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On today's part, my take we're getting on the bus bus head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Eric Musselman, awesome interview with him. It's March. We're feeling it. Boeheim gets a little cranky. We have to we have to, in fairness, repay him as much as he ripped Coach K. We have Baker Mayfield singing an alien. Big Ben is officially, officially back taking a pay cut. Billy is going to find burner. It's going to be a little bit of a Friday Freeform free fun.


Have some fun, good vibes.


Try to be nice to Billy type of show good time.


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OK, let's go.


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Today is Friday, March 5th, and Big Ben is officially, officially back.


We love it, don't we? We have a lot of things to get to. Took a pay cut. Well, OK, this is my favorite. This might be my favorite big bad move ever because he took a pay cut. So Adam Schefter tweet reads, Ben Roethlisberger willingly reduced his pay to fourteen million dollars from 19 million dollars in his final year of his contract and spread the cash payment through twenty, twenty two per source. It lowered the cap hit by over fifteen dollars million.


Also, the team can make the right moves to be as competitive as possible this season in Ultimate Big Ben.


Now, he signed a long term deal a few years ago, right? Signed a big money contract, but he signed a big money contract knowing he's going to get paid like forty million dollars when he was very old and at the end of his career. And now he's a hero. Ball going to take a pay cut on the contract that he signed to get paid a ton of money when he was really old. This is the greatest thing the Big Ben has ever done.


Yeah, what he should have done is he just should have negotiated like a different health plan from everybody else. So his co-pays would be higher and the company would have to pay less. That would be a good way to save some money. If you're the Steelers, Big Ben is his pay cut isn't really that drastic, but it's it's mostly so Big Ben can be like I'm I'm doing this for the benefit of the team. I care about you guys.


I want to win. Winning's more important than getting paid.


At the end of the day, it's the trade versus your sorry. It's the contract or pay cut version of throwing a bunch of interceptions in the first half, then leading your team to a miraculous comeback in the fourth quarter.


Numbers like clutch I well, they would have been in this spot if he wasn't getting paid.


Forty million dollars is like a 38 year old. I got to be honest. I if I were the Steelers, I, I don't know why people are excited about this in Pittsburgh. Is anybody excited? I've seen people say, like, it's good. We're glad that he's coming back. And don't get me wrong, I'm very glad that Big Ben is coming back. That guy is like half of our brains at this point. I don't know what I would do if he wasn't in the NFL, but if I was a Steelers fan, I would not be super thrilled about another year.


Big Ben.


I would be I would be pretty like ambivalent just by the fact that you you have to find the future. The future is probably not going to show up tomorrow. So I'd be OK with it as long as there are. So Wilson goes there, maybe I don't I don't see that happening. I wasn't on the short list. Yeah. I do love Russell Wilson. I think he's on a yacht in like the Caribbean and everything. And every time they post a video I just get tagged in a bunch.


Is this Lake Michigan like a picture of him floating with sharks? It's like, yeah, that actually could be exactly what Lake Michigan looks like in early March. They just look out your window. That's Russell Wilson.


Something just occurred to me earlier today. How pissed would you be if you were Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson is out there like talking about your job?


Well, Dak is going to get paid, right? He's going to get paid. It's going to happen. It is weird because there's so many moving parts right now with the NFL and the salary cap.


And I still for the life of me, the salary cap in the NFL is one of those situations where you could explain to me a million times and then a team can do seven different moves and all of a sudden magically be out of salary cap.


Well, I'm a cap biologist. I've taken that assignment on this offseason to learn as much as I can about the salary cap. Basically doesn't matter.


The best line I ever saw about the salary cap in the NFL. I can't remember who said it. So apologies to whoever came up with it. It's like nailing smoke to a wall.


OK, that's that's heavy. You know, like there's there's just when you're trying to figure out the cap and trying to figure out, you know, oh, wow, we're it's a shooting pool with a rope. Yeah.


It's like teams will go from under, you know, twenty million dollars over the cap to magically.


Oh they have a bunch of cap space. Yeah. The Saints haven't the Saints been in salary cap hell for the last three years.


They just did something with their kicker today. It's like oh whoops, we just found some more, you know, coins underneath the couch. I also feel like the Rams have been in Capelle. Yep. But that's mostly because Sean McVay is like it's weird because he treats the salary cap like it doesn't exist. He also treats the future like future draft picks, like they don't exist. Living for now, living for a living at the moment. We can all take some time to appreciate that.


Yeah, it's the Adrian Grenier picture. Sorry, I haven't been posting much recently. I've been too distracted by the by the present. You're talking about the. The moment, Vinnie Chase, Vinnie Chase. All right, so we have that Big Ben is back officially Baker Mayfield saw an alien and I hate to do this. You know, what am I going to say? I was good. I thought I thought Coward was actually kind of funny.


Well, he was kind of funny, like if you if you I got to say what he said, Colin Coward basically is like, I don't like my quarterbacks pointing out aliens. That was funny. That's a funny joke on himself. That's self deprecation. I'm going to call it like I see it. I got tagged and people were like, can you believe coward if you can't laugh at that, come on.


Well, it was a situation where Coward knew that he had to bring some thunder today, like everybody was expecting Colin Powell to have a take on the aliens seeing Baker Mayfield and he delivered in spades. He was like, I would prefer my quarterback when he saw aliens kept it to himself. Yeah. And didn't talk about it. You, Tom Brady would talk about anything. And I mean, hats off to hats. Forward to Colin Coward. It was funny that you knocked out of the park.


It was a fastball. Yes. I knew it was coming. Everybody expected you to go yard and you hit a dingers. So congratulations.


You got to call it like it would be unfair of us to just hate on that. It was funny. I liked what he did there. He did also. He forgot or maybe he didn't forget, but halfway through he was like, yeah, Aaron Rodgers did also have an alien, you know, thing. And we also had the Terry Bradshaw story. Aliens exist. We all agree. Right. And aliens existed. Long aliens exist. Baker, Mayfield, you probably saw an alien.


I totally believe you. The Terry Bradshaw story where if you missed it, Terry Bradshaw in nineteen eighty three, I want to say it was went in for knee surgery and use a pseudonym so that no one would bother him.


And the pseudonym was Thomas Brady. That is way crazier than Ali.


That's like Simpson's level stuff that Illuminati's. It's really weird. Yeah. So Terry Bradshaw, did he see aliens? No, I don't know. But Terry Bradshaw was so dumb. I if he saw an alien, I'd be like, OK, there was like an exceptionally large raccoon that made its way onto his porch and Terry Bradshaw freaked out. That's my favorite part about this story, is that Terry Bradshaw is so out of it and like drunken and he's you know, he's living a life I love.


I love him. He's funny guy.


He's just he's just having a good time. This happened to his own life, and we found out about it because someone pulled up an old newspaper, not because Terry Bradshaw was like, hey, I once went and got knee surgery and I use Tom Brady.


He forgot about he forgot about that. Yeah. That would be like if Virginia Tech won a national championship in twenty year. The Hokies and and the quarterback's name was Ron Mexico. Yeah. Yeah, right. That's wild shit, man. Right. Yeah.


But we also didn't even know about the Michael Vick thing because that's the craziest part that we didn't even know it. No one knew it. And then all of a sudden it's a tweet and it's a newspaper article. And Terry Bradshaw, if you ask him, he's like, I don't remember that.


No, he doesn't remember. Like, if you ask anything to Terry Bradshaw about he's like the 70s, man. Yeah. 70S were a wild time, but it would be the most Cleveland thing ever. If they're coming off an eleven five season, they've got to play off. When they have the coach of the year, they're favored to finish ahead of the Steelers in the division and their quarterback gets abducted by aliens.


