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Awesome interviews with both those guys. Get you pumped up for a great weekend of football. I'm so fucking excited for football to be back. We got to talk a little bit about James Harden trade to Brooklyn.


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Today is Friday, January 15th, and we have football divisional round on deck, super divisional super divisional round. So excited we're going to get to all of it. We first, though, have to talk about this league, the big trade in the NBA. James Harden going to the Brooklyn Nets. I have already contacted James Harden. He has not contacted me back, but I told him I would go halfsies on him with for gym membership in Brooklyn.


The old eat your way out of town officially worked.


I'm so glad that it did, too. And James, I'll go halfsies on a subway card with you. We can make this work with sandwiches or.


Yeah, or the subway. Both.


We both know about the sandwiches. Yeah.


We can we can split the commute. He seems more like a like a Uber guy. Like he doesn't he doesn't want to do the two block walk to the subway system, but he looks awesome. His vertical leap right now is about twelve inches. I'm very glad that it work. I'm glad that he's joining the Nets, the only team that could possibly match his level of dysfunction before he got there. And now it's just going to get fucking crazy.


It's also so perfect for the Nets did this because the nets essentially, when you look back at the history of the nets, it's going to be just going for it and then mortgaging the entire future for the going for it. They did it, obviously, when they traded for CGY Ryan and Paul Pierce and traded every single pick. And that's why the Celtics had every single first round pick for what felt like a decade. Now we're in a new decade and the Houston Rockets are going to have every single next pick for a decade.


And we're going to be sitting here in like seven years when Kevin Durant's already retired, being like, oh, who who does the ten win next has their pick.


Oh, yeah, the rockets again.


Yeah, I'm glad that they're doing it, though. And it's a little bit different from when they did it with the Celtics because know these guys are in the prime of their prime, maybe. Of course not. James Harden right now. We'll get back. He's going to play his way back and maybe not Kyrie because he's not playing. Yeah, that's true. What do you think about this nickname for James Harden, the Brooklyn Fridge. Oh, I like that.


I like that too. William Perry, I need to bring that back to some of those, but he's probably as big as like Kegerator now in terms of a mini pony keg.


Yeah, he's a pony. He's I hope more players do this because this is going to be a roadmap. You talk about a blueprint. This is a blueprint for how to get anything that you want in the world is just get fat and that fat ass trying it for a long time.


I hope Deshaun Watson gets fat as shit eats well. Houston, do you think I hope Archie Manning forces are traded in a couple of years by putting on so much weight. He looks like Jared Lorenzen at the time.


Did you see my theory? Do you think this has anything to do with the Houston Astros have now curse officially curse the city of Houston because James Harden and now Deshaun Watson both want out of town. James Harden gets his way out of town, Deshaun Watson to be determined whether he eats his way out of town. But it all goes back to the Houston Astros and their cheating scandal. And yesterday, the day that James Harden did get traded was the one year anniversary of AJ Hinch getting fired.




Yeah, I don't mind. I don't see any loophole in that plan at all. Your curse, your officially curse. Houston, hope you enjoyed your one World Series. Yeah, I'll go with it. I'll go right when the spin rates start to pick up down there. That's when everything went off kilter.


So the question is now the winners and losers of this trade, I feel like, well, I guess it's one of those trades you just never know because it's going to be like if the Nets win a title, they won the trade.


But if they don't like, this was a huge, colossal mistake for them. The rockets. Actually, I do I will say our winner, just because James Harden was going to eat himself to 300 pounds, was not going to try some of his passes and like, effort in the last couple of weeks was so funny and so disrespectful that they got anything for him.


And they got a lot they got a lot of picks, ended up being kind of a win. And they got Victor Oladipo because the Pacers and the Cavs got in on a little trade. I love when two teams just show up and it's a little trade action, they're just showing up like for the menage a trois. They're like Here let me, let me just let me just suck on this real quick.


That's what the NBA always does. There's always like four teams involved in any trade and you can never keep track of what happened. But it makes it great because you do get to have the debate down the line. You can be like there's a possibility five years from now we could say, you know what the. Indiana Pacers actually won that trade. Yeah, do you know what the Cavs did because Jared Allen and Andre Drummond, they went back to like 90s basketball, no one could stop them.


You know, who really won that trade was Junior's cheesecake in Brooklyn. Yes. Well, that by stylizing side, that was better than the barstool fund hitting them. Yes. Was James Harden getting traded?


I do feel a little bit slighted that we didn't get to see how far James Harden would push it down in Houston, though, because you saw I'm sure you saw the same the same clip that I did that Rosillo put out. Yes. Where he almost threw the ball into the backcourt because it just didn't get bounce pass. But I want to see how much I want to see how much fatter he could have gotten and what I wanted to see how many more egregious turnovers he could.


I wanted to see Boogie Cousins punch me in the face. I wanted all these things to happen. But we did get to see we got like two solid weeks of fat harden in Houston when it comes to a blessing.




When Boogie Cousins is like, yo, you're being really disrespectful. Maybe you got to check yourself. The nets now become must watch.


They were already kind of must watch, but they have no I don't know what they're going to do on defense. They're going to score one hundred and fifty points a game. And I'm so excited to watch that. Hank, are you worried at all?


Because it feels like if Kyrie Irving ever returns to playing basketball, by the way, just an aside, it's just so funny that the Nets like Kevin Durant is by far and away the most like reasonable sane guy on that team. Like just he is the voice of reason on that team. Never thought you'd see the day, but that is absolutely what it is. It is his team and it is him. Like everyone's got to listen to him. What what are your thoughts?


They're unstoppable offensively, I don't think.


What makes you think Kyrie Irving is ever going to come back? He's going to. He's going to because they've got James Harden. That was what I said.


When you throw the Celtics I always victory. When he was on the Celtics that was always like, oh well he's going to come back, he's going to turn it on.


And once he turns it on, like we can make a run, include Kyrie Irving. And it just never happened.


And he's gotten farther and farther off the reservation, like, I think Kyrie Irving.


He's always like one good astrology reading away from coming back and getting it like five triple doubles in a row. He just needs like a little nudge. He needs his horoscope to hit just perfectly right. One morning and then he'll be like, yep, I'm back in, let's do this. Do you know what? So whenever we do like the winners and losers, they should absolutely win the East, though. Yeah.


Whenever we do the winners and losers, the trade, the true, true winners of this trade is anyone who likes to watch basketball and loves the drama of the NBA, because not only did you get rid of that Rockets team that was so detestable down the stretch the last few years, which had already kind of had been falling apart.


But you have a situation in Brooklyn where if it works, it's going to be so much fun to watch because I actually I mean, we joke about there's only one ball. I don't there's only one ball. But it also, like I think it's I saw a statistic where the those three guys have three of the seven highest usage rates of all time.


Yes. And they're all on the same team, but it is a little different than like the Big Three where like Dwayne Wade, not really a shooter. Right. Like all these guys can shoot. So doesn't the is going to be hilarious in the fact that you just can't leave anyone open at any time when it comes to nets. So either we're going to get like incredible offensive basketball.


That's going to be so much fun to watch or it's going to be an absolute train wreck and we're going to have so much behind the scenes drama and it's all going to fall apart and it's going to be like the Clippers last year on steroids. So we as the consumer completely win this. We win the trade. We totally won this trade.


And the Vikings, because they got Sam Bradford.


Yeah, we totally won this trade. Yes. This I'm very excited to see James Harden, Kyrie, Irving, Kevin. And not only is Kevin Rudd the most sane one, but he's also the one who is going to probably like take the ball less because he's the best teammate of the three as well. And maybe we can have like I wish they had just I wish they'd figure out a way to get Russell Westbrook and they just had the OKC team back on the nets.


Maybe they could make that trade.


Kyrie for our recurring guest Joe Harris and Joe Harris. And no bench but that.


Guess what Steve Nash, I do love how Joe Harris absolutely living the dream though. Yeah. He just gets to shoot it when he gets the ball.


I think we have three open spots now when you get Sam Dekker on one of those spots, I do love that Jeff Green was trending yesterday because everybody was like, holy shit, Jeff Green still in the league?


Well, because they also were like, easy shit. Jeff Green's going to have to be the defensive stopper.


Like this is I think James Harden and Kyrie Kyrie Irving could play a little bit of defense, but it's going to be, it's going, it's must watch what's going to happen when one guy goes but they're not going to like it.


They're all James Harden and Kyrie Irving at least have shown no commitment to actually wanting to play basketball this year.


In the past few years, James Harden likes to play, but he doesn't like to win.


There was reports of him like flying back and forth from Vegas before game. He was vacation. Hank is on vacation. I'm just saying that sounds like Dennis Rodman. He won a couple of titles.


Right, but there's just yeah, I mean, well, S.A.M., I'm just saying I hope they turn it on just from a viewer's perspective, like I hope they go hard and are trying to, like, prove everyone wrong.


But I don't think they give a fuck if anyone, like, doubts them or it shuts off in like a very serious take.


I actually think this is a perfect situation for James Harden in that when they go to the playoffs this year, it is the first time in his career maybe go back to OKC where he was, you know, coming off the bench.


But first time in a long time where he isn't like it isn't all up to him in that the success and failure of their team is put on James Harden like it is. He does at least have other guys who can. Yeah, but I mean, it still was James Harden. It was his team. The Rockets were his team. And he was like the NAACP guy.


He was the guy that was scoring all the points. He was it was absolutely his loss.


Like what if he just what if that unlocks it? What if it just the pressure? Because we all know James Harden in the playoffs. Remember the time that he just did drugs before that game six or at least seem like it. And he just was a no show. Like if he no shows, they still have Kyrie and KD. So I don't know. It would be I'm excited. It's going to be fun to watch.


It's going to be a carnival. That's, that's the whole point I'm excited about. And it's going to definitively answer the question like what happens when you get is there a possibility of having too many scores. Yeah, there's there is there truly only one ball? How many balls are there? Yeah. That will be.


We will find that out where you can say, Jake, Monday night, the Nets host Jeunesse in the box.


Oh, OK. Day on TNT.


OK, yeah. Oh. First game Saturday though. Assuming Harden place is Harden I'm going to get a treadmill. Yeah. They've got to get Bob Huggins in there and just have him set up. One of his treadmill's on the side.


They need him to actually walk from Houston. By the time he gets here, maybe he'll be in shape. I don't think he can play his way and it's going to take until next March for him to play his way into shape.


That is after everything we just said about how fun this is going to be to watch. James Harden's probably going to get injured, trying to play himself into shape. And Kyrie Irving is never going to come back and Kevin Durant's going to like take the Nets to the finals by himself and lose in four to LeBron fuck.


Which all that's probably six Sixers fans are upset. Now if I was a six or seven I would not have wanted James Harden. I just would. If I were six or seven, I would.


I don't want to watch Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid try to coexist anymore like that. And that's kind of been answered. I think the big catch right. This is a win for us win. This is the best possible destination. It's going to be hilarious. It's going to be. And I honestly think that they have, they already were scoring like one hundred and eighteen a game I think and giving up one hundred and thirteen or twelve.


It's they could break the record. Do you think the record is like two fifty.


Do you think Kyrie knows it.


I don't know if Kyrie knows yet Kyrie but someone has told he might assume or something he might be doing like a Matthew McConaughey style like peyote trip down in Mexico. Here's my answer.


Carrie knows but as Kyrie internalized it No Kyrie he hasn't really let it set in. He's he knows if someone asked him Hey James Harden on your team like yeah but he hasn't actually sat down and I'm like Oh James Harden's on my team.


Kyrie might know but he he might also not believe, it might just be like nah that's not true, that's just, that's the media.


What if it's like the opposite effect of like you know when we talk about Jordan love being drafted by the Packers and how Aaron Rodgers had a chip would have Kairys like, oh you thought you could bring in someone who's, like, more dysfunctional.


Fuck that. And then I'm going to get even more excited. Just keep going and going.


It'll be awesome for Kevin Durant. I like. Do you think there's a little bit of him who's like, maybe I should have stayed with Steph? Well, I think that you can have some dysfunction, but as long as everybody is kind of like dysfunctional in the same way, then it can work.


What's the old Belichick saying? Look at this. Look at this fucking show that we do. We're all kind of weirdos. Yeah, but we're weirdos in a way that works together with with the nets. It's like everybody is weird, but an extremely different ways.


