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I'm having a party. Want to come? And then she goes, I'm having me a party. And then he goes, I don't think I can come. It's not just any party. I think I'll stay at home. And on and on, it goes.


I've never heard you sing that before. That's your bar song, though? That's your karaoke song? Yeah.


I would sing it all the time with Abby growing up. Wait, we sing Were you not there?


No, that was the day after I left, remember?


Yeah, we sing it there. I mean, I used to sing that all the time in the car. Originally, though, I sing it not with her. I sing it with my best friend from third grade who then ended up bullying me, and we stopped being friends. But that originated because her mom used to play it in her car.


The one who stole your clothes?


No, that's a different girl. Okay. It was bullied a lot by different women, unfortunately. So I took that song, and then my mom started playing it for me and Abby, and then me and Abby started singing it.


That's nice.


I like that your sunglasses match your outfit. Now, I'm self-conscious that mine don't.


I feel like they work. Yeah.


Yeah, but I'm wearing black and white, and then you're wearing white and blue, and then you use white and blue. Mine are brown and gold.


Where are your sunglasses?


You didn't read the memo?


I can't read it. I just want to... Here, wait. Get a good crunch gone.


Dance, monkey dance. Well, that's a big one. It's like those turtle videos, but you're the turtle.


Well, welcome to the... We start? Revamp of the offline TV podcast.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to episode one.


While Toast gets situated. No, start from the top. We've been on hiatus for a little bit, But we're back. Jody and I are taking over as hosts, and we're going to do things different around here a little bit. Okay?


Oh, boy. I'm so excited.


You're going to be seeing a lot of us.


Yeah. We're going to hit every other week, so you can count on that instead of every three months.


Why not every week?


I got shit to do, man.




My podcast.


You got a podcast? Yeah. That I've been neglecting. Episode three coming out soon. All right. Okay. What else is different here?


Well, we changed the look.




I like this. You like it?


Yeah. I feel like I'm getting interrogated.


No. Why did you say that?


Because this isn't even a couch. You guys get couches. With my couch, I'm sitting on an OTV-branded secret labs chair. Yeah.


Which is rather comfortable.


You get the awesome secret labs chair. Yeah.


I like it. The colors look nice, too.


My sunglasses are muting everything. I don't know how it looks right now.


Maybe we'll do a special party episode, but We turned one of the lights off, and it looked like a nightclub in here.


So cool. That'll be for the episodes where we drink.


Sure. Yeah. That'd be cool. This is the new podcast. You may find some things are the same, and some things will feel different. Okay. Yeah. But just act natural.


Be comfy. Okay. I like this dynamic more than our last podcast. Can I just talk about whatever?


You know what? The floor is yours, man.


Well, Jody was talking about how her third-grade friend bullied her, which triggered a memory I did in high school that I try and block out. Oh, no. I had a friend in elementary school in Canada. Grade nine is high school.


You're like what? Fourteen?


Yeah, 14. Before that, I went to elementary school. The closest friend I had was in seventh grade while I was in the eighth grade. We were friends. When I went off to high school, he stayed in elementary school at the eighth grade. Then when I was in the 10th grade, he went to my high school. Then he went to my school. I don't know why I did this, but I just pretended like I didn't know him. Apparently, this is not the most uncommon thing. Other kids have done it, I just straight up pretended like I didn't know him and ignored him. He tried to say hi to me, and I would just not acknowledge him and walk past him. I don't really know why I did that. Maybe there's some kid psychological stuff. Like, Oh, sorry, man. I'm a different person now. But I always felt terrible about that.


How do you think he feels?


Probably confused as to why I wasn't acknowledging him.


You think he was like, I swear I knew that guy.


No. No, he knew. Tim, if you're watching, I'm sorry.


Wait, but you said that Tim originally bullied you?


No. Jody was talking about bullying. He's the bully.


Oh, you literally were just like, I don't know you anymore.


I didn't even... Yeah, I just didn't acknowledge him. Damn.


Do you think that Tim just is a hate watcher now? He watched all your shit and was like, Fuck you, just got his toast.


No, we went to a very white college town. The townies that you were born there, you grew up there, you worked there, you have kids there, you die there. Most of the people in that town are townies. He's probably just, I hope, having a good I hope having a good life so I don't feel too bad about what happened. Probably doesn't even remember me.


Would you ever reach out to him? Hell, no.


I would not do that. I don't interact with anyone for my college or high school life, which is another thing I feel really bad about. I had two best friends in college that I haven't kept up with, and I don't know how they're doing. I'll invite them to my wedding if I ever have one. But yeah, it's been seven years since I've been in contact with them.


One of them, they're going to open up the invitation. The wife's going to be like, Who's that? And they're going to say, I don't know him.


Not the greatest track record when it comes to friendships.


If you're going to invite them to your wedding, how are you going to get in contact with them? How are you going to find out where they live?


I'm going to hit them on Facebook or email.Email?Email. That's what... Holy. I'm sure they still have their emails. I don't think it'll be hard to reach them. Facebook, probably.


You guys didn't text? You just emailed each other?


Well, we would Facebook message back in the day. College, for me, was seven years ago. Facebook Facebook was still popping.


Now I'm trying to think who I would invite to my wedding and what the... I don't know the name. A Statute of Limitation? Yeah. Yes. Of friendships for that. What is socially acceptable? If I haven't talked to this person in 10 years, should I invite them to my wedding?


Who would you want at your wedding?


You can invite anyone. I would invite all my closest friends. I still have some best friends that I text basically for holidays. Hey, thinking about you. Happy birthday. Merry Christmas. Whatever. And that's it.


Here's a challenge for you. Who would you say that we know of that would be invited but on the cusp? This is as far as it goes.


Who would I invite? A friend that is the cusp?