Yes, could have. Could happen. Could happen. I do I do believe Baker.


I absolutely believe the Baker. People who don't believe in aliens are losers. Yeah.


Why would you grade up? Why would you willingly convince yourself that aliens don't exist? It's like betting the under.


Sometimes I will think about space and it will actually hurt my brain like it actually does, cause cramps inside of my brain where I'm like the expansion of the universe. What the fuck?


I had I had a sweet thought when when Baker tweeted that out last night. Just I like thinking about dogs. I'm like, what? Because he said it was like a beam of light that was dropped down from above. I was like, what if that's that Swagga one just trying to play fetch one last time? I'm just coming down.


Yeah, for just dropping the ball for a quick game. We also have Jim Boeheim. We have to mention this, Jake. Jim Boeheim is very cranky. So if you missed it, Jim Boeheim, they beat Clemson, Syracuse, the bubble team, they should get in and oh, no, they were not.


They were off the bubble. And now they've even seen Clemson in 48 hours span and they're still on the outside looking and they need they need to do some work in the ICC tournament.


OK, so a reporter asked about lineups and Jim Boeheim responded with I've been doing this for 45 years. I should have just had these guys in the lineup would have been twenty two and two. And I need a reporter to figure it out who's never played basketball in this five foot two.


So cranky ass Jim Boeheim. The question wasn't about that.


He completed the reporter, Matthew Tiara's. I went to school with him.


He is he five to not that I remember. Now, here's the problem, though. He didn't he didn't debunk it. I went on his Twitter. He didn't debunk it.


That's a real Jay. That's that's he's not going to he's not making himself the story. He's he's with someone who's. No, I like. This is what they do. Yeah. Great.


He's a good ballplayer, too. He beat us in the media cup. Well, everyone knows how great the media come, WJR, which is the. The radio station, isn't that just intramural Syracuse? I mean, they have having Emeril's, but we played in the dome, got media pictures only. Yeah, yeah. But again, like, I assume Syracuse is just a bunch of Balearics, which is the newspaper versus WJR.


The historic student radio station were in the dorm one night every year and he's a good player. He beat us. Who's better? Wait, let me guess. So it's historically what position did he play?


I don't remember. He just he's a scorer somewhere. I don't know. Outside. Yeah, he could shoot.


So it's the radio guys against everybody else. The writers say, OK, definitely the radio guys. I mean, we lost that game. Yeah. Radio I would take the radio guys ten times out of ten.


Jim Boeheim though, he's. You had an off night. Yeah. Over to at the line making throws.


Jake well played in the dome. Tough. Some tough shot. Yeah, exactly. Jim Boeheim though he he's definitely in the group with the Coach K and just the older something about college basketball coach, specifically when they get older.


And he's I looked it up, Jimmy, I'm seventy six. Yeah. He was supposed to retire the same year I graduated. Then he extended and now his son Buddy is still on the team for a couple of years. So I assume he's going to ride that out. And I don't know.


I think he needs to wear like a sign being like, hey, I'm seventy six. So when I pick my nose or I get really cranky, like, listen, if if this was the real world, I'd be retired sitting, you know, in my condo in in Boca Raton to say, right, yeah.


Playing golf and like not driving after after night, which that's not a shooting.


No, no. Not that everyone should they should stop.


He did get a standing go, which was very weird. Thought so it was bizarre, honestly, like he battled back from tremendous adversity, you know. So Boeheim is he's gotten more cranky. I think he hasn't been invited on part of the interruption as much recently that I see it. Most of my Jim Boeheim takes on PTI. And that's really the only time that I've ever seen him happy in his life, is when he's talking to Tony.


Like, well, Evan definitely know media is better than Newhouse. Yeah, because Tony is like six foot three. He's a big tall guy. He went to Binghamton. He just respects mass.


He's like Billy and Boeheim.


I'm pretty sure BM's only friends in life are just Coach K and like Rick Pitino, they all just become friends with each other. Yeah, I'm loving the basketball and does he loves Big Fan.


Yeah, but he's also very cranky.


So this is the difference between Boeheim and Brady are not Boeheim and Belichick. Belichick could get all that across, but he would do it in a subtle way. He wouldn't come out and be like, yeah, I'm not going to listen to your reporter. You're five to like Belichick would figure out a way to say that, like, subliminally, almost. They I'm not he's not as creative. I don't think he's just he's just cranky. Yes, right.


All he has to do is go back and to come off as funny because that's Roy Williams that one got mad at Roy Williams is.


So how much longer does behind coach for is alleged be wrong? He's not a legend as long as he wants. As long as he wants. Yeah, I agree with Big Catoe.


Like if you're getting that old, you should make it apparent how old he was. He should be like using a walker on the sidelines with the tennis balls on the bottom.


It's just crazy to think because you think, Coach, he's out there, OK? You just I think what happens is when a guy coaches for as long as Boeheim is coached, they almost get trapped at a certain age like he's been old for so long. They you just assume he's the same. You know, he's somewhere in the mid 50s, late 50s, early 60s. He's seventy six. So he should get a pass just by being seventy six.


The fact that he's, you know, coaching is is a miracle.


I actually think that coach, when you win a national championship, you just kind of stay that age in my own mind. Yes. 74, 74. So yeah. That's Coach Coach K he. Yeah. He seems like he's younger, but that's just the hair dyes he's got us and anyone else is for past retirement.


Yep. In any other profession. And this is a very stressful profession that they're still in. So yeah. They need to just wear like hey just so you know, maybe you know what, he just needs to have a life alert around his neck, a life alert around his neck at all times. So that when you think about going at Boeheim and telling them, hey, the lineup should be different, he can just point to and be like you.


You want me to fall my way back? Yeah. To locker room because you don't want to see that. Do you think that that he purposely keeps air conditioning out of the carrier dome because he's so old and old people love to thing on the in here?


Yeah, well, people know that the dome.


Yeah, he's sponsored by carrier and there's no way he's always sure he doesn't want to pay that bill. Yeah. Well you raised in a bar. You probably get there in the fall. It does. Yeah. Oh my God. Good night. God. You know what?


There's there's also a different type of hot. It's almost like an indoor humid. Yeah, that's funny. Especially like a gym. If there's a basketball court in the room that I'm in, that raises the temperature of the room at least 15 degrees. Yeah, it feels sweltering in the. So you defending him or no, I mean, I would like to support someone who I went to school with.


So, yeah, there's a rock and a hard place, a legend and a five to point guard. Well, that oh, gee, we respect the biz, Boeheim, Boeheim should not have gone after. Oh, OK. You got to write that column, Jake.


Yeah, you have to, yeah. Even though he's a legend, he needs to know the story on the spot that I don't like having a polarizing opinion like that, you know.


Yeah, but yeah, that's really where are you, where do you land on it. Let's see where Billy Land is. The killer's being a twerp, like shut the fuck up.


But he was not. That's the thing. He was being a pro and being a good journalist. He probably was looking like a twerp. Yeah. I was just like, fuck you. He was a nerd. He could sense this is the this is the John Clayton, Sean Salisbury. He's the Syracuse beat reporter for The Athletic, a very big company. Two years after graduating. That's pretty good. Boeheim should have been like, hey, wipe that fucking nerd off your face before you ask me question.


He was looking at bay.


I'm like trying to, like, be a twerp and try to, like, ask questions and get answers.


Like, probably he was just like, dude, fuck you like a professional mind coach.


Boeheim that he he won the Media Cup. Yes. When he was there. So actually, I actually I'm going to defend him a little bit.


