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This the subject line of this is nurse slash badass story. Great. Hey, Pandemic Paluska. A few episodes ago you guys asked from Nurse Mom stories and while I'm not a mom, I am a nurse. I work in a very busy E.R. in Houston. I have so many stories, but I thought you guys would appreciate this badass survivor story. Let's get into it. Early one morning, a woman was brought into the trauma bay after being held hostage, raped and beat for almost two days.


I can only imagine what this poor woman went through on the second day. Her attacker let her have some privacy and use the bathroom. While in the bathroom, the woman mustered up the courage to attempt to escape. She took the ceramic toilet tank lid and hid it behind her back. When her attacker opened the bathroom door, she hit him over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.


Oh, yes, yes, yeah.


Starting out strong, hopefully. So get mad props to the woman for having the bravery and wits about her to use a toilet lid as a weapon. Hell, yes. She ran for her dear life flag down, help on a nearby road and was promptly brought to our E.R. A few hours later, another patient was brought into the trauma bay. This man had sustained numerous facial fractures after being being hit on the head with, yep, you guessed it, a toilet lid.


The attacker and the victim were in the same trauma bay and neither of them had any idea. What are the chances? Houston is the fourth biggest city in America and these two end up in the same E.R. in adjacent rooms.


What the what the fuck? It literally says that good. That's correct.


This same thing happened in the oh, the British series with the hockey and Gillian Anderson. Oh, the the one the blank. Blank.


Yeah, yeah. So many people are. Alan Anderson, the film The Fall. Yes. Stephen Stephen gets five dollars. Remember that. That happened in the fall. I didn't, I didn't see it. He gets brought it I'm pretty sure. And you see the victim watch him get rolled in. And I was like never that would never happen. Oh it did. I was wrong. Luckily our charge nurse is amazing and put two and two together quickly.


We were able to move the woman to a safe room in another part of the E.R. before she was further traumatized by seeing her attacker again. We obviously did not let her know that her attacker was in the same building. Can you imagine the sheer terror of escaping a brutal attack only to find out your attacker is right down the hall? Thankfully, the woman was able to be discharged home later that day and the man went to jail after we treated his injuries.


I hope you guys like my survivor story as much as I do. Anyways, I love you guys. Your podcast has provided some much needed distraction during this pandemic where your freaking masks people SSD, GM teef.


Amazing, amazing. When would you not listen to a nurse? OK, this one is called The Time My Grandma Saw the Devil.


And I'm not going to read you the rest of it, but it's from our friend of the family, Beth Calderon, the Ted Bundy documentary friend who was on. Oh, wow. Yeah, I remember. She's awesome. She's great. She says Heigel. Since there's been a request for grandparents stories, I finally got all the information about the time my aunt and grandmother saw El Diablo walking past their home in Monterey Park, California. In nineteen eighty five, a man was terrorizing neighborhoods across Southern California and seemed to frequent the East Los Angeles area.


As Georgia mentioned in her zoot suit riots story, this part of Los Angeles was heavily populated by Latinos. One afternoon, my aunt and grandmother were doing some work in the garage and noticed a man walking past their house.


My grandma said she froze and could feel evil radiating off of him her and then looked up and felt the same feeling.


She also claims a crow then chod, but lol I'm not sure on that one.


But the whole family is has cinematic tendencies so they know how to tell.


The crowd was like that guy, he's creeping me out. OK, all right guys. Uh well, well they could not figure out how and why this man could give us such a bad vibe. They continued on their work the next morning on July 7th, One Street over Joyce Nelson, who was sixty one, was beaten to death in her home where she lived. This was the third murder in their neighborhood in under three months. A few months later, in my uncle's hometown of Boyle Heights, Richard Ramirez was captured by a mob of residents on August 31st, which is today.


Oh, this is the anniversary of the citizens of.


Boyle Heights rising up together, running through the streets and tackling Richard Ramirez and catching the Night Stalker themselves on their own, incredible happy anniversary, Boyle Heights, right.


Well, the five go high, five of Boyle Heights resident. Well, my uncle wasn't part of the capture. He still remembers seeing people fleeing to the scene. I grew up always hearing the story of when my aunt and grandmother saw El Diablo, but I always thought it was actually the devil himself growing up Catholic, you know? Sure. I didn't find out it was Richard Ramirez until I told my family I would be starting a project on Ted Bundy with blank stares.


