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This is exactly right. Hello, hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the mini Soad, it's the mini episode, it's the short one that comes on Monday at the beginning of the week.


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I don't have a happy one at the end, do you? So I'll go for you. Have a good one like I could. Yes. OK, this one says McQueen's spooky Corindi.


Y'all are amazing.


Steven Mustache is the eighth wonder of the world, yada, yada, yada. Let's get right into it.


They said it like it's deep mustaches. Steven's last name, Steven Mustache. Mustache. He's my favorite artpop. 80S art band lead singer.


Yeah, I'm from South Bend, Indiana, home of Notre Dame. But this story takes place in the next town over Elkhart, Indiana, home of the RV capital of the world. I really need to get out of the state. That sounds rad. I want an RV.


My boyfriend's family grew up here, too, but now his badass aunt lives in L.A. being a movie producer. You may have seen her Netflix original documentary, Knocked Down the House with Alexandria Ocho Cortez. When speaking to her recently about my boyfriends and my passion for true crime, she asked if we had heard of the cold case story of the woman who vanished from her yard in Elkhart in the mid eighties. We very much had not heard the story, and through her account of it and reading articles I found online, I learned of a heartbreaking and mysterious story of ADA haratin.


ADA was a 39 year old mother of two, living in an upscale Elkhart neighborhood in nineteen eighty five every other day when her nine year old, her then nine year old son, got off the bus, she would be waiting outside of her house for him when her son got off the bus that day on May 8th at three twenty p.m., his mother was not there to greet him, nor was she in the house when he went inside.


The crazy part is that ADA was seen only ten minutes earlier outside before her son arrived home. Those ten minutes will forever be a mystery about what truly happen to ADA and who the who at the senseless mind to take her away from her family.


Unfortunately, three years later, her remains were found located only 20 miles from her house by a mushroom hunter.


Yes, that's the thing here. She was confirmed to be beaten to death and was identified through her wedding ring that was still found on her all those years later. Heartbreakingly, her husband passed in 1993 from a brain aneurysm and her case still remains unsolved to this day.


The case was reopened back in 2013, but no new updates have been discovered.


I wish I had more information, but tragically, there may never be an answer to many heartbreaking cold cases in the world, like the heinous Delfi murders of twenty six twenty seventeen, which took place only 45 minutes away from my college. Thank you for all that you do and arrest the murders of Brianna Taylor, SDM.


Emma, I mean, I don't it's it's so I don't like cold cases. I don't like the idea that a mom disappeared from her house and no one knows why and her body was found three years later. It's the most scary. It's everyone's worst nightmare, whether it's your your the mom and your child, no longer as a mom, whether it's that you're a child and your mother just one day, isn't there? I mean, it's worse. It's so heartbreaking.


I just when we say about every single one, but it's the worst. OK, let's see this one. The subject line is Haunted Lake. Question mark. Question mark, question mark. Question mark. Hello, MFM Pham. First thanks to my partner for getting me hooked on this podcast through quarantine. My Enten story is actually a case from my grandmother's hometown of Union, South Carolina, which is about 30 miles from my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.


I grew up visiting the house she grew up in and her stomping grounds. I did research and want to credit Wikipedia investigation to skip the L.A. Times and my family for originally telling me about the story.


Just a shout out episode. This is this is so good. I'm there listing there. Always list your sources. Right. Nice. OK, here we go. No. On October 25th, nineteen ninety four, Susan Smith reported her two sons, ages two years and thirteen months missing, claiming the black man had carjacked her vehicle. Over the next nine days, Smith provided vague descriptions of the alleged black man that stole her car and children. Police also noticed inconsistencies in her story on November 3rd.


Nineteen ninety four, Susan Smith confessed and led police to the exact spot in John D. Long Lake, where she had rolled her car with both children inside.