I saw I went looking for his tweets. Matthew Gutierrez. Yeah. Yeah. Someone did respond to one of his tweets with him shooting a three that was very smooth, nothing but net. That was the media cup. So there it is.


Now, that was the game in the game. That was the game like the Hunter Dickinson of Big James. Right. Compliment. You lost the Media Cup and then you lost to Hank in ping pong was like just a matter of years separated from each other. Yeah.


I mean, yeah, I lost one game but won a million others. Are you leaning. Yeah, I'm not sure. We got we actually have to bleep that out because we're not allowed to say it. You mean I'm in Duncan Robinson. Robinson. Yeah. You're Duncan Robinson. Let me say brought up.


You're the only person to lose the championship at three different levels. How's it feel to lose it?


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Take Hydrate better liquid IV promo Kotick. OK, Billy, so if you miss Wednesday's show, her first game on you Wednesday show, first of all, shame on you. Go back and listen to it. PFG eat the cheese again. He replied to Darren Ravell. So we thought the best way for him to overcome this issue was to create a burner count that he can anonymously tweet things, get them off his chest. But the key is it's got to be anonymous because as soon as people figure it out, it ruins the whole idea that you're doing it anonymously and getting off your chest.


So he has created the account. I have confirmed that he's created the account. I know what the account looks like. I don't know the handle.


Jake knows the handle or Jake. Jake saw it. OK, and let me just say that the burner lifestyle is incredible. I highly recommend it to everybody. And I issued an apology, but I want to say it again here. If I've ever gotten mad at you online when you're tweeting at me from your burner, I'm sorry. I didn't understand. I didn't know about the burner lifestyle. Now I get it, I, I get it. Sometimes you just want to tweet things.


You don't even have to believe him necessarily. Right. You just want to get it off your chest. I want to put it out there and it feels great. So I am completely on board with the burner lifestyle right now. I might eventually just stop tweeting from my main account and just become strictly burner for life. So I get it. I understand that. And I did issue a challenge to Billy.


So yeah, explain the challenge. Thousand dollars to meet. So the challenge is if Billy can figure out what my burner count is and I've been replying to major accounts, I've been tweeting, I've been you know, I've been active on my account for the last couple of days. If Billy can figure out what my account is, I'm going to buy him a thousand dollars worth of meat. OK, so that's Billy can break it down. I'm sure he'll find some ridiculous cut of meat that no one's ever heard of that probably doesn't add.


One really tells me I was a meat at one time. A little excessive since he can't eat at all, it goes bad.


Well, I'm going to buy invest in a big freezer. Billy, text me that. Text me a screenshot right now so I can look up tweets and and follow along so I can read out to people.


Let's put it in the group, put in there. OK, and also Billy it's legal me. So I'm not getting I know you probably have done research and you're like, oh actually elephants have the highest amount of absorbable protein of any mammal. No, it has to be meat that you can purchase, like in a store here in the United States, Texas.


It's just me and Hank don't Texas doesn't see it. All right. And if Billy doesn't get it right, I'm buying Jake a thousand dollars with a thousand dollars for suits. And so if Billy gets it right, you're going to delete the account. If he gets it right now, I said we'd bleep it and then he can because I love having the book.


Yeah. I just want to I just want to prove. I know.


OK, no, actually, tell you what, if Billy gets it right, I will delete the account, but I'm going to start a new burner. But just do that in the shadows. Don't even you don't even have to say that. Yeah, right. So we don't have to bleep it out. So you text it to me. Yeah. I'm going to read. So I had nine selections. I've one that I absolutely think it says which you have.


Yes. You have ten. Ten. Yeah. I blew one yesterday. OK, let me play while we read the one I gave yesterday.


That is not right. Is this, are you going to go one to nine. I'm going to go nine to one. You're going to go. No one is which makes no sense.


Well because if I go one and it's not it, then it's like.


And so you can go back to the drawing board. No, because he's out of time. OK, you. Yeah. To be by five fifteen minutes. You do have fifteen minutes but you're out of time. OK, ok.


Um the first one I did was the first one is the worst guest ever. I can already tell it's not. Well it's, it's not, it's, it's not the one that Jake guessed correct. Yeah. No, no. Leroy Soderbergh. No not it. No not one of my guess is not it.


That would have been the worst Bernard. I know but everyone was like this is it. I'm like, no dude.


I could tell that Billy was haunting based off of what people were saying. I guess on the read it because I was DMM people saying, hey, the redhead is talking about this being your account. No, that's why Billy's asking. Everyone is doing it to me. I was like, no, it's not OK.


So here we go. OK, not Leroy. So that's now you have eight left. No, take it up, Billy. No, that was one of my guess. My my first guess was Dan Snyder's Bunner know which is so now. Now my nine start. Yup.


Why did you even say Leroy Soda Burger? Because I can't just say names of accounts because that was in Billy's and Billy's defense.


He did say that was discussed. OK, I know it's not right. You have eight left, OK?


Number nine, just wait, no. Nine guesses left. OK, this is your John you something that should be fun, John Hancock.


No, and it's way wrong. I mean, the first tweet is haha. Yeah, George Washington. I used to be best friends.


Then I met Pekkanen 88 and go to the tweets service February 20.


You go to the reply's he will remember number eight, not pfft commentary.


That is not me ok.


No of course not you. That would be the dumbest. Do I. Honestly I think I also started January twenty twenty.


Right. And keep it going. Keep going.


No, but the thing is I don't trust that he started in the month of March.


OK. All right. So you just have to pick even though he told you this is exactly right man.


An account that was started this march. No. OK. Number six, Steph ruined.


No. You don't that one doesn't exist. Number five, now we're getting to the ones that these don't exist. No, I mean, that person's tweets because it's like Steph Curry ruined the NBA. Yeah. And I just I like that taken.


I might have, you know, confident last night.


No, because I haven't gone to the one. Yeah. This is so you can't keep going. Number five, Caruso. Stan. No. If you get it right.


Why? I'm already saying he's not number three.


The inside source. No to number two, no bias sports guy. No, you're not even close.


No, but this is the number one. And explain why it was invented. I'm looking at the number one right now. It was invented in February, but are so really.


All right. Here's what we're going to do. Billy, give me what you think the account is and your entire explanation. Why wait until you're done before I say yes or I should say so in the video.


This is the one I once I found this one, I was like, I can't I can't even look like, why would you put some of these even on the list?


Because there's no real viable sports guy. I put them on the list because I literally need to find nine guesses. And I looked through a hundreds of accounts. All of them were too obvious.


They're like, oh, fuck you, Daredevil. Oh, look like real knowledgeable sports guy.


Yeah, like some of them. Like I discounted all the ones that like gave a lot of evidence of being pfft, OK.


And I was like these aren't these aren't it. Like I'm fucking with you though.


Maybe, I mean I'm extremely like no way. OK, all right. So Billy Joe, this is your final you've watched watching the video.


You said there's clues in the videos.


We have a man wearing a cowboy hat wearing a NASA T-shirt, reciting an apology speech and word for word almost like JJ, what we'd mentions of KDDI in the speech. And we had you use the word blast in the speech. Yeah, this pointed me to mentions of Houston, Houston Rockets, NASA. Mm hmm. Oh, new falling ill I found Scanlan's created in February, d'Amboise fan Forever Noddies, which was a cowboys' draw, Houston Roquet or JJ Watt created in February.


Are you done? Is it JJ Underscore what congratulations.


Oh, Jake, you're going to have to believe that. I don't think that this I don't think that they're going to do it exists. And I don't think it exists. Right. It doesn't exist.


The one you beat, Billie Dunn. I've been good.


