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Former President Trump secures another major Republican primary win, this time in South Carolina.


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Why does Trump's only remaining rival say she's staying in the race? And which states are both candidates setting their sights on next?


I'm Daily Wire, Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with Georgia Howe. It's Monday, February 26th, and this This is Morning Wire. National outrage after a Georgia nursing student is murdered, and the suspect turns out to be an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. He did not know her at all.


I think this was a crime of opportunity.


This was the individual who woke up with bad intentions on that day.


And new evidence could prove fatal to the ability of Fulton County DA Fannie Willis to continue her case against Trump.


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For former President Donald Trump secured a resounding victory in South Carolina this weekend, cementing his standing as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.


Here are the latest on what we learned from the race and what it means for the general election as Daily Wire senior editor, Kabbit Phillips. Hey, Kabbit. So a decisive win for Trump again here. First, how did things turn out Saturday?


Well, Trump came out on top yet again, this time in the home state of his lone remaining rival, Nikki Haley. Haley built her career in the Palmetto State, serving as governor for six years, and had argued that voters there would reward her with an upset victory. But that did not happen as Trump ultimately brought in 60% of the vote to Haley's 40. But despite that crippling defeat for the former governor and UN ambassador, Haley again, vowed to continue claiming Republicans have made clear they want a Trump alternative on the ballot.


I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run for president. I'm a woman of my word.


For his part, as the results came in Saturday night, Donald Trump celebrated his win, touting the fact that he received more votes than any primary candidate from either party in the history of South Carolina elections.


I was just informed that we got I have double the number of votes that has ever been received in the great state of South Carolina.


That's pretty good. There's never been a spirit like this.


I just want to say that I have never seen the Republican Party, so unified as it is right now. All right, so calls from Trump to unify the party, and he takes another big step towards the nomination. What comes next?


Well, the Michigan primary will be held tomorrow. That will be the last major contest before the All Important Super Tuesday on March fifth. All told, over the next two weeks, 21 states and territories will be up for grabs. With Haley expected to lose all or nearly all of those upcoming states, the pressure for her to drop out will only intensify. In many ways, though, the question of if or when she quits comes down to money. That decision may be coming soon, and it may be made for her. As Americans for Prosperity Action, one of the main Superpacks supporting Haley, announced yesterday their plans to stop spending money on her campaign. While she did pull in nearly $10 million in campaign contributions last month, this new cut could be the beginning of the end. Primary candidates historically stick around until the fundraising wheels fall off, and this certainly steers Haley onto that route.


Now, Haley and other Trump detractors say he's got the Republican base locked up but won't be able to branch out enough to beat Biden in November. What's their argument there?


The main argument from Trump holdouts is that he might have a rabid base of supporters, but he's less likely to beat in a general election. They point to the fact that Trump's success in the primary so far has largely been driven by his overwhelming support among older white voters, those without a college degree, and also those who believe the 2020 election was stolen. Trump detractors say that those demographics are not reflective of the larger electorate and that the primary results so far give a skewed perception of his popularity nationwide. Now, while Haley has struggled mightily among the GOP base, they point to her strength with independents and moderates in both parties as evidence of her electability. For example, if you look at polling, on average, she does beat Joe Biden in a head-to-head race by around five points. Trump is also ahead, but by a smaller margin of two points. However, as you know, those general election polls mean nothing if you can't win the primary. There's no disputing that barring a once in a century upset, Trump will be the nominee.


Well, definitely seeing growing confidence on the Trump team and a lot more pressure building on Haley. Kappa, thanks for reporting.




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A college student is dead and an illegal immigrant is back in custody after a tragedy struck in Athens, Georgia, last week. University of Georgia nursing student, Laken Reilly, was killed while on a jog early Thursday. Her death has sparked blowback against President Biden and demands to secure the Southern border.


Daily Wire reporter, Tim pierce, is here to talk about the tragedy and its aftermath. So, Tim, a horrific event that's really shaken the community in Georgia and sparked national outrage.


Yeah, this has been a huge shock for the campus and the locals in the area. It's the first homicide at the University of Georgia in decades. The trail that Reilly was running on is popular for students and locals as it runs through a wooded area near the University Intramural fields and Lake Herrick on the UGA campus. It's added pressure to the university and campus law enforcement to increase security especially on the more isolated parts of the trail. To that end, the University has said it will be putting up more lights and security cameras throughout the area to help people feel safe again. Now, what have we heard from Reilly's family? They released a statement on Saturday calling Reilly an amazing daughter, sister, friend, and overall person, and said her love for the Lord was exemplified in every aspect of her life. That's been the tone of the reactions since her passing.


Now, a lot of the outrage we've seen is related to the immigration status of the suspect. What do we know about him so far?


His name is Jose Antonio Ibarra. He is 26 from Venezuela and immigrated to the US illegally in 2022. He was in Border Patrol custody but was released into the US on parole because, as reports indicate, detention facilities were full and because he was from Venezuela. Last week, he was living in an apartment in Athens, Georgia, close to the UGA campus. The trail on campus where Reilly was and Ibarra's apartment building are only about a mile apart. Now, Ibarra is in custody at the Clark County Jail and is being held without bail. He has been charged with kidnapping and murder counts in Reilly's death, as well as aggravated assault, false imprisonment, hindering a 911 call in concealing the death of another person.