And confusion's my mother responded, Why would you pick him and not Richard Ramirez? We were all scared for our lives during that time. Come to find out, Ramirez killed in almost every single neighborhood that my family members lived in at the time, from Montebello to Mission Viejo, Whittier, Rosemead, Monterey Park and finally ending history in Boyle Heights. Then I was finally given the contact, the context of the Diablos story. And just recently my aunt told me her version.


So she always thought it was the devil. She didn't push it.


I was picturing a guy walking with a really nice it's maybe it's a bit Werewolves of London of me, but in a really nice sharkskin suit.


But on little tiny, her feet walking by. My grandmother Esperanza passed away in 2005, so I was never able to hear the full story from her. But don't worry, she played a big role in my interest in true crime since she purchased those super graphic Latino magazines that would show the most obscene content on the cover, like when Selena was murdered and there was a picture of her on the autopsy table showing the gunshot wound.


No. And she says, oh, the joys of a Latina childhood. Anyway, stay sexy and make sure to research your family's history with well-known serial killers before you research the wrong one. Sending lots of hugs to you all during this friend of the pod, Seline Beth Calderon.


Good line, right, Saleen. Nice. Celine needs to make a documentary about Richard Ramirez now. Right. Dedicated to Esperanza. Esperanza. What a great name. So good. Oh, man. That's I really I mean, I just love that story of just like they spotted him. They knew who it was. They were just let him down.


Get that guy. You're killing your neighbors, you know, and terrorize and like old people.


I mean, I'm just a horror show, OK? This subject line is espresso martinis and a hometown hit. MAN one What's up, guys? As a murder, you know, and a bartender, the recent chat about espresso martinis finally gave me an excuse to email. The general recipe has equal parts. Vodka, coffee, liquor, you right, Georgia and a shot of espresso.


They combine all the fun of being drunk with the joy of having the caffeine jitters. They're super popular in Australia and New Zealand. So naturally, the pretentious hipster bartenders think they're kind of trashy onto my hometown. I'm from Canberra City with a nationwide reputation for being boring and small, but we have some pretty cool bars.


There's a popular one in the middle of the city known for its fun tropical vibes. Think tiki drinks, palm leaves and lots of hens parties. Recently, one of my friends was working there, and instead of the usual groups of young women in cocktail dresses, the bar was filled with big, burly, middle aged men. But hey, no judgment. Scary looking men are allowed to enjoy some sweet, sweet tiki drinks. Hampshirite that's hell. Yeah, you're right.


That's right. And now everyone has to go watch the kids in the hall sketch girl drink drunk, which is one of the funniest. Dave Foley plays a girl drink drunk. We can't stop drinking like big blue things with pineapple sticking the best.


Later in the night, one of the men was standing in the bar when cool, calm and collectedly. Another man walked up to him and stuck a knife in his throat. No scuffle, no provocation, just a straight up stabbing. The man who had been stabbed took a sip from his drink, pulled the knife out of his own throat.


This is so Australian and walked out into the street where he died in view of nearly every single person in Canberra trying to have a fun night out in covid, needless to say.


Oh, my God. So this just happened. Needless to say, all hell broke loose in the bar. Turns out turns out all these big burly men in the tiki bar were, in fact, two branches of a large, well known biker gang.


This is bikie gang. But I feel like Australian listeners, please let us know if you call biker gangs bikie gang warfare.


It's like a tricycle. What do they call tricycles bikies? There are a big burly dudes in the tricycle, big burly fourth graders.


The man who had very calmly cut the other man's throat was the hit man of the group. It's still a mystery as to why they went out drinking together just before a murder, so is why they chose to very publicly kill one of their members when usually they just, quote, unquote, disappear. However, what we have found out is that tiki bars are a great way for gangs to launder money.


Oh, tacky.


But specifically, I mean, those arguments have drinks. Yeah, that's true. You're like, who how did you how in God's name do you spend? Six hundred eighty dollars. Tiki Barber. Oh, Tiki Bar. Yeah. All that pineapple.


