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I'm Oprah Winfrey, welcome to Super Cell Conversations, the podcast, I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us. Starts right now. Good morning, Sunapee. Good morning, everybody. Up you might be as surprised as I was to learn that Steven Tyler rock and roll royalty is an early riser.


This is Mia, my daughter, Erin, darling, my significant other. I know how significant she is.


I caught up with Steven far, far away from the spotlight in the teeny tiny town of Sunapee, New Hampshire, where Steven and his only sister, Linda, spent every summer of their childhood after achieving enormous success and fame. He bought his own house on Lake Sunapee. His family still lives in the area.


Good morning, Linda. My sister, Linda. Larry, who wants eggs? Who would think?


Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, star of American Idol, is just as at home in the kitchen.


Good old goat milk for bread. You know why? Why?


Because it's not your.


How about just a song in our hearts? Yes. And the thought of perhaps an interview with Oprah.


You know what happened when you got the call for American Idol? What do you think? I actually put it out there right before when I was getting it, just before was the nine years of me of spitting out again after having 12 years sober.


My girlfriend one morning, Erin.


She goes, you're going to pay for. I want you and I went to the bathroom at his house and I crushed him up and sort of it, and I said, how dare you? You need it more than I did before.


Two days later, I called my best friend, Frank, and you had a plane and he flew me out to Betty Ford. And I got a chance with a I got a chance to, at sixty years old, stop and go clean me start from bottom to end.


So she said, you're going to Betty Ford and then American Idol, you get the call. Well, before I went there, I would say to my manager, I said, I don't care. Give me something to do. If I'm going in there when I come out, I want to do something. So you would said to your manager, find me something.


And the manager came up with American Idol. No, actually, do you got the call? I said, get me American Idol or something. I'd been talking to Marty Frederickson, who I write songs with, and he was writing songs. And Kierra, who was one of the judges on there. So we went wrote a song as soon as I got out of there and and they said, you got to do American Idol, you'd be a perfect judge for.


So unbeknownst to me, they were already looking.


Is it true that when Kara called, you said, is it still getting good ratings? I did. I got the text I can show you. I saved it. She said I said yes. How are the ratings? And I also thought, am I going to take over for this Krunch, this Grynch, I mean, this grump who likes to put people down the road? Simon last heard Simon say was, I don't like him and I don't like country Western.


I thought, how dare you? That's not what music is about. Not liking a genre that's really not nice.


So you were worried about replacing Simon or not worry?


I thought maybe they might like that. They might have liked someone who went, you know, you suck it out of here and they might be used to that particular character in the show. And then I thought, you know. There's something about my character that I like a lot. There's something about me that's Annamarie I've I've seen how it can change people with just sitting with them. I like that. I took a chance at a late night dance with the missing who was ready to play.


Was it me? She was full when she told me she was doing. She told me how to walk this way.


She told me to walk this way. I just always thought I could.


I went, I'm going to take a chance and see if, you know, compassion and love and playfulness and maybe fun, too stupid.


But, you know, you could be the new black.


The last time I interviewed Simon, he was saying that he was running out of things to say, no, you've only been doing it one season.


But sometimes when people come up and they are really, really bad, so bad that those of us at home think, God, is this a plant that this person's is bad? Are you thinking, what am I going to say?


I have taken a few things and put them in my top pocket like, you know, one of them was great. My friend Mark Hudson said, Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?


You know, did you bump your head on the way in here? And I use them quite frequently, but they use it. I can't go there again. So I go to things. Right. I got to think some things up because believe me, some of them come in. They're dressed like a car and go to dinner. And I go, you don't really think you can sing? And they'll look and go, What? That's when my heart breaks, heartbreaks what?


My grandfather told me I could sing, mom told me I can sing, and I've been watching Idol for the last 10 years, are you saying I can't sing? And now I go, oh, oh, oh, oh, you were serious.


