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Michael Cohen testifies against Donald Trump, his former boss. But how credible is Alvin Bragg's star witness? I can't imagine that any competent lawyer at this point would not be embarrassed by what has happened in this courtroom.


We have the latest details from the Newark Hush Money case.


I'm Daily Wire, Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with guest host Katie Pavlitz, Editor at Town Hall VIP. It's Tuesday, May 14th, and this is Morning Wire. Economic uncertainty and turmoil over Gaza are eroding support for Joe Biden among key voting demos.


Biden is not the progressive they thought he was on the issues that they're hearing about.


And a group of sorority sisters are in court today suing the Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapter, saying they broke their own bylaws by allowing a man to live in their house.


They just randomly told us one day at Chapter, we would like to give this individual a bid.


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The prosecution's star witness, Michael Cohen, took to the stand on Monday in a make or break moment for Donald Trump's hush money trial.


Cohen is considered the most important prosecution witness against because he was the fixer who set up the payment to Stormy Daniels that lies at the heart of the case. Here to break down what Cohen had to say is Daily Wire contributor David Marcus. Hey, Dave, so what did we learn on day one of this testimony that really could decide this case?


Morning, John. Cohen was described as comfortable on the stand. He's been on this merry-go-round before, both in courtrooms and in Congressional testimony, but curiously did not look at the jury much. He testified to having helped Trump to kill stories, including a fake tale by a Trump Tower doorman, as well as alleged affairs with Karen McTugel and Stormy Daniels. And this isn't new news, but he did go into detail about how he worked with the National Enquiry to catch and kill, as it's known, such stories. A recording of Cohen and Trump was played in which they discussed the payoff. Cohen testified that he recorded that without Trump's knowledge so that he could play it for National Enquiry head David Pecker to prove Trump was going to pay him for killing the story. Another main thrust was Cohen's claim that Trump was only worried about the election, not about his family, when he paid out the hush money. At one point, he said that Trump didn't care if Melania found out. And that was a rare moment when Trump at the defendants table, visibly shook his head in disagreement. Cohen also testified that Trump knew the intimate details, so to speak, of the hush money deal, though there wasn't much to corroborate that.


And Trump defense has indicated that Trump did not know a lot of these details.


Now, the name Alan Weiselberg was mentioned by Cohen quite often. He was the chief financial officer for Trump's business. Why was his name raised so often? And are we likely to hear from him?


As CFO, Weiselberg was, generally speaking, the third person who was party to these arrangements that Cohen was making to suppress stories. Weiselberg is in jail right now on an unrelated charge, but it looks like prosecutors don't want to risk putting him on the stand where he could bleed the fifth or even say things that contradict Colin. If he doesn't testify, Trump's legal team could file a missing witness charge asking the judge to point out to the jury that the prosecution actively chose not to call a witness with relevant information. So that is something to keep an eye out for.


Yeah, indeed. How was the first day of Cohen testimony generally received? Were there any smoking guns?


Look, even CNN seemed underwhelmed with the testimony in large part because his credibility has more holes in it than a spaghetti strainer because of his past lies and convictions for lying. That was something the prosecution tried to get out of the way early. But if it's hard for CNN to ignore, it's going to be hard for jurors to ignore.


Sure. There's also the matter of his recent TikTok appearances raging against the former president, including one in which he wore a T-shirt that seemed to depict Trump in prison. Did those come up.


They didn't, but they're still likely to, if not in direct testimony then on cross-examination, certainly. Here's a little taste of what he's been saying.


Don't be that person that sits on the sideline and has to turn around and say to your kids or your grandkids, I should have voted. Trumpism is fascism, and we must eradicate it from our body politic.


Yeah, and at the same time, Trump's gag order states that he cannot directly respond to Cohen. This will be a big part of the defense here that Cohen's just out to get Trump, and in fact, profiting from doing just that.


Yeah, it's hard not to draw that conclusion. There was also some powerful friends of Trump's in the courtroom. Who did we see there on Monday?


Trump had a few notable names in the courtroom with him on Monday, including senators J. D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville, as well as Nicole Maliotakis, who is New York City's only GOP member of Congress and thought of as a swing district moderate. So her support is notable. And Jauras may also recognize her from her recent run for mayor. She spoke after watching some of Cohen's testimony and summed up the GOP position on all this.


This is a Sham trial. The people of the state of New York would wish that Alvin Bragg, the district attorney who brought this case would focus on the actual crime that is taking place and plaguing our city.


This echoes what we've heard from other Republicans. And, John, I expect we will be hearing it quite often.


Yeah, no doubt about that. Dave, thanks for joining us.


Thanks for having me.


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Just months from election day, new polling from the New York Times shows Donald Trump with his largest lead yet in a number of key battleground states.


Here to break down the numbers is Daily Wire Senior Editor, Kabbit Phillips. Hey, Kabbit. We see new polling coming out virtually every day, but this one is getting far more attention than most.


Yeah, and for good reason. These numbers were highly anticipated as they were the first set of battleground polls released by the Times this year. It showed Donald Trump with a stunning lead in a number of crucial battlegrounds. Get this, among registered voters in Arizona and Michigan, Trump leads Biden by seven points, Georgia, 10 points, and Nevada, which has not gone red in 20 years, Trump is up 12 points. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he's up three and down two, respectively, but both of those results are within the margin of error. When you narrow the poll down from registered to likely voters, those results are almost identical with Trump still ahead in five of six states. Now, for context, not only did Joe Biden win all six of those battleground states back in 2020, but at this point in the race, he was polling ahead of Trump by around four points on average there. The script has been totally flipped heading into '24, with Trump seemingly in a much stronger spot this go-around.