It's believed that Smith was having an affair with a socialite in town and he did not want kids, even her kids. The week before the crime, he sent her a letter ending the affair. Citing her children is the reason not to continue. She claims there was no motive and she was not in her right mind state at the time. Her defense psychiatrist diagnosed her with dependent personality disorder. She was sentenced to life in prison for two counts of murder.


In nineteen eighty five, she's eligible for parole in twenty twenty four. Upon further research, I found that John D. Long Lake is actually a manmade lake named after a former KKK member. Confederate flags the. In South Carolina, state senator being located in a heavily Republican town and county, there's still no talk of renaming the lake. Also, a total of 18 people have died at this lake like God. That's a ton. Seven of those deaths occurred two years after the Smith murders when a family came to visit the lake and newly built memorial for the two boys.


Two members of the family were outside of the car when it rolled into the lake. Is this true? They drowned with the five others that were inside the car while trying to rescue them? No. When the car was recovered from the lake, it was found to still be in park. Creepy, right? Is the lake haunted? Does this problematic? John D. Long ghost character preside over the lake, taking lives to the other side. All questions that have no answers in the 90s.


My mother was fresh out of college, newly married and had two children. My great grandmother forbade my mother from driving past that lake in their town. She was worried that my mother would be the next victim. Who knows? Thanks again for all you do. I begin school for my master's in forensic science in August, and maybe one day you'll be covering a murder case that I analyzed evidence in the lab for Best Hunter.


Wow. That is a tragedy upon tragedy.


And actually, I feel like I want to look it up, but I feel like I remember that second drowning.


Stephen, did you look it up? You did. Susan Smith, right? You've done him. No, no. He was the one you did the one who was laughing. Yeah.


This was in ninety six is when seven people died when their car rolled down the boat ramp into the lake. Yes. Holy shit.


So OK, thank you Stephen. I just want to make sure that that wasn't I was it sounded very suspicious when I said that.


Oh you know what, this one was the one where she shot all three of her kids and stand down.


That's the that's Diane Downs from, I believe, Portland or like the Portland area.


That's one of the first ones I ever did because that was one of the first and rule books I ever read.


So awful. What a horrible. I mean, what a. After that second drone I remember, I do now remember reading about that second drowning three years later whenever Hunter said it was, and just being like, oh my fucking God, I don't know about the part of that. It was still in park. That seems like. But I mean, any detail about a second horrible like group drowning at the same lake is so scary.


How do you go that to that lake on a picnic in the summer and just be like, dude, do I would I wouldn't. I wouldn't either. I wouldn't recommend it.


I mean, everything about this lake sounds like it sucks. Who sorry.


Like, OK, this just is called hometown story. Hi, everyone. Don't want to miss anyone, so this will do. Thank you. I've never been one to do something like this, but thought the story was too cool not to share. I was born and raised in the North Jersey town of Morristown, New Jersey.


Morristown is a New Jersey. What did I say? No, no, no. Though they just said New Jersey twice in a row, like Jersey in the New Jersey town of Morristown, New Jersey.


Morristown is a super cute and diverse town with a picturesque town center and lots to do.


This is from the tourism board from Morristown, New Jersey.


When growing up in Morristown, the town's rich history is drilled into our brains while at school. Just a couple of cool facts.


Elizabeth Schuler was staying in Morristown when Alexander Hamilton was courting her. Washington had headquarters here during the Revolutionary War and Peter Dinklage was born here.




But one historic story that was not taught in school, but we all know is the murder of the Sayer family and subsequent hanging of an Anton LeBlanc. Anton LeBlanc was a French immigrant who arrived in Morristown in the mid 19th century.


He was hired by the same family as a handyman.


But LeBlanc was from a well-to-do European family and didn't like his meager work in the US.


I mean, who among us, asshole? Yeah, for real.


Only a couple of weeks later, he murdered Mr. and Mrs. Sayer as well as their servant, Phoebe. Then he took any valuables he could with him and frantically ran away, headed towards New York City. Stupidly, he left a trail of stolen items as he tried to escape.