Oh, yeah. You came in here and you were serious. Yeah. It is hard for me. Is it hard for you to hurt people's feelings. Yeah, that's what I mean. I'm so codependent now. If I was this close to like you and I, I'd say you didn't really come in here, try to fool us, did you? I could do it. But they're far away and I'm sitting as the Jaylo Alpha female. Mm hmm.


Well, you turness herself and Randy, I'll say something like, wow, you know, I I'll get bludgeoned with my lips. I just, you know, I think, you know, you just you really didn't hit the notes kind of so good. And Randy will go really, really steaming. And then I get oh God.


It's so when Rolling Stone said that you brought Idol back that great review about you bringing Idol back, how did you feel?


I felt so good. You got to know that I didn't have it. Why would I do Idol? I came from the era where you had to play clubs. You had to show your worth by dancing and playing every night. And if you didn't fall down and learn how to get back up and then fall down and get back up, you got intestinal fortitude, right? Not coming on Idol and singing the first time. And if I'm OK, then I win.


Half these kids that we sent home aren't are twice as good as Janis Joplin was when she first sang her first note. Or I was. I look at these kids and I go, oh my God, I really sucked. I would have gotten thrown off the show. And all these kids need is two or three years of clubs and they could be as good as anyone out there. So do you feel that for a lot of these kids who are coming through that, you know, more experience, more time, more work would make a difference?




I'm letting kids go and I see a glimmer in all of them. But we're looking for the American Idol. And I have to say to him, I have to say to them, you know, this is American Idol.


You're going to have to go up in front of millions of people and America is going to vote on you. I've got to tell you right now, you're going have to go back. But here's the good news. Work on it for another year. Don't be silly. I didn't want to tell anybody they suck and can't sing simply because even when they really can't, you know, I'll tell you why.


Even when they really can't tell you why. How many children have been sang to by mothers when they're three years old, they can't sing.


But they gave they went you the age of my. And they're singing to the baby is breastfeeding, feeding, I don't want someone to tell someone their they can't sing and they go home now, though, but everything but but you know this more than anybody.


You know what kind of energy you have to put out to get thirty thousand people to be right there with you, to have an audience of millions of people around the country watching to be right there with you. And, you know, you've done that to the point of, you know, breaking your feet and losing your voice and all of that of the kind of what that thing that it takes to be able to not just sing, but to be able to hold that audience.


Are you also looking for that? I am. That glimmer of that certain something that I know not. What, because you can't really put your finger on it. But, you know, we'll find them because as good as Randy is in, his music is as good as Jaylo is and as good as I am. That's what we're going to spot it.


You got it.


What did it do for you when you realized that all these years you've been performing 40 years on stage, thousands of people, fans and now Middle America, grandmothers, grandfathers, seven year olds, 10 year olds, 18 year olds, the world has embraced you.


Lots of nights when I was alone in the house up there in Laurel Canyon, I thought to myself, I knew it. I knew it. I had some sort of magic that in the band in the beginning, it was kept under wraps bands. This band in particular, we were treated like mushroom farmers. We were kept in the dark and covered with both.


Oh, really? Now I'm doing Idol and I'm hitting that middle America. And it's just made me think that I something else a little bit more than resonated other than the dark side and rock and roll.


Steven's daughter, Mia Tyler wrote a memoir in 2008 called Creating Myself. Mia wrote candidly about growing up in the shadow of an unhappy marriage between Steven and his ex-wife, Surinder Fox. Her father was rarely around. Both her parents struggled with drug addiction and so did Mia surrender. Fox died in 2002 of a brain tumor. Today, Steven and Mia, both sober, are rebuilding their relationship. Hi, Mia.


I think a lot of people would think certainly living in a house where your dad's a rock star would be the coolest, most fun thing. It is, is it is.


I mean, our lifestyle is a little different. We're very earthy. We're very spiritual. We've got, um. I mean, as you can see, there's a lot of things hanging and very playful. That's always been a big kid. So being a child with a child, dad is cool. You get to have slides in your house.