For example, Sydney is someone you would invite 100%, right? And as you get further away, it's like, Yeah, maybe. So who someone who you would invite? But it's like, Yeah, that's as far as I'm comfortable going.


I need some time to think. You go first.


Let me think. I invite everyone in this house. One step further would be I would invite Peter, Peter Park. That's one step further. Then one step beyond that would be... Now, that's probably my...


Peter, you're invited. You're going to have what? 10 people at your wedding?


How big is your wedding going to be?


Probably 30 people. Thirty? Yeah, I'm not looking for... I generally am a hater. Yeah. My friends are people I don't hate. Then beyond that, I hate them. Thirty is a good amount.


Really small Venn diagram we're working here with.


Is the 30 just friends, though, or are you including family?


It includes family. Wow. This is 30 people from my side. I'm not close to my cousins or my uncles. It's going to be like brother, sister, mom, dad.


I actually feel similar to you. My idea is I'm going to have a little... What's it called? Vocation Wedding?


Destination Wedding.


What am I saying? I don't know. I feel like that's a senior word. But I don't... Don't count me on that. Basically, I want to have a destination wedding so that I can have an excuse for people to not come and then be like, Oh, sorry. Yeah, it's just small.


You feel like you need an excuse? No.


But it's more like it's for them. I also want it to just be somewhere beautiful and I can just be on a vacation with friends. But I imagine a small wedding because it's for you. It's not for anybody else.


Interesting. I feel like with my family, there's a lot of, not politics, but a lot of people will feel hurt if I didn't invite them.


People will absolutely feel hurt if I do not invite them. But hey, that's on them, man. That's on them. That's on me. My wedding. Unless you're going to pay for it. Come all you want.


Yeah. It becomes a hard... People start texting your mom, and then the mom's like, I don't know. It's the venue. There's a venue. It's got to cut off. You start coming up all these things. It's like, Oh, sorry. If they cancel, maybe we can get you on the list.


Those are all excuses. That's when you say, Sorry, they don't want you there. It's their day. You can come to the reception or whatever it's called. What is the thing after the wedding? The reception. Guys, I don't know my terminology.


Did you think of someone yet?




What about you, Brodin?


I guess when it comes to... Basically, everyone that we went to the Philippines with, right? Those are my close friends. I would invite them to my wedding. Then Then anyone outside of that. If I'm not going to go on vacation with you, you're probably not invited. Unless I decide to make it bigger.


There was 11 people who went with you to the Philippines.


You know what I mean? If I would travel with you, you could be invited to my wedding. And then my grandparents. My mom, my dad. Best friend from sixth grade. All my friends from home.


And then... Okay, wait. I have one that maybe is for you. Valorant Community. There's people that you've interacted with, people that you've played games with. Anyone there who you're like, You know what? Yeah, I would invite. And that's the cutoff.




I would say-Sorry, Valerian community.


I mean, maybe. It depends on what wedding I'm having, I guess. I'm either going really close knit and I'm going on a vacational wedding, whatever, or I'm doing it in town, and then I'll invite a little farther reach.


Like the Valerian community.




That's pretty far.


Getting tense at my wedding.


Okay. How about Jason?


I don't invite Jason. Damn.


Congrats, Jason.


But not on my vacation wedding. Jason gets to come to my other bigger wedding.


You went on a vacation with him in Japan.


Yeah, we did. Jason and I aren't friends yet, but we have talked about books and surfing. But if we made it to one deeper level, maybe.


You I can't tell if Jason is finding back his date.


Well, this is great. I'm glad you picked Jason. Hey, Jason, does Jody get an invite to your wedding?


Oh, yeah. Jason is actually getting there. That's true. If he didn't invite you to his wedding, you don't have to invite him. You shouldn't invite Jody to your wedding just to guarantee your spot.


Do you have a mic, Jason, or no? That's fine. All right. He said venue cut offs.


Understandable. I saw my sister go through wedding planning, and it is hassle-some. You have to have the exact number of guests and food. People always want to bring plus ones. They have to account for that. It's vegetarians and stuff.


It's a whole thing. Those damn vegetarians.


Also, everyone tries to just upcharge a ton. A lot of the venues that we'll rent for location stuff, for like a TV videos or whatever, when you rent them, they'll have the filming price, which is already They're expensive, but sometimes affordable. Then they will typically have an asterisk that says, If you're going to use this for a wedding, you have to let us know. Then they'll triple the charge.


I don't know. I want to get eloped, honestly.


What's that? A secret wedding?


You just don't make a big deal about it, and then you just run away, get married. You have one person see it, whatever.


Like a Vegas wedding?


Yeah. What is that called?




No, the person that... Yeah, guys, I don't know. The person that is the...


The pastor.


No, the...


Efficient, I think. The person that...


Oh, a witness. You have to have a witness.


Oh, yeah. It needs to be a...


Fourth person. Fourth person, yes. Then I would just, I don't know, throw a party.


Would you use a stranger for your witness?


No, probably not. No.


Where would you get eloped? Hawaii.


I don't know. Just anywhere. Okay, I'm just going to eat.


How was that bite?


I'm so hungry. This was so good.


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Wait, that was yummy.


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Now, you guys are big on proposal types? No.


Well, I get the ick. From proposals? Okay. Before you... Okay. I hate performative romance. I love romance, true love romance. But performative romance I understand where it's coming from, but I just get the ick. Where it's like, for example, a performative romance to me is a public proposal that you guys have not talked about. So the girl's or the guy is What? What?


Yeah. Yeah.


I just like, I don't know. I can't. So proposals for me are... I could just... For example, when we were in the Philippines, we saw somebody get proposed to in this little...


Oh, yeah.


That was funny. Right next to the pool, and they were having dinner. I was like, I don't know. Do you think that they had a good time with all these people around them and everyone's watching them?


I don't know.


