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Today is part of my take, we have Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod one one, we have A-Rod in studio. First time we had someone in studio and a really long time awesome conversation with him. We also announced new episodes, the corporate coming out on Tuesday and Thursday, seven different interviews this season, so three on Tuesday, four on Thursday. Get ready for that. We have NBA playoffs going crazy. We have who's back the week? Billy's list, a packed show for everyone.


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OK, let's go.


Right. Military violence, I'm not. Look, I'm like, oh, do you like you? And I don't feel like it's putting my two cents back from school sports.


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Today is Monday, August 24th and we are officially a Loukia Donchak Stan podcast.


Hellyeah he's so, so fun to watch.


It's a pretty good day to be a bitch ass white boy like you and I are definitely card carrying members. Oh yeah.


Bitch ass white boy crew 43, 17 and 13. His second half of the times that Luke Daniels has played in the playoffs, he's averaged that he had a triple double and he hit the game winning shot and all on basically one ankle and all without Christoph's for Zangas. And he electrified everyone. And guess what? He's 21 years old. I remember when I was 21 years old, I was beer bong whiskey. Yeah. Like a fucking idiot and like jumping through tables and playing beer pong and being like, oh, my God, I had the greatest comeback ever.


I hit three cups when there was one left on my side. Lucozade six is averaging a triple double in the playoffs at twenty one. Yeah.


When I was 21, if I could just not get lost on my way to work, that was a big accomplishment.


Loukas Mirken, people big, big week for people playing on one foot. Our own Jake Moreish with a big victory as well. That's like that's a key to victory in a real, like, athletic competition. Just having one sprained ankle.


I also Luca is awesome. I didn't think I mean, he could singlehandedly beat the Clippers now especially. We're going to talk about playoff PPY in a second. But he he has like a lecture. He is the story of the weekend. The Mavs like go as Luca goes. And I just I'm just going to say it to the hawks who traded him on draft night to the Kings. It took Marvin Bagley bad. Droughts happen. They don't worry about it.


They do. You miss on a generational superstar that is going to be incredible in the NBA for like the next twenty years. Shit happens, man. Right. He was playing overseas in areas that are like the big twelve of well, it's like playing in the best league in Europe. And he was dominating there. So who knows, like the Texas, like you thought he was like a system player. He might have known he was just as likely to be the next Darko as he was going to be the first Loukia.


But yeah, he's fucking awesome. And again, that Clipper's perimeter defense sucks shit in the hole. He could have had us. They could have the Kings. Yeah. And it's one of those things where we never look at does something good. You can tell just by looking on Twitter, not because people are talking about Luka, but you see Marvin Bagley starts to trend.


Yep. And that's a big there. Yeah, it has the one. If we're going to nit pick Luka, I have a nit pick for you. Yeah. His Twitter handle. It's Loukia seven Donchak.


It always looks like it's a local TV channel.


When I see it, it looks like Eyewitness News I Chechnya's News looka looka seven Donchak is what his Twitter handle is. Yeah, just because the seven Yeah.


Lucas seven Dodgers like seven on your side, he's actually Melo is going to lose the stay Melo with the seven double zero now. So he already has lost it.


Have people compared him to the other famous look. Is he now the most famous Loukia of all time. Luka Magnotta. Yeah. Referring to. Yeah. So Luka don't kill any cats because out here murdering cats.


Yeah right he is. But like in the cool way to put it right. Like if you're a fly ass white boy.


So playoff p playoff pee. Holy shit. That guy stinks. I don't understand how you can be like considered. I don't think anyone calls him a superstar.


There was a time when the you know, it took the Pacers to the second final. But one of the you know, you would say the playoff P is at the top of the list for second bananas. And then the playoffs come around and it's like, dude, have you played basketball before? And I don't know. I mean, Kawhi Pork. Why? Because he's like I you know, this was going to be the two of us and you just fucking suck.


He finished third in MVP voting last year. Yeah, that's true. So he is there. I mean, Lou Williams was awesome, but man, playoff PP. And I know that it's also we've talked about this before, but big game, James James Shield, like when you get a nickname like that, Charles Barkley had a great line. He's like, no one calls me championship Chuck D like that's what it's like calling him calling him playoff p.


Did he give himself that nickname. I don't know. How sweet was that. The playoff P. Yes. On the. Back of his jersey, he should have had playoff people statement people, don't forget the time that you got back by your dog and posted on Instagram. That's true. Those nuts were just sitting you just like the nuts were straddling.


About every time I see him, I'm like Sox in the playoffs likes to have his ball, his dog's balls rest on his arm.


It's also a tough look when you're catching direct shots from Seth Curry, the lesser of the kinds who just drills a shot and calls him a bitch ass right to his face.


There's also a weird thing dynamic that, like, is not talked about that he plays for Doc Rivers, I'm pretty sure, playoff. He was dating Doc Rivers daughter and then cheated on her with a stripper, got a stripper pregnant. That's got to be awkward in the huddle. Like, that's got to be like they're professional about it. And and, you know, they pretend like, hey, this didn't happen. But when playoff shows up and he really sucks, Doc has to be looking at him being like, you, motherfucker.


I actually think twice. Doc Rivers probably thinks he dodged a bullet that his daughter didn't get pregnant through other things, not playoff spurs.


Interesting with that is that Steph Curry is now married to his daughter. So there's an element of I feel like where Doc Rivers, like he can't say it, but I went South Korea's playing it up. He's kind of like, yeah, yeah, yeah.


That's my boy.


He's play off SCMP, OK, that's my nickname for him. But he did not assume he's a cemp. No. He claimed he cheated on a girl with a stripper.


I think, I think if she doesn't move, if Steph Curry is able to roast you with any sort of conviction you are awesome. Yeah. But he also said that to be fair, after the game, George cleared some things up. He said, to be honest, in hindsight, if I shoot the ball better, this series would be a lot different. Yes.


He also goes in he did name himself playoff beard. Yeah, I know it doesn't seem like that. Yes, of course he did. That's exactly who he is.


Paul George on guarding Donovan Mitchell. Yeah. He meant play it at. Huh. It's a fun guy to watch. It's an out of body person.


It's I mean it really goes back to just don't trust a guy with two first names because that's I mean, play off Paul George. Just pathetic and you ruin it. You know what, though? Here's the nice spin zone, is that if Lucas somehow goes on a run here and gets like the Western Conference final, that would be awesome, because watching him play basketball is so much fun. And I think we said this on Friday. But, you know, he's good when the announcers start talking about how his hips and his last step in that euro step that he does, it's just it's unguardable.


Yeah. The step back, he gets so much clarance away from me. He's, what, six, seven? Yes. And he's he's like a Magic Johnson, almost like he does have that type of vision, like he can play any one of four positions at all times. He's a problem. And I can't believe he's this young twenty one. He plays like he's to do like twenty six. Go ahead. You're twenty one. He's a month younger than me.


Yeah. And look at you. We, I wish we had luck on this podcast. I said to you I also feel like twenty one straight up. I'm not like is that mean to say straight up. I wish Lukaku was our internet.


You would help with our European lesson. It would help with everything, money, everything. I think my English might be a little better. I don't know.


You're talking about guys. What do you think you do better than luchadores?


I think I was thinking collateralize English might be better, but like, what if you could pick one thing that you're like, I could beat him in.


You think, oh, I can throw overhead girls.


I don't to go with football. I bet European handball, which is a harder sport. But he didn't grow with an American. Yeah, but he's such a beast. I think that he could, he could beat you. I think he's six seven two hundred sixty pounds. He could probably throw over fifty yards call a duty.


I don't know if he plays. Yeah. So you got him on that. We got to get you one on one verse. Loka in Call of Duty. Battle of the twenty one year old inters. All right, so the other games we had the Blazers hiccup that hiccup game blazers in five officially done Blazers and six now ok we had the Melo versus LeBron for a minute there which was awesome. Throw back. They were going one on one against each other.


And then Anthony Davis remembered that he's the best player on the court and he should just dominate all the time.


The Blazers are a fun team and I'm not going to regret rooting for him. And I'm going to continue to root for them against the Lakers. And I'll continue to tell myself that they have a chance at winning. They don't have a chance at winning, but it's still there.


