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On today's part of my take, we have a great interview with Celtics Derek White and Peyton Pritchard. They came to the studio. Thank you to them. Awesome time with them. We also are going to talk some college basketball. We have some MLB signings and some update on the uniforms. Apparently you can see everyone's dong every year per Darren revell. Maybe we should call him.


He'll be a senior dick correspondent.


Yeah, maybe we'll call our esports correspondent Darren Ravel. I don't know. We're going to have a great show. And then we have a Monday reading. Monday readings are back. We have two Monday readings for the people. And it's all brought to you by our friends at draftkings. Get in on the action with draftkings sportsbook, an official sports betting partner of the NBA. New customers who deposit $5 or more can get a no sweat bet up to $1,000 back in a bonus bet. What's a no sweat bet? It's just like getting an offensive board miss your first shot, you get another opportunity to score with a bonus bet back. We have also, everyone can follow our picks in the draftking sports book. Let's see. No sweat bet. I'm going to look real quick. I'm going to take a quick gander at Monday's college basketball. Let's take a no sweat bet. Okay. Anything jump out? Pft.


You see anything?


You jump? You see anything you like? Maybe Unc. Ooh. Okay. Baylor plus two. Maybe a bounce back if that one guy who doesn't just throw balls in the air in overtime. Baylor plus two. Tomorrow we got some NBA action. You can also follow what all of your favorite barstool personalities are betting on by joining the barstool Betting group in the social section of the Draftking sportsbook app. Download the Draftking sportsbook app now and use code take. New customers can get a no sweat bet up to $1,000 if your first bet loses only on draftking sportsbook with code take. The crown is yours. Go download the Draftking sportsbook right now. No sweat bet up to $1,000 back in a bonus bet if you deposit $5 or more. So go check it out right now.


I like Baylor TCU over. Okay, there we go, 49 and a half.


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Now in the street there is violence and a lot of work to be done no place to hang out on washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh no we gonna rock down to electric I renew and then we'll take it higher oh we gonna rock down to electric it's part.


Of my take presented by Marshall Sports.


Welcome to part of my take presented by Draftking Sports book. Today is Monday, February 26 and boys, it's happened again. We got a courtstorming problem.


We've got some discourse when it comes to storming the court. I think that nature kind of has a way of healing itself. Sometimes when fans storm the court and the fans get injured, I think that's good. There should be a rule that if you're a player and a fan comes at you, you can just go hog wild on them.


The free fight rule that I've had for very long time, let the players have a free fight. But yeah, we had a great Saturday of college hoops. We can get to some of the other games, Yukon and Villanova. But the big story that captivated the country for, I don't know, three or 4 hours was Duke getting their or wake forest storming the court on Duke, Kyle Philipowski getting maybe injured. Have we had an MRI with him yet? I don't think he's that injured.


I haven't seen it yet. So I guess he sprained his ankle. He may or may not have sprained his ankle. Tripping the guy that was shoving someone, he stuck his foot out. The guy went flying, which is awesome. But, yeah. Then after the game, he just said, like, yeah, it felt personal. It felt like they were attacking me. And then the overhead camera. I don't know. Have we always had these overhead cameras? We saw that with Caitlin Clark.


Right? Yeah.


And now we see it here. I think it's just installed strictly to review courtstorm.


It's installed so that when a player says, oh, my life was threatened, we can zoom in and be like, no, actually, you were the one shoving. Listen, that was a bang bang play. I don't know if I'm going to go all the way say that Kyle Phillipowski was, like, actively trying to push someone. It was a bang bang play. I love courtstorming. I'll always love courtstorming. It's part of college basketball. It's unique to the sport and students getting excited, college kids being idiots. I'm in for all of that because I once was a very dumb college student. And I don't forget that, even though those years are very long ago.


But it was court, like a year ago.


Yeah, we did. And that was fun.


Well, that was when Wisconsin.




That's when Wisconsin won the big ten.




Outright share of it. Yeah. Darren Ravel tried to try to, because he said that it was assault and that it should be, like, criminally prosecuted. And all these ways, everyone came up with ways to stop courtstorming. So as a big j journalist myself, what I did was I went back and I found all the times Darren Ravell cheered about a courtstorming, and I just retweeted them into the timeline, and then he was like, didn't you do a show courtstormer or storm chasers? And I'm like, yeah. And it rocked. It was awesome.


It's fun. But again, when you do it, you have to be ready to deal with the consequences.




If you go on the court, it's like the harambe rules. You run into the gorilla nest, somebody's going to get shot.


The big story for me, outside of the fact that it was just reminding me that a ton of reporters for a given sport don't like the fans and actually look down on them, which always just baffles me, was I was just missing coach k so much in this moment. This was a moment built for coach K. He would have probably gone into the Wake forest locker room. He probably would have actually scheduled maybe a lecture on Monday at Wake Forest to teach a class at center court. Yeah. He would have gotten everyone off the court. He would have scolded them. He would have asked for the microphone. And then he would have given us a press conference where he was screaming and yelling and being upset. Not screaming and yelling being his.


You know how coach K, he gets smarmy.


He screams without yelling.


He gets real disappointed. Coach K thinks everybody in the world is his son, right. And so he gets to talk to them like that.


And he would make sure to avoid all questions about the actual game and losing to Wake Forest. And I missed him. I missed him in this moment. John Shire tried his best to give us a coach k impression, being like, you have to ban this forever. Meanwhile, I think Duke is the one student section where the students basically touch the players when they're inbounding a will stay. I wish Philipowski didn't get hurt. I hope no players get hurt. I do think you probably need to wake Forest maybe. Probably should have. Like, I think there was time on the clock when the players were on the clock. That was excessive. But other than like, it was a false start. Figure out a way get. I think Creighton did it perfectly where they basically just walled off the entire Yukon bench when they stormed the court. Don't get rid of courtstorming. Don't do that. That's the one thing that everyone who's trying to tell you that there should not be courtstorming. They're fucking losers. And they probably went to like Syracuse or Northwestern. That's a shot at you, Jake. And don't remember what it's like to have fun in college.


I actually think that what coach K would do would be their next home game, Duke's next home game. He would lecture his fans. Yes, as an example. Be like, we're better than that. We don't need to do what the wake forest of the world do. We expect to win here at Duke. And you're endangering yourselves and your opponents and more than anything you're selling the reputation of your school if you do this. So he would give a big lecture to Duke that is just 100% a slap in the face to Wake Forest.


And how many court stories are there in a year? Like hundred? I don't know.


There's a lot.


We're trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.


Yeah, Wake Forest was, they were fast.


The fans were fast. They were on it.


They were all over it. You got to wait till the clock expires. And then I agree that the way that they walled off Yukon is the right way to do it. So all the players can file calmly off the court. But in a situation like this, if Philipowski intentionally tripped the person that was sprinting full speed, by the way, that takes balls to just like, sprint full speed across the court. Yes, I'm okay with that.


I am too. Because guess what? This is what happens when Caitlin Clark is similar situation when you take a terrible loss and then you have fans in your face. That's an emotional moment for the Players, too. So I'm not going to go be like, oh, Philip, how could he possibly do that again? Bang, bang play. I think he's probably fine. I think it might have been a phantom roll of ankle. Like, oh, shit, we lost. And I just shoved the guy possibly out my ankle hurts out my arm. Rodney dangerfield.




It's like if Grayson Allen was complaining about like a bruised chin bone all the time, be like, well, it's because you stuck your foot out and did.


Think it's a very smart play by him. I think you can change. No one's talking about the loss.


Yeah, it's talking about is it's a heady play. It's a very Duke play. And guess what? No matter what we say, what we do, kids are going to still rush on the court after a big win at home, especially on a Saturday.


Correct. It's just going to to and it's going to rock. And those are memories that those kids will have for the rest of their lives to be like, remember that time we dummied Kyle Phelpowski? Yeah, that was sick.


I just want on the record, I'm pro.


Ah, you came across, there was a moment in time where you and Darren Revell were lockstep in your thoughts. It was like you, Darren Ravel, Seth Davis and Jeff Goodman all being like, this is disgusting.


I don't think Jake is pro courtstorming. I think he's like, yes, it happened, but were there insider agitators that were telling the kids to storm the court?


I am set up safety. I didn't want anyone getting hurt. Students or players.


You were quick to jump on the, oh, my God, this is so bad. He got hurt. The students ran at, yeah, I until we overheaded. You gotta wait.


Of course.


That's on me storming the court with you guys. In Madison was one of the most fun experience.


You are a hypocrite, too. Yeah.


I never said I'm anti. I am. Pro students should have fun, but this is Wake Forest administration's fault for not having a security plan. Like you said, creighton had a perfect plan. If wake forest has this plan, you have to come with the plan.


Duke's coming. Really?


The issue is Wake forest not being good enough at basketball to believe that.


They were favorite, too.


People weren't talking about that.


Oh, here we go. Here comes Hank. I didn't know if you were a Duke fan or a Nova fan. We'll get to that. Philly Hank is like sprouting a rose petal from concrete. I don't blame the security either because they're probably getting paid like $7 an hour.


So pay them more.


Yeah, I don't know. I'm not going to blame some dude in a yellow coat who's getting paid minimum wage and has a bunch of kids running at him.


The university should have had a better plan.


Sure you were for a moment there very much. It was a group of big J journalists who fucking suck eggs. And you were in that group. That was a fact. You don't release a notes app if.


You weren't in that group prematurely made a mistake.


I own it.


I don't double down. I know when I'm wrong, Jake.


It's always 20 minutes.


It's always better to be right than to be first. Yeah, you're absolutely right. And I was first.


Yeah, I was right and first by saying the courtstorming rocks no matter what.


You know what? I might be anti safety.


Yeah, I kind of am too, Jake. I kind of am too.


Being a man is all about. You got to take chances sometimes if you're a fan. How many times are you going to get that opportunity, if you're a wake forest fan, to beat Duke on your home court and then just go balls to the wall sprinting full speed right, like in the thick of the game.


Like, I'm doing the bare minimum right now of being like, well, you really should wait till the times fuck that run at any time.


Yeah, anti safety.


As soon as the game feels like it's over, fucking storm the court.


And you know what? I bet you if you asked that guy on wake Forest if he ended up getting injured, if he's got like a torn Mcl or something, he would be like, yeah, it was worth it.


It was worth it.


I'd do it again.


The one wake forest guy who patted Philipowski on the back. And Seth Davis was like, did you see him try to shove him?


My second guy I would have had.


More of, but that guy didn't even, like, he touched him. I guess you can't touch him. Yeah, you should be able to touch him. Fuck it. Maybe have chaos.


Well, that's the thing. If you want to touch the players, they're going to touch you, too.


Yeah, I'm cool with that. And next thing you know, I'm very much cool.


People are either beating each other up, Garrett blunt, or beating each other off.




So either way, it's going to be fun.


Either way. Yeah, I just don't want court storming to ever stop. And every time one of these situation pops up, it's like all these big j's just show up in like, this has to stop. These guys who are sitting in a press box, who don't remember what it was like to have fun. So do it safely, fine, but keep doing it. Do it more.


Agree it's fun.


Do it harder.


Listen, I like seeing storming a court like this way more than I like seeing that guy and his girlfriend or wife or whatever, calling Kevin Durant a bitch. And then Kevin Durant walking over to, that was the funniest clip.


Bad for podcasters.


They called him a bitch. And then he walked over to the woman, and the woman was like, here, shake my hand. And then they're like, well, her brother died and I have a.


It was. The only thing missing was if the woman was maybe skinnier and the man was fatter, it would have been an episode of pardon my tank. Yeah, he spent like six years calling him a bitch, then being like, hey, dude, can you come on?


Yeah, please come on.


Our podcast, that was us.


We want to have him on the podcast to ask him if he is a baby back bitch.


Yeah, no, I think I've since changed my tune. He's not a baby back bitch. I just wonder, some people are asking that.