Jody's screaming, I can't swim. I can't swim. I was like, Man, I hope that we, people in the pool, didn't ruin their proposal. But also...


It's just such a bad spot to even have one of those romantic dinner.


I know.


It's so close to us. I don't blame them because it's booked through the hotel, and when you think romantic dinner spots, it's secluded, and then maybe there's a butler. But it's right next to the public pool.


Yeah. Terrible spot.


The pool is elevated above the dinner spot. We're all peering over like kids in a trench coat, witnessing this. Then we were just laughing. Then the guy got on one the air.


We're like, He's proposing It was a funny sight seeing five people lined up at the rim like, Oh, what's happening here?


She seemed like she enjoyed it, and she said yes. Good for them. I saw them at the breakfast buffet the next day, and she looked happy.


Wishing them the best.


What about a... There's no camera to film your reaction. You're out in the Italian Riviera. Exactly. That's good. Yeah. That's good. Okay.


I just don't want to put too much pressure on it. It just doesn't matter to me. I think it can be an absolutely beautiful moment, but I just think there's so much pressure already. Or as a girl growing up in a very small town, there was a lot of emphasis put on marriage and babies. Then once I moved away and stopped being a townie, I was like, Oh, yeah. Dear God. I just think about when girls used to make Pinterest pages of their wedding and whatnot. I think it's great. You can't absolutely look forward to that and romanticize it. But I think it's when it's your only goal, it's this only thing that you think about. I think it puts a lot of pressure on the day and puts a lot of pressure on making it be perfect when it's just another day. And it can be beautiful, but I think the culture around it has been really I don't know. I think it just puts a lot of pressure, which can create negativity around it.


Do you have any problem being proposed to his host?


No. It'll make my life a lot easier. I think we should normalize women proposing to men. It's hard putting yourself out there.


Well, it's not... All the time. Well, I mean, if you're proposing, you guys have definitely talked about marriage. You're not... She's not going to say no. I mean, really, Realistically, if you're- Realistically, from what I've seen, even if the girl wants to say no, she'll say yes to not embarrass the guy, and then later on talk about it.


Which I think is fair because if you guys are in a public space or a very romantic space, it's a big deal. It can be very hard to say no. And that's a problem with society, that we have conditioned people that saying no is a bad thing. So what I've seen is people would say yes, and then later on in private. Can I walk back on that a little bit.


I love you've created this mental image for me where guy proposes to girl in a big public area. He's like, Oh, my God. Yes. And He's just like, Yes. Yes.


I did it. Yes.


The best day of his life. Cut to 24 hours later, he's sulking. She's just giving him the news.


Yeah, that happened to my friend in high school. But it was the prom, not a marriage. Okay, okay. Bro. But he liked this girl and he worked up the courage to finally ask her. I think she was so blindside. It's like, Oh, yeah, I'll go. And then later sent him a message. I think it'll be fun if we all go as a group. It's like, Bro, yeah. I don't blame the girl. It's so much pressure in that moment to not want to hurt someone's feeling. It's rough out there.


That made me think about my high school, and everybody did what I assumed you should do for proposals, which is, Hey, you text. Hey, would you like to go to the dance together? And then they do a grand ask.


Oh, it set up a head-up time.


It's an aggressive high school, it feels like.


No, it was like, Oh, I'm friends with Graydon. Graydon, you want to go to prom together? Sure. And then he'll come up with some ask or whatever. Everyone knew ahead of the time who was going with who.


I have a question. Do you, and I know you don't speak for all women, but a common thing that boys go through is this idea of when you kiss a girl, if you ask, you're like, Ooh, pussy. What? I swear to God, this is what I was taught when I was in high school. Asking is good because you confirm it. But at the same time, the idea is like, Oh, you're asking. You should be able to tell.


No. At least I don't know.


You never heard of that sentiment?




Interesting. I'm aware of this for sure. A lot of voice.


Wait, then you'll Is it called a pussy?


Not a pussy, but it's like you're a little beta-ish.


Yeah, it's looked down upon. It's like, Oh, you had to ask. You couldn't just tell.


Okay, I've never heard you couldn't just tell. I've never heard of that. I guess I have heard the sentiment of I don't think I've heard pussy or anything like that. I'm trying to think back in high school because it is high school.


It feels like boys are expected to study the signs of, Oh, she looked at me. Oh, she put her hair behind your ear.


Or even as a sign of confidence. It's just like... You know? Another, I think a more extreme version is that you're getting. You're making out with a girl. It's like, Hey, can we have sex? Do you want to have sex? It's like you're supposed to pick up on nonverbal cues, like move your hand in places, and she pushes away. I see what you mean. So like, kissing is, I would say, the lightest version of that. It's like, You can see the signs, and then do you just go for it? Or do you say, Hey, is it okay if I kiss you? Which is a very gentleman behavior, but beta-ish.


No. Okay. You're feeding into...


I should preface this by saying I was an intel growing up. Okay.


Okay. Truly?


No. But I consumed incel culture, teaching. But I was always aware, Okay, this is a little dangerous. So I didn't steer into it. But I think it does prey on young boys growing up. The insecurity about women. And it's like, Oh, maybe I should just trust this guy who's telling me these things. I think that's where a lot of guys split off into the manosphere toxic masculinity or they become a little more self-aware. It's like, okay, some of the things they are saying might have some element of truth, but it seems like they blame the women more than their own circumstances. You come to a crossroad of, do I blame the women or do I just try and work around some of these things society has set up?


I do think it's... Okay, I have two tangents. The first one we're going to go on to say is, I think it's crazy that there are such influence... Or, men are so influenced by men when this entire conversation comes down to women. Wouldn't you just consume more content from women talking about about their experiences with men to then understand them more, which I would say is what you see when men are generally a little more well-rounded. They're like, Oh, yeah. I had a sister or a mother or whatever I was really close to, or I'm consuming content, whatever. But a lot of times they don't because I think you try to go for relatability and you find content creators who are men or whatever, whoever's talking about on a podcast thing. Cool. Great. That was my other one.