A fun team? Well, yeah, they've always been fun. I just I was always just against the Blazers derangement syndrome being like anyone who realistically said they could beat the Lakers.


Well, Charles Barkley said that. Yeah. But again, I don't know if Charles Barkley actually meant it or not. I think he's just rooting for fun. That's the kind of guy Charles is.


Charles also, I think he mortlock or whatever it may be guaranteed a while.


The Raptors one hundred fifty on the Nets, the Pacers once the Pacers on Saturday, he guaranteed that that didn't work out. The Heat are looking good.


The Bucks are looking good. I got to take about Giannis that I'm I'm squatting on but he's got to, he's got to go to the finals this year. That's all going to say because when he dunks on the magic up twenty and pounds his chest and I'm cool with like sportsmanship shouldn't exist in pro sports but if he gets stopped.


In the Eastern Conference finals, again, like you can't do that where you just in the first round your piece and then in the second and third round you get shut down. Yeah, he's going. Oh, he's got to do. I'm just putting that on my watch. Right. A watch list like he is. He is a great if you're looking to buy stock in a does this person have a clutch gene argument. Giannis would be at the top of my list right now so I think you obviously have to have some success.


If you're a superstar like that. It's like Lamar Jackson. You see a narrative emerging around him right as he loses in the playoffs in basketball.


The fun part about sports. Yeah it is, it is the best part.


So if Giannis excuse me got Giannis Giannis if Giannis got to Gano said you know what if G G Ghana's giganto if he is not able to get to the finals then yeah he's going to have that narrative right. Ready for it. Is he that we're going to do some cross sports. Yeah we're going to be like is he the Dan Marino of the nbsp. Ready. Honest, I'm not trying to put pressure on you because I know you put pressure on yourself in your fantastic player and a lot of fun to watch.


But just be ready because I'm watching. And if you get stopped in the Eastern Conference final, I'm going to remember dunking on the magic up twenty and like and pounding your chest and being like I'm the man against the hapless magic team.


I also think that Giannis is a little bit of a disadvantage from not growing up with the American media because he right now he reads all the stuff that people say about him. He knows what the emerging narrative is and he is, he's like borderline getting into fights and a lot of these games because I think he's out to prove that he's got a chip on his shoulder. Yeah, I think it might be you might see like a Draymond Green type situation later on these playoffs where he might actually, like, get into a fight in a big game.


Then he'll have to miss the next game and it would impact his team. And then we've got Hothead Jon. Yeah. Emerging as a narrative. And then in two years he's going to go play for the Lakers.


Yeah, probably. Speaking of Lakers going back to them pre who's back of the week? Is J.R. Smith looking high all the time? I just fucking love his face. I love his face. Whenever he makes a mistake, he I think he fouled, I think foul. Gary Trent Junior, just a stupid foul shooting a three. And then they zoomed in on his face and he looked like he was from outer space.


What do you what do you mean like like he's starting to look like he's you know, he always been, he hasn't been playing though like, you know he just signed and all that stuff. So he's back like we're getting him in prime time looking at his face being like, holy shit, I need to know I right now, as far as I know.


But damn does he look, I need to get one of these fun behind the scenes stories. You know, we've had the like CJ McCollum had six thousand dollars worth of wine that was broken on Reed's just the first run of every ball reading the first page. I'm actually not going to be on Butler selling twenty dollar Starbucks cups.


I think I well, I'd love to I'd love to read like an oral history five years from now of how the weed delivery service has worked in the bubble, how they were able to get marijuana like distributed. If there was one guy they gave, like every team gets one person that's allowed to come there that was like a grow up in their hotel room because you know that there's there are some drug being cooked up down in Orlando. I want to go back real quick to the LeBron reading the first page of the book, because that went viral, I think went viral late Thursday, but over the weekend as well.


That is the most relatable that LeBron has ever been, because anyone who is not a real book guy, but an aspiring book guy, which I put myself in that camp where I, you know, probably about a dozen times a year, I'm like, man, I should read more. My brain feels better when I read more. I understand when LeBron is coming from where you see, first of all, you judge every book by its cover.


But whoever said don't judge a book by its cover is a fucking moron. See, a book looks like a cool cover by the book. Read a few pages, never read it again. That's the recipe. So LeBron, I'm going to give people are giving you shit for that. I think that's the most relatable he has ever been in his entire life.


That's why you got to be reading Kindles like Kawhi Leonard, because nobody can tell what page LeBron he should just like put Post-it notes on random pages in his book. So it looks like he's leafing through it.


He did. He after that went viral on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday. I think there's a picture of bookmark halfway through the book. OK, there you go. In there. He's actually just bought, you know, how they used to do that. They'd slide the bookmark in the middle of the book. Yeah, we went to Barnes Noble. That's what it was.


But just, Torgeir, some of the cake that LeBron just just opened, a few of them of what he's read to Hate The Godfather, the autobiography of Malcolm X. What else has he read recently?


I don't know, but I just one of the screenshots from The Hunger Games, perfect game. I was like, oh, this the haters. LeBron, you are relatable when you just read the first pages of books because that's listen, like ninety percent of reading the book is just doing it in public and letting people know that you're reading the book when you read it or not doesn't really matter. You open the book, you bought the book. That's the hard part.




The coolest thing is like if you ride the subway and you just have a book open in front of you, you just know that everyone's looking at you and they're like, this dude is smart. This is your books upside down.


But you don't know that at the time, Hank, your Celtics have ended. The Sixers season ended, Brett. Brown's probably career as a coach for the Sixers ended maybe this era, I'd say, and as a GM, Celtics build the process and the process is done.


It's over. The process is yeah, it's a tough way to go out. I don't know what they do, but it's so funny how it always works out, where I think we get our trade from Marco Foltz.


Well, the crazy thing is the process, like people say, like the process failed, but like the process was working, you know, got the picks. You just have to hit the picks, though. And then they got rid of the guy who set up the process.


The moves they've made the last three years have just been absolutely like if somebody designs a kickass spreadsheet or database for your company and then you fire that guy after you've already got, like the work you put in now, you don't have anybody to maintain it behind the scenes. Right. And you've just got like a series of monkeys and typewriters trying to figure it out. It doesn't work the same.


And you also drafted two great players that could not be worse for each other. And Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. So I think that's where they have to do the the and they didn't drop Jayson Tatum when they could and they didn't.


But the the like sports radio call in like you need to trade one of the two and just build around the other I think is actually now true. Like someone in Philly has been saying has been calling Angelo in Philly, has been calling in for the last three years screaming about this angel in Philly is correct. I do not think that you can win with both those guys. You got to try to figure it out, maybe trade Ben Simmons to the Bulls for Zach Levine and the number four.


There you go.


I would says no, I would keep and be. But that's just for the argument of like everybody in the NBA is going small these days, built around a big man.


Yeah, well, everybody else zags, I, I would I don't know, I'd probably keep Ben Simmons.


Just hope eventually he can shoot a three. But yeah, that's a fun, fun thing for the Sixers to have to figure out. I just it sucks. Like Sixers fans, like our good friend Ron, he's a diehard Sixers fan and he's just like I was like, so what do you think? He's just like, I don't know, man. Like, just everything sucks. Yeah. It's just the air of the Sixers were that team. There's nothing worse than having that team that that feels like they're climbing the mountain and feels like they're setting something up for like a solid three to five year championship window and then wake up one day and like, wait, maybe that none of that's right.


I think the process got a little bit ahead of itself when they thought that they were a little closer than they were. So they started bringing in like Redser players being like, this is the missing piece and also Tobias Harris and also.


Well, and there are some other things, Miami, but like two hundred million dollars to Horford and Harris. Yeah.


Yeah. These are solid solid contracts but like sometimes it's dangerous to think that you're closer than you are. Al Horford is such a great example of like when a guy is I don't even know how old Al Horford is. It's probably like thirty three, thirty four. When he opts out you've got to know something's up. Like he opted out of that contract with the Suns where he was guaranteed a lot of money and you know, like, oh someone's going to give him too much money and it's going to be very stupid because a guy like that should not be opting out ever.


I do like being reminded on a yearly basis that Al Horford can still jump occasionally.


