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I'm Jenna Fischer, and I'm Angela Kinsey. We were on the office together and we're best friends and now we're doing the ultimate office rewash podcast just for you. Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you where the office ladies. Hi, everybody. Hey there, you guys, I'm so excited to be here today, not that I'm not always excited, but I don't know, I just really enjoyed this episode.


It cracked me up. I liked it, too.


I it was a surprise to me. I had kind of a little bit forgotten about this one. Yeah. I hadn't seen this in a good while, so it was just fun to be an audience.


Well, let's tell everyone what we're talking about today. It is money, part one, which is Season four, Episode seven, written by Paul Lieberstein and directed by Paul Lieberstein. Yes. Should I hit you with a summary? I was hoping you would. I knew you were I knew you wouldn't let it go by without a summary, a great I forever. I would write an amazing summary by me. I'm hoping for a summary and three fast facts.


I mean, come on. Oh, lady, you're going to be happy. Good.


I'm not sick, Mattie. And listen.


And only judge a little go for it.


All right, here we go. Here's a summary.


Michael is forced to confront his money woes, as Jan Renovates says condo. He has to take a second job as a telemarketer, Pam and Jim spend a night at Dwights Family Beet Farm, which he is now running as a bed and breakfast. Kelly and Darryl work on their relationship and Andy tries to woo Angela. Thank you, any judgments, any judgment out there, no, no, not not yet good so far. All right. Well, fast track number one.


Now, I mentioned that this episode was written by Paul and directed by Paul, but this was actually the first episode directed by Paul Lieberstein.


Oh, yeah. So he will go on to direct many more. But this was his office directorial debut. Oji Yeah. So I reached out to him because I was like I mean, he wrote it, he directed it. Let's hear from him. And he told me that he wrote this episode while he was on vacation in Russia. But, yeah, I didn't know he'd ever vacation in Russia. Paul would have been a really interesting thing to banter about while we were on set waiting for lights to go up and stuff.


It's holding back.


I did know he'd been to Russia. So there you go. How was it? Was it great? It was great. He had a great, great time.


Well, he said that he was so excited to be able to write and direct this episode because it featured the first visit to Dwight's farmhouse at Schrute Farms because we've been there.


We saw the barn in the initiation and all that, but he got to completely invent Dwight's home. Mm hmm. And what it looked like and all of that stuff. And he said that he got the idea for Dwight to run a bed and breakfast during a trip to Italy a couple of years before. He is a world traveler. He's well traveled. Yes. So while he was in Italy, he had seen a bunch of signs for this farm.


BMB stay. You go stay on people's farms in Italy. Sounds amazing.


I just want Paul to know if you're listening. Paul, you don't have to go all the way to Italy for that.


You can't have a farm being right here. I'm sure, like my family farm in Texas would take you in.


I would love to have a farm B experience at your parents farm. I would love that so much. I would love to get up in the morning and go check on the cows with you.


Oh, lady, you're speaking my language. Well, Paul just said he loved imagining Dwight as a proprietor of a bed and breakfast. And he also told me he did so much to prepare for this episode. He really like overprepared because it was just a really big deal to him.


And he wanted it to be full of so many details.


And it was, oh, yes, there's so many cool details and we're going to point them out to you as they come up.


Definitely. All right. Fast fact number two is a location breakdown. I knew this was coming. The Schrute Farms location break down. I have been to this farm many times. Let's hear what you got.


So we mentioned before that we shot Schrute Farms on the Disney ranch in Santa Clarita, California. We went back for this episode and this time we used the Olivia's House location. That is the farmhouse that we transformed into Dwight's B and B.


Yes, you guys should know this is a vast property and they have different areas where they filmed. So they have the barn right where you saw the initiation and then they have little houses and different areas that you can use to create sort of this rustic look for TV and film.


But these houses, they're just shells. There's nothing in them, nothing. They're just like exterior shell walls. The walls are not insulated. So it got very, very cold at night. Any of the night scenes, we were freezing, freezing and drafty.


And everything is a little bit dusty. Like if you sit on something like a little cloud of like, yeah, it kind of comes out of it.


And are set designers had to go in and they had to meticulously decorate every single room, we every item you see we put there.


That's right. That's right. I have a feeling they went in first and cleaned and decorated. Why is my memory of shrimp are so dusty? Well, I remember sneezing a lot.


It's dusty, it's old, it's rundown. You know, you wouldn't want to lean against the wall. I'll just say that. So you might go right through it. But now we have another location. In this episode, Michael takes a job as a telemarketer. And I ask centipedes about this location, the exterior. When you see him walking into the building, we shot that in Van Nuys. That was near our studio. But the inside of the building we shot on the 10th floor of the L.A. Times building in downtown L.A..


Now, this shocked me. This shocked me because this building is stunning, stunning. It housed the L.A. Times until twenty seventeen. It was designed by this man named Gordon B. Kaufman in the art deco style in the nineteen thirties. It won a gold medal at the nineteen thirty seven Paris Exposition. And it's just it's so weird to me that this very, like ordinary telemarketing office is housed inside of this gorgeous piece of architecture. I know that is so wild because we don't do that building justice at all.


We make it look just like any cubicle office anywhere, right? Yeah, well, I shot a commercial in my 20s in downtown L.A. and I was really stunned because it was a gorgeous building and we were shooting on like the 12th floor. And then they had like craft and service on a different floor. You know, they used a few floors and it was like three floors in a row with no people, no one.


So I think there are like sort of buildings downtown that have just a lot of vacancy. Yeah, there must be.


I know it was it was really eerie because we were filming at night and it was like a dark corridor of like, oh, well, I visited the L.A. Times back in college as part of a film and television summer workshop that was coordinated by UCLA. And we got to go in and see how they make newspapers. And I remember the lobby. It has this great big globe and I have all these pictures. It was it was just amazing. I would love that.