Because of this, the murder scene was quickly discovered and he was found at a tavern in Hackensack about 30 miles away.


LeBlanc was subsequently tried and sentenced to be hanged. The story gets worse, though, after being hanged in the town center, might I add.


His body was taken to Dr. Canefields Office, where they conducted experiments by hooking his body to batteries and trying to resurrect him still gets worse.


His skin was then sent to a local tannery where a bunch of wallets, purses, book jackets, etc. were made as keepsakes. Imagine hearing this story as a child. Oh, this all sounds like a tall tale.


But in the 90s, a death mask of his face and wallet made of human skin said to be his, was found in a local collector's house after his death. I believe it's stored at the police department. Now, they say that all the, quote, keepsakes are scattered through Morristown and the surrounding area may be heirlooms kept by longstanding local families.


Can you imagine? Grandma is dead. Everyone, here's what you get. And here's a fuckin face.


You get a people book, but murderer Jesus. And then she writes and done. Sorry it was so long, but it's such a good murder. Slash local history slash legend story.


I've been listening to you since the beginning and I always get excited to hear new episodes every week. And I guess I'll do one of these. Stay sexy and don't buy antique wallets at garage sales.


Francisca like San Francisco but without the San and ending with an A thank you, I would have called you Francesca.


So I appreciate NewJersey pictures from San Francisco, like New Jersey about San Francisco. Wow. That was. Yeah. That I'm those ones. It's so nice when they're from the seventeen hundreds and we can just go like oh people back then deny that it's happening to this day. But I do think that I'm pretty sure when they say death mask they mean the the like they do a they do a mold of the face when they're dead. Not, it's not a human face.


I was just they skinned his face and know, OK, now that makes more sense.


It's not The Silence of the Lambs, the shrunken three, you know. No, OK, I'm pretty sure please correct me if I'm wrong.


Just, you know.


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Now with more pizzazz, bananas. OK, subject line of this one, dump stories for murdering us and treasure hunters. Dear Karen, George and Steven and menagerie of Pets, are we still doing dumb stories? Because I have a pretty good one. In the 70s, I was a little girl and my dad worked for Elhanan Railroad School in Louisville, Kentucky.


When they went on strike to make ends meet during the strike. He got a job working at a local dump. Yes. Yeah. The workers were allowed to take home.


Yeah. So that's where just take what you want. The workers were allowed to take home anything that interested them on your first day when you're when you're going through one either.


And then the boss just gestures across the dump.


Anything of this is your gleaming and glittering, but it's like not like they're going to have a lost and found probably like that makes sense. Just fucking take it. It's already someone said throw it out there. Yeah, exactly. Whether it's a couch or OK. So but I just like the phrase anything that interested them. And my dad brought home various treasures. My favorites were from a school that had been that was being demolished. Yes. I was three and thrilled to have my very own chalkboard and school desk.


That's amazing. Oh, my God.


Remember when you just wanted like that as a kid, like your own real desk?


OK, so I think I've bragged to you about this before, but the first house we lived in, in Petaluma on Eucalyptus Avenue, there were two small chicken barn things, little chicken coops.


I'm trying to say in our side feel. Yeah. And so me and my sister each got our own playhouse. So they were like they were probably like six feet tall and then like fifteen feet long, got a little wooden chicken coops that all the chickens had been cleared out of. And it was just like whatever you want to do in there, it was fine.


Every kid's dream. Right. Don't have the razor wire. How fun. Don't try to avoid the rusty nails. But so my dad would come and knock on the door like we would end up playing in one and, you know, whatever it was like, this is the schoolhouse, this is the house, whatever.


And my dad would come and knock on the door and pretend to be a delivery man and just bring us shit to, like, decorate our houses with. Yeah.


And one time it was the back seat of his of his Volkswagen Bug. So it was like we had a couch all the sudden the coolest. It's that was the best because it also it had this side arm wrestling.