That's really a better question. What's it like living with a with a dad who never really grew up? I mean, it's bittersweet. It's beautiful. It's fun because you get to have fun.


And and I mean, you know, we've got doors open for us that most people don't. The other side of that is is, you know, I grew up with my mom. I grew up with my mom in this house. And so I had her side of things and then his playful side whenever he would come to town. And so it was a good it was a good mix. But I think the one thing that everyone always thinks is that we're very spoiled, typical kids of a rock star and we're so very down to earth and very kind of hippy like.


And as much as we have been given a lot, we're not super privileged. We appreciate everything we had.


When you were growing up, though, did you think you had a normal dad? Did you did you did you resent not having a normal dad?


I know you knew you didn't have, right? No, I mean, I, I think he's beautiful. His spirit is beautiful. I knew at a young age that he was different. The only thing that I didn't like was the way he dressed. I used to tell him I wanted him to dress like Robert Palmer, wear suits, and I didn't get the whole capes androgynous thing. I mean, I was a kid. I didn't want to see Dad doing that kind of stuff.


So I think that was the only thing I didn't like.


She'd always say, Dad, you don't wear that, are you? I still do that.


When you wrote your book, you said some things in the book about growing up with, you know, this kind of lifestyle that I thought were really pretty candid about what it really means to live in the space where all the attention is going to your your parents. Can you talk a bit about that?


Yeah. I mean, we grew up in the shadows. We are given things and it's beautiful and we take advantage of that. But then there's the other side of it where everyone wants his attention and then you kind of feel pushed aside a little bit. But the older you get, the more you kind of get out of that. But I think it's it's when you wrote the book, were you angrier? You seem calmer now. It was probably two of the hardest years of my life because I had to go and relive a lot of my demons.


And I didn't want to write a book that was just, you know, poor me, poor me, pour me negative, negative. I wanted to write a book so that every story I said that was sad or negative, there was the flip to that, the positive way that I got through that. So, yeah, it was the best therapy, but it was also the hardest thing I've ever done. Did it help you to create yourself?


Absolutely, yeah. The process of actually writing. Oh yeah.


Is it hard to read about yourself in your daughter's book? Vary from her perspective. What did you learn about yourself? That I heard her be worse than I thought I did.


I mean, you know, I just a. Killed something inside me was reading her book. One of the first times you realized how deep that was for her. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I'm still like, you know, it's just not easy, you know, abandoning a child. It's just the worst thing. It's the worst thing. Did you feel abandoned, Mia? Yeah, I think we all do a in a sense, what we all what do you mean by that? All of us kids, kids? Yeah, I mean, I know now that his career is the way it is because you put your career first. And I think that's a beautiful thing.


And I'm OK. I've made peace with not having I mean, I grew up with my mom, but she still wasn't there either. But I made peace with not having them there to, like, guide me and teach me everything. And I learned stuff on my own. But, I mean, there's there's definitely an abandoned sense. We all kind of feel it, afraid things are going to get taken away and not come back. I mean, I, I it's it's crazy being in this house now with you here and all these people here, because I remember you would come to visit me for Christmas and bring all these beautiful presents.


And my mom was so crazy and I just I was get so excited that you would come here and then you would leave.


And I thought that if I cried really hard like that, were you just like you can't even breathe, that somehow that would bring you back. And I would always pray that, like, your tire would pop or something that you'd have to come back. And it's so it's it's it's nice to have new feelings and emotions in this house, because for a long time, this house just reminded me of a lot of negative stuff.


Because what you're describing and what you described in the book, even though you were angry, is that you longed for him.


Oh, yeah. You had a longing for him.


Yeah, well, he was so cool. I mean, he dressed cool. He always brought presents. He was always like the sunshine when I lived with my mom. And her energy was just really dark for a long time. And so I was so excited when you would come because it would bring such a different emotion to this house. And it was definitely a strange childhood. But I mean, I'm OK with it. I made my peace with it.