Yeah, like when he has the career playoffs. Yeah, not the same guy anymore. So and then the Rockets Thunder series has been great as well. I mean it's been great basketball, great basketball, great series, The Nets. Sorry for your mistakes Hank. That was a pretty quick and easy sweep. There are terrible, terrible, offensively awful team.


I put way too much money on on Friday and I was just watching just screaming at the TV the entire time. Yeah. They were a bunch of guys that are trying to prove that they're supposed to be there next year. Yeah, the Renzo's for them next year. Yeah. They got some good guys. I think what you know what I saw on Friday, I saw a lot of heart. So maybe that's a team that might be on the up and up next year once they get maybe one or two impact players.


I was thinking about I think I think it was because we live in New York City and we see the Yes. Network commercials. But I saw commercial in DeAndre Jordan, wasn't it? Did you see Jordan hurt or anything? I think he just said there's no chance I'm going to get my ass kicked in the eye.


He opted out of the bubble. Yeah, I doubt him. That's a smart move. Not for me. Yeah. Oh, KD and Kyrie, you're not coming. I'm out.


I mean, think about the upside for him. Best case scenario, they win like one playoff series. Yes. Best case, yes.


All right. So playoff hockey. We the Hank Hockey hates watching the Bruins right now, the stars and have started. That's going to be an awesome series. Anything else? I mean, the oh, Mike Milbury got booted out of the bubble. Yeah.


Saying that women are just nice to not have women around to be a distraction. That's that's hockey tough. Yeah.


You don't hear any NBA Mike or was it was it like, no, I'm Brennaman or. He just said he just said, oh yeah. It was, it was just pure take just Milbury takes you out there. He might not have been in the bubble, he might have been in Stanford. I think he was in the studio.


No, it was because he took that picture of the Space Needle. Oh yeah. The space called the Space Needle, whatever the hell it is. Yeah.


So here's his explanation was that there are no women in the bubble, so it's no distractions. The guys can't be distracted. Right. We're trying to trying to get. Guys can be dudes, I can't get that HUNANESE, right, so we got the announcers stepping in front of me. I bet you thumb thumb Brennaman was like, Oh, nice. And we're going to talk about Mike Milbury. And this is going to take the distraction. Didn't happen.


Maybe Mike, because Mike is one of those guys, right? I don't think anyone really likes him.


So maybe Tom was talking about the NHL bubble when he was trying to figure out what the capital of North America was. Right. He was like, no chicks. Yeah, it must be heaven on earth. Gold. Oh, you got another gold hockey. Hank, one thing I've noticed is that politics over this overhead camera angle in hockey, you never score a goal line in that song.


It's like when they do that in the final four, when they when they do the overhead showing the court and it's the worst it makes you want to throw up. Yeah. There's never been a goal goalscorer that overhead angle.


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Who's back the week. Is Batman ok.


I'm new Batman trailer came out of Christopher Nolan, not Chris Robert Pattinson.


Speaking of Twilight, do Twilight run the office? No, no. He's in Twilight. California is one of, you know, the heartthrobs from Twilight.


He no. Who's making it? Christopher Nolan. Oh, I just want more kissing.


I don't think he is because I know that he's only I'm pretty sure it's definitely not. But those are the best ones.


Christopher Nolan should just make Batman's every year and the world would be better. Is the Joker in this one?


Matt Reeves is the guy directing it.


Hmm. The Riddler. The Riddler's in the red. Look, remember Jim Carrey as the Riddler? Yeah, he was awesome.


Everyone was freaking out about, though. I kind of have, like, Batman fatigue, like, I feel like too little too soon.


It's been a long time, but the I don't know, it's one of those things where, like, they make great movies, like the Christopher Nolan ones were so good and then they're just going to do a less good I mean, they did the Ben Affleck was Batman like two years ago.


That's what we had about that movie come out. Yeah, I remember Superman. Oh yeah. This is the trailer for this one.


Looks pretty good though. Like I'm pumped to see it. I watch it.


I was like, it's OK then. Everyone was like universal like this looks so, so, so, so, so, so good. So we'll see Batman's back.


Just do all this again. Robert Pattinson, didn't he was he a vampire in Twilight, huh. Slash werewolf.


I think vampire fucking double zombies take if they made defense, if they made this Batman like a vampire bat, be cool.


Yeah. Or if they made this bat giving everyone coronavirus. Mm hmm. That would be cool, too, if they threw that in there. Batman is that it for who's back. Yeah. Yes.


OK, it's such a fucker. My favorite. I have multiple ones and then one and then the time you have one you it's like well I usually process it by saying I have a few.


Yeah. But we're done with this one who's who's back. Who's back. Rankest right. Who is one hundred percent. Right. OK, I have two. Is that ok. Yeah. My who's back of the week. First is North Korea. North Korea is back baby because Kim Jong un is in a coma allegedly.


There's like some spy from South Korea that said that according to his analysis, Kim Jong un is in a coma.


But that means we've seen this before. Yeah, he comes back to know how to sentence Kim Jong un, comes back from the dead.


So often he's like Betty White or. Harrison Ford or who else dies a lot almost dies Marlon's man, yes, Leroy. Many times he just keeps coming back, so I'll believe it when I see it. But apparently he has a little sister who's like 33 years old. Yes. Who's going to be taking over now? I want to say there have been a lot of reports out there that just refer to her as Kim Jong un's sister. She has a name.


She's a bad ass woman who's OK. Are you afraid of her?


Her name is Kim Kim Jong Il. She's going to be taking over Mike Middlebury's shitting his pants. He thinks that North Korea is going in the crapper right now.


I support her as a strong woman, even though she's probably going to be a dictator. She's going to be back. Well, she will be our typical. She'll like a tank at you if you don't like already kiss her. Right. We are.


So I don't support North Korea, I think. But I'm in a pickle mentally. I'll have to think this one. Harrison, what's his name? Not Harrison for Dennis Rodman needs to go overseas, like, post-haste and try to figure this out.


He's probably there. Yeah, he's giving like the.


To him. Right. Who's back that week is Earl Thomas. Yeah. Thomas is back as a free agent. Earl Thomas with the Cowboys. Rumors are specifically back because he got cut after getting into some fights with his teammates for the Ravens. And so I guess they were really pissed off at him because they're willing to pay like ten dollars million against the cap this year.


And for a leadership committee on the on the Ravens, a leadership committee decided they didn't want them. Yeah.


So he's gone. He's he got the ax. I was asking Hank earlier if he thought that maybe maybe this is Belichick move.


Maybe Belichick picks him up. They lost Patrick Chung for the year. They get Earl Thomas as an impact veteran that everybody else is giving up on.


He also said that it is Instagram comment I posted. The video said this has been one of my best camps ever. And immediately I was like, oh, damn, Earl Thomas, like the Bears should get him because he said it.


He's in the best shape of his life. Yeah, yeah. That's all it took for me to be like, man, he's still got it. Yeah. Just because he said it.


What do you think, patriots. I don't feel it going for cheap. I would love it.


I think one the count I don't I always feel like it's not going to happen. Remember the time after a game in Dallas when he went up to Jerry Jones, like, come get me, come get me. Yeah.


And then that's also where he banged his brother. Yeah, it was in Texas somewhere, I think in Austin. Austin, yeah. So yeah, maybe he'll be going home. Actually that that would be perfect.


If you went up to New England, Tom Brady won what, two Super Bowls after he kissed his son. Imagine the dynasty. They go on if they got to safety that fucked his brother.


Just something to think about, Hank. I think he's just one. Just one.


OK, well, maybe you'll get two out of out of that. Out of that. Yeah.


Step it up a little bit. All right. My whose back is Madden?


Cote's back on my bullshit. This is the week. Get ready.


My magic is about to be lit up Thursday. I heard. I got word Thursday is going to be the day. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm worried I'm going to send a lot of fake notes for sure. You know what you got to do? Are you getting that lottery machine? Yeah, that's on the way. Yeah. Trying. So so put some dough. This literally is puts him out and goes on. Fifteen hundred dollars on it.


Have like have you know one out of every five being an actual code. Yes.


Oh that's good. OK, so we'll do and we'll do a stream or something. We'll give away codes, we'll probably give away some codes on Friday as part of my take. Yeah. Just get ready. Don't ask for the code. Just wait. I'll say the word and you'll get some codes. We're going to give up. I'll give a bunch to all business, Pete. He'll fucking give them away. It's going to be what's me?