If you if you can. I think it's if you could all be wrong together, you can still be right. There you go. Like you all point on the same rope if it's the same direction. Yeah. Even if it's dysfunction it can work. Yeah. So I think, I think that what they're going to run into a problem with is that Kevin Durant is too. Right. So he's not pulling in the fucked up weird. He's going to get more birdies to normal.


He's got to get back to burner life. Yep. He's got to get back being real weird with it telling girls like he wants to smell their butts at the club. I need Kevin Durant to get weirder with it. Otherwise he's going to he's going to be the responsible one. Yeah. It's like yeah. It's like having having a kid too early. Either you get more responsible or it just sends you out the door. Oh, the kid just.


Yeah, you fail. So in everything we'll figure it out. Yeah. All right. Let's talk simple. You say Dwight Howard.


Dwight Howard would be a nice piece there too. I also like whenever they throw in there, like check out the nets line up. It's like they got they got the big three and DeAndre Jordan, it's like, is that really OK? Yeah, sure. Yeah, that's fine.


That's fine. All right, let's get to some football. By the way, the road to Super Bowl. Fifty five continues on CBS, all access with the divisional round presented by Intuit Turbo Tax. Leave the Cleveland Browns. Visit the. The chief Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern in Kansas City and homes keep rolling, will the Cleveland Browns of Baker Mayfield prove capable of another upset?


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OK, divisional round. Super Divisional round. Let's go. Packers.


Rams. Oh boy. This feels like to me PFG in my heart of hearts, I think the Packers are going to win counterpoint Blake Bortles He's active Blake Bortles Exactly.


Bortles is extremely active Wolford is out. I'm trying I'm trying to do the thing where it's like I don't want to get my hopes up for a team that could potentially beat the Packers and then have them fail me. So I don't think like I'm going to be rooting for the Rams hard.


I bet on the Rams hard won a hundred game. But if you've got a problem. But I know deep down this is probably a game that Aaron Rodgers is going to win just because I like he had surgery ten days ago or eleven days ago would be fucking freezing cold.


It's no, it's not like slate to him. He's fucking gutsy. He's the toughest guy I've ever met straight up. Who beat up your dad. That's how tough jerk off is.


Yeah, it's it's going to be an uphill battle. The Packers, I think they've been playing the best football in the NFC. So I am with you that I want the Rams to win. But I disagree with you because I do think that the Rams could win. I think I'm feeling good just in terms of their defense. I like the Rams defense a lot.


They so I, I have a couple of stats that might help me. And anyone who's rooting for the Rams feel a little bit better. Jalen Ramsey versus top receivers this year. They're averaging two point two receptions, twenty three point five yards. That's insane. That is insane. Amari Cooper had had the most with seven receptions. And then you go down the list like Stefon Diggs has had one term, Cochran had zero. Allen Robinson had one. DK Metcalf at zero, Mike Evans had for DeAndre Hopkins had three.


D.K. Metcalf again with one like he just shuts down these guys. So I feel and the Rams have gone eleven straight games. They're giving up 250 yards passing.


It's also going to be very cold. It's gonna be very makes you nervous about the Thol makes me a little bit nervous about the thumb, but imagine it makes me just dominates the Packers I like and the minority vote. Yeah.


How can you love a man more than your like already love Blake the most. So what is, what is more than the most love.


There's nothing like if he wins unconditioned wins this game. Oh man. David, David Baker needs to show up right after the game and just inducted into the hall and then wed us and then. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I'm a minister. I can say the right son. OK, you'll get married. Yeah. Well, you're very talented and I can get married.


I think, I think they can do it. I think that the Rams can do it on the defensive side. And yes, the the Packers running game is not bad. They've got a great running back, which is something that they haven't always had in the past. And it's going to be cold. It's going to be tough. It's going to be uphill. But let me ask you this. If it's cold outside, doesn't that make your injuries hurt less?


Is it like you're playing? And I don't think you're going to even feel as you're playing. That's the problem.


Just run the ball, run the ball, play good defense. Bother Aaron Rodgers.


I also love that Sean McVay called Aaron Donald the Terminator.


That made me feel a little bit better. Made that up. Yeah, that made me feel a little bit better about this.


So come on, Rams, go rams. All right. Saturday night, best game out there. I think we're all very, very excited for this Bill's Maffia Ravens, Lamar Jackson versus Josh Allen.


It's just it couldn't have worked out better to guys. The same draft class there obviously are compared against each other because you always compare guys in a draft class.


How are you feeling about bills mafia? I think I'm going to bet on bills maffia. I have the Ravens adjusted in the can't lose parlay. I think the bills bills win a close one.


So I've talked myself back into the bills. I was nervous earlier this week because that Ravens defense matches up really well against the bills, I think. But I've talked myself back in strictly because of the weather and strictly because Lamar Jackson has never played in the snow.


But you think he's helping us? Doesn't know. I don't think so. He's too Lamar Jackson is too respectful to the media. True. He refers to people. He is.


The Mike Jones clip was a little disrespectful. He calls the media like Miss Sally, did you see the Mike Jones clip? No, there's a reporter who is like, Hey, Lamar, Mike Jones here. And he was just started laughing.


He's like Mike Jones. Yeah, that's awesome. Good. Lamar Jackson. I don't think that he would lie to the media. He's too respectful. And I think he's he's afraid of the snow. I think the snow has gotten inside his head already. I don't think he's equipped to deal with Lake Erie. I like this. I like it. Listen, they're going to let those mafia back into the stadium this weekend. That's going to be an issue for him.


I like the defense. I like Josh Allen. He said that he wants to be thrown through a table if they win the Super Bowl. Yes, we'll do it. We need to figure out the correct way to do it. It has to be a special table, honestly, like on fire. I would I would step back and I'd say, Boomer, you have much knocked on throwing Josh, if you want to do the first one, you can circle the wagons and spike them yourself.


But I like I like the weather. The lake is the 12th man in Buffalo. I think that the bills are going to pull this off.


It's truly like a coin flip game in my mind. It really is. There's nothing I think it's going to be close.


But I just if we're sitting here on Sunday and being like, yeah, the Ravens won by three, the bills won by these two teams are both very, very good. And I don't really know that's I know that's lame to say, but I just don't I don't think it's going to be a game where either team blows up and we can clip this because this will probably be my this will be it won't be a blowout.


Two evenly morti. Forty to ten. But that's how I feel. I honestly feel that way. So I'm just thinking off the top of my head in terms of a poop town, buffalo is one of the worst indigestion towns in America. And we know that Lamar Jackson has dealt with his fair share, that he's got a weak gut. You got. Yeah, buffalo wings and you got beef on weck, both of which just slide through you like like shit through a tin horn if you're a goose.


So I think that I like I like that matchup. And by the way, people from Buffalo keep telling me that I'm slandering Buffalo wings by referring to them as buffalo wings is most chicken wings. Yeah, they're just chicken. But if I'm from out of town, I feel like that's showing more respect by by putting their name on it. Right. Like just chicken wings. But if I ate it in Buffalo, I would I would call them chicken wings.


Like if you go to Paris and you make out are you kissing or frenching somebody over there? I don't know. Yeah, probably just kissing. I don't think that you have to. So I'm from a place respect. I will I will continue to refer to them as buffalo wings when I'm not in Buffalo. And then when I'm there, I'll just be too drunk to say anything. Just eat a million.


That's fair. I Sunday I have talked myself all the way into the Browns. That's dangerous. I have it's very dangerous.


That's a dangerous, very dangerous place to be.


So the Browns couple a couple of stats to to maybe tell you why I'm why I'm getting there. They're the first team ever in pro football focus to have no one run and pass block grade and the Chiefs drinks twenty six and the run stop. So the Chiefs offense. I'm a real believer that I do think the Chiefs have been playing with fire recently.


They have won. I went through it. I got to find it. They basically the last eight weeks besides week seventeen, because you can throw that week out because they didn't start Patrick Mahomes. They haven't beaten the team by more than six points. So they like they've been toying with teams. You're in a mean they've been toying with teams. So here it is. They beat the Panthers by two, they beat the Raiders by four, they beat the Bucs by three to beat the Broncos by six, Dolphins by six, Saints by three, Falcons by three.


All of these been close games. They haven't won a two possession game. And you're getting ten points now. I'm not saying when I say I'm falling in love with the Browns. I'm not saying they're I'm falling in love with them winning outright. But I just think ten the Browns are to live in this game for ten points.


The last time these two guys got together, Baker and Patrick Mahomes in college, the stat line. We have to just read the stat line out loud. Yeah, because it's insane. Baker threw for five hundred forty five yards, seven touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes threw for seven hundred and thirty four yards, five touchdowns, one interception and lost. And he had two touchdowns running. Yes, it was a crime. So the thing that worries me is the Browns defense is not very good and that's putting it lightly.


Putting it you get Denzel Ward. They don't have any dudes. No, there's Myles Garrett. He's a dude. He's a he's a I do know he's Höss. Yeah, he's no he's no that's an upgrade. Dude is the number one. No, I think a horse. A horse is a variant of dude like a bad dude.


I think a horse when I think a horse I think a horse can only really be on the offensive line.


No, I think I think that if a fullback if you got a bad dude on defense that can get after the quarterback, he's a horse, but he's regardless, he's really the only dude that they have back there. And the Chiefs offense can can light up anybody.


So I don't know.


I want to believe in the Browns and I'm going to be rooting for the Browns. I'm also going to get the over in this game. All right. Last game seen Fox. Sorry. Yeah. Super Bowl. Eighty eight times. Yeah. No, it's crazy. It's video games is a straight on. It's the truest that's the purest form on stepped on uncute Big 12 football.


I bet you Mike Leach would oh, baby powder and that shit wouldn't change a thing. Look at that. Seven hundred thirty four yards and he lost. Yeah.


All right. Buck Saints, the old man game. I have been saying it all week, but I do think the Saints I do like the Bucs in this game and I like them because when you look at the Bucs season and Olympique goes out, they had they stumbled. So I actually went and pulled the stats with Al Sharpton in the lineup. There's pressure on 15 percent of Tom Brady's drop backs without pressure on twenty four percent of his Dropbox's. That's significant.


That's a significant number, almost 10 percent higher. I just I don't that's why the Falcons twice in that span.


No, no. This is for the whole season. OK, this is the only one. He went out for three and a half game with a concussion. So that's the whole season that their offensive line looks different with and without him. I, I am I mean, I've said it a million times.


I just don't think that Drew Brees I just see another painful Saints loss coming. OK, I'm with you on that.


There will be painful Saints loss that happens this postseason as it's tradition. But I think it's going to happen next week. I think they're going to win. I think they're going to dominate the Bucs. It's a Matt Jomini. I think they're going to dominate that. I don't think there's going to be close. I think this one might be a blowout, OK? I think it's going to be a lot like what happened last time they played OK, because I think that for whatever reason, the Saints, just like they've got their number, they just create problems for it.


And maybe maybe it's because I wasn't blown away by the Bucs last week. Like you only you only beat the football team by, what, eight points? They were never. So my counter point to that would be they were I was never there was never a moment where I was like the Bucs or lose this game.


If you think that Drew Brees is limited, what's Taylor Hinoki?


A lot. A lot better of a runner. Would you start a franchise right now with Taylor Hinoki over Drew Brees right this second, if you Drew Brees said, well, no, it's in the playoffs. Oh, OK. You got one guy. You got one guy. Of course not.


But yeah, I just I mean, that game to me and also the Bucs did a really good job blocking. All we heard was how great the Washington football team's defense was all year. And they weren't they kind of had got whatever they wanted.


Yeah, the offensive line was really good. I said that that's what won the game for the Bucs and their running game was D I don't think that Leonard Fournette excuse me, Lenny is going to have the same gas in his take.


I think he burned off Lenny burned up all the playoff Lenny Lay play offline. That's true. He's coming. He's a different guy. I feel myself Lenny. I like the Saints a lot in this game. OK, all right.


Tell me which. Well I guess that means that you don't like to lose parlay because so I've adjusted here. Tell me which one loses of adjusted box to plus four and a half. You obviously I don't like that. Browns over forty eight. Brown's chiefs of Brown's 48 Ravens plus 10 and a half, so it's just that obvious. And then the Rams Packers under fifty two and a half, that's can't lose part like you've been me.