Thank you for the all the quality entertainment over the years. As the only female bartender at my bar, the stories you've told have made me fiercely protective of my customers, particularly young women. If you ever see a Canberra bartender wearing an MFM logo pin, please know that you're in safe hands and I might even buy you a drink.


Cheers. Oh, my God. Did that get you? Yeah, I got you in a good place. It I know. It's very sweet. I love that idea.


And, you know, there's this podcast out right now about this woman whose father was in like Hells Angels. And so I've been listening in like about a lot of biker stuff.


It's really I don't know if I know it's called bikie gangs bikie gang. Oh, no, it's called relative unknown. It's good. OK, yeah. OK, that was great. You had two fuckin hits so far. I mean, I wrote them.


I'm just giving Alison and her friends credit.


That was great. You ready for a her story? I mean, it's I'm long overdue. OK, this one's called the Kirkwood Tickler.


I'm sorry to laugh.


It's not. No, obviously my reaction is this nervous. It's like it's just so bizarre. These stories do not disappoint in the bizarreness of the fact that there are these erent one ofthe people that are just weirdos, they're criminals. But with a big serving a radio, normally we don't we don't think shame unless.


Or a sexual assaulter. Yes. There it has to be consent. And sensuality is the key to kink. You're right. It can't be a tickler, a one sided tickling. It's just not sensual Swiss cheese otherwise, which does not exist.


OK, ok. Sorry. Y'all. Oh boy do I have a hometown for you. I grew up in a town outside of Boston and I come from a big family of Mansell's.


Like my older sister attended Boston College, the fighting eagles with their Jesuit agenda. And during her junior year she decided to live off campus with some of her friends in an old house on Kirkwood Road from twenty eleven to twenty thirteen. There had been several reported break ins in the neighborhood, including many residential homes around BK's campus. Nothing was stolen. There were practically no traces left in any of the homes. However, in a few cases it was reported a dark figure was seen watching over men as they slept.


Oh, and twenty fourteen. These break ins escalated with up to five occurring in a night, with many BC students taking up residence on Kirkwood and the surrounding area. Doors were frequently left unlocked one night. Many of the men living on Kirkwood, including some of my sister's neighbors and friends, reported similar break ins but with a twist. The shadowy figure instead stood over these men and in some cases tickled their feet.


So the criminal was then quoin that Kirkwood tickler and continued to strike across campus, targeting the feet of young men. After my sister graduated, there were no other reported run ins with the Tickler. However, the hysteria of Tickler culture shook my sister and the students living on Kirkwood. The tickler was never caught. Some say the ghost of the ticklers still haunts the area, and some students report supernatural or not, sightings of the tickler out of their bedroom window.


States are natural.


Actually, I dude, it couldn't be more real. It could be more human. Stay sexy and lock your doors, Julia. Oh my. Is for real. So that's that is like the sister perve to remember the Petaluma tickler that my friend Audrey Crandall wrote in.


That's is same exact thing. But young girls. Yeah. If you haven't seen the twenty sixteen documentary tickled. Oh yeah. Relates to this directly. I highly and I mean I recommend it, it's a mind blowing documentary because it starts one spot and a friend of the fam, Dave Anthony and Gareth Rennolds are featured because they did this story on the dollar, which is a great it's a bizarre history podcast if you've never listened to it. It's very funny.


Those guys are great and it's you know, and then the stories are real. So Dave finds the most insane. Historical stories and then just kind of walk you through them, but they are actually in this documentary because they covered this story and this and this reporter who is either I think he was from New Zealand, he went and started investigating it and unraveled a thing that was so much bigger than the original point of the story. It's the I swear to you, April Richardson and I went and watched this documentary.


And when it was over, it was at the remember the Sundance Movie Theater in the on Crescent Heights.


The Sands at five. No. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But but then it later became. Yeah. So there was I would say altogether there was like nine people in the theater to watch this documentary.


And when it was over we all turned to each other like the whole audience turned to each other and went, what, like we all started talking to each other because it was that mind blowing and that like. Yeah. So if you haven't seen tickled it's from twenty sixteen highly. Oh my God. It's so funny. We did this last night too, constantly making a list of things people watched and said they liked because we're always looking for stuff to watch and so we to consume.