I would sign up for that. Yeah. I mean, you know, I love a tour. We would sign up for almost any tour. I feel like we would. I mean, I feel like we could do a podcast where it's just you and I taking tours and talking about today we went to the peanut factory.


Oh, lady, that's a brilliant idea. We have to do that.


We travel and go on tours and then tell people about the tour we went on.


I mean, selfishly, I want to do that. That sounds great. OK, OK.


Well, speaking of travel fast track number three, TripAdvisor features very heavily in this episode. Yes. And I want you guys to know we really did create a page on the real TripAdvisor for Schrute Farms and our producers made two profiles and gave two reviews. So you could go on after watching the episode and see these two reviews and see the page. We hear one of them in the episode. That's the one from Jim and Pam. And their profile name was J and P two.


Mm hmm. But the other one that you don't hear in the episode, Angela, was from Sprinkles Mom. I know.


And it's a really negative review. It's very negative. Did you find it, too? He did it. So stay away. Proprietor is crazy. Oh, my gosh.


You have to read it. You have to read.


OK, it says I have to warn people about the proprietor of Schrute Farms. He may portray himself as a gentleman farmer, but he is not what he seems. He killed my cat Sprinkles. Who knows what he might do to you or your loved ones. Oh.


So the profiles are no longer there and those reviews are no longer there, but Schrute Farms is still a page on TripAdvisor. It has over 13 hundred reviews and it has four stars.


I went on the Shrimp Farms TripAdvisor page, and I want you guys to know it's it's got a little write up. It's got a photo. This is something that cracked me up. It says, here are the languages spoken at Schrute Farms. Are you ready? I'm ready. Now, we know this is just white moes, but here's the language spoken. OK, absorbency, Bosnian, Burmese, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Portuguese. Oddly, not on the list is German and Dwight answers the phone.


Guten tag. Aha. So TripAdvisor, you might want to update that TripAdvisor guys real. We just agreed to do it.


And then the other thing I thought was kind of cool about this and it's a little bit of a callback. This was also a task in the Dunder Mifflin Infinity online game. Posting review of Schrute Farms was part of Dunder Mifflin Infinity game on their website. That is so cool. And you can still post, as Jenna said, your review today, and I just read one as recent as December. Twenty twenty. Someone made up a review.


Now I read one, Angela, and I wasn't sure if it was real or not. Oh yeah. But a person wrote, Guys, this place is not real. I drove all the way there and there is nothing there and I was very disappointed. Oh no. I was like, wait, wait.


Did this person really drive to this weird remote location in Pennsylvania hoping to find troop arms?


You've got to know there's at least one person, right, that doesn't know that it was part of the show. And just as wanting to go see it, right?


Yeah. Oh, sorry. Person who drove there. Sorry, buddy. Well, that's all I got, lady. Well, I thought those were fantastic fast facts. No judge, no judge lady. Oh, I get a no judge. No judge for you today. That is high praise.


Well, before we go to break, we have some great news to share with you guys. It's very exciting. I'm very excited. I'm very excited. Thanks to office ladies fans, we won I Heart Radios podcast of the Year of the Year, Guys of the Year.


Thank you so much for voting for us. You really have no idea how excited we are about this. We are very, very proud. I mean, lady, we put our heart into this podcast every week. We do. And I am going to cherish this award and put it in a very prominent spot. I'm going to make people pass by it and ask me what it is whenever they come to my house. Oh, I'm going to be super Bragi about it and I'm not going to apologize.


I know you are not. This just means the world to us. You know, we love this show. We love re watching it. We love the community that has come here to do this journey with us and we get to work with our best friend, you guys. It's such a blessing. I am so thankful. I have such gratitude. I already know where I'm putting mine and putting mine right between my tight ass Dundee award in my She's kind of a bitch award.


Those are my two Dundee's and it's going right in between them. Well, you're going to trip over mine when you walk through my door. That's where my going going on the floor go right in front of my door so that everyone has to say, what's that as they walk into my house. So there you go. It's going to be a really weird spot. Thank you guys so much. It really means a lot. Yeah. Thank you.


All right. We'll take a break and we'll be back in just a moment.


OK, so we are back in this scene starts with Michael walking in and he throws his coat on Pam and I know it's what you're all here for, but at one second, there is a fantastic shot of the plant at front reception. Tell us all about, OK, it's got an orange pot. And I'm very curious what kind of plant this is. It's got very skinny stems and then kind of wispy, fluffy leaves. I don't is that my plant people hit me up.


I want to know.


Well, when I spoke with Steve, our set decorator, he told me that most of the plants that he put at reception were of the vine variety because they did not flower and they stayed pretty consistent for a whole week. Well, I'm familiar with the vine plants and I don't know what this one is. So our Beesley botanical experts out there hit me up. Let me know what kind of plant that is. It's at one second. Thank you.


Well, this whole cold open is very funny, we find out from Pam in a talking head that Michael has been watching the movie The Devil Wears Prada, but he doesn't watch it all at once. He watches it in little clips. He's a big Meryl Streep fan. So he's clearly identified with her character. And now he is treating Pam the way Meryl Streep treats her employees in the film.


It cracks me up that he watches it and little clips, because if you really look at the scene, you can tell because he clearly just sees the part where she goes state.


Give me, you know, so he'll just come out and sort of like just regurgitate what he just watched in, like, ten seconds. Well, we had a fan question about this from Amy S. Lewis M. LNP and Hanna C.. Was John Krasinski with Emily Blunt, yet when Michael does these references to The Devil Wears Prada, or was it just a coincidence? It was a coincidence, you guys, I, I watch this with my daughter and Isabelle said, Mom, Devil Wears Prada, isn't that John's wife?


Yeah, well, listen, this is not the only coincidence. And it brings up a very interesting set of trivia that I have called Six Degrees of Devil Wears Prada.


Oh, I am in it. Let's hear it. The office cast has a lot of connections to the cast of The Devil Wears Prada. Do you want to hear them? Yes, because I can only think of two. OK, go. All right. Well, we know that John Krasinski will marry Emily Blunt.