Like I wasn't really feeling your rams under recently. You are the ram under King.


They every fucking game they play under. Yeah. I mean obviously last week but it's still hit on them. It just concerns me when I hear Big Cat discussing the word under three weeks in a row that I'm just saying as a friend, the Rams unders.


I mean, I've been I've been wise to the Rams for although our our ticket, Hank doesn't look so good, but we Hank and I were wise, the Rams, what, like two months ago. Then they lost to the Jets, ruined. Everything is going to take us to the promised land. It's going to take us the problem.


I hope that Jared Goff plays and he plays well.


But how how amazing would that be, though, if Blake Bortles I mean, I said I was there, but I mean I'm just I'm thinking about it right now at the post game on the field. Everything's probably putting that hat on real quick on the sidelines.


No, he might be wearing like some kind of maybe he's wearing a wet suit because it can be cold. That's true. So do that. All right, yamaka. Yeah. To that. Just get it ready before you even see when you take off your helmet. Oh, got everyone a little. Okeydoke.


Blake in a do rag would have Blake came out with like the dude from poison Bret Michaels do rag. You look cool. Like a long hair wig. He look cool.


He look cool.


Is that literally anything compared to the show and this weekend's NFL games? A quarterback on seven of the eight teams remaining has appeared on part of my take. Oh, wow.


So Tom and Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady. Well, Sean Lock quarterback. Yeah, Trace McSorley.


Got it. So I. Tampa, huh. OK, interesting. He's their backup. Ryan Grimstone. Yeah.


Where is this going to be one of those games where Tom Brady and Drew Brees are going to be throwing love, going to be going back and forth like trading all time completion records or all time. Touchdown.


Tom Brady has got to beat now pretty hard. Let me looked at his. Drew Brees went out for five games this year. So I think it's I think the touchdown record is he's he's ahead by not a big, big margin, but it's enough how much? Tom's got 581 and then Drew Brees has 571. Yeah, but you can imagine Sean Payton, you can imagine Sean Payton, like even if they're up forty, just throwing Hail Marys to try to get Drew Brees that record it.


All right. Before we get to our interviews, we're going to have hauk and then we're going to have Warren Sharp. So the pile is now on sale, 10 a.m. There's some stuff from Pete's pile and Heynckes pile mixed in there. 10:00 a.m. go to sideline swap. It's going to all be sold right at 10:00 a.m. So if you're listening, it's before 10:00 a.m. You still caught it in time. If not, you probably missed out. Maybe go check anyway.


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If you put it in code barstool fund fifty, it will be fifty dollars off your purchase and he'll donate fifty percent of their purchase to the fund. His website. Is it sharp football analysis. Dotcom or sharp football stats. Dot com. I think it's analysis.


So barstool fund fifty. If you put it in you get fifty dollars off your purchase, you know, donate fifty percent of it to the bar stool for sharp football analysis.


That's super easy to donate. Pasto, All right.


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And we will be tuning in for the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show with the weekend. It will be awesome. So get ready.


Pepsi halftime dotcom. OK, here he is, former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.


Oh, OK. We now welcome on a very special guest. It is Andrew Hawkins. You know him on Twitter. You know him from his career in the NFL. You can see him on NFL Network. He has the Tomahawk podcast with our friend Joe Thomas. Former Cleveland Browns, we thought would be perfect. Have you on as the Browns are in the divisional round for the first time in forever, so we want to talk some ball, we want to talk about this weekend, but I wanted to just throw this out there.


Do you understand what's at risk right now with the Cleveland Browns in this playoff run?


No. What's the risk of risk? Right now, here's what's at risk. You last played for the Browns in twenty sixteen. I think if the Browns had had a season of Destiny and won the Super Bowl this year, I think it's close enough that in 10 years people will think you were on that team. This might be the last chance you have.


You're right. That is a good point, because people actually well, I also catfish and but people think that I was on the Patriots Super Bowl team and I was there for three weeks and I don't correct them. Yes, I can now turn into a two time Super Bowl winner. I didn't think about that.


I honestly think you should get a ring. If they win, they should give everybody that's been on the Cleveland Browns in the last five years that went through, you know, went through the lean years with the team. You laid the foundations, the building blocks of this franchise, or at least you should say that. And actually, you know what you should do? You should take a picture. Do you still have, like, your uniform and your helmet?


Yeah. Yeah. You have my helmet, like, right here. You should get dressed up, like full kit and like do a little walk out video, but make it look like maybe you're back like in the back alley of the stadium series to be like really close to be like game day.


Let's do it. And then people would definitely think that you're still on the Browns. Yeah.


Because all it would matter would be the tweet and the date, the time stamp. You're right, that's deep. But I feel like I really do have a part in this Super Bowl and everyone will be like, oh, shut the hell up. OK, what are you talking about? But you didn't have to go out there and get your head beaten for draft capital. The way that I did, like, I got I got real life body bruises from that.


So I absolutely have a share in this damn playoff run. I don't care what anybody said.


All right. So on that point, and it's something that came up throughout the season, cam teams tank in the NFL, what is that like in the locker room when you're on a team that basically is saying we are playing for draft capital? I would assume no one says, hey, we're tanking, but there's got to be at least a vibe like, hey, the front office isn't really convinced to winning right this second.


Yeah, I don't know if you're ever if you ever really believe that that's going on because every NFL player has, like, they're idiots. Right. In the sense of, you know, myself included, it wasn't.


So I look back on my career and realize like, oh, you are never going to be this guy. And I knew that while I was in it. But while you're there, you think you're one play away from from being DeAndre Hopkins or one play or one good game away from being Tom Brady. You never quite come to grips with the fact that you're just there's guys who are just better than you, even by professional standards.


So with a team, you always had the guys on the team, like we went into every game thinking we will win. Most times it wasn't until that twenty sixteen season. It was the first time in my life I would be on the other side of a team warming up. And I would think to myself, like, damn, we don't have a chance to win today.


There's literally nothing we could do to win this game and that without that took a mental toll that took a while to climb out of.


Yeah, I imagine. And we are we're rooting for the Browns here like we've been long established. We like Cleveland. We said they were America's team a couple of years ago when they hired Freddie Kitchens. That turned out to be yeah, that was a flash in the pan. But again, God bless the broken road that brought us to this place right now. So we are unabashedly rooting for the bills and the Browns this weekend. The Browns have a very tough task going to Kansas City.


Can you just lie to us? Can you just tell us, like, what is the way? I think there's like a ten percent chance the Browns can win. What has to happen besides having, like, the worst weather of all time, the Cleveland weather that they're more used to playing in than the chiefs? Besides that, what's the formula for the Browns to beat the Chiefs formula to beat the chiefs?


We have to have. The absolute best running game that the Cleveland organization has seen in the last 10 years, and we have the ability to do it because we had the best O-line and left in the playoffs and we had the best running back group left in the playoffs. And the Chiefs defense is like thirty first against the run. So it does two things. Number one, that's our our our value proposition in our our our the star of our team is our run game.


So you are putting that on showcase and display and going with your bread and butter and you're keeping Patrick Mahomes off the field. The Chiefs have had a slow start throughout the season because they know they could just flip a switch. And Patrick Mahomes just like like turn his little wheel like a little clown toys. And he just goes, so if we can get out to control the clock early, start getting a lead and kill time, that is our best chance of knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs.


So to flip the switch thing is interesting because, you know, the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. And, you know, you still have to find a way to talk about them instead of being like all of the best looking to win at all. So what I've kept on thinking about is the last half of their season, they were playing teams pretty close. And it did look a lot of times like, hey, even that like the Falcons game, the Panthers game, they're like, yeah, when we want to we'll just turn it on and we'll win this game.


Do you think there's a danger in that like that? They can't.


It might just run out where it's like, hey, they're going to flip the switch, flip the switch, and then all of a sudden it's the fourth quarter in the switches and they're like, have you been a part of a team like that? Or been around, you know, talking to guys where that is actually a real concern?


Yeah, I can't say I've been on a team to flip the switch that way. I was for three weeks with the Patriots, but that was one of the practices. And those guys flip the switch with the best of them in practice. But anyway, so I think that is a problem and it can come back to haunt some in this situation. I think, you know, this negative reinforcement, right? They won the Super Bowl a year ago.


They know how good they are. They know that we are more talented than teams and we have the quarterback that whether we need thirteen points, whether we need three points, whether we need twenty one points at whatever time he determines to score those points, it's going to happen. The only way you can stop that is if he's not on the field to do that. And again, that's why I'm like the Browns team. If you can get to that point and then eat clock because your run game is way more dominated.


The Chiefs run defense. It's a perfect match up for you. You can literally just eat the clock away from Patrick Mahomes doing that.


Yeah, we've been saying that the chiefs are getting too cute, but again, that's just us trying to nit pick and find something to talk about. And they have done things. Sometimes it looks like they get bored with scoring like a forty yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill, like that's old hat for them. So they have to do something weird, like you know a double reverse or like a fake lateral to Travis Kelsey and then have Mahomes throw it underhand to Anthony Sherman to run it.


And so the play calling has been almost too cute to a point. And the Browns to play Big Boy football, the run game, that's what they're trying to do now. Hopefully they won't have any covid issues this week because that's been a big issue. How bad was the NFL screwing over?


The Browns have been over the brown covid will screw it over the Browns pretty bad. It was it had all the makings of a classic Cleveland story of like and the one year we were good this, this and this happened. But the football gods smiled upon us for the first time in like four decades. So, you know, now I feel like it's meant to be.


Can we talk real quick about my action, my favorite thing in the entire world? You played it Toledo. I thought you played it. You played it Toledo. Jason Kendall's a friend of ours.


I think I have one, too, somewhere. Yeah. Is that a mini helmet?


I also have I have one that's signed by the Toledo greats, but like Lance Moore. Bruce Gradkowski. Yeah, Chet, I got I got a mini helmet of all the Toledo great.


And Coach Dove. I got to get him one. Yes, absolutely.


National title with Toledo. When you played on a Tuesday and Wednesday night, did you feel like, hey, this is our Monday Night Football? Because it's my it's my favorite thing in the world match on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.


You want me to be honest or you want me to play into the.


No, I want you to be honest. I want you to be honest. And I'll tell you you're wrong when you say that it was terrible playing in like, you know, the middle of Ohio on a Tuesday night and no one was in the stands and it was thirty degrees.


Go ahead. I hated it really. Tuesday night football. I hated Wednesday Night Football. I hated Thursday Night Football because for all the points you just said, it was freezing cold. Every time they started, it would be like in the middle of November, it was freezing cold. We didn't have any heaters on the sideline. In the pros. You have heaters. So cold games don't really matter. It's because you're on heated benches with heaters and the Mac, we didn't quite have that back then.


They have some now. But back then we were thugging and they would give us things like. One pair of gloves for the entire season, so now by the by that time, your gloves don't work anymore. So it's cold, you have hypothermia and you have worn down gloves that make you drop the ball that much more. There was one specific Tuesday night game we were playing against northern Illinois. I was a sophomore. This was like to win this.


We go to the match. Jordan Lynch. It was I was Jordan Lynch there. This might have been pre Jordan, OK? This might have been pre Jordan, which I think would have been twenty five five. Gradkowski was still the quarterback. It was like. Maybe five below, it was like the kind of game where you got the water cups, you put it down, you walk away for three minutes, come back and it's frozen. It was one of those games.


My hands were cold. I end up dropping like three bubbles, green one for a fumble touchdown return that made us lose the game. And from that day on, I was like, never again with this Tuesday night football. I'm over it, never again.


But it does showcase the Mac and it does. I'm sure that like play like those are the plays that I love. When guys fumble passes backwards. Miss Kicks. That's the beauty of the Mac. It's chaos at all times. It is.


It is chaos. And Maxton is as fun. And it was like it really is an awesome football conference. Yeah, I'm not just saying that that tongue in cheek I like loved playing in it and even had Toledo.


It was it was a dope experience.


Was that really fun for you when you were playing both offense and defense? I would. If I were in your shoes, I would be like getting ready for a game, be like, oh, shit, I have to go do this for two hours like that. Sounds like the most exhausting way to spend an evening that I could ever imagine. No, it was dope.