I made peace because I watched my mom grow up and she was so negative and she held so much in and she she was so angry with him, so angry.


And then she got brain cancer. And there's no real reason why you get that. And I in my heart of hearts, I believe that she battled so much up and kept so much and not just with Dad, but with her whole life that something just popped in there and created this negative mass in her brain. And I just I swore that I would never be like that.


Have you forgiven your father? I mean, I get mad at him sometimes when he gets mad at me and I'm like, you have no right to be mad at me, but have you forgiven your father for not being there? Have you forgiven your father for the course?


Yeah, I mean, I can't hold on to that. And he's given me so much that. He's here now and we don't always understand each other, but that's typical and I mean, when he gets mad at me, it's like the worst thing in the world for me because I just don't know how to handle that. But then once I get over it and why don't you know how to handle it?


Because you think you're going to be abandoned again. Probably you think he's going to leave and not come back.


Yeah, but I just I'm not playing doctor.


No, no, it's great. I know it's good that I'm not going I'm hearing that stuff is great.


It helps me move on. So that's great. But after I've healed from it, you know, a couple of weeks later, I'm like, oh, nice. I just got mad at me for something because I didn't really have that as a kid. Or even recently he was like, where are you going out? When are you coming back? Be home early. You know, it's like, well, I'm almost thirty three, let me do that.


But I love it, you know, I do love it at the end of the day.


And so what was it like seeing him, first of all, to see your father on stage performing. What is that like. It was just so normal to me.


I grew up. I mean, I think it was not even a year old the first time I went to see him. So it was just that was such a normal thing for me. My favorite times is when we're in, like Alabama, you know, no one else is there. There's no managers, no suits, no nobody, no other family members. And it's just him and I. And I'll sit in the front in the barricade and he'll just, like, talk to me during the show or like, hand me his his his whatever when he's done with it.


Or we just have this, like, connection. And it's nice because it's like you're in an arena with twenty five, thirty thousand people and it's just like the two of us. And I love that feeling.


I love that. I love that. That's like a bond that no one else can have. And I just it makes me feel special.


When you saw him on American Idol for the first time, would you think, oh my God, we were so nervous because sometimes things aren't taken seriously. And to us, he's such a an amazing voice and such a rock legend that we didn't want to see that get marginalized, marginalized.


And so the first episode, we were just kind of clenching in our chairs. But his personality comes out perfectly. We instantly we were like, OK, this is going to be good and it's fun for you. I mean, it opens him up to a whole new generation and he loves being in the spotlight. And what better chance than to be on American Idol?


And I was so concerned because I'm not sure if he wanted me to do it. No, we didn't at first. And I knew that antiblack. And so I got this text. I still have. I saved it. And it says or I have your voicemail, dad. You were so great. Listen, I can't believe it all my friends, it was like, yes, thank you. God, that was it.


Not The New York Times or Rolling Stone. No, that was good hearing them say that.


Wow. And they have it. And there you have it.


That's all we need. That's all we need. That was great. Great. So good. It was so good.


Steven met his longtime girlfriend, Aaron Brady, while on the road with Aerosmith. She was the band's tour accountant.


So Steven says he lives on the tail of a comet.


Is it hard keeping up with a guy who lives on the tail of a comet is sometimes it is because he's a little bit older than I am and a surprise sometimes.


And how much energy as and I don't really it seems like it's boundless. It seems like it's boundless or never ends. Ever. Energizer Bunny.


Really, huh?


You know what is interesting in his book, he talks about I can't remember which wife it was.


I think it was me as mom about being upset that you were on the road and that you had affairs, that you were not monogamous, and you were saying, well, you were sorry that you hurt her, but what do you think a rock star is doing out there when women are throwing their panties on stage and throwing their lipstick on stage?