Now, a lot of the anger around this case is that Ibarra had been arrested before. What do we know about his history?


He was arrested in New York in September of last year. Prosecutors charged him with acting a manner to injure a minor and gave him a license violation as well. New York authorities released him before he could be turned over to ICE. Then, according to a Georgia state lawmaker, Ibarra was also arrested in Athens for allegedly shoplifting, and he had a warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear in court.


So several serious charges, but he was continuing to roam free. Yeah. Now, do we know what the motive could have been?


Not really. Reilly didn't appear to know Ibarra. We also don't know what took place before Reilly's death, other than officials saying she died from blunt force trauma. Authorities described it as a crime of opportunity. But more than the motive, one of the main focuses in this case is that Reilly's death was preventable. Georgia politicians have said this tragedy happened because officials are unwilling to deport people who have demonstrated they are dangerous. Here's Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Fox News on Sunday.


Why are we allowing people to come here that are not US citizens and break our laws and then not send them back home?


I mean, it's so frustrating.


I mean, this individual, from what I've heard with rumors that are leaking, was supposedly supposed to be in New York.


These are the answers that we need to get from the Biden administration. Has the White House responded to these criticisms?


In general, yes, but not over this case in particular. The White House has not put out any statement acknowledging Reilly's death.


We'll keep on top of that if anything changes. Tim, thanks for reporting.


Thanks for having me.


The case against Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, faces a potential crippling blow against the DA who brought the charges. New evidence is casting further doubt on testimony by district Attorney Fawnie Willis and her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade, regarding when their romantic relationship started.


Both Willis and Wade have said under oath and in affidavits that their affair began only after Wade was appointed to head the election interference case. But now, cell phone data seems to be telling another tale. Here to discuss the discrepancies and how it might impact the future of the case against Trump is Daily Wire contributor David Marcus. Hey, David. So first, what did this cell data show exactly?


Morning, John. According to the data that Trump's legal team is seeking to introduce, Wade's phone was located at Fannie Willis' residence or nearabouts 35 times before he was appointed to the Trump case in 2022. One incident from November of 2021 shows the phone arriving after midnight and staying at the condo until Well, almost 5:00 in the morning. So either this was an epic game of Axis and Allies or, well, something else was going on. In any event, the data directly contradicts Willis' sworn testimony that Wade never stayed over at her place before 2022. Thus far, the district Attorney's office has not denied the authenticity of the records, but has argued that the data is not relevant to the case, a claim that most observers believe strains credulity, to say the least. Yeah.


So Where does this new evidence leave the trial against Trump, which had been slated to begin as early as this spring?


Judge Scott McAfee has scheduled a March first hearing to determine whether Willis and Wade can remain on the case. The big ask from the defendants' attorneys was that they be removed, but the implications are far bigger than that, and there's a few reasons. One, the judge could also bar the entire prosecution team from the case, meaning it would have to start from scratch. That is if another DA in Georgia is even willing to take up the prosecution. It also seems clear that unless the judge allows Willis and Wade to remain on the case, it will likely not come to trial prior to the election in November, something that is absolutely a goal of Trump's legal team.


Now, obviously, being removed from the case would be a severe outcome here for Willis and Wade, but could there be further consequences for them?


Yeah, perjury is a crime for anyone. For attorneys, it's obviously a punishable ethical violation, legal expert Jonathan Turley has suggested that it is possible that Judge McAfee could refer this case to the bar in an effort to get them disbarred or even recommend it for criminal prosecution. Willis insisted during her rather combative testimony that it was the defendants, including Trump, who were on trial, not her and Wade. But the tables may have significantly turned here. Look, the voices calling for Willis to be removed are growing pretty deafening at this point. Trump's GOP opponent, Nikki Haley here calls for just that.


I think she needs to be off the case. I think they need to do what they're going to do without any more distractions.


Finally, with Super Tuesday just about two weeks away and Trump poised to win the GOP nomination, how significant could a major delay or even the end of this case be in the general election?


It could make a huge difference because this is a case that speaks directly to a campaign issue in a way that the classified documents or business fraud cases don't. Trump's actions after the 2020 election and on January sixth, are a big part of Democrats' attacks on him. Don't forget, this is a case in which several defendants already pleaded guilty and are potentially set to testify against Trump. Clearly, that's something the campaign would be eager to avoid. Meanwhile, Special Counsel Jack Smith's federal J6 case is also held up in the courts right now. What really had looked like what was going to be a rather demanding trial schedule for the presumptive GOP nominee over the next eight months could be clearing up considerably. That is something, John, that even two or three months ago appeared extremely unlikely.


I'm getting less and less surprised these days by unlikely things happening. Dave, thanks for coming on.


Thanks for having me.


Thanks for waking up with us. We'll be back later this afternoon with more news you need to know.


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