And I'll tell you the back story, which I've never told before. So basically my senior year we had a new quarterback coach come in and the first day I met him, I was like, hey, just so you know, I have first round feet and first round hips. Like, that's how I got. So I'm the best corner on the team. I just play wide receiver. And he laughed it off. And so, you know, again, I'm five seven and every coach has different philosophies.


They actually back then they weren't too high on shorter receivers. So they would actually take me out to third downs. Imagine that slot receiver Andrew Hawkins that goes to play in the NFL. They would take me out on Third Downs my senior year. And so I was like, oh, this is this is B.S. and a quarter coach is like, yeah, why aren't you you're the best receiver we got. Like, why aren't they? He's like, well five come play corner for me.


And so it was like a thing to wear the corner coach and the the coaches almost got a fistfight at practice because I was like, all right, I'll go play.


Corner is the one game we were playing and something happened where maybe I could kick return and like stepped out of the me and the me and the O.C. We got into it heavy, like yelling back and forth. And he was like, you're out. And I was like, well, forget you. Then I'll go play defense. And short out the corner was like, yep, go in that corner. And so that's how I started playing both ways was kind of like a, you know, inner squad squabble.


I like that you had people fighting because everybody wanted him dead.


Man Yeah. That's a power man, you know. I mean, he's in college. Come on.


A lot of people. Yeah, sure. Are you in a sauna, by the way? Yeah, a little. No, this is actually I'm in my garage, so let me show you. I built a set up sick and the core team and then all fake. That's actually that's cardboard. That's cool.


You should just tell people that's a song. You should get like a little red light that comes on and be like, yeah, you're getting the hottest takes when you're talking to me in the song. Spray yourself down with water. Yeah. Yeah.


And don't don't try to sue me for that too, because I'm using it. No, by all means. All right.


So the rest of the divisional round, obviously, you cover the whole league. Which game are you most excited for outside the Browns and what maybe matchup as well.


Yeah. Can I say bills ravens.


Yeah, everyone. That's what I want to watch. Yeah. Lamar Jackson fan. I even though I'm a Browns guy, I feel like he's the most likable player in the NFL. If you don't like Lamar, you're, you're an asshole. That's how I kind of feel.


OK, well that seems pointed towards me. I like Lamar. No, I like Lamar. I do. I think it's it's a weird spot, Lamar. Like he's very obviously when you talk about Lamar Jackson on Twitter, it's there's two camps in my camp has always been I think Lamar is incredible. I think what he does with his feet is like No one that run against the Titans, no one else in NFL history. Besides, maybe Michael Vick can make that run.


I still have my doubts at times about being able to, you know, throw the ball when it's an obvious throwing situation. And maybe you could also I'm OK with making the argument that it's his receivers aren't great either, because that's also true. So do you think that that's fair to say? Like you still I still would like to see a little bit more out of Lamar in the obvious passing downs, in the obvious passing situations where he can you know, he's come back a couple of times this year.


So that's kind of to bed. But like playoffs, if if the Ravens get down in this game and Lamar has to pass, how's that going to look? That's fair. And when I say like Lamar, I mean, like, personally.


Yeah, like, oh, he's so cool. Yes, yeah. Yeah, he's very cool.


Like, that whole Ravens team has a coolness factor to it that we're absolutely like draws people in, that he's just a good a good kid to me as a person.


But on the field, no, I don't think you're unfounded or you're wrong for thinking that because it's true and based off of what we've seen out of quarterbacks, that is the formula for quarterbacks. But I do feel like we're seeing something in Lamar that we've never seen and it has changed. The game to where we're waiting for that moment, where you've got to throw it, you've got to do this, but it's like. If it's a sliding scale, you know, like I'm five, seven and you know what I mean, but I can do these things better.


So when pulls it out or if I'm not a good looking guy, I might be very, very funny right now. And then her out. I'm not wear sunglasses, maybe I grow my hair, maybe I grow a really strong beard to hide my love.


So I feel like with Lamar, the fact that the way he runs is so much better than we've ever seen from a quarterback, Michael Vick included that because we're looking for this passing thing, it's not going it it's not going to be there. But the running makes up for it, for the elite level. Now, eventually, we'll find somebody that's the crazy part where we see Mahomes, we've seen Lamar. We didn't think someone could run the ball better than Michael Vick at quarterback.


Think about eventually is going to be a quarterback who can run like Lamar past like Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, our our minds are going to be just blown at that point.


His name's Josh Allen. He's playing in this game. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you've heard of them. OK, OK. Well, it is you're you're absolutely right.


Like Lamar's running ability is so out of this world that it's OK that his passing is all the way. What other quarterbacks are. I'm just it's a fascinating team. And I also think, like Lamar becomes the biggest story because he won the MVP. He was 012 in the playoffs. They win last Sunday. But more than anything, I walked away from that game being like, holy fuck, the Ravens defense is incredible right now. Like, they're finally all the way healthy.


And that's that's the biggest thing to be like. Lamar will get his it's their defense being able to stop the bills who have been one of the top offenses in the league this year.


And that's what you kind of sacrificed for what you what you may lack at the receiver position. You know, I mean, it's like what would you rather have would you rather have this top tier receiver here or would you have a defense that keeps you close to make sure you can play your game the way that it's set up? Yeah.


What about the the Ravens defense? I think that they actually have to have a bit of an edge going into this weekend because they're going against Josh Allen, who. Yeah, he's making some great throws, actually. You talked about that earlier this week, but he's you know, he's passing the ball as good as anybody in the NFL right now. But he's also, like, extremely mobile and really effective running the ball. So the fact that the Ravens defense gets to see that all the time in practice, does that actually make them more ready to play against a mobile quarterback like Josh Allen, or is that just me trying to find a reason to think that the Ravens are going to be pretty dominant defense?


Yeah, I think that does. I think it does help, you know, because it's like I would tell Corners that I will go against, like, if you can guard me, you can guard any receiver route wise because no one's going to be as quick. Yes, I'm smaller, but no one's going to be as quick and move like I can't. And the quarters, they would say the same thing, like, you know, no one's going to beat them that way.


So with Lamar, you're not going to find a mobile quarterback that you're going to play against as different. Lamar and I will say in practice, the first team defense doesn't go against the first team offense. It's rare. So the first team offense is practiced and against the backups and the first team defense is also practicing against the backup. So they get to see all three of them. They see RG three all the time. McSorley they just. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


They see a lot of trades, a lot of RG three. So that helps. RG three probably run similar to Josh Allen does. Yeah. Like their junk nowadays. But I do think the Ravens defense has an edge because I think they have the best cornerback tandem that they have. The bills had is that they can't be guarded like Cole. Beasley can't be guarded one on one. Stefon Diggs can't be guarded one on one, and every receiver at that is fast and quick.


And you got a quarterback that can make any throw. It's just tough to guard everyone the team has. The best chance of that is the Ravens, because a trio of corners is probably the best in the league.


Yeah, no, absolutely. So speaking of cornerbacks, and this is kind of a dumb question, but the Rams Packers game, Jair Alexander and Jalen Ramsey, two of the best cornerbacks in the league, how like how does a shutdown corner exist?


I don't really understand it because the wide receiver position in the way the offense has moved in the NFL, like, how do you shut down any of these guys who are so big, strong, fast, and then all the rules are in their favor?


Yeah. So I think it's two part number one, Jalen Ramsey is the best corner on planet Earth. He really is. He's like patient. The scariest corners are the guys who are are patient. That's typically the bigger guys. They're not going to fall for a lot of fakes. They're just going to sit in there hanging there kind of muscle you if they can throw your timing off, I don't have to guard. You would be so quick, fast and reactive.


It's just a matter of ruining your timing with your quarterback and making them come off of you.


So that's what the Ramsay is great. And that's why he's the best. The other thing he has working in his favor is he has Aaron Donovan in front of him. Right.


So he's not having to guard guys, you know, as much as the team with a terrible dilemma because you can't just sit back there with ad chasing you. He's going to come there. And if he catches you, he has bad intentions. So the combination of those two players on a defense are huge because it takes three guys to block a. Donald and Jaelynn can guard anybody, you know, one on one for that, for, you know, the regular time, let alone a quicker tick, because he has Aaron Donald chasing down a quarterback.


It is crazy. Like, I'm so excited to watch Jalen Ramsey, first of all, to Adams on Saturday because Timothy Adams, like he had an incredible, incredible season. And if you had to ask yourself right now, like, who will probably get the best of that matchup is Jalen Ramsey. And that makes no sense in my brain, because Davante Adams, every every time he runs on the field, he's wide open. He's catching balls from Aaron Rodgers.


Yeah, it's crazy. I remember the graphic of Darrelle Revis when he had like the list of receivers last season that they had, like, no catches, one catch to catch, three catch. And if you look at Jalen Ramsey this year, it's the same thing. And I feel like this is like the final board of the video game.


And if he locks the party out of that, it gets Aaron Rodgers is like, no, he's in he's in a whole other stratosphere. And I never thought we'd see a corner to kind of match that same graphic from a Darrelle Revis. Yeah, yeah.


You mentioned Cole Beasley a second ago. Do you have do you have respect for his all pro vote as a fellow slot guy? Are you like, yeah, it's about time that we start, you know, we're not going to slut shame each other out here. It's twenty, twenty one. We're not saying no.


I mean, he's, he's he's he's he's taken the fight on and taken it to new levels that I, you know, I didn't I didn't even think was possible. You know, I felt like I played a small part in that. And, you know, to to watch Peter King explain it the way that at first I was like, yeah, that's that's you know, then when he explained it like, no, this is my slot guy.


It was a standing ovation, like you. Damn right. This is this is you wouldn't say you wouldn't judge a tight end based on his receiving yards to a wide receiver. So why would you do that on a slot is the best slot in the game. Give him the all provoked. Yeah.


Hawk, that's also much of Peter King thing to do. It is like, hey, here's everyone's votes. Oh, we do something so different.


So it's a story about my son and redefining the all pro, you know, he did. OK, I'm with you on part of that. But I think that son of a bitch, Peter King, took away a vote for a fullback and then transferred to the slot guy, which I don't appreciate at all.


But yeah, the game we're in.


I will. I know you like the fullbacks. I do. And I like Patrick Rocard. I think Patrick Icard hand up. I haven't talked about Patrick Krekar enough.


We all make mistakes as big oversight on my part. I don't know, however, overlook to do. That's like six two and three hundred eleven pounds. But that dude, he's not. We like to do this with different teams. He's not the best player on the Ravens offense, but he's the most important player on the Ravens on that. Mm hmm.


I like it. All right. The other game I want to talk to you about the Bucs Saints. So we always make the joke there's only one ball.


And how much is that like how much truth behind that is there? When you're talking about a Bucs offense, it seems to have kind of found their way. But you have Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski. If what if, like, those guys don't get looks during a game, do they get out of the game? Like, how does that feel as a receiver when you're not getting the ball or you're not getting targets and you're in the third quarter?


It's like I have no rhythm here.


Yeah, you could definitely fall into that. But it all depends. It's like a top down mentality. I'm going to go pretty deep into this this rabbit hole. So like the Patriots work because everything in the organization flows out to one person. Belichick decides, you know, what PR request that you say yes to and don't what we eat in the cafeteria, the schedule are recovered like it all comes. It all flows to one person. So everybody understands who's in charge.


Right. And then there's situations. I'll go to the Browns where, you know, if you notice when LBJ went down, you know, the offense kind of started clicking more because at that point, Baker, Mayfield, stop thinking. Oh, let me get LBJ touches Jarvis touches LBJ. And it was like, let me just throw to the open guy, you know, because and not not a bad thing. It wasn't anything on LBJ or anything on Baker either.


It's just that LBJ is a big dog and he hasn't been for a while. So I guess you want to get that guy touches with Tom Brady. It's a different Tom Brady is the big dog. You can't go to Tom Brady and say you'll throw me the ball. No one is going to step outside of that. Even Mike Evans or Godwin or whoever that is, because they understand it and they know that Tom Brady only read this off. And that way the open guy gets the ball.


So your touches will come when your touches are become open. And we're going to do a lot of other things to make sure they can't take one guy or one side of the field or one play or one formation away. So everyone just kind of buys in because it's it's Tom. What did you say?