Reigning codes. I love it everywhere. I just. So I'm going to get mad in this year. And I got you. It's been a while. It's been a while since I played we played on that live stream. Yeah. I hope that it's good. I hope that my brain is able to make that leap.


Honestly heard it. Honestly, I don't care if it's good or bad. Just bring back many games. I just care about the code. Bring back to fucking I'm in many games I probably won't even play. Madden to me is just giving away. Could you remember Madden? You remember though when they used to have like the running back drills and then the tackling drills and the kick drills and the passing through the fucking airborn ring drills. Yes. Bring those back.


Yes. Those were awesome. Or don't. I don't care. Just give me the codes. You just. Yeah, I just like the power. No, I don't I do not care about the game.


I just want to give away codes. It's I want to, you know, give to the people.


Billy, my who's back of the week. Billy not a chad wearing a backwards hat and a Budweiser tank top man whose back of the week is cocaine. Whoa.


Billy on Oscar de la Hoya is coming out of retirement. What's his name? Oscar de la Hoya. Yep. And his friend Dana White was asked at a press conference about his thoughts on Oscar de la Hoya coming out of retirement. And he said cocaine isn't cheap. Makes sense.


Dana White is a hell of a name like a slang term for Coke. I'm going to start calling it that. Yes. You got to be Dana White on you. Yes. Coke literally translates to yeah. Yeah.


So are you do you probably don't even remember Oscar de la Hoya?


I think he fought. Manny Pacquiao was. Yeah, but you like he fought Floyd Mayweather in like two thousand six or seven. He's got to be like, what? Fifty three, he was older when he was old then maybe this is this is just him saying, like Jon Bones Jones you need to come back to because cocaine isn't cheap.


They really need to just have a senior tour for porn stars and boxers. They always age poorly. That's it, though. Those are like you can't if you're a porn star boxer and you get past that like age of 40, it's tough to fake it.


I think they do have a senior to tour for porn stars. You just age into the MILF category. Right.


But like you need we need like the full on, like more sensual, loving. And in boxing, like maybe it's maybe it's bigger. Yeah. Yeah. It's like pillow gloves. Yeah. So no one's really getting killed out there. Go watch it. But I don't want anyone to. I it's tough when you, when someone box is like Chuck Liddell when he was, when he went back in there is like as he was walking in you're like oh my God, he looks terrible.


And then he got the shit kicked out of him. It's a hard sell. You almost feel guilty watching him at some point.


Right. Like this is like my grandfather is just getting his ass right. Same with that. You know what they should do? They should just allow old heavyweights to fight young lightweights. That would be cool.


Conor McGregor would sign up immediately. Yeah. A six year old. Yes. That would actually be a lot of fun to go out of weight class. All right. That let's do our interviews.


That be anything else, Jake? Do you have a who's back? Uji, does the Yankees know the Yankees were off this weekend?


Onomatopoeia. Oh, McBreen a double bang today.


The saw that. Yes. By the way, we I we should at least be like, how could you not bring up Jose Brady? What he did this weekend was insane.


He had six home runs against cubs and he hit four home runs in four straight at bats spanning two days. That's that's crazy. Do we know if my God, I feel like God when that happens.


Does Mike Breen ever done a double bang before?


I think maybe when Steph against the Thunder four years ago, remember, they're down like thirty and he hit like a half court regular season game.


He either went bankrupt, crazy with a bang or double bang off to look again.


Yeah. You got to really get to pick your places. If you want to alter your catch phrase, it has to be something very, very I would actually appreciate if you could do maybe like an analytical breakdown of the banks.


Like Satins. Yeah. How loud decibels I work.


It would be interesting to see it visualize. It's like the verbal meme of the chick that's getting real on her back. And it's Mike Brown says, oh fuck, you're going to make me double bang. Yeah, do that.


But it also did the charts. Yeah. Yeah. OK, you got it. All right, let's get to our interview with A-Rod before we do that. Woop, you know everything about how your favorite team is dealing with the pandemic, but do you know enough about you whoopers the 24/7 health and fitness tracker, the changes that by monitoring critical daily metrics like sleep recovery and strain. We've been wearing our bands for a couple of months now and it's been awesome to track our sleeping activity during quarantine.


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OK, we now welcome on Recurring Guest, my boss in preparation for the Kaup Season three, which drops on Tuesday and Thursday.


This week it is Alex Rodriguez one one A-Rod actually probably our first interview that we've had someone actually come in in a long time. So it's good to actually see a person in person.


It's great to be here. I love I love your show and I love to be in impasto headquarters.


They can break breaking in that couch right now. I don't think I've had a guest here. I'm going to tell you right now for your safety, don't make any sudden movements completely broke that couch. So the last thing I want is for you. To make a sudden movement, have it fall, have your coffee fall in your lap, and then Billy's going to be like Lawsuit City. Yeah, right.


So A-Rod, before we do everything else, let's talk real quick about the season three. First question. How difficult is Dan to work with as a co-host from one to 10 or 12?


Yeah, yeah, very, very difficult. You know, Season three presented some great opportunities and some challenges.


The biggest challenge was he came to our home in the Hamptons.


So allowed inside, you know, that's like, oh, yeah. No, no, no, no, no, not close it. We did not go inside.


No, we interviewed. So we're going to release it Tuesday and Thursday. It's going to be the whole season we have. Shall we just say the guess? We might as well. Yeah. Let it rip.


Kevin Durant, who will be on PMT so that I at the end of the Kevin Rudd interview, I was like, we got to do is like, oh, I know because we've talked some shit. And so that will be happening shortly.


We have Jay Snowden, who is Penn National Gaming CEO Steve Madden. Ever heard of them? If you've watched Wolf Wall Street, you definitely have Jimmy Fallon, Ice Cube of our friend Joe Buck, and then finally, Jennifer Lopez. So a star studded core.


Did you think this was our best? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I think is our best.


Angela, was she smoking rate? How tough was she to smelled? So I feel like she'd be tough to nail.


Well, we had Jeff Leigh. We had Nick. We had actually we had our entire corp office trying to wrangle down, but it took us three seasons.


So, yes, it did so took a while. She loved it. Dan was so tough. Jennifer said never again. Yeah, yeah. For that bridge. You guys got to get Jennifer on P.A. She's always want to. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Absolutely. Yeah, no problem. Let me check with Hank.


Hank, I think we can make room for Jello. Yes. Hank says maybe so.


Yeah, well I could to reach out to your people to check it out Tuesday and Thursday. It's all going to drop. Then you can binge. Listen to it. So A-Rod, it's actually perfect. You're here today because we're taping this on Tuesday. And the Fernando Tatis stuff just happened where the baseball world, the unwritten rules of baseball are like front and center on Twitter. Where do you land one on unwritten rules? Are you an unwritten rules guy that.


Not really, let me set it up right, because I think our listeners at home may have not watched the game, so Tatis hits a grand slam late in the game. The count is three and he swings hits a grand slam. And, you know, the Texas Rangers and Woodward are basically saying that's Bush. He shouldn't swing three.


Oh, so no one is up eight. Yeah, up eight. Right. So two things here to unpack. Number one, you should never get upset at the player. It is the manager's responsibility to determine green light, red light. So darn if you're hitting. And now I'm in Europe eight and I'm the manager, I have to tell you, green light or don't swing. So that's the number one they're going at. The wrong kid sees that nothing wrong.


He is basically. Ah, LeBron James in the making, right. Following in the footsteps of a Mike Trout. He is colorful. He is fun. He fucking dances moringa. He's a good looking kid. He's colorful. We need more taxes. Let's promote them in baseball. Let's just loosen up a little bit. Let's have a little bit more fun.


Right. So in terms of unwritten rules, you're very clearly against this one, which I don't even think that this is an unwritten rule because it's like so nebulous. It's like, OK, perfect storm of things. You're down by eight, three oh pitch, et cetera, et cetera.


There's a lot of factors going into Rio.


Yeah, but what what about like what are some unwritten rules that you do actually believe in?


