illegal immigrants. A majority of the new residents are not employed. Only 46% of them were employed as of 2024.


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Recent troop movements signal that Israel may soon expand operations into Raafa, and Biden administration officials are sounding the alarm. The city It's believed to be the last remaining stronghold of Hamas leaders, but it has also housed about a million Palestinian civilians. The Biden administration has threatened to continue to withhold weapons from Israel if it undertakes the Raafa operation, but Israel has made clear it intends to follow through on its promise to wipe out the Hamas terror group. A pro-Israel summit scheduled to take place in Nashville later this month was canceled by the hotel hosting the event. Christian Ministry Ha Yoval intended to hold the symposium to teach Christians about their connection with Israel and how to fight anti-Semitism. However, the group was notified last week that the Sanesta Nashville Airport Hotel would be dropping their contract. According to Ha Yoval, pro-Hamas thugs began calling the hotel and threatening it with violence over holding the summit. First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group, sent a letter to the hotel calling the move, Pretext for Religious Discrimination, that echoes several Jewish groups who have described the hotel's actions as unconstitutional and discriminatory. Ha-yovel says it will move forward with the event at a different location with heightened security.


And a Utah woman is suing AstraZeneca over claims that their COVID-19 vaccine has left her permanently disabled. Daily Wire senior editor, Ash Short, has the latest.


42-year-old Brianne Dressen says that she took part in a US clinical trial of the British maid vaccine. A lawsuit filed on her behalf says that she ended up developing a severe neurological condition with symptoms such as blurred vision and vomiting beginning just hours after being jabbed. The suit also says that Dressen developed a neurological condition called parestesia, in which the nerves become irritated. After being hospitalized a number of times, Dressen says NIH neurologists diagnosed her with post-vaccine neuropathy in 2021. Dressen accuses AstraZeneca failing to provide adequate compensation to cover her medical expenses, which have only continued to increase. She says the company offered her a one-time minuscule payment of $1,243.30. While her symptoms have improved, she says she's still only a shadow of her former self.


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