And it's so what you're describing is it's basically on you. Like, you have to get open, you have to win. You're one on one battle. And if you do, Tom Brady will get you the ball.


Absolutely. And if you didn't, if you want if he doesn't do it to you, not to throw, that's like that's what people get pissed is because they're like, yeah, I was open. I was the throw throw it to me. I was never like, yo, give me the ball guy. I would only get mad when I know this play is called. I know where I am in the progression I won and I didn't get the right now I'm pissed, right?


Never have to worry about that with Tom Brady, because if I didn't come to you, you want to throw and everybody knows that he knows that better than anybody else.


That makes more sense. What about looking back on the earlier matchups this year between the Saints and the Bucs, like the Saints dominated just absolutely like stomped on their heads last time they played. What's what's the difference between a team that looks at that goes in the next match up with their heads down and a team that looks at that and just gets pissed off?


Yeah, I think there's only one goal for the for the for the Bucs and the Saints. Right. And the Saints know they can beat it because they have twice and they stopped them pretty good. And to beat a team three times in a row as talented as the Buccaneers. I don't know. I think it's tough sledding, actually had the Bucs win in this game. And I think a big important factor, that is the fact that Antonio Brown is starting to look like Antonio Brown.


Right. Is finally getting his rhythm. And it's added another element to this offense. So, you know, couple that with some of the injuries on the on the same side and know they're not quite where. They didn't look great against the Bears last week. And the bears look terrible. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm going with the bucks, man. Yeah, I agree with you.


I think the bears, as bad as the Bears looked, they actually had a chance to win that game in like the third quarter. Yes. Which shot.


What about our guys, Deuce on the Saints? Oh, Mike Evans loves to get into fights against the Saints. I think it's his favorite thing. I think he likes doing that more than catching touchdown passes. And he's a he's a big dude and he likes to talk and he likes to fire back. And the Saints are really good at getting under his skin. That's like that is the best matchup that they could have is an elite shit talker like Deuce going after Mike Evans, if you ever like it.


Was there one quarterback that you played against that you just you wanted to fight all the time?


No, not not because they were like trash talking. The biggest trash talker with probably Aqib Talib. Mm hmm. He was like he would say so. He would say. So while you run into those guys that will literally say anything on the field to get under your skin, he would say some well stuff. He was the best at it. Like it wasn't you know, it was like Chad Ochocinco was like a trash talker. Yeah. To it was so disrespectful stuff.


And I'm like, it would absolutely get under my skin. I think Jalen probably did that, too. I didn't play against David, but I've heard Jalen gets that level of disrespect to and hey, if you could do it and maintain it, throw a guy off their game, that's the whole point of it.


Did you ever wear a necklace around a or did you know, like, he's going to come after the jewelry?


I couldn't afford a damn necklace. I was I was still trying to make the team. I couldn't afford to get a necklace that ripped off in a game out of bed crying at midfield. Like when that happens, though.


So the Bears afterwards, Matt Nagy was like, yeah, we went over this in practice. We went over this in film like KD Deuce is going to talk shit.


Don't respond well. Like what? What do you what do you say to your teammate when he gets kicked out of a game like that? It's like you knew this was coming. We talked about it. We it happened earlier in the year. What the fuck happened there? Like you just lost your mind or is it just some guys will say something so vile that you can't help yourself?


I don't think people realize, like, the mindset you have to be in to play an NFL game, that that's what I think. It's not just like, oh, you're going out to do a job. Like we're not out here making copies at FedEx Kinko's. Right. Like, I would go into a game and I would turn into a completely different person. The reason being Ray Lewis is trying to take my damn head off. Right. Like in my mind, there is a chance I don't make it home tonight to my kids.


These guys are going to try to kill me if I'm not looking right. So I if they don't if they bring it to me, I break it. So when you're in that mindset out on the field and bullets are flying and people are talking, you're not thinking with a sound mind. This is a warriors game and that's the mentality you go into it with. I would be trying to take people's legs out. I didn't give a shit. I would tell them that, like, yo, I want you to know, like, because they would they would say, oh, we go knock you out.


They try to intimidate. This morning I said, you know what? You could try if you want to. I'm taking every act I see out here out. That's the that's the mentality. Right. Then I will I'm going to block you every play and we'll see who last longer. So I think just it gets the best of players while you're out there. And even as much as you try to mitigate or say, OK, I'm not going to respond.


Oh, it's tough. It's emotional like going on out there.


All right. So so give us your picks this weekend or do you pick against the spread?


No. Pick straight up. Coward. Coward. Yeah.


See what I thought that was the gangster thing to do.


No, OK, you're being a pussy. This is step into our arena. Yeah. You cause you come on your show, you know, if you don't pick against us spread, we're going to take your fucking ACL out. That's the mentality you have when you step into the studio.


Just tell you what. Just just tell us by how much that the Browns are going to win by a lot so that we can make a video out of it. And then we'll try to get LeBron James to retweeted, because I know that he follows in tweets you all the time.


Are you a baby? Bron Zero. Has LeBron ever referred to you as Baby Bron?


No, he is not to me, baby LeBron. Still working on that. Still working on that. I will go with the Browns will win by seven points, OK, and then do the other three games where OK, the Ravens will win.


By four points. OK, the bucks. We'll win by three points. OK? All underdogs here, I like this, and actually I'm going to be more serious with the Browns. The Browns are going to win. Went by three. OK, and what is the last Packers, Rams, Packers, the Packers will beat the Rams by a touchdown. Said it.


OK, that's about a push wherever it is. All right. I like those. All right. Well, Hawk, this has been awesome. Oh, I had one last question. So you do co-host a podcast with our friend Joe Thomas, the Tomahawk podcast. If Joe Thomas you know, there was the covid issue with the Browns and they've had a bunch of injuries.


Given his weight right now, could Joe Thomas survive a game playing offensive line just knowing how great he was, technique wise and like savvy betterness, even though he's like seventy five pounds lighter, they will push Joe Thomas shit in the dirt to try to go block those guys at 70.


I mean, Joe is is more cut than I am. I know. It's like you're essentially putting a receiver out there to go play left tackle. I don't care how great your technique is. I don't think you can do it, OK.


Do you ever look at Joe and just be like, man, this is kind of creepy. Yes, dude, you look kind of weird. Yeah. Eat a cheeseburger. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yesterday on this show, it was weird when he started when I got the gut and he had a six pack. It was a very weird transition of things like yesterday. He just like sits there and his arms are just like jacked. I don't know. It is weird.


It's weird. Every time I see it, I'm not going to let you know.


What about the other side of it? What if the Browns, all their wide receivers come down with with positive tests or contact tracing again? Yeah, I said that they should get the whole gang back together, like the old school browns, you know, the highlight reel of the last 15 years. Shoot them up. Could you go out there?


I could go out there, wouldn't it? Wouldn't do anybody any good. But if they were like, we need someone on the roster, I could I would be terrible. I would literally be I have I don't work out. I haven't worked out since I left the NFL. What do you mean? It's not like I don't work out like I do not. What does that mean. I don't like you don't even go on a trip. I mean, I'm on the same way.


So like but like when people say they don't work out, like when I say don't work out, that literally means my heart rate hasn't gotten above, like, you know, arresting heart rate in months. You do not run sprints, shoot hoops, anything.


Nothing. I don't do I work all day. I fucking love you. I don't, I don't workout and not great but I don't. I did four. I did for a second like a year ago when I got like really bad and I got real. I like snapped back in like 40 day period. And again it's been over a year since then. I hadn't done anything from retirement. So then like I didn't work out since my last Patriots practice for two years.


And then since then, what's it been like a year and a half now and not lifted a weight? I have not run have not broken a sweat. Yeah, I don't, I don't I'm not aware I'm over it. I did it forever and now I'm like, I want to spend a little time doing nothing. All right.


And it's harder though to do what you're doing now than it is to play in the NFL. Right. Like not work out, do podcasts, all that. Yeah. Oh, my God.


Is like worried. This is tough business. That's why we didn't play in the NFL.


Are you addicted to work? I see you working all the time. You're literally on every show. How many shows, how many shows are you addicted to work?


That's a good question. I honestly like being one hundred percent serious. I've had that conversation with myself recently. I thought I might be I might get the work I do a lot of shows I even do because I have businesses too, that I work for and and like an everyday nine to five role. And I have a hard time turning down jobs. It is it is a problem.


But that's OK because I'd imagine you live to work, not work to live. Yes. Yeah.


If you live to work, it's good. If you live to work it's ok. Like I work out of a work, like we enjoy working, like I live to work. I don't, I don't work to live.


You're right. I do. I like that take. That is how it is. I like it. I like to make something out of nothing. That's a process that I'm very appreciative of. So I like that. I love it.


All right. Well, hawked has been awesome in your recurring guest now. So you've got to come back on whenever we ask. But go Browns and appreciate you coming on. Go Browns, man.


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And now here's one sharp enough or something completely different. OK, we now welcome on our good friend Warren Sharp. You can find him at sharp football sharp football analysis. Dotcom, he's got a podcast on the ringer. He's here to break down divisional round. Very excited for these match ups. Let's just do it. Let's just jump in. Let's just go. Chronological order. You can tell us your thoughts. We'll tell you our thoughts. We'll trade thoughts.


Let's start with the Packers. Rams. It just was announced that John Wolford is not going to be active. So it's Jared Goff and then the boat Blake Bortles behind him. Is there a recipe for the Rams to win this game and what does it look like there?


The recipe is you've got to figure out with Brandon Staley, a brilliant defensive coordinator for the Rams, figure out how to slow down the Packers in the first half. The Packers are the NFL's number one highest scoring offense in the first half. What Staley has been great at is reducing offensive output by opponents in the second half of games. They have the number two best adjustments and second half point output of opposing offenses. But you've got to figure out how to do that in the first half, right off the jump against the Packers, because that's where Green Bay does so much damage there on their home field.


Aaron Rodgers has been dreaming of this opportunity to host this playoff game. That's what he's been playing all season for, is to have home field advantage, to be able to host one of these. And now you're dealing with trying to manage. A guy with a broken thumb who's only played a couple of games in his NFL career in cold weather like this, it's going to be a challenge, but you have to win it with defense and not make your offense of mistakes.


What about the other side of the coin, the Packers defense, which we've slandered repeatedly this year, but we've kind of come around on them because they seem to be playing better on the football. The yeah, the eyeball test in the fraud bowl against Ryan Tannehill, who he's a quarterback that absolutely hates the cold. I don't know if there's any stats to back that up, but he looked like he was just he looked like he was frozen out there.


Is the Packers defense actually that much better in the second half of the season? Are we making that up?


No. Look, I think when the Packers play an offense, it's really going to test and they're going to have some trouble. Where do they where they matchup good here against the L.A. Rams is that they're really good at the perimeter with their cornerbacks. And so I think L.A. has got a very defined game plan here. I think it's a lot of carmakers running the football. And you've got to try to get some upside from Higbee as a lot as a tight end against some of those linebackers.


That's an edge that I think should be able to favor the L.A. Rams here. I, I like the Packers defense, but I do think that it is a little bit fraudulent, could get exposed by the right offense. And I just don't know if this is the right team to do it. I think this easily could be a Rams cover and a game that sits right around like twenty six twenty, possibly somewhere in that neighborhood. I think the point spread is pretty good with this one.


There is the potential that the Packers get out pretty quick in this game and you definitely can't have that happen because this really is one of those first quarter games. If Aaron Rodgers puts up 10 to 13 points to fourteen points in the first quarter, I mean, you don't want to sit back there dropping back over and over and over. We now know, as you mentioned, his Walford, his back up. It's not going to be in there.


So it could be Blake Bortles who gets who enters into the game. But I just I just think the Rams have to figure out a way to keep this game close through the first quarter.


Do you think is there anything with you know, Vic Fangio obviously coached defense for the Bears. Brandon still is a disciple of Vic Fangio. Is there like a sharing of ideas in those situations where it's like, hey, how do we stop Aaron Rodgers in it?


Can you even like is this a situation where the Rams can go in and reasonably hope that they could maybe keep the Packers to seventeen points? Because I feel like that's like for the Rams to win this game, the Rams are going to score more than twenty four points. So they got to kind of keep the Packers to seventeen, twenty, twenty one somewhere in that range, right.