So bored. We watched everything, watched it all, watched it all.


OK, well that's a new one if you have you seen that documentary years ago. I completely forgot about it. Yeah. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I need a summer vacation from cooking a man carrying a girl. And that's why lately carrying you've been skipping out on meal prep and keeping things easy with daily harvest.


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I mean, my guys, these smoothies really have become just part of my daily morning routine.


It's so easy. And, you know, it's just like I'm going to do this super healthy thing and it's going to take me one second to do it. That's true. I almost every day of this quarantine bins has been making us a smoothie in the morning and it's just like become part of our routine. Yeah. And I feel like, you know, even if I'm gonna eat some crap and cry on the couch in the evening, I know that I had a nice smoothie that morning, so it's totally OK.


So keep it simple. This summer with daily harvest, go to daily harvest dotcom and enter promo code murder to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's promo code murder for twenty five dollars off your first box at Daily Harvest Dotcom.


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Fortunately, I'm a very gracious host and I never fly into a fit of rage. Rather, we discuss whatever my guest brings me. I've had all kinds of terrific guests, people like Emma Thompson. I have a slight obsession with vacuum cleaners. I have a lot of vacuum cleaners and actually I'm literally looking at one now that vacuums this floor and basically takes if you vacuum yourself with it, it would just take your skin off. Yes. Or Lester, basketball shorts go to Melinda Gates because there's just no world in which basketball shorts have come across her like life in the past twenty five years.


It is impossible. It's impossible. I like, hey, you know, wear these while you're, like, handing out the malaria.


Andy Richter, you at your most relaxed. It's not it's not pretty. Oh, speak for yourself. I just want stay gorgeous. Right. Like a reclining alabaster statue.


Karen Kilgariff, is that another Patrick Wilson horror movie? Yeah, I think he's like in two different series. Right. He's all over the map of his choices, love's demons. He wants to fight them. He wants to be the father around them.


Father of a demon. Lauren Lackas. Zachary Tyler.


Yeah. Zachary Ty Bryant. Yeah. Is now the proud owner of a B.W. or the entire chain or something.


He started again. OK, well, you can say a lot of things on a podcast. They become true. But he is not the CEO of Buffalo. I out and more.


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I said no girls. Your presence is presence in. OK, this last one is the subject line is postal worker, because I think we called out for if you're a postal worker, tell us where stuff. Yeah. Hey MFM Crume, I'm a postal worker and I thought I'd share a couple of stories from the processing side. OK, first of all, we are the biggest shipper of drugs in the country. You're welcome. We all know those coffee beans in packages are hiding weed props to the ones that straight up send weed without any concealed scent.


You've got some balls like, oh, my people just putting putting weed in a box and putting some tape on it and giving it to the mailman. Amazing. Well, I was a clerk, one of the funniest parts of my 12 hour day, six days a week was when jail mail came through. Ladies, whoever is taking those pics of you is a good friend. And we've seen parts of you not meant for public viewing. Remember not to overstuff the envelope.


It gets caught in the machines and your bits and pieces are out there for the whole post office to see, you know, so so people keep sending sending in. It's like, hey, you know, this is what you need when you're inside. But then if the envelopes, too, there's too many photos in there. There's just too many angles. Pick through your favorite. Yeah. One of the worst things to happen was when someone sent a fecal sample in an envelope and it jammed in my machine.


Someone shit was everywhere and I vomited in the trash can. What the fuck? Oh, my God. Listen, if you're mailing in your ballot this election mail early, don't take chances. Your new voting date is October 20th, not November 3rd. Make sure your vote gets counted. We have an election. We have election coordinators in every district in the country. We're working diligently to make sure ballots and election mail get clear every day, go buy some sweet stamps or merch and clean off your porch steps sidewalk for your career.


I never thought about the right. There's mail carriers who have to run gauntlets of people's garbage and bullshit to get to deliver mail. I never thought about that. Stay sexy and don't forget to seal that envelope of naughty pics.


B b amazing. I love that. What we want it. I love it. Good inside information. Oh good. Love the voting info as well. Yes. Thank you so much for that. That's hilarious.