My guy was that old of a bug. And then the other time he brought us each our own school desk. I don't know where he got them. He may have seen them in like someone else's front driveway or whatever, but having our own school desks at home, I don't know what happened.


It made me go insane. It was my favorite favorite. You were spoiled as a kid.


I was spoiled with garbage, just like this person and their garbage spoiled.


When you live like this is why Karen's the way she is, is because it was just spoiled.


Oh, so much garbage all around me, piled up around my feet like I was a little princess of garbage. OK. Oh, she said about that school desk, the cool kind with the swivel chair and the top that open to store your books. It's a kind we had I'm talking about. Yes, it's called the dump special. Dad loved history and geography, looking at maps and reading about various places around the world.


He was the only worker who asked to bring home books and was and was teased by his new coworkers for even asking. My gosh, one day he picked up, this is where I get it. One day he picked up a very heavy box of books that came from an old house and placed it in his truck to go through that evening. After dinner, he gets the box out of his truck, pulls the books out one by one, and starts flipping through them when a gold coin drops out of one onto the books immediately.


My brother claims the coin for his own and my dad says he can have it but not spend it explaining coin collecting to us. He picks up and flips through a few more of the books. Just as my brother and I are about to lose interest in the contents of the box, he picks up the last book and a strange look comes across his face. It turns out there are at least 50 more gold coins in the bottom of the box, telling no one what he's found.


He goes back to work the next day, heads straight to the area where the contents of the old house were tossed and finds three more boxes containing collectible coins.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's full on Jack. Who threw that away like the guy died. And that's that thing when old people start hiding shit around their house and then they die, don't tell anybody. Oh, he quietly place them all in his truck and brought them home.


My God. Over the years, my dad collected many more coins. After my parents divorce divorce in the nineties, he remarried and to my knowledge, never sold any of the coins. Dad passed away in 2009 and he left everything to his second wife with instructions to give certain items to my brother and myself. Dad also collected arrowheads that he found throughout his life while farming and specified that my brother should have those. He has thousands and once had an archaeologist come to our house who told him his.


The election was, quote, museum worthy. Oh, my God. So my brother requested that my step mom let me have the coin collection. She claimed that she had not come across any coins and had no idea what he was talking about. I seriously think she might have donated the damn coins to Goodwill.


Oh, no, it hurt. I just didn't know how much they were worth. Yeah, this is this is like an Antiques Roadshow moment right here that we're being robbed of. Dad never put his coins on display, just kept them in ratty old boxes with the books he brought home from the dump because he thought if he were ever robbed, no one would look there or steal books.


That's true. It is. Robbers aren't going to go and steal a bunch of your bones, like, oh, I've been looking for a Confederate Confederacy of Dunces. Oh, I hear this is good.


So I guess someone else may have treasure story about finding Dad's coins in a box of old books at The Goodwill, which kind of tickles me, but I know my dad would be mad as hell.


Yeah, it's like sweet. But like that should have been your fucking moment.


Yeah. And also just love to find out what the worth of those coins are. Love and peace to you all. Bridgitte, Louisville, Kentucky. So anyone in the greater Kentucky area, if you ever found gold coins in a box at the Goodwill, don't tell anyone. Keep that shit yourself. You're right.


In finding Kellers.


It's my job. Don't say a word. That is fucking great. That was great. We're going to need more like that. OK, this is my last one. It's not it's not happy.


OK, this one just says, buckle up, ladies. This is fucked up nice. I was in my mid 20s single and living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was casually dating on OK, Cupid. That is tragic in and of itself. It's not you. Do you and I met a guy named Brady. We talked for a few weeks and then other and other than being a little overtly sexual, he seemed cool.


Oh my God. Red Flyman. Hey, but it again. There you are again though.


You are on OK Cupid. Right, so it's hard to red flag a thing. That's what you kind of showed up at least to be in the ballpark of.


Yeah. And like you have to go in expecting a couple red flags then you would have if someone set you up with someone. Right.