I've been getting into arguments with people all day. My Bernard fucking Owens. It's awesome. I'm fighting with people that are sick.


We can actually see the name it. Can I show Billy and pull it up or. No, no. It stays hidden, stays hidden inside the avi, OK. And you still won't find I don't think you gave me the correct information to find this thing.


I absolutely that there is there's a what does that what does that mean. What information do you expect him to give you, OK?


The things that he said do not line up to any of the accounts that JJ Watt and Kevin Durant.


And then you picked a Cowboys fan account because he's wearing a cowboy hat. Right. But what does JJ want?


Kevin Durant and Houston. Houston Rockets. So the Cowboys didn't use the Cowboys in Houston. He's a cowboy Houston Texans fan and rocket fan. So I bet you pay even them cowboys. I mean, I even.


Did you read the did you read the fucking bio of the account?


It was created in February. But, you know, like when I asked him if it was tomato juice too sketchy, he wouldn't. I asked about that. Well, I can't he like he doesn't give me anything I said.


I even followed Billy from my account all day yesterday. And I didn't call anybody else in this room, just Billy. So I would show up in his timeline. So I would give him a sporting chance at it.


And I was in fact, I actually discounted all everybody who's following me because I was in was mentioned that in making hair I was in rap sheets, mentions I was all over the Internet yesterday. I was getting in a fight with people even all day today. I even scheduled some tweets to go out while you can still see me like I'm a total fucking idiot. I couldn't find it.


I was I don't know.


We're saying you're an idiot because half of your guesses were created in February or 2048.


I doubt that the burner's actually was Creadon when he said he was creating the bird. Was it was the burner created on Show Me. No, no, no, no. This was on March 2nd or 3rd. Big Cats wrong, because it was an account that I had never used before that was created earlier. I was created.


So, yeah, I wasn't for that march. That's bullshit on his part. Yeah, that is no fucking bullshit. You get like fuck you get like six accounts were created. That's fucking bullshit. I know if bilking bullshit if you what if you. Why not know. Because if you watch the video I don't even watch fucking money. How do you what your fucking you're not going to get a guy. I never, I never saw I never once tweeted from this account until until yesterday.




And you had it since. Well I would know a little bit here. You did. You did make it seem like you created it right after we talked about you, I was thinking. Yeah. Which is like that sound. And I think Billy actually even asked, was it.


No, I went out of my way to say that it wasn't that which is what he said. I believe in you enough. And for me, we're about to say a second ago, I don't think it was created in March because when I asked, pfft, he did not give me that answer. So you knew it. But that's how you get six different accounts. And I never tweeted from the account until yesterday. In fact, I changed the handle.


I changed the name. The only thing that was there to throw you off was the fact that it was created a year ago. But the first tweet came yesterday right after I was it, right after I tweeted it, I've created Burke.


Was it Walter Cronkite's ghost? No. OK, no. Keep guessing other side a little bit with Billy, though, because you did make it. You implied that it was made right after we talked about it on Tuesday night. That's that's the only thing I was expecting him, the ones that were in March.


So but he was telling you that that was wrong the entire time he was guessing big cat. Yeah.


I mean, I saw your ability. Your logic was right. And now you're saying it's bullshit. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.


See, I know, but I haven't followed it, but I have to stick. At least I thought it was somewhere in the twenty, twenty one range.


But then you count from to that Y team. Yeah. And you can watch that, you can watch the videos and fourteen in the video. I never say that.


No I started this ago but unfortunately you've now outed yourself as a liar. You said you've never had a burner before. Now you just said you have a burner.


No idea for a specific purpose, but that purpose never came to fruition. I was going to tweet a video from it, but I ended up not writing a video from that account.


But that is a burner, as they say. I never tweeted on it.


If you if it was if it was under oath, you'd have to say it anyway. I'm sorry.


I would like to apologize to the world that this has been tarnished as a very healthy consent issue.


The answers they weren't sending. And then we all know I was. Yeah, except for me, because I'm fucking loving this Berkhout life.


Congratulations, we'll have you select against you, relegated to rock some new suits on the broadcast, maybe some European cuts, stallion get probably new ones, too.


You should get a pinstripe suit.


I was thinking maybe you want to honor Craig Sager for the funky one.


OK, what does that mean for you? Well, I don't know if you're a lucky suit guy. Just give me your idea.


Look, you're you're talking about funky suits and you're like a has like hasn't even been canceled post.


No, I. Hi, Jake.


You're a funky sax guy. You could pull off like. Yeah. Some fun, like a bright colored sock. All right.


I'm actually very happy for Jake. Yeah. And Joe, you aren't. You are. Doesn't matter. Are matters of seen. Yeah. You do. Your neck, your neck was pop and you it's to play host. You can say I was mad you cheated me. I'm happy for you. Feel you choose your logic. Hey, hey, hey. Why are you so worked up about.


I'm not. Oh he's not playing but Billy. So if anything Hank and I thought that is really a march but it's clear that you were following along that it wasn't created.


Yes. Yes.


Well, I looked through I started looking in March. I looked through over a hundred accounts and looked for everything.


That's a lot of work. I was following you from the account. I know. To follow anybody else at this company, you still fall and followed them today. His tweets sucked. I got sick seeing Billy pop up in my time line. Yeah.


Should we talk about your stupid day drinking tweet real quick?


Actually, I thought that was a pretty funny tweet. It was funny, but it was. Oh, it was. It was a joke. Lamar Odom, Clippers. He's on crack. It's hilarious what they catch catches doesn't understand comedy.


What's what's the funny part? The diction.


No, it's just like if you crack epidemic, if you said, like, he got addicted to candy that the guy did to crack his heart stopped.


Explain how that's boner pills from the gas station. He also smoked crack, I believe. So explain that.


Stephen A. Smith is lots of yelling, are we not, let's say stay off the weed.


No. Yeah, he was on crack. You're going into murky territory. I don't I like I don't think even I thought it was hilarious. It's hilarious. That clip. Hilarious. Yeah.


So that's why you should wear it, because you be like he was on crack. That's funny. I know, but like he's a hard actually play. You're not where you're wearing you to Dardis.


You do not wear your nice jersey or formal jersey. Don't wear your jersey, you wear you're like I'm here to have a good time jersey. I mean it's like crack. That's where you without your browns, Johnny Manziel, not your Texas A&M.


Johnny Manziel. No.


The only reason I was upset about the Lamar Odom is he every other jersey that Lamar Odom has worn is significantly better than the Clippers. One Lakers Heat.


You are. I like those are all right here. That's why you don't wear them to the Derby. The Derby. You're going to end up getting it muddy, get something nice.


That's you don't.


When would you wear four more item, Odom? You make when you're going to like a nice like a formal steakhouse, like a formal meeting your girlfriend's parents.


Yeah. Yeah. OK, ok, got it.


Call the sorority the mixer's when you're at a mixer. Yeah. Right, right. And what about the Lakers.


The Lakers one is also you don't where you're going to a game that's that's a market that is you wear the Lakers one to brunch. No switch over to the Clippers. One for the party. Yeah. And then you change into your Plaxico Burress for the night, but you go to the game like you wear your good jersey.


It's the game. Yeah. Yeah. So, OK, David Bakhtiari, the beer chugging champion of the NFL. Green or white? Green because you're probably grass.


Do you think it's inappropriate to make fun of someone like Lamar Odom who actually died and came back like you're making fun of him? First post mostly? No, he's alive. Yeah, he did.


Yeah, but he came back. So Second Life, I don't know. I agree to most your list. I thought there are some sectors.


I mean, I'm very glad. Yeah, it's it's a funny list. It was a good it got a lot of like they're not the best, they're not the best jerseys.


They're the jerseys. You go Ardiente.


Is that so. The Paul Raible jersey you're wearing right now. Right. That's an old one because he's no longer on the outside. I don't know if he kept up with the news. I is that is that a dirty jersey? Because it's old. It's a throwback. Yeah. Yeah, it's a dirty trick. And and then you switched to the Tynan's jersey. The cannons be going to a formal document.


OK, all right. Before we get to Coach Moss.


Pfft, you had something from our friends from back. Weldon. Yes.


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That's Mac WGL, Deon Dotcom. Take Macworld and dotcom slash take and get twenty percent off Macworld and reinventing mindspace basics. And now here's coach Eric Musselman.


Who are we now. Welcome on a very special guests. We've been circling for a while. It's been, you know, usually right around now we get all the way into college basketball on this show. So we thought it was time to get on the bus pass. It is Coach Eric Musselman, head coach, the Arkansas Razorbacks, former coach of Nevada, which I have to shout them out because I fell in love with you there. But, Coach, thank you for joining us.


We appreciate it. Do you feel can you feel the energy that this is March?


Oh, yes, I can. Big cat. Thanks for having me on. No one. But yes, we can we can feel that the calendar is turned to March. And I think that, you know, our guys right now, when they come to practice, it's kind of a different feel. You know, it's almost like, you know, towards the end of your senior year in high school when you kind of get spring fever and everybody's starting to get a little bit, you know, more energized, you know, for the end of school.


That's kind of what we have in March is especially if you're playing well, there's an added excitement for sure.


So your team right now, let's just say hypothetically, they faced off against your team from back in November, like over a typical season. What what do you expect to see in terms of improvement? And like on this team in particular, how badly would these Razorbacks beat those Razorbacks? This current Razorback team playing in March would probably be our November Razorback team by about 15 to 18, is what I would I would roughly guess we're more confident in. Our roster was built really unique with four incoming freshmen, three grad transfers, two guys that sat out last year in their transfer year when they were here and the two returner.


So it's kind of this, you know, mismatch of guys. And so it took us a little bit of time to feel comfortable on both sides of the ball. But right now, we're really sharing the basketball. We had three hundred five passes in our last game against South Carolina. So the ball is moving. The ball had eyes. It was like popcorn from one hand to the other. It didn't get sticky and we didn't have anybody dribbling and killing grass.


So there was a lot of good things with our ball movement and share in the basketball.


So I want to get back to the transfer thing in a minute. But let's talk about the passes in your philosophy, because I love this.


I love talking to coaches and figuring out how they see the game you demand. Your team basically passes over 200 times a game and it's playing fast. And then also, can you explain like what you're what a perfect game looks like offensively and defensively and what you really push like this is what we need to do. Well, and if we do these things well, we'll win.


What I think the number one thing for us offensively is like, don't turn the ball over. You know what? I love studying football coaches. And obviously in football, the turnover battle is such an important factor in wins and losses. And in basketball, we want to try to have nine turnovers in a 40 minute college game. That's number one. And then it's so important on the defensive end to try to control the defensive back boards. And then offensively, as I flip back to that side of the ball free throws attempt, it has been something that's really important because if you have a high volume of Fawzia's that allows your half court defense to get set up, the other team can't run on you.


But live ball turnovers are a killer in college basketball because those usually end up in layups or dunks at the other end.


Yeah, and when it comes to the passes, have you found that having over two hundred, is that kind of the magic number that statistically correlates like to a higher percentage of victory or a more efficient offense?


Yeah, we actually got the philosophy myself and coach Anthony Rudan and Hayes Myers and my son Michael gone to the Warriors training camp and Steve Kerr was really emphasizing passes. And and so we took the number that the Warriors were using at that time in a forty eight minute game and tried to formulate it into a 40 minute game with a little bit longer shot clock. And so that's how we actually came up with the two hundred passes. But we found if we move the ball two hundred plus passes, we're not going to lose many games.


And then the games that we play really poorly offensively are usually our lowest passing games. Hmm.


How so? I'm always curious. You guys play fast and I love watching. I've watched a lot of Arkansas this year because I'm a fan of you and I'm a fan of Anthony, who shot of Anthony, who is is your right hand man on staff.


But how how do you get the guys in like shape where they can play fast all the time? I'm always curious about that. When the teams are able to push tempo on everyone, how much of your practice is like, hey, this is all just conditioning and training and not actually shooting a basketball and dribbling a basketball?


Well, it's interesting because we really believe that it starts in the summer, in our off season. We we always do a mile run. We're our guards have to do it under five thirty here. We have to do it under five forty and our bigs have to do it under five fifteen.


Oh my weight. Connor van over ran under five fifty. Hold on big cat. He's the only one that I gave a pass to so people don't know he's like seven one. I don't think, I don't think Connor could do it under twelve minutes let alone. I respect that sometimes. Sometimes you got to give a guy a pass just because it's, I mean it's, it's, it's stupid to even have him go out there. Right. And try to run the mile or so and then get back to this fast style of play.


Really interesting. When, when I was my father's assistant with the Minnesota Timberwolves in those first couple of years of the T Wolves existence, we played really methodical and slow. And I just said, you know, what, would I become a head coach? I want to be cosmetically pleasing. You know, maybe that lets you keep your job a little bit longer than if you walk the ball up the floor and play at a slower pace.


Yeah. Do you realize how insane that sounds to just a regular person, though? Like five minutes, thirty seconds per mile.


But that if you. Six, two, six, three. I'm always fascinated by the pain. Yeah, I got shivers just thinking about having to run that quickly. But yeah, because every team has a conditioning program, right. Every team has to be in shape. So does it come down to like our standards are just going to be a little bit higher than everybody else's standards, or is there, you know, more of a measured scientific approach that goes into where you're like, here's the type of conditioning we need to work on, whether it's a mile run as opposed to working on, I don't know, like a three mile run, you know, I mean, I think, like, the mile run is really as much as anything.


It's just kind of a mental test for us as well as physically. But then if anyone comes to our practices, there's no standing. You know, we don't we usually go under two hours every practice. Most practice is only an hour and maybe 30 minutes on the floor. But nobody's standing. There's drill work, there's station work. And we believe, you know, even this week, last week at college basketball season, there's going to be conditioning built into our practice.


It might be shooting conditioning, it might be defensive slide conditioning, where you try to work defensively to try to, you know, play the whole shot clock out. So I think you've got to continue to not only work on your skill development throughout an entire college season, but you've also got to work on your conditioning daily as well.


So I know that you're a gym rat yourself.


What can you run the mile in with? My with my. Now he'll kill a torn Achilles. I'm going to sack him. I can run it under nine.


I think you're that's that's homeboy. I've a little birdie told me that you spend every single day, no matter what, two hours in the gym, an hour cardio, an hour weightlifting. Is that true.


That is true. I know nobody's got more endurance than me. I don't know how fast I can run it anymore. But but but certainly from a from a, you know, endurance standpoint, I can hang with anybody.


He runs he runs nine minimalized. He runs six of them. Yeah, right. Right. Sure. Right. Keep going.


I also heard that you listen to part of my take when you're putting together game plans, are you breaking down film?


That's a great strategy, first of all.


Second of all, what insights have we given you into setting up your game plans by just by osmosis, listening to our voices while you're mapping this stuff?


I think I get a lot. I've you know, because Coach Route is always listening as well. Sometimes even I'll listen to you guys laying on this couch right here in my office two hours before game time for relaxation. Could be can you guys spur a motivational idea that we can somehow twist around and use an amusement as well? You know, you got it. You got to go into a game like, you know, with the fresh mentality. So pardon my take without a question is part of our daily routine here at Arkansas.


