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I'm Daily Wire Editor and Chief John Bickley with guest host, Batia Ungar Sargan, Opinion Editor at Newsweek. It's Thursday, May ninth, and this is your Morning Wire Afternoon Update. Donald Trump's legal team resume their cross-examination today of former adult film actress Stormy Daniels in the former President's Hush Money trial. Trump's lawyer, Susan Necklace, had also planned to invoke testimony about Daniels being accused of assault by her ex-husband, which did not result in a conviction. But Judge Juan Mershon told Necklace that the arrest and allegation would not be allowed in evidence. Meanwhile, legal experts have said much of Daniels' testimony is irrelevant to the case. Here's Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to that regard.


The issue of what truly happened is utterly irrelevant. Then we get to the details, the silk pajamas, the lotion he was wearing. I can't imagine how the Court of Appeals in New York that reversed the Harvey Weinstein Convention, which was a harder case to reverse wouldn't reverse this conviction if it got up there. I would certainly recommend to the prosecutors in this case that they study the Weinstein case very carefully because it gives a roadmap to what you can't do.


Trump's lawyer also made the point that Daniel's testimony has nothing to do with the crux of the case, which is how payment business records were filed.


Israel and a bipartisan group of US lawmakers are reacting with concern to the Biden administration's announcement that it's halting a weapons shipment to the Jewish state. This news also comes as hostage negotiations between Israel and Hamas have paused. Daily Wire senior editor, Kabbit Phillips, has the latest.


The pause marks a significant shift in the administration's approach to the war, showing opposition to Israel's plan in the Southern Gaza City of Raqqa. The city is reportedly where more than one million Palestinians are sheltering, though Israel has said it's, The last stronghold of Hamas. President Biden defended the move in appearance on CNN.


I made it clear that if they go into Ra'afa, they haven't gone on Ra'afa yet. If they go into Ra'afa, I'm not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Ra'afa, to deal with the cities, to deal with that problem.


The various Israeli officials reacted with disappointment to the news. The country's ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, called the move a, quote, very disappointing decision, while Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a video clip saying Israel would stand alone if necessary. Meanwhile, members of the Senate GOP condemned the pause, saying it was worthy of impeachment. Here's Arkansas Senator Tom Cod.


Israel has to defeat Hamas in Rafeh to win. Hamas wins if it survives in Ra'afa. And Joe Biden has threatened to withhold hold weapons from Israel for fighting in Rafeh. Therefore, Joe Biden objectively favors a Hamas victory over Israel. It's just that simple. And the President is only emboldening Hamas. Why would Hamas Release Hostages? When Joe Biden will give Hamas exactly what it wants, survival without releasing hostages.


A number of Democratic lawmakers also joined in with Senator John Federman posting on X, Hard disagree and deeply disappointing.


A US appeals court has refused to throw out Hunter Biden's indictment on federal gun charges. Court documents show that the President's son is scheduled to stand trial in Delaware next month. Lawyers for the younger Biden filed the motion earlier this year, arguing that a previous diversion agreement with the DOJ and Biden's legal team should remain in effect.


The House of Representatives has blocked illegal immigrants from being counted in redistricting and Electoral College apportionment processes. After a 206 to 202 vote, the Equal Representation Act now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to be dead on arrival. Critics of the bill point to calls in the Constitution to count persons in the country. Meanwhile, those in favor say it would protect democracy by not allowing illegal immigration to distort voting representation.


Five people, including three kids under the age of 10, are in critical condition after being shot in what police believe was a targeted attack in Texas. According to police, they responded to a call last night in San Antonio and found the victims with gunshot wounds. The youngest is only four years old. All were taken to the hospital immediately. Police say that two suspects drove up and fired about two dozen rounds at the house before fleeing the scene. Here's Bayer County Sheriff, Javier Salazar, on the ongoing investigation. At this point, I'm working on the premise that whoever shot into the house knew that there were kids. I'll be honest with you, this case could go. If, God forbid, that child should come to pass or one of those children should come to pass, that charge is easily going to be upgraded to capital murder. Pennsylvania is poised to officially criminalize the misuse of a powerful animal tranquilizer called Xylazine. Daily Wire investigative reporter, Mareta Lordy, has more.


According to the office of Governor Josh Shapiro, the drug has been showing up in supplies of illicit drugs and contributes to a growing number of human overdose deaths. Xylazine, which is being mixed into fentanyl and other illicit opioids will remain legal for its intended use by veterinarians. The bill has already been approved by both state chambers and awaits a signature from the governor. Under the bill, xylizine will be listed as a schedule three drug and carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to five years. Xylizine can cause breathing and heart rates to fall to dangerous levels when used in humans. When injected, it can cause large open sores and infections, sometimes leading to amputation.


And former President Trump's 18-year-old son, Barron, was chosen as one of Florida's at-large delegates for the Republican National Convention. Other members of the Trump family will also serve as at-large delegates. That includes Trump's older sons, Eric and Don Jr, and his youngest daughter, Tiffany. Don Jr's girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, will also be included. Eric Trump will serve as Delegation Chair, while Guilfoyle serves on the platform committee.


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