Mm hmm. Steve Carell will go on after this episode to star in Get Smart with Anne Hathaway. Oh, Rainn Wilson was in Entourage with Adrian Grenier.


Oh, that's a good one. Rich Summer, who was also a Devil Wears Prada, will later appear on the office as Pam's art school friend. And listen to this one. The movie The Devil Wears Prada was based on a book written by Lauren Weisberger, and she's from Scranton.


Yeah, Angela, you and I will eventually fake laugh at an awards show with Meryl Streep. We will.


I feel like that counts. She she will have no idea, does not remember that moment.


But we did walk up to her fake laughing. And finally, this one's a little bit of a stretch, but Stanley Tucci will marry Emily Blunt sister in real life. That's the other one I was thinking of. I love it, by the way, that that's a stretch. But us laughing adjacent to Meryl Streep. It's not a stretch. OK, I want you guys to know, though, a few months ago, this video went viral of Stanley Tucci making a cocktail.


It is fantastic. I highly recommend you watch it start to finish. He just seems really cool. It's like I want to hang out with Stanley Tucci in his kitchen. Yes. I want to sit on a stool in his kitchen while he makes me a cocktail. Yes, everyone does. Stanley Tucci, you heard that. So you're going to have two uninvited guests at some point, will be over soon.


So this cold open ends with a Pam talking head. That is really funny. And Gina, I want you to check out the bloopers because you and Paul Lieberstein, you can hear him laughing off camera. The two of you could not get through this talking head about Million Dollar Baby. You kept cracking up.


Yes. When Pam has to realize that Michael is going to kill her, you couldn't get through it. We couldn't get through it. I couldn't hold it long enough afterwards without laughing.


Well, it's hilarious. And there's fun bloopers. You can check it out. Well, this episode opens with Michael and Jan Janzon, another Juicy Couture tracksuit, and it's all she wears now and yeah, absolutely. And they're picking out fabric for the condo. They're doing some redecorating.


Yeah, there's a whole runner and deleted scenes where she comes in with this box of all this sort of fabric and curtain and and all this kind of like samples. And Michael is just avoiding going into his office to talk to her. He starts talking to Phyllis out of nowhere and Stanley. And they're like, what are you doing? Jan's waiting for you.


Well, he has a talking head where he explains why he might be avoiding things because money is really tight. Jan is insisting that they spend all this money redecorating the condo. But, you know, at the end of his life when he's sitting on his yacht, he's not going to be thinking about money. He's going to be thinking about how many friends he has and his children and his comedy albums.


And by the way, he has a yacht, so he probably did pretty well money wise. I thought that was so funny. Well, Jonah, as I remember, you have some very strong feelings on yachts and yacht ownership.


I do. I don't get it. There was this time when I felt like every time I opened Instagram, every celebrity was like yachting. They were getting on a yacht.


And I was like, What is this world? I don't get it. This yachting vacation world, you're cooped up in a small space on water.


I have to imagine you get seasick and there's a crew right on top of you. Like I like privacy when I'm on vacation. I don't. I mean, listen, that's a whole other thing that I have.


And I think it's because I spent so much time in the service industry being a caterer or whatever, you know, people don't see you when you're a caterer or something, when you're bringing them the drinks and the orders.


But newsflash, we can actually hear you and see you and everything you're doing. And I can't tell you how many, like, fancy Hollywood parties I catered.


I observed so much stuff. People just act like you're invisible. I wouldn't be able to relax on a yacht. I wouldn't be able to relax because I would know that they're watching me. They're listening.


I love them. How do how do these celebrities behave this way on yachts? How are they relaxed?


I don't get it.


You're private about yachting like I thought. We're going to talk about how it seems wasteful to spend that much money on a boat.


But you're like but also they're watching you. They're watching. You know, it is also I don't get that part.


But ultimately, I think what it is, is that I like cities and museums and I like walking on my vacations. I'm not a I'm not like I sit on a boat and take selfies person like I. That doesn't know I that's not for me.


I love a boat. I love the ocean. I love getting out on the ocean. But I don't need a vacation in the boat. Do you know what I mean? Like I like to be on land, but then take the boat places like adventures. Yes. Like you would want to go diving or snorkeling. Yes. Yes. Then return to land for the sleeping part. Yes. And the hanging out part in the eating and all that.


Yeah. Well we're not yachters.


We were. You know what. You know what you're not going to hear on office ladies. An ad for yachting. You know what else you're not going to hear.


Oh my God. I was on the most fabulous yacht. Oh my God.


Cut to two years from now when like we're yachting, we're on a yacht. That's what happens in the universe. You put something out there and you're like, I would never. And then all of a sudden the universe is like, joke's on you. You're a Yoda.


We get invited to tour the factory where they make yachts and we love them and they take us out on one and then we take a selfie on a yacht.


Listen, I would love a yacht factory tour. I know I would, too. So now we're at Jim and Dwight Despard and Jim overhears Dwight taking what sounds like a reservation for a bed and breakfast and Jimboomba.


What was happening. It's so funny. Jim is clearly on hold with someone or has just made a call and he hangs up so he can better focus on Dwight's phone call. Yeah, it's really good.


And for our background catchers, there is a great shot of Dwight's computer screen and it just looks like a paper order. So way to go. Props. You can't see what rain was actually surfing on the Internet. I have a couple of other background catches here at three minutes, 30 seconds in the background at reception. I am smiling at Randall, our camera operator. Oh, I didn't realize we had started rolling. See me share a moment with Randall and then quickly get into character.


Also in the background on Creed's computer, he is playing an epic game of solitaire.


That sounds about right. Mm hmm. Well, Dwight has this talking head about agroterrorism, and it's more than just A, B and B, it's about people visiting a farm and you give them a bed and and and it's like a whole experience. And Pam calls to sort of make a fake reservation, but ends up like booking a trip to Schrute Farms. Yeah. It's going to be Jim and Pam's first night away together. OK? I love that.


Actually, I think that's super sweet. Well, it's definitely like a weekend they'll never forget.


Michael has a talking head, which explains they used to have two cars, but they traded them in. Now they just have one.


And the new car is a Porche for Jan. Yeah, I mean, Jan is just dismantling his whole life, and when he says, I need the car tonight, she's like for your improv, can you just improv driving there or take the bus like she doesn't even know where he's going or what he's doing. She has no idea the big hole financially that she's creating and how he is scrambling. Yeah, I know. It's very sad. It made me sad.


Well, we had a fan catch here from Matthew L. Kolby Shannon, Joseph Stevens, Catherine A. and McKenna H. Among others, who said Michael says that they traded in both of their cars to buy a Porsche for Jan.


But wasn't Michael Sebring a company lease? How would he have traded it in? Hmm, good catch. Maybe if you don't take the company car, you get some sort of cash credit and he used that for the Porche. That sounds like a good theory. Do we like that? I made that up just now. I like it very much.


OK, well, now, lady, we've got this great scene of you and Dwight in the parking lot. You're getting some of your belongings back. Yes. Dwight gives Angela her cardigan, her sleeping cardigan, her sleep apnea mask. And then Angela asks, well, where's my chair figurine? And Dwight says, I don't know what you're talking about. You you know, you didn't leave it there. I looked all over. I scrubbed the room of your memory and she's like, huh, fine.


Well, I had a few questions about these items. For example, the sleeping cardigan. Yeah. Is it a thing? Let me tell you, because I Googled it. Oh, it is.


So if you type in sleeping cardigan on Google, one of the first things that comes up is a sleep sweater from Target. What how do you not already know about this? I don't know, hagert expert, you know, it's a sleeping sweater's. You can get them at Target Sleeping Sweater's. Well, I shot a movie in Detroit. It was the movie that I fell in love with Lee. Oh, giant mechanical man. And it was very cold.


And we were staying in this hotel and I could not get warm. And I wore a sweater to bed and I had.


I was, like, fully dressed when I went to sleep. Oh, I go to sleep with like three layers on and Josh is like his undies. Well, it's ridiculous.


You clearly need a sleeping cardigan from Target.


I guess I need a sleep sweater is what Target calls it.


And then Angela also gets her sleep apnea mask back. So we find out that Angela has sleep apnea. I mean, this is a serious sleep disorder.


Well, we got a fan question from Rachel Nielsen about that. She was very surprised when Dwight handed Angela the C Pap machine. She said, As someone who used to work in the sleep disorder industry, this was very interesting to me because Angela does not fit the typical C Pap profile. I would have thought Dwight used it. Was there any thought process or backstory for Angela on this, or was this a total surprise, a no back story for me?


I think this made the writers room chuckle and it went in the script. Well, I feel very worried for Angela, knowing now that she hasn't had her sleep apnea machine for a while. I know this caused me to feel anxious. I don't like thinking that people are without the necessary tools or medicines that they need for any period of time. You know what really bothers me? What it really bothers me if I'm watching a movie and someone gets even a minor injury and they don't deal with it immediately, it really I get a very distracted by it.


Like someone gets a cut and they don't like wrap it up. Right. It happens a lot in action films and it really bugs me. But what really bothers me is after someone gets an injury, when the villain presses on the injury, you're like someone gets like a bullet to the shoulder.


And then when they're being interrogated by the villain, the villain presses on their wound. I can't it's the heebie jeebies for me and I can't deal with it.


Well, do not watch the show alone or they drop people off in the middle of nowhere and they have to just survive because they get injured and they have to try to patch it up on their own. If it gets really bad, they send a medic in. But it's got to get bad for the medic to chopper in.


No, you couldn't do it. I can't. I couldn't do it.


And then you of course, you're constantly seeing like they're banged up as they try to fish.


Yeah, this is what I'm saying. I can't. You can't do it. You can't do it now. Well, the last thing on the list, of course, is the chair figurine. And I want you guys to know I own one.


Do you have the one from the show? No, no. It's so funny to me. I was given one as a gift. I don't know when even like in high school from like I don't know. Aunt Brenda, did you give it to me anyway?


I have a little cherub figurine and it went with me to college and sat on my windowsill and it made its way all the way to California. And it was on my dresser with, like, my dresser in the bedroom. And I need to go see if it's still there, because at some point Isabelle thought it was cute. And then Isabelle would like like I think put it in her room. I'm trying to track it down, guys. Anyway, long, boring story to tell you in real life.


I have a chair figurine also at six minutes and twenty four seconds in the scene. Angela, you are wearing very high heels. Why so high? How?


Probably because I had to stand next to rain because normally in my scenes with him, he's seated. And if I have to stand next to him, he's six three. I am five one.


You get the big heels get brought out. Well, these were massive guys. Check it out. Six minutes. Twenty four seconds. And also, if you toggle back to six minutes, nine seconds, there's a great shot of my cat hair clip that Kim Berry, who did my hair, made herself with like a glue gun. And years later she gave it to me in a shadow box. And I have my cat hair clips.


Oh, I know. So now we're going to move on to the scene where Kevin makes a big announcement to the bullpen that he would really love them to come see his band. It's like a battle of the bands night and there's going to be an applause meter and he will only win by clapping. And he wants everyone to come and clap for his band, Scranton, the city to not Scranton, the city which he is no longer a part of.


There is clearly some bad blood that we don't know about. But he invites he invites the whole office to please come. Well, we had a fan question about this. OK? From Naomi, why Beatrice W.. M. Raines, Allison Quigley and Elizabeth Shannon? They said. Why didn't Pam go see Kevin's band? No one came to her art show and she felt so hurt, wouldn't she want to see Kevin so he wouldn't feel unsupported the way she did?