I could imagine you just listening and getting frustrated at Billy and then having a bad game because you're just two years old in that negative energy. So you do do a bunch of different things. I love when you use wrestling, you know, whether it be Ric Flair, the Undertaker or Daniel Bryan, you're also the recruiting with the pictures. So you started that, what, two years ago? Was that when you started doing so? For people who don't know Coach Moss, when when a recruit comes through the building, he'll take an iconic, like basketball picture with them, whether it be like Dwayne Wade, you know, doing the stance where LeBron dunking behind him or whatever it may be.


Have you done the Jeff Van Gundy? I know I gave you that as a tip. Have you done the Jeff Van Gundy holding on to like I think it was Alonzo Mourning.


Like, I think when you gave me that idea, Big Cat, it was right around the time when we stopped the visits. But as soon as we get through this pandemic, I'm definitely going to grab a recruit's leg as as Coach Jeff Van Gundy did, because, you know, we're about the same size. We're both about five six one forty six. One forty seven. Right. Net weight, class range. So I'm going I'm definitely going to do that picture with some recruits.


And it's interesting because the first time we did it, I kind of flipped the ball to recruit, just got in a defensive stance. And then the recruit said, hey, this reminds me of such and such a scene. And then I said, hey, let me go throw a uniform on and let's recreate it. Yes. And so that's how it started. And then every time a guy came on a visit, he would say, hey, can we recreate this particular scene, whether it was Iverson stepping over Ty Lue or whatever it may be.


Paul, you had was great. I have two for you, so I have two new ones for you. All right. I'm listening. Lance Stephenson blowing into LeBron zero rate one. That one will be very funny if you can recreate that. And then also, I think you should recreate the two thousand three draft photo with, like Kirk Heinrich's pants. So and everyone's baggy suits maybe get a couple of suits and have everyone play dress up. That would be very.


Well, I can get a baggy suit, I can just ask Coach Rouda, he's he was a little bit bigger suit than me, so I could just grab one out of his closet. And I'm sure it's not up to date as far as style goes either. So now I just got to have the recruit find one that works for him.


Yes, I've got I've got three for you. The first one is actually. Yeah, I got three Draymond and Kevin Durant when Draymond is talking Kevin Durant up like give him that motivational speech. Make it a gift. Yeah make it a gift even better.


Yes that one. Now we're innovating now we're. Yes.


The second one is Allen Iverson crossing of Jordan. I think that'll be great. Plus that would give people an excuse to compare you to Michael Jordan or maybe you could be.


I don't know. And then the third is the genie bus cover, where she's just covering up her private parts with basketballs.


Mm. That would be good.


I think that would get a lot of recruits in the door. Yeah. You guys are helping with the idea. The ideas are flowing right now. We got we got we got our whole staff in the background over here taking notes of this conversation.


So I did want to when you touched on the transfers, you're you're very fascinating with your recruiting because you you know, Nevada, it was a lot of transfers, a lot of junior college guys. People said, hey, the big bugaboo is can we recruit you? Come to Arkansas, you get some great freshmen.


What do you like? How does it work when you're looking for transfers or junior college guys? Like, what does that process look like? Because I think we all know, you know, Cal or or Coach K, they're going to get the five star recruits. How do you find these, like, diamonds in the rough? I mean, if you remember the Nevada teams, the Martin twins like that, that was great to watch. So how do you find those guys?


Well, the first thing when a guy goes in the portal is, is, you know, you've got to evaluate the player both statistically as well as on video. But then we've kind of come up with the formula here where if a player is a low major player and he's transferring up what those stats will kind of correlate to. And it's kind of like like we spent some time with the Texas Rangers and their minor league guys, as well as people on the parent team, just to try to figure out, like, how do they project like a single a double a triple A player to the major leagues?


And that's really what you're doing when a guy's transferring up and you're trying to figure out, you know, like how much can his game grow or or basically translate to a power five level. And I think for us, you know, we had a really down to a science at Nevada through the four years. And then when you go from a Mountain West program to an SCC program now, your formula has got to change. And so we're still working to try to come up with we look at the guys rebounds per minute, you know, what is that going to correlate it for guys coming from the Sunbelt to the SCC from a rebounds per minute?


And then the easiest thing you guys from a valuation standpoint is, is a player's three ball percentage as well as their free throw percentage, because there's very little wiggle room in those. When a guy has a body of work, which is really why we got so heavily involved in transfers, is they had a body of work at the collegiate level. And then in our recruiting meetings, we translated that to, hey, that's no different with an NBA team.


You can either have a draft pick and there's high risk, high reward or you can go the free agent route. You know, the guy is going to give you. And that's how we equated transfers to like an NBA free agency.


Yeah, that's like. That's interesting. Yeah. Because that's like almost one of those Moneyball type market inefficiencies where if you can figure out how to be better at that than everybody else, especially when you get when you're not going to get you know, I mean, you have I mean, you have a draft.


You have guys on your team that are going to play in the NBA, but not everyone can be Coach Cal and Coach K and get, you know, a bunch of NBA players every single year.


Yeah. I also heard from Jake Moreish.


He's not in here right now because he's actually I don't know if I should say this to you, but he's interviewing Alabama's head coach, right?


Oh, man.


Do you have anything that you'd like me to pass along to coach coachloads? Not really. Yeah, OK, no, but you're you you know, we just full disclosure, we are Tom Crean guys. That's OK, right? No, hey that's OK.


OK, OK, good. He and I text almost every day. Perfect. We love coaching. Yeah.


And Jake told me before he abandoned you on this show that your mom actually helps you write scouting reports about other teams. Is that true?


Well, my mom actually I should she really critiques me. So she'll send me letters, handwritten letters, actually put them in the mail and kind of do a postgame report or a post game eval on our team as well as me. She will tell me, why did you call this time out? Why did you not call a time out? I don't think that your guys executed baseline out of bounds at the eleven forty two mark in the first half.


But she's been around the game for a long, long, long time. Probably knows as much as a lot of assistant coaches at the collegiate level. To be honest with you, she might know more than half the guys. That's awesome.


Is she able to get, you know, like very serious with her? She able to like, put it like really speak her mind to you? Or does she have to still sugarcoat it because you're her son? Does she have to be nice?


No, my mom's she's tough. Like, she's not sugarcoating anything. She's coming straight at me with really what she believes.


That's I mean, yeah, she she can give you the honest truth. What are you going to do? You stop being her son. You can't do that.


So it's the it's the perfect person to give you that criticism. I got to be really nice, too. I mean, she lives right above Lloyd Beach and Tennis Club in San Diego and she's got extra bedrooms. So I got to make sure that I stay in good graces so that I can go there, hang out with her, head down to La Hoya Shor's, jump in the water, maybe ride some waves, then go back for a nice dinner at her house.


So we're going to keep everything really running smooth with with any vows that she gives me.


Well, next time she's mean, just send her a picture of her grandkids and be like you sure you want to do this? Because that will be that's the weakness, right?


Always. That is the weakness. All right. Well, so my last question is your pregame speeches getting guys fired up? Where do you draw, like, inspiration when you're trying to how do you how do you keep it different? How do you keep it new? And what's maybe your favorite pregame speech you've given?


Well, it's funny because we were just at lunch and we were talking about, like, what are we going to do for Texas A&M this weekend, which we haven't come up with an idea because you really got a plan. For instance, you know, we did a UPS delivery one the other day, a few games ago, where I dressed up, as well as staff members in uniforms. We handed the players boxes. They had to open up the box and then it had a message for each player.