Yes, some people have talked about, and the people that we're talking about are. That's us six years ago, right? We're talking about it, correct. We've evolved. We've changed our stance. More facts came out, Jake. So we've updated our minds.


I hate that I keep bringing up Ravel, but when I retweeted all his old tweets and people were like, dude, was this you? He's like, yeah, 2021. Times have changed.


He's experienced personal growth since new year.


Knew him.


Yeah, that works.


It makes you're like 1645 to 40.


When they're trying to cancel you for.


Like, high school tweets.




Yeah, they're trying to cancel you for high school tweets.


Yeah, rebel had a. That was in his pre woke moment.


Way different.


What rocks is that you can always blame anything that happened in 2020 or 2021. Like, I had Covid at that time.


Covid time.


Oh, should we start this show?


Yeah, I'm down just buying a car in Carvana first.


Oh, for real?


Yeah, it's super convenient. I already got pre qualified in two minutes. All I had to do is answer a few questions.


Ooh, that's helpful.


And now just customizing my down and monthly payments.


Oh, that's a very fair deal.


Yep. Boom.


Just bought a car, and you get to take me to the Carvana vending machine in a couple days to pick it up.


Ooh, I'm kind of busy. Visit to finance your next car.


Financing subject to credit was a great, it was a great weekend of college hoops. Feels like we're getting ready for March.


Big story in college hoops this weekend. Rick Patino brought the white suit.


I know.


And he looked good, and they won. And apparently he had to hit up a tailor and bribe a tailor to make this suit for him.


Shout out, was he. John Fanta got the whole, I mean, this is why John Fanta exists.


It is.


And this is great reporting on his part. And Patino in the white suit looks fantastic.


Big win.


I wish I had known that Patino was wearing the white suit. You have to bet on the white suit. It camouflages all the stains for Rick. And so he's out there looking his best.


Oh, our stalker did hit me up. He's like, wait, what do you say? Let me read it. He was like, this is what winners mean.


Yes. I respect Rick when he's, when he's wearing the white suit.


This guy doesn't understand that we like Rick Patino.


You have to like Rick Patino. He's good for college basketball.


Yeah, hold on. He texted me almost immediately after the game. It felt like it might have been just Rick from. Oh, yeah. You see what winners do? Go out and back it up against your friend McDermott. We had Greg McDermott on once.


One time. Yeah.


That's what happens when you poke the bear. No coincidence there. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago for the game on the fifth. So if I'm reading this correctly, credit to us. Yeah, credit to us for getting the best out of Rick Patino.




You're welcome.


You're welcome.


Guy who keeps stalking me.


The Rick whisperers.


Yeah. So we had another big game, Nova Yukon.


What happened?


So I didn't catch that one. I was at a bar that didn't have tvs when that game was going on, and I haven't checked the scores.


Well, good news.




It was dubbed the no lose. So no one lost.




Yeah, but somebody had to lose. Yeah. So the way I saw it shaking out as the game we were talking about, we were previewing it last week, and Danny Hurley tweeted out a Game of Thrones meme with him. He was pissed off because they just lost to McDermott. So you felt like something big was coming from Yukon, but I feel like this was a really no lose situation for Villanova, who'll be playing like they had every opportunity, no expectations.




Run Villanova. So at the very least, I expected them to keep it close within probably ten points or so.


No, unfortunately, they got absolutely boat raced, and Max was very upset. I think he might still be upset.


Was it a beat down?


It was a beat down of. Yeah, it was a beat down. Well, Kristen Newton had a triple double. They were actively, like, they were kind of toying with Villanova at the end. They kept him in till the end, and every time he'd passed the ball, he was one assist away. Every time he'd passed the, like, the crowd would go crazy. And then finally he got it. I was behind because I caught some guy picking his nose very aggressively, so I had to rewind my tv, normal stuff on a Saturday night. So I was like, maybe a minute behind. So I'm watching the end of the game with two minutes left, and I was like, he's not going to get this because they're going to pull everyone. And I texted the group text being like, well, at least no one got a triple double, Max. And then right away it happened because I was behind and I was like, whoops. And then Max just went nuclear just deciding to. And then Hank jumped in. Hank's a Villanova fan now.


If you had been on the game, you would never say that.


I would never known to say that. And Hank was texting, being like, I fucking pray that Villanova plays the Badgers in the tournament. Why is this a rivalry now? The Badgers are not good, by the way. They're going to be in the tournament. They're not good. The minute I said I was becoming emotionally vulnerable, they stunk from that moment on. So they actually made it very easy for me. So my expectations are low, but Villanova, I don't know if they'll be in the tournament.


First four out.


Actually, there are three quad one games still left on the schedule. First four out. So right now, if the tournament started, they would not be in. But they got the quad according to Lonar. Like, that doesn't mean anything. Well, I mean, he's usually pretty, right? That is incorrect right now.


Blake has them in the tournament, and it would be disgusting if they like. He would be very disappointed if they didn't make it.


But you got to worry about the bubbles. So why were you coming at me?


I was upset.


I was emotional.




So how are you feeling now? And Hank? Is there a beef now?


No, I was just with Max. He was in a bad place. I was trying to fire him up. I was also just trying to fire him, know, as a friend and also just to get some spiciness in the group.


Text just to get him. Actually, I just got text from Blake. He's listening live. He's got radios. He has them as one of the final four into the NIT. So Nova is in the NIT. That's his nit bracket.


Max said, I pray we play you as a twelve five. Pray. Hank said, mega Max lock of the millennium. Nova versus Wisconsin. Hank, we're being boys out of nowhere. Hank, I were being. So that was your first Villanova game? You watched Hank?


Yeah, I'm trying to get back into the. The tweet I thought was a little over the top. Obviously you like that out of your coach with the Game of Thrones tweet. It was like 88% of the public money was on Yukon. It seemed like a letdown spot. It seemed like everyone was like, oh, my God. He put out this Game of Thrones tweet. They're going to kill him. And Big east rivalry, big spread.


But Danny Hurley backs up what he said.


I know, but I was just thinking.


No, he said, you can get us now. Get us now, because you won't get us later. And then he was completely correct when saying that.


And I was thinking, biggie's basketball. It's going to be close rivalry game. And then Villanova, I think, shot 7%.


So he thought it was a letdown spot for Yukon after they were coming off of a letdown.


Yeah, it was a double letdown.


Also, shout out game day to having Danny Hurley shoot half court shots, and he immediately just yelled, fuck, I love that. Like, as loud as possible.


I love that. Also, I heard a rumor that college game day was not allowing Max.


I heard the same rumor that.




Not interested in promoting part of my take.




And so for all the people that.


Showed up with Max, I got tipped.


Off they were confiscating those signs.




ESPN is.


Swear to God, ESPN's pocket. Someone dm me and said they brought a sign and they took it.


Yep, I heard that too.


So they'll let you do football game day? Yes, but they won't let students bring.


They were trying to hire me at the time.


Part of my take. Max Soto.


I mean, everyone in that booth listens to us. Max, are they trying to hire you? Shout out Kevin's shout out.




Who else is in that booth? I don't know. In the truck, but ESPN. It's probably a Joe. What up, Joe?


ESPN probably sees all the Max memes and their next big move is to hire Max.








I'm make him a meme. Sweet. Max, back to the game.




What do you think?


Back to the game real quick.




Well, at least is it a make or miss league?




Shooting 12% from three is not going.


To win you basketball games. Max was sitting at the bar, but you know when you stand on the bottom of your chair so you're even taller? He was doing that yelling at the tv and I just kept looking at the bartender being like, what is going credit to me?


Max, I told you before, I didn't do the thing I was going to do, which is going to be very mean because you guys were at Declan's. One of my very good friends owns the bar and I was going to have him go over before the game and be like, hey, if Yukon covers was big cat's, paying for the entire tab just to have everyone root for Yukon at the table. Didn't do that. So credit to me.




At least I wouldn't have had to.


Pay for the tab.


And I realized what I should do if that ever happens again is I should actually make it like shots for the entire bar.




So the whole bar roots against Max.


I would leave.


I'm going to do that. I'm going to do that.


That's what I thought you were saying at first when you were like, I was going to cover the tab, but no, you were just paying for Max's table.


Yeah, well, he was with like ten dudes I was going to just get. It was a great Saturday up until that.


Then you woke up this morning, you put on your sixers shirt and you're like, it's going to be different today, belt to ass. I mean, no sixers.


Yeah, no you can't even get that from so Nova. In or out? They're going to be in. It doesn't help.


Started the day yesterday at first. Four out.


They finished the day at first.


They can't lose to Georgetown. That would be a quad three or four loss. That would be very bad, Max.


Georgetown's must win.


You need a resume builder.


Well, that's not.


Is that a resume builder?


No. Three quad one games after that. Okay. Win some quad one games, Max. If we win, it's not hard.


And then win two of the next three, we're in.


Go do it. It's not hard.


Max versus pug next week. Huge bubble game.


Yeah, do it, Max. Go win some quad one games. Quad two games. That's all that matters this time of year. Quad one and.






Should we participate in the difficult discussion that's happening across Michigan regarding Tom Izzo?




It's over.


You think it's over?


That was a really bad loss.


Tom Izzo. We were very early on this take, which we made, I think, being sarcastic, that he's overrated now. It seems like the world's catching up to that.


Like, it feels like we lost k. We lost Rory Williams. We lost Behim Bayheim, by the way. Getting like a beheim day this quick. Yeah, that feels weird. He's got to let a little time pass. He was very upset. He got fired. Yeah, I think, Izo, that was a really bad loss.


Things are tough right now for Michigan State. I feel bad for him. If you're Michigan State and you have big brother win a national championship in football, you were pointing at basketball. You were like, well, doesn't matter. We're basketball school. And then to have this implode on him. But I feel like with to. Would they fire Izzo?




You have to let Izo walk on his own. You have to be like, well, we'll fire you if you don't retire.


Yeah. He will gracefully go away.


It's not like there's no retirement home for coaches. And be like, we're sending you to a home. We look after you.


Right? No. Yeah, he'll have to. They'll do it. Right.


Shall I take your order, or do.


You need a minute?


Yes, I'll be ready. Just buying a car on Carvana.




It's super convenient. I already got pre qualified in two minutes. All I had to do is answer a few questions.




That's handy.


Yeah. Now I'm customizing my down and monthly payments.




That's an exquisite deal.


And just like that, Carvana's delivering my car in a couple days. What? Oh, yeah. Uh, sorry. I'll have the burrito. Visit to finance your next car.


Financing subject to credit approval, delivery fees may apply. I have a trivia for you.


Pft. Okay.


I'm going to list some names. Okay. Jeff Capel. Kenny Payne. Hubert Davis. Earl Grant. Adrian Autry. Damon Stoudemire. Micah Shrewsbury. Kevin Keats. Leonard Hamilton.




What are those, guards? No, those are ACC head coaches who happen to be black. Okay. That was actually a graphic on ESPN.




ACC coaches who happen to be black.


Happened to be.


They just stumbled upon it. What a coincidence. I don't know what the fuck that was.


That's wild. It's way better to say coaches.


Blackhead coaches who happen to be black.


Yeah, we're putting up this stat. Isn't this a weird coincidence?


Whoever made that graphic is so scared of language that they went with happens to be black.


So why would you make that graphic if it happens to be?


I don't know. It was one of the weirdest things ever. I thought it was a photoshop when I first saw it, but then I saw it everywhere. I was like, this actually was put on air.


I love that.


Happens to be.


I kind of love it. You know what I was thinking about the other day? You remember back in. When was that? Was it 2020? Maybe before when ESPN had the guy named Robert E. Lee or his name was Bob Lee. Robert Lee.


Yeah, Robert Lee.


And he was going to announce asian dude. Yeah, he's an asian guy.


He still calls games for them.


Yeah, he was going to announce a game at UVA and they moved him off the assignments because his name was Rob Lee. We were insane for a little bit there.


What was the DJ's guy? The DJ who ended racism? Didn't we get over this? Who was that at the MLS?