I know you know that I really like the way they fit me in.


The lipstick looks good on my butt and they're waiting and they're willing to do whatever is necessary to be able to sleep with your man. How do you how do you deal with that?


That's it is very hard sometimes. But since the beginning of our relationship, we both had a pretty good understanding of the opportunity that we're having together now. Seven years. Seven years. Yeah, because I was on the road for a long time to sit with him. I actually used to pay him. Yes. Yes. So I saw how I watched him. I saw how he behaved badly occasionally here and there. But but I just said, hey, listen, if you play, I'm going to play.


I just want to make that clear to you. And and he didn't really like it, I think, when he was on the other side of that scenario.


So so you said if you're going to play, I'm going to play out loud. You said that. I said I use different words, but I didn't say that out loud.


And what was your reaction? To that, Mr. Tyler. Oh, I was you know, I think I heard it and took it. You know, it's funny at first, but if you think about it, you know, you see, that's the thing about you being sober now is playing things through. I'd love to do her since she's going like this backstage.


But what happens if I get caught and then, you know, and she's with somebody and it's just it's it's I think it's a little easier for a relationship when it's played like a game like that, as opposed to don't break the rules.


I think I was a little I was a little taken aback by that particular wife, you know, only because some other people in my life, higher ups, had said, doesn't she know who you are?


And I had the audacity to think, yeah, doesn't you know, I'm a rock star and I'm and these people were throwing stones at me. It's wrong doing that, especially if you take a vow being married. But there's also something else in that vow that's missing. Whatever happened to for better or worse or till death do us part.


Yeah. And so but you're not trying to justify fooling around? No, no, no, I'm certainly not. Yeah, I'm certainly not. Yeah. You're not trying to justify fooling around, but this is this is a question and it's a hard question to answer in front of Aaron.


And I know that.


So I would lay it on me, OK, is it possible to remain monogamous and be a rock star? Yes. Is it possible for you to remain monogamous? Yes. It is you know, what's going on right now is that I don't want to hurt anybody again for all the divorces I've had, I hurt those girls deeply. And it was there was some behavior that I'm ashamed of and I shouldn't have done.


And I saw you on the cover of People magazine. And the quote the poor quote was that you didn't want to be a role model for bad behavior, right? I don't.


Yeah, I just can't it's I don't want to hurt another human being. I just don't want to hurt.


You were fooling around all those years, not being monogamous. Did you you did you not realize you were hurting your own wife?


Because it was because it was of the moment and it was too hot.


It gets hot out there. There could be two girls making out in the front row that are penthouse centerfold. And that's like what, the little backstage. And you ask yourself, I'm not going to die and not have to. And that have tried that. I had those thoughts.


I cannot imagine what we like to make love to that every man has had those thoughts.


The ones that haven't are the ones that are still in relationships. So how do you do do you travel with him? Do you feel like you need to be with him on tour?


Yeah, you do. Really? Yeah, I do. I mean, I'm not stupid. I know. But, Aaron, I mean, there has to be a level of trust because there is a level of trust because you can't be with him all the time. I can't be with him all the time. In the beginning, I definitely tried. But that's not fun either.


But also, obviously, you know this about him because I sensed it from television all these years.


And just being in his presence, he has a huge sexual thing going on, is a huge sexual aura.


I mean, there's a calmness and charming and sweet, but there's a huge sexual drive out there.


Yeah, it's out there. Yeah, it's out there for everyone. My mother, my sister, someone I don't know, it's always there. And and I hope for the best. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's times when I am not with him and I worry for no reason. You know, I haven't heard from him today, even though I know he's busy. But it's like hiding someone's pills or digging through their their phone. I don't want to live like you don't want to live and I can't do it.


So what is the key to your relationship when he says there's two beautiful women in the front row? I understand what he's talking about. And he so he can openly say that to me all day long. And sometimes he does say that to me all day long. OK, just getting it out there. It's not a big secret. And then we move on.


