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Lord. It's a fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Only the setting isn't a forest. It's a valley. The San Fernando Valley. The hardcore sex capital of the world. And a long, long time ago isn't so very long ago at all. It's the mid 1980s. Red Riding Hood is a porn starlet named Traci Lords, who's lured into the industry as a wide eyed 15 year old high school sophomore.


I never set out to be a porn star. I was on a set. I was supposed to be a girl in a bikini walking around the pool. And I got high enough. A guy hit on me and it was a filmed thing.


The big bad was a whole pack of them are the middle aged adult directors and producers who have Red Riding Hood in their squeezy sleazy clutches.


She just smelled like sex and looks like sex.


By the time Red Riding Hood turns 18, she's the biggest star in the business. Tracy was like, you know, the queen. She's also on the verge of suicide. And then she saved the FBI. They broke down my front door. I was stoned on cocaine. I thought it was an earthquake or something. And happily ever after. Comes in the form of widespread public sympathy for Red Riding Hood, a victim of an industry that ruthlessly desecrating the innocence of young girls and women.


And condemnation of that industry. All of a sudden were kiddie porn people. And so virtue is rewarded. Villainy punished. Or do we have the whole thing wrong? It's this little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist. Put slightly differently. Is this Red Riding Hood? Twisted? She was so aggressive sexually. She came on to your husband, to boyfriend. She came on to every male was around. So who would think that she was under age?


Yes, sure. The big bad wolves would have preyed on Red Riding Hood. Since that's what big bad wolves do. Only she never gave them the chance.


These guys really wanted to, like, dominate her. But they couldn't do it. She was stronger than all of them.


In fact, Red Riding Hood is the most dangerous predator of all because she looks like prey. And as it so happens, she almost drove those big, bad wolves into extinction.


And this is Traci Lords has turned me and they're going to put me in jail. If you don't give me five thousand dollars, I'm going to come over there and murder your family.


So is she victimized or vengeful, abused or abuser, Quarrie or killer? That depends entirely on who your narrator is. Red Riding Hood or the big bad wolves. Either way, there's never been a Red Riding Hood quite like Traci Lords.


Kind of bad. You can do anything crazy like that. And there's never been a story quite like Once upon a Time in the Valley. From Sea 13 Original and me million Endlich featuring Ashley West, an adult fairy tale and a fairy tale for adults.


I'll never forget 1985. She said to me, Christy, don't ever let them use you. Don't ever be a fuck doll.