Oh, yeah, tiesto.




David Getta. David Getta. Just shout out George Floyd.


Shout out to his family.


Shout out to his family. Can you play that start of that clip real quick? But yeah, happens to be black. You got to pause and be like, what am I saying with this? Yeah, they're head coaches first. And they also. It's just a coincidence. They just happen to be black.


They just are black.


And we put them in a graphic.


Together to show that they all happen to be black together.


Yeah. David Getta.


Maybe they meant racism. Maybe they meant to say happy to be black.


Yeah, possibly.


All right. Yeah.


Here's David Getta. Ending racism is in honor of George.


Floyd and I really hope we can see more unity and more peace when already things are so difficult.


I watch this, like, once a week.


So shout out to his family.


And here's the beat dropping. Bam.


And it's got the. I have a dream.




Get the confetti and the nos going.




He remixed MLk of today and tomorrow.


I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream. I have a dream. Bang.


There it is. See, a racism.


Now we party.




See, like, whoever wrote the happens to be black. They should have been like, dude, someone in the truck should have been like, hey, dude, don't you remember David Getta? Yeah, we've been through this. We did this.


We're good.


The graphics should have said it happened to be black, but actually, I don't see color, so who knows?


Crazy. Crazy. All right, any other college basketball, I.


Want to see what happens to be polish. Happen to be italian.


Happened to be italian. Anything else before we talk some other sports and I do a quick ad. I think that was all college basketball.


Houston Baylor was awesome.


Well, until that one Baylor player, they're just kids. Well, no, he missed a free throw, and then he lost the ball, and then he made a terrible foul. Yeah, his controller got. That was. That was one of those moments, too. I went and saw migration. Everyone should go see it. Great kids movie. And I was watching that game, and underneath, while my son was sitting on my lap watching a kids movie, being like, this fucking asshole just lost the ball. God damn it.


I knew he was going to miss that foul shot.


Oh, well, he was like a 57%, 100%.


He bricks that every single time. Yeah, but, yeah, that was a great game.


I bet on Houston is really good.


In that game, and I got a future on them, so I'm just rooting for them to win no matter what. So they didn't cover, then the brick, then the buzzer beater. That wasn't.


Wasn't what?


A wild ride.




To get the spread.


It was crazy. All right, before we talk some other sports, the Chevy Silverado has commanding an unstoppable grit. We're Chevy guys. Legendary capability and dependability, too. We've all spent time, seat time, as they call it in the Biz, behind the wheel of a Silverado. We're not just truck guys. We're Chevy truck guys. You know about the Zr. Two family of trucks lifted and ready for anything right from the factory. Now Silverado is taking it all to the next level with even more Silverado truck tech like available supercruise only supercruise lets you drive hands free and tow hands free on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads. With over 138,000,000 miles of hands free. Drive by customers or driving by customers, Supercruise will help you get to your adventure energized and will help you drive home safely. Go to where you can check out Silverado. Build your own Silverado online and learn important details about super cruise. Okay, other stories. The Cubs are back. Cody Bellinger finally got signed. Jake, you sent him the list, right? Hank's list? I don't want to see it.




I said, hey, Cody, congrats on the new deal. Here is Hank's full top ten all time patriots list, plus honorable mentions. This list is highly confidential. Only me, you and Hank have access to the full list.


Okay, good.


No, not yet.


All right.


You should dm him across all platforms, though.




Make sure he sees it.


I followed him on Twitter. He has to follow back for me to DM. So this is on Instagram.




Also, shout out this woman, Lisa. It's just a fun little story, but there's a woman who lives in, a Cubs fan who lives in Arizona named Lisa L. Dubbs, which great name she said on Friday night or Friday afternoon. I heard that they signed Bellinger just now from a good friend who's in Arizona, but can't find anything online about it. Have you heard anything? And so everyone was like, Lisa was right. And Jeff Passen actually said, like, lisa was right.


That's cool. Yeah.


Shout out, Lisa.




Good job. Good job, Lisa. We also have an update on the uniforms. People still debating it. We're seeing more cocks. We saw like a full. Who was that? What team was it? Someone was bent over.


Yeah, somebody was bent over. And you could see. I don't know what that was. It looked like his dick was in the back. Yeah, like his dick was inverted. Listen, if your dick is underneath your balls and you're an MLB player and you've gotten away with it for this long, nobody knows these pants are your worst nightmare.


Yeah, it's gotten pretty crazy. Revel continuing to carry water. He said, spoiler alert. The see through jerseys through the pants isn't a new thing. It happens all the time on photo day. And he had ten years of the Cincinnati Reds dong showing. Okay, spoiler alert.


So he had that one queued up or somebody sent it to him. Like, here's a hot tip.


I don't know. He just had it ready to go.


What they should do. They should put, like, a little blurred mosaic on the player's crotches all year long on, you know, let's fucking call.


Him because we've mentioned him so many times. Our esports reporter, Darren Rafal. Here we go. Let's see. I'm going to just ask him how many years he went back to look at penises through pants. He probably's not going to pick up after last time. He's kind of a glutton for punishment.


What if there's a game and it's.


Raining and someone always sends him clips of the show?


How see through are these things going to get?


Seriously, this will be a wet t shirt contest. I don't think he's picking up. He's probably looking at. He's probably going through years and years of penises.


Yeah, he's hitting.


I've reached Darren Revell. Please leave your name in.


Okay. Yeah.


I mean, step one, make the bases bigger. Step two, make the dicks and balls more visible.




Step three, now you're the biggest sport in the world.




Watch out in NFL.


You did it. You did have. Do you guys have. Who's back? Do you have Flacco the Eagle?




Flacco the owl.






Flacco the owl.


Owl. Eagle. Flacco the raven. Gives a fuck.


Probably a brown. Yeah, happens to be a brown.


You want to save for who's back the week? We could save for.


We can save.


Should we. Is it time? Number four.


Patriot of all time.


Are we ready? What are you laughing about? Max happens to be a brown.


It was funny. Yeah.


Thank you, Max.


Okay, ready?




Are you ready?


I'm ready.


Okay. We think this might be. This is going to be telling because it's reminder. It's offense. Defense. Offense. Offense.


For the top five.


Can we do a quick recap so people know where we're at?




We have Dante Hightower in the five spot. We have ty law in the four spot.


Wait, no.






I'm confused.


Hold on. Do it again.


Dante Hightower in the six spot. We have Tyler law in the five spot.




And the honorable mentions so far are the lighthouse and Chris Long and Bethel Johnson.


Chris Long was not on it. I did do some reflecting. I did some research. Did reach out to Chris. I apologize for my comments towards him. He is on the honorable mention list.


Can we make a quote card out of that? I apologize to my comments towards Chris Long.




Hank Lockwood. Because he heard what you said and he asked you. He's like, keep my name out. Your mouth. And it dawned on me that Hank has become Florio. Hank Lockwood is doing. You're doing fan fiction. You're trying to get clicks off his name.


Well, it wasn't fan fiction. It is a fact that he did play for the Eagles the next year, and he is very good friends with kind of. But there was reports, there was articles that were written that he was like, he hated that Lane Johnson said that. He disputed all of the claims that Lane Johnson made that I kind of.


Memory hold.


Yeah, memory hold. And I was just like, he's friends with Lane Johnson. He loved it when he said that. He definitely agreed. Not the case. And I apologize.


Also, you forget that the Lane Johnson quote was not even the Lane Johnson quote, because we said. I heard it. We said it. He kind of agreed with it. Not really. Like, Jokey agreed with it. Then Coward said that, did a whole segment about it, and then it just became fact.


Yeah, it's actually kind of funny that we were the start of that story, and then Hank is somehow mad at Chris Long.




You were sitting in the room. You got that story really wrong. Okay, so you take it back. Chris Long. Honorable mention. Patriot.




That's good.


And then in the number four spot.


Okay, wait, do six and five again.


Dante Hightower.






Ty law five.


Did you watch the other two episodes?


I did watch the other two. I am a little upset. They kind of just yada yada. 2003 and 2004, which the whole series is called Dynasty. The first three episodes were great. And then at the end of episode three, they were like, yeah, they won in 2003, one in 2004. Dynasty happened.


And it's like, yeah, the other two are what make it a dynasty.




And they won on a 21 game win streak. They were dominant. There was a lot of lore in those two seasons with the Peyton Manning and a lot of the playoff wins, Brady becoming a superstar, that I didn't appreciate them. Just like, basically, they spent 40 minutes talking about deflate gate. Five minutes. Basically just a quick highlight package of 304. And I would. Would have have liked them to reverse it.


This documentary is maybe not off on a great foot in terms of who's highlighting.


I want some more biased direction in this documentary I have making a documentary for the masses, which I guess is what you're supposed to do. I was just expecting pure patriots porn and that. Expecting to know days and days of porn. And they just were like, yep. They did like a back to back.


Super Bowl, a full episode on Spygate, basically. And I had forgotten some of the details. In that. Do you remember after the story came out that they were videotaping stuff illegally when mangini kind of ratted him out to the New York security? The next game that the Patriots had, they brought down these giant electric boxes on the sidelines that were frequency readers to make sure that you didn't have Ernie Adams talking to Bill Belichick during the game. They treated like, it was like West Germany, East Germany in the middle of the Cold War, where they were checking into everything. And then Belichick's explanation about the Spygate stuff, he's, you know, I had a different interpretation of what the rules were. And then they read the rules for him, and he was like, yeah, well, you can read it one way, we read it another.




There was a lot of cheating going.


I. I'm not a doctor. I stated a Holiday inn last.




I have not watched it. I'm going to watch it. I did read a Jerry Thornton blog, though, and he was like, why was there so much time spent on Drew Bledsoe and Bill parcels? Right?




And it's like, that is weird that they would do that and not talk about winning the Super Bowls, which my.


Fear now, since it's called dynasty, they just glossed over dynasty part one, is that they're going to gloss over dynasty part two. Talk about Belichick and Brady.


For how many episodes are there? Ten. So they can't.


So there's going to be a full episode on 28 to three, but they.


Did a full episode leading up to the.


What the hell is this? Why do you put this on?


This is Hank Florio.


People are watching on anywhere where we have it. Rumble. YouTube. I mean, this is a great photo. You have to be watching.


That is you right now.


Right now. Hank Florio. That is the cursed fucking nightmare image.


You look like the shadiest lawyer of all time.


Hank Florio. That's like. That's a weed lawyer. That actually is going to give me nightmares.


That's a lawyer that specializes in, like, fuck driving well stoned.


Who made that? AI.


Shane? Yeah.


Shane just made that. Oh, my God.


No, memes made it.


Memes made it.




Send that to all of us. I need that. Hank Florio.




So, by the way, Darren Revel texted me back saying, I don't believe you. So he's hip to us.


Did I leave you the what?


That I was going to actually ask him a question, not hang up on him, which, he's right. I would have hung up on him, maybe. No, I definitely would have. I would have said, how many cocks have you looked at to try to carry the water for Michael Rubin? And then you've been bang. Would have been great. We'll get him again. Okay, so, Hank, six and five.


Dante Hightower.




Ty law.


Okay, four.


Four. Recurring guest.


Oh, I think it's cronk.


Friend of the program.




Great guy.




Gritty receiver, basically fought through seven concussions against the Seahawks. Chris Hogan made a miraculous catch against the Falcons. Super Bowl MVP against the Rams.




Julian Edelman.




Okay, four. I think that's fair.


Okay, there's going to be a lot on Julian in this documentary.


I mean, two feels like more. At least three.


Hank is nothing but honest with this. And I feel like, yeah, Gronk is without Brady and Gronk together. I don't know if you get the second part of that dynasty. Mount Rushmore.


He is on the Mount Rushmore.


All right.


He deserves to be. And who's your honorable mention this week? Chris Long or today? Oh, Chris Long.


He wasn't on it.