Wow, that's a really good call. Yeah, here's what I'm thinking, guys. I'm thinking maybe she has gone to see his band. Maybe she went to go see Scranton, a city. Maybe everyone in the office has gone to see it. And this is like another request to come see the band. You know, those people, right? Like they're in the band or they do stand up and you're like, dude, I've seen seven of your standup shows like I can't come to this one tonight.


I just can't do it.


Maybe that's what's happening. I think I was this person because I was always in an improv show, I was always like, hey, catch my improv show.


And people are like, you perform three times a week for like the last four years. I can't come see you do improv anymore. Stop asking me.


I can relate to because I did all that stuff too.


And I know that especially with standup, like at least at the level that I was performing, guys, I didn't do stand up. I did this really weird comedic magic show. I won't go down that rabbit hole. Now, what you did.


I did. It was like it. I was a silent comedic magician. Watch and I performed to music and comedy clubs. Ginna, this is so amazing.


I cannot believe I didn't know this about you. We've been friends for so long. You were like a comedic mime. Yeah. I would give anything to see that. Anything. I did magic tricks using my hands, and they weren't really magic. It was a joke, but I performed it as if I was a great magician. So it was like a like an ironic kind of like. And you did it to music. To music. And did you speak?


No, no, no, no. Speaking holiday. Yeah, I need a photo.


I need a video. I need something. OK, I need to do the show for you sometime.


This was my only foray. Into what. Promise me we will have wine together and you will do this for me. I'll do it. I still have my tuxedo and yeah I still have it.


Yes, I was a fancy magician. I wore coat tails.


Oh my God. Yeah. So listen. My point is, I don't know how to come back from that, I don't know it's going to take me a bit. OK, well, listen, what I'm saying in relation to Scranton, a city, too, is, in my experience, performing the show, the number of people you brought in who bought a ticket to like the comedy show that night that determined your placement in the show. So, like, if no one came, you'd be at the end of the night and you'd be performing to a room of like three people.


Right. So, you know, this is why Kevin needs people to come, I think, because. Well, he has the applause meter. I don't know. This has gone very off topic. Everyone. I'm sorry, I, I my heart is so full.


I am. I am. This is a gift I was not expecting today. I have all of these visuals in my head of you in a tuxedo miming magic tricks at a comedy club.


It's you know, it's it's just one hundred percent awesome.


OK, well now Michael also says he cannot go to Kevin Show and Jim and Pam, they're like, oh, light bulb. This is when we tell them we should have dinner because they know he's not available. So sneaky, you two.


Yes. Also very sweet to realize that if Michael was available, he probably would go to Kevin's show because that's Michael, right? Of course he goes to everything.


Yeah. And also maybe now it's an opportunity to get away from Jóhann years old. There's a whole deleted scene runner where he's just avoiding having to talk to her.


Well, the reason that Michael can't go to this show or have dinner with Jim and Pam is because he has taken a second job as a telemarketer to pay his bills. And Paul does this very beautiful thing, I think, in his directing, as Michael is riding the bus, getting off the bus stop, walking into this building, you hear this dialogue and it says, I'm sorry, Mr. O'Brien, I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner. I just have a very exciting offer.


My records indicate that you have expressed interest in losing some weight. Well, what if I told you that I have a pill that will make you 50 pounds lighter in five minutes? How does that sound? Amazing, right? And it's this wonderful way that we now as an audience know exactly what's happening. Yeah. Before we even see what's in the building, I thought it was so brilliant.


Yeah, yeah. That's some beautiful writing. Well, now, also, Pam and Jim are arriving to Schrute Farms.


Yeah, Pam is clearly in Super Puhn mode. She's calling it the Bates Motel.


The embassy beats the radish and she's she's in rare form.


Well, this scene of Jim and Pam driving up to Schrute Farms, this is the scene where John turned on the seat warmer on my side of a car. We talked about it when he came on office, ladies. Yes. He called it his Clooney joke, right? Yes. Yes.


I just kept getting so hot. I was like, John, I am so hot, are you? And he's like, no, I don't know what you're talking about. And he had turned on my seat warmer.


Oh, my gosh, I love that. Because you couldn't have the A.C. on in the car. That was the thing because it messed with the sound. So we had to have you know, the car is getting warm. It was warm in the day. And then on top of it, your seat is heating up. So great. Well, I want you guys to know right as they turn down the road to go to Schrute Farms when the scene is happening, there's a great shot of the Schrute Farms mailbox and the many times that I film there with rain.


One time I took my camera and I took all of these kind of artsy photos and I took an artsy photo of the mailbox.


But I love it. I actually think it'd be really cool, like I should, like, blow it up like canvas size. I think it looks really cool.


We had a fan question about this scene of Jim and Pam arriving at Schrute Farms from Amaia North Sea. She said at around eight minutes, 21 seconds, Moes appears behind their car and starts running alongside them. How is that decided? Because it's really funny and it creates Mozes personality.


I reached out to Paul. I would love to hear what he says. Well, first of all. He came up with the idea for most running alongside the car while in a cafe in Russia.


I love how like inspirations in Russia, it's hilarious.


I love how he's always in these like foreign countries when he is writing these scripts and having his good ideas. But he said he started laughing out loud at the idea of HMOs running alongside the car, quote, like a dog. And that's what he wrote in the script, so that moment was totally scripted, that HMOs would run alongside the car like a puppy dog to greet the new visitors.


And it was written by an American tourist in Russia laughing out loud by himself to no one in a cafe. Well, I wanted to commend Mike Shaw on how fast he is.


I was doing. And you guys, we filmed that several times, we filmed that arrival because we had to film it with a cameraman inside the car, but then we also have a shot of us driving where we took the cameraman out of the car and they just shot John and I. So all I mean, Mike ran a lot that day.


Well, I think Mike was put through the wringer in this episode. There is a whole deleted scene where he is jumping on a kind of busted trampoline for Pam and Jim and doing all of these things, helicopter look over here and he's like constantly. He was on that trampoline doing tons of stuff.


He must have been so sore after and stay hot and tired.


