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There's good news tonight. So often the good news doesn't get as much attention as the bad. So every Saturday, we highlight the many people who spread joy and love. And these are just some of those stories this week. When Mikaela Nolan finished her first Boston marathon this week, there was a big surprise. Her grandpa Bill was waiting. He'd come from Florida watching her run to honor his late wife, Anne, the grandma who'd always supported Mikaela's marathon dreams. I think she would have just said that she was so proud and so happy for me for achieving this goal. Three more. And talk about a victory lap, that's Texas high school track coach Joe McKinney. And that line of people with him? They're generations of his former students celebrating his upcoming retirement after 34 years. There's a new chapter ahead, too, for Michigan Police Chief Scott Burns. I would like to recognize your devotion to this community and your dedication to this police Department. He broke down in tears during the traditional last call, his final day on the horse. It's so meaningful because the person talking was his wife, Lisa, a 911 dispatcher. They've been working together 24 years.


You've had a long, distinguished career, and I am honored and so proud to be your wife. I can't Can't wait to see what the future holds. One of our copies. Thank you. Signing off. From Kingston, Jamaica, number 24, she has to cover it. And at Westchester University in Pennsylvania, the team helped make forward Jordan Kelleher's hoop dream come true. Flying in his parents from Jamaica, their first time ever watching him play. The surprise set up by head coach Damian Blair. Tell me how those moments were for you, Jordan? It was on a real. I've never wanted to start in my life. I would see my dad in America, and this was the first time watching him play. Coach, would you say that in some ways, Jordan has taught you a number of life lessons as well? Yes, he has. He's been here for over seven years without his family. It's taught me that when things are rough, I need to push through and stay positive and continue to work hard. So appreciate you for that. I love you, brother. I love you too, man. Thanks for watching. Stay updated about breaking news and top stories on the NBC News app or follow us on social media.