Oh, he wasn't. All right. He was on dishonorable mention. Has anyone gone from dishonorable to honorable?




Chris Long.


Hernandez should be dishonorable.


Yeah, you should do.


We haven't ruled him out of the list.


Oh, yeah, you're right. We still have ten through eight. It's eight to go.


Well, he was never actually convicted. His conviction was vacated, so.


That's true.


In the eyes of the law. Not a murderer would be cool if.


He was number one of himself. And you just went purely on upside. It was there. Okay, so Wednesday we'll get number three.


Who's defense?


Defense. Who could it be on defense?


Will fork.


Will fork? Yeah, it's going to be will. Or brusky or vrabel.


Is Hank going to have an all white top?


Just patriots who happen to be. Oh, boy. Okay, Hank, you still have time to change. Well, no, you can't change it. All right, should we do who's back of the week? And then we'll get to our interview. Who's back of the week is brought to you by our friends at Coors Light. From day to day annoyances to the big stuff off life throws your way. It's easy to get worked up. But there's a better way, a chiller way. Turn that canceled concert into a parking lot dance party. Too cold for an ocean swim, play volleyball and light a bonfire instead. That's choosing chill. And when you choose chill, reach for a Coors light. When the mountains turn blue, it's as cold as the Rockies. When you choose to rise above it all. Choose chill. Choose Coors light. Get Coors light delivered straight to your door with Instacart by going to celebrate responsibly. Coors Brewing company, golden, Colorado. Take go right now. It's the coldest beer. It's the best beer. It's Coors light. We love Coors light. Thank you to Coors light, one of our favorite sponsors. Hank, your. Who's back of the week?


Yeah, we got to have a conversation about this big cat, because I don't think this. I was in New York for a long time. Bad sports town, shitty sports teams, bad fans. I've really enjoyed my time in Chicago. It is a great sports town. You can feel the energy in town around these teams.


People are excited. He literally looked online and was like, I need something for who's back. What's the last thing that happened?


No, this is a a. This is a bad sports town moment, in my opinion.




Patrick Kane, red wing first came back against Chicago.


Yeah, I was there. There were actually a lot of Red Wings fans there. Like, a lot. The first goal was very like, all right. So I took my son. It was an incredible night. I got a little misty eyed when they did the Cane video tribute. It was cellios jersey retirement. I had to watch the cellios jersey retirement at home because there was no chance I was getting a four and a half year old to sit through. All were. We went to ice cream maybe eight minutes into the first period to try to prolong the staying at the game. The Kane moment was incredible. It was like, he's everything. He's the best american hockey player. He's fucking three cups. He's just showtime. Big moment after big moment. I saw the overtime goal.


He scored overtime goal. And basically got a standing.


I mean, it's. It's. The Blackhawks are bad right now. They're going for lottery balls. I also think they were a lot of Red Wings fans there that people don't realize, because the first goal, that.


Might be a bad sports town of its own.


Well, yeah, it could be the first goal. The first goal, my son stood up and cheered. So he's actually a bad sports sound because he was confused, because other people were cheering.


He just heard the horn and was like, this rocks. Now, were they cheering for the goal? Were they cheering for Patrick Kane or.


Were they cheering for the draft pick? Both. All three. I mean, Patrick Kane is like, yeah, I get. They're. They're really bad. They're the worst team in the NHL. Patrick Kane is the best. He had double standing ovation. He went out. That's all fair and went back. He deserves all, you know, we used to do. But once the game starts, it's like.


That'S where it's like, that happens.


We're tanking.


They come back and they give them the standing o. And then once the game starts booing, but we're tanking.


Oh, there was a lot of Detroit sucks chance going.


What we should do is how Hank's doing. Like, the top ten Patriots, like the dynasty in his eyes. We should do our list of top ten guys that played for a shitty team in your town that you rooted for the hardest when they left.




I still root for Patrick Kane. Not as much now on the Red Wings. I did last year for the Rangers. Yeah.




Bad sports town. That's fine. I mean, Patrick Kane is like, he's the best. I don't disagree.


Once the game starts, you want to win.


They're so bad, though, Hank. But they don't want to win. They don't want to guess.


I guess. Hey, it was Celebrini. It's embrace debate.


Give me something. Tank for Celebrini. Give me something. I need.


Suck weenie for celebrity.


Suck weenie for Celebrini. That's what we've been doing all year, idiot.


Suck weenie for celebrity. It's a very popular hashtag.


Yeah, dummy. It was an incredible night, though. And we also have box of the year nominee. So I was lucky enough to. My son is going to be very jaded because he was able to take a picture with Wayne Gretzky tonight, which is crazy. His first hockey game ever. But there was a box at the game. That was Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, John McEnroe. I was only in there for, like 2 seconds, but Wayne Gretzky, John McEnroe, Mark Messier, Kid Rock, Theo Epstein, Cindy Crawford. It might have been box of the year.


It would have been Jordan, too, if he was supposed to be there, right?




And Jordan also released a very funny video on a golf course. And he started with, they played it on the jumbotron at the United center. And he just started with, hi, I'm Michael Jordan. It's like, okay, we know, dude.


God, I would have been so starstruck by kid rock. Oh, that means kid rock's definitely getting fucked up in town tonight somewhere.


My wife was like, how long were you in there? I was like, we actually were only in there for like 90 seconds because I got the picture with Wayne Gretzky, said hello, but we had to leave because my son was like, kid rock. I think he was smoking five cigars at the same time.


I love that.


It was so fucking smoky there. My son was like, I want to go home. So, yeah, my son's a bad sports town. He also kind of a tough moment for me when I bought $200 worth of 50 50 raffle tickets. He's like, what do we win? I was like, no, that's not how it works.


You win the ability to try to get to you.


If we win this, we haven't won, but okay. I understand your sentiment. You just completely forgot suckwini for celebrating.


Yeah, I think at some level, if.


You'Re in a game, so good, man. I fucking love that guy so much. I love him. I got misty eyed. That was my. Whose back was sports feelings? Because I was literally sitting there being like, God damn it, he rocked so hard. And it was like having a guy play for your team and being like that guy, whenever you need a big moment, he always delivers. There's just no better feeling. As a sports fan, I hope that guy will always show up when you need him to show up. Jules.




Your number four patriot. Okay. Pft, my who's back?


Is Flacco the owl?




Rip. Kind of back. Maybe not so really back.




Flacco the owl. Rip, unfortunately flew into a building in New York. So Sean McDermott needs a new preseason pump up speech for the bills. I think he'll just do a graphic on Flacco. So he's been capturing the hearts and minds of New Yorkers for the last, like, two years. He's a spanish owl. Excuse me.






Eurasian eagle owl.


He's immigrant.


Yeah, he's an immigrant. And he escaped the Central park zoo in New York when somebody cut his netting in February 2023. And then he just chilled in Central park like a mascot, flying around, dining on the biggest, fattest, dirtiest rats in the world.


Is there a chance. How did he die? Did he leave a suicide note?


How did he die? Yeah.


Because it feels like maybe he just was sick of all these New Yorkers taking pictures of him.


So I believe he flew into a building.


Yeah, he flew into a building, idiot. Yeah, a building, dude.


So they said that there was a substantial hemorrhage under the sternum and in the back of the.


Oh, they did an autopsy on this? Yeah, it's a fucking owl.




So he flew into the side of an upper west side building. Imagine being the window washer. And you did, like, a great job, and you're really proud. And then you repel down to the next floor, and then Flacco. I bet you that love owl in the world.


I bet you that apartment's probably going to go above asking now.


You think so?






What if it crashed through the window? What if it broke the window?




Most famous New York deaths, John Lennon, Flacco, the owl.




So rip Flacco. I know everybody was really sad on.


Want to. I don't want to piss off the flacco. The owl people very sad. I do love animals. Some of the reactions were a little crazy. Yeah. So I saw this one, and I couldn't tell if it was satire, but it definitely wasn't. But it was great satire if it was. This person said, late last night I saw the news that Flacco had passed away from a building collision. It seriously felt like I collided into a wall myself. Just completely stunned to read those words. What an unfortunate tragedy. Rip Flacco will miss you. Is it really a tragedy when an animal dies like a wild animal?


Harambe again?


I guess. Yeah, I guess. I guess I just never was a flacco guy, so it's like, I don't know. People love.


People love this fucking album.


There's a vigil I'm not going to hate on people because people should enjoy. I'm a big believer in people enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. But saying it felt like I collided into a building, too.


Yeah, it's a little bit much.


Yeah, that was heavy. That was heavy.


So apparently he didn't break any. Actually, something's up.


Oh, is it Epstein?


It says he didn't break any bones, but he sustained massive hemorrhaging inside his body. This seems like somebody else had a hand. We need to check the flight logs.


Where's Hillary? Yeah, where's she been at?


Was Flacco on the list?


She'd been somewhere in the woods walking around.


This owl probably had information that would have led to the arrest and subsequent conviction of Hillary Clinton.






Do you think Hillary and Bill, like, late at night, like, Hillary's just like, so what, have you been had? There's got to be an awkward silence at some point where. So, yeah, that time you said you were going on business trip, where was that? Yeah.


Or why did you have to put a cigar in an intern's vagina, Bill?


That'd be some really awkward moments in their marriage where they're just sitting there. Yeah, never mind. Yeah, I don't want to talk about.


No, we don't need to get into it because I like doing the show and I hope none of us get killed.


Oh, no, I was saying that's what they would say. Never mind. I don't want to talk about it.


Yeah, probably because Bill doesn't want to get killed.




So I feel like, well, there was a hilarious Valentine's Day post from Hillary to Bill the other day, and it was just like my Valentine after all these years, and they're, like, smiling at each other. There's no chance they love each other.




It's a work relationship.


0% chance that they're in love with each other.


But, yeah, Flacco. Let's justice for Flacco. I'll stand with the people who listen.


It seems fishy, the fact that he died by flying into a window and didn't break a single bone.




And there's a lot of people in New York City and there's a lot of people know they need to find an owl to be their life.




So I understand. It's no different than our sports teams.


Or harambe.


Or harambe.


Yeah. Yeah.


But that was a little Saturday, little satire.


Yeah, and a little satire.


And shot. He was what?


Wait, huh?


Harambe was murdered. There's no question.


Cold blood. A gorilla.


A gorilla. I feel like this owl, this owl got murdered, too.




I'm going to look into it.


All right.


My who's back?




Who's back? My who's back is Cam Newton. Because big time. Holy shit. Don't fuck with Cam Newton. He had a seven on seven tournament. He was throwing, and there was a fight video that got released, and Cam Newton somehow fought off. Well, I guess not somehow, because he's a fucking monster and a beast of a human. He fought off three guys with his hat never being touched.


The hat never got knocked off. The hat had the tassels on it. It remained perfect. It should count as you knocking Cam Newton out if you knock his hat off. Yeah, that's the rule. Dak Prescott could never.


By the way, I would like to see, like, next rough and rowdy Logan Paul versus Cam Newton. No punches. Just try to steal his hat.


Cam Newton beat the fuck out of be.


No punches.


Just try to get the hat.


Try to get the hat.


Can't be he.


There was one moment where he had a guy in a chokehold and then was just rag dolling another guy with his other arm. It's just awesome to see the. I don't know how this all started.


But they're probably talking shit about the hat.




And these guys being like, yeah, three on one. We can get Cam Newton. And Cam Newton just being like, no, you can't.




Cam Newton is first bell at like, don't fuck with me, guy.


You would think, too, if you were trying to fight Cam Newton. You'd be like, you just have a quick second where you'd say, oh, yeah, he used to do this to NFL Linebackers, like, run them over, make them look like little boys. Little boy ass play. Why would we try to fight Cam Newton?




A lot of people are saying, like, this might hurt any aspirations he has of a comeback.


I think it helps it.


I think it helps a lot. He didn't make any business decisions during this fight.




Those three guys are just idiots for picking morons. Morons. Cam Newton's like, 6566, probably 250 pounds. Don't fuck with Cam Newton.