Yeah, well, lady, why don't we take a break? And when we come back, we're going to meet Nick Figueiro, manager to the stars, and also take a look inside Schrute Farms. I like it.


All right. I'm going to take a break. And I will not be on a yacht, but I might be doing some magic.


So now we are back, Michael is in his cubicle at the telemarketing company and his boss, Nick Figaro, notices the camera crew. He walks over. He's like, what's happening here? Michael is like, it's OK there with me. And then he has this very funny speech where he's like, we're a legitimate operation. Like, clearly they're not because he believes or not.


He has to point that out. Well, the actor who plays Nick Figaro is Alan Wasserman. And here are some other roles that he has played. He's done a ton of television shows. But I also found it interesting that he played the gym teacher in the Tom Hanks movie Big and the Job interviewer in the Tom Cruise movie COCKTAIL'S.


Oh, wow. Oh, those are two great movies.


Well, my favorite thing is when he does what Michael always does, he calls a conference room meeting. Five minutes.


Yes. Oh, these things are useless. Yes.


And then in this conference room meeting, when Nick Figaro is trying to explain how to make a sale, Michael is just making jokes under his breath. Yes. And his co-workers love him. He's the Jim of the telemarketing office. He is. And they just want him to hang out with him. They're constantly inviting him to go hang out. There's deleted scenes where they they are just they hang on his every word.


Well, I got very interested in this scene at 10 minutes, twenty five seconds. There is a couple. Did you see them? The woman is pregnant, very pregnant. And this man, they're all over each other, very lovey dovey. Right. And they are in all the other deleted scenes, too.


They're always sort of like in some kind of embrace. I became a little bit obsessed with them, I was like, is this woman really pregnant? Were they hired as a couple? What is the story here? So I did a bit of a deep dive. OK, I found out that the woman is an actress named Anne Maddox. And then I found out that Anne Maddox is our producer, Cody's friend. What their friends on Instagram. I deep dive.


I was like, how can I get an in with this woman? And so Cody reached out to her friend and she answered all my questions. Oh, give me all of it. I want to give it to me. OK, here's how it went down and was a performer, UCB, and she said that there was a request for female performers to come in for a role on the office. She was not pregnant in real life, but the role was for a young pregnant woman working nights alongside her baby daddy.


And it was scripted that this couple would be lovey dovey and affectionate constantly. So she auditioned, she got the role, and then she got paired with this other actor randomly. But here's what she said.


She said, I remember that one of the cameramen did not know that the cuddling was in the script. And he kept saying to me and my co-star, you guys are so affectionate. And then he turned to the other camera operator and said, they've been like this all day.


It's so funny. And she was like, no, it was scripted, it was scripted. She also remembered that they shot in the L.A. Times building. She remembered that we had amazing food and that the cast and crew were so nice. But she said what's so heartwarming to her about that memory is just how everyone on set treated her like a friend, the crew, the cast. She said she just had the best time of her life and she'll cherish the experience forever.


It was so nice. I love that.


I also love what a very specific thing that Paul did. Paul was so thoughtful in filling out the world at the telemarketing company that he wrote in the script that there would be a young pregnant woman and her baby daddy and that it was so specific.


Yeah, I love that we often did that on the show where even minor characters who show up for just one episode, they have a story that's so great. I just love it. Yeah. And there were a lot of deleted scenes. There's a lot of scenes you don't see of this couple and of all these people interacting with Michael. Yes, this couple loved Michael. They invited him out to dinner. There's a deleted scene with it. And once again, I feel like our set decorators were having fun because there's all of these cartoon clippings.


So many, so many. And then there's a white piece of paper that says constant, continuous Roger demands. Don't know. Don't know. Very strange. I saw it, too.


I don't know what it means. Well, Alan Wasserman is Figaro was fantastic. I thought he was perfect. I loved his whole make the call, say the lines, make the sale. He was like I, I believed him 100 percent that he was this guy.


Well, you know, and in addition to being a silent magician, I also worked as a telemarketer. And I can tell you that Alan Wasserman's performance is right on, he's like every boss I ever had in my telemarketing days. Well, you know, I worked at one 800 dentist as an operator, and I would constantly get in trouble for not saying line number 13 correctly. Oh, yeah, the scripts are very specific. Like they've been researched.


They've been put through focus groups. My job was to call people and get them to subscribe to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. And we had a big deal on the Sunday paper and I was supposed to push the Sunday paper. Well, line 13, if I remember with something about like you would say what their ailment was and tell them the dentist you were going to send them to. And it was so stilted. And I remember I would say, like, you know what it sounds like to me, you might need a root canal.


I mean, that kind of pain like that sounds like an abscess.


And literally, my manager would come in waving his arms and he'd be like, you are not a dental professional. You cannot diagnose. Yeah, I have to say this line. Exactly. Well, let me help you with that tooth ache by finding a dentist for you and your area, like I can't say, sounds like a root canal to me. What are you doing, lady? So I would get in trouble.


Well, Jonah, should we get to Schrute Farms? Let's go to Schrute Farms. Jim and Pam are sitting on a couch in what looks like a sort of reception slash lobby area. And Dwight is explaining that there are three types of rooms available. He's checking them in. They can stay in America, irrigation or nighttime. Pam immediately says irrigation, I mean, without thought she was so positive. Yeah, I'm curious about night time, but I think I would have also chosen irrigation.


And by the way, it doesn't disappoint when Dwight shows them to their room. The irrigation room has a lot of pipes. Hanging from the walls, it's a wonderful design, pipes with no purpose, though, no, no, no, they're decorative. Yeah, decorative pipes. Yes. And two twin beds. Mm hmm. Yeah, now I believe I don't know if there's a deleted scene of it, but there was a scene that we shot where you see that Jim and Pam have pushed the two beds together in the morning.


You see into the room and Jim and Pam have actually made it one bed. Yes. And I was like, wait, is there two beds or one bed? And then I realized what they had done.