There was a different message. It might have been one guy had to rebound the ball, another guy had to take care of the ball. And so that was fun because the players now so at the 40 minute mark, I go in, I review our last game prep. It takes about seven minutes. And then at the end, that's when I do some type of fun message. But it's got kind of what the theme has been leading up to the game.


But we got a play on you guys like we have. We bring in props, we bring in uniforms and it's fun. You know, I did it with the Warriors my first year in Golden State, and we were on a back to back in Denver. Denver's a long traveled airports far from from from the NBA hotels downtown by the arena. And one of the players after I got done doing the pregame, said Coach. We're not leaving until we get what are your motivation things I didn't have anything prepared.


And the funny thing it was, it was Danny Fortson who I didn't really play many minutes, and he was the last guy that I thought would have won at any pregame message. So we have fun with it. It's to me, it's a way to kind of loosen up the guys before they go out for their last warm up.


So I have a tip for you for Texas A&M. We also are friends with Buzz Williams. You should play the clip. We made a video with him a couple of years ago, The Buzz Williams Basketball Academy of Hard Work and Toughness. And he coached us up and we looked terrible. So you should basically be like, this is what you do when you guys play poorly and play the video and be like, you don't want to look like this out there because it's really bad.


That's a good idea. If we don't use it pre game, we will definitely use it leading up to the game, meaning the day before that. That's a good one. I think we can weave that in for sure. I'll text.


It's a.. It's it's a yeah. We were we looked really, really bad. Pretty bad, I think. Really bad. Yeah. He was in a full season. I was in a suit with specs.


I think the best person that we were with was a pregnant lady. So yeah, it was it was not a great look for us.


But if you ever run out of ideas and you need something at the last minute, just pull Kocho, just go out, get a worm from the ground.


Yeah. And just eat a worm and be like, we're ready, boys. And then no one questions the guy that just ate a worm. It's like that guy's crazy. Let's go to war. It's a good point.


I love PFG I'm going to keep that worm one of the back of my mind in case we ever forget one.


Yes. Yes. Well, Coach, best of luck will ride the bus. Best of luck in the tournament. Coming up in March Madness, we'll be rooting for you and we appreciate your time.


No, I appreciate it. Kathy, F.T. Thanks for having me on, love. Pardon my tape. Thanks for including me. Thanks, Coach. Thanks, Coach.


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All right, fire. First of the week. Wrapping up Hank Henry just, you know, getting getting torched by some of our own.


There's an app called Henjak.


Former intern used to run our Instagram. Yeah.


There's like there's a Snapchat app where you if you have a beer that removes your beard. He was going around people in the office taking pictures of the guys with beards. He tweeted out and then Cam, who runs our Instagram now, decided to post that on our Instagram. I just you know, it was last night I got to open Instagram. Just a disgusting as bad as I look without a beard in general.


This picture made me look ten times worse because it was like Photoshop version of it.


He had a baby face and it's just a close up of a giant face giant. I mean, it was like I look like a flat face flat. Henry. Yeah.


So I just open Instagram, which is getting absolutely torched. It was you know, it's never what you want to see. Yeah, you're always was my fire, your face.


And it's not what people thought. It was really a picture of me without a beard that was like Photoshopped and like my eyes look crazy. My mom texted me and she's like, what is this? I was like, it's a it's a Snapchat. Failed to know what's up with your eyes. I was like, I don't I have no idea.


Your face looked like your ass in that picture. Yeah. It was very, very funny. And it doesn't it doesn't suck when somebody manipulates, whether it be like visual footage or audio footage about you. And then they put it on social media and everybody thinks that's real.


That's tough, isn't it? Yeah, but it wasn't like that. Someone put up this picture and was like, does this sound like a fart or not? It was just like, here's a disgusting picture. Tony Sheffler actually texted me. He was like, oh, my God, why did he do this?


Like it was Snapchat filter.


Yeah, it was very I mean, my mom my mom texted me. It was like, what's going on?


I was like, oh, right. Bad without a beard. But you don't look that bad. Right? Right. That's that's. Yeah. Well, you do look bad. Oh yeah. Pretty bad. It's like really bad.


You look you used as. Bad, but in a different way, at least with this picture, I can be like it's a it's a Snapchat filter. However, if it was an actual picture without a beard, it would probably be just as bad.


You know, when you don't have a beard regularly, you're disgusting and horrible. Look at when I saw that picture. I was like, kill it right now. Right.


That's the difference. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry that you went through that. Thank you. I appreciate it. Hopefully by far of the week is that space jam leaks. Some of them are still shots and some of the animations for the upcoming LeBron James movie.


And Lola Bunny is no longer thick, but they say they change her from I think the tweet from TMZ was like the major from like central to strong man.


And listen, you can get your hottest cartoon characters list going of all time out there. I'm sure that that's a good thing to embrace debate about. We should do that during Mount Rushmore season, actually.


But Lola, Bonnie, she was one a she was top of the charts as far as like she was thicker than a bowl oatmeal. She Masnick she had some thighs on her. Now they just made her they made a stringbean. And I don't think I'm going to go see the new space. I, I can't wait for this mission. Yeah, I know.


If I can't get aroused to a cartoon character in a movie about basketball, then I don't think it's worth my money buying a ticket. But it also adds to the LeBron versus MJ debate. Yeah, they totally took away. Yeah. Everything that made her great.


If they nerf just Carabine mouth. Yeah. Just grab it. Unnerve this crowd.


Unnerve. Absolutely. All right. My favorite test is pretty simple. Be nice to be weak. I've tried really hard and I think I've done a really good job.


I've been very nice Sibylle unfortunately. Now that be nice. The ability week is ending. I just want to say I'm very disappointed because Chris Sims came out with his quarterback rankings.


Oh you actually did it so you did it afterwards. Chris Sims came out his quarterback rankings, lit the Internet on fire.


And I was like, you know, it'd be great if we had quarterback rankings that we could be like, hey, these are our quarterback rankings.


Billy just didn't do the thing we asked them to do. So now you did it after the fact. It was just one grade point average, so here we go. First up, we have Justin wait, is this a let me see this.


Let me see. Is this going to be a blog, Billy? Oh, yeah. Yeah. You should you should blog this. Yeah, I did. Because because we want those clicks. Yeah, we do want these because most people probably don't want to click on quarterback lists anymore because Chris Sims gave them all the good stuff. Yeah.


So you've just Enfield's Mack Jones, Trevor Lawrence three. See this is what we needed and you also are not done yet.


Zach Wilson. This is what Billy was so proud of. You know, he was can look. Yeah, I did this and I'm looking at it stops.


But what needs to be said about the South Dakota State kid Trillanes five, everything he had, he had zero interceptions. He won the national championship. And how does he project to be more of a Carson Wentz or does he look to be more of a talented backup tanuki?


Yes, I got his name job.


Good job, Bill. You did it so well. Be nice to Billy. We continue. That's what I wanted. I wanted when when Chris Simms puts out his quarterback rankings. And they were great. They were great. You know what? Chris Simms has been mostly right. He does his homework. So I'm not going to whatever I'm not going to hate on me. I don't think he's doing it for click bait. He's not doing it for a fact.


He's actually watching it.


So when he puts out his quarterback rankings and Trevor Lawrence is too, I want to be like, whoa, way too high, dude. We got him at three.


Yeah, we have that three that should have been arkless.


We we you robbed us of that. Make no mistake about Trevor Lawrence is that he is basically Tate Martelle. But since he's taller. Lynch No, but since he's taller because Tate Martelle like underfeeding high school like greatest quarterback ever.


The only difference is Trevor Lawrence is six six, not five eleven.


And he's been able to keep them. That's a big difference. Right. But he's like actually a giant.