Yeah, he's a shit brick house.




Has he put out a statement on it with a weird font?


I don't know. Maybe that was a fight over the font. It might have been funny.




By the way, so we were talking about Flacco the owl. There's been another animal that we've discussed on this show recently. The pregnant Stingray, Charlote.


Oh, yes.




The dude in that. Where is it?


It's in Carolina. Hendersonville.




So, yeah, the dude who works there being very nervous.


So, Charlote, the pregnant stingray, has still not given birth, which makes me think this might be a publicity stunt.


Or rg three.


Exactly. Is she really pregnant? And there was a great.


Could be body shaming.


Yeah, she might just be fat.


She might have just gotten fat going through menopause. Add this to back off.


Add this to the list of great black sports online. Headlines of all.


No, no, it's sports online who happens to be black.


Experts on if a shark had relations with a female stingray who is pregnant, even though she hasn't seen a male stingray in eight years. Video. That's a great headline.


Shout out Robert Little.


Yep. OG.


He's been on the Internet for a long.


One of the best to ever write.


Need to. We need a conclusion to this. Otherwise, she's just fat.


She might just be fat.


She's fat. Okay, Jake, finish us off.


My who's back of the week is this league? We had a brawl on Friday night between the heat and the Pelicans. And it was exciting.




A lot of suspensions. Jimmy Butler.


Wait, I thought you were pro safety. Oh, interesting.




But it sounds no one got hurt.


No one got hurt. No one got hurt.


Someone could have gotten hurt.


Yeah, could have.


I wouldn't have the same tone.


Yeah. I don't think you can celebrate this brawl.


T culture, right, Jake?




He fight everyone. Trip people.




Trip people.


No, I'm excited for Celtics hank to be back. You're going to hear it in a minute.


But yeah, they are really good.


But yeah, it was exciting. Jimmy Butler said it's that time of year. He's starting to lock in since I put the heat on the hot seat on the show a month ago. They're seven and two.


Good job, Jake.


Starting to lock in and yeah, it was a crazy brawl.


Crazy brawl. Yeah, there was a couple. Wasn't there another brawl, too?


The fires Rangers fight rock.


Oh, yeah. That was incredible. That fight was so hockey fights are the best.


There was a warriors hornets brawl.


That's right.


And then afterwards, Draymond Green was like, Mikhail Bridges can do no wrong.


Whoops. Whoops.


Just because Miles bridges.


Miles bridges. Miles bridges.


Mikhail Bridges.


Great guy, Nova.


But yeah, just because they're friend of mine. Michigan State. Michigan guys.




Also bonus. Who's back? The barstool combine today, 11:00 a.m. Eastern time on all platforms.


Tune in. I'm just going to be live. I am solely just trying not to get hurt. That's my only goal.


Yeah, I'm not going to win. I'm not going to come and last.


I know I'm not going to win, but I just can't get hurt because I can't knock on wood. I just want to feel an injury coming and I'm very nervous about it.


I want to get out of here with both Achilles tendons intact. And there's been some steps that I've taken recently where I'm like, I feel like the Achilles is about to go.


Yeah, my back. I woke up and my back was all tight and I'm like, oh, no. Combine. Don't get hurt. Don't get hurt. I'm knocking on wood. Don't get hurt. Famous last words. And how is Max not competing? He's producer. Can we get him in? I'm producer. Can we get him in? I'm producer. You know that he needs people. Want to see?




Come on. Do we still have time? No, we have no more time.


At least do the vertical.


Ow. I'm out. I need a replacement. Can anyone replace me?




Come on. I'm not in this. He'll have to run it at some point, maybe during the. All right, fine. That's fine. I just need to see him compete. I don't think I can make it in. Oh, okay. All right. Darren Ravell's calling me back. Should I pick up?








Darren, you're live on. Pardon my take. We had a question for you as our reporter, our esports reporter. What is he?


Groin specialist.


Groin specialist. How many penises did you go back and look at to find those Reds penises when you posted that? About four. Okay.


Four penises.


All right.


The Mount Rushmore of baseball.


Yeah. Yeah.


That was Darren Ravell, esports reporter and penis expert recurring guest. All right, let's get to our interview. We have a great interview with Derek White and Peyton Pritchard in studio. Before we do that, pft.




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Food order Also available on Uber Eats, Grubhub and Doordash. Now here's Derek White and Peyton Pritchard.


Okay, we now welcome on two very special guests from the Boston Celtics. It is Derek White and Peyton Pritchard. First of all, thank you guys for coming by. And, Derek, I've met you before, and I'm happy that you're here right now because you contributed to a very embarrassing moment for me. I don't know if you even remember it, but it was surviving bar stool. And I got eliminated in the first day, so I was staying at a hotel, and the Celtics were playing. I think you guys were in preseason?


Yeah. Nick's in the preseason.




And we got in the elevator together, and I was like, I have a podcast, and my producer's a huge Celtics fan. And you just go, yeah, I know. And I was, fuck, I feel like such an asshole. So I think, should we credit Blake Griffin for getting you guys to listen to PMT? Is that who we need to credit?


Actually, my guy Paul over here.




He was the one that sent it to me first, and he's like, you got to watch the fastest two minutes. And so I watched that, and then I was like, let me just keep watching, see what's going on, and just been a fan since.


Love that respect.


That's awesome.


So you were aware of Hank and his Celtics fandom?




So I knew all that. I mean, big hat got in the elevator, but he had, like, headphones in, so I'm like, I don't know if I should say something.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.


We kind of stood in opposite corners of the elevator, kind of just, like, kind of looking at each other. I was like, yeah, I'm a big fan, but I don't know what to say.


It's like, I'm a big fan, but I don't know what to say.


When you see Hank on the sidelines with his feet on the know, like, sitting courtside, are you like, I gotta show out night because Hank's here? It's like when guys see Drake on the sideline.




You always want to show off for Hank.




Do you Guys know when you guys were in the finals, did you see Hank almost take a. Was that in the finals when he pump shot it? He did a pump fake with the ball. The ball rolled to him in the middle of the finals, and he pump faked and had the whole crowd going crazy.


What game was that?


What game was.




Yeah, it was a nice pump.


He did the mellow. Yeah, it would have gone in.


Sounds like you guys don't really know the vibes that Hanks brings to the court.


I didn't see that one. We lost that game, so I don't know if it helped or hurt us.


Yeah, probably hurt.




If he shot it and went in, that would have chance.


Should have shot it.


Yeah. I want to talk to you guys about something that is, I guess everyone's talking about, right now, after the all star game, it was not really a game as much as it was, like, a lot of offense. We've figured out some ways where we can fix it. Most of them are stupid as shit and probably won't work in your guys. Is there a way that you can fix the all star game? Because I do have one suggestion to add to it, but I want to.


Hear you guys go first also, Derek, you should have been an all star.






That would have fixed the all star game.




That would have fixed. You would have tried hard.


Yeah. Yeah.


So what's the fix, Peyton? Do you think there is a fix, or is it just guys don't want to get injured.


Putting money up for the winning team?




Well, my idea was that the losing team had to pay the winning team, because then it's money both ways, because then guys would actually be upset if they lost. They have to pay. Someone has to go and pay LeBron $500,000.




So what amount per person?


I think it's 500 each.


Yeah, it's got something big.




It would also be very funny if Adam Silver was like, you guys stay out of the gambling app, stay out of casinos. Also, if you're an all star, you're forced to bet the other guy $500,000 to make our game better.




My suggestion would be that the winning team, everybody on that roster for the winning team gets, like, ten tags from the NBA's main account on instagram for the rest of the year, along with a link that will allow people to slide into your dms more easily. Like highlight reels. You get, like, ten highlight reels for the rest of the year.


That's pretty good.


We think about winning team just for the winning team.




Losing team gets low light reels posted every missed shot.




Whatever it takes to make it entertaining.


I was thinking, too. Losing team can'tie. Their shoes for the rest of the season. Do you guys think. I mean, that would probably be an injury waiting.


I don't like that.




All right.


As long as we win.




So we got the video right there. That's Hank on the sidelines on this monitor right here, leaning forward.




I hate that because that was actually off of my turnover.


Oh, no.


You're like, who's that fucking guy? Oh, man. That's very funny.


You shot it and you made it in Stef's face. That would have went crazy.


The crowd would have went nuts.


They can't kick you out if you make it, right.


No. If you miss, if you airball they kick you, right?


Yeah, that makes sense.




So the other question I had to just start about the NBA right now. The thing that people talk about a lot is the scoring is crazy right now from your guys perspective, because you've been in the league for a little bit, and you obviously been playing basketball your whole life. Is it a problem or is it just everyone's so skilled that it's like, we're trying on defense, but guys are just so goddamn good?


I think a little bit of both. Especially, like, as it goes on, like, in the playoffs, you'll see more defense, more intensity on both sides. So especially, like, in the playoffs, there is defense, but there's just so much space now, and you're giving these star players so much room with four shooters around them, it's really hard to stop them or slow them down, especially when they get in a rhythm. So it's just the space and everything. Like the rules they are, it's kind of impossible. But, I mean, once the playoff starts and it gets a little bit more physical and it'll definitely slow down, and that's really a different ballgame.




Did you guys notice it right when you got to the NBA? Like, Peyton, you played Oregon, and then you get to the NBA and it's like, wait, everyone can make shots everywhere because it does feel like the NBA is like, every guy on the bench can make shots for sure.


I kind of noticed it in college. I don't know if you noticed it, but you turn the ball over in the NBA, it's almost like a guaranteed three ball to the rim. College people can miss. You also have, like, two or three people in college you can help off of.




And you also have this. No. 3 seconds in the key.




You got a big. That's just sitting there. So I think it's way harder score in college than it is in the NBA.




But it's just the different rules as far as that.




And college refs also are terrible refs. That's a fact. They just charges everywhere.




They just addicted to calling charges.




You can say it now. Like, you're not in college. Yeah, you can, like, yeah, college refs. Pac twelve refs. Pretty bad.




That's why they got rid of the league.


They did well for us. So we won a lot, so I didn't complain.


There you go.


Yeah, you're a big ten guy now.




That's real basketball we're playing in, like the. Got to be ready for that. My Oregon question is, like, you had to hate that court. Right?


I didn't actually notice it on tv. Yeah, and tv, it looks weird, but you never notice it playing.


But I didn't mind it because you played at Colorado your last year, Derek, did you notice it when you get there? You'd be like, this is what is going on here.


You don't really notice it that much, but we had shoot around. I was like, what are we doing?


It looks dirty. Yeah, looks like somebody spilled something on it.


Looks horrible on tv.


Yeah, it looks horrible on tv. I do like it when it's like 10:00 p.m. And you got Bill Walton calling a game, and it does feel like you're taking acid with him, and you're like, okay, this makes sense. But when it's like a primetime game, you're like, I don't want to watch this. What's going on? That's true.




Derek, when you went to Colorado, did altitude affect your shot at all? Because I'm always thinking about altitude in terms of football.




You always talk about the altitude games going to Denver. But it's got to make a difference in basketball, right?


I don't know about the shot. I mean, I'm from Colorado, so I never really knew the difference. But when people would come in and they can't breathe, that definitely is real. But I don't know if it really affects the shot. Maybe. I don't know. I never really thought about that. The less wind resistance.




Might just a little bit for a guy like me. I'm money down at sea level.


You see that.


But if I go to Colorado, you.


Might be able to dunk.


You might be better in a good.


We've got.


We've got a member of the podcast, Hank, that thinks that he's going to be able to dunk by the end of the year, the calendar year. He's about five inches away from the rim right now, and he's just going to train like hell, just work out the legs, build up some beef in the quads, the hamstrings, and so I guess you got to get, what, like eight inches above the rim to be able to dunk. Do you think he can do it?


How old were you guys when you first dunked?


Good question.


I was late, probably like 16.


Okay, 1516.


And what changed where you couldn't dunk before? And then what did you work on to be able to.