Well, first of all, I don't believe that if you're a pitcher throwing ninety eight miles an hour, you should throw someone's head to even some type of, you know, argument or something that you disagree with. If you want to hit someone, you should hit them, you know, under the belt, like. Yeah, or at the ribs. No higher than that because you can end somebody's life. That's the truth of it. I think things like that, if you're up nine, you shouldn't be stealing bases.


Yeah, OK. But guys in basketball, we're up 20.


If you want to shoot a three, go for it. Right. About what? Belichick, Belichick and Brady. They're up twenty five. They'll go deep and they don't care. You know, you don't do load the bases or drive a three. That's right.


Like I've always it's you could say maybe it's not great sportsmanship, but it's it's it's not Little League.


It's hard, it's hard ball, not softball. There's no sportsmanship in professional sports.


I love to tease this.


You guys got to watch him. Tatties is a stud.


What's the alternative like? Just strike out. Right. There are not swing I guess, but like what the. Yeah. Swing less hard. Guess what, the more home runs he hits, the more money he's going to make like this. This. All right. You got to go up there and try your best.


And let me give you one twist. If you're up eight and they don't score in Texas, Rangers comes out and hits a grand slam. Not right for one lead.


Right now, you have to burn up your bullpen. Look, you I've been taught from Lou Pinella from day one. You play to the last out is collected and play hard.


Yeah, no prisoners. And then his own manager is basically throwing him under the bus saying, like, you shouldn't be doing something like this. Like I've heard from like a few people in baseball that are saying, like, yeah, you know what? You don't swing on this type of pitch. Like, how would you handle that as a player if your manager didn't seem to have your back?


Well, first of all, I'm not sure the exact details, but if the manager didn't put on the take sign, then he's giving them free liberty to swing. So, again, a young kid, you have to be patient. You're not going to be perfect. You know, people make mistakes. And I don't consider this one of them. I do think that you have to coach, mentor, but let them fly. Let the eagle fly.


Yeah, I saw actually Eric Hosmer kind of talked to him after, like, hey, listen, this isn't what we do because I think he was more er cause we're talking about more like like pimping the home run a little bit more because then guys can get thrown at.


But from a player's perspective, how often would you sit down one on one with the manager over the course of a season.


Well, I sat down with managers all the time and there's different conversations, right. The conversation when you're a first year player to your second year player, that conversation is very much like you're talking to a professor or your teacher. When you're a veteran player and you've been in the league 15, 20 years, you're usually talking in collaboration, almost like he's your partner to help out the young players. But Eric Hosmer could not be a better leader. He's a world champion.


He's a three or five guy from Miami. And he is the perfect guy to lead that young bunch. But again, I think letting this young man fly and don't start putting guardrails on him, that's the worst thing we can do. What we need to do is promote him, tell his story and guys put him on here. Yeah. Puts him around. He'll get up and dance with boats. Check out his Instagram. This is I'm so excited because we finally get a glimpse of what baseball could be, and I love it.


Another unwritten rule question. What about stepping on a pitcher's mound? OK, what about if it's a certain podcast?


Yeah, I work as a coworker of ours, you know, approach on his territory.


First of all, I love Bradin because he was a great competitor. You know, his stuff was. So you say when someone's socks, I like no, no, you know, yes, Bradin really tried hard. Yeah, he got the most out of his talented cat.


Right. Was he Randy Johnson?


No, but no, but absolutely not.


But but he was a great competitor. And look, in the heat of the moment, you do a lot of stupid shit. And that was probably pretty silly. But he was throwing a fucking no hitter and I wanted to do everything in his mind was that, oh, that's a different game than the perfect game.


But yeah, he was he was dealing that he was doing that. And that was around the time he threw the no hitter and he was dealing and we probably got one or two hits.


Right. So I actually wanted to, you know, had Dennis Rodman used to do like, you know, provocative things. Yeah. That was something provocative to get him riled up and get him out of his game eating work. He still shoved it up.


So so do you. Let's put it to bed forever. Do you think you look back on that like I probably should have done that, shouldn't have walked on his mound? Yeah.


I mean, there's so many things, Dan, that I would take back. But at the end of the day, the reason why you don't take them back is because they're learning lessons. But that was just gamesmanship.


Yeah, I know exactly what I was doing. I thought it would work.


It didn't work because he kept pitching and it did work in that. I love Dallas. He's very, very funny, very, very talented. And he's also passionate.


So knowing that's how I know him, like, you can get a rise out of him and he will he will be passionate, which is actually a great thing because you need more of that in sports. Absolutely.


But by the way, you should have the ability to express yourself.


That's how I wanted to express myself by the time it was an unwritten rule. But at the time I said, fuck it, we want to win this game. And if I can get this guy thinking about me and not the other eight hitters, then that's a win. I'll take that.


So speaking of Dallas, he did throw a no hitter is perfect, but we say no hitter. So he had that that one game where it was like he he reached the pinnacle. Were you ever on a team that got no hitter or had a perfect game thrown against you?


I believe we got no hit. What does that feel like? Like shit. Terrible. Like are you. Yeah. Yeah, I got it. Dwight Gooden, no hitter, I believe in ninety six at the stadium.


I'm going to look it up. So you like when you're standing in the in the locker room or in the clubhouse and the dugout. Are you guys like hey anyone going to get a hit today. Like do you feel the pressure.


You feel like a little bitch. Yeah. Feel like especially after the game you're depressed. I wish I had more presidency then because that's what you feel like.


What inning do you start noticing that you start getting kind of a funny feeling around the fifth.


OK, do you say anything to the opposing pitcher? Because I know that you're not supposed to talk about it, but you can be like, hey, you got a no hitter.


Yeah, I said, this fucking guy has a no hitter. Are you fucking kidding me? Let's go. Yeah. And you say it loud enough. We're only your teammates. You can't do that today with no fans. I mean, they can hear you on the field.


I'm going to give you credit, though. I'm looking at the box score right now. I watch you walk twice, I walk twice, and I only go for two.


Then you're not going to believe is the first at bat and you can go back and watch it, which I'm sure you won't. I hit a ball that I thought was a triple and Bernie Williams went back and just made an unbelievable play and I said, no big deal. We're going to hit good and hard today. And sure enough, no hitter. That's incredible.


I love Doc. Does it feel any worse getting no hit or having, like, one guy on your team? Maybe one guy went three for four with like, you know, like two home runs or something like that. Everybody else got shut down. Does that feel any worse?


No. I mean, you always want you want to be in the scoreboard, you want to get ahead personally, but you want at least somebody in your team to get a hit.


Yeah, yeah. I'm watching it right now. So you it's that's that's hilarious, though, that you thought like, oh, this is going to be my day and then everything goes against you.


I God that would suck so bad.


And then the next day after a no hitter, what's the conversation in a clubhouse like when you all show up the next day, you're like, hey, did you mention it? Or do you like, hey, let's just let's get out there and try to get a hit here.


This fucking happened in New York. So the next day, every paper, no hat.


No, I had no head, I would say carried him off the here's the crazy thing. I mean, I he grew up a huge Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Keith Ananda's I grew up a Mets fan. So the fact that, you know, Doc had been through so much, his father passed away that week. So he throws a no hitter. He points up at the sky. And honestly, it was just an awesome story. So from that point of view, I was like, OK, if this is the condition of a no hitter, I'll take it.


Yes. Yeah. Speak of those.


Eighty six Mets. Another guy on that team, Lenny Dykstra. Love, Lenny. So, Lenny, your fan, your big.


Oh, you're big Lenny fan to love nails. Yeah, that's right.


So I guess what he would do before each game, so it would make the baseball seem like a lot bigger to his to his naked eye.


He would just stare at a ping pong ball in the locker room for about an hour and a half. And he figured, like, if I stare at this small white thing that eventually when I get on the field, it's going to look like a beach. Or something like that. Did you do did you have any tricks or any things that you did to get your eyes, like, locked in? Great question. I feel like you must have lawmakers, someone to give you prepare.


You know, I just I listen to Lenny Dykstra podcast. Like yesterday, I was like, you know, everybody's got some story. You know what I would do?


I'll get a broomstick and I will go to the parking lot of the hotel we're staying at. And I will hit beans. I will hit 100 beans like the little red beans.