Like definitely I would love to know the the how quickly this guy became sexual. It was immediately like the shock or finger. Next we were like, hey, hey bro, dial it down.


Oh, the doctor shocker. Remember when that like that every high school student did that in pictures and it was all like, no, I look it up.


We're not fucking telling you what it is because this is very early blog, mid 2000s, where it was like I remember being a horrified late twenties person going look at these teens doing the shocker.


That's so disturbing.


Oh, my God, we're so proud. Except we're a little overly sexual. Yeah, OK, we're hiding it. Oh, we're trying to hide our over sexuality. Everybody is a little overtly sexual on the Internet, right? Yes, that's what we're saying.


I was a little naive at the time and didn't think anything of it.


Anyway, we eventually decided to meet. We meet for lunch at a little Italian restaurant in my neighborhood and from the get go I was creeped out.


There was no definitive reason why he was nice, looked just like his pictures and was generally an OK seeming guy.


But I just had a feeling after lunch he invited me to go for a drive to quote someplace peaceful. And because I apparently have zero instinct for self-preservation, I went along.


We end up at this isolated spot by the river and a part of town I was unfamiliar with. I still had this nagging feeling that something was off about him. I finally got up the courage to tell him I needed to go home because I left my oven on.


I swear this is the excuse I used. What the fuck self?


That's not the worst. No, it's I think that's it. There's an element of immediacy to that excuse. Right. But it's also very benign. So it's not going to get a true creep angry.


There's nothing you can do about it. Totally. And it sounds so fake that it why would you pretend like why would you lie about that? I would.


I bet that person's acting was on point in that moment when they had to deliver that line.


And I bet this guy it was used to people being creeped out by him so he didn't make anything of it.


He's you know, what I was just thinking is what, dude, on a first OK, Cupid date is like, let me drive you to an isolated location. That's it.


It's on him to not be that totally like it's not on you to be trust trusting. It's not you don't have to extend yourself that far when he's not even being standard. Wait until three dates. Polite is disrespectful.


Totally. It is. It's weird. Well, listen to this because he reluctantly took me home. I told him later that I wasn't interested in dating him anymore and he was super shitty about it. I got irate messages about what a stupid whore I was and how I. Never find anybody as great as him, so it sounds great. Sounds great. Yeah, I remember being scared at the time, but eventually the message stopped and that's just stopped and I forgot fuckin it's so terrifying when you're in the middle of that man.




Fast forward a couple of years and a friend sends me a news article about a man who was recently arrested for killing and beheading a man and his pregnant girlfriend before leading police on a chase and eventually killing himself.


When I saw the name and photo, I recognized Brady immediately and was physically sick. This was the creepy guy I went on a date with a few years previously.


In fact, at least one of the photos featured in the article had also been used by Brady and his dating profile.


Oh my God. Yeah, this still gives me chills. And I had to get up halfway through writing this to make sure my door is locked. Thankfully, I moved away from Michigan and found a guy that I'm significantly more competent is not a murderer.


Sounds like love sexy and don't get murdered in Michigan.


Lauren. Hey, Lauren, I just want to say this. You were trying to give your instinct shit at the beginning of this. Your instincts were spot on and you got yourself home and you got yourself safe. Do not in any way beat yourself up for that. That was you getting you out of that situation.


You should be proud of yourself and your instincts. Not that you know. Yeah, it's you can't out instinct a fucking serial killer, but. Yeah, but you follow a predator.


You followed your in tuition and and trust that subconscious that serves up the ovens on excuse. It's so perfect. Yeah. I have explosive diarrhea is a good excuse that but then you'd have to prove it.


That's a nice portrait mode.


Picture comes in and it's nice to have one saved on your camera. It doesn't have to be yours. That's right. That's disgusting. Yeah. You can do it. You can get do a Getty image pay pay that a hundred fifty dollars, get them ready for this watermark out of there versus yes.


Last great. The subject line here is. Well I think the subject line gives it away so I'll just read it. Hi friends. Hi. I think you're also inspiring and wonderful and hope you are staying safe and sane. Anyway, let's get to it. This is long but I think it's worth it.