I think the answer is genetics.


I just got above the rim. Pretty much it.




I got to ask about the hat, too. Save the bees.


I just saw the hat in my house. Like, the colorway.




Fit the outfit at the time, so I just went with it.




You're not a bee guy.




I don't even know what the hat's for.


Perfect hat.


Fuck them bees.




All right, I got a tough question. On a scale of one to ten, how awkward is it? Coach Mizoula's obsession with the movie the town? How often does he bring it up?


He doesn't really bring that it up with us that often.




But I think it's a media thing.




He never is. Like, this is like, you're going into, like, a game seven. You're like, we're robbing a bank, boys. It's no big deal. We've done this a million times.


We've only seen one clip.


He showed one clip of it one time.




Whose car we taking?


No, that is his favorite line, though. They left the note on the car.




Other than that, he does wear that shirt a lot. Whose car are we taking? Yeah, it's definitely his favorite show or movie, but, yeah, you don't hear about as much as the media.


It is probably a media obsession, because the other one was that he does. What does he do? Taekwondo. No, jujitsu. He got choked out, or he was.


Trying to the guy out.




And I think there was a story about how he got. The story about his jujitsu coach flying out every time that he needed him was nuts. But I guess he's a tough coach. When he took over the job, you're like, this guy's played. He's a tough coach. Do you like playing for a guy, like, mean?


He definitely expects, like, I enjoy it because he expects you to play. Know, sometimes I feel like in coaches in the NBA, they get in the NBA mode of the seasons long and stuff. He doesn't really care back to back or anything. Like, he's trying to win every game, and you can feel his passion towards it, so I really respect that out of him.




Was there a moment for each of you guys where you realized that you could play in the league where we're growing up, after you get drafted, right after you enter the NBA, I assume that everything's a little bit new. There's some uncertainty there.




Because you haven't played against this level of competition yet. Maybe in the back of your mind, unless maybe you're supremely confident in your own abilities, but I would assume that there's something in everybody that's like, I don't know. Let's see if we can do this. And then there might be a moment where it clicks and you're like, oh, yeah, I belong here?


Yeah, definitely. I mean, my first year, I was basically in the g league the whole time. And when I did play in the NBA, which is like garbage minutes, like here and there. So it's kind of like in the back of your mind, like, do I really belong here? Especially, okay, I was from D two. Did d one late. Some people, they come in a league like, yeah, this is what I've been destined to do, or whatnot. And so it definitely was a time I was like, do I really belong here? And then probably, like the playoffs, like, I had a good first round and I was like, oh, yeah, I'll be here for a little bit. And that kind of just clicked from there.




Did you have one Peyton, where you're like, yeah, I belong here?


Probably like, right when I got to the Celtics is playing against the guys, preseason stuff, because I played right away. Yeah, I kind of thought, yeah, because.


Derek, you had the famous pop quote when you got drafted by the spurs. And I think the story goes that you played well in your first preseason game. And then someone asked what your role was going to be and he said, get towels and water. Yeah, that's got to hurt.




And I was like, I thought I played pretty well. Maybe I'll find some minutes here and there. And I saw that, I was like, oh, this is going to be interesting. Way different from anything I've ever experienced in my life before.


Do you think that was good? Because it feels like pop is a guy who, he doesn't want to throw you into the fire. I would assume that would be a good thing for a rookie who's like, I don't know what's going on here.


Yeah, I mean, it makes sense. We had Dejante, Patty, Patty Mills, Tony Parker, Monte Ginobi, Dana Green. Like, there's all. These guys have done so much in the league before me, so he's not going to just throw you out there if you're not ready. And I just trusted it because the spurs has had so much success developing players. And so I knew that I was going to be sent to the g league eventually and just try to embrace it and make the most out of it.




Did you ever interact with Kirk Goldsbury? Do you know who it is? But he was like the vice president of being a nerd. Chief nerd.


I like his numbers.


Yeah, he does the graphs.




So what do you guys think about that, about basketball? Analytics. Does a nerd ever come up to you and whisper in your ear, like, hey, this is your corner. You need to shoot more from over here, or you should change your game in this way?


Not necessarily. You know where you like to shoot from, so you don't really need someone to tell you. But I wouldn't say someone's like, maybe you break down the numbers. Like, oh, you shoot this much from the corner or what percentage. They don't really come up to you saying that, where they want to get in your head and whatnot. Yeah, but, you know where you. Where you want to be at and where you're comfortable at, and so you just try to get to there.




I've heard a lot of stories about San Antonio, about how pop's a big wine guy. He loves wine. He'll go out, take people out for the most expensive bottles that you'll ever find. Did he ever take you out for dinner? Or, like, were you part of a team dinner where he just opens up the wallet and drops 20 bottles of wine on the table?


Yeah, all the time. Especially if we stay in the city after a game, it's a team dinner and all the wine. And one time I was like, my rookie year, I was like, no, I don't want to drink anything. Like, trying to be a good guy. And he was like, oh, come on, you're going to have a glass of wine with us. This is part of the gig. And I was like, all right. And then ever since then, I was just starting getting more into wine. And if I have a question about wine, I'll call pop. And he'd be like, no, don't drink that. Drink this. And so he's big into wine.


That's awesome. I know a lot of NBA players have got into wine recently. Is that something that you found more and more popular over the years?


Yeah, I think it's really the big mean, especially after a game. It's just nice to have a glass of wine.




Just kind of relax.


They should let players in the all star game drink wine during.


I mean, LeBron was probably drunk. Peyton, when you were at Oregon, a lot of guys, obviously, in the now, like, they don't stay for all four years. Did you sense it from the fans that they were like, all right, this guy's been here for too long because I looked up my old tweet, and I had one that I said, is this Peyton Pritchard's last year? I swear, he's like 28 years old and has been playing for the ducks for a decade. Get him off my tv.


Yeah, my bad. I feel like it felt like that because I started as a freshman, right? Yeah. And we went to the final four that year, too, so feel like it's, like, a good thing people think that, because it means you're probably winning and you're on the big games a lot, but I don't know. Yeah, definitely. I felt like I was there forever.


I noticed that you changed up your shoe game recently, because I think the first time we saw you play meaningful minutes for the Celtics, we were like, why is he wearing black shoes all the time? Black shoes actually slow.


I've seen that, but they actually weren't black. They were, like, dark green. But the problem was, I had a couple of good games in.


That's all I take.


They are slow, though.


My dad used to always say that.


Yeah, black shoes look slow.


Yeah, sure.




I only wear white ones now.




Yeah, I noticed that. I think we talked about that on the show. We're like, I like where Peyton's going with his career because he's not wearing those clunky ass black shoes anymore. I run through cement.


Yeah, I switched them up.


This is the high level analysis you get on this show.


Yeah, you can listen to, listen. Listen to JJ Reddick talk about off ball defense all you want. We're going to talk about how slow you look when you wear dark colored.


Shoes on the show, and you got way better when you start wearing white shoes.






Speaking of which, the details, the important basketball details that we always get into in the show. Derek, why'd you decide to cut your hair?


Well, I told my boy, like, Christmas of that year, I was like, after the year, I'm doing it. And then after we lost, I was just sitting there kind of just depressed and just, like, cut it. And then it just happened and just been rocking the bald gang forever now.


Yeah, it's a good look.


It is a good look. Yeah. Some people hang on way too long, and then you're like, probably should have done that a couple of years ago. I'm talking about myself right now, but I just wear a hat, so I respect the fact that you're like, belichick cut it one year too early instead of one year too late.


Right. Yeah.


I mean, I rock a hat all the time, so they didn't really change much. Like, really just on the basketball court.




People notice just, who's the one team.


That you guys like to beat the.


Ooh, good question.


Does it rhyme with you?


Say Philly Philadelphia winning in Philly is fun.




You guys do it a lot.


That rivalry you can feel is just different going into that building or when they're playing us in Boston.




Do you think it is a rivalry because at some point they would have to win.




To make it a true rivalry?


It's a fun game.


Were you guys on the Celtics when the sixers hit the cannons too early? No, that was Philly that did that. Yeah, Philly. That's crazy. And then they lost in overtime.




They celebrated it. That's wild.




In a playoff game.


I can't believe that.


That was pretty bad.


That's embarrassing.


That was really bad. How good is Jason Tatum when you watch? Are you on the court ever kind of zoning out, being like, damn, he's good? Because maybe like, oh, shit, I wasn't paying attention, that possession. So I was just watching him just be awesome.


He's phenomenal.




I mean, at his size, the way he can dribble and move and being able to hit threes and get to the hoop. He's one of a kind.




Off that question. So you guys, obviously, you have Jason Tatum, you have Jalen Brown. They're kind of the stars on your team. How do you stay in rhythm if you're not shooting for an extended that, like, we've had this debate with people before that sometimes the NBA turns into, like, one on one where a guy's just going off and you're like, everyone else has to stay in rhythm somehow. How do you do that?


I think that's like a very underrated skill. If you don't touch the ball a. Yeah. But I think, especially this year, we're doing a good job with. Everybody's involved. It's not just JT or JB. We got a lot of weapons, so everybody's involved. We each got the freedom to attack and do whatever we need to do. But, yeah, there's definitely an underrated skill of just being ready whenever you finally get the ball or the ball comes to you. The ball might not come to you for ten possessions in a row, but you still got to compete defensively and then be ready to knock it down or make a play. So it's definitely one of the tougher skills that nobody really talks about, that it's hard to stay in rhythm, especially. People have had the ball in their hands their entire life.




It's definitely an adjustment, but especially this year, I think we're doing a good job just keeping everybody involved, and everybody just feels like they're a part of the offense.




No one really talks about or no one really compliments guys who are able to be just in rhythm even though they haven't been part of the offense for a couple of possessions. And you're right. I didn't even think about the part that you guys were obviously incredible basketball players your whole life, and then you get to the NBA and it's like, wait, I was the one who was taking all the shots. I had 50 ball screens. Yeah.


Now it's somebody else.




Last year in the playoffs, you guys obviously were in the Eastern Conference final. Didn't go well. I'm not going to bring up painful memories, but I had two questions about that series. One, our boss, Dave Portnoy, tried to take credit for putting together a team dinner. Do you guys know that he put together a team dinner in Miami when you. I think you were down 30? Did you know he did that?


I didn't know that was him.


Okay, so it looks like no credit given.




In Miami into that little sushi place where we sat up top.


I didn't think that was after game three, though.


It might have been game four after game four, but he basically was like, if they win this series, it's all because of me.


That was before game five, maybe.




Or before game six. Before game six. Komodo.


Komodo. Oh, yeah.




He knows those guys.


So. Yeah.


Did you know that he was the one who hooked that up?


I did not know.




It was good. And a lot of food.




All right. So, yeah, he was walking around being like, when they come back, I'm the start of the championship dvd. So that's what he.




Yeah. Oh, top golf. Yeah, top golf brought you back. And then the other one, Derek, when you hit the game winner in game six, which was incredible. First of all, walk me through how that happened, because it was off of a rebound, no time left. It was just all instinct, I'd assume.


Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I was taking it out, and I remember there was like 2 seconds or however much they added on. So I was like, we got a lot of time. So I was expecting someone to take a dribbler or something. But we talked about in training camp, like, end of game offensive rebounds are huge. And so the shot went up and I just was like, might as well crash. And it bounced right to me. And then that's just instincts. And I felt pretty confident that I got it off. But you kind of just sitting there waiting and that 5 seconds was like 5 hours.


Yeah, it was great. I bet you there was a lot of dads across America were like, see, that's why you offense. That's why you crash the boards. That's why you follow your shot. You were everyone's favorite player that night. And then the other thing in this shot, our producer, max, we have a video up. So he is a diehard Sixers fan. He hates the Celtics. He hates Hank. He hates pretty much everyone. And all he does is lose. So this is his replay of. He's rooting so hard for the heat in this game. This is replay of watching your shot. Go in. So go ahead, play it.