What are the specific issues driving these results?


Well, if you dig into the numbers, Trump is simply viewed as more capable on the most important issues to battleground voters. We've talked at length about his polling advantage over Biden on the economy and immigration. In this poll, those were the two most important issues, with 40% of voters listing them as their main priority. Now, President Biden does consistently win on issues like abortion, climate change, defending democracy and health care. But those issues combined were only the top issue for 19% of voters. So Trump is perceived as more capable on the things that are most important. Another interesting nugget here, nearly 70% of voters said our economy and political system needs, quote, major changes. But very few battleground voters believe Biden is capable of bringing that change. Just 24% said they expect him to implement major changes in his second term. For Trump, that number was 70%. Here's Brent Buchana, President and founder of the polling firm Signal, speaking to that.


Biden's got problems, and a lot of it comes down to what has traditionally been his base. They're more working class. They've historically been Democratic voters And because of his economic policies and the continued inflation, they're just getting squeezed further and further, and they don't see that he's capable of actually doing anything about it.


This poll offered yet more evidence of a trend that we've seen developing in recent years, and that is Republicans making inroads with young people and minorities. For example, in 2020, Biden won 87% of the Black vote. This poll shows him at just 63%, with Trump polling in 23%. That holds it would represent the highest level of Black support for a Republican since Dwight Eisenhower. According to Buchanan, that shift is similar to one we saw among working class Whites in 2016.


The trend that's been occurring with white working class voters is now moving its way into non-white working class voters, particularly males more than females. And that's really what's happening within the population of African-American voters right now is just these people, again, are the most impacted by Biden's economic policies.


We also saw similar results among another reliably blue voting block, Hispanics. A growing number now support his policies, including strict border enforcement and even mass deportations for those here illegally. According to the Times, he's now within three points of Biden with Hispanic voters. Most surprising of all, among 18 to 29-year-olds, Trump is actually ahead of Biden in battleground states by a margin of 46 to 43. Now, it's unclear if those results have more to do with support of Trump growing or simply dissatisfaction with Biden. It's likely a combination of the two. But regardless, they are setting off alarm bells in the White House.


Yes, easy to see why.


Kabbit, thanks for reporting. Anytime.


A group of college women in Wyoming are getting their day in court today after their sorority allowed a trans-identifying man to join. The biological male sorority member who goes by Artemis Langeford is accused of inappropriate behavior in the sorority house, including watching girls while visibly aroused. Just.


Dailywire investigative reporter, Mairead Alorty, is here with the details. Mairead, tell us about this court case.


Hi, Katie. Oral arguments for this case start today in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. The plaintiffs are six sorority sisters who accused their sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming of breaking its own bylaws as well as breaching housing contracts and misleading the female sorority members when it allowed a trans-identifying man to become a member. Back in August, a judge dismissed the sorority sister's original case, saying they'd failed to adequately state a claim and saying the court can't interfere with how a private organization like a sorority chooses its members. The six sorority sisters are appealing that decision.


Let's talk about why having a trans identifying a male sorority member was a problem. What were these behavioral issues in the sorority house that made the girls uncomfortable?


There were a number of inappropriate behaviors from Langeford, according to the sorority sisters. He would allegedly sit on the sofa in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Common and watched the girls walk by for extended periods of time. On one occasion, he allegedly had a visible erection. He's also accused of taking pictures of the girls during a sleepover, as well as repeatedly asking inappropriate questions about female genitalia, breast cup size, and birth control. Lankford is reportedly 6'2 and 260 pounds, by the way. Some women also allegedly suffered lost sleep, panic attacks, and mental breakdowns. We spoke to Ali Coggan, one of the sorority sisters who's a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Here's what she shared.


There was just so many different situations that made us uncomfortable. We do have sexual assault survivors that do live in the house, and just having to be there and comfort my sisters as they cried because a man is now in the house, that's truly heartbreaking. I don't understand how anyone could not see why we need our private spaces.


What's next for this case?


The case will proceed at the federal appeals court after oral arguments today, and we'll have to see if the appeals court agrees with the lower district court and throws it out, or if the court thinks the women do have some claim to relief. The women are arguing they've suffered emotional distress due to this situation. We spoke with attorney May Mailman, who's representing the Sorority Sisters and is also director of the Independent Women's Law Center. She spoke about the legal argument they're making.


The bylaws here say that new members shall be women, and the directors of Kappa Kappa Gamma added an entirely new category. They didn't define woman. They still can't tell us what a woman means, but they've said that membership is now women and individuals who identify as women. That's just a clear breach of the bylaws.


At this point, it's been more than a year and a half since the situation with the transidentifying male sorority member began. We'll have to see whether the girls' lawsuit pans out for them. If it does, it would be an interesting precedent for these kinds of cases.


Well, no doubt, sororities and women around the country will be watching this very closely. Mireille, thank you for your reporting.


Thanks, Katie.


Thanks for waking up with us. We'll be back this afternoon with more news you need to know.