OK, so are you are you the kind of woman who could say, well, he could have sex with those two women in the front row, but eventually he's coming home to me. And so that's OK.


I know that would hurt me. I won't hurt you, OK? I wouldn't like that. I might say it. I don't think I mean it.


So you are in this relationship and you want a monogamous full time relationship.


Yes. That is your expectation. Yes. Well, the same here. I want her for myself. Not only that, but, you know, as you said, it's a wonder I'm not dead.


It's a wonder I don't have AIDS from what I've done. I may come off as a sexual animal and I definitely am on stage because trust me, I feel it myself.


But I'm not twenty four seven. I'm not really, really that I'll sing about it. I put it out there but I'm not. Could I be. Could be. I never have been. I've never gone on a spree of a shopping spree. I'd like to do that. I'd like to go on a shopping spree and screw every girl I see that would want to have me. Who wouldn't. But I don't. But you don't. I don't.


I want from my own if that's going to take that away from it.


I don't. What makes this relationship work? Me apologizing when you say you're going to apologize. Yeah, that's right. You know, I think it's we work together and we live together and we sleep together. And I can understand for a wife of someone who has a career that they it's like a different language to them when they're on the phone. They don't know what they're talking about. They don't care. They're annoyed.


But because you were on the road with the band, he said he prays that he loves it. It's everything to him. So I don't know how it work is if I felt differently.


Do you feel that music is the first love I do and that you come where and there?


I think I'm left there with it. I don't feel like I'm less than. But I know I know who he is. It's just a big part of him. It's like breathing for him. But I love that about him. What's the loveliest? Kindest. Sweetest open your heart thing he ever did for you, for me. Oh. So sweet, he went all the way to Alaska to visit my grandmother, who I loved more than anything, passed away a few years ago, and he was on tour and he took four days to come up to Alaska and meet her because we knew she wasn't going to be around for long.


And he did that for me. And I'll never forget that. There you go. I love that I wasn't expecting that answer.


I love that it was that and not he bought me a Harley neurally. Stephen told me there's a magic here, Lake Sunapee, where he spent every summer growing up, it's also worried that the legendary Joe Perry, Arrowsmith's lead guitar player. Before I left Sonobe, Stephen took me on a drive in his vintage Ford Feherty to the spot where he says his spirit was born.


Steven and his sister Linda sent me off with a song.


And when you're leaving Silopi, I tell you what we'll do, we'll sit right down in the middle of the road and. Local folks say, send your best chance to be there is rest, no rest. All right. Oh, my God, is that the to be somewhere when the guests left? Oh, you know, people that we spent a week with in that I with the little kids. And, you know, when you get in a week, you can still get to love somebody else.


And when they left, we were all going out and we took pots and pans, the whole family, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 of us, and banging pots and pans like this as they were leaving and everybody cried, we cried if we, you know. Wow. Because you got to know the people and then they're gone.


Wow. Yeah, I see. Yeah.


But it's so darn friendly. I know. There's the harbour. There is the harbor.


Just look like a set on the fox lot. Absolutely. It's just so glad you could come up and see if you were to create a little town. It's like something out of a lot. There's the police and there's a harbor side trading in the Wild Goose Country store. And the place that I met Joe Perry, the Anchorage. That's it. That's it. That's where I met Joe Perry. Well, I mean, he was making French fries.


Yeah, I thought he put up in your yard and you just finished doing the lawn. I'll show you that. OK. OK, that's a gorgeous house. I love a house with a porch and some rocking chairs. I love that house. Yes. And this is Toriko here. That's the lawn right there.


I was mowing. Oh, that's Toriko. That's the place I grew up. Wow. I'm mowing the lawn. Joe pulls up in this little mmHg and he said, I'm playing up here at the barn. It's just an old barn with a band used to play. And you heard him play and you knew you found your soul mate. Yeah. Yeah, I hear he was good looking. You can give two craps about anything. Just what I love.