And no one asked him to take the video.


No one asked you.


I'm going to film myself.


I had a couple of beverages.


I think it was Memorial Day weekend.




Your cheeks are sweating.


Yeah, it was hot.


Finish out. I need a rolling. I need a rolling. I need a rolling. I need. No.


Andy got kissed by his boy.




So that wasn't just a buzer beater against Miami. That was against the entire city of Philadelphia, too. That was against you.


That was him you crushed. You ruined his Labor Day.




No, I wanted you guys lose for sure.


That's funny.


Yeah, that's what sports does. It brings us all together and gets kissed by your boys in the middle of the max. Do you have any questions for them because you hate the Celtics so much? I don't know. What's it like? I mean, you got to hate Sixers.


Fans more than anyone, right?


They beat you all the time, but.


It is definitely a different atmosphere in Philly. But I hate them. It's fun.




Like I said earlier, it's definitely fun playing.


Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, you guys just beat the shit out of us all the time.


Hank, what do you got? Hank is diehard Celtics fan. He actually like, now that the Patriots stopped winning Super Bowls, I think the Celtics are his number one. Easily.




I mean, for a while, I feel like, know same core team. The biggest unexpected storyline for me has been, like, Porzingis and Jalen Brown and how tight they are. I feel like they're like a buddy cop friendship, which no one really expected. Is it like. Like, were you guys surprised at how tight they are? And do they act like they're know brothers in the locker room and, like, I wasn't surprised.


I mean, they do live in the same apartment building. Yeah, but, no. JB and KP are just easy going and get along with everybody. Great personality. So once I met KP, he was going to be a great fit to the locker room. Because he is just a good.


They're always nice to each. They got no choice but to become friends, and they were just playing well together.


KP makes life easier for everybody.


Yeah, for sure.


Does KP do things in practice sometimes where you're like, holy shit, that dude still got some incredible.


Mean in the games. But practices, we don't really do live stuff or anything like that.


That's a bad question.


Bad question.


But he is 74 and shoot from anywhere in games. It's incredible.


I definitely want to ask that.


You get the switch.


You're like, I feel like his body was just. They just kind of put him in suspension last year where he was, like, on ice for a year, playing with the wizards, and then they're like, okay, now we're going to. Now he's fully healthy, ready to go. He actually had a great year last year.


Last year, yeah. Hank also, he just told us before we started taping this that if you guys don't win the title this year, he's going to shave his face into a soul patch.




Never soul patch.


He's like, all in. All in.


Didn't you say that?




You want to say it right now? No. For the guys right here. You believe in the Celtics, don't you?




You don't believe in us?




You don't believe unless you believe in us.


Come on. Come on. You don't believe in them?


I believe in you guys.


So then you would do it if you believed in them?


Yeah, I believe in you guys.


What about Hank? You can follow Derek's lead, and if the Celtics win the championship, you shave your head.


Oh, I'll do that.


Okay. All right. We got it. And if they don't. Soul patch.




I'll shave my head when we win.




When they win.


Do you have any other crack? No, it's we.


Yeah. Is it we?


I've wondered about that.


Like, with diehard fans, can they say we?


For sure.


It's a city.


Yeah. They're all part of the soul into it.




Do you get mad, though? Because what I do is I say we when it's going well, and then when it's bad, I'm like, they.


Yeah. That's not either.


Right. Or.


My other question was Jeff Van Gundy, because he obviously just came in late. Does he work with the players or does he work with the coaching staff? Because it's not a coaching role. I don't really know what his role is. I just know it's like, yeah, Jeff Van Gutti is a Celtics staffer. But what does that mean?


Yeah, he's mostly with the coaches, but he's just around practices, and if anybody has anything, they can go to him. And he has a great basketball mind. And so just adding him has been, I think, great, but I think he's mostly with the coach's many.


Does Brad Stevens ever draw plays for you guys, or is he. Just know he's in management. But does he ever come down and like, hey, try this.


Not that I've seen, but I'm sure him and Joe talk. Yeah, Brad. Because I played with Brad for my rookie year, so he's definitely really smart in that aspect of the game and the plays and all that. Brad is a genius.




When you guys would go on a losing streak or anything, would he ever just be like, Indiana would pay me $150,000,000 right now if I went back to college.


You think they would?


Yeah, they definitely would.




He never holds that over you guys. Like, I can be living in Indiana, 150 mil, no problem.


No, I think he enjoys it in Boston.


Yeah, I mean, he's got a pretty nice life. I would say. That's the Indiana basketball. He is the guy that they just put out there. They're like, brad Stevens will just come and save everything. It's like, I don't think he's leaving.


I don't see it happening.


Yeah, I think being in the front.


Office would be an awesome gig.


Just watch basketball, and you're like, here's.


What I would do different, especially for a good team.




You'd be like, yeah.


See, one minor tweak and I think I could solve this.




What are the differences in coaching style between Brad, eme and Joe?


Oh, good question.


I guess that's only for me.




We do FMK for those three, if that's.


I mean, there's definitely similarities to all three of them. Brad is, I would say, a little bit more laid back, obviously really smart. Eme was more tense. Would you like, I don't know, compared to.


You guys got an edge. When Eme took over, it felt like. Especially defensively.


Yeah, I think definitely did. I think Joe's like a balance between the two of them. He worked under Brad, so I think he took a lot of that then. And Joe was already kind of like a psycho in a way. He's very mentally locked in, and he expects that a lot. So it's like he has that part of Eme in him, too, so he has a little bit of both.




I mean, I would expect you to be pretty locked in and going aggressive when you have the town just playing on loop in your brain. For sure.


The more I think about that, I like that strategy where it's like I'm going to tell the media something just ridiculous about myself.


We fell for it.


And then that's all the idiots in the press room ask about. Talk to me more about the town.


Yeah, we fell for it. Meanwhile, they're not asking about. When you guys saw Eme having a little back and forth with LeBron, were you like, I'm not surprised at all.


No, not at all. Because I knew he didn't, like.


Have. I think eme's might have beaten him up if they let them fight head to head. Yeah, it feels like Eme is a pretty tough dude.


It'd be interesting. Yeah, I'd pay to watch.


Maybe rough and rowdy. Maybe we'll get it going rough and rowdy. That'd be good.


Speaking of the town, what are you guys favorite Boston movies?






Okay, that's a wild card.


I kind of like goodwill hunting.


That's a classic. Yeah, that's a classic.


It's not your fault.


How about the mapples?


Yeah, I just go see about a. Yeah, yeah. Very. A lot of classic lines of that one. I went on my first date to goodwill hunting. Didn't go well.


It didn't?




It's got a bad connotation in my.




Oh, a girl broke up with me, the ice skating rink right after the movie was over.


You never watched it again?


I never watched it again. I should go back and see it, but it would bring up a lot of painful memories. But jokes on her, because I dated, like, all her friends afterwards.


Nice to get back at her.


That's awesome.


Yeah, it is awesome.


For you.


Thank you.


I touched boobs when I watched waterboy in the theaters. That was pretty cool. That is cool.




First time do with it.




I don't know if it was the first time, but it was definitely awesome, that movie. I didn't watch much of that movie. It's a funny movie, though.


Big moment.




I got another serious basketball question for you. How far in advance do you pick out your outfits for the tunnel walks?


Pete probably does them more than me.


It's like 30 minutes before I head out.




More of a sweatpants kind of chill.




And we'll edit this part out if the answer is not correct. But when you were wearing that boy dad sweatshirt, that was not because you're a boy dad. That was because you listened to the podcast.


I am a boy, dad.




So I just had my second son and so my wife bought it for me and I was like, after.


But it's also little sass. You love little sass.


I actually didn't know it was barst.


Okay, but now you love little sass. Now you wish you had found out about him.


I should have done my research before wearing it.




I am a fan now. Yeah, it's a good shirt.


That's huge. Good answer.


So the stretch run, you guys obviously were taping this in February. How is the stretch run in the NBA when you know you're a really good team, you guys are the one seed. You know, you have the playoffs. Is it hard to keep focus down this stretch where it's like, we're going to be playing meaningful basketball for a very long time and these games in the middle of March, do they kind of drag sometimes?


I think the one difference about this team this year that I noticed is everybody really loves basketball. So every day when she say, everybody's kind of excited to play, it doesn't matter if it's really a back to back or we've had five games or seven nights, people are motivated.


Yeah, I said the toughest stretch in the NBA is probably like the week or two before all star break.




Like, it's not halfway. We've played majority of our games, and so you're just tired and people got their vacations booked like they're looking forward to get to the sun. So I feel like that's the toughest stretch. And then after this, now we're just trying to prepare for the playoffs and make sure we play in the best basketball we can to get to the real basketball?




Does it affect your preparation for the playoffs at all with the play in tournament where you don't know who you're going to play until like the last minute?




Take anybody?


Yeah, not really.


What about the in season tournament? Did you guys, like when they announced the in season tournament, uh, did you care about it? And then once you started playing in it, did your level of how much you care about the in season tournament change?


Yeah, when they first announced, I was like, what is this? But it was actually pretty fun. That game against Indiana that we lost at like, Indiana's never been that loud before in the games I've played there, and it was just a different level. So I think it was a success and it was a lot of fun, and I think they did a good job with. It's going to just be around forever now.




People are pumped.




We actually have a colleague here, Mark Titus, that has a great idea for how to switch up the NBA a little bit, make things more exciting one night per year. There is one breakable basketball goal that you can shatter the backboard at, but they don't tell you where it is. But it's just in some arena somewhere in the league. Do you think that would get the guys pumped up?


Yeah, it depends on a basic dunk. If it's a basic dunk and the backboard breaks, then you're just like, that.


Would be a letdown. Yeah, you're right. It would have to be a good dunk.


That broke it.




Have you guys ever broken a backboard or a rim?




Just let Nerf one.




That counts.


That's got to be a great feeling, though, if you're able to shatter one.




Hank, before I ask my last question, do you have any other questions?


No, that was it. I was going to talk about the fashion questions. I feel like it's you. JB and Tatum are always going for it. And then some guys, Derek and Horford, just roll up in their normal fits.




Time to Drew.


Drew comes with some good outfits.


Yeah, KP, he's so tall, but he always rocks the. Rolls it up.


He got a little style wearing suits. The games for you and there.


Have there ever been any misses where some guy wears some that he thinks is going to look really awesome and then you guys just all clown him.


I mean, I've definitely missed my time. Look back at some of my old outfits and I'm like, what the heck?


I'm going to look it up.


Yeah, Drake, what was the locker room after that when Drake was chirping you?


Well, I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or was he trying to dis me? But I mean, end of the day, Drake was saying something about me, so I was like, whatever, it's compliment.


All right, last question. Rowback question. promo code take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, everything. promo code take. Do you guys want to guarantee a title? It would help the podcast, and we've been very nice to you guys.


We're going to put everything into it to win one.


Okay, what about you, Derek?


Yeah, I agree with what p said.


Okay, so if I said, you guys are going to win the title guaranteed, would you agree with that?


Won't be because of a lack of effort.


Okay, so halfway there.


If you don't win a title, how disappointing of a season is that?


It'll definitely be disappointing.


That kind of sucks, though. I know that's the right mentality for a player to have, but you can have a great season.


What are you right now?


Yeah, no, I am. No, I'm like Anthony Rendone. Like, the game comes after faith and. But, like, if you have a great season, you don't win the title. You're like, well, that was a waste of a year to me. I don't have that mentality, which is probably why I'm not in the NBA, where I'd be lot of. I made a lot of friends this year in the league, so it's not a good time.


Yeah, I don't know. It wouldn't be a waste. It just makes the story better when we finally do do it.


Yeah, that's true.


And we got enough because we'll just do a quote that says we're going to win the title, guaranteed, and then not for lack of effort, in really small print, and then it will say Peyton Pritchard in big print and then big cat in small print.




Or it can be.


You just have to figure out who said what.