Great. A little back story, I was born on spooky Halloween, stupid. I hope Christy Ward is happy that we say that so much as it's her that is hers. And ever since I was little, I would have dreams of loved ones. I never met dreams of things happening before they happened and a strong connection to the quote unquote, other side. My grandpa died when I was a senior in high school and he was like my second father and we were always super close.


I was going out of town the weekend that he died and as I was rushing to get my things together, I had an overwhelming feeling I needed to go see him. I called and called and no one answered and I was running late for my flight. Well, I never got to see him and he passed that weekend. It's a guilt I always carry with me. When he died, my grandma really struggled and was about to give up altogether.


About a year later, I had this vivid dream of him in the dream. I was walking up to their house. All the doors and windows were open and there was a bright light coming from inside. There was a breeze and I could hear wind chimes truly heavenly. I walked into the home and he was sitting in his favorite chair, calm as can be. He looked up at me and smiled and said, When you wake up, I need you to check on your grandma.


I can never keep her out of trouble. He told me he loved me. And then I woke up the following morning. I called and called my grandma and she didn't answer. I drove straight over to her house, knocked on the door. No answer. Normally I would have left assumed she was out, but because of the dream, I started to panic. I went around the back, hopped the fence, only to find that she had fallen on the patio and was trying to crawl back inside.


She had broken her hip in two places.


Who knows what would have happened or how long it would have taken someone to find her. If my grandpa had not visited me in my dream, my grandma made a full recovery after and her accident made her realize that she still has more life to live. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Well, yes, we did stay sexy and find someone who loves you and find someone whose love for you carries on after death.


Madisen, come on. One of the all time greats. That was gorgeous, Madison, I can never keep her out of trouble, that's what got me. I mean, like Vince would say that about me.


Yeah, for real. And also that he's like, that's such a weird dream where he's all he's all calm. He's OK.


He's just there not to freak you out, just to deliver a message and to do it in a like calm place that makes her feel like it's familiar, it's calming. Says I love you at the end. Yeah.


And also what a lovely like that. Madison was bummed that she missed him before he died. And, you know, that's a regret so many people carry with them. They really. It's a decision. Yeah. People that like are like, oh, I'm going on this trip, but I'll see you soon. And it's people that they know they'll see again.


And if they're wrong about that, then they don't they they have the grief of the death. And then they also have this regret as if that was something they were supposed to be able to anticipate, which is, again, don't do it to yourself.


That's part of my anxiety. I feel like I, I, I have very meaningful goodbyes with anyone I talk to because I'm like I like my anxiety is that you're going to die. So I yeah. Make sure I, I, I have that moment. Good. What.


Yeah but then it's just makes me not sleep at night so it's not positive. Right.


Well yeah. You're going to have to curb it at some point because you have to, if you're going to do it then you have to get the credit of having done it like you're actually I'm very considerate. Yeah.


And when it does you'll be three steps ahead of the game.


That's what it's all about. That's it. Yeah. Nice batch this time.


Guys, guys, send us your fucking letters. We love I love reading them every week we get to pick them out.


It's so fun. Gold coins in the dumps. Are you kidding me. That is the trade life's made of treasure.


Treasure. Please send us your treasure found stuff. Anything that you're interested in, please come to our house and pick it up.


I'll drop it off. How about family weird family heirlooms like a face, like a death mask. Sure. Tell us about that. We want to hear that. Absolutely.


Any anything like that. Anything found in a in a dead relative's house, they forgot to. There's nothing better than it used to be back when there was the world was normal.


Every once in a while there would be that story of like people donating a couch and it's filled with that one.


I just hope those are my favorite. It's the best. Nothing better.


All my favorite murder, a Gmail or on our website, my favorite murder, Dotcom. Thank you guys so much for listening.


And stay sexy and don't get murdered by Elvis.


You want a cookie?