Yeah. OK, my last one is here. OK, that saves the dog suppy all along. Time ago you asked for hero cat stories and I finally worked up the ambition to actually send this in. My in-laws move to a Rocky Mountains Foothill neighborhood outside of Albuquerque.


Just over ten years ago, the house came with a cat flap, which they assumed was for a cat the previous owners had had. Nope. Turns out the flap was installed specifically for the common cat that nobody owned but everyone took care of. Oh, he had toys, beds, food, bowls and a different name.


And every house in the neighborhood, those cats neighborhoods that might be right. Have got to be right.


Must be my in-laws called him yaoi because he liked to talk a lot, said Mãe. Without the E so Mãe, he like to talk a lot.


I took it, took him all of one day to come in and climb all over my highly allergic father in law who quickly became his favorite person. My in-laws took him to the vet and tried to make him an indoor cat, but he was having absolutely none of it. Instead, he came and went as he please, spending most of each week with my in-laws, made friends with their dog Brady, and went for family, walks in the foothills every single day meowing the whole time.


I look up so much as he was mouthing. What he was saying is, I love this. It's so great to get outside. You guys are fun. There's there's two other families that never leave the house.


You guys get the good cat food. That's what I like about hanging out here.


One day on their regular walk, Mãe did something he had never, ever done before. He started growling. He crouched down with his hackles, fully raised, staring intently at a bush about ten feet away and made this terrifying, low growling, hissing noise. Now, this is an off leash area, and Brady was wandering close to that Bush the way Molly was acting totally freaked my mother in law out and she called the dog back. The second the leash clicked on Brady's collar, Mãe made the most blood curdling growling noise and charged at the bush where a and this is all caps fully grown.


Bobcat had been hiding.


Whoa, Howie. And nine pounds semi stray house cat chased this thirty plus pound bobcat over a hundred feet.


Then came prancing back like the little king that he was.


Oh the dog.


Because it would have gotten the dog because they would normally live for another five years or so after this getting spoiled with cans of wet food. The older he got the more he stayed with my in-laws until he was basically an indoor cat at their place. He passed away peacefully in my father in. Favorite chair, which they still call the mãe chair. Oh, stay sexy and invite the neighborhood cat in for some wet food. It might just save your dog, Rosie.


Yes, that is the cutest, though.


Could we please have pictures of you? Oh, what if they send us a picture and it's a bobcat?


We're like, oh, guys, OK. Those were they were relatives. They were having a family quarrel.


There is no now that's the best. Also, I love those kind of cats that follow you when you are and don't like flip out and don't go other places or whatever.


Like that's that weird I because cats are pack animals. So when they do stuff like that, it's like because they like you, it's because they like you and they know that you're dipshit. So they'll walk right by a bobcat bush as if that's your right and privilege when it's not.


Watch your back from Bobcat's. What a good patch this week. What a good bet the word is bash catches the badges real good. What's the word you guys said last night? Your niece and I. What was a shoo in strangler's. I thought she was trying to say stragglers. Yes she goes strangler's. And I go, no, I think you mean what did I say? You know, it is strangler's and then I was watching you guys talk about it, and then I finally waited for you to be done.


I was like stragglers.


I was 13 years old. And I'm telling her the correct word if I'm totally wrong.


And then Karen turns to us and goes and just tells us that the most straight voice that was very obvious. Yeah. That story about those seventh grade girls you guys are talking about, they weren't strangler's, they were stragglers. So in character for me, it was almost like that, was it? I wasn't that wasn't a joke. We socially distancing.


It was fun. Oh, it was nice. Yeah. Because the my family came down as far as global warming refugees because north northern California is on fire and where they're from, they have fires above, below and east of them. So there was a smoke dome over Petaluma and then the smoke dome fell when the fog came in. So Laura was like we were just inhaling ash and bits of your they're just coughing. And it was terrible. So they came down here to Los Angeles where the air is clear.


So crews are and hung out for a week. It was super fun. I love it. And we had so much fun. Yeah, it was great.


Um, thanks for writing those and send more guys my favorite murder, a Gmail or on our website.


Send them there. We love them. You're the best. We appreciate it. Stay sexy and don't get murdered by Elvis.


Want a cookie?