Yes. Yes. But I really like this moment on the two beds with Jim and Pam when Jim says one in six. And Pam, like what? He's like, oh, I'm sorry, I thought you asked me, what are our chances of being murdered tonight? Yeah, and Jim has this really sweet talking head where he says he had this whole vision of what it would be like to have a weekend away with Pam, what what our first trip away would be like.


It's so romantic, really, and sweet. And he said it definitely would not have been, you know, wine made out of beets. Probably not with Dwight and definitely not with so much manure. Yeah, maybe some manure. But less, less, less mature. Yeah, and we filmed all of these little moments that went under this talking heads, so you see Dwight mashing up beats to make beet wine and then you see us out in the field helping to shovel this manure.


And then Mose gets into a manure like a snowball fight with Dwight, but he's throwing manure. Mm hmm. And I remember shooting all of that. We had a fan question from Matthew Kay. When Dwight and Pam are shoveling manure, was it real? And was the moment when Mo starts throwing manure at Dwight scripted or was that just Mike? Sure. Messing with rain. OK, it was not real manure, right? It was not. Of course not.


Yeah. No faking manure. Put it on our list. Yes. And it was scripted. This idea, this little snowball fight of manure that was in the script. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So yeah. Fakey poo. I wonder what it was made of.


It was just like dirt and there was some hay inside of it and stuff. It was just like a muddy kind of mess. Right.


So they probably could really pelt each other. We could hurt.




Lady, I want to point something out about this episode and this scene here when we're shoveling the manure is really your best. Look at it.


Here is my thing. What the F am I wearing, I know. Did you look at my outfit in this episode? What is it? My pants look waterproof while also they don't fit. They're too long. They're all baggy. They, like, go over your shoes.


They look like a pair of very, like, hip hugger, waterproof cargo pants.


I don't know. And a very, very ill fitted sweater. I know. And also like. Did we not alter anything, did Pam not want to look cute on her first night away with Jim Pam? Well, I lady, I think you look very cute later in your great tank top, though. You look very cute. I do look really cute, Michael. You do.


You do. Time for bed. I was like, oh, John, you look so cute. But this outfit is a hot mess.


It really, really is. Well, you mentioned my little tank top Angela. And first of all, I don't sleep in clothes like that. I sleep completely dressed. Lee calls it my sleeping suit. He's like, it's amazing how you've covered up all of your skin from your neck down to your wrists, down to your ankles. Because I get cold at night. We've discussed. But Pam isn't the cutest little tank, top and pajama pants. It was freezing in that building, but it's a really cute moment because Dwight is reading them a bedtime story.


He's reading them. Harry Potter and Jim and Pam are snuggling and Mose is listening. It's sweet and awkward all at the same time. Well, we had a fan question, a lot of fan questions about the Harry Potter book.


Was he really reading, yadda, yadda? Well, Emma H has come to our rescue and she says, I am currently rereading the Harry Potter series that I just happened to come across the page that Dwight reads to Jim and Pam. It is page eighty five from the Deathly Hallows book. It is the scene when Voldemort is interrogating all of Vandar and the wand maker. Now, I'm sorry if I stumbled through that, but I am not familiar with this series.


This falls into the Star Wars area for me. OK. OK, well did I say those names right, Voldemort. Isn't that the person you're not supposed to. Yes, exactly. And all of Vandar. Well that is fantastic. I love to know where that is in the book, so thanks for that catch, Emma. And before we move away from this lovely Harry Potter reading, Jenna, here's my thing about Pam's outfit. When Pam is doing what you do at the beginning of a relationship where you're still trying to look cute at bedtime.


That will pass. Maybe those she really sleeps in.


I know this actually, whenever I watch TV shows or movies and women are in the morning, they're like getting coffee in the morning or they're they're going to bed at night. They're always dressed in these like little pajamas with the little shorts and the little tank tops or something. I don't know. Sometimes women are wearing like like what are those things like silken siff dress things to bed. Lingerie, lingerie, not full lingerie, but like a you know, what are they called they're like silk or satin.


What are they called? I don't know, but I used to have a little tank top and short combos, I would get them at Target like pajamas, and in the summer I would sleep in shorts. I mean, because, you know, I'm always going to have my place nice and warm.


So I'm just wrote a slip. Yeah, like a slip dress thing. Yes. Like a silky sloppy dress pajama thing.


And that anyone out there, literally any woman listening. Have you ever slept in one of those when you were trying to impress a man joke like this is what I love to sleep in. This is my go to. I love to sleep in. In a silk slip. Yeah. Negligee and negligee.


Yes. And negligee. Who sleeps in a negligee for real? Well, there was a time in my life I would have slept in a tank top and shorts. But now I live with a mountain man who freezes me out and I'm sorry those days are gone. I'm fully. I'm in my sleep suit, Jenna. All right. Well, so everybody is winding down for the night at Schrute Farms. Michael is still at work. He's still telemarketing.


But it's time for his dinner break. Yes, it's dinner time. And his cubicle mate right next to him is Vikram. Vikram is played by Ranjeet Chowdry. He does such a phenomenal job. I thought it was perfect. Everything he said as an actor, he just sort of threw it away, you know, in it.


I just thought he was a phenomenal actor and I just thought he crushed all of his scenes. It was so believable. Vikram is eating mixed masala and eggplant and rice. His dinner looks amazing and it looks like it was prepared with love. And it's in all of these little nice containers. And Michael is having a vanilla crisper. Yes. Which is a real thing. The Parama. Yeah. Yeah. But what you see is that, you know, well, Jan doesn't know where Michael is, but she certainly hasn't sent him to work with a lovely meal.


The way Vikram is partner clearly has ranjeet very sadly. He passed away in April of last year. He was so great to work with. And guys, he's going to come back for another episode. You might remember, he is part of Michael's dream team when Michael starts the Michael Scott Paper Company. So I got to work with him when he came back. And I got a few facts on him because I just thought he was so wonderful. You know, his mother was a theatre teacher and an actress.