Yeah, I write those dried beans are out of a can of beans dry and and with the broomstick, I will clip them, clip them.


And obviously you hear the clip. And sometimes when I had a horseshoe game, I will go back to the hotel and I will tell my nephew, who was at the time like 10 years old, throw me some beans and he goes, Why don't go, Alex.


I'm tired. Let's go bean time.


That's great. I mean, I don't think I could hit a bean. No, definitely not.


I go like ten for ten for one hundred maybe and be like that it because it is so satisfying if you just like really made a solid connection with the beach and find like first of all, who was your favorite player going out.


I liked so I like the Braves grown up. Oh my TV all the time. So. Well, Brian Sandburg on the Cubs.


And then I would say like Chipper Jones, Mark Lemke, Sid Bream, Greg Maddux, there's all those old Griffey Jr..


I just. So it just came your your dad just came up. You fucking rock that ball. Yeah. I like the fact that you didn't get a hit there.


I thought I was a chip off the bat. Yeah. Good. Fazzio unbelievable catch. Who was your favorite player? Griffey Reino. You know, I actually the Mariners.


Your Mariners. A-Rod. A-Rod. Yeah. Randy Johnson being like so tall. Junior B's junior.


I was. Yeah. Norm Charleton. Yeah. I mean, we play this game sometimes where it's just like sit around and name players from certain teams and those mid 90s Mariners teams are one. You can just like have an hour long conversation. Just naming guys. I like Terry Pendleton because he had a fat ass. Yeah.


Yeah. Terry is such a drunk. Yeah.


You know, what's crazy is we can talk about lineups from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and it's hard for us today to talk about a full lineup. There's so much change in the game tomorrow.


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Go to three chai dotcom use promo code PMT, check out, get five percent off your order and now more Áron.


So speaking of that, would you when you were changing the lineup, would you ever have a manager, the change you like threw you around day to day? Did that kind of screw with you?


You know, in that era, we weren't doing that like you had second for week, then you had eighth or you had seven.


Do you had sex as a young player? But once you get established, I remember that in 2009 I had surgery. I came back to the Yankees first year with the new stadium and Girardi basically said, Hey, big boy, I hope you're ready and healthy. We're really struggling. I came back, I hit my first pitch homerun. Baltimore, S.C., threw a complete game. And then we play like 750 baseball from that point and obviously won the World Series.


But the point of the story is he said, you're going to hit fourth every game and every game that year and every postseason game. I had fourth. And that type of stability really helped me. And I think is something that we need to get back to.


When you when they changed to the new Yankee Stadium, did you look at it and you're like, this is a joke, like I'm going to hit so many home runs. Yes.


I mean, sometimes it'll be a pop fly. You're like, wait, how did that go out?


It was crazy. The old stadium had a better fan environment because it was like the old, you know. Right. Right. It is. Yeah.


Of course, this stadium, it was like we were moving into like the Peninsula Hotel. Oh. Like the, you know, something really, really fancy. But it was just a joke to hit home runs. Right.


And I'm sure that it will eventually get to the place of the. You just have to build history. Yeah. You know, like it takes time. Yeah. So we got to address at least the elephant in the room. What are our jobs going to be if you become the Mets owner?


We have some ideas. Why don't you start? I mean, I don't want to ask for much. I'm not here like I'm looking for a handout. All I want is to be the guy that drives the bullpen cart when the heaviest reliever goes into the game.


I just want to see that drive out there, maybe put some put some spinners on the golf cart, maybe put a bitchin stereo system in there. And definitely one of those like shag carpeting, steering wheel covers. Yeah. Drive back to the bullpen. That's all I want.


I love it. You don't even have to pay that. That's a great idea for bringing the golf car back with some, like, cool vibe.


I think it's a good idea.


OK, so I've had the game he's in for that. I just want to be like a clubhouse guy, like I want to. My job will be to just lean up against the batting cage with, you know, like an oversized, you know, jacket on Mets jacket on, maybe some, you know, seeds and just shoot the shit.


Will you be a dip guy, would you? Yeah. Dip or bust balls like a towel. Go in the bathroom with a towel with people. If you want me to like just a guy, ones like, you know, he's just hanging out.


That's a guy that just wants to annoy your players, hang out.


I want to and then maybe sit on the bench. And then every now and then the manager can, like, look at me and be like, what do you what do you think we should do here? I like I don't know. We could do this. We could do that. What do you think?


I have a better question for you guys. Yeah. If you guys were commissioner for one day, what are the two changes you would do to make it more fun and more young?


Good question. Six more six. OK, that's like Rob Manfred suggestion for everything is like slap another D on it. That'll fix a problem.


I, I hate to say this because I do love like the history of the game and this would probably screw with it.


But I kind of like these seven in games. I like to doubleheaders, I like the seven and a game people have been liking.


I mean I just there's something about it, there's a little more urgency to it. I just if you could maybe compact the season a little bit, because I always thought when baseball season starts in the first month is teams playing in front of like No one and it's 45 degrees, like, what are we doing?


Baseball is a summer sport. People are like in the seventh inning game.


So maybe you just figure out a way to like. I understand if people don't want to get rid of 162, but maybe the solution is a couple seven inning doubleheader.


How about how about shorter seasons. Yeah. So like shorter in the calendar.


I don't know if 162. I feel like people don't want to give that up, but expand the rosters a little and then throw in, maybe make it a month, maybe like July is just double header month, just bang out of bounds to be really nice because so I always get really interested in baseball right at the start of the season.


And then, you know, I lose track and I kind of forget about it for the next two and a half, three months until like mid-July kicks in or after the All-Star break. So somehow some way to like condense those, maybe give a longer All-Star break because it's not even really a break right now.


So sometimes the players complain about all the time is like, yeah, we get a weekend off. But that's not really enough time to make it an All-Star like the whole week.


Yeah, right. And do a little bit of an international flair. And obviously you end on Sunday with the big game, but, you know, homerun derby and festivals and music and just make it like host you guys to come across like we have to make the star player stars and make them interesting like this. Why this Tazi story to me is fascinating. Let's talk more about that's the fact that we're talking about baseball.


It's a good thing because of this controversy that happened just last week when I think, like 99 percent of people that are seeing this are like that was an awesome home run. It's ridiculous to expect him not to swing on it. So in a weird, roundabout way, like all the old baseball people talking about how this is not a part of the game is actually drawing more eyes to it. And people are like, yeah, I like this. So it's probably going to be good over the long term.


Right. Also banned shifts.


Yeah, I that I love that. I was literally about to say that like have it, have it be like in other sports where it's like this player has to exist between boundary and then that way it's more offense.


You don't get, you know, all these ground outs that that should be seeing. I think.


Well, I think, you know, the NBA came up with illegal defense man to man. NBA playing a zone would suck.


Well, they have it now, but yeah, they changed it. But yes, for a while. And they obviously they they changed like the defense where, you know, hand checking and all that stuff.


So, yeah, you have to you have to grow as a sport as evolution happens, when it gets more physical, you know, the NBA got more physical defense, kind of bogged everything down. They freed up the game similar to the shift where there's nothing worse than a guy hitting an absolute dismissal single.


Right to the third baseman who's now standing in between the second baseman in the first place. Right.


Or the second baseman playing right field. So let's recap. So here, here the commissioner, you're deciding short game, seven month. Yeah.


And I'd also I approve A-Rod bid to buy the Mets. Yeah, that's the thing. I was so doubleheaders.


Yeah. All right. I like that. And then shorter season. Eliminate the shifts. Both of your feet have to have at least one foot in the dirt.


The second baseman can be playing in right field. Yeah. And then I would say more access. We want to see the batting cages every day. Yeah.


We want to have it on their phone and we want to. A judge is doing it for 30, yeah, we don't have a vehicle right now to see Judge or Mike Trout or Tazi, I want to see what the artist looks like today in batting practice, but in the tunnel. So behind the scenes, yes, I like that.


I'd also mandate one nerd in the dugout at all times. So like one of these Moneyball guys, he sits in the dugout. He has to wear a suit and tie a laptop, and he has to make at least one lineup change per game. And then he has to deal with the guys around him face to face when he makes that lineup change. Just more confrontation in general.


I like it. Also allow fighting like in hockey.