To I'll give even more context around there, it's not just a guy's thing where you go back to your buddy's and you're like, Hey, we made out. And they're like, Did you have to ask? It's like a... How do I put it? The mentality around it is almost like the girl will be, not offended, but will think lesser of you for asking. Not guys.


Got it.


Some girls will say, Oh, that gave me the ick. Yeah. In this day and age.


Let me really... Okay. Well, I think it's really different in high school. I think high school is just... It's a terrible place, man. That shit sucked. I think it's super toxic, not only just for women, but also for men, or boys and girls. I think about my values in high school and how negative my self-talk was and how... I felt like a pick me girl because that was what was pushed. I feel like all girls were competing against other girls. It never felt like girls were trying to cheer other girls on in high school. It was terrible. I can definitely understand in high school, if a guy said that, how girls would be like, Oh, eeu. But then you grow up. Truly, if a guy said that to me now, I would not think anything of it. I also think it's depending on how you're asking. Are you just asking it because you know? I think if you're asking it because you're like, Oh, I'm supposed to, then it's going to come off weird because you're like, I'm not going to kiss you? But if you're genuinely coming from a place of, I care about you.


I want to make you feel safe. Then it comes off as like, nice.


Have you ever asked, Hey, can I kiss you?


I think once. Pussy. But otherwise, I just read the situation.


That's my dog. When I was having this conversation with Michael, before he said anything, I'm like, Yeah, I would never ask because that would be too much of a bitch move. Michael's like, Yeah, no, I asked.


I do think you should ask, generally.


If you don't know, you should ask.


Yeah. I do think it's pretty clear when someone really wants to kiss you. But if it's unclear and you don't know, there's no harm in asking.


I think the time that I asked, it was like, I really did not know. There's probably a point in that date where I was like, Should I just leave? Is this not going well?


Did she say yes or no?


Yes. It was just a very hard-to-read person.


Asking worked out. I also want to say this, disclaimer. Boys don't go out there kissing girls. Because I said not to ask. Please ask. The only time you wouldn't ask is... She's piercing her lips. If you're asking at that point, God save you. But that's essentially the idea. If all the the green lights are there, and you feel like you have enough confidence to go for it, go for it. But if things are just progressing normally, don't just fucking go in for it because... Yeah, no, you would get in trouble for that. And that would just be disrespect for a girl. I want to go back to the pick me thing.


Okay, go ahead. That's interesting.


I feel like high school definitely phrase that culture of Girls Against Girls, but especially in the gaming-style streaming scene. And I feel like I see it a A lot with some of these newish Valorant girls streamers or League streamers. It happened a long time ago, eight years ago, where girls essentially compared to each other all the time. The second a girl shows up, a popular content girl, content creator shows up, it's like, Oh, how does she compare against this other girl creator? And a lot of the sentiment back then was the girls were rarely friends with each other. Like, really? But on the outside, they kept up appearances. Did you ever feel that in gaming?


Actually, I don't feel it. Okay, I can only talk about my own sentiments. In high school, I really felt like a pykmy where I shied away from girly girl things because guys would talk so down about girly girl things. You would hear them say that or like, Oh, she does her makeup, puts an effort. But really, they just want to see you look effortlessly beautiful thing. And so I would shy away from girly things, and I would view all women around me as a competitor. And I was oftentimes really jealous. I just remember growing up with just such envy and negative feelings. But really, it's just a projection. I'm really just insecure about myself. But a lot of those insecurities did stem from male validation. In the gaming space in particular, I think I just joined this scene far later in my life. I can imagine if I started streaming when I was 15, dear God, save me. I don't think I would have... I don't know what I would have done. I think I would have grown really toxic. But I started at the age of what? I was like, 19. And I'm what?


26. So I just came into the space really with a different mentality. At that point, I was over that. And I, I don't know, I grew to love women a lot. So in the gaming space in particular, I haven't felt that, I guess, that I Well, I don't view women as competitors in the gaming space, but I do think that people compare women a lot, but also I think they compare men a lot. I think it happens to everyone. But also we're in such a male-dominated space, so we're inevitably going to be compared a lot more to really specific creators. But I don't know if it's... I don't know if it's ill-intented, and I'm not sure. I feel like now, though, all the girls that I meet are really, for the most part, loving and want to cheer other women up. Have you noticed differently?


How spicy do we get on this podcast?


I think however comfortable you are sharing.


I think one of the things in the out circle, we very much Like, have to publicly push this idea that all the women love each other. Almost to a point where it's reaching a point like, Oh, you're not leaving likes. You're not commenting positively on every single girl's story. You have to do that. It's almost like too much positivity is what I've seen. And it alienates the girls that maybe don't do that all the time. Interesting. This idea like, Oh, you got to support women. You got to support women. That's one thing I noticed.


You're saying that you've noticed women in the scene will comment on people things that they don't like. And then they're like...


Sometimes they're just like, whatever about it, which is I would say I'm whatever about 90% of my friends post and 10% say, Oh, I like that. I'm going to leave a comment. But they would see something that They're whatever about it, but feel this need to like, Oh, I should leave a comment. Like, Oh, I should like it. But maybe I'm just projecting. But that's... Or everyone are just really positive all the time.


I actually have never felt obligated. I can only speak on my behalf.


Have you ever felt obligated to do anything in this streaming scene where you don't really want to? For public appearances.


Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. But when it comes to social media, that's only on live stream when I'm like, Ha ha, I love it here. Whereas on social media, if I'm leaving a comment, I honestly, I might not like the person, but I might like what they're doing or I might be rooting for them to, I don't know, create whatever the hell they're doing. And I'm like, Yeah, cool. I want to bring eyes to that. But I might not like them as a person. I guess I view it as two different things. Or because if I'm not liking someone in the scene, it's either because you've done something that I know behind the scenes, which I'm like, I'm far, far away from you. And generally, those people I'm not leaving something on because I'm like, But then if I just find you annoying, okay, whatever, you're annoying. And I also like what you're doing. Cool. Cheers.


Sorry. I've been on... I'm not sure if you guys use Twitter a lot, but it's been pushing right wing ideals on me, and I can feel it.


Can you give me some examples?


So one thing I noticed a lot that, honestly, at all political parties or even marketing do, like men versus women, Democrats versus Republicans. Even though it's shit I'm talking about right now. It's like, Telsy didn't used to talk about stuff like that. It's because I'm on Twitter so much, and I'm just consuming all this content. I was just like, Oh, yeah. Women behave like this. Oh, men behave like this. It's like, this is your immigration. I see videos of immigrants at the border. Like, Oh, this is ruining America. I'm just watching these videos. Is it? I guess it is. There's a lot of people angry. But look at all these comments about it. We should do something. And then I realized, what the fuck am I doing? Why am I consuming these videos? But what I notice is It almost seems like it's a pendulum of beliefs because in our era, our community were very progressive and left-leaning ideals, I would say. Very safe, very women's All right. And then I see almost a shift with the rise of people like that Andrew Tate guy, for example. Being able to create this mass legion of guy followers.


Oh, yeah. You should treat women like this. You should try and make money. Your value as a man is defined by this. And he's super popular. But I think he's super popular because there are this large audience of males looking for someone like him. And I think that's possible because for a while, most of the media, the media, Big Pharma, promoted an out-circle more progressive, that's what I was thinking. And there was no media for them to consume. So as soon as someone like Andrew Tate shows, I was like, Yeah, I like what this guy is saying. Now, I need to get off Twitter.


I think Twitter has gotten incredibly negative. I remember after they updated it, so you all have a For You page or whatever, which I swear is based off of who you're following and what they're looking at or something. I just saw someone die. I saw someone get shot, and I was like, What the fuck? Why is this on Twitter? Why is this free? And then I was like, This is on Tenzin's free page. This is why it's on my fucking free page.


Why is this here? That's how it works.


I want to say, generally. Generally, algorithms for TikTok is like, if your friends are liking something or they follow something or whatever, it's going to be put onto your For You page, which is why sometimes I get whack ass shit on my TikTok. I'm like, I know someone in the friend who is watching something crazy right now. But Twitter For You page also, I don't think it's just algorithm because I get such wild shit on that. It is really like, they're just really one-sided takes and opinions. And everyone is up in arms and I'm like, it's just not black and white like that. I don't know. Tiktok and Twitch and Twitter. I don't know. Everything's just getting weirder and weirder as the days pass.


Tiktok, honestly, I haven't really opened in months, and I feel so much better. Sometimes you guys will send me stuff and I'll open it just for that and then immediately close I have whatever, the 99 plus notifications. I'm not opening those. I'm going to get sucked into this black hole.


Yeah, it does feel like a black hole. I love using TikTok, YouTube, though. I love going on TikTok and looking at videos, but I don't like doomscrolling.


See, That's interesting. I've never thought to be like, Oh, I'll search it on TikTok.


I didn't either until another girl was like, Hey, you should try looking that up on TikTok. I was like, Oh, okay. I love it because I'm like, Yeah, I don't want to have to skim through a 10-minute video to find the shit I'm looking for. I'm just simply trying to find my thing and be out. Whenever I'm playing a new agent in Valorant, for example, I'm like, Show me a 30-second clip on how to play this. Great, done. Now I'm in the game.


Because you expect it to be shorter for him.


It is always shorter for him. Got it. Yes. Perfect.


Okay, I take that back, actually. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the documentary or docu-series that came out, Quiet on Set.


Nickelodian was Oh, yeah.


I don't know enough about it. I just know a little bit. This giant pole is in my way of the TV.


Basically, it talks about Nickelodeon's practices while filming all these kids' shows. A lot of it is the executive producer is this guy called Dan Schneider, and everyone's coming out and calling him a creep and all this stuff. Drake Bell, of Drake and Josh, was on one of the episodes and spoke about essay and very dark things that happened on set. That was something where I saw a snippet on Twitter, and then I was like, I need to see more of this. How do I see more of this? And then search it on TikTok, and then TikTok was giving all of the whole story there.


I'm surprised it took so long because even eight years ago, you would see memes about Dan Schneider. They call him Dan Schneider, Hold Her Tider. People were talking about this eight years ago, just on internet forums. And yeah, now it's getting revealed. And the whole Drake Bell, I haven't seen anything on it, but I know the last time he was in the news, he was arrested for...


Yes. He's had a bit of a troubled past himself.


Pretty much what he went through at Nickelodeon probably ruined his life and made him... Because it also happened to Amanda Binds as well, and a lot of child stars. Yeah, I know. It sounds like a terrible time for everyone.


Well, just even like what I said before, if I started streaming at the age of 15, I think I would have ruined my life type thing. I cannot imagine what it is like to be, whatever, 10 to 15 and be a child star. I remember watching a clip of Miley Cyrus going one of her schedules. She was 15, 16 at the time. It starts at seven. She had seven interviews in one day. I'm like, holy shit. I don't know. I think it just changes you.


Yeah. But on top of that, though, the Jake Bell situation is, imagine who's someone that you would interact with consistently when you're streaming? A Twitch partner manager, maybe. Are you in constant interaction?


Here and there.


Imagine that person who is on your team, supposed to be on your side, is constantly trying to get you in private rooms where it's just the two of you.


You're young, you don't know any better. Yeah.


That's what was happening with Drake. It turned out a lot of other people in that space.