Yeah, he really, really didn't. And you've been brothers ever since. Yeah. Off and on. Fighting in the way. Brothers doing other stuff. Yeah. Completely fighting completely out of each other's life. He was actually looking for and he got pissed off at me. They were angry at me for taking Idol. So I got sober and came live with. Why are you angry. It did nothing but bring up Aerosmith sales. Two hundred and sixty percent you stupid.


And they said it's because you didn't tell me, I said I didn't tell you because it was the biggest secret on the planet with Jay Leno was doing it. And who was. Yeah, and it was very secret. And I didn't tell the band. But do you now think you should have told them, just like just before it was announced? You should have said, by the way, here I'm going to hear the sit down. Of course.


Yeah, you're going to hear this. That's what I think. But they got over it, right? Yes. You are so nice. You're a magical child. No, no, you are spot. I can I can tell and I'm so lonely in life. I have no friends like you. I'm alone. I'm alone now. You're not. I know. I know. Because now we will be friends. I know what I'm saying. How rarely do you meet somebody you can talk to that gets it.


You get it so you can't really get it. Oh God. How many thousands of people you talk to in long HD high definition understanding? Got it. You know, we're going into the woods. Yeah, we go down this path. OK, I love it. This makes me so happy to be in here. And in the woods with you, it makes me so happy to be in the woods. How do you feel coming into the woods?


Does it feel like coming back home for you?


Yeah, I mean, this is where I found my spirituality.


And what do you mean by spirituality? When I use the word, people get all thrown by it. So what do you mean?


OK, so in the silence I heard something and I was first scared by it and then like. Like back in there, it was so quiet and I was so bad now. Yeah, I'd go into the thick of the woods really. And I heard silence. And this is a place where I was walking back in here once. So let's go in this way, OK? OK, well, you know, we'll go in here, huh? This may be a little hard for you.


This is what I love. This is what I love. This is beauty to me, OK? A moss covered look at. Yes, it's come on. OK, it's not too far. OK, just a little bit into the woods with Steven Tyler.


Oh, into the woods. Who would have thought? You are nature boy, that this was it, this is this is me, I would I would look down here for Salamander's and think, why is this a little Gawley and and what's over here? And and, oh, my God, it's got to be something living.


Would you spend with your parents let you spend time out here alone? Yeah, I never came back. I mowed the lawn and I just did this. Wow. It's the stillness. Yes, this is Delmas. Yes, there is the magic. It is come back. It is OK. I want to show you this, OK? All right. Look, Steven Tyler's taking me to his magical space.


Look at that. Oh, my God. Like this. Yeah.


And it's just. It's what doesn't live down in here. Yeah, right. And this is where I would sit in here. And. You know, today, I'd say the Lord's Prayer, of course, then I just thought these wild thoughts of what what's really living in under all the fairy tale books you see, look, there's a whole city and there for a whole village right here, we're sitting in somebody's village with a sleeping bag laid down on this.


This is almost what you can't do.


Yes. That was the thing that you said in your book that drugs take away from you is are the smells right? You're numbed out and you can't hear them. So you if you were on drugs right now, you wouldn't be able to sense this the same way.


No, absolutely not really. This is pretty special, yeah, to be in a moment with all this stuff is. Oh, my God, right there. I told you this morning on the year, do you think that this is where you came to know yourself? I think I put together. You know, the beauty of Mother Nature and music, and somewhere in that I felt a presence of God and the music, I thought that that God was there.


In the music, you know what, I think God is not just in the music, I think God is the music. Mm hmm. Hey, will do my Stephen look at thing. I think God is sick, that's the closest I've got.


Yeah. All right. This was great. Yeah, really good job. I loved it. I loved it. I love you. Got to look out over here.


This was a fun day. I got a fern bouquet. That's a wrap. This was a fun day.


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