His stepfather was a theatre director. And he just he worked his whole life as an actor and a writer. And he just had this very long career as an artist and comes from a long line of artists. So he's just amazing. I loved watching him in his scenes. I agree.


Well, after they have dinner, Michael is sort of holding court with the other telemarketer's. They love him. He's talking about Die Hard and how Die Hard won. The original John McClane was just a normal guy, you know, he's just a New York City cop. And then he gets his feet cut and gets beat up. Jonah, I had just watched Die Hard over the holidays. We were picking Christmas movies. And it's a kind of a great Christmas movie.


It's one of my favorite Christmas movies. And right out of the gate, Josh turns to me and goes, I would have put my shoes on. The minute I heard gunfire, I would have put my shoes on. This was a really hard thing for Josh to get past that this guy had no shoes on for, like, the whole movie. And yeah. So also he takes the shoes off this enormously tall Nordic guy.


Right. He's just died massive dude. And he's like, shoes are too small. And we're like, OK, we're going to call B.S. on that. There's no way that dude's feet are smaller than yours. Bruce Willis, what's happening? Yeah, well, you know, and then the thing happens in this movie that's real hard for me where he gets the piece of glass. Yeah, but and he does not take care of that properly. He just does not know.


But I mean, I know he doesn't have a lot of options, but that kind of stuff, it just it gets you.


Well, anyway, everyone is loving Michael's theory on Die Hard and the Die Hard series.


And one of the coworkers is like, dude, you should review movies. They're like, yeah. And and then Michael's like, actually, I'm writing a movie. Yeah, threat level midnight, yeah, and they're like, oh, but I just think it's so incredibly charming that Michael is like, he's the cool dude, I'm the cool dude at this place.


I know. Well, back at Schrute Farms Ham, here's a very strange knocking noise. She decides to investigate and it's moes in an outhouse, an outhouse, and the wind is blowing the door. Quack, quack, quack. And Pam is like, what?


Santería this. I know what Paul told me. This is one of his favorite shots from this episode because it's all one long tracking shot and they had to time it out. They had to, you know, rack focus from Pam out to the outhouse and oh, poor Mike sure had to sit out there and just wait for us every time we would reset.


I mean, again, you put through the wringer in this episode. You know, it was cold out there.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. No, I want to point out in an earlier episode when Dwight is telling us about Schrute Farms. He says that there's only one bathroom and it's under the porch. Oh, nice catch.


So I like to think that maybe when he decided to do the B and B, he upgraded to an outhouse, a proper outhouse.


Yes, this is my back story for the Schrute Farms outhouse. So they figure out what that sound is. So now, Jim and Pam, we're going to go back to bed with now. There's like a wailing. Like a moaning. Yes. I mean, it's like, what is that noise? And so, Jim, it's like his turn. So he's going to check it out. Well, 15 minutes. 40 seconds. He approaches the door.


Did you notice the wooden plaque says private room. Yes, right. Yes. Goes in and Dwight is holding the chair figurine and moaning. But very briefly and I'm talking very briefly at 15 minutes. Fifty two seconds over Jim shoulder, you can see a little bit of a poster. And I zoomed in on this poster and the legs, it looks like a rock and roll band and the lengths of the pants are white with gray stripes like skin tight pants.


You can't really make out the face. But I got obsessed with these pants and I started looking up every Motley Crue poster I could find because I'm positive it's Motley Crue, right. It's like it's got to be Motley Crue. I'm telling you, it is I found a photo of Tommy Lee in the same white skintight striped pants, and there is no doubt in my mind that in the private room, the love sanctuary of Angel and White, that there is a Motley Crue poster, if you remember, on their album Decade of Decadence, 81, Dash 91, there is a song called Anjelah.


It's going to come into play later. Sam, hit it again.


Wow, yeah, that poster of Motley Crue. You know what that means to Dwight? It's his lady, it's his heavy metal and and fans that have watched the show all the way through.


I don't want to do any spoilers. That song is going to come back in a big way later. Wow.


Wow. Well, I'll tell you what I noticed in the scene. At 16 minutes, we have got a huge, dull white from Jim.


But then at the end of the scene when he's leaving the room, he throws out a regular Dwight No, we have a dull white and a Dwight in the same scene. He never said Dwight. He always said, Why is this the one time John says Dwight? Well, I listen to it several times. Oh, my gosh. Because this is our job. You're listening to that over and over. Meanwhile, I'm Google searching like rock and roll band pants.


Well, I think he says Dwight like Dwight, but it's the closest thing to a Dwight we're going to get.


OK, well, guys, before we finish up here, we've got one last seen. It's the end of Michael's workday and he's walking outside, everyone's inviting him to come to the bar with him. Come on, Michael, we want to spend more time with you. Yeah, but he can't. Jan has come to pick him up. She gets out of the car and she says, you drive. I've had too much wine.


Great, glad you drove here. Yeah, I thought the same thing, and then Michael's like, how was yoga? She's like, I didn't go. And he's like, Why? She's like, I just didn't. Oh, so sad, the Jan Spiral man, and she's going to take Michael down with her. Oh yeah. And then Vikram tells Michael, Listen, man, you might be able to nab that bonus if you just work a little harder, Vikram gives you a little pep talk there at the end.


He's like, just stick to the script. No.


Yeah, well, Michael. Well, I love this episode. I love breaking down this first part.


I can't wait to get to the next part. And thank you so much, everyone, for sending in your questions. And I we just Jim and I just frickin love doing this. We just love it. We love it. All right. Well, we will see you next week for money. Part two, money, part two. Thank you for listening to office ladies Office Ladies is produced by earhole Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Our show is executive produced by Cody Fisher.


Our producer is Kasey Gerkin. Our sound engineer is Sam Kiefer, and our associate producer is Ainsley Mubako. Our theme song is Rubber Tree by Creed Bratton. For ad free versions of Office Ladies, go to Stitcher Premium Dotcom for a free one month trial of Stitcher Premium Use Code Officer.