Yeah. Is that man, where is that man? Where is Now? Is he not in a place of power?


Is he gone?


I'm assuming.


I don't know how deep we want to get into this. But… Drake Bell, I guess, is from Newport Beach. Thank you, Jamie. Basically, the abuser was sentenced and is a public child... Sex offender. So was he in When Drake was 14, his girlfriend's mom at the time realized something is up here. Why did you have a relationship with this man?


Oh, my God.


Got the police involved. They got him arrested. He was sentenced and everything. But his sentencing was for, I think, 16 months. Then he actually booked a job with the Sweetlife of Zack and Cody right after. Granted, afterwards, Disney realized, what the fuck is going on? And cut him out. But it is crazy that he got another job.


Oh my God. I remember someone talking about clips about Ariana Grande. I can't remember. I don't remember it. But is that the same guy? Is that the same...


Dan Schneider, yeah.


Pretty much anyone who...


What a fucking creep.


Went through the Nickelodeon stuff. A lot of people are just wondering, Why did some people come on and say something? Why are some people keeping quiet? That's a lot of- I mean.conspiracy stuff. Janet McCarthy. Yep. Released a book, but hers was just sitting on her dead mom. It's titled, I'm glad my mom died. I was telling how her mom just pushed her. It seemed like her mom would be like, Yeah, go spend time with that guy. It might help you, deal. But in her book, too, she mentioned how she was offered Hush Money.


They were like, Hey, we canceled Sam and Cat. That was her show with Ariana Grande. She was like, Oh, cool. All right. They go, Yeah. They want to give you $300,000. She's like, Okay, what's the catch? They're like, Just don't talk about your experience. That's hush money. No.


My goodness. Oh, my goodness. I definitely think it's so scary to come out and talk about it. Some Some people are really receiving and empathetic of that situation, and some people are really not... It's such a tender topic, and I feel like it's something that is so vulnerable that when you do talk about it, it's like you have to relive a lot of the feelings you went through. And I can't imagine. The Internet is no kind place. So it's just I could understand why some people wouldn't come forward, because that's a lot. You got to read all these comments about you, and now the news is talking about you. It's like, you just want to let it be in the past sometimes, I'm assuming. I don't know.


It just gets messy.


Yeah. But it's also just I really look up to the people who have the courage to come forward and talk about it because then it does bring awareness to it. But I cannot believe it has... I cannot believe he got a job in 16 months or whatever. I don't know. That is absurd to me. Is he in jail? What's he doing?


No, I believe he just lives in LA now.


Shut up. There is no way.


The guy that you're looking for is Brian Peck, not Dan Schneider.


Wait, Brian?


No relation to Josh Peck.


Who's Brian Peck?


He's the guy that was sentenced. He worked closely with Dan Schneider. He was a-So they're just a bunch of creeps together? He was a dialog coach for lots of kids in the industry. There's photos of him with Leonardo DiCaprio and other stuff. So now people are, because of this Drake thing, thinking like, Oh, did he pull stuff with Leonardo DiCaprio? Did he pull stuff with this other kid?


Oh, my God. So Dan Schneider is just like, What? I don't even know. Fuck these guys. I don't care. That's crazy to me.


I'm surprised Disney. He reportedly decides in Los Angeles. He just lives his life?


Oh my God.


Oh my God. I'm really surprised Disney hired him back because Disney now is with Jonathan Majors or James Gunn. The second something comes up, it's like, Fired. Fired. Leave. Because it's a giant empire now and you can't have anyone that are getting into trouble.




I think that was just like, they did not do a good screening.


Then when they finally did, they were like, Oh, my God, we need to get rid of him right now. They ended I think, scrubbing him from the episode. They totally replaced him. He ended up being a voice, so he wasn't on set, luckily. But yeah.


Wow. That was scary.


To segue from that dark topic. Yeah, where are we going? Everyone want to pull out their blade?


Sorry, I didn't bring mine. I didn't know it was Blade Day.


That's weird.


I guess we can't do the bit then.


I guess we'll just put it back. I'll do it next time.


Is that the one from the fruit shoot?


Yeah, it's getting a little corroded.


Yeah, same. It's a little rusty from the fruit juice that we must not have cleaned off.


It's a good machete, though.


It's a good one. You can harm someone with it.


Yeah, if needed. Have you ever thought about our house is probably equipped with so many weapons we could defend ourselves pretty well?


We have talked about it. I would use my shiny cube.


That thing would impale someone. If I chuck that at someone, they'd be like, dead.


Samurai sword there, machete. There's a scythe in the corner over there. You got the cube. I think there's a room with a bunch of knives over there. What the hell are we doing over here?


Are you guys fight or flight? I think it was put to the test when the bears showed up.


I'm flight. I'm leaving. Well, if you watch that video back, I don't know if I'm in it, but I actually... I'm like, No, I will have nothing to... I am not testing it. I'm going far, far away. I was in the far back.


Okay. What if John had to fight the bear and your choice is to help him or run? I will help him.


My immediate... My body just went like, I have to.


Broden's fighting the bear, and you're going to be the difference maker, but you put yourself at risk of a gruvious injury.


I think I will always help. I feel like my body is ready to fight right now. It's going to the idea. I think I would have to help if I know them and love them.


I think it... I guess if it's someone that I love, yes. But I was going to say if it's a freak thing where like, oh, aliens have dropped down, it very much depends on my spatial... If I'm right next to them, it's not like I'm going to try to run. It's like, I'm in this, let's go. If I'm at the other end of the football field, I don't need to go there to fight. I'm already out of the situation. Maybe I walk away.


It's all those things that you never know what you're going to do until you put into that situation. If you can save a life at the risk of your own, would you do it? I don't know.