But the thing is, like quarterbacks who get like like groomed, like Trevor Lawrence, in practice, they get as many reps as they want to get it right.


You got guys like Mack Jones, third string guy. Yeah. You know, guys who've been third string, you know, Joe Burrow who spin the backup role where they're like, I need to get it right on the first Repp zero room for error. Those are the guys who end up like Tom Brady because Tom Brady was one of those guys.


OK, just really one guy, Trevor Lawrence, he's going to, you know, like Peyton Manning.


He was pretty good. Right.


But Peyton Manning was one of those guys who got all the reps.


That's probably exactly Favre. Exactly. But then you put him on the Colts. Yeah. How'd he do?


He went into a great scenario there. Trevor Lawrence is going to throw. No, he was terrible. His rookie year. He but then he go know he had some great numbers.


He threw a lot of interceptions, but he was pretty good. He's pretty good. Team was bad. The team was bad, but he went into a better. No, he went. And you better. I think you think he would. I actually don't remember Peyton Manning's rookie season. I wasn't very clear.


I think it's very clear you don't either like 244 and twelve. Well, what is a great.


I have no idea. I was in three and thirteen three. Thirteen interceptions. Twenty six touchdowns.


OK, so that's I also watch. This is a tough connect. I was very quick that we just threw something out.


There's like oh now what do I see anyway. That the NFL is different back then. Yes, the NFL is different. Back then they didn't they didn't believe on quarterbacks as hard as they do. Yeah. So what I'm really upset about is the fact that Chris Simms put Trevor Lawrence number two. Right. And him putting Trevor Lawrence. No, No. Two, I that is a take that is going to get people to watch your stuff, click on your stuff.


And Billy, if you had had him three, yeah, it's like the world would have been on fire. You would have owned it. And Chris Sims, when he came out with his legs, putting him at number two, then people would have been like, oh, well, you remember this other guy that had him at number three and then, boom, that's more clicks for us. And we got robbed of that. And so I'd like to see blog.


I'd like to see a highlight tape.


Yeah. Baldie, break down some tuman. Get your shootout like. Yeah, yeah, we got some tape, some gifs.


So do we know what. Good job. Well, Pepper Price Stability Week was a great success.


Give me the passing code. The vision cone like for Madden I think I think Mac Jones actually has the biggest problems out of all of them because he's not going to go to like one of the top like top draft pick teams, like shitty teams.


He's going to go to a team that has a pretty good established team but needs a quarterback, treats well.


You have him ranked number two.


OK, so then no, he would probably go to the Patriots then, but I don't actually know what the ranking means. I'm sort I like doing in like projection like, no, you're in five years we can look back and be like, oh well Billy had.


Yeah. What it was I actually ranking them for you got to where you were.


That's one thing that you have to. I was just like I was reading them like who I think like would do the best job.


Correct. Correct, correct. Like I was a draft. Wait what was he doing there. Draft. What were the other options be? It was a mock draft, no, no, you're if you are if you're a GM of every team, how does how does no one predict.


You I'm predicting like it will be 10 years from now how we track them. Correct.


OK, yes. Yes, I see.


Just like you had swag, Kelly is your number one quarterback four years ago. No, no. I have a talent, I tell you. Why did you guys tweet that thing out today? He was a beast. It's why, Kelly, that game against Arkansas, the last of the true gunslinger's.


The last literally.


Yeah. He had to if you keep it in your in the trunk of your car, just give me a few hundred yards rushing in 200 yards past.


That was almost against a loss in a loss. That's numbers in a loss and a close loss. That's a guy who wants to win as almost against Arkansas.


A great game, probably the best college football game of the last five.


Trevor Lawrence has only started two games, which he's lost, and that's once one against LSU and the last one in Alabama.


So it just occurred to me, I don't wanna make the same mistake. Twice we lost out on some clicks. You're going to try to get those back for us. Hopefully you'll I'm sure you'll execute on that tremendously. But I don't want to miss out on the other thing that gets you a lot of clicks this time of year, which is Brackett's. And there haven't been that many brackets come out.


So what we should do should do a sixty four team bracket of all the quarterback in the draft.


You could you could do it. We looked over to me like, Jake, you do it. Yeah, he did. Well, come on. You know, you could do it bracket wise or we could we could steal Billy's clickstream and we could put out our own bracket of like Billy's worst thirty two fuckups since he's been a part of my take, like leaving Rabbit defrosting in the main lobby of the of the entire company, tweeting out my dick and my cell phone.


No getting.


What are you do. Getting used to really getting big cats doing the title. What had been your dog's nice week.


I'm not I will not partake in this. It's come out next week.


No, but I'm I'm I'm extending to be nice this week. I'm extending be nice. I'm going to keep trying to be nice.


I think I think Bill you should, we should do a bracket of Billy's biggest one.


No, I'm going to be nice to be able to keep being nice. Billy. Billy, do you have a fire first?




Last episode, I kind of clumsily was talking about unpaid internships when I was trying to say, there's many.


There's many. There's many. I just realized, like I was thinking about a lot because I was like I realized I was trying to say is that there's you can't get we can't get rid of unpaid internships, but there are.


Oh, yeah, but I can't. But there are resources we should. I posted I posted on Twitter.


There's plenty of search engines to find funding and scholarships for. It's for unpaid internships that you can qualify for, especially under-represent.


So then you get paid. Right. But from government puts it on paid and paid funds.


Do you get paid? You don't get paid from the employer, but you can get grants so you can take the change.


And it seems like a lot of work. It's a search engine. If you qualify for them, you're just assuming everyone has a computer.


Wow. Yeah, probably big cat. Yikes. One person tweeted, I was like, I'm disappointing. Your guys take on unpaid internships because it's never going to be where they're all going to be unpaid. There's always people that are willing to do the job for free, not say it like it does suck, that you can't, that some people get excluded. But this is the way that it is. And we're like, yeah, that's what we're saying.


Does it does suck that some people get excluded. Correct. So our take is or try to fix it. Pay them. Right.


Anyway, pay the boy and girl. I posted several links on Twitter so all the people who don't have a computer will never see it.


All right, Jake, you're. I'm taking a page out of Hank's playbook here, I booked a vacation.


Oh, OK. It's good stuff. And the Memorial Day, assuming everything goes well, the vaccinations will be safe. Can I stay right there? I think. I guess where you're going. Sure. Cooperstown.


No, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Evanston, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, yes, Miami, that's the hometown where someone from Florida go on vacation, Aspen can't anywhere but home.


Yeah, OK, continue where Aruba was with my home friends. The fire fest is the majority of us booked a flight.


Two people didn't. And then we looked the next day, the flights go from 250 roundtrip to 800. So now they might not go, which could screw us because we would have to pay more.


Yeah. So hopefully everything works out fine.


But I'm excited. What are you going to do in Aruba? Hang out.


Oh, blow Jamaica. Oh yeah. Blow all night, huh. Yeah.


You mean wacky shoes, bro. Yeah. Big time of course. Totally know what that means right now. So we'll see.


Twenty two eight nine nine eight thirty two. Cephalopods can pass cognitive tests for young children. Thirty eight squids and octopuses bring back 69 Villy, otherwise it might be nice to you.


I love you guys. Can I keep it? No, I'll be nice to you.


August 30th. October 20th. Whoa. Love you guys. By golly, take me out.


I'll be. Talking to a lot of. Anyway, today's the day you shop for your love shop. I'll be coming for your love, OK, got me any other.


See? So. She added to the sense of. To me, it's to be something they got me take me up. Oh, here we go. covid say. Me, take me, I'll be gone. Be.