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Did you ever tell people how much I did to make it happen?


What did you do? Sorry, this is new to me, too. Could you fill in for me, please?


Lily's trying to rewrite history, but if it wasn't for me, that day wouldn't have happened because you played a Twitch rival. At your apartment? At my apartment using my Internet because the OTV Internet was so bad she couldn't play from it.


I did go to his apartment every day for three days just to play League of Legends. It was really nice. Your mom was very nice.


And I was really nice for letting you use my setup. His mom said that. And I just... One of my small points, you never gave me proper credit for making it all happen. So now it's a good opportunity for you.


Are you serious? Yes. Thank you for letting me use your apartment and your Internet for Twitch Rivals two, three years ago.


Which then resulted you.


That's not true. That would have happened regardless.