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Good song. The Johnny Carson theme, right? Hey, who wrote that?


Skip. Who do you think? It's your buddy. Hi, everyone. I'm Paul Anca.


And I'm Skip Bronson.


What happens when two old friends take their decades of experience in the business and entertainment worlds and sit down with our buddies?


You get Our Way, a brand new show from My Heart podcast where we chop it up with our pals about everything under the sun.


Hear about Michael Bouboubelle's entrance into show business.


That night, I had quite a few drinks, and it was quite late. And he said to me, I want you to come to my villa because I got Paul Anca, and they'd like you to meet him. I was so nervous, and they rolled in a piano, and I went, And no.


And get business insight from Mark Burnet.


Ceo to many people means chief executive officer. It doesn't to me. It means chief encouragement officer. How do you hire people better than yourself, people you know are smarter than yourself, and encourage them.


Find out what scares my son-in-law, Jason Bateman, other than being with my daughter, Amanda.


It might not be bad to do the traditional talk to dad first and say, I'm going to ask your daughter. We had that conversation, didn't we? Yeah. How did that go? Where was that?


Remind me of- I think it was up at the house. Yeah?


Yeah. Was I over there with a man? Did I pull you into a side room? Why am I... I must have been so nervous, I blacked out.


Discover the bragging rights that come with beating Michael Jordan at golf.


One day, Michael Jordan was coming out. It was the height of his career, early '90s. He wanted to play the golf course. With golf being the great equalizer, as it turns out, I wanted to beating him. And I said, Golf is an incredible sport. It's the only sport where just a businessman like me could beat a world-class athlete like you. And he looked at me and he went, Yeah, fucking amazing. Together, we know just about everybody, including sitting presidents.


So join us as we ask the questions they've not been asked before. Tell it like it is and even sing a song or two.


This is our podcast, and we're going to do it our way.


Hey, that's a good idea for a song. Really, Skip? Listen to Our Way starting on February seventh on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcast.