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I had a friend in elementary school. Grade nine, it was high school. You're like what? Fourteen? Yeah, 14. Before that, I went to elementary school. The closest friend I had was in seventh grade while I was in the eighth grade. So when I went off to high school, he stayed in elementary school at the eighth grade. Then when I was in the 10th grade, he went to my high school. And I don't know why I did this, but I just pretended like I didn't know him. And apparently, this is not the most uncommon thing. Other kids have done it, but I just straight up pretended like I didn't know him and ignored him. And he tried to say hi to me, and I would just not acknowledge him and walk past him. Maybe there's some kid psychological stuff. Like, Oh, sorry, man, I'm a different person now, but I always felt terrible about that. How do you think he feels? Probably confused as to why I wasn't acknowledging him. You think he was like, I swear I knew that guy. No, he knew. He.