I have a lot of nightmares about this, and so I feel like I've lived it. Because in your dream, you don't know it's a dream. I'll be in terrible situations, concert, whatever. I'm generally trying to run, but if somebody does get caught, I'm always like, begrudgingly like, No, I have to help them. Try. And then I usually die, but I wake up.


Let's say it's a zombie hallway situation where it's five of us are running and then door slams open and the zombies there, I'm turning around, push them off. Go on, everyone, push them off. Let's go. If it's like we're already at the end and they're down here and mob is starting to get at them, maybe their time has come.


This is the question. It sounds like, what can you do in that situation?


Let's say they're running, but they're so far behind, and you have to close the door so the zombies don't get in. But you also have to close it on them.


I could never. I actually could never.


Even knowing the zombies will come through?


You think the zombie... Or I would have to... It would really depend. There's so much in this situation. For example, they're running. If there's a little too If there's two feet behind them, there's a chance, we have to try. If they're like, Close the door.


I'm not going to make it make okay. Oh, no. They're screaming open.


If there's an actual chance, I don't think I could close the door. I couldn't close the door. I would have to look away. I couldn't even be the one that makes a decision.


I would wait until the very end. This is assuming we're not going to help them. We're in the doorway.


Yeah, we're just waiting. You got this.


We had this question at the Philippines event. If you get bit by a zombie, would you say something to your friends? Yes.


And we all voted.


I don't understand.


Okay, we actually had this conversation in the back. Me, Broden, Sydney, Sean, John all had the conversation while you guys were in the first meet and greet. Basically, I was like, If I get bit, I want you guys to just chain me up in a corner and let my last moments be with you guys. Then whatever happens to me afterwards happens. Feed me, whatever. I don't care. But just put me away. Let me be with you guys, the people that I love. Then I'll become a zombie.


What if it's a group of strangers, and you don't know? You don't know them that well just yet. You met up with this band of survivors. You guys have been in a band together for a week, and then you get bit.


Wait, why wouldn't I tell them?


Let's say you saw just the week before someone said, Hey, I got bit, guys. And then they're like, Bam, bam, bang.


I see. I guess I would preface with like, Hey, guys, don't Don't shoot. I'm going to leave. I'm just going to let you guys know I got bit. Okay?


I think you get killed there, though. I feel like there's someone in the group who goes, Fuck you. They're to get rid of you now and later. I see.


Can't take the chance. Then I would bite him, and then I would say, Hey, guy, don't shoot.


We're going to leave now. That's so smart. Just bite someone before you say something.


I'll be like, Hey, both of us.


I I don't know if I... You want to tell us? I wouldn't make it a danger for you guys.


How would you prevent that? You're going to lock yourself in the room right on a whiteboard on the outside. Hey, I'm bit. Don't come in.


I guess it really depends on whether I think you guys will shoot me on the spot.


Why do you think we're going to shoot you on the spot?


It's the zombie Apocalypse that changes people.


I don't think we're going to shoot you on the spot.


It changes people.


Why can't they just chain you to a little pole for a little bit? Until you turn.


Can you guys keep me alive until you find a cure?


That's... Okay. Wait, this has been done in The Walking Dead. I swear.


Wait, here's a question. Are zombies immortal?


It depends on the fictional work.


Sorry. When I say immortal, I mean, do they need to eat to stay alive or whatever they are?


Wouldn't they just be... What do zombies survive off of? Meat? Brains, blood, meat. Well, I guess it depends. Is it meat or is it brains? It really depends on the fictional work.


It depends.


Hey, can you look up if The Walking Dead had that? I swear somebody was tied to a pole when they were a zombie, and they kept them alive.


The daughter of the governor is kept alive in his basement.


Great memory, dude.


I was a big Walking Dead fan before they turned the whole series to shit.


Because what I'm curious is if you locked someone up in your basement, I'd say, and left them there for eight months without feeding them or doing anything for them. Does the zombie just stay zombie there? Hey, I'm good. I'll wait.


I just doubt there's a cure for the zombie Apocalypse, okay? If you're a zombie, there's no come back from that. You're basically brain dead. Then if you were to come back, you wouldn't be yourself again. Wait, what was that show that everyone hyped up? It was zombie. It's a video game. I can't remember. We all really liked it. Oh, the last of us. The last of us, thank you. The second episode or something where the guy... It was really sad. It was a great love story. We all cried. Okay, that guy, the guy who crazy prepared.


That one's funny because I like that it's like Bungle. They change it.


Oh, yeah. I saw... It's based off the idea that parasites can take over your brain and control it. I saw this in person once, and it It was the most shocking thing. Me and my mom were just chilling on this Taiwanese mountain, and there's a river that all the kids are swimming in. So we took a dip in the pool. And there was a praying mantis in the water, drowning. My mom just picked it up and put it on land. And the praying mantis turned around and threw itself into the water again, trying to drown itself. And it was freaky. And then we observed And as it stayed in the water, a long parasitic worm came out of its, essentially, butt, and slithered out and went into the water, which is what they do. They control the host to drown themselves so that they can... They grow up in the body, but they need water later on. And it was the freakiest thing because I heard about it, and I just never expect to see it in person.


That is true. I learned so much about it in biology, but I've never seen it person. It was freaky because it's literally killing itself because it's being controlled by this parasite in its body.


That was sick. I think that's why people like the last of us. It's a more scientific Realistic, maybe.


Realistic take on it.


Not a fan of the actress, though. I'm going to come out and say it. A lot of people are praising her acting. I think her acting is mediocre. Speaking about that, Avatar: The Last Airbender had I'm not so great acting.


I haven't seen the Avatar: The Last Year. I honestly don't want to. I love the Avatar: The Last Year, Render, and so I just don't want to taint it.


It's just not great. I don't want to perpetuate bullying child stars. It's not their fault. They're not great actors. But I would say it's more the director's and the show It's not their fault for putting them in that position. It's like an NBA team. They put a high school 5'7 kid on the stage. It's like, Is it the kid's fault? No, not really. They just weren't ready for It's hard.