You can be like, set me up. We're going to win the title this year. That's a guarantee. Pft. And big cat and then in big letters, while they're interviewing us.


That's it.


Our chances and derek in there at all.




Just pay.


Oh, I had one last, last question. How awesome of a teammate was Blake Griffin? Because we love him the best. He's kind of our best friend. Why isn't he still play basketball?


I don't know.


We begged him to make the whole.


We've been begging him, too.


Yeah, I'm begging him, too. Like, come back to Boston, Blake.


Do you guys still continue to beg him?


I text him actually, like, a week or two, jokingly being, like, coming back for one last ride.


And what'd he say?


Says, enjoying his life.


I kind of want to facetime him right now and make him go, come back to basketball.


Yeah, quit enjoying your life, Blake.


But if I facetime him, he doesn't pick up, it would be disastrous for me.


You should try. I'll do one more question while you're doing that. If there was a button that you could press and you win an NBA championship, but someone somewhere in the world dies, but you don't know who, do you press that button?


I've seen this movie before. Then they give that button to another person.


And then, yeah, you got to be wary.


Remember that movie, I touched the vagina during that? Yeah, that was a joke.


This is a big movie.


Oh, he did pick up. Hey, these guys miss you. Why don't you keep playing basketball? Is it because you can't dunk?


Oh, man, now I wish I hadn't picked up.


Come on. They said that Peyton Pritchard said he texted you, like, last week saying, come on.


We talked.


We talked quite a bit.


I'm just enjoying life right now.


I told you.


Bad answer. All right, fine. Well, we got to get you back on soon. The question was, how awesome is Blake Griffin as a teammate? And they said the best.


Oh, nice. Yeah. Appreciate that, guys.


Yeah, you're welcome.


I'll venmo you. Yeah.




Hey, Blake, I got one more question for you. Do you guarantee the Boston Celtics win an NBA championship this year?


I think, yeah, they're my favorites.




So, yeah, he said, yeah, we'll end the sentence after.


Yeah, guarantee. I want to put bad juju on them, but, yeah, they're the heavy favorites in my mind.


Okay, so why don't you come back and win a ring?


Oh, man.


Is it the not dunking thing? Because we could tell everyone you can still dunk.


If you get that out there and enough people start tweeting about it, then maybe I'll come back.


All right, no problem. We will do that.


You can still dunk.


All right.


Bye, Blake. Thank you for picking up.


All right.


Did you ever hear anybody yell at Blake? Like, congrats on winning Blake of the year to him?


All the time. All the time. Pretty much every game. Blake of the year.


Blake, our fans are the best, but they can take things too far. We had that with Max homa, who we had to get them to stop yelling at him. Homosexual.




Pervert. Pervert.


We don't say pervert.


So that was our fault because we.


Called him a pervert, and everyone's like, oh, you're pervert. No, it didn't work out that way.


All right, well, Derek, Peyton, thank you so much. Best of luck rest of the season. Hopefully, you guys win it all. Otherwise, Hank's going to have to get that soul patch. Right, Hank, we got it.




If you do, shaved head.




All right. Thanks, guys.


Derek White and Peyton Pritchard were brought to you by proper number twelve, irish whiskey. They've also got crisp and fresh. Proper number twelve, irish apple. Great sipping whiskey. Good to pass a bottle around. Good to have. On ice. Good to have.




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Okay, we have two Monday readings. One is meme sent us a story from Reddit. I want to do that second, the first one I wanted to share with you.




From the people that brought you Travis Kelsey, inventing the fade we have a new phenomenon thanks to Taylor Swift fans. It was a headline that reads Taylor Swift fans. Taylor Swift fans drive new travel trend of gig tripping. Okay, how does it work?


Can I guess?


You could take a guess, but you will be wrong.


Okay, so if you're a fan of Taylor Swift and you want to go see her perform in concert, but her concert is not in your hometown.




Then you would make a trip to go see her play her concert somewhere else.


Kind of. Okay, gig tripping. This is from the article. Gig tripping combines travel with music with people willing to merge vacation plans with a music event. Okay, this has literally never been.


I've never heard of this. So you take a vacation and your vacation is going to a different city and seeing a concert.


Correct. Now am I, full disclosure, slightly triggered by this being a grateful dead and fish fan, maybe, but gig tripping has been invented by Taylor Swift fans. According to Skyscanner, 44% of Americans are willing to fly short haul to see their favorite artists, while 18% would go the extra mile with long haul flights. And it goes on to say, with kids and adults alike looking for swift tickets. Travel company Travelmation is seeing an increase in gig tripping requests. I just booked a family on a european trip built entirely around Taylor Swift. This is literally what hippies have been doing for, wow. They just had decades instead of decades and decades. Gig tripping is one of the hottest trends in travel, and much of it is thanks to Taylor Swift.


She's creating an industry.




Adam Duckworth, president and founder of Travelmation, said, we have clients booking trips all over the world to see her. Gone are the days where people see their favorite artists at the local venue.


Gone. People don't do that anymore.


Usually it was just if your favorite band is playing within 20 miles from you, you go. Otherwise, never.


I have seen some of those clips of people on planes and they're all going to the Taylor Swift concert and that. I would rather be on a plane with 75 maxes housing. Like, what is that, 150 sodas? I would much rather be on a plane like that than a plane of Taylor Swift.


I'd rather be on a plane with the pilot as flacco the eagle. Wow. Sorry. Yeah, apologies. Flacco people, they're willing to travel as far as necessary to experience these high energy shows, and it goes on and on and tells you how gig tripping is now a thing. Thanks to Taylor Swift. Fans are traveling to see Taylor Swift. Multiple concerts, never been done.


Like, I saw that she was performing, but it's in a city that I don't live in. There's got to be a way for us to get there.


I can't believe this is a real story. That travelmation guy, he literally just woke up yesterday like he was born.


Oh, no, no.


Travelmation guy. This is his business. He sells these trips. And so he's like, this is a great news story. And then he found some reporter that need to fill. Great. I got a scoop for you. My business is doing very well. Would you like to write about it?


It's a good scoop. I was reading this as the Arthur meme, just shaking my fist, very mad, like, God damn it. She invented everything.


Well, no, mincy actually invented gig tripping. That's true in two ways.


Yeah. Yes. All right, here's Monday reading number two. This is from memes boyfriend, 28, male, keeps sneaking plastic food onto my 25, female plate.


Okay, I can already tell you I'm on the guy's side of this.




So we've been together 14 months, and he's a great partner overall. He has a stable, respectable career that he enjoys. Nutritionist. He's very caring in most ways. Well, I skim this. The fact that he's a nutritionist makes it even funnier. And he's doing this. He's very caring in most ways, and we have similar goals for our lives, but he's got an od sense of humor sometimes, especially about one particular thing. He has access to a seemingly unlimited supply of plastic foods, and he keeps sneaking them onto my plate at meals. I saw the humor in it the first time. Plastic scoop of cottage cheese replaced my real cottage cheese at breakfast. But I have lost count of the number of times he's played this prank on me. There have been plastic turkey slices on a sandwich, a plastic chicken tender coated in buffalo sauce at a restaurant.


You sneak it onto her plate.


This guy's awesome. Even a plastic deviled egg swap at my friend's wedding.


Okay, so without seeing the plates of food, I kind of have to blame her. Yeah, if you're this easily trickable, like, what are you, a Labrador retriever? This is a trick that you could play in your dog quite successfully on your girlfriend, who is, what, 25 years old?




I'm questioning her eyesight.


The sandwich is the only one. I'll have her back.




You slip something in a sandwich? That's kind of fucked up.


Yeah, it would be. Yeah.


All right. But I think the one that irritated me the most was when he wrapped a real banana skin around a plastic banana and put it back with the rest of the bunch on my counter. He says he just means it as a little joke when I've asked him to stop, but I'm getting paranoid when I eat with him. What if he takes it too far and I choke on a fake cheese cube? The weirdest thing is, I don't know where he gets these. As I've seen his bank statements, there's no indicator he's buying them himself.


Okay, so what you're going to want to do is go deeper into his bank statements and don't look for prank things that he's purchasing at, like, a joke store. The man has a 3d printer. Yeah, I think he bought a 3d printer just to fuck with you.


Not only that, but you kind of said it at the beginning. He's a nutritionist, isn't he? Probably making videos where he's like, this is what you shouldn't eat.


He might be, but if it's plastic, again with a banana, he put a fake banana in a real peel, and you saw it, and you were like, oh, this looks like.


Yeah, I agree with you.


You got to pay more attention to your food.


Also, I like this guy because he knows the art of comedy. He knows that it's funny the first time, then it's not funny for a really long time, but it will get funny again.


It gets funnier the less funny that it gets. He's still doing it.


Yeah. And if it makes him laugh, isn't that, like, what, are you going to stop him from finding joy?


I really think he got a 3d printer, and he's just printing up fruit all day long.




Which is awesome.


He could be printing guns. Yeah, it's true. So this is actually a good thing.


Is it illegal for guys to have hobies anymore?




I mean, apparently it is. Apparently it is.


I want to do that with Hank. Except for weed.


This guy rocks.


Give him a bunch of fake nugs.


We can get Hank. Hank would just power through a fake chicken tender.


Yeah, Hank doesn't pay attention.


By the way, we tested some new stuff for pardon my cheesesteak on you. Had to leave PF to do your stream. But we have some new menu items that are going to come out. They're going to be incredible. One of them was a buffalo chicken tender sub. It had zero heat.


No, it's hot.


No, I tried all these.


Hanks, like, cried.




He was like, it's so hot.


It was not spicy at all.


And I had to tell the chef. I was like, he cannot be the person who decides whether something spicy.


It was a perfectly normal, like, buffalo sauce.


Yeah, perfect. Hot. Too hot.


My mouth is still recovering.


Still recovering. How was golf today? What did you guys shoot?


We played golf today.




How'd you shoot?




In February in Chicago.


Yeah, but how did you guys played golf today? So what were the scores?


Shot a shot. Shot another shot after hundreds.


Oh, yeah.


Jake, what were the scores?


99 for me, 105 for Hank, 113 for PFT.




It was a tough day.


I had, like, four good shots.


That's fine.


I came to the realization today that I used to hate water on a golf course. Now I like water because at least it's not trees.




When you hit into the trees, then that might as well be a three stroke penalty.


You got to go for get it out for it. You just got to just drop it. Found it.


They also shut off the water fountains.


Oh, yeah. The whole course.


Yeah, because it's February.


Almost passed out. It's tough.


Well, they shut them off for the winter.


Yeah, but if the course is open.


They'Re not like, oh, it's a warm day. Let me turn it back on. It's like, yeah, I'll tell you what.


You know who pees a lot on the golf course is Jake.


No doubt.


Jake's a big peer hole.


Three holes. Wait, you're showing your penis outside?


There were some children.


Of course there were. Yeah, he said he's gun shy. Unless it's a child around. He can only pee when a child's around. Okay, good show, boys. Good show. Let's do some numbers. 40, 818, 2088. For Patrick Kane. 399, Pug. Pug, by the way, is becoming like a cult classic.


Oh, Pug's the best.


People love Pug.


We were playing Pug before we broadcasted tonight, and if you're wondering what Pug is, it's exactly like horse, but you spell pug.


Love it.


And he's got the most hilarious shots that he invents. He was doing, like, hop twice off your left foot and then shoot with your right hand, and it was incredible.


Get crossed over by Gia.




We get creative.


Pug. People just love Pug. He's perfect. Shane, did you say yours? Shane, say your number.




Here we go. What was your number, max? 2038-3838 good show. We'll see everyone Wednesday. Love you guys.


Talking away I don't know what to say. I say it anyway today is another day to find you shine away I'll be coming for your love of dream needless to say all of a sudden the life is okay stay after me it's the better to be safe and sorry to be safe and sorry saint on the drink only things I savior little life just to play my worries away? You all the things I got to remember shine away love it coming for you any light shine away love it coming for you any light take me with you, Jesus.