Yeah, I think that would be tough, especially at home for Green Bay to only have that level of output, because you look at the Rams defense and the best elements of their defense, what they've been able to win the most with. And it's Jalen Ramsey and it's Aaron Donald. Right. Those are your two studs. And the Packers have the NFL's best graded center and Corey Lindsay to go up against Aaron Donald. And we don't even know how long in this game Aaron Dalton might be able to last.


We certainly know that he's going to start the game, but if he takes another shot to those ribs or something else happens or pops or who knows what is going on right there, he might miss missed some time in the second half of this game. I don't know. I hope he doesn't, but it's a possibility. But you have a great matchup if you're the Packers to stop one of the biggest elements of the Rams offense. I don't think that Lindsay's going to be able to stop him, but at least try to slow him down.


It's better to have the best center playing the sport right now than it is like the thirteenth best or fifteenth best. So at least that's favorable to the Packers from that perspective. And then you've got the Vontae Adams who excels using his footwork. And that's the key thing. I know they're going to talk about a time in and time out on the broadcast. He uses his footwork to gain separation he doesn't try to overpower with his hands against a guy like Jalen Ramsey.


And Jalen Ramsey had some success against guys who try to outmuscle him at the line of scrimmage. And I don't think Devonta Adams is really going to do that. I'm also really intrigued to see how they move Devonta Adams around and what that causes to happen for the rules of of Jalen Ramsey and where they line him up. I like this defense. I will say, you know, having spoken with coaches like I don't think Vic Fangio would feel comfortable reaching out to Brandon Staley.


Hey, here's some thoughts that I have for you on this game. I think if if it's going to happen, if there was some of that communication, it would come when Brandon Staley floats a little note out to Vick and say any thoughts on the matchup this weekend? And then you get might get a little bit of a of a discourse there. So I'm not quite sure where that would go, but it's definitely going to be important to try to figure out a way to slow down Aaron Rodgers.


But I think expecting that you can limit him to seventeen points is relatively unreasonable, in my opinion. I love. Narratives about the disciples, I just love any disciple conversation and the big disciple conversation. This game obviously is going to be Mikveh and LeFleur. It what how does that usually shake out if there's like a head coach that's coaching against a guy that worked underneath them to the advantage, would you think that it would go to the guy that learned so much from the head coach?


Or would it go from, you know, would he go to a head coach like McVeigh, who saw everything that Laforet did, probably memorized it and then, you know, has a little leg up leading into the actual game?


I think it's really fascinating because I don't know that there's necessarily hard and fast rule. I have not studied the game results when those two types of things line up because it really is so specific in this particular instance, as an offensive coach, as a designer of your offense, you cook, you're the chef, and you work with the ingredients that you have at hand and then you're trying to make the best meal possible. And each guy has got their own set of ingredients.


It's not like these cooking shows where they give all the teams the same exact recipe, the same exact or the same exact ingredients make something different and that we all like it's you got totally different sets of ingredients here. So I think that there's going to be a little bit of familiarity like that you could share with your defensive coordinator. Like I know he likes to use this. I know he likes to do that. You might have a little bit familiarity batla floor.


Hey, I've seen Jared Goff and he struggles with this a little bit. But I think it's I think there's a cat and mouse game associated with it, but I don't know if there's a definitive edge for the master or his pupil.


So what would you say looking at the difference between LeFleur and Mikveh? Because a lot of times in my dumb brain at least, I'm like, oh, that's LeFleur. He's just mikveh with darker hair. And he was hired to be like the next mikveh during that whole coach off season hiring spree. So, like, what does LeFleur do differently? Where are the notable differences in his offense as opposed to what Sean McVay tries to do?


Well, the cool thing is, is that when when McVeigh was with the floor in L.A., McVeigh was. Eleven personnel, ninety percent of the game, I'm just going to add one running back and one tight end up to it. Yeah, and so they spread the field with wide receivers constantly. And that's what they were using up through that twenty eighteen Super Bowl that they lost to the Patriots. But when the floor goes in and leaves and goes to Tennessee, he's got Derrick Henry, he's got Marcus Mariota, he's doing totally different things with the offense.


They aren't using eleven wise, they aren't doing the same types of things that Sean McVay was using with the Rams back in twenty eighteen. But then Matt Loffler comes to Green Bay and guess what also has happened now is that Sean McVay is no longer he's learned from the twenty eighteen and twenty seventeen. They were also using the three wise all of the time. He's learned from that. Now they're using more two tight end sets to help protect Goff because Goff is terrible under pressure.


That's going to be a key element of this game is the pass rush the Green Bay can get in there. So even Sean McVay, his offense, it looks a little bit different there, say still the same principles and same concepts. But I mean, the game that we remember from Sean McVay, that was just like, holy cow, this is one of the best games we've ever seen was in the game against the Rams versus the Chiefs, whereas like fifty four to fifty, it wasn't supposed to be, I think, in Mexico.


But then it got moved back to L.A. and they played this massive shootout on Monday Night Football. And it was incredible to watch. And there was a lot of deep passes that the Rams were throwing down. The field was a constant eleven personnel. Now they're not even throwing the ball deep down the field anymore.


They're hardly ever thrown the Rams hardly ever throw deep. They're using a lot more twelve. But the principles of using the Ron to set up play action and open the game off of that. Both of these guys like to utilize that. Both of these guys like that. But I mean, there's night and day difference is that each of these coordinators have and play callers have with the ingredients specifically at quarterback and specifically in this game. Aaron Rodgers throws deep at the highest rate in the NFL.


The Rams are one of the best defenses at stopping deep passes. Jared Goff doesn't throw the ball deep. Hardly at all. So, I mean, there's a lot of interesting angles from that perspective.


All right. So Saturday night, I think it's a game that everyone's looking forward to the most this week. And the Ravens in the Bills, it feels like whoever wins this game has a very decent chance of going to the Super Bowl. Maybe it's the Chiefs, maybe it's the Browns. We'll get to that in a second.


What is the I looked at last week and I was like, damn, Ravens defense was was humming at a different level that they have been at for a while, like. So are they able to stop a dynamic offense like the Buffalo Bills? And how is that going to look when, you know, the Bills weren't perfect on Saturday against the Colts? So are they going to be able to kind of clean some of that stuff up?


So a lot of elements to this game. But on that side of the football, I have a lot of respect for the Ravens defense. I do think it's going to be a difficult matchup. The difference between this matchup and let's say when Brian Daboll and the Bills went up against the Chargers or the Steelers with the Ravens defense, is that in the Chargers? It's like, OK, we got to make sure that Joey Bosa doesn't record game plan with the Steelers.


It's like, OK, let's make sure TJ want Cam Heyward don't record game plan. Getting pressure from those guys could derail some things. And Brian Daboll was able to come in after the first series or two where they started a little bit slowly and made some adjustments and then the offense started coming after that. In this game, there isn't one guy or one or two guys that really stand out for the Ravens. I mean, like Matthew JUTAN, they got guys who have a few more sacks than others, but there's not that guy.


This is a guy we got to make sure it's it's this scheme of Wink Martindale and it's the pressure, right. They blitz it, the number one highest rate of any team in the NFL. And it's the ability to send some pressures which are like we stand at the line of scrimmage and there's six of us and two of us are going to drop out. You don't know which is going to come or five of us are going to rush and one of us is going to drop out and you don't know which is going to come.


So they're simulating that all the guys are coming. So the line has to figure out what are we going to do? And then the Ravens drop back. That is like one of the better adjustments the defenses can use against offenses to try to slow them down. Like offense is use pretty stop motion and play action to try to get extra information before the snap or fake the defense after the snap to gaining even better edge by getting guys out of position with play action where the defense thinks it might be a run, but it's actually a pass with same pressures.


The same exact concept happens where the offense thinks we got the line, thinks I'm blocking these guys. The quarterback thinks I might have pressure from this side, so I've got to look for my hot routes. And then it's not after like a second. It's not what you thought it was going to be. So there's definitely going to be a challenge for the Buffalo Bills offense to try to figure this out. Two things that we know, though. I mentioned that the Buffalo Bills sorry that the Baltimore Ravens have the number one highest blitz, right?


Josh Allen is phenomenal against the Blitz. He's faced eight top ten blitz heavy teams in the NFL so far this season. So he's faced teams that like the Blitz, though nobody blitz is at the rate of the Ravens. And he's done well against the Blitz, just the blitz. But there's a difference between a blitz and pressure. Pressure means the Blitz is getting home or you could be pressured even if they didn't blitz. And Josh Allen has massively bad splits when he is being pressured.


So the key, the whole framework of the bills offense needs to be get the ball out of Josh Allen's hands before the pressure reaches him, because under pressure, he's not good. Without pressure, he's great. And if he can diagnose a blitz before it gets to him and before he's pressured, he's great as well. So you just got to figure out the right types of personnel groupings, which there are some that work better against the Ravens than others, which the Ravens have not had much success getting pressure against.


Use those a little bit more often and try to get the ball out of Josh's hand. And the biggest thing here to guys for me in this game is it's imperative that the Buffalo Bills start quickly and put up points.


You must make Baltimore go into halftime, down seven to 10 points and thinking, man, we've got to throw the ball more in the second half. We've got to take the ball out of Lamar's hand. We've got to make an adjustment. And they have to be sitting there in that locker room at halftime making some of those adjustments to use more eleven personnel or more drop back passing game from Lamar. If if if the bills keep the Ravens in the game or if the Ravens have a lead here, they're going to be able to run all second half against this defense.


And that's a concern for me.


What about the other side of it? What about the the Buffalo Bills defense against offenses like the Ravens? I'm sure that there's no other team in the NFL that does certain things that the Ravens do offensively. But when they're going up against those, you know, the fancy math personnel groupings that you keep very close tabs on, how does that defense fare in those situations? The thing with the Ravens is that.


They only have one really good wide receiver and as Markese Brown, number 15 and the problem for the problem for them is that the bills have one of the best Shut-Down corners in the NFL. Davis White, most teams that the bills go up against have a couple of comparable receivers. You're not really going to find another team in the NFL that has one guy who you should fear, who's got some speed, and the rest of the guys just kind of like they don't throw the ball to the mushers.


Not much to do with them. So I'll be interested to see how the how the bills deploy to Davis White against Markese Brown. Are they are they moving him? Is he traveling with Maki's Brown or is he staying on his side, which is what he's done most of the season. But beyond any shadow of the doubt, the number one thing when you've got a corner like that, who can guard Markese Brown is we've got to shut the run.


Let's focus the rest of our efforts on stopping the run. And I think that they had some success. If you go back and watch the twenty nineteen game where Buffalo, a much worse version of Josh Allen, played the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore struggled to run the football against this Buffalo Bills defense. I do think Buffalo is a little bit better defensively in twenty nineteen than they are in twenty twenty. And there's going to be some areas. Buffalo ranks number thirty over the course of the entire season against explosive.


Russia's amines like runs that game ten plus or ten plus yards. So I think that there's going to be opportunities for the Baltimore Ravens to have some of these big explosive runs on the ground. And Buffalo may struggle against that. They've gotten a little bit better of late, but they still may struggle against that. But I think that Mark Andrews is the key guy that you want to be looking at to have a big game for Baltimore. I think regardless of what Buffalo ends up doing, they stink covering tight ends.


So I think Mark Andrews is going to have a big game here from a yardage perspective, possibly a touchdown perspective, too. I just think he's going to have a good game here. But it'll be interesting to see if the weather is bad. I mean, the weather forecast is all over the place. And we do know that we got surprised against the Pittsburgh Steelers with some lake effect snow flurries in that game and that weren't being predicted three hours beforehand.


And so that was certainly a big, big shock to us. If the weather is bad, that favors Baltimore because they want to just run the football. And Buffalo lost their starting running back last week. So they're playing with Singletary and they want to pass the football. But with the funny part is, is it's already in the Marja's. Instead, he's already said, I don't want to play in the snow. I really don't want to. And so to me, it's like Buffalo should use this to their advantage.


Right. Like, I know Buffalo has hasn't fared well against in the weather conditions that they've played. But why did you go get Josh Allen? You got the big hulky dude from Wyoming, the guy with the big hands and the big arm who could play in these conditions. He's played in them in Wyoming. Who could this is a Buffalo quarterback, right? This is Josh Allen's perfect for this. And you've got another quarterback who's like, I don't really want to play and I don't want to have to play in the snow.