A lot of the time, too, child actors are just... The way they're directed is, Okay, copy me. And then they do it. It's like, Great. They did what I did. We got it. I also think it's probably hard, too, because Avatar They're probably advertising it towards children, and children would really like it.


I'm assuming I haven't watched it. But all of the people who love Avatar now, we're grown. Adults. Yeah. It's different demographics of intended audience.


It's so hard to... It's an IP that is... You're setting yourself up for failure in a way to try to remake what's already perfect. Yes. I actually... This is going to sound really prestigious, but when the first... Or not prestigious, pretentious. When the first live-action movie came out, I went into the theater, and it was the first movie that I was like, I could walk out of this. And seven minutes in, I took my phone out and just took note of everything I would do differently if I directed the movie. And I actually landed on, I would not try to recreate the animated series. I would make a live-action version of right after that or a period after or some new different world building where the IP is already loved and the world building is set, and now we're exploring a different band of characters in this world because it's already set up so perfectly. I think that's what you guys got to do, Nickelodeon.


Or just leave it. Let's not touch anymore. You know what? Let's just...


No, I want more avatar content. I want more. But just like, you did perfectly. Do something else. And if you want, I'll help you. Sure.


Now, after what you said about Dan Schneider and what they did back then.


I think those are different camps, right?


I always feel like when it comes to a big network like them, if you criticize them for one thing, they'll remember. Oh, man. That thing happened to you and I recently. Wait, which one? What? Maybe get ready to cut all of this, but we were going to go watch a movie as a house for an advanced premiere of a movie that we're all excited for. And then we put in a list of all the attendance. And then they said, Actually, these two are not allowed. You two? Us two. Specifically me and specifically Broden. And then we came with Game of Thrones.


What did we say?


What do me and Broden have in common that would have pissed off amazing major movie network so bad that we are blacklisted from attending a premiere.


So you don't know?


I don't know.


You can't ask? No idea. I don't know.


We tried asking, they're like, We can't. That would eat me alive. I talk a lot of shit, though. For me, I understand. I talk shit on the daily on my stream. It's so funny because recently I had a Pokémon sponsor, and they're like, Yeah, we're going to sponsor you, even though for the premium of a game, you talked a lot of shit. I'm like, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. I love Pokémon. I'm just so passionate about the game, which I am. I love you, Pokémon. It's just because I care so much. But I had that happen. I had... I lost... Just going to air all this out, honestly. A One Piece sponsor at some point because I criticized... Not even One Piece, I criticized another game. And I lost a sponsor from a VR company because I said, The first thing I'm going to do with this gogo is watch porn. So yeah, with this I don't remember saying anything about that movie or a movie and its roster, but I wasn't super surprised. But I was surprised Broden was on that list. Yeah. Yeah, man.


I tried to cover my ass.


Well, maybe because We did a video together and we criticized the same movie. That's the only thing I can see because we talk about movies a lot, on camera, off camera.


I don't want to be associated with these two. I really like this franchise. I love this franchise so much that now I'm rethinking this.


Well, I don't think we talked about this franchise at all. I think it was something else, right?


Yeah, we've never talked about it.


Now everything isn't safe. Now I cannot talk to you guys about anything in the movie genre ever. I love Avatar: The Last Airbender. I didn't even watch live-action, but maybe I would love it.


Sure, we're never going to get the Avatar sponsor because I just talk shit about the actress. See, this is why you can't... But I didn't.


I didn't.


This is why the left-wing media just won't work. Everything is just so safe space. That's why we need to... We need to go the other way, which is why, again, something I noticed, even with gaming streamers, happened the most prominently with... Sorry. I'm not going to derail this on the right wing rabbit hole.




I'm just going to delete Twitter. I need to get off that app. But yeah. We actually thought about calling this podcast derailed or something.


It's because we love doing that.


What is this podcast called?


If you didn't do your homework, I feel like we shouldn't tell you.


It's not my fault. I asked for a brief, and they sent it to me. I just never opened it.


You didn't bring your sunglasses. You didn't bring your blade. No, Michal.


He doesn't even know the name. You're just going to stay not in the know.


When I was a kid, I would get upset, and I would just go into silent treatment, especially against my mom. But she wouldn't budge. One time we were eating dinner, and I just started crying. My brother's like, Oh, what's wrong, Jimmy? My mom was like, Nothing. My brother's like, Well, he's crying. He's like, Ignore him. That's why whenever I'm in a super stressful situation or like I'm having a big fight with someone I emotionally got down. That's the way for me to cope stemming from my childhood.


Are you emotionally stressed right now?


A little bit. You guys won't tell me the name of the podcast.


But whose fault was that?


It's mine. We shouldn't punish someone even more just because they made a mistake, right?


But mistakes do have consequences, unfortunately.


Yeah. That's, I guess, how we're going to wrap this episode of the podcast. So, Toast, thank you so much for joining us.


It was quite a pleasure.




Thanks for having me on derailed episode one.


Well, I think that's where we'll end things. So thank you so much for sharing that. This has been the OTV podcast revamp. I don't want to say derailed for you because I don't want to give you any answers yet. But For those listening, we will be doing a bonus episode with Mr. Toast here for our Patreon, where maybe we'll talk about the Philippines or something because we did go there. Any final words to say?


Like I said, a lot. Most important takeaway is you shouldn't kiss girls unless you have their consent. I'm sorry, Tim, for ignoring you in high school. I apologize to Nickelodeon for talking badly about their avatar actors. I'm sorry that you guys didn't do a better job at picking them.


Fuck you, Dan Schneider. And whatever your name is, Peck. Yeah. Brian Peck.


See you in two weeks.


Bye. Thanks for watching and listening. Bye-bye.