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My hobby is more. I love working. I love making money. That's my hobby.


I hate making money. Everything I do is the antithesis of making money. I like to burn money.


You should try making money. I like to- Try. Give it a shot.


I like to burn money. It's funny because when people talk to me about how much I made over the years, everyone always assumes I made a lot, and I'm like, I have made next to nothing. I reject 98% of sponsors. I don't do anything that is there to make you money. I just spend it on stuff that I think is cool, and that's it.


What would you spend?


For instance, I did a V-Tuber model a year or two ago, and that cost me 10 grand, essentially. To get everything running. Even a video and the actual model itself was 5 to 10 grand. The return on it is definitely possible. But for me, it's just a fun thing. I use it to collaborate with other people I wouldn't be able to normally.


But you can still do that and still have fun, but pick a sponsor that you enjoy working with. Why do you turn down 98? Is it because they're scamming?


I just don't feel like it. I don't like.