I like to suit in the corner, put them in a cube in the corner with a computer. Yeah, yeah. Two computers. Yes, yes.


Have you talked to Jeter at all since he got involved with the Marlins? He's been obviously criticized a bunch. Have you have you talked to him. What's your relationship like?


Him relationship is fine. You know, we've talked we said hello a few times in passing, but I don't think he gets enough credit for I think the Stanton trade was a good trade for him because it relieved a lot of financial Yankees, picked that up. And I think for Derek, give him five years before passing judgment because he walked into a very difficult situation. Here's a five time world champion. Hall of Famer Derek Jeter is going to be just fine.


I would not bet against Mr. Jeter.


Yeah. Yeah. Also coming out of Miami, I wanted to bring this up, the Super Bowl halftime show. Jaylo, great job.


I don't know if you happen to see Mike Wilbon tweet about it or tell me you've had issues with Mike after this, not what he's saying.


All right. So Mike Wilbon said best halftime show ever by far. And I'm a prince fanatic, but this is unequalled. Lordy, dot, dot, dot glory.


He's coming in on. Jay, did the Lordi send up any red flags were like, Hey, Mike, I appreciate you, but step off, Mike Alstrup assume we have to have a face to face.


Yeah, no, I love Mike.


Mike's a friend and I'm a big fan of his work, but I think a lot of people were saying that the Super Bowl, she worked so hard. I mean, let me tell you behind the scenes now, I mean, she was working. And Jeff and Nic can attest to sometimes three, four o'clock in the morning for literally months and months and months. And then you do all of this six months of work for six minutes. She killed it.




Yeah. It was an awesome, great halftime show is already like the last time that the world was was normal.


That's true. Yeah. I look back on that week and I'm like, man, you remember concerts. Yeah, that's that's a lot of fun. You remember being allowed to hang out with your friends. Yeah. That was that was kind of fun.


So A-Rod, we have the court coming out Tuesday, Thursday.


We actually talked to Julio about the Super Bowl halftime and everything that went into that.


Are you you you obviously are a big Dolphins fan. Are you buying it on tour? Are we in on tour?


I don't know enough about football, but here's what I'm buying is I cannot wait to see Tom Brady in Tampa. That's going to be very interesting.


And Gronk, who did season two at the corp, who we love around here barstool, is interesting. It looked like he's doing a lot of good recruiting.


When you how old were you when you retired? Forty. Yeah. So are you just watching Tom Brady being like, what the hell's going on? Forty one. Yeah, I am. He's amazing. Good.


You know, did you notice, like, the even the back half of your thirties, like a difference in the preparation, the recovery, all that stuff. Was it year was it that noticeable that it was year to year. Yeah.


I mean in your twenties you can do whatever the hell you want, right? Yeah. Nothing hurts.


You just get up and you just go out and hit home runs in your 30s. You start having to really, really work at it. What helped me was, is that I had really, really good work ethic in my 20s. And I think that's a big key because there's a residual in your 30s and anyone who plays into their 40s usually is a good worker, a good worker.


You got to take care of your body. And nobody's more meticulous than Tom Brady. I tell your story when about eight, nine years ago, I was playing golf with Tom Brady in and Miami and I asked him, how long do you want to play? And I thought his answer would be like thirty five. I mean, you know, NFL guys are getting crushed. He said, I want to play till I'm 45 or 50. And I just kind of laughed and, you know, shot another birdie or something.


And sure enough, I mean, he wants to play another five years. That's crazy.


Did you see that when he was doing the match against Peyton Manning, that one eagle that he had, like the one hop into the into the cup that right there. Maybe to get Tom Brady, you can do whatever you want, whatever he wants. Two years old.


What everyone's so yeah. I think for most of us, like we spend are like the first five years of our thirties, forgetting that we're not in our 20s anymore. Right. And then the second half of our thirties, like trying to catch up and undo all the bad stuff that we did the last five years. When you were getting up to your forties, like, did you have to make any adjustments to your diet at that point?


Oh, yeah. I mean, look, and when you're in your 40s, you start cringing about some of the shit you did when you were in your twenties, too, you know, is diet is.


Rest is is. Sleep, sleep is very underrated, if I didn't sleep eight hours when I played, especially as I got older, I was I was a bum the next day.


Is that possible, though, to get a solid eight hours of sleep all the time as you're going on these road trips, as you're playing like back to back games, some doubleheaders sometimes like or is that really difficult?


It is difficult. But you know what? Since you don't have to be at the stadium till about 3:00, sometimes you can just sleep until like noon or 11:00. But my routine was I like to get up on nine thirty, go to the gym, work out, have a little breakfast, and then go back to sleep for about an hour catnap.


I have one last question beyond soft question of the day. Go to M.D. Dotcom PMT to get 15 percent off your first purchase.


My last question is, Billy, what do you want to say to A-Rod? Billy is a huge Yankee fan. He's very nervous of A-Rod.


Corp has a very diverse portfolio of investments ranging from UFC licensed gyms, car dealerships, as well as real estate.


What factors do you look for when you're investing in assets and what is the common denominator between all of them?


What if that was a real question? I have a question for Billy. I feel like I'm on CNBC, this short squat box.


I like it. I like it. First of all, we like three things. We like things that we understand really well. We like things that we can bring more than just capital and things that we're really, really passionate about.


Like President would be a great one. And then we like great people to manage these businesses. So like in baseball, we like playmakers. In business, we like playmakers.


Now, as I've said, follow up, I like how do the Mets fall into those categories?


Good question. Really.


Well, I mean, look, any I can't talk about that. But here's what I can tell you, is that it goes into passion. We understand it. And, you know, I was a childhood fan.


Mm hmm. Billy asked him to go on your podcast. You have a podcast.


And I don't know if you have one coming out OK right now.


No, it's of Billy's a weightlifter. He might dabble in some other thing. He's like, yeah, yeah. I mean, you're very he's a wide range of gyms.


And, you know, he would love to work out. Yes, I would love to work. Yes. I just want to work talking about getting swoll. He literally just wants to work out with you. So maybe internship next summer.


I would love to know what the hell you know, what you please right here. And in a week you're going to text me what the fuck say take them back. I've got a great first impression. All right.


Any other object? Do you have anything you want to say? Jake's a huge Yankee fan as well. Jake, where you from?


A fellow South Florida guy from Western. Yeah, West End, yeah. What high school? Cypress Bay. What college? Syracuse. Final broadcast. Yeah. Yeah.


Favorite announcers of all time. Mike Sirico. And what do you how do you feel about Mike.


OK, I grew up a Yankee fan like they guy mentioned, so I've grown to love him. I could see how some people have an issue with him having a talk show and offering maybe too many opinions as a play by play guy on the call. But I like him in Gigaba.


I mean, Joe Buck love Joe Buck. Oh, yes. What's your question?


So on that note, as an analyst, what are you looking for as a play by play guy to make your job easiest? Oh, great question.


I think we're looking for just first of all, chemistry in someone who is selfless, that wants to put you in a position to win is like anything else in sports.


What made Magic Johnson so great? I mean, he would just pass the ball and you would Duncan, he put you in a position to win. I think that's what a Joe Buck or Matt Gorshin does so well. Kevin Burkhart is my favorite broadcaster coming up with Tim McCarver. And part of it is he worked with Jack Buck and Joe Buck for so many years. And is that chemistry back and forth? And sometimes you can't explain it, but you can feel it.


Thank you. We're not a Tim McCarver company anymore, though. We often have a long time. Oh, that's right. Yeah. Oh, I forgot about the time. Yeah, the cooler.


Yeah, the cooler. We're in prime time. Yes, yes. I love prime time. Yeah.


I just want to say last time we interviewed you I did a bad job as an interviewer and as a podcast. Sure. I feel like I need to make it up. I mistakenly asked you about the painting of you as a Minotaur and you said didn't exist hand up. That was a bad question by me because the painting was a sinter.


So you were able to deny the existence of the minutes are painting. How many? Alex Rodriguez? Our paintings did you have?


Zero. And I was actually I thought that was the best part of the interview because you gave me an opportunity to clear that.


OK, so no to your first question, the last episode and second one. And when I come back, if you guys have me back, I want you to ask. And one more time, so we can just keep clearly clear that let's clear this night for you, how do you feel looking back about the kissing yourself picture?