So Buffalo needs to welcome whatever the weather conditions are and just try to use it to their the lake.


The lake is the twelfth man. We're I mean, Lake Erie across the board. Those are teams there. So Lamar's never played in the snow ever in his life. His he saw snow one time. Is this going to be the coldest game he's ever played in as well? I think it might be. I know he played in Buffalo last year.


There was a really I think there I think the Chargers Baltimore playoff game a couple of years ago was super cold. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah.


I think Lamar obviously didn't have a very good game in that game. That's when they lost. And the Chargers used a deployment of like six linebackers or six DBS, rather, and got rid of some D linemen. Yeah, I don't know that it will be the coldest because I do think that the game time temps are going to be around like thirty five to thirty six. It's going to feel a little bit colder. And then it's just a matter of whether or not there is moisture in the air and whether it ends up coming down as rain or a little bit of snow or some mix there in.


But I don't think it will be his coldest, but he's already talking about it. So, you know, he's thinking about it.


Yeah, that game was game, had pretty big wind gusts and was I'm looking at it right now. That was where everybody was like, do we put Joe Flacco?


It wasn't yeah. It wasn't that cold, but it was it wasn't like nice out.


I just want to say one thing about Buffalo last week. So Buffalo last week. One big thing that's not getting as much attention that should get more attention is Buffalo's average starting field position in the first half of that game. Like it or not, before I started talking to different guys around the league, I just wanted offensive coordinators to even if they're backed up on their can or their fifteen or their five to just call some call what they need to call to move the ball, call the most efficient stuff anyways.


But there is an extreme tendency. It's hard to call. The best stuff, it's hard to call all these creative plays down there backed up where you know that a small mistake will result in immediate points for the other team. And look at where Buffalo starts this game. Last week in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts, they have dropped starting at their own three yard line, four yard line, six yard line, eleven yard line and fifteen yard line.


And that's it. That's their entire offensive series. In the first half of the game, they marched two of those drives. Eighty five yards and I think ninety six yards down, four touchdowns, which takes a lot of the clock to do and is very difficult to do. But for the most part they're staying backed up and they're giving the Colts good field position. And the Colts, if they call better plays offensively, Frank Wright was a little bit more aggressive in certain situations.


I think that they end up scoring more points. So I'm not going to sit here and say, like, well, the bills should have won by an even larger margin because the Colts made some mistakes offensively. They had a good field position. They didn't take advantage of it themselves. But I do think that right now the thought process of Buffalo is, man, they probably should have lost that game last week to the Colts. And then the thought process of the Ravens is like, man, they had a really good game down in Tennessee.


They were able to exorcise the demons, so to speak. Lamar won in his first game. They were able to stomp on the logo and get revenge. But I do sit here and question John Harbaugh says that that was his favorite game, his best win of his entire coaching career because he's said his best one of his entire career like that, that particular win. And you're playing one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL, the Titans, one of the worst defenses.


And but for like that, Lamar pass play where he drops back and then scrambles for 50 plus yards like incredible run scoring that massive touchdown. What really does your offense do the entire game? Yes. And you had a lot of help on the other side of the ball because Arthur Smith and this is something I've been saying on your show each time that I come on and we talk about the Titans, stop running the ball on first downs in the first quarter of the game.


I know you love Derek Henry, but when the defense is stacking the box and you're not having efficient gains on those run plays, adjust, throw the football use and play action, then go back to the run later. And he came out on ten. Arthur Smith did the offensive quarter for the Titans on ten first downs in the first half and ran the ball on eight of them and they were getting like two point seven yards per carry or something in the Ravens.


You look at the next gen stats, they were stacking the box on those plays and the Titans never adjusted. So I think the bills will adjust. You can guarantee Brian Dyball is going to adjust if if to whatever wing throws at him. I think it's going to be a fascinating game. It's really hard to pick a winner. I can tell you sharp action has been on both sides of this game. When the line opened a little bit higher, they grabbed Baltimore when the line got down to minus one and a half, they grabbed Buffalo.


They lay that with Buffalo. So there's a couple of really, really sharp groups with a lot of storied success in the sports betting.


The part of the space that I live in, like behind the scenes that are on opposing fronts on this game.


So we actually had Andrew Hawkins on the show as well. We're going to we have we always do two guests on Friday. So we talked a ton about the Browns in chief.


So let's let's skip that game and go to Bucs Saints. I love the Bucs. Tell me why I'm either an idiot or I'm the smartest man alive.


Am I? Bet on the Bucs is going to win.


Well, let me can I can I ask you a question is how much of how much of Tom Brady Kaching points is factoring in to the reason why you like the bucks here?


No, it's actually it's actually that I don't believe in the Saints. And I I think Drew Brees is very limited. And more than anything, I think if you look at the Bucs season, the first half of the season, trying to figure things out, the second half, when they had that little blip where they close game two, the Giants get killed by the Saints, lose the chiefs, Ali, markets out for all those games, one of the best guards in the game.


And I think that that changes that shifts it to me where the Bucs will have a lot more success protecting Tom Brady. And at that point, he can slice you up any which way.


Well, I think that if you like the Bucs in this game, you have to like them for one of two reasons. The first reason is you think Brees and the Saints are toast. Do you think that they're kind of done? His arm strength is done. The best of his career has come and gone, and now he's in the twilight and this isn't going to work out well. So you either you either think that they are going to be inefficient against the Bucs defense, which the Bucs defense ranks pretty well, but really is susceptible.


So you've got to feel like the Saints are going to be able take advantage of that this go around. Or you have to think that the Tampa Bay Bucs, something has changed either personnel wise, like you said with Marquette or strategic wise, the strategy of the attack, because they obviously had no success in the first couple of games against these guys. And so what I did is I went back and I looked at. It's rare that a team wins twice against the same opponent in the same season.


It doesn't happen very often when it when it did happen when the first team won, like, let's pretend it's a divisional matchup. That's what these all these games are. We're not talk about the playoffs yet. We're just talking about regular season only. TNA wins the first game. Then they play the same opponent again later that season, divisional rematch and team wins again, so they swept them. Typically when you play and win the second game against the opponent, you win by higher margin than you did the first go around.


And why would that be, even even though that on average only like fifty five percent of the time will there be a sweep? Will the first team be able to win the second game? Like I said, it's very difficult to do. But the forty five percent of the time or the fifty five percent time that it does happen, you win by higher margin. And the reason is probably because you've got inherent matchup edges against that opponent. You're just better.


I mean, football, at the end of the day, it comes down to the X's and O's and the Jimmys in the Johs. It comes down to the players lining up against one another and the strategy that the coach is using. And in some cases, a combination of those two things or one more than the other ends up factoring into the outcomes of games where certain teams just don't match up well with one another. We're talking a very low sample, very small sample size.


But I want to share the results here. When a team sweeps its opponent and then plays them for a third time in the playoffs and I went back to nineteen ninety to look at instances of this and there's only been 17 instances where that has happened. And the team that swept their opponent won 13 of those 17 games in the third meeting, the third meeting of the season, the one that was in the postseason. If it was beyond the wildcard round, they won five of six and and they won by pretty large margins.


And it, again, speaks to the fact that, like this one team may just have this inherent matchup edge or coaching advantage, personnel advantage over their opponent, which you can say everything you want. While we don't want to get swept away and we don't want to lose a third time, we're going to make all these adjustments, which is helpful. When you lose a game, you tend to make more adjustments when you play that same team again, team that win says let's just do the same stuff.


So there are things that do benefit you, but sometimes you might just be outmatched. And that's what I'm trying to figure out here is. Are the Saints just a better match up against the Bucs and will the Bucs or will the Bucs have any hope of success? Because when you guys look at the Saints defense, you'll see that they rank top five in defensive efficiency. But then you go down and you look at the opposing offenses that they played.


Look at any team that ranked above average that the Saints have played this year. Besides the Bucs, the Chiefs, they gave up thirty two points. The Vikings, they gave up thirty three. The Panthers, they gave up twenty four. In the first meeting, the Raiders, they gave up thirty for the Chargers. Twenty seven in the Lions. Twenty nine. We're talking about twenty four plus points to all of these teams with just above average offenses.


Not the best of the best, just above average. The Bucs obviously are an above average offense. That better than not, they're one of the best that we have in the NFL. Will they be able to produce like these other guys have done, or is the match up just so much in favor based upon the way that these teams physically line up against one another, that they're not going to have as much success? It's a it's a tough game.


I mean, I'll just tell you that it is a tough game to beat.


Yeah. So what's the in terms of this matchup and the coaches in particular, you find something about like every coaching matchup that you tend to get upset about sometimes on Twitter, like this guy should have been doing this. He did this all season and he's doing it again right now. And it's costing his team in terms of Bruce Arians or Sean Payton is there. What do you get pissed off about when it comes to those coaches? Is there one thing in particular that's a pet peeve with those guys?


One hundred percent this season with Bruce Arians and Byron? Because I think they're both working on the offense. I think Byron is actually the one calling in the plays. But but if some of Bruce's philosophies in there as well, and if their run rate on first downs, on early downs, I mean, I will just tell you this. The Bucs got lucky that they had success running the football last week against Washington because they called a very high rate of run plays in that game.


Maybe they were trying to keep Tom Brady away from the pressure, ended up not having as much pressure. Their O-line did a very good job. They should have been throwing the football a little bit more often. But I looked back at the first like thirteen games of the season for Tampa Bay, and they had one of the higher run rates in the NFL, an above average run rate and the worst production on these runs in on first downs in the first half of games, literally No.


Thirty two in the NFL yards per carry on run place. They had their bye week. They play Minnesota at the bye. You remember that game? The poor old Minnesota kicker Shenk's a bunch of field goals and the bucks end up winning that game by by a margin. But the game was a little bit closer than that. But for those misses, they come back their last three games of the regular season. Tampa goes against the Falcons twice and the Detroit Lions and they go.


Sixty eight percent pass on these first down plays in the first half of games. I'm like, oh my God, they turned a corner. This is what we want. Why the hell did you bring Tom Brady to Tampa? You bring him to Tampa. Since you can manage him, you hand off to Leonard Fournette so that you can have Byron Leftwich running the show and deciding what ends up happening with this team. No, that's what you bring Tom Brady and Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski and all these pieces.


You do it because you love Tom Brady. You think he's the key to get you over the hump. He's gives you the best chance to win games. They came out last week, and if you go back and look at the film or just look at the data, they ran the ball on fifty eight percent of their first downs in the first half of the game, way to achieve a run rate once again. And I just feel like if they come into this game with way too high of a run rate on these first down place, they could say whatever they want in terms of their reasoning.


We're doing it to protect Tom Brady from the pass rush, or we just think it's a good game plan to be balanced. Whatever the reasoning is, the Saints have a much better run defense than Washington does, and those runs have a lower likelihood of seeing the success that they had last week. And that's going to be meaning more situations where Tom Brady is going to have to convert on third downs against Washington. He converted, I want to say, at a 60 percent clip at the beginning part of that game averaged ten point eight yards per pass attempt.


It's going to be very difficult for him to replicate those numbers against the New Orleans Saints defense. So bigger than anything to me. Well, that's the pet peeve I have about Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich. It's this is the playoffs. This is a game against Drew Brees, a team that you've played twice and lost two twice. Tom Brady goes out on his shield in this game, in my opinion, let Tom Brady throw the damn ball on first down.


We will win or lose because of Tom Brady, not because Birhan left, which is a play calling genius. Right. That also. Oh, my God. It's buyer left, which he figured it all out. No Tom Brady wins or loses this game. Let's not take that opportunity away from him by running Leonard Fournette too much on the other side. It's very simple. It's just one man. It's one man that bothers me. And that's his usage of our old quarterback friend from BYU.


I just don't understand the affinity that he has to Taysom Hill. And when he trots him in and throws off the game plan and the timing of it, I mean, if they bring him in in the red zone against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he botches the play or in some capacity, I mean, I'm just going to lose my mind because I don't think the upside is there. With Taysom Hill being involved in this offense, I would much rather have Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara either passing or running or throw it to Alvin Kamara rather than mixing in Taysom Hill.


Now, I hope to God if I was backing the Saints here, the taste in health score is a bunch of touchdowns. I don't care at that point. I get my money's on the Saints. I want him to do well. But if he screws things up in this game, like, then that's on Sean Payton more than anybody else.


Counterpoint. It's fun when he comes to the game, when Taysom Hill comes in and just keep it in. It's fun and just runs face first into a linebacker. That's fun to watch. And maybe maybe it's fun for his teammates, too. Maybe his teammates are like, that was pretty fucking cool. And Taysom just like put his head into that guy's shoulder pads and now he's going to be out for another like fifteen plays until we see him again.


Maybe his teammates are like, that's fun. Let's have fun on the next play. Then they score touchdown from Drew Brees. It is fun and it is fun enough to warrant admit that it's fun.


Just say unexpected. You know, you don't know. I think that I think the viewer I will give you this. If you think it's fun to raise the level of variance on any outcome of a play such that it can be a boom. Bust your highlight then. Yes. Then then that's what you're going to get when you trot him out there and we don't really know what we're going to get. It could be great. It could be terrible.


Could be a nice collision. He could hurdle some dude. Yeah, it's that's fun.


The Jamous winds come around. That's the same amount that we have wrapped around that.


All right. Well, Warren, thank you as always, at sharp football. What I've one last question. Yeah.


Are there any props that you're that you're fired up about? I want to get I want to lay some money on some props this weekend.


Feels like a good weekend.


I think it should be a good prop weekend. Just give us one, OK? I'll give you two and their tight ends. And we love talking about heavy personnel and tight ends. And with you guys, I like Travis Kalsi. I think he's going to have a really big game against Cleveland Browns linebackers. And you guys covered that game in detail before. And I also like Mark Andrews. We talked about him before. I think he's going to have a big game as well.


So Mark Andrews and Travis Kalsi should have some success here. Love it.


All right. Well, thank you, Warren. Hopefully those hit so everyone can say thank you on Twitter. You're the best. We appreciate it, man. And we'll talk soon. Thanks, guys. Best weekend of the year for football. I can't wait.


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I miss Costco so. Oh yeah. Sam's Club, Costco the best. Do you know what, as a dad, one of the great things that you have to look forward to once you get out of New York is all my life going through my life.


Yeah, just going to Costco on a Saturday morning, just seeing everybody that you know from your neighborhood.


People sample cities and people just stand next to that smoothie station for like two hours, get breakfast.


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All right. Fire first of the week. Let's do it, boys. Let's finish the week strong. Hank, start us off. So this one's pretty serious.


As you guys know, it's winter here in New York. It's cold outside.


Don't say you're depressed or some shit like that.


It's even worse to just exercise what the zipper on my jacket broke.


Oh, that's. Yeah. That's worse.


And it's like it just fell off and I'm like, do I have to bring my whole coat to to get thick. Like do I have to get a new coat.


Yeah. You got to go to work. Do I have to go through the process of bringing you know, my coat.


But obviously no but you're going to have to drop your coat off at the coat guy and then walk out with your coat and then walk in the cold with that and then walk back to pick your coat up.


And I just donated it. We put in there's like a hundred style jackets. Yeah. And the pile, the bar stool fund, those are gone.


You can buy them now. But yeah, there's I think you had like six patriots. I saw cableway. I saw Tick-Tock kind of fixed that like actually like.


Oh all right. I'm sure. All right. Well, fine. I'll just bring it in. Yeah.


You you have to stay Pacific talk actually. Pre algorithm's you. Yeah. It's like Tennet they knew Billy was going to talk about this today.


Spoilers. So they, they sure don't think that's what I mean.


I don't know the spoiler to just give me the most useful information ever. Oh here's my Senate review I haven't seen yet. Here's my review. I don't know what the fuck I just watched. Yep. But I'm a little bit creeped out but I'm not sure if I'm totally creeped out. There you go. That's tennet nutshell.


Yeah, I know everyone's been talking about it and I actually like they haven't been able to spoil because they're like I don't understand it. Yeah.


I thought I was falling. It's really long and like the first few hours. Like how long. I think it's like two and a half hours. I think I'm there. In the last hour I was like, how do I have truly no idea what it's like.


I still talking about what they're what we're talking about. Zipper's how do we get to it? Because you got preconceived into watching a tick tock. Oh yeah.


I just don't get it Billy. I would say yeah. I don't watch ten minutes. You couldn't even follow along that one minute conversation about not understand.


I don't understand how he got right. Yeah. So yeah we got it.


We'll never see him again. Actually it would just Billy would get so Wolkoff can paralyze him. Yeah. I'd love to hear your view. Billy would just get mad, get mad at your television.


You've poisoned me into being confused. Patty, what's your fire. My fire fest is I'm kind of addicted to war zone. Oh fire.


No bad at all. It's it's a fire fest. Have you ever been addicted to something that you're really, really bad at? Reading watching the bears. Watching the bears reading too. I'm addicted to agree to get to know but I can't do it. We mean like I can't read because once you start you know that you'll never read all the book work and you'll never do anything, right.


Yeah. So I'm, I play a lot. I've started to play like almost every night where we've been doing these streams with Billy, with Hank, with Aaron Rakowski, with a lot of people. And I'm so bad I can't follow along what's going on. Occasionally I like stumble my way ass backwards into a kill, but it's it's so painful to really enjoy doing something that makes you not enjoy it as you're doing it.


But all you got to do is win. Once I'm no video game, I'm years away, years away from winning an entire war zone.


You're playing in diamond lobbies with Rip. Rip is really good.


Hank is now doing a big I Billy.


No, but he'd have more fun like a bronze lobby. Well, no, I'm also it's a problem. I'm playing by myself. I'm also doing solos and I still thinking that it's I mean, occasionally I'll I'll like, hide in the sniper tower and just be a coward and pick a couple of people off and get lucky. But I'm so bad at it, but I'm I can't stop playing it.


I mean, this is like my Firefox's from from haunting. Yeah. Oh, it's not a fire for. But I have. You're good and I have no I'm bad but I was, I was like pfft for the first three months. Then once you, once you at least know how to play.


I'm getting nervous. I'm getting nervous but I've. Yeah. I mean call duty like I've become. I just like I used to always like scoff at the people that were like at the office, like watching streams and stuff like I'll just like for working or whatever and it's like I'll just turn on stream like watch a YouTube video, like said better sports get better.


And I don't know all the lingo because people have been using like the slang terms that I don't understand because they've been playing the game for like three years. That's that's actually just a problem that I have in general where I get into trends years after they're already popular.


Yeah, you need to wait. Like I missed the boat on this call of duty. I'm going to try to hop. Tacking on maybe the next one. Yeah, because you got to get there early, right? Otherwise you're fucked. Well, I remember when I was trying to talk to you guys about Game of Thrones, like six months ago. It's kind of what we do. I mean, I just started wearing Ginko jeans within the last couple of years.


So I'm considerably late to most things. But it's just it's tough because I want to get better. But I also suck at it, keep at it. It sucks while I'm doing it. But I want to I don't understand why. Yeah, that's it.


That's video games are frustrating as hell. But when you get that win. All right. My father says, well, the entire Bears organization, but I don't even want to waste my breath on that.


They're just fucking incompetent morons that they literally they literally are keeping everyone hired because they worked well together, not because they're good, but they work well together. That's that was actually what they that's that's cool, though.


Like they have a good time.


Was hanging with collaboration with Ted Phillips said 17 times you only get one life. You might as well do with people that you like hanging out with.


I'll tell you what, I'll say something nice about the Bears organization. George Makowski and Ted Phillips are elite at answering their own questions.


Did we figure out the quarterback position? No, not really. That's it. That's like their whole thing. I mean, do we want to win more? Yeah, I love that quote when they said, you know, we've done a pretty good job at everything except for finding a quarterback and winning game and winning games.


They've they've been over 500 once in the last eight years.


That's crazy because I feel like well, that also might be misleading because I feel like the bears have been exactly five hundred many times. They have been twice. Yeah, but they suck there. It's a bad friend. It's it's a bad, it's an ugly. I'm excited for next year.


Whenever they draft they probably make Jones give me McCorkell.


But my real fire fest is I had the moments after Monday night with seven games left, seven football games left right, seven football games left.


Once you get down to seven, it really kind of hits you. And you're like this because I've just been all week, like I think I even said we're when we're sitting at our desks late on Tuesday at like two o'clock, I was like, pfft, I'm ready for the divisional round.


Like, I was ready right then. That was when it hit me. Like, let's play these games right now.


I'm just thinking about the fact that, yeah, it's it set it said so cherish it, cherish, cherish the memories we've made and the last seven games live in the moment over the weekend because we're going to have to wait all the way until the end of February to get more football.




Pilly decision to cancel Pizzi.


Why should I keep drinking so much water to. But your weapon.


I know you know what police told me earlier. Yes. What did you think of Jose's videos?


Really? Um, Leuser. I'm going to fucking kick his ass.


Yeah. Like seriously look like she straight up.


So when you watch those videos, like I've been sparring with you, I've been sparring with dudes who I'm much are much more dangerous than Jose Canseco and winning.


They're winning as far as well.


I'm putting up a fight.


I mean, I started boxing, not winning. You're going to kick his ass. But I want to fuck him, you know?


Yeah, I've hit I've hit the point in my athlete to weapon transition where it's like if I'm going to the only way to win and to get this guy to stop punching me, to have to punch him harder to make him quit.


Yeah. So he doesn't punch me. Yeah. I think he felt you.


I'm just exactly what's funny is billies 100 percent right. But he like totally believes that he's found this secret to boxing and once he'll attach himself on to that you can actually do it. When you're phone it becomes that simple for you. He's Jose Canseco is going to be lot.


Well if it gets, if it gets into your reptile brain that means no matter what it's going to be functioning.


Guess what Jose. Billy just figured out boxing pads for you, bro. Yeah. Oh, it's going to be so funny to see Jose Canseco in West Virginia just trying to, like, get around. I actually doubt that Jose Canseco will be able to get from the airport to his hotel, then to the venue.


But he doesn't know how to get around there. No, he's probably going to try to drive his his shitty ass Camaro, get salt all over the tires, suck it up like a moron. Probably still owes money on it.


Jeff Jarvis, you lost to Hank in ping pong? No, he was the better player. Oh, but you did lose. So, yeah, I thought, yeah, that's on your face.


First off, what? I'm starting to get some visible gray hairs.


Let me see where Jake. Nah, I don't know what Shakespeare don't have.


Kloth No they're good for totally depends. It totally depends. If it evens out everywhere, go with it.


My problem is I have them just on my temples, so just.


Yeah, it got a nice zoom in there. Thanks.


Got them to. Oh I think that's good for Jake though isn't it. Like being a real big Jay. Yeah. If you want to look for work you'll get better jobs.


I would actually dye my house one not and of course not even better jobs and I realize that such a cell phone. Yeah. Yeah.


Dude you'll actually be with like real. It's not like us, it's our money to bask in the glory. Bush isn't a respected college basketball commentator. Abrego Bosko. Yeah, I think it's good for you.


And I don't want to go back to ping pong, but I need to discuss a little bit because I haven't heard all the details. You took your tie off. That's to me, that's the bigger stain on your legacy, is you kind of disrespect in Stream Stadium by taking the tie off. Did you give it to Hank like gymnasts?


No. I mean, he deserves it, but I formally give it to him. Yeah.


It's just weird that you took. I don't like it, Jake. I you looked you looked naked. You looked nude out there without your tie on. I agreed.


Agreed. All right.


One hundred and eight. A group of frogs are called 18. Would you say lymphoid 11, eight, 11, 43. A group of frogs is called the Army. I saw that on 24. Well, 24 Carlip Kobie.


Yeah, I love you guys.


Also, great coin is inflating at an unsustainable rate right now, so I'm having to control the outflow of it. You know, I should do I should start issuing negative bitcoins to people love guys.


They got that dough talking a lot of what?


Today, today's the day to Charlotte coming to your lovely Charlotte, I'm coming to your lovely day, Mommy, take me up.


I'll be good.


Needless to say, I'm upset, but I need someone to say to me, it's better to be safe to say to me, it's better to be safe to say to me, it's better to be safe to say to me that it's safe to take on me. Take me to.


I'll be gone. Take on me, take me up.


I think the. Uh. Huh uh huh, uh.