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I hate performative romance. I love romance, like true love romance. But performative romance, I understand where it's coming from, but I just get the ick. Where it's like, for example, a performative romance to me is a public proposal that you guys have not talked about. So the girls or the guy is like, What? What? For example, when we were in the Philippines, we saw somebody get proposed to you right next to the pool and they were having dinner, I was like, Man, I hope that we, people in the pool, didn't ruin their proposal.


But also-Just such a bad spot to even have one of those romantic dinner. I know.


It's so close to us.


It was a funny sight seeing five people lined up at the rim like, Oh, what's happening here? She seemed like she enjoyed it, and she said yes. It's for them. I saw them at the breakfast buffet the next day, and she looked happy.