I thought it was a very cringing moment.


I wish I can say that somebody paid me like, you know, a thousand bucks to do that. But they just convinced me. And I said, yeah, I think it's a good idea.


Oh, my God, what an asshole. Sometimes someone tells you it's a good idea.


Yeah, I think I think a lot of younger athletes need to realize that when you're doing these photo shoots, you can actually say, no, you won't.


You don't have to go along with it.


I was just so excited they were taking a picture of me. I said, yeah, do that.


Why not? Yeah, kiss myself.


All right. Well, A-Rod, thank you so much. Everyone tune in. Like I said, Kaup Season three is coming out Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Seven great guests and always a pleasure to have you on.


Awesome guys. Thank you.


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OK, let's wrap up the show. We got a shoe roast for the new cargo hat.


Chicago short hats. Yeah.


Yeah. So be real. Yeah.


Baseball specifically the A's I think are the ones that are debuting this. They're unveiling cargo short hats with pockets on the side. So I kind of like I like them too, I'll be honest with you.


Like they if you were a drug guy, if you're not, that's where you put your dress.


That is perfect. And I think that Major League Baseball, if they want to grow the game, they want to appeal to the youth out there. I don't for a while, MLB was dropping hats all the time that were like subtlely gang influenced where they would have like the gang colors that they'd put out for certain teams trying to, like, market any way that they can. This is a great way to market to stoners. I was at aspecific dad's Dallas Braden.


This is this Oakland A's hat with cargo pockets. On the side is specifically for Dallas.


Braden, this is a dad hat, too. It looks like John O'Hara's dad for kids. Go to the game. You know, keep keep all the shit up there on the hat. You never have to worry about it.


You don't look sick if you're a dad out there wondering, like, how come there hasn't been a hat that I can clip my external cell phone holster into pull? Look, no further.


Really, Oakland A's hat. Let that five G really fucking roast your brain. Yeah. Boom. Put they put your hands on your phone right in that hat.


All kidding aside, I would rock the hell out of the sack. We know you would. Yes. Not for the drug reasons. No, no, not for the drug reasons. That it's good has good look, it has a great head. The other thing we had was all of the I think it's not to brag, we called it, but whatever's going on in the NFL right now with these false positives.


Yeah. You suspect. Very suspect. I have a stay quote. Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting. You suspect I have an important stay.


Woke me and Billy were chopping it up about this earlier today. But I think well, this most recent lab that had all the false positives, it's a brand new lab. That the NFL is using, you know, where it's located, where New Jersey, you know, what else was in New Jersey? This the Chris Christie. Oh, yeah. And Chris Christie both.


And I think just stay woke on this. If there's a lab that can kind of put out these false positives on game days, get some line movement going on the action, there's a lot of money to be made out there.


You put it that way. Well, it simply makes sense that they would the false positives are perfect because now going forward, if you get tested positive and it is game day, like, well, let's just play like we said, the NFL is going to do a good job of making sure everyone plays no matter if they have coronavirus or not.


I'll put it this way. If Patrick Mahomes tests positive on a Sunday morning and he's got some football and then you know what, it's a false false positive at that point where Goodell will be like, it's a false positive. He's going to play and then two days later be like well before positive reading. False. Good job, NFL.


You've you've muddied the waters enough that we can now safely go into the NFL season. Just assuming every test that is positive is not actually positive until it's negative. The Bears, in which case it's negative. The Bears said, what, 10 players? Yeah, they're tight in room was depleted. Every team was affected. This time it was like bears, the browns.


It's so perfect, though, because now we can just say, well, it might not be everyone's dog brain can can kick into overdrive. Whenever your favorite team has a player that test positive, you say, well, it's probably a false positive. And guess what? If the player is important enough, it will be a false. They'll figure out a wink wink.


Yes, it will absolutely be. The NFL always got to I think some we say the NFL doesn't have to figure it out. Just remember, they have it figured out.


I had I had a theory just through actual measurements and like take care of their players, but they're just making sure the game money made right. They have it figured out. They always have generating revenue for sure.


I was thinking that if their college teams that aren't going to be playing football this fall, why not just allow those, like senior quarterbacks to be the emergency quarterback for whatever team is in that district? So, like, if it's the Browns or the Bengals, they could sign Justin Fields to be like their emergency guy. So in a case like Baker, if he's playing a primetime game and he goes out, he tests maybe a false positive, maybe they bring Justin Fields in or he just fields could do double duty in Atlanta as well.


There's actually Foxtrot yacht, but he I don't know why I'm still believing him, but he said that all college football's in trouble and I actually think that's true now.


So why are you believing him now when it's a bad thing? Because he can't quit them. Yeah, he's got a great name. I can't read. He's obviously successful, sir. Thank you. Is there a way you really fucked me, Billy. You probably know this. Is there a way that you can train dogs to sniff coronavirus? Yes, they just.


You don't know that? No. Oh, yeah. Oh, you don't know that. Check page two of my list. OK, page two of Billy's list with the back of page one.


You have absolutely nothing about Chinese man.


Big belly saves them from falling down. Well, that is at least three weeks old. I remember being tagged in that fucking story. It was like, well, this is the Homer Simpson thing. Yeah, well, there's nothing about any researchers trained dogs to sniff out covid-19 infections in just a few days. But isn't that is that the same as a test? Well, they can sniff it. They say the IT but the metabolic process of your body changes when you say, OK, hold on, this is very important.


This title, I'm assuming you copy and paste it. It's confusing. Researchers trained dogs to sniff out covid-19 infections in just a few days. Now, do they train the dogs in just a few days or can they sniff out the infection in just a few days?


In just a few days. So the dog has to be like it has to have his nose buried in your groin. It did for a full weekend. And then he's like this guy. So it says it in just a few days. Where do you have this? I don't have this on my sheet, Billy. It's on the back.


He's on the second back of the second. Billy's saving trees now, so we get everything in two pages. OK, got it up here. But yeah.


See you see how it's a little confusing there. Like I think if the if the dogs sniff it out in just a few days, what's, why wouldn't you just get the rapid test. Right. But if they train them how to sniff it in just like it only took them three days to train the dogs. I guess we'll go with the fucking dog.


Yeah, every team has dogs. I was I was saying that they should do an ER. But about this diagnostic labs, diagnostic laboratories.


Well it's like in World War Z when they're like going into Israel and the dogs that sniff that they're zombies, you're barking or you're quoting a movie for medicine, for how we should do our medicine like this though.


Exactly. I never saw it go on.


Well, they had the dog sniff if they're zombies or not, and the dogs figured it out.


Yeah, they go nuts, but I think. Yeah, why don't we do that in a few days.


I think they mean like after a few days after getting covid know. But that could smell it.


But that makes no sense. Why wouldn't you get the test. I think it's in a few, just a few days. That's how long it took them to teach them. Yeah. It's really smart dogs. Right. Like they have good dog trainers. That would be sick though if every starting quarterback got assigned. covid sniffing dog that he has to take around everywhere. Yeah, and just stayed away from it. Yeah. Boom. That would be perfect.


OK, that is our show. Great show, everyone.


Anything else on the list that we should address here? Oh, there's an asteroid that's going to hit Earth on Election Day. Who cares?


Pretty cool. Who cares if we get to to her? Do you see that? Did you see that map? Someone had a great treat. It was when you go to the bathroom for like 20 minutes while you're playing SIM City, because it was a map of the U.S. and half of its on fire. And then there's two hurricanes coming at the same time. Yeah. To the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah. Guess what, guys? Everything is going to shit.


The world is fucking crumbling, but we have sports back. So just say fuck it and listen to part of my team.


We've got Lukáš. Yeah. At least we've got people we trust. Love you guys. Billy, take us out with the closing thought please. So that you worked very hard on closing thoughts.


There's two extremely important chemicals in your brain serotonin, dopamine.


And you should try to make them as high as you can because I'm pretty sure the serotonin chills you out and dopamine makes you differentiate.


So which got dues. You've got to exercise. So make sure you exercise because he keeps those chemicals high in your brain and damaging to cool stuff. And that's really fun. I love you. Yes. De de de de